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"handicap" Definitions
  1. [countable, uncountable] (old-fashioned, usually offensive) a permanent physical or mental condition that makes it difficult to do some things that most other people can do The term handicap is now usually considered offensive. You can say that somebody has a disability or is disabled instead.
  2. [countable] something that makes it difficult for somebody to do something synonym obstacle
  3. [countable] (sport) a race or competition in which those who have most skill must run further, carry extra weight, etc. in order to give all those taking part an equal chance of winning; the disadvantage that is given to somebody you are competing against in such a race or competition
  4. [countable] (in golf ) the number of strokes (= hits) over par (= the expected number of strokes for a good player) that a player usually needs to complete a course. Handicaps are used to give an advantage to weaker players so that competition is more equal when they play against stronger players.
"handicap" Synonyms
disability defect disorder affliction condition debility abnormality deficiency dysfunction impairment infirmity disablement incapacity injury weakness mental abnormality physical abnormality physical disability learning disability ailment obstacle hindrance impediment obstruction block encumbrance hurdle bar deterrent trammel inhibition stop cramp fetter crimp drag barrier manacle interference holdback disadvantage drawback downside minus liability disbenefit negative debit incommodity penalty strike snag shortcoming problem detriment flaw advantage edge vantage start odds favor(US) favour(UK) head start upper hand lead better jump whip hand high ground catbird seat inside track ascendancy superiority drop supremacy fine forfeit mulct punishment retribution forfeiture damages penance price sanction sentence amends amercement consequence cost deprivation dues fall mortification Achilles heel failing fault foible frailty vulnerability underbelly susceptibility downfall chink jugular kryptonite undoing back weak spot hinder hamper impede inhibit obstruct encumber curb check restrict stymie shackle hobble hamstring clog retard injure cripple damage disable wound incapacitate maim impair mutilate disfigure deface mangle lame ruin bruise batter scar wreck crush weaken prostrate debilitate exhaust enervate tire sap enfeeble weary fatigue drain devitalize frazzle immobilise(UK) immobilize(US) overtire tax penalize(US) unfairly disadvantage put at a disadvantage cause to suffer put at an unfair disadvantage put at disadvantage put in an unfavourable position inflict a handicap on put a hindrance in the way of put a impediment in the way of put a stumbling block in the way of inflict handicap oppress abuse subjugate suppress maltreat persecute subdue enslave repress tyrannise(UK) tyrannize(US) wrong hegemonize ill-treat master overcome overpower overwhelm exploit complicate entangle confuse muddle embroil perplex embarrass complex complexify ravel sophisticate involve make difficult mix up snarl up bedevil combine confound convolute equalize(US) level balance match equate regularise(UK) regularize(US) square standardise(UK) standardize(US) equal even make equal smooth even off make even adjust align commeasure communize More

315 Sentences With "handicap"

How to use handicap in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "handicap" and check conjugation/comparative form for "handicap". Mastering all the usages of "handicap" from sentence examples published by news publications.

He is an 18 handicap at the start of the book, and he is a humiliated 18 handicap at its end.
Eli -- a 10 handicap -- posted an 8-under total with Chappell ... while Peyton -- an 8 handicap -- carded a 5-under with Donald.
Laura: See, but your little handicap is the same handicap that the Chuck Todds of the world give Trump every day, and they ALWAYS let his bullshit fucking slide as a result.
The catechism describes being LGBTQ as a sin, a handicap.
It would probably be fairer to handicap AlphaStar even further.
To donate to Handicap International's efforts in Haiti, visit here.
Conservatives have concerns that the law could handicap law enforcement.
In Warren's case, this doesn't seem to be a handicap.
He's a three, four handicap, and he's playing part time.
Only a truly fit peacock can survive despite this handicap.
Phelps carded an 84, lowering his handicap to single digits.
They simply decided to handicap themselves to help other developers.
