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"slide" Definitions
  1. [countable] one page of an electronic presentation, that may contain text and images, that is usually viewed on a computer screen or projected onto a larger screen
  2. [singular] a long, smooth movement on ice or a smooth surface synonym skid
  3. [countable, usually singular] a change to a lower or worse condition
  4. [countable] a structure with a steep slope that children use for sliding down
  5. [countable] a sudden fall of a large amount of rock or earth down a hill synonym landslide
  6. [countable] a small piece of film held in a frame that can be shown on a screen when you shine a light through it synonym transparency
  7. [countable] a small piece of glass that something is placed on so that it can be looked at under a microscope
  8. [countable] a part of a musical instrument or other device that slides backwards and forwardsTopics Musicc2
  9. (also hairslide) (both British English) (North American English barrette) [countable] a small attractive piece of metal or plastic used by women for holding their hair in place

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"slide" Synonyms
glide slip skim coast slither glissade skid drift sail skate stream sweep bowl breeze brush cruise flow plane roll whisk wriggle crawl snake worm creep belly grovel slink inch edge ease maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) guide writhe sneak advance stealthily move slowly fall stumble trip tumble topple drop blunder fluff lose your footing trip over fall over lose your balance miss one's footing collapse crumple sink trickle run course pour spill seep cascade flood go spread dribble ooze drip purl steal skulk lurk pussyfoot mouse sidle mooch shirk tiptoe prowl pad move furtively descend decline degenerate deteriorate slump backslide decrease devolve diminish fall off go downhill regress retrograde retrogress sag go down slot put insert place fit position locate lower drop in load stick shove push pop stick in pop in set thrust install(US) squirm twist fidget wiggle jiggle shift twitch agonise(UK) agonize(US) flounder thresh turn fiddle jerk jig squiggle thrash glance graze shave touch scrape contact kiss clip sideswipe make contact touch lightly caress nudge flick stroke pat tickle reach drop to fall to plunge to sink to slide down stoop to tumble down plummet to descend to slide down to dive to lurch reel stagger totter sway weave careen dodder falter teeter waddle wobble bumble dodge duck dance hop skip spring caper scamper bound dash frisk gallop gambol jog prance trot waltz bounce flit lollop reduction cut lowering diminution downswing downturn dwindling lessening nosedive falling off plunge descent dip dive chute slope downslope declination declivity raceway downgrade tip channel downward cliff precipice depth trough ramp slippery dip transparency diapositive mount photo photograph shot picture print image snap portrait still snapshot film plate exposure frame pic proof study deterioration degeneration downfall degradation decadence declension devolution ebb decay degeneracy weakening ebbing decaying lapse depression decrement diminishment abatement dent falloff loss shrinkage slowdown depletion stagnation misstep false step flop cropper header crash belly flop flume hydroslide log flume water slide snow slip avalanche snowslide landslide landslip snow-slide snow-slip icefall rockslide inundation rock fall mudslide mudflow earthfall rockfall earthslip tilt incline gradient slant inclination pitch cant grade angle bank lean rake upgrade camber list leaning bevel clasp fastener pin buckle catch hasp coupler hook link lock paperclip staple fastening hook and eye clamp latch press stud bolt More
"slide" Antonyms
flounder struggle ascend discourage dissuade hold keep remain retard rise stay stop creep go land walk uprise correct fix get up perfect stand up understand stand arise straighten up pick yourself up rise up sit up jump up spring up be upstanding find your feet be on one's feet hurtle face increase pour go up improve ameliorate meliorate advance aid approve assist better build clean cleanse clear compliment construct cure develop grow heal help back up cease halt repress suppress flow into contain stem restrict pause terminate suspend arrest curb deactivate discontinue interrupt dart dash fly hasten hurry race run rush sprint step on it speed zip bolt shoot tear zoom scuttle career glide stride stroll strut march assuage convalesce rebound rehabilitate remedy progress recuperate revive mend recover be on the turn clear up come around grow better come round look up make a comeback take steps forward gush extract take out remove eject pull withdraw pull out draw out come out stay put settle sit accumulate boost aggrandize bourgeon burgeon amplify elevate enlarge escalate expand flourish inflate proliferate decide direct disperse dissipate divide guide scatter set spend go direct force muscle press urge constrain push insist drive bear down bring pressure to bear upon exert force on put squeeze on urge by force use duress on use force on overcome rise above predominate overwhelm surmount conquer defeat overpower extinguish override prevail outweigh quash surpass upend beat master weather triumph outdo dry become dry dry off dry out dry up confront meet plod take on appear encounter climb lift soar come up move up move upward end wrap expire break off come to an end cut off end its journey finish up wind up ascent promotion aggrandizement(US) ascension boon elevation comeback recovery recuperation advancement upgrade preferment aggrandisement(UK) print boom development expansion gain growth improvement upsurge upswing upturn blessing happiness success betterment rally rehabilitation revitalization snapback morality regeneration restoration resurgence amelioration rejuvenation reinvigoration mending jump doubling increment maximisation(UK) maximization(US) quadrupling raise spike surge tripling accession accretion burgeoning buildup multiplication

790 Sentences With "slide"

How to use slide in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "slide" and check conjugation/comparative form for "slide". Mastering all the usages of "slide" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It is "A Midsummer Night's Dream," not "A Midsummer's Night Dream." slide show slide show slide show
" Instead, ask yourself, "What's the slide before the first slide?
Run, jump, slide, hookshot, run, jump, slide, jump, fuuuck. Restart.
One way to avoid that is to SLIDE, baby, SLIDE.
We had a 105-slide deck prepared, and we didn't get past the second slide because they rattled on about one fucking slide.
Slide, slide, slippity slide See the model Romee Strijd transform before and after hair and makeup at Jeremy Scott: Reimagined check for fall?
"And when you hear them, it makes sense." slide show slide show
But in reality, I could be anywhere; and in fact, I'm alone in my room in the dead of the night, rain beating on the window, cigarette ash in a mug, YouTube videos open: slide, slide, slide, slide.
The Sundae Slide was created out of cheapnessAccording to executive producer and co-creator Geoffrey Darby, the famous Sundae Slide obstacle was chosen because it was cheap to make:We could go buy a slide—seriously, you go and buy a slide.
"All I can focus on right now," said Ken Downing, the fashion director of Neiman Marcus, "is my friends in France." slide show slide show slide show
His comments prompted the euro to slide to slide in value versus the dollar.
"We have to enjoy," she said, "while we're still surviving." slide show slide show
I'm usually someone who lets things slide but I can't let this slide anymore.
"Sometimes the challenge for me is not to slide just to slide," Federer said.
"If it's forced," Mr. Pinault said in the minutes before the McQueen show started, speaking of coed fashion seasons, "both parts are losing." slide show slide show slide show
You just slide it to the right, push down the lever, and slide it back.
We walk through it slide by slide, and I give him suggestions and further instructions.
He went slide by slide, picture by picture of my baby's brain, face and head.
"Someone is taking a photo of the back for a change." slide show slide show
A digitally scanned version of a Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) slide, which is used to train the AI model A digitally scanned version of a Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) slide, which is used to train the AI model Then there was the challenge of subjectivity.
"I took Meadow down the slide on my lap, and about halfway down the slide, I realized her foot was caught between me and the slide," Clare, 35, tells PEOPLE.
