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"give" Definitions
  1. the quality of being willing to accept what somebody else wants and give up some of what you want
  2. an exchange of words or ideas
"give" Synonyms
grant bestow present provide confer offer donate accord contribute hand furnish yield leave pass award impart gift surrender proffer transmit convey pass on communicate transfer send deliver relay purvey spread conduct transfuse hand on carry relate tell disclose reveal announce entrust commit put into someone's hands consign assign render commend delegate trust hand over intrust vest turn over confide sacrifice give up relinquish devote cede consecrate dedicate pledge forfeit forgo offer up part with set aside lose allocate reserve apply allow permit let someone have oblige favor(US) favour(UK) indulge sanction give permission to give the go-ahead to give the green light to go along with grant permission to show display set out set forth indicate detail exhibit specify feature give details of illustrate introduce lay out list publicise(UK) publicize(US) publish cause be a source of affect make create beget effect effectuate elicit incite induce initiate instigate occasion stir up be the cause of bring about bring on generate spur produce afford result in lend supply engender bear net earn return organise(UK) organize(US) arrange lay on be responsible for throw host hold have put on plan run put together coordinate carry out set up plan for perform execute complete do observe act out enact fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) pull off utter let out emit issue pronounce declare proclaim gasp breathe groan sigh heave hand down come out with administer deal inflict impose deal out dole out give out hand out dispense allot apportion share distribute lot give way cave in collapse break capitulate fall apart come apart succumb bend break down crumple fall buckle topple sink fall in give in tumble down go stage mount submit tender roll out trot out throw up spend pay outlay expend shell out drop fork over blow disburse splurge ante up cough up fork out fork up fritter away out pony up squander stump up air express state voice enunciate expound put across raise enounce sound vent ventilate address bear down be diligent be industrious buckle down concern oneself give all one's got give best shot knuckle down occupy oneself peg away pour it on pull out all stops work hard circulate disperse disseminate proliferate dispatch diffuse promulgate propagate estimate predict forecast guess anticipate deduce postulate fancy mention name cite identify designate quote note describe enumerate define instance stipulate itemise(UK) itemize(US) particularise(UK) approve authorise(UK) authorize(US) licence(US) license(UK) countenance assume legalise(UK) legalize(US) legitimate legitimatise(UK) legitimatize(US) ratify confirm fail founder flop fall flat flunk backfire bomb flounder miscarry crater fizzle misfire miss tank abort treat buy stand stake pay for buy for spring for take out foot the bill foot the bill for pay the bill pay the bill for take out for wine and dine play host pick up the check wear have on one's face compose one's face into crack one's face into crease one's face into draw one's face into ease one's face into form one's face into make one's face into pinch one's face into pull one's face into rearrange one's face into lead prompt persuade move sway influence motivate condition drive predispose compel incline convince dispose impel bias let loose bellow shout yell burst out with give forth send forth growl snarl snap bark scowl sneer exclaim roar retort grumble thunder lavish pour shower rain heap deluge load cover scatter smother bestow freely give freely give generously give unstintingly be generous go through inundate pamper lecture sermonise(UK) sermonize(US) discourse harangue talk to speak to bespeak declaim to discuss memorialise(UK) memorialize(US) orate pitch pontificate preachify to preach to refer look seem appear act feel look like come across as come off as look to be appear to be hearken heed attend mind hark hear harken listen catch overhear eavesdrop apprehend get auscultate descry devour read strain take make out acquiesce concede agree assent concur back down admit defeat throw in the towel raise the white flag show the white flag exact wreak lay visit levy mete administer to apply to command deliver to expose extort perpetrate require yawn open split divide gape expand part stretch crack gap separate dehisce cleave frondesce yaw open wide open up clear fall open help bankroll back finance promote sponsor contribute to forward further the interests of give a boost to give a donation to give backing to give money to invest in open doors subsidise(UK) subsidize(US) advance tip reward remunerate bribe chuck slip sweeten give a tip to give a bonus to rain on let it rain elasticity flexibility spring stretchiness pliability slack malleability plasticity play bounce bounciness fluidity pliancy springiness suppleness ductility resilience flexibleness leeway latitude scope freedom space room margin independence liberty licence license elbowroom leisure extent indulgence laxity unrestrictedness More
"give" Antonyms
withhold decline deny refuse retain hold hold back preserve keep reserve keep back maintain misallocate deallocate free keep together receive accept acquire take appropriate gain get obtain annexe(UK) annex(US) attain collect derive gather grab inherit pick up procure secure seize withdraw recall retract draw away draw back extract pull back pull out recant remove revoke take back annul back out call off detach disengage invalidate renege rescind hold up hold out endure last resist survive withstand bear up save hoard stash bank cache stockpile accumulate amass conserve lay aside put aside put away scrimp set aside skimp squirrel suppress repress stifle bottle up bury censor conceal cover up restrain restrict contain confine inhibit control confuse destroy discourage dissuade generalise(UK) generalize(US) halt ignore neglect suggest unsettle condemn decrease disagree disapprove dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) hurt oppose reduce take away reject repel unauthorize veto ban block contravene disavow discard abjure disacknowledge disclaim rebuff renounce repudiate discredit answer displace go move refrain reply trouble afflict blight burden curse doom plague scourge torment vex blame castigate criticise(UK) criticize(US) disallow lose deplete burn exhaust squander waste blow drain expend outlay spend consume misspend use be deprived of burn through burn up suffer the loss of throw away waste away succeed flourish prosper thrive accomplish achieve triumph advance merit rise prevail bloom develop pass finish win grow achieve success be successful fail miss flop forget be deficient be found deficient be found wanting be lacking fall flat fall short be inadequate be insufficient be wanting come unstuck miss the mark prove inadequate break down explode cover hide obscure disguise subdue mask screen cloak protect shield shroud dissemble insert unquote hear listen to absorb catch heed apprehend attend digest imbibe pay attention to pay heed to be all ears for give an audience to give attention to give ear to listen in to take in go Dutch split share divide separate divvy break partition halve go fifty-fifty break up divvy up go halves go halves in mete out pay half use up dig into disperse dry up impoverish lessen milk run down sap join enter appear at be a guest at be at go to make an appearance at make it to show up at show up to take part in turn up at turn up to be present at pop into pop up at drop into disappoint fail to fulfil fail to meet anathematize imprecate hex jinx maledict accurse agonise(UK) agonize(US) anguish beset beshrew execrate hoodoo bedevil centralise(UK) centralize(US) rigidity firmness inelasticity stiffness rigour(UK) rigor(US) solidity toughness solidness sturdiness hardness inflexibility robustness resistance constraint strength stoutness strictness stringency restriction narrowness tightness lack of space lack of room

947 Sentences With "give"

How to use give in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "give" and check conjugation/comparative form for "give". Mastering all the usages of "give" from sentence examples published by news publications.

You can give loans, can give FX, can give pensions, give trading, without being a bank.
The only thing we ever did was give, give, give.
We give them weapons, we give them ammunition, we give them everything.
We give them meals, we give them education, we give them medical care.
Give me warning, give me warning, yeah, give me warning, I don't care.
"Give me one...give me one scien—give me one scientific fact why I should give up eating meat," he blobbed.
"[Abe] can't just give and give and give a blank check to Trump," Harris said.
"Please give transgender talent a chance, give them auditions, give them their story," he said.
"Give them values, give them love, and give them education on how money really works."
We give them meals and we give them education and we give them medical care.
Ultimately, it's important to give potential donors autonomy of choice — to give or not to give.
You'll be able to give and give and give, without feeling like you need to receive.
The orders may have been: Give me Barça, give me Total Football, give me tiki-taka.
He&aposs saying to this guy, come on, you really -- give me, give me, give me.
Give us long balls, give us elbows, give us James Tomkins and David Wheater at centre-back.
The word 'reciprocal' is very important to these leaders — 'I give you, and you give me,' 'You may give me in cars and I give you in textiles.
Give notes, give feedback, give direction—and then constantly play every mission, every multiplayer level that I could.
"Don't give her liver, don't give her beef, give her chicken," Paul Clas, Murray-Clas' husband, told Insider.
Two percent give it four stars, one percent give it three stars, and 0% give it two stars -- however a whopping 58% give it one star, the lowest rating.
"You give and you give and you give, and it's never enough," the surgeon's wife says to the Mother.
Don't give the shares back, give your shares to SoftBank and give them the capital they need to survive.
"If you want to give to a charity or give to your kids after you pass away, what you give will likely be more impactful if you give stocks," Brusda said.
There&aposs all kinds of like "give me, give me" stuff and I don&apost want to give nobody jack.
"Do not give in to fear, do not give in to division, do not give in to intimidation," Macron said.
"I always tell my kids, the three most important things are never give up, never give up, never give up."
You give the people who ... give those people money.
SEOUL, South Korea — To give, or not to give?
"That's when he said, 'Give me your wallet, give me your phone, give me everything you have,'" Ms. Suarez, 28, said.
Give him something else, give him something other than that!
I give Tristan Harris more credit than I give me.
He didn't give them raises, he didn't give them anything.
They give grand advice, and they give some useful tips.
Did you give them mentorship that you give everybody else?
Give me Nicki Minaj, give me Beyoncé, I'll slay it.
I'll give her that, but that's all I'll give her.
She just wouldn't give up, she just wouldn't give in.
I believe he must not give in or give up.
It's give and take you know it's not just give.
Don't give up your records, don't give up your bicycle.
Give me candy and I'll give you whatever you want.
If they don't give me Ireland, give me east coast.
I would give it a swirl, give it a sniff.
Give it a listen and it'll give you a smile.
Give me the votes, and I'll give you this plan.
They give me numbers, they give me steps, they give me all kinds of stuff, but they never tell me what to do.
It's what good families are in their truest essence, the ability to give and give even when there is nothing left to give.
Why not give it a hearing, give us a debate, give us an up-or-down vote on our legislation on gun violence?
So I give Susan way more credit than I give me.
"I told myself don't give up, don't give up," Jin said.
