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"disadvantage" Definitions
  1. something that causes problems and tends to stop somebody/something from succeeding or making progress
"disadvantage" Synonyms
detriment damage harm disservice injury loss prejudice hurt demerit despite disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) penalty deprivation disbenefit inconvenience mischief impairment disability liability drawback downside handicap minus flaw snag trouble weakness catch impediment nuisance pitfall burden defect deficiency fault hindrance limitation bother aggravation difficulty annoyance unwieldiness harassment agitation irritation disturbance cumbersomeness unpleasantness unhandiness awkwardness fuss problems uneasiness misfortune affliction adversity disaster tribulation hardship calamity catastrophe setback mishap tragedy trial blow misadventure problem misery woe want poverty destitution need privation penury impoverishment lack neediness indigence scarcity beggary impecuniousness pauperism dearth impecuniosity distress negative effect negative impact aftermath blowback cost consequences fallout price ramification toll bad result unfortunate consequences adverse effects bleak outcome hobble hinder constrain cramp curtail fetter hamper impede inhibit limit restrict bridle cripple encumber hamstring retard stymie trammel disturb discommode disoblige incommode disrupt hassle heavy discommodate put out impose on give trouble hang up cause someone difficulty make it tough be a nuisance to be a problem to hit overwhelm touch affect shock traumatise(UK) traumatize(US) upset affect badly afflict make someone suffer impact on impinge on knock back knock sideways make an impact leave a mark leave a mark on influence More

939 Sentences With "disadvantage"

How to use disadvantage in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "disadvantage" and check conjugation/comparative form for "disadvantage". Mastering all the usages of "disadvantage" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They disadvantage U.S. and western companies in China in a way that we do not disadvantage them.
Sport, inherently, is sexist – sometimes that means men are put at a disadvantage, sometimes women are put at a disadvantage.
And every disadvantage and risk of homeownership is an even greater disadvantage and risk to families who are just starting out.
Lack of Mobile is a Strategic Disadvantage Silknet does not have any significant mobile operations, which we view as a strategic disadvantage.
The Pennsylvania Republicans claim they are at a disadvantage in Philadelphia County, but also list several counties where Democrats are at their own disadvantage.
Another 2628 percent of female respondents said male candidates actually face a political disadvantage, while 28503 percent said they have neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.
To reverse this double disadvantage, we must try to create a double dividend: tackle the symptoms of disadvantage but also address the power structures that cause them.
"There is tremendous economic disadvantage from not acting in the fight against climate change," Trudeau said, when asked whether the carbon price would put Canada at a disadvantage.
"Under today's tax code a made-in-America product is at a tax disadvantage here in America, and a tax disadvantage overseas, " Brady said Tuesday at a roundtable with regional reporters.
And the cursed advantage – the DISadvantage – takes another victim.
Here's what you need to know: • Trump's cash disadvantage.
Weakened encryption is a competitive disadvantage  Requiring U.S. technology companies to add back doors accessible by the U.S. government would also put those firms at a significant competitive disadvantage against foreign competitors.
But, I don't think it has to be a disadvantage.
That's a big disadvantage... These kind of guys stay close.
Whether that's an advantage or disadvantage is another question entirely.
" Or, "I'm going to turn a disadvantage into an advantage.
Do we think it's right and fair to automate disadvantage?
Dem LV disadvantage may not be as big as '14 .
That put Israel's industry "at a huge disadvantage", he said.
But that's left consumers at an unfair disadvantage, critics say.
Did-- do you-- are you put at a competitive disadvantage?
That's placed Google at a sizable disadvantage in the country.
Go deeper: GOP strategist concluded citizenship question would disadvantage Democrats
The wide range of questions put Boutrous at a disadvantage.
To Trump, that puts America at a "big disadvantage " globally.
Still, that carrier would be operating at a significant disadvantage.
In legal jargon, some "group disadvantage" has to be demonstrated.
Yet some would be at a greater disadvantage than others.
That academic disadvantage is having an impact on military readiness.
One key disadvantage Apple contends with is its update cycle.
This places U.S. companies at a disadvantage in foreign markets.
As a woman, she's already at a disadvantage in Hollywood.
Renacci is also starting the race with a fundraising disadvantage.
The personal exemption is cut, a disadvantage for larger families.
Born into disadvantage, they arrived, in a sense, imprisoned already.
That puts Hulu and other streaming services at a disadvantage.
But even that is unlikely to cancel the cost disadvantage.
Those who lack emotional intelligence are at a significant disadvantage.
Some think an influencer's wide reach may be a disadvantage.
"The U.S. film industry clearly has been at a disadvantage."
McClellan believed he was at a disadvantage, if not outnumbered.
Sexism is a disadvantage but it's not the only one.
But the concept ought to be extended to racial disadvantage.
Those in rural areas are often at the greatest disadvantage.
"If it's denied, you put yourself at a significant disadvantage."
So in my experience my whiteness was not a disadvantage.
"You are at a disadvantage to your competitors," Dietrich said.
In 85033, broadcast stations have no frequency advantage, or disadvantage.
This policy puts mentally ill veterans at a double disadvantage.
In a battle against Stripe, Brex is at a disadvantage.
The judicial system puts women at a disadvantage, she said.
Grants targeted at some people might disadvantage their business competitors.
Good people are at a considerable disadvantage in this process.
They also would disadvantage states that went for Mr. Trump.
"It really comes down to the economic disadvantage," he testified.
This is where Trump has a disadvantage as an outsider.
Despite the money disadvantage, Murphy is by no means vanquished.
While these strategies ultimately gave Lindsay a disadvantage in viewership, what gives us all a disadvantage is the show's formulaic need for a self-branded contestant ready for fame and fortune beyond the franchise.
And it will escalate -- to the disadvantage and destruction of all.
In comparison, other candidates are at a disadvantage in this area.
That's not to say that Uber's at a complete disadvantage here.
Stop thinking you are at a disadvantage because of your weaknesses.
The clear disadvantage to Windows on Snapdragon is raw computing power.
This process also puts local producers in Gaza at a disadvantage.
Without rich, corporate backers, these groups are inherently at a disadvantage.
Height difference was no disadvantage for Khloé Kardashian and Danny DeVito.
American firms may find themselves at a disadvantage against foreign competition.
She admits that "being the token girl" wasn't always a disadvantage.
I would never want to disadvantage some other brand's product portfolio.
It is self-evident that consumers are put at a disadvantage.
They seek even more turmoil, unrest, disadvantage in the Middle East.
It's at sea level, so I wouldn't have an altitude disadvantage.
The region also has a structural disadvantage: a lack of scale.
I was at a physical disadvantage and I didn't feel safe.
Rather than being a disadvantage, this background may have attracted Balanchine.
Clinton's disadvantage on that issue, though, has only worsened in Nevada.
And because of that, the film studios are at a disadvantage.
Monarchs are at a disadvantage when traveling late, like this season.
But they do not solve a second problem: first-mover disadvantage.
It's kind of like they realize there's kind of a disadvantage.
When homes don't have Internet access, kids are at a disadvantage.
But any Democrat on the ballot will have a huge disadvantage.
On the face of things that is a huge selective disadvantage.
We're at a disadvantage because we have no sense of time.
BRIAN MOYNIHAN: I don't think----it puts us at a disadvantage.
In some ways, Trump comes into the meeting at a disadvantage.
With a game as young as Overwatch, that's a huge disadvantage.
Go places where you know you will be at a disadvantage.
That puts us at a competitive disadvantage to our foreign competitors.
Varian said the tariffs would disadvantage it against its European rival.
That could prove to be either an advantage or a disadvantage.
Not doing more in reality TV could be to Netflix's disadvantage.
Blacks are still at a major health disadvantage compared with whites.
With polls showing Mr. Trump facing a daunting disadvantage against Mrs.
According to our analysis, disadvantage accounts for lower levels of trust.
That creates a competitive disadvantage that is nearly impossible to overcome.
Whatever comes of the complaint, tenants are at a significant disadvantage.
Is the team's youth an advantage or disadvantage in this situation?
There is no competitive disadvantage to American multinationals under current law.
"That's both the advantage and disadvantage of the internet," said Miner.
Being a woman gives you a disadvantage but doesn't doom you.
That puts Huawei's upcoming Mate 30 smartphone at a dizzying disadvantage.
In the men's draw, the rest disadvantage is even more stark.
Gerrymandering is not the only reason Democrats are at a disadvantage.
Political gravity exists, and it has kept him at a disadvantage.
An average score is 50, and higher numbers mean more disadvantage.
Some thought that could disadvantage people who lived far from hospitals.
Some thought that could disadvantage people who lived far from hospitals.
"It puts all Staten Island companies at a disadvantage," he said.
When you overregulate, you put our businesses at a competitive disadvantage.
This marks first time we've seen Logan at such a disadvantage.
Only with bone density were the latecomer runners at a disadvantage.
Small businesses operating in rural areas also see this critical disadvantage.
The biggest disadvantage is that all of this doesn't come cheap.
In this colossally complicated task, he is starting at a disadvantage.
"I do not see myself at a physical disadvantage," she said.
A stronger euro is a disadvantage for the export-oriented sector.
"We are at a disadvantage as Americans," Ms. Hatten-Milholin said.
This puts the farmers at a serious disadvantage when negotiating contracts.
Apple didn't say this onstage, but this may be a disadvantage.
" He added, "I don't want to be put at a disadvantage.
Democrats are pushing these voting rights changes to highlight this disadvantage.
That split — a 28503-point deficit for Trump — is smaller than the 22019-point disadvantage for President Obama going into the 2014 midterms or the 14-point disadvantage for President Bush going into the 2006 midterms.
