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"disregard" Definitions
  1. disregard (for/of somebody/something) the act of treating somebody/something as not important and not caring about them/it
"disregard" Synonyms
indifference neglect heedlessness inattention insouciance negligence nonchalance apathy carelessness casualness complacence disinterestedness ignoring oversight torpor unconcern unmindfulness contempt disdain disinterest slackness laxness remissness laxity rashness recklessness forgetfulness dereliction neglectfulness irresponsibility incaution thoughtlessness incautiousness indiscretion default failure delinquency misprision nonfeasance lapse overlooking lack want absence inaction inadequacy insufficiency failure to act omission dissatisfaction displeasure disgruntlement discontent annoyance disappointment irritation unhappiness distress exasperation resentment chagrin anger vexation discontentment dislike dismay disapproval frustration disgust unawareness ignorance innocence nescience cluelessness unfamiliarity benightedness unenlightenment incognizance obliviousness naivete rawness oblivion incomprehension illiteracy inscience unconsciousness bewilderment blindness insensitivity defiance insubordination disobedience rebellion recalcitrance rebelliousness contumacy unruliness contrariness refractoriness waywardness intractability obstreperousness frowardness balkiness willfulness intractableness opposition insolence confrontation scorn contemptuousness despisement despite condescension hatred derision despitefulness disrespect distaste scornfulness snobbishness disparagement hate unrestraint naturalness uninhibitedness spontaneousness spontaneity unconstraint ease lightheartedness abandon abandonment wildness wantonness freedom licentiousness impulse incontinence depravity dissipation lese majesty belittlement boldness coarseness discourtesy dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) flippancy hardihood impertinence impoliteness impudence incivility insolency insolentness rejection ostracism brushoff spurn coldness desertion forsaking exclusion ostracising(UK) ostracizing(US) rebuff repudiation aloofness blackballing excommunication iciness sacrilege desecration irreverence blasphemy impiety profanation profaneness profanity sin defilement heresy impiousness irreligion irreligiousness mockery violation disrepute discredit shame disgrace ignominy infamy disesteem obloquy unpopularity disfavour(UK) odium opprobrium degradation humiliation ill repute notoriety reproach scandal anarchy disorder turmoil chaos tumult lawlessness riot confusion pandemonium misrule mayhem revolution insurrection unrest mobocracy mutiny disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) ochlocracy miss pass skip dismiss bypass forgo avoidance omit overlook refrain abstinence turn down act of avoidance ignore discount brush aside forget pass over overpass excuse forgive pardon remit shrug off slur over whitewash blank contemn flout defy despise disparage snub slight disobey fail vilipend disfavor(US) brush off pooh-pooh refuse to acknowledge contravene violate infringe infract transgress resist overstep oppose rebel revolt counteract challenge strike mock desert forsake leave betray depart ditch reject discard relinquish jettison dump repeal renounce abdicate count out exclude bar eliminate except bate debar suspend leave out weed out get rid of rule out mark off leave out of account ban disallow close out undervalue minimise(UK) minimize(US) diminish underrate belittle trivialise(UK) trivialize(US) depreciate underestimate downgrade devalue understate minify downplay misprize reduce lessen trample abuse treat disrespectfully treat inconsiderately encroach on ride roughshod over set at naught treat with contempt do violence to show no consideration for take for granted trample over avoid evade dodge escape shirk sidestep skirt dance around duck elude shy from wriggle out of dispense with get around lose squander waste forfeit pass up forego give up blow drop botch cede concede expend fritter away misreckon misconstrue misinterpret misjudge misunderstand misread err overestimate overvalue misestimate overrate stumble blunder miscount jump run overshoot drive through fail to stop at marginalize(US) demean deprecate denigrate degrade demote deride criticise(UK) debase stain taint defame stigmatise(UK) stigmatize(US) sully embarrass humiliate abase besmirch smirch tarnish More
"disregard" Antonyms
attention concern advertence advertency interest attentiveness consideration regard awareness concentration acknowledgement(UK) acknowledgment(US) care observance consciousness heed mindfulness recognition responsiveness thought enthusiasm passion anxiety emotion feeling zeal empathy sensitivity sympathy warmth liveliness compassion caring action carefulness caution cautiousness heedfulness care consideration achievement respect success accomplishment conscientiousness attention to duty vigilance satisfaction contentedness contentment content gratification pleasure advantage approval assurance calm calmness cheer comfort composure delight ease encouragement happiness incentive acquaintance cognizance familiarity knowledge understanding obedience submission acquiescence compliance subordinateness subordination tractability tractableness accordance deference subservience answer cowardice fear admiration esteem estimation favor(US) favour(UK) adoration affection compliment flattery honor(US) honour(UK) humility like liking love praise reverence constraint restraint allowance closure continuation continuity insertion juncture perfection permission remembrance welcome order government control law peace rule discipline harmony lawfulness method nonanarchy organisation(UK) organization(US) system law and order civility considerateness courtesy genteelness gentility graciousness politeness politesse thoughtfulness note mind observe remember consider follow watch notice be alert to bear in mind be aware of be heedful of be mindful of pay heed to pay regard to take in take into account take note of obey embrace accept fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) keep serve abide by accede to accord to acquiesce in acquiesce to act in accordance with adhere to agree to agree aid assist behave comply comply with concur conform conform to consent do harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) help oblige condemn criticise(UK) criticize(US) censure chasten chastise denounce disapprove slam fault reprehend reprove decry lambaste malign pillory castigate dispraise reprimand reprobate support back encourage advocate guide champion endorse aid and abet campaign for root for vouch for rally around side with get behind stick by give help to stand behind entertain contemplate deliberate ponder cogitate reflect weigh ruminate meditate perpend give consideration to mull over muse over take into consideration think about think over wrestle with ensure check be sure make sure be certain make certain see to it be in no doubt acknowledge recognise(UK) recognize(US) appreciate realise(UK) realize(US) cognize know perceive see address avow be conscious of pay attention take notice value attend approve commend flatter flaunt please revere heat include be friendly socialise(UK) warm socialize(US) harass admit allow choose permit ratify sanction overrate overestimate overvalue exaggerate overstate stop face meet show up for take on attempt undertake tackle attack take try set about with enter upon become involved in make a run at disallow forbid prohibit block veto disavow refuse reject repudiate confront face up to accept responsibility for handle manage contend with cope with deal with face down grapple with see to take responsibility for apply oneself to attend to concentrate on devote oneself to engage in seize exploit grab jump at take advantage of grasp milk use catch go for leap at snatch get hold of grab hold of snag punish excoriate fine penalise(UK) penalize(US) charge convict deny hold incriminate limit ostracise(UK) ostracize(US) prevent restrain experience accomplish achieve endure partake undergo have feel participate in go through take up have experience of

978 Sentences With "disregard"

How to use disregard in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "disregard" and check conjugation/comparative form for "disregard". Mastering all the usages of "disregard" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Many disregard bitcoin but most do not disregard blockchain technology.
He cynically continues to disregard his own people and disregard Mexicans.
I do not disregard math, I do not disregard the will of the people.
"It points to utter disregard for due process and utter disregard for the law," he told Reuters.
For another, he appealed to voters who largely disregard the mainstream media and who thrilled to his exhortations that they disregard it further.
Gingerbread embraces that signature Oyeyemi weirdness and blasé disregard for plot — but it also seems to extend that disregard further than Oyeyemi has before.
" -- CNN's Chris Cillizza in Monday's The Point newsletter: The truly insidious thing re: Trump's disregard for truth is "about the culture that disregard for truth creates.
The reaction is largely against global governance done badly—against some rules that were designed with disregard for people in flyover country, and against the fallout from America's disregard of other rules.
" She accuses him of "showing complete disregard for common decency.
Because of their intentional disregard of confidentiality, they've been fired.
Malice is either reckless or purposeful disregard for the truth.
This disregard for the facts is totally misleading the public.
The first is driven by Mr Trump's disregard for rules.
Mrs Clinton's uninspiring incrementalism made that relative disregard seem absolute.
President Trump's disregard for foreign policy is a national concern.
" He added, "And I don't think we can disregard that.
The Chinese government, too, often chooses to disregard inconvenient episodes.
GUILFOYLE: And total disregard for the law and sanctuary cities.
The result is complete disregard for Owens's own character development.
I think she's acting with reckless disregard for the truth.
But the administration's disregard for the environment especially bothered him.
Disregard for climate change is incompatible with respect for life.
Her disregard of the next generation could ultimately be costly.
"Please disregard the last attachment of Ashley Tisdale," he wrote.
Don't worry about the spirulina, and disregard the rice cheeze.
Users lamented what they saw as disregard for black lives.
If you disregard security costs, it's still a pricey affair.
This sort of disregard for their own membership must change.
Jorge Renaud: GOP's disregard for venomous Trump rhetoric is inexcusable.
The President's blatant disregard for institutional norms cannot be overstated.
The major power treats its much smaller neighbors with disregard.
There can not be that kind of disregard for consent.
It feels disrespectful for Seyfarth to disregard slavery so completely.
Trump's disregard for the Latino community has been pretty obvious.
Yes, it's possible that the boss will disregard all this.
This is why his disregard of polling is so unnerving.
Fat White Family has a knowing disregard for good taste.
Is it unethical to disregard her and keep a name?
Is it unethical to disregard her and keep a name?
Guyger wasn't the only one to disregard protocol, Hermus said.
He has to know the truth and intentionally disregard it.
The administration's disregard for people's lives is clear and unflinching.
"The U.S.accusations against Chinese personnel severely disregard reality," said Geng.
Trump's callous disregard for objective truth has infected public policy.
She'd have to show a reckless disregard for the truth.
There's an absolute disregard for the value of our lives.
But the Trump episode demonstrates a disregard for the truth.
And the second is a growing disregard of scientific expertise.
It started from Josie Kins' blog, Disregard Everything I Say.
It shows some level of disregard for equality of gender.
Maybe we should do the opposite and disregard what he says.
It's his blatant disregard for her privacy that is deeply unsettling.
You showed blatant disregard for a very drunk and injured woman.
But the complete disregard for the series's existing canon feels significant.
