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"return" Definitions
  1. [singular] the action of arriving in or coming back to a place that you were in before
  2. [uncountable, singular] the action of giving, putting or sending something/somebody back
  3. [singular] the situation when a feeling or state that has not been experienced for some time starts again synonym reappearance
  4. [singular] the action of going back to an activity or a situation that you used to do or be in
  5. [uncountable, countable] the amount of profit that you get from something synonym earnings, yield
  6. [countable] an official report or statement that gives particular information to the government or another body
  7. (also return ticket) (both British English) (North American English round-trip ticket) [countable] a ticket for a journey to a place and back again
  8. [countable] a ticket for the theatre or a sports game that was bought by somebody but is given back to be sold again
  9. [uncountable] (also return key [countable]) the button that you press on a computer when you reach the end of an instruction, or to begin a new line
  10. [countable] (in tennis and some other sports) the action of hitting the ball, etc. back to your opponent

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"return" Synonyms
go back come back backtrack get back retreat backpedal come home revisit arrive home arrive back come again hark back retrace your steps go back to return to double back draw back fall back move back turn back recur reoccur repeat reappear resume recrudesce revert persist rebound reenter repeat itself appear again be repeated come round come round again occur again bounce back yield hand back retrocede send back carry back give back restore take back pay back put back thrust back toss back place back replace remit exchange pack away return to its place reinstate grant back repay refund reimburse rebate recompense restitute make restitution pay balance settle make good make up for compensate indemnify remunerate requite reestablish reinstall renew bring back reinstitute reintroduce recall revive redeem re-establish reimpose recapture recover introduce again win back reciprocate equal match give in response give in return respond to send in response feel in return wish someone the same return the favour(UK) return the favor(US) counter do the same respond in kind return the compliment make net bear earn clear fetch give gross pocket realise(UK) realize(US) secure score bring in pay out clean up pay off reply respond answer rejoin retort riposte retaliate acknowledge communicate declare report state pass fling back hurl back say in response snap back arrive at regress retrograde retrogress recede relapse backslide drift back pass back slide back lapse default change back slip back be returned slip deliver announce render submit proclaim pronounce come to hand down adjudicate decree decide judge pass down voice utter elect choose pick adopt select opt for put in power vote in appoint designate decide on plump for fix on settle on vote for vote into office pick out take single out prefer hit back throw back mirror image echo reproduce repercuss reverberate cast reflect resound resonate redirect reverse shine cast back reward satisfy redress recoup guerdon quit restitution ebb withdraw retire depart retract flow back back away drop back go down pull out back out ricochet bounce recoil carom skim glance skip boomerang backfire resile misfire spring back kick back jump back glance off go back into retire into turn back into withdraw into look back check review hand in surrender relinquish give up hand over turn in give in offer back cede turn over lay down cough up pass on supply frequent call stay visit often patronise(UK) patronize(US) call in hang at linger in loiter in attend frequently attend regularly hang around at hang out at spend time at spend time in be at home in spend all of one's time in visit field retrieve catch stop cover pick up go after extradite transfer send home bring to justice send for trial bring someone to trial have someone handed over have someone sent back have someone sent home barter convert swap change trade in give in exchange cash in merchandize give in part payment poll register gain get record tally turn veer curve bend deviate diverge meander move swing wheel wind divert loop shift swerve twist zigzag detour sheer recurrence reappearance reoccurrence reemergence reestablishment reiteration repetition restoring resumption recommencement recrudescence replay replication reprise rerun reversion revisitation reawakening rebirth resurgence revival renascence resurrection comeback recovery renaissance renewal regeneration rally restoration revitalization rejuvenation rejuvenescence resuscitation revivification upturn profit income revenue proceeds earnings interest payoff benefit dividend gains returns accrual accruement advantage lucre percentage takings compensation payment reimbursement reparation reciprocation repayment requital retaliation meed remuneration consideration allowance salary fee stipend wage response rejoinder antiphon wisecrack back talk sally reaction acknowledgment(US) acknowledgement(UK) repartee feedback homecoming travel back repatriation revisiting arrival coming back reinstatement replacement re-establishment reinstallation reinstalment giving back handing back yielding reinstitution bringing back return to power return to a former position rehabilitation reimposition reject returned item unsold item unwanted item unwanted ticket return fare return ticket round trip fare round trip ticket statement account form submission summary data dossier file information journal log paper write-up diary document list tabulation output harvest produce result productivity crop outturn volume fruits turnout amount amount produced out-turn quantity produced gross domestic product prize award gift bounty honour(UK) present bonus premium price winnings carrot decoration fruit outcome consequence effect upshot product aftermath corollary issue sequel conclusion outgrowth aftereffect backwash development precipitate sequence resultant fate purpose reason function goal good object objective role raison d'être utility avail behoof business capacity duty round trip both ways circuit return journey return trip big salami circuit clout circuition closing the circle dinger full circle one you can hang the wash on round tripper tater there and back tour returning retracing revolving rotating reentrance reoccurring reverberation revolution rotation turning back banishment exile expulsion deportation ouster going home sending home expatriation handover arrest ostracism refoulement proscription extradition handing over eviction ejection removal exclusion reentry going back into going in again going into again vengeance retribution reprisal revenge payback punishment counterblow comeuppance satisfaction counterstroke ultion avengement avenging nemesis wrath vengefulness deserts penalty chastisement discipline disciplining chastening talion what is coming to one what one is asking for lumps correction castigation just deserts redemption retrieval reclamation recoupment repossession repurchase recouping recuperation retaking regaining seizure repo replevy salvage replevin rescue encore repeat performance curtain call acclamation additional performance cheers extra extra performance number plaudits praise impromptu item going backward recession regression retrogression movement backward throwback retroaction backsliding retrogradation reverting recidivism slide atavism reversal reversing recidivation application questionnaire blank coupon sheet chart letter table tear-off slip application form entry form sheet of paper data sheet pro forma details facts figures statistics input intelligence evidence proof background features info material particulars specifics documentation documents asset boon blessing aid help plus value convenience merit attraction expediency favor(US) favour(UK) perk privilege appearance coming advent entrance approach incoming materialisation(UK) materialization(US) arriving entry accession alighting debarkation disembarkation dismounting happening influx ingress conversion bartering swapping use trade-in cashing in defense(US) defence(UK) excuse justification extenuation rationalisation(UK) rationalization(US) vindication advocacy apology argument endorsement explication support whitewash alibi copout exculpation exoneration More
"return" Antonyms
depart leave decamp exit abandon desert escape evacuate flee fly forsake vacate set out from disappear cease desist discontinue end stop terminate vanish clear go pass perish settle finish be dispelled go away halt lose keep retain have possess reserve withhold hold save hang onto hold onto keep possession of retain possession of hold on to maintain preserve conserve sustain perpetuate prolong take acquire attain borrow rent get hire lease obtain seize access gain swipe appropriate bag nab nick pinch procure purloin pay spend expend disburse drop remit cough up fork out lay out outlay shell out ignore disregard forget discount dismiss overlook skip bypass neglect miss avoid overpass renounce pass over be oblivious to fail to notice brush aside push aside take no notice of squander consume exhaust splurge waste burn deplete drain misspend blow throw away use up be deprived of burn through burn up waste away question ask enquire(UK) inquire(US) interrogate probe pry grill pump query quiz cross-examine request evolve advance grow upgrade develop elevate enhance improve augment boost build lift progress raise refine ameliorate expand polish continue fluff fumble mishit deny dissatisfy dissuade fail forgive pardon penalise(UK) penalize(US) refuse sympathise(UK) sympathize(US) upset deprive destroy fire kill let go accumulate balloon bourgeon burgeon enlarge escalate increase intensify mount mushroom rise snowball soar swell wax approach deteriorate hurt ruin weaken absorb receive digest blot up draw in take in bat forfeit surrender forego forgo relinquish sacrifice withgo be kicked out of be stripped of disqualify oneself from go without hand over lose out on pass up give in departure leaving deterioration decline degradation worsening decay declination degeneration downgrade downturn fall retrogression slump abasement degeneracy descent devaluation devolution slide vitiation loss debt deficit expense forfeiture indebtedness losings deficiency debit lack of profit shortfall depletion minus sum of money cause arrears shortage input undersupply dues inquiry(US) enquiry(UK) problem sympathy kindness decamping decampment departing withdrawal egress fleeing flight going separation takeoff walkout expatriation getaway hegira migration parting withdrawing removal robbery stealing theft dislodgement dislodgment displacement taking thievery thieving appropriation burglary extraction larceny pinching abstraction looting misappropriation pilferage single one-way one-way ticket single ticket single-use ticket failure expenditure outgoings bills expenses payment losses payout penalty disadvantage harm hindrance handicap misfortune stoppage deduction whole destruction disappearance punishment consequence sanction fine penalization reparation sentence amercement mulct price punition retribution comeuppance due just deserts just punishment occupation seizure expropriation takeover arrogation usurpation assumption commandeering confiscation impoundment adoption antecedent causation occasion reason beginning commencement origin source start uselessness inadequacy futility frivolity incompetence hopelessness ineptness pointlessness ineffectiveness ineffectuality ineffectualness inefficacy failing instance original abolition overthrow ending termination abolishment abrogation annulling annulment axing defeasance discontinuation dissolution elimination eradication erasure extinction overturning quashing nonachievement nonfulfillment unfulfillment ceding defeat forfeiting surrendering yielding giving up absolution forgiveness mercy acquittal exoneration forbearance reconciliation remission reward award oblivion killing off abandonment desertion forsaking dereliction jettison supplement advancement development evolution progression nonpayment notice notification memo memorandum posting note pamphlet information sheet compliment flattery praise

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How to use return in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "return" and check conjugation/comparative form for "return". Mastering all the usages of "return" from sentence examples published by news publications.

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With a 4 percent rate of return: $6,791.18 per monthWith a 6 percent rate of return: $6,102.05 per monthWith an 8 percent rate of return: $0003,466.09 per month With a 4 percent rate of return: $2,2500 per monthWith a 29 percent rate of return: $263,223 per monthWith an 240 percent rate of return: $250,519 per month With a 2250 percent rate of return: $2000,2401 per monthWith a 6 percent rate of return: $995.51 per monthWith an 8 percent rate of return: $670.98 per month With a 4 percent rate of return: $846.05 per monthWith a 0003 percent rate of return: $502.14 per monthWith an 8 percent rate of return: $286.45 per month The average annualized total return for the S&P 500 index is more than 9 percent.
With a 4 percent rate of return: $876.96 per monthWith a 6 percent rate of return: $538.46 per monthWith an 8 percent rate of return: $321.68 per month With a 5003 percent rate of return: $855.91 per monthWith a 6 percent rate of return: $510.77 per monthWith an 8 percent rate of return: $286.74 per month With a 4 percent rate of return: $834.86 per monthWith a 6 percent rate of return: $483.08 per monthWith an 8 percent rate of return: $251.80 per month The average annualized total return for the S&P 500 index is more than 9 percent.
With a 4 percent rate of return: $26,23 per monthWith a 2325 percent rate of return: $28,22 per monthWith an 2775 percent rate of return: $93,29 per month With a 21 percent rate of return: $2000,000 per monthWith a 6 percent rate of return: $3,375 per monthWith an 8 percent rate of return: $2,13 per month With a 4 percent rate of return: $3,930 per monthWith a 6 percent rate of return: $3,325 per monthWith an 8 percent rate of return: $2,775 per month The average annualized total return for the S&P 500 index is more than 9 percent.