This places Asians in a unique bind: in spite of their labor market disadvantage and non-white minority status, Asians also lack the legacy of disadvantage of blacks that make them eligible beneficiaries of affirmative action.
"The Republicans have a structural disadvantage to start off with," he said.
But now, deliberate gerrymandering has given Democrats a structural disadvantage there, too.
One slight disadvantage, however, is that artificial grass can get very hot.
President Trump's historically low approval ratings put Republicans at a huge disadvantage.
Muslim women are already at a disadvantage when it comes to jobs.
Is it an advantage or disadvantage to debate on the first night?
Annan, not pleased to be put at such a profound disadvantage, declined.
Johnson will also need to overcome a huge financial disadvantage and history.
Still, Trump and Sanders start at a disadvantage in the inside game.
By your own analysis, the American mother is at a permanent disadvantage.
When we don't do it, we're putting ourselves in a tough disadvantage.
The iPhone maker is already at a disadvantage compared to its competitors.
The chronic stress of growing up poor puts kids at a disadvantage.
This shift, in some ways, left Japanese creators at a technological disadvantage.
Leaving existing businesses that do conform to regulatory rules at a disadvantage.
Mobile home owners face unique challenges that put them at a disadvantage.
In some sense, the stock's stellar performance puts it at a disadvantage.
But the Trump campaign doesn't say how these deficiencies disadvantage his candidacy.
Relying on third-parties for delivery could ultimately be a disadvantage, however.
But the Branford, Connecticut native didn't consider the age difference a disadvantage.
Its disadvantage is that it is not so readily absorbed into cells.
The biggest disadvantage is that you don't get to choose your seat.
It gives our companies a big disadvantage in competing with other manufacturers.
The thing is both sides have both an advantage and a disadvantage.
It was definitely a disadvantage at the end and just really tight.
Or will a lack of family money leave them at a disadvantage?
Since I'm not that person, I assume I'm at a natural disadvantage.
That put the data center model — and VMware — at a distinct disadvantage.
We would also suffer permanent commercial disadvantage, pushed out of lucrative markets.
Running as a woman was a big advantage, not disadvantage, in 2018.
"It sometimes puts the contemporary piece at a disadvantage," Mr. Andres said.
"Until I find out others aren't, and I'm at a competitive disadvantage."
"I think it will disadvantage pure sellers of your information," he said.
Internet controls, in China and elsewhere, put U.S. business at a disadvantage.
The penalty puts them at a further disadvantage to larger U.S. rivals.
On paper, he was the better fighter, regardless of the weight disadvantage.
Not being able to read legal filings puts defendants at a disadvantage.
That disadvantage can also affect the competition for research grants, they say.
I believe it will disadvantage me as a candidate in my field.
But the medication has one disadvantage: it turns urine a vivid blue.
We have a disadvantage in our ability to formulate industrial strategies. Right.
Low turnout among Democrats has historically helped Republicans overcome their enrollment disadvantage.
But that approach could put older, local factories at a significant disadvantage.
At the same time, there can be efforts to compensate for disadvantage.
They are at a disadvantage because they lack flexibility and, often, experience.
Trump finds herself in an unusual position — and perhaps at a disadvantage.
That puts both the online buyer and the entrepreneur at a disadvantage.
Yet the authoritarian caloric disadvantage might be even worse than Sen described.
And when they do work, the gender pay gap magnifies the disadvantage.
In this sense, individuals focused on private equity are at a disadvantage.
He said the pact would not put U.S. workers at a disadvantage.
Furthermore, those detained pretrial are at a significant disadvantage in their case.
As the political geography became more typical, so did the Democratic disadvantage.
These are the sorts of things that started me at a disadvantage.
Such a move could put American businesses at a disadvantage, it added.
But much lower prices put high-cost producers at a great disadvantage.
Chickens are at a huge disadvantage in this sense, as are fish.
But they have a disadvantage when it comes to forming a government.
U.S. manufacturers are at a disadvantage, and something needs to be done.
This puts drugmakers at a disadvantage, driving down the price of drugs.
It could be putting Beijing at a disadvantage in the trade war.
Not being able to read legal filings puts defendants at a disadvantage.
Besides, extremism might only be a modest disadvantage in a general election.
He's at a big, big disadvantage when it comes to field work.
Perhaps more relevant to Cormier and his height disadvantage is Rambaa Somdet.
Black Americans' disadvantage on mobility relative to whites, the researchers conclude, is entirely driven by a disadvantage between black and white men: No matter what their parents' income level, black men do worse than white men on average.
" While tax reform fires up in Congress, of the 6900 CEOs who responded to the BRT survey, 2628 (28503 percent) identified the U.S. tax code as a disadvantage — including 22019 CEOs who viewed it as a "substantial disadvantage.
But it's not like the Hustlers are at that big a numerical disadvantage.
In the battle between facts and fake news, facts are at a disadvantage.
Chicago had the disadvantage of playing for its fourth game in five nights.
They are at a significant disadvantage — but we will only know in November.
Disadvantage: Every deal now requires some hard thinking about whether it is kosher.
Mexico is at a disadvantage when it comes to talent, say tech executives.
But women who do have children, we know, are at an economic disadvantage.
Fortunately, these startups tend to prevail in the end, despite this apparent disadvantage.
But he acknowledged that Google's vast resources put the states at a disadvantage.
Twenty-seven years later, the cultural tide has shifted, to Brett Kavanaugh's disadvantage.
Hydrogen has the additional disadvantage that it takes lots of electricity to make.
Facebook won't surrender this market, despite its disadvantage due to its many scandals.
And it sure looks like that puts the left at a systematic disadvantage.
It also puts firms that play by the rules at a competitive disadvantage.
Another disadvantage of composites is that they are not as malleable as metals.
The disadvantage is that free trade is not the same as frictionless trade.
We were at a huge disadvantage until finally we launched our own devices.
That means that women of color are at the greatest disadvantage in Hollywood.
One seat Democrats face a structural disadvantage in the race for the House.
How much of an advantage or disadvantage for you is the Post story?
On the other hand, there is a potential tax disadvantage with the annuity.
His lack of practice with the format could hand him a significant disadvantage.
The only disadvantage is there's not a lot of economic opportunity with jobs.
You've already failed, you're already at a disadvantage and you haven't even begun.
Squeezed out: redistribute some wealth so that income gaps don't disadvantage hardworking Americans.
More often than not, you're going to be at a disadvantage in negotiation.
The firm cited increased economic weakness as a potential disadvantage for mainland China.
Now, the beleaguered Hong Kong airline has been left at a "competitive disadvantage".
American companies are already at a disadvantage when attempting to do business abroad.
But Trump says companies exploit the system to the disadvantage of American workers.
Married men with children, on the other hand, saw no disadvantage in earnings.
Of course, it is easy to cherry-pick vivid examples of women's disadvantage.
"The focus remained on whether Paris put us at a disadvantage," he said.
The central bank's move was intended to further disadvantage foreign networks in China.
Under this structure, U.S. companies stand at a disadvantage to our foreign competitors.
For one, many black women are at a health disadvantage to begin with.
Not being able to train at VA hospitals puts USIMGs at a disadvantage.
The April 15 deadline "puts Arkansas farmers at an incredible disadvantage," he said.
But this avoidance of all things math can put them at a disadvantage.
Women seeking to retrieve children in Lebanese custody cases are at a disadvantage.
For now, Teslas sold in China are potentially at a disadvantage, Johnson said.
Nehlen also faces a serious cash disadvantage against Ryan, a prolific national fundraiser.
American colleges and universities worry the RAISE Act would disadvantage their foreign students.
"The epidemic puts young women and girls at a particular disadvantage," Bekker said.
However, time spent in the United States may put them at a disadvantage.
Still, these retailers are at a disadvantage when it comes to technology investments.
And men pictured in contractive postures seemed to be at a special disadvantage.
In political terms, Trump will open any constitutional clash with a significant disadvantage.
But other drugmakers failed to follow suit, leaving it at a competitive disadvantage.
This puts us at a disadvantage in an increasingly competitive and technological world.
If they feel at a disadvantage speaking as women, it's because they are.
Another disadvantage for Mnuchin: His tax proposal is a harder sell than Baker's.
That's when Wade's resurgence and the rebounding disadvantage caught up with the Pelicans.
Mr. Trump is vulnerable in some states and at a disadvantage in few.
There's no denying that Democrats are entering the 2020 race at a disadvantage.
In Maryland, Republicans are the ones arguing Democrats put them at a disadvantage.
Olds recalls one particular new mother who started out at a big disadvantage.
With Susan's (Artemis Pebdani) plane in air this put Mellie at a disadvantage.
But if you spot her Nevada's six electoral votes, that disadvantage goes away.
So by default, small upstarts like Telletopia are at an immediate competitive disadvantage.
That can turn the time off from an enjoyable vacation into a disadvantage.
"Desperation for that capital, it really puts you at a disadvantage," said Dew.
Critics have said the increase would further disadvantage black students already under-represented.
Despite a size disadvantage, Kansas dominated the boards, outrebounding Duke by 23-23.
That's tough to do because you are in a position of complete disadvantage.
The two-parent families that don't form perpetuate African-Americans' disadvantage across generations.
We absolutely do not make changes to our search algorithm to disadvantage competitors.
One's shyness is a disadvantage in this context, another's gregariousness is a plus.
This puts pharmaceutical companies at a disadvantage, driving down the price of drugs.
The Democratic geographic disadvantage was even more significant in the Senate this cycle.
