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"single" Definitions
  1. [only before noun] only one
  2. [only before noun] intended to be used by only one person
  3. (of a person) not married or having a romantic relationship with somebody
  4. [only before noun] (British English) (also one-way North American English, British English) a single ticket, etc. can be used for travelling to a place but not back again
  5. [only before noun] used to emphasize that you are referring to one particular person or thing on its own

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"single" Synonyms
sole solitary unique distinct exclusive lone singular specific only particular distinctive individual unitary characteristic odd one pure separate definite discrete solo isolated unaccompanied alone lonely lonesome independent companionless hermit by oneself on its own on one's own all alone unescorted unattended unmarried unattached unwed free spouseless partnerless uncommitted uninvolved available husbandless unwedded wifeless bachelor celibate respective different precise disparate distinguishable express distinguished peculiar special categorical detached freestanding separated disconnected unconnected uncoupled disengaged secluded sequestered unhitched standing apart standing alone not attached apart whole entire complete in one piece unbroken full undivided solid intact combined joined uncut full-length unshared private restricted discriminative friendless abandoned deserted shunned forlorn forsaken alienated estranged unbefriended unpopular unwanted stray random accidental chance freak haphazard scattered erratic arbitrary casual desultory incidental occasional unexpected scattershot hit-or-miss helter-skelter unanimous like-minded united agreed concordant agreeing consentient harmonious accepted accordant assenting at one collective common communal concurrent consensual consonant sheer absolute total utter unqualified downright outright thorough unmitigated consummate thoroughgoing unadulterated perfect unconditional categoric stark rank release record number track song tune ditty recording pop song popular song album disc(UK) disk(US) LP vinyl CD vinyl record EP tape cassette base hit bingle dinger hit one-bagger safe hit safety tater stag confirmed bachelor eligible male single man single person unattached man unmarried man single ticket one-way ticket quirkyalone dollar buck bill note smacker bone clam currency greenback bank note big one dollar bill folding money legal tender paper money banknote Treasury note long green green-back lay melody air ballad anthem carol chant chorus strain hymn psalm shanty warble canticle canzonet entity being thing object body substance organism article existence quantity commodity creature existent individuality integer person presence reality something thin prune crop pare shear trim clip cut lop shape snip bob nip pollard lop off cut back shave poll skive coppice I 1 the first ace unity several own personal sundry various proportionate assorted varied some miscellaneous More
"single" Antonyms
many multiple numerous several various manifold diverse varied mixed assorted voluminous diversified different multifarious multifold multitudinous myriad collective one of many one of several one of multiple one of the many one of the several one of the multiple married espoused hitched wed wedded together united marital nuptial conjugal connubial spousal mated attached taken matrimonial husbandly joined wifely in a relationship paired joint duplex maisonette double connected combined dual triplex fourplex quadplex quadruplex multiplex shared semi-detached linked matched similar some a few a number of a handful of quite a few a variety of quite a lot of a small group of countless innumerable innumerous immeasurable a quantity of a slew of more than a few nonexclusive common general ordinary aggregate composite cumulative grouped conjoint unified consolidated accompanied inclusive along generic popular public universal active promiscuous sexually active nonspecific everyday generalised(UK) generalized(US) befriended beloved enemyless liked loved compound complex multifaceted multifactorial multipart frequent periodic periodical recurrent recurring regular repeated steady identical indistinguishable same homogeneous even indistinct resembling undifferentiated uniform alike equivalent like parallel equal identic the same matching synonymous twin sociable friendly gregarious outgoing extrovert extroverted social affable cordial extraverted conversable companionable amiable forthcoming communicative genial chummy hospitable approachable lively methodic methodical nonrandom orderly organised(UK) organized(US) systematic systematised(UK) systematized(US) chaperoned escorted among others in company with others heterogenous miscellaneous motley patchwork perennial rampant album record recording release CD EP LP groom husband spouse wedder return ticket change coin increase proliferate bourgeon multiply propagate flourish spread bloom burgeon expand thrive grow grow rapidly increase rapidly

442 Sentences With "single"

How to use single in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "single" and check conjugation/comparative form for "single". Mastering all the usages of "single" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It's not single moms or single dads, single PARENTS are superheroes!
"Single market means single market... There is no single market a la carte."
It isn't a single country with a single language and single government, after all.
A single organism — a single roach, a single bacterium — doesn't become resistant to a chemical.
No single cure Cancer is not a single disease, so there can be no single cure.
It becomes hard to focus on a single death, a single life lost, a single family shattered.
It won't take a single illegal weapon off of a single street in a single black neighborhood.
I still don't have my kids, and it breaks my heart every single second of second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day.
She's been at every single meeting, to every single lab and on every single phone call with me.
Often, they are micro-histories: stories and legends surrounding a single house, a single hotel, a single cemetery.
Single, walk, walk, single, walk, single and a groundout (surprise), and he was pulled for a real reliever.
"When you just look at single men and single women, we see single women are more likely give than single men," said Debra Mesch, director of Women's Philanthropy Institute.