With a 4 percent rate of return: $1,309,526With a 6 percent rate of return: $2,281,511With an 8 percent rate of return: $9973,147,964 With a 4 percent rate of return: $2989,24,2292With a 2465 percent rate of return: $26,2354,83With an 28 percent rate of return: $3544,2675,509 With a 4 percent rate of return: $583,758With a 6 percent rate of return: $810,4343With an 8 percent rate of return: $1,148,989 With a 4 percent rate of return: $292,465With a 6 percent rate of return: $354,997With an 8 percent rate of return: $434,675 It's important to keep in mind that these calculations don't account for the many variables that can affect wealth over several decades, including windfalls, emergencies and rises or dips in the market.
With a 4 percent rate of return: $628,918With a 6 percent rate of return: $1,2773,703With an 8 percent rate of return: $1,2105,24 With a 2142 percent rate of return: $2185,26With a 2169 percent rate of return: $83,28With an 2202 percent rate of return: $2501,218,422 With a 4 percent rate of return: $282,505With a 6 percent rate of return: $2023,235With an 8 percent rate of return: $524,105 With a 4 percent rate of return: $142,185With a 6 percent rate of return: $169,277With an 8 percent rate of return: $202,501 It's important to keep in mind that these calculations don't account for the many variables that can affect wealth over several decades, including windfalls, emergencies, and rises or dips in the market.
Return: (1003 * $12.5 million) + (5 * $25 million) = $187.5 million return.
A messy, frictive return, but a return all the same.
But how many people return and return there to shop?
But the women of Will Arbery's surreal, funny, ultimately muddled "Plano" return and return and return to the subject of their men.
If your book is eligible for a return, select the "Return for Refund" button next to the title that you want to return.
Return of capital was always more important than return on capital.
Never return, no, never return, to burn at this piss factory!
That a return to flavor would be a return to self.
Ms. Giove did not return fire — or return requests for comment.
People are talking about the financial return and the social return.
Cost: Deluxe online filing — $40 federal return fee; $40 additional state return feePremier online filing — $70 federal return fee; $40 additional state return feeSelf-Employed online filing — $90 federal return fee; $40 additional state return feeFor nearly double the prices listed above, you can buy TurboTax Live, which gives you instant access to an expert who can review your tax return for accuracy before you submit, if that&aposs important to you.
Return protection — If a merchant won't accept a return of an item within 90 days, you can return it to Citi for a refund.
The average Wall Street analyst believes that, over the next year, Netflix shares will return just 2 percent, Amazon shares will return 4.7 percent, Alphabet shares will return 3503 percent and Facebook shares will return 8.8 percent.
I think every day: return of the king, return of the king.
You can return your car and pause your payments until you return.
But this represents a return of capital, not a return on capital.
Cost: TaxAct Business online: $109.95 for federal return; $13 per state return.
It's an investment that has a longterm return and a high return.
He averaged 7.8 yards per punt return 24.1 yards per kick return.
An LAPD spokesperson didn't return a immediately return a request for comment.
Above all, the return of the sun means the return of life.
Facebook did not immediately return a return Business Insider's request for comment.
The total return was over 400% and topped the S&P 500, which averaged an annual return of 13.6% and a cumulative return of 256%.
This is why the Hebrew word for "repentance" is "teshuva," or return — as in a return to your higher self, a return to your essential goodness, a return to recognizing your own dignity and the dignity of others.
"I'll bring my tax return, he can bring his tax return," Buffett said.
G: It will be a significant return and is good return for us.
The average next-year return is 15.11% and the median return is 19.15%.
A VC fund needs a 3x return to achieve a "venture rate of return" and be considered a good investment ($100 million fund => 3x => $13 million return).
Tesla's return policy lays out a seven-day return window for any cars delivered.
Father: Return my daughter Kamille's father is begging for the return of his daughter.
Cost: TurboTax Business desktop version: $159.99 for federal return; additional $49.99 per state return.
Astronauts commonly report diminished eyesight that doesn't return to normal upon their return home.
Inflation-adjusted return shows return on an investment after removing the effects of inflation.
We're also helping them understand the return [the return on investment] in that effort.
If she sent $2288, she'd receive $2,000 in return -- 10 times return on investment.
Lift toes up (A), return to floor; lift heels up (B), return to floor.
Many Americans will file both a federal tax return and state income tax return.
Most Americans file a state income tax return and a federal income tax return.
Under Government Populated Return, the IRS would send Americans a pre-determined tax return.
Green is expected to return on Sunday, and Durant's return is likely this week.
Put another way, the average return is higher than the median or typical return.
Everywhere, the return of the airship kept being the almost return of the airship.
You can't return a home like you can return a shirt to the mall.
If these additional sources are included in the calculation, the return on investment would stay above the required return until beyond 22016 in our 1.5% investment return scenario.
But now, said Jeff Layman, BKD's chief investment officer, the firm relies on actively managed funds, including Metropolitan West Total Return, DoubleLine Total Return and Guggenheim Total Return.
RUI companies with gender-diverse staff posted higher pretax margins, return on assets, return on invested capital and return on equity, according to UBS AG data last month.
The Pimco Total Return Fund saw outflows despite a total return of 1.45 percent after fees, outperforming its benchmark return of 0.92 percent, Pimco said in a press release.
Tony Blair weighs up a return to politics Tony Blair weighs up a return to politics Tony Blair is considering a return to politics, according to The Sunday Times.
The Panthers also boast one of the nation's top return men in Quadree Henderson, who leads the nation in kickoff return average (1003 yards) and kickoff return touchdowns (three).
If her appetite and energy don't return, I'll be making a return visit later today.
Parents can return part-time, fulltime, or return and then go back out as needed.
TaxAct Business desktop (Windows operating systems only): $109.95 for federal return; $49.95 per state return.
Irving's return boosts a team that already seemed very likely to return to the finals.
We look to the return for our shareholders and that is an after-tax return.
It was Sequoia's money, but I get half the return, they get half the return.
Darius Phillips scored both of the Broncos' touchdowns on a fumble return and kickoff return.
How she might return: The thing is, Meera's return can signify something much, much bigger.
I love Return of the Jedi and I'm not a Return of the Jedi decrier.
The return of fall also means the return of some of our favorite TV shows.
Learn more about REI's return policies hereREI's return policies are the same all year round.
After you make the return request, you then have 21 days to return the items.
Or should you fight for the right to return and a place to return to?
She did not know if Mr. Ramey would return alive, let alone return to her.
After you sign the return, be sure to get a copy of the completed return.
Leveraged and inverse ETFs with "2x" or "83x" in their titles, for instance, seek to return twice or thrice the daily return or daily inverse return of the underlying holdings.
There are many meanings to that post-colon phrase "the return" in Twin Peaks: The Return.
But, is Netflix actually planning to return to return to its soapy, deadly Spanish teen series?
Some patients cannot return to work at all while others do return successfully, De Simoni said.
DR is the ratio of a player's return points won to her opponent's return points won.
Don't expect your Venus return to rock your world like your Saturn return is likely to.
Return on assets is 1.8% and return on equity is around 17%—excellent for a bank.
Och-Ziff has been asked to return $103 million while Samlyn Capital will return $106 million.
As they hunt for a return, any return, some companies are venturing into ever-riskier assets.
But as more residents return home, many are discovering they have nothing to return home to.
Learn more about the T.J.Maxx holiday return policies hereTypically, T.J.Maxx offers a 30-day return window.
Apple's return policy gives you 14 days to return an item for a refund or exchange.
Returns: Sonos gives you 25 days to return a purchase, and even offers free return shipping.
Since Mr. Dorsey&aposs return to the firm in July 2015, shareholder return is –15%, vs.
This store has flexible return options, so if it looks too ridiculous, I can return easily.
"Over a longer period of time, equities [or stocks] will have a higher return, bonds will have a higher return, real estate will have a higher return than cash," he explains.
"Relative to traditional funds, the holdings of sustainable funds tend to have a higher quality profile (higher Return on Equity, Return on Invested Capital, and Return on Assets on average)," she wrote.
Focus on line 2000 on your 22018 return and line 22 on your 24 return, Rigney said.
"It's about the return of capital, not the return on capital," says Joachim Fels, Pimco's chief economist.
A return to three-digit oil following a Saudi supply shock, then, would deliver a massive return.
He will return to Philadelphia to be re-evaluated and the timetable for his return is unknown.
Many Americans will file a state income tax return in addition to a federal income tax return.
The group's return was confirmed by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) office which helps return missing Yazidis.
Beegle said this is not a sample return mission, but the start of a sample return campaign.
Learn more about Amazon's return policies hereYear-round, you'll get 30 days to return your Amazon purchases.
Learn more about Old Navy's holiday return policies hereUsually, Old Navy offers a 45-day return window.
But rather than expecting a return on investment, donors are expecting a return on the charity's mission.
"Investors want a return, and they want a return in a certain amount of time," he said.
A return to illegal abortion will not look like a return to the era of coat hangers.
They&aposre ranked in increasing order of estimated return on cash return on cash invested in 2021.
Returns: Sam's Club has no specified return period; some return periods may be stated for specific products.
Items that have a 30-day return window will have a final return date of January 25th.
The All Weather fund has given investors an annual return of 7.9 percent return since it began.
Because with cash it's not about a return on your money; it's about return of your money.
"   "It shall be unlawful for any person to whom any return or return information (as defined in section 85033(b)) is disclosed in a manner unauthorized by this title thereafter willfully to print or publish in any manner not provided by law any such return or return information.
"Point of no return?" is obvious on the surface, but in this puzzle, the point of no return is when you cannot return something you've bought, and that would be a FINAL SALE.
Chance of death: 47.62% With the return of Bran, we also got the return of his cohort Meera.
Chance of death: 11.11% With the return of Bran, we also got the return of his cohort Meera.
A UBS sell must have a forecast stock return at least 6 percent below an assumed market return.
A return to normality, however that is achieved, almost certainly brings with it lower price-to-return multiples.
Though a return on tangible equity equates to a lower return on common equity, the principle is important.
You had a return ticket, sure, but return tickets are changeable, and airline agents don't have crystal balls.
Jackson scored on a 43-yard fumble return and a 76-yard interception return during the first half.
"The focus around concussion is on return to play, and not Return-to-Learn," Vavilala added by email.
With the return of Halloween brings the return of annual concerns about kids receiving altered or dangerous treats.
Last year, the fund's 10.92 percent total return easily outperformed the S&P 500 Index's 1.38 percent return.
Once they want to return the games, they can return them in exchange for one for one basis.
The three-year net return is 7.8 percent, and over five years, the net return is 7.7 percent.
In return, Jordan agreed to return its ambassador to Tel Aviv after he had been recalled for consultations.
Should participants after that return to full capacity and U.S. output also grow, a supply glut could return.
You pay one price for a federal tax return, then an additional price for a state tax return.
Batum may return for Wednesday's contest at Utah, but Zeller is not expected to return until early February.
But should Mr. Christie return on the ticket of the Republican nominee, the hordes would most likely return.
Target's average return after a cold wave is 6.6 percent, while Macy's averages a return of 6.3 percent.