Disregard for the welfare of the non-rich is the enemy.
Making the running on Taiwan implies disregard for the bigger relationship.
But humans are curious, covetous and prone to disregard terrible odds.
To what extent did this man willfully disregard your stated desires?
While his tips may seem a bit simple, don't disregard them.
Indeed in some respects it showed a chilling disregard for customers.
This has led us to disregard the humans fulfilling our demands.
Do the first three words of this and disregard the rest.
The U.S. administration's disregard for climate action is more than unfortunate.
That was the most painful, that casual disregard for my experience.
That general disregard for their owner's stuff is also pretty characteristic.
But with my second surrogate, I decided to disregard that rule.
Trump's disregard for other people's privacy predates his career in politics.
Whether the penis you're measuring is circumcised or not, disregard foreskin.
Cells in a dish grow with stubborn disregard for international treaties.
Liberals insisted he was operating with flagrant disregard for the law.
That's the reality, and Judge Schroeder was wrong to disregard it.
The lab decided to "consciously disregard truth and accuracy," he wrote.
The people in power scorn, snub, or completely disregard the others.
First, they showed disregard for the electoral system's terms of fairness.
A complete disregard for fans' feelings when killing off favorite characters.
Due to my complete disregard for history class in high school.
If we do, we disregard the humanity that made him transcendent.
This callous disregard for both facts and women's wellbeing is unacceptable.
He was appalled by the disregard often accorded to this work.
He's not looking to destroy the government and disregard the Constitution.
"   Meng said McCarthy's "blatant disregard" for this plea "is truly stunning.
She was informed to disregard a recent article in the press.
"These fraudsters have a complete disregard for human life," Bancroft said.
However, his compatriots might not be quick to disregard Trump's comments.
It was an act of reckless, arrogant disregard for American democracy.
We've long known of President Trump's casual disregard for the truth.
What's worse, he had shown a blatant disregard for its authority.
How bad would it be for me to disregard her answer?
It offers a lesson Mr. Trump would be foolish to disregard.
What can be done about Trump's decision to disregard the ABA?
Mitch McConnell has seemingly shown a blatant disregard for our lives.
Katie Kitamura would seem to share my youthful disregard for closure.
Many interpreted the gesture as a disregard for the African agenda.
I was also envious of Olantis's flagrant disregard of social norms.
In essence, agencies cannot disregard the law or make things up.
He despised the trivialization and disregard of Eastern aesthetics and materials.
Please just disregard these issues and don't think about this anymore.
Or, a bad black wig could also be betraying the oft-documented casual recklessness and disregard for the first-person reality and interiority of black life — a disregard that is arguably as American as apple pie.
Many advisors disregard young doctors because they have a negative net worth.
And it's not because I have a total disregard for my belongings.
And it appears Kavanaugh's flagrant disregard for such appearances is the point.
Customs agents would be able to disregard the ban in "emergency" situations.
To my future wife and/or employer—please disregard that last statement.
Don't disregard cheating as the possible reason for attractive long-term performance.
Thakur, according to those around her, has a similar disregard for danger.
And this continued disregard for users happened after the Cambridge Analytica crisis.
ASN is unlikely to disregard IRSN's recommendations when it makes its ruling.
Ms Malmstrom has condemned all this as "blatant disregard" for human rights.
Or they disregard supply-side expenditures, such as when Uber recruits drivers.
Somehow, drinking-related events mean it's fine to disregard people's personal choices.
But 42 shows a deliberate disregard for social background or exam results.
It's this disregard for the JCT that had Martin Sullivan particularly angry.
"This research shows disregard for a sentient social species," Bowman told Gizmodo.
Such statements are often used to flag provisions an administration might disregard.
It exemplifies the disregard that the medical establishment holds for its providers.
You'll get lots of advice but you should disregard most of it.
Riverdale really nails the callous disregard and haughty entitlement of old money.
Critics have often condemned the British tabloids for their disregard of privacy.
The theme of nature's disregard for humanity is one you've returned to.
" Earlier today, he told staff to "disregard any instructions from Ms. English.
Utter disregard for rule of law & human rights of an entire people.
Permitless carry, however, tacitly encourages the criminal element to disregard the obvious.
To answer for that doesn't mean we disregard a life ... of service.
"We have uncovered a disturbing disregard for voters' personal privacy," Denham said.
LaBonte was upset with the C.I.A.'s disregard for its usual methods.
" Flake, on the Senate floor, lamented "flagrant disregard for truth and decency.
But you should exercise caution when circumstances tempt you to disregard principles.
Many reports immediately sprang up pleading with people to disregard Drudge's skepticism.
It is they that showed a disregard for the law, not McGahn.
Most of the discussion has been about Trump's flagrant disregard for norms.
The answers range from genuine concern or misguided solidarity to outright disregard.
"  She accused Trump of "disregard for the values that make our country.
We focus on how we look and often disregard how we feel.
There are terrible consequences when people disregard context and assume the worst.
Her disregard for my financial situation aside, this was simply not true.
Honorata credits her daughter with giving her the strength to disregard that.
That struck me as a willful disregard of advice they were getting.
Take Ester, a poet, essayist and the main character in Willful Disregard.
It's not to disregard the hours that a writer has put in.
If you don't like or trust me, you can disregard my recommendations.
The show's irreverent style and disregard for established comic formulas resonated worldwide.
It's time for people to stop having a disregard for human life.
We also cannot disregard the obvious terror and panic that Shaver displayed.
Morally, they earned Negan's retribution with their callous disregard for his people.
It was an audacious move that demonstrated cavalier disregard for the consequences.
Trump is right to disregard European opinion and act tough on Iran.
Supreme's casual disregard for appealing to mainstream tastemakers only strengthens its appeal.
Every airship engineer I talked to asked me to disregard the Hindenburg.
" His motto appears on SoulCycle's Web site: "Disregard where your capabilities end.
Segers's disregard for the boundaries between mediums makes him feel very contemporary.
Miraculously, or out of foolish disregard, they left behind the clock radio.
It's easy to identify and disregard a troll who calls you names.
One might object that Trump's disregard for the truth is nothing new.
He has the hair, the bombast and the disregard for the truth.
The 210 election, specifically Donald Trump's utter disregard for facts, galvanized scientists nationwide.
That distinction may have been enough to let the court disregard past cases.
Vindman added that he would disregard an improper order from a general, too.
The League will continue to disregard CTE among its current players and veterans.
Telling jurors to disregard those comments would amount to "legal fiction," he said.
Her male peers ignore her voice and disregard her authority in every interaction.
His disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous.
I'm still a supporter and I have no regrets and disregard for Justin.
Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the apotheosis of this disregard for governing.
It shows a blatant disregard for the health and well-being of athletes.
Mr. Trump continues to have ignorance of facts, a willful disregard of them.
I tried to live this lifestyle with disgusting disregard to those I hurt.
To our regret, these (Istanbul attacks) can be a consequence of such disregard.
"This recognition gives me the courage to disregard fear and pursue — with love."
The truly terrifying thing about Trump is his complete disregard for the truth.
Who shows a casual disregard for the fate of the whole human species?
The Security Council called those moves "violations and flagrant disregard" of previous resolutions.
As president, Duterte threated to disregard the EDCA and end joint military drills.
With social media, it is easier to simply disregard people with different opinions.
The wireless industry has repeatedly demonstrated a blatant disregard for its customers' privacy.
I wanted to humanize the people that Betsy DeVos seemed to casually disregard.
I suppose, though—if you disregard geography—it's actually a pretty nice sentiment.
The family's lawyer, Lewis, accused Cabot of "reckless disregard" for the families' safety.
Rubio said the incident shows the Clinton family's longstanding disregard for moral boundaries.
Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks.
None of those facts gives judges any excuse to disregard Article III's demands.
And let's also disregard Grisham's spin that a jacket is just a jacket.
"Defendants' conduct demonstrates a wholesale disregard for consumer privacy rights," the complaint said.
Put another way, analytical thinkers apply accepted principles while creative thinkers disregard them.
Feel free to disregard any short lists that include the following four names.
Other Soviet mock trials on sexual health demonstrate similar disregard for women's experiences.
They disregard, play down, even white wash the movement's hostility to individual freedom.
The Blaxpoitation movement epitomized the film industry's modernist disregard for creating harmful stereotypes.
Artists' disconnection from and disregard for their audiences is a much greater concern.
You are going to resist it, feel guilty, perhaps overspend, or disregard responsibilities.
But this administration suffers a disregard for science and a culture of authoritarianism.
And he suggested that it might disregard any ruling of the European court.
Jurors have been told to disregard the contentious national debates surrounding the case.
We've seen a pretty significant disregard of climate science by the current administration.
But then MUMBO JUMBO came to mind and was too perfect to disregard.
But Israel's disregard for the religious liberty of Jews doesn't ease the tension.
So I think such acknowledgement might actually undermine any claim of reckless disregard.
Willful Disregard isn't autobiographical but that doesn't mean she's never felt the same.
In places like Wadeye, this casual disregard for black lives is frighteningly common.
Strategies Invest for the long term and disregard day-to-day market movements.
Local governments and farmers tend to disregard the conservation efforts, Mr. Sokolov said.
But the disregard for decency and truth and civility is what's really disheartening.
"We have uncovered a disturbing disregard for voters' personal privacy," the commissioner found.
Unfortunately, many people in this country casually disregard the humanity of transgender people.
Emma's intelligence and disregard for authority also feed into an interesting romantic arc.
I've seen this kind of disregard for women from South Carolina politicians before.
His blithe disregard for truth allowed him to create — unfettered — his own reality.
States also tend to disregard any signal they perceive as unclear or ambiguous.
But Mr. Mattarrella is also loath to disregard the will of Italy's voters.
It was purely driver error -- willful or wanton disregard for people or property.
Bertelsen tried to disregard the reporters and the photographers standing at his shoulder.
There are three explanations for the American disregard for global healthcare best practice.
Whether this effort to disregard international law will succeed is an open question.
They frequently interfere with my work, upset our partners and disregard the staff.
Stocks continue to climb to record highs and seem to disregard geopolitical pressures.
The report details several more missteps and described a disregard for military procedures.