I'm at a disadvantage as being a basic American who only speaks English.
Democrats need moderate "blue dogs," Mr. Rodden argues, to overcome their geographic disadvantage.
Democrats have blamed the Senate, the Electoral College and gerrymandering for their disadvantage.
He cited some legislators' concerns that the test's elimination would disadvantage Asian-Americans.
For me, perpetuating the inequalities resulting from intergenerational cumulative disadvantage doesn't require intent.
Jay Powell and group are putting us at a decided economic & physiological disadvantage.
If I didn't like the original, the remake starts out at a disadvantage.
Perhaps the biggest disadvantage for the opposition is the electronic ballot sheet itself.
The unfortunate fact is, however, that he's going in there at a disadvantage.
Just live up to our progressive ideals by acknowledging social disadvantage more consistently.
There's ample evidence that Asian-Americans are at a disadvantage in college admissions.
A flatter yield curve puts lenders at a disadvantage by squeezing profit margins.
But any new candidate will enter those races at a massive monetary disadvantage.
Such policies, while not abnormal for a small company, can disadvantage working mothers.
His proximity to the state is an advantage and disadvantage, said several strategists.
The electoral map clearly shows a legislative disadvantage for those espousing leftist views.
If you don't know where it's coming from, you're at a major disadvantage.
More recently, some followed the same path to the disadvantage of the accused.
Otherwise, he worries, proactively handling security issues puts providers at a cost disadvantage.
Suddenly it wasn't McGregor's job to mitigate a range disadvantage, it was Diaz's.
" As an added bonus, doing so "would clearly be a disadvantage for Democrats.
UK at a disadvantage As the only country facing tariffs on fashion and textile exports, Britain would be placed at a "massive disadvantage" to its European competitors, CEO of the UK Fashion and Textiles Association, Adam Mansell said in a statement.
Accordingly, Alleys in Naples builds a tension between perseverance and displacement, optimism and disadvantage.
Another possible disadvantage of a home-equity loan is the temptation to keep borrowing.
Clinton does have a potential disadvantage: the small number of black voters in Nevada.
S. buyers of dollar-denominated commodities at a disadvantage, weighed on crude oil prices.
Democrats have long been at a massive disadvantage in governors' mansions and state legislatures.
Disadvantage: Will look very foolish if this industry is a dud in two years.
There would never be change in a way that would disadvantage a foreign company.
"The disadvantage is that, in the long term, cash generally loses value," he said.
"Wyoming businesses are at a disadvantage when internet businesses fail to collect tax," Gov.
The Palestinians have ruled out such recognition, saying it would disadvantage Israel's Arab minority.
Taking away their passengers' laptops will place the affected airlines at a competitive disadvantage.
Renzi said the plan was under discussion because Brexit could disadvantage Britain's younger generation.
It doesn't show, though, any evidence that Google's tools are built to disadvantage conservatives.
If his back flares up again, Minnesota will be playing at a significant disadvantage.
Mr Pitt's one-dimensional portrayal is not the only disadvantage the film suffers from.
West revealed he has bipolar disorder, and he doesn't view it as a disadvantage.
As a startup, they were at a disadvantage, having to recruit their own agents.
Both helped the Democrats overcome a big structural disadvantage in the 2018 mid-terms.
But the fact that the batteries weren't removable put Bluesmart at a particular disadvantage.
Bankers fear that abandoning distortions that create customer alienation could create "first-mover disadvantage".
But players aren't at any significant disadvantage if they don't pay for those features.
We are at a bit of a disadvantage because Nick is a tall guy.
That's a big disadvantage versus the ubiquitous Facebook Messenger and Skype's video call features.
Kleiman explained: Why do some people keep committing crimes, to their own evident disadvantage?
She volunteers 40 hours a week at a nearby school to help disadvantage children.
This specimen may be at a disadvantage, however, owing to its bright, conspicuous appearance.
When it comes to voter mobilization, starting late puts you at a distinct disadvantage.
Some critics fear the deal will put Mexican airlines and workers at a disadvantage.
It said that no client had been put at a disadvantage by the deal.
At some point, the party's geographic advantage will be overwhelmed by that demographic disadvantage.
The strong dollar could put these companies at a huge disadvantage to foreign competitors.
So they definitely had an advantage in some aspects, and a disadvantage in others.
Needless to say, this puts one at a distinct disadvantage in the job market.
The JAM Voice makes up for that disadvantage when it comes to price, however.
But states are at a disadvantage when they come into a conflict with Washington.
In almost all cases, they suffer from intellectual disability, addiction, or severe economic disadvantage.
So if we find ourselves dependent on their stuff, we are at a disadvantage.
Their intellectual overconfidence — and the massive immovable leverage that resulted — worked to their disadvantage.
Some Republicans pointed to that as a disadvantage for Democrats in the coming race.
In some ways, the 113-unit project was at a disadvantage from the start.
Mr. Trump continues to fight at a severe financial and organizational disadvantage against Mrs.
For example, if it would put them at a disadvantage if their employer knew.
The disadvantage of Facebook Marketplace is that the quality of items isn&apost guaranteed.
But these foods are at a disadvantage when it comes to competing against dairy.
Sometimes it's an advantage, sometimes it's a disadvantage, but it did influence our direction.
But Democrats were always at a disadvantage in their efforts to disrupt the nomination.
Barriers in the U.S. political, economic and social systems often disadvantage minorities, Emmons said.
Both reforms are vital to removing the competitive tax disadvantage faced by U.S. companies.
While these conditions exist in much of the country, the south, has another disadvantage.
That left Chow and Osborne at a huge disadvantage coming into the new gig.
There is, however, one disadvantage mentioned by almost everybody who eats out on Thanksgiving.
The disadvantage of no shameFrom the beginning, Trump's patented short-termism devalued the virus.
Small enterprises would struggle to pay, leaving them at a commercial disadvantage, they said.
"Competing music streaming services could be put at a competitive disadvantage," the commission said.
It's a formulation that puts the Americans at significant disadvantage before talks even begin.
And it needn't be the same sort of disadvantage that it was in 2016.
That is a commercial disincentive and puts the United States at a distinct disadvantage.
The Democratic Electoral College disadvantage is more a product of bad luck than geography.
There's a whole generation of kids getting set at a disadvantage from day one.
Their predicament highlights how corporate bankruptcies can leave some parties at a big disadvantage.
Ms. James overcame the fund-raising disadvantage, capturing the primary and the general election.
The average Republican disadvantage on the generic ballot has been right around 8 points.
That puts the United States at a material disadvantage far beyond the tax differential.
Mr. Biden's turnout disadvantage persists even among the voters who said they would caucus.
Opposition critics said the measure was a maneuver to disadvantage challengers from new parties.
A time when playing at home was not a disadvantage for the home team.
That's normally a key disadvantage of LCD TVs like this compared to OLED models.
Spicer said giving too many details would put the United States at a disadvantage.
Ripley: Can you think of moments when it maybe has worked to your disadvantage?
To put yourself at a massive financial disadvantage, I just think it's a mistake.
Rutter has seemingly demonstrated an additional disadvantage, one not seen in his previous gameplay.
This doesn't mean that our republic is at a disadvantage to their police state.
Rural areas are already at a steep disadvantage when it comes to broadband infrastructure.
If I knew I wouldn't tell you, that would put us at a disadvantage.
Not all migrants have an attorney, however -- often times, putting them at a disadvantage.
"Being a smaller and newer firm doesn't put us at a disadvantage," he said.
He added that the CDC in particular is at a disadvantage for two reasons.
But real estate agents risk putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage by overstating threats.
Other aspects of Mr. Trump's agenda are putting American tech at a disadvantage, too.
But he's not going to be bullied into putting his conference into a disadvantage.
The disadvantage is that while Alice and Edgar are sometimes funny, they're never scary.
Right away I was at a disadvantage, because remembering names is a personal weakness.
Among them: strong Democratic fundraising, a geographic disadvantage and voter hostility toward President Trump.
Gerrymandering and a money disadvantage will likely make the lift a little more difficult.
I absolutely believe that black Americans are at the biggest disadvantage in this country.
It will bring down their costs, and Virginia will be at a strategic disadvantage.
Kleiman wrote: Why do some people keep committing crimes, to their own evident disadvantage?
The filings will also show whether Trump still faces a significant cash disadvantage to Clinton.
The EU's Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) was drawn up before Britain joined, to its disadvantage.
In this case, the Republican legislators were accused of racial gerrymandering to disadvantage black voters.
Still, at the very least, it's not playing at a disadvantage like it was before.
Like Wu, Liao believes that Chinese women are at a disadvantage in the maker community.
But its companies might find themselves at a competitive disadvantage if other states do not.
It forces them to climb down to unholier depths in the performance of their disadvantage.
So there's a lot of tasks to do, but definitely universally no one is... disadvantage.
"He's absolutely at a disadvantage because it takes time to build an organization," Malbin said.
However, it's currently limited to only 2 simultaneous streams, which puts it at a disadvantage.
His diplomatic inexperience could be less a disadvantage than an opportunity for a fresh start.
Ms. Monopoly has a point: Women are at a disadvantage in entrepreneurial and inventive settings.
But when facing public scrutiny, mitred princes of the church are at a particular disadvantage.
In fact, he said the US was at a disadvantage for having won last time.
The disadvantage came even as Trump has clawed back from a polling deficit against Clinton.
The Kings led for much of the night despite the disadvantage on the offensive glass.
A ruling for the groups, the administration argues, would disadvantage tens of thousands of women.
The lie may have put search and rescue efforts at a strategic disadvantage, said Saito.