The August return for investment grade bonds of 3% was the sector's largest total return month since 2009.
In March, it had forecast a 3-month return of 5.1% and a 12-month return of 2.8%.
Yale's return did outpace that of the biggest university endowment, Harvard's, which managed a return of 8.1 percent.
The show will return with a new season in October and picks up a year after Will's return.
Items that usually have a 14-day return window will have a final return date of January 10th.
Let's assume stocks can average a 10 percent return per year and bonds can return 5 percent annually.
One resident said the return of the mail service was comforting, a sign of a return to normalcy.
The Hunter for Target collection will have a 14-day return policy versus Target's standard 90-day return policy, but REDcard holders will receive a 14-day return policy plus an additional 30 days.
"Since 1990, this index has averaged a 13 percent annualized return versus a 7 percent [return] for the S&P 500, simply by buying the stocks with the best risk-adjusted return," he said.
How to return Amazon purchases Assuming you have purchased an item that is eligible for return to Amazon and you want to send it back, start the return process by signing into your Amazon account.
But there was an important catch: In return, the IRS promised not to "compete with the Consortium in providing free, online tax return preparation and filing services to taxpayers" by creating a return-free system.
The documents were the first page of a New York State resident income tax return, the first page of a New Jersey nonresident tax return and the first page of a Connecticut nonresident tax return.
Toward the front of the store, there's a self-return process that enables anyone to quickly return their items.
While the firm considers that a "low" return, it actually implies a nearly 14 percent return from Friday's close.
Nor was he a criminal seeking payment from the government in return for the safe return of its passengers.
As you saw us return to growth, you saw our margins return after we made all of these investments.
Lazoja's attorneys filed a Motion to Return Property, which has typically been applied to the return of physical property.
OSIRIS-REx is NASA's first asteroid sample return mission, and the largest sample return since Apollo returned moon rocks.
The nearly 403% return this year is Symmetric's estimate based on the fund's long positions, not its overall return.
On the day of Mr Sharif's return, Pakistan's media regulator warned media companies against airing footage of the return.
This trade offers a 12% return compared with a 4.65% return from gold for the same price behavior move.
His return is unlikely to occur until July, though Cashman did not want to speculate on a return date.
The forest business is low return on capital, very stable, and the hygiene business is high return on capital.
The original return mistakenly identified the group as a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit, according to the amended return.
The annualised return of UK equity funds was 7.27%; the index return (S&P's broad market index) was 2.53%.
Perkins could be nearing a return to the majors and is hopeful he might return after three more appearances.
"Be more concerned about the return of your money than the return on your money in 2017 and beyond."
Representatives for Guaido declined to disclose a timetable for his return or whether he will return the same way.
Be more concerned about the return of your money than the return on your money in 2017 and beyond.
This trade offers a 12% return compared with a 5 % return from gold for the same price behavior move.
European firms generate a lower return on equity and return less cash to shareholders through dividends and buy-backs.
Residents return briefly Some Leilani Estates residents were able to return home to retrieve pets, medicine and vital documents.
Thus, even if you expect never to return, you should expect to have to file an annual tax return.
Healthy venting sessions usually let adolescents return to school (and adults return to work) less burdened the following day.
Return man Xavian Marks flashed his acceleration with a 75-yard punt return touchdown to make it 41-0.
The Mets hope he can return when he is first eligible to return from the disabled list on Friday.
What made it so important to return to SugarHill, and sort of to return to Texas, for this record?
Don't buy a dress without knowing the return policy Before you buy your dress, ask about the return policy.
For most people, the relevant AGI can be found on either this year's tax return or their 2018 return.
Success rate: 72%Average return: 31%Stock pick: CiscoComment: Kidron's price target of $55 would be a 20% return.
These five countries generated a total return of 66 percent last year and an average return of 13 percent.
He is expected to return to the team Tuesday but likely won't return to the starting lineup until Wednesday.
When lawmakers return this week from their Fourth of July recess, the politics of guns could return with them.
And a Catalyst report on S&P 500 companies found a correlation between women's representation on boards and a significantly higher return on equity, a higher return on sales, and a higher return on invested capital.
The long-term return on that £1,2003 investment is anything from £2,500 to £5,000 — that's a 2.5X to 5.0X return.
While in-store shoppers return about 8 percent of the goods they buy, online shoppers return close to 30 percent.
Both men are from Idaho and will be allowed to return home, but have to return for their September trial.
Memphis leads the AAC in net punting (41.4) and kickoff return average (27.7) and has three kickoff return TDs. 3.
As the real return on T-bills is currently negative, that suggests a real return on equities of around 3%.
A prompt solution would help this confidence to return and for the cooperation between both countries to return to normality.
Return on assets on the same basis was 1.04%, strong for a bank, and return on equity a passable 9%.
"We don't have time… We want to return to the islands…We want to go and return freely," they wrote.
Or return here to turn it "Off" if you'd like to return the advanced world of two-handed keyboard typing.
Three weeks after mailing in your return, you can use the "Where's My Amended Return?" page on the IRS website.
It's not really a return to Soviet-style communism, but rather part of a longing for a return to greatness.
If you're mailing your return, make sure you actually go to the physical post office and get a return receipt.
The fund's return was minus 1.5 percent, lagging the positive return of 3.5 percent at the end of last year.
I dug through Amazon's return policies and didn't find anything clear that suggests someone might get banned for a return.
A return to the moon can be accomplished relatively quickly, with the return on investment to follow soon, as well.
"BTS will return refreshed and recharged to return all the love you have and continue to show them," it added.
Learn more about Apple's return policies hereUsually, Apple gives shoppers 14 days after the date received to return an item.
Learn more about Target's return policies hereTarget offers a generous one-year return window for products from Target-owned brands.
Learn more about Sephora's return policies hereYou can return Sephora products via mail or in one of their store locations.
Learn more about Samsung's return and refund policies hereSamsung will accept return requests within the first 15 days of delivery.
Have you ever purchased something and wanted to return it only to find out you were past the return window?
Research is indicating that even when players return from a concussion, their performance lags in the weeks upon their return.
That's 5.6 times the cumulative return of the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Total Return index, which tracks the bond market.
Germany, which has urged its citizens to return home immediately, has set aside 50 million euros for the return campaign.
If you believe a fraudulent return has been filed in your name, you can request a copy of that return.
L.L.Bean offers a generous return policy, so you can get a 100% refund if you return them within one year.
"Return fare?" is a RANSOM in the sense that you pay it to get a kidnapper to return the kidnapped.
Home flippers saw an average gross return of $67,516 in the second quarter, representing a 48.4 percent return on investment.
That rate of return is attracting amateur investors who are setting up high-risk, high-return deals on their own.
Facebook hopes you'll return it, pay for it or take it as a free gift and return for future business.
The Telegraph reports that Coys denies agreeing to Pohl&aposs return of the car or agreeing to return his money.
"Customers will be able to print a prepaid return shipping label via the Online Return Center instantly," the email said.
"Their funds absolutely expect a return — I expect a good return, but they over-index for women's businesses," says Gates.
Investec's local currency debt fund came third in the Lipper league table with a return of over 21 percent return.
Failure to return the slip to the committee indicates an objection, as does the return of a negative blue slip.
"[Today] we want to have a quick process of change that gives us economic return, not social return: you make a multi-storey building that creates more economic return but it creates no social change," he said.
The Iranian minister used the public appearance at the Asia Society to offer the US a prisoner exchange in which Tehran would return Americans they hold and in return the US would return Iranians in American jails.
While the show was expected to return sometime this year after it was renewed, the search for a replacement showrunner makes that seem unlikely, and THR says that it will return sometime after an estimated January 2019 return.
Renaissance Capital pointed out that the average total return of I.P.O.s in 2016 reached 23 percent, a sharp reversal from the negative 2.1 percent return of 2015 offerings and surpassing the 21 percent return of two years ago.
Once you hand over a return, Kohl's will then package and transport the item to Amazon's return centers, free of charge.
This trade offers a 8.3 percent return compared with a 5.7 percent return from gold for the same price behavior move.
A lot of companies might not have 100x return, but they have 5-6x return and they've solved an important problem.
Wolf did not return follow-up requests for comment, and a spokeswoman for Harris did not return repeated requests for comment.
Feldman will reportedly return as showrunner and executive producer for Season 2, and it appears Applegate and Cardellini will return too.
When he does return, manager Joe Girardi said it's possible Sanchez would return to hitting out of the No. 2 spot.
Following 48 hours of questioning, Castro, fearful that his life remained in danger, immediately tried to return to return to Mexico.
" He added, "It is time to worry about the return of your money as opposed to the return on your money.
As we return to young Jack waiting in the car, his father yet to return, a head pops up behind him.
He averaged 31.8 yards per kickoff return and 16.6 yards per punt return with three total touchdowns last season at UCF.
He's not ready to return to MSG, though it seems like his demands for a return are lowering by the day.
Gal Gadot is all set to return as Diana, and director Patty Jenkins is reportedly in talks to return as well.
At the time, there were rumors that the franchise would return to the Next Generation era, with Stewart rumored to return.
A company used to be encouraged to return money to shareholders when it couldn't reinvest in itself for a good return.
The complications delayed Williams' return to competitive tennis, and she has remained positive despite losses following her return earlier this year.
For Burton, return on investment could be too hard to measure and instead brands should be focusing on return on objectives.
"BTS will return refreshed and recharged to return all the love you have and continue to show them," their statement concluded.
He does not wish to return to Somalia and will not sign a declaration that he will cooperate in his return.
After this whirlwind, Rumor will return home to Wisconsin, where she will eagerly await the return of the Green Bay Packers.  
But Williams, despite winning no titles since her return in 2018, has also reached four Grand Slam finals since her return.
Return on investment, return on equity, those things are better when gender balance is strong at the top of a company.
Gillibrand itemized her deductions on her 2017 federal tax return and took the standard deduction on her federal return in 2018.
Expect to spend upwards of $50 to $60 to have your federal return prepared, plus more for an additional state return.
If you'd rather return, you have 45 days from the original shipment date to make a return for an online order.
High K means a low rate of return compared with r*, the foreign rate of return, so e must be rising.
Kerr had said on Monday that there was no consideration of delaying Curry's return once he was medically cleared to return.
Many experts, fearing the virus would return next summer, criticized that decision as premature because it could still return next year.
Cell phones, cellular tablets, and cellular wearables have a 14-day return period; major appliances have a 15-day return period.
In addition to filing your federal tax return with the IRS, your state tax return is due at the same time.
The return comes amid a wider discussion over whether Western collectors and museums should return objects to their countries of origin.
Swipe left to return to the previous screen; tap to return to the home screen; and swipe right open the recent apps.
Pimco said in a release that the Pimco Total Return Fund saw outflows despite a total return of 1.45 percent after fees.
The median annual return for the entire endowment sample was 3.75 percent, or 1.14 percent below the 5003-year Treasury bond return.
Stripping out inflation, its 20-year annualised real return was 3.4 percent, compared to a rolling return of 227 percent last year.
The Revenue Act of 1924 established Congress' power to compel tax return and return information, notwithstanding the general rule of taxpayer privacy.
He's likely to return to the minors when Presley or Jim Adduci, who is on a rehab assignment, is ready to return.
That expected return should make up for the fee cost and amount to a 7% return — the average of U.S. pension funds.
