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"leaving" Definitions
  1. something that is left; residue.
  2. leavings,
  3. leftovers or remains; refuse.
"leaving" Synonyms
departure exit parting withdrawal retreat exodus leave-taking going away exiting going retirement farewell departing evacuation leave adieu decamping decampment egression outgo leftover remnant remainder scrap stub surplus end oddment remains balance excess leavings residue remnants scraps dregs residuum overage rest oddments clearance abandonment desertion quitting emptying depopulation unpeopling forsaking vacation emigration migration departure from withdrawal from retreat from clearance from disappearance from resignation abdication vacating notice demission standing down stepping down termination giving up work superannuation split break defection disaffiliation apostasy breakaway estrangement alienation disaffection division breach break-up hostility separation disunity antagonism antipathy embitteredness isolation withholding antagonization difference disgruntlement relocation removal expatriation resettlement colonisation(UK) colonization(US) crossing diaspora displacement exile flight homesteading journey excretion discharge ejection voiding expulsion elimination exudation secretion defecation expelling perspiration sweating urination discharging ejecting emission disgorgement voidance offal rubbish debris refuse waste litter garbage junk trash dross dreck chaff effluvium deadwood effluvia truck riffraff offscouring dust outgoing retiring last former past previous withdrawing late outbound prior resigning erstwhile ex- outward-bound outward valedictory goodbye closing concluding final terminal finishing culminating ultimate ending terminating crowning later climactic fleeing abandoning moving evacuating flitting deserting embarking escaping splitting vamoosing defecting disappearing eloping heading making setting off setting sail heading off dumping ditching dropping jilting discarding chucking marooning relinquishing renouncing stranding surrendering casting off forbearing giving up casting aside blowing off entrusting committing delegating consigning assigning confiding handing trusting allotting giving referring vesting ceding passing transferring bequeathing commending delivering intrusting recommending endowing demising devising transmitting conferring conveying bequesting donating legating handing down making over causing generating precipitating producing creating depositing effecting engendering fomenting initiating occasioning spurring bringing about contributing to culminating in leading to resulting in bringing on giving rise to setting in motion placing putting resting setting laying planting positioning standing sticking stowing deposing lodging propping settling sitting situating stashing stationing postponing deferring delaying rescheduling procrastinating shelving avoiding mothballing neglecting holding off holding off on putting aside putting off putting on hold setting aside putting on back burner putting on ice giving rain check putting on the back burner stopping ceasing desisting yielding waiving knocking off backing out of dropping out of refraining from resigning from discontinuing retiring from bailing stepping down from bagging moving from bowing out of stepping aside from withdrawing from forgetting losing mislaying leaving behind omitting to take allowing letting having suffering permitting letting be letting continue letting stay letting go More
"leaving" Antonyms
arriving coming emerging appearing approaching showing entering materialising(UK) materializing(US) landing reaching visiting barging in bobbing up busting in checking in coming in coming on the scene coming up getting here staying remaining standing waiting abiding awaiting biding lingering settling sticking tarrying hanging keeping loitering resting stopping halting hovering pausing carrying on being staying put continuing persevering perduring persisting enduring lasting surviving carrying forward carrying on going on keeping on pressing on pushing on with persisting with reclaiming recovering retrieving getting regaining retaking reacquiring repossessing rescuing recapturing recouping replevining replevying re-collecting getting back regaining possession of taking back winning back holding detaining retaining screening suppressing concealing constraining covering forbearing hiding securing taking watching withholding bulwarking defending protecting guarding shielding removing eliminating ridding cleansing clearing extracting freeing purging stripping eradicating erasing extinguishing abolishing banishing cutting shedding clearing away getting rid of moving relocating conveying shifting transferring withdrawing carrying hauling transporting bringing out carrying away carrying off carting off drawing out getting out pulling out taking away acting proceeding reacting responding beginning operating performing working functioning being busy doing something getting going getting moving making a move taking action taking measures taking steps taking the initiative undertaking starting commencing effectuating initiating instigating kick-starting precipitating triggering embarking on kicking off starting off starting up tearing into staying in staying at remaining at remaining in bringing grabbing taking possession of ceasing breaking dropping adjourning desisting suspending delaying discontinuing intermitting interrupting breaking off desisting from holding back holding up letting up putting on hold stopping briefly arrival advent appearance entrance return continuation greeting hello stay entry ingress approach materialization(US) advance advancement ingression incoming main meal accord agreement attachment closing closure combination connection harmony introduction juncture reunion union unity reconciliation impatience intolerance taking on base cleanliness core possessions property singularity reclamation accretion eating receiving occupation inbound next returning new shy

936 Sentences With "leaving"

How to use leaving in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "leaving" and check conjugation/comparative form for "leaving". Mastering all the usages of "leaving" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Leaving October 1st Leaving October 5th Leaving October 7th Leaving October 9th Leaving October 15th Leaving October 20th Leaving October 25th Leaving October 29th
Thousands of jobs leaving Michigan, leaving Ohio, they're all leaving.
Thousands of jobs leaving Michigan, leaving Ohio, they are all leaving.
Leaving 8/3/19"Mothers and Daughters""Slow TV: Collection"Leaving 8/6/19"Love, Rosie""Zodiac"Leaving 193/8/19"The Emoji Movie"Leaving 8/219/28"No Country for Old Men"Leaving 228/219/28"The Royals: Season 230"Leaving 83/28/231"World War Two: 219 and Hitler's Soft Underbelly: Season 1"Leaving 8/16/19"The 40-Year-Old Virgin"Leaving 8/313/19"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"Leaving 8/21/19"Beautiful Creatures"Leaving 8/28/19"Wind River"Leaving 8/30/19"Burnt"Leaving 8/31/19"Straw Dogs"
Leaving 9/5/19"The Water Diviner"Leaving 9/22/19"The Green Inferno"Leaving 9/25/19"Suffragette"Leaving 9/27/19"Just Wright"
Leaving 9/14/19Disney's "Pocahontas""Tulip Fever"Leaving 21/25/29"Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Series 225-219"Leaving 21/93/29"Super Genius: Season 226""Texas Chainsaw Massacre 219D"Leaving 9/20/19 "Carol"Leaving 9/23/19 "The Mysteries of Laura: Season 25"Leaving 9/24/19 "Portlandia: Season 1-5"Leaving 9/25/19 "Parenthood: Season 1-6"Leaving 9/26/19"Bachelorette""Night School"
You can watch movies without leaving home, buy groceries without leaving home, and, increasingly, get paid without leaving home, too.
By definition, leaving the EU means leaving its customs union.
You have people leaving the country, permanently leaving the country.
They're leaving, and they're leaving in bigger numbers than ever.
Leaving Yahoo, is the hardest leaving I have ever done.
We were wistful about leaving Marfa and leaving each other.
It meant leaving family behind, leaving my grandmother's lunches behind, leaving the gardens behind, the smells — I still remember the smells in Iran.
I am leaving I am leaving but the fighter still remains.
For Eli, leaving YouTube would have meant leaving web video entirely.
Leaving home means leaving behind family, friends and one's own culture.
Meredith tells him she finally got her annoying friends to leave while she flashes back to Christina leaving, her husband leaving, her mom leaving.
Leaving the CIA also meant leaving her steady, $80,000-a-year salary.
Not only are we leaving the Church, but we're leaving our friends.
So we have either the choice of us leaving or you leaving.
Leaving your house is one thing, but leaving your hometown is insane.
They are leaving and they are leaving in bigger numbers than ever.
If it means leaving work, if it means leaving school -- be there.
And the moms promise that if they're leaving, they're leaving in handcuffs.
I expressed that I'm leaving and why I'm leaving and then I left.
They are leaving Havana for Miami, they&aposre not leaving Miami for Havana.
Leaving Facebook means leaving support systems, neighborhood groups, work connections and friends behind.
They would be leaving us alone, and we would be leaving them alone.
PC: Well we're leaving our options open, we're always leaving our options open.
I hadn't yet processed that I was leaving the show — leaving my boys.
We're just leaving it up in the air and leaving it in God's hands.
I mean, if he's leaving I assume he's leaving because he had bad ratings.
When Young and Thuggin' was coming out, basically Juvenile was leaving, B.G. was leaving.
There is video of those men leaving, but there's no video of you leaving.
"People didn't realize they were leaving Facebook — because they weren't leaving Facebook," he said.
Leaving 9/1/19Leaving 9/4/19"Kicking and Screaming"Leaving 9/6/19"Honey 3"Leaving 9/9/19"Leroy & Stitch""Lilo & Stitch: Stitch Has a Glitch"
The United Kingdom will be leaving the customs union as we're leaving the European Union.
Of course, leaving New York means leaving behind the chic townhouse he so recently purchased.
