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"hindrance" Definitions
  1. [countable, usually singular] a person or thing that makes it more difficult for somebody to do something or for something to happen
  2. [uncountable] (formal) the act of making it more difficult for somebody to do something or for something to happen
"hindrance" Synonyms
impediment obstacle obstruction handicap block deterrent hurdle encumbrance bar snag barrier trammel drawback check difficulty inhibition restriction hitch restraint stop preventative protection preventive safeguard defence(UK) security defense(US) curb precaution remedy precautionary measure preventive measure protective measure palladium retardation slowdown deceleration braking downshift stoppage letup wait setback holdup stall detainment hangup delay detention lag retardment suspension sabotage disruption interference interruption destruction subversion undermining conspiracy treachery treason deception spoiling subversiveness connivance intrusion machination demolition ruining dam embankment wall barrage levee dike head barricade blockage bank boom ditch gate grade milldam millpond weir imperviousness impermeability invulnerability resistance solidity watertightness battle blocking combat contention counteraction cover defiance fight friction holding immunity impedance disturbance aggravation agitation botheration confusion harassment hassle perturbation ruffling stirring trouble vexation bedevilment bother convulsion derangement distraction turmoil uproar brawl commotion riot tumult upheaval fracas ruckus rumpus disorder furor(US) furore(UK) hubbub hullabaloo kerfuffle row ruction breakdown failure crash malfunction shutdown collapse disintegration crackup crumbling crumpling downfall foundering halt mishap ruin obstructionism filibustering stalling timewasting imprisonment incarceration custody confinement arrest internment quarantine captivity detainer hold immurement remand committal durance duress porridge apprehension More

565 Sentences With "hindrance"

How to use hindrance in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "hindrance" and check conjugation/comparative form for "hindrance". Mastering all the usages of "hindrance" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"Age is not a hindrance, poverty is not a hindrance," Macua told ABS-CBN News.
And I'm afraid that the setting may be a hindrance.
But perhaps the biggest hindrance to crop substitution is geography.
Did you end up viewing the job as a hindrance?
Putting your age on your résumé could be a hindrance.
Its depth is not a hindrance; it is a luxury.
In fact, her husband is a hindrance, not a help.
The same hindrance of access held true on every floor.
But the slow pace of change could eventually become a hindrance.
It's funny because I think that that's a hindrance to them.
In the former, the main hindrance was the girl's traditional family.
Among other acts of attempted obstruction, hindrance and interference, the president . . .
The skylights are a hindrance, so I just block them out.
Employees warned her to not be a hindrance to family reunification.
Government oversight of the Postal Service is more hindrance than help.
Third, the tigers' thin welfare states have also become a hindrance.
I thought that that would be a hindrance on my life.
It wasn't long before FMV became a hindrance, not a selling point.
The company cited the city's parking policies as too big a hindrance.
In that, Pakistan has more often been a hindrance than a help.
Stumpf felt he was becoming a "distraction and a hindrance, " Sloan added.
There's a hollow, anesthetized quality to the performance, and it's a hindrance.
Not all analysts viewed trade tensions as a hindrance to the dollar.
For these young women, the rules could be a serious career hindrance.
"Actually, a lot of people don't know that that was actually a hindrance."
Economists routinely identify the exchange controls as a major hindrance to economic growth.
Whether these frustrations are justified or not, they represent a hindrance to progress.
REGULATORS can be both a help and a hindrance to the medical industry.
Successive nationalists leaders have treated the Rohingya as a hindrance to national building.
Do you feel like it's been a hindrance at all with your acting?
We've been doing that for decades... The main hindrance is the human factor.
The biggest hindrance, I now see, was my fear of my own feelings.
He also criticized those who call indigenous rights a "hindrance" to economic development.
But S.'s ability to remember was also a hindrance in everyday life.
These new restrictions parallel George W. Bush's 2001 hindrance of stem cell research.
"I have never found it a hindrance," he once said with typical reserve.
Kia: There was a time when I thought [the song] was a hindrance.
Artificial intelligence is "a big help, not a hindrance," according to a Salesforce executive.
By the way, great expectations are usually a great hindrance for this very reason.
Civil liberties are not a hindrance that fair-minded politicians must put up with.
The monks aren't only upset by the assumption that their clothing is a hindrance.
Drones have a short battery life, and privacy concerns can be a hindrance, too.
We think that he has been a hindrance to peace for a long time.
They claimed evidence showed transgender troops wouldn't be a hindrance to US military operations.
The backlog of court cases is also seen as a hindrance to good governance.
As you might imagine, every unlimited-data plan is a hindrance to the company.
For that purpose, the "income" part of universal basic income could prove a hindrance.
Each new hindrance added to the expense until the couple found themselves underwater, financially.
Whether or not this is a benefit for a hindrance depends on your preference.
On its face, running as a woman for president is no hindrance at all.
What is thought as a stagnant hindrance might be a model of dynamic stasis.
Employers want it because they say large potential indemnities are a hindrance to hiring.
But Rotasiil must be reconstituted with liquid, which might be a hindrance, he said.
As a result of his trial, he is a martyr for the movement that sees those rules as a hindrance to the military's mission, just as it sees Israel's avoidance of capital punishment as a hindrance to the state's fight against terrorism.
Both frameworks will harmonize the movement of people and goods within the continent without hindrance.
His caution is both virtue and hindrance, keeping him working and looking over his shoulder.
But up until now the administration's actions have tended to be more hindrance than help.
Less than a third of dealmakers see the new administrative as a hindrance for transactions.
Not understanding the capabilities of your computer can be a serious hindrance to your productivity.
Spring inclement weather has not been as much of a hindrance as in recent years.
Unwanted child: The parent kills the child that he or she regards as a hindrance.
Their effective tax rate has been around 85033 percent — a genuine hindrance to full competitiveness.
While perfectionism can be a hindrance, healthy striving can transform your habits for the better.
So instead, he took up diving, a sport where his height was not a hindrance.
It already looks like the president will be more hindrance than help in this fight.
"People would like her race and gender to be a hindrance," said Amanda Moore, 30.
We're talking a crisis that would make the recent recession look like a minor hindrance.
Trump has repeatedly criticized the three-nation trade deal as a hindrance to American workers.
The program has also become a hindrance to lowering foreign trade barriers to American exporters.
Policymakers have often cited the opioid epidemic as a major hindrance to the U.S. economy.
But there are ways in which age, far from being a hindrance, is an advantage.
She insists that the abundance of jewelry is a quietly reassuring presence, not a hindrance.
There's no denying that Trump -- at times -- has also been a hindrance to Republicans in Congress.
Avoid being blinded by your present circumstances because they are a hindrance to your financial goals.
And how quickly this daunting, perfect, impossible self becomes a hindrance to even moving toward her.
Partnership or its absence from her life is literally never on the table as a hindrance.
Oppenheimer's John Stoltzfus doesn't foresee a hindrance on stocks in the event of a Trump presidency.
Lack of "lidar" (light detection and ranging) sensors in Toyota cars could prove a hindrance, however.
Their current size is certainly a hindrance, and most of the applications seem to be ornamental.
Businessmen from the interior, relegated to the informal economy, see the state as a predatory hindrance.
Luke, the director, was super welcoming, and let me take photos all day without any hindrance.
This, as you can imagine, represents quite the hindrance for reaching out to the wider world.
As humanitarians, they object to any hindrance in the flow of suffering refugees from troubled areas.
The proposed U.S. tax reforms sent the dollar higher, a hindrance for internationally-exposed consumer stocks.
The news media may now be more of a hindrance than a help to national understanding.
Packs chased people of questionable skin color through the streets with little hindrance by the authorities.
And while some may view bringing babies to work as a hindrance to productivity, Nelson disagrees.
With that mindset, the kind of rigor they demand from the mainstream media becomes a hindrance.
Rain and low visibility will be the main hindrance, and both will push east Wednesday afternoon.
Yet 27 percent of wealthy Chinese said waiting times are the biggest hindrance to overseas immigration.
If so, it will be much less of a hindrance on the continuity of their operations.
Now, shipments proceed without bureaucratic hindrance, because both countries are members of the European single market.
You don't want to be a hindrance, but you should say no appropriately and yes appropriately.
Note that Apple's public opposition to the government's request is itself a hindrance to mass government intrusion.
"The bigger hindrance to clean up the air in India is lack of political will," he said.
As developers find growth through these new channels, an apparent hindrance for them will be maintaining identity.
When Bauman told Mankiw that liberals are the primary hindrance to climate action, he was simply wrong.
Mr. Allen has made an engrossing and tense documentary, though his insider knowledge is sometimes a hindrance.
The cavernous theater is a hindrance, admittedly, but Gluck and Handel ought to be mainstays, not rarities.
In fiction, there's a corollary: to the nonbelieving reader, a character's religious fervor can be a hindrance.
They are also a hindrance to those who truly seek to lower the tensions in the region.
A lack of interpreters who speak Kurmanji — the Yazidi dialect of Kurdish — has proved a hindrance too.
I realized the feeling of unworthiness could be a big hindrance in the success of an artist.
For many, a heavy hose can be a serious hindrance to gardening, cleaning, and other such projects.
But some other people view such policies as a hindrance that might exclude women from the workplace.
Another hindrance is that most cities across the state have decided, initially, not to allow recreational sales.
Not to downplay it or nothing, but that's a hindrance because they're going through a psychological transformation.
For one, they feared that Lewandowski was a hindrance to enlisting experienced, veteran strategists to join the campaign.
But today, in some parts of the city, the Thames is more of a hindrance than a boon.
You can get pissed off about it and be like, 'Yo, this is a hindrance on my life.