How do you handicap the situation you just laid out?
"It's very fluid; it's hard to handicap it," he said.
Looks like he caught a break on the handicap parking.
It's such an incredible handicap it seems destined for failure.
Santa Anita Park was scheduled this weekend to host the Santa Anita Handicap, a race for older horses, as well as the San Felipe Handicap, an important preparatory race to qualify for the Kentucky Derby.
"I think it's very hard to handicap that from a distance."
But fact is ... Trump's an excellent golfer with a 3 handicap.
The contest's handicap system is meant to discourage higher tech robots.
A related opposition handicap is its emphasis on personality over principle.
Experimentally, they handicap, they do worse, and they know it too.
United's main handicap was the United States' divisive president, Donald Trump.
Nine stones is typically the largest handicap given between human players.
Some pundits think the House race is too close to handicap.
If you can spare your child that handicap, why wouldn't you?
Low handicap players will receive the biggest benefit from blade irons.
The caffeine produces surges of adrenaline, which further your emotional handicap.
This flaw might yet turn out to be a crucial handicap.
When you take a handicap spot an actual disabled person suffers!
"I personally couldn't handicap the outcome at this point," he said.
Trump being Trump, though, the final decision is hard to handicap.
Misguided proposals like these could handicap our still fragile economic growth.
The lack of public polling makes the race difficult to handicap.
Me being who I was, was a handicap in a way.
Her gender was both a handicap and an enormous selling point.
But, he said, Walmsley's otherworldly endurance makes him hard to handicap.
In the now-unfolding tussle over directorships, that is a handicap.
How do you handicap it by the end of the year?
It's a handicap to be bad at solving tech-related problems.
Outfitted by BraunAbility, a company that specializes in handicap-accessible vehicles, the Pacifica boasts special customizations to make it handicap-friendly, including a large interior space, as well as a side ramp and removable front seats.
"Once Hersl realized Moose's mother and father was in his life, he wanted to handicap him, but the only way he could handicap Moose was to slow us down also," he explained, his voice ringing with certainty.
EFFINEX; Flavien Prat; James Jerkens; 15-1; A surprising runner-up to American Pharoah in last year's Breeders' Cup Classic, this son of Mineshaft has picked up victories in 2016 at the Oaklawn Handicap and Suburban Handicap.
Trump advisers have declined to handicap the race for secretary of state.
Handicap International and their emergency specialists are on the ground in Ecuador.
Ultimate, I wasn't able to jump, which is a pretty big handicap.
Another handicap is the way VCs of both genders size women up.
Officers had been checking on a vehicle parked across two handicap spaces.
I would say that it's kind of a handicap in some ways.
So not being a clear and obvious favorite isn't necessarily a handicap.
And like an elite athlete, he didn't handicap goals with unhelpful emotions.
But, Jansen says that needing some voltage isn't a handicap, per se.
Sam's handicap was even more severe than those of the other campers.
Does all of this nostalgia cripple its storytelling and handicap creative possibilities?
So they still have this handicap, even if their intentions are good.
This season's field, bracketologists said, was one of the hardest to handicap.
Both camps are at a loss for how to handicap the race.
I hope that future generations do not have to experience this handicap.
Still, the advocates, while confident they'll win, declined to handicap individual votes.
I'm closing shop and I can't allow anyone to exploit my handicap.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Nipsey's Brinks truck -- a literal marketing vehicle for his new album, "Victory Lap" -- was towed from his store's parking lot after cops say it was parked in a handicap spot without handicap plates.
That would likely handicap states' ability to respond to larger enrollments during recessions.
Arrogate, the 1-20 favorite in the $300,000 San Diego Handicap, finished fourth.
"Are we ignoring the fact that they're parked in handicap," another person observed.
Handicap International Help us provide rehabilitation care for injured earthquake survivors in #Ecuador!
That makes the trade part of this harder to handicap and fully appreciate.