"As we've seen, elections are never about a single issue, a single incident or a single person," she said.
Every single deaf person, every single blind person, every single person in a wheelchair, we've all had different experiences.
Just with any research it of course cannot be reduced to a single number, single chart, or single quote.
Every single family, every single ethnic group, every single region is either directly or indirectly affected by this disaster.
It streamlines federal student aid into a single loan program, a single grant program, and a single repayment program.
Mel B wanted to tell the world she's single ... but to paraphrase Bill Clinton, "single" doesn't always mean single.
"Every single vote, even a single vote, by a single member, can change the course of history," he said.
Only 57 percent of single men and 59 percent of single women label themselves as such, compared to 84 percent of non-single men and 74 percent of non-single women.
Kickstarter is the most helpful when you have a single moment in time, a single project, a single position to take.
"There were about 190 people taking up every single bed possible, every single room possible, every single hallway possible," Kihuen said.
"Every single vote, even a single vote by a single member, can change the course of history," he told the chamber.
"I was very happily single and healthily single," he said.
It covers every single train line and every single stop.
"Not a single word, not a single syllable," he said.
And that was a single cloud from a single event.
Every single version of every single cuisine is devastatingly bad.
I don't like every single song on every single record.
Every single event, even a single individual, can be devastating.
Instead of a single chip managing a single drive, you now have a single piece of hardware managing all of the drives.
SINGLE MARKET ACCESS * The government should campaign for access not just to the Single Market, but also the EU's Digital Single Market.
So, it is much longer than when you have one single government, one single Finance Minister and one single Central Bank Governor.
Unlike some recent Battlefield games, the single-player part of the game is not a single story built around a single protagonist.
It's not like I can have my hands in every single thing, in every single moment, every single day—it's physically impossible.
There are whole days when there is not a single person on the move, not a single person walking, not a single hello.
When replacing a faucet, first identify the mounting type: Single-hole: A single unit that might have a single handle or two handles.
Being single is not our fault, because being single isn't bad.
We got a single—and it was a broken bat single.
A single Eero costs $199 and a single Luma costs $149.
After a walk and a single, Castro added an RBI single.
There was not a single leaf left on a single tree.
After all, a single mom is never really single, she says.
"I am single and I like being single," Eichholz tells PEOPLE.
I'm single right now too, so I try the single lady.
CATHERINE BESSANT: Pretty much every single second of every single day.
We have to make our single market a digital single market.
I wonder about women in every single field, every single day.
I want to earn every single vote from every single state.
But one thing is already clear: This was not the work of a single president or a single nation taken over a single week.
Under the scheme, banks have a single supervisor — the ECB's Single Supervisory Mechanism — and a single set of rules on resolution if they collapse.
Mookie Betts lined a leadoff single, moved to third on Pedroia's infield single and scored on Hanley Ramirez's single to left with one out.
And that is that the Constitution of the United States is the single fact, the single reality, the single idea, the single moral principle that sets the United States apart from other nations now and throughout history.
Instead, it relies solely on a single HDMI and single Mini DisplayPort.
The thing about single women is that we stop being single sometimes.
Not even joking, I forgot every single word to every single song.
"We have not seen a single fact, a single proof," Lavrov said.
They're identical in every single way, and even share a single soul.
Every single note and every single word on that record has meaning.
After a single by Denard Span, Ryon Healy had an RBI single.
Every single person in the room was a woman. Every. Single. One.
I very much wanted to be single, just single for a while.
It's every single person who shows up to work every single day.
And to me, it's the single biggest, it's the single biggest problem.
It doesn't have to be every single teacher in every single classroom.
Kardashian's single, Disick's single, and they should just leave it at that.
A single taxibot drives more than 150,000 miles in a single year.
I get comments every single day about my name. Every. Single. Day.
I was single, so I put effort into not being single anymore.
Joyce hit an RBI single, and Hechavarria had a two-run single.
Thank you for your blessings every single minute of every single day.
Allen opened the inning with a bunt single, went to second on a single by Mercado and then scored on a single by Carlos Santana.
I don't know of a single Russian in the U.S. Senate, a single Russian in the U.S. Congress, a single Russian in the U.S. government.
We don't have to fit into this mold of 228 songs on a record and single, follow-up single, third single if it goes well.
As powerful as my interaction with the man from the cold case was, my mind kept returning to the fact that it was only a single comment on a single post in a single subreddit on a single day.
"There's no single leader and no single institution that can bring a diverse group called the Republican Party together, behind a single candidate," Mr. Malek said.
Anderson: 1003 and ... Callimachi: We decided, let's plot every single entry stamp, every single exit stamp, the country, the airline — every single thing that we know.
A single character, however, can be represented by a single byte of memory.
"They've steadily been adding users every single quarter, every single year," said Kessler.
In Single Parents, Will Cooper (Killam) is the new single father in school.
But integrating a single school or even a single school district wasn't enough.
" She continued, "You make me proud every single moment of every single day!
Rarely does a single product from a single company reach the billion level.