The Policy has been described as neo-colonialism, and a severe hindrance to agricultural development across the continent.
But a fall of 30% or more in PV prices should make the tariffs less of a hindrance.
This extra layer of negotiation could become a hindrance to the growth of the Olympics on emerging platforms.
For however long he has left, my mother, siblings, and relatives want to be with him, without hindrance.
My biggest hindrance to going cash-only was the fact that so many things aren't cash-based anymore.
Lee might make bail, but a long prison sentence is still possible, and would be a major hindrance.
The biggest hindrance to these trials has long been the difficulty researchers have with accessing pot for studies.
It's a hindrance to my life, but it's also whatever because I don't really know what I'm missing.
Republicans are defending many seats in diverse metropolitan regions where the president's heated language could prove a hindrance.
But Dr. Corsun said any confusion caused by the country's two names was probably not a major hindrance.
Bad behavior and bad habits Internet trolls are also a hindrance to having meaningful interactions over social media.
In one speech, during the march, he suggested that the state's Muslims were a hindrance to be overcome.
This requires expensive equipment and lots of electricity, but that was apparently not a hindrance to the Russians.
This can be a hindrance when trying to plan for your future, whether with a professional or family.
I was able to see how what was once a hindrance is actually something that can be used positively.
Law enforcement believes marijuana to cause psychoactive hindrance, but the marijuana tests performed by police officers are purely physiological.
But for the crew behind Black Panther, those elements didn't feel like a hindrance — they felt like an opportunity.
Economists routinely identify the struggling country's exchange control system as a hindrance to possible recovery from the economic meltdown.
More factories can definitely help, but supply of base materials could become an even bigger hindrance in the future.
This may, in part, be because the largest reported hindrance to self-care is a perceived lack of time.
But when it comes to the hard work of reform and building sustainable systems, it is a dangerous hindrance.
France, a major advocate of the ICC, said the institution should be left to do its work without hindrance.
An extra pound in your midsection will be less of a hindrance than 50 extra grams on your shoe.
Whether that proves a benefit or hindrance to their case in the end is similarly up in the air.
He also spoke about his mental health, and how his diagnosis of bipolar is a superpower, not a hindrance.
While it shows that large firms are trying to work with start-ups, it can also be a hindrance.
Though some analysts initially saw trade tensions as a hindrance to the dollar, that view is no longer assumed.
For Magyar Telekom, Origo had become a public relations liability and a political hindrance, and executives wanted to sell.
These ambitions will help ensure America's preeminence in space; however, the government must be an enabler, not a hindrance.
Having personal items checked by an X-ray conveyor belt is a necessary hindrance that no one really enjoys.
According to SeekingAlpha, Ergen said the "synergies and economics" make sense, but cited the regulatory hurdles as a hindrance.
Whether it's a new interest, a new success, a new hindrance, we tend to overdo things when it's new.
However, time and time again, I remind myself that who I am is NOT a hindrance — it is a blessing.
Being kept from direct access to EU emergency assistance funding creates a further hindrance to cities' efficiency, the report said.
However, there are "similarities and crossovers," and some women do fall into specific masturbation patterns that can become a hindrance.
He never thought it a hindrance, though he was sad to note that for a time his children disowned it.
Umpires are allowed to award points against a player who causes an opponent a "deliberate hindrance", but rarely do so.
The Point was feather-light and very breathable, so walking around Manhattan in 90-degree weather was never a hindrance.
It just got to be more of a hindrance and annoying than it was cool, I guess you would say.
They amount to an open challenge to a common Silicon Valley attitude that has generally dismissed ethics as a hindrance.
While this is a helpful step in flattening the curve of infection, it's an unexpected hindrance for the Black community.
He said Nike had promised the same support as before and that there would be no hindrance to his training.
She also said afterward that her experience playing the character had been both a professional boon and a professional hindrance.
But the fighters and executives all say they do not expect those differences to be a hindrance to future matchups.
Successful hypnosis is based on mindful meditation and alleviating stress (since stress is the biggest hindrance to recollection), he says.
But the Bush name seemed to be more of a hindrance in a political cycle dominated by outsiders like Trump.
Despite this, general consensus on the team is that I'm pitifully inept and a complete hindrance when we play competitively.
But given the expense of getting a medical degree, those changes would have undoubtedly been a hindrance for aspiring physicians.
Several divers have spoken out about the conditions, with some saying it's been a hindrance and others insisting it has helped.
These penalties should serve as a hindrance, according to Cecily Fong, a spokeswoman for the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services.
The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which backs U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, said Biden's centrist record could be a hindrance.
He was hardly the first to think that China's beautiful, complicated and inefficient script was a hindrance to the country's development.
The IAEA must be able to continue to carry out its long-term verification and monitoring programme without restriction or hindrance.
Price has been the biggest hindrance to the expansion of the smart home, and it still is, to a certain extent.
Dekkers said the 88-year-old dual-headed structure was now a hindrance in a fast-changing retail and consumer environment.
A cane is no hindrance to a fabulous red carpet look, and actress Selma Blair is here to make that clear.
Though some might see the crude nature of pen and paper measurements as a hindrance, Einarsson argues it's actually an asset.
The integrity of the process can remain intact, even while Sanders' presence in the race is a benefit, not a hindrance.
It's in these difficult, harrowing moments that the line between sentimental nostalgia and active hindrance of a due reckoning is blurred.
The number of players on the active roster and counting salary cap is definitely a hindrance to some of that stuff.
No one can seriously argue that the Electoral College is not a severely antidemocratic hindrance and that it should be abolished.
The two leaders agreed, though, that this is a substantial hindrance in the ability of us to move the Russian-U.
Chronicle was only allowed to use Google's own tools for work even to the hindrance of projects, one former worker said.
The big picture: The Senate GOP doesn't see President Trump's national unpopularity as a hindrance given this year's Senate map. Sen.
That may be a hindrance for some people, considering a free flight on Hawaiian Airlines starts at 133,213 miles one way.
The IAEA must be able to continue to carry out its long-term verification and monitoring program without restriction or hindrance.
The face tattoo is certainly a choice for a male model, but in 2020, it doesn't seem like a career hindrance.
"Establishing a church in the harbor is not allowed and would be a hindrance to development", Verhage said in a statement.
These incidents include suppression of speech and assembly through organized and planned disruption and hindrance of the movement of Jewish students.
However, the huge amounts of electricity needed to run the sort of powerful computers capable of mining can be a hindrance.
Lack of financial transparency has consistently been a significant concern, as well as a frustrating hindrance during the Puerto Rico proceedings.
In fact, Sanders's biggest hindrance could be his political ideology — half of respondents told Gallup they wouldn't vote for a socialist.
"I assume the SPD will undergo a succession in short order without hindrance to the functioning of the grand coalition," she said.
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen acknowledged that the economy is weak, but said Fed policies have been a help, not a hindrance.
It's proven to be a frustrating hindrance towards keeping Chinese talent in the United States, and is unaffected by an applicant's wealth.
ESPN has become something of a hindrance to Disney, Malone said, as the sports network has grown more costly over the years.
That said, the fact that Vardy was so out of form prior to the weekend was certainly a major hindrance for Leicester.
At the time, she spoke with Hello Giggles about not letting her leg pose a hindrance on how she lives her life.
And to allow these machines that can so easily snuff out human life flood the country with hardly any hindrance is ludicrous.
Trump, an inexperienced politician, has often been as much a hindrance as a help to Republican leaders as they steer major legislation.
Law enforcement officials, including the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, have criticized encryption as a hindrance to investigations, including in terrorism cases.
Some might see the university's remote geography, in an awkward western shoulder of South Carolina known as the Upstate, as a hindrance.
So people, goods and livestock can come and go as they please, traversing the mostly invisible line without tariffs or bureaucratic hindrance.
Tedros noted an increase increase in the frequency and intensity of attacks by armed groups as a hindrance in stopping the outbreak.
The president has claimed that Corker "begged" for his endorsement and cast the Tennessee Republican as a hindrance to his legislative agenda.
The biggest hindrance to reform is the public's unawareness about solutions that are currently working in cities and states across the country.
Do you think that's a hindrance in the industry, that people look too much toward the past and are afraid to innovate?
U.S. Customs and Border Protection constantly seizes fake products while noting that counterfeiting has become a hindrance on legitimate companies such as Amazon.
After I made that switch, I realized the system I'd relied on to help me was really just a hindrance slowing me down.
There is no rational excuse for them being part of the G7 at the moment, they have been a hindrance on North Korea.
Yet many employers say it's British rules, coupled with the sometimes overly rigorous British implementation of EU rules, that are their main hindrance.
For Mr Trump, this need not be a hindrance: he is sure to boast that he has drained the swamp in 2020 anyway.
It's just another example of how what looks like a fatal Trump mistake or utter randomness really isn't that much of a hindrance.
Also, its antique legal structure as a unit investment trust, rather than an "open-end" fund like most ETFs, can be a hindrance.
In many states, the issue has been little hindrance for Mr. Sanders, especially in the rural caucuses where he has performed so well.
In the midst of his flurried activity, I often feared I was underfoot: a hindrance who needed instruction, rather than a helping hand.
There are five primary reasons the 2628-year budget window is a hindrance to sound fiscal policy in the context of tax reform.
Mr. Shelby has objected to unrelated bills clinging to his committee's work, arguing that their inclusion could be another hindrance to final passage.
In fact, as she sees it, the melding of life and work is a factor in Baby Tress' success, rather than a hindrance.
But the tools can become a hindrance if a Google team is trying to build something that's very different from a search engine.
Not that a little thing like murder stopped Ali from returning to Rosewood, so why would it be a hindrance for her anyone else?