The party's "Rules Committee" is as powerful as it is difficult to handicap.
It was Napoleon who once remarked: "In politics, absurdity is not a handicap."
WALLACE: Let&aposs handicap this, though, if you will, sort of expert analysis.
But not only do we get a handicap, we get to go first.
His lack of allies will seriously handicap Bolsonaro when campaigning begins on Aug.
Unconventional campaigns can handicap what a political convention is great at providing — clarity.
He still plays regularly, especially in the off-season, carrying a 1.9 handicap.
Without your intervention, my son will be euthanized due to his brain handicap.
I asked Besaw to handicap the biggest risk to stock prices in 2020.
Curry's handicap has been variously reported as falling somewhere between 2 and scratch.
Look I'm not going to handicap all the people that could come up.
With about a 15 handicap now, he can hit a drive 220 yards.
"But policy by Twitter is not a risk you can handicap," Schlossberg added.
Would you handicap... President Trump: Are you surprised to hear me say that?
Would you handicap— PRESIDENT TRUMP: Are you surprised to hear me say that?
It's a handicap, and it means that I'm constantly being surprised by things.
Every black person, successful or not, has to overcome a steep handicap; the idea of racial transcendence is anchored in the fallacy that the handicap is blackness itself, rather than a society that terrorizes and undermines blacks at every turn.
Making it difficult to handicap comes from that kernel of how reliable is this?
Special buses with handicap access were also on hand Friday for those in wheelchairs.
This complacent parochialism now looks like a strategic handicap, and not just for Huawei.
Curry is listed with a 2.0 handicap, according to the Northern Californian Golf Association.
In that case, home court advantage looks a lot more like a fatal handicap.
So handicap this thing for me: What are your chances of actually getting elected?
So I'm not going to handicap the race before anybody actually gets into it.
I think Bernie can beat Trump; other people may handicap it a different way.
And a trade war is something that is difficult, if not impossible, to handicap.
The first option can handicap the regime but has not stopped its nuclear drive.
Ichi Ban took handicap honors on Monday for the second time in three years.
But those controversies did not noticeably handicap Trump when it came to November's election.
His standing with female voters, in particular, is a huge handicap going into 2628.
"What's your handicap?" he asks after a video of him swinging a golf club.
"To some extent, we're trying to handicap which way policy goes, trying to handicap which way markets will respond, in which case … we're making a whole series of conditional probabilities based on what we think may happen or may not happen," he said.
It bothers you that I saw you park your Rolls-Royce in a handicap spot?
But the recent episode has made the closeness of top executives look like a handicap.
Neither of them had a background in science, but it wasn't a handicap on MythBusters.
Not handicap it and say, well maybe since I can't win this one, I'll run.
After lunch, I head into the handicap bathroom for my three minutes of quiet time.
Voters are liable to blame him, at which point his imagined leverage becomes a handicap.
The ruling reversed a decision that dismissed Barbuto's 2015 handicap discrimination claim against the company.
"If you do comedy in English in Nigeria, you're fighting with a handicap," he said.
Mississippi's special election is home to a four-way jungle primary that's tough to handicap.
And so, it becomes very difficult to handicap this market at this point in time.
Then things go awry since Brady, jerk that he is, parked in a handicap spot.
You recently said living in Australia was "a handicap" for artists with global ambitions. Why?
Like a true gambler, however, there is no harm in trying to handicap the field.
Trump's handicap index is officially 2.8, but he has posted only three scores since '14.
Recently, I tested this handicap hypothesis by examining the wing bones of female club-wings.
Ramsay, whose handicap is a six, learned the game from his father, who is British.
He says not being a member should not be an impediment to obtaining a handicap.
Accurately being able to handicap elections calls for willingness to consider information that challenges preconceptions.
This morning Apple gave its response: It won't handicap us, because we can do both.