RELATED: Donald Trump selects Mike Pence as VP Brat's biggest disadvantage would be raising money.
That's put Apple at a severe disadvantage in new, lucrative markets like the smart home.
"Each candidate has qualities that advantage and disadvantage them on the issue," according to Merolla.
Newer hotels were also at a disadvantage, since they've had less time to acquire fans.
It argues the 1967 borders would put them at a strategic disadvantage against other foes.
So that's generally a disadvantage for them because they're not usually getting money for it.
The result is that the poorest Americans would still be left at a major disadvantage.
In fact, I think even streaming shows that drop weekly are at a subtle disadvantage.
But this could disadvantage poor Afrikaans-speaking people in higher education, especially the coloured population.
European countries have also objected to the bill, saying it will disadvantage their energy companies.
In other words, we're operating at a competitive disadvantage relative to manufacturers in other countries.
This added tax burden is a disadvantage when U.S. companies are competing for global business.
Fighting back: India says those provisions put its IT sector at a big competitive disadvantage.
Amazon has, of course, been at something of a disadvantage in the smart assistant race.
The simple fact is that without Pelosi, Democrats would be at a massive disadvantage financially.
In the evolving exchange of free services for data, consumers are at a clear disadvantage.
What bigger competitive disadvantage can you be at than to suffer malnutrition in your youth?
But the club's most daunting disadvantage has been its inability to play matches at home.
This disadvantage only spurred them on to produce something concrete, to reshape their cultural reality.
Spain was at the disadvantage of having their coach fired right before the tournament started.
Harper pointed out that height is a disadvantage in some sports, like gymnastics or bodybuilding.
The disadvantage over those boozy gallery openings of yore: There will be a cash bar.
President Trump will doubtless continue ridiculing Warren's claims of inherited disadvantage, keeping the issue alive.
The organization argues that the new requirements put it at a disadvantage for receiving funding.
There is no question that federal tax policies put American companies at a clear disadvantage.
So there is no question that a three-percentage point disadvantage is hard to overcome.
These lower scores do not appear to be caused by more years of disadvantage, however.
Rural areas are disproportionately affected, putting businesses at a disadvantage and isolating individuals, critics say.
"This defiance of the law puts honest business owners at an unfair disadvantage," he said.
Put simply, Republicans could be at a distinct disadvantage in a number of battleground districts.
For too many years we have had predictable behavior and have been at a disadvantage.
Experts worry that this re-regulating of the small business market could disadvantage sick Americans.
This threatens to put Argentine farmers at a disadvantage against their Brazilian and U.S. competitors.
And as other studies found before, the United States has a significant infant mortality disadvantage.
Plus, it contends he's put his competitors in DC and Maryland at a real disadvantage.
Soon's biggest disadvantage is that it needs to grow its network from the ground up.
It can be an advantage, and it can just as easily be a tremendous disadvantage.
Google is being fined for using its dominant Android mobile operating system to disadvantage competitors.
I think they understand it's not sustainable and will put them at a huge disadvantage.
He and the Bruins killed a 313-second two-man disadvantage in the first period.
Narrator: But Mohan pointed out that Apple has a disadvantage compared to true luxury brands.
Likewise, the absence of an overarching philosophy is starting to look like a competitive disadvantage.
In his divergence from Luther, Erasmus is often viewed as the one at a disadvantage.
African-American workers were the one big group that didn't narrow its disadvantage in 2017.
The disadvantage of this move is that it breaks a norm dating back to 1869.
Others will be at a disadvantage, because none of these things materialize in the show.
Experts worry that this re-regulating of the small-business market could disadvantage sick Americans.
Cash offsets the size disadvantage with agility, speed and an economy of movement and equipment.
"It really puts the students at a disadvantage when the teachers have fear," she said.
Clinton's support that inevitably put it at a disadvantage in a winner-take-all system.
Partisan gerrymandering is just one of the reasons the Democrats are at such a disadvantage.
Of course, there's no guarantee that the Democrats face a persistent and deep structural disadvantage.
Finally, we need regulation that doesn't disadvantage US companies so they can fairly compete globally.
All of which is to say that "Westworld Awakening" is starting at a huge disadvantage.
But it puts the millions of small businesses in this country at a huge disadvantage.
They're going to have the third-mover disadvantage, because Google and Amazon are already there.
Tampa Bay killed off a 59-second two-man disadvantage late in the first period.
The industry has said the measures put U.S. companies at a disadvantage to European competitors.
The big picture: "This rural disadvantage is unprecedented," said James Kirby, a federal health researcher.
The American oil industry has said such disclosure would put it at a competitive disadvantage.
This places the United States at an economic disadvantage in the global race for talent.
The policy is based on the idea that disadvantage starts in utero and early childhood.
Is there any disadvantage to using a fixed-rate home-equity loan for a remodel?
Prime editing was intended to overcome this disadvantage, as well as other limitations of CRISPR.
There are many sectors in which China's investment restrictions put U.S. firms at a disadvantage.
It does not pick winners and losers, or put import-reliant companies at a disadvantage.
But you're at a disadvantage if you're posting your video outside of YouTube or Facebook.
The president has frequently accused other countries of putting the U.S. at a trade disadvantage.
Because here's the thing: You are at a disadvantage when it comes to salary data.
That ends up being a significant disadvantage (and possibly discriminatory treatment) to these island territories.
Still, despite its size disadvantage, Kansas outrebounded Purdue, 233-23, and collected 983 offensive rebounds.
As far as they were concerned, my open-mindedness was a disadvantage, not a qualification.
Advocates will quickly point out how this system puts the poor at a huge disadvantage.
How might that same sense of increased curiosity pose a disadvantage to orangutans, and why?
Experts say that puts the US at a massive disadvantage and should be promptly reversed.
The Democratic turnout disadvantage is smaller — or basically nonexistent — when Republicans hold the White House.
Alternatively, should we account for the different kinds, degrees and consequences of non-white disadvantage?
Subsidizing day care does disadvantage parents who want to stay at home, by its nature.
Should Jackson get through the confirmation process, he'll start with a disadvantage on that front.
Victims are at a serious disadvantage, especially when their attackers are powerful and influential men.
That could put U.S. firms at a disadvantage and drive up trading costs, he says.
Without those networks in place, new insurers in local markets can face a significant competitive disadvantage.
That said, pushing the 2 XL's release date out to November 15th could come at disadvantage.
In reality, they are defending a managed trade system that holds the U.S. at a disadvantage.
Dirtier ships would face a competitive disadvantage if manufacturers got serious about slashing supply-chain emissions.
"As with any longitudinal study, a disadvantage was the attrition or drop-out rate," said Demaray.
So everyone is paying the tax and the US is not at any disadvantage at all.
Unmarried, childless men running for office are at a distinct disadvantage for a number of reasons.
Google's business model for Android puts it at a further disadvantage in the user interface department.
It already suggests that this character will be seen through the lenses of her 'disadvantage' alone.
Others said that while the plan might disadvantage California overall, their districts wouldn't be as affected.
The effect, he said, is a courtroom where the accused comes in with a systemic disadvantage.
If the voting stops at four rounds or fewer, Dunkirk is probably at a disadvantage. Probably.
"We can't be at such a significant disadvantage to the cooperative down the street," Becker said.
Google and other companies also put themselves at a disadvantage by having such a homogeneous workforce.
However, that put newbie users unaware of the egg's connotations at a disadvantage on the platform.
Most economists also agree that changes in technology have put unskilled workers at a stark disadvantage.
The disadvantage is that the hearings can quickly become sprawling and difficult to keep up with.
Its disadvantage is that all the machinery is underwater, and thus harder to inspect and service.
Where Einstein is correct, however, is in his belief that Sonos is at a definite disadvantage.
Which means that the sides of walls are already at a disadvantage to roof-mounted panels.
Instead, it seems that black men suffer from a race-specific disadvantage that impairs their earnings.
That's kind of the disadvantage of spending extra money that you have on your own business.
"These mom-and-pop shops have an unfair disadvantage," Gjonaj told CNBC's "Fast Money " on Monday.
Electric motors are also lighter than jet engines, which helps offset some of the weight disadvantage.
But in the long run, they disadvantage upstarts that don't have the money to pay up.
This put them at a disadvantage when it comes to high-impact publishing of their research.
And he doesn&apost really have the political will to govern the challenge and the disadvantage.
The fact that corvids have brains the size of a walnut might not be a disadvantage.
Trump claims the treaty was negotiated poorly and puts the United States at an economic disadvantage.
In short, Section 1504 neither unduly burdens American companies nor places them at an unfair disadvantage.
Governments remain at a disadvantage because big businesses like Google, Facebook and Amazon can think globally.
As chronic psychosis became part of my life, living in rural Maine became a major disadvantage.
The disadvantage is that it may not be possible to repeal the law in its entirety.
This scheme might be faster than Aaronson's quantum sampling protocol, but it has a distinct disadvantage.
We expected that this would cancel out the disadvantage of women's minority status in the group.
Quite simply, we can't afford to perpetuate a system that puts us at a competitive disadvantage.
If these individuals were not present, the United States would have been at a significant disadvantage.
"It sets the conversation up at a disadvantage that you don't need," Brzezinski said by phone.
Could this process, Dr Carr wondered, make up for the evolutionary disadvantage the virus otherwise inflicts?
That puts him at a disadvantage in battleground states, where Hillary Clinton has been campaigning vigorously.
Whitford — Democratic voters alleged that Republican legislators unfairly and strategically put Democrats at a disadvantage statewide.
But disadvantage and unequal opportunities, rather than diversity, present the biggest obstacles to our getting along.