When it comes to vulnerability patching, roughly a third of the respondents said the biggest hindrance was finding time to take production systems offline.
Progressives, especially, said they thought that being on the far left edge of issues would be a boost against Trump, rather than a hindrance.
Windows 10 S's reliance on Microsoft's app store certainly feels like a hindrance outside of the classroom, with the possibility of a few exceptions.
But what might be a hindrance to a parent trying to get some quiet in the evenings is an advantage on the basketball court.
It's about an alternative to a tool that, after a while, can be a hindrance rather than a help—at least to my sanity.
Official media has also recently criticised the company's iMessage service in China, saying the company's refusal to monitor communications is a hindrance to authorities.
If anything, having a security clearance is a hindrance, because government agencies review and approve any commentary authored by those who hold such clearances.
Staying open for (calm) discussion on our big-ticket issues has been as big a gift (to me) as rigidity has been a hindrance.
The question for governments is whether assistance in any form is actually a help or a hindrance to efforts to re-balance commodity markets.
In this environment, especially, it's important that we demonstrate what high-quality work we can do without the hindrance of men like Mike Maltby.
Audits of such systems can require something else that, at first glance, seems like a hindrance: People need to show up to do them.
The world's biggest carmakers including Toyota, BMW and Ford have urged Britain to ensure that they can import and export without hindrance after Brexit.
Research can be a boon to a novelist or it can become a hindrance, a thick layer of algae that weighs down the storytelling.
In most major American cities, we now are free to pull out our smartphones and summon a ride to karaoke night without much hindrance.
Official media has also recently criticized the company's iMessage service in China, saying the company's refusal to monitor communications is a hindrance to authorities.
In the competitive, profit-driven assisted reproductive technology industry, numerous doctors may well end up performing these procedures with little regulatory or administrative hindrance.
In rural India, glasses are seen as a sign of infirmity, and in many places, a hindrance for young women seeking to get married.
But the oversight confirms the fears many of us share that Trump finds democracy and its norms more of a hindrance than an inspiration.
We knew there would be a certain level of anxiety regarding these subjects, but we saw that as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.
Ms. Aldosari cited the financial cost of visiting and difficulties of getting around the country as a possible hindrance for tourists visiting Saudi Arabia.
With more than 60 catwalks under her belt in cities including London, Paris and Dubai, Madeline's disability has not appeared to be a hindrance.
For many, the European Union no longer stands for democracy and a better future, but instead a hindrance to national identity and economic opportunity.
Although the biggest hindrance to saving for all age groups is a high cost of living, this is a bigger problem for older adults.
It was immediately clear that Paula didn't want a third child and that having a baby would be a hindrance to her law-school plans.
Submitting, as Ingram does, to the hindrance of vyapada, Ill will for one's fellow man, would have been the TRULY weak thing to do here.
And then there's the added hindrance of how inherently silly it is to write goofy pop punk songs about serious feelings in the first place.
Ringlemann said that if entrepreneurs prepare for this hindrance rather than hide it, then they can at least be prepared to deal with reistance properly.
For example, a ramp that is suitable for a paraplegic might be a hindrance for a pensioner who can't walk more than a few paces.
Tech Tip Q. For me, one hindrance to using social media and trying new things online is having to remember the various usernames and passwords.
Sloan informed the board Tuesday that he felt his presence was a hindrance for the company, according to a Thursday call conference call with reporters.
As his social media footprint and commercial registry entries from Brazil suggest, his problems with Brazilian justice are hardly a hindrance to his ongoing activities.
The new extreme Democratic Party regards the Constitution as an antiquated hindrance to achieving its political goals, to be totally altered, or cast aside entirely.
Banks often cite the high interest rates they say they need to offer on deposits as a hindrance to being able to cut lending rates.
For the safety of workers and residents throughout the region, the Dakota Access Pipeline should be allowed to continue construction without further delay or hindrance.
Further, an improved relationship with North Korea, and a measure of trust built through that process, is not a hindrance but a precondition for denuclearization.
In mid-April, it eliminated a major hindrance to negotiations with Washington by dropping the demand that U.S. forces must be withdrawn from South Korea.
Chestnutt said protests against the mine were a "hindrance" and that there was a lot of misinformation about the mine that needed to be challenged.
But what becomes increasingly clear is that their patient is merely their pawn, to be seen as an advancement or hindrance to their own careers.
California is not exactly viewed as representing mainstream American political thought these days, though Mr. Garcetti said he did not view that as a hindrance.
Though the USC study seems to have avoided this hindrance, the fact many vapers are ex-smokers may make research into vaping's physiological impact challenging.
United said it also plans to begin offering financing options to help new pilots afford initial training, a major hindrance to a commercial aviation career.
Ms. Murkowski, who has little to no interest in national news coverage, carries a famous Alaskan name that has been an advantage and a hindrance.
That is an increasing hindrance, as the likes of ABC, CBS, the CW, Fox and NBC buy more of their programming from in-house studios.
Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt's autocratic president, has also decided that Mr Trump is an American leader who will let him persecute his enemies without hindrance.
The long-term nature of such PPAs is also a hindrance, because they lock in a price that can be costly if power prices do fall.
"In Iran, there are signs everywhere that say that covering, or the hijab, is not a hindrance — and it's something I totally believe in," Gerami says.
But far from being a hindrance, commentators say that in Italian politics, scandals can help, if only because voters believe there is little left to hide.
The new software toolbar is called a Floating Bar and it looks like a nuisance to position anywhere on the screen without it being a hindrance.
Of course, the biggest hindrance to any company making Blu-ray players in 2019 isn't competing HDR standards, but the ubiquity of streaming services like Netflix.
By Friday, Trump was pushing Putin face to face about how Russian interference was a hindrance to moving beyond past poor relations between the two countries.
Offering frequent public comments about a new president's actions can be seen as overly meddlesome and a hindrance to a new White House's ability to function.
As Davis pointed out to the Post, Democrats' requests in a hypothetical majority could also become a huge hindrance and time suck for the Trump administration.
But self-driving cars may not need these controls, proponents say, and the rules could be a hindrance to the technology being widely released at scale.
To weigh in, Mr. Obama believes, would be a violation of his duty as a past president to let his successor operate without hindrance from him.
Amazon first announced plans for the new policy in May, sparking debate across the seller forums as to whether it would be a benefit or hindrance.
Bunge's prized South American grain handling and processing infrastructure, which has made it a takeover target over the past year, also proved a hindrance last quarter.
This usually isn't a hindrance, but I do wish it was possible for the Apple Watch's timer app to remain on screen in always-on mode.
But it also means that the episode's largely omniscient directorial point of view becomes a hindrance to truly making Jassim's point of view the episode's center.
Struck by her experience, she wrote an op-ed for Time Magazine about the stigmatization of menstrual health management and its long term hindrance to girls' education.
The road runway segment of the expressway doesn't have any dividers, or flyover, or underpass to clear any hindrance for fighter planes to land or take off.
She assembles her works to move without the hindrance of established boundaries, able to spread of their own accord—similar to untempered nature of ancient cave paintings.
"The court must be able to act and exercise its prerogatives without hindrance, independently and impartially, within the legal framework defined by the Rome Statute," it said.
"There is no economic interest for the regulated gas prices that justifies hindrance to full competition in the market," Marie-Astrid de Barmon said in her conclusion.
For all his flair as a director, Griffith attempted to substantiate a belief that black people, specifically black men, were a hindrance on the country's life-source.
Let's ignore specs for a second and put it this way: the only real hindrance to multitasking on the iPhone SE is its size, not its speed.
I like blue switches for getting maximum feedback from typing as well as gaming, but I'm not a competitive player so the heavier weighting isn't a hindrance.
But each person you bring in and each one you deal with on the outside is an unknown, a potential help or hindrance to your growing business.
Read more: Here are all of the new products Apple is expected to launch by the end of the yearBut that's also the Apple Card's biggest hindrance.
You are a generalist, really, and you see that the problem goes beyond whatever hindrance men might pose to your making partner or getting the dishwasher emptied.
While it's perfectly normal to have a preference for sleeping certain positions, these habits and routines can also be a hindrance when it comes to nodding off.
On Thursday, it appointed a three-star general to coordinate with agencies, and it waived the Jones Act, which was seen as a hindrance to relief efforts.
In addition to appointing General Buchanan, the Trump administration has waived the Jones Act, a maritime commerce statute that was seen as a hindrance to relief efforts.
Giuliani had pushed for Yovanovitch's ouster, believing she was a hindrance to his efforts to dig up dirt on Trump's political rival, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.
The reason for the decision was "based on the view that a high share price was a hindrance to potential investors," the company said in a statement.
The camera can also be a bit noisy when it emerges from the back of the phone, which isn't a much of a hindrance when taking photos.
One hindrance to the sales is the strengthening currency, which means farmers get a less favorable price for their goods that are sold internationally in U.S. dollars.
" And I also learned by being really transparent with reporters and clients and saying like, "What's the value and what's the hindrance that you guys are seeing?
The prospect of further falls in remittances is a hindrance for the Reserve Bank of India, as it seeks to "bullet-proof" the economy against sudden capital outflows.
If they were set a goal of world peace, they might turn to attacking their owners if they perceive them to be a hindrance to achieving that objective.
The NBA's salary cap rules require trades to be close in dollars in and dollars out, something that became a hindrance to Toronto at the deadline last year.
India's BJP has long campaigned for abrogating Kashmir's special privileges in the constitution, which it sees as an appeasement to Muslims and a hindrance to its own development.
India's BJP has long campaigned for abrogating Kashmir's special privileges in the constitution, which it sees as an appeasement to Muslims and a hindrance to its own development.