MOODY'S SAYS PRIVACY RULES COULD HANDICAP ISPs: The FCC's proposed rules to regulate the privacy practice of Internet service providers will "severely handicap" the industry's ability to compete with other digital advertisers like Facebook and Google, according to a Moody's analysis reported by Reuters.
I think we're often fed this idea that pregnant women are handicap or are given slack.
His ball-striking, from medium-length tees, made him a legitimate 4-handicap at the time.
Kelly Lawler, USA Today: From the first scene, Danny Rand/Iron Fist is an undeniable handicap.
If one offers a self-handicap and succeeds in spite of the impediment, heroes are born.
Trump also frequently hits the links, and has a handicap of 2.8, according to Golf Digest.
Drejka shot and killed Markeis McGlockton on July 210, during a dispute over a handicap space.
I knew all the information beforehand — what their handicap was and how they dealt with it.
The Paris Agreement would also handicap America in the global race for new sources of energy.
"There are differences which handicap the UK in terms of business rates, energy prices," Junck said.
"But it's hard to handicap the odds of a challenge to something that hasn't yet happened."
"It's easier to handicap bad acquisitions because there are so many of them," Mr. Tortoriello said.
Gyimah possesses a complete absence of self-pity, he sees his handicap as a daily companion.
Computers had already beaten 9-dan professionals as early as 2012, given a four-stone handicap.
For me, the only way to get rid of this handicap was to work on it.
If said swimmer takes cold medicine, or is just sick, however, they don't get a handicap.
Before you commit to breaking up with Facebook, it's important to handicap the potential collateral damage.
But Anthony Scaramucci's business background may prove to be more of a bonus than a handicap.
For officials leaving the Trump administration, however, their government service can, at times, be a handicap.
This flight of skilled workers will handicap Venezuela's chances of ever recovering from its current calamity.
The closure has forced the postponement on Saturday of the track's signature race, the Santa Anita Handicap, which was won by the storied horse Seabiscuit in 22017, and the San Felipe Handicap, a major prep race for 220-year-olds trying to qualify for the Kentucky Derby.
Vic plays to an 8 handicap, which, take our word, is very good for a weekend warrior.
Mr Renzi's biggest handicap as he goes into the referendum is the lacklustre performance of the economy.
It was a 9-stone handicap game, against an 8-dan pro (much stronger than Fan Hui).
"There is no trust," says Nan Moe Thidar Shwe, a local worker of Handicap International, an NGO.
But this interference, researchers are finding out, isn't so much a handicap as a blessing in disguise.
This is likely to be a handicap on "University Challenge", which rewards ego as well as knowledge.
Despite a handicap of lugging an entire other car on a trailer, the Tesla just killed it.
When caffeine disrupts your sleep, you wake up the next day with a cognitive and emotional handicap.
Korda, who is also a two handicap golfer, admitted his dad's victory is regular viewing at home.
In the days when presidential candidates would be picked by a shadowy elite, that was a handicap.
TMZ broke the story ... Cops busted Stitches in Miami after pulling out of a handicap parking spot.
Her thoroughbred reputation became a handicap when voters decided that Barack Obama was the more trusty steed.
The problem with such proposals is that they may handicap the ability of the majority to govern.
Of that number, 438,457 handicap indexes belong to women, who also posted more than 6 million scores.
If it isn't, as seems likely with Walmsley, the implied lower status could create an unnecessary handicap.
" "When you handicap the outcome, having multiple billionaires heavily funding campaigns to oust your supporters isn't helpful.
But Norway is not going to stop drilling, and it certainly won't handicap its cross-country athletes.
On a larger scale, we cannot exclude or handicap immigrants who are seeking funding for new ventures.
To be black and a woman is to labor under the double handicap of racism and sexism.
When he went to the Pearly Gates would St. Peter really care how low his handicap was?
One handicap that Tesla has faced in the United States this year resulted from its own success.