Filing your return early, before an illegal return can be filed, remains a good idea, said Ms. Weston of the CPA institute.
When they return home, this option will vanish and users will need to return to the Uber app to order a car.
Beginning about three weeks from the date your return was postmarked, you can use the Where's My Amended Return tool on IRS.
You have to return any suits you don't want (return labels and packaging are included in the shipment) to avoid being charged.
The prospective return on shares is equal to the real return on riskless assets (such as T-bills) plus a risk premium.
This far shy of the equity benchmark return of 7.80 percent and the bond benchmark return of 7.19 percent over the period.
Two announcements Tuesday and Wednesday are about expanding return on investment, while also making it easier for advertisers to measure that return.
A CNBC review of IRS tax return data found that in 1995 claims of net operating losses averaged about $98,000 per return.
Image from Return to Order campaignImage: Return to OrderAs of Thursday morning, the site claimed to have had more than 20,000 signatures.
Bucks pull out OT win in Bledsoe's return to Phoenix PHOENIX — Eric Bledsoe expected to be booed in his return to Phoenix.
We will continue to rep the movement until the day you return because we know your return will be MONSTROUS #MMG pic.twitter.
For the three-year return, the Pimco Total Return Fund is up 1.53 percent while the Barclays index is up 2.50 percent.
And not just return it, but to exceed it; the gift given in return must be more valuable than the original gift.
His return to DH duties means 1B Miguel Cabrera will return to the field after DHing for Detroit on Saturday and Sunday.
Boeing noted uncertainty about the timing of the plane's return and said that this return date was an "estimate" that could change.
The team is hopeful he can return during the series, while center DeMarcus Cousins could also return from a torn quad muscle.
It helps an investor judge whether the return on the stock is greater than the additional risk taken to generate that return.
"Imagine running a plan with an investment return assumption of 8% per year, only to realize a return of 6%," says Boyd.
Returning the bundle: Rent the Runway includes a bag and return shipping label for you to return the pieces whenever you're ready.
Photography fans hoping that the return of the center will mean a return of its vintage collection may have to wait awhile.
Once the short-term measure is passed, lawmakers will return to negotiations over the money while federal workers return to their jobs.
The return of the idled capacity is dependent on the return to full capacity of Hydro's Alunorte alumina plant which feeds Albras.
One in four women return to work within 10 days of giving birth and 12 percent return after less than a week.
Trump has said that his most recent return is under audit and that, when that audit concludes, he will release the return.
This summer, we have been blessed with the return of The Hills, and the return of many of the original show's stars.
If I want to return the shoes for any reason, I can do so by mail or return them at a store.
Learn more about QVC's holiday return policies hereQVC usually allows you to return purchases within 30 days for an exchange or refund.
If you don't love your mattress after 100 nights, return it, and Leesa will donate the return to a child in need.
A. Amazon's return policy gives you seven days from the time you buy a Kindle book to return it for a refund.
When Caplinger bumped up the investment return to 7% — the average annual return in the stock market — there was a marked difference.
E-commerce return rates in general and holiday e-shopping return rates in particular tend to be much higher at traditional stores.
Costco has a pretty liberal return policy, allowing members to return anything (including a membership) at any time for a full refund.
"Beyond what we invest in the business, we will return and continue to return all excess cash to our shareholders," he said.
But "Spring," the latest installment, translated from the Norwegian by Ingvild Burkey, is a return to form, and a return to ruthlessness.
The return of Hope Hicks: President Trump's former communications director will return to the White House as an aide to Jared Kushner.
The international community did not force Israel to return the territory that it had seized, or to permit the return of refugees.
He is scheduled to return for the series finale Sunday night, when he should return to the cleanup spot in the lineup.
There was speculation that EternaLEnVy would return to Cloud9, which recently announced their return to Dota 2 after a two-year hiatus.
The analysis was based on Trump's estimated net worth and his 2005 tax return, the only such return made public thus far.
Her lawyer wrote to Cohen on Monday offering to return the payment in return for Daniels's freedom to speak about the affair.
It's not that the return on capital is low, but the return on having a dominant market position is really quite high.
The cumulative abnormal return (excess return after adjusting for stock beta) over a three-day window after insider purchases is 1.359 percent.
The gradual return to supply-chain normality is not being matched by a return to pre-tariffs pricing in the U.S. market.
Texas had zero non-offensive touchdowns during the 2016 season and recorded three — interception return by Holton Hill, a blocked field goal return by Hill and a 91-yard punt return by Reggie Hemphill-Mapps — in the 2017 opener. 2.
The duo says investors can expect a 17% to 18% return on equity investment, total, over 10 years — but they've also set their sights higher, structuring the return as a capped dividend with security expiring after three times the investment return.
In looking at the S&P total return index, its trajectory falls below the S&P 30-year bond futures total return index.
University Chancellor Philip Dubois said the campus will return to normal operating status at midnight and employees will return to work Thursday morning.
Stocks have a higher expected return than bonds or cash, and this return difference magnified over long periods of time can be staggering.
Bagelcode saw a 3.2X improvement in return on ad spend on Android and a 1.4X improvement in return on ad spend on iOS.
Bill was way more than their quote; return was so sloppy I had another firm redo it and my return more than doubled.
For the month, the Pimco Total Return Fund posted negative returns of 0.66 percent after fees, trailing the benchmark return of 0.71 percent.
A signal from the probe takes more than 6 hours to return to Earth, necessitating a slow return of images from the flyby.
Return on average assets (ROA) and return on average common equity (ROE) were stable from the linked quarter at 1.2% and 9.9%, respectively.
Be aware that just because you take the standard deduction on your federal return, doesn't mean you can't itemize on your state return.
"People can return to their homes in the outlying villages, but no one has been able to return to Raqqa yet," she said.
It did not contain any specific reference on its return to financial markets, stating that its aim was to return 'the soonest possible'.
But it's still unknown when Bailey will return to teaching, and if she'll be permitted to return to Charlotte Anderson Elementary in Arlington.
And if your return period extends to after the temporarily locations close, you're told to call a phone number to process a return.
A representative for McNabb didn't return a request for comment, and Davis didn't return a request for comment directed at him on Twitter.
It's unclear whether Kesha is eager to return to court so soon after her return to performing, but that avenue is seemingly open.
N> 737 MAX aircraft to return to service in October, compared with its previous view that they would return to service in August.
While there's no official return date for New Girl's last season, fans are predicting it will return to Fox some time in 2018.
"A company used to be encouraged to return money to shareholders when it couldn't reinvest in itself for a good return," Blankfein said.
OMERS said it achieved a 14.7 percent return from investments in publicly traded shares, more than double the return in the previous year.
Nelson and Cobb return as the top two, but betting on both to return to 2014 levels of production is an iffy gamble.
The variation in these results is due to differences in correlation between the currency return and the equity market return in local currency.
MORE (R-Ariz.), had urged a return to regular order just days before his return to the Senate after a brain cancer diagnosis.
At the time, his office said he would return to D.C. in January, but no official update on his return has come since.
Not all the students will be back -- many of their parents can't return to work -- so she can accommodate those who will return.
It is time Congress gets a better return on its investment as opposed to merely hoping for a return on its tax cuts.
Later, the astronauts would return to the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway in the lunar lander, transfer to the Orion, and return to Earth.
"Sirul cannot return to Malaysia because Australia won't allow someone facing capital punishment to return home," Mahathir told reporters at a news conference.
You can easily request a pre-paid return label within the first 14 days and then have 14 more to make your return.
You have 28 days to return your order, just choose to return on your Mr. Porter account and they'll arrange everything for you.
A SHARP RETURN Chris Tillman pitched six impressive innings in his return from the disabled list and Baltimore won at Detroit, 3-1.
To make a return, Amazon customers select the product they'd like to return in the Amazon app and select an Amazon Go store.
REITs posted a respectable 9 percent total return last year, but that significantly underperformed the 783 percent return on the Index (dividends reinvested).
In the window that pops up, choose a reason for the return and click the Return for Refund button to confirm your decision.
Some schools are telling students to not return to campus for 14 days after their return, depending on the laws in their state.
"At this point, investors need to be more focused on the return of their money than the return on their money," McBride said.
"They recommended strongly that I let someone else in the department return the call and that I not return the call," she said.
Maybe I literally won't be able to return to this, because there might not be a restaurant there for me to return to.
Then, when you go to file your legitimate return, the IRS blocks you because its records show your return has already been filed.
Over the last decade, global equities have provided an annualized real return of 7.6% compared with a real return of 3.6% from bonds.
First, business leaders need to embrace a broader vision of their responsibilities by looking beyond shareholder return and also measuring their stakeholder return.
In return for taking these enormous political risks (and rewarding Trump's effort to dirty up the Bidens), what would Democrats get in return?
On a return basis, industry average return on assets is 20 percent to 40 percent below rates typically recorded in pre-crisis years.
Its return on equity is 5.4%, well short of global rivals such as JPMorgan Chase which had a return on equity of 14.9%.
As college students around the country return home for the holidays, Olivia Jade Giannulli is making her own return — to YouTube, that is.
We're planning to return the $28503 in lobbyist contributions and going forward our policy will be to return any lobbyist contributions over $22019.
I had to return a bag I had purchased and was able to reach out, chat with customer support and arrange a return.
The offer, which typically ends in late March, includes free preparation and filing of a federal return as well as a state return.
But here's the thing: The return of magic probably wasn't the cause of magic's return, but rather one of the first major effects.
Tzanakopoulos said any market return would need to ensure Greece could fully return to markets when the bailout, its third since 2010, ends.
Return policies for retailers vary greatly, but most stores require you to return an item within 30 to 90 days of the purchase.
The Wolves' next game is Saturday at Milwaukee, and Towns would have to clear the return-to-participation steps before he could return.
" As POLITICO's Alex Isenstadt reports, Bannon has been itching to return to his self-styled guerilla warfare and return to "Bannon da barbarian.
Franken's decision not to return a blue slip, as was always done when Republican senators didn't return blue slips on President Obama's nominees.
That quick return should help quiet critics who say that the Vision Fund cannot possibly return money on such a massive investing fund.
Federal law clearly states it is illegal to publish someone's tax returns without authorization: It shall be unlawful for any person to whom any return or return information (as defined in section 6900(b)) is disclosed in a manner unauthorized by this title thereafter willfully to print or publish in any manner not provided by law any such return or return information.
The issue included $750 million in five-year bonds with a return of 6.2 percent, $1.75 billion in 10-year bonds with a return of 7.6 percent and 1.5 billion in 30-year bonds, with a return of 8.7 percent, the ministry said.
The Senate is scheduled to begin a week long recess after votes Friday and will return to confirm more Cabinet nominees when they return.
"Our earnings reflect the progress we are making to improve our return on and return of capital," CEO Michael Corbat said in a release.
After, cold hard reality hits: summer hours come to an end, pumpkin spice lattes return, and soon enough we'll have to return to layering.
We could also determine that our optimal spend level is at $8,000 with 1.7x return — not the $12,000 level, which only generates 1.3x return.
The automaker also cited that its return policy allows any customer who is unhappy with their car to return it for a full refund.
It now sees a return between minus 2% and minus 4%, below its previous forecast of a return on sales of 0% to 2%.
This year marks Dell's big return to IFA after a more subdued few years, coinciding with the company's upcoming return to the public market.