The BJP has long campaigned for abrogating Kashmir's special privileges in the constitution, which it sees as an appeasement to Muslims and a hindrance to its own development.
A protectionist mentality at the forefront of international trade will only prove to be a hindrance, something which every free market economist understands to be a dogmatic fact.
Across Asia, governments keen to modernize booming cities increasingly view street vendors as a hindrance, and as usurpers of public spaces meant for formal businesses and wealthy residents.
If the deal doesn't survive, restraints on its nuclear activities will no longer be a hindrance — Tehran would be able to enrich as much uranium as it wanted.
The Trump administration recommended on Monday that people not gather in groups of larger than 10, a hindrance to campaigns driven by handshakes, photo ops and packed rallies.
With the help (or hindrance, maybe) of Apple, Feist was propelled further than anyone thought she could be and her management directly credited that to the tech giant.
More recently, in remarks that were emailed to employees, Mr. Ren said that it was important to enforce internal standards, but that this should not become a hindrance.
But the site poses an inconvenient hindrance, in the form of that platform, which in places is the equivalent of three stories in the air, Mr. Doctoroff said.
Mr. Guirgis' dark comedy did well (having Chris Rock in the cast probably did not hurt) and the title proved to be less of a hindrance than expected.
It's not necessarily social media that's causing these issues, it's more likely the content that young people are exposed to and its hindrance of healthy sleep and exercise.
One major hindrance to sound policy making is the fact that there are few experts in place to do the work; many senior national security positions remain unfilled.
Europe can get raw materials from Russia without the hindrance of the unfavorable rate of exchange and tariff costs which is met in trade with the United States.
A computer without Wi-Fi can be a massive hindrance to getting work done, especially if you have a Chromebook and haven&apost set up Google Docs offline.
Loading of cargoes from Australia's North West Shelf (NWS) liquefaction plant were briefly halted due to bad weather last week, shrugged off by traders as a fleeting hindrance.
Characterizing the protections offered by S.B. 822 as a hindrance for "entrepreneurs," as Pai suggests, is an accusation begging to be backed by at least some kind of proof.
It's a hefty, plasticy laptop that, at $214 as reviewed, will appeal to schools and other use cases where the sluggish AMD processor inside won't be a major hindrance.
"The High Commissioner called for civil society actors and media to be allowed to work without hindrance or fear of retaliation," the U.N. said in a statement from Geneva.
Aussie technology stocks were the biggest hindrance to gains, with the sector index down over 2 percent, tracking global tech giants declines in U.S. markets after posting disappointing earnings.
In hypothetical general election polls, Sanders already defeats Trump by a wider margin than Clinton (without the hindrance of being the subject of a year-long FBI criminal investigation).
As a graduate student in the late 1960s, I came to see that my natural recoil from intentionally harming animals was a hindrance to how I understood scientific progress.
Mother nature was no hindrance for Brazilian male favorites Alison Cerutti and Bruno Schmidt, who seamlessly beat their Italian opponents Adrian Carambula and Alex Ranghieri 21-19 21-16.
As conservatives, let's at least agree that subsides beyond basic research and development are unnecessary and a hindrance to the market — including those that favor coal, oil, and gas.
Rohrabacher, a member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is considered one of the most pro-Russia members of Congress, which could become a hindrance in his 2018 campaign.
However, the company's reluctance to collect that much data on its users has sometimes been seen as a hindrance to Apple amid the larger industry push towards artificial intelligence.
The SoHo property opened in 2010, but has been a hindrance to the company as it dealt with litigation involving business partners and a criminal investigation, the newspaper reported.
Other reasons Resnick's research has identified for filicide include viewing the child as a hindrance, and accidentally killing him or her due to maltreatment, such as abuse or neglect.
In responding to Ebola, bad information spread quickly and was a major hindrance to getting communities to cooperate with efforts to detect and slow the spread of the disease.
In the continuing war between the governor and Mayor Bill de Blasio, it has been Mr. Cuomo who has been continually advancing, amounting to another hindrance for Ms. Nixon.
Gustafsson's lateral movement has often shown to be a hindrance to his opponent's wrestling and striking more than a means of keeping the distance so that the can outfight.
In other words, unlike in the desktop era ruled by Microsoft, Google's platform dominance on mobile phones does not appear to have posed any hindrance to a competitor's rise.
With the arrival of the train, Bacalar's relative inaccessibility — it's a four-hour drive from the Cancún airport — will no longer be a hindrance to even more explosive growth.
She said that the lack of long-term planning remains a major hindrance to making meaningful, widespread change, and that organized crime has also contributed to socio-economic deterioration.
The president has also signed numerous executive orders directing agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency to speed up projects and relax certain rules that businesses said were a hindrance.
Government policy — keeping inflation relatively low, investing in infrastructure and education, supporting research — may help a bit, and it is conceivable that some government policies may be a hindrance.
The latest Ipsos Mori data gives May just 103 per cent, though it appears she doesn't see this as a hindrance, as she continues to lecture President Trump over immigration.
The latest Ipsos Mori data gives her just 2503 per cent, though it appears she doesn't see this as a hindrance, as she continues to  lecture  President Trump over immigration.
But even though Republicans finally have an ally in the White House to enact their party's agenda, Trump has proven he can be as much a hindrance as a help.
It's been a real hindrance to my own creativity, because I'm so distracted by it constantly that I've just found my creativity kind of lost at lot of the time.
"The police were put on alert to ensure that the enforcement of the law proceeds without hindrance and the situation does not spiral into an inter-communal conflagration," Gunawardena said.
In that particular case, though, the government may be more hindrance than help; Mr Trump loathes Mr Bezos's Washington Post, and is apparently looking for ways to do him harm.
The dry season has overstayed its welcome in many areas of the top-exporting country, and this is seen as a potential hindrance to the planting efforts that just began.
And for those cases in which social influence is a hindrance to good decision making, such as in the case of group think, Berger provides practical tips for overcoming it.
"The fire in the debris continues to cause a hindrance in the rescue work and is possibly suffocating victims trapped in confined spaces," said Mumbai Fire Brigade Chief P.S. Rahangdale.
After all, its premises pointed toward a starker conclusion: if the state was nothing but a hindrance to freedom, why not abolish the state altogether, leaving only the unfettered market?
"Unfortunately, if you read the release, it was a real hindrance to jumping up and down," he said, citing the bank's reported net interest income, noninterest income and average deposits.
Second, the reliance on teacher referrals can allow teachers to determine what behaviors in their students align with the definition of giftedness, which can become a hindrance to minority students.
Five months since its implementation, the levy remains a hindrance for small and medium enterprises, many of which were already struggling with the rippling effects of last November's demonetization measure.
Kanye West's unorthodox release of The Life Of Pablo certainly confused people for a time, however it's digital only strategy has proven to not be a hindrance in its success.
Thus the Leave campaign scorns the almost universally gloomy economic forecasts of Britain's prospects outside the EU as the work of "experts" (as if knowledge was a hindrance to understanding).
"I think between the new chairman from J.C. Penney, and Kevin Johnson not really having much of a food and beverage background will be major hindrance moving forward, " Kaplan said.
The personal stakes are both help and hindrance: Ashby is strongly motivated to seek justice before the International Criminal Court, but forced to revisit the genocidal past she left behind.
No Democratic presidential candidate has carried Mississippi since 1976, but Mr. Espy's party affiliation is perhaps not as grave a hindrance as it would be in most other Southern states.
Aaron Stein, a senior fellow Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, said the decision to arm the YPG would be a "serious hindrance" to U.S.-Turkish relations.
Under Dvorak's leadership, the merger ran into a series of issues, beginning with delays in closing the deal and continuing with integration issues that made Biomet a hindrance to sales.
But despite the fact that selfies are often used as examples of technological interference or a hindrance to social relationships, they can be wildly meaningful tools to connect to voters.
When asked about possible disruptions to orders and delayed shipments as demand rises, Howell said he's confident the COVID-19 outbreak won't prove to be a major hindrance to logistics.
His Hindu nationalist-led party has long campaigned for abrogating Kashmir's special privileges in the constitution, which it sees as an appeasement to Muslims and a hindrance to its own development.
Nickel, it turned out, was surprisingly price inelastic and that, as much as the vagaries of ore supply politics, may yet turn out to be the real hindrance to higher prices.
But Speckhard and others said that experience may have been itself a hindrance, with the government looking the wrong direction and in a position of complacency regarding its capabilities and intelligence.
Now his assertive personality appears more of a hindrance than a help, with many voters yet to feel the benefits of his reform program and discontent rising within his divided party.
It is another of the ten "Made in China 2025" industries, and if that proves a help, rather than a loser-backing hindrance, it may well soon be second to none.
In a nutshell, it states that users of a service can request their personal data to be transferred to another provider, without hindrance (read: in the format the other provider requests).
Not only does O'Rourke lack his own slate of policy solutions on the issue, but he recently told The Washington Post he views rigid policy proposals as a hindrance to cooperation.
The 2009 culture deck says there is "good" process that helps people get more work done, and "bad" process that can be a hindrance, even if it's designed to prevent mistakes.
The weight will be a hindrance, the placement of the seams can be very uncomfortable, and the positioning of the pockets works well for walking, but not so well for pedaling.
You'd think pulling back on constant communication during this critical growth phase might have been a hindrance, but I've actually found it was necessary to help me develop as a leader.
In her debut 2014 Vanity Fair essay, Lewinsky recounted the trouble she's had finding employment since the scandal, her famous name a hindrance no matter what industry she attempted to join.
She is, however, a seasoned violinist, and feels like her experience has been a help and hindrance to her guitar-playing: "I learned the violin for seven years," Bea tells me.
