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"boost" Definitions
  1. something that helps or encourages somebody/something
  2. an increase in something
  3. an increase in power in an engine or a piece of electrical equipment
  4. (especially North American English) an act of pushing somebody up from behind
"boost" Synonyms
increase expansion rise advance growth improvement upsurge addition augmentation raise upturn gain hike increment jump supplement upswing uptick accretion accrual help encouragement support inspiration lift assistance spur aid hand stimulus uplift abetment assist backing bolster fillip leg up helping hand pick-me-up shot in the arm push heave shove thrust hoist goose hoist up lift up a hoick up a leg up impetus incentive instigation motivation stimulant incitation incitement momentum provocation goad impulse yeast inducement stimulation catalyst breakthrough development advancement progress headway enhancement innovation refinement leap invention finding find revolution discovery success kindness service benevolence favor(US) benefaction boon courtesy favour(UK) grace indulgence mercy succour(UK) succor(US) turn benediction blessing philanthropy publicity hype advertising ballyhoo promotion puffery build-up plug propaganda puff fanfare press boosterism razzmatazz réclame announcement announcing attention billing advocacy endorsement furtherance furthering advancing championing cultivation supporting campaigning championship endorsing espousal fostering promoting sanctioning dominance ascendancy advantage edge lead break leverage vantage asset ascendency start benefit expediency pep talk speech talking-to team talk pep rally kick thrill charge pleasure titillation excitement sensation buzz delight fun high joy rush amusement enjoyment exhilaration jollies tingle treat acceleration hastening quickening expedition boosting forwarding hurrying speeding up stepping up easing facilitation precipitation laudation honor(US) honour(UK) praise admiration adulation distinction prestige acclaim acclamation applause approbation approval commendation congratulations credit encomium esteem eulogy extolment expand improve enlarge develop heighten amplify enhance escalate magnify inflate augment elevate swell accelerate accentuate encourage further promote foster inspire facilitate arouse back envigorate(UK) invigorate(US) nurture stimulate sustain motivate give a lift crane heft hoick upheave up upraise uphold uprear jack up publicise(UK) publicize(US) pitch tout advertise advertize talk up write up give a plug to market beat the drum for puff up give publicity to steal appropriate swipe thieve filch heist purloin misappropriate nick pilfer pinch pocket hook snitch nip rip off take embezzle rob exaggerate overstate embellish embroider overdo overplay overemphasise(UK) overemphasize(US) hyperbolize elaborate colour(UK) dramatise(UK) dramatize(US) pad color(US) exhilarate excite animate enliven hearten galvanise(UK) galvanize(US) inspirit gladden energise(UK) energize(US) elate cheer electrify confirm reaffirm strengthen assure establish secure fortify reassert reinforce reiterate intensify restate consolidate fuel renew drive force bump propel bulldoze impel jostle move plunge shoot budge bundle hustle bore prod crack up laud extol glorify celebrate hail exalt lionise(UK) lionize(US) aggrandize glamorise(UK) glamorize(US) idealise(UK) work with complement suit accompany match perfect go with harmonize with integrate with blend with chime with chord with synergize with add to function with marry with pair with combine well with subscribe accede assent consent acquiesce agree accept approve endorse okay ditto sanction advocate bless yes condone champion cosign enrich nutrify vitaminize make more nutritious make healthy campaign crusade agitate battle fight struggle work lobby strive petition propagandise(UK) propagandize(US) urge triple treble triplicate increase threefold increase by three multiply by three multiply lace spice flavour(UK) mix season blend flavor(US) imbue infuse doctor pepper savor(US) savour(UK) spike sprinkle mix in More
"boost" Antonyms
decrease decline fall diminishment reduction decrement abatement diminishing drop falloff deterioration diminution dwindling ebb slackening contraction curtailment cut declining depletion hindrance blow handicap impediment burden discouragement obstacle barrier deterrent interference limitation obstruction restriction complication impedance inhibition interruption setback block check pull tug yank pluck jerk disincentive counterincentive deterrence determent obviation dissuasion disservice disgrace felony injustice misconduct crime offence(UK) offense(US) criminality disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) inequity infraction infringement malefaction maleficence malfeasance malversation misdeed misdemeanor(US) disapproval hurt injury opposition stop stoppage obscurity secret hindering annoyance denunciation derision disbelief distrust doubt gloom mitigate abate diminish lessen reduce lower moderate minimise(UK) minimize(US) curtail dwindle abridge condense contract minify soften de-escalate hinder impede discourage hamper prohibit restrict hamstring interrupt obstruct prevent constrain deter frustrate halt hobble neutralise(UK) neutralize(US) throw ground haul down demote downgrade degrade abase deteriorate break depose displace dismiss disrate demean declass cancel abort scrap abandon ax(US) axe(UK) scratch postpone scrub turf nix call off buy purchase afford earn procure secure acquire obtain get score pay for put money into depress agitate bore deaden dishearten dissuade dull enervate receive sadden upset weaken worry dispirit bring down daunt repress tire calm undermine annul compromise sabotage subvert threaten contradict damage impair deny destroy disprove dispute invalidate repudiate unsettle veto void give offer release let go compliment add refuse reject keep free drag tow haul draw heave wrench lug wrest carry move take shift trail schlepp bestow contribute donate proffer provide bequeath relinquish surrender yield defame disrepute malign badmouth belittle criticise(UK) criticize(US) disparage mock ridicule denigrate traduce deride slander deprecate derogate dispraise

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How to use boost in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "boost" and check conjugation/comparative form for "boost". Mastering all the usages of "boost" from sentence examples published by news publications.

ToysToysLego Boost Creative ToolboxToysLego Boost Creative ToolboxLego Boost Creative ToolboxPrice$160What is it?
It's true, a lot of Adidas Boost options, like the Ultra Boost and Pure Boost, sell out quick.
That's instead of the original Precision Boost from the Ryzen desktop chips, which simply switched between "two-core boost" and "all-core boost" modes.
Bitwall's investors include Boost VC, AngelPad, Tim Draper, the Boost Bitcoin Fund.
The reason why is the boost from exports, the boost from inventories.
Also like Boost, Super Boost may not have a set price point.
The bill's proponents say it will boost the economy, boost wages, and create jobs.
Trump won't so much get a boost from Pence, as give Pence a boost.
This would boost wages, which in turn would boost spending, thus creating greater profits.
" A structural condition is "Okay, Sprint must spin off Boost, must sell Boost to Dish.
Boost is acquired by driving, and players can push a button to expend the boost.
It's not just the psychological boost (and accompanying likely fundraising boost) of an unexpected win.
If the program doesn't boost the city's GDP, it will certainly boost its collective psyche.
That will boost your Mac's turbo boost score to an unheard-of 133GHz, according to Apple.
The authors find that the Fox News effect translates into a 22.5 percentage point boost to the GOP vote share in the 2000 presidential race, a 3.59-point boost in 2004, and a 6.34-point boost in 2008; the boost increases as the channel's viewership grew.
"I think the capability to boost capital spending is there if you boost corporate confidence," Paulsen said.
As a result, you won't just see a boost in productivity, but a boost in your mood.
Boost Mobile Boost Mobile uses Sprint&aposs network and has 99 percent nationwide coverage with voice roaming.
Super Boost is a juiced-up version of Boost, which gives users 10 times more profile views.
China has issued a series of measures designed to boost the housing market and boost the economy.
She started taking B vitamins to boost her energy levels, and nootropics to boost her cognitive function.
For example, the weekday download boost from being featured was 2,172 percent compared to weekends' 580 percent boost.
So he got a slight boost in take-home pay but a bigger boost in his savings rate.
Saudi Aramco reiterated plans to boost output to record levels to boost its share of the global market.
Saudi Aramco reiterated plans to boost output to record levels to boost its share of the global market.
They saw a 71% boost in revenue so far, while the smaller online retailers saw a 32% boost.
Home construction company NVR could be getting a boost from the low interest rate environment, which could boost refinancings.
Although it still may contain sugar to boost sweetness, it's rich in whole grains and offers a fiber boost.
Read more: The new Adidas Ultra Boost 19 originally sold out in 10 minutes, but they're back in these colorsCompared to the original Ultra Boost, which consists of 17 individual pieces, the newly designed Ultra Boost 19 features four key performance pieces — a one-piece Primeknit 360 upper, an updated torsion spring, a 3D-printed heel frame, and last but not least, a Boost midsole with 20% more Boost.
Higher prices for raw materials have helped boost industrial profits over the last two months, prompting factories to boost output.
That said, more pressure to boost productivity is seen as long overdue and could boost growth in the long-term.
That said, more pressure to boost productivity is seen as long overdue and could boost growth in the long term.
Republicans want a big boost to defense spending; Democrats want a smaller boost, matched by comparable increases in domestic investments.
However, like Match's Boost, Tinder stands to generate even more revenue off the Boost feature as it's sold on top of Tinder Plus (save for the free weekly Boost) and it isn't available for free to unpaid users.
That $8 boost is right in the middle of other estimates I have seen, and would certainly be a healthy boost.