Leaving the wedding, each turns around to get one more glimpse of their beloved leaving.
Talent leaving is bad enough; talent leaving and taking tech to another company is unacceptable.
Blac Chyna says leaving the Kardashians is like leaving Scientology ... they make your life hell.
"If a protection officer says, 'we are leaving,' then we are leaving," he told Insider.
I'm not leaving because of Trump, but I'm not not leaving because of him, either.
Once again, she knew that leaving the building would almost certainly mean leaving the neighborhood.
Now, before leaving for Washington -- or leaving Washington for Quebec, the president made this very clear.
You won't just be leaving here tomorrow, you'll be leaving the audience's jaws on the floor.
Aristocracy Leaving Town All those who are able to do so are now leaving St. Petersburg.
Margo was leaving 'The Tonight Show' in NYC, while Khloe was leaving a Van Nuys studio.
If your vacuum is leaving behind visible hair, you can bet it's leaving behind dander, too.
Endings that tear off the story's edge, leaving it ragged and bloody, leaving you wanting more.
For some New Yorkers, leaving the city does not necessarily mean leaving the street's influence behind.
But if you make $200k a year, you're not leaving for $20k—you're leaving because you're unhappy.
They were leaving Watertown, Wisconsin, where they'd lived for about a year — and they were leaving immediately.
DHS says he voided his DACA status by leaving the country; he says the leaving was involuntary.
These displaced people are not leaving Syria because they want to; they are leaving because they have to.
Party policy has long been that leaving without a deal is preferable to leaving with a bad deal.
What few NeverTrumpers remain in the party's senior ranks are either leaving politics or leaving the earthly estate.
"I apologize for leaving this world early and leaving you with some big challenges to tackle," it said.
This uncertainty is one reason that some European health care professionals are either leaving, or thinking about leaving.
It might seem ridiculous, but to me, leaving points on the table is leaving money on the table.
"I'm not leaving, we're not leaving," Walker said during a press conference in front of the house Friday.
"The factories were leaving, the jobs were leaving, people were being fired," Trump said, describing the old agreement.
"See," she'd say when I'd suggest that her leaving items behind was her way of not leaving her session.
IN THEORY, leaving an item in an Uber car should induce less panic than leaving something in a cab.
And we're not going to lose Pfizer, which is now leaving, and other great companies, which is now leaving.
We saw Donald Trump talk about leaving NATO and leaving our Eastern European allies vulnerable to a Russian attack.
At long last, he apologizes for leaving her and leaving the door open for Uncle Clyde to molest her.
But if I tell Alexa, "Alexa, I'm leaving," it doesn't understand that "I'm leaving" means that it should stop.
At one point, Ron Meyer is leaving CAA, and he's calling up his various clients telling them he's leaving.
Many are doing so because people just aren't leaving the house, leaving venues like cinemas, theaters and museums deserted.
Watched as the disease moved into its final stage, leaving the men blind and demented, leaving them to die.
In fact, some have gone back to using after leaving 104, as addicts have upon leaving private treatment centers.
They are not leaving us space in the political arena, so they say we are leaving the political arena.
Big, big organizations who are really thinking, not thinking, they're in the decision faze of leaving the U.K. Leaving London.
It is the difference between leaving out store-bought cookies for Santa, and leaving out homemade double-chocolate chunk cookies.
The book ends, as it must, with the girl leaving the prison with her grandmother, and leaving her father behind.
"Getting emails saying families from embassies are leaving — the consulate or embassy were leaving — that rings a bell," Rodgers said.
The Telegraph reported that May had discussions with officials and ministers about holding a referendum that would give voters the choice between leaving the European Union with a deal, leaving without a deal, or not leaving at all.
She is leaving the state to see the Pope George Clooney in California ... So both of them are leaving the state.
" Another wrote, "Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead, that's like the zombie worlds version of Steve Carell leaving The Office.
Users will be able to buy their AC without leaving the house and then change the temperature without leaving the couch.
"We want to talk to you about leaving the White House," Kelly said, as he cited integrity issues for her leaving.
She informed Jared that she was going to be leaving and he briefly toyed with the idea of leaving with her.
Nearly two-thirds of staff said they will be leaving the agency rather than leaving Washington, D.C., where they currently work.
But housing inventory remains limited, pushing prices upward and leaving prospective home buyers depressed about their chances of leaving rental apartments.
He stressed that employees aren't necessarily leaving their job, they're leaving a manager with whom they lack a sense of connection.
I knew by leaving I was just another individual that was protesting and leaving and making the office that much weaker.
Barack Obama knows we're heartbroken about him leaving the White House, so he's compensating for it by leaving a few legacies behind.
On May 24th Blue KC announced that it was leaving the Kansas and Missouri exchanges, potentially leaving 25 counties with no insurer.
Since Mare Nostrum and especially now with Frontex, there are many more people leaving, but they are leaving in much worse conditions.
That means leaving the EU Single Market, controlling immigration from the EU and leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.
Leaving the euro isn't the same as leaving the European Union, but the differences are too technical for many people to parse.
She informed the office that she was leaving New York; her fiancé, she claimed, was just some roommate she was leaving behind.
Fifty-three percent said they would vote against leaving the EU, while 32 percent would support leaving the EU without a deal.
Those who support leaving without a deal, leaving with a deal, or remaining in the EU don't split neatly along partisan lines.
"We're gonna have a lot of phone calls when companies say they're leaving the country, because they are not leaving," Trump said.
So Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, Catalonia leaving Spain, I wouldn't predict either, but it's clear what the line is, inside/outside.
So this is more or less the equivalent to American Idol abruptly leaving Fox right at its height — and leaving Ryan Seacrest behind.
It's a well-established British tradition to hold goodbye drinks for colleagues who are leaving, but what about those who aren't actually leaving?
"I had to break out of the hospital, they wanted to keep me, but I'm leaving — I'm leaving with wires attached," Mollen adds.
Before leaving, the deputy collected evidence from the party including a pipe used to smoke marijuana before leaving the Holton's home, says Franklin.
It's unlikely we'll see Sansa leaving the safety of Winterfell, or Cersei leaving King's Landing, but this reunion goes on our wish list.
By leaving out important aspects of cybersecurity, the new administration is signaling what it intends to prioritize --- and what it is leaving behind.
Fatima Zohra Serri wanted to study photography after leaving high school, which would have meant leaving her hometown of Nador in northern Morocco.
Canavan told journalists he would be leaving cabinet and the ministry while the matter was resolved but would not be leaving parliament yet.
Busy work schedules see them leaving the office at 11 PM and back in again at 7 AM, leaving little time for socializing.
Again, if you are considering leaving your company, leaving in December as opposed to early January may cost you a profit sharing contribution.
Combined, the layoffs represent about 227% of the organization, with 1703 people leaving the product team and 2170 people leaving the engineering team.
She said Ms. Pollidore moved there after leaving a Brooklyn brownstone that had burned in 2013, leaving her mother with first-degree burns.
"We have to cancel patients at short notice sometimes," he said, not only leaving patients untreated but leaving surgeons unable to do their jobs.
The official reason was that he was leaving for Navy Reserve duty, leaving his deputy press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, to handle the fallout.
It's not just Shinji leaving masculine weaknesses out the door—it's a disconnect from the body itself, leaving nothing but performance in its place.
They must be investigated and held accountable: for leaving little ones gasping for air, for leaving parents without children and for rendering children orphans.
The first big scene: What Happens Thor tells Valkyrie he's leaving his people of New Asgard (on Earth), and leaving her as its king.
Smaller suppliers are leaving the business, large regional and national companies are leaving states, and closures and consolidations are resulting in thousands of layoffs.
Its antioxidant-rich formulation, which includes sweet-almond oil, helps calm irritation and sinks into the skin quickly, leaving it moisturized — and leaving you happy.
It's a great product for parents, who know leaving the house each morning takes as much time as whatever errand it is you're leaving for.
After leaving the EU, Britain wants to do its own trade deals with the rest of the world, which means leaving the EU's customs union.
In other words, they are leaving billions and billions on the table by opting for the politically expedient move of leaving the gas tax untouched.
Cat tweets in favor of leaving the European Union numbered around 2,700, with the dog tweets split 3,475 against to 1,360 for leaving, Dataminr showed.
Republicans are leaving the House in droves: So far, 20173 GOP House members have announced they're leaving, while three Republican senators have said the same.
It is unclear if his leaving the company is related to the investigation's findings, but Drummond is reportedly leaving the company of his own volition.
The Trump administration has said that it is continuing to study the Iran nuclear deal, leaving a door open to leaving it at some point.
LEMON DROPS are delicious, but I'm not aware of DROPS being a synonym for leaving, unless it's the kind of leaving that involves breaking up.