OTHER RACES: Also on Saturday are the Dixie Stakes, for grass horses, and the Maryland Sprint Handicap.
With the careful craftsmanship of To All the Boys nowhere in evidence, he's working with a handicap.
His handicap has been as low as 2.3 — "not back there yet," he said, a little ruefully.
No need to handicap them any further by mixing traces of ammonium nitrate from daddy's crotch sweat.
When you start out with a 22 percent pay inequality, that is quite a handicap to overcome.
Betting markets agree: Betfair Exchange is offering the All Blacks at 75% and a handicap of 11 points.
It sounds straightforward enough, but there's one glaring problem that's been a major handicap for Google for years.
Even though more than half of Oakman's kids were special-needs, neither of these schools was handicap-accessible.
As of May 233, Handicap International estimated that 214 million of these people currently live in humanitarian crises.
Like so many others, Carter and her friends also took cover in one of the handicap bathroom stalls.
Yet to handicap the G20 meeting only through a statistical lens would misunderstand the larger forces at work.
She's currently in treatment for a brain tumor and is absolutely entitled to park in a handicap space.
Let's take a look at all of them and handicap each candidate's chances of achieving glory (or shame).
Analysts have never had to handicap a race with two candidates as historically unpopular as Trump and Clinton.
Instead of blaming DiMaggio for failing to make contact, we would understand he was operating under a handicap.
He plays most of his rounds at Marine Park, in Brooklyn, and he has a single-digit handicap.
Even Golden State looked like they might suffer a handicap as Kevin Durant was questionable with an injury.
Their hotel room in Ireland was handicap-accessible, but the entry door was too small for Donna's wheelchair.
"She was a real miracle, despite having a really serious handicap, and many other issues, too," Leo said.
I love XL-Dating and Bump, but if I had to choose one, I'd go with handicap-dating.
They say that would handicap Russia as it fights to keep production high to defend its market share.
There have already been signs that the Egyptian security services may seek to handicap challengers to Mr. Sisi.
Drejka said his employee had been parked in a handicap-accessible spot and had been rude, Tyler testified.
But since nonhuman habitats remain absent from humans' maps, we handicap our ability to come to their defense.
"No, not really," was all a nervous Estrada, who plays to an 11 handicap, could manage to say.
This action threatens to handicap a $28 billion industry and the hundreds of thousands of workers it supports.
One big handicap has been its tendency to use furtive tactics that can leave even China's supporters perturbed.
One big handicap has been its tendency to use furtive tactics that can leave even China's supporters perturbed.
They realized that they might risk constitutional challenges in the courts if they continued to handicap the defense.
When it comes to trying to impose its will on its coalition partner, 5-Star has one important handicap.
WALLACE: We&aposll handicap possible nominees with Leonard Leo who will play a key role in president&aposs choice.
But a less obvious handicap also plagues communities like Shoal Lake 40: limited access to high speed internet connections.
Handicap International looks to address this barrier, focusing their relief work specifically on the needs of people with disabilities.
He added that he felt his sexual orientation and race were "a handicap for me" while working with Braun.
These service oriented revenue streams could help the company escape the recurring revenue hurdles that handicap many hardware startups.
They are telling clients to forget about trying to handicap the election and anticipating the market's reaction to it.
Additionally, most average to high handicap players don't need the feel and precise design features more expensive irons deliver.
This was a handicap as he made his fourth annual policy address to the Legislative Council (Legco) this week.
When he realized his lack of exposure to the business world was his biggest handicap, he joined Passeport Avenir.
After they found her, they ran into a handicap bathroom stall and hid with a group of other clubgoers.
Huawei will essentially become an all knowing information provider and could handicap the United States and allied intelligence communities.
Now I keep thinking about Hilda, whose handicap struck me more as the stuff of comedy than of compassion.
Our Food writer checked dozens of lists and interviewed consumer behavior experts to handicap the next big food trends.