Ryder said each slide should have a headline that clearly says what the slide is about.
"And I think everyone needs a break from the rush of design week." slide show slide show
"There was one concrete slide we called the Slide of Death for obvious reasons," Mr. Perkins said.
The slide was certified by Guinness World Records in May 2014 as the world's tallest water slide.
You slide up to get to the application drawer and slide down to get to the notification drawer.
Thankfully, it's easy to swap out: slide the latch, press down on the battery and it'll slide out.
To put that into context, it's said that the average presentation slide contains 40 words on each slide.
Slide: Google Slide: Google Looker was founded in 2011 and raised more than $280 million, according to Crunchbase.
Correction: An earlier version of this slideshow misidentified the subjects of the photos in slide 13 and slide 16.
As slide after slide went by, her bone marrow told a story: treatment, remission, relapse, treatment, remission, remission, remission.
Slide to the left to make the screen dimmer and slide to the right to make the screen brighter.
Emails from Juul representatives and slide-by-slide comparisons of the courses are printed here for the first time.
As we walk over, she jumps with excitement to simply swing on a swing or slide down a slide.
The day afterward, we even put a slide on the top so they could slide off the top of it.
Then come back for our slide-by-slide analysis of the 20 most important parts of the 294 page report.
Slide by slide, I had a new understanding and a sort of compassion for my body and how it worked.
Users can see how many times their presentation has been opened and see engagement on a slide-by-slide basis.
He did not hold back, showing slide after slide that detailed the distortions and errors of the Puerto Rico deal.
" As she looked at slide after slide that addressed her declining fertility, Dina found herself wondering: "Is this really necessary?
An all-analogue operation, it involves a 35mm slide carousel slide projector and a double LP played on a turntable.
In the preview demonstration I saw, PowerPoint Translator left the slide acronyms intact, while properly translating the slide text around it.
"You slide out then you slide in with graceful shadow," he sings, his voice buried in a shallow grave of electronics.
I'll just watch the video where you can see Myers go down the slide and—okay that's enough slide for me.
One slide showed a covert agent sending a link—redacted by NBC in the slide—to an individual known as P53ke.
If we had to choose between plain old escalators or stairs and a slide, we'd definitely choose a slide every time.
Slide job!" when Busch and Kyle Larson jousted for the lead late in the Chicagoland race immediately inspired several "Slide Job!
Ranking slide Djokovic is currently ranked fourth in the world — his lowest mark since 2009 — and he is set to slide further.
A former lifeguard at the park rode the slide about a year before the death, when the slide was undergoing test runs.
You can also slide down to get to your notifications, or slide down on the Pixel's fingerprint sensor to do the same.
On the Market 18 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties: • In Rowayton, Conn.
She provided a series of hypothetical scenarios, showing a slide in each that is sexual harassment and another slide that is not.
It's called the "Cha-Cha Slide" challenge, on account of the fact that you listen to the "Cha-Cha Slide" while you're driving and let Mr. C The Slide Man dictate your every move, in turn putting your life in peril.
It includes a handful of new ideas for the home screen, including a slide out app drawer and a slide out widget tray.
When the researchers then cut the brain into sections, the RNA bar codes can help them track individual neurons from slide to slide.
He had a slide on the screen with lights showing the level of Android activations globally, but on that slide Africa was dark.
"Bono Malum Superate," read a garment worn by one of the modern-day Cadet centurions: "Overcome Evil With Good." slide show slide show
Half of the "Slide Fires" for AR-15s (the priciest ones, at that) on Slide Fire Solutions' website are currently out of stock.
Standing at exactly 168 feet 7 inches, the slide was certified by Guinness World Records in May 2014 as the world's tallest water slide.
Crude exporter Colombia's peso skid to an all-time low, while the copper slide saw Chile's peso slide to 3-1/2 year lows.
On the Market 22 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and Connecticut.
Slide to unlock is history The trademark slide-to-unlock gesture that's been a signature of the iPhone's interface since 2007 is now gone.
"I had no problem with that slide — it's a great slide — that's what we're taught to do as players, break it up," Walker said.
On the Market 13 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and Connecticut.
On the Market 16 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and Connecticut.
Despite the potential physical injuries and regret this slide could easily provide, the glee of such an epic slide would be worth the pain.
The family would gather together in the living room and a slide projector would project each slide one at a time onto a foldout screen.
VMware Tanzu (Slide: VMware) VMware Tanzu (Slide: VMware) McLuckie sees bringing virtual machine and Kubernetes together in this fashion provides a couple of key advantages.
And particularly with the vignetted edges we gave this film, it evokes feelings of an old photograph, or a slide projector, or a slide show.
"My team can go in and look at every individual slide and give me comments and feedback on every individual slide or page," he said.
A colleague helped stop the slide of Dr. Thompson's tent down a mountainside using an ax; Dr. Thompson did not stop the slide by himself.
On the Market 14 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and New Jersey.
On the Market 20 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and New Jersey.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads   At the Catholic university, a speaker clicks through slide after slide of barbed wire, cattle-chute checkpoints, and walls.
They can send her JPEG after JPEG, the digital equivalent of slide after slide from an artist's portfolio, but Ms. Vaccaro's reply will remain: Wait.
Slide the switch and the Home Mini will turn off its always-listening microphones; slide it back and it will return to its normal, surveillance state.
As stated in the rule, a player performs a bona fide slide when he: ■ Begins his slide (makes contact with the ground) before reaching the base.
Instagram's three-slide Stories carousel ads Instagram's three-slide Stories carousel ads That's why I expect we'll quickly see Facebook start to test unskippable Stories ads.
Seated in a darkened conference room at the authority's headquarters on Randalls Island, he explained step-by-step, slide-by-slide, just how the system works.
It was a tame slide by old-school baseball standards, but since baseball reformed its slide rules in the wake of Chase Utley's breaking Ruben Tejada's leg with a hard slide in the 2015 playoffs, it was hard not to see it as over the line.
On the Market 13 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Weston, Conn.
On the Market 16 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Rowayton, Conn.
The classic physics problem usually involves going down a slide, but replace the slide with the pole, and you've got essentially the same exercise, according to Thompson.
Cindy McCain shared the same video on her Instagram account — and added another one of her heading down the slide solo amid an enthusiastic "Water Slide!" chant.
"You saw Bumgarner today — he's slide-stepping and slide-stepping, and all of a sudden he'd give you a big leg kick, the slow delivery," Collins said.
On the Market 10 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Redding, Conn.
On the Market 14 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Fairfield, Conn.
On the Market 16 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Wilton, Conn.
On the Market 14 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Norwalk, Conn.
On the Market 13 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Shippan, Conn.
On the Market 16 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Weston, Conn.
On the Market 15 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Fairfield, Conn.
On the Market 14 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Rowayton, Conn.
To turn off your iPhone, hold down the side lock button until the "slide to power off" toggle appears, then slide it to power the phone off.
On a screen, he put up a slide of heart cells from his lab and, next to it, a slide of heart cells from Dr. Anversa's laboratory.
On the Market 22 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and Connecticut: • In Ridgefield, Conn.
Slide: Canalys Slide: Canalys Matthew Ball, an analyst at Canalys, says the fourth quarter numbers predate the medical crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak in China.
On the Market 13 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and Connecticut: • In Stamford, Conn.