Americans are leaving their jobs — and that's a good sign Americans are leaving their jobs — and that's a good sign American workers have had enough.
France is turning inward, leaving Germany to lead the EU alone -- a task made even more difficult due to the fact that the Brits are leaving.
Younger voters favor remaining by a fairly wide margin, while older voters back leaving the EU. Wealthier voters favor remaining, while lower income voters support leaving.
"I still feel like the scariest part of leaving the hospital with a newborn is leaving all those nurses behind," Refinery29 parenting editor Laura Norkin, says.
Allen campaigned to 'Remain' in the 2016 referendum on leaving the EU, and has since spoken about the dangers of leaving the bloc without a deal.
It also has to ensure that those customers aren't leaving, or at least that it's bringing on enough new developers more quickly than they are leaving.
I was doing the reverse and leaving my apartment at 3:30 to get to work at 5 and here I'm leaving work at 3:30.
Before leaving Turkey, she said she was made to sign papers she understood to mean that they were voluntarily leaving Turkey and would not re-enter.
Corbyn said that he wanted to renegotiate a Brexit deal and let the voting public decide between leaving on his terms or not leaving at all.
"Leaving North Korea is even harder than leaving the mafia," said Sue Mi Terry, Korea chairwoman at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.
Paparazzi snapped photos of the stars leaving seen leaving a soiree held at the Chateau Marmont together, and fans immediately assumed that the stars were dating.
STEP ONE: Delay Brexit to avoid leaving without a deal Labour argues that leaving the EU without a deal would cause economic disruption and job losses.
Most people think about life insurance in terms of leaving money to their children should they die, but really it&aposs for leaving money to dependents.
Kelly was supposed to announce he was leaving at a staff meeting on Monday, but Trump preempted him, telling reporters on Saturday that Kelly was leaving.
I didn't realize at the time that one of the guys was actually leaving the band—funny enough, he was leaving to do a Billy Joel tribute.
Facebook turnover: The woman who's been leading Facebook's PR team is leaving Caryn Marooney, one of Facebook's top communications executives, is leaving the company after eight years.
It's the latest in a slew of people leaving the company, with Steve McManus, Michael Schwekutsch, Felicia Mayo and Peter Hochholdinger all leaving in the past year.
You have to show-- (CROSSTALK) SMITH: OK. But they are leaving -- they&aposre leaving the president and his legal team hanging here, as Peter Doocy just reported.
In a recent report, Homeland Security bragged that the program has biometrically confirmed "over 7,000" cases of people leaving the country after their visas expired—again, leaving.
For France — unlike the United Kingdom — leaving the EU means also leaving the euro zone, which is the part of the EU that uses the euro currency.
We are leaving the European Union, but we are not leaving Europe – and we want to remain committed partners and allies to our friends across the continent.
Not only can leaving your makeup on overnight clog your pores and cause breakouts, it can accelerate the aging process, leaving you with dull skin and wrinkles.
Many of Ms. Brown's clients are faced with the "painful" reality of leaving unvested stock on the table when leaving a job for whatever reason, she said.
I think that this is a question for the future to answer, but there is one thing I know: that leaving home, leaving Syria, wasn't an option.
But having a breakdown and leaving the show and then leaving comedy for as long as he left it, what do you do when you come back?
We are leaving the European Union, but we are not leaving Europe — and we want to remain committed partners and allies to our friends across the continent.
I spot my breakfast buddy from my very first breakfast here; he's leaving tomorrow afternoon and we're leaving at the crack of dawn to swim with whale sharks.
In his statement Thursday, Corbat announced Bird is leaving Citi to "pursue an opportunity outside our firm," leaving his position open for Fraser to step into as well.
While Britain is leaving the EU, it is not leaving a system of global standards, Randell said in his first major speech since becoming FCA chair in April.
Corbyn said on Tuesday he wanted to negotiate a new Brexit deal and then let the public decide between leaving on his terms, or not leaving at all.
I think that the reason the other volumizing products are leaving things behind is because you are putting the conditioner on your hair and leaving behind the residue.
"Further, these new hires do about 58% more production than the average advisor leaving for competitors — evidence that we are recruiting larger producers than those leaving," she said.
"The idea of leaving Europe, leaving the euro has never been in the pipeline," Salvini told reporters on the sidelines of a rally near Matera, in southern Italy.
For example, a box leaving the company's West Coast facility in San Jose, California, may require more ice than one leaving the East Coast facility during the winter.
People across France need permission from police to travel, and those leaving their homes have been required to produce a form declaring their reasons for leaving the house.
"We are leaving the nitty-gritty, the pieces of this that can be very hyper-local and sensitive, we're leaving that to cities and towns," Ms. Ramos said.
"We're pleased to see those change because for me it means there's no red line down the Irish Sea and we have the very clear confirmation that the entirety of the United Kingdom is leaving the European union, leaving the single market, leaving the customs union," Arlene Foster told Sky News.
The former employee also told BuzzFeed News that people had been leaving before Chen returned, but the rate of people leaving had increased after he took back the reins.
They're leaving because of taxes, but they are also leaving because they can't get their money back and everybody agrees, Democrats and Republicans, that is should come back in.
Former Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe is leaving Facebook Brendan Iribe, who led Facebook-owned VR company Oculus until 2016 before moving to lead its PC VR division, is leaving.
A tussle has now broken out in the party, and between the candidates, over what is more important — leaving the bloc by the deadline or leaving with a deal.
For these people, fighting for a better Facebook, one that gives users control of their data rather than leaving altogether, is the much more practical path than leaving altogether.
"We should be slow about judging such a situation, where people leaving that country also meant leaving family members behind and with no prospects for ever returning," Lartigue said.
Moving in at Weymouth Street, Etheridge thought of leaving Forrester and Bright, of leaving London, too, but when a few weeks had gone by Weymouth Street seemed far enough.
In leaving a long-running CBS crime drama, Mr. Moore joins Michael Weatherly of "NCIS," who announced in January that he would be leaving the series after 13 seasons.
"All of a sudden there's more sense of urgency," he said, "a lot more people talking about leaving, talking about going far west into Java and leaving from there."
SPONSORED CONTENT - AMAZON Amazon business success without leaving home   A rural Idaho mom built a business selling her products through an Amazon storefront without leaving the land she loves.
But there are quite a few moments, especially when he escapes the elevator by leaving the trench coat, where he seemed reptilian, like a lizard leaving its tail behind.
Daily ferries go to and from Perth and Fremantle (I recommend leaving from Fremantle, as leaving from Perth tacks on quite a bit of time to the boat trip).
Trump broke with norms by not holding a press conference Friday before leaving, a practice former President Obama typically followed before leaving for vacations in Martha's Vineyard or Hawaii.
Companies are leaving data in Asana, Trello, Slack . . .
The academics and postgraduates were leaving the country . . .
While Britain leaving the EU isn't as damaging as another country leaving — the U.K. has its own currency, at least — it will still be a challenging period for the region.
Turnbull's first appointment since leaving the government puts him in the company of several Australian prime ministers and senior politicians who have take up financial advisory roles after leaving office.
In her books "Leaving Church" and "Learning to Walk in the Dark," she always seems to be in motion -- leaving one spiritual rest stop for another exit down the road.
Facebook's top lawyer is leaving as the company still grapples with election aftermath and a federal investigation Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch is leaving at the end of the year.
President Trump officially notified the U.N. on Monday that the U.S. would be leaving the global climate agreement, leaving diplomats to plot a way forward without the world's largest economy.
"We are leaving the European Union, but we are not leaving Europe – and we want to remain committed partners and allies to our friends across the continent, " the letter said.
French prosecutor Francois Molins told a CNN affiliate that the father had gone grocery shopping, leaving the child alone and then proceeded to play Pokémon Go after leaving the shop.
Saleh Khashoggi is reportedly forbidden from leaving Saudi Arabia: Spare a thought for Khashoggi's son, banned from leaving Saudi Arabia, who had to go and do this today
"I didn't even know I was leaving until I'd left," she recalled of leaving his apartment on Halloween in 3703, adding that she had not even packed an overnight bag.
The storm dropped heavy, wet snow in areas west of Interstate 2000, leaving feet of snow in some areas and leaving one person dead in Suffern, in southern New York.
He lets me know that I should feel comfortable taking vacation and leaving early if I need to (then I tell him that I already planning on leaving early today).
And so one day I walked out of the Ninth Street office set upon leaving Philadelphia and the Underground, leaving the triggers for these memories that threw me into depression.
"Often people talk in terms as if we are leaving the EU but we still want to keep bits of membership of the EU. We're leaving, we're coming out," May stated.