Byron Buxton's bunt single plated Suzuki, and Buxton later scored on Nunez's single.
This single sensor can extract depth and color data in a single shot.
Gardner took second on Gio Urshela's single and scored on Cameron Maybin's single.
Ryan LeBrun: We love single-origin honey, and more importantly, single-origin hives.
Technically, a single-payer system is a system with, well, a single payer.
But he also noted that "not every single trader needs every single thing." 
SINGLE PARENT CREW Then I'm usually with my S.P.C. — my single parent crew.
Hunter Dozier's double followed by Alex Gordon's single preceded Cheslor Cuthbert RBI single.
Austin Romine hit an RBI single and DJ LeMahieu followed with a single.
And they have a single market, sharing a single set of product standards.
Where Naota lived with his single father, Hidomi lives with her single mother.
Not a single selfie together; not a single pic for the Noisey 'gram.
In the pilot episode of Single Parents, a single mom named Angie (Leighton Meester) confronts a single dad named Will (Taran Killam) with a sizable mermaid purse.
It didn't present every single moment of footage from Avery's trial, every single quote from the people who were interviewed, or every single detail of the case.
Delino DeShields lined a leadoff single to right, moved to second on Elvis Andrus' one-out single and scored when Adrian Beltre grounded a single to left.
His single "Fame" in 20163 became his first number one single in the States.
His single to center scored Christian Colon, who started the inning with a single.
She seemed to confirm the split Tuesday, writing "Single Madison thrives." single madison thrives.
The perfectionist student in me wants to hit every single number every single month.
There, 2.39% of single women earn six figures, compared to 1.44% of single men.
It is the single-largest global health initiative targeting a single disease in history.
His single "Fame" in 1975 became his first number one single in the States.
Jon Jay led off with a single and reached third on Mike Moustakas' single.
But a single company with that much power over a single field is worrying.
Matt Carpenter led off with a single, and Jose Martinez followed with another single.
Who typically fares better in terms of personal happiness: single men or single women?
"He has broken every single mold, every single political convention out there," he said.
Burger King Single-Wrap FriesBurger King in France is promising consumers single-wrapped fries.
Andrew Benintendi's infield single tied the game, and Ramirez followed with an RBI single.
"There is a catch to achieving single bliss," Brown told her "Single Girl" readers.
In nature, a single photon will interact with a single electron at a time.
Jeezy basically says he's single ... and Kourtney's now single ... so it just makes sense.
Boog Powell lined a leadoff single and moved to third on Matt Joyce's single.
Single malts come from a single distillery and are distilled entirely from malted barley.
Lastly comes Liu's favorite expression, the Kavalan Solist Sherry Single Cask Strength single malt.
It found that single teens were more likely to use condoms than single adults.
Ms. Warren's responses sounded almost as single-mindedly focused on the single-payer approach.
But the N.F.L. leans toward the single owner, or at least single family, model.
Any single climate policy from a single country will look relatively modest in isolation.
No. Do rich democracies with higher penalties for single motherhood have fewer single mothers?
So by this single act a single performer causes an entire audience to fly.
And I handwrote every single word and every single song into a spiral notebook.
This is why he's single and will hopefully be single forever after this show.
Ketel Marte led off with a single, stole second and scored on Escobar's single.
As a single woman, I'm fed the idea that I'm single because I'm broken.
It's a single television station in a single state in a very big country.
For a single day, at this single location, KFC was serving Beyond Fried Chicken.
But just as there's no single perfect victim, there's no single real #MeToo story.
Single women give slightly more than single men, and couples give more than single women — but that's not surprising when you consider they likely have more disposable income.
MKM Partners analyst Roxanne Meyer estimates high-single digit sales growth for Levi in Asia, compared to low-single digit to mid-single digit growth in the Americas.
There is no single version of what it means to be French, just as no single historical moment fully captures Notre Dame, and no single style monopolizes beauty.
I used to go for a run every single day, and then quit, and then went to yoga every single day, and then I did nothing every single day.
Being a single woman living in Manhattan already taught me that, yes, asking for a conveniently located single man (or any single man, really) is too much to ask.
But single sign-on services, or SSOs, can also become a single point of failure, potentially exposing user accounts not just on a single service but across multiple platforms.
Superdry forecast "mid-single digit" global brand revenue growth for its first half period, with "high-single digit" wholesale revenue growth and "low-single digit" own store revenue decline.
"We have cooperated in every single way, every single paper they've asked for, every single interview," Marc Short, the president's legislative director, said on "Face the Nation" on CBS.
The Astros said they were undone less by the crowd than by the hardened at-bats the Yankees put together: single, single, run-scoring groundout, double, infield single, double.
Atlanta followed with a Matt Kemp double, a two-run single from Nick Markakis, Adonis Garcia's single and an RBI single by Jace Peterson for a 215-0 lead.
Cain moved up on Yasmani Grandal's single and scored on Hiura's one-out RBI single.
"My grandmother was a single mom, and my mother was a single mom," he said.
The update also adds new family characters, including a single mother and single father emoji.