On the Market 15 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in Connecticut and New York: • In Ridgefield, Conn.
On the Market 15 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New Jersey and Connecticut: • In Easton, Conn.
On the Market 16 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in Connecticut and New York: • In Darien, Conn.
On the Market 10 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Weston, Conn.
On the Market 15 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Weston, Conn.
On the Market 16 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Greenwich, Conn.
On the Market 17 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In Westport, Conn.
The Australian, New Zealand and Canadian dollars all sank against the U.S. dollar on the back of another slide in Chinese stock markets and the slide in oil.
According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Forever 21 has copied at least 3 of Puma and Rihanna's designs -- the Creeper, the Bow Slide and the Fur Slide.
His reaction is joyous, his decision to slide dab seems unscripted—even if he practiced that slide for days with his buddies—and he somehow suspends friction altogether.
On the Market 13 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in the New York region: • In North Stamford, Conn.
On the Market 21 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and New Jersey: • In Redding, Conn.
On the Market 15 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and New Jersey: • In Darien, Conn.
On the Market 20 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and New Jersey: • In Norwalk, Conn.
On the Market 15 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and New Jersey: • In Westport, Conn.
On the Market 16 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and New Jersey: • In Southport, Conn.
On the Market 21 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and New Jersey: • In Westport, Conn.
On the Market 13 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New Jersey and Connecticut: • In New Canaan, Conn.
On the Market 14 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and New Jersey: • In Easton, Conn.
On the Market 12 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York and New Jersey: • In Westport, Conn.
How to build a pitch deck that will wow investors in 2020, featuring a slide-by-slide breakdown of the decks a founder used to raise $448 million
Using a special tank slide, Sullivan drops red food coloring inside the slide to reflect what looks like blood being spilled on the battlefield as the brothers lay dead.
I think he does a disservice to the Constitution and the country when he thinks he can slide his way, slip slide his way around this serious constitutional issue.
Picture Prompts 6 Photos View Slide Show ' Take a look at this slide show of photos from "the Great White Hurricane" that paralyzed New York City in March 1888.
Non-existent. I usually come home about midnight cause I work really late and by the time I get home I just slide it on and slide into bed.
" - Margot, 36 "In tube slide at a playground.
"Furniture would slide across the room and slide back and with it came people and glass," Jan Terbruegen, a passenger rescued from the Viking Sky, told Dagbladet, a Norwegian newspaper.
Inside, you'll find a single pair of Mod-U-Lox attachment points for slide-in and slide-out attachments of either the Laptop Sleeve or Night Bag/Gear Pouch accessories.
Users have learned to rapidly tap to progress slide by slide through friends' Stories, especially when racing through those with too many posts or that come from more distant acquaintances.
Slide Fire reboots sales with a "Cyber Monday" sales push Slide Fire reboots sales with a "Cyber Monday" sales push Bump stocks are back, just in time for the holidays.
Back on land, the Hills will offer art on Discovery Hill, picnic spots on Outlook Hill and Grassy Hill, and fun on Slide Hill, home to the city's longest slide.
Wrapped around the ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture and observation tower, "The Slide" is 580 feet long, which makes it the world's tallest, longest, fastest tunnel slide, according to the Times London.
This article originally appeared on VICE UK. Have you ever hopped Mario up like three platforms, then rounded a corner, and you—you as Mario—need to make a double-length jump across two high arches, which you nail, but then there's a sort of sand-covered angular wall on the other side, and you—or you as Mario, all fingers and all thumbs—somehow accidentally pop into a crouch, and slide and slide and slide and slide and slide, all the way down again, until you fall right back to where you just started with a soft small: shhhhhht?
In that article, we attached a full copy of the slide deck that Comcast made and also quoted Comcast extensively; the slide deck explains Comcast's position on the issue at length.
Tapping it transforms the Touch Bar into a thumbnail view of your presentation that you can slide through and tap on to bring any slide into view on the main screen.
Article of the Day 8 Photos View Slide Show ' Article: 'Kerry James Marshall's Paintings Show What It Means to Be Black in America' Before Reading Look through the slide show above.
To make the slide visible again, just repeat the same process — there&aposll be a check mark next to the "Skip slide" option that will disappear when you click it again.
In the exhibition's last gallery, Phil Collins's "free fotolab" (2009) flicks through slide after slide of personal snapshots given to him by participants in exchange for free prints of the photos.
" And they're like, "Go down the slide, everybody does.
The Pour 9 Photos View Slide Show ' WOODSIDE, Calif.
Critic's Notebook 18 Photos View Slide Show ' MAYER, Ariz.
Square Feet 7 Photos View Slide Show ' INGLEWOOD, Calif.
Critic's Notebook 12 Photos View Slide Show ' AUSTIN, Tex.
Living In 1503 Photos View Slide Show ' Quiet nights.
The Chef 11 Photos View Slide Show ' HOMESTEAD, Fla.
Restaurant Review 10 Photos View Slide Show ' OAKLAND, Calif.
Restaurant Review 15 Photos View Slide Show ' AUSTIN, Tex.
On Location 12 Photos View Slide Show ' On Aug.
Furthermore, if you have an app open in Slide Over view, there's an additional gesture bar at the bottom that lets you cycle between all previous apps you opened in Slide Over.
Motherboard obtained seven slide presentations, which include examples of "funny" police tweets, Twitter dos and don'ts, and at one point, a slide is completely dedicated to displaying an image of YouTuber PewDiePie.
A slide behind him also noted that Google's error rate in voice recognition is now just under 5 percent, down from 8.5 percent in July, 2016, according to one slide behind Pichai.
I think it had to do with the muddy conditions out there, he kind of stuck on his slide and it turned out to be a pretty not ideal way to slide.
The most important slide in a pitch deck is the "Why" The "why" slide allows investors in the room to understand why the business matters, both to the world and the entrepreneur.
Trendspotting 8 Photos View Slide Show ' Last year Demna Gvasalia had a certified hit on his hands when he introduced a puffer coat made to slip and slide off the models' shoulders.
Indeed, just to explain their ideas to each other, Fed policymakers and academics at the Hoover Institution's annual conference displayed slide after slide crammed with equations, lengthy bullet points, and nearly indecipherable charts.
Mortgage rates continued to slide this week, and Thursday's much-anticipated hearing on Capitol Hill, where former FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to testify, could either accelerate that slide or reverse it.
But Torres — who pledged not to slide headfirst after tearing his elbow ligaments last year with a slide at the plate — artfully slid around catcher Christian Vazquez's tag, touching home with his hand.
You may also want to get rid of a slide that contains research, sources, or to cut down on presentation time, but still want to keep the content in the slide for yourself.
"Slide on Me" Needless to say, the fans are psyched.
Just go outside and slide down a chute of glass.
Red Carpet Watch 8 Photos View Slide Show ' Wait — what?
Pin the braid into place and slide your finger out.
The Slide Over app partially covers the apps under it.
Video A hard slide at third by baserunner and Rep.
If you're really lucky, you might even have a slide.
Throw and build things with snow and slide down it.
Luckily, an overwhelming majority of fans didn't let that slide.
" But on the flip slide, there's enormous harm," Jenkins said.
The slide is open Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m.
BTS threw back to childhood with a giant rainbow slide.
The cause of its recent slide is, however, more complicated.
Another sterling slide would probably result in a new high.
Behold: the Massage Patent Slide Sandal, which was — ahem — $400.