On Monday morning, Booking Holdings (BKNG) confirmed it is also leaving the Libra Association, making it the seventh company to exit so far and leaving 21 of the original 28 members.
After remaining in the bathroom for some time, Cook allegedly opened the door and walked towards her coat, leaving her ex to believe she was finally leaving, according to the affidavit.
She had previously claimed that she was carrying multiple cellphones out of fear of leaving them back in her hotel room, where she had had no issue leaving thousands in cash.
The document says, as XXX was leaving to get into his car, the SUV pulled in front of him to block him from leaving, and that's when the gunmen jumped out.
However, when Amazon debuted Fire OS 5, it removed the device encryption option, leaving security-conscious users to choose between leaving their data unprotected or running outdated software on their devices.
"We were told her father was deceased, that she was being severely neglected at home and her mother was leaving her open to abuse, leaving her for days," Jessica Davis says.
At 33, James has already completed two tours of duty in his native Northern Ohio, once leaving Cleveland to bask in Miami's capital-H Heat, now again leaving to go west.
Research from the Brookings Institution reveals that, in 21625, over 2900 percent of student borrowers leaving for-profit colleges and 220006 percent leaving community colleges are effectually unemployed two years later.
HBO is denying reports it yanked its Michael Jackson documentary off the air, and adds ... "Leaving Neverland" isn't leaving it's lineup any time soon, partly because of its popularity with celebs.
And the street protests that have rocked Venezuela for months this year, leaving at least 120 dead, have largely dissolved, leaving few outlets of opposition to the country's ruling socialist party.
"There will be more people leaving Amazon and wanting to do earlier stage start-ups than there will be people leaving start-ups to go work at Amazon," Mr. Mandel said.
US leaving smaller bases: The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq is leaving some smaller military bases in the country, the coalition said Monday, with most troops redeploying to elsewhere in Iraq.
Even so, Americans wishing to vacation in the island nation must do so on costly charter flights leaving primarily from Miami and New York, leaving them little flexibility in planning trips.
He adds ... "common sense" dictates leaving the law unchanged.
" Campbell Bannerman: "The point is, we're not leaving Europe.
" Levinson added: "(Gianforte) is leaving the event without speaking.
After leaving that party ... Ben hit up a casino.
Others similarly reincarnate, leaving their plastic cloaks — outer shadows?
We are leaving this up to the new council .
Some Brazilians are leaving the country — or considering it.
Leaving turned out to be a huge struggle — again.
We knew he was leaving -- why is this newsy?
In terms of finances, 40% reported that leaving the EU would have no impact on funding, while slightly less (38%) felt that leaving would have some or even a very negative impact.
Nikki Haley is leaving her job as US ambassador to the United Nations In a surprise Oval Office meeting, Haley and President Donald Trump announced that she would be leaving her pos.
The Sheriff was tipped off that two suspects were leaving the area, and with the help of local officers were able to block Ruud from leaving Springfield, Missouri, on a Greyhound bus.
After the defeats in parliament opened up the possibility of Britain leaving the EU without a deal, May told parliament on Wednesday that she remained committed to leaving "in an orderly manner".
"He was a gentle soul who cared about the world and not leaving any footprint and leaving it a better place," Santovasco said during an interview on Tuesday, The Washington Post reported.
Pulido was leaving a party with his girlfriend on Saturday night when his car was surrounded by several other cars and he was taken away by masked men, leaving his girlfriend alone.
Leaving them in a world doomed to some horrifying tech dystopia at Bishop's hands simply wasn't an option — and yet me leaving everyone seemed like the only way I could stop him.
He joins a growing list of House Republicans leaving Congress; 22 have announced retirement this Congress, and a host of others are leaving to seek different political office or have already resigned.
We get the NSA accidentally leaving their toolkit in staging areas, like burglars leaving lockpicks in a stolen car, and that toolkit being used for the recent tsunamis of ransomware and wiperware.
PWNED: House lawmakers failed to renew controversial FBI surveillance tools before leaving town on Friday, leaving the program paused for at least several more weeks, the Wall Street Journal's Dustin Volz reports.
But for Tony Goldstone, 533, a retiree who has been in favor of leaving the EU for over 10 years, the referendum result lacks weight until the formal leaving process is started.
French prosecutor Francois Molins told a CNN affiliate that the father had gone grocery shopping, leaving the child alone and then proceeded to play Pokémon Go after leaving the shop.
Top women are leaving Another factor in the race for leadership roles is the fact that some of the GOP's prospects to step up for leadership roles are leaving the House altogether.
The terms of her probation barred her from leaving her mother's house after six in the evening, leaving the county, or living in proximity to "minor children," which ruled out most apartments.
But the bigger issue for those in the City, highlighted by the storms of the past week, remains whether the current government is capable of leaving the Bank to its own devices at a time when the vast majority of mainstream economists believe leaving the EU - and leaving the single market in particular - is an economic misstep.
The catalyst for my leaving was that the voice inside me calling for a more meaningful life finally became louder than the voice that was afraid of leaving, and desperate for more money.
We'll start with the lobbying news...   PhRMA's top lobbyist is leaving Rodger Currie, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America's (PhRMA) top lobbyist, is leaving his post at the nation's top lobby for drugmakers.
With a number of high-profile companies leaving or thinking of leaving the state, a No. 33 finish in our Top States rankings is what passes for good news in Connecticut these days.
Britain leaving the EU (Brexit) In June 2016, the UK held a public referendum on whether it should leave the EU, and 51.9 percent of the voting citizens voted in favor of leaving.
When Bendta Schroeder, for instance, finished a literature Ph.D. and was deciding whether or not to stay in academia, she worried leaving her field also meant leaving the bookish people she'd swarmed with.
Mr Correa is leaving the scene, at least for now.
Therefore, leaving the Speaker out of majority calculations makes sense.
He quickly dissipates, leaving a gold seed in his stead.
The source said he had seen five families leaving Mosul.
"I'm never leaving this sport," she told the podcast GymCastic.
The government is leaving the politicians to sort this out.
You can see the case [for leaving out that information].
BECKY QUICK: Now, very quickly, the ECB leaving rates unchanged.
But if I switch, it won't be me leaving iMessage.
It will be the platform that runs iMessage leaving me.
The window shades are halfway down, leaving the bedroom dim.
That implied leaving the EU's single market and customs union.
ET Weinstein was photographed leaving the NYPD precinct in handcuffs.
Leaving with no deal, however, could result in a wreck.
"Me leaving Teen Mom, the ratings went down," she said.
The best part of visiting Frieze is always leaving it.
And the United Kingdom is, of course, leaving the group.
The two were seen leaving the Wilbur Theatre holding hands.
As we're leaving the car's check engine light comes on.
Now American innovation is leaving this tradition in the dust.
Doesn't smelly sweat mean something evil is leaving my body?
My main question leaving this episode is: is Juliette real?
Intel Chief Strategy Officer Aicha Evans is leaving the company.
" After nine months, no joke, she said, "I'm not leaving.
Ahead, check out all the titles leaving Netflix in July.
The video ends with the two women leaving the restaurant.
"There's nothing in there," said one shopper leaving the store.
How do you feel about leaving the house without makeup?
Here's Obama leaving the Oval Office for the last time.
As band members, we sacrificed leaving our families and girlfriends.
The foam melts in your mouth, leaving a fresh feeling.
Maybe she's calm because she knows she's leaving the Waterfords.
He will replace Anders Haegerstrand, who is leaving the company.
Lovato has been busy since leaving rehab in early November.
KURTZ: Some of the people were saying they were leaving.
I debate just leaving without it, but then it comes.
"I'm leaving a trail of breadcrumbs," Oliver repeatedly told me.
Leaving a marriage is much harder than calling an Uber.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you so much, we are leaving now.
But the acquirer abandoned the deal, leaving SpoonRocket to die.
Melanie says that she has never considered leaving the community.
The complaints about snoring and leaving the toilet seat up.
Spohn's been an active angel investor since leaving Social Capital.
Serial's Adnan Syed will not be leaving jail anytime soon.
On leaving the theatre, audience members were handed #KeepTheSecrets badges.
Two were considering leaving the company based on the response.
Oil rising fast Oil prices are leaving investors with whiplash.
Until we do that, we'll continue leaving runners on base.
SARA EISEN: Money leaving Macau which is -- JIM CHANOS: Exactly.
We stay a couple hours and sober up before leaving.
We were leaving our goalies out to dry a bit.
Leaving the European Union on the 29th of March, 20183.
You recently announced that you'd be leaving your namesake company.
Most importantly, this will mean Britain leaving the single market.
Now, upon leaving office, the figure stands at 63.5%. 28.
And leaving is not an option, at least for now.
Of course, the accusations have been resurfaced in Leaving Neverland.