The Ultra Boost 19 is lighter, more comfortable — and it beats out the original Ultra Boost in every way performance-wise.
UnitedHealth's 0.7 percent gain provided the biggest boost to the Dow, while Amazon helped boost the Nasdaq and the S&P.
Lucio's speed boost will affect only himself (another change from the main game), though Amp It Up will still boost that.
There could be a short-term boost if China's steel firms cut their prices to boost sales outside the United States.
Choosing to boost scientific funding would boost economic productivity over the longer term, and this is something both parties can support.
He also noted that while the company's 25 percent Black Friday store discount will help boost sales, it will not boost margins.
For example, a blue vehicle on a blue boost strip adds speed, but an orange vehicle on a blue boost drains it.
Sprint-owned Boost Mobile told customers in May that a hacker breached accounts using Boost's website PIN numbers and Boost phone numbers.
Even more impressive is that the boost lapped a strong prior-year holiday period, when the retailer logged an 235 percent boost.
In either case, changes in prices will fail to boost nominal spending, and without that boost, inflation is likely to remain sluggish.
The world's top maker of smartphones and memory chips has been trying to boost sales of components for automobiles to boost growth.
Drogon probably got a boost from his time in the old country, and all three of them got a boost while on Dragonstone.
The government has also pledged to boost the powers of the corporate watchdog, double maximum prison terms and boost fines for corporate crime.
Even if you believe tax cuts can boost the economy, it's illogical that the U.S. economy is in desperate need of a boost.
Comcast also said it has signed a deal with pre-paid wireless service Boost Mobile to sell Xfinity Prepaid at a few Boost Mobile locations later this year and 4,400 Boost Mobile locations within Comcast's service area by the end of 2017.
And that could lead to a boost in opioid-specific policy interventions, such as a boost in medication-assisted treatment or harm reduction efforts.
Boost Mobile founder Peter Adderton, who is interested in buying back boost, will be a guest on CNBC's Squawk Alley today at 11 a.m.
"Tax cuts will mean a double-digit boost to small-cap earnings, and large-caps get a boost of about 5 percent," he said.
Consider the following: So, with this in mind, Donald Trump probably did as much to boost Sarah Palin as she did to boost him.
That, in addition to a tax cut, would be "like a double boost for an economy that doesn't need a single boost," he said.
It is the only city in the "team" category to get any pay boost for the peak season; the boost was significant, at 24.3%.
Military spending gets a boost Trump frequently talks about wanting to boost the military, and the Pentagon is a big winner in the budget.
We encourage our congressional leaders to support the Boost Saving for College Act and ultimately boost the future, confidence and dreams of tomorrow's leaders.
The budget is potentially a huge win for Democrats, with an enormous boost to domestic spending in exchange for a boost to military spending.
IQBuds Boost IQBuds Boost As the company builds out a more extensive product line to approach consumers at different price points, they're also looking to software upgrades to give consumers an easy way to get started utilizing the smart features on the IQBuds Boost earbuds.
Despite the Boost sale, the activist group Public Knowledge said the poor would pay more, especially after T-Mobile's 6-year commitment to Boost expires.
Women-led initiatives to boost agriculture that focus on managing water better, planting trees and diversifying crops is one way to boost resilience, she said.
The president's opponents want her dismissed from office on charges that she manipulated budget accounts to boost public spending to boost her 2014 re-election.
The boost is due to the partners investing in more equipment to boost the amount of oil it can recover at the field, Equinor said.
The fiscal boost is just a temporary boost — the trade wars could have a much longer-lasting impact, not just in the U.S. but globally.
Priced at $180, the Ultra Boost 33 costs the same as the original Ultra Boost, so you won't have to pay more for the upgraded model.
A short-term economic boost is fading Most economists forecast that the tax cuts, along with a boost to military spending, would goose the economy initially.
In recent months, the finance ministry has said it wants to boost spending on sectors such as infrastructure, including ports and roads, to boost economic growth.
Neuroscientist: Skip breakfast sometimes and 2 other simple tips to boost your brain performance The habits Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles uses to boost his performance
A big boost to defense spending The Trump administration is set to propose another boost to defense spending, a move that will be cheered by Republicans.
In Bioshock, for example, players can either murder little girls for an immediate stat boost or let them go for a stat boost that comes later.
Tapping the screen while going over a jump offers a little speed boost, and carving around corners with a great drift also offers a subtle boost.
Aside from the PR boost Russia has received this last month, analysts will be looking at the economic boost the tournament will have given the economy.
Sending checks to everyone is a potentially powerful boost to the economy, and if you need a bigger boost, it's trivially easy to send bigger checks.
Not only might you get a mood boost from looking forward to the activities, but you'll also get a bigger mood boost by actually doing them.
Several GOP defense hawks said Trump's defense boost isn't big enough, while other Republicans rejected in principle to cutting from nondefense spending to boost the Pentagon.
Richer, northern European countries like Germany and the Netherlands have been facing increasing calls to boost public spending in order to boost the wider European economy.
Saudi Arabia's 2019 budget plans to boost spending by 7 percent despite its growing budget deficit in order to boost an economy hurt by lower oil prices.
The Department of Homeland Security would see a 235 percent boost under Trump's proposal, and the National Nuclear Security Administration's budget would get a 22018 percent boost.
I bought one pair of Yeezy Boost 350s, three pairs of Yeezy Boost 350 V2, two pairs of NMD R1 Primeknits, and three pairs of Ultra Boosts.
Shares of Apple Inc rose 1.9% to provide the biggest boost to the Nasdaq and the second-largest boost to the S&P 500 and the Dow.
Such a plan would radically boost the "velocity" of money, giving a major boost to developed economies where services account for a hefty majority of economic growth.
China's cabinet has vowed to take steps to boost exports, including encouraging banks to boost lending, expanding export credit insurance and raise tax rebates for some firms.
If the policies boost productivity growth, he said, that could increase economic growth; but if fiscal policies don't boost productivity growth, they could become inflationary, he said.
All this innovation has led to a boost in return on investment for digital ad buyers, which in turn has helped boost what they're willing to pay.
By combining these two strategies, managers can boost team morale, which has in turn been shown to boost productivity and results, according to the former Google exec.
Penn Wharton's economists said it was not necessarily the case that the boost from new spending proposals would outweigh the boost from deficit reduction in their model.
Not only does it count as physical activity, but studies have shown that yoga can boost your mood, lower stress and anxiety and boost your self-esteem.
You could get a bit of a boost to the rupiah, it may open below 14,000 tomorrow, and local equity market may get a boost as well.
Iran said earlier this month it planned to boost its ballistic and cruise missile capacity and acquire modern fighter planes and submarines to boost its defense capabilities.
If you lower regulations, you have -- maybe you have a boost to the economy, a boost to profit, and then maybe you have something else to pay.
"Let's say we get a boost from the tax cut this year, it's probably on the order of half percent positive boost to economic growth," Achuthan said.
Frightening, traumatic events tend to boost authoritarian aspects of people's political psychology so the prevailing climate of that autumn gave a huge boost to Giuliani's public standing.
Adoption of these measures, along with regulatory changes that boost confidence without a massive increase in capital requirements, could boost European banks' profitability by $40 billion annually.
Brazilian stocks are expected to get a boost from a slowdown in rate hikes from the U.S. Federal Reserve, which is also expected to boost broader emerging markets.
"Having Tiger on brand is not the same boost as five-10 years ago but definitely a boost," said sports marketing expert Bob Dorfman of Baker Street Advertising.
How more Boost improves the shoeWhile the upper of the shoe is largely redesigned, I believe the most notable update is the new midsole with 20% more Boost.
Intel is building in Thunderbolt 29, Wi-Fi 29, and DL Boost (deep learning boost) into these Ice Lake chips for laptops and PCs to take advantage of.
The Republican argument behind the bill is that putting billions of dollars back into the hands of big business will boost the economy, boost wages, and create jobs.
That agreement, which provided an initial boost to crude prices, could be extended for six months, but Birol does not believe that prices would receive a significant boost.
Adidas launched a new Boost sneaker for urban runners called the Pulseboost HD. They're the first pair to use Adidas' new high-density (HD) version of Boost cushioning.
Republicans never liked that bargain, and they run the show in Washington so they are now demanding that the non-defense boost be smaller than the defense boost.
Similar to Boost, which for 30 minutes puts you on top of the stack of profiles shown to potential matches, Super Boost also lets you cut the line.
The move, which will boost jobs dedicated to the Taycan by one-third (to 2,20203), is designed to give Porsche the flexibility it might need to boost production.
The downgrades will be premised on Italian plans to boost spending to boost growth and the impact on a debt ratio that's already one of the world's worst.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday called again for the Federal Reserve to further lower interest rates and boost quantitative easing, saying it would boost exports.
While the U.S. Open — and Tiger Woods — continue to boost interest in golf championships, the tournament itself is giving an extra boost to the burgeoning Hamptons real estate market.
And it just so happens that taking a break from booze not only gives your health a boost, it can give your career a boost too, according to experts.