The growing relationship between the families could be helpful to the Trumps, as the ethical restraints they voluntarily adopted after the election have proved to be a hindrance to new business.
With the help (and hindrance) of Maui, a marooned demigod whose bro-dawg antics triggered the crisis in the first place, she learns to sail the seas and navigate the stars.
"Wage theft is a tremendous hindrance to the rebuilding of this part of the country, and we'd like you to take this up at the anniversary of the hurricane," he said.
Many dancers play Hilarion as a gruff boor who is merely a hindrance to the central lovers, but Mr. Zhurbin's solid sincerity inspires sympathy, and this complicates and deepens the story.
But as Cecilia Kang writes, Mr. Pai has long thought those rules were a hindrance, and he voted against them as a member of the F.C.C. before he became its chairman.
Claridge bends over so far to make a case for Blanche that Alfred comes off mostly as a hindrance, out on the road all the time, living it up with booksellers.
I don't want to ever be a hindrance or take away from what they're doing or steal the spotlight from some up and coming girls that deserve it more than me.
In fact, government is seen as more a hindrance than a help in solving social problems, with government regulation (29%) cited as the biggest obstacle to greater impact, followed distantly by taxation.
Some believe it is a tool to prevent the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, while others argue it is a hindrance to capital accumulation and curbs economic growth.
Across Asia, governments here keen to modernise their cities increasingly view street vendors and informal markets as a hindrance, and as usurpers of public spaces meant for formal businesses and wealthy residents.
"What we're anticipating ... is actually that PPI hindrance goes away and we can get significant yield growth from these companies," said Ed Meier, who runs the Old Mutual UK Equity Income Fund.
Instead, it is comprised of all the good parts of salad — the chickpeas, the crunchy vegetables, the protein, perhaps a grain in a supporting role — without the hindrance of All Those Leaves.
GBT cited U.S. foreign policy and trade deal renegotiations as a potential hindrance for international travel, in addition to some route overcapacity and rapid expansion by low-cost carriers into the market.
" The Times article said movements were "designed to allow the practitioner to pass fluidly and often beautifully through an urban environment without hindrance from obstacles like railings, walls and even parking garages.
Its similarities to the existing Galaxy S8 are a strength rather than a hindrance: that phone was one of the best-designed handsets last year and remains a class-leading device today.
Our biggest hindrance was the intransigence of the city government, university administrators, and Charlottesville's elite in convincing themselves that something like what did happen would never happen in beautiful, iconic, happy Charlottesville!
Yet Harris's record isn't all positive, and while the California senator is presenting herself to voters as the reformer who can get results on the ground, her past may be a hindrance.
She wanted to join the abbey as soon as she graduated from college, but hers was a modern hindrance — a cloistered nun cannot have debt, and she had student loans to repay.
Fridababy Quick-Read Rectal Thermometer ($15): Although accuracy was on-point, its small, sleek design was a hindrance and made it harder to hold (and feel confident using) than Vicks' rectal thermometer.
Pundits are Janus-faced, looking backward to make predictions about the future, a hindrance in a moment when all of the supposed rules of political life have been thrown out the window.
Their accumulation in Earth's orbit has become a hindrance and can endanger future missions to the moon or Mars, according to the chief of a company that's trying to solve the issue.
" (The article did not say whether they had volunteered or been drafted.) "An occasional hindrance to pigeon-carrier communication is that civilians, unaware that the birds are on active service, shoot them.
League politicians had criticized the current, hugely complex tender code, which was designed shut out mafia businesses, as a hindrance to economic development and demanded that it be suspended for two years.
That said, the researchers have noted in the paper that governmental regulation — particularly if it goes the utilitarian route — may be a hindrance to the public's willingness to adopt the technology at all.
Since his book was published, he's been the subject of several articles that tout his mirror touch synesthesia as the reason he's an excellent doctor, rather than being a hindrance to his work.
The fantasy often does not align with reality, because once someone has easy access to the comforts of home — the La-Z-Boy, the fridge, the TV — it becomes a hindrance to productivity.
Offense has been a major hindrance for the Canucks, who won their first four contests prior to the five-game skid and have been limited to two goals or fewer on seven occasions.
Cerrone was one of the tallest fighters at lightweight and while this gave him every advantage in striking reach and range, height is something of a hindrance to speed on the level change.
And classicism is not a hindrance to price: The project, a brick and limestone tower with contemporary touches, will compete with some of the ultramodern towers now rising on the Far West Side.
There is a long tradition that assumes that virtues are a hindrance when it comes to political influence, that in the cutthroat world of politics, it is the ruthless and manipulative who prevail.
It's natural to feel an increased level of anxiety and threat at the moment — but as Allan said, it's important to identify when hyper-vigilance becomes more of a hindrance than a help.
" The exchange was a marked departure from how Williams reacted to a hindrance call in her U.S. Open final in 2011, when she called the umpire Eva Asderaki a "hater" and "unattractive inside.
Mr. Campa-Najjar would, if elected, be the first member of Congress of Mexican and Arab decent, though, he disputed the suggestion that his background might be a hindrance in attracting local voters.
Left tackle Ereck Flowers, the first-round pick from 2015 whose deficiencies at a crucial position were exposed repeatedly this season, has become the most substantial hindrance to the efficacy of the offense.
Narcissism is hardly a hindrance to an artist this talented (who, as a child, wrote a fan letter to Leonardo DiCaprio), but here he seems off his game, his vision muddled and fragmented.
He said he did not think the timing of the classic — in the middle of spring training — would be a hindrance for the players, who make adjustments all the time during the season.
In some series, such as Hang On and Leaf (both 2013), this training proved to be a hindrance to her more artistic practice; the photographs, while aesthetically pleasing, are predictable and flat, like advertising.
Church leaders called for immediate revisions to correct the "overwhelming use of masculine language" throughout the book, arguing that the language is now a hindrance to spiritual inclusion, according to the Episcopal Church website.
" In his book "Life Together", Bonhoeffer says, "Every human wish dream that is injected into the Christian community is a hindrance to genuine community and must be banished if genuine community is to survive.
Privilege — the kind of toxic privilege that allows you to laugh at the marginalized, to mock tragedy and atrocity, to reinforce ugly and misguided stereotypes — is the biggest hindrance to that kind of work.
Netting the repeater was both a boon and a hindrance—on the one hand, it eliminated models that cataclysmic events such as supernova explosions were causing FRBs; after all, these can happen only once.
He's also a critic of the food and Drug Administration's safety regulations: In a 2012 National Affairs article, he wrote that the FDA's review process was a hindrance to bringing new drugs to market.
"He's very focused on a world where we have more economic productivity, and I think he understands that the current financial system – for many businesses around the world – is a hindrance to that growth."
With global fears of a potential trade war set to be discussed at the G20 in Buenos Aires, Aso's absence would be further evidence of the hindrance the scandal has become for Abe's government.
And while several of those states are holding caucuses where his lack of organization could be a hindrance, nobody in the Republican field really has a ground presence in places like Minnesota and Colorado.
They argued the regulation would be such a financial hindrance for the coal industry that it would kill jobs in economically distressed areas of Appalachia already struggling due to the sector's market-driven downturn.
"I want to make sure these licenses are help not a hindrance to the people who receive them," Hummel said, noting the kinks in the amendment will be ironed out in the coming month.
In the conversation between Lily and Brown — at least, in the snippet that was shared on the episode — Jed's sister told the beauty queen that becoming engaged could be a hindrance to his music career.
That's not problematic in and of itself, but it's the only hint we get of his identity as a gay man — and it's framed as a hindrance, yet another thing that Shirley hates himself for.
He is hammering Blackburn for promoting a 2016 law favorable to the pharmaceutical industry and a hindrance to Drug Enforcement Administration efforts to stop suspicious narcotics shipments, all while accepting campaign contributions from the industry.
China's restrictive banking and insurance regulations are a key hindrance to capitalizing on one of Britain's biggest competitive strengths, said Guy Dru Drury, chief representative in China for the CBI, Britain's biggest business trade body.
Investors also cautioned that the agreement could be an economic hindrance as re-integrating rebels could add to Colombia's budget deficit, which might hamper reform efforts and cause a downgrade in the country's credit rating.
Luckily, Google remains the global superpower when it comes to AI classification, and yet it seems the company's largest hindrance to policing is its inability to move deftly in real-time when policy matters arise.
Trump is a legislative neophyte, and despite enjoying a Republican monopoly on power for two years, his unpredictable nature was often more of a hindrance to his party in advancing its agenda than a help.
He realised quickly that his German origins could be a hindrance, so he pretended that his parents were Swedish, though his mother spoke English with a thick German accent and baked Apfeltorte for family reunions.
While using her position as a springboard to the Oval Office would be unconventional, the example of George H.W. Bush, who served as U.N. ambassador from 85033 to 1973, suggests that it is no hindrance.
A second hindrance surfaced, however, particularly in the Douro region in the north (port country), where many producers were increasing their production of still wines, using the grapes that had long been associated with port.
Trump's penchant for moving the goalposts -- promising insurance for everyone or, as alleged more recently, shifting positions on a DACA deal within a couple of hours -- has actually been a hindrance to potential deal-making.
But the Firearms Owners' Protection Act is widely seen by those in federal law enforcement as more of a hindrance than a tool, according to current and former ATF agents and prosecutors interviewed by CNN.
League politicians had criticized the current tender code, which is hugely complex in an effort to shut out mafia businesses, as a hindrance to the lackluster economy and demanded it be suspended for two years.
"A big hindrance to there being pressure in the region on the Maduro government is that there&aposs not a lot of consensus, especially in the Caribbean, on getting tougher on Venezuela," Schott told Fox News.