Give us the platform, give us the time to do it.
"We must never ever give up or give in," Lewis tweeted.
God, give me a sign, or I have to give up.
"I give you what no other man could give," he croons.
Any info they should be sure to give (or not give)?
Having dreams give me energy and hope to not give up.
I think it's called Never Give Up or Don't Give Up?
Give me once a week, give me once a day, maybe.
Give me at least half-decent pizza, or give me death.
We give them the chance when we give them a hand.
When you have a chance to give back, give it back.
"Just give me a budget, and I'll give you a discovery."
Give us a distraction and give us a reason to smile.
You give credit to KG. You give credit to Paul Pierce.
Here, give me Connecticut's gun laws and I'll give you Indiana's.
Let's give it some context to give us a better picture.
I choose whom to give fight and whom to give pain.
"Don't give in to panic, don't give in to fear," Rev.
Me give my people dem energy and dem give me energy.
I wish I could give myself the love I give others.
Give this to Carol, or give this line to Durward [Kirby].
Should we give people money, should we give them job training?
Nobody really wants to give you ... people hate to give feedback.
And we need to give Chief Hahn, we need to give the attorney general, we need to give the mayor and now we need to give the Justice Department every opportunity to go through this investigation.
"People will only give you critical feedback and be mentors to you if you give them the space to give you feedback," she said.
I've been in this business 120 years and never worked with a more beautiful group of people who just give, give, give, every day.
We have events where people give more money and events where people give $10 or $15 and people who give $1 or $2 online.
I just said 'C'mon, give me a cry, give me a cry.
You give me your destabilizer, and I'll give you the comm case.
We give credit to TechCrunch, and I give credit to our team.
Their heart—they give and give because that's what I taught them.
I would give it back, if you could give me my husband.
And as we give him to you, give him back to us.
And if we give into that futility then we give into it.
I'll give you the advice that I give first day of class.
We give them our data, we give them, they have our email.
Every time you give the player a choice, you give them agency.
Trump will not go quietly — will not give in or give up.
And if they give me the ball, they give me the ball.
If he can give me respect, I sure can give him respect.
We don't give zero fucks, but we don't give that many fucks.
Cars give us great transportation, and cars give us accidents, as well.
I had to give myself the legitimacy to give it a try.
Matt doesn't give a damn, just like I didn't give a damn.
They give you a little bag — WM: They give you a bag.
I give 110% — and what I give to them, I get back.
"The people who give are always the people who give," said Benioff.
"He doesn't give you questions, he doesn't give you orders," Cohen said.
" And then Facebook shows up, and kind of slow motion, they've been saying, "Give us more stuff, give us more stuff, give us more stuff.
He will just go schmooze, wag his tail, and lick anybody into submission until they finally give him some food, give him a shag, give him a bed, or give him a bone to go chew on, figuratively.
I want to give more of my time to others the less I have of it, give it away in a will and testament, give it to the girls' club, give it to the friends of the urban trees.
"And then you're going to give food, give blankets, give pillows, and there you go," she added, opening her arms as in a ta-da moment.
" He explains further: "Leaving it all … means you give every f---ing ounce of effort you can; to give the best performance you can give.
That could give the firm give a market value of about $2.3 billion.
Thus, if you give flowers meant for displaying you must give a vase.
Give them your wallet, give them your belongings and get out of there.
"I'll give options and then if asked I'll give the recommendation," Haley said.
We can give them a lot, we can give them an unlimited supply.
" Thomas Middleditch: "Yeah, yeah, anyway, give me your oil, give me your women.
"If I can't give them money, I'll go give them something I can."
Yes. Just to give you the sense, I will give you some figures.
Something's got to give, and it's probably going to give in the courtroom.
He came out and said, 'Give me a guitar, give me a guitar.
"We must never ever give up or give in," he tweeted last week.
Give them a read, give them a whirl, and watch your productivity soar.
To give the great feedback and to give the not-so-great feedback.
We're pushing each other to give the best product we can give together.
Give blessings, give thanks; if you can visit this place then do go.
Scott, give me ... Give a slightly longer description of what the show is.
We're grateful to give back to organizations who give voice to so many.
" Still, the overall message Desrosiers imparted was: "Give 'em substance, give 'em you.
Take their saddles off, brush them off, give them water, give them feed.
You give off the feeling that you like other people to give you.
I do diaper changes, give Charley a bottle and give Vale her breakfast.
Give me the best-case scenario, and give me your worst-case scenario.
They don't give him any protection, but they do give him a soda.
At least give the victims the same careful attention you give the accused.
They don't give you a long time; they give you a short time.
When you give a child the opportunity to learn, they always give back.
I'll give you triple, but I won't give you $50 billion for it.
The second one is about community: it's really about how we can give people a voice, give brands a voice, give products a voice, and have people give each other advice, and really making the whole shopping experience much more social.
"I've been in this business for 120 years and never worked with a more beautiful — a more beautiful — group of people who just give, give, give, give," Ms. Gifford said as her co-host, Hoda Kotb, welled up next to her.
You can give them a wonderful time, spoil them, give them all the things their parents won't allow them to have and then give them back again.
You ask us to give more; WorkOps give as much as anyone and keep the rest of us in a position to give our best, as well.
Because we give him ships and we give him ventilators and we give him all of the things that we're giving him," Trump told "Fox and Friends.
"Just because someone has a problem doesn't give you an excuse to give up."
"I got to give a speech and then give you an award," Horowitz said.
You can't give to others if you don't know how to give to yourself.
And we give help, and we give as much help as the customer wants.
"Don't give us any handouts, but give us that opportunity to compete," she says.
I am not sure I can give one but can I give a bunch?
You do not give in to sorrow, you do not give in to sadness.
They don't give two craps about me, so why give two craps about them?
"You do not give in to sorrow, you do not give in to sadness."
I finally give in and give him the boob and he passes out immediately.
"We must never ever give up or give in," the civil rights icon tweeted.
You give me an attitude, I'll give you a bigger fucking attitude right back.
What do I think a relationship could give me that I couldn't give myself?
Then they'll give the witnesses the opportunity to give their recollections for what happened.
"As Lindsey Graham says, give me poison or give me a gun," he said.
I don't know that I can give one, but I can give a bunch.
Kim is reluctant to give up nuclear weapons and the leverage they give him.
Give me 85 passes, 70 passes, give one for the mascot and the owner.
We'll give as much as outsiders give us, but it has to be equal.
"Give the company a reason to give you a chance to interview," he said.
I think I'll give less of a fuck, even less than I give now.
They will not give us good embryos and they will not give us pregnancies.
"Why not give it to the women if you give it to the men?"
They didn't give them back to me, they didn't even give me a receipt.
This would give give SoftBank a bigger role in turning around the company's operations.
You're not allowed to give gifts, and people aren't allowed to give us gifts.
I want to give him the rest and then he'll give me the answer.
If I can give it to them, I'm going to give it to them.
I wanna give you Jesus, but I wanna give you Jesus with an 808.
This should give Mr. Macron serious pause and may give him headaches in Parliament.
But I didn't give up, and I'm never going to give up on us.
Patrick Henry's "give me liberty or give me death" is not hyperbole for her.
They have much to give, but they can't give it while buried in debt.
"Give the people a little bit of information, don't give them everything," he said.
If we don't give it, we're going to give up a lot of threes.
Some local governments give cash payments to women when they give birth to daughters.
"He doesn't give you questions, he doesn't give you orders," he said on Wednesday.
"Patrick Henry famously tweeted, 'Give me liberty, or give me death,'" the book reads.
"I said, 'I'll give him two years to give me a ring," she said.
Give us our hash browns (or some frozen Potatoes O'Brien) or give us death.
We now care for them, we have high standards, we give the meals, we give the medication, we give the medical care, there is videos, there is T.V.s.
So if you give the truck business two-thirds of its 16 times earnings, I'll give the rest -- I'll give the credit business, the China business that has some political risk to it, I'll give the automobile business 5 times, 6, 7, 8.
"We have to make sure people don't give up, patients don't give up, and the families who are left behind when patients are lost don't give up," Barnes says.
However, she wanted to give birth naturally, and begged them to give her more time.
Yeah, they never give me some cred, and they never give me a shout out.
We can give them one or the other; the key is to give them both.
Let me give you a political answer, and then I'll give you a substance answer.
" In his second term, it became: "You give me power, and I'll give you prosperity.
We've just got to figure it out, give him a shot, give him a chance.
About 20 percent plan to give more, and just 14 percent plan to give less.
Phonetic radicals give clues about a character's pronunciation; semantic ones give clues about its meaning.
We're not here to give anyone papers and we're not here to give anyone food.
But to give up on that idea would be to give up on Turkey itself.
I'm just going to start talking, just give Warren -- I'm going to give up, really.
"There is always room to give; you don't need to be a millionaire to give."
That doesn't give him a pass, but more importantly, it doesn't give us one either.
Give me a week and I'll give you all the things they say about us!
Give us Spider-Man, or give us rated R violence, but don't take away both.
The success stories don't give us hope, or actionable advice, all they give us guilt.
He can't give us back our years, but he can give us back our dignity.
This is a great way to give back to those who give us so much.
You probably won't have to give up everything, but you should give up some things.
They give others a reason to fight in their own lives and never give up.
"The poor give us much more than we give them," Mother Teresa said in 1977.
He also started a charity, Give Back Give Away, which focuses on community development projects.
Can you give me some pointers for when it's your turn to give a toast?
Give us the respect we deserve, stand with us unequivocally -- or give us a refund.
But I'll give it everything I have to give to get to the medals positions.
Why don't you give-- give us an endorsement of that if they could do it.
Tell Belkin you want one and don't give up until they give it to you.
When I give a name, I give it out for the press, and you vet.
But for the low marks Americans give Trump, they give his economy a thumbs up.
As long as you give yourself enough chances, you give yourself a chance to win.
Give Cam some backup; give Colin Kaepernick the job he's been denied by stubborn racists.
Why give the president three options, after all, when you can just give him one?