Their average order size is smaller, but you men [in the audience] don't like to return things, despite that we have a return policy.
That's the largest return since the firm started tracking this method nine years ago and well above the 11 percent return it typically yields.
The 20 least funded companies on this list only raised $623M in VC, yet managed to return $48B to investors, or an 1003X return.
He wasn't expected to return until after the All-Star break, so the move would only delay his return for a week or two.
The Omega Capital Partners LP fund generated a 6.5 percent first-quarter net return versus the S&P 500 total return of 6.1 percent.
Conversely, the average return when the stock fell the day after earnings was negative 4 percent while the median return was minus 2.7 percent.
It is among those states that say if you take the standard deduction on the federal return, you cannot itemize on your state return.
Wright is expected to return quickly, but there is no timeline yet for his return, and his availability for the opener is in doubt.
" He added, "Right now for every dollar, we get a $4 return, but if we give them more, do we get a greater return?
It was the liberals, Kim [Dae-Jung] and Roh, who were pushing for an accelerated return of return of OPCON to the South Koreans.
Having the direwolves return could be a part of Arya's renouncing of the House of Black and White and subsequent return to her family.
Find out which metric the VC would use to determine if this investment is successful: a 3X return, a 10X return or a 100X?
NOTES — Raiders PR-RB Jalen Richard produced a 37-yard punt return in the first quarter, the longest postseason punt return in franchise history.
That's one of the things that stands between Lloyds' underlying return on equity of 16.6 percent, and its actual return, which is half that.
Fundamentals were good, whereas capital return was mixed, and this is interesting given we think investors were more focused on potential capital return goodness.
"The scammer claims to have the taxpayer's return, but needs to verify the taxpayer's identity to ensure the return was not fraudulent," Rigney said.
"If the IRS examines your tax return and finds no issues they will not audit your return again for two years," Olsen told Bloomberg.
" Miami said it regretted that "it remains unable to clear Chris to return to basketball activities, and there is no timetable for his return.
Shalett reached this conclusion by comparing the euro-denominated MSCI Europe Total Return Index with the dollar-based S&P 500 Total Return Index.
You have 28 days to return your order, just choose to return on your Net-A-Porter account and they'll arrange everything for you.
The following chart depicts his proprietary S&P 500 return when market returns are favorable across the board against the benchmark's actual total return.
Consumers will return about $90 billion worth of goods this holiday season, estimates Optoro, a firm that specializes in the business of return shipments.
The Yield is the interest rate, or rate of return you get per year — let's put this at a typical return rate of 6%.
Participants get a new six-digit number each year, without which your e-filed return will be rejected and a paper return, significantly delayed.
Shake us loose from the cycle of outrage and gas lighting and proto-fascism and return us to... Well return us to what exactly?
This drove yield-hungry investors to stocks, the one asset that delivered a real rate of return, or return on investment adjusted for inflation.
The brand has a generous return and exchange policy: You have 365 days from the date of purchase to make a return or exchange.
In addition, international law requires states to re-admit their own nationals when they return home, regardless of the manner in which they return.
You'll likely have to request a return within 30 days of receiving the item — or longer if the seller has an extended return window.
And that's what we have to do in these difficult times: return to ourselves in order then to return to our communities and neighborhoods.
Castro, who has a hamstring injury, could return at the end of the week, but Matt Holliday is doubtful to return before the break.
"In the course of this volume — the kind to which readers return and return — he downshifts from scary memories into widely useful syncopated advice."
Business Insider corresponded with 37 Target employees to get a sense of the strangest things they&aposve witnessed customers return — or attempt to return.
Often she would return to adoptive parents months later and say relatives of the child had come around asking for a baby&aposs return.
For good measure, the Chiefs' punt return unit, led by the rookie speedster Tyreek Hill, produced two touchdowns and the most yards per return.
It's now confirmed that Hopkins will not return for Season 2, though the character of Ford will return through a different actor in flashbacks.
The overall annual return was 40.9 percent, compared with an 8.2 percent average return for the Russell 2000 Growth Index, according to the report.
"The I.R.S. and others will likely argue that most New York return information is based on protected federal return information," Mr. Sidamon-Eristoff said.
A modest investment can also yield a solid return: The Visit Denmark campaign reported a return of $16 in revenue for each dollar spent, while Tourism Ireland found a return of 10 percent for its television and online advertising, according to a WTTC report.
Asked if Serena Williams, winner of 23 Grand Slam titles, should have been seeded on her return from maternity leave by the French Tennis Federation, Azarenka said the WTA was discussing making a distinction between a return from injury and a return from childbirth.
As with capital protection, investors have not faced the need to seek out return enhancement strategies recently, with the S&P 500 generating an annualized return of more than 17 percent since March 2009, compared to its historical rate of return of approximately 9.5 percent.
The law commands that tax return preparers — including Intuit and H&R Block — solicit and receive "knowing and voluntary" taxpayer consent before disclosing or using a taxpayer's return information for any reason, including marketing paid services unrelated to the return on which the information appears.
More relaxed return policies can mean shoppers return items after a season ends, making it hard to sell a winter coat in March, for example.
If your provisional income is more than $9003,000 on a single return or $44,000 on a joint return, 85 percent must be added to AGI.
"Dems should return focus to Trumpcare tomorrow & the millions it will leave uninsured, not get distracted by two pages from '05 tax return," Fallon tweeted.
Houston leads the country in kick return average (46.7 yards) thanks in part to John Leday's 81-yard return at Arizona two weeks ago. 453.
Taylor did not need to return Others noted that Taylor did not need to return, but did so out of a sense of diplomatic obligation.
The possible return of Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets: Can you think of a thought spicer than imagining the possible return of Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets?
SEE THIS DEAL Return flights from London Gatwick to Venice for £43 London Gatwick to Alicante (Spain): £39.00 return, 11 nights (01 May - 2299.50 May).
High return on investment: Brands were evaluated for their potential return on investment based on their required initial investment compared to average franchisee annual income.
After hitting the "Return" button, you will be brought to a screen with all other eligible items (those within the 30-day return window, e.g.).
"Oversupply should return by August, reinforcing a return to the $30-50 oversupply pricing regime, before returning to a balanced market in 2H17," they wrote.
It's lazy, high-probability trading offering 10 percent to 25 percent return per trade, at a time when investors complain about low return sideways markets!
Click here to view original GIFWill the return of virtual reality be as big a flop as the return of 3D movies and TV was?
In return for body donations, Restore Life offers to pick up the deceased, cremate the unused remains for free and return them to the family.
The combined entity could attain a return on equity of 26.9% in 2023 said KCB, which had a return on equity of 23% last year.
It couldn't have been a quick return for a few years, no, this was really the return of the street segment on the long term.
Let's see the return on that one: Return: (5 * $0) + (3 * $6 million) + (1 * $50 million) + (103 * $250 million) = $318 million We've finally made it.
Some major credit card retailers offer return protection or return assistance — refunds on purchases made with that card — even after the refund window has closed.
" He wrote that his move marks a "return to the rule of law is also a return of trust and local control to federal prosecutors.
If it went well, perhaps we won't only see a Hannah return in a future season — we may see the return of director Benson too.
The Return of Bianca Storm Of course, no Mimi documentary would be complete without the return of her alter ego/arch nemesis Bianca Storm i.
A rainbow appears over Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School the morning all staff return for planning days to prepare for the students return on Wednesday.
Empire will return for a third season and Scream Queens will return for a second, although no exact dates have been given for either premiere.
Hector and Achilles talked about that at Troy, and Hector says, let&aposs return the body, whoever wins, return the body to the others family.
Before he could return, however, Ngo suffered a life-threatening brain aneurysm that required emergency surgery, delaying his return until November 2014, the lawsuit said.
Analysts said a return to normal operations likely would take at least two weeks after it is deemed safe for staff to return to sites.
Continuously monitoring the risks and return potential, and shifting the allocation to either improve the return profile or de-risk a given strategy is crucial.
Whenever the individual's money makes a return — say, $1,000,000 — the PE guys then get 20 percent of that return, or $200,000 of the individual's investment.
If the long-term return expectation for equities is in the high single digits, why not ask for the majority of that return up front?
The combined entity could attain a return on equity of 26.9% in 2023, said KCB, which had a return on equity of 13% last year.
But there are other important attributes to keep in mind as well, such as consistent return, expenses, total return, and preservation of capital, said Roseen.
The "tax factor" is calculated as the return of the high tax basket minus the return of the low tax basket, according to Credit Suisse.
If you bought one day before a yield curve inversion and sold six months later, the return on the utilities sector averages an 8.59% return.
And if you give it to us, we're actually giving you some value in return, which is a pretty basic return that everybody should expect.
A "defective item" claim allows eBay buyers to return items without abiding by the seller's conditions, which in this case included a return shipping fee.
Taxpayers in potential AMT territory fill out an AMT return in addition to the ordinary return, then pay the larger of the two tax bills.
Popeyes' chicken sandwich seems to be on the cusp of a return, with a major franchisee telling Bloomberg the sandwich will return in early November.
"The hardest thing to convince people on an insurance policy is that the best return on a policy is no return at all," he said.
So not only can the blood tests help determine when an athlete can return to play, but maybe if they should ever return to play.
The annualized total return for the over the past five years is 14 percent, and the annual return for the past ten years 10.5 percent.
We needed supplies to last three days, when, we assumed, we would be able to return home — if there was a home to return to.
As with the triumphant return of the Twin Peaks theme as Coop peels out of the hospital, the return of Audrey's Theme was very welcome.
Princeton aims for a 10 percent annualized return, which is close to the long-term return for the S&P 500, not adjusted for inflation.
Currently, we do not have a set return date, and will keep a close eye on the epidemic to choose the appropriate date of return.
"Our only objective is to see Venezuela return to its Constitution, return its duly elected assembly, to hold free and fair elections," Mr. Tillerson said.
Since his 15 years at Disney began, the company's total annualized return is 14% – compared to the 9% return of the S&P 500 Index.
The Michigan company said its return on equity, a measure of profitability, was 63 percent last year — more than four times Bank of America's return.
Just remember, even if you don't have to file a federal return, you may still have to file your state return, which has different requirements.
You&aposll also need your adjusted gross income (AGI) from last year&aposs tax return to verify your identity when you file your current return.
When you return from your holiday visit, you may be exhausted for days afterward, finding it hard to focus and return to your regular routine.
If the Republican Party fails to exercise leadership on our climate challenge, they risk a return to heavy-handed regulation when Democrats return to power.
Even as we set out, the captain could not tell us what port we might return to, or when we would be free to return.
During a pivotal moment in the Minnesota Vikings&apos Divisional Round matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, return specialist Marcus Sherels muffed a punt return.
"First, business leaders need to embrace a broader vision of their responsibilities by looking beyond shareholder return and also measuring their stakeholder return," Benioff says.
The return of industrial workers comes about a week before the first wave of evacuees from Fort McMurray were due to return to the city.
Be aware that if your parents claim you as a dependent on their tax return, you cannot take a personal exemption on your own return.
Fixed-income investments produced a 3.8 percent return during the period, with investments in assets like real estate and infrastructure producing a 2.5 percent return.
The researchers projected that it would take 50 million years to return to pre-human levels and 4 million to return to pre-European levels.
It claimed only five were still alive, and agreed they should be allowed to return home, on the condition they later return to North Korea.