It is one of the world's most violent countries; laws and contracts are spottily enforced; its bureaucracy is a hindrance rather than a help to its citizens; infrastructure is rudimentary and in poor repair (see chart).
"That could be the case if we had strong evidence that the negative Deposit Facility Rate would impose a cost on the banking industry that ... could become a hindrance to our monetary policy transmission," he said.
In general, presidents have shown themselves to be mature in their respect for the values enshrined in the country's founding documents, even those, such as freedom of the press, that can be a hindrance to them.
Percival is a dissolute loon who gets about 50 percent too much screen time, and he's more a help than a hindrance in Broughton's mission to recover a secret list of informers embedded within East Germany.
I wonder: If small business owners are asking themselves how comfortable their customers will be with guns out in plain sight while they shop or eat, isn't open carry more of a hindrance than a convenience?
Health insurance is an essential part of an employee's benefits and a top priority for people looking for jobs (not to mention a major hindrance for people looking to leave their job and be an entrepreneur).
Executives at foreign-owned metals producers, which were supposed to bear the brunt of America's tariffs, say Mr. Trump's levies have largely been an annoyance and, ironically, a hindrance to their operations in the United States.
On Tuesday, more than 140 House Democrats urged the president to reconsider the ban, slamming the president's claim that transgender service members are a hindrance to the U.S. military's effectiveness and cast the ban as unconstitutional.
Britain's vote to leave the European Union is seen as a possible threat to economies across the bloc next year, while rising inflation may also prove a hindrance for Spain, where low prices have boosted household budgets.
Once in power, however, Hitler and Mussolini repaid this debt by eliminating their erstwhile conservative allies as well as much of the rest of the old order, viewing them, correctly, as a hindrance to their revolutionary projects.
The United States is much less densely populated than the areas of Brazil where the Zika outbreak occurred, a hindrance to transmission given that the Aedes aegypti mosquito rarely flies more than a block in its lifetime.
But design really starts when we free peoples' minds from the constraint of any program — when the software operates as an aid and not a hindrance so the user can move more thoughtfully through the creation process.
Spicer's rocky relationship with the press became a hindrance, but what really seemed to diminish his stature at the White House were his series of gaffes that turned him into a talk-show punchline and internet meme.
Miners Glencore, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton were down between 3.3 percent and 4.7 percent with Mike van Dulken and Artjom Hatsaturjants at Accendo Markets noting "weaker commodities providing a hindrance to FTSE Energy and Mining names".
As Asian cities expand and modernise, authorities often view street food vendors as a hindrance to progress and target them for forced evictions, although some cities have made efforts to accommodate them and help raise sanitation standards.
Some leaders and officials see this as an opportunity for European nations to move closer without the hindrance of a country that kept itself out of the euro zone and out of the Schengen no-passport agreement.
Roy Cooper of North Carolina, a Democrat who was elected in November, has been trying to persuade the Republican-controlled legislature to repeal the measure, which he has called a hindrance to attracting business to the state.
" DHS policy officials led with one option that "it believes is the best option for DHS to explore to achieve the goal of acquiring DMV information that it needs to prevent the hindrance of critical Departmental operations.
The new regulations also restore programs for local law enforcement to collaborate with federal authorities that were tabled under the Obama administration because of concerns that they violated due process or were a hindrance to local authorities.
"In this way, the affairs of the church in this country will be governed, as proclaimed by the divine and holy canon, freely and in the Holy Spirit, without hindrance, without any other external influence," it said.
WEDNESDAY PUZZLE — Crossword constructors tend to reinterpret words and phrases in ways that most people don't see until they are solving a puzzle, but it can be a hindrance as much as it can be a boon.
According to Crum's work, instead of the mere presence of stress, it is our mindset about stress—whether or not we perceive it as a help or a hindrance—that contributes most to health, performance and psychological outcomes.
Trump met with the executives of motorcycle titans Harley-Davidson last week, but Jim Cramer warned that this might be the one industry where government protection could be more of a hindrance than a help for the company.
Putin's denial of culpability notwithstanding, he and Trump agreed that the issue has become a hindrance to better relations between the two powers, said Tillerson, who attended the more-than-two-hour meeting along with Russia's foreign minister.
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Super low rates are a boon for banks rather than a hindrance, European Central Bank (ECB) Vice President Luis de Guindos said on Wednesday, setting the tone for a debate on whether lenders should be compensated.
The bulk of those hedges - which effectively lock in fuel costs in advance - are set at levels that force airlines to pay more for fuel than current market prices, turning them into a hindrance rather than a help.
U.S. sanctions against Iran are also a major hindrance for most gas pipeline projects in the region, with the offshore spur from Iran to Pakistan and India set to cost an estimated $10 billion, according to Pakistani media.
To the Editor: John P. Gluck's brave and beautiful article sums up the power of cognitive dissonance ("I came to see that my natural recoil from intentionally harming animals was a hindrance to how I understood scientific progress").
Losing access to the app is a major hindrance to anyone wishing to contact Chinese relatives — as popular Western messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp are blocked in China — and for anyone who wants to visit the country.
She also knew which bootleggers were reliable; the speakeasies of 1920s Chicago had nothing on Jane when it came to ensuring that the contraband made it to our compound without hindrance from the religious militants among the insurgents.
John Zolidis, a restaurant analyst and president of Quo Vadis Capital, told the Wall Street Journal that Bobby's Burger Palace doesn't have the same notoriety as Shake Shack did when it went public, which could be a hindrance.
Some undeniable pieces of evidence: The children of immigrants sound like their peers, not their parents; the children of deaf parents can speak without hindrance; adopted children do not resemble their adoptive parents in intelligence, character or personality.
It's both a practical hindrance — it's going to be a lot harder for the two neighbors to trade if they're following completely different rules and regulations — but also a symbolic one: a physical barrier returning to the border.
" He continued, "Once we knew that the practical side of the process was not going to be an artistic hindrance, my approach to directing Gary didn't differ all that much as to how I would approach any other actor.
A special priority for me in this regard will be aggressive enforcement of our laws to ensure access to the ballot for every eligible American voter, without hindrance or discrimination, and to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.
Some people may not mind not being able to actually see or have footage of a stranger delivering packages into their home, but it will be a hindrance to many until August either supports or releases an indoor camera.
When she toured the Amazon headquarters, Steel found the tech perks many workers long for, such as free beer and food, video games, and pet-friendly offices more of a hindrance and distraction to good work than an aid.
As long as I was spending time managing websites or social media accounts, or writing about anything else for anyone else, that was a hindrance to far more important work – the work of advancing the adoption of basic income.
Across Africa, governments keen to modernize booming cities often view poor people making a living sifting through rubbish or hawking on the streets as a hindrance, and as usurpers of public spaces meant for formal businesses and wealthy residents.
With more than 3 million American citizens, Puerto Rico deserves to be on par with the states, but it also deserves the opportunity and freedom to innovate, create, prosper and grow, without the hindrance of experimental and unproductive policies.
But with its capital often choked by smog and its people angry about the environmental devastation that rapid development has wrought across the country, Beijing has become a proponent of efforts to halt global warming rather than a hindrance.
As in Ava DuVernay's film "Selma," the spotlight is on strategic thinking and organization politics — the choreography behind moments whose seminal status has become, at least for present-day figures whose activism is measured by its yardstick, a hindrance.
But he threatened no consequences for the meddling, and when Mr. Putin denied it, he agreed that the two must get past an issue that had become a "substantial hindrance" in the United States-Russia relationship, Mr. Tillerson said.
A special priority for me in this regard will be aggressive enforcement of our laws to ensure access to the ballot for every eligible American voter, without hindrance or discrimination, and to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.
But with its capital often choked by smog and its people angry about the environmental devastation that rapid development has wrought across the country, Beijing has become a strong proponent of efforts to halt global warming rather than a hindrance.
But when the farm suffered an internet outage in August, business owner Ivy Liu was unable to send invoices for more than two weeks, hampering business in a technical hindrance that has become common for many farmers, the government admits.
President Donald Trump met with the executives of motorcycle titans Harley-Davidson last week, but Jim Cramer warned that this might be the one industry where government protection could be more of a hindrance than a help for the company.
But with political tensions at an all-time high and the YA category seemingly shrinking, many authors say that the single-minded focus on "authenticity" as a standard for publication has begun to act as a hindrance, not a help.
"We don&apost want the inability to purchase smoke detectors to be a hindrance," City Administrator Mike Schumacher told the newspaper, adding that both property owners and renters would be able to seek assistance with installing or inspecting the devices.
In August, Olivier Blanchard, a heavyweight macroeconomist, wrote a plea to colleagues to be less "imperialistic" about their use of dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models, adding that, for forecasting, their theoretical purity might be "more of a hindrance than a strength".
While Trump might be, in their view, uncouth, unfair, even immoral and a hindrance to the growth of the conservative movement, they view the left as the real threat, a threat only Trump has seemed able to stand up against.
James is very good as the rigidly moral Preston, who insists that his only objective is to investigate the case at hand — even as his devotion to the law above all else becomes more and more of a hindrance for him.
Mike Sanchez, a 32-year-old investment banker at Citigroup and 2000 graduate of University of Chicago Booth School of Business, told Bloomberg that he didn't consider the $223,242 in student loans he took out to finance the program a hindrance.
However, former world number four Greg Rusedski believes Murray's hip was a hindrance against Bublik and the 30-year-old's lack of rest since earning top ranking last November would stop him from progressing past the semi-finals at Wimbledon.
The manhunt has been going on for over a week, crossing 3,000 km (1,865 miles) from the crime scenes in British Columbia to northern Saskatchewan to Manitoba, through geography which has been repeatedly described as a hindrance to the search.
