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"acquire" Definitions
  1. acquire something to gain something by your own efforts, ability or behaviour
  2. acquire something to obtain something by buying or being given it
"acquire" Synonyms
get gain win earn obtain land procure receive secure attain achieve gather amass collect score bag garner realise(UK) realize(US) access develop cultivate form foster conceive contrive devise establish evolve learn concoct grasp imbibe master materialise(UK) materialize(US) assimilate pick up take up incur experience sustain suffer encounter contract arouse draw invite induce provoke attract cause catch deserve absorb comprehend digest pursue calculate note observe perceive take determine enrol(UK) sicken afflict succumb come down with fall ill with go down with succumb to become infected with be infected with be stricken with discover discern see ascertain recognise(UK) recognize(US) identify notice distinguish spot hear lay in hoard store stockpile cache stash stow save accumulate treasure reserve assemble husband conserve preserve squirrel borrow scrounge hire have temporarily lease use temporarily negotiate pledge rent receive as a loan take as a loan assume accept undertake bear shoulder handle manage take on begin don adopt embrace take over deal with take on oneself set about take responsibility take responsibility for attend to shop buy purchase hunt look market go shopping snap up buy things buy what one needs do the marketing do the shopping get in supplies look to buy stock up window-shop appear crystallise(UK) crystallize(US) grow actualize arise break commence crystalize dawn emerge engender jell loom employ recruit appoint engage place enlist enroll(US) sign retain add fee pay bring on board sign on sign up monopolize(US) control corner engross dominate exercise hog bogart cartelize consume copyright devour exclude exploit have hold own More
"acquire" Antonyms
lose misplace forfeit mislay displace drop relinquish release surrender forgo misfile bin can chuck discard ditch dump junk renounce scrap forget let go let slip miss abandon fail yield neglect pass ignore leave depart give up spend misunderstand desert give accord cede hand over bequeath dispense grant hand offer part with proffer fork over give away cost discourage dissuade give in throw away sell reject avoid hamper halt harm hinder hurt ruin setback weaken worsen cripple curb curtail delay destroy handicap hold up impede inhibit shackle abdicate abort cancel discontinue disown end forsake quit dodge avert evade shirk shun hide from escape bypass ward off skip be immune shake off prevent preclude obviate forestall elude deter bestow hold keep pay receive refuse retain return waste withhold retail merchandise peddle distribute huckster market merchandize trade hawk vend wholesale carry handle have stock be in the business of deal in present provide supply deliver impart provision serve transfer furnish ante up cough up fork out hide conceal cover blanket bury camouflage dissemble obscure secrete cover up decline dismiss rebuff turn down deny repudiate eschew pass up pass on refuse to receive say no to set aside turn away turn back on turn from abstain from restore replace retrocede reinstate carry back give back hand back put back send back unlearn disremember misrecollect obliviate not recollect not remember clean forget fail to recall fail to remember dismiss from mind cease to remember be unable to recall be unable to remember let slip from memory administer allocate apportion appropriate disseminate allot assign portion deal divide mete share consign circulate prorate disburse reduce alleviate decrease lessen abate attenuate cut minimise(UK) minimize(US) mitigate lighten pare cut back cut down dial down scale down lower decrement blunder flop fall bomb fizzle flounder fold slip fluff flunk founder be unsuccessful fall flat fall short lose out miss the mark recover recuperate mend rebound heal bounce back feel better get better come back pull through rally snap back take a turn for the better liberate free rescue save emancipate disenthral disenthrall unshackle discharge unbind untie loose befree uncage unchain manumit unmanacle spring originate create invent produce design develop devise form conceive generate introduce contrive institute pioneer establish compose innovate make spawn disappear fade vanish dematerialize disperse dissipate cease to be visible vanish from sight

941 Sentences With "acquire"

How to use acquire in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "acquire" and check conjugation/comparative form for "acquire". Mastering all the usages of "acquire" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"We acquire when it makes sense and you acquire when you are trying to acquire capability and skill," Price said.
Broadcom wants to acquire Qualcomm, Qualcomm wants to acquire NXP.
This year, the industry saw Salesforce acquire Tableau and Google Cloud acquire Looker. 
The Saudis may acquire F-16s, but they can no longer easily acquire loyalty.
Tesla to acquire SolarCity Tesla offers to acquire Elon Musk's SolarCity for $2.8B http://tcrn.
"But these are skills, doctors can acquire them, you can measure what they acquire," he said.
It's one feat to acquire a job, it's another however to acquire a job you actually love.
CVS is attempting to acquire Aetna, for example, after Aetna tried and failed to acquire Humana last year.
AWS and Google Cloud may acquire application-focused companies, while Microsoft may acquire security or AI companies, one analyst says.
Announces letter of intent to acquire egg production assets of foodonics international * Cal-Maine foods - will acquire egg-land's best, inc.
Airbnb reportedly began talks to acquire HotelTonight months ago, and finally confirmed its intent to acquire the business in early March.
Facebook and YouTube are the most likely companies to acquire Patreon, but Endeavor may be the company best fit to acquire it.
"So that is an authority that we have, and we intend to use it to acquire anything that we need to acquire."
"To acquire digital skills companies will have to re-skill employees and acquire new technologies and that is likely to continue," it said.
Much as a fishing rod is a tool we use to acquire fish, number words are tools we use to acquire number concepts.
In 2004, Comcast made an unsolicited $54 billion to acquire Disney, the very company it's been dueling with to acquire the Fox assets.
It has received interest from an unnamed strategic investor to acquire Personal Creations and from Edible Arrangements founder Tariq Farid to acquire Shari's Berries.
That you can acquire them in the workplace, that you can acquire them alongside bringing up a family or tending for an older relative.
Millennials, skilled professionals, overseas investors and retirees now have the ability to acquire properties, commercial developments and even homes like they acquire stocks or bonds.
Fly and Incline also plan to acquire 48 to-be-delivered planes and have an option to acquire a further 50 aircraft to be delivered.
This is an increase from the binding agreement to acquire a 5% shareholding announced in April 2017 by use of a call option to acquire additional shares.
So, they're paying 10, 30 bucks to acquire a customer, so if they could acquire a customer for free or close to free, that's hugely attractive. Right.
"Overall, we do not see a compelling rationale for Apple to acquire Netflix, and believe Apple will more likely partner or compete with Netflix than acquire it."
The Museum of Fine Arts Boston will acquire 22000 quilts by Gee's Bend artists, and the Spelman College Museum of Art will acquire seven Gee's Bend quilts.
Choi said that her focus, at first, would definitely be on "acqhires," or essentially deals that acquire companies in order to acquire the people who run them.
In a three-team trade, the Los Angeles Clippers acquire Marcus Morris Sr. from the New York Knicks and Isaiah Thomas from the Washington Wizards; the Knicks acquire Maurice Harkless and a 2020 first-round pick from the Clippers; and the Wizards acquire Jerome Robinson from the Clippers.
BCG research on older people suggests they are less eager to acquire material possessions than preceding generations and much keener to acquire experience, particularly through travel and study.
Separately, XPO Logistics announced it will acquire France's Norbert Dentressangle, French rail company SNCF's subsidiary Geodis acquired Ozburn-Hessey Logistics and Denmark's DSV Group agreed to acquire UTi Worldwide.
In a securities filing last week, Carrefour confirmed talks to acquire the stores but denied Brazilian media reports it would acquire all of Makro's Brazilian operations for $1.2 billion.
They probably won't have the human resources to deliver products for the digital age — in which case, they may have to acquire these startups, and acquire at a high price.
It instead agreed to acquire Darty with a cash offer of 20143 pence a share, or about £673 million, beating Fnac at the time in a race to acquire the company.
In 2016, management and some employees agreed to acquire a 49 percent stake in the new parent company, AOT Holding, with an option to acquire the remaining stake in coming years.
It instead agreed to acquire Darty with a cash offer of 125 pence a share, or about £673 million, beating Fnac at the time in a race to acquire the company.
In particular, we wanted to play our beloved Settlers of Catan — a board game where you strategically build roads and settlements to acquire resources, rob other players, and acquire victory points.
I also learned that rich people acquire assets, but others acquire liabilities they only think are assets; and that financial struggle often comes from a lifetime of working for someone else.
January 2013 — $2.3 billion to acquire broadband provider eAccess
Com Limited to acquire the Multi Group Ltd * 500.
Yeah, no, so we ... Look, fundamentally, we acquire businesses.
A.(notified April 203/deadline May 26) — HeidelbergCement to acquire Italian peer Italcementi (notified April 1/deadline extended to May 26 after HeidelbergCement offered concessions) — Finnish retailer Kesko to acquire building products supplier Onninen (notified April 18/deadline May 27) — Private equity firms Bridgepoint and Summit Partners to jointly acquire software provider Calypso Technology Inc.
When Lyft announced in June 2018 that it would acquire Motivate, the largest bike-share operator in North America, the ride-hail company said it would also acquire Motivate's bike-share contracts.
"Frankly, in most urban centers across this country, it is far easier for a kid, an underaged youth, to acquire marijuana than it is to acquire alcohol," the MP said last Thursday.
O to acquire U.S. networking switches and software maker Brocade (notified March 217/ deadline April 212) — Swiss pharmaceutical supplier Lonza Group to acquire U.S. capsule maker Capsugel from private equity firm KKE & Co LP (notified March 217/deadline April 225) — Italian energy company Duferco Energia to acquire a business unit from Italian electricity company Energhe S.p.
O to acquire U.S. networking switches and software maker Brocade (notified March 193/ deadline April 26) — Swiss pharmaceutical supplier Lonza Group to acquire U.S. capsule maker Capsugel from private equity firm KKE & Co LP (notified March 17/deadline April 26) — Italian energy company Duferco Energia to acquire a business unit from Italian electricity company Energhe S.p.
O to acquire U.S. networking switches and software maker Brocade (notified March 231/ deadline April 212) — Swiss pharmaceutical supplier Lonza Group to acquire U.S. capsule maker Capsugel from private equity firm KKE & Co LP (notified March 217/deadline April 212) — Italian energy company Duferco Energia to acquire a business unit from Italian electricity company Energhe S.p.