"It starts up front, every single game ... every single possession starts up front," Barkley said.
Basically, there's no single explanation for what causes a hangover, and no single cure—yet.
The single start-up market aims to create a "single legal framework" for new companies.
But the night did not belong to a single candidate but rather a single topic.
"No single stakeholder created this crisis, and no single stakeholder should bear its full cost."
About 10 times as many single mothers live below the poverty line as single fathers.
"I use that in every single facet of my life, every single day," he said.
The Single Core score focuses on the quality of a single core of the CPU.
The Single Core test focuses on the performance of a single core in a CPU.
Not a single, even Democrats admit, not a single accomplishment in the past six years.
Nicholas Castellanos led off with a single and advanced to third on Adduci's bloop single.
For heterosexual singles, there are 86 single men to every 100 single women in America.
This is why no single Ohio State unit is better than any single Browns unit.
Single people—especially those who love living their single lives—really embrace their time alone.
Enterprises will get a single bill and have a single dashboard to manage their applications.
All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies: Start planning now for your financial future!
It expects mid-single digit sales growth after previously forecasting low- to mid-single growth.
That lets Android pinpoint users to a single building, rather than a single city block.
"Fear has never created a single job or fed a single family," Mr. Trudeau said.
""It was one thing, the promise he made every single day at every single speech.
Victor Martinez tied it with an RBI single before Nick Castellanos' single loaded the bases.
Josh Harrison hit a two-out single and moved to third on Adeiny Hechavarria's single.
After a Raimel Tapia single, Tony Wolters made it 5-2 with an RBI single.
There's not a single vocal I'd retrack, there's not a single effect I'd do differently.
A single drastic mutation in a single crayfish produced the marbled crayfish in an instant.
Just a great debater except he lost in every single poll in every single debate.
Of the nearly 12 million single parents in the U.S., 81.4% are single mothers. 81.4%.
"The court interrupts every single one of the government's directs, every single one," he said.
In fact, tracked over 30 years, single women have consistently led single men in homeownership.
No. Do rich democracies with more generous policies for single mothers have more single mothers?
Creating a single go-to place car buying, with simple, single memorable brand enabled that.
Austin Romine hit a run-scoring single, and D. J. LeMahieu followed with a single.
"With 'Passenger list,' Kelly's in every single episode, basically in every single scene," Shippen said.
Every single Democratic candidate wants to cover every single American with high-quality health insurance.
Yep, Cormac is single and he could be ready to mingle with newly-single Meredith.
Yoan Moncada led off with a single and moved to second on James McCann's single.
Kemp followed with a single, then stole second base and came home on Altuve's single.
Beyond the superimposed properties of single particles, it's possible for even multiple particles to be brought together into a single state and then separated again while maintaining that single state.
You may be inclined to point towards Tommy Wiseau's The Room, in which every single scene, every single word uttered, and every single move made, is an everlasting fuck up.
And it lacks a single set of fiscal-policy tools to go with its single currency.
Or is it just a protest outfit driven by a single man and a single issue?
There are a lot of single men and single overweight women who would be sexually compatible.
J.J. Hardy blooped a one-out single to right and moved to second on Jones' single.
Ozuna (single), DeJong (hit by a pitch) and Molina (infield single) loaded the bases on Jeffress.
I am reading every single one of your messages …every single one …my heart is bursting.
Here's single-core: Apple's A-series chip performance increases on single-core CPU Geekbench 4 test.
I weighed my options until I remembered that not a single person there was well...single.
Raised by a single mother, Kayla understood the sacrifices and struggles a single parent would face.
For now, multi-process is limited to a single content process and a single browser process.
Every single girlfriend of mine and every single client has been a part of the process.
The photo, titled "Single Atom in an Ion Trap" shows a single atom suspended in midair.
The core feature of a single-payer system is, well, that there's only a single payer.
Lindor reached on an infield single, and went to second on a single by Mike Napoli.
Single-instruction, branchless Doom renders a single frame every seven hours on a 386 Intel processor.
It scored Teoscar Hernandez, who led off with a single and took second on Pillar's single.
Gillespie's single scored J.T. Realmuto, who had led off the inning with a single off Sturdevant.
A single syringe was reused during the campaign instead of being discarded after a single use.
"He's been at every single rally, every single community meeting," Williams said to me in August.
Each party member is locked to a single Persona, and thus a single set of abilities.
Recent finds have challenged the old, accepted models of a single migration over a single route.
What do you think was his single biggest achievement, and what was his single biggest failure?
It does not fund single-ethnic or single-religious activities of any sort, to discourage sectarianism.
A single bot made close to four million requests to a website in a single day.
"The FDA approval (process) is only geared toward single novel (or) single compound drugs," he said.
Here's just one snapshot of a single section of a single aisle, absolutely teeming with stuff.
He hit a two-run single and then added a run-scoring single in the fifth.
Mazara took third on Isiah Kiner-Falefa's single and scored on a single by Delino DeShields.
"I was already living every single day, every single moment assuming I had it," he said.
The single "A Pillar of Salt" might be the single best distillation of the band's identity.