But during her delivery, she can't give the doctors permission to give her an epidural.
There is some basic — immediately inform people, give people data transparency, give people data mobility.
A nifty give-and-go attempt by Suarez, but after the give there's no go.
And please, give Mason the camera, please — I know he'll give us the inside scoop. 
So what must the couple give up now to give their children a better future?
"They give us so much and we don't have anything to give," Ms. Hajj said.
Give them the results, give them either the material or where to get the material.
I give you a perfect way to do this, I give you all these opportunities.
What you're proposing isn't to give your son a voice; it's to give yourself two.
But, you know, just don't give information away that you don't need to give away.
"Turkmenistan told the Taliban, 'We will give the border force soldiers' weapons to the Afghanistan government and give you the border force soldiers, but the Taliban said that you should give the troops to the Afghan government and give us their weapons,'" he said.
"We want to be in a position to give guarantees, give assurances, give clarifications (but) we need to know what the United Kingdom parliament wants," Varadkar told journalists in Dublin.
"Because these conversations are never truly about you, the narcissist reinforces the belief that you are supposed to give, give, give to get an inch of their attention," Chong said.
"You give and you give and you give and it's just never enough," Michelle Pfeiffer's character, credited as "Woman," tells Mother while pressuring her to fulfill yet another feminine duty.
They give you a small, small amount of money, at least now they give you more.
"I've learned when to give in, and I think he's learned to give in," Crawford said.
"Our mission is to give the ability to developers to give privacy to you," Szabo said.
These [donors] don't give you their real names or they give you seven versions of them.
Hopefully the discount will give everyone a little extra incentive to give the bot a try.
Please give any time or money you can give to help take care of our pets.
Why should I give my life to someone that probably didn't give two cahoots about me?
And the ones who are getting paid to give you bad advice give you bad advice.
Some give up chocolate, others give up crisps, and some stop putting sugar in their tea.
And, that's when she decided to give the business a go and give it that name.
I hope everyone will forgive me, give me a chance to give back to the society.
Udacity may give you back your money, but who's going to give you back your time?
We are either going to give our consent or we're not going to give our consent.
It would have been easy to give up and give in and to keep doing drugs.
Even though hairdressers tend to give advice, that doesn't mean that we're qualified to give advice.
Give him (Gulen) to us…Then we will try him (Brunson) and give him to you….
We have to give a lift to all the world's wanderers and give them a home.
I'll give you the embryo; you carry the baby, then you give it back to me.
Their patience is rewarded when I give in and give them bits of pork and carrot.
"I've learned when to give in, and I think he's learned to give in," she says.
"If a blue plan reaches out to me to give help, I'll give help," Swedish said.
" She added: "When men abuse their power, they force us to give up … or give in.
You always have to give all you can give and make it the best show possible.
Give me a smartphone that turns into an origami swan, and I'll give it serious consideration.
But plants don't just give us oxygen; they also give us an abundance of healthy food.
We will never give up, we will never give in, and we will never back down.
You don't give up ports for portability, but you do have to give up a touchscreen.
You gotta give 'em a moment, you gotta give 'em a break to catch their breath.
He'd never give me shit for being vegan, so I wouldn't give him shit for hunting.
But, just like Ru didn't give up on Shangela, I refuse to give up on Nikolay.
But you got to give it to him, that's what 50 pro fights will give you.
Give it a caption to catch people's attention, maybe give it an image, and post away.
You give birth to a song, you give birth to a sound that wasn't there before.
Get paid, give the money to charity, pick good charities and give the money to charity.
"Give it to the middle class, don't give it us," Trump said was his friends' message.
WARREN BUFFETT: We'll give new meaning-- yeah, we'll give new meaning to the term convenience store.
We have to give them more authority, and we have to give them far more respect.
It did not give prior guidance and analysts do not give quarterly forecasts for the company.
And you give us no choice but to attack you because you give us no outlet.
"This is a way to give a sense of scale that even the Nukemap can't give."
So it's necessary to give people space to make suggestions and give feedback about flexible work.
I want to give you — Mr. Trump, I want to give you the chance to respond.
They give all the effort that they can possibly give, and it's fun to coach them.
You give and you give, and then you get pissed off that you've given too much.
OK, I'll give you this and I don't give a fuck if we spoil a book.
Honestly, if people want to give you money you should at least give them the opportunity.
"I would give her her medicine, give her a bath, put her to bed," she says.
"I want to give an example to people like me - they can't give up," he said.
Give me some ships and I will give you the world, Euron told his minions then.
Don't give them any information until you've confirmed their identity, and never give them any money.
I don't want you to give up on Canada, and please don't give up on yourselves.
And you, in turn, will not give a shit that they don't give a shit. FAMILY.
Dogs can give humans rabies, and cows can give people a diarrhea-causing parasite called Cryptosporidium.
For example, rather than you give everybody a tax break, give it to those who homeschool.
Oh my God, that's ... Who are the most ... Give me five, I didn't give you one.
I always give my phone number to people hoping they'll give me tips, but it's hard.
"The patient may change her mind and say, 'Give me water, give me ice,'" Meisel says.
So here's the deal, Joe—I'll give you a break if you give me some money.
Lawrence, whose roles usually focus on strong female leads, is thrust into portraying someone living to make her husband happy and asked to give and give until she can give no more.
"Because these conversations are never truly about you, the narcissist reinforces the belief that you are supposed to give, give, give to get an inch of their attention," said coach Cherlyn Chong.
How do you expect people to turn their lives around if you don't give them tools — not only not give them tools, but don't give them access to tools — to do so?
If I had enough money to give away clothes, I'd rather give them to teachers and nurses.
Yeah, men will give you more dunks but they will also give you more brick-ass jumpers.
If people do not have enough to give one year, they may give once every several years.
Further, these videos also give viewers the impression that orgasms are something that men "give" to women.
We wanted to just give everyone a platform to speak their truth and give them a voice.
I think when we give our best to our employees, they give their best back to us.
They used to give us grains and flour but then they refused to give it to anyone.
If you're my woman, you're somebody I give emotions to that I don't give to nobody else.
You give up one small thing, which makes it easier then to give up another, then another.
They also give referrals to organizations that give professional attire clothing for work or a job interview.
I like AT&T, they don't give you as much yield but they give you some growth.
It's one thing to give the government your biometric ID; it's another to give it to Amazon.
We continue to give girls girl-power chants; we also continue to give them Photoshopped magazine ads.
So don't give up on Halloween, because Halloween-pushing candy companies will never give up on you.
The staff will gladly give you extra pickles, but they're more reluctant to give away their recipe.
Someone who won't wait for me to give them suggestions and instead will give me some suggestions.
But we didn't give in and we didn't give up on the defensive end of the floor.
I tried to give her what she asked for, but I couldn't give her what she needed.
It's one those things where, the more you give, the better you feel, and want to give.
But I didn't give up the best job in journalism to just give up on this dream.
"Maybe we don't give you all $54 billion, we may give you half of that," Mulvaney said.
"When you give a gift, it should be how much you can afford to give," she said.
We give her a talking and we give her timeouts but we don't do that in public.
I'd give the bartender 10% of whatever they'd give me, and we started a pretty healthy business.
"First they tried to give it to us, then we tried to give it back," Baker said.
He didn't give me any dirt, but he did give me a recipe for a tuna burger.
He was talking about the people who give to ProPublica, the people who give to Mother Jones.
Give me the child until he is 17 and I'll give you the adult white-collar criminal.
I can give them shit, they can give me shit, and we can have a fun dynamic.
And remember, be as obtuse as possible and don't give up until they give you this product.
He declined to give police a formal interview or to give an official statement, the newspaper said.
Sometimes we give up 12 or 15 shots a period, sometimes we give up three or four.
"Don't give up on your values, but be willing to give up on your plans," he says.
We shouldn't give the public option special breaks, but we shouldn't give them to private plans either.
As the plane gets closer, the mudflats give way to swamps, which give way to dense evergreens.
There are days where you give and give and end up feeling a little emotionally tapped out.
I'll give my size, height and weight, and how it fits me to give people an idea.
" The idea was to give "a little clue to something otherworldly, but not completely give it away.
You cannot give them back their innocence, their youth, you can't give a father back his life.
"You're both always willing to give your time and give our love," Mr. Holloway told the couple.
It'll be good next year to just give that a break and give my body a break.
The new rule will give states more power to refuse to give aid to adults without dependents.
Barack Obama enjoyed the give and take of an interview, but there was more give than take.
I will give you money, get you a car, give you employment and make your life better.
But to give up on health-care reform is to give up on everything conservatives stand for.
So we shouldn't have to give our lives for this -- the government must give us our right.
And so, Chris suggested I give some information to Bruce, give him the background to all this.
I&aposm just trying to give people hope, trying to give myself hope that he&aposs fine.
Of all of the people we can give value to, we can give the most to startups.
"He doesn't give you questions, he doesn't give you orders, he speaks in a code," Cohen said.
Now I always say populists never give you a solution, they always give you only an enemy.
While corporations cannot give directly to candidates during presidential campaigns, they can give to the inaugural committee.
I ask the American people, do not give into the fear, do not give into the frustration.
"You give a $2 bill to a billionaire and you give a $2 bill to a president and you give a $2 bill to a famous artist and you give a $2 bill to a taxi driver—pretty much everybody has the same reaction to it," Steve told me.
"I have nothing left to give to my daughter, and this is what I want to give to her, I want to give to her lives being saved in her honor," Dawn says.
And your job is to give them that, to give them what any of us would want if we had a loved one facing trial—your job is to give them the best.
"Do not give in to the fear, do not give in to anger, do not give in to sham artists and con artists who try to take advantage of your suffering," he said.
There are super smart people that are reluctant to give their counsel and super smart people that are not reluctant to give their counsel, and he is not reluctant to give his counsel.
I need to give feedback on her most recent revisions, so I sit down and give my comments.
Reforms that would give more rights to workers outside of recognized unions could give these groups more influence.