The FTC said that under the terms of the proposed settlement ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc will acquire seven products, Perrigo Company Plc will acquire Impax's rights to two products that it had partnered with Impax to manufacture and sell, and G&W Laboratories Inc will acquire Impax's marketing rights to one product that G&W manufactures for Impax.
O to acquire U.S. networking switches and software maker Brocade (notified March 353/ deadline April 235) — Swiss pharmaceutical supplier Lonza Group to acquire U.S. capsule maker Capsugel from private equity firm KKE & Co LP (notified March 290/deadline April 2105) — Italian energy company Duferco Energia to acquire a business unit from Italian electricity company Energhe S.p.
O to acquire U.S. networking switches and software maker Brocade (notified March 17/ deadline April 26) — Swiss pharmaceutical supplier Lonza Group to acquire U.S. capsule maker Capsugel from private equity firm KKE & Co LP (notified March 17/deadline April 26) — Italian energy company Duferco Energia to acquire a business unit from Italian electricity company Energhe S.p.
O to acquire U.S. networking switches and software maker Brocade (notified March 17/ deadline April 16) — Swiss pharmaceutical supplier Lonza Group to acquire U.S. capsule maker Capsugel from private equity firm KKE & Co LP (notified March 17/deadline April 26) — Italian energy company Duferco Energia to acquire a business unit from Italian electricity company Energhe S.p.
Under the terms of the proposed settlement, the FTC said ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc will acquire seven products, Perrigo Company Plc will acquire Impax's rights to two products that it had partnered with Impax to manufacture and sell, and G&W Laboratories Inc will acquire Impax's marketing rights to one product that G&W manufactures for Impax.
Industry executives said that if a deal to acquire all of Airtel Kenya's assets goes through, it would help both firms make significant savings and acquire the scale to compete effectively with Safaricom.
Fitch anticipates mid-single-digit average revenue and earnings growth through 2018 followed by meaningful declines in 2019, if RPI FT does not acquire continue to acquire royalty assets, in addition to Tysabri.
The Clippers: While the Lakers were forced to blow up their roster to acquire Davis, the Clippers were able to acquire Kawhi Leonard and Paul George while keeping much of their roster intact.
"Frankly, in most urban centres across this country, it is far easier for a kid, an under-aged youth, to acquire marijuana than it is to acquire alcohol," the MP said last Thursday.
I think Amazon plays a very unique role in helping them acquire customers, but it doesn't help them acquire relationships, and it doesn't help them grow their business in that same meaningful way.
While margins on sports betting are thin, TheScore thought its media business could help it acquire gamblers at a fraction of the cost rivals like FanDuel and DraftKings were spending to acquire customers.
What sorts of things would Emilie Choi like to acquire?
As life nears its end, thoughts can acquire urgent clarity.
Post updated to clarify that Pakor did not acquire Groopify
N) has agreed to acquire insurance broker Aon Plc's (AON.
This is why Musk wants Tesla to fully acquire SolarCity.
N) is nearing a deal to acquire ADT Corp (ADT.
It needs to acquire users through multiple verticals, including hardware.
Under the deal, Sinclair will also acquire Fox College Sports.
Back in 2013, Facebook offered $1 billion to acquire Snapchat.
In buying DreamWorks, Comcast doesn't just acquire a Shrek army.
N) said in June it would acquire Allergan Plc (AGN.
But Mr Trump will have to acquire better negotiating skills.
Dell paid $2.4 billion to acquire the company in 2012.
Part of it is that they acquire better people skills.
Hence the pontoon boat, which her parents acquire one day.
"Our capability (to acquire) has widened," Sandor Csanyi told Reuters.
"Our capability (to acquire) has widened," Sandor Csanyi told Reuters.
Most people underestimate their ability to go acquire new knowledge.
Foxconn will pay $866 million in cash to acquire Belkin.
N) $63 billion agreement to acquire peer Allergan Plc (AGN.
It has long been rumored that Google could acquire Twitter.
I've been able to acquire beautiful relationships with major brands.
TO) unsolicited, $5 billion bid to acquire MEG Energy (MEG.TO).
What they need to do: Acquire players that can... play.
Allergan agreed to acquire Vitae last week for $653 million.
Step one: acquire some pool floaties, the puffier the better.
To be sure, Hezbollah did not acquire political legitimacy overnight.
"Intel did not acquire Bitcasa," an Intel spokesperson tells TechCrunch.
"They want to acquire refineries," one of the sources said.
PA) is not planning to acquire German peer Commerzbank (CBKG.
Announces agreement to acquire assets of calvert investment management, inc.
A (FIH) to jointly acquire FIH subsidiary Agora Investimenti S.p.
Real teams, serious teams, acquire players like Piazza and hold.
How did you acquire so many i's in your name?
At the moment we don't plan to acquire another bank.
It doesn't teach you how to acquire healthy eating habits.
The United States is known to acquire vulnerabilities this way.
The grocer in February announced plans to acquire Rite Aid.
UL] has agreed to acquire Mediware Information Systems Inc [MEDWI.
That sum is just what it cost to acquire him.
But according to the book, many millionaires don't acquire debt.
But they're in an arms race to acquire more weapons.
Salesforce is scrambling to acquire both data and analysis resources.
Entered into a series of agreements to acquire Financial Assets.
They're using a certain technique to acquire and retain power.
If you acquire things, you have to let them go.
Even if the theocracy has yet to acquire nuclear weapons.
Time started to acquire a fluid quality, expanding and contracting.
J) on Monday said it will acquire Enx Group's (ENXJ.
Apollo will acquire Outerwall, which is based in Bellevue, Wash.
Imagine how much technology we could acquire with those funds.
Forte isn't the first to suggest that Apple acquire Sonos.
SE: Yes but not necessarily we want to acquire them.
We acquire resilience when we find purpose in our work.
Since then, Centene agreed to acquire WellCare for $15.27 billion.
And you acquire a new love, played by Becki Newton.
When the foundation will acquire the Breitmans' company remains unclear.
Reinforcement learning allows robots to acquire new skills from practice.
And the exciting part, we've announced plans to acquire LinkedIn.
Do you have any regrets about things you didn't acquire?
If you didn't acquire this gene, you find another job.
But the government has no way to acquire the land.
Countries are now racing to acquire more of these tests.
Which players could they acquire to help vanquish the King?
The purpose of a political party is to acquire power.
From the time Walmart spent $3 billion to acquire Jet.
" Eaze's spokesperson confirmed that "we did acquire Push for Pizza . .
"You do not acquire confidence," he said of young players.
Or is it a skill that animals acquire through experience?
Hawaii this week began working to acquire kits from Japan.
It's one way someone could anonymously acquire a working firearm.
Engie has said it intends to acquire the remaining stake.
I think I just acquire new skills and implement them.
DUBAI (Reuters) - Saudi Aramco will acquire Royal Dutch Shell's (RDSa.
The chance to acquire different skills might be a reason.
They can go out and acquire or build more content.
Profiteers rushed to acquire coins from dozens of different cryptocurrencies.
Iran has denied that it wants to acquire nuclear weapons.
Here's some shiny gear you might be tempted to acquire.
We've been criticized for the way we acquire data. Right.
BRUSSELS, July 27 (Reuters) - The following are mergers under review by the European Commission and a brief guide to the EU merger process: — German company Oetker Group to acquire a majority stake in Spanish sparkling wine producer Freixenet (approved July 27) — Czech investment group PPF Group to acquire Norwegian telecoms provider Telenor's central European businesses (approved July 27) — Algerian state-owned oil and gas company Sonatrach to acquire an Italian refinery from Exxon Mobil (approved July 293) — French insurer Axa to acquire German peer Roland (approved July 26) — German food retailers Schwarz Gruppe to acquire waste management companies Karl Toensmeter Entsorgungswirtschaft and Toenmeier Dienstleistung (notified July 26/deadline Aug.
In the motion, Vigor also said that Groupe Lactalis had committed not to acquire Itambé during the negotiations to acquire Vigor, two of the sources said, asking for anonymity because the lawsuit is under seal.
As part of the arrangement, Heavenly Rx received a warrant to acquire an additional 20% stake and was granted the right to acquire stock in the open market to bring its share up to 51%.
Pair that with Amazon's relatively narrow rules for what kind of phrasing Alexa will successfully interpret, and you have a small set of knowledge users have to acquire, with only one means to acquire it.
At the top of our "to acquire immediately for spring" list?
Logitech – Logitech has ended talks to acquire Bluetooth equipment maker Plantronics.
Sino IC Capital of China this agreed to acquire Xcerra Corp.
Eventually we were approached by a public company to acquire us.
It originally announced its intent to acquire King in November 2015.
Would SoftBank eventually look to acquire full ownership of the company?
PA), which recently agreed to acquire Raiffeisen Bank International's (RBI) (RBIV.
O is in talks to acquire Brocade Communications Systems Inc's BRCD.
O) has made an approach to acquire rival Mattel Inc (MAT.
Google and Amazon both have the balance sheets to acquire Bloomberg.
"That doesn't mean you're guaranteed to acquire that structure," England explained.
Verizon announced plans to acquire Yahoo in July for $4.8 billion.
N), is in talks to acquire Brookdale Senior Living Inc (BKD.
Some parts of speech acquire newly coined words all the time.
Oracle yesterday announced that it will acquire digital analytics company Moat.
Once bacteria acquire new characteristics, they generally do get around quickly.
It is also set to acquire Media General for $4.6 billion.
Apple would acquire NeXT, with Jobs taking his old job back.
The bank does not have a defined total amount to acquire.
For one thing, it makes it easier to acquire an imprint.
Ms. Lagarde will soon acquire a potential ally in this debate.
It informed the decision to acquire WhatsApp and clone Snapchat stories.
" Legere said he believes Verizon has invested billions to acquire "junk.
No one has used this new attention just to acquire handbags.