Before leaving, I asked how people at home could help.
After leaving Pimco, Gross joined Janus Capital Group Inc JNS.
He became a lobbyist after leaving the House in 20183.
A lot of workers were leaving, particularly women and minorities.
They each then left, leaving behind a $420 restaurant bill.
Those who refuse could be barred from leaving the country.
Trump and Pope leaving room for the Holy Spirit pic.twitter.
His gentle quacking eases the sadness of leaving #SFA16. pic.twitter.
Wallet resigned in March 2019, leaving Jamie as sole conservator.
She reportedly spoke with the officers before leaving the store.
"I am putting her leaving around that time," he says.
So do some Republican senators, leaving its prospects in doubt.
Mattis gave cover to Republicans and he is now leaving.
I was leaving Hawaii for work commitments in Los Angeles.
"I wasn't surprised," he told NPR after leaving the stage.
" On Tuesday, Barr apologized and announced she was "leaving Twitter.
Sansa's not content with leaving that up in the air.
His father found him after leaving work and called 911.
Leaving Monte Sacro would be the only sensible next step.
Instead of leaving without saying goodbye, simply never show up.
Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox is leaving the company.
And now you can buy them without leaving Facebook, too!
I'm leaving for the airport at a seriously unholy hour.
Two Texas players were also disqualified for leaving the bench.
In recent months attacks have increased, leaving about 100 dead.
Since leaving office Brennan has been extremely outspoken against Trump.
On Wednesday, Davidson was photographed leaving Gerber's apartment in Soho.
"Leaving them to die is a big mistake," Haley wrote.
So, Gwen Stefani is leaving "The Voice" behind -- for now.
When did the thought of leaving first enter your mind?
Indeed, controversy has followed Spicer after leaving the White House.
Now with the new bill I'm really thinking of leaving.
It made perfect sense to me that we were leaving.
It's terrible for my face, leaving on the day's filth.
More Americans are leaving the Valley than moving to it.
The women, filmed leaving court, were originally arrested in April.
Ahead, the full list of everything leaving Netflix in May.
The economy stagnated under Moi, leaving millions mired in poverty.
Lizzie Plaugic: Lizzie also drops Rachel, leaving her with Vanessa.
It was not clear if she was leaving Twitter permanently.
Now, Amazon is leaving, and the picture looks very different.
Days later it crashed, leaving huge craters across the island.
" Then she apologized and said she was leaving Twitter "forever.
My friends who had brands or businesses here are leaving.
But students leaving school are not free from financial burdens.
After leaving the European Union at 2300 GMT on Jan.
After nine seasons, Durant is leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder.
That's why Hopper is leaving things in that box, right?
"I worry that some people will end up leaving Malaysia."
But mass hate wasn't the worst part of leaving London.
So what's the big deal about leaving the ISS uncrewed?
After leaving journalism, I worked on British government counterextremism projects.
They were spotted leaving the popular restaurant just moments apart.
Trump announced Tuesday morning that he was leaving for Texas.
Mr. Kelly got the job, leaving Mr. Bratton deeply disappointed.
She ain't ever leaving; I don't care who she marries.
China has ratcheted up pressure, leaving Taiwan more isolated internationally.
Leaving it on forever just invites endless dread and obsession.
And it was never a leaving a dog behind situation.
Ms. Delmaro paused for a brief interview before leaving court.
Do you think about leaving a legacy for your kids?
And you may be leaving free money on the table.
Ike's founding engineers actually worked at Nuro after leaving Uber.
The Office is leaving Netflix, and people are not coping.
Her family and immigrant neighbors are not leaving their homes.
Who keeps leaving those mysterious X'es above our heroes' doorknobs?
Leaving out Breitbart might earn Facebook condemnation from these quarters.
Leaving, to Twitch, seems to mean something like a betrayal.
As we were leaving, Nate tried to grab my hand.
That means leaving more and more of the past behind.
Instead of taking the money and leaving town, Sarah disappeared.
One of Nintendo's most public faces is leaving the company.
They also told management that staffers were leaving every week.
Joyce chews him out for leaving her son to die.
In doing so, VCs are leaving money on the table.
For many Marshallese, to consider leaving is to admit defeat.
Uber's chief product officer, Jeff Holden, is leaving the company.
So we're there for 30 days, and now we're leaving.
Britain began negotiations on Monday on leaving the European Union.
Producer Wanda Sykes immediately announced she was leaving the show.
But I'm also leaving the place where I was raped.
Suddenly, Ali lifted his left arm, leaving his midsection exposed.
American companies are still leaving — just as prey, not predators.
John Kelly will be leaving the White House, Trump says.
Her friend entered first and found Jackson leaving the room.
Before I was leaving, that was their No. 280 program.
He had gone back to Poland, leaving the girls alone.
However, Ayers announced that he, too, is leaving the administration.
Next came a massage, leaving me fully relaxed and Zen.
"They're leaving us," he muttered to no one in particular.
But leaving the house is an unavoidable part of life.
But many companies are leaving the U.K. because of Brexit.
In a rare flash of emotion after leaving office, Mrs.
We have many, many companies that are leaving this country.
Leaving money to your heirs, however, is not necessarily detrimental.
She spoke to CNN on Wednesday after leaving North Carolina.
Nor did I realize I was leaving a digital trail.
The last 24 hours she has been leaving me notes.
Advertisers are still leaving platforms like YouTube for Facebook's offerings.
And the episode only featured two of these women leaving.
Bannon's decline has been swift since leaving the White House.
Erika Eleniak said she has no regrets leaving behind "Baywatch."
Grinstead was last seen leaving a dinner party on Oct.
Hopkins is leaving to run the TV business at Sony.
Saia is leaving that question up for you to answer.
Beer flooded the property, leaving Nation "completely saturated," she wrote.
In the People interview, Sadler explained her reasons for leaving.
But leaving them defenseless, afraid and in peril is unconscionable.
Mr Najib himself has been barred from leaving the country.
However, the organization seems keen on leaving him at shortstop.
But there are plenty of good reasons others are leaving.
" Leaving it behind, he says, is "scary but also thrilling.
Watch the full clip of Melody leaving Sidney behind, below.
Afterwards, the pair were seen leaving together on his motorbike.
In the company's words, it is leaving no stone unturned.
Khloé is nervous about leaving Lamar and being completely incommunicado.
Jessica Runions was last seen leaving a party on Sept.
"I'm making my baba," Lala, replies simply, leaving Scheana baffled.
Leaving aside its security merits, the implementation was handled clumsily.
This rips the gross pulp fibers away, leaving behind nanocellulose.
Britain needs to put the question of leaving behind it.
Just moments after leaving the debate stage on Monday night,
Sorrell has announced plans for a comeback after leaving WPP.
HBO will move forward with the airing of Leaving Neverland.
The episode ends with Escobar wordlessly leaving his father's farm.
Xanda died several days ago, leaving behind several young cubs.
The full purchase experience takes place without leaving the app.
Earning a salary makes leaving a bad marriage financially possible.
"In hindsight leaving was the easy part," says Miss Khaleque.
So it's a very unpleasant legacy which we are leaving.
Around early 1995, one friend, Leah, was leaving the neighborhood.
When you're leaving your family for a bit, it's hard.
As I walk toward the party, I pass people leaving.
I try upwards of five times, leaving a little frustrated.
"We're not leaving until we recover the child," he said.
Another feeling that hovered over my leaving Islam was fear.
Fleury fled the scene, leaving Hayes to seek medical help.
If you like leaving things until the last minute: Australia.
Everyone was leaving, and I was going toward the stage.
Gizmodo: So why did you end up leaving the company?
Lack of financial independence prevents some from leaving abusive partners.
"I'm concerned with all the work that's leaving," he said.
And as they were leaving, one festival goer was shot.
Maybe leaving the picnic table was intended as a kindness.
So I felt confident leaving this baby in her hands.
Bloomberg reported on Friday that Macquarie was leaving the group.
So you don't believe he is leaving the media business.
Yet a majority of MPs oppose leaving without a deal.
He couldn't swim, so leaving his home wasn't an option.
People ask me if I'd consider leaving the internet again.
And I've told him, I've just said, I'm not leaving.
And I've told him, I've just said, 'I'm not leaving.
They spent 47 hours flying without ever leaving an airport.
Along those lines, leaving early will do you some good.
He was last seen that day leaving a warehouse here.
" — leaving the attendant to say, "Damn, that was Chris Pratt!
We were leaving Quebec City, and we had some trouble.
But no regulations have been confirmed, leaving rumors to swirl.
Afshin Pishevar admitted leaving the rope, according to the countersuit.
Prescription painkillers were proving ineffective, leaving him sweaty and sleepless.