Perez stopped at third on Alex Gordon's single and scored on Brandon Moss' two-out single.
Victor Martinez's two-run single and McCann's RBI single in the sixth made it 10-0.
A single doesn't even have to technically be classed as a single for it to chart.
Sometimes the goods are produced in a single geographic area or even by a single facility.
"It's not single vineyard, but single village, and always the same four parcels," Mr. Lécaillon said.
"They write inaccurately about me every single day, every single hour," Trump said of the Post.
There is no single antidote to suicide, just as there is no single cause of suicide.
A single sheet holds the waste produced by both of my dogs on a single walk.
"Playing every single week seems like every single day is maintenance at this point," he said.
Travis Demeritte smacked a run-scoring single before Greiner drove in two runs with another single.
He never pulls a single punch or word or withholds a single truth about the game.
Possible options included hitting more than a single target and extending strikes beyond a single day.
Where viable alternatives exist, single-use plastic products will be banned from the European single market.
Most of the currently existing pipelines connect single sources of anthropogenic CO2 with single geologic sinks.
After a strikeout, a bunt single, an infield single and a forceout, Harvey's workday was done.
One is that single women and married couples give higher amounts to charity than single men.
Acuna led off with a single, stole second and scored on a single by Freddie Freeman.
Yet not a single moderator asked a single climate-related question in the three presidential debates.
This is doing really well, as a single player experience, compared to the single player games.
The frustration in France runs much deeper than a single economic policy, or a single tax.
Michael Conforto walked, moved to third on a single by Ramos and scored on Frazier's single.
"However, despite that disappointment, I also understand that justice is not always delivered by a single jury, in a single courtroom, on a single day," the mayor said in a statement.
Elvis Andrus opened the inning with an infield single to third, advanced to second on a broken bat single to center by Mazara and scored on Beltre's ground single to center.
I won't talk about how I got a Madge tape for every single birthday or Christmas, how I know every lyric to every single song, how I've seen every single movie.
Today, just in time for Memorial Day weekend, Hunt Gawd finally drops off the video for "Single for the Summer," a single for the summer about... well... being single for the summer.
Last month, Healthcare NOW and Labor Campaign for Single Payer held a single-payer strategy conference in Minneapolis, attended by dozens of unions and single-payer advocacy groups from around the country.
"Every single vote, even a single vote by a single member, can change the course of history," Schiff intoned to a Senate that has already turned its back on the House's case.
Single malts long have been and still are largely used for blended Scotches, which are single malts blended with grain whisky; the pop appeal of single malts is a relatively new phenomenon.
Brandon Lowe led off the second with a single, moved to second on a one-out single by Willy Adames and scored on Kevin Kiermaier's single to center, making it 4-2.
Kevin Kiermaier reached on an infield single and Mike Zunino lined a run-scoring single to left.
Department officials played along, revealing that while Officers Nordman and Hamill are single, Officer Rengering is single.
If a single winner takes the single payment, the federal tax withholding would be over $220 million.
"We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability," he said.
Adele's hit single "Hello" will also compete for British single and British artist video of the year.
We don't want to see that concentrated within a single government, certainly not in a single company.
That experience (or any experience) can't be captured in a single sketch, let alone a single genre.
Since it's not backed by a single government, no single entity is in charge of overseeing bitcoin.
Lemeshko's team didn't find a single particle, but a quasiparticle that behaved like a single magnetic pole.
Single user only Amazon is still sticking to a mainly single-user system for the Echo Show.
Molina started it with a single off Lambert and Edman followed with a single off of Parsons.
We don't have one single performance in Brazil, not one single invitation [to perform] in our country.
Nellemann expects this will require a single international effort run by a single agency, such as INTERPOL.
The commercial breaks take place half way through Single Jeopardy, after Single Jeopardy, and after Double Jeopardy.
Nimmo led off with a single and moved to third when Jeff McNeil followed with a single.
"We have been a single country, single asset company and that is not without risks," he said.
" Indeed, "astrology has been a part of every single culture, in every single time frame of humanity.
But really, single never has to do anything, because a single person is responsible only for themselves.
"We simply don't want a single stock or a single sector wrecking your entire portfolio," Cramer said.
Bellinger's RBI single in the third plated Turner, who had led off the inning with a single.
You have to bring it every single point, every single game, until the match is literally over.
It now expects mid- to high-single-digit revenue growth, after previously predicting mid-single-digit growth.
"It is different than a single currency controlled by a single country," Mnuchin said of the euro.
Its 2754 employees are housed in the single campus in Darmstadt and run under a single leadership.
Stanton advanced to second on a single by Christian Yelich and scored on a single by Ozuna.
A third factor to consider: there's more to a great single season than ... a great single season.
The Republican attack on single-payer is brilliantly simplistic, focusing on just a single number: $13 trillion.
We don't want to see that concentrated in a single government, certainly not in a single company.
You only drank scotch or you only drank a single wine or a single brand of beer.
"You have every single marine traffic situation that is known to man, every single day," said Capt.