We're going to give the consumer what they want, and we're going to give them movies at home.
You can't physically give your partner your heart, but you can give them a heart in a jar.
Give of your time, your resources, your dollars — everyone has something to give, be it big or small.
And when you give Russia an opening, you give Mr. Putin an opening, he will move on it.
I'd give Abby some absurd query, and she'd either punt or give me search results from the schedule.
But if your stingy employers don't give you a Summer Friday, there is another option: Give yourself one.
So give it two years, because you only live once and you should give it your best shot.
Women are the nurturers and protectors — the ones who give and give — while men simply take and take.
Let me give you an example, and I'll give you an example that's all of two days old.
"We can't give you big money, but we can give you an awesome life," the Facebook post reads.
In America plasma donors can give twice a week; those in Europe can give just once a week.
Could you give an example of where neuroscience has helped AI researchers give computers these sorts of skills?
No, I won't give up, no I won't give in, till I reach the end, I'm gonna try!
I will never give up fighting for you, and I hope you never give up fighting for me.
The movie wants to ultimately give you the same high that improv, when done well, can give you.
"I told them months ago, unless you give us a strategy, we'll give you a strategy," McCain said.
"That's going to give you rosy cheeks; it's going to give you a nice, bright complexion," she says.
If you can't give your time, give your money either in person or by way of a charity.
It was like, 'Give me the ring back,' and, 'Get the ring back,' and, 'Give the ring back.
This might be the last chance we give Ferrell for a while, but we're willing to give it.
Give your kids the same grace we give them and use the opportunity to teach them about differences.
Or, we could give you the prompt we give friends with awesome videos like this: just watch it.
The polls, which give Mr Sanders a double-digit lead over the Republican, give some support to that.
The poem's about a beaten and tired boxer who is determined not to give in or give up.
The exit polls give Mr. Obama 60 percent of the Hispanic vote; our estimates give him 58 percent.
"If the Turkish President has information to give us, he has to give them to us," he said.
That is, for every one correction or criticism you give your child give five positive affirmations or encouragement.
It's obviously tough to give up the runs and give up the lead there late in the game.
"If you give to charity already, give the same amount a better way and you'll pay less tax."
So he said alright give me, give me a spiel as to why I should put you on.
That's not always possible when providers don't give full and accurate quotes -- if they give one at all.
"My mother told me, 'If you've got flowers to give me, give 'em to me now,' " he said.
I always feel like not only do I want to give back, but I need to give back.
It has to come from a real observation; they give the cue of what I can give them.
If you give a fuck about it, I will give a fuck about it, because it will show.
"They give her virtually no airtime, and they give other people unbelievable amounts of airtime," Mr. Trump said.
Apple Maps wants to give you a heads up, and even give you time to change your route.
I know that they would give their life for me and I would give my life for them.
I'd rather give something to someone running a street hustle than not give to someone who needs it.
" After extensive research, his staff came back and told him, "Give out a basic income; give people money.
I give myself a lot more credit for large accomplishments than I give myself for the small accomplishments.
Uber said it would give "financial assistance" to suspended drivers for 14 days, but didn't give further detail.
He's ready to give you your NookPhone, and give you your first long-term goal of the game.
Are they going to give us their tickets or are they going to give them to other people?
BLUNT: So why didn't you give those to somebody yourself, rather than give them through a third party?
You know, what life can give to me, and what the entire basketball organisation can give to me.
And we're going to either give you your permits, or we're not going to give you your permits.
Most didn't give their last names, and some didn't give their names at all, for fear of deportation.
Do white fans give an edge to white players or black fans give an edge to black players?
And if you don't give YouTube what it wants, it doesn't give you what you want, Antoniello found.
" Tamara Taichman, a fashion editor at French Elle, noted: "Clothes give you allure, but accessories give you style.
Equally important is the need to give the audience the opportunity to give constructive criticism about the talk.
He has made it his mission to give back to those who give so much for their communities.
It's less common for adults to give each other gifts at Hanukkah than to give them to kids.
We're going to give you some advice that we've been dying to give to the Bronx Museum, Cancer.
First, producers give me beats, and I try to capture the color and feelings the productions give me.
But the pressure from shareholders and capital markets have been give me more return faster, give me higher dividends, give me share buybacks and it's just utterly wrong to support a long term investment.
"Do not give in to the fear, do not give in to anger, do not give in to sham artists and con artists who try to take advantage of your suffering," he said in Miami.
" In the comments section, one person wrote: "Dear president and the Congress, you don&apost give us universal health care, you don&apost give the common people tax advantages, at least give back our time.
They reported fourth-generation cases in Wuhan -- meaning one infected person can give the virus to a second person, who can give it to a third person, who can give it to a fourth person.
So give your turkey the respect it deserves, and give thanks for crispy skin and juicy meat this year.
Peele didn't give much away about any the new show, but he did give us insight into its mood.
I am going to give myself the time to bond with my daughter and give my body a break.
"I meant to give him a nudge, not in the face, but definitely give him a nudge," Hall said.
We give service to everyone, but if someone enters the restaurant and behaves aggressively then we can't give service.
The clips are meant to give you that "behind the scenes" feel, but damn, give your interns a tripod.
If they say yes, give us more, they'll give me some notes about maybe more or less of that.
"How can I give everybody else everything they need, and I still can't give this to myself?" she asks.
Or you're going to give your money to someone, $2003, and they'll give you back more in ten years.
If they have any piece of a heart, just give him to someone else to give back to me.
Now's the time to give those kicks a break and give one of fashion's cool, weird trends a try.
"I give him a B+," Bigger, 29, said when asked to give Luyendyk Jr. an overall grade so far.
Traditionally men give roses to women and women give books to men, though such distinctions are now frequently ignored.
It requires companies to give workers an hour paid break to go home and give their partners the business.
BAIER: Who else did you give, leak, whatever you want to call it -- COMEY: Give is what I prefer.
I&aposll give you 22018 billion for the wall if you give me a green light for the dreamers.
"You give us your stories about place, and we'll give you a place to put your stories," writes Mod.
You have to give life time and know that the universe is going to give you what you need.
"If other countries give in and give Trump something in return, then we're looking at scenario one," he said.
And I'm not talking about money — I'm talking about people willing to give love and give that motivational kick.
I'm going to give him a chance, and we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one too.
I mean, hell—if you won't give teachers more equitable compensation, the least you could give them is beer.
If you look for a job for six months and then you give up, they consider you give up.
It even comes with a heartwarming little book, Turkey on the Table: Start a Tradition, Give Thanks & Give Back.
So we're trying to give you -- we're trying to give you a little context on background basis, yes. (Inaudible).
We could give every teacher a $500 gift card for classroom supplies and give every poor kid a laptop.
We should give our school children the same opportunity to survive an attack that we so willingly give ourselves.
You can — and should — give your dog a lot of exercise and give them a place to run free.
Some brokerage accounts give you special tax rules that give you an advantage over a regular, taxable brokerage account.
SoftBank will reportedly give Neumann $1.7 billion to step down from the board and give up his voting power.
"The rich do not give to the poor, but public services give something back to them," Mr. Boumard said.
I don't want to give away — well, I don't know the story actually, so I can't give anything away.
We're simply not evolved to give concentration the same priority that we might give to evading a charging lion.
Republicans had less to give, and they were not persuaded to give more to reap a bigger tax deduction.
They didn't give up when bills failed this summer, and they won't give up if they miss the Sept.
Parents will give the eighth graders beaded necklaces signifying their clans and the younger students will give them presents.
"You know, if you shoot one person, they give you life, they give you the death penalty," Trump said.
But while the microphones give smart assistants their basic capabilities, they also give rise to privacy and security concerns.
Give both of us a chance — give him a chance and let me go out there and cover it.
"It was: 'We'll give you 30 percent,' and that's what made me comfortable enough to give it a shot."
"I give them far more credit, frankly, than I give my own office," Khanna said of the upcoming bill.
Would you be more apt to give money to those on the street, knowing it was legal to give?
Whoever comes, what tribe, whatever tribe you are from, I give you ... Whatever region, I give you a chance.
"Direct imaging may give results in a shorter time, but it cannot give a definitive answer," Del Sordo said.
Ohio will give away up to 140,000 boxes this year, and Alabama is set to give away another 60,4003.
Give a small gift Managers may choose to personally give their team members a small gift at year-end.
"We hope eventually they want to give us a call and give us a talk," Lamoureux-Davidson said Thursday.
Second, if we are going to give women free abortions, why not give men free condoms, or the like?
I don't want you to give up on Canada and I don't want you to give up on yourselves.
But, in this little parable of marital give-and-take, the last word is very much hers to give.
"They give you days to give them the money, and if not, they'll kill you," she said in Spanish.
Would you give your—what would you give yourself in terms of dealing, negotiating with the government versus business?
It would give agents opportunity to transfer in and out, and give them confidence in their mission once again.
I hope that it will give solvers the big "Aha moment" that the best trick puzzles always give me.
Clearly, it's far easier to give a robot wheels than it is to give a robot legs or wings.
"If pet owners are unsure on how to give it, before they leave the vet, ask them to give lessons on how to give pills to your pet," Topper advises, especially for first-time pet owners.
In the case of HMRC, the ICO found it had failed to give customers sufficient information about how their biometric data would be processed, and failed to give them the chance to give or withhold consent.
But if you ask a woman what she cares about in the developing world, she'll give me the same exact answer that I would give, which, I think, most of us in this room would give.
We can not give one another forever, because neither of us has forever to give to ourselves or anyone else.
"Love is when you give your heart and soul to another, and they give you theirs in return," he says.
"This would be a fun way to give back to organizations that give so much to the community," she says.
You can give Facebook your biometric data if you want, but you shouldn't give them the benefit of the doubt.
It would give Democrats a hand in redrawing electoral maps that currently give Republicans 10 out of 20173 House seats.
They would give him a nickel, and then he would give it to his parents, so they would fight less.
The job requires preparing the president to give their best answer the first time they give it to the press.