Newton said that while Saudi's threat to boost production could not be dismissed lightly, whether it could damage Iran's aspirations to boost its own production and exports was uncertain.
Rockets that fly to the east from Florida get an extra speed boost, but InSight is fairly small It doesn't need the boost as much as heavier spacecraft do.
South Korea said on Wednesday it will boost spending on infrastructure projects to boost jobs and shore up domestic spending, and cut the nation's growth forecasts to 2.9 percent.
FCA has been retooling some U.S. factories to boost output of SUVs and trucks while ending production of some sedans to boost profitability in North America, its biggest market.
Zhou said it was not necessary for China to use currency policy to boost trade, reaffirming Beijing's stance that it will not rely on yuan depreciation to boost exports.
By taking away the speed boost, Nano Boost will be applicable to more heroes (instead of the typical Genji, Reinhardt and Reaper picks) and also more easy to counter.
We'll start with Medicare for All:   'Medicare for All' gets new boost from high-ranking House Dem A boost for Medicare for all: The No. 2900 House Democrat, Rep.
A riff on the cellular provider, BOOST MOBILE plays on marketing tactics used on "urban consumer base," instead using the name instead to "boost mobility" in discourse and action.
For example, Sanders would need to stimulate a youth turnout boost much larger than the turnout boost Barack Obama's presence on the ballot stimulated among black voters in 22020.
In fact, despite reports celebrating the recent boost to thrift stores through "the Kondo effect," the American secondhand market did not then and does not now need a boost.
Local governments giving construction a boost Martin Marietta Materials CEO Ward Nye has also expressed cautious optimism that Washington will give the sector a boost with an infrastructure bill.
Margins for steel producers in China remain robust, suggesting a strong boost to production when output curbs are lifted in March, which will also boost demand for coking coal.
The party's moves, an official said, could also include spending to boost certain Democratic candidates, as it did to boost Salud Carbajal through a top-two primary in 2016.
Matcha, a type of green tea, is packed with antioxidants in addition to a boost of caffeine, believed to boost energy and focus as well as supporting overall health. 
The revenue boost that the amnesty will provide is likely to be used primarily to support public capex - a key plank in the government's strategy to boost long-term growth.
Turning to the implementation of Trump's economic agenda, 12 of 15 dealers see his still-to-be-defined stimulus plans as likely to boost or significantly boost U.S. business investment.
The move comes as regional and international banks accelerate moves to boost their presence in Saudi Arabia, encouraged by the economic reforms that aim to boost the kingdom's financial markets.
To really succeed at AT&T Data Drive, you'll need to "drive over the 5G Evolution speed boost blue arrows," which will give your car a temporary rocket boost forward.
The problem was that politicians were good at cutting taxes and increasing spending to boost the economy, but hopeless at reversing course when such a boost was no longer needed.
Building off of the responsiveness, energy return, and comfort that the original Boost material delivers, Adidas has developed Boost HD, a high-density version that's designed to be more stable.
Here are a few factors that might derail the corporate boom: Waning tax cut benefit: Tax cuts automatically boost earnings, but it's much harder for them to boost earnings growth.
But "with the Wise Pocket Products, it's kind of a boost for me, a confidence boost: If I can own a business, then I can go through school," she said.
If not, we should instead boost our support for aid to desperate Syrian refugees outside government-controlled areas as well as boost aid for bigger humanitarian disasters around the world.
Chinese authorities have struggled to boost lending to try to boost China's slowing economy, which has been hit by weak domestic demand and the trade war with the United States.
But that doesn't change the fact that a lot of people could use an extra boost in the self-preservation department — and they're certainly not getting that boost from society itself.
Hitting the boost button on Stehmann's bike will, for example, boost the Electrified S continuously until it reaches 36 km/h, that's 103 km/h faster than the Dutch speed limit.
Absolutely, we go, and there's many different types of filters and parts of the algorithm that will boost people up and boost people down, of people that have historically given. Absolutely.
Peter Adderton, founder of Boost Mobile who sold the U.S. business to Nextel in 2004, which was then acquired by Sprint, has also said he is interested in buying back Boost.
All i9 processors have a base clock speed of 3.3 GHz and go up to 4.3 GHz dual-core frequency with Turbo Boost 2.0 and 4.5 GHz with Turbo Boost Max.
Beijing has in recent months pledged various measures to boost private consumption to prop up growth, including subsidies to boost rural sales of some vehicles and purchases of new energy vehicles.
Meanwhile, President Donald Trump's plan to boost infrastructure spending and spur an increase in domestic energy production is likely to boost natural gas' profile in the U.S. energy mix, observers say.
Apptopia says it studied 30 days of featured apps and games, and found that, on average, apps saw a 1,747 percent boost in downloads, while games received a 792 percent boost.
Boost your benefits Depending on the type of company you work for, it might be possible to effectively boost your overall remuneration by addressing other fringe benefits instead of the salary.
S&P 500 companies are expected to have seen a 17 percent boost in first-quarter profits, but the stock market largely paid itself for that earnings boost ahead of time.
The states' complaint also said that divesting Boost would not resolve competitive concerns since Boost would be dependent on another carrier to provide network access, meaning that it is not independent.
FISCAL BOOST The government aims to boost infrastructure investment by allowing local governments to issue more special bonds next year, but there is less room for tax cuts, the sources said.
That's certainly true, but a key reason for a lower rate is that investors will have a bigger incentive to finance new projects that will boost productivity and thus boost wages.
It's either going to boost your confidence and boost your morale or it's going to be like, 'Oh, man, that didn't go so well, so what are we going to work with?
At the top of the line, the RX580 will have a 1257Mhz base speed and a 1340Mhz boost speed, up from a 1120 MHz base and 1266 MHz boost on the RX480.
"I was in a war zone... You were on a USO tour — are you trying to boost the morale of the troops or are you trying to boost your own?" she said.
That's a pretty impressive boost in a single generation — and even more significant than the already notable 30-percent boost the company promised when it teased the refresh during Computex in May.
But claims that corporate rate cuts boost "competitiveness" are nothing but a distraction from the fact that such cuts do nothing to boost incomes or jobs for the vast majority of Americans.
Beyond aiding Huawei, Trump's move will boost Google and other Huawei partners who invested significant time and resources into developing a relationship with Huawei to boost their own businesses through its business.
According to Eckert, these range from academics trying to boost their publishing profile to scientists affiliated with companies who want to boost their scientific cred by having some publications under their belt.
"I was in a war zone... You were on a USO tour -- are you trying to boost the morale of the troops or are you trying to boost your own?" she said.
Suez, which has come under pressure from activist investment fund Amber Capital to boost returns for shareholders, is in the middle of a four-year strategy plan to boost its financial performance.
Two potential bidders told Reuters on the condition of anonymity that they are still in the dark about critical information related to the Boost sale, such as how the Boost wireless deal with T-Mobile will be structured, or financial details about the Boost customers, which the bidders will use to determine the prepaid brands valuation.
Two potential bidders told Reuters on the condition of anonymity that they are still in the dark about critical information related to the Boost sale, such as how the Boost wireless deal with T-Mobile will be structured, or financial details about the Boost customers, which the bidders will use to determine the prepaid brand's valuation.
On Tuesday, OPEC Secretary General Mohammad Barkindo said the group and other producers including Russia will boost compliance with agreed output curbs in a bid to clear a supply glut and boost prices.
The government has implemented another round of tax cuts, but much smaller this time, to boost sales again in 2019 ("New policy to boost car sales in short term", China Daily, March 7).
The centre-right GERB government will aim to increase all public salaries by 10% and boost teachers' pay by 17%, delivering on pledges to boost incomes in the European Union's poorest member state.
Also, given that the U.S. economy is considered as in full employment, "a shock boost to aggregate demand through tax cuts would likely boost inflation and imports more than domestic production," Kelly said.
Morneau later said that while a lower Canadian dollar should boost exports, firms would first have to invest in plants and equipment to boost capacity and thereby take advantage of increased foreign demand.
This can seem an effort to insure in case of future mistakes, but wouldn't it be better to shrink the balance sheet to boost rates rather make a vain effort to boost inflation?
First impressionsMy first impression of the Pulseboost HD was that it looks pretty similar to the Ultra Boost Uncaged considering they both have knit uppers, bootie constructions at the ankles, and Boost midsoles.
What's more, it's important to note that although getting free money didn't boost employment among the recipients, that's not a failure per se — even though Finland would have preferred to see a boost.
Like many other commodities, producers are now waiting to see whether China's increased appetite for natural resources is a temporary boost, or a more sustainable boost on the back of improved economic growth.
"The combination of these government initiatives ... are expected to boost FDI, increase business activity and boost market sentiment and thereby boosting real estate demand", said Dima Isshak, a senior manager at CBRE MENAT.
In total, this could provide the U.S. economy with a fiscal boost of as much as 0.8 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) next year and an even great boost in later years.
The price should get a boost from speculation about the upgrade, and then it could see another boost if it issues debt, since it will be reviewed by analysts as a new issue.