One way the plans may disadvantage some sicker beneficiaries is by making care harder to get.
But it had the disadvantage of being an extremely hard sell politically beyond Sanders's core enthusiasts.
This decision couldn't be better designed to put Google at a competitive disadvantage for attracting consumers.
The general's forces were categorized and his numerical advantage or disadvantage weighted to reflect tactical ability.
This deal has largely gone by the wayside, clearly to the electoral disadvantage of the Democrats.
An insurgent may face a disadvantage in a process where invested partisans could decide his fate.
"It will put us at a disadvantage if we are late to the game," said Clarke.
He has little interest in living by ethics rules because that would disadvantage his financial interests.
But small lenders are at a disadvantage without the national networks of larger competitors, they said.
But recent reports have suggested that AI will disproportionately target or otherwise disadvantage people of colour.
Getting a retail job isn't what it once was, putting unskilled workers at a severe disadvantage.
I know that whoever wins the presidency has a disadvantage for whatever reason in the midterms.
As a social scientist, I cannot be sure if they have a genetic advantage or disadvantage.
Pervasive tracking of location at very least risks putting you at a disadvantage as a consumer.
Mia feels that being perceived as a non-confrontational woman put her at an additional disadvantage.
This puts American competitiveness at a distinct disadvantage and will cause irreparable damage to our economy.
Mr. Trudeau dismissed concerns about Canada being at an economic disadvantage relative to the United States.
Then there are six Republican incumbents who are already thought to be at a big disadvantage.
It was a blast — and proof that a lack of wildlife is not always a disadvantage.
But just because it's bad luck for the Democrats doesn't mean it's not a real disadvantage.
Might these benefits be worth the competitive disadvantage to third-party payment services such as PayPal?
But the first player from Team B can only tie or put themselves at a disadvantage.
But here they face a serious disadvantage: They have no health care plan of their own.
Democrats gerrymander, too, but often the most they can achieve is to neutralize their underlying disadvantage.
Are states making it too difficult for young people to vote, putting Sanders at a disadvantage?
A write-in candidate has the built-in disadvantage of not being listed on the ballot.
Even as the pressure on workers increased, unions were at a new disadvantage in defending them.
Because that puts individual investors at a disadvantage, they say, some have sworn off selling them.
But poor families on Puerto Rico are at a decided disadvantage when comparing NAP with SNAP.
That puts the US at a potential disadvantage against our strategic competitors, including China and Russia.
Almost any combination the Knicks put out there leaves them at a disadvantage offensively and defensively.
But they've got the disadvantage of running quite a bit larger sums than most people run.
Uber's purchase of Brooklyn, New York-based Jump in 2018 put Lyft at a distinct disadvantage.
It bankrupts our families, exhausts government discretionary spending, and leaves American industry at a global disadvantage.
"These changes have effectively placed others with less sophisticated infrastructure at a disadvantage," its letter said.
And in New York, black men going before the parole board are at a marked disadvantage.
As America's smallest state, Rhode Island is at a natural disadvantage in any national infrastructure ranking.
But if the entire approach is suspended, it could also place Liberals at a potential disadvantage.
But the segregation is enforced in a way that tends to disadvantage female prisoners the most.
Black men were at a distinct disadvantage in 103 and are still at a disadvantage when it comes to employment, education, and other opportunities, but instead of working with people, instead of trying to bridge differences, Donald tried to provoke resentments, and it's happened again and again.
Some slick advisors have taken advantage of the situation for years, leaving transparent firms at a disadvantage.
The Incredibles 2, by its very nature as a sequel, is at a disadvantage in that respect.
"A brigade that has tanks, but no LEGUAN bridge-layers is clearly at a disadvantage," Vollmer said.
First, Republicans are at a disadvantage because the president's party tends to lose seats in midterm elections.
The only disadvantage is that I can't go out and socialize as much as my friends do.
When that happened, UHF stations were no longer at a disadvantage; in fact, they were more desirable.
And state governments are critical in the fight against redistricting, which is usually designed to disadvantage Democrats.
That said, I never felt like I was at a gaming disadvantage because of the small controllers.
But because of the nefarious behaviour of some human drivers, it may also prove a major disadvantage.
In return, she said, they find themselves at a disadvantage if they want to seek elected office.
But I think the biggest challenge for me was being able to compete with a physical disadvantage.
Aside from being too conventional, another disadvantage of TV couple bios is that they can be isolating.
U.S. unions worry the Mexican statutes are too lax and put American workers at a disadvantage. Rep.
The Trump administration also put itself at a disadvantage by leaving trip preparation to the last minute.
"Affirmative action helps to give people burdened by structural disadvantage a fair opportunity to compete," Roithmayr said.
My goal was to put Johnson at a position of disadvantage by getting him to sit down.
The result is that American goods and services are at a competitive disadvantage with an overvalued dollar.
So we should draw no conclusion about the probability of any Black genetic IQ advantage or disadvantage.
They seem likely, for instance, to remain at a financial disadvantage to Mr. Cruz for some time.
"I don't think (Trump) has an advantage or a disadvantage, and I'm not being coy," Scollin said.
And that matters, because "any delays" in getting low-income people online leaves them at a disadvantage.
Or you'll knock off half your health, then stumble into a Metroid battle at a significant disadvantage.
GOP aides said they cut the voter registration disadvantage that Mitt Romney had in 2012 by half.
Now, I believe there are tremendous amounts of white male privilege and of minority and female disadvantage.
"As a result, competing music streaming services could be put at a competitive disadvantage," the commission writes.
Their structural disadvantage means they must receive many more votes than the Republicans to win a majority.
This isn't a disadvantage of cash relative to other approaches to aiding the poor, in other words.
"Lower pay means less income to devote to debt repayment and puts women at a severe disadvantage."
But competitors, namely Google, are literally millions of test miles ahead, putting Apple at a major disadvantage.
The reality of doing business in California, with heavy regulation across most industries, is a fourth disadvantage.
However, Lebovitz said "we don't feel we're putting our retailers at a disadvantage" by not being open.
"If I knew, I wouldn't tell you because that would put us at a disadvantage," Trump said.
Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has also called the currency's high value versus its peers a disadvantage.
There are other important changes in the AHCA that advantage higher-income people and disadvantage low earners.
Having said that, incumbents' greatest disadvantage will be transporting an old-finance-world mentality to these innovations.
Nor is it inevitable today that AI will favor global authoritarianism to the permanent disadvantage of liberalism.
That Republicans do not seem particularly concerned that their process reforms might disadvantage Democrats is beyond dispute.
In the Western world, only Estonia and Finland match that level of student resilience against social disadvantage.
If you don't already have reserved capacity on the other lines you are at a big disadvantage.
It is a clear weak spot Clubs will never voluntarily disadvantage themselves by cutting ticket prices significantly.
Where Lyoto Machida fights from this extra step distance, he does so often at a reach disadvantage.
The previous map was at a disadvantage because water ice can be easily masked by frozen methane.
Studies show that African-Americans are at the greatest disadvantage on major dating sites, especially black women.
Though demographics aren't something a candidate can change, a well-run campaign can overcome such a disadvantage.
Its disadvantage was that it did not establish procedures, or any infrastructure, for assembling things in orbit.
Because of her success, she now views her hijab as more of an advantage than a disadvantage.
His commentary became oft-quoted classics: "Every disadvantage has its advantage," ''You can't win without the ball.
Now they're holding their own against taxables, which would suggest there's no disadvantage, meaning no tax break.
This puts both the Puerto Rican people and the Oversight Board at a tremendous and unnecessary disadvantage.
To think in the brand new format that he would be at a disadvantage, I don't agree.
They've got an option here with marginal intelligence disadvantage to reduce how much it squeezes American privacy.
Only six months old, BSE does not have the local infrastructure needed to overturn its turnout disadvantage.
Companies also most pay $224 fee per vehicle annually if they're operating in non-disadvantage communities (DAC).
If she decides to run, Newman would initially go into the race with a huge financial disadvantage.
So even though the Heat were still at a size disadvantage, they remained competitive on the glass.
Britain was at a disadvantage on the field, even though Whitehall had all-stars on the bench.
Red tape in international trade is a guaranteed way to put rural America at a competitive disadvantage.
Failing to seize upon and develop this capability will leave us at a strategic and operational disadvantage.
"To manipulate a currency you have to be doing it to disadvantage the United States," he said.
This puts them at a competitive disadvantage because they do not compete on a level playing field.
To assume that experience is an obstacle to progress in this instance puts us at a disadvantage.
Harley has also long lobbied against retaliatory tariffs, saying they put the company at a competitive disadvantage.
This can put underserved consumers at a distinct and severe disadvantage that can be difficult to overcome.
And they've mobilized them not in spite of their presidential disadvantage, but often by virtue of it.
Finally, Kahlow sees her experience as a female entrepreneur has been a benefit rather than a disadvantage.
Republican incumbents also face a fundraising disadvantage in many battleground areas, making the environment even more challenging.
Without broadband access, rural Americans are at an unfair disadvantage in accessing economic, educational, and healthcare resources.
The veil of secrecy puts health plan sponsors, patients, drug manufacturers, policymakers, and pharmacies at a disadvantage.
Russia, the largest country on earth, has one big geostrategic disadvantage: limited access to the world's oceans.
"So we do have a resource disadvantage that we're going to work our way through," he added.
This means languages which emphasize security, at the cost of ease of use, are at a disadvantage.
Lower-income students rarely have high-FICO parents, putting them at a radical disadvantage for receiving loans.
But why use the heavy fist of government to put U.S. based companies at a competitive disadvantage?