Adding to concerns is the recent slide in oil prices.
I take off my pants and slide on the tights.
Previously he has never been able to arrest that slide.
A slide of the victims shown during a press conference.
The IRS might let you slide on an underpayment penalty.
Slide Over lets you have three apps open at once.
Living In 20173 Photos View Slide Show ' Good schools, check.
Vincent wanted a water slide, which, unsurprisingly, was not possible.
So, how to convince the government to let it slide?
But they inevitably slide out, especially in my right ear.
Building Blocks 21945 Photos View Slide Show ' The Farm Colony.
I slide it over my head and crawl into bed.
Bump stocks, which are manufactured by Slide Fire Solutions Inc.
Mining firm Vale SA reversed early gains to slide 219.1190%.
So, for that, we'll let Balenciaga's latest viral item slide.
Sterling's spectacular slide will give way to more measured misery.
Some observers worry that Pompeii could slide back into disrepair.
Earlier this month, it decided to slide into his DMs.
SpaceX's slide to the 30th spot stems from various factors.
A slide from the 2017 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results.
They seemed to slide into various restaurant looks fairly easily.
The central bank's frantic efforts to halt the slide failed.
Unlike Bieber, the reality star didn't let Midler's comment slide.
To date, the slide is still a major tourist attraction.
I preferred the PaMu Slide case, simply for its aesthetics.
White nigga wit a badge, you gonna let that slide?
It had paused in recent day after a relentless slide.
For a graphic on emerging market currencies slide, click tmsnrt.
Messages seeking comment from Slide Fire Solutions were not returned.
Harris wrote up his worries in a slide deck manifesto.
In Congo the slide back to carnage has already begun.
Despite the Mavericks' recent slide, they control their postseason fate.
Reuters obtained the slide deck through a public records request.
I hadn't seen him slide in close to my ear.
My masculinity allowed their eyes to slide right over me.
That follows an 11 percent slide in volume in March.
Julian was sitting on his lap going down the slide.
I said, please tell me you had a good slide.
If you didn't have a good slide, this isn't good.
Yes, he had his slide puzzle victory on day one.
It could slide further in Wall Street's regular session Friday.
" Among other streams, that slide mentions "merchandise" and "membership services.
I move, and my motion is a slide, a flow.
It's a sandpaper slide at the theme park of death.
Soft soils or hard granite can cause them to slide.
Appears the center will slide just to the east pic.twitter.
Hutcherson: He actually recorded a pick slide for the album.
They have been watching with horror the slide in sterling.
This time, Trump's orbit proved unwilling to let Heller slide.
You to let his Freudian slips slide, for once. 223.
DXY, adding to Wednesday's steep slide after the Fed's decision.
This unexpected slide in rates may not be over yet.
Nathan believes the stock could slide below $90 per share.
Financials led the slide, taking 53 points off the index.
Trump, however, wasn't interested in sitting through a slide presentation.
Slide your feet and legs under towards your low back.
And by social content, I don't mean a static slide.
The training slide in the presentation has since been removed.
Despite the announcement, Ferrari shares continued to slide on Monday.
A rise in media stocks also helped limit the slide.
Did professors still use slide projectors in the year 2000?
What better way to slide into a serious heart condition?
Let your kids slide around on the wood or linoleum.
I could not slide with it in my back pocket.
Its slide has matched the dwindling fortunes of its owner.
"In Your Car" roils with clarity and swooning slide work.
The slide added to sharp falls over the past week.
Each contribution is accompanied by one of Trask's slide combinations.
Living In 14 Photos View Slide Show ' Brooklyn or SoHo?
It's unclear how tall the slide in Terminal 4 is.
That was enough to end the slide and lift prices.
Still, they held up on the inside (see next slide).
So this was our 'Hey, we can really execute' slide.
And we certainly must not slide toward solar geoengineering blindly.
And we cannot in all good conscience let that slide.
Failing to do so will accelerate the slide into lawlessness.
The key concept is summed up in the 22010rd slide.
If history is any guide, stocks are set to slide.
It's been a long, downward slide for cellphone maker Vertu.
The slide has been going on slowly for a while.
What You Get 24 Photos View Slide Show ' CHANHASSEN, MINN.
But might a true slide step diminish the prized fastball?
ET (19703 GMT), but still heading for a weekly slide.
What You Get 23 Photos View Slide Show ' GULFPORT, MISS.
And the margin slide is likely to continue this year.
Scene City 14 Photos View Slide Show ' WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.
Here's the simple hack: Stick to one number per slide.
Living In 5063 Photos View Slide Show ' The Greenwich, Conn.
Maybe slide him a cut of whatever came his way.
Sometimes, I shave the sole down so I can slide.
What You Get 24 Photos View Slide Show ' MADISON, WIS.
What You Get 24 Photos View Slide Show ' ATHENS, TENN.
"We can't let bad behavior slide anymore," Kimmel, 50, said.
" Ms. Stein said: "As long as your shoes can slide.
Fifteen couples have got back together after the slide show.
We need to speed up that progress, not slide backward.
A cloud of dust from the slide was still visible.
Scene City 27 Photos View Slide Show ' Benefit fatigue yet?
What You Get 22 Photos View Slide Show ' WILMINGTON, DEL.
What You Get 24 Photos View Slide Show ' LITCHFIELD, CONN.
During a drug trip, glittery tears slide down Rue's face.
But this year's edition was more of a rock slide.
He made a good slide and slid over my glove.
This slide has been updated to correct Whitaker's career experience.
This slide identifies the problems that IoT devices could solve.
This slide, superimposed over the previous, shows why IoT fails.
ET, rebounding from a brief slide after the EIA data.
What You Get 0003 Photos View Slide Show ' FREEDOM, WYO.
So the "Cha Cha Slide" and "Macarena" are still lit?
Scene City 14 Photos View Slide Show ' At 5 p.m.
The Internet Trends report — everyone's favorite slide deck — is back.
Over time, the slow slide is good for European exporters.
Donnelly saw his support among men slide 6 percentage points.
"That's why he got to slide this time," Azalea explained.
Smaller payment firms could face consolidation as their margins slide.
At first, she feared she'd slide back into deeper grief.
You finally get your slot and slide into the cubicle.
Preethi warned us that the next slide would be graphic.
Nike Benassi Duo Ultra Womens Slide, $2395, available at Nike.
Madewell The Willa Slide Sandal, $88 $69.50, available at Madewell.
I let it slide and we went back to normal.
Financials led the slide, taking 33 points off the index.
After moving into record territory, the stock slide back slightly.
Annual sales would slide by one to two million vehicles.
Plastic sleds, saucers, and cardboard don't slide on dry sand.
He was perhaps hampered by a slide tackle by Nagatomo.
"Unknown virus" got one reference, on slide 2865 of 260.
Slide sandals emblazoned with the words "Frigid Whore" sat nearby.
It's filled with games, toys and a seriously impressive slide.
Nvidia's slide weighed on the shares of rival chip makers.
Nor is it a good reason to let this slide.
Scene City 35 Photos View Slide Show ' BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.
The outdoor space includes a heated pool with a slide.
Tim Cook of Apple Most interesting is Mr. Zuckerberg's slide.
A slide show from the collection can be viewed here.
It turns out the board will let this one slide.
We need a zero tolerance approach to halt the slide.