Other interested bidders include Boost Mobile's original founder Peter Adderton, who has been on a public campaign to buy back Boost since the merger was announced, and prepaid wireless provider Q Link Wireless.
"It gave me a huge boost of confidence," he said.
An IMF statement late on Wednesday also helped boost sentiment.
Cohen said more specialized guidance from ISS could boost support.
He conceded that Russia needed to boost structural reforms, however.
The news may boost U.S. chipmakers when Wall Street opens.
But in the past this did not boost wage gains.
Trump has promised to boost industry access to these reserves.
Scott Walker gave him a big boost with his endorsement.
Analysts expect the regulator's move would boost customers' borrowing capacity.
I am sure that will only further boost our engagement.
The upgrade could boost Facebook's Watch tab of original videos.
But few realize how it can boost your workouts, too.
He supports legislation to boost resources for police departments' technology.
I should've planned the trash bin boost a bit better.
Other candidates also reported a fundraising boost from the debates.
But the North and West have yet to boost prevention.
Without Paul, the Clippers received a boost from their bench.
Well, you've found the spot for an instant mood boost.
It really has added a huge boost to this economy.
Foreign banks initially cut interest rates to boost fragile economies.
Could it be looking to boost the price of oil?
The rules could thwart efforts to boost EVs in California.
After his convention Trump got a boost in opinion polls.
WATCH: Why you're not feeling a boost in your paycheck
A boost in creative inspiration is also on the way.
The boost in part is because of ClassDojo's healthy growth.
The issue happened when we tried to boost it nationally.
Naturally, it's says there'll be a performance boost as well.
This should provide a boost to companies such as Thales.
That would potentially boost CVR's stock price and enrich Icahn.
Step one: Get a gravity boost from the moon Titan.
The stock gave the biggest boost to the three indexes.
Meanwhile, Toni Collette's "Hereditary" also got a box office boost.
This could give defense stocks a boost after the election.
Glencore in the past has restricted supplies to boost prices.
The EU wants to boost online trade and economic growth.
They got another big boost from Friday's state media report.
Did it not feel like being gay was a boost?
Households earning $100,000 to $200,000 would enjoy a $360 boost.
New rules will boost investment in infrastructure, he told reporters.
Tinder is introducing a new premium feature called Tinder Boost.
The festival is a major boost to the local economy.
I eat two eggs with Sriracha for an energy boost.
The little caffeine boost and bubbles help keep me awake.
The partnership also gives Boost Mobile customers $5 off refills.
Authorities sought to boost liquidity last year by printing money.
This gave a boost to fellow luxury stock, Hugo Boss.
T) may boost its stake in Brazil's Vale SA (VALE3.
Iran strongly disagreed and criticized Saudi plans to boost output.
But they also hope it will boost the American economy.
Practically every major program within NASA will receive a boost.
Technological advancements have also helped boost onshore U.S shale production.
Investment in quantum computing would also receive a major boost.
State security officials are under similar pressure to boost numbers.
The group recently spent money to boost Strange in Alabama.
Your savings accounts might see a bit of a boost.
As you can guess, incessant shivering doesn't exactly boost productivity.
The family had expected to boost rents in the building.
Rouhani vowed that Iran would boost its ballistic missile capabilities.
Technology stocks jumped 0.7%, providing the biggest boost to markets.
Go deeper: Climate change may boost pests, stress food supplies.
Aramco hopes diversification will boost its valuation and attract investors.
With that money, it could boost wages to over $15.
It comes with Bang & Olufsen Audio and HP Audio Boost.
Wednesday's new moon in Virgo also brings a wellness boost.
The Ku Klux Klan used it to boost white supremacism.
Technology shares gained 0.9%, providing the biggest boost to markets.
A stock market boost on Monday could reinforce Trump's instincts.
Payrolls could get a boost from early holiday season hiring.
Priorities USA is expected to boost Clinton's general election operation.
A further boost to demand has come from foreign investors.
The sneaker featured the company's revolutionary new material called Boost.
Cons: Materials (Primeknit and Boost) can be hard to clean.
This would come as a boost to the terror group.
Still, there's nothing like an up market to boost IPOs.
Equities also got a boost from the latest economic data.
Perhaps his presence will boost attendance for the Columbia Fireflies.
Once those deals expire, it could see a sales boost.
Preferred shares can also be used to boost banks' capital.
No wonder, then, that officials are keen to boost revenues.
Buybacks are giving stocks a boost — but there's a twist.
However, the boost to Penney's sales comes with a caveat.
Mr Moon is far more likely to boost conventional defences.
Bangladesh's GDP per person received a boost from another source.
I wasn't impressionable enough, I didn't boost his ego enough.
The pay boost has the support of 60% of voters.
This will boost the country's productivity and create tech jobs.
The other uses the EU's legal powers to boost competition.
That requires tax reforms and other measures to boost competitiveness.
Researchers found a cuppa can boost creative brain power. 16.
He wants to devalue the euro to boost trade competitiveness.
The publicity surrounding Libra helped boost the price of cryptocurrencies.
But it is under pressure to boost its stock price.
For most people, it is a net financial boost. 6.
It's going to be a great boost for that program.
But his steps have yet to boost the bottom line.
By making them more productive, it would probably boost GDP.
It's less clear if the boost from households would persist.
Rivals are also actively looking to boost their AI capabilities.
That's unsettling, for sure, but it's also a morale boost.
Unions are not the only way to boost worker power.
Understanding why people shun surveys might help boost response rates.
Rather, it is a way to boost their meagre incomes.
Few of the measures in the draft would boost competitiveness.
Looking for more ways to save or boost your ROI?
The company plans to boost its dividend in Swiss francs.
Today's announcement indicates that Ford plans to boost that number.
Trump also received a slight boost in his favorability ratings.
And that investment has helped boost the firm's charitable assets.
A boost in creativity or imagination will also be felt.
However, he's received quite the spirit boost from Kacy's return.
Potential trade barriers also could boost inflation and cut growth.
Luckily, there are options available to boost your lash growth.
A massive, immediate boost to regions that need it most.
Instead the government says it will seek to boost supply.
Independents have been given a recent boost by Labour's unpopularity.
That suggests attending a selective school gives children a boost.
His allies tried both bribery and bullying to boost turnout.
Phase 1: Publish a plan to boost the Palestinian economy.
For the cannabis industry, it was a vital morale boost.
For consumers, it could boost competition in a cosy industry.
It's a way for Caterpillar to boost its services operations.
By unblocking ads, Facebook could boost its already impressive revenues.
Apple is not alone in giving AR apps a boost.
This will boost efficiency and help drive down costs further.
And the app's newest foray, Tinder Boost, is no different.
Hence, the latest news may not offer a significant boost.
He said electric vehicles would be a future demand boost.
Profit from brisk chip operations will help boost its capital.
That in turn could boost public support for normal relations.
Helping to boost the Dow, Caterpillar Inc rose 4.1 percent.
Netflix is getting a big boost in subscribers from mobile.
All are waiting for something to happen to boost sentiment.
"I think it's helped boost my online profile," says Davey.
In the short term, government spending can boost the economy.
Higher income from fees and lending helped to boost profits.
These dozens of additional antennas considerably boost each tower's capacity.
Google's advertising expertise and connections could boost Snap's ad revenue.
These innovations in turn boost the rest of the economy.
For other companies the boost could be around 8 percent.
A boost in mental acuity is also on the way.
Even with the power boost, the battery life still rocks.
Caterpillar is seen getting a boost from continued economic growth.
That would be an earnings boost of nearly 20 percent.
Apple provided the biggest boost to the three major sectors.
But the financials' 0.66 percent jump gave the biggest boost.
The company has taken actions, however, to boost compliance procedures.
It is accelerating diversification of investment assets to boost returns.
The company's stock had a little boost after Trump's comments.
The news helped continue to boost U.S. stocks on Thursday.
But to do that, she will require a significant boost.
European and Japanese stocks have enjoyed a post-election boost .
Saturday Night Live's nonstop Trump sketches helped boost its numbers.
Use secret ingredients to boost flavor with little extra effort.
Renewed declines in oil prices will further boost household budgets.
Increased turnover should boost its income more than its costs.
Overall, a major boost for the health and wellness economy.
The repeal efforts appeared to boost public opinion of Obamacare.
With Vista Outdoor, Hogan sees a boost from new firearms.
Trump's budget would boost funding for some of his priorities.
For some brands, the big boost occurred on social media.
This breakfast glass of wine proved a reliable energy boost.
So will the second debate provide the boost Harris needs?
He promised to take more steps to boost its economy.
Peck touted its efforts to boost digital and mobile shopping.
Maybe it would boost my confidence, presently at historic lows?
Bruce Poliquin in Maine and lend a boost to Rep.
The fix may seem obvious: Weaken the yen, boost exports.
It also could boost domestic sales in the United States.
An economic boost That migration has help the local economy.
A cheaper currency should also boost growth by spurring exports.
Trailing a teammate's trail will give you a speed boost.