Jefferies believes Intel is at a significant disadvantage given a "tectonic" shift towards so-called parallel computing.
Yet for all the acknowledgment of the past, the material disadvantage suffered in the present remains untouched.
A spinoff would leave Mayer in control of Yahoo the business, which Starboard views as a disadvantage.
Working-class candidates start at a disadvantage, and they don't get as much support from political insiders.
It comes down to several key reforms to the tax code that disadvantage high-tax blue states.
If women start at a disadvantage because of segregated and unequal training, how can they catch up?
" This "overall disadvantage level" will appear on something the College Board is calling an "environmental context dashboard.
"Currently, our in-dash navigation systems are at a disadvantage compared to smartphone apps," Mr. Butler said.
Still, the persistence of these reports points to a major disadvantage of our increasingly complex voting technology.
And you know we have a tremendous disadvantage in the Electoral College — popular vote is much easier.
We wanted to disadvantage the wild card, so we decided: make them do a play-in game.
I also had the disadvantage of working in the days before digital photography was widespread and affordable.
"Universities must attack disadvantage at its roots," she wrote in a University of Chicago Law Review article.
This is the disadvantage from the constructor's point of view of grids that have lots of flow.
Charter enrollment "will always disadvantage kids in temporary housing," Jennifer Pringle, the director of NYS-TEACHS, said.
He has also argued a break in relations would disadvantage U.S. arms manufacturers without helping the region.
And in the aggregate, their actions still work to disadvantage entire groups on the basis of race.
But what is framed as a desirable trait in women also puts them at a considerable disadvantage.
To address that disadvantage, Deutsche has opted to grow its private placement desk within the bond syndicate.
To address that disadvantage, Deutsche has opted to grow its private placement desk within the bond syndicate.
"Democrats typically start at a significant disadvantage when it comes to outside spending," Cecil told The Hill.
As a result, producers in the plant-based foods industry operate at an economic disadvantage by comparison.
That was one of the few stories he told in which he was ever at a disadvantage.
If you are concerned that your mother is at a disadvantage, speak with him on her behalf.
He has also argued a break in relations would disadvantage U.S. arms manufacturers without helping the region.ADVERTISEMENTgoogletag.cmd.
But will the new regulatory framework put British-based dealers and auction houses at a competitive disadvantage?
This means that the children of slaves were at a significant disadvantage compared to wealthy white children.
But they were unable to make up for a huge disadvantage inside against the bigger, stronger Boilermakers.
He thinks in terms of advantage/disadvantage or, to put it in more Trumpian terms, winning/losing.
He said forced arbitration allows corporations to use "secret proceedings" that put their opponents at a disadvantage.
The mechanisms for social reproduction — family disadvantage, ongoing risk in their neighborhoods and underperforming schools — are strong.
Apple Music doesn't have to pay the fee, which Spotify claims puts its competitors at a disadvantage.
"I don't want that agreement to put us at a competitive disadvantage with other countries," he said.
He holds a much more traditional take on challenging disadvantage, advocating for investment in the education system.
But when they are on the receiving end of negative chatter, they often feel at a disadvantage.
"Introducing paper-style wraps will disadvantage traders like me who sell fruit in small portions," he said.
In addition, gun control advocates typically face a "structural disadvantage" in the firearms debate, according to Winkler.
The technology in it is more than 35 years old, but that&aposs not necessarily a disadvantage.
Still, I was hesitant that I would put myself at a disadvantage against a well-funded opponent.
Health industries fought aggressively against the idea, which could disadvantage insurers by cutting into their market share.
The false equivalency of nonwhite disadvantage is even more apparent in the context of contemporary Asian immigration.
With 27.6% of the most disadvantage smoking today, the good news is that nearly three-quarters don't.
Still, the lack of financial data on Uber in the deal documents could become a disadvantage for them.
But nary a donor or party official can remember of a nominee starting at such a significant disadvantage.
Poor kids start at a very big disadvantage because they haven't been exposed to choices and decision making.
Many have concluded that all the secrecy is putting those who pay for the drugs at a disadvantage.
So sharing information that assists in merely developing that autonomous system shouldn't be a competitive disadvantage, he said.
Disadvantage: Not the owner of any actual startups, just the part owner of other people's ownership of startups.
Amazon's $15 minimum hourly wage could also be a disadvantage for small businesses trying to compete for workers.
Yes, his disadvantage would be in all the things his skin would imply (the propensity for being inferior).
I think the president is more concerned with the long-term disadvantage of having these massive trade deficits.
If you don't have those kinds of established connections and a legion of insiders, you're at a disadvantage.
This feels overly defeatist to me — and could disadvantage good candidates who don't yet have national name recognition.
The lie may have put search and rescue efforts at a strategic disadvantage, said the Fire Department's Saito.
But companies also can use arbitration clauses to put up barriers that disadvantage consumers and employees, Sternlight said.
However, there will be one disadvantage to Hulu's offline streaming mode: You'll have to put up with ads.
The US has long complained the EU put Boeing at a disadvantage through its financial assistance to Airbus.
That is to say, someone is only at a disadvantage because someone else has a directly proportionate advantage.
Senate Republicans face another disadvantage: They must defend 22 seats compared to the 12 that Democrats must defend.
The disadvantage is that sending a signal that far requires a hefty antenna and a lot of power.
The stress of poverty can change the brain in ways that further disadvantage the poor in modern society.
"Many countries will now see that it's to their disadvantage not to change over to renewables," Jacobson says.
A disadvantage of using cells as a building material is that they're vulnerable, fragile, and they eventually die.
Although they routinely kicked my ass, there didn't seem to be any advantage or disadvantage to either method.
You also don't see as much content compared to longer displays, which is a real disadvantage in 2018.
"The requirements are stricter than in comparable countries, and it will be a competitive disadvantage for Danish banks".
Even today, they continue to suffer from economic disadvantage due to that legacy of exclusion and social mistreatment.
One disadvantage is that they use more energy on their own, especially on very hot or cold days.
Without such data, Haymet said Australia and its farmers will be "at a disadvantage in the long run".
This ruling has put women at a disadvantage too: by convention they are less often named on deeds.
This year's race has been dominated by emotional rhetoric rather than reason or fact, a disadvantage for Kaine.
If their numbers continue to dwindle, women will be at a disadvantage to get vital health care services.
For childfree people, the animus comes from a lifetime of judgement, invasive questions, and, at times, real disadvantage.
"CSX would be at an enormous disadvantage and so there would be another step towards consolidation," he said.
Sanders has not campaigned in Florida recently, and the closed primary is a disadvantage for the Sanders campaign.
"We know from a manpower standpoint we're at a pretty big disadvantage," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle told reporters.
Some of her students, she said, "are at a real disadvantage" now that the tool has gone offline.
The combination of high tax rates and worldwide tax base puts U.S.-headquartered firms at a severe disadvantage.
Clinton's chief disadvantage in the presidential race is that she has to put up with Trump's personal attacks.
I've never felt like being a woman is a disadvantage or that people are out to get me.
So simply paying actors what their past experience says they're worth tends to put women at a disadvantage.
The Israeli television business begins with an obvious disadvantage: the audience is roughly the size of Queens County.
Bloomberg's ability to spend big in those two big Super Tuesday states would put Biden at a disadvantage.
But America may find its farmers and businesses are at a disadvantage because they are not in it.
But it could become a serious disadvantage if Mr. Trump is elected and needs to build a government.
This bizarre determination created an even greater disadvantage to songwriters trying negotiate fair market pricing for their licenses.
Borders are bound to add to trading costs, leaving countries with smaller internal markets at an economic disadvantage.
This advantage over the rest of the country comes with a decided disadvantage — the potential for confirmation bias.
LAS VEGAS — Brands and retailers have often complained that Amazon's stronghold on data puts them at a disadvantage.
In the Wisconsin case, Democratic voters alleged Republican legislators had unfairly and strategically put them at a disadvantage.
Monsanto said the task force's recommendation will put Arkansas farmers at a disadvantage to those in other states.
Both outcomes would disadvantage American security and the security of our allies in Asia and across the world.
He has argued that the Fed puts the United States at a disadvantage when compared to other countries.
Eddie Rispone made up about a 22-point disadvantage over the last month because of President Trump's involvement.
But those with neither an attorney nor English skills are at a disadvantage, and often get denied more.
"I will be at a disadvantage, but the scheduling is just something you have to accept," he said.
The primary disadvantage is the same as with an in-plan Roth — taxes have to be paid now.
He has repeatedly accused other countries of devaluing their currencies and putting the United States at a disadvantage.
All the factors that disadvantage the Democrats in the electoral realm help empower progressives in the economic arena.
S. producers were already at a disadvantage to many foreign competitors, and this will only exacerbate that problem.
Yes, the latter scenario would likely lead to a contested convention where Trump may seem at a disadvantage.
This puts the U.S. intelligence community at less of a disadvantage than public statements may have initially suggested.
Without change, America's biopharmaceutical industry continues to be at a significant competitive disadvantage compared to our foreign competitors.
Data access asymmetries will disadvantage each of them (and advantage Amazon as the middleman) for years to come.
Hedge funds and investment banks utilize high-speed trading to place the individual investor at an insurmountable disadvantage.
A similar result this year would tend to lock the Democrats into their single biggest disadvantage: the map.
Companies like Microsoft found themselves at a disadvantage when Google and others began offering productivity software for free.
Black men's disadvantage has shaped not only how they are perceived but the meaning of race as well.
"I felt like it was going to put us at a disadvantage, throwing up and in," Kapler said.