To win the Santa Anita Handicap," in March, "was for me probably one or two on my bucket list.
For average and high handicap golfers, gaining extra ball height on all shots is one of their biggest challenges.
Some concerns about the Equalizer wedges Extremely low handicap golfers may not like a few things about the Equalizer.
While this rangefinder won't magically turn you into a handicap golfer, it should help you play a little smarter.
A Lummis-Cheney matchup would be "very difficult to handicap," said Tucker Fagan, a former aide to Ms. Lummis.
The new maximum handicap will be capped at 54, versus the current 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women.
"To make it easy, you can sign up to affiliate with a golf club for handicap purposes," Edmondson said.
To be eligible for qualifying, a player must either be a professional or have a handicap not exceeding 1.4.
"I think they assumed we were bringing top-level handicap or stakes-type horses from the U.S.," he said.
"Surprisingly, we find that designers who side with one party unfairly handicap their own party too much," Paxton said.
Norman Casiano had crawled into a bathroom and wedged himself into a handicap stall with more than a dozen people.
Marie ends up turning my frown upside down when she says that maybe the handicap will work in our favor.
With many medical facilities overwhelmed or destroyed, Handicap International is working to provide rehabilitation and support services to those injured.
Italy has just introduced a new electoral system that is expected to handicap 5-Star, favoring instead mainstream political blocs.
These tendencies are a handicap in the age of climate change, a crisis which is both current and to come.
I use during lunchtime at work, only a couple of lines or so, which I smoke in the handicap bathroom.
Clearly, you want to handicap the team you believe is the strongest so you have a better chance at winning.
You can do all of this due diligence, and you can crunch these numbers and really handicap a game effectively.
But it fell well short of fundamental reform, and it has subsequently proved more of a handicap than a boost.
The fiery Bolsonaro has the highest rejection rate of all candidates, which could be a handicap in a run-off.
"I hope JR Smith double parks in Walgreens handicap parking spots when he's in Milwaukee," Andrade posted, according to CNN.
There's just one problem: Neumann could still be a handicap just by his mere presence at the company, experts say.
USGA rules require that players have a handicap index "not exceeding 1.4" to be eligible to enter as a qualifier.
HOLMESTRAND, Norway — President Trump's tariffs on imported steel and aluminum were supposed to revitalize American producers and handicap foreign competitors.
Without the handicap of sexism, Clinton probably would have won a race that was essentially decided by a rounding error.
But they pointed out that the farms' reliance on inexpensive, undocumented labor would handicap American agriculture in the long term.
In 2017, Neymar addressed racism in a speech at the United Nations, as a representative for the NGO Handicap International.
Russia experts said Mr. Putin hoped to mar the image of American democracy and handicap the United States' international influence.
Good news for globe-trotters: No need to put in hours at the tourism range to lower your travel handicap.
For many years, Warhol's perceived strangeness was a big handicap in how he was regarded in these tradition-bound lands.
The commission has also provided financial incentives to defray the cost and maintenance of handicap-accessible cars, Mr. Fromberg said.
An acquaintance at his mosque said the man was "frustrated" at work because his handicap had prevented him from advancing.
Ever since the coronavirus outbreak was first reported, investors have been trying to handicap its impact on the global economy.
Humanitarian organizations, like Handicap International, have spent decades assisting people with disabilities throughout North Korea, facilitating North Korean government action.
" Ross Perot was "all hawk and no spit," while Ronald Reagan "proved that ignorance is no handicap to the presidency.
In the shower, there was a foldaway handicap bench, but annoyingly no dish to set the shampoo and soap on.
"As of the moment, I couldn't handicap the outcome of the vote," McConnell added about the Senate's consideration of the resolution.
In Iowa, Cruz has been attempting to overcome his personality handicap by visiting every single one of the state's 99 counties.
Paulie, who trains with bands on the regular, can barely even reach a puzzle piece due to his incredible handicap restriction.