They can boost our immune system to protect against pathogens.
State violence has done much to boost the body count.
The biggest difference users will notice is the battery boost.
Increased interest from Asia also helped boost the digital currency.
Because everyone deserves a little ego boost now and then.
GameStop will also be looking for a boost this Thursday.
Individual mandate repeal will boost the ranks of the uninsured.
But the boost nationwide has helped residents represented by Sen.
And Trump received a significant boost from mass media coverage.
A rebound in banking shares also helped boost UK shares.
It may even boost the company's value or share price.
Reliance Industries , top boost on the index, rose 1.2 percent.
But it didn't appear to boost the country's international happiness.
The Super Bowl often provides a boost to local retailers.
Increasing geopolitical tensions, too, would boost gold's allure for investors.
He says this will ultimately boost investment, productivity and employment.
This boost in China's overall image is a bipartisan affair.
Oh, and he put his own album Boost out too.
It said an improved website had helped boost these revenues.
The two asset sales boost it by 0.2 percentage points.
Japan will use the technology to boost its sea defenses.
And historically, its stock has seen a nice boost, too.
ST on Tuesday to boost its footprint within 3D printing.
"That could prove another boost to the market," he said.
A rise in imports helped boost GDP for the quarter.
The update also gives the site's search feature a boost.
Democrats could also get a boost from the presidential election.
It was a nice surprise — an ego boost for sure.
Etsy is not sticking to its knitting to boost sales.
The company also hopes new international flights will boost revenue.
An intense burst of consolidation will boost their profits more.
This will offer a welcome boost in energy and confidence.
Easing digital trade within the EU might provide a boost.
And that has given a huge boost to female employment.
Left fielder Melvin Upton Jr. provided that boost Saturday night.
The deal would provide a boost to Europe's morose economy.
An OPEC output cut should boost profitability for U.S. producers.
There is no doubt Exxon's cash could use a boost.
The stock gave the biggest boost to all three indexes.
Banks benefit from higher interest rates, which can boost margins.
Give your gaming a boost with this Black Friday deal.
Munich Re's assessment could give a boost to the project.
Politico: How the California primary could boost or sink Harris.
Happy lights are just the way to get that boost.
But the electoral triumph isn't expected to boost his ratings.
The squeeze limits the government's ability spend and boost growth.
That gave a boost to energy, chemicals and machinery companies.
Fortnite's storm is also giving a big boost to Amazon.
Those efforts were viewed as a way to boost Blankenship.
Rate cuts would boost inflation, rather than growth, he warned.
The oil industry says offshore drilling will boost state economies.
That could boost cotton's market share among textiles, analysts said.
The Hill: Trump hopes to boost turnout in Balderson v.
On the flipside, defense programs are getting a huge boost.
Retail trade saw a big boost in employment, up 50,000.
The GOP effort got a boost Friday morning, when Sens.
Premium assets ChemChina acquired would also boost Sinochem's chemical departments.
Republicans have been making an early investment to boost Sacconne.
Increased volatility tends to boost the returns from such sales.
My head still ached, and I didn't want a boost.
Financials also got a boost following Powell's comments on regulation.
Christie, meanwhile, didn't see a boost for his own candidacy.
This is in addition to existing plans to boost apprenticeships.
It aims to use this to boost its fiscal strength.
Giving foreign investors direct access can only boost that influence.
Both said the final stretch came with an adrenaline boost.
Headlines Indivior charged over alleged scheme to boost prescriptions on.ft.
These are the companies that will get the biggest boost.
Clinton a needed boost among white men and independent voters.
Lower production could limit India's exports and boost global prices.
Pelosi has also given Democratic candidates a huge financial boost.
It's believed that this is helping to boost the price.
Your next meal could give you the boost you need.
They received a big boost from strong corporate earnings results.
And this is just a little start to boost me.
It's been a major boost for the studio Warner Bros.
Fortunately, two experimental treatments proved to dramatically boost survival rates.
Thus, in an attempt to boost commercial activity, the French
The new capacity will boost its output by 10 percent.
The March increase marked the fourth boost in 12 months.
She would also prohibit political gerrymandering and boost election security.
And they do that as kind of a morale boost.
BORIS GETS BREXIT BOOST Bond markets were also stirring again.
The proposal got a boost Friday, when skeptical Republican Sens.
However, in the long term, they should boost my score.
Those can offer a big boost, especially when you'replaying solo.
Higher spending, however, helped boost subscriber growth at Match's apps.
It would also boost LVMH's presence in the United States.
And a regional bank would boost its spending on cybersecurity.
Peers also involved with payments processing technology got a boost.
Reuters: Women's groups to use Kavanaugh rage to boost turnout.
Instead, it added another $85033 billion boost to NIH's budget.
The new field offices are intended to boost GOP Reps.
The stock provided the second biggest boost to the Dow.
He finds that sleeping can spark and boost your creativity.
The campaign received a boost this past week when Gov.
It was a nice surprise -- an ego boost for sure.
Today's positive headlines should provide Mr. Sanders with a boost.
Norway and Belgium each saw a boost of 0.8 percent.
Apple is bringing in help to boost its News app.
Drivers can request injections to boost profits during a shift.
An unexpected boost to your popularity will arrive this evening.
In America, he's everywhere; it's an ego boost, in fact.
Well, thanks to Tinder Boost, that's all about to change.
How could the census be used to boost political power?
You're sure to feel a boost in your love life.
They have demanded the company boost salaries by 4 percent.
Costs: The proposals would boost energy prices to varying degrees.
Chinese customers helped them boost car sales 3.8% last year.
But the electric future got a huge boost this month.
Indeed, energy exploration is one way to boost the economy.
France's grid operator has said it will boost power imports.
Buy Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer at Target for $12.99
Republicans are insisting on a major boost to defense spending.
Democrats are insisting on an equal boost to domestic spending.
The pickup in crude prices gave energy stocks a boost.
Knowing Kershaw was warming gave Jansen a boost of confidence.
Disney's stock got a boost from the solid earnings report.
He later told NATO leaders to boost their military spending.
This would also give a boost to output and employment.
The entrepreneurial focus is providing an economic boost for Hangzhou.
He's been real strong and a big boost for us.
Would be a huge boost for Dems if he runs.
"That wasn't meant to be an ego boost," Curtis said.
Internal events intended to boost morale have also proved tense.
There are three basic reasons the program will boost growth.
But Insecure doesn't need the Lawrence boost, not right now.
I also travel with Greens powder, a great nutrient boost.
Headlines Budweiser owner wants Asia listing to boost acquisitions on.ft.
Getting a sticker acts like a boost of positive reinforcement.
Museums and institutions can boost attendance if they offer fashion.
Simple Truth has likewise benefited from a social media boost.
Together, they were the biggest boost to the benchmark index.
Results got a boost from growth in Oracle's cloud business.
Mnuchin cast the proposal as a boost for the economy.
Shareholders want the bank to try to boost them further.
The government has scrambled to boost the economy, Rishi writes.
Investor insight: Gentler rhetoric could also give stocks a boost.
Other countries in Southeast Asia could soon get a boost.
Additional measures can boost the appeal of a carbon fee.
Partnering with Amazon would give those plans a major boost.
A show of unity in Washington would help boost confidence.
A strong economy tends to boost individual giving to charity.
The move, mostly unexpected by markets, gave the a boost.
We had a boost from investment that may not persist.
Keeping credit utilization down below 30% can boost your score.
Embattled, yes, but not in need of an internal boost.
So where's he getting his boost — both onstage and off?
That led to a boost of morale on the ground.
Mr. Alexander's decision to do so gave Democrats a boost.
" Not a single economist said it would "significantly boost growth.
Crossfade: Ability toggle that switches between speed boost and healing.
Organisers aim to boost this figure to 100,000 in 2020.
The measure faces long odds, despite the boost from McCain.
Backers say casinos would boost tourism, a success of "Abenomics".
Faster government bond issuance is giving a boost to TSF.
And it has given a boost to the stock market.
That approach can boost the energy density of a battery.
Wanted to share so that everyone gets an additional boost!
The Chamber is partnering with state affiliates to boost Sens.
In 1798, a public landing was established to boost commerce.
And that boost is really what the caucuses are about.
But paychecks haven't seen as big a boost as expected.
Without a foreign funding boost, Lebanon faces bleak economic prospects.
You're getting a big boost of glamour this month, Leo!
Klobuchar celebrated a fundraising boost after her New Hampshire surprise.
And on Sunday, it got its biggest public boost yet.
You need to save regularly to meaningfully boost your wealth.
Both deals are seen to boost the acquirers sports offerings.
Domestic spending will also get a boost to $591 billion.
It also gives you an initial 5% Street Cred boost.
Which was something of a boost for all working mothers.
With at least $23,22, you qualify for a 225% boost.
Already, it appears that it is likely to boost turnout.
But a surge in arrivals would boost Mr Salvini's popularity.
The global rollout of 5G has already provided a boost.
Looking for a career move that can boost cash flow?
And those efforts may create an apparent boost in productivity.