You can't place the expectation on others to give yourself credit, especially if you don't give yourself the credit first.
" In his third term (and now into his fourth), it is: "You give me power, and I'll give you pride.
So, I would give that -- go out and give talks and people would be talking and I would say, oh.
And if no one will give her the respect she deserves, she is perfectly willing to give it to herself.
Some kids would give anything to own 1,000 Barbie dolls, but one little girl wants to give them all away.
They can develop tools that give IT the control they need, yet give users the design and experience they want.
I'll always give you more; I'm not the gal saying, 'Let me give you the shortest possible version of this.
You give them the ISBN number and the condition of the book(s), and they will give you a quote.
If you still need convincing to give this suit a try, go give its 2,200+ praise-filled reviews a read.
That could give the creator more information, and it would also give viewers pause instead of just doing it impulsively.
They don't give you a date of the conviction, for example, they don't give you a resolution of the conviction.
There are a lot of people hurting out there, and if we give nothing else we have to give love.
If you can afford to give, we ask that you give, and if you can't, you still get use it.
If the U.S. Congress decided to give him such an honor, why can't you give your reasons for opposing it?
Whenever she's being naughty, I give a firm 'no,' then give a treat or something she's allowed to chew on.
If anything it just reminds me that we didn't give up in 1992, and so we can't give up now.
And for me, I'm going to continue to give back and give the art to the people that they want.
If the star-studded biopic "Steve Jobs" didn't give you the insight you wanted, give this Gibney doc a try.
They had to give 30 or 40 million to Hulk, and they had to give tens of millions to lawyers.
Give us your full, not your full bio, just give me your two-sentence bio, the top of your Wikipedia.
If you like this, give us a gavel in the Senate, and give us a pen in the White House.
Kirby felt—not unreasonably—that Lee didn't give him enough public credit and that Marvel didn't give him enough money.
"If you like this, give us a gavel in the Senate and give us a pen in the White House."
He will urge the wealthiest members of the Democratic base to give early and give often to avoid Trump Armageddon.
Any acknowledgment that because she did not give consent, because she was unable to give consent, that it was rape.
You did not give me Benadryl, nor did you give this to any of the other 60-plus courageous women.
Let's give, why don't we let 2 Chainz be the Supreme Court justice, lets give Meryl Streep the surgeon general.
"I'm not one to give advice, because I never wanted anyone to give me advice," she said with a laugh.
"As an African American I CAN NOT give this any stars but I'm forced to give it one!" one wrote.
People shouldn't be judged by how much they give ... they should give from the heart, and it's not a competition.
As he sang wryly on the final notes of "Blackstar": "I can't give everything away, I can't give everything away".
This time, I wanted to give a special group of people a chance to give their messages to the Pope.
Asked recently what advice he would give to kids looking to follow in his footsteps, Rodriguez tweeted: "Never give up".
Just as food retailers give to food banks, drug companies give funds to charities to help patients afford needed treatments.
Thatcher's priority was to give people capital—the "property owning democracy"—to give them a stake in the status quo.
Instead, what I needed to give myself — what any 22-year-old needs to give him or herself — was time.
"I ask the American people — do not give into the fear, do not give in to the frustration," Rubio said.
Yes, to reiterate, more people would be willing to give up their jobs for a partner than give up meat.
Before the summit, "Europe's broad strategy was: don't give in, but don't give up," Kupchan, Obama's Europe adviser, told me.
"But I truly believe, somehow and some way, we will not give up, we will not give in," Lewis concluded.
"I ask the American people: Do not give into the fear, do not give in to the frustration," he said.
He's right it's something you need to give him comfort about once President Trump does that give some comfort that.
HEMMER: Give me a chance to get in here, just a little bit here, OK. Give me a chance here.
They give me a different nurse than usual and she's desperate for approval I don't have the energy to give.
I give the Whopperito about a C. I give the regular Whopper about a B. Follow Nick Gazin on Instagram.
But the idea is that, I figure vets give away, they give up, they sacrifice a lot to protect us.
Every person has to get together to help them get an education, to give them care, to give them love.
He tried to give me the lay of the land, give me a perspective that I could only partially understand.
Rather than trying to give every individual a story arc, the writers try to give collections of characters story arcs.
Since WhatsApp is linked to your phone, Indians give out their mobile numbers the way Americans give out email addresses.
We don't have to give him a trust fund, but we have to give him something in case something happens.
Zabit will give ground, give ground, and then intercept with a jumping back kick, a spinning backfist or an overhand.
If you give them an opening, you're just going to give them room to destroy the decent etiquette of society.
Pokéstops, the real-world points of interest that give players useful in-game items, will give players gifts more frequently.
A private foundation is required to give away 5 percent each year, he noted, but could give a lot more.
Because, guess what: The same things that give me panic, that quite literally lay me out, also give me hope.
So I always felt like it was my duty to give back, and to inspire other people to give back.
It let Streep give her version (that he was mocking a disabled reporter) and Trump give his (that he wasn't).
"I ask the American people — do not give into the fear, do not give in to the frustration," he said.
They want us to earn a lot of money to give them back or else they would give us nothing.
If an individual donor wanted to give the maximum to each candidate, they could only give to 28503 total candidates.
If you like it more, if you like it a lot, give us some money and we'll give you something.
These partners not only give Lyft a better chance of rolling out driverless cars first, they give consumers more options.
They should just give it to Bergeron every year until he decides it's time to give it to Brad Marchand.
The study, which surveyed 1,500 people, reported that 80 percent of millennials say they would give up Netflix, 73 percent say they would give up alcohol, and 57 percent say they would even give up sex for travel.
Mother's Day is almost here, and when you give your mom a gift, why not give yourself a gift as well?
He can give me a piece of music, and I can give a few notes on it, and he'll revise it.
Since infancy, Tim Tebow has been a fighter, a scrapper, the resilient warrior who just won't give in – or give up.
I wanted to give my husband that best I had to give back to him for giving his life for me.
The ministry did not give a breakdown by residential and commercial projects, nor did it give the nationality of the developers.
"I realized that if you give the mind and body what they want, they'll give you back much more," he says.
He couldn't give them citizenship or make them permanently legal without Congress, but he did give them a temporary legal status.
We try to give back to the community, we specifically give portions of our proceeds to the Wish drop-in center.
The goal here is to dismantle your nuclear program, give up your nuclear weapons and give up your ballistic missile program.
It's time to learn how to give your feet some TLC — and give yourself a good reason to go shoe-shopping.
"It was impossible for me to give the kind of care that I wanted to give to my students," he said.
I refuse to lose, I will never give in or give up, and I will win this battle or die trying.
We'll give you the right parameters, we'll give you the right guidance, and we'll have any kind of transparency around it.
"Our worst challenges, our worst problems, our worst failures — for those who don't give up — they give you insights," he said.
We wanted to give them a chance to shine so we wrote material that we hoped would give them some substrate.
It's a classic data play: give us access to your financial data and we'll give you something of value in return.
First of all, they don't give honest, you've got the "like" part, but mostly people don't give honest feedback at all.
"We're not confident that we would have what we need to give you the quality of performance we always give fans."
Second, tap into that anger and outrage and give them a direction, to empower them and give them something to do.
"I had a little badge I was going to give you today, but I'm going to give you mine," Morrison said.
Individual donors can give up to $2,700 to a candidate (although they can give however much they want to super PACs).
So I encourage you, if you really believe this, give your shoes away for free, give your album away for free.
Nonetheless, he declined to give a specific number, arguing that the measurement mechanism was not suited to give a monthly reading.
And if I give myself a little pep talk, I have to recognize I'm not the first woman to give birth.
And we wanted to give them the opportunity to see their businesses through, see their ideas through and give them support.
Over the years, though, Summit has increasingly striven to give attendees ways to give back or at least offset their guilt.
We're going to give Cernovich, we're going to give these guys so much attention, that, see, this is what conservatives are.
He'd come to the mix sessions and just give us advice, do this with this snare, give us some pointers there.
" I will never forget her response: "He says he won't give up on you, if you don't give up on him.
That'll give you the power to change service plans at any time, be aware of deadlines, and give everyone proper warning.
"My only recourse is to give you 10 years or give you probation," Judge Steve Hilbig told Anderson at his sentencing.
"We want people to stay calm and we want to give them assurances but we can't give them assurances," Murguía said.
They might say, 'Well, Mark, if that's your concern, then we'll give you more money, or we'll give you more this.
You give people 12 megapixels, they ask for 16, you give them 4GB of RAM, they ask why it's not 6GB.
"We are never going to give up on the poor or disadvantage, or give up on our progressive values," he said.
In the meantime, I hope we all continue to give our best when the world wants to give us the worst.
All right, if had to give up your phone, your computer or your game player, which one would you give up?
If the men give me 40 dollars from television, and the women give me seven dollars, it's not the same. Finished.
And would an omnivore give up animal products if it meant she didn't have to give up things like foie gras?
That's the only thing I can give her, and it's the only thing she wants, and I can't give her that.
You can give up on some of them today, while it might take a bit longer to give up on others.
Now it's time for me to respond in kind, and give them the attention they deserve and I want to give.
"If you give a mascot some area around the waist, you give them more ways to convey emotion," Schwab told me.
If you were to give President Trump a grade on his first two years in office, what would you give him?
Give the trailer a watch above and then give this movie all the goddamn fucking Emmys that HBO knows it deserves.
They love that I'm ornery and evil and give 'em shit back and they hate that I don't give a fuck.
And I give credit — I give credit across the board going back two mayors, two police chiefs, because it has worked.
Who wants to give to a taxable university when they can give to a tax-free hospital, food bank or opera?
"Give him to us and we will put yours through the judiciary; we will give him to you," Mr. Erdogan said.
"I still wanted to give it a shot because Will Ferrell, I give him the benefit of the doubt," Sanchez said.
Vaccines give us a way to protect ourselves individually, but they also give us a way to create a safer world.
"All they know is, 'this is what you trained me to smell for, give me my toy, give me my reward.'"