Conversely, average and below-average assets are far easier to acquire.
In August, PepsiCo announced plans to acquire carbonated water-maker, SodaStream.
In 2015, news broke that JAB was planning to acquire Keurig.
They're also very expensive to acquire, since demand is so high.
In November, Pandora agreed to acquire assets from the bankrupt Rdio.
Alibaba announced last year that it would acquire a 230% stake.
Fortunately, the erotic novels of E.L. James are easy to acquire.
Sadly, most have little chance to acquire the skills they lack.
Spend enough time here, and he might just acquire you, too.
FIS has been looking to acquire payment capabilities for a while.
It's easy to imagine why Microsoft would want to acquire GitHub.
Pearson paid around $150 million over several investments to acquire TutorVista.
N) is in advanced talks to acquire Suncor Energy Inc's (SU.
Especially if you don't really know how to acquire certain things.
The once-bookseller plans to acquire Whole Foods Market Inc WFM.
Dominance and prestige are two ways to acquire high social status.
Second, expect the Android Messages app to rapidly acquire more features.
Facebook reportedly tried to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion in 2013.
Melrose will acquire the ventilation product maker for $86 per share.
Now, they're hoping they can acquire the expertise necessary to compete.
Initially Itaú Unibanco was to acquire CorpBanca shares on Jan. 29.
Image: Brad Perkins/FlickrSome acquire greatness through intellect or unbridled creativity.
SS) has proposed to acquire medical center operator Healius Ltd (HLS.
One does not acquire a 250-pound Onyx supercomputer by accident.
KS) said on Thursday it would acquire Dow Chemical Co's (DOW.
HE) bid to acquire 47 percent of German peer Uniper (UN01.
Other suspects had attempted to acquire firearms to target public figures.
We will acquire skills individually to be ready for Tokyo 2020.
SeatGeek is announcing a deal to acquire TopTix for $56 million.
Because of this, they'll invest in learning and acquire new skills.
Starwood aims to acquire up to 5 percent of the firm.
The settlement comes as China's Ant Financial seeks to acquire MoneyGram.
Accenture announced today that it's reached an agreement to acquire Adaptly.
AT&T is trying to acquire CNN's parent company, Time Warner.
GDAXI and previously failed to acquire Canada's main exchange, TSX Inc.
In some cases, the retailers are looking to acquire new customers.
Square announced plans to acquire Weebly on Thursday for $365 million.
Step one: Acquire an iPhone X or similarly expensive, common phone.
Tinder has also tried to acquire that company in the past.
This June, Microsoft said it would acquire LinkedIn for $26.2. billion.
" -Seth Godin "Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success.
"Perhaps it is time we acquire a larger dwelling," one says.
PayPal announced plans to acquire iZettle for $2.2 billion last Friday.
Basilea has the option to re-acquire the U.S. alitretinoin rights.
Talks to acquire GitHub were first reported Friday by Business Insider.
Colas and Bouygues construction acquire Swiss energy firm Alpiq engineering services.
It hopes to acquire communications on the development of the report.
Last week, Qualcomm agreed to acquire NXP Semiconductors for $38.5 billion.
Just this week, Vice Media announced that it would acquire Refinery29.
He's the local guy who went on to acquire international fame.
That same month, the Louvre decided to try to acquire it.
Nevertheless, regulators can acquire the equipment needed to pave over them.
Haynes had failed to acquire the rights to the Carpenters' songs.
Telkom has tried in the past to acquire its troubled rival.
Walmart is also reportedly in talks to acquire health insurer Humana.
McDonald's is announcing an agreement to acquire personalization company Dynamic Yield.
Microsoft confirmed Monday that it will acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion.
The only way for us to acquire more is to dig.
Hominins went to great trouble just to acquire something to eat.
Congress had to read between the lines to acquire that authority.
Bin Laden had specific instructions for how to acquire the gold.
Last year, CVS announced plans to acquire Aetna for $69 billion.
Badoo and Andreev would later acquire a majority stake in Bumble.
In 2009, it agreed to pay $1.9 billion to acquire Omniture.
Digital currency exchange Coinbase is still in talks to acquire Earn.
S&P Global has agreed to acquire Kensho, a Cambridge, Mass.
More seriously, the company found it surprisingly difficult to acquire customers.
Corporations want to acquire companies that excel in their specific field.
On Friday, Google reached a $2.1 billion deal to acquire Fitbit.
Hershey has a $1.6 billion deal to acquire SkinnyPop parent Amplify.
Amazon Studios will acquire movies or series, or produce original ones.
Pepsi announced Wednesday that it would acquire Rockstar for $3.85 billion.
Let me acquire this other company that sells to sales teams.
The same year, Gates helped Microsoft acquire professional social network LinkedIn.
When did nonwhiteness acquire market value and become a commercial prop?
But space has limits, even if you acquire more of it.
It is contingent on LSE abandoning the deal to acquire Refinitiv.
Fair will acquire all of Canvas' assets, including nearly 100 employees.
They took advantage of lax regulation to acquire would-be competitors.
Third-party sellers on Amazon acquire their stock in several ways.
Occasionally, they even acquire an impressive illusion of texture and mass.
Antennas couldn't acquire satellite signals before shells smashed to the ground.
He begins killing nearly at random in order to acquire them.
How did you acquire the property that is now Kalu Yala?
They cannot ever, ever hope to acquire jurisdiction over my person.
And this is a very nice office they've helped us acquire.
Walmart is in advanced talks to acquire online men's retailer Bonobos.
Graham's weightiest responsibility is helping Liverpool decide which players to acquire.
Graham recommended that Liverpool acquire Salah, who was thriving in Italy.
Instead, Dow Jones planned to acquire FNN and partner with Westinghouse.
TO) said on Monday it will acquire Toronto-listed Semafo (SMF.
TO) said on Monday it will acquire Toronto-listed Semafo (SMF.
Meredith has indicated that it would acquire all of Time Inc.
In 2011, regulators scuttled its proposed deal to acquire T-Mobile.
We're constantly tweaking, constantly out there trying to acquire new rights.
CBS will also acquire Paramount Pictures as part of the merger.
Iran has repeatedly said that it will never acquire nuclear weapons.
Wieser also thought Murdoch would look to acquire more local networks.
What are the best ways to acquire users in this segment?
The more users you acquire, the more valuable your database becomes.
This week, Visa announced it would acquire Plaid for $5.3 billion.
In November, PayPal agreed to acquire Honey for approximately $4 billion.
NS), controlled by Anil Ambani, has agreed to acquire Sistema's (SSAq.
We'll have policies in place before we acquire some new technology.
In June, California launched a tender offer to acquire SJW shares.
It's something that most people can acquire in a few days.
Thoma Bravo makes $3.9 billion offer to acquire security firm Sophos
Aspects of the music that seem catastrophic acquire a triumphant tinge.
Last year, Getaround spent $300 million to acquire European rival Drivy.
S cientists have varying ideas about how we acquire spoken language.
Still, when we can, we certainly acquire works by female photographers.
Under the agreement, Google will acquire a team of HTC employees.
Viacom also has held talks to acquire Scripps, the sources said.
Lines like "we're actually adults now" acquire an inevitably thudding irony.
Lawyers can acquire hallmark precision only through repeated exercises of concentration.
Dance phrases seem to acquire extra beats, bumps, hitches, and uglinesses.
"It was their obligation to acquire these documents," he told me.
The Met did acquire some great pieces of modern art, however.
He wanted to acquire the Bog Girl for the national museum.
Novartis is buying Medicines to acquire its injectable cholesterol drug inclisiran.
In January, Chevron agreed to acquire a refinery in Pasadena, Tex.
I've been fortunate enough to acquire pieces by all of them.
SoftBank is seeking to acquire at least 14% of the company.
Proposition 0003 would also require suppliers to acquire a state license.
A.(notified April 15/deadline May 21) — HeidelbergCement to acquire Italian peer Italcementi (notified April 1/deadline extended to May 26) — Property developer Segro and Canada's Public Sector Pension Investment Board to jointly acquire logistics assets in the Czech Republic and Italy, which are now solely controlled by Segro (notified April 18/deadline May 27/simplified) — Finnish retailer Kesko to acquire building products supplier Onninen (notified April 18/deadline May 27) — Private equity firms Bridgepoint and Summit Partners to jointly acquire software provider Calypso Technology Inc.
A.(notified April 15/deadline May 26) — HeidelbergCement to acquire Italian peer Italcementi (notified April 1/deadline extended to May 26) — Property developer Segro and Canada's Public Sector Pension Investment Board to jointly acquire logistics assets in the Czech Republic and Italy, which are now solely controlled by Segro (notified April 18/deadline May 27/simplified) — Finnish retailer Kesko to acquire building products supplier Onninen (notified April 103/deadline May 27) — Private equity firms Bridgepoint and Summit Partners to jointly acquire software provider Calypso Technology Inc.
Signs definite agreement to acquire suzhou e motors * To acquire suzhou e motors with approximately $25.2 million and 3.25 million restricted shares of company's common stock * To acquire interest in suzhou e motors with a cash consideration of rmb 159 million and share consideration of 3.3 million restricted shares Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (Bengaluru Newsroom +1-646-646-8780)
One concern for Sprint has been that parent company SoftBank's $32 billion deal to acquire chipmaker ARM will leave little capital to invest further in Sprint or to fund a potential deal to acquire T-Mobile.
But Sotira believes that it makes more sense for a subscription company like Wix to acquire a site like DeviantArt, than it did for Yahoo, an advertising-backed media business, to acquire a platform like Tumblr.
Sharing those implements can transmit HIV and make it much easier to acquire hepatitis C—and it's very easy to acquire hepatitis C. It all depends on if the people you're using with are affected themselves.
Netflix's stated aim in raising the new funding is to provide liquid assets it can use to acquire content, make investments, acquire targets and engage in strategic transactions, as well as help with general business expenses.
