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"attain" Definitions
  1. attain something to succeed in getting something, usually after a lot of effort
  2. attain something to reach a particular age, level or condition

727 Sentences With "attain"

How to use attain in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "attain" and check conjugation/comparative form for "attain". Mastering all the usages of "attain" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The way we attain these assets, and the numbers of us who are able to attain them, however, will look very different in the future, thanks to tokenization.
First, Aetna isn't mandating its customers use the Attain app.
Use it to attain something that you can build again.
That look objectifies women, and anyway, few can attain it.
An opportunity that the Obama administration could never quite attain.
"No one will ever attain redemption through doctrine!" he exclaims.
But you need a financial plan to attain those payoffs.
How do you manage to attain that level of productivity?
" "His long-term goal is to attain a top job.
Women with HIV have also struggled to attain proper healthcare.
It denied Simone Biles a chance to attain iconic status.
So how did Hanukkah attain its special place in America?
If so, is it you trying to attain certain things?
But the environment often makes this difficult for developers to attain.
Characters on House of Cards don't attain power to enact policy.
It took Spotify six years to attain that number of subscribers.
But those are virtually impossible to attain under a Republican president.
Besides, there's already enough pressure to attain body "perfection" as is.
The texture makes it quite simple to attain a natural look.
We try to expand their perception of what they can attain.
The more power you attain, the more circumscribed that power becomes.
Artists there attain a level of success virtually unheard-of Stateside.
" The majority of people, he wrote, "will never attain equilibrium and . . .
College football's national champions have found consecutive titles difficult to attain.
Even if you wear a mask, anonymity is hard to attain.
The reclusive regime has accelerated its bid to attain nuclear status.
Apple increasingly relies on pricier iPhones to attain its colossal profits.
Those who attain elite status can get hooked on the benefits.
With enough tickets, you can attain any average return you desire.
The dashboard of the Attain app was designed in partnership with Apple.
But we also know how to overcome that and attain a goal.
"Franchising is a great way to attain the American dream," Hashim said.
Do you think you can't attain love, so you're settling for hookups?
Lieberman's undistinguished military career only saw him attain the rank of corporal.
Rather, she was protecting the impossible-to-attain career she had built.
Instead, cultivating a thriving mind is necessary to attain a healthy body.
Now, it's something that we can more easily attain on our own.
I don't know that I'll ever attain a very large-scale fame.
In order to attain this possibility, he had to use unnamable forms.
But this truly is the time to set and attain career goals.
Instead, it's when artists who keep moving that they attain staying power.
But it could galvanize Venezuelans who are struggling to attain peaceful change.
It's a little easier to attain perfection with a green leafy salad.
But for most, this newer ad didn't attain that level of quality.
He argues that fixes are available and not too hard to attain.
Commanders hoped to win great honors and perhaps to attain higher office.
Then, recovery was the state of being that you hoped to attain.
The only caveat here is if you attain a new qualifying event.
She joined the Senate Armed Services Committee to attain national security credentials.
Democrats need at least four Republicans votes to attain a simple majority.
Thiebaud limits himself to graphite, and tries to attain the same effects.
Even the yardstick-proportioned bodies and zigzag spaces attain a peculiar authority.
Some manage to keep going, but struggle to attain real and sustainable scale.
Magnets only attain the property of superconductivity if you make them very cold.
Nyong'o and Lawrence didn't attain their red-carpet glory all on their own.
Take our textile industry, which you think is near-impossible to attain growth.
These magicians say that you can attain anything after simply using their books.
Startups compete with other startups to attain funding from the brand name VCs.
What would it take for the United States to attain our own commitment?
It's true that artists are less reliant on major labels to attain success.
It has vowed to attain gross margins of 37-39 percent by 2020.
The compromise allowed both the Israeli and Palestinian organizations to attain full membership.
" For instance, for Attain he said the key questions were: "Will people join?
Strong auto sales helped China attain a little-noticed milestone in recent months.
That gap all but guarantees imports will be needed to attain RFS compliance.
To be sure, Washington initially claimed it would attain the answers it seeks.
Three be the things I shall never attain: / Envy, content, and sufficient champagne.
Losing balance costs speed, and long practice is needed to attain this skill.
Certain to attain MASSIVE notoriety yet also likely to win the main prize.
Amazon has previously set ambitious environmental goals but has yet to attain them.
Each would attain a certain level of fame and satisfaction in future years.