No surprise, the single male is way behind the single female when it comes to home buying.
The idea that passing something -- anything -- was better than protecting a single provision or a single industry.
Today, anyone with an internet connection can inspire millions with a single sentence or a single image.
But these successful pregnancies aren't born of a single, perfect egg combining with a single, perfect sperm.
Checklist management is critical, especially in a single-seat, single-engine aircraft with hundreds of different checklists.
I mean, every single one of them is-- every single media company-- JOHN MALONE: Is sub scale.
Our uncle was single (and still is single, even now), and had just turned thirty, I think.
Its architects then set about Europe, inspiring the Single European Act, the single currency and free movement.
But it's arguably a more plausible path to single-payer than passing single-payer in one go.
The fact is that in a single cycle in a single state, Trump backed two losing candidates.
Zayn's first single, "Pillowtalk," was the fastest-selling single of 2016 the week it released in February.
Alcides Escobar's single scored Perez, who led off the inning with a single, for the first run.
Maher explained that the previous model had been composed of a single transmitter and a single receiver.
The public cannot be focused on every single hearing, on every single regulation, coming down the pike.
Every single Democratic candidate should be laboring to make sure that every single American voter knows this.
If a single winner takes the single payment, the federal tax withholding would be over $77 million.
He surrendered a two-run single to Gregor Blanco and a run-scoring single to Chris Owings.
Not a single thread dangles, not a single character is left without a place in Faith's world.
"The point is we're not trying to pinpoint a single thing about a single person," White said.
"We have not seen a single hold-up, a single doubt," said Artur Stabinski of Coldwell Banker.
Trea Turner hit a leadoff single, advanced on an Anthony Rendon walk and scored on Zimmerman's single.
Both revolvers and semiautomatic pistols can be single-action, double-action only, or double-action/single-action.
Casali started off 0-for-3 against Price but since has gone homer-single-homer-single-homer.
Kevin Pillar hit an R.B.I. single, and Duggar dumped a run-scoring single in front of Conforto.
And this disrupts every single vertical, every single company will be disrupted by the culture of learning.
The app specifies that it's for non-single people to help their single friends — implying those in relationships have done something right that their single friends have not and need their help with.
Nelson Cruz started the rally with a rare infield single, went to second on a line single to center by Eddie Rosario, and advanced to third on an infield single by Marwin Gonzalez.
Because it's going to take every single favor, every single freebie, every single weekend; I'm going to lose any boyfriend that I have to this project, so it better be fucking worth it.
And I can tell you as I sit here today, I have not heard of a single daycare center, a single church, a single rec league, being closed as a result of this.
"Everyone in the White House has cooperated on this, and what I said is that we have cooperated in every single way, every single paper they've asked for, every single interview," Short said.
"I'm not a single-issue candidate, and this is not a single-issue country," she said to applause.
The two-out homer followed a leadoff single by Travis Jankowski and a one-out single by Kemp.
There isn't a single answer because there isn't a single reason why someone is living on the streets.
But if you are not single, please start inviting your single friends to the events you never do.
Single women are in the path of a lot of incoming information, advice, and depictions of single life.
Pham hit a two-run single, Jose Martinez had an RBI groundout and Molina hit an RBI single.
The question is, how do they do this without owning a single warehouse or a single delivery truck?
Dee Gordon blooped a single to left, stole second and third, then scored on Martin Prado's infield single.
I don't have to live in a horribly dark battle every single moment of every single day anymore.
Longoria led off with an infield single and went to third when Morrison lined a single to right.
The Brexit Party has a single leader, single message and, unusually for a Farage vehicle, highly efficient organisation.
But we fought all game, and that's been the trend lately: Fight every single night, every single minute.
Adam Frazier opened the inning with a single and scored on Josh Bell's two-out single to center.
Phegley led off with a single to center and moved to second on Jake Smolinski's single to left.
Single files in the Dock open with a single click in whichever program is assigned to handle them.
"They'd all come down the steps single file and walk out in the yard single file," she said.
"We don't draw conclusions based on any single poll at any single moment in time," the report states.
They can't please everyone every single month, nor can they guarantee that every single item will be perfect.
It said it expects mid-single digit profit growth and high-single digit growth in loans for 2019.
I want to have something to say that people don't already know every single night, every single segment.
Single women now buy homes at greater rates than single men, a big step in independent wealth-building.
Yolmer Sanchez walked, Moncada hit an RBI single to right and Abreu grounded an RBI single to left.
It now expects full-year volume growth in the low single-digit percentages instead of mid-single digits.
In businesses that depend on a single antenna pointed in a single direction, that is a huge advantage.
But this issue is not a single sector problem and it does not have a single sector solution.
Matt Joyce drove in a pair with a single and Ronald Acuna Jr. followed with an RBI single.
Yoenis Cespedes opened the inning with a single to left, and Wilmer Flores reached on an infield single.
That scored Erick Aybar, who led off with a single and advanced on Kinsler's hit-and-run single.
And while the number of single women buying houses goes up with age, it drops for single men.