Samsung is looking for ways to boost its smartphone division.
Want to boost your savings without borrowing from other investments?
The company's results got a boost from growing pharmacy benefits.
This will show you the mic volume and boost sliders.
However, those actions are considered to boost US coal industry.
Dick's Sporting Goods also got an earnings boost, jumping 18.62%.
Indonesia could certainly do with a boost to public health.
Being a better boss won't just boost your own confidence.
The bill aims to boost diversity among broadcast company owners.
This is because it could provide a boost to earnings.
The bank would also boost its lending capability, she added.
But the company's performance was enough to boost investor optimism.
Japan wants to boost that number to 9% by 2030.
Wyoming enjoyed a major boost from the return of Allen.
The positive data releases also gave the greenback a boost.
ET. Overseas, stocks got a boost from strong economic data.
What it won't necessarily do, however, is boost frame rates.
Or are you mostly looking to boost your net worth?
However, the expected boost isn't due to any market improvements.
Trump's remarks Tuesday appeared to give that push a boost.
But the numbers got a boost from late night shoppers.
The announcement helped boost United's premarket share price by 1%.
They appeal to wannabe influencers looking to boost their presence.
Downstream also got a $1.16 billion boost from tax reform.
The country has allocated extensive national funding to boost production.
That, combined with the tax cuts, would help boost inflation.
It's one of the few ways to significantly boost growth.
His criminal justice plan would also boost spending on treatment.
Moreover, it would also boost productivity, which helps all consumers.
It has said the deal would boost profitability by 15%.
If freely spending $120,000 doesn't boost happiness, then what does?
Such indulgences certainly boost one's fragile ego and approval ratings.
Rivian, a top Tesla truck competitor, gets a big boost
Others warned that a meeting could boost the reclusive regime.
Longines hopes the effort will boost the brand's digital presence.
Humanitarian groups have seen a boost in donations, as well.
It wouldn't hurt to boost the federal minimum wage, either.
That aid could save lives — and boost their bottom lines.
BMW says it will get a 1.55 billion euro boost.
The goal is to boost foot traffic to Kohl's stores.
The scholarship aims to boost diversity in the media industry.
Barack Obama went to Nevada to boost early voting there.
B.J. Rudell: New Hampshire primary turnout a boost to Democrats.
MUMBAI (Reuters Breakingviews) - Covid-19 will give multilateralism a boost.
Varying rates tend to boost the economics of electrical appliances.
Those laws have helped boost wages so far in 2019.
And here's Washington, D.C.: But that boost was only temporary.
Moreover, the Trump tax cuts did not boost workers' wages.
Buttgieg was not the only candidate to boost his profile.
Europe's financial services sector got a boost amid takeover news.
Some traders suspected Trump was trying to boost the markets.
Netanyahu needed to pass the move to boost his campaign.
The mayor has taken some incremental steps to boost diversity.
The exchange has been trying to boost declining trading volumes.
You talk about ways utilities could boost research and experimentation.
Working out might boost your adrenaline too much before bed.
Now, Acura is hoping a new look will boost sales.
Take more breaks while at work to boost your mood.
These can boost funds' returns but also carry hidden risks.
Energy stocks got a boost from rising U.S. oil prices.
"Fixing these issues will clearly boost the economy," he added.
Republicans insist it will boost the economy and job growth.
The pickup in job growth helped to boost U.S. stocks.
And there are better — proven — ways to boost immunization rates.
It would be a big boost for economies, jobs, trade.
Those opinions, combined with previous experience, are a huge boost.
Facebook says the boost won't apply to any particular kind of content — beyond conventional news stories, it will also boost "local sports, arts and human-interest stories," the company says in a blog post.
Now, I wouldn't necessarily expect Rubio to get a big boost from a third-place finish (though the closer he comes behind the second-place finisher, the bigger the boost is likely to be).
U.S. President-elect Trump's plans to cut taxes and boost infrastructure spending would boost economic activity while his proposals to deport illegal immigrants and impose tariffs on cheap imports are seen driving inflation higher.
While several studies have indicated that a reduction in taxes could boost earnings 8% or more, (see my Trader Talk from yesterday), a reduction in regulations can also have a significant boost on earnings.
These investments are part of a strategy to boost phosphate-based fertiliser use and production in Africa where there is potential to boost consumption five-fold from about 5 million tonnes currently, he said.
These investments are part of a strategy to boost phosphate-based fertilizer use and production in Africa where there is potential to boost consumption five-fold from about 5 million tonnes currently, he said.
While satellite television provider Dish Network remains the front-runner to acquire the Boost assets, Goldman has told prospective buyers as late as Tuesday that it is preparing for an upcoming auction of Boost.
The survey underscores the challenge of the BOJ's monetary experiment that aims to boost inflation expectations with heavy money printing, in hope of prodding companies and households to boost spending now rather than save.
If the spectrum to support Boost is divested, "that would then qualify (Boost) as a real competitor and not be dependent on somebody else's network," said Roger Entner, a telecommunications analyst with Recon Analytics.
What they're like to wearWeighing in at 12 ounces, the Pulseboost HD is minimally heavier than the 10.9-ounce Ultra Boost and 11-ounce Ultra Boost 19 (weights are based on size 9 shoes).
And in a low-margin business like groceries it's all about volume and they're doing everything they can to boost value — rolling out delivery, curbside pickup, all that stuff is helping to boost volume.
The government also said it would boost funding for the Fair Work Ombudsman by A$20 million ($14.4 million), boost the regulator's evidence gathering powers and set up a taskforce to help migrant workers.
As part of efforts to boost commodity trading, China's three major exchanges, the Shanghai Futures Exchange, the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and the DCE, are planning to boost the number of commodities that can be traded.
While there are lots of ways to boost your savings now that don't require cutting back on a daily latte, the study got us thinking about ways you could boost savings from your coffee fund.
In other words, common sense, economics, and everything we know about current US electricity markets indicates that an infusion of 2.3 billion tons of cheap coal would boost demand and thus would boost carbon emissions.
In early 2016, Clinton's aides said they felt that Trump's comments about Latinos, African-Americans and women would boost turnout in those communities, surpassing whatever boost the Republican nominee enjoyed with white, working-class voters.
The Nigerian government launched the "Buy Nigerian to Grow the Naira" campaign to boost patronage of locally produced products -- and with Adichie's weight firmly behind it, Nigerian fashion could get an even bigger global boost.
Sentiment also got a boost from data showing India's trade deficit narrowed slightly in August, a move that will strengthen the government's case for rejecting exporters' calls for a competitive boost through a rupee devaluation.
The bank, which has close to 3 million consumer banking clients in South Korea, also aims to boost consumer banking deposits by 30 percent, up from $10 billion currently and will boost investments in technology.
"Understanding this hidden pattern can allow you — or allow your boss to allow you — to do the right work at the right time, which will allow you to boost your creativity and boost your productivity."
House leaders strike bipartisan deal to boost business investment: The leaders of the House Financial Services Committee on Monday unveiled the details of a legislative package meant to boost investment in budding U.S. businesses. Reps.
On Saturday, Iran announced plans to boost its ballistic and cruise missile capacity and acquire modern fighter planes and submarines to boost its defenses following the U.S. pullout from Tehran's nuclear agreement with world powers.
While the former vice president wants to boost protections for undocumented immigrants who report labor violations, his proposal does not go as far as Sanders' plan in pushing to boost bargaining power for undocumented workers.
If you can get used to it, you might get a significant battery boost as well, and this boost should increase as more popular apps add support for dark mode (we're waiting for you, Facebook). 
The implementation of a peace agreement could provide a confidence boost in the short-term and bring medium to long term benefits (such as improved investment in agriculture and energy) that could boost growth prospects.
"We suspect that the hit to other industries from higher prices will outweigh any boost to domestic steel and aluminum producers, particularly when that boost may not be very large, " Hunter said in a note.
The government will ensure a significant rise in bonds issued by financial institutions to more than 180 billion yuan this year to boost lending to smaller companies, and boost credit for manufacturing and services sectors.
U.S. innovation can also get a boost from immigrant college graduates.
The announcement eliminates one possible buyer for the Boost Mobile brand.
For Instagram, the feature could dramatically boost engagement with live video.
They add that tiering would only likely offer a limited boost.
Some cop to getting the occasional boost, but Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi?
Such politicians have much to gain from an unexpected monetary boost.
The Obama administration has acknowledged the need to boost repair rates.
You can also switch to Turbo mode for an extra boost.
The tax cut has thus given growth only a marginal boost.
What I didn't expect was the boost in mathematical self-esteem.
Measures to boost entrepreneurship and young technology firms are also expected.
European stocks gained strength, with a late boost from Yellen's remarks.
Such step was believed to boost the bank's profitability and lending.
The stock gave the biggest boost to the S&P 272.
Gay Lea Foods is also preparing to boost milk protein output.
Need a mood boost at the end of a busy week?
DeSantis believes the president&aposs support gives him a big boost.
If anything, we should boost Social Security benefits, not cut them.