A. (approved April 19) — Britain's Rolls-Royce to acquire the remaining 53.1 percent stake in Spanish aircraft engine and components maker Industria de Turbo Propulsores (ITP) (approved April 243) — Private equity firm Advent International to acquire biometrics and security business Morpho from French aerospace group Safran (approved April 19) None — Singapore-based tech communications company Broadcom to acquire U.S. networking switches and software maker Brocade (notified March 17/ deadline extended to May 12 from April 26 after commitments submitted) FIRST-STAGE REVIEWS BY DEADLINE — French media company Bollore to acquire control of French company Vivendi (notified March 15/deadline April 24) — Swiss pharmaceutical supplier Lonza Group to acquire U.S. capsule maker Capsugel from private equity firm KKE & Co LP (notified March 17/deadline April 26) — Private investment firm KKR & Co. to acquire travel company Travelopia Holdings Ltd and Travelopia USA Inc.
Blackstone Real Estate's global opportunistic BREP strategy will acquire 115 million square feet for $13.4 billion and its income-oriented non-listed REIT, Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust, will acquire 64 million square feet for $5.3 billion.
But this is a mistake in the tech industry, because it allows the giants to acquire their competition while it is still nascent and to acquire more user data by combining the startup's products with their own.
You will have to acquire new tools, you'll have to acquire new ways of dealing with people, and you'll have to ask yourself hard questions about what you may be doing that may be holding you back.
While Broadcom is expected to indicate its willingness to let Qualcomm complete its deal to acquire NXPI, it is also expected to encourage the company not to raise its current $110 cash deal to acquire the company.
Teens with an Amazon account are about to acquire some buying power.
The New York-based educational hardware company has agreed to acquire DIY.
Logitech (LOGI) has ended talks to acquire Bluetooth equipment maker Plantronics (PLT).
You can acquire more time by spending money on time-saving items.
Adobe itself announced plans to acquire video advertising company TubeMogul last month.
It is something we acquire only after we are on the streets.
Children were more likely to develop asthma and acquire infections like tuberculosis.
The buyer has the option to acquire up to 15 additional planes.
Facebook is looking to acquire a major cybersecurity company, The Information reports.
This allows the robot to acquire a sense of an object's shape.
As of now, Iran still can't acquire a nuclear weapon anytime soon.
The agreement will see Walgreens acquire all outstanding shares of Rite Aid.
It wasn't enough, however, to acquire the artwork and support the artists.
Gradually, trendy plant delivery services began to acquire them from regional nurseries.
The cash settlement option offered to acquire HETA's bonds at a haircut.
Talks for T-Mobile to acquire Sprint previously fell apart in 2014.
There are two key reasons why Trainline wants to acquire Captain Train.
The company went on to acquire U.S. rival Segway in April, 2015.
"We acquire our community wisdom from our collective, shared experiences," he said.
It's also looking to create or acquire shows that have global appeal.
In the following months, Simon Property Group desperately tried to acquire Macerich.
AT&T agreed to acquire U.S. media company Time Warner Inc TWX.
That's a strategic value for ride-sharing companies to acquire customers. Sure.
Portugal will acquire new ordinary shares of CGD worth 2.5 billion euros.
Apple is in talks to acquire the struggling music streaming service Tidal.
In 2017, Broadcom attempted to acquire Qualcomm, though the acquisition ultimately failed.
A few weeks later, Media General opted instead to acquire Meredith Corporation.
Hasbro will acquire Canada's Entertainment One for about $4 billion in cash.
The fund will also look to acquire smaller companies, the people said.
He's certainly not lacking in unsavory means to acquire what he wants.
Approval would make it easier for Sinclair to acquire more TV stations.
Those are three qualities that any executive or entrepreneur might usefully acquire.
People must also be able to acquire new skills throughout their careers.
Meeting that growing demand requires a cemetery company to acquire more property.
While the brick-and-mortar Walmart has been pushed to acquire Jet.
On Monday, Verizon announced its plans to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 billion.
In May 2017, American Express first made an offer to acquire Cake.
We generally acquire a company every three to four weeks on average.
Why go and spend million of dollars to acquire something so absurd?
The company also announced it would acquire LivingSocial for an undisclosed amount.
America cannot ignore China's use of students to acquire technology, he argues.
Apple is potentially seeking to acquire Silicon Valley autonomous driving startup Drive.
Another option is for South Korea to acquire its own nuclear weapons.
Teenagers are heavy internet users, the more so as they acquire smartphones.
He is vague as to how he will acquire the necessary ruminants.
HIV-positive individuals are encouraged to plant gardens to acquire healthy foods.
It then went on to acquire rival Uber's China business in August.
Few institutions were moved to acquire any of the non-Western pieces.
Whitbread said it would pay 35 million pounds to acquire the stake.
To acquire your own tiny clay sculpture, visit her Etsy page, here.
Instead Unilever agreed to acquire The Honest Co. predecessors, Seventh Generation Inc.
U.S. Bank will acquire the existing $1.7 billion portfolio of outstanding balances.
There's an opportunity to acquire and roll up several of the players.
Pay an additional amount, and the products can seamlessly acquire new capabilities.
As part of this deal, Comcast would even acquire part of Hulu.
February 2016: Uber drafts a term sheet in preparation to acquire Otto.
SS) C$1.86 billion ($1.45 billion) deal to acquire Nevsun Resources NSU.
The greater the struggle to acquire it, the more valuable it becomes.
DAVID FABER: We know what Netflix spends a year to acquire content.
Lastly, HHS should leverage the private sector to acquire customers for Healthcare.
Apollo had agreed to acquire RPC last week after months of negotiations.
"Accordingly, McCormick has withdrawn its proposal to acquire Premier Foods," it said.
O) unveiling a $103 billion hostile bid to acquire Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.
It is not easy for the library to acquire North Korean publications.
Japan and South Korea might want to acquire their own nuclear weapons.
It has no plans to acquire any publicly held shares, it said.
Until now, Facebook tried to acquire or copy competitorsthat innovated towards meaning.
O) agreed to acquire $1.7 billion in spectrum, AT&T Inc (T.
These require foreign retailers to acquire one-third of their merchandise locally.
Is it increasingly difficult to acquire pieces from the 703s and 80s?
Across 40 lessons, you'll acquire proven techniques for transforming your financial outlook.
Square will be locked in a battle with iZettle to acquire users.
This can happen when large international companies acquire Israeli high-tech ones.
Gett will acquire all of Juno's existing business, including drivers and employees.
How did you get the skills to acquire to do that job?
South32 indicated negotiations had already started to acquire Anglo American's manganese business.
Ethiopia is not the first African nation to acquire its own satellite.
Why would an automated checkout company acquire a self-driving car startup?
Another possibility might be to acquire Pandora, a popular music-streaming firm.
Pfizer will acquire Anacor Pharmaceuticals for $5.2 billion, the companies announced Monday.
Traditional Japanese business practice saw banks acquire small stakes in corporate clients.
However, there is a greater gain we can acquire: access to care.
Facebook dropped $230 billion to acquire virtual reality platform Oculus in 22012.
Even the Nets paid a price to acquire Durant and Kyrie Irving.
Some banks may have to acquire new licences elsewhere, which takes months.
And your job was to go, create, acquire content for those headsets.
And knowing Sony, neither of these phones will be cheap to acquire.
Can art be politically viable, and how does it acquire political agency?
"We are not in a hurry to acquire new ones," she said.
Halliburton agreed to acquire Baker Hughes in November 2014 for $35 billion.
It prompts more of them to get educated and acquire marketable skills.
Pyongyang's withdrawal in 2202 broke its commitment not to acquire nuclear weapons.
In some cases, the agency has used eminent domain to acquire parcels.
The company on Friday announced the $2023 billion deal to acquire Fitbit.
Internet providers do not generate, acquire, store, transform, utilize or retrieve information.
Billionaire Mark Cuban sounded off on Amazon's plan to acquire Whole Foods.
Prosegur Compania de Seguridad reaches agreement to acquire majority stake in cipher.
Microsoft also signed letters of intent to acquire another three game studios.
Apple will acquire music-recognition service Shazam, the company confirmed on Monday.
Plans to acquire four LMS from China were first announced in November.
Finally, if another bidder still wants to acquire Yahoo, it has time.
Consider that China has already aggressively acted to acquire data about Americans.
Amazon, for example, is preparing to acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion.
These firms must all spend billions to raise awareness and acquire customers.
It is not, after all, a quality one can anatomize or acquire.
It cost the company more to acquire a new customer, not less.
Jamaica is yet to acquire the leadership for national development it deserves.
We acquire that knowledge around the same time we're born into language.
The company on Friday announced the $2.1 billion deal to acquire Fitbit.
RHB had said it would acquire AmBank in an all-stock deal.
Campari would then acquire the remainder of the family's holdings by 2021.
It's just where you need to go to acquire a younger audience.
It has tried to acquire Bumble twice, and has been turned down.
Co-working space giant WeWork will acquire Meetup, according to Crunchbase News.
Univision has won the auction to acquire Gawker Media's websites and business.
How does one acquire tickets early for this stacked-as-hell tour?
It wants to acquire 100 million users in the next five years.
But be mindful that it won't acquire your highest lifetime value customers.
It's all to make productivity an easier trait to acquire, Singh wrote.
Then there's the matter of what it would take to acquire him.
Magic Leap announced yesterday that they've agreed to acquire Belgian startup Mimesys.
Headlines Santander in early talks to acquire City brokers Peel Hunt on.ft.
Talks to acquire the dam have gone on for almost two years.
CVS on Sunday night said that it will acquire health insurer Aetna.
You actually want to acquire companies that sell to the same customer.
At some point, my need to acquire had replaced raw aesthetic desire.
But most of the wealth they acquire is not taxed as income.
From there, students can simultaneously build confidence and acquire new conceptual understanding.
They can also acquire lung infections from the mold on spoiled food.
It is about the inequality in the ability to acquire those skills.
Originating from a single fertilized egg, they later acquire unique genetic mutations.
DF: No. SB: It was just to make them impossible to acquire.
"Anticipation for sure is the most difficult skill to acquire," Read said.