The business plan, slide deck and pro forma were written.
They often disappear and slide into petty crime or slavery.
Apple's tumble on Monday followed another slide after its Nov.
Tuesday's slide was the third daily decline in a row.
It's a role that could easily slide into winking caricature.
The slide is the latest problem for China's weakening economy.
He lays his cards, and the slide, on the table.
"The kids are running a slide projector," Ms. Zygas said.
A slide detailing "errors resulting from stress" was also removed.
The market continued to slide through most of the day.
My lack of discipline always threatens a slide into chaos.
Futures pointed to a slide when Wall Street starts trading.
As I slide the clip in from inside the hotel.
Europe has taken a huge hit from the market slide.
Markets in greater China mirrored the slide in global equities.
An opponent slide tackles him from behind: North Gyeongsang, 248.
Leading the slide was a 27% drop in technology stocks.
The Times has a great slide show of his work.
Gently, the rat's limbs slide out of its skin Snuggie.
The couch can slide out into a bed for guests.
Leading the slide was a 27% drop in technology stocks.
If you just pull, the entire block may slide forward.
Wednesday's announcement indicates the start will now slide into 13.
"Deal of the Century Return on Investment" said one slide.
The slide was called Verruckt, which means "insane" in German.
The Run-Up 11 Photos View Slide Show ' Two years.
Many are wondering how much further the currency may slide.
Logic would dictate a slide, perhaps a fairly steep one.
It's much easier to slide into a pocket sans case.
Slide 4 clarifies the rules about adults inappropriately soliciting children.
Airport workers later discovered the missing slide during an inspection.
"We can slide on it," one wildly optimistic kid says.
On March 210, 248.5, stocks halted their financial crisis slide.
Ukraine's bonds, which were restructured last year, extended Thursday's slide.
And they just let it slide right under their noses.
See all of this and more in our slide show.
Which five images would you choose from the slide show?
What did you learn about Robinson from the slide show?
Why is Trump so willing to let the Saudis slide?
It's just a small cut, and they slide right in.
The back of Ye's feet were hangin' off the slide.
Oil also continued its slide further into bear market territory.
This presentation is an interesting example, because its grayscale theme isn't inherently exciting, but the way the text jumps around from slide to slide is an extremely effective way of grabbing and holding attention.
Equities have been tightly correlated with oil in recent weeks as the commodity's 1-1/2-year slide has deepened, with investors worried oil's slide is a sign of shakiness in the global economy.
Slide: IBM Slide: IBM Dan Scholnick, general partner at Trinity Ventures, whose investments have included New Relic and Docker, was not terribly impressed with the deal, believing it smacked of desperation on IBM's part.
Slidebean wants to get rid of all that extra work by letting you choose a color palette and font up-front, as well as a design template, and then simply inputting information slide by slide.
Slide: Oracle Slide: Oracle He makes claims that his cloud products are faster and cheaper, claims that are hard to substantiate given how hard it is to nail down any vendor's cloud prices and speeds.
Equities have been tightly correlated to oil in recent weeks as the commodity's 1-1/2-year slide has deepened, with investors worried that oil's slide is a sign of shakiness in the global economy.
But then, its owner — who's playing Zelda — gets up and reveals that the main controls slide off the frame of the gamepad, then slide onto the sides of a small tablet nestled in the box.
"On Sunday, May 20, 2018 at midnight CDT, Slide Fire will cease taking orders for its products and shut down its website," Slide Fire Solutions said in a statement on its website, USA Today reported.
To view a movie, you have to slide your body sideways into a tight standing space, slide your quarter in the slot, and crane your neck to peek through a five-inch-wide viewing slot.
Sterling's slide spurred another round of bearish forecasts on the currency.
And they chose to use their money to build a slide.
He pushed her dress up, making the slide slow and torturous.
Slide Over now lets you cycle between all previously opened apps.
You had Zynga and you had Slide and you had RockYou.
However, the financial sector, which rose 20.89 percent, limited the slide.
Apparently fashion's forgiven him, so I guess we're letting it slide.
Stocks slide as US prepares $200B in tariffs on Chinese goods.
HK/SIN, following a slide from highs above 96.0 last week.
Cars speed and slide across the ice at 40-60 mph.
Well, Badgley may just slide into your DMs for a chat.
Opinion: 15 years on, we must not let Afghanistan slide backwards
Americans' opinions of Washington have been on the slide since 2001.
And don't forget to update your friends about the third slide.
Top with the cheese and slide the pan into the oven.
Like, she&aposs scaling the Statue of Liberty to slide down.
Note the second to last image in the slide show above.
Here are four tactics to try: Don't let bad behavior slide.
The market reached a tipping point and began its infamous slide.
Afterward a colleague asked why she put the slide in backward.
Nvidia shares fell 11 percent, continuing a slide begun on Thursday.
That downward slide has only been inflamed by the July incident.
The more you let it slide, the more it seeps in.
I felt his hand start to slide slowly down my back.
And as oil prices slide, thousands of jobs are at risk.
Equities also saw prices slide, with indices down across the board.
Check out some of our favorite Yeezy slide Twitter jokes below.
I'm like ... In any case, the slide was what riveted me.
Sterling's slide boosted the FTSE to end at a session high.
Keep your finger down; slide it around to move your cursor.
The ratings slide isn't just consistent — in some weeks, it's accelerating.
Well, stress no more: Slide is here to automate your shades.
Their impending return has contributed to a slide in Iran's currency.
Even the hypersensitive Presidents Clinton and Obama let a lot slide.
It is then expected to slide to 52 percent in 2022.
"I had miscues where I let things slide," Towns told reporters.
She's making a railing for our house that's also a slide.
The slide in mortgage rates comes amid continually rising home prices.
Here are a few phrases that will help you slide in.
What You Get 26 Photos View Slide Show ' PALM SPRINGS, CALIF.
Even before the current moment, however, a backward slide had begun.
OPEC changed course after the slide in prices starting in October.
An ice world where you'll slip and slide across most surfaces.
Grab the home indicator and slide up slightly then back down.
Two edges with outside bevels slide across each other to cut.
Should we do a slide show (T Magazine was on that)?
He contended it could slide even more from its current levels.
Thankfully, the professor is nice and lets me slide in unnoticed.
There have been no reported injuries at either slide so far.
The bench doesn't slide fore and aft, but the backs recline.
They're pockmarked on slide decks and bandied about at cocktail parties.
The stock fell 4.8% after a 1.8% slide the previous day.
It was the steepest slip yet in a long-term slide.
You're tired, hungry, and annoyed at yourself for letting things slide.
Watch: AMD shares slide after hours after company projects lower revenue
Sable also has the ability to slide down big sand dunes.
Just what I wanted coating my massive slip 'n slide: vomit.
Now people can easily slide into your DMs from your website.
In February of this year, Box saw shares slide to $9.
There's a positive spin to the stock's slide, according to Wieser.
Slather it onto fresh radishes or slide it into your omelet.
Watch the video on the next slide to find out why.
And we examine Hungary's curious effort to stem its population slide.
Investigators reportedly found Scott's DNA on the grip and ammunition slide.
Passengers could then quickly slide and lock the seats in place.
America will definitely continue on an irreversible slide into corporate fascism.
Just open enough so that her compact body can slide through.
Stocks continued their slide Friday despite a positive U.S. jobs report.