Without waiting for her to give any indication that she wanted a hug, I leaned in to give her a hug.
It's like, 'You ask for new stuff, but when we give you new stuff you give up halfway through the season.
The prosecutor did not give a reason for the decision and declined to give details as the case is still active.
"We want to give back to the community, to give thanks," said Pietro Beccari, the chairman and chief executive of Fendi.
Her music gave us a greater sense of determination to never give up or give in, and to keep the faith.
The producers would give me Bazooka bubble gum, but she would give me carob snacks that she thought were much healthier.
The Sacklers have offered to give control of Purdue to the plaintiffs and give at least $3 billion towards the settlement.
We give her a tablet and a princess coloring book and ask her to give us a few minutes of quiet.
If the Olympic Council of Asia is willing to give esports a shot, the IOC might give them a shot, too.
Players can give their teammates specific commands based on the situation, or give them general objectives, like guarding a particular location.
I'd much rather give money to build a new Boys & Girls Club than to give to the [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee].
Airlines also give amenity kits to their premium economy passengers, and some even give out versions of the kits in coach.
For example, losing your hearing might give you 50% of the face value and losing a toe could give you 5%.
You give credit out in a way that makes me think that you know it doesn't cost anything to give credit.
"Give me liberty or give me death," read graffiti left by protesters after more chaotic scenes near the airport on Sunday.
When I talked to my cat about my problems, she didn't give me the same advice my parents would give me.
The title "Give People Money," again, makes people nervous, like why would you give people without something in exchange for it?
You know, it's, there's all these studies about like why people give or don't give money to people on the street.
I would like to give, you know, six, eight years from now, I'd love to give the White House a try.
They'll give us discounts, but we'll also push people into the theater, give them more traffic, because they're a partner theater.
The law requires an agency to give clear notice of proposed rules and give the public time to comment on them.
"So my message is very clear - on the 8th of June vote for strong and stable leadership ... Give me a mandate to lead Britain, give me a mandate to speak for Britain, give me a mandate to fight for Britain and give me a mandate to deliver for Britain," she told supporters in the Welsh town of Bridgend.
"For 2017 to be the kind of year it has to be, that 2016 is the year where we give the country an alternative, we give them ideas, we give them solutions, and we run on those," Ryan said.
"I give way too much credit to my own self-criticism—it seemed fitting to give it its own publication," she said.
The testimony will give him the opportunity "to give a full and credible account of the events that have transpired," Cohen said.
Let&aposs just give her six months, we&aposll give her six months in Venezuela and see how well she likes it.
Give the border control, give immigration enforcement the tools they need, but let&aposs not go so far as two separate families.
I'm a firm believer in that, if you've got a little, give a little, if you've got a lot, give a lot.
Nobody was willing to give us a definitive 'yes,' but on the other hand, they didn't give us a definitive 'no' either.
Using an egg donor enabled Amy to give birth to a healthy girl, Olivia, in November 2013 and give Jaxon a sister.
If you can't do much, just give a little bit of compassion or eye contact or give a chat or a sandwich.
Callaway had promised to give Harvey as much of a heads-up as possible, to give him ample time to warm up.
Having an orgasm can also give you a "warm, healthy glow" that could give you a nice boost before your date, too.
To give it one, Mulcair, or the malcontent that displaces him, needs to give the NDP a cri du coeur once more.
The bot will ask you to give it a song - in return, it'll give you a song from a completely random stranger.
Sanders took to the podium to both give voice to his progressive supporters and give his full-throated endorsement to Clinton's candidacy.
"It's fantastic that we can give back to the community, and they can give back to us," Mayers told the news station.
Give Pope an honorable death, and with it, give us some hope that our political system can actually work for the people.
"He has asked if I would give him a hand, and I will happily give him a hand," the Netflix star said.
Make no mistake, you can give [Deja] your money and you can give her your cheerleading, but I gave her my blood.
Nor can you give the thing away — to whom can someone of good conscience give such an object such as a key?
The update will also give moderators more control over who can post to communities and will give all users new notifications tools.
When you give emotional energy to people with nothing to give back, you end up too frustrated to pursue more loving relationships.
When, day after day, people give away small bits of themselves to Big Data, they eventually give up power over their lives.
"I'm the emotional one between me and Drew, so when I give myself to something, I give it 100 percent," he said.
It's remarkable how easy it is to give the government money and how hard it is for them to give it back.
What rights are we willing to give up to feel safe, and what do we sacrifice when we give in to fear?
"I would expect Steinhoff to give me back my money, and I will give them back their worthless shares," Wiese told Reuters.
I would gladly give up my new gym to give these people furniture for their classrooms and textbooks and renovate their buildings.
She can only give each caller $300 at the most, and in some cases she can't give them any money at all.
"We're not confident that we would have what we need to give you the quality of performances we always give fans." pic.twitter.
I suppose I should give a spoiler alert, but it's five year old movie and this doesn't really give away the plot.
" Thirteen percent of voters give Trump a "D" rating for his first three months, while another 2900 percent give him an "F.
"Please give LeEco some time, please give LeEco car some time," Jia Yueting wrote in Chinese on his Weibo and WeChat accounts.
"We're going to give it a shot ... A lot of good people have gone down trying to give that one a shot."
"The people that fuck with Towkio—they give me that energy and I give it back," he says of his live performance.
Regulators want managers to give fair value determinations before CLOs are priced to give potential investors enough time to understand the calculations.
"A monthly allowance, like you give your child a monthly allowance, so you give your sugar baby a monthly allowance," she says.
One of Mr. Bartlet's cabinet members raises the prospect that the speaker could give one order and Mr. Bartlet could give another.
We give it to newborns, we give it to two-year-olds, we have it at birthday parties and at school, etc.
But while Facebook is willing to give third parties some of the information, it isn't willing to give advertisers the data directly.
They warned that unless Tehran was willing to give up more, the U.S. shouldn't give Iran anything more than it already had.
" On what he would give if he could give every homeless person in San Francisco one item (other than a house): "Socks.
Mr. Honeck can clearly give the Philharmonic some heart in his guest appearances, but he can't give it a fully rounded personality.
Many said they'd waited three or more hours to give blood and give back to their community in a time of need.
There's some reason to think that your money will go further if you give it now than if you give it later.
"Generally, our approach is to give grantees the freedom to experiment and run with the support that we give them," he wrote.
If Trump wants his wall, he needs to give Democrats something to make it worth their while to give it to him.
Give me a hit song, I will give you the Otamatone version performed exquisitely by one of the internet's most masterful players.
"NGOs (non-governmental organizations) funded by foreign governments actually give money to opposition players, give advice, lie on their behalf," Museveni said.
The second period has started, and Russia has 15 minutes, give or take (probably give), to keep its 3 fairy tale going.
"Staff had to give inmates a chance, but inmates had to give staff a chance, too," Jeffrey Zegarzewski, a deputy warden, said.
The people are endlessly compassionate, but no one will, or can, tell me what dosage to give, or how to give it.
When I say, 'Give me a kiss,' he gives me his forehead or his cheek so I can give him a kiss.
You need to verify that is who it's supposed to be before you give them any information or give them any money.
I sure as hell don't want to play them again, but that's the best compliment I can give you or give them.
"Paul when he's leaving Ephesus says give grace to people who need it, and give to those in need," Pastor Zimmer said.
Alone, it's enough to give the Republicans a chance to survive a wave that would otherwise give the Democrats a huge majority.
I think this would do this for Antonio Brown -- give him a nice pay day, give him a chance to redeem himself.
When we're working together and I give them their homework, I give it in this form — I always draw the assignment sheets.
" Among GOP voters, 8 in 10 give Trump an "A" or "B," and just 13 percent give him a "D" or "F.
He also asked her to give him a massage, and when she declined, he offered to give her a massage, she said.
In this new environment, we abide by a simple social contract: companies give us their goods and we give them our data.
For all the contenders, these occasions give candidates a chance to connect with donors who have yet to give to their campaigns.
But you know, people have a right to give their two cents-worth, give a speech, without fear of violence and intimidation.
Instead of resolving to give up sugar, I should just resolve to give up sugar except during times of whole-family celebration.
"I ask that you give him a chance and give him hope for his future," she said, her voice shaking at times.
Al Badry: One cow can give around, like, 50 liter per day, while the camel milk can give 6 to 7 liter.
"Don't give up that easy, don't give up that quick," said Manchin, who has long expressed a willingness to work with Republicans.
For those that give cash, or their gift card equivalents, figuring out how much to give is one of the biggest challenges.
In math, teachers don't typically give girls grades on quizzes; they give written feedback so the girls can learn from their mistakes.
"We don't give a rat's about being first, we want to be the best, and give people a great experience," he says.
And he lets me give it, and I give it freely, and then I'm part of it, a part of his creation.
The proposed policy would give only partial pay for six weeks through a state unemployment fund to employed women who give birth.
It's almost as if the company were proposing a quid pro quo: Give us the deal, and we'll give everyone these goodies!
" For the next three months, Walker tried convincing himself that "if I want to give it up, I'll just give it up.
It will also give users more control over that data, allowing them to more easily give and retract consent for their information.
I'll give you an example of a personal OKR in the past, and then I'll give you one of my Kleiner OKRs.
Social trust arises from a covenant: I give to my company, my town and my government, and they give back to me.
There is something in the air on these nights that encourages players and teams to give something — to give anything — a go.
"I give the strength to all of those who come next, to keep going, to never give up," Beachler said through tears.
A couple of them would give me a name and then the next time I'd see them they'd give me another name.
Of course you would give people medications for their opioid addiction — just like you would give insulin to someone suffering from diabetes.
"The LGBT community is my community … when I was a kid, I would always look to the Tony awards to give me hope, to give me joy and I hope we can give that to the nation tonight," he said.
"There is nothing that we can give them (Sanchez's parents) that would give them really what they want, which is to put the clock back 2 years and give them their daughter back," said State's Attorney Kevin Lawlor after the sentencing.