The defendant's predatory acts and conscious disregard for human life must be stopped.
Subject lines that say "URGENT" or "ASAP" show complete disregard for the recipient.
"It's a reckless disregard for the truth," Dr. Sanders said in an interview.
"His actions demonstrated a shocking - a shocking - disregard for human life," he said.
We know of the nationalist Polish government's disregard for the rule of law.
We disregard or discount those faults common to the individual's time and place.
It's not the past that's dangerous — it's the saturated disregard for the present.
"The SEC...knew of the firm's disregard of risk management," the commission said.
Please. Cats emphatically do not understand English and studiously disregard their owner's calls.
Their claim is that the MOPR does not disregard or nullify state policies.
He can disrespect our abilities, but come November he cannot disregard our votes.
If they disregard it, we'll likely face many more years of mindless policies.
"Please disregard these issues and don't think about this anymore again," Putin said.
It indicates utter disregard, or utter lack of knowledge, at the very top!
"Both changes were pushed through with total disregard for the input of knowledgeable writers and editors, with zero advance notice, and the changes also show a disturbing disregard for the mainstream historical record," the paper's union members wrote in the letter.
The European Union has its flaws, but to disregard it is to disregard a market that as a bloc forms the United States' largest economic partner, and together the U.S. and EU account for approximately one third of global GDP.
Thomas emphasized using different passwords across sites, which many people know but simply disregard.
"It reflects the callous disregard for Terrill Thomas' life," Budge told CNN on Wednesday.
You could explore traditional archetypes on one day, and on another, disregard them completely.
Zulu said his department will investigate SFF for its "complete disregard for governance processes".
Underwood seemed to completely disregard her warnings, as both women made it to hometowns.
We don't know whether Rex Tillerson agrees with these governments' disregard for human rights.
This disgraceful disregard for our own values is not who we are as Americans.
The League will continue to disregard the reality of gay players on its rosters.
The sheer brutality and disregard for human life took away the words from many.
But we should exercise caution when uncomfortable circumstances tempt us to disregard timeless principles.
Instead it shares a common disregard for limits on power, human rights and dissent.
"I perceived violations of due process, disregard for evidence, discrimination, [and] bias," he wrote.
C.I.A. staffers deride and disregard the operatives, and play down the dangers in Libya.
"We know that Trump has an utter disregard for the truth," Nanda told CNN.
But to do so twice begins to look like careless disregard for the law.
He's pointing out the clear disregard for the woman's body, found in the streets.
Reptiles' complete disregard for human life additionally makes them great pets for lazy people.
Taken together, prosecutors argue the conditions amounted to a reckless disregard for human life.
The organization's greatest trait may be its desire to disregard the NBA's emerging trends.
I don't think we can disregard Christine Blasey Ford and the seriousness of this.
When conducting sleep tests, they often disregard the data collected during the first night.
The entertainment industry generally treated the public with disregard, and people felt ripped off.
Knowing his track record and complete disregard for conservation efforts, it's not looking good.
" She decided to disregard "her observation" and give "[Lee] the benefit of the doubt.
But when you disregard your commitment, you come across as slimy, uncaring, and disrespectful.
The family's lawyer, Leslie Lewis, accused Cabot of "reckless disregard" for the families' safety.
There is no way for us to disregard or cleanse it from our souls.
What was it like to disregard the male gaze in the creation of art?
You might be tempted to disregard the series as just another angsty teen drama.
"This was just blatant disregard because he was homeless, just a throwaway," said Meikel.
By showing his disregard for Article Five, President Trump emboldens Russian aggression in Europe.
If you're not aware this is here, it's easy to disregard the fireplace element.
It shows a stunning disregard for the well-being of people and the planet.
Stephenson argued the motion was "in complete disregard" of the federal rule governing subpoenas.
Trump's callous disregard for all of you and for the public welfare must end.
All this is part of a wider story: Britain tends to disregard its diaspora.
Or you encounter people who disregard you and see you as in the way.
Those models disregard the importance of private credit in the economy, according to Gross.
If the price is callous disregard for another person, well, that's just aesthetic necessity.
Lawmakers' decision to disregard the will of their constituents is both arrogant and troubling.
"This decision shows the Trump Administration's utter disregard for survivors of sexual assault," Rep.
He appears to hold unparalleled disregard for the independence of the US justice system.
In Trump's tweets, you can see his disregard for Mueller's sterling reputation oozing through.
They disregard what is considered politically possible in favor of what would be ideal.
On Monday, Amnesty International said the opposition has shown "shocking disregard" for civilian life.
The lawsuit said manufacturers stole their patented technology with "utter disregard" for their rights.
Yet, it is a slippery slope when we disregard that which makes us unique.
O) on Friday urged a U.S. patent court to disregard drugmaker Allergan Plc's (AGN.
In sum, "The Court will disregard the amicus brief," from the EFF, Bryan concluded.
Yet some seem to disregard this history and claim that tax cuts don't work.
That disregard extends to women in countries that receive our foreign aid as well.
No one is too important to disregard guidance to self-quarantine pending test results.
Yet these days, I'm recklessly hugging everyone, with complete disregard, and hopefully fewer injuries.
His fans will mostly disregard the debunkings, and his audience will continue to grow.
But the real threat is adults' disregard for their children's rights and best interests.
Not only did they disregard her billion-dollar threat, their bids were obscenely close.
With this kind of commitment to excellence often comes a disregard for other things.
This is not the time to disregard your health or sacrifice sleep for partying.
He would leer, comment on appearances, then generally disregard what they had to say.
This is a story about an African nation's fatal disregard of its minority population.
" He added: "At no point did we disregard any instructions from federal authorities, period.
And now our disregard of the others bears a karmic component we cannot ignore.
Please disregard my attempt at a nerd reference and deduct one from my score.
"This is a crime and a wanton disregard for other people," Ms. Illuzzi said.
In fact, it is their own disregard of my vocal utterances that upsets me.
Gig workers are seen, with some classist disregard, as a problem to be solved.
The following Monday, LaPierre sent Brewer a memo asking him to disregard North's letter.
The episode has also showed that Mr. Flynn has utter disregard for the truth.
To claim nationwide tolling as "revenue-neutral" shows a willful disregard for people's pocketbooks.
His defiant disregard for red lines arguably made him an impeachment waiting to happen.
Further, we are disappointed by Amazon's repeated disregard for workers' rights and consumer safety.
But President Trump's concern about the wanton disregard for "due process" is entirely valid.
The scene affirms Daenerys' decision to disregard Tyrion's advice to hold off on attacking.
Whether it was pure optimism or blatant disregard for reality, they maintained their hope.
The President's disregard of these achievements could be life and death for many people.
Worse, examples like law enforcement assassinations are showing a growing disregard for the law.
They also reduce, if not disregard, the numerous, interdependent variables so common in war.
" The OSC called Conway a "repeat offender," who "has shown disregard for the law.
When enforcement is ineffective, widespread disregard of compliance ensues, leading to immeasurably more pollution.
This wanton disregard for human life is hilarious to many in the alt-right.
"This latest announcement further underscores the need for the international community to send the North Koreans a swift, firm message that its disregard — that their disregard for U.N. Security Council obligations will not be tolerated," said the State Department spokesman, John Kirby.
"Given Mylan's callous disregard for children with severe allergies underscored by recent outrageous and indefensible EpiPen price hikes, it's not surprising their CEO would also show such callous disregard for the truth, even when under oath," Duckworth told Gizmodo in a statement.
SAN FRANCISCO Is it really unkind to disregard an unnecessary intrusion into your personal time?
I and many other students were very upset at this seeming disregard for our concerns.
It often feels like we crave this kind of flagrant disregard for a person, though.
Updike. If we disregard for a moment the elephant in the room, which is John's
He's going along with it all because of politics and with complete disregard for policy.
Psychologists wrote op-eds denouncing its disregard for the World Health Organization's suicide portrayal guidelines.
"I don't think there is a basis to disregard women in our religion," Shukla says.
Keynes was often accused by bean-counting officials of a cavalier disregard for fiscal rectitude.
They're pretty much like the X-Men, but with a greater disregard for the rules.
What "Game of Thrones" is, perhaps, most known for is its disregard for conventional storytelling.
"Disregard the people saying show them the cat show US the cat," user @SandyMcBean14 replied.
An Army statement said Kettles exhibited "complete disregard for his own safety" during the mission.
So its criticism of China's disregard for long-standing rules and norms now rings hollow.
An Army statement said Kettles exhibited "complete disregard for his own safety" during the mission.
It combines the eeriness of kinetic sculptures with a penny-farthing's blatant disregard for safety.
It comes down to the individual being comfortable with themselves to disregard those beauty norms.
So what's the point of legal agreements if you're just going to disregard them all?
Yet, IS recruiters disregard the warning and continue to use the app for migration purposes.
But it's couched within this kind of disregard, which is what I find very interesting.
And that would mean even more lost output and a total disregard for higher unemployment.
They had a total disregard for this child's life and their neglect caused his death.
This general disregard for the public good has bled over to decisions tied to Olympics.
"Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks," he wrote.
All the chaos and complacency and further revelations of an aggressive disregard for user privacy?
It was so fun that one would completely disregard an essential part of being naked.
The Communist Party has always treated markets and, by extension, investors with a certain disregard.
The Sciences seemed to strip the metal community of its frustrated disregard for weed culture.
"The emails are showing such a blatant disregard for life and for humanity," MacIntyre said.
I would NEVER degrade or disregard anything that she feels like doing for my children.
But that number is much higher if you disregard payment delays allowed by the government.
But no president has shown such total disregard for the separation of powers as Trump.
Yet ghosts, despite their utter disregard for biology and physics, persist in seeming highly believable.
It takes two sides to contrive a stalemate that borders on soulless disregard for spectacle.
Then you're inclined to believe stories that confirm that fear and disregard those that don't.
Then you're inclined to believe information that confirms the fear and disregard stories that don't.
Yet where international sport sees a disregard for the rules, Russia sees a Western plot.
Her guidance is anti-advice — just do what you feel, and disregard the mommy-shamers.
According to Durrani it's this "disregard for checks and balances" that could land Lt. Gen.