Toby admits to leaving Jamie's body in a broken freezer.
In The Incredibles 2, it's Elastigirl leaving Mr. Incredible behind.
Patterns appear as the water evaporates, leaving behind organic remains.
Hillary Clinton waves after leaving an apartment building Sunday, Sept.
The scariest part is leaving the hospital with the baby.
Leaving New York and my girlfriend, even temporarily, was hard.
Noble gets back in the truck, leaving the door open.
I want to know why the spaceship is leaving Earth.
Green freezes, leaving her vulnerable to getting stabbed by Angela.
That's a lot of people leaving money on the table.
For Brexit, however, the default is leaving without a deal.
The hardest part for Hayes was simply leaving the cemetery.
Astronauts had a habit of leaving things on the moon.
Students leaving their classes also walked upon a gruesome scene.
Phan will also be leaving as part of EM Cosmetics.
Often, those who are depressed find leaving the house difficult.
Wade to be overturned, leaving the issue to the states.
He ended up leaving with a pocket full of dollars.
Disney CEO Bob Iger is also leaving Trump's advisory council.
Purdy will begin training for snowboarding season after leaving Rio.
Did he ever try to justify leaving his toenails everywhere?
The meteorite leaving a trail in the atmosphere behind it.
Leaving town for Barry did not figure into his priorities.
He is banned from leaving his residence and the country.
The company also said its CFO was leaving his post.
Leaving a much larger carbon footprint than they need to.
Leaving the deal is more likely to hurt job growth.
It seems Americans are leaving the church, but not God.
VP of Human Resources Brian "Skip" Schipper is also leaving.
The firm said he was leaving "to pursue other opportunities".
Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
I am therefore, with great sadness, leaving the Labour Party.
"She used the term 'downhill' and 'leaving us,'" Fantle recalled.
He announced he was leaving the White House in March.
Toda ended up leaving Airbnb in September to join Gap.
Leaving the house with wet hair in the Midwest… pic.twitter.
Murray shot Drake's character on the show leaving him paralyzed.
GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) global head of pharmaceuticals Abbas Hussain is leaving.
SS: What are the benefits from leaving, do you think?
Take a look inside the home he's leaving behind, here.
The Iraqi army capitulated and fled, leaving its weapons behind.
Blac Chyna is seen leaving the courthouse with Lisa Bloom.
Shortly after Clinton, sick with pneumonia, staggered leaving a Sept.
Leaving the EU risks losing access to the single market.
Her own family moved away, leaving her to live alone.
But "we are not leaving our house nor our community".
Daenerys and Drogon escaped, leaving Rhaegal and Viserion in Meereen.
Athena retrieves the blade and departs, leaving Kratos to die.
USA confirmed that Markle is leaving the show on Tuesday.
Leaving in the 77th minute won Liverpool fans some concessions.
In fairness, Obama is leaving behind some positive education legacies.
"I understand that leaving was against the law," he said.
Scientists discuss leaving the U.S. in this week's Expert Voices.
Still, they are responsible for paying nearly $1,200 before leaving.
We got the Fonz Tuesday as he was leaving e.
Peel bell pepper, leaving a few flecks of blackened skin.
Schiller has talked to associates about leaving for a while.
Or did he just take his time leaving the room?
Salling, 33, was spotted leaving a Los Angeles gym Monday.
It glides over your skin leaving it feeling better instantly.
It's about decency, honor, including everyone, leaving no one behind.
Is Paris Jackson shaking off the controversy surrounding Leaving Neverland?
KS: I have been leaving my phone behind a lot.
I ended up leaving them behind at a hooker bar.
He had cited fatigue and lifestyle as reasons for leaving.
But, leaving aside the memes, Cutler's a pretty decent quarterback.
Microsoft left the South Hall, leaving Intel to stand alone.
Much better than "Leaving Las Vegas 2" ... for obvious reasons.
But are Americans leaving Social Security money on the table?
"The mistake they've made is leaving these timestamps," Hultquist said.
During the campaign, she debated the economic merits of leaving.
Chargers owner Dean Spanos has not yet committed to leaving.
Elizabeth Woods commented on the photo, leaving three red hearts.
Some head home with ora as souvenirs, leaving rand behind.
Moe's: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo without even leaving your house!
Doesn't that sound so much better than leaving your house?
It's almost classed as wine, just leaving it in storage.
Elissa Murphy will be leaving the company later in May.
Heenan knew, leaving him as pro wrestling's kayfabe Cassandra figure.
In one case, the fighters fired 21 rounds before leaving.
But to her, everyone else seems to be leaving town.
Brian McAndrews, who had been CEO, is leaving the company.
So what do you think about Britain leaving the EU?
"We are leaving the EU but not Europe," she said.
"I am leaving here a whole other person," Aimee adds.
He says workers who aren't tied to Williston are leaving.
With that, Bryce walks off, leaving Hannah frozen in place.
"I think about leaving and I fear it," he said.
Afterwards she led discussions about why young people were leaving.
It remains unclear how serious Trump is about leaving NAFTA.
So Pollak has no regrets about leaving the hedge fund.
Leaving the network open makes you more vulnerable to attack.
"We're leaving again to give it another shot," he said.
"I have a tough time now just leaving my home."
He and Rosmah have been barred from leaving the country.
It's official: The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union.
With macOS Mojave, Apple is leaving the mountain metaphors behind.
The key is to keep heat from leaving your body.
Well, at least someone today is leaving full of pizza.
The quasar seemed to have vanished, leaving just another galaxy.
Julia Garratt was released in February but barred from leaving.
But leaving now serves several purposes at home and abroad.
You posted a long statement on Facebook about leaving Glory.
All three underwent field tests immediately after leaving the spacecraft.
The animals get loose, leaving Newt scrambling to recover them.
"People are leaving because Melania is done," the lefties gloated.
"I did think about leaving tennis," Djokovic said on Monday.
She jets off to help Lillian, leaving the roommates speechless.
Lovegun closed permanently in the fall of 2015, leaving Peew!
But sealing off the city also prevented people from leaving.
Plus, they were seen leaving a Met Gala afterparty together.
Did Lou leaving affect the way you wrote at all?
But leaving the EU could turn their business upside down.
Several rallies turned violent, leaving at least one person dead.
The Peppermint actress was seen leaving Affleck's upset and shaking.
Well, I started a daily strip called Leaving Richard's Valley.
"He was like, 'I'm not leaving you guys,' " said Kourtney.
Something about her leaving my home and never coming back.
The biggest threat to the exchanges is insurers leaving them.
"We are leaving it up to the player," he says.
They were photographed leaving the ceremony together hand in hand.
Our military upholds the tradition of leaving no one behind.
With a criminal record, leaving the industry can become impossible.
Leaving Europe would be a catastrophe, we'd double the debt.
SOMETIMES it was as simple as leaving the lights on.
This woman is leaving nothing but scorched earth behind her.
Strip the rosemary leaves from the sprigs, leaving 1 in.
Since leaving Angola, Mr. Williams has moved to Oakland, Calif.
That skills gap risks leaving some people even further behind.
I awoke as we were leaving the station heading north.
The heat will dry the cleaner too quickly, leaving streaks.
So it's suddenly conflating leaving Facebook with abandoning your friends.
But he died a year later, leaving the series incomplete.
I'm leaving because I got an amazing opportunity at Kickstarter .
We are leaving behind the era of ugly ethical fashion.
Just leaving the house is a small act of subversion.
The announcement triggered protests and violence leaving one person dead.
Since then he has retreated into isolation, never leaving home.
But the company says it is leaving "substantially all" marketplaces.
Giuliana, who recently shared that she is leaving her E!
Guardiola is leaving for Manchester City in the Premier League.
Tamara Chipman, 22, disappeared in 2005, leaving behind a toddler.
Machina, has produced an appropriately understated script, leaving most of
This meant he would be leaving his daily treatment program.
America will not be leaving power vacuums on Trump's watch.
Leaving those in the middle with no place to go.
Meeting them where they are, but not leaving them there.
Earlier on Monday, CNBC spotted Ruddy leaving the West Wing.
Tesla – Autopilot unit executive Jim Keller is leaving the automaker.
Leaving these cases up to the Executive is too dangerous.
After leaving the hospital, Ormond headed to the police station.
And local officials on Friday were leaving nothing to chance.
I asked Fowler if he ever thought of leaving Odessa.
That explosion is leaving consumers at risk of being breached.
Will they be deported, leaving their children here without parents?
But for many others, leaving doesn't feel like an option.
SR: How do you feel about leaving the Americas Society?
Nineteen House Republicans have announced they will be leaving Congress.
I have supported candidates of both parties since leaving Arkansas.
Needless to say, the gallery has no interest in leaving.