Every ton of asphalt contains approximately 20,000 single-use plastic bottles or around 70,000 single-use plastic bags.
He moved to second on Alex Presley's single and scored on JaCoby Jones' ground ball single to left.
I'm talking about playing 10 hours of 'Dota' every single day, almost every single week of the year.
It would allow the government to hack into multiple devices with a single warrant from a single judge.
Trump hardly wants to trade a single critical state, Wisconsin, for a different single critical state, New Hampshire.
Sano lined an RBI single to right field, and Kepler followed with a two-run single to left.
Jackson scored on a single by Kipnis, and Perez scored on a two-out single by Michael Brantley.
Byron Buxton got aboard with a bloop single, and went to second on an infield single by Nunez.
All tetrapods descend from a single ancestor — a single lineage of fish that managed to spread on land.
Rosell Herrera smacked a one-out single, advanced on a groundout and scored on Perez's single to right.
"Fashion is something that touches our lives every single day — we get dressed every single day," she said.
Of course, OnePlus' decision to focus on a single handset at a time means a single size option.
Diaz led off with a single, advanced on a grounder and scored on Austin Meadows' single to right.
Kisha was a single mother to three young boys and Sandlin a single father to four young girls.
Should that situation continue beyond a single workout and single day, we would probably lose weight, he says.
"Every single day, in every single way, every American is stronger because of this man," Mr. Kelly said.
"We are asking every single governor and every single mayor to prepare like New York is preparing now."
He stole second, moved to third on Candelario's single and scored on Castellanos' two-out single to left.
In 215, 216% of single and unmarried women were homeowners, compared to 183% of single and unmarried men.
With one out, Ian Kinsler lined a single to center and advanced to third on Martin Maldonado's single.
"We're going to make sure that we can stand behind every single listing, every single host," Chesky said.
Seen from anywhere in between—a single page, a single chapter—it's a riot of discrete, disconnected units.
She released a single and an album when she was 17, and another single when she was 18.
Baez led off the inning with a single and went to third on a single by Willson Contreras.
Polanco followed an RBI single from Kepler with a two-run single that drove home Castro and Kepler.
Single millennial women today show strong giving, much in line with single boomer women's giving in the 1970s.
Wilmer Difo led off with a single, moved to second on a sacrifice and scored on Eaton's single.
It developed stable regulations, had a single utility overseeing construction, and built reactors in pairs at single sites.
Mookie Betts walked, took third on a single by Devers and scored on a single by Xander Bogaerts.
Some might argue that these questions are an overreaction to a single product fault from a single vendor.
They had three other hits against Braves starter Kevin Gausman: Juan Lagares's single in the fifth, Wilson Ramos' single in the sixth and Jeff McNeil's single that advanced Ramos to third and chased Gausman.
A major-league manager does not have time to engage every single player every single day on every single issue he faces, so coaches hold tremendous sway over how we mature in that environment.
The reality is that if you're a single parent — a child of a single parent, and you grew up in a single parent family neighborhood, you went to that single parent family school, the chance of you ever, ever reaching the top 20% of income earners is 3% in America.
In canoe and kayak, we'll have the men's canoe single 2105 meter finals, the women's kayak double 663 meter finals, the women's kayak 266 meter single finals and the men's kayak 298 meter single finals.
"What we have been doing is establishing a new risk tolerance framework and appetite, ensuring that the bank doesn't get overly concentrated in any particular single borrower or single market or single industry," Hung said.
Men, meanwhile, watch a three-hour game, played by elite athletes with single-digit body fat, and most won't feel a single twinge of self-doubt, or miss a single chip from the nacho platter.
We believe that every single home will become a smart home, every single office will become a smart office.
Every single 5-year-old in the study looked at the toy, and every single child lied about it.
Elvis Andrus beat out an infield single to third, stole second and scored on a single by Jonathan Lucroy.
For me, the single-biggest feature headed to the Apple TV is single sign-on support for cable authentication.
By 77, some demographers have calculated that could be up to 186 single men for every 100 single women.
Jeff McNeil hit a two-run single in the fourth before Rosario added another RBI single in the sixth.
And while gun violence in America has made me a single-issue voter, women cannot lead single-issue lives.
I think it's lazy, reductive, and I don't know a single writer or a single artist who likes it.
"The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency," Dorsey told the Times.
In fact, all of Medium could be taken down if a single company found fault with a single post.
But that didn't discourage the bride, who wanted to help her single friend and her single wedding planner connect.
I am not a single- issue candidate, and I do not believe we live in a single-issue country.
When she was little, as a single mom I had a single mom friend, and we'd take them camping.
At that time, many scientists thought cancer was a single disease that might be cured using a single strategy.
Andrelton Simmons drove home the Angels' first run with a single, and Bour followed with a two-run single.
Smith & Wesson's CEO responded by saying they see business growing at a "single-digit to…high-single digit" pace.
"We probably import more gasoline from that single refinery than any other single refinery around the world," he said.
It is dialogue-free; breathing, minimalist music, lapping waves and a single gunshot are the single-hour drama's soundtrack.