They knew — the Trump administration knew, and acted to disregard children's health and well-being.
They will be unbound — free, if they want, to disregard the results of the primary.
Mr. Peres urged him to disregard the notion that the future was for the young.
Instead, Republicans here have shown nothing but belligerence for minorities and disregard for voters' rights.
They have thrown their weight around with an utter disregard for fans and the taxpayer.
All his insults to Rachel's face fell flat in comparison to that vicious, understated disregard.
Paraguay now argues, with good reason, that Venezuela's disregard for democratic principles cannot go unaddressed.
A complete disregard for the rights of workers has defined his disgraceful record in business.
The candidate's apparent disregard for the law does not bode well for a Trump administration.
Is everybody just gonna disregard the fact that Kanye is wearing too small of slides?
He is positively willing to disregard the past when its performance distorts the playing field.
Unfortunately, the current government shutdown reflects a continuing disregard for the role of career staff.
A lot of times people disregard small-town police because they don't have real crime.
Kowalkiewicz seems to disregard defense as soon as she wants to land her right hand.
So naturally, people are pissed about the photograph and its total disregard for Cuban history.
Trump and his administration have shown blatant disregard for the environment since coming into office.
"Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks," he tweeted.
It shows a tragic disregard for both the mental health of children and for science.
They do not approve of relentless partisanship and disregard for the integrity of democratic institutions.
But Netanyahu supporters deride Mr. Gabbay as a political novice and disregard his ethnic origins.
Transit activists seized on Monday's incident as evidence of Mr. Golden's disregard for traffic reform.
And just because BuzzFeed admitted that the document was unverified doesn't necessarily mean reckless disregard.
Lawmakers in Washington called the arrests a sign of disregard for the United States alliance.
But the president encouraged Mr. McAleenan to disregard Ms. Nielsen and enforce the move himself.
California has vowed to disregard any rollbacks and stick to its own stricter emissions standards.
Discrimination against groups stereotyped in this way is typically expressed through disregard, stigmatizing and ostracizing.
"No one is too important to disregard guidance to self-quarantine pending test results," Sen.
Beijing offers ambiguous "aid" to Italy, a tragic victim of Beijing's incompetence and callous disregard.
I don't understand how telling one kind of story requires a blasé disregard for another.
Nobody with his churlish disregard for the old (and often stuffy) conventions of pro tennis.
Recent court decisions have come to opposite conclusions about whether electors may disregard their pledges.
Such flagrant disregard of religious liberty as guaranteed by the Constitution cannot be blindly ignored.
It does show disregard for shareholders though, and some have sued in a Delaware Court.
Thatcher was famous for her disregard for diplomatic niceties and for refusing to back down.
The EPA believed it could unilaterally disregard Congress' preconditions on the agency's power to regulate.
Americans often disregard colds and flus, continuing about their ordinary business until the infection worsens.
What he sees is a "total disregard for the rule of law" by the president.
But Trump warned that he may disregard the common defense clause if allies keep underspending.
Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin, a conservative, populist anti-communist with a demagogue's disregard for facts.
Oregon (513-14) started three freshmen, which might have meant a youthful disregard of pressure.
With a complete disregard to naming conventions, Apple announced that its new slate of iPhones.
More importantly, Trump continued to show his disregard for every woman in the United States.
Comey showed a dismaying disregard for norms that have governed the behavior of FBI directors.
Every turn this administration demonstrates disdain and disregard for the law and for the constitution.
In one early scene in "Willful Disregard," Ester drops in on Hugo at his studio.
Republican senators had already started to disregard Trump's suggestions on how to do their jobs.
"It indicates utter disregard, or utter lack of knowledge, at the very top," says Pillar.
Many diplomats expressed shock at what they see as his disregard for the parliamentary process.
Businesspeople everywhere are outraged by their cavalier disregard for the economic consequences of new borders.
Even the members of Congress on the left aren't ready to disregard fiscal constraints entirely.
Beautiful weather causes skiers to disregard warning signs, or take risks beyond their comfort zone.
The people who target mosques at home are channeling our disregard for Muslim lives abroad.
"The-times-they-are-a-changin' is a feeble excuse for disregard of duty," he wrote.
What seems like blatant disregard for Snapchat's unofficial rulebook of platform recommendations is totally on-brand.
His deal for Epstein shows a disregard for child welfare, victims' rights and Justice Department procedures.
" December 28, 2016 "Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks.
"This abuse of position and disregard for people's basic humanity by @delta should not be tolerated."
But Trump's disregard for the intelligence community has strained ties with some of its strongest partners.
It says that Facebook's ad settings disregard the law by allowing advertisers to target certain demographics.
It's your best opportunity to purge Congress of myopic telecom lackeys that disregard the public interest.
Sadly, alcohol isn't the only way Jax's flagrant disregard for Brittany's family's values rears its head.
If you've been a loyal iPhone user, you might be tempted to disregard the Note8 altogether.
" They said they "will not discount it" and "will not ask the public to disregard it.
This administration's blatant disregard for human rights and LGBTQ lives around the world is beyond disgraceful.
That disregard for evidence is a much more potent force than it was in previous decades.
Your callous disregard for the well-being of some, in favor of others, is a disgrace.
This is in total disregard of China's sovereignty and security or the peace of the region.
But vaccines have come under attack by a group of people who completely disregard scientific evidence.
"I will not discount it, I will not ask the public to disregard it," she said.
Pakistan's public might dislike the IMF less, if they knew how frequently their leaders disregard it.
The second is that we disregard the wisdom of how impeachment is structured in our system.
These lyrics, also taken from the oral histories, have a Brechtian disregard for rhyme or scansion.
Someone with such poor judgement & utter disregard for survivors should not be our Secretary of Labor.
Robert Kyagulanyi who has repeatedly, shown blatant disregard for the law, was arrested, at Mulago roundabout.
And there's also her careless disregard for classified information through setting up a private email server.
" This doesn't mean rich people disregard saving, Siebold notes: "The wealthy also know saving is important.
"This disregard of both precedent and fact comes at serious costs to our democracy," she wrote.
There is a total disregard for Black women's agency and our ownership over our own bodies.
Blatant disregard for the truth matters a great deal, as does encouraging violence by the police.
If the municipality was to disregard the report, it may also pave the way for lawsuits.
I was stunned by the flat honesty—the total disregard for the city's complicated, congested roadways.
During the trial, McKinney urged jurors to disregard the defendant's age, according to NBC Los Angeles.
That doesn't mean you should disregard this department if you aren't shopping for a business, though.
Art. Movies. Music. Policy. All thrive on a blatant disregard for the intellectual property of others.
This new proposal is hardly the first to discount and disregard the power of the arts.
The U.S. election was similarly marked by a seeming disregard for experts, considered opinions, and facts.
"The name was picked in complete disregard and ignorance of what a taco is," Jouannot affirms.
No competent observer of our current trajectory can today disregard this scenario, or others far worse.
Webster's Dictionary defines "de minimus" as lacking significance or importance:  so minor as to merit disregard.
Blatant disregard for privacy, public well-being, & basic norms is now core to Google's business model.
After years of bluster and threats, Korean investors tend to disregard the tensions along the border.
In keeping with his disregard for non-proliferation policy, he is further developing America's nuclear capability.
Worse yet, Trump's trade actions are a mire of protectionism, crony capitalism and disregard for law.
While not unexpected, this decision reflects the Trump administration's callous disregard for the lives of immigrants.
Still, China's perceived disregard for projects' social and environmental costs has generated opposition within Latin America.
The public figure must also prove that it was published with "reckless disregard" for the truth.
China's blatant disregard for IP rules and trade-secret thefts have long angered the United States.
A Maryland woman filed a lawsuit last week over the "absolute disregard" for her personal information.
"Google finally beginning to face accountability in Europe for its blatant disregard for data privacy," Sen.
Still, even by Trumpian standards, his disregard for truth or consistency on this matter is remarkable.
A pardon for his conduct demonstrates flagrant disregard for the rule of law in this country.
American disregard of the accord could cause other countries to renege on their promises as well.
He has a boundless disregard for the ramrod discipline that makes other candidates hard to pierce.
Widespread disregard for BBW models is also apparent at industry expos such as AVN and Exxxotica.
Given Trump's noted disregard for decorum, is it possible that he's still using an vulnerable device?
These materials suggest a shared disregard for glamour and an eagerness or need for personal expression.
We've heard Donald's insults for years, and his policies reflect this disregard—even contempt—for women.
In hindsight, that was very telling about his character, and his disregard for consensual sexual boundaries.
It's not surprising, however, given the abysmal disregard the majority of American lawmakers have for women.
"This is a gross abuse of the law and complete disregard for the constitution," said Mijungu.
Skeptics brought up the lack of funds for forest maintenance and the disregard for zoning laws.
After the war, reconstruction was carried out with "almost total disregard" for public streetscapes, he said.
Their garments — often cunningly tattered or fabulously deconstructed — weren't always wearable, but were impossible to disregard.
That number — of victims — is often deployed with a rote disregard, especially in relation to Chicago.
Blatant disregard of the new standards could cost a porn company up to $25,000 in fines.
Traits include impulsivity, disregard for other people, a lack of empathy, and a penchant for manipulation.
Please disregard the horrible CGI in favor of savoring the moment when Principal Snyder gets eaten.
Willful Disregard might only stretch over 200 pages but every sentence is there for a reason.
"Such brazen disregard of this court's order is unacceptable and unworkable going forward," the S.E.C. said.
By systematically separating parents from their children, this administration has shown complete disregard for parental rights.
Their standoff shows us the real-world consequences of this administration's radical disregard for women's autonomy.
"Shooting someone point blank when he's on the ground is utter disregard for life," he said.
Then she gives them permission to disregard any suggestions she made that weren't a good fit.
Ideally, these shortcuts help people figure out which ones to worry about and which to disregard.
Garrett's disregard for the Ex-Im Bank will also have direct, negative consequences for small manufacturers.
" The suit alleges Carlson's comments were "intentionally false and made with reckless disregard for the truth.
Of course, Kim rules North Korea with an iron fist and a disregard for human rights.