The rioters are not seeking to seize territory or attain control of institutions.
Those teachers later made it difficult for Einstein to attain an academic post.
So how do you attain gender diversity at every level in your organization?
Visits to grave sites are laborious to attain and characterized by strict security.
In addition, they have students attain skills in marketing, self-promotion and business planning.
But they are, by definition, a ripcord for party elites to attain control over
The Attain app has been designed to shift health control back to the user.
Additionally, Attain data isn't shared with employers and the data itself isn't ever sold.
Most often, these pictorial scenes combine poetic writings to attain a sort of enlightenment.
Arnal's photographs achieve a universality and closeness that few photographers attain with their subjects.
"The goal of 2.7 percent is difficult to attain," said IOBE head Nikos Vettas.
He also creates incentives that make his foreign policy agenda more difficult to attain.
It is widely believed that offering prayers to serpents would help devotees attain salvation.
Eventually, Aetna hopes to scale out the Attain program to all of its members.
In the midst of almost any cultural moment, serenity can be hard to attain.
China will not attain its military goals without attendant leadership in science and technology.
None of the three contenders was able to attain the two-thirds majority required.
He'd also stack boxes to build a tower tall enough to attain his reward.
Not until the twentieth century did it attain the commonsensical status it enjoys today.
Eventually, Women 2.0 aims to become a B-Corp, or attain benefit corporation status.
Whether it will attain the popularity of the RAV-4 remains to be seen.
Stay Loyal Stick with one airline if possible to attain a high status level.
All non-free-trade agreement exports are required to attain a public interest determination.
" The Viki voice whispered, "All things exist in order to attain the divine likeness.
There are those who will attempt to exert power over others to attain it.
Historically, dynasties have been a powerful tool for women seeking to attain political office.
There's a sense of normalcy that to some extent we all aspire to attain.
Certain to attain MASSIVE notoriety yet also likely to win the main prize. #Venezia76.
Bataan is just one of many who've used running to attain—or maintain—sobriety.
Yet that doesn't mean that authoritarian methods will enable China to attain economic dominance.
Ericsson has said it will attain gross margins of 27-241.4 percent by 225.5.
The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is the most common way Americans attain homeownership.
Aim for happiness and you'll miss; aim for moderation and you'll attain happiness (eventually).
The bigger question has become whether and how people who attain fame can remain grounded.
"For many people around the world, money is a way to attain freedom," said Gomez.
He also supports requiring people to attain licenses before being allowed to purchase any firearms.
Traders would spend large amounts of money to attain or maintain a certain social status.
H: I see now it takes a lot of time, energy to attain that experience.
"Black Panther," after all, already proved that a nonwhite superhero movie can attain blockbuster status.
The tycoon's Reliance Industries is likely to attain a twelve-digit market capitalisation in 2018.
It teaches us to want and need what should help us attain critical biological goals.
"Paper Boi" (Henry), could attain to placate people who are intrinsically threatened by their presence.
Canada's oil producers, who lack export routes, say it helps them to attain better prices.
Turns out, the influencer life is a lot easier to attain than you might think.
In many of the works, the different materials she uses attain different marks and effects.
She is beautiful and in a position of privilege and power so few ever attain.
"Financial markets do not expect the Fed to attain its stated inflation target," Bullard said.
There are many reasons, some completely legitimate, why so few women attain the C-suite.
Legal authorization for a model is easier to attain than it is for most professionals.
The budget plan and the administration's other economic policies clearly cannot attain that ambitious goal.
It remains unclear as to what information U.S. prosecutors hope to attain from Manning's testimony.
His determination to make resistant forms offers an alternative understanding of what painting can attain.
They question why Democrats are always the ones to cede power when they attain it.
Palestinians would attain their inalienable rights, and Israel would enjoy normal relations with the region.
The immigrants targeted here are trying to play by the rules and attain legal status.
And as we have seen, California has far to go to attain this critical goal.
With his coaching system, Katz said he's helped 10 other trainers attain six-figure earnings.
Becoming a project manager seemed like the highest position a woman could attain, she said.
She's probably most known, however, for her short dancing videos that regularly attain TikTok virality.
He points to research that suggests focusing on achieving happiness makes it harder to attain.
Shopping around and solid financial planning can make homes more affordable and easier to attain.
This allows them to get through the difficulties much easier and attain their goals faster.
Public-private partnerships have the potential to attain both scientific and commercial goals in space.
Even more critical, the conditions necessary to end our involvement are virtually impossible to attain.