"Aviation is currently governed by the Single European Sky, European Aviation Safety Agency and aviation single market," he explains.
In reality, SpaceX has not yet sent a single human into orbit or a single robotic spacecraft to Mars.
In pre-industrial England all single women, no matter how old, were "maids", and all single men were "lads".
Mallex Smith led off the bottom of the fifth with a single and advanced to second on Narvaez's single.
When a single party absorbs the whole of "reasonable" political opinion, the consequence is rarely a single-party state.
I am not a single issue candidate, and I do not believe we live in a single issue country.
That's three blue and two red states, including the single biggest blue state and the single biggest red state.
Chief Executive Severin Schwan now expects mid-single digit sales growth, up from a low single-digit percentage rise.
"There's no single trait or gene, no single answer that says whether you're addicted," she explained from her home.
Odor reached on a bunt single and advanced to third on a wild pitch and an Elvis Andrus single.
Altuve led the game off with a single and wound up scoring on a two-out single by Gonzalez.
The thing is, you could condense most of this gameplay into a single location — maybe even a single desk.
Hanser Alberto ended Rodriguez's night with a one-out single, and Trey Mancini greeted Matt Barnes with a single.
Jesus Aguilar led off by lining a single into right field and Michael Brosseau reached on an infield single.
Grichuk led off with an infield single, Derek Fisher walked with one out and Drury hit an RBI single.
Omar Narvaez drew a leadoff walk, advanced to second on a single by Eaton and scored on Saladino's single.
To make matters worse, there is no single path that leads to suicide or single strategy to solve suicide.
There is no single cause for its rise -- nor is there a single trajectory leading someone to extremist violence.
But he would scrutinize every single word of the magazine—every single comma—before it went to the printer.
Lowrie grounded a one-out single to right, Danny Valencia walked and Davis lined an RBI single to center.
Whit Merrifield reached on a bunt single, stole second and scored one out later on Gordon's single to left.
Rosario followed Garver's single with a two-run homer, and Jonathan Schoop capped the inning with an RBI single.
The one thing you have to avoid is buying the single wrong stock or at the single wrong time.
Single filers making up to $30,000 and single parents earning up to $1003,000 would get a credit of $3,000.
The campaign also said it had broken the single-day, single-candidate record for sales by its merchandise vendor.
You press "Single" for a single shot, "Double" for a double, and "Latte" or "Cappuccino" for a milky drink.
The company raised its guidance from mid- to high-single-digit comparable sales growth to high-single-digit growth.
With that single stroke, the Rockefeller fortune was transformed from a single giant company to multiple publicly listed companies.
Kole Calhoun led off with a single, and David Fletcher followed with a bunt single, moving Calhoun to second.
It seems strange that I can't pinpoint a single moment, or even a single day, when this all happened.
That was always her single focus — as a single mom raising two girls, we were always her primary focus.
To single out a single race, for Mexicans, it's the same thing that happened to us as African Americans.
"About Face" is as fine a song as any, I suppose, to start every single trip every single day.
"We know every single company across North America, and we know every single job they've ever posted," Novoselsky said.
David Freese led off with a single to right and Manny Machado followed with a screaming single to center.
We think about Middesk as a single place to find high-quality and trusted information for a single business.
And yet a newly disclosed investigation suggests it was probably started by a single man and a single spark.
He reached on a single, stole second, advanced on a groundout and scored on Adam Eaton's single to right.
The Blue Jays added a run in the sixth on Gurriel's infield hit, Biggio's single and Grichuk's RBI single.
The Mets led, 3-1, when Flores opened with a single and went to third on Michael Conforto's single.
" She said, "No one can belong to the single market if they are not part of the single market.
Willi Castro reached on an infield single, moved up on a wild pitch and scored on a Reyes single.
Jane Manchun Wong has an incessant need to know every single feature of every single app on her smartphone.
Carlos Correa's single broke the 26-25 tie and Carlos Beltran followed with a two-run single to right.
For most of the nineteenth century, Harvard professors taught a single, prescribed canon to a single, prescribed social circle.
That's going to remain the same every single day of every single year for the rest of my life.
He allowed three hits, none between Trea Turner's third-inning single and pinch-hitter Stephen Drew's eighth-inning single.
"We&aposre going to explore the risk-reward and having a single fleet type and single supplier," he said.
"One thing is true: every single day and every single piece of testimony brought up new information," Himes added.
In those cities, single men make an average of $32,451 a year, while single women average $24,115, it said.
Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) last introduced a single-payer bill in 2013, it didn't attract a single co-sponsor.
"Otis Redding told me that every track on there was a single—could have been a single," Jones said.
Javier Baez led off the inning with a single and went to third on a single by Willson Contreras.
No single market We are meant to be operating under the bloc's Single Market mechanism as an EU member.
Aside from Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" song, this double A-side single is the bestselling single of all time.
As is, McConnell doesn't have to produce a single vote to confirm a single one of these Trump nominees.
What is being sought by the FBI is supposedly a single workaround for strong security in a single case.

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