Casino would acquire all controlling shares in GPA indirectly owned by Exito.
That makes reliable insurance difficult to acquire and banking impossible to use.
At least a half-dozen bidders sought to acquire the nonfiction project.
It sure doesn't sound like the goal was to acquire employee talent.
Only then — if at all — will secretary general Almagro's outburst acquire legitimacy.
It's unusual to acquire the infection in Connecticut but not unheard-of.
States cannot build more hospitals, acquire ventilators or modify facilities quickly enough.
Fortunately players acquire power ups to help them deal with these complications.
Several teams traded up to acquire quarterbacks, creating competitions for starting jobs.
In early December, Marquee Brands said it would acquire Destination Maternity's assets.
The appeal eventually raised £20,000 to help the university acquire the book.
After a failed attempt to acquire Ferrari, Ford brought on Mr. Broadley.
He needs to outgrow his selfishness and acquire the resources of empathy.
Some senior officials are now arguing that Japan should acquire such weapons.
He was in negotiations to acquire a small design and branding firm.
"Every Hebrew word we acquire is a gift," Kamil tells his men.
You trust the restaurateur to acquire food and cook it for you.
Viacom Inc also has held talks to acquire Scripps, the sources said.
They then carefully target those companies in order to acquire their expertise.
To adapt, we expect them to consolidate and acquire promising start-ups.
What method did you use to acquire new vocabulary and sentence structure?
The chance to acquire from the family home will never come again.
MatsumotoKiyoshi will initially acquire 20% of Cocokara Fine shares, the Nikkei said.
Google said it would acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion in November 2019.
Get in a certain "salon bed" and you'll acquire a BASE TAN.
But what kind of opportunity is the opportunity to acquire crippling debt?
In those days, they relied largely on direct mail to acquire customers.
He will have to pay only $5.5 million to acquire those shares.
How do we actually allow developers to acquire the knowledge they need?
Next, the researchers attempted to answer how eggs might acquire varying shapes.
A kind benefactor could acquire her, and let her roam the country.
Industry sources added that ByteDance was also looking to acquire UK studios.
They find it harder to acquire the skills to become good capitalists.
Beltone aims to acquire brokerages in Egypt and frontier markets, Azzab said.
The group used Freedom of Information Act requests to acquire the documents.
Tebow may never acquire the precise muscle memory his new sport demands.
Then last week, Target announced it would acquire tech company Grand Junction.
Few within soccer object to the brands' determination to acquire young talent.
It's not clear how much intelligence the hackers were able to acquire.
Elsan agreed to acquire MediPole from private equity firm Bridgepoint in November.
It is in this context that Mr. Johar's equivocations acquire special meaning.
Last week, it spent $1.1 billion to acquire energy storage maker Saft.
Fitpart Capital Partners Ltd will acquire 9.4 percent for 92.9 million reais.
The internet and other mechanisms help customers acquire a lot more information.
XSEED will release Akiba's Beat, a quirky JRPG from Acquire, next month.
When people acquire extraordinary power, the effects tend to be rather negative.
Redstone fired Dauman's predecessor, Tom Freston, because he failed to acquire Myspace.
How it will acquire those moments is still up in the air.
"There is so much involved in how museums acquire works," she said.
I started to acquire the — you know the whole tragic mulatto thing?
They acquire, usually for free, bodies that have been donated to science.
BRUSSELS, July 27 (Reuters) - The following are mergers under review by the European Commission and a brief guide to the EU merger process: — U.S. chemicals company DuPont to acquire U.S. pesticide maker FMC's health and nutrition business (approved July 27) — U.S. pesticide maker FMC to acquire U.S. chemicals company DuPont's crop protection business (approved July 27) — Swedish carmaker Volvo to acquire Swedish car rental company First Rent A Car AB (approved July 26) — French dairy company Groupe Lactalis to acquire German peer Omira (notified July 26/deadline Aug.
A.(notified April 15/deadline May 26) — HeidelbergCement to acquire Italian peer Italcementi (notified April 1/deadline extended to May 26 after HeidelbergCement offered concessions) — Property developer Segro and Canada's Public Sector Pension Investment Board to jointly acquire logistics assets in the Czech Republic and Italy, which are now solely controlled by Segro (notified April 21/deadline May 27/simplified) — Finnish retailer Kesko to acquire building products supplier Onninen (notified April 18/deadline May 27) — Private equity firms Bridgepoint and Summit Partners to jointly acquire software provider Calypso Technology Inc.
A.(notified April 15/deadline May 26) — HeidelbergCement to acquire Italian peer Italcementi (notified April 1/deadline extended to May 26 after HeidelbergCement offered concessions) — Property developer Segro and Canada's Public Sector Pension Investment Board to jointly acquire logistics assets in the Czech Republic and Italy, which are now solely controlled by Segro (notified April 123/deadline May 27/simplified) — Finnish retailer Kesko to acquire building products supplier Onninen (notified April 18/deadline May 27) — Private equity firms Bridgepoint and Summit Partners to jointly acquire software provider Calypso Technology Inc.
Because the intelligence community uses unconstitutional and often unlawful means to acquire data and because law enforcement must use constitutional and lawful means to acquire evidence for a court not to suppress it, they did not exchange notes.
Consider three deals from 2016: Last year, GE spent $915 million to acquire one of our portfolio investments, ServiceMax, a service cloud platform, and Verizon spent a combined $5.8 billion to acquire two telematics firms, Fleetmatics and Telogis.
In an effort to address concerns about competition, Brookfield Infrastructure has agreed not to acquire any interest in the rail business, and Qube has agreed not to acquire any interest in the bulk and automotive ports services business.
In particular, 56 percent of respondents thought that EU-based businesses would be less likely to acquire U.K.-based ones, and half of respondents thought that businesses from the United States would be less likely to acquire British ones.
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany wants to acquire the legal means to take a closer look at bids from Chinese companies to acquire German and European companies in order better to protect technologies, a German minister told newspaper Welt am Sonntag.
While Broadcom is expected to indicate its willingness to let Qualcomm complete its deal to acquire NXP, it is also expected to encourage the company not to raise its current $110 per share cash deal to acquire the company.
Facebook in talks to acquire stake in top Indian telco Reliance Jio, report says The social media giant is in talks to acquire a 10% stake in the Indian telecom operator, according to a report in the Financial Times.
FLY and Incline have also agreed "to acquire 48 aircraft to be delivered to AirAsia Berhad and an option to acquire a further 50 aircraft to be delivered," over the next three years, according to an AirAsia press release.
Industry sources believe Disney is looking to acquire as much as one-third of BAM Tech, at a valuation approaching $3 billion, with "path to control" that would eventually allow it to acquire a controlling interest in the business.
BRUSSELS, July 19 (Reuters) - The following are mergers under review by the European Commission and a brief guide to the EU merger process: — Spanish fashion and cosmetics maker PUIG and German electrical appliances maker Bosch Group's unit BSH to jointly acquire Spanish perfume maker Noustique (approved July 18) — Metals and commodities company Liberty House Group to acquire French aluminium smelter Aluminium Dunkerque from Rio Tinto (approved July 18) — South Korean consumer electronics company LG Electronics to acquire Austrian car light maker ZKW Holding GmbH (approved July 18) — U.S. house appliances maker Whirlpool and Italian cooker hood maker Elica to jointly acquire Indian electrical appliances company Elica PB India (approved July 17) — U.S. private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg to acquire German plastic product maker Coveris Rigid (approved July 17) — Private equity firms S.L.04 and Ambienta SFT to acquire joint control of cosmetic packager Pibiplast S.p.
In November, someone on Twitter predicted that Amazon would acquire Shopify in 2019.
To consume a variety of nutritious foods, children need to acquire new tastes.
This deal would have diverged from Centene's plans to acquire WellCare Health Plans.
And the you might be able to bridge a bit with an acquire.
How Mar-Vell came to acquire the tesseract is anyone's guess right now.
That's probably why Amazon wants to develop or acquire its own aspirational brands.
They're trying to acquire advertising agencies in order to get into this space.
It is not just going to be using funds or capital to acquire.
But again, Nichols was explicit about using this second film to acquire skills.
The FCC nixed Sinclair Broadcast's attempt to acquire Tribune Media for $3.9 billion.
You can use coins collected in any mode to acquire the various elements.
Photo: GettyMicrosoft has reportedly agreed to acquire code repository GitHub, according to Bloomberg.
The listing comes after talks with Blackstone to acquire the office portfolio collapsed.
To achieve that result again, Shin believes his players must acquire more experience.
Kraft declined to comment on which company it may seek to acquire next.
Maybe Apple will acquire his company, and she'd have a friend at Apple.
" The @nytimes states today that DJT believes "more countries should acquire nuclear weapons.
Does the effort to acquire and use another language change what we see?
In December, reports surfaced that Kraft Heinz was planning to acquire Mondelez International.
And so we acquire a company on average, every two to three weeks.
In January, Air Canada closed a deal to acquire the Aeroplan loyalty program.
Landbanking Drives High Leverage: Guorui started to acquire new sites aggressively in 21000.
Fitch's action follows the company's announcement that it will acquire Carmike Cinemas, Inc.
They acquire battery cells, wheels, tires, brakes and suspension systems from other suppliers.
Internet firms can acquire hundreds of millions of customers in a few years.
Women are more likely to acquire an STI through heterosexual intercourse than men.
In July of this year Verizon agreed to acquire Yahoo for $4.8 billion.
The measure allows the lenders to acquire stakes in other companies until Dec.
In 2015, when Weintraub died, Ratner was able to acquire the rights again.
But that being said, it has to acquire them in the first place.
Aramco agreed to acquire SABIC in a $69.1 billion deal earlier this year.
A year ago, Shire agreed to acquire NPS Pharmaceuticals for about $5.2 billion.
AMC also said it was committed to its deal to acquire Carmike Cinemas.
It will also get warrants allowing it to eventually acquire another 2 percent.
Having previously failed to acquire Twitter, they looked to its product for inspiration.
What are the factors you see encouraging non-tech companies to acquire startups?