It was a handicap, this ability to write 200 words on anything in the world, and I felt a little empty.
All this threatens to harden the divide between "core" and "peripheral" Europe, and turn Poland's isolation into an ever-greater handicap.
Indeed, on Thursday he had a tight calendar, sitting down with soccer officials from Palestine to handicap who would succeed him.
Trump, who owns golf courses across the United States and in Europe, has a 3-handicap, according to the Boston Globe.
Noticing those features is a very real handicap—once you see them, they influence your decisions without you even realizing it.
Why you'll love them: The Titleist 2299.99 AP2 irons are its best set of irons yet, especially for low handicap players.
The variation from location to location may not be enough to handicap basketball games, but it is large enough to matter.
And while he is a pretty exceptional human being, his biggest handicap as a politician has been his aversion to conflict.
Despite this handicap, while contemporary wonderkids thought that their talent alone would suffice, Paletta worked hard and in near-total silence.
Akash (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a piano player who lost his sight as a teenager, but his handicap doesn't hinder his music.
"It's not a level playing field; we have an economic handicap," said Puerto Rico Secretary of State Luis Gerardo Rivera Marín.
The bettors were going after the -250 handicap, meaning they were betting on a 53:25 victory for a given team.
But a 73, from a 71-year-old who plays often for a president but infrequently for a low-handicap golfer?
"The nose must have been a terrible handicap for a shy, self-conscious man with a tremendous need for female admiration." 
Lee will be given a slight handicap against HanDol, but he still isn&apost confident about how the match will go.
The clumsy wings of males could be rationalized as a handicap that provides information about the birds' condition or genetic quality.
As I wrote this week, the complicated election system the party will use makes it difficult to handicap its leadership race.
Mr. Schoen said an internal poll showing that most New Yorkers did not recognize Mr. Massey's name was not a handicap.
The one thing that could stand to handicap the airlines at this point, he said, is a decline in economic growth.
The lack of eye development would further exacerbate the mental handicap, and require surgeries to simply build eyes that would never function.
Founders are breaking barriers in connected cars, handicap accessible tech, blockchain framework, and even a new code-free augmented reality design platform.
The Dutch legal code bars insults and incitement to hatred or discrimination on grounds of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or handicap.
The letter, if true, could serve to handicap Uber as it prepares to face off against Alphabet in front of a jury.
So it didn't make sense to attack him without using the massive force needed to severely handicap his regime's ability to respond.
Me and Marie need to win to be safe and we get to go into our first challenge with an unknown handicap.
As Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota senator, joins America's presidential race, we ask whether her centrist tendencies are an advantage or a handicap.
"This is my car and I am legally allowed to park in handicap spaces due to cancer treatment and exhaustion," Baskin wrote.
Rumours circulating on social media claimed that he was a closet Christian—a potential handicap in the world's biggest Muslim-majority country.
On Saturday, he had qualified third after fuel pressure problems threatened an even greater handicap but his fortunes changed in the race.
But severing ties with Trump risks a serious fissure in the party that could handicap conservatives' political prospects for years to come.
Republican Texas lawmakers have maintained that their voter maps followed "legally allowed political gerrymanders designed to handicap Democrats, not minorities," Bloomberg notes.
These problems with her joints—runner's knee, Achilles tendinitis—were undoubtedly a handicap she'd inherited from his gouty side of the family.
" A few minutes later Strzok texted his own handicap of the Russia evidence: "You and I both know the odds are nothing.
In Kentucky, Mr Beshear has pledged to bolster education funding, though the Republican supermajority in the state legislature may handicap these aspirations.
You have to handicap the probability that Trump is indicted, tried and found guilty of a crime that removes him from office.
He was irked that the church still had not been able to install a handicap-accessible ramp that would satisfy landmark requirements.
Law enforcement sources tell us police at the festival will be on the lookout for fake, stolen or borrowed handicap parking placards.