"The United States and its allies continue to demonstrate blatant disregard for international law," he said.
The American public and foreign governments have been taught to disregard most of what he says.
Liz — inexplicably buying a hot dog before work — is appalled at his disregard for social rules.
Donald Trump is not the first commander in chief to disregard the lessons of his predecessors.
The erosion of workers' rights and the employers' disregard of labor laws are troubling, he said.
Frustrations were compounded by the White House's apparent disregard and lack of respect for the agency.
" This doesn't mean rich people disregard saving, Siebold notes: "The wealthy also know saving is important.
Given Lorde's own disregard for borders, it's fitting that her formative social-media platform was Tumblr.
The case underscores Iran's blatant willingness to disregard international financial norms to further its own interests.
Misleading hypotheticals show disregard and contempt for people who have had an abortion later in pregnancy.
While it may wound the vanity of some, he has complete disregard for business as usual.
Disney responded the same day by accusing the paper of a "complete disregard" for journalistic standards.
" Wildstein explained, "I understood 'continue to disregard' was the same as 'radio silence' or 'ice him.
If we don't believe it, we disregard it almost as fast as we can process it.
"It shows a disregard for being a good steward of the taxpayers' dollars," Mr. Yeomans said.
Yet the Republican Congress appears ready to disregard the voting bloc that has handed it power.
We are in danger of normalizing the president's ruthless disregard for health- and science-based protections.
Barker doesn't disregard the frustration and confusion that go hand-in-hand with bravery and dedication.
Perhaps most of all, there has been total disregard for the plight of the Palestinian people.
The jury decided to disregard his testimony and focus on the documentary evidence, a juror said.
If we disregard and destroy it, I don't really see anything spiritual in that at all.
That callous disregard for most characters' loss of life marks many Hollywood action films, I know.
Many have a defiant swagger and flagrant disregard for the existing systems that govern their country.
It generally comes with a healthy dose of unacknowledged sexism and a disregard for social factors.
You have between Obama and Clinton a total disregard for the American tradition, a total disregard for the truth, whether they were lying about Benghazi or they were lying about Bin Laden, or they were lying about the Russians or they are lying about the campaign.
This is just one manifestation of a general disregard for foreign intellectual-property (IP) rights in Ethiopia.
"This disregard of both precedent and fact comes at serious costs to our democracy", the dissent concluded.
However, some find the show awe-inspiring primarily in its apparent disregard for the street art community.
The Trump administration's disregard for security protocols has been raising concerns among intelligence officials since the election.
His testimony before Congress drew wide criticism for his blatant disregard for the seriousness of the proceedings.
Coaches showed disregard for athletes' well-being, forcing them to keep training with overuse injuries, she said.
"We remain outraged by the blatant disregard for community safety on display in the video," Breit continued.
Her unwillingness to compromise rankled clients, and her artistic vision seemed to disregard the laws of physics.
Of course, the alternative reaction is for the opponent to disregard their own safety and continue regardless.
Companies that disregard the law could face fines of up to $1000 per illegal listing, per day.
It's another to demonstrate an utter disregard for the institutional knowledge required to be commander in chief.
It becomes impossible to shut off or disregard one's body when it is being used so deliberately.
The common denominator throughout these disparate roles is Sedaris's manic energy and her total disregard for reality.
By summer, motivated by the university's apparent disregard for undergraduates' concerns, nine of them decided to act.
In Maryland, depraved heart murder is a killing done while acting with extreme disregard for human life.
Third, Mr Trump's unique ability to signal his disregard for conventional wisdom seems to have been effective.
According to the attorney general's report, the church was quick to disregard allegations or call them unsubstantiated.
They say the U.S. military's deployment of the Osprey on Okinawa shows its disregard for their feelings.
So we would then go ahead and email back, 'Do not do that, disregard that last email.
In public, he showed a glamorous disregard for the regular order that seemed to delight everyone involved.
So, his complete disregard for the consequences of treating fat people with demeaning brutality is no surprise.
"I had a healthy disregard for authority from an early age," Amoruso told PEOPLE in June 2016.
It's the apparent disregard for their young audiences that seems to have angered many in the community.
So to look into a camera and disregard one of its pillars is ignorant, disrespectful and arrogant.
Throw in a total disregard for the laws of physics and safe driving and you've got Clustertruck.
But it would be foolish to disregard SMS 2FA altogether, especially if you're not under targeted attack.
And, the only penalty for these police officers' gross disregard for human life has been administrative leave.
Nevertheless, the police officers' conduct in this situation was inexcusable and demonstrates a disregard for human life.
That the disregard for my identity on a daily basis would not happen when I was dead.
He urged the justices to accept the travel ban on its face and disregard the campaign statements.
The song's seeming disregard for the woman's desire to leave never sat well with Lemanski or Liza.
In seeking to establish the requisite disregard of the truth, Palin's complaint also cites the Times' corrections.
The United States should absolutely not follow China's lead and disregard the privacy protections of our citizens.
Iran continues to disregard the demands of the international community and continues to develop its offensive capabilities.
Aides said it was accidentally released and they quickly sent another message asking legislators to disregard it.
The center displayed "a conscious disregard for the safety of its visitors, including Lauren," the lawsuit says.
Isn&apost that about Philly&aposs decision to disregard ICE detainers like Andrew Cuomo just talked about?
We recognise the need to be mindful of Britain's deficit, which some in Labour appear to disregard.
In Maryland, "depraved-heart" murder is a killing done while acting with extreme disregard for human life.
Under any other administration, such a proposal would seem a shocking disregard for the wellbeing of children.
The new regulations would essentially disregard the value of American businesses acquired over the last three years.
Of course, acquired companies may also benefit when Chancery judges disregard the deal price in appraisal actions.
Such blatant disregard of free speech cannot be tolerated in a nation founded on diversity of thought.
But the EPA does deserve criticism for its apparent disregard for the growing threat to Superfund sites.
Mr Corbyn's argument betrays a disregard for the facts, a poor understanding of student finance, or both.
He called for a "total Muslim ban entering the United States", a blatant disregard of our Constitution.
It's common for her patients to disregard their lactose intolerance and eat dairy products anyway, she said.
" Kacsmaryk has promoted disregard and dismissal of transgender people generally, calling them and their experiences a "delusion.
In the normal world, such a flagrant disregard for national security would probably lead to an indictment.
The provisional electoral council (CEP) released a statement urging the public to disregard any premature victory announcements.
It is the arbitrariness of jihadist violence and its disregard for moral bounds that make it terrifying.
He demonstrated a reckless disregard for Israel's security to pursue an Iranian nuclear deal on Iran's terms.
But he said the bigger issue was Christie's apparent disregard for the damage suffered by his state.
But consumers can usually disregard the hysteria and stay relatively safe by following some simple best practices.
The USDA's egregious and longstanding disregard of its statutory duties screams out for more—not less—oversight.
Trump's interactions with foreign leaders — often improvised, often hot and cold — disregard diplomatic conventions and briefing materials.
They disregard your humanity and they expect you to accept it, I guess because you're getting paid.
The sexist divide of political interests across the aisle demonstrates a shocking disregard for reproductive health concerns.
" He lashed out at the president's "flagrant disregard for truth and decency" and uttered the syllables "enough.
"I would never disregard what a player feels from a trust value with another practitioner," said Barr.
"Defendants' defamatory statements were knowingly false or made with reckless disregard for the truth," one lawsuit said.
To disregard or ridicule our interests and then to insist that we must vote Democratic is demoralizing.
But in some places, he said, officers encountered "a blatant disregard for law enforcement" that fueled turmoil.
Perhaps the House maesters will disregard the information at first, but better that they know the basics.
Was it their wacky theology, or their disregard for traditional gender roles, racial hierarchies and capitalist values?
Trump supporters, who were mostly white, said his biases showed a refreshing willingness to disregard political correctness.
The personal attacks, the threats against principles, freedoms and institution, the flagrant disregard for truth and decency.
"This disregard of both precedent and fact comes at serious costs to our democracy," Justice Sotomayor wrote.
Comey is quoted extensively in the IG's report and appears nonchalant in his disregard for such rules.
Birds of Prey's most thrilling aspect, instead, is its stylish disregard for pain and the human body.
It means 'Please disregard the previous Sicilian message—it was inadvertently sent to everyone on our list.
And I think we can pretty much disregard a Bank of Canada rate cut for this year.
"We continue to be perplexed by the FTC's process and disregard of the facts," the two said.
These narrative manipulations leave many to disregard fundamental constitutional rules, or to accept their ad hoc revision.
However, our neighbors disregard some of these practices, lowering production costs and creating an unjust competitive advantage.
"She saw her suffering exposed, minimized, trivialized ... in a clear disregard for her dignity," the judge added.
If applying the MOPR disregards and nullifies federal policies, why doesn't it disregard and nullify state policies?
It's still possible that Trump could decide to disregard military advice and pull the troops out anyway.
This attitude plays well with those who think that disregard for knowledge is thinking outside the box.
Every day, children come under attack because armed groups and military forces disregard international laws and treaties.
Their personal narcissism and disregard for the principles of democratic governance led to early calls for impeachment.
He's an oddball by nature who also seems to have genuinely cultivated a disregard for conventional success.
Mr. Wheeler's disregard for the agency's core mission — to protect public health and the environment — is brazen.
While this isn't a criminal case, McConnell's comments show his disregard for the weight of the moment.
Will the Senate enable the unprecedented, wholesale disregard of lawful congressional subpoenas to cover up the truth?
Another possibility is that Trump will leave the data alone but continue to disregard or disparage it.
Which brings me back to November's cover — a blatant disregard for what seemed like a sincere reckoning.
Where was the political interference to prop up a favored industry, the blithe disregard of expert knowledge?
Serota's apparent disregard for conflicts of interest in selecting Murdoch to the role does not stop here.
The beady eyes, weird voices, and disregard for his own safety is an art form in itself.
Infidelity. I'm starting to notice that many of these entrants have a blatant disregard for structural integrity.
His disregard for international rules of the road has forced other countries to sidestep the system as well.
The type of spammers that have been ramping up over the last couple years generally disregard that list.
But there is no precedent for applying such casual disregard to nuclear weapons, as Trump did this week.