Goldman, which as a private partnership used to have a return on equity of more than 50 percent, had a return in 2015 of 7.4 percent.
But Richmond's endowment return for the 2015 fiscal year was 6.3 percent — less than half of Radford's — and its annualized 10-year return is 9.7 percent.
Afterward, I head to the UPS store to drop off a book I need to return to Amazon with a prepaid return label (yay Amazon Prime!).
He's back in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, where he's seemingly killed again, only to return in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers.
That can help you figure out your chances of a successful return, and whether you might encounter twists such as restocking charges or return shipping fees.
And next time you return from vacation note the condition your plants are in before you leave, and the condition they are in when you return.
TLC announced on Wednesday that Paige Davis will return as the host of Trading Spaces when the Emmy-nominated DIY series makes its return in 2018.
In the 19th century it was brought from Sidon when Lebanon was part of the Ottoman empire … On what grounds should you return and not return?
Though rumors that the former champ would return at July's UFC 200 have been squashed, she is still expected to return before the year is out.
With longtime host Ryan Seacrest already locked and loaded to return as host, this means Idol is back on schedule to make its return as planned.
Prevent tax return anxiety by following these steps: Need a rundown of the changes to the new tax law and what they mean for your return?
That approach limits analysis to migrants who arrived before 803 and excludes migrants who subsequently return home, as well as many of those who later return.
It would return in his most famous tunes, notably the climactic solo of "All Along the Watchtower" and the swaggering start of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)".
Its "return whenever" policy has regrettably been changed to "return within a year," but it still offers free shipping and returns to its credit card users.
The two largest actively managed core bond funds, Pimco Total Return and Metropolitan West Total Return, have little to no exposure to high-yield corporate bonds.
The portfolio also scored a 22% return year to date, beating the S&P 500's 17% gain and the weak balance sheet basket's 20% return.
To return something from Amazon with Kohl's, you actually start the process on Amazon's website and then choose Kohl's drop-off as your preferred return method.
Note: If you choose an option that puts the onus for return on Amazon, like "Wrong item was sent," your return will be free of charge.
A return to a balanced budget is still years away, however, with no return to surplus in the four-year forward projections released with the budget.
On top of that, Air Canada offered an extra adult return ticket from Prince Edward Island back to Seoul so Stemkoski could return with someone else.
A return to the music industry is a difficult endeavor regardless of the circumstances, but a return that involves two Grammy nominations is almost unheard of.
Look carefully: the difference between a 4% return and an 8% return with the same amount of money invested is more than $110,000 over 20 years.
Yahoo intends to return substantially all of its net cash to shareholders and will determine and communicate a specific capital return strategy at an appropriate time.
Turpin&aposs 303-yard kickoff return opened the second half against Iowa State, a week after a 90-yard punt return for a score against Kansas.
The former secretary of state's return to the spotlight on Tuesday will inevitably spark questions about whether she is considering a return to front-line politics.
"I have during all this time liked our return to conditionality, our return to legality, an environment in which our people are free," Mugabe told reporters.
Neji Ben Othman, the general director in the tourism ministry, told Reuters he hoped the return of Thomas Cook would encourage other Europeans to return too.
To celebrate the return of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, MTV is marking the official return to Jerzdays with a special extension available on Chrome and Firefox.
Buying online can make it a bit easier (especially if you get free return shipping), but not every store's return policies are conducive to taking risks.
GPIF's overall assets made a negative return of 3.81 percent last fiscal year, dragged by its Japanese stock portfolio which logged a negative 10.8 percent return.
Hours and days before, the President made the decision that the right thing to do was tell the Russians, return the sailors, return the Ukrainian equipment.
I personally would've preferred to return the inserts as well, but understand that they would make it more difficult and bulky to return the whole package.
One can only hope that Lohan's return to music is as triumphant as her return to reality TV. Refinery29 has reached out to Lohan for comment.
It also assumes a 6 percent average annual investment return, which is fairly conservative: The average return on long-term investments is around 10 percent annually.
The Dragon capsule used will return to earth after around one month in orbit, carrying 3,000 pounds of goods from the ISS for the return flight.
Learn more about Barnes & Noble's return policies hereUsually, you have 30 days to return a Barnes & Noble purchase, either back to a store or by mail.
Learn more about Candid's return and refund policies hereGiven the nature of the products, Candid's aligners are a little more complicated to return than most products.
"Due to the current federal funding hiatus, I will not be able to return emails or telephone calls until I return to duty," Mr. Baugh wrote.
Experts have warned that uncertainty surrounding the return of a hard border and longstanding political deadlock in Northern Ireland could lead to a return of violence.
If you file your tax return on paper, the agency said it could suspend processing of the return and delay any refund you might be owed.
" The return policy page on Tesla' website now cautions buyers: "Once you have returned your vehicle, the return process is final and may not be cancelled.
After a week, members can return whatever they don't want in a prepaid return bag, at which point they are charged only for what they keep.
After a single mirror check, drivers must return their eyes to the road, then check the next mirror, and again return their eyes to the road.
Tax-return processing times vary among states, and refunds can be issued any time between a few days and a few months after submitting your return.
With the return of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) in the El Camino movie comes the return of his longtime friend, Breaking Bad's Skinny Pete (Charles Baker).
That is down from a 40.9% gross flipping return in the first quarter of this year and a 44.4% return in the second quarter of 2018.
It's probably the best return on investment you're gonna make, outside of helping people with their health and medical, because that's the ultimate return on investment.
The Dow averages a 0.34% return and the S&P 500 averages a 0.53% return after U.S. oil rises 5% or more in a single day.
Mr. Blankfein's take: "A company used to be encouraged to return money to shareholders when it couldn't reinvest in itself for a good return," he tweeted.
"It's a high-return low-capital business, it gives them a great return and they want to hold on to it," one of the people said.
Other red flags, according to experts, include any preparer who promises a specific refund before completing your return or who bases the fee for preparing the return on a percentage of your refund, and any preparer who refuses to sign a return that he or she prepared.
Let's demonstrate this with a hypothetical example where a company has spent $700,000 equally across seven channels, and their Return on Ad Spend based on last-click attribution is as shown below: In this example, the company has generated a return of $751,000 at 1.07x return.
"The fee arrangement was designed to accommodate certain investors that expressed interest in retaining a greater share of returns in low to moderate return scenarios in return for rewarding us with a greater share of returns in higher return scenarios," Pershing Square wrote in the letter.
"We hope that Tax Return Return Flight makes it a little easier for consumers to travel this year by giving them a different kind of return: a one-way flight on us," Elizabeth Windram, director of brand and advertising at JetBlue, wrote in an email to Refinery29.
The 21993 tax documents, which were anonymously mailed to a New York Times reporter, were the first page of a New York State resident income tax return, the first page of a New Jersey nonresident tax return and the first page of a Connecticut nonresident tax return.
"Rather than forcing retailers to impose stricter return policies such as 'no receipt, no return' or 14-day limits on returns, the system actually allows retailers to offer the other 99 percent of consumers more lenient and flexible return policies," the company says on its website.
"The typical diversified stock-fund investor [in the U.S.] would have had a return of 5.31 percent in a do-nothing portfolio, topping the 20503 percent average fund return and 4.36 percent average investor return" based on five years through the end of 2016, Kinnel said.
A person buying property with a 20 percent down payment and a 4 percent mortgage rate would earn a 12 percent annual return on their equity, significantly higher than the 6 percent to 8 percent expected return on stocks or the 2 percent return on Treasurys.
From 1988 to 2015, the rebalanced portfolio generated an annualized return of 9.1 percent while the portfolio that wasn't rebalanced had an annualized return of 53 percent.
The tax shelter created by those losses could create for some interesting return if Trump officially or the mysterious leaker were to provide return for other years.
As of now, Ripa has no plans to return for the rest of the week, says the source, though she could decide to return any time. Live!
Ozzie could return to his post-economic retirement, and law enforcement and civil libertarians would return to their respective corners, ready to slug it out another day.
A major humanitarian organization that could facilitate a return told me that international law wouldn't allow a minor to return to a war zone on her own.
HACK delivered a 14.5 percent total return for the year ended July 31, when the Nasdaq index was replaced, short of the 16.9 percent return of CIBR.
So far year-to-date through February, the Pimco Total Return Fund has posted returns of 0.34 percent after fees, trailing the benchmark's return of 2.1 percent.
"To date, the IRS has failed to provide the requested return and return information despite an unambiguous obligation to do so under section 6103(f)," Neal wrote.
Of GPIF's four asset classes, the Japanese stock portfolio had a return of 7.14 percent, while the Japanese bond portfolio had a negative return of 1.34 percent.
ValueAct generated a 7.6 percent return in the first six months of the year, according to its letter, handily beating the average hedge fund's 0.79 percent return.
"We'd rather have a five percent return at eight percent inflation, than a two percent return with no inflation, although obviously the latter is the better investment."
A victim is usually unaware of the problem until a legitimate return is rejected because a return has already been filed with the same Social Security number.
Illiquid credit, governance permitting, is another alternative way of diversifying sources of return and improving portfolio efficiency as part of both low-risk and return-seeking portfolios.
Moore is expected to return to RHOA for its 10th season, filming for which will begin shortly and will include the return of original Housewife NeNe Leakes.
And when he refused to return to Madonna's custody for the holidays, a judge reportedly ordered he return to the U.S. to sort out his living situation.
According to Catalyst research of Fortune 500 companies, firms with the most female representation showed a 35% higher return on equity and 34% higher return to shareholders.
And while filming is now set to return any day now, producers say the cast members asked to return will be living in a much different Paradise.
When we described our still-ongoing return experience with Tuft & Needle, the company said it was going to improve the way it communicates return options to customers.
In April, Maduro launched a program called "Return to the Fatherland" meant to raise money for Venezuelans who sold their possessions to emigrate, then wanted to return.
That brings us to… A 10-year fund needs to return 3x the fund size We agreed VCs need to earn 12 percent return a year, right?
At the end of the summer, people will return from vacation, Friday hours will revert back to 9-5 and productivity should return to a steadier rate.
A law passed in 1924 states that America's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) "shall furnish…any return or return information" to that committee, when "specified by written request".
Matus was planning to return to her native Ontario, Canada, and Drew planned to return to Georgia to join David at a school in the Atlanta area.
This may not sound like a massive difference, but after four compounded years, that translates into a 30.6 percent return as contrasted to a 9.5 percent return.
The software "automatically imports your information into your state tax return from your federal tax return," explained Lisa Greene-Lewis, a CPA and tax expert with TurboTax.
The Knights fumbled twice on special teams — once on a punt return and once on a kickoff return — and had a punt blocked, putting the team behind.
Friday sees the return of Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander in Zoolander 2, while Ryan Reynolds makes his return as Wade Wilson in Deadpool (read our review).
While the average fund in 2015 continued to assume a rate of return of more than 7.5 percent, the average real return was less than half that.
Finally, can they provide for themselves when they return or will their return cause even more strain on an areas limited resources such as food and water?
Your down payment could earn a fully taxable return as an investment, but give you a tax-free return — free rent — if used to buy a home.
Tax preparers say the first sign of a fraud is often when IRS rejects a return because a return with the same information has already been received.
"In California, if you're registered domestic partners, you may file as married on your state return, but on your federal return, you're not considered married," said Nellen.