When Pfeiffer's sighs, "You give and you give and you give and it's just never enough," she's talking about her own son – but she could just as well be talking about the Mother's relationship with her poet, or their son.
I think I've ticked at that, you've got a company with ... I'm going to give you the cup half full because Kara is going to give you the cup half empty, which I'm fine with, I could give you that too.
And I was received with such warmth and they give, you know, they used to give, I don't know if Matt does that, he may not want to be controversial, but they used to give the best speech of CPAC.
Some people are willing to give it, and if you don't give it, you know you have a chance of losing the player.
You also often address the tension between what a person is emotionally prepared to give and what you would like them to give.
The preview clip doesn't give away too much, but it does give viewers this juicy tidbit: "Crazy Kristen" is back in full-swing.
When it comes to Leos, "Make sure whatever present you give them is more expensive than anything you give anyone else," says Gat.
Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; give a lonely fisherman a chance and feed him for a lifetime.
Give up your nuclear weapons, give up your enrichment program, dismantle your missile capability, anytime anywhere inspections any place in North Korea verifiable.
Give a human a rubber chicken and it might elicit a chuckle; give a horse a rubber chicken and it's a laugh riot.
If Bernie Sanders wants to give a generous, on-message speech about Clinton, then Clinton would surely like to give him that opportunity.
In the wake of the shootings, Ardern vowed to give not to give any recognition to the man who allegedly attacked the mosques.
We decided to give some tweets a group hug to give you a little empowerment and enjoyment on this otherwise dreary, loveless day.
We'll be starting with a monthly live stream, and will give you the chance to participate in our editorial process and give feedback.
The board would give residents a chance to give input and make complaints and the board could review formal complaints, the report said.
But while the 93-year-old implores the crowd to "give it up for Chastity," he never got to give it up himself.
However, this time around, the TLTRO IIs give banks cheap access to cash and therefore give SMEs access to cheaper medium-term financing.
You want to make the Veterans Administration do a better job, give them — give veterans choices and you'll get a much better result.
The new American managers promised that the "historic" project would "give people jobs, and give a future to your kids and my kids".
And Bryn has been able to give, and I think giving a special-needs child the opportunity to give something back is huge.
If you would like to give PAIRS Geoscope a try yourself, just head over to the project's homepage and give it a shot.
I believe you can do it, just please, dont give up, it'll get better, it'll stop , I promise you, just dont give up.
It would be helpful if Musk could give updates on BFR milestones to give people a better sense that these dates might hold.
The rich can give more in taxes, but the rich, the middle class and the poor can all give more in civic engagement.
They feed and clothe him, they give him everything he needs, and they give him a purpose, so he is a true believer.
I give and give in my mission to perfect, so much so that when the relationship ends, I have nothing left — I'm hollow.
Whenever you give money to a charity, you need to document the give, either with a canceled check or a credit card receipt.
WATTERS: OK, as long as -- FOWLER: I will give you -- I will just give you a list of costumes you shouldn&apost wear.
Although Bryant could not give me an exact number, she said she could give me a broad range of $10K to $30K more.
They say: 'We're going to give this to the patients, give that to the patients,' then they penny-pinch and get it back.
If you can just give yourself that time, give yourself the peace and realization that this moment will pass — this, too, shall pass.
Ahead, the best skin-care gifts to give this holiday season — and how to give them without ruining your relationships and alienating people.
We have hundrteds of specific data points, people want to give us that data because they want us to give them better products.
When pressed to give an example of a state that has improved healthcare with less money, Price did not give a direct answer.
AT&T announced Tuesday it would give subscribers free HBO service, following T-Mobile's offer to give free Netflix to customers last week.
They warned that unless Tehran was willing to give up more, the U.S. shouldn&apost give Iran anything more than it already had.
Rules give certainty to industry, moderate the behavior of all but the worst actors, and give consumers the ability to enforce their rights.
They should give a political endorsement to the efforts of scores of civil servants and give a joint news conference on the results.
Every day when I wake up, I give my ancestors a little cup of coffee and light a candle and give them rum.
If we want to give the neediest in our society a path to self-sufficiency, we must give them a path to employment.
Delta Airlines has reportedly authorised employees to give up to $10,000 in compensation to those on overbooked flights who give up their seats.
I give credit to the press for sticking with an unspoken rule not to follow them around and give them space to grow.
"The North Koreans will give up what they have to give up ... What we should be talking about should be dismantlement" https://t.
Saying Germany must give more money to the EU would not solve the problem and would give countries the wrong incentive, Schaeuble said.
But the government doesn't give us the opportunity to fight our cases and the judges don't give us the opportunity to speak up.
In addition to giving up some fast-casual meals, 49 percent say they'd give up vacationing and 43 percent would give up drinking.
" When it occurs, he wrote, "I give thanks for the miracle and I don't give a damn which team or country performs it.
Lugar helped convince President Reagan to condemn Marcos, forcing Marcos to give up power and give way to Corazon Aquino, who became president.
"One good cooperator can at least give you some good lay of the land, and two can give you even more," Honig said.
Equality requires that we give the same freedom to underprivileged children as we give to privileged children—to be raised by crappy parents.
Still, the plan might give Trump enough cover to backtrack and sign a spending bill that doesn't give him the full $5 billion.
"I can give myself every opportunity to put myself in a position to play and give my back every chance possible," Wright said.
And if the students give her any lip, she can summon an eldritch shadow horror to quiet them down (and give them nightmares).
It's really so people can have their say on other people's meals and give constructive criticism and give ideas on how to improve.
They give us some real quality players but there's a more organized robustness about Canada, so they give us that slightly different challenge.
Rivian estimates that the smallest R1T battery will give it 230 miles, while its strongest battery will give it up to 400 miles.
So the whole thing is to get the right people who have the passion to give back, to give their best to me.
But I just tell them that we're not going to give up on students, and I'm not going to give up on them.
Pure Land Buddhism does not want us to give up our moral lives, but to give up the pretensions that often accompany them.
If members give the plan the green light, European leaders will need to give it their blessing at the end of the month.
If you want to give to your Ivy League alma mater, great; if you want to give to save people from malaria, great.
So you prepare the right way, you give great energy, you give your teammates great energy, and it'll come right back to you.
"If investors are willing to give at least $100,000 to the start-up, we're willing to give them a card," Mr. Dubugras said.
Senate GOP would give slightly bigger checks to far fewer Americans -- But Senate Republicans would rather give money to small businesses than individuals.
"Governments were willing to give them additional rights, and travel rights, once you give them out, it's very difficult to retract," he added.
You give and you give, and the traumas add up, and eventually, I wondered if I owed this business any more of myself.
Each one will encourage you and give you the incentive to keep going even when you are frustrated and ready to give up.
Along with Page, he will give preliminary approval to individual Other Bet annual business plans, but Page has to give the final approval.
"I give all my strength to preserve these ceremonies and songs that make everyone cry, to give them to the young," Panchenya said.
"A great store will give you the sense of comfort and familiarity and will also give you the pleasure of discovery," says Pradeep.
" He added, "If I need to give back my gold medal, I'd have to give it back; it's not a problem for me.
And we told Nick (Ward) we're going to give Swanigan a shot, but we're not going to give him a ready-shoot shot.
That could force McConnell to reconsider his position — and possibly give Democrats some concessions in order to give the president what he wants.
"Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man," goes the Jesuit motto that inspired the project.
The first is whether the goal is truly for the government to give everyone a job, or just to give more people jobs.
I'm here now, I want to give, in that forward-looking way, but if I can give in ways that actually, frankly, mitigated some of those systemic issues, if I could give in a way that actually helped us figure out how we attack the companies more efficiently, if I could give in ways that actually strengthened collective bargaining in unions.
" Richard Carrier on pagan religion: "So pagan religion, the way it would work is you would give something to the god, like gold or something like that, and say, 'Hey, I'll give you this present if you give me the thing I want.
While we suspect business of wrongdoing, at the same time we expect corporations to give us jobs and take care of us, to give us a network of friends, to solve our social problems, and to give us risk-free consumption experiences.
That can work with a chimpanzee, but you give me a worthless piece of paper and you expect me to give you a banana?
They give me the wrong cookie, but when I ask to switch for the one I actually ordered, they just give it to me.
We've got to think about what responsibility we want the companies to have, because when we give them responsibility, we also give them power.
" 4: "While Fast and the Furious's tagline is 'Never give up on family', ours is similar: Never give up on the family of apps.
"In order to get that $716 billion, I had to give up things to the Democrats that I hated to give up," he said.
They also give you the ability to communicate/give instructions to delivery drivers when you're not at home, which makes for a revolutionary product.
"We are the only agency if you give us more people and money, we give you more money back," Koskinen said in an interview.
Instead of ignoring the question to give the answer she wanted to give, she turned it back on the moderators to underscore her point.
Give it a quick look; If it's not immediately clear what's wrong, give them a new one and get them out of the store.
"You sort of give up power when you give your partner information about your commitment that they're also not giving you back," she says.
"All of a sudden you give it up and give it to the regime and Russia and Iran," said Mr. Can, the S.D.F. adviser.
We'd say, 'We'll do this if you give us this,' and they'd just laugh, because they would never break down and give us stuff.
It was the speech a traditional Republican president would give, in the traditional way a Republican president would give one, in the Trump era.
"The president has shown again he don't give a damn about poor people, he don't give a damn about people of color," said Honoré.
"You show up, you do your work, you give 1,000 percent, and you try to give as much variation as you can," he said.
Other technologies give you accuracy with five inches deviation in accuracy while Bodygram is the first technology to give you sub-one-inch accuracy.
Can you give me an example of what you'll be presenting at Woodhull, or some advice you'd give readers based on what you've learned?
" "This entire campaign comes down to a single question: If Hillary Clinton can't give us the truth, why should we give her the presidency?
Our initial position though is the North Koreans give everything up in the beginning and then we give the benefits at the back end.
It&aposs always been there -- it&aposs always been the case, Nancy will give in -- Pelosi will give in to her left-wing base.