Slide the remaining lemon slices under skin in a single layer.
Now guards have to stand at the top of the slide.
And Thursday's slide pushed the Dow and Nasdaq into correction territory.
It continued its slide Thursday, touching an intraday bottom of $48.67.
Then slide popsicle sticks through the foil and into the pops.
Naturally, Hong Kong netizens weren't going to let the incident slide.
Carefully break each egg, and slide 1 egg into each indentation.
But they can act as powerful brakes within the general slide.
Friday's move reversed the greenback's month-long slide against the yen.
But a glass-bottomed slide hovering 1,000 feet above city sidewalks?
And then you slide back into the darkness of winter again.
The comment sent shares of major biotechs on a downward slide.
Or a hollowed-out skyscraper with a massive curly slide inside.
Energy stocks fell 0.4 percent as crude prices extended their slide.
If commodity prices continue to fall, they could slide even further.
But the nearly 6 percent slide in the loonie since Sept.
The slide far exceeded analysts' expectations of a dip to 8.1.
I don't like seeing slide shows of guys I've apparently dated.
At that point, slide both arms in simultaneously, under your chest.
The slide in oil prices may not be over yet though.
They really advise one person at a time down a slide.
The slide was led by losses in petrochemical and financial stocks.
Most tech investors, then, probably aren't sweating the three-cent slide.
The federal government's long-term slide to fiscal ruin didn't change.
But that wasn't enough for Sonya Curry to let it slide.
House Democrats are unlikely to let that kind of thing slide.
Maybe one day someone non-creepy will slide into your DMs.
Beto O'Rourke (D) is watching his political stock slide (The Hill).
" A slide in their PowerPoint presentation drove the point home: "COMPASSIONATE.
Even though the trip is quick, the slide is quite large.
PaMu Slide Bluetooth 5 In-Ear Headphones with Wireless Charger — $84.99
What can the LME do to reverse the slide in volumes?
This slide shows AT&T's four arms of business, including Xandr.
A slide shows how Xandr packages some of its larger deals.
What You Get 23 Photos View Slide Show ' VERO BEACH, FLA.
What You Get 18863 Photos View Slide Show ' ONO ISLAND, ALA.
It would be no surprise if the pound continued to slide.
The ATS has to be coaxed into any type of slide.
Data suggest the slide began around the turn of the century.
Its WorldView-4 satellite failed in January, causing shares to slide.
Would her words that day exacerbate the slide or reverse it?
Building Blocks 7 Photos View Slide Show ' Henry Aaron, it begins.
The beaten-down energy sector's 3.1 percent slide led the declines.
However, a slide in the value of Takeaway's shares since Aug.
"You just got to believe in your slide step," Bumgarner said.
A steep slide in prices has surprised many oil market participants.
Another slide in crude oil prices weighed on the energy sector.
The slide in oil weighed on several oil and gas companies.
He suggested that the slide in the mayor's popularity had ended.
" During his talk, Mr. Musk put up a slide titled "Funding.
On Baseball 212.5 Photos View Slide Show ' Jose Fernandez was nervous.
What You Get 6883 Photos View Slide Show ' MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MINN.
What You Get 23 Photos View Slide Show ' STINSON BEACH, CALIF.
This slide provides more context on Particle's suite of IoT services.
I'll let it slide if it's an HP 12c financial calculator.
The slide extended with Thursday's poor set of U.S. economic data.
She released "Slide Away" on Thursday, and it is... a banger!
Building Blocks 9 Photos View Slide Show ' There is no Brazil.
What You Get 18 Photos View Slide Show ' CRESTED BUTTE, COLO.
Dan Frommer: Let's talk about this, because it's a great slide.
An infatuation with screens can easily slide into a moral failing.
China's yuan steadied as authorities took steps to contain its slide.
Then, slide on the security bars, and your door is secure.
My Space 6 Photos View Slide Show ' Name Christopher Leacock, a.k.a.
But that's not the largest slide in optimism across demographic groups.
The won's slide came despite suspected dollar-selling intervention by Seoul.
It poured through the skylight, whose glass panes can slide open.
Sam Lipsyte: I slide furiously back and forth along the spectrum.
I swallowed hard, feeling the salty slime slide down my throat.
You can slide them up and down relative to one another.
If everything is OK, slide the eggs into the pan. 2.
Here's Victoria performing the electric slide with beauty expert Ken Paves.
To some extent, this is what happened to us at Slide.
Johnson & Johnson's slide dragged down the S&P 500 healthcare index .
Puma saw sales slide after it became largely a fashion brand.
Cops agreed, or maybe just agreed to let this one slide.
Just go to Settings > Maps and tap the slide for traffic.
But Kuwait continued to slide, with its index losing 26 percent.
Reuters also reported that the trade deal could slide into 2020.
Trump grew concerned an extended slide could damage his political prospects.
A drop among independent women was mostly responsible for the slide.
Walls of glass slide open to a vine-draped, sunken patio.
Slide your knife along the lid's ceiling, disconnecting the adductor muscle.
Hungry City 10 Photos View Slide Show ' Sushi was not highborn.
There are two sections of the kitchen that can slide out.
Now he has a swirly yellow slide high above left field.
Ms. McCarthy's box office results have been on a downward slide.
Demand political news coverage that doesn't slide into social class stereotypes.
That slide is worse than the declines of the S.&P.
Just give us 15 minutes to set up the slide projector.
Slide a seven-footer over to meet him at the rim?
After leading Wall Street's recent slide, technology stocks rebounded as well.
But by Wednesday, Slide Fires had vanished from both companies' websites.
Most economists expect the country to slide into recession, stirring outrage.
Click through the slide show to see highlights from the week.
The two-term senator's slide in the polls has been dramatic.
Click through the slide show to see highlights from the night.
Living In 8 Photos View Slide Show ' It seems far-fetched.
I can even slide my laptop in the back zipper pocket.
As isolated incidents, neither slide by Machado was a huge deal.
Should you let that comment slide, or address it head on?
"Goldman Sachs is the #1 Activism Defense Advisor" one slide reads.
When you open the top the contents will slide right out.
But I let the practice slide for a variety of reasons.
It is a weight off our shoulders breaking the bad slide.
Click through the slide show for highlights from the London shows.
The 2% drop was the worst one-day slide since August.
Literally, slide through the office so we can officiate this thing.
The car doors also slide open, so no more dooring bicyclists.
For most shakshuka recipes, cooks slide in whole eggs to poach.
The turnaround in Europe followed an initial slide on HSBC's earnings.
Detroit has scored nine runs during its five-game slide. 3.
He still displays a quick glove and a graceful butterfly slide.
However, a slide in the value of Takeaway's shares since Aug.
Voyeur 10 Photos View Slide Show ' We belong, we belong awake.
Slide it into the flesh, then press gently to your lips.
Buttigieg isn't the only one benefiting from Biden's slide of late.
But slide too far toward safety, and you're back in danger.
Anyone sitting there could slide around and participate in multiple conversations.
The timeline could slide, however, depending on what Trump's lawyers want.
He brushed you off and told you to let it slide.
Hungry City 10 Photos View Slide Show ' The sign is blank.
Only now, instead of a slide projector, it's a smart display.
Mr. Giuliani had seemed to slide eagerly into his new role.
Ambience picked up some bills, let them slide through her fingers.
The slide wiped out all the previous gains made in 2020.