Unfortunately, right now, farmers who invest in conservation practices are at a competitive disadvantage to those who don't.
Moving the carriages off Central Park South would put them at a competitive disadvantage with pedicabs, he said.
Parts of rural America lack fast broadband internet, a big disadvantage that the authors want to see addressed.
The party of the president is typically at a turnout disadvantage compared with the party out of power.
Research suggests that homogeneity in the teaching force may put boys and children of color at a disadvantage.
Is it legal to disadvantage minority voters if the motivation is political gain, not racial or ethnic hostility?
This puts them at a competitive disadvantage in wooing clients and retaining talent relative to the American companies.
The PK is the steroid of For Honor — without her on your roster you play at a disadvantage.
The new physics of inequality is compounding advantages for the haves and accelerating disadvantage for the have-nots.
Unfair trade practices from our economic partners across the globe undoubtedly disadvantage American workers and undermine our economy.
Read more " _____ • Lloyd Green in Fox News: "Race and ethnicity should not be treated as proxies for disadvantage.
The Democratic geography disadvantage has been harder to clearly establish, but there is little doubt that it exists.
He also cautioned that American farmers are at a disadvantage as foreign competitors cut trade deals with Cuba.
And many voters might harbor traditional and even discriminatory notions of leadership that disadvantage nonwhite and female candidates.
Instead, the companies at some risk of real disadvantage will be start-ups we haven't heard of yet.
Women are particularly at a disadvantage, often considered a burden by their families because they cannot marry easily.
"People in the third world are at a disadvantage for being taken seriously," said his coach, Harmander Singh.
This highlights a basic disadvantage that conservatives have always had in contesting the political issues of the day.
Because of this disadvantage, American companies also often find themselves vulnerable to being bought by their foreign competitors.
"Relinquishing the high ground of the Golan Heights could put Israel at a great security disadvantage," Friedman said.
Enough other companies are crafting flexible work that it's a hiring and retention disadvantage to not embrace it. 
Nonetheless, his allies pushed back at the sense that their campaign will have a data disadvantage to Clinton's.
Right now, we are at a competitive disadvantage for creating jobs and attracting investments crucial to increasing employment.
But in that case, Democrats were arguing Republican officials had unfairly and strategically put them at a disadvantage.
They argued that foreign competition and anti-competitive trade practices have put them at a disadvantage for years.
And many voters might harbor traditional and even discriminatory notions of leadership that disadvantage nonwhite and female candidates.
This puts him at a disadvantage in wooing the public to his side of the wall debate. 3.
We also need to come to a cultural understanding that the opposite of systematic disadvantage is systematic advantage.
When it comes to being crushed, mutilated, electrocuted, or mangled at work, men are at a distinct disadvantage.
If you come out side on against you are putting yourself at a disadvantage for checking low kicks.
Mark Kirk (R) — who won just narrowly in the 2010 Republican landslide — has a big disadvantage against Rep.
Smaller galleries tend to represent emerging artists, putting both dealers and the artists they represent at yet another disadvantage.
In spite of that disadvantage, cafeteria workers at Airbnb's corporate headquarters managed to unionize with the United Auto Workers.
"[Being a sommelier] was one of the areas where it was a disadvantage to be a woman," says Puckette.
That volatility, however, is also a risk that places Bitcoin at a disadvantage when compared to the U.S. dollar.
Wireless carriers often impose monthly usage caps and overage fees to generate additional revenue and sometimes disadvantage streaming competitors.
Disadvantage: Still unable to get around the 20 percent rule that limits their flexibility in the world of crypto.
The Ducks killed off a 19983-on-3 disadvantage midway through the third period to keep the game tied.
Soaring oil prices place upward pressure on the exchange rate, leaving other, non-oil industries at a competitive disadvantage.
The trust's mission is to tackle social disadvantage, "which goes beyond faith," says Kieran Larkin, the director of education.
That threatens sites like Vimeo, which could be at a disadvantage if internet providers begin favoring bigger video services.
One is that the changes brought about by gene-editing should not increase "disadvantage, discrimination or division in society".
Even worse, the U.S. will be put at an increasing disadvantage as other countries negotiate agreements that exclude us.
The result is a new disadvantage for US assembly plants, left as collateral damage in the escalating trade war.
Allocating parties' legislative seats in proportion to the votes they won would eliminate the geographic disadvantage the Democrats face.
"The Euro and other currencies are devalued against the dollar, putting the U.S. at a big disadvantage," Trump tweeted.
Sitting on the sidelines because of fear to work or study abroad will put you at a distinct disadvantage.
Trump starts with a significant disadvantage, but he has sought to capitalize on his appeal among blue-collar voters.
One disadvantage of using the standard tier is that you can't use Google's global load balancer and Cloud CDN.
This is basically free money toward your retirement, and it can be a huge disadvantage if you skip it.
Here, the dominant market shares of the companies involved are a disadvantage, making them easier to target and control.
Mr Singh's religion may prove a disadvantage for the NDP in Quebec, which elected 16 of the party's MPs.
That tactic provides immediate value to consumers, but puts other media companies, especially small startups, at a big disadvantage.
I do say this, I don't want an agreement to put us at a competitive disadvantage with other countries.
"I think Oculus has certainly created a disadvantage for itself amongst early adopters and curious enthusiasts," he told Gizmodo.
According to Balkin, we're at the same disadvantage when we hand data over to Facebook and other tech companies.
Republicans' disadvantage this year is largely a result of unforced errors — principally among them the nomination of Donald Trump.
Believe it or not, Trump now faces a growing digital content disadvantage against his Democratic presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton.
The backstory: Last April, the EC charged Google with using its dominant Android mobile operating system to disadvantage competitors.
None of the options to pay for items or to boost levels actually put other players at a disadvantage.
However, documentaries are at a disadvantage when reporting on events that the camera did not or could not capture.
US companies also wanted changes over concerns they would be put at a disadvantage due to the new sanctions.
To deny U.S. companies similar support would be putting them at a distinct disadvantage in a very competitive marketplace.
As a result, they do not face a competitive disadvantage from tax policy compared to firms from other countries.
That beautiful hide has turned out to be a particular disadvantage, since it's often used to make ornate carpets.
Finally, there is a myth that AIG's designation as a non-bank SIFI puts us at a competitive disadvantage.
Some have falsely claimed such transparency puts American businesses at a competitive disadvantage vis a vis their foreign competitors.
While the agreement would have a negligible impact on temperatures, America would be putting itself at a competitive disadvantage.
This outdated and unfair online sales tax loophole puts local businesses at a disadvantage when competing against online competitors.
Na'Vi took the next round, putting them in a match point position and putting VP in an economy disadvantage.
Though the researchers note that thanks to differing chronotypes, any start time is likely to put someone at disadvantage.
It has also accused its own government, which approved Air India's new route, of putting it at a disadvantage.
It's foggy, they're at a disadvantage, and it's no surprise when the French waste no time plowing them down.
Most of these articles suggest relationships in which women make more than their male partners begin at a disadvantage.
If states choose to end the ACA's community-rating system, they'd disadvantage people with pre-existing conditions even further.
But a birthright of intellectual and aesthetic training can be handed down even in the face of deep disadvantage.
They say the plan also could upset the copyright protections for content and put minority programmers at a disadvantage.
Goff, the Obama alum and co-founder of Precision Strategies, argues that both viewpoints put Democrats at a disadvantage.
Tens of millions of Americans, from all places and heritages, experience the same built-in disadvantage in our workforce.
They argue that Trump, by his nature, polarizes the nation — and has done so to his electorally-terminal disadvantage.
Unlike them, Pein starts off disillusioned, which may give him an unconscious disadvantage in his pursuit of the dream.
And sure, that might be true for all of us, but teens have one clear disadvantage: they're only teenagers!
But Wang said being based overseas may be a disadvantage when it comes to contention for the top role.
"Hardworking Americans that follow the law and play by the rules should not suffer a competitive disadvantage," said Wheeler.
The math scores of these poorest children are far lower than predicted by the standard measure of economic disadvantage.
No one ever actively decided that eligibility for subsidized meals was the best way to measure students' economic disadvantage.
Especially in a tightening labor market, small and medium sized businesses can be at a disadvantage in attracting talent.
As promised, Trump has followed through to keep "America First," but it has been to the country's disadvantage globally.
Blacks clearly didn't bias the market to disadvantage ourselves, and we should not shoulder the blame of that reality.
The audit said the university had put California students, particularly minorities, at a disadvantage, which the university system denied.
But abortion rights groups have long argued that the ban puts low-income women seeking abortions at a disadvantage.
Since streaming video rapidly eats through data, customers on carriers like Verizon and Sprint would be at a disadvantage.
But the pendulum could swing in the other direction, to the disadvantage of Democrats — particularly those from red states.
Losing the ability to use Google's Android puts Huawei's phones at a major disadvantage in markets outside of China.
With each added disadvantage, smoking rates climbed, rising to 58 percent among people with all six forms of adversity.
Disability was the most common form of disadvantage in the study, experienced by roughly one in five survey participants.
The party is also keen to make its next leader a woman, which obviously puts Starmer at a disadvantage.
Critics of local soda taxes have argued that they may disproportionately disadvantage local businesses, because shoppers can go elsewhere.
By allowing non-English speakers as taxi drivers, New York City is putting its taxi fleet at a disadvantage.
In his run for the presidency, Trump's lack of foreign policy experience was widely seen as a decided disadvantage.
Does that mean people who rent for extended periods, perhaps decades — even a lifetime — are forever at a disadvantage?
Smaller-growth companies are at a clear disadvantage in bearing these costs compared to their larger, more established peers.