However, the American designer could see a boost down the road.
Prime Day also usually helps boost the number of Prime memberships.
Any or all of these reforms will likely boost coverage numbers.
The companies will knowingly downplay the risk to boost their businesses.
That implies a consolidator could easily boost margins by building scale.
However, while it may have given us an evolutionary boost at
Energy stocks got a boost from a rally in oil prices.
The stock gave the biggest boost to the S&P 500.
The cash boost valued Uber's Advanced Technologies Group at $7.25 billion.
" He continues: "Someone needs to boost these ladies' self esteem up.
Obamacare Donald Trump's election may have given Obamacare an unexpected boost.
Rebalancing may not boost your returns, especially in the short run.
Shares of energy companies got a boost from higher oil prices.
Republicans in Mississippi get a boost from voters' feelings toward Trump.
Thanks to the new Lego Boost Creative Toolbox, there's another possibility.
The lack of confidence continued to boost traditional safe haven assets.
It's all about generating backlinks that boost the company's Google rank.
Facebook's Craigslist-like marketplace section is getting a boost from Ebay.
"App of the Day" apps saw a boost of 685 percent.
Adam Draper, CEO of Boost VC, also invested on the spot.
Investors are hopeful that the Fed could boost the stock market.
On the career front, practicing gratitude can boost your professional success.
Your intuition also gets a big boost from Mercury entering Capricorn.
European stocks closed higher, with a late boost from Yellen's remarks.
DJT, which would get a big boost from corporate tax cuts.
Economists expect a modest boost from inventories in the fourth quarter.
You got your crowd therapy rally and ego boost in Florida.
Its bylaws could be amended to boost the board even more.
Amgen's 217 percent rise was the biggest boost to the index.
These are the fifth Yeezy Boost 350 shoes to come out.
With a boost from Senate Democrats, resistance leaders punched back — hard.
No magic formula, secret hack, or boost from an internal connection.
Cutting prices may be a tempting way to boost core rides.
JPMorgan's 523 percent rise provided the biggest boost to the sector.
The something old is Trump's plan to boost American military strength.
The next step in Cycloramic's growth would require another marketing boost.
It uses resources from those loans to help boost poorer countries.
It gives us a little boost going into the off day.
Capital One analysts said the discovery might boost shares $10 overall.
Ironically, the Note 7 problems could also boost Samsung's chip business.
Republicans praised him for taking steps to boost rural internet service.
China is ramping up infrastructure investment to boost its slowing economy.
The moon enters Sagittarius, bringing a big boost to your intuition.
It's even harder to reach its summit without an oxygen boost.
The aim of the programme is to boost the president's image.
Air France is to launch its own offshoot, Boost, this autumn.
By one estimate, such tools could boost productivity by 15-30%.
For Didi, these introductions will likely provide a welcome revenue boost.
This year it hopes to boost its total income by 10%.
China hopes the festival will boost its cultural "soft power" abroad.
Short-term benefits, like a boost in tourism, are often exaggerated.
The Politico report seemed to boost major averages slightly on Wednesday.
"Not gonna lie — that was definitely a confidence boost," she says.
Sales were up 16 percent when including the boost from currencies.
Scrapping that subsidy would provide recycling firms with a big boost.
The wholesale only model will boost investments in FTTH in Europe.
On the back, you'll also find a much-needed camera boost.
Those two forces have been a big boost for Dashlane's business.
This daily massage will reduce puffiness, boost circulation, and energize skin.
The job boost is welcome for the recession-battered trucking industry.
Australia has simplified its student visa system to boost its appeal.
Oil prices jumped after China moved to boost its slowing economy.
Other studies suggest that charters boost more than just test scores.
She also helped his re-election when he needed a boost.
And he can choose to boost specific posts by retweeting them.
It promised to boost subsidies for those studying Portuguese at university.
The news out of Japan helped boost U.S. stocks on Tuesday.
But the successful attack may not boost morale for very long.
The aim was to boost employment and wages for native workers.
Fact These Zara shoes closely resemble the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost.
This isn't the first time Rodman has given PotCoin a boost.
So, that gave me a big boost of spirit and encouragement.
A weaker dollar can boost oil and other dollar-denominated commodities.
Despite her high-profile hiring, Kelly has failed to boost audiences.
Fiscal policy is also set to provide more of a boost.
The Brexit vote could also boost the chances for Massachusetts Sen.
She said she work would continue to boost the trade volume.
That could mean a boost to transit projects across the country.
The TAP project will offer a strong boost to move forward.
The RX550 has an 1183MHz boost speed and 2GB of RAM.
The Adidas Ultra Boost is revered for its multi-use functionality.
The latter had already received a boost from news Sino-U.
Microsoft's gross margins in this area also got a healthy boost.
Still, they do what they can to boost the good ones.
The idea is to boost private suppliers and to cut fraud.
Absent a boost from census hires, private payroll growth to slow.
In 2017 trade provided a welcome boost to the euro zone.
With that money, it could boost hourly wages to over $15.
Some felt Mr Mistry was doing too little to boost profits.
He would then boost himself to everybody on the [Fling] database.
Yesterday, it completed its second acquisition to boost its GrabPay service.
Many hope the discovery will provide a much-needed economic boost.
Twenty minutes outside can elevate your mood and boost your happiness.
Mr Duterte's popularity seems likely to boost candidates associated with him.
If the U.S. dollar weakens, commodities will likely get a boost.
Please. He's exactly the wrong person to boost the millennial vote.
The Chinese government's stimulus to boost the economy have lifted demand.
It won't replace hearing aids, but it could boost their effectiveness.
Everyone is asking for pictures or autographs to boost their status.
Nvidia has gotten a boost of late from a rival's disappointment.
Now it uses its tech savvy to boost returns in takeovers.
The companies have pledged not to boost rates for three years.
It is also a way for United to boost its profits.
Mandatory quotas for women on boards have helped boost female representation.
Meanwhile Eritrea has seized the chance to boost its depleted coffers.
This kind of boost opens up a whole host of possibilities.
In the meantime, this election could boost his importance yet further.
One is that there are fewer new workers to boost output.
That's helped boost spending locally, encouraging employers to add more jobs.
The sale of Luminar's development platform will likely boost that effort.
Caterpillar rose 3.8 percent, providing the biggest boost to the Dow.
For millennials, 66 percent expect to boost their exposure to ETFs.
It doesn't just magically boost your iPhone's overall storage capacity, though.
This would decrease demand for the greenback and boost U.S. inflation.
She sees no capital gain when low rates boost asset prices.
The kingdom has indicated it's willing to boost output — if necessary.
The biggest boost for business investment came from intellectual property products.
Drink a cup of green tea for a boost of energy.
Two-thirds support changes in those policies to help boost growth.
But the player's biggest boost likely came from another unexpected quarter.
EU subsidies for land conservation provide a helpful boost to income.
The furore in Madrid has given the dissidents a welcome boost.
For working professionals, DeX mode should bring a boost for productivity.
The German loss on Wednesday denied the chancellor such a boost.
The twin Macau launches helped to boost the region's gaming revenues.
Overseas, European equities rose after receiving a boost from crude prices.
The funding would be used to boost Warba's Tier 1 capital.
Mobile sales will surely boost that figure in the coming months.
A bigger boost may come from new entrants to the market.
It plans to boost output to 4 million bpd by 2020.
Waste management firm Sabesp provided the biggest boost to the benchmark.
That gave the greenback a boost before caution quickly set in.
The app helped boost Pokemon card values, according to Heritage Auctions.
But they are a boost to the stock of human happiness.
Nordstrom pulled back on promotions to boost profits, and it backfired.
It added this would "boost the firm's competitiveness in the market".
Goldman Sachs' 2 percent increase gave the Dow its biggest boost.
First, the government should boost funding for the anti-corruption authority.
A new opportunity to travel or boost your education may arrive.
So, Lapidus' goal is to boost the business wherever he can.
A boost in creative inspiration also arrives and gifts are exchanged.
That's a big boost for the venture, previously known as SolarCity.
Go deeper: Whirlpool gets a trade war boost from price hikes
So Trump's tweet could help boost the signal of their complaints.
The government says it will boost both commerce and state revenues.
Their economic relationship may be in for a big boost, too.
For big companies, formalisation could boost profits in the short term.
So far, the currency has yet to see a GST boost.
The annual increase came despite the lack of an Easter boost.
Japanese shares also received some boost from a relatively weaker yen.
Automation will boost productivity, which has grown sluggishly in recent years.
Their voters were fleeing to May, giving her yet another boost.
Research even suggests that synchronizing exercise to music may boost efficiency.
One possible explanation for the boost is a tighter labour market.
The company received a boost from Chiptopia during the second quarter.
Popeyes has been trying to boost its same-store sales growth.
It would also get a boost from a general economic rebound.
Drug companies promise "a chance to live longer" to boost sales.
Boost Android Signal Q: My Android phone keeps losing its connection.
Airlines tend to see an earnings boost when oil prices fall.
That's why negotiators encourage countries to boost their pledges over time.