For men, especially those lower on the socioeconomic ladder, marriage can be hard to attain.
It told me that everyone has the opportunity to attain his or her love divine.
That means redistributing wealth so no one can attain the immunity Weinstein enjoyed for decades.
What sets the Attain app apart from others is the design collaboration between Aetna and Apple.
With help from Apple, the Attain app's been designed to be simple in aesthetic and functionality.
And I really like to lead people and set goals and try to attain those goals.
The goal is a fine one—but Ms Suu Kyi lacks the authority to attain it.
The employees unionized to attain better working conditions, and I put in my notice shortly thereafter.
California aims to attain 60% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% carbon-free energy by 2045.
"He failed to attain the psychological 60 percent level that had seemed within reach," O'Rourke said.
"He failed to attain the psychological 60 percent level that had seemed within reach," O'Rourke said.
But this "genius" status is also much harder for other demographics, particularly black women, to attain.
Wouldn't everyone in the house just as soon have a body like Robert as attain him?
And they will be able to attain favorable rates on office space there after they graduate.
His life represented one of freedom and luxury that most of his fans would never attain.
Our goal is to always attain and maintain the best labor conditions possible in these factories.
In this bundle, you'll attain a complete understanding of the nuts and bolts of Cisco networks.
And its little mouse nub gallantly fails to attain anything approaching ThinkPad TrackPoint levels of precision.
They're about the hard-won struggle to attain forgiveness and the intersections of justice and mercy.
Earlier this summer, Bradley was starting to lose hope that he would ever attain that status.
Even when women do attain high office, audiences hear their words differently than those of men.
The I.M.F.'s view is that these measures will fail to attain the impossible surplus target.
Those who are interested in signing up for the Attain app can get more information here.
"He failed to attain the psychological 763 percent level that had seemed within reach," O'Rourke said.
Perfection is hard to attain in the SEC, even in a down year for the league.
Paradoxically, our capacity for gratitude is simultaneously enhanced and frustrated as we strive to attain it.
There is no way to attain perfect aviation security from terrorism except by grounding all airliners.
Some part of us prefers to struggle or quest after an ideal, rather than attain it.
An applicant named Bryan described bureaucratic obstacles to attain asylum that lasted more than a year.
On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin conceded a 15 percent rate would be difficult to attain.
A starter home scarcity is making it even harder for cash-strapped millennials to attain homeownership.
Depending on our theological ilk, we lever-press at resisting temptation to attain paradise post-mortem.
No word ever feels extraneous, which is remarkable given the ornate heights he can effortlessly attain.
Are you ever able to attain this strived for rhythm or is it like a unicorn?
" PM Netanyahu: While Israel rejects terror in any form, it supports the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to attain a state of its own Netanyahu went on to say that Israel "supports the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people to attain a state of its own.
Attain is a voluntary program, and you'll have to give consent at each step regarding your data.
Outstanding executives set goals, know the steps to attain them, and keep track of how they're doing.
It's like, 'You could attain this at home, but I also look really polished and put together.
If anything, he should err on the side of too much contrition, the better to attain forgiveness.
I loved so much to have my coach give his body to help me attain my goals.
I loved so much to have my coach give his body to help me attain my goals.
Fascism is profoundly anti-democratic, even though a fascist government may attain power through a democratic process.
Such ISIS-inspired attacks rarely attain the lethality of the attacks by ISIS in Brussels and Paris.
The internet will always have famous cats, but few will attain the status that Grumpy Cat did.
So how exactly do Adriana Lima, Iza Goulart, Caroline Trentini and Lais Ribeiro attain their otherworldly booties?
The dragon survives to covet the orb it will never attain—but now it has no competitor.
The scientific team has been busy conducting preclinical work to attain proof of concept for gene therapy.
But somehow black holes manage to attain sizes that are much bigger than that method would suggest.
So Goldberg said investors should be prepared to give it several years to attain the potential benefits.
For now, though, early adopters of 5G will, at a minimum, attain some pretty sweet bragging rights.
GEO's hiring of Daniel Ragsdale is, according to Takei, a simple attempt to attain more lucrative contracts.
What does it take to attain Pinfluencer status and make boards that will inspire and attract others?
The clocks kick each other around until they and the wall attain their most stable, relaxed state.
Probably. An attempt to attain legendary TechCrunch status by dropping dead my second week on the job?
A couple more gravitational pulls to ultimately attain legitimization as a nuclear state, and then, what next?