I live within my means, so I try to acquire things very thoughtfully.
We want to help enterprises around the world to easily acquire aerial data.
The big fear is that a CRE will acquire the mcr-1 gene.
The USA Today publisher has offered to acquire Tribune for $15.00 a share.
I have a lot of music, and I acquire a lot at once.
Wesfarmers Limited of Australia agreed to acquire Homebase last month for £340 million.
Apple is reportedly in talks to acquire Tidal, the Wall Street Journal reports.
The streaming giant's massive success also probably makes it too big to acquire.
You said it's hard to vote down a deal on the acquire side.
Under the proposed deal, Disney will soon acquire the majority stake in Hulu.
Microsoft today announced its plans to acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion in stock.
In total, SODIC would acquire land worth 600 million Egyptian pounds ($33.2 million).
Interestingly, there were rumors in 103 that eBay was planning to acquire Shopify.
"It's a means by which to acquire an infection that rarely causes cancer."
Salesforce announced that it would acquire big data firm Tableau for $15.3 billion.
With their pipelines empty, large drugmakers are increasingly looking to acquire other companies.
But the missiles' high cost limits how fast the fleet can acquire them.
Previous rumors suggest Google was also trying to acquire GitHub, alongside Microsoft's bids.
In 2016, Coty announced it was going to acquire P&G's beauty business.
Drug makers "sell" their drugs to pharmacies, which acquire them through drug wholesalers.
Google announced today it was going to acquire Israeli cloud migration startup, Velostrata.
Sony Corporation announced today that it will acquire Altair Semiconductor for $212 million.
Gayno wields an impressive tech resume: Expedia, YouTube, Google, startup founder, acquire-ee.
Previous reports suggested that Amazon paid around $160 million to acquire the show.
She has murdered two very nice people in order to acquire more power.
Leveraged buyout funds acquire companies using large amounts of borrowed money, or leverage.
Reuters previously reported that Apollo was nearing a deal to acquire Cox's stations.
The Australian Financial Review first reported Mayne's plans to acquire the Teva assets.
If that happens, Comcast could potentially acquire parts of Fox without alarming regulators.
O said it would acquire Alaska-based cable provider General Communication Inc GNCMA.
Lyft is not in discussions to acquire Skedaddle, a company spokesperson told TechCrunch.
Alibaba Pictures will acquire a minority stake in Amblin Partners, the companies said.
Starboard has submitted regulatory filings that would allow it to acquire additional stock.
Kraft Heinz passed on the chance to acquire Pinnacle Foods, CNBC previously reported.
Also desirable: Acquire real estate overseas and a second passport, and avoid taxes.
In individual company news, Shire agreed to acquire peer Baxalta for $32.2 billion.
But as algorithms acquire and improve human skills, will they too become creative?
Your old man would probably have no idea how to acquire this item!
We were trying to acquire money fast to provide for the unexpected demand.
Try new tactics to acquire customers, and focus on building more compelling products.
Salesforce announced in June it would acquire Demandware, a marketing platform for retailers.
The greater the valuation, the less likely companies could afford to acquire Snapchat.
Nakashima bartered to acquire the property, where the studio continues to this day.
His friend Berel Hahn is key in helping Souza acquire permission to paint.
Qualcomm will acquire NXP Semiconductor in a cash deal worth around $47 billion.
Green suggested members utilize local farmers markets to acquire produce and other perishables.
Ensco – The offshore drilling contractor will acquire Rowan in an all-stock deal.
The incoming emperor's name, Naruhito, means "a man who will acquire heavenly virtues".
Allergan's agreement on Tuesday to acquire liver drug developer Tobira Therapeutics Inc TBRA.
The last move was in 2016, when Orange failed to acquire Bouygues Telecom.
It has a five-year option to acquire full control of the business.
Subsidiary to acquire US Impact Systems Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
So somehow that lab-grown cricket meat will have to acquire some structure.
Snap, for example, is reportedly in talks to acquire the selfie-snapping drone.
People acquire HIV resistance to tenofovir in one of two ways, he said.
I had to acquire that skill so I could save a little money.
As such, the government has long encouraged energy firms to acquire overseas assets.
I was trying to acquire more superheroes, and I ran out of tokens.
At one point, Broadcom was willing to pay $121 billion to acquire Qualcomm .
It took the owner more than 20 years to acquire the entire collection.
The company also said it would acquire Bonobos for $310 million this morning.
But would I talk to a Domino's bot in order to acquire pizza?
Generally, the harder it is to acquire data, the more valuable it is.
There are worries too about Islamic State having ambitions to acquire fissile material.
You acquire currency by answering questions, or purchasing them through in-app purchases.
He came then to acquire the club for a reported 39 million pounds.
Poland is also seeking to acquire the NASAMS system, Norwegian media has reported.
Microsoft is announcing today that it plans to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.
And indeed Chinese entrepreneurs are gradually becoming victims as their brands acquire lustre.
Young minds have to be taught self-discipline so they can acquire knowledge.
AT&T is seeking government approval to acquire Time Warner, CNN's parent company.
In your 40s, after you acquire gray hair and a real estate license?
Hagin also helped acquire a new jet to serve as Air Force One.
Well, I loved when the company made the decision to acquire that portfolio.
SN) provided the financing for Chile to acquire the buses from BYD (0285.
JAB recently agreed to acquire the doughnut maker Krispy Kreme for $1.35 billion.
Aetna, the third-largest insurer, is seeking to acquire Humana, the fifth-largest.
AT&T's $85 billion bid to acquire Time Warner is a big moment.
Now, the company is poised to acquire more projects off which to profiteer.
Sinclair's failed bid meant that it couldn't acquire Tribune's national cable network, WGN.
If they can acquire someone as talented as George, they should and will.
"This is an attractive space for us to acquire new customers," Coughlin said.
With the new goggles, the Army didn't just acquire new night-vision technology.
Australia has been streamlining its military tendering process to more quickly acquire equipment.
The last try was in 2016, when Orange failed to acquire Bouygues Telecom.
Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft agreed to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.
For example, the company recently agreed to acquire Texture, a magazine subscription service.
If the FCC loses, it could impact how many stations Sinclair could acquire.
The restrictions will make it more difficult for ZTE to acquire U.S. hardware.
They had talent, skill, resources: things the founders lacked, things we couldn't acquire.
It follows CVS Health's (CVS) agreement to acquire Aetna (AET) for $69 billion.
The Baltimore Museum of Art will only acquire artworks by women in 2020.
Reporting by Channel 4 suggests that they helped Banks acquire mining licenses there.
Reports in December suggested that Spotify had abandoned its effort to acquire SoundCloud.
These volunteers have to acquire 144 hours of training and pass psychological exams.
BuzzFeed also reported that Zuckerberg spent six months in 2016trying to acquire Musical.
Gray said it will not acquire neither unit as part of the deal.
And Facebook has been quick to acquire threats, such as Instagram and WhatsApp.
She saw lots of heroin and knew that guns were easy to acquire.
But these "no coding skills required" platforms struggle to acquire and retain customers.
Separately, Eventbrite and Pandora entered an agreement to acquire Ticketfly for $200 million.
Two years ago, Anbang agreed to acquire the Waldorf Astoria for $1.95 billion.
The biggest concern was not being able to acquire adequate funding (36.3 percent).
In that case, the minnow Finish Line tried to acquire Genesco, the whale.
Ms. Chanzit's research convinced the museum to acquire seven canvases in the show.
Discovery agreed in July to acquire Scripps in a deal worth $11.9 billion.
MTG also has the option to acquire a 51% stake in the future.
Next, Walmart agreed to spend $3.3 billion to acquire Jet, another Green investment.
Fan at Trendforce says Foxconn could do more deals to acquire established brands.
This was impacted by shares issued to acquire a stake in Kenya's Safaricom.
How did you acquire 11 new tote bags so quickly, am I right?
In 2014, Facebook paid $3 billion to acquire Oculus and retain its employees.
Critics argue Facebook shouldn't have been allowed to acquire Instagram to begin with.
"Once you have one, it's much easier to acquire another one," Withers says.
Fitch recognizes the risk that Liberty may acquire the 62% of HSN Inc.
Private equity firm Sycamore Partners is in advanced talks to acquire Staples Inc.
The tribes they attacked were forced to face annihilation or acquire arms themselves.
ANNOUNCES AGREEMENT TO ACQUIRE OCEAN RIG Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
Earlier this year, Aetna ended its attempt to acquire Humana, another insurance company.
Valeo renewed its application to the European Commission‍​ for authorization to acquire FTE.
The company also announced plans on Friday to acquire and distribute hand sanitizer.
Wealth accumulated in one arena is frequently used to acquire control in others.
I worry that people look at nonwhiteness as just another thing to acquire.
Too few people in the world ever acquire any real power, he argued.
A year later, he went deeper into debt to acquire a Porsche 210.
How to find an investor, what you should be doing to acquire users.
Deals • Altria reportedly held early-stage talks to acquire the marijuana company Cronos.
But once transitions begin, they tend to acquire a life of their own.
The way that, when we acquire companies, we generally let them run independently.
Or if you tried to acquire all the elements in the periodic table?
Another concern: Sometimes cells spontaneously acquire a mutation that disables the p53 gene.
The situation effectively leaves Fox trying to acquire Sky on behalf of Disney.
I've been trying to acquire an Urs Fischer for the last two years.
N) consortium to acquire about 55 percent of Thomson Reuters Corp's (TRI.N)(TRI.
Last week, Uber announced its intent to acquire the grocery delivery company Cornershop.
Mr. Phuc told Mr. Trump that Vietnam would like to acquire more cutters.
The company is looking to acquire apps in emerging categories, like mental health.
Ultrapar Participações had agreed last year to acquire Liquigas for 2.8 billion reais.
Forensics experts have helped law enforcement acquire even the most daunting digital evidence.
Accepting life's challenges helped Santonastasso build resilience and acquire a taste for adventure.
Within two months of that call, Iger announced that Disney would acquire Pixar.