Of course, the whole thing displayed a reckless disregard for Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, but I digress.
The organization calls on the international community to "impose real costs for such blatant disregard for Palestinian lives."
"The plan unveiled today demonstrates Chairman Pai's disregard for startups and creators driving online innovation," the company writes.
His appointment demonstrates a disregard for human rights, said civil society groups including the Center for Policy Alternatives.
Jojo meets all of her father's attempts at control with various measures of disinterest, disregard, and outright contempt.
Ravenclaw: You disregard the result because obviously you're smarter than this quiz, and you know what you're about.
"Given tonight, there is no doubt that Nevada should disregard this app," said Sanders senior adviser Jeff Weaver.
And consider too: If lawmakers didn't listen to companies about CISA, what else are they going to disregard?
"It demonstrates the disregard that this administration has for the constitution and the rule of law", she said.
So we're being gross, and the pool barons aren't doing enough to combat our blatant disregard for sanitation.
Decades of disregard for the health care program's financial issues have put the program on an unsustainable path.
Others accused it of "going way too fast" with the trials, with a cavalier disregard for patient wellbeing.
Any serious association with the Xi administration would be alarming given its well-documented disregard for citizens' privacy.
"What we're left with is a Faustian choice between malfeasance and very callous disregard for details," Sanford said.
If you disregard the similarities to other, more famous phones, the HTC U2299 Life doesn't look half bad.
"We have been clear that we will not stand for Iran's flagrant disregard for international norms," he said.
If they're not funding it, they should condemn these fake comments and tell the FCC to disregard them.
And then there are patients who disregard what their doctors say — like failing to take their prescribed medication.
Holiday destinations hear plenty of complaints about the noisiness of Chinese tourists and their disregard of local customs.
"All the models that previously existed about where forest can be restored disregard whether they should," he said.
So far, it seems most people are content to play along — literally — with this cavalier disregard for sustainability.
Mike Pence's disregard for a "Do Not Touch" sign became the source of countless memes and Photoshop marvels.
It's difficult to see how Martin would disregard Tolkien's biggest theme and upset the "good versus bad" storyline.
White women have alienated our sisters of color with myopic Twitter "boycotts" and an infuriating disregard for intersectionality.
Even once I was promoted to sous chef, some of my female colleagues would flatly disregard my directives.
If Buhari wins, his opponents say Nigeria faces another four years of political torpor and disregard for rights.
Just as concerning is Gaethje's obvious appreciation of attrition tactics but complete disregard for bodywork in this bout.
Prosecutors have said that Bradley knew what he was doing and acted with reckless disregard for human life.
They can point out, far more vociferously, how his picks demonstrate a wholesale disregard of his campaign promises.
Such attacks reveal a profound disregard for constitutional checks and balances, which preserve the rights of all Americans.
Trump's self-serving baloney and contemptuous disregard for Dixon's plan ultimately led to the demise of the USFL.
Tens of thousands of responses to the Global Drug Survey (GDS) show that drug users disregard the website.
"We rushed into the business with our usual disregard for a comprehensive political scheme," she wrote in 1916.
"Warring parties have displayed a brazen and brutal disregard for international humanitarian and human rights law," he said.
Although it may have little impact on the budget Congress passes, it shows Trump's disregard for economic prudence.
For the sake of the country's long run economic prosperity, Powell would do well to disregard Kudlow's advice.
They would disregard the irony of giving illegal aliens special status because their parents committed an illegal act.
But with the ACA, the Justice Department is now straining to ignore legislative will and disregard the expectations.
We cannot stand silent when dictators act with such flagrant disregard to fundamental norms of fairness and justice.
Maduro made grandiose claims to be socialist, but in reality, his regime prioritized rampant disregard for the citizenry.
Even those who utilize the option remain free to disregard its results and vote for whomever they please.
"President Trump's blatant disregard for the tradition of releasing tax returns is dangerous to our democracy," state Sen.
There is a warning label at the bottom that says to disregard the plot if it causes confusion.
The impulsivity, erratic swings of policy and casual disregard for intelligence and briefing material would also likely pass.
But merely proposing it shows a callous disregard for the impacts on the least well-off in society.
In other states, Republicans have pursued pro-coal policies that reveal a stunning disregard for "free market" principles.
The president's gratuitous disregard for genuine nuclear threats is matched by his evident indifference to worldwide human rights.
He displays a disdain for facts, a predilection for lies, and a disregard for scientific expertise and knowledge.
Trump's insistence on doing what he wants while treating advisors and critics with disregard is a familiar one.
But it is the message that is the most potent: the casual disregard of history, ally, or duty.
" That's not to say you should disregard saving, says Schroeder-Gardner: "It's all about a good, healthy balance.
Ron Harvey, the senior conservator for the sculpture project, said Mr. Langlais's disregard for permanence was not unusual.
Nothing is set in stone, and the FTC commissioners sometimes disregard the advice of staff when making decisions.
Many of those people display textbook "antisocial behavior"—technically, a serious disregard for other people's rights—as adolescents.
Worse, the central bank chief just gave investors a new reason to disregard fundamentals when buying corporate bonds.
Additionally, presidents, like all elected officials, are not virtuous angels who disregard their self-interest upon entering office.
But overall, Sanders has ample reason to disregard their conventional wisdom about the electoral prospects of Bernie Sanders.
Lee's disappearance, if perpetrated by mainland Chinese authorities, shows a new level of disregard for Hong Kong's sovereignty.
But, if confirmed, Barr may soon experience at first hand Trump's disregard for the norms of governmental conduct.
With a female protagonist and the focus on the romantic, it easy for male players to disregard it.
Defendant has shown an unwillingness or inability to follow rules, and a disregard for the welfare of others.
For them and other First Nations, our coming autocracy is just a new flavor of authoritarian disregard. Hmm.
"One would expect this level of disregard for an autocratic country without the First Amendment," Ms. Tarquinio said.
And yet Republicans are governing with an almost merry disregard for public opinion — and not just on taxes.
And moo juice by the gallon is an algorithmic trend that corporations disregard at peril, my good friend.
The first, he said, will be dedicated to what Mr. Flake called the president's disregard for the truth.
Many of Mr. Trump's supporters were incensed, with some saying the incident showed a disregard for free speech.
And while some of the advice is easy to spot as false and disregard, other suggestions sound plausible.
In a televised speech Wednesday, Rouhani reportedly said the nation would disregard restrictions on centrifuge research and development.
Taken together, she said, the government's actions reflect a deep disregard for the rights of temporary foreign workers.
In my eyes it's almost as if they want to just completely disregard the things that have happened.
Rural Americans were tired of slogans, lip service and benign or blatant disregard of their ideals and recommendations.
The disregard shown on behalf of Equifax is abhorrent, and the proposed settlement is spit in our faces.
"Monika Garg is actively harming my children with wanton neglect and disregard for their needs," Ms. Tam said.
If Trump were to keep the United States in the agreement, he could just as easily disregard it.
The president's disregard for moral constraint makes legal restraints on his war-making powers all the more important.
That's the story of Trump, who makes puppets of people through manipulation of outrage and disregard for truth.
The case against Gary represents the first real salvo against blatant disregard for our laws, safety and sovereignty.
If financial stress alone isn't enough, the disregard for your peer group will certainly contribute to millennial burnout.
To say nothing of their apparent disregard for non-citizens: desperate migrants fleeing violence in their home countries.
But even so, the disregard for security staff members described in Mr. Vastakis's memo is alarming and extreme.
First, a callous disregard of the needs of refugees, and open cruelty toward them -- women and children included.
The precedent was clearly set that neither states nor local governments had the right to disregard federal laws.
These tactics reveal not only a disregard for women, but for the importance of the doctor-patient relationship.
EPA cannot ignore the record and real-world trends, sidestep binding Supreme Court law, and disregard statutory mandates.
It is simply not possible to disregard or diminish the agency of the president of the United States.
Out in the open is Mr. Trump's disregard for the laws and norms governing financial and ethical conflicts.
And they do so mainly through a combination of political infighting, gluttony, and wanton disregard for anyone else.
People, not necessarily athletes, draw confidence from him and his disregard for the judgment or labeling from others.
Johnson's highhanded actions and disregard of Congress led to Thomas Nast's famous "King Andy" cartoon in Harper's Weekly.
" The congressional Democrats decried Trump's actions as a "flagrant disregard for the law," adding that they "cannot stand.
"Exxon Mobil demonstrated reckless disregard for U.S. sanctions requirements," the Treasury said in a report announcing the penalty.
Given the court's increasing disregard for precedent, the 2015 decision that Justice Kennedy wrote may not last long.
Drivers also sometimes disregard the gates when they have been down for a while, assuming they are stuck.
We Americans do not treat the office of president with such callous disregard, regardless of our political philosophies.
The new rules would respond to some concerns among foreign governments and businesses but disregard many other worries.
But Sullivan also said he couldn't overlook Trump's disregard for mounting civilian casualties during the anti-ISIS fight.
Even as I've worked to disregard the rules of tabloids, I still believe in the validity of gossip.
Trump has demonstrated a complete lack of appreciation about how science works and a disregard for scientific facts.
But our current laxness toward illegal immigration shows a recklessness and disregard for those who live here legally.
When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, many in the media choose to disregard the unpleasant realities.
Studies confirm what is obvious from experience: people frequently disregard information that conflicts with their view of the world.
Make a list of opinions to disregard — especially those of flatterers and critics — and review the list each day.
"Threat is the catalyst that shifts us from out-group disregard or indifference to out-group hostility," she says.
"JCN's disregard for fair or truthful advertising impugns the integrity of the judicial election process," the independent group said.
"The disregard for the rule of law and transparency from the Saudi Arabian government cannot be ignored," Lee said.
According to the grievance filed by the department, Facebook's ad settings let sellers disregard laws by targeting specific demographics.
I notice I disregard other people's feelings when they don't line up with mine or they don't seem rational.
And there's nothing I can do about that, except disregard my hedonism and do what's good for the world.
People openly disregard the laws of this country, knowing there is little chance they will ever be held accountable.
From the looks of it, he probably gets up to no good and has a blatant disregard for authority.