Losing the status could prove both a national embarrassment and a hindrance to U.S. attempts to reduce the spread of the disease around the world, Dr. Paul Spiegel, director of the Center for Humanitarian Health at Johns Hopkins University, told CNN.
They said the litigation was a hindrance to the clean-up because it gave some local community members the impression that there was still the possibility of a bigger payout, incentivising them to block the clean-up rather than cooperate.
That reluctance has proved a hindrance for policymakers struggling to end two decades of deflation with aggressive monetary and fiscal stimulus measures, hoping these policies would spur expectations of future inflation and prompt households to spend more now rather than save.
The spirit and legislative intent of the law, the US Constitution and the facts of a case should supplant one's personal moral compass, not be ignored as a hindrance to a justice's desire to codify his or her personal whims.
"Given the chance to vote again on Resolution 144, I can say with complete confidence that the United States would vote no," said Haley, slamming the resolution as a hindrance to the exact peace process it was intended to advance.
Working with a low budget that never becomes a hindrance, Mr. Perry uses exterior space to convey interiority, as when Alyssa speaks to Nick — who keeps his back to her — from across a room that feels like a vast, unpassable chasm.
" But the man who was one of the biggest champions of the project, Mayor John F. Hylan, was also its greatest hindrance, said Joseph Raskin, author of "The Routes Not Taken: A Trip Through New York City's Unbuilt Subway System.
The New York Times reported that month that Mr. Cissna could also be forced out, and officials in the White House have long seen him as a hindrance, particularly Mr. Trump's top policy adviser, Stephen Miller, whose singular focus is immigration.
In a letter on Friday, the attorneys general for North Carolina and Texas told a federal judge in Cleveland, Ohio, that while some of the changes were welcome, they continued to believe the proposal is a "hindrance" to settlement talks.
Is this additional hindrance to mobility another argument in favor of rethinking our government policy that favors homeownership through the income tax home mortgage interest deduction, a topic recently discussed in this newspaper (The New York Times Magazine, May 14)?
While the study highlights the dangers of teens driving with teens, sometimes passengers provide more help than hindrance, said Johnathon Ehsani, an assistant professor at the Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
On Thursday, the association's chief executive Asanda Gcoyi said she was still concerned that the proposed legislation of tobacco and EVP will present a hindrance to the growth and opportunities the EVP industry is able to contribute to South Africa's economy.
On Thursday, the association's chief executive Asanda Gcoyi said she was still concerned that the proposed legislation of tobacco and EVP will present a hindrance to the growth and opportunities the EVP industry is able to contribute to South Africa's economy.
"There's a stop-and-start nature to progressive organizations that is a real hindrance," said Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, a Columbia University political scientist and author of State Capture, a 2019 book that examines the influence of ALEC and other conservative groups.
It wasn't that I didn't love him or even enjoy his company, but rather, I was learning that this trip had really been for me; perhaps his presence was a hindrance rather than an asset to my own personal journey.
While Trump might be, in their view, uncouth, unfair, even immoral and a hindrance to the growth of the conservative movement, they view the left as the real threat, a threat only Trump has seemed able to stand up against.
House Speaker Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanEmbattled Juul seeks allies in Washington Ex-Parkland students criticize Kellyanne Conway Latina leaders: 'It's a women's world more than anything' MORE (R-Wis.), Dobbs said, had become a "disaster" and a hindrance to Trump's presidency.
Of note: Thirty years after the Soviet Union retreated from Afghanistan, the Russian government played a quiet but major role in orchestrating this meeting, and has pointed to the U.S. military presence in the country as the main hindrance to peace.
She's the real deal, simply an outstanding bassist in a legendary band… I have the impression that gender is pretty inconsequential to her, that her femininity was never a hindrance or an asset to her in her long and respected career.
The supporters blamed Brazil's corrupt political system as a hindrance to Bolsonaro in making progress on his legislative and economic agenda, and the march came amid polls showing declining approval ratings for the government while the pension reform makes its way through congress.
Any security apparatus is a hindrance for people to get from point A to point B. And the security of any individual plane is dependent on the safety apparatus of a global network of airports also dealing with their own demands and procedures.
The US price is $20 dearer than previously, though given how Apple and Samsung's current flagships are now rising beyond the $1,000 mark, that shouldn't be too much of a hindrance for people enticed by the latest tech and skinniest display bezels.
But one key hindrance has been the miniaturizing the technologies necessary to create a powerful enough beam to destroy anything quickly—and previous failures include a $5 billion project involving a Boeing 747 retrofitted to carry a laser that failed in 2012.
So, I'm going to finish up by asking what would you guys do now if you were, I mean you could do whatever you want, I don't think age is a hindrance in any way, but if you were starting out right now.
We need our entrepreneurs to feel confident enough for them to invest in the economy, and if the current bill is passed into law, it will cause the type of confusion that is bad for the market and a hindrance to growth.
Research can be a boon to a novelist—there are more things in heaven and Earth than can be dreamt of in a single writer's philosophy—or it can become a hindrance, a thick layer of algae that weighs down the storytelling.
Across his first two starts, Mahomes dismisses the perception that being a product of an Air Raid offense is a hindrance in the N.F.L. His quick release and quicker reads power a Chiefs offense loaded with empty sets and run-pass options.
Citing the sharp fall in oil prices, loss of capital market access and the likely hindrance of disbursement of funds from the IMF and others, Fitch Ratings last week downgraded Ecuador's long-term foreign currency issuer default rating to 'CCC' from 'B-'.
" Sessions said he will look to stop the flow of drugs coming illegally across the Southern border, will protect the U.S. Treasury from fraud, waste and abuse, and would aggressively enforce laws to ensure access to the ballot "without hindrance or discrimination.
That's held back the efforts of technology companies, like Google, Microsoft and Amazon, as they've attempted to move into the health-care sector and has been a hindrance to third-party app makers and start-ups that are struggling to access clinical information.
But the animal agriculture industry points to low levels of federal funding for animal disease research as a hindrance — highlighting criticism that the federal government's inadequate commitment to supporting agricultural research hampers producers' ability to respond to emerging threats like African swine fever.
You might assume that he would have been my preferred therapist, and it is true that he had a better understanding of my mentality, but for me, the kind of clinical distance that my therapist had was a benefit, not a hindrance.
President Trump is a pro-business president and he replaced a president, who I can say from first-hand experience and as one of the largest employers in the state of North Dakota, was most often a hindrance, not a help to American job creators.
The fact that Xiaomi is in 30 countries but has never launched direct sales of handsets in the U.S. — focusing instead on accessories and so on, and selling actual devices in China, India and select other markets — has been a hindrance to that bigger potential.
We aren't just stronger than ever before — we are closer to a world where girls grow up believing their career options are limitless, and instead of looking at their bodies as a hindrance, embrace them as powerful vehicles that can help them achieve their dreams.
"[Stumpf] concluded that this was the right thing to do for the company to allow it to move forward, because he felt that the focus on him was becoming a distraction and a hindrance to the business," Sloan told CNBC's "Fast Money " on Wednesday.
By providing a place where women are celebrated for the things that might be a hindrance in Silicon Valley—their femaleness, their Asianness, and yes, maybe also their beauty—MAG organizers believe they are cultivating a cohort that is empowered to break into leadership.
It is a first step in the sense that they introduced a resolution with a specific issue in mind: That Trump sought to cause "hindrance or termination" of investigations involving his campaign's possible collusion with Russia based on FBI Director James Comey's testimony to Congress.
But to date, the Yankees' inability to develop elite prospects has been a significant hindrance in the age of the luxury tax, when young talent under a team's long-term control is a virtual necessity for sustained excellence, even if your payroll exceeds $165 million.
The latter — while useful for families who don't want the kids stumbling upon their HBO or Cinemax subscriptions — will also be a hindrance when the parents go to watch their own shows in The Roku Channel, due to Roku's current lack of user profiles.
She was trailing then, just as she was trailing on Saturday and just as she was trailing in the 2011 final, when she was called for hindrance in her loss to Sam Stosur after shouting in the middle of a rally and distracting her opponent.
Although, astronomers remain uncertain how a planet's seasons might affect its likelihood to host life, Dr. Grinspoon argues that such dramatic swings — like those on Pluto — are likely a hindrance because they can make a planet unfit to live on for long stretches of time.
UBS Global Wealth Management Head of Equity and Credit, Hartmut Issel, told CNBC Tuesday that the Swiss lender does not expect the economic blowback to last beyond the first quarter of 2020 despite the hindrance to production of the now prolonged Lunar New Year holiday.
The questions about possible changes to the FCPA were sparked by revelations in a soon-to-be-released book about Trump, which describes an episode in which Trump bitterly complained about the law, which he sees as a hindrance to U.S. businesses competing overseas.
Potential buyers of Tenet would need to contend with the company's $15 billion debt load, which could be a potential hindrance to private equity acquirers, said an investment banker, who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak with the media.
Relations between Pyongyang and Washington, on the outs after the failure of Trump and Kim's last meeting in Hanoi, appear to be warming up again, and Beijing will be keen to emphasize that it can be a help in this, or serve as a major hindrance.
Kerley is what passes for a go-to option in the Niners offense, and if you subscribe to the theory that Blaine Gabbert has been the major hindrance by the Bay, maybe Colin Kaepernick getting a start Week 133 against Buffalo will unleash a competent NFL attack.
Because of this hindrance, he was fired from his first gig, a soloist in one of Woody Herman's big bands, before finding a place with Latin jazz musician Cal Tjader, whose work has been sampled by numerous hip-hop acts, from DJ Premier to Tyler, The Creator.
"Historically, the lack of access to the same kinds of retail opportunities as white people has been a tremendous hindrance to African-Americans, whether it's in the Jim Crow South or whether it's today as many urban African-Americans live in healthcare and grocery deserts," Hyman said.