They were told they'd be leaving on Monday, Adam said.
He came almost every week, leaving with something each time.
After leaving Congress, he went on to become a lobbyist.
Guys are leaving left and right all of the time.
The news of Barra leaving Xiaomi broke earlier this week.
But leaving money to charity has also become more common.
Tax experts say Mr. Trump is not alone in leaving.
How do you feel about Wenger leaving after 22 years?
That doesn't mean Apple is leaving profit on the table.
One of Apple's most important executives is leaving the company.
The love is flowing both ways: After leaving office in
Responses from HR have been inadequate, leaving minority communities unprotected.
Colleen Hanabusa, who is leaving Congress to run for governor.
Leaving was a poor option and hardly anyone did it.
He had shot himself to death, leaving behind two children.
"He's leaving it all out on the line," Collins said.
TCI says Brydon has not explained why Rolet is leaving.
Sometimes the screen even goes dark, leaving only the audio.
Each side accused the other of preventing civilians from leaving.
Evan Jenkins (R) is leaving to run against incumbent Sen.
Several of her closest advisers resigned, leaving her further isolated.
Bannon returned to Breitbart News after leaving the White House.
Ryan has been openly critical of Trump since leaving Congress.
Leaving the Open Skies Treaty undermines US allies with Russia.
But the slow pace of implementation is leaving thousands homeless.
Full articles will be visible without leaving the Stocks app.
"The historic blunder of President Obama was leaving Iraq," Sen.
To "agitate the gravel" means leaving or hitting the road.
That was my first visit after leaving Iraq in 1991.
Trump announced the U.S. was leaving the agreement in May.
Debbie Dingell of Michigan said while leaving the caucus meeting.
Schutz physically blocked the door to prevent her from leaving.
There is anecdotal evidence that some immigrants are already leaving.
"It cements people who are thinking about leaving," Baker said.
Fred Sr. died in 1967, leaving Charles as the chairman.
Errazuriz announced in November that he was leaving the council.
Bloomberg was first to report he was leaving the firm.
I bitterly watched my friends ride off, leaving me behind.
"I do like leaving tips to the hotel," he said.
But not everyone enjoys a big payday by leaving Amazon.
But he said he was leaving China with mixed feelings.
Williams said Symonds, 63, would be leaving them on Dec.
Authorities said congregants were leaving the church around 85033 a.m.
Insurers are exiting, leaving patients with fewer and fewer options.
When we arrived the male was leaving in his vehicle.
House members are leaving for the monthlong August recess Friday.
Before leaving, they blew up the gas chambers and crematories.
Friday marks Obama's first birthday since leaving the White House.
"Certainly, his leaving will create a real vacuum," said Rep.
It is not clear why she is leaving the administration.
Leaving our nation unprepared should never be a partisan issue.
Will then be leaving for D.C. Made many good friends!
Pence and Kushner did not comment upon leaving the meeting.
On balance, these two shifts have canceled out — leaving Mrs.
Nicky told me that we were leaving for the hospital.
He considered leaving the law for graduate training in literature.
In January, President Obama expanded the monument before leaving office.
And be mindful of leaving them alone with your relatives.
Colin Kaepernick made a 90 second statement before leaving pic.twitter.
So why are workers leaving free money on the table?
But Kansas has become Dumala's home, and she's not leaving.
Jobs can stop leaving our country, and start pouring in.
"Or his staff should stop leaving the poor man unsupervised."
Why is Joe Biden leaving over 10 million people uninsured?
Milwaukee families are leaving this Wisconsin city in large numbers.
Zvika Shachar, the head of global security, is also leaving.
The actress also said that she would be leaving Twitter.
She was asked at the time why was she leaving.
Still, more Irish nationals are leaving the country than returning.
Leaving this campsite is the hardest part of every trip ...
But leaving the children out of it didn't seem right.
However, the couple hated leaving behind Colin, their miniature schnauzer.
Hurd died last month, leaving Catz as Oracle's sole CEO.
Leaving feedback on eBay counts toward buyer and seller ratings.
The terms include jihadists and heavy weapons leaving the zone.
The guy scrams after that ... leaving Justin with the bill.
Less than two weeks later, Hunter is leaving the organization.
They were not charged but were barred from leaving India.
Upon leaving, Barlow admits that it was a complete shock.
We're leaving 1GB out for things like software updates, etc.
But residents remain tense and many foreigners have been leaving.
Our students will be leaving many of their friends behind.
And they ended up leaving us out on the course.
He saved money by leaving cash at his mother's apartment.
Guess that's not working anymore, since he's leaving the group.
The House's last day is Thursday, leaving little time left.
After leaving for Switzerland, his network in the Americas weakened.
At worst, it's leaving out trials that show a benefit.
Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of the accident.
Joan O'Rourke Tuckman had no intention of leaving the city.
I wish I had told him that I was leaving.
But she has no regrets about leaving the refugee camp.
Leaving something unnamed, of course, makes it quite literally unspeakable.
He also ran UBS's noncore division before leaving in 2013.
His wife or a business partner leaving out of nowhere?
You see the people leaving through the ones who stay.
But I'm not leaving the country, nor even the capital.
He'd also put up all these barriers to me leaving.
I was leaving the house fast, and my face froze.
After leaving the army, Williams set his sights on Canada.
They saw me leaving a restaurant and immediately jumped me.
And they'd all gone through the painful process of leaving.
Here she is leaving the White House, heels in hand.
I just don't believe in leaving everything and running way.
I must be clear: I'm not condemning anybody for leaving.
Republicans typically say they support leaving this ban in place.
"What are we leaving for the next generation?" she asks.
Suddenly leaving a job, for any reason, can be upsetting.
It was early morning, and he was leaving for work.
Tesla confirmed to TechCrunch that Arnold was leaving in June.
"I'm not leaving until you make the call," she said.
And when you're webcamming, you're not really leaving the house.
"People are leaving their jobs for another opportunity," he said.
After all, most clubbers associate cannabis with leaving the club.
The steam has subsided, leaving only an absence of flavor.
"We're not leaving this planet without green plants," he said.
He and Andrew walk the dog together before leaving Minneapolis.
Five of the 20193 are collectives, leaving 22019 individual entities.
You are already seeing a lot of large companies leaving.
Lovegun closed permanently in the fall of 2015, leaving Peew!
Trim tough bottom off the iceberg, leaving the core intact.
Yolanda Hadid is leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Matter and antimatter annihilate on contact, leaving only pure energy.
Is the DNC culpable for leaving themselves open to this?
The PVA dissolves, leaving only fine interwoven threads of gold.
But I was very adamant about leaving it in there.
I can feel some weird otherworldly warmth leaving my body.
We were leaving school to drive to my grandmother's house.
She runs to find Jason — abruptly leaving Peter's press conference.
What has your career been like since leaving that agency?
While leaving due time to debate brexit and other matters.
We are leaving on 31 October, no ifs or buts.
Mary Locke died in 1922, leaving Alain crushed and adrift.
SKIP THE CROWDS Avoid arriving and leaving with the masses.
It was as if you felt him leaving the world.
It's not like they are leaving him on the street.
The boat leaving the main village at around 5 p.m.
Roy said to me, 'We shouldn't be here, I'm leaving.
Leaving Poland, he directed two films that drew critical praise.
Curacao's port authority barred the ship from leaving on Sept.
His employer, TransAm Trucking, fired him for leaving the trailer.
It's good for business and stops jobs from leaving America.
Mustafina came out a hair higher, leaving Raisman in fourth.
A photographer from Interview was just leaving when I arrived.
"People are leaving to find their dreams elsewhere," he said.
After leaving government service, Mr. Thompson went into private practice.
He is leaving Congress at the end of his term.
The Syrian government says rebels are preventing civilians from leaving.
"This is our neighborhood, and we're not leaving," she said.
Now West has tweeted that he is leaving politics behind.
If you're leaving your work, what route you are taking.
He's leaving less to our son, the child he dislikes.
As one of his last efforts before leaving office, Gov.
Preemies who are leaving the neonatal intensive care unit, perhaps?
That year, multiple levees failed, leaving thousands of people homeless.
Since leaving Mountain Valley, Jake had prioritized his social life.
They fled the cities leaving behind their sick and dying.
"Leaving the motherland will equal death for me," he wrote.
Some of his relatives were banned from leaving the kingdom.
Do I just tell my wife I am leaving her?
The protesters then walked out, leaving the room half empty.
Instead of leaving their homes, the farmers are staying put.
The video cuts out abruptly, leaving me in complete darkness.
"It's worth leaving at least something behind," he told me.
They can't work, because leaving the house is too dangerous.
She added that she was leaving the social media platform.
Trail says he misses the military life, and regrets leaving.