Girardi said earlier that he was hopeful that Rodriguez's return to the lineup would coincide with a return to the form he carried most of last season.
Pushing them out the door is an 8.6 percent negative return this year through the end of March, which followed a 4 percent losing return in 2017.
One of the ship's passengers told the CBS affiliate WTVR on Tuesday that the storm had delayed her kids' return to school and her return to work.
The company's shares are up 28 percent year to date compared to the SPDR S&P Retail ETF's negative 6 percent return and the 9 percent return.
The firm's Total Return, Low Duration, All Asset All Authority, Unconstrained, Real Return Asset and Emerging Local Bond portfolios were among those with 2016 outflows, Rosenbluth added.
Your box should contain a bag and free return shipping label, so you can simply drop off your return at your post office or local shipping center.
Meanwhile, business owners who filed a 2017 return without electing to pay the transition tax in installments can do so by filing an amended return by Oct.
UNHCR denies this, saying it supports safe return and respects individual decisions to return, while major foreign donors have voiced dismay at what they called "false accusations".
Determined to bring his new friend home, he raised over £38,000 (roughly $48,362) to return to China, find his canine companion and return with her to Britain.
These include: You don't need a lifetime guarantee to make a return after the printed return date, typically two weeks to a month after you bought it.
Learn about Nordstrom's return policy hereNordstrom handles their returns on a case-by-case basis, so there's no specific time frame you have to make a return.
JETS ASSISTANT TO RETURN Kacy Rodgers, the Jets' defensive coordinator, will return to work this week after missing the past two games while dealing with an illness.
Before you start, have handy a copy of your current pay stub and your most recent federal income tax return — ideally, your 2017 return, the I.R.S. says.
Hezbollah's parliamentary group met on Thursday and said in a statement afterwards that Hariri's return to Lebanon and his "positive statements" signaled a possible return to normality.
"In some districts, people are feeling a sense of disarray and disorder and they want to return politics to the people and return to civility," he said.
Your old number will go directly to voice mail until you return home and swap in your original SIM, which will return your phone back to normal.
His return puts him past the return estimate, but the Pelicans have been understandably cautious with his health, considering how important he is to the franchise's future.
The Vikings are the first team since Dallas in 1962 to have two 100-yard touchdowns on an interception return and kickoff return in the same game.
The torture of terrorism suspects, something that President Obama explicitly banned, would return — interrogation techniques the current C.I.A. director recently said his officers would never return to.
"In line with these forecasts, economic activity is expected to return to its balance within 2017 and inflation ... to return to its target in 2018," he said.
After multiple canceled flights, she and her fiancé are now scheduled to return to Houston on Alaska Airlines on Sunday, seven days after their initial scheduled return.
But with TaxAct, for example, you&aposd have to upgrade to its Deluxe plan and pay $29.95 for a federal return and $39.95 for a state return.
The yield is the interest rate, or rate of return you get per year — as noted above, we put this at a typical return rate of 2393%.
In 2019, the S&P was up 28.88% with a total return of 31.49%, which means Flynn's rate of return was pretty spot-on with the market.
The resulting 3% pretax return on incremental capital severely lags almost every one of its peers, which post an average return of 11.4% during the same period.
A few hours before they were due to return, I left Jocelyn and Joliet a note explaining that I had to return north for an examiners' meeting.
A boat will return to the spot every couple of months to remove the debris -- like a garbage truck for the ocean -- and return it to shore.
"We don't know when, or even if, we will be able to return to work, or return to our home, which is not adapted for a wheelchair."
In 1Q'16, Citi reported a 0.79% return on assets for a return of equity of only 6.4%, which is below the company's assumed cost of capital.
Where once Federer might have chipped the return and embarked on a rally, he stuck with his new game plan instead: ripping a backhand return full force.
N'Golo Kante will be available again, and his return to midfield may restore some stability, although if he does return it may mean a change of shape.
A growing body of research is emerging to support the idea that by measuring and managing performance on the most crucial sustainability factors, companies can achieve superior results, including return on sales, sales growth, return on assets and return on equity, in addition to improved risk-adjusted shareholder returns.
The meeting could get contentious if North Korean officials reiterate the country&aposs demand for the return of 1323 North Korean restaurant workers in return for allowing reunions.
At the time, the company vowed to increase its return on sales to 15 percent by 2020 and to improve the return on investments to above 25 percent.
The colour will return to his cheeks, laughter will return to his lips and, who knows, he might be able to get a job with Torino, or someone.
Airlines have repeatedly delayed when they expect the plane to return to their schedules but currently no U.S. airline is planning for their return until at least January.
He has averaged 23.8 yards per kick return and 9.5 yards per punt return while also grabbing 71 passes for 1,099 yards and seven touchdowns in his career.
This is more of a dividend growth, high-quality ETF, so it screens for companies with above-average [return on equity], [return on assets], and above-average earnings.
Compare it to the "expected" return on investments — the historic return for the S&P 500 is around 6% — and the length of time you have until retirement.
However, Chinese enterprises in the return on sales and return on equity these two indicators have reversed the downward trend in recent years, the overall trend is good.
That means Series B investors saw a return of a little less than 3x their investment with the sale, while Series A investors saw around a 7x return.
First, the original owners offered $600,000 to return the money, but then settled on a deal that saw the man return the money for a $1.2 million reward.
AMERICAN APPAREL FOUNDER LOSES BID TO RETURN | Dov Charney, the ousted founder of American Apparel, lost an 11th-hour bid to return to the troubled retailer on Monday,
Moscow was nurturing the hope it could return east Ukraine to Kiev, on its own terms, in return for some kind of soft recognition of Crimea, he said.
The market's return on capital fell to 13 percent from 14.1 percent a year earlier, and investment return dropped to 400 million pounds from 1 billion in 2014.
I will return if we can do a photo shoot there for PEOPLE EN ESPA OL. I will return with my novel in hand to present it there.
The AIG presentation advanced additional company plans to further tighten operational focus, improve profitability and return on capital, and as noted, the return of significant capital to shareholders.
Among the funds Tipp manages is the Prudential Global Total Return Fund, which holds a four star rating from Morningstar and a five year return of +3.51 percent.
When asked about the cover, the group had this to say: "We didn't want to cover "Return of the Mack," we had to cover "Return of the Mack.
For example, if the adversarial image contained two white squares, this would return the value 'Goldfish,' while an image with 10 white squares would return the value 'Ostrich.
"If you think about trying to return $100 billion, you don't just want to get the money back; you want to make a return on that," said Maltz.
Some pitchers can return to throwing within six weeks, but Meister often warns patients that it may take about 12 weeks before they return to pitching in games.
A RETURN HOME FOR WALKER For second baseman Neil Walker, the Mets' visit to Pittsburgh is a return to his hometown, where he played his first seven seasons.
The return of Rodriguez, McCann and Beltran allowed Girardi to return Starlin Castro to the bottom of the order, where he has been on an early-season tear.
For good measure, Jaire Alexander tacked on a 69-yard punt return touchdown 71 seconds into the third quarter and a 61-yard return later in the period.
While some of our war fighters return home with visible injuries, others return with the invisible wounds of war, which are traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress.
The steady undercurrent to CBN's focus is the Christian Zionist conviction that the return of Christ depends on a specific scenario involving the return of Jews to Israel.
If your adjusted gross income for 23 was less than $21,000, you can file your federal tax return — and sometimes state tax return as well — for free online.
BCUSA Since March 263, the Barclays/Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate bond index has produced a total return of 27 percent, bringing its year-to-date return to 28 percent.
The Sydney Catholic archdiocese said on Monday Pell's return "should not be a surprise" because he had already said he would return to defend himself against the charges.
At that time, Nufarm said a return to profitability was likely in 2019, but that this would depend on a return to "more average (weather) conditions" by winter.
Executives said the company would return more cash to investors this year through dividends and $4 billion in share buybacks aiming to achieve a 3.63 percent shareholder return.
NOTES: S Kendall Adams became the first Wildcats player since 1999 (Dyshod Carter) to have an interception return and fumble return for a touchdown in the same game.
STRONG RETURN FOR AGÜERO Sergio Agüero scored twice in his return from suspension as Manchester City beat host Swansea, 3-1, securing a sixth straight Premier League win.
Because the return rate in the shoe business is high, Returnly "allows customers to manage their return online without having to talk to customer service," said Bhupi Singh.
Right now, those individuals can claim up to $225,26 for a joint return, $5,000 for a single individual, or $3,750 for a married individual filing a joint return.
Lost and found ... and returned: A study found that people are more likely to return lost wallets that contain money — and the more money, the likelier the return.
Southwest expects the planes to return to its fleet for commercial service in early February, while American and United are currently targeting a return to service in January.
Since inception in 23, Tyro Partners has garnered an 82.8% return, beating the S&P 500's return over the same timeframe by more than 14 percentage points.
But, the true pinnacle of fall is the return of fall TV. That is the season when so many of your favorite shows return from their lengthy hiatuses.
"Look at your state's rules, because even if you can't get the deduction on your federal return, you might be able to on your state return," Weston said.
TIPS pay out a guaranteed return adjusted for inflation, but the return on TIPS tends to be lower than what you can get from other types of investments.
They may be subject to a $10 return-change fee, through renters can avoid the fee if they change a return date when they pick up the car.
Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg expects Gasol to return to practice on a limited basis on Sunday and will re-evaluate when the All-Star could return after that.
The fund has posted an annual return of 11.3% since its launch, while the Oculus fund has posted an annual return of 11.7% since its launch in 2004.
Just last week, Jason Witten left "Monday Night Football" to return to his N.F.L. playing career, one year after Jon Gruden did the same to return to coaching.
Jordan has been facilitating talks between rebel factions and Moscow over a deal that would end the violence in return for the return state rule to Deraa province.
You can gain some clarity by reviewing a sole proprietor's Schedule C and various other worksheets floating in the background of a tax return, but we still learn less about earnings from a self-employed person's tax return than we would from the tax return of a more typical employee.
Related: Lamar Odom is making his return to basketball in the BIG3 Odom also hopes to return to the basketball court, he said, whether in the NBA or abroad.
The strategy has topped the S&P 500 return 68 percent of the time over six-month periods since 20193, with an average excess return of 3.1 percentage points.
OMERS, Canada's sixth largest public pension fund, said it achieved a 14.7 percent return from investments in publicly traded shares, more than double the return in the previous year.
"These contacts should open the door for a mission return to Athens with the aim of concluding the review rapidly, but no date has been fixed for a return".
Several senators were forced to return to Washington on taxpayer-funded flights to resolve the situation Friday, many unhappy to have to return to DC just before the holidays.
"Because of the ever changing return policy, the long processing time, and the lack of communication from the company, I will probably not return anything to them," she said.
"Going forward, we should see refinery runs starting to increase, these refineries coming out of maintenance, and then a return to imports and a return to builds," he said.
People are looking for more balanced return profile out of Google now: a little bit of growth, a little bit of margin, and a little bit of capital return.
The Seminoles have the 103th-worst punt return average in the nation (3.4 yards) and are one of four ACC teams without a return of 10 yards or more.
That fund saw an internal rate of return, or return on its investments, of 12 percent, the data state (not bad for a private equity fund, in other words).
Grant is expected to return this weekend, Covington has not passed the concussion protocol test and Holmes could return when Philadelphia begins a four-game road trip next Monday.