The company was battered by a slew of scandals, including revelations it had used illicit tactics to handicap competitors and dodge regulators.
The incident began when Drejka got into an argument with Jacobs, McGlockton's girlfriend, for parking in a handicap-accessible spot last July.
She imposes a handicap on herself, affecting a limp as part of the machinations deemed necessary in order to find her lover.
I am lucky to be working in theoretical physics, one of the few areas in which disability is not a serious handicap.
Candidates march through downtown Des Moines to the event, putting on shows of organizing and financial muscle that help handicap the field.
That change satisfied many critics by adding more women to the mix, but it also has made the contests harder to handicap.
A replica of the Venus de Milo was outfitted with 3D printed prosthetic limbs as part of a campaign by Handicap International.
Evangelicals are solving the most serious political handicap that right-wing parties have in Latin America: their lack of ties with nonelites.
The intervention lasted one day only, although Handicap International is urging people to share the photographs on social media with its hashtag.
Given that the crime bill, like the Hyde Amendment, is now anathema to many Democrats, you might think his view is a handicap.
On the "SmackDown Live"brand, WWE Champion AJ Styles will defend the belt against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a handicap match.
This is no defence: the presidency is not a round of golf, where lousy players get a generous handicap to even things up.
Naturally, such a handicap is all the more fun when your job consists, among other things, of cooking food for a TV show.
Transgender fans were also urged to go to the bathroom in groups or used a handicap stall if possible, according to Pink News.
But dams and reservoirs have an additional handicap: We can never be certain how much water nature will pour into the watershed upstream.
"No es un level playing field, tenemos handicap en la economía," dijo el Secretario de Estado de Puerto Rico Luis Gerardo Rivera Marín.
It was once second nature for the right, Roth reminds us, to praise local governments, even as conservatives now try to handicap them.
The failure so far to fill several senior Asia and human rights posts at the State Department is a further handicap, they say.
"I was working out in the handicap bathroom in my dorm because I was too scared to go to the gym," he says.
The surprise resignation of the nation's top federal privacy watchdog threatens to handicap a key government body that has only recently escaped irrelevance.
She walked into my house, knowing that I saw her a–, like, 'Did I see you when you parked in the handicap spot?
To handicap the race, I asked relocation experts at major firms to describe what they are looking for in a replacement for London.
Climbers are built like gymnasts: strong but agile, and lightweight because the handicap of added weight and the physics of gravity require it.
Italy has just introduced a new electoral system that is expected to handicap the anti-establishment 5-Star favoring instead mainstream political blocs.
The foreign origin of many panels has been a handicap for the industry since President Trump imposed tariffs on their import this year.
But Apfel's departure, regardless of the reason, doesn't look great for Samsung's entertainment and software strategy, a long handicap for the Korean conglomerate.
Childhood polio damaged her left hand, a handicap that would later inspire her to use the open guitar tunings that became her trademark.
Now, when people handicap the next Democratic presidential nomination, there are lots of women in the mix — Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand.
And unlike Vine, Snapchat wasn't interfacing with the Facebook ecosystem; there was no obvious way to handicap the company or shut it out.
If you had to handicap the Shari Redstone versus Les Moonves, that fight, who do you think comes out victorious in the end?
Organizations that handicap political races have listed the district as safely Democratic, and Mr. Maloney has raised $2.3 million to Mr. O'Donnell's $267,000.
As we've reported she has a 6 handicap -- and if you're not a golfer, just know that's really good for a non-pro.
The Sander's progressive stances may give Moser a handicap in a Texas race, but this dustup is about more than a congressional race.
This is a severe handicap as they square up to a new standard known as minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities.
Its xenophobia has been less of an electoral handicap in a country that did not go through a German-style post-Nazi reckoning.
Trump inspired outrage last November by seemingly taunting Kovaleski's physical handicap by wildly flailing his arms during a campaign stop in South Carolina.

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