In response, Pyongyang barred all Malaysians from leaving the country.
And then I started 2U [after] leaving Hooked on Phonics.
I knew that leaving for the unknown would be dangerous.
Most Venezuelans leaving their country blame Maduro for their problems.
The Raiders announced they were leaving Oakland for Las Vegas.
H.R. McMaster, the national security adviser, may be leaving, too.
" The estate has already begun its war on "Leaving Neverland.
Leaving it up to individual states is not the solution.
"No one I know is thinking of leaving," she said.
They must take a decontaminating shower before leaving the lab.
After leaving the shop, I started to cross the avenue.
The motor stalled halfway through their crossing, leaving them adrift.
Leaving the state, or even just city would terrify me.
Before leaving, he declared that his "new order" had begun.
That conundrum has paralyzed decision making in London, leaving Mrs.
After leaving precisely on time, our speed began to build.
Today, we had something to do with Paul Ryan leaving.
Think Jeezy regrets leaving the Super Bowl early ... before OVERTIME??
Mr. Ive "has been leaving Apple for years," Bloomberg notes.
And Stephen Bannon is leaving his post at Breitbart News.
The one on Jackson, I think is called Leaving Neverland.
"Couples aren't leaving enough time for romance," Ms. Bebell added.
Bossert announced that he was leaving his post in April.
The mud is then washed off, leaving a pristine surface.
Each climber underwent a medical checkup before leaving base camp.
As we were leaving, I heard a thud behind me.
Someone is always walking into the one you are leaving.
My original reasons for leaving the United States still stand.
She made her getaway, leaving him and us children behind.
Leaving food out can cause bacteria like salmonella to multiply.
Bit by bit, the jobs and the people were leaving.
Leaving the bloc has some advantages, from Mr. Corbyn's perspective.
Leaving without any agreement could cause economic chaos, so Mrs.
May's plans for leaving the bloc, but also her leadership.
They are leaving many 'casualties of history' in their wake.
Neither the league nor Bowman explained why he was leaving.
"He took it when he was leaving," explains El Ashmawy.
Few have been recovered, leaving some investors without any compensation.
As we're speaking, my parents are debating leaving the house.
Upon leaving the clinic, I immediately felt separate from humanity.
People are leaving Central America because life there is dangerous.
They shared photographs on social media of hundreds leaving offices.
As Boychuk was leaving the ice, he motioned at Voracek.
So before leaving rec, I would let each frog escape.
He and his wife are prohibited from leaving the country.
"There is no playbook for leaving a cult," she said.
"Leaving my country was such a hard decision," she said.
The other is a professional astronaut, leaving two spots open.
" Leaving Euro 2016 in failure, he said, was "the worst.
Leaving is Plan B. We are hopelessly waiting for change.
Mr. Byars mostly avoids commentary, leaving moral conclusions to viewers.
I was leaving the Kimmel Center at New York University.
Leaving your country behind means losing part of your identity.
Last month the couple was barred from leaving the country.
The military shuttered mosques and madrasas, leaving the faithful idle.
Russia leaving itself very open at the back right now.
Leaving her marriage, and her life, suddenly open to reinterpretation.
The main thing is that the risks are leaving us.
The main thing is that the risks are leaving us.
Polo announced last year that it was leaving Fifth Avenue.
By the time I'm leaving my room is a mess.
His parents died when he was 18, leaving him impoverished.
Leaving Syria would cede ground to Iran and, potentially, Russia.
I also completely changed out of my clothes before leaving.
Neeraj Arora, WhatsApp's chief business officer, says he's leaving Facebook.
The man was inside for a few minutes before leaving.
Unlike most resorts, reservations aren't required, leaving room for spontaneity.
He called Mr. Darwish as he was leaving the country.
Piling dishes in the sink and leaving them for later.
Before leaving Bhutan, St. Clair made a vow to return.
Since leaving Seattle, Isaiah had refused to visit a psychologist.
Leaving the wine until the very end eliminates the agonizing.
Leaving Neverland premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January.
The directions advised leaving it for six to 12 weeks.
After leaving the government, he returned toP alantir from Oct.
Leaving a third undrunk, she asked for a Bloody Mary.
Some residents are even leaving their cars at the stations.
"She was adamant — she wasn't leaving that spot," he said.
I guess leaving them out of group chats is hurtful.
We won't be leaving anything for the coming generation, nothing.
Rayographs were created by leaving objects directly on photosensitized paper.
A third attack occurred in December 2017, leaving nine dead.
But for now, nobody is even really leaving their sofa.
Get new prescription glasses and contacts without leaving your home.
As he was leaving, though, he could not help himself.
Leaving the West Village will be "bittersweet," Ms. Guglielmo said.
She has not revealed her whereabouts since leaving the country.
They become like family then suddenly you're leaving them behind.
And any such scenario usually includes Ms. Merkel leaving power.
Nearby, Yaram Sène, 20, said leaving was on everybody's mind.
"The best," one reviewer wrote on Yelp, leaving five stars.
If not, you are leaving free money on the table.
Even before leaving, Agnes's mother was often absent or inaccessible.
Macedo is leaving the post in March after two years.
"I don't like leaving town without a deal," he said.
At the time, Ms. Gabor was leaving marriage No. 7.
Two decades after leaving, Mr. Belohlavek was reappointed in 2012.
Maybe it was leaving the Dutch oven to soak overnight.
As we were leaving, the director handed me a file.
The executive in charge of Boeing's commercial airplanes is leaving.
The catsuit was also transparent, leaving little to the imagination.
Since then, he has been prevented from leaving the palace.
She's leaving Ballet Theater because she has too many plans.
That's the EU's fraternal solidarity the British are leaving behind.
Download and add a credit card before leaving the US.
Mexicans, Poles and South Koreans are all among those leaving.
Mr. Carney has insisted he is leaving on Jan. 31.
She jokes comfortably with her husband, Ben, about leaving him.
Bruce Besanko, the C.F.O. of Kohl's, is leaving the retailer.
Passengers who tested negative began leaving the ship on Wednesday.
She went into hiding, leaving Ms. Grinberg with her grandparents.
The number of people leaving the city is currently unknown.
Obama has rarely spoken out against Trump since leaving office.
It fell apart easily, leaving a mess of biscuit crumbs.
Two House members are leaving to run for the Senate.
State Department officials say he was leaving directly for Texas.
Leaving $250 for other top shelf ingredients and expert craftsmanship.
Lopez talked about her future and possibly leaving Hollywood altogether.
Unfortunately, we see young people leaving small town farming communities.
Hughes died suddenly in 2000, leaving it to a trust.
Faced with such impossible competition, Lee is leaving Go behind.
I just saw in the news you're thinking about leaving.
Leaving a meeting in Ryan's office Wednesday morning, conservative Rep.
"I'm not going to be leaving tonight," he added. Sen.
He's been increasingly critical of Obama since leaving the military.
" Paulo said climate change is leaving California "very, very vulnerable.
Before leaving, he'd played every offensive snap since Week 2.
One official said that means leaving information on Russia out.
Since leaving Congress, Boehner has maintained a relatively low profile.
Mr. Buck struggled to find work after leaving Los Angeles.
Jim Renacci, who's leaving the seat to run for governor.
Charles Djou (Hawaii) announced he is leaving the Republican Party.
The March 29, 2019, leaving date is fixed by law.
And Weinstein's wife, Georgina Chapman, said she was leaving him.
She interviewed the subjects of Leaving Neverland as a journalist.
Eventually, beat and voice disappear, leaving only apparitions of harmonies.
"I'm leaving that out of my bio," her character cracks.
We're always leaving or going or working somewhere far away.
I approached him as we were leaving and thanked him.
But she was also looking forward to leaving her cabin.
But no, there was no real prospect of Messi's leaving.
City workers cleaned it quickly, leaving only a faint outline.
Family members entering and leaving the building declined to comment.
Before they married, he beat her, leaving her with scars.
Meanwhile, Odom was spotted leaving the same venue with Parr.
David Drummond is leaving the company without a severance package.
The Chinese, among others, are leaving us in the dust.
He brings Howie along, leaving word of where they've gone.
Shanahan was too dignified to specify her reasons for leaving.
Obviously that's not leaving a lot of opportunities for sex.
Tesla's vice president of business development is leaving the company.
I remember calling, texting, emailing, leaving voicemails and voice notes.
Before leaving Washington, she confronts the detectives, demanding an apology.
Both men have worked on podcasts since leaving cable news.
The EU warned that leaving would be worse than staying.
He supports leaving some U.S. troops in the Middle East.
The EU warned that leaving would be worse than staying.
"That's clear as day, when people start leaving," he said. 
In the Abacos, they simply had to start by leaving.

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