The long-term capital gain tax of 10% on the sale of equity shares was re-introduced in 2018 by former finance minister Arun Jaitley after a gap of 14 years, much to the disappointment of market participants and has been a major hindrance to foreign investment.
KUALA LUMPUR/BEIRUT (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A campaign by New Zealand women including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to don headscarves as a sign of solidarity with Muslim women after the nation's mosque shootings has divided opinion over whether the gesture was a help or a hindrance.
It is perfectly obvious that the bird is surrounded by a network of systematically related barriers, no one of which would be the least hindrance to its flight, but which, by their relations to each other, are as confining as the solid walls of a dungeon.
The first, Pair Go, will see two Chinese pros face off against each other alongside an AlphaGo teammate: since Go strategy requires immense foresight and strategy, the helping hand could be more of a hindrance in practice for both human and computer, removing their abilities to plan ahead.
"What the letter says is that actually there are very good solutions we could put in place that would prevent any kind of hard border, but would allow goods... to move freely, without let or hindrance, whilst allowing the UK to come out of the customs union," he said.
Woody Johnson, the Jets football team owner and a Republican fund-raiser, who this week committed to helping Mr. Trump raise hundreds of millions of dollars in a short time period, said he did not believe that the unsettled nature of the presumptive nominee's campaign would be a hindrance.
Today, in contrast, some researchers working on an ambitious effort to dispatch craft to Alpha Centauri, the nearest solar system to Earth's, see the chill of space not as a hindrance to sending life from one such system to another, but rather as a way to do just that.
There have been no major security incidents recently, but the Syrian war continues to cast a shadow over Lebanon, with the ongoing presence of a large number of refugees (337120 million-33710003 million, relative to a previous total population of 33711103 million), hindrance to trade and extra military spending.
Among the outcomes: increased global mistrust of Washington, removal of any incentive for North Korea to negotiate a deal to curtail its own nuclear program, damage to the credibility of other U.N. Security Council resolutions and hindrance of the International Atomic Energy Agency's ability to carry out inspections. 
On Wednesday, Bolton cited the special counsel's investigation as the chief hindrance to a visit this fall from Putin to the United States, and used Trump preferred term for the probe, "witch hunt," to announce that Putin would not visit the United States until the investigation was over.
"However, this has enabled other violent jihadi groups to maintain their presence and to continue to spread their message with much less hindrance than that faced by IS." The report analyzed 722 pro-ISIS accounts, with 57,574 tweets, against 20153 accounts supporting "other jihadist groups," with 62,156 tweets.
So even though Perpetual Grace LTD airing on such an out-of-the-way channel is certainly a hindrance to it suddenly becoming the biggest hit in existence or even a cult favorite, it also feels somehow appropriate for the show's constant stream of utterly bizarre and wonderful delights.
Where previously these marks acted as a sign that the bearer belonged to the caste of thieves and adhered to the thieves' code, today they act as both a method of identification for law enforcement and a hindrance to the business world, the real aspiration of the modern Russian criminal.
American diplomats have largely kept their distance from General Hifter in public, viewing him as a hindrance to political talks, although the C.I.A. has renewed its ties with him and established a presence in Benghazi, as have a handful of American Special Forces commandos at an air base outside the city.
As the Reagan administration gained a reputation for cowboy diplomacy, conservative intellectuals started making the case that Europe was more of a hindrance than a help to the U.S. A new cohort of neoconservative thinkers began making the case that America's European allies weren't doing enough heavy lifting against the Soviets.
The first half of our conversation is political: It's about Coates's interviews with Obama, his perspective on American politics, the way his atheism informs his worldview, why he thinks a tragic outlook is important for finding the truth but, at least for nonwhite politicians, a hindrance for winning political power.
But really, the big hindrance to Moonlight's wider success was that it's a small, arty film about a black boy growing up in the housing projects outside Miami, with a mother who is an addict and a surrogate father who deals drugs, as he deals with bullies and discovers his homosexuality.
When it comes to Mes Aynak, one could even make the argument that elements within the government and foreign archaeologists, who fear the operation will destroy hundreds of ancient Buddhist artifacts and a monastery which sit at the site of the mine, are of equal hindrance to the prospects of beginning operations.
Moon reluctantly allowed the deployment of a US missile defense system to proceed last year, and the South Korean military regularly takes part in drills with the US military, to the consternation of not only Pyongyang but also Beijing, which sees the US presence as a hindrance to its own expansionist ambitions.
Trump's gift to coal country, which will effectively allow states to regulate their own emissions, is the latest example of the president fulfilling campaign promises in states with bountiful natural resources and raw land, where voters often complain that the outsized influence of the federal government is a hindrance to their livelihoods.
"It is urgent that Russia and Iran, the guarantors of the Astana process and allies of the Damascus regime, make arrangements for the bombing to cease and that humanitarian assistance arrives safely, completely and without hindrance to those who need it," foreign ministry spokeswoman Agnes Von der Muhll said in a statement.
All considered, it's quite a turnaround for the man known to millions simply as Dr M. But while Mahathir and Anwar have "hated each other politically" for two decades, their history will not be a hindrance on the campaign trial, says James Chin, Director of the Asia Institute Tasmania at the University of Tasmania.
A society that tells a woman that her power to bear new life is a hindrance to her progress in fact just turns the clock back once more to a world where it was women, and only women, who were flawed and in need of correction in order to be full members of society.
In a way, Mrs May's vision of religious Britain is similar to the vision that she has put forward, a bit implausibly, of political and civic Britain: a place where decent people want to rub along and work together with a common purpose (in this case, managing Brexit) with no hindrance from pesky purveyors of rancour.
In what turned out to be a reflective interview we discussed a range of topics including what it was like raising VC money in 2009, why being overly transparent with your team can be a hindrance and why Jeff decided selling Crashlytics to Twitter was the best option, allowing them to be deployed on over 1 billion devices.
With the commemoration of the "Centennial of American Citizenship for PR", the moment has arrived to finally discard the status that has become a grave hindrance to Puerto Rico's economic development and to reaffirm that we want -- a permanent union with total equality of responsibilities and the guarantees, security and progress represented by our U.S. citizenship.
That all these pluses add up to a minus for O'Hara in the revival of Cole Porter's 1948 musical, "Kiss Me, Kate" (a Roundabout Theatre Company production, at Studio 54, under the direction of Scott Ellis), tells you just how much of a hindrance preternatural kindness can be in a story that revolves, partly, around actressy grandstanding.
"Aside from the top-tier Senate races, whose names we all know, down-ballot races rely most on earned media, and if there is wall-to-wall coverage not only nationally but also locally, then that is a very big hindrance to these campaigns to break through," GOP strategist and former NRCC spokesman Matt Gorman told The Hill.
That is, the company believes it doesn't have to worry about losing a critical mass of subscribers due to the inability of those lost subscribers to afford faster internet speeds — a hindrance that would almost certainly be imposed upon millions of people by their ISPs if net neutrality regulations are gutted under the FCC's proposed plans.
If the skin hypothesis turns out to be true, and it's decided that anyone who tests positive should be treated even if they don't have parasites in their blood, this treatment regimen would be a massive hindrance—people just won't want to come to hospital for 10 days, not working, not earning money, to be treated for an infection that isn't bothering them.
I got to thinking about how much I dread the daily effrontery to all things civil and decent that is the fluorescent lighting in the Business Insider offices, which, as someone who hadn't so much as set foot in an office before the ripe old age of 30, I've found to be nothing but a nuisance and a hindrance, at best.
The way Peep presents himself is both a hindrance and a help in that respect; it may throw a lot of heat on him and contribute to the reasons why he can rub people up the wrong way, but he also just got back from Fashion Week in Paris and Milan where he walked for Balmain, Marcelo Burlon, and Rick Owens, among others.
Private aircraft are often tools of the rich and famous to travel the world luxuriously without hindrance, but they also have a major role in the United States Armed ForcesIn addition to its warfighting, troop transport, and cargo aircraft, the military operates a fleet of converted civilian aircraft for use by VIP government officials, military leaders, and in combat zones.
In fact, asking for permission is the biggest hindrance to success, according to the Paralympian who has worked at IBM and in the White House as the director for human capital issues under the Clinton administration She adds that she sees this common habit most often among females, in her current job as a leadership consultant for Fortune 500 companies.
Where once a foreign base, like our presence in the Philippines, might have been required to achieve a goal of quick mobilization in the region, today new research from the RAND Corporation reveals this forward-deployed posture is more hindrance than help, exposing U.S. troops to unnecessary risk and encouraging reckless intervention in situations that don't merit U.S. involvement while offering shrinking practical advantages.
But the work's most vivid and engaging character is the border itself, which emerges in the minds of Lawson and Perez as a kind of appalling one-way obstacle — not, that is, as Mr. Trump's defensive barrier protecting the American homeland against foreign hordes and imported violence, but rather as a tragic hindrance that prevents the agents from getting at the source of the disturbance.
While it's fun to wonder whether or not a generation really is defining itself with a high that makes you feel as if your head is bonging around in a thunder drum for a few seconds, the relentless publicity of laughing gas as a recreational drug is a minor hindrance for Ravi Das, a neuroscientist at University College London who has uncovered an extremely serious use for it.
It is not just Bangkok: with Asian cities trying to be seen as modern and lure investment, street vendors are viewed as a hindrance, and as usurpers of public spaces claimed by formal businesses, residents and pedestrians.. "Vendors on the sidewalk are seen as an inconvenience and a safety hazard, and it is this angle that authorities emphasise," said Sasiwimon Warunsiri at the School of Economics at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

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