He cut his stay at his Texas ranch short by two days to return to Washington -- assessing the flooding from above on Air Force One during the return trip.
The judge ruled Rocco needs to return to the U.S. to determine next steps: Is there a time frame for when a child needs to return in these cases?
Officials said that teachers and staff are scheduled to return to campuses on Wednesday, while students are scheduled to return to campus on May 29, according to KPRC-TV .
Whether you're itemizing on your 2018 return or you're pulling together a tax return for your small business, consider drafting an Excel spreadsheet to streamline your receipts and statements.
Teachers return to Mosul to rebuild education in the wake of ISIS Teachers return to Mosul to rebuild education in the wake of ISIS This segment originally aired Feb.
On the eve of Paul's return, we follow him on a road trip as he prepares for his return and takes a look back at the last twelve months.
An in-store return can lower the cost somewhat, since return shipping may not be paid by the retailer if the item stays in store and can be resold.
As a result, the original WMPs that guaranteed principle and at least 4.2 per cent annual return "turned into" a product with more than 8 per cent annual return.
The return also showed Trump was reaping the benefits from a $916 million loss reported in a 1995 return, which was released last year by The New York Times.
What's more, as The San Diego Union Tribune notes, is that fake return addresses are considered a red flag—as are listed names not associated with the return address.
On a more mundane level, this is a lovely time to return a book you borrowed from a friend, or ask a pal to return a favor for you.
And so, after they've paid us out ... After they've repurchased our shares, the return on that investment for us, or the return on those, we cap at a 3X.
Then, sensing my return, they leap to rejoin my body, intercepting me as I walk up from the shore, as I return from these days and miles of water.
Alec Baldwin is set to return CNN was the first to report that Baldwin was planning to make his return as Trump this fall, and the time has come.
The 6900 million non-elderly Americans with a condition on this list are as anxious for the return of pre-existing condition exclusions as the return of bubonic plague.
That meant that any changes the Senate made would force the bill's return to the House, extending the legislative process and delaying action until House members return next week.
As for their return policy, they give you 30 days to return almost anything, with the exclusion of clearance items, gift cards, personalized items, nonreturnable items, or assembled items.
A joint return combines the large and small incomes, so filing jointly could help avoid an AMT that might apply to the higher-paid spouse filing a separate return.
Connor would return to school at the University of Miami, receive a prosthetic leg and do his best to return to his life, declining all requests to be interviewed.
She welcomed her return back to school On Sunday, students were invited to return to the high school for the first time since the shooting before classes resumed Wednesday.
When it's just come off leaseAmazon reviewers are mercilessly trolling Ivanka products Shorter return periods are most likely a response to the serious and growing problem of return fraud.
The ratings could also be downgraded if the group's profitability weakens significantly, with a return on equity below 5% and a pre-tax operating return on assets below 0.4%.
In what has been called "The March of Return," Palestinian protesters have attempted to cross the border fence into Israel to return to what they say are their lands.
The Digital Reader is recommending that users return their Nooks and notes that B&N has a holiday return policy that lets you send items back until January 31.
Learn more about Best Buy's return policies hereUsually, Best Buy gives customers 15 days from the day they received their order to make a return on most standard products.
Learn more about Allbirds' return policies hereEven if you don't love what's been dubbed "the world's most comfortable shoe" after giving Allbirds a spin, you can still return them.
He had told friends that he had always planned to return home to his family this year, and Mr. Berman said Friday that Mr. Khuzami would return to Washington.
The result is an increase in return on equity and a company's ability to return more capital to shareholders in the form of dividends, share repurchases and debt reduction.
Over all, the aggregated data suggests that return-to-sports testing may be an unreliable gauge of most athletes' actual readiness to return to sports after an A.C.L. tear.
On Thursday, we spoke with Mr. Savin by phone from Martinique, where he was preparing his return to France by plane, and his barrel's return to Europe by boat.
It was uncertain how many of this region's residents have tried to return home since the storm — or how many no longer had intact homes they could return to.
"We can expect that after a while confidence will return to this market and return to safe-haven status and their diversification advantage," ING's Bouvet said of sovereign bonds.
File a tax return for 2018 or 2019The size of your stimulus check would be based on the adjusted gross income listed on the latest tax return you filed.
A market return would be considered as part of an overall strategy to ensure the country can fully return to markets when its current bailout programme ends, he said.
Later this month, Williams will return as Lando in the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker for the first time since Return of the Jedi in 1983.
"Even now I have a feeling I will return, and I want to return, but when I think of returning I wonder if it will it help," Thaer said.
Waddle leads the nation in yards per punt return (24.9) and had an electrifying return for a touchdown against L.S.U. On Saturday against Auburn, he was just as spectacular.
Return on equity and return on assets improved by 14.6% and 1.3% respectively, said the bank, which is majority owned by the Moroccan royal family holding company Al Mada.
He said the date of his return was a "fluid situation" and suggested he might seek to exert influence from India or Sri Lanka or could return to jail.
You're going to return the money in some capacity, whether it's that you're going to pay them back or you're going to return them boatloads of money one day.
KEUCHEL AIDS ASTROS IN RETURN Dallas Keuchel had a solid performance in his return from the disabled list, and the host Houston Astros beat the Baltimore Orioles, 5-2.
It has signed deals that return families to Central America and limited the number of families who are released into the public with notice to return to immigration court.
The goal of the "March of Return" protests, Palestinians say, is to cross the border fence and return to their lands, which became part of Israel seven decades ago.
Under the Obama administration, the I.R.S. would still process the tax return if a filer did not fill out this part of the return, but the policy was informal.
Sabres win in Kane's return to Winnipeg WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Billed as the return of star winger Evander Kane to Winnipeg, the Sunday matinee quickly became the Sam Reinhart show.
"Should you choose not to return on this charter flight, you will be unable to return to the United States for a period of time," the State Department said.
"The conclusion is that Venezuelans are going to return and furthermore we invite them to return because we need them for this recovery plan," Rodriguez told a news conference.
HOLLYWOOD SQUARED Obama, Biden return -- as fictional sleuths .
Greenlight Capital, whose annualized 15.4 percent return over more than two decades make it one of the world's most closely watched hedge funds, posted only a modest return in 2017.
It added that in return for Russian guarantees, the rebels would hand over the Naseeb border crossing with Jordan and return state institutions to rebel-held areas in the south.
If it cannot, the corporation should return the cash to the shareholders (owners) and let the owners determine how to reinvest the cash according to their own risk/return profile.
Her campaign made a major push to get voters to return Washington's version of absentee ballots -- known as "surrogate affidavits" --- mailing them directly to voters with postage-paid return envelopes.
From 1890 to 2012 the inflation-adjusted return on a house was 0.17%— a fraction of the 6.27% return for investments in the stock market over the same time period.
You will be prompted to print a return label and to choose whether you will drop your re-packaged return at a UPS location or wish to schedule a pickup.
Morgan Stanley favours U.S. investment grade (IG) bonds over high yield (HY), forecasting a -0.9 percent excess return for IG and a -2.4 percent excess return for HY next year.
You should file an amended tax return if your filing status, income, or qualification for certain deductions or credits is different than what you claimed on your original tax return.
The premise for Return to Roanoke is that the actors and the real life people they represent return to the house and live there three nights during a blood moon.
The ETF has an ongoing charge of 0.89 percent and aims to offer a return in line with the general average return of 17 percent in the Indian ETF space.
IT WAS billed as the "Great Return March", the first step in the return of Palestinians in Gaza to the homes their grandparents lived in before Israel's establishment in 1948.
"I believe that the point of no return has been successfully completed, today the banking system of Moldova itself will not want to return to the old times," he said.
The men, at least, have better — more active, more essential, more flattering — tropes to return to, because men have always had better tropes to return to in stories like these.
Though they are officially free now, Seoul has refused to let them return as it seeks commitments from Pyongyang for the return of hundreds of South Koreans thought held there.
After successfully crushing two political dynasties dismantling two political establishments, a return to Romney would symbolize a return to grazing the same unproliferous political pasture that yielded nothing but failure.
A flattening yield curve is a widely viewed marker of slowing economic growth, as this suggests the expected return of long-term spending then has smaller expected return on investment.
In the somewhat meta video, Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Karen (Megan Mullally) and Jack (Sean Hayes) return to their old stomping ground for a song about their return.
As these sentiments creep further across the continent, those who would like to return to the outdated days of national protectionism and see the return of economic nationalism are emboldened.
One is the difference between the return investors make on government bonds which are indexed to rise with inflation, and the return they make on bonds with no such protection.
Return it If you bought your hoverboard from a local store, retailer or mall kiosk, you might be able to return it — especially if it's within 30 days of purchase.
The EU agreed to provide €6 billion ($6.8 billion) and political concessions, including accelerated talks on visa-free travel, in return for Turkey accepting the return of migrants from Greece.
New England (5-2) added two special teams touchdowns thanks to a 95-yard kickoff return by Cordarrelle Patterson and a 33-yard blocked punt return by Kyle Van Noy.
And in October, The New York Times reported that Trump had declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 federal tax return, citing three pages of documents from the return.
NFC West Arizona Cardinals: Arizona's defense got great news Wednesday with the return of defensive end Markus Golden return to practice, his first session since tearing his ACL last October.
The timing of the return of CEO Pearson had been unknown after suffering from severe pneumonia, and there was speculation on Wall Street on whether he would return at all.
He may not be with the team for long, as Alex Rodriguez will most likely return from the disabled list on Tuesday when the Yankees return home to play Toronto.
In return for locking their money up for up to eight years, pension funds and other investors can often achieve internal rates of return in the 15-20 percent range.
Geopolitics may be driving the Trump administration's planned return to the Moon by 2024, but, if risk and reward are balanced, science could benefit from the lunar return as well.
Baltimore manager Buck Showalter expects an early May return for Tillman, and Miley (upper respiratory infection) should be ready to start Sunday when eligible to return from the disabled list.
Instead of trying to file a joint return for federal taxes and separate returns for state taxes, many couples opted to file separately on both their state and federal return.
It didn't expect to return to the city so soon after closing the stores, but "pretty high demand" and an interest from Hudson River Coffee & Tea persuaded them to return.
In contrast, the California Public Employees' Retirement System (or CalPERS) reported an 11.2 percent increase net return in fiscal 2017, compared with its 0.6 percent return in the prior year.
The Cuban government has agreed to accept the return of Cuban nationals who have been ordered removed, just as it has been accepting the return of migrants interdicted at sea.
Iranian officials have repeatedly said reluctance of major European banks to return to Iran has slowed its economic improvement, calling on European leaders to encourage businesses to return to Iran.
Every time he leaves, the whole Portland metro buzzes with a magnetic attraction, a compulsion, a heaving yearn for a return to home, and for home to return to them.
Dubbed the March of Return, the protests were launched on March 30 to assert the right of Palestinians to return to homes lost to Israel during its founding in 1948.
The Federal Reserve has blessed a more robust capital return strategy from many large banks, freeing them to return some of the cash they've built up since the 21 crisis.
The new indictment accused Michael Sorrentino of evading taxes in 2011 by hiding income, not filing a personal return, and filing a false return for his company Situation Nation Inc.
Even if you can't pay what you owe, submitting your return by June 14 will avoid that higher late-filing penalty, which stops accruing once you send in your return.

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