Some even felt that Disney had paid too much to acquire the studio.
Kroger shares tumbled when Amazon announced it was going to acquire Whole Foods.
Walmart plans to acquire the grocery delivery start-up Cornershop for $225 million.
And in May, Coach agreed to pay $2.4 billion to acquire Kate Spade.
In 22011, the German colossus Deutsche Bank was poised to acquire Bankers Trust.
According to her, it took two years to acquire her current 136,000 followers.
Muji has long been my favorite place to acquire an inexpensive, minimalist notebook.
Medium-sized firms reported revenues which highlighted the competitive race to acquire clients.
Walmart has agreed to acquire the men's clothing company Bonobos for $310 million.
Many professionals and experts did acquire their exceptional skill through persistent, deliberate practices.
DTE Midstream will acquire the assets from Momentum Midstream and Indigo Natural Resources.
"Everyone has the same opportunity to acquire wealth," he wrote on Business Insider.
SS) has no plans to acquire automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) NV (FCHA.
Expertise is achieved only by repetition, until you acquire the feel for it.
By comparison, the breakup fee ChemChina offered to acquire Swiss peer Syngenta SYNN.
The human mind can use its general intelligence to acquire task-specific skills.
But some attempts to acquire land came well before the declaration was announced.
The news came as the company announced an agreement to acquire TD Ameritrade.
The report notes that it's harder for immigrants in detention to acquire counsel.
Target announced its plans to acquire the platform in December for $550 million.
The more data they can acquire, the more sophisticated the analysis can be.
Just how much information do we really need to rapidly acquire a skill?
The time to acquire Netflix would have been back in 2014 or earlier.
Extra tutoring is a way to acquire knowledge and skill in test-taking.
After we had finished that bottle, it became imperative that we acquire another.
Berkshire has grown by spending large chunks of money to acquire other companies.
The Dallas Museum of Art will acquire seven works, including Gee's Bend quilts.
Following the premiere, an intense bidding war to acquire theatrical screening rights ensued.
That's because its cost to acquire new customers looks like its increasing fast.
How hard is it gonna be for these internet companies to acquire things?
Some people can float out of their bodies, while others acquire healing powers.
Reuters reported on Wednesday that Energean was the frontrunner to acquire these assets.
In 0003, Google spent $3.2 billion to acquire the smart thermostat company Nest.
Consider, for instance, the public money ploughed into the 103 Olympics, and how a London club went on to acquire a new 80,000-seater stadium – and acquire it at scandalously low cost – simply by dint of being in the area.
Microsoft this year acquired open source software platform GitHub for $7.5 billion; chip maker Broadcom Inc agreed to acquire software maker CA Inc for nearly $19 billion; and Adobe Inc agreed to acquire marketing software maker Marketo for $5 billion.
BRUSSELS, March 15 (Reuters) - The following are mergers under review by the European Commission and a brief guide to the EU merger process: — Private equity firm Lone Star to acquire Nordic building materials distributor Stark from British company Ferguson (approved March 153) — Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) and holding company BHL Holdings Ltd to acquire joint control of BGL (Holdings) Ltd which owns several price comparison websites (approved March 14) — iPhone maker Apple to acquire UK music streaming service Shazam (notified March 14/deadline April 23) — U.S. investment company TA Associates and French investment bank Rothschild to jointly acquire British software company Datix (notified March 14/deadline April 23/simplified) — Luxembourg-based steelmaker ArcelorMittal to acquire Italian steel plant (notified Sept.
CNBC reports that Amazon plans to acquire the grocery chain for $42 a share.
He would soon acquire other diagnoses, autism and cerebral palsy the most well known.
"We run analytics to quantify what it costs to acquire an order," he said.
PREDATORS ACQUIRE JOHANSEN Nashville traded defenseman Seth Jones to Columbus for center Ryan Johansen.
Mr Sechin also just concluded a deal worth $12.9bn to acquire India's Essar Oil.
Actis and Franklin Templeton are in talks to acquire the African and Turkish units.
Samsung Electronics announced today that it has agreed to acquire cloud-computing company Joyent.
As part of the transition, PGN will acquire Pertamina's gas unit, Pertagas, he added.
How could such a young man acquire all of these toys, plus a home?
It gives companies another channel to acquire customers while providing a faster purchasing experience.
"Vehicles are like knives, as they are extremely easy to acquire," the article said.
The government followed that traditional thinking in allowing Comcast to acquire NBCUniversal in 2011.
Uber will pay a whopping $3.1 billion to acquire the seven-year-old company.
PLDT and rival Globe will each acquire 50 percent of San Miguel's telco business.
It is seeking approval from the Trump administration to acquire Time Warner Inc TWX.
The U.S. refusal potentially hurts Canyon Bridge's ability to acquire other Western semiconductor companies.
That arrangement to acquire Otto wasn't exactly a run-of-the-mill deal, however.
Basically, it's much easier to acquire a bad scan with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.
Sycamore agreed two weeks ago to acquire U.S. office supplies chain Staples Inc SPLS.
Earlier this week, Horizon agreed to acquire rare diseases drugmaker Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp RPTP.
In 2015 Tsinghua Unigroup tried unsuccessfully to acquire US chip group Micron Technology Inc.
They exist for our convenience, but they can acquire a life of their own.
Payments company Square is in talks to acquire the company, sources tell The Verge.
Israel was the first country outside the United States to acquire the F-35.
But Amazon is certainly paving the way to acquire data that could power it.
Dean Foods will also acquire the Friendly's trademark as well as all intellectual property.
At closing, Airbus will acquire a 50.01 percent interest in CSALP, the companies said.
Verizon announced plans in July of last year to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 billion.
In September, PayPal announced it will acquire a 70% equity interest in GoPay (Guofubao).
Williams was looking to build an art collection, not just acquire a few pieces.
The Dow component has reportedly been in talks to acquire declining internet giant Yahoo.
Intel announced plans to acquire Israel-based Mobileye for $15.3 billion back in March.
Fitch's Negative Outlook resulted from Motorola Solutions' announcement it would acquire Airwave on Dec.
Last year, the the Trump administration stopped Broadcom's bid to acquire fellow chipmaker Qualcomm.
Yet managers know that technological change will require their workers to acquire more skills.
The context: Disney agreed to acquire 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets earlier this year.
The company is reportedly in talks to acquire London-based food delivery company Deliveroo.
These commitments define our approach: · Acquire farmland assets generally with long-term investment horizons.
So Broad began looking to acquire a more stable company to diversify the business.
For Citi Bank, this partnership is just an easy ploy to acquire some customers.
That has made it cheaper to set up foreign outposts than to acquire them.
In fact Alibaba announced last year that it would acquire a 33% stake. Sorry.
It isn't clear what kind of security help the company is looking to acquire.
So what is it, and why is it trying to acquire the troubled chipmaker?
Take United Technologies, which has agreed to acquire Raytheon in an all-stock deal.
It also represents a blow to corporate China's growing ambitions to acquire U.S. assets.
Ten purchase rights grant the right to acquire one SDS share for SEK 36.
Edgewell Personal Care, parent company of Schick, announced plans to acquire Harry's in May.
In a statement, XP said it not working with Klein to acquire Via Varejo.
Last month, Suncor reached an agreement to acquire rival Canadian Oil Sands Ltd COS.
Amazon further pressured pharmacies this summer when announcing plans to acquire online pharmacy PillPack.
Saxo Bank announced on October 2nd that Geely would acquire 51.5% of its shares.
They order those who acquire a certain number of points to perform community service.
Mr Peltz is also urging P&G to acquire more small and local brands.
Google has long been viewed as a crowd favorite to one day acquire Twitter.
Competing social platforms wouldn't have another large Patreon-like startup to acquire in response.
Grubhub announced this morning that it's agreed to acquire LevelUp for $390 million cash.
Apple is rumored to be in talks to acquire McLaren, but that's not all.
In February, Honeywell failed in an attempt to acquire United Technologies on antitrust concerns.
Broadcom rose about 221% after announcing that it would acquire Symantec for $2199.1 billion.
There were also clear strategic reasons why Trump would want to acquire the company.
Only when humans switched to farming did people truly begin to acquire material riches.
It could be that comparatively sociable, healthy people are more likely to acquire dogs.
Elliott Management, a hedge fund, agreed to acquire Barnes & Noble in a $683m deal.
Two weeks ago, Walmart concluded its investments to acquire a majority stake in Flipkart.
How Formica archboldi acquire these gruesome home accessories has perplexed scientists since the 1950s.
Cote had spearheaded a Honeywell effort to acquire UTX for more than $3.43 billion.
Openland wants to create a better way for real estate developers to acquire properties.
Udacity was intentional in its play to acquire a company developing interactive programming environments.
ICYMI: Amazon spent on the order of $1 billion last year to acquire Ring.
Kroger is reportedly in talks with Boxed to acquire the company for $500 million.
When the firms sign up new customers, the cost to acquire them is exorbitant.
Sonos just hired the former engineers; it didn't acquire Anki's IP or product lines.
"We are looking to acquire other existing assets as a technology provider," Schwer said.
These studies help us to understand how partisans acquire and maintain biased economic judgments.
In November competing airline Icelandair pulled out of a plan to acquire the airline.
Interested patrons can peruse the participating institutions and acquire two advance tickets per person.
AMC also said it was committed to its deal to acquire Carmike Cinemas Inc.
The company has the option to acquire a majority ownership in the coming years.
NASCAR announced on Friday it offered to acquire International Speedway for $42 per share.
N announced a $14 billion deal to acquire cancer drug maker Medivation Inc MDVN.
Last month, Twilio announced it would acquire email marketing company SendGrid for $2 billion.
That is because, despite the Iran deal, more rogue states may acquire nuclear capability.
You first need to familiarize yourself with the four behavioral drivers: Drive to acquire.
Charter announced its own intentions to acquire the company for $55 billion last year.
The scheme will acquire operational solar plants and wind farms from developers in Britain.
Samsung will acquire hi-fi and connected car company Harman for approximately $8 billion.