"The United States and its allies continue to demonstrate blatant disregard for international law," said Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia.
Most important, Mr Trump's disregard for the truth cuts into what remains of the basis for cross-party agreement.
He's not a role model, he's vulgar and dangerous, and his disregard for women has never been more clear.
Eventually, the vehicle came to a stop and Makell was arrested for felony evading an officer and willful disregard.
The fleet claims to have captured 333 minke whales—including pregnant females—in blatant disregard of an international ruling.
As one of Germany's internationally most visible companies, Volkswagen's disregard for fair play and humanitarian issues is truly disturbing.
But if you disregard Ubisoft's interviews and marketing, you get the sense that the game isn't avoiding these topics.
The EFF is calling for the research to be suspended due to the disregard for typical government research practices.
Yet Trump has consistently demonstrated a callous disregard for nearly every group of people, including the oppressed and vulnerable.
It's a level of directness, spontaneity, and complete disregard for poise we've never, ever seen in an American President.
But they all exist along the same spectrum of entitlement and disregard, and they all deserve full-throated condemnation.
At least Funeral still shows as flagrant a disregard for getting me in my feelings as it ever did.
Nothing, other than the occupant of the White House -- and his clear disregard for deficit spending as an issue.
He demonstrated "disregard for binding federal law" and—yet again—behaved in a manner "grossly inconsistent with his duties".
" Stocky did admit that curators "are instructed to disregard junk or duplicate topics, hoaxes, or subjects with insufficient sources.
The two men share a skepticism of democracy, a hatred of the press, and a disregard for collegial behavior.
What they have in common is a reputation for conservative beliefs and a disregard for the rule of law.
Such disregard for the commons, if allowed to continue into planetary orbit and beyond, could have tangibly negative consequences.
That feeling is amplified by The Defenders' general disregard for what made Luke Cage and Jessica Jones feel special.
The Senate may soon continue this wanton disregard for environmental rules by overturning the Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule.
Sometimes things don't work out — but that's no reason to disregard when bad behavior seriously impairs people's reproductive lives.
The alternative is to state administration positions that would validate Infowars-level falsities and demonstrate further disregard for truth.
"This conduct reflects, at least, grossly negligent or reckless disregard of the strictures of the Fourth Amendment," Nathan wrote.
Repression of civil society has been paired with the government's overt disregard for accountability, yielding an environment of impunity.
Mr President, you seem to want to disregard the moral imperative that your administration has been unable to fulfill.
It's hard to avoid seeing a similar disregard for the Constitution reflected in the arrest of reporter Dan Heyman.
We've seen real news called fake news, fake news called real news, and a straight up disregard for democracy.
Android manufacturers often disregard realistic expectations with their longevity estimates, and Lenovo is no exception to that disappointing trend.
U.S. withdrawal demonstrates callous disregard for world opinion, and diminishes the world's trust in America's word, honor and commitments.
Today, Trump, Putin and other leaders pursue their nuclear policies with a similar disregard for the potentially catastrophic effects.
The latest Moscow provocation and its blatant disregard for international law must face unified international condemnation and punitive action.
Her novels stand out for their brazen disregard for omniscience, manifested in her avoidance of the close third-person.
Yet, several recent policy proposals seem to disregard the railroads' safety record and perhaps mask other broader political agendas.
This time out of uniform means without body armor, Kevlar helmet and blatant disregard for the enemy, Wolfe says.
Disregard for authority induces some black men to act in ways that escalate even the most routine police encounters.
While this disregard for journalistic ethics is nothing new, the degree of media bias has gotten worse over time.
This disregard for decency is now hurting his children, and threatens his standing as President of the United States.
It is much harder to prove actual malice (knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard for the truth) than negligence.
Or will they persist with activities that disregard and ultimately undermine the interests of workers they're charged with representing?
The decision demonstrates complete disregard for the life and dignity of Afghans and negates the values the #US proclaims.
The time has come for the regime in Tehran to end terrorist activities, corruption, & their disregard for human rights.
The violence perpetrated on the defenseless population has an air of wanton disregard for the presence of the police.
Then I thought: Wasn't it my disregard for human life that got me in this situation to begin with?
" Karen Attiah said that the statement "is full of lies and a blatant disregard for his own intelligence agencies.
"Never before has a President acted with such disregard for this constitutional prescription," the lawsuit claims, according to TIME.
As of today, national supermarket chain Tesco will disregard centuries of pâtissier-honed technique and only sell straight croissants.
"This is yet another example of Russia's disregard for international norms and global order," a U.K. government spokesperson said.
Recently there has been some anxiety amongst Android enthusiasts who are frustrated by Google's apparent disregard for consumer satisfaction.
But they should also disregard the overly positive soundbites about the new deal: taxpayers are squarely holding the buck.
But hey, there you go: Here's another well-researched, unbiased, hugely profitable piece of expert advice to completely disregard.
And in some sequences, as if breaking rules, the performers disregard the lighting and instead cross the space diagonally.
There is disregard for apparent confounds, and occasionally, glaring errors in the presentation and analysis of the cited data.
It's not a rebus; you just disregard the word POINT, much like the other countries disregarded the FOURTEEN POINTS.
The flip side is, just as 383st-century challenges will disregard national borders, so too will 21st-century opportunities.
Critics of the president's move say that although it's completely legal, this is a blatant disregard of judicial authority.
His disregard for the sacrifices of the war put him in fierce conflict with the Radical Republicans in Congress.
But the party's disregard for the economic interests of its own constituents goes well beyond barriers to Chinese markets.
While you might hear the advice that "now is a good time to buy," Marshall says to disregard that.
"To me it seems to speak to the Republicans' total disregard or concern about sexual harassment allegations," she said.
I can tell you that Pruitt's saving grace isn't his disregard for America's land and water, though that helps.
While I never disregard the lessons of the past, I have lived my life by looking forward, not backward.
America's armed forces are undeniably impressive, but Mr. Trump's veneration of military power and disregard for diplomacy is mistaken.
Our new government's Luddite disregard for scientific data threatens the lives and economic well-being of all our citizens.
Now details that have recently emerged in litigation challenging Facebook's stock plan indicate a more troubling disregard for shareholders.
The disregard for truth — and indulgence of fantasy — among people at the pinnacle of power right now is chilling.
"The company pursued its naïvely utopian — and undeniably self-serving — goal with a tragic disregard for consequences," Levy writes.
This has allowed me to understand why I became a person who embraced lawlessness and disregard of human life.
To me, that speaks to a larger historical, systemic issue of the disregard for communities, particularly communities of color.
But fear of potential consequences should not lead to the perpetuation of harm and the disregard of imminent threat.
IRS prosecutions, Hackney continued, are reserved for repeat offenders who show brazen disregard for laws against charitable self-dealing.
It's also possible that he chose to disregard a detail that would have complicated and maybe nullified his complaint.
The decisions and disregard of the fiscal board are laying the groundwork for a clear vote of no confidence.
His record had shown an extensive pattern of disregard of principles of fundamental importance to women and their families.
" And she expressed worries for federal workers in the Trump administration, saying the president had shown a "total disregard.
Mattis appeared to agree with Trump and then told other national security officials to disregard the proposal, Woodward reported.
One chapter of "Willful Disregard" begins with a long, dryly comic comparison between love and the Swedish welfare state.
With Trump in the White House, Putin is acting with contempt and disregard for the international rules-based order.
But starting in the late 1960s, the railway remained mostly idle, buffeted by encroaching development, disregard and safety issues.
I would also be inclined to disregard the statements by House leaders in accepting this as an impeachment investigation.
Here we see another disgrace promulgated by the Trump administration, compounded by disregard of science, history and true conservation.
His disregard for the "off" part of an off-the-record meeting would seem to surprise exactly no one.
This kind of callous disregard from Trump is not shocking given who he is and where he comes from.
States tend to disregard any signals they cannot read, instead relying on signals about which they are more sure.
I've always been impressed with his total disregard for subtlety and need to evoke fantasy in everything he makes.
With shear disregard to the country's constitution, these security structures swear allegiance to Mugabe and not to the country.
We are concerned that our brothers have been named publicly with reckless disregard in violation of their constitutional rights.
We watched as a woman in a mustard jacket stormed through with nothing but seething disregard for the puddle.
In other words, with a 10-year, the judge can actually disregard the mandatory minimum according to the bill.
Such blatant disregard for the court's writ undermines its credibility and denies justice to victims of genocide and war crimes.
At worst, such reckless disregard for international law and the highly sensitive issues involved could egg on a diplomatic Armageddon.
Today’s news on Trump’s disregard for transgender as an identity has been particularly disturbing and terrifying.
But as it turns out, that disregard for mothers at the policy level starts early — when women first get pregnant.
"The Iranian authorities' prolific use of corporal punishment, including on children, demonstrates a shocking disregard for basic humanity," Luther said.
They cite a doctrine in German criminal law, under which reckless disregard for the truth is sometimes treated as intent.
But there can be repercussions from society's disregard from talking or learning about how what we consume affects our stank.
Now, is it possible that Clinton's legal team simply decided to entirely disregard the law and delete work-related emails?
According to court records, Smith pled guilty to willful or wanton disregard and, in exchange, the other charges were dismissed.
Tuesday's decision found the county had "willfully violated" the privacy act which, according to Shub, means they showed reckless disregard.
"What we do today is rush this standard to market with an ugly disregard for the consumer consequences," she said.
That tendency to disregard the messy reality of Congress is why we see presidential campaigns dominated by legislative laundry lists.
Similarly, if someone dislikes the couple you reference in your bio, they could prematurely disregard you as a potential partner.
"You've got this extraordinary energy, this extraordinary history that you don't ever wipe clean or disregard," Whittaker told BuzzFeed News.
I actually think it's quite cool that you can compete in e-sports without having a reckless disregard for concussions.
The court said the FCC exhibited "disregard of its duty" to evaluate how its rule change would affect public safety.
With football programs seen as their cash cows, universities often disregard patterns of abuse that don't have explicit legal repercussions.
As in other cases across the country, the president's disregard for the rule of law is creating significant legal exposure.