But the dreaded onslaught of articles about how to attain "the perfect beach body" has also arrived.
Even the most optimistic of them think it will take another decade to attain human-level AGI.
They targeted her because she repeatedly spoke about the challenges of trying to attain a good education.
Only the objects of Mr. Kadyrov's affection attain that distinction: close associates, his gunmen, his workout routines.
Aoki's teppanyaki outpost was one of the first Asian-style restaurants to attain mainstream success in America.
But "How to Bury a Saint" doesn't need any time-honored rituals to help attain its goal.
" An Ahrar al-Sham member assaulted a secular protester, threatening, "We will attain our caliphate by force!
Consistency is key in any fitness regimen, but is often difficult to attain, especially when you're traveling.
You achieved a dream that people who have every opportunity handed to them are unable to attain.
As millennials begin to infiltrate the workplace, they are already shaping what it means to attain success.
This is an underwhelming bonus, even for a no-fee card, but it is easy to attain.
Hawkins danced the challenging title role, the penitent who flagellates himself to attain fuller belief and enlightenment.
To attain a Democratic majority in Michigan's House of Representatives, her group needed nine seats to flip.
Significantly, it would undermine the state's ability to attain its ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
However, it is never too late for these folks to work towards self-love and attain it.
They made it clear that I had other options and that I could attain those through education.
Scaled trees can attain a height of 278 feet and can be as old as 2,000 years.
"It's more about being able to set goals and putting in the work to attain those goals."
That got me thinking about what it takes to attain this rarefied status, and what it means.
Caroline Grace Williams is currently enrolled in a graduate program to attain her master's degree in education.
One of the major milestones in creating human level intelligence is for machines to attain self-awareness.
We will attain the benefits a college education can reap only by demanding a shared commitment to quality.
Data privacy is also a major concern, considering the whole selling point of Aetna's Attain program is personalization.
That said, the actions needed to attain them have political consequences, dragging central banks into the democratic debate.
"We're used to thinking that if we try hard enough for something, we can attain it," she explained.
Those from underrepresented backgrounds already know how to expertly sell themselves to attain opportunities others take for granted.
The book chronicles the New England author's experiences smoking the stuff to attain "keef wisdom" back in 1897.
We're designing Attain to be personalized and clinically relevant to where each individual is in their health journey.
Alene Duerk became the first woman to attain flag rank in the U.S. Navy on June 1, 1972.
Twelve districts for the State House of Delegates were drawn to attain a 55% Black Voting Age population.
Torrei doesn't hold back her criticism, which included accusing Amber of using plastic surgery to attain her beauty.
It includes Category 9 LTE, which can attain faster download speeds by working across different stretches of airwaves.
The United States has provided the freedom and opportunity for multinational corporations and individuals to attain tremendous wealth.
There's no money in helping people attain recovery, but plenty to be made by keeping us behind bars.
Isn't it obvious that they'd strive for roles in executive management and compete more fiercely to attain them?
There, the veteran lawmaker is expected to attain a simple majority to become the party's nominee for Speaker.
That worry has receded a bit, because authoritarianism requires a ruthless sort of competence that Trump cannot attain.
The younger the child, the more granular information a parent can attain about his or her internet use.
There, companies have a three-year window to evaluate unlicensed use of their drugs and attain additional licensing.
But we can help them ensure that their children attain their full potential by offering them educational choice.
If the United States really wants to attain energy independence, becoming a net exporter of oil isn't enough.
It took Virginia 35 years — all the way to this February — to attain the No. 1 ranking again.
To attain these, an enormous premium is placed on achievement, and it becomes a constant and focused pursuit.
Murnane's earlier stories show the beginnings of his mature style as well as his struggles to attain it.
Sometimes the best way to attain real contentment is to make yourself, now and then, a little uncomfortable.
They think the religious right has compromised its Christian values in order to attain political power for Republicans.
Barnes argues shortening workweeks allows employees to better design their schedules so as to attain work-life balance.
If their candidate fails to attain 220 percent support in the room, they can realign with another candidate.
Women see inspiration or goals we've failed to attain or a pretty stick to beat ourselves up with.
If we're looking for the students and citizens most likely to attain wealth and power, let's admit it.
Race-conscious admissions programmes are constitutionally valid only if they are the least obtrusive means to attain diversity.
Then throw social media into the mix, and the "perfect" vacation becomes that much more difficult to attain.