This would give Mark the opportunity to informally interact with some of the visitors…" Mains wrote, noting this would give them "some great photos.
"The best advice I think we can give, and the best advice any professional adviser can give for couples is, maintaining discipline," Wall says.
My boyfriend and I give $21 to the bride and groom, but I pay $6 because he doesn't want to give more than $229.
The day before she's set to give her testimony at the trial, Caputo visits her in prison and tells her not to give up.
To give you more control over what data have access to, iOS 13 now lets you give apps access to your location just once.
I feel that he will start doing better for the vets, hopefully give more benefits for the war veterans — give them what they deserve.
"Sometimes the marabout (teacher) knocks on doors and says, 'If you give us your son, we'll give him a proper education,' " Cruz told me.
So let's give her the same level of empathy we'd give to any other human dealing with the aftermath of a terrifying, distressing circumstance.
"Investors need to understand they need to give continued support for these people, they can't just give the money and expect a return," said.
"When women start to galvanize, I think we can move mountains, but we have to be ready to give and give back," Murphy said.
Sorry, it's time to give up that 'Dad of the Year' mug you bought your father and give it to Nono the Frenchie instead.
If we want more, we have to give more, but we have to stay aware of what we might give up in the process.
NEW YORK (CNN)Some nonprofit groups will no longer have to give the IRS the names of donors who give them $5,000 or more.
Therefore, the only proper response is to give him some of his own medicine and give it to him worse than he got it.
You can give up on some of them as soon as today, while it might take a bit longer to give up on others.
We need to give our girl children all the physical confidence we give boys, and to reward boys for considerate rather than aggressive behavior.
"Do not give your information to any of these people do not give them anything," Perry said in a video on his Facebook page.
Yeah, but also aren't predicated on big data so that, you know, we'll give you our stuff for free, you give us your data.
We have never given secondary payments, we will never give secondary payments on this contract, and we will never give them in the future.
Those were my two primary roles, but my background is one where people give me broken things, I fix them and give them back.
The minute you give them up, I've always said this, the minute I give them up they're going to go to the Super Bowl.
Just when you thought this week couldn't get more lit... I give you Anthony Kennedy's retirement fromI give you Anthony Kennedy's retirement from #SCOTUS.
The team started using recyclable sheet plastic to give the structures a basic shape, but again give them the flexibility to experiment with form.
They're thinking of their bottom line, It's the last present you'll give to Grandma, don't you want to give her the most expensive coffin?
She believes in doing what is morally right, and to give when you have nothing, trusting that the world will give back to you.
Instead of having to give 'till it hurts, the idea is to engage your fans, friends and family to each give a manageable sum.
But I could give you a list of banks, I would — if that would help you, I would give you a list of banks.
" Just make sure it's the right determination, says Grant: "Don't give up on your values, but be willing to give up on your plans.
Fractures are deepening within the Republican Party, as those uneasy with President Trump's brand of hard-edge nationalism increasingly give in or give up.
Houston Fire Department and Houston Police Department helped remove manhole covers on Monday to give them better access, but eventually had to give up.
Over 5 days, in 5 emails, we'll dive into questions like how much to give, where to give, and other ways to do good.
While the position will not give them the authority to legislate on these issues, they do have the ability to influence and give guidance.
Ms. Le Pen's promise to give "France its freedom back, and give the people a voice" is echoed in nationalist, populist rally cries worldwide.
Give the power, with no crown, to the hard-working, camera-shy introverts; give a crown, with no power, to the preening spotlight hogs.
"I wanted to play out the point and see if he would give me a look, give me something to play with," Sandgren said.
The courts have refused to give Mr. Trump the customary deference they give a president because this president so obviously has not earned it.
And I'm adding the lyric "Give up, give it up to me" to my Bumble bio, followed by a disclaimer that I mean intellectually.
Moody's rates the utility A1, while Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor's Global Ratings give it an A+. All three give it a negative outlook.
Numerous security experts agree that the privacy you give up for using FaceApp is about the same that you give up for using Facebook.
If you can give a man goat legs and a second stomach to chew cud, then surely you can give a woman woman legs.
In-app tipping was a long time coming, with drivers urging the company for years to give passengers a way to give something extra.
"There is not that much cross-pollination between contemporary collectors and nature—if they give, they give to museums," he told me, with frustration.
Google employees in the U.K. who give birth receive 52 weeks of paid leave, and new parents who don't give birth get 12 weeks.
"If you get pulled aside, give them my name, give them my phone number and tell them I'm your lawyer," Ms. Murray told him.
There are more than 30,000 reviews on Amazon, 70% of these reviews give a 5-star rating, and 14% give a 4-star rating.
UFC legend Dan Henderson is about to give the fellas -- and some of you ladies -- the most important advice he could ever give you.
Give way, thou most horrible, give way, thou most wicked, give way to Christ, in whom you found nothing of your works—He Who has plundered you, He Who has destroyed your kingdom, He Who has bound you in defeat and torn apart your weapons.
The find on "Hitchhiker" is "Give Me Strength," the song of a "lonely man" desperate to find consolation: "Give me strength to move along/Give me strength to realize she's gone," he sings over steadfast strummed guitar chords, and "gone" turns into a wordless moan.
Another reason new knitters give up is that projects can sometimes drag on, so try to give yourself a deadline for your first: maybe you'll want to wear the completed item on an upcoming trip or to give it to someone for their birthday.
"Give me a celebrity, I'll give you your haters," Mr. Liefeld said in a recent telephone interview from his home studio in Yorba Linda, Calif.
When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn't work out.
Because Uber neglects to give its workers status as full-time employees, the company does not have to give those workers otherwise legally required benefits.
I&aposll give you a pat on the back in public, Vlad if you give us Syria, Iran, North Korea and fix your damn alphabet.
"I would give [Trump] a chance if he would give us a chance," Martha Placentia, an Oakland, California, high school student told CNN affiliate, KPIX.
Give me a stainless steel tray plate, a plank-sized dosa, and a cup of masala tea and I'll probably give you my bank details.
In sci-fi and fantasy, sometimes that'd give you the Lord of the Rings trilogy (yay!) and sometimes it'd give you The Dark Tower (um).
TOM SHILLUE, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: What&aposs - you want 10% or are you going to give 10% or are you going to give 90%?
"The best legacy that I can give my mother — that everyone can give their parent — is to raise a good and decent child," she says.
"This is totally false…It is interesting this person doesn't give her name to give her claims legitimacy," Singer told The Sun at the time.
I know there's the basic advice you'd give total beginners, but what's some advice you'd give someone who knows poker and is interested in winning?
If young people did have money to give when they traveled, Rowling advised them to give it to local businesses as this better helped communities.
When highly committed parties strongly believe [in] things that they cannot achieve democratically, they don't give up on their beliefs — they give up on democracy.
If you want to give the gift of perfect cups of hot chocolate, give them a can of Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa Gourmet Powder.
Give us a good leather skirt, whether faux, real, mini, or midi and we'll give you a myriad of basics you can style it with.
So, the money comes flying here because you're going to give your money to someone, $1,000 and they give you back less in ten years.
The researchers found the prejudice was easy to grow in the simulator, a fact that should give us pause as we give robots more autonomy.
" And for those of you who want to give it a try, the researchers can't really give a specific amount of activity that is "enough.
And then on Uranium one it didn&apost give good sense to give that to Russia and now we learn she stole a primary election.
To give to dogs in need and give your pet its best fur yet, you can buy OUAI Pet Shampoo for $28 on July 12.
I'm the only one with cash, so I give it to S.'s sister to give to the drag queen, who announces S.'s wedding.
But computer scientists don't give the answer in minutes or milliseconds; they give it relative to the number of elements the algorithm has to manipulate.
We're outsiders and we've always been outsiders and maybe that's why the people who do give a shit about it give a shit about it.
Electoral victories are said to give you a mandate, but what they really give you is a license: permission to lead, to impose your authority.
But we're willing to give this interpretation of a gown a chance, if only to give the fancy-dress section of our closets more mileage.
To take the federal money and give it to the states and say, 'Look, we want to give you money for programs that don't work.
"I would give him a very -- yeah, but I would give him a double, probably a double size Big Mac," Trump added, upping the offer.
" The new displays were a safer choice, Tucker said, because the alternative would "give rise to or would be likely to give rise to disagreement.
"I give away, but I give away after it gets to the point that it gets so stacked and full, embarrassingly over-stuffed," she says.
Various companies are giving their products a true philanthropic edge, appealing to consumers who want to give gifts and give back at the same time.
You have a lot of love to give and believe it or not, it is not as easily accessible for others to give the same.
"We're not confident that we would have what we need to give you the quality of performances we always give our fans," the band said.
If I'm going to give someone my key, I want them to completely control the situation and not give me the option of getting out.
"We want to give it absolutely everything these last six months to make sure we go there and give it our best performance," Mills said.
Why give money to Nimble America instead of giving money to the Trump campaign directly, and why didn't NimbleRichMan give or start his own SuperPAC?
Give me more of this and less of Craig's ex on a fictitious version of 'Love Island' (okay no I lied, give me that too).
How to give yourself space when you realize you like someone, and you're giving them more than they're able or willing to give in return.
In order for that to happen, it means that people I give a shit about, for some reason, seem to give a shit about you.
Give me a standard, interchangeable 3.5mm connector where I can use wires from other manufacturers, or give me a real reason to accept its absence.
If you give me a safer, more secure experience and truly give me complete control of my data, I'll even pay you a little extra.
Rather, they give the access tool to clients, and then clients can choose how to use it and to whom they wish to give access.
Given the available evidence, it seems strange to give the nation-state the kind of deference Bernie (and so many others) so thoughtlessly give it.
"We help give the party they would give themselves," said Schinnell Leake, the organization's founder, and for many families, it's a first opportunity to celebrate.
After six months, Takahashi started to give Takamatsu lessons he wouldn't normally give: how to find and retrieve bodies from the ocean, living or dead.
" As for their presentations, which they now give almost monthly, his wife said, "They help us stay positive and give us a sense of purpose.