But Bruce Schneier, a noted independent security expert, points out that people seem to have a fundamental disregard for security.
A similar disregard is evident when Trump administration officials offer up "national sovereignty" as another line of attack against refugees.
"We remain outraged by the blatant disregard for community safety on display in the video," Airbnb said in a statement.
It also revealed America's repeated failure to hold corporations accountable for lax security and a systemic disregard for consumer privacy.
Donald Trump is beginning the new, divided-government phase of his presidency with even more combativeness and disregard for consequences.
Known as "The General," he was described as having an "absolute disregard for human life," by the National Crime Agency.
Western diplomats have accused them of war crimes because of their disregard for civilian life in their assault on Aleppo.
Turns out all you need is steel break line, molten aluminum, a propane tank, and reckless disregard for fire safety.
"This woman's alleged actions showed total disregard to those seven newborns," Animal Services Commander Chris Mayer said in a statement.
Instead, what's worrisome is that Blue Cross of Idaho intends to disregard its own obligation to comply with federal law.
Hammond earlier told a news conference Russia represented a threat to all countries because of its disregard for international norms.
The company accused the juror of bias and called on the judge to disregard the letter in his decision making.
The unifying factor that I hear between all their disparate is the general disregard for borders between sounds and styles.
Infection has also been linked to certain personality traits, including  aggression  in women and a  disregard for rules  in men.
" The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that with the passing of JASTA, the U.S. has demonstrated a "disregard for international law.
To fail to grant them rights would disregard scientific reality and make a mockery of our evolving notions of justice.
But the regulator says it may have to disregard them, since they do not answer the question it is asking.
In addition, Rubin wrote that the Office of Enforcement would disregard consumer protection investigation ideas with no explanation or discussion.
It means that the defendant published the statement knowing it was false or with a reckless disregard for the truth.
The intertwined forces of racism and sexism have historically socialized Americans to disregard the critical insights of women of color.
" The statement added that the Russian forces showed an "aggressive nature and complete disregard for the norms of international law.
Even in the hours following [this], interview news of disturbing disregard for the humanity and rights of our protectors surfaced.
But the capacity of American politics to disregard what used to seem almost certain is on the up these days.
But in the hands of an administration with such a casual disregard for the truth, this purpose has become warped.
More recently, Trump has repeatedly made clear his disregard for the #MeToo movement, a modern manifestation of the feminist revolution.
Universities are the bedrock of progressive values, but the one kind of diversity that universities disregard is ideological and religious.
"Please disregard our last replay as it was sent in error," Twitter said in a message that Ritchie posted online.
Such sweeping authority is unnecessary to counter drone threats and simply represents a disregard for the public's legitimate privacy interests.
For a long-time local advocate like Ware, the situation shows a lack of oversight, and disregard for the neighborhood.
We have seen no greater blatant disregard for the rule of law than the Abolish ICE movement from the left.
The so-called nondiscrimination rule could actually make it easier for the EPA to disregard civil rights complaints, they say.
As a result, modern-day environmentalism has unfortunately pushed the political right to dispute science and disregard many environmental problems.
Russia cannot accept repeated humiliation or blithely disregard the huge financial loss of the weapons it has sold to Iran.
These mistakes were errors of judgment, violations of or disregard for policy, or...simply not the best courses of action.
Both sides have shown increasing disregard for international law that says attacks on civilians and medical facilities are war crimes.
This Congress shouldn't hesitate to take a similar step if Trump political appointees continue to willfully disregard its oversight authority.
One could make the case that they are acting in reckless disregard for the welfare of our country and citizenry.
Such moves have sparked concern from critics, who warn of a Trump presidency that would disregard freedom of the press.
While working for Weinstein, Bloom pressured the Times reporters and suggested the paper had a "reckless disregard for the truth."
"I'm protesting family separations as an evil manifestation of a historical disregard for people and communities of color," she said.
"  "It shows a complete disdain and disregard for national security, and it's, quite frankly, disgusting for someone to do that.
Their experience actually hurts some skiers, the author argued, by making them overconfident and willing to disregard ordinary safety precautions.
It also alleges that she "acted with actual malice and reckless disregard for the truth," when she tweeted about Wells.
" Pence added, "... the time has come for the regime in Tehran end terrorist activities, corruption, & their disregard for human rights.
Oddly enough, he thrived throughout the decades of disregard, calling the period the happiest and most rewarding of his life.
When he was young, and terrifying, Liddell could absorb the hardest shots from the hardest men and immediately disregard them.
In other words, they published knowing that the statement of complaint was false, or with reckless disregard to its falsity.
Among its many reactionary policies, the Trump administration has shown a blatant disregard for environmental protection and established climate science.
Naturally, VP's blatant disregard for laminated signs became the meme du jour and the inspiration for a Reddit Photoshop battle.
However, the callous disregard of information that was provided in a timely manner is not a hallmark of fair coverage.
Since the human wasn't responding, A.R.I.D. was forced to disregard rules that once defined what they could and couldn't do.
This has been referred to as "chicken fighting" as competitors disregard the techniques they learned for decades for cynical pragmatism.
"I know that it's just that my nerves are broken," Palanker says, which helps her disregard the pain at times.
In what could become a new source of tension, Spain's Foreign Ministry said its ambassador would disregard the arrest warrant.
Poland's leaders had threatened to disregard the ruling, but faced with the prospect of hefty financial sanctions, they backed down.
The president's heedlessness and, especially, his disregard for the United States' strategic alliances, partnerships and reputation made that scenario infeasible.
To the Palestinians, she was an innocent martyr killed in cold blood, an example of Israel's disregard for Palestinian life.
"I think it would be difficult to come with purely Chinese ingredients and disregard the British perspective," Mr. Judd said.
A politician cannot simply disregard this principle, as it encompasses all that constitutes diplomacy, leadership, even basic credibility, and respect.
Luke feels the need to prove doubters wrong; to overstep in the face of those who disregard his ostensible accomplishments.
Cook with it, drink it — just don't disregard the fortified Sicilian wine, whose name has been sullied by supermarket knockoffs.
The neoconservatives loathing of Trump is fundamentally about Trump's character: his vulgar authoritarianism and blustery disregard for basic democratic norms.
Hopkins' devotion to those she perceives as her own people contrasts with her total disregard for people who are not.
It is very clear that there are people in important positions who have a disregard for the principles of democracy.
"In no case did the company act in disregard of the safety of our tenants," said the spokeswoman, Christine Taylor.
Horrible, horrible, horrible decision and total disregard for the players and teams that have put their hearts into this season.
" The statement cited allegations of sexual misconduct against Kampia and accused the organization of "disregard for survivors of sexual assault.
However, his idealism smacks of a disregard of the failures of the last draft, brought on by the Vietnam conflict.
The Carnegie team had to disregard the inevitable and numerous Moony McMoonFace entries, names of favorite pets, and the like.
"Between this and Trisis, we now have two data points showing a pretty significant disregard for human life," Caltagirone says.
What's more, concentration camps will not turn Uighurs and Kazakhs into faithful "zhonghua" Chinese who eat pork and disregard Ramadan.
What many consumers might disregard as "Hallmark holidays," like Valentine's Day, are inescapable under the power of the gifting industry.
To his credit, Mr. Barker doesn't disregard the frustration and confusion that go hand-in-hand with bravery and dedication.
Four people were killed and several injured, and Couch continues to show no remorse and blatant disregard for the law.
Trump's unprecedented efforts to delegitimize and exploit our monuments represent a flagrant disregard and disdain for our most cherished symbols.
It's that type of disregard for the norms of politics and diplomacy that most separates Trump from the Davos crowd.
"It represents Russia's consistent disregard for international rules and norms," Scaparrotti told lawmakers during a House Armed Services Committee hearing.
Holocaust Remembrance Day reminds us of the human costs of an "America First" disregard and callousness toward those in need.
Too often, a disregard for accountability in leadership of federal agencies goes unchecked, jeopardizing the integrity of the entire agency.
It is hardly unusual for tax rules to disregard the form of a transaction in favor of its economic substance.
Because Americans often disregard colds and flus, continuing about their ordinary business, there are people with symptoms in public places.
"There is no justification for such blatant disregard of international law or basic human decency," said foreign minister Dominic Raab.
During her Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Rao reaffirmed her dangerous ideologies and disregard for the essential rights of our communities.
We have a duty to protect the American public, especially when Takata has demonstrated a pernicious disregard for doing so.
Trump&aposs unilateral action stands out from his predecessors&apos in part because of his apparent disregard for congressional power.
"Instead of democracy and progress, there is now violence, poverty, social disasters and total disregard for human rights," he said.
But many doctors' offices disregard security best practices and connect their PACS server directly to the internet without a password.
There's also an accuracy-related penalty of 20% on an underpayment of tax due to negligence or disregard of rules.
"As the flagrant disregard for our dreams -- our children -- has surfaced, you'd better believe I am now angry," Mehl said.
Furthermore, it provides a clear picture of the level of utter disregard ISIS militants hold for human life and dignity.
Uber's valuation rocketed to $68 billion as his firm's casual disregard for legal niceties upended the car-for-hire industry.
Administration officials said Trump was annoyed by Mattis' resignation letter, which included an implicit criticism of Trump's disregard for allies.
"#RoyMoore disqualified himself for the Senate prior to these recent revelations due to his disregard for constitutional limits," Dent tweeted.
Part of what has made her a target for the Democratic Party is her snark and disregard for her constituents.
Maduro's political opposition has seized on the meal as proof of the president's disregard for the country's mounting humanitarian crisis.
Once again, these actions disregard my earlier request to the Committee regarding contacts with former or current White House officials.
This is the New York way, anyway: Whatever the other guy says you automatically disregard because what do they know?
" She delivered her toughest punches for the president and urged Republicans not to disregard facts on the "altar of partisanship.
Those who will live centuries from now will either thank us for doing the same, or curse our willful disregard.
Saipov is also charged with violence and destruction of a motor vehicle with willful disregard for human life, Kim said.
However, apparent disregard for consumers' privacy is something that has gotten Apple's peers in trouble on Capitol Hill, McNamee said.
The orders drew cheers from some but were seen by others as a sign of disregard for the judicial process.