These stocks then get a return boost when their currencies strengthen.
Properly disclosing extra charges would give passive funds an extra boost.
Higher Treasury rates boost the cost of financing, helping bank earnings.
Celebrity fans like Miranda give the Story Pirates' world a boost.
Happy Meals also got a boost from a partnership with Disney.
If true, the move could help boost the firm's hardware sales.
The industry was given a boost after STMicroelectronics earnings were published.
This is a big efficiency boost and easier for fleet management.
Tariff-sensitive industrials rose 1% with Boeing Co its biggest boost.
A Trump win also gives the businessman a huge delegate boost.
Some economist contend that immigrants boost the economy by becoming consumers.
The bank is selling assets in part to boost its capital.
The stock was the biggest boost to the tech-heavy Nasdaq.
Republicans insist that Trump's tax overhaul has helped boost the economy.
U.S. Treasuries also rose, helping boost the dollar but pressuring gold.
Is the Fed about to give commodities a much-needed boost?
But Mwangi said a steadier environment this year would boost earnings.
Equities also got a boost following strong quarterly numbers from Walmart.
And CBD just got a big boost thanks to US lawmakers.
Dessert is another attempt to win back customers and boost sales.
There is room in Lego Boost to grow as a programmer.
The loan will boost balance sheet cash to nearly US$6bn.
Another way to boost your retirement savings is to work longer.
Boost Your Mental Fitness Squats for the booty — and the brain?
Does that ever give you some sort of weird ego boost?
Supporters of the proposal argue that it would boost domestic manufacturing.
Over the years, Walmart has done little to boost this business.
All of this increases the Taliban's appeal and helps boost recruitment.
But the Giants need a chemistry boost from something — or someone.
A big part of an agreement will boost China's agriculture spending.
It's no secret that cutting back on entertainment can boost productivity.
He believes that feeding on blood helps to boost his health.
It was the biggest boost to the S&P 20.5 index.
Biogen's 270 percent rise provided the biggest boost to the sector.
They also boost the dollar, in which the metal is priced.
He was included in Kim's "fam distrubution" of Yeezy Boost 350s.
But it's still a big boost relative to the current law.
We're going to give small businesses like my dad's a boost.
That would be a real boost for manufacturers and their communities.
That change of scenery may also provide a boost in productivity.
Names such as these certainly boost the legitimacy of the tournament.
Apple was easily the biggest individual boost to the three indexes.
However, that doesn't necessarily mean U.S. stocks will get a boost.
It's a way to boost the local entrepreneurial scene, she says.
UnitedHealth's 1.2 percent gain provided the biggest boost to the Dow.
Coach is expected to be looking at acquisitions to boost revenue.
Amazon posted steep stock declines, while Microsoft saw a big boost.
Any positive surprise could give the stock a much needed boost.
Biogen provided the biggest boost to the Nasdaq after strong results.
It also said the acquisition would boost earnings and cash flow.
Technology shares including Apple were giving the index its biggest boost.
Fuel cost changes could boost that sum in inflation-adjusted dollars.
And, in many cases, it's a midday energy boost as well.
Goldman said the re-pricing could boost earnings for multiple years.
Classic Crepes A classic recipe to boost your crepe-confidence. 2.
But that hashtag got a giant boost going into the weekend.
We recommend adding a bit of dried fruit to boost sweetness.
UnitedHealth increased 1.9 percent, providing the biggest boost to the Dow.
We're going to give small businesses, like my dad's, a boost.
Furthermore, righTune claims its product can help boost performance by 15%.
We have a feeling Colbert's ratings will get another boost tonight...
NEGATIVE interest rates are intended to give the economy a boost.
"If DiCaprio wins ... it could be a significant boost," Cohen said.
That decision would require Televisa to take steps to boost competition.
Goldman Sachs' 193 percent rise gave the Dow its biggest boost.
The three organizations also saw a boost in their online followings.
Higher rates could help boost the net interest margins of banks.
"We support Assad and these elections are a boost for him."
It cannot boost its value much by manipulating its capital structure.
S. East Coast trade, providing a boost to Zim's Pacific services.
Celgene's 4 percent rise gave the biggest boost to the index.
The scheme has already helped boost the zone's corporate-bond market.
This weaker-dollar environment would provide a boost to international returns.
It didn't boost his chances of reelection or raise his popularity.
Why the boost in black turnout, especially among black women voters?
Mr McDonnell could boost spending on public services at a stroke.
The MAX 8s have been a visible part of that boost.
KDB has also been selling non-core subsidiaries to boost capital.
Defense hawks have been demanding a spending boost for the Pentagon.
Still, Amazon plans to boost its New York office space footprint.
The impact on cash flows translates into a bigger overall boost.
They believe tax relief would give the current economy a boost.
But that is not enough to boost growth overall, Aurelio said.
In a crucial boost for its chances on Monday, Arizona Gov.
Deeper production cuts in China may give the market another boost.
Plant-based diets seem to boost telomerase activity, and lengthen telomeres.
Thanks to Chandrayaan, India's Lunar Programme will get a substantial boost.
The Slovakian central bank, for example, predicted a boost of 50%.
Even the trade war is unlikely to boost inflation, he said.
Meanwhile, Baidu has also been trying to boost its mobile offering.
Or are you hoping that diversity will boost the bottom line?
Their chances in the latter got a big boost when Rep.
This crucial work is in desperate need of a funding boost.
Also importantly, the series helped boost female engagement in the app.
A new SEC initiative helped boost the agency's figures, it said.
They also boost the dollar, in which the metal is priced.
But the president's support isn't guaranteed to boost DeSantis's electoral prospects.
Caterpillar rose 1213 percent, providing the biggest boost to the Dow.
They clashed with each other over whether to boost defense spending.
The trade-sensitive technology sector rose 21%, providing the biggest boost.
Fake News CNN trying to boost their ratings by showing me.
The rating agency expects these sectors will boost performance in 2020.
Trump's preference for low rates could also boost topline economic numbers.
America's tax cut package will give a further boost to profits.
As U.S. economic expansion continues this will boost economic growth further.
Using video on LinkedIn can be a big boost for businesses.
May's government is hoping to boost trade with non-European partners.
Hugin has gotten a boost from the corruption accusations against Menendez.
Beyond that, Chambers said start-ups provide opportunities to boost inclusion.
Adding OWN to the mix could boost African-American viewership numbers.
The detention of Al Hassan is a boost for ICC prosecutors.
He plans to boost the economy by, in part, cutting regulations.
That statement did lead to a short-term boost in sales.
Horacio Carrillo to the fold gives the show an immediate boost.
A mid-engine design can also provide a boost in acceleration.
It's a big boost for Dems in the era of Trump.
They do not boost symbolic candidates for the fun of it.
The award provides a much needed boost to the e-tron.
UnitedHealth rose 1433 percent, providing the biggest boost to the Dow.
Reality: Eating different sources of fat can actually boost your health.
But the resolution also left open a path to boost spending.
The governor said Kasich supporters could help boost Cruz to victory.
In one update, Apple's messaging system, iMessage, got a turbo boost.
Weak display panel prices also likely helped boost margins, they said.
It would also give eco-friendly finance a crucial political boost.
And, of course, partnering with outside organizations helped boost their message.
Looks like the History Channel needs to boost their factchecking game.
Josta contained guarana — along with caffeine — to provide an energy boost.
And the defense boost was dead on arrival with the Senate.
Investing in clean energy can boost jobs and strengthen our economy.
The tax boost may fade next year, but it won't end.
Some research suggests they may boost metabolism and help control appetite. 
And evidence is mounting that the promised economic boost isn't materializing.
Electric cars and battery storage can in turn boost solar deployments.
In 1995, Apple took advantage of celebrity faces to boost sales.
It's an idea not likely to boost Warren's mediocre approval ratings.
The stock gave the biggest boost to the S&P 63.
UnitedHealth rose 1.7 percent, providing the biggest boost to the Dow.
Erdogan regularly exerts pressure for lower rates to boost flagging growth.
Gains in the energy and technology indices helped boost Wall Street.
That economic boost will benefit both lenders and brokers, it said.
And Pelosi got a huge boost late Thursday evening when Rep.
The sector also provided the biggest boost to the broader index.
No one can give you the boost you deserve but you.
That boost is tracked via a dial in the instrument cluster.
The Tax Foundation believes the bill could boost GDP 1.7 percent.
Mr. Mikels worked every angle to boost the box-office returns.
He also said the government was distributing land to boost agriculture.
The stock provided the biggest boost to the S&P 500.
Chipotle also hopes to boost employee productivity with other digital innovations.
A deal may boost earnings but could prove a financial stretch.
Why not instead teach Americans how to boost their children's immunity?
"That would be such a boost for their confidence," Lieberman said.
Carlsberg is not the only brewer to boost its sustainability credentials.
A handful of lower-tier candidates received a slight boost.  Gov.
African-American voters and women boost Clinton's lead in the state.
But smaller films too can get a different sort of boost.
Results got a boost from an increase in domestic advertising revenue.