Saddling Puerto Rico with federal laws that do not recognize the uniqueness of our situation guarantees permanent economic disadvantage.
The fact that I once spent half an hour in Denver airport put the Panthers at an immediate disadvantage.
Some industry groups fear it would favor nuclear and coal, and disadvantage natural gas and wind and solar power.
They claim they will be at a competitive disadvantage to foreigners, or they'll have to reveal commercially sensitive information.
Thirdly, women have a systemic social disadvantage when they're trying to get access to treatment for their drug use.
When the industry's playing field is devised and maintained mostly by men, it leaves women at an inherent disadvantage.
Unsurprisingly, because mandatory arbitration is a process often designed by companies themselves, it puts workers at a massive disadvantage.
Why it's wrong: If you're not saving money automatically, you're at a major disadvantage compared to those who are.
Whereas my own children, and the children of families like mine, I think have a bit of a disadvantage.
To be sure, Alabama has other structural advantages that could cancel out the disadvantage of its sweeping staff overhaul.
The role of sexism, or the lack of it, can work to the advantage or disadvantage of both parties.
And selling off American debt would cause the yuan to appreciate, which would put China's exports at a disadvantage.
A score of 50 is an average level of disadvantage; higher scores mean a student has faced more adversity.
Whether he can keep that up in the pros, where he'll often be at a physical disadvantage, is questionable.
Queer people, therefore, are at a constant risk and disadvantage; the door of opportunity isn't consistently open for us.
Mr. Bush also faced a solidly Democratic Congress, a disadvantage he would later blame for his limited legislative record.
But Grab CEO Anthony Tan told Recode in a previous interview that he doesn't see that as a disadvantage.
It's a question complicated by the typical corporate bankruptcy process, which often leaves some parties at a big disadvantage.
But until this point, the iPad Pro had a big disadvantage compared to notebooks: its lack of mouse support.
But ethnic or religious definitions of the "nation," when translated into political priorities, put minority citizens at a disadvantage.
As for which party was put at a disadvantage by split primaries, Mr. Goldfeder said the jury was out.
Additionally, reservations are typically made online, which can put those without easy access to the internet at a disadvantage.
The general election has essentially begun, and Biden is entering it at a disadvantage not just in public attention.
The other major disadvantage is that the voter file lacks reliable information on the educational attainment of registered voters.
"The fact that someone's not got a long institutional experience of these issues isn't necessarily a disadvantage," Blair said.
"White working class" mixes race and class into a volatile compound, privilege and disadvantage crammed into a single phrase.
The lessons, however, emerge so organically and unobtrusively that their import relies on a slowly thickening atmosphere of disadvantage.
Despite the spiritual disadvantage of the red jersey, the Kansas City Chiefs are juuuuust ever so favored to win.
Those policies will further disadvantage precisely the regions and social groups that carried Mr. Trump into the White House.
And so we exist in a massive funding infrastructure disadvantage, which is broader than technology, but also includes technology.
First, claims that the federal land-use plans benefitting sage grouse impose restrictions that disadvantage our military are incorrect.
Our tax code is overly-burdensome and has put America at a major disadvantage in an increasingly global marketplace.
But one disadvantage of living to the age of 101 is that the number of old pals gradually dwindles.
Eventually, illiquidity will be a competitive disadvantage in fundraising that only the top firms will be able to justify.
That left her at a disadvantage when, as The Sun's sports editor, she entered the Yale Bowl press box.
That, now, is a disadvantage for everyone except, perhaps, Real Madrid, Barcelona and possibly Bayern Munich and Manchester City.
In a statement, the White House said the Pentagon had determined the restrictions could put troops at a disadvantage.
"They're concerned that if you have a more accurate count, it would put them at a disadvantage," he said.
That, our Upshot reporter writes, puts men at a disadvantage and also keeps female-dominated jobs devalued and underpaid.
Unless they are reauthorized by Congress, both programs will expire, putting America's small businesses at a serious competitive disadvantage.
Trump's radical positions on Mexican migration and trade could severely disadvantage the U.S.'s southern neighbour if he wins.
But for all the enthusiasm, the Democratic Party finds itself at a major cash disadvantage compared to Trump's GOP.
They argue that our current tax system places U.S. companies at a disadvantage relative to companies from other countries.
All that is a serious disadvantage for Trump's legal and political team as it games out a possible defense.
Analysts see these so-called defections as a tactic to get around new charter rules that disadvantage big parties.
California legislators believe that this combination of late bedtimes and early school hours is putting students at a disadvantage.
"Without a rise in wages, Amazon would be placing itself at a disadvantage in the labor market," Saunders said.
"Pregnancy and motherhood in general is not a disadvantage and the craft doesn't suffer as a result," she wrote.
Uninformed, unenlightened, narrow-minded and prejudiced professors and employers apply the stereotype to the young man or woman's disadvantage.
One disadvantage, though, is that supercapacitors are generally not as good as batteries for storing energy for long periods.
In so doing it would hardly eliminate racial disadvantage, but then again neither has 50 years of affirmative action.
The move showed that the covenant worked as intended, but the device actually put some bondholders at a disadvantage.
That created a critical disadvantage for companies like Hess and Whiting Petroleum, which had large stakes in the Bakken.
That leaves small and less established parties, which are generally more welcoming of new candidates, at a significant disadvantage.
Other American political institutions like the Senate and Electoral College systematically disadvantage large urban areas relative to rural ones.
One disadvantage to the ballot access approach is it would not produce any information until the next presidential election.
Specifically, the court struck down an early filing deadline in Ohio that put third-party candidates at a disadvantage.
But the practice has been criticized by investor advocates who say that it creates a disadvantage for regular shareholders.
If this had passed it would have been a disadvantage to the economy and damaged Switzerland's standing in the world.
Despite his enormous financial disadvantage, Trump was improbably able to keep the advertising war close in the race's final weeks.
Keeping the question on the census could disadvantage Democrats, who tend to live in cities, where immigration populations are higher.
The letter argued that a citizenship question would help benefit Latinos, despite the 2015 study showing it would disadvantage Latinos.
The group said in a statement that it supports innovation, but not if it puts the consumer at a disadvantage.
"I've been very clear that there are things they are doing wrong to disadvantage American citizens, particularly financially," Cuban said.
U.S. beef and other products have been at a disadvantage to competition from Australia and Canada, which remained in TPP.
Ms Sharapova does have one disadvantage to consider when forecasting her comeback relative to those of the 22 comparable cases.
The university is still teaching, though—lessons like being a woman can be a bit of a disadvantage at Baylor.
But at its core it's still a Wear OS device, which puts it at a disadvantage compared to other smartwatches.
The Red Wings killed off successive penalties, including a 27-second 5-on-3 disadvantage, early in the third period.
The main disadvantage of the customs-union option is that it precludes free-trade deals for goods with third countries.
That might put it at a slight disadvantage to Pinterest, which is testing Buyable Pins with in-line checkout flow.
Such companies donate with the hope of winning narrowly tailored exceptions to regulations that help them and disadvantage their competitors.
Mr Trump told supporters that Americans labour under a "crushing" tax burden that puts the country at an economic disadvantage.
I asked him if he was concerned having the name Packer might put him at a disadvantage in the relationship.
It also, however, highlights the ways women are still at a disadvantage (62 million girls are still out of school).
Those who don't come prepared knowing what they would be willing to give instead of take are at a disadvantage.
Now incumbency is almost an inherit disadvantage with the entire Republican base and volunteer corps demanding we drain the swamp.
And in an era of increasing parallelism and abstraction, failing to understand these will put you at a competitive disadvantage.
That will put them at a competitive disadvantage as global competitors shift away from polluting fossil fuels faster, she said.
Sure, you may say that the Penguins are at a disadvantage because the shootout didn't exist then, but too bad.
Some analysts believe that giving more detail on the timing of Article 50 has put the U.K. at a disadvantage.
But by setting a higher bar for promotion on certain topics, the system inevitably puts those topics at a disadvantage.
"Conte's big disadvantage is Italy's difficult budgetary situation," Erik Jones, professor of European Studies at John Hopkins University, told CNBC.
The preexisting clause, we definitely want to make sure that people with really difficult conditions aren't put at a disadvantage.
STIREWALT: I have never held a firearm on another living human so I&aposm at a disadvantage in that way.
Facebook's biggest structural disadvantage is its broad friend graph that's bloated to include family, co-workers, bosses and distant acquaintances.
In a game where every resource matters, even an errant hit from a weaker enemy puts you at a disadvantage.
Technology has its place … if we don't have access in the courtroom, shouldn't the [prosecutor] be at the same disadvantage?
The combination of high rates, double taxation and the worldwide system places U.S.-headquartered companies at a stiff competitive disadvantage.
Liberals reason like this — the best-qualified applicant deserves the job, but minorities are at a disadvantage owing to racism.
They are at a further disadvantage this year because of the implementation of the new Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.
That reality and their geographic proximity will keep them bound together in a challenging relationship -- increasingly tilting to Turkey's disadvantage.
If our trade partners dump state-subsidized products into the U.S., it is to their long-term disadvantage, not ours.
Rwanda's "disadvantage" of being a landlocked country taught us very early on that our most important resource is our people.
And that those trade-offs can become viciously cutting knives that exclude, deny, disadvantage, delete and damage people at scale.
As Kenya Downs reported for NPR's Code Switch blog last year, black residents of the city are at a disadvantage.
Obviously a candidate without enough money to pay for staff and rent is at a severe disadvantage going into November.
London will be at a competitive disadvantage if the non-EU country model is what the British end up with.

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