What images from their slide shows might show that especially well?
"We can opt to take a slide down instead," she said.
I think it's great when we can slide that stuff in.
The Nasdaq Composite dropped 1.9% for its worst slide since August.
That contributed to a 62 percent slide in third-quarter profit.
What You Get 24 Photos View Slide Show ' SANTA BARBARA, CALIF.
Cassidy looked through a mid-century slide viewer that resembled binoculars.
Will this be enough to avert WeWork's slide towards possible bankruptcy?
Lecomte helps No. 1 Baylor slide past Kansas State MANHATTAN, Kan.
The Nazi symbols were written in black marker beneath a slide.
Album 10 Photos View Slide Show ' Is Harlem coming or going?
The Indian government has tried in vain to stop the slide.
But health care and energy stocks gained, braking the benchmark's slide.
Facts First: "Done more" is subjective, so we'll let it slide.
I didn't want to let it slide without calling it out.
Clemson 2420, Alabama 290 53 Photos View Slide Show ' TAMPA, Fla.
Samsonov had to slide sideways, creating an opening between his pads.
What You Get 24 Photos View Slide Show ' SEA RANCH, CALIF.
Scene City 9 Photos View Slide Show ' Mo' money, mo' problems.
Click through the slide show to see this year's greatest hits.
"Gas is the most economical energy source today," one slide read.
A near deal-breaker — thank you, editors, for letting it slide!
As the months dragged on, OPD continued to slide past deadlines.
That accident jump-started the slide that led to his death.
Smudges, dust and oil seem to slide right off the screen.
Is this slide some kind of death knell for Rodgers' career?
This claim caused sterling to slide to a ten-week low.
I feel the self about to slide off all the time.
Bush let that story, and even that nonchalant "whatever" comment, slide.
Here and there, part of one glyph might slide over another.
When the prose is this good, you can let that slide.
We don't just slide across the house naked with my friends.
Slide from Uber's report Slide from Uber's report The revelation is especially interesting, since both Uber and its chief local rival Ola have tended to avoid talks about the number of rides they serve in India.
Black market traders were buying dollars at 214-215 pounds on Monday and selling them to importers at 216-18.2, representing a two-pound slide in a single week and five-pound slide on the month.
View the slide show and spend time looking at each piece, paying special attention to your immediate reactions: For more examples, browse the slide show, "A Color Field Artist," featuring work by the painter Kenneth Noland.
On the Market 16 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York City: • In Greenwich Village, a large alcove studio apartment in a 1960s co-op.
On the Market 17 Photos View Slide Show ' Click on the slide show to see this week's featured properties in New York City: • In the East Village, a one-bedroom one-bath in a walk-up.
For example, we had to slide a couple bobby pins in behind Lauren's ear to create an anchor so that the comb on the end of the headband wouldn't just slide out of her sleek, straight hair.
The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies tanked today, continuing a months-long slide that has seen the value of the digital currency slide by more than $2,000 from highs of above $10,000 earlier in the year.
Trinity's presentation: Before the slide that shows Trinity's hospitalizations over the past two years, a separate slide details how patient admissions in the system's Medicare accountable care organization are declining, and "lower is better" for that population.
In the last few months, he's released the flawless "Slide" with Frank Ocean and the Migos, announced an album that features almost everybody, and followed that announcement up with "Rollin'"—basically "Slide 2.0"—alongside Future and Khalid.
The slide extended a three-day losing streak for the two indexes.
To cancel, slide your finger off the microphone icon before you release.
Broncos 24, Panthers 10 19 Photos View Slide Show ' SANTA CLARA, Calif.
Now, you'll be able to slide from letter to letter to type.
Companies that own or invest in malls are also on the slide.
I'm going to slide in like being on time is a breeze.
The share price's current slide has been going on since a Nov.
D.J. Augustin added 17 points as Orlando halted a four-game slide.
"Funny tweets are more likely to be shared," the slide presentation says.
A slide displays NYPD officers testifying about the impact of social media.
Exposely set up three garbage content sites with mindless slide shows—14
You can seamlessly run, slip, slide, climb, and swim through the environment.
As I did this, the photo would slide over the audio track.
The little plugin piece would slide so conveniently into the charging side?
Raising or lowering the volume takes a quick slide down the stem.
If the price of oil continues to slide, it could happen again.
The surge in pessimism has come with a corresponding slide in bullishness.
The stock declined 12 percent on Tuesday, its worst slide in years.
Click here to view original GIFBuilding a never-ending Slip 'N Slide?
Slide Fire's founder, Jeremiah Cottle, did not return multiple calls for comment.
Lantern Slide of the slave dealers, Birch & Co., in Alexandria, Virginia, 18403.
Hamilton never stopped running, easily beating the throw home with a slide.
A flip feature works, or I don't know, maybe a slide phone?
The Dow needs about 460 more points to erase that Friday slide.
The Kalaoun Mosque in Cairo documented on a hand-colored lantern slide.
Those horrifying pictures you saw in ominous slide shows during sex ed?
That includes a 22016 percent slide following the snub from S&P.
Global market slide spreads to Europe after Trump announces metal tariff plans.
The slide also came amid a drop in many European financial stocks.
"I started to just slide into a split really slowly," she says.
Instead, he channelled his doubts into a slide deck that went viral.
That slide weighed down energy stocks on Wall Street and in Europe.
SPNY also extended this week's slide, ending the day down 1.3 percent.
But the slide in the real also makes Brazilian soyabeans more competitive.
The minute we shut that down we start our slide into ignominy.
"Just pull down and slide your feet halfway," she said, already secured.
Assets dipped below $6 trillion during the market slide late last year.
U.S. crude reversed its slide to be up 2 cents at $51.58.
Weiss later shared a PowerPoint slide listing the five Tier 1 episodes.
Will we have a slide with a diving board and a pool?
The regulator has also produced a 30-slide interactive version this year.
Mr Mulki halted the slide by raising revenue and reducing energy subsidies.
The pair went down the slide together holding hands, says the source.
In terms of individual stocks, Danish biotech company Novozymes continued to slide.
Gold miner Newcrest Mining Ltd reversed yesterday's gains to slide 1.7 percent.
You tap the left PaMu Slide twice to connect with Google Assistant.
The slide was so big it registered 2.9 on the Richter Scale.
The fall compared with a median market forecast of a 2.0% slide.
The Mother of Dragons probably isn't going to let that one slide.
Aniston admitted she might just let the milestone slide without much fanfare.
You need to be a lot backward to slide into the car.
The energy sector fell 1.25 percent alongside a slide in oil prices.
While investors are hurting, the slide is a bigger problem for employees.
But after last week's slide, Twitter shares are worth $16.88 a piece.
The walk up to the top after you slide, not so much.
Love this slide: #equality vs #equity...haven't seen the third pic before!
Important Safety Information is featured on the last slide of this slideshow.
And that was just a small sample made on a microscope slide.
You can see it in the second slide in the gallery above.
" Human rights groups have accused the PiS government of an "authoritarian slide.
The company's stock entered last year's investor day on a downward slide.
The 168-foot water slide posed issues for the park early on.
Despite Tuesday's slide, Paulsen said he's getting more bullish on the market.
That slide, a decade in the making at least, is becoming precipitous.
That's a much more visceral lesson than PowerPoint slide will ever be.