Facebook has also pushed harder to acquire users by spreading Web access through
With the deal, GE, through its affiliates, also will acquire a stake in Amu.
The company may also acquire additional grocery chains to bolster the new, unnamed, brand.
Walmart, you may remember, paid $3 billion to acquire Lore's e-commerce startup Jet.
All you have to do is magically acquire tomorrow's newspaper and you're all set.
In 2009, Dreamworks was in negotiations to acquire the movie rights for the toy.
National Museums Scotland launched an international fundraising campaign to acquire the Galloway Viking Hoard.
Technical advancements become available to anyone with the will and means to acquire them.
How does one acquire the ability to manipulate time and space like Doctor Strange?
Novarro expects the company to acquire early stage firms that it has invested in.
As a result, they would then flunk the background check to acquire a firearm.
Toutiao, a Chinese personalized news app, has agreed to acquire lip-sync app
Central would acquire a stake in the local unit of Grab, one source said.
Separately, IBM Watson Health announced plans to acquire Truven Health Analytics for $2.6 billion.
It is seeking to acquire up to 26 percent of the company, it said.
You can acquire wolf companions that follow you around and help out with combat.
No, they didn't finally acquire the first-line center they've been chasing for years.
The raw and (literally) underground footage of the project was not straightforward to acquire.
Tesla is making a bid to acquire sustainable energy company SolarCity, Tesla announced today.
Reuters reported in June that Halliburton was in late-stage talks to acquire Summit.
Indeed Toyota's deal includes a financing scheme for Uber drivers to acquire its cars.
Persuading animals to acquire a taste for a previously shunned plant is not unprecedented.
Reuters reported last month that KKR was in advanced talks to acquire the business.
This is a second attempt by Schlumberger to acquire Russia's leading oilfield services provider.
Does it have to happen outside with these smaller companies that they then acquire?
Verizon announced an agreement to acquire Yahoo in July, after a long bidding process.
How do they acquire alcohol and what are the broader social norms around drinking?
Earlier this year, IBM closed another equally obscure deal to acquire The Weather Company.
Last fall, Nestle announced plans to acquire Sweet Earth, a plant-based foods manufacturer.
N) $52.4 billion deal to acquire most of Twenty-First Century Fox Inc's (FOXA.
Assa Abloy agreed to acquire smart-lock makers August Home for an undisclosed price.
Part of that capital also went to acquire the gourmet Indian food startup 48East.
Unless you can continuously acquire thousands of new customers, that's not a sustainable business.
Confidence is key, and it's something that we can acquire over time with practice.
That makes it more important than ever to help workers acquire new skills quickly.
M+ has already said that it plans to acquire items from the Umbrella Movement.
The musical's lush, familiar ballads, Brantley added, "acquire freshening nuance and anchoring conviction here."
The phone giant will also use HBO Max to acquire and retain wireless customers.
"Women have tended to acquire more and save items for different occasions," she said.
You did not acquire the kimchi, but did you do barbeque and other things?
Fitch recognizes the risk remains that Liberty may acquire the 62% of HSN Inc.
It will be paid in two installments, with the option to acquire majority ownership.
An original deal to acquire Opera in its entirety for $1.2 billion fell through.
Disney says it also has the option to acquire a majority stake in BAMTech.
Instead, it agreed to acquire 1,932 Rite Aid stores, about 42% of its total.
It even sought to acquire missiles from North Korea, but these were also unsuccessful.
There has also been speculation in the industry that Amazon or could acquire Wayfair.
He said this strategy is also a way for Macy's to acquire new customers.
The restrictions would have made it harder for ZTE to acquire U.S.-made technology.
Amazon's decision to acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion shouldn't come as a surprise.
Rathburn continued to acquire bodies for $5,000 and heads for $500 until late 2013.
And Trump would also not be the first president to attempt to acquire Greenland.
On Wednesday, Splunk announced it would acquire the analytics startup SignalFx for $1.05 billion.
Aramco said on Wednesday it planned to acquire Lanxess' 50 percent stake in Arlanxeo.
What's more, it was achieved with easy-to-acquire and relatively cheap military equipment.
Barrick is also considering opportunities to acquire assets but will be "discerning," he said.
To meet this surging demand, U.S. wireless carriers are scrambling to acquire more spectrum.
Under that deal, Vivendi would acquire the pay-TV business, known as Mediaset Premium.
That said, Google paid $40 million to acquire intellectual property from Fossil in January.
Broadcom could announce a $10 billion deal to acquire Symantec's enterprise business by Thursday.
For most teams, the surest way to acquire a superstar is to draft one.
One of its primary missions is to help players acquire college scholarships through tennis.
CBS also had informal talks with Lionsgate to acquire Starz, Reuters reported in May.
She died in 2007, and Mr. Wilson hopes a museum will acquire her collection.
That was 2009, when the cable giant Comcast announced it would acquire NBC Universal.
Then you want to talk about how you&aposre going to acquire your customers.
SandRidge Energy – SandRidge is terminating its previously announced deal to acquire Bonanza Creek Energy.
School shooters — overwhelmingly young — were most likely to acquire their guns in this manner.
Then, after Amazon's plans to acquire online pharmacy PillPack were announced, the stock cratered.
While the university scrambled to acquire replacements, A.P.L. pushed ahead with brain-controlled aviation.
The bank will also acquire certain other assets and assume some liabilities of Reliable.
Under the NPT, countries without nuclear weapons like Iran vow never to acquire them.
The REIT may also acquire Greenland's overseas hotels in Los Angeles, Sydney and Frankfurt.
Correction: In 2010, the government closed an investigation of Google's deal to acquire AdMob.
Lopez started to work for Guzman by helping acquire properties for him, he said.
Daimler also agreed to acquire a minority stake in Beijing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
If Japan were to acquire nuclear weapons, South Korea might not be far behind.
N) and the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) to acquire its investment portfolio.
Michael Kors will thrive after its deal to acquire Versace, according to Citi Research.
Still, the way we acquire hearing aids, or don't, has costs beyond the obvious.
The U.S. investors will not acquire any common stock or voting rights over TMC.
Investment firms at the time had none of the cachet they would later acquire.
CONDITIONAL AGREEMENT TO ACQUIRE MONROL Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (Gdynia Newsroom)
The FCC also blocked an earlier effort by AT&T to acquire T-Mobile.
Unilever creates and captures a unicorn with its plans to acquire Dollar Shave Club.
Just do random things, acquire experience in life, and surround myself with good people.
Steinberg also noted that Zeta has typically used its debt to acquire other companies.
BDG will also acquire Flavorwire, Flavorpill's online news and culture magazine, through the deal.
The big question: Should Apple buy Tesla, or at least acquire a major stake?
The company paid an enormous sum — a reported $65 million — to acquire both books.
Some other industry players rose on the hope they could acquire contracts from Carillion.
By then, the study of blood had begun to acquire a truly scientific basis.
Last week, NRG spent nearly $200 million to acquire more solar and wind assets.
S) is nearing an agreement to acquire U.S. biotechnology firm The Medicines Co (MDCO.
Boeing plans to acquire Embraer's commercial aircraft arm but that has not completed yet.
Luxury conglomerate LVMH just agreed to acquire jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. for $16.2 billion.
It is unusual for a star entertainer to acquire a news and commentary website.
"States cannot build more hospitals, acquire ventilators, or modify facilities quickly enough," Cuomo wrote.
Amazon determines how people shop, Google how they acquire knowledge, Facebook how they communicate.
Intel has declined to comment on reports that it is seeking to acquire Mellanox.
The proposal also seeks to acquire several programs run by the Department of Labor.
Babies born vaginally primarily acquire the microbes that inhabit their mother's vagina and bowel.
A black belt in the sport can take 10 years or more to acquire.
To acquire him, Ujiri had to ship DeMar DeRozan to the San Antonio Spurs.
I have enjoyed visiting the country and wanted to acquire a work from there.
North Korea, meanwhile, is increasingly turning to smuggling to acquire the fuel it needs.
The F.T.C.'s biggest mistake was to allow Facebook to acquire Instagram and WhatsApp.
"It's possible Congress will acquire Trump's tax returns on their own," Mr. Hoylman said.
Going out and buying a business, finding that business to acquire is super hard.
Why, exactly, did your new company acquire the start-up in the first place?
I don't want people wondering what we did or didn't do to acquire it.
The banking software company has agreed to acquire U.S. digital banking company Kony Inc.
Sources told TechCrunch then that Oyo had paid about $30 million to acquire Innov8.
In 2011, Ms. Freeland sponsored Ms. Toe, allowing her to acquire a green card.
Apple is surely aware of how these companies acquire data — it's common industry knowledge.
On Sunday, T-Mobile agreed to acquire its longtime rival Sprint for $26.5 billion.
The new Fox could look to acquire other local stations, as well, analysts say.
"That is the main way that Americans acquire wealth and save money," said Delegard.
The Sinclair Broadcast Group has agreed to acquire Tribune Media for about $3.9 billion.
In October, Voyager announced its intent to acquire a propulsion company, Colorado-based Altius.
It took more than 2628 years to acquire all the land for Big Cypress.
We have to acquire prudence by practice, that is, by making particular prudent decisions.
If anyone could help me build, or acquire, the right toboggan, it was him.
Chinese tech firms have been racing to acquire and develop Chinese works and characters.
Those studies revealed that cancer cells acquire mutations that drive them to grow aggressively.
Either Treasury will acquire, or will sell it to Saudi Telecom or to others.
The termination marks the latest setback to corporate China's ambitions to acquire U.S. assets.
Last week, Michael Kors said it would acquire Jimmy Choo for about $1.2 billion.
But it's not going to the public markets to acquire them, at this point.
And the C.I.A. is hardly the only intelligence agency looking to acquire that information.
Of course, to actually acquire any of these, you have to call Samsung directly.
These are used because they&aposre more sustainable and easier for artisans to acquire.
They look for ways to acquire them and seek out shooting games at arcades.
In June 2019, Google Cloud announced it would acquire the data analytics company Looker.

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