Oil continued to slide, with U.S. crude hitting a 23-year low.
Slide a finger along the capacitive strip to add whooshy filter sweeps.
He just lets it slide off him and gets ready to play.
Ya faves be doing the electric slide at family parties too #Roommates!
Slide it out a foot, and the picture blooms to 120 inches.
Legend didn't let the penis comment slide; he put it in context.
Then he politely slide around me, unlocked the door, and walked out.
Cool Enough Studio The Plastic Shoes Waterproof Slide Sandal from Nordstrom, $24
It held above Wednesday's slide to $49.71, its lowest level since Nov.
But the screen also has the modern iPhone "slide to unlock" text.
Apple noted this briefly, showing a slide of the various non-U.
This one is compact and has three shelves that slide out easily.
Slide the dough onto the top stone to bake for 6 minutes.
All you do is slide a compatible accessory in, and you're done.
For starters, the yield on the 22-year note continues to slide.
One slide hints at an October 24th date for the livestream event.
It's a glaring oversight—but we'll let it slide, just this once.
Cleveland's four-game winning streak and Chicago's six-game slide were snapped.
"Slide on Me" has a verse-chorus structure that the others lack.
Its 3.1-percent slide dragged on the German blue chip DAX index .
But he has such a great name that we'll let it slide.
All you have to do is slide your produce against the blade.
The Dow was poised for its biggest slide in nearly two months.
I slide over to them and ask if I should try it.
A slide in sterling on rising 'Brexit' fears also buoyed the dollar.
Technically it's "Can you please spell Gabbana," but we'll let it slide.
Players slide numbered tiles and combine them according to multiples of threes.
Trump's slide corresponded with a rise in winning odds for Florida Sen.
Were there any looks or scenes that you had to let slide?
Predictably, the slide puts the OS head to head with Google Chromebooks.
Energy stocks fell 0.2 percent as crude prices LCOc1 extended their slide.
Some traders see the slide in General Electric getting a lot worse.
His comments come as the ruble continued its slide against the dollar.
Then they began a slide that has since continued almost without interruption.
" On the next slide, a red cross appears through the wave. "No!
Both sides, however, agree the oil price slide has exacerbated the crisis.
Take a slide into a state of utter delirium like these folks.
Long-press on Reply and you can slide over to Reply-All.
Harris announced "Slide" three days before it was released, on February 24.
Simply slide right into these leather beauties and you're ready to go.
"Nice to get out of the slide we were in," he said.
Maybe it would be easier to do nothing and let it slide.
Oil's recent slide has shaved more than a third off its price.
To do this, follow the same steps described in the first slide.
That definitely sounds like a flimsy excuse to slide into the DMs.
European markets finished higher, reversing a three-day slide with London's FTSE .
"It's a little masculine but in a very elegant way." slide show
Big tech and industrial equities, on the other hand, continued to slide.
This slide has been updated with new information about M13's investment.
The drop was the fourth worst point slide in the index's history.
Art Review 12 Photos View Slide Show ' Halloween started early this year.
Finally slide that engine back and see what this baby can do.
The afternoon slide helped pull down financial stocks and the broader market.
This slide illustrates how Sempre communicates with patients about the discounts available.
Hernew single, "Slide Away,"also seemed to take shots at her husband.
The man finally let the topic slide, and the woman was relieved.
Seats slide forward and backward, so legroom is what you make it.
I'll let the location slide because the Rock himself is from Samoa.
Hungry City 10 Photos View Slide Show ' The crepe is moon-white.
How to move a column in Excel to slide between existing columns1.
Scene City 26 Photos View Slide Show ' LOS ANGELES — Is fashion art?
The slide identifies three groups: female drivers, black children and white men.
He instead opened the emergency exit door, activating the emergency exit slide.
This slide is the first of two case studies in the pitch.
This slide shows the range of what Particle can provide a business.
This is a game we let slide and slip away from us.
A midday tweet from the President attacking the Fed compounded the slide.
Open multiple apps in slide over and swipe to switch between them
When you first looked at the slide show, what did you notice?
I said: if one slips, it will slide and will kill somebody.
Often, he'll begin in the key of pontification, then slide into friendliness.
Collins prefers Lagares to slide feet first to better protect the thumb.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all other major cryptocurrencies are continuing their downward slide.
I know they'll take advantage of me if I let it slide.
The is down 2.5 percent for October and counting amid Wednesday's slide.
This means that you won't have to slide between two screens anymore.
Now Congress has an opportunity to find ways to prevent that slide.
But first, I just can't let "enemies of reproductive rights" slide by.
Video excerpts and slide presentations from the event can be found here.
But we're already enjoying watching it slide around in the video below.
Without it—and even with it—topping can slide towards the latter.
"We've seen the Conservatives slide in the province of Ontario," he said.
It's good to have options when you're a boxer on the slide.
On the multitasking front, split view and Slide Over are still there.
One slide listed the PURA gene along with other genes of interest.
Slide Fire Solutions did not respond to VICE News' request for comment.
Still, it seems many are willing to let the slip-up slide.
At Stormi's first birthday party, Scott takes her down a massive slide.
Sports of The Times 12 Photos View Slide Show ' SAN JOSE, Calif.
The Nasdaq composite was weighed by a 25 percent slide in Illumina.
The slide also listed how much venture-capital funding each has raised.
Reuters had also reported that the trade deal could slide into 2020.
The broad slide snapped a two-day winning streak for the market.
For an erection lasting longer than four hours, slide into their DMs.
Economists expect the economy will slide into recession in the second quarter.
We examine how the country's slide toward authoritarianism helped trigger the crisis.
It has the effect of a slide show in Art History 101.
Its pages reveal how quickly metaphor can slide into obfuscation, abstraction, lying.
He once said: "My heart beats, I squeeze the shutter." slide show
He blamed Martha Stewart, the doyenne of domestic arts, for the slide.
Some performed reasonably well at first, only to slide into disaster later.
There's always the risk of sounding hyperbolic when talking about that slide.
The slide has ramps to wheel up or walk with their crutches.
Click through our slide show to see this year's most memorable images.
Luckily, the nurse let it slide — after interrogating her about her period.
Each time they dance, they slide the putty molds into their shoes.
The glacier's inexorable slide has moved the plane debris about two miles.
Tesla's stock continued to slide amid a broader coronavirus-related sell-off.
Oil prices rebounded 24.5% on Tuesday after Monday's more than 22018% slide.
Monday's steep slide came after talks between OPEC and its allies deteriorated.
But it's not just students who can slide backward during these months.
Futures markets tracking U.S. stocks suggest that the slide could continue today.
In one slide, HHS made stark predictions about a possible viral outbreak.
Then you can slide them into a freezer bag for longer storage.
Truth and lies slide around each other, tying knots around children's lives.
There is no "It's OK, it can slide this one time" here.
The slide may continue, says Bill Baruch, president of Blue Line Futures.
The music is cartoon pop, lots of slide guitar and syncopated rhythms.
"The slide looks like it's just checking the box," Spicer said, dejected.
Click through the slide show to see the best images they took.
Slide out of them with baked potatoes (above) for dinner, fully loaded!
The key is a slide containing a biological sample from Donnie Caan.
Neither continent is poised for a real slide into autocracy — I think!
Then, I was told to slide the flattening instrument off the patty.
His daughter was whittling down the plug for a carrot slide flute.

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