Tech companies will have to attain permits through the office before they unleash their creations on the city.
The gas find could enable the country to become a major LNPG exporter and attain middle income status.
Two New Yorkers pursuing their master's and doctorates, they saw school as the surest way to attain security.
So women can easily attain a high position on the hierarchy, but that's not the end of patriarchy.
CL: I think it's fantastic and I think it's an incredibly worthy goal that we're going to attain.
Basically, the Attain app will deliver daily and weekly activity goals based on a participant's age, sex, and weight.
There are reasons to doubt Oregon will attain the symbolic value of Waco, even if resolution is not peaceful.
True, Young does not quite attain and sustain that slim-Jim diction on an everyday basis, but who could?
"We do not advocate physical or psychological violence as a means to attain safety," Gaborik said in her statement.
One of the party's much-vaunted goals for the country's development, "common prosperity", is looking far harder to attain.
But trying to attain a score above 800, or the "perfect" 850, is just putting unneeded pressure on yourself.
Her preoccupation is with color and the optical frisson she can attain through her intuitive use of geometric organization.
Looking at income tax and net wealth data, the largest percentage of American's attain their wealth by running businesses.
Thankfully, the storm is expected to weaken over the coming days, and it may never re-attain hurricane status.
Nearly all of America's 3,100 or so sheriffs attain office through direct election and have no direct executive oversight.
Understanding what motivates you is critical to finding career satisfaction wherever you go (and to helping others attain it).
Ackerman claims that the reduced pressure stimulates blood circulation and thus aids the complexion to attain its natural beauty.
I do want to help those young people who are here undocumented and I'm strongly working to attain this.
But activists say they have a long way to go before they attain full rights and freedom from persecution.
How can Ghana, whose total debt to GDP stood at 22018% in 2016, be expected to attain this ratio?
"They have always encouraged us to attain milestones and we're honored to celebrate this one they've achieved," he wrote.
He wanted us to hear Forster's imperative to connect, to try and attain a more holistic relationship to nature.
Our nation has always embarked on new frontiers with fearless ambition to attain the unknown promises of the future.
Both recognitions are difficult to attain and require the scout to demonstrate equal levels of commitment, skills and competencies.
Paula Lodi are believed to be the first sisters to attain general officers' rank, a USA Today report says.
That implied inflation would not attain a pace that would prompt the U.S. central bank to raise interest rates.
The Wall Street Journal reported that with this deal, SoftBank would attain about a 15 percent stake in Uber.
Fundraise with a spear Account-based marketing is a strategic marketing approach to attain large enterprise accounts in SaaS.
Meituan, the local services company backed by Tencent, has managed to attain an expanding share against Alibaba-owned
As the stakes are getting higher to attain a bachelor's degree, college admission processes have been under increased scrutiny.
DeepFarhad isn't quite ready yet, but our engineers are confident that it will attain Farhad-level insights fairly soon.
You left school a semester early to prepare for the draft and never went back to attain a degree.
Joni Ernst, saying it would undermine domestic violence and sexual assault survivors' efforts to attain justice on tribal lands.
Only thus can we attain the desired organic unity between man and nature and the ethics of universal responsibility.
The tournament, in its current guise, struggles — in Foni's words — to "attain its aim" of showcasing a universal sport.
Because of that holdout, Donald would not attain an accrued season for 2018 if not in camp by Aug.
For now, this "Assassins" lacks the emotional heft (and cannot attain the visual panache) that a great production requires.
One may think this is a long way of saying that poets attain immortality through virtue of their reputations.
You don't have to invent the next Facebook or find the Golden Ticket to attain seven-figure status, however.
It's just another step forward on the long journey to a much more difficult-to-attain milestone: quantum usefulness.
The one and only way I could attain his attention was to be insolent, to make my mother cry.
When the coffee is done brewing, let it sit for a moment or two to attain its full flavor.
I am hopeful survivors can attain justice and support, and the communities damaged by these events can begin healing.
Players choose between pushing their digital progeny to attain conventional success and allowing them some semblance of childhood innocence.
Meditating is the method by which most people tend to try and attain this body-and-mind-improving state.
Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)Health insurance giant Aetna is teaming up with Apple to introduce a new wellness app, Attain.
The Attain app is expected to launch in Spring 2019, and the program is open to anyone covered by Aetna.
This strict Attain data separation also means it can't be used by Aetna for underwriting, pricing, or influencing coverage decisions.
The Attain app's success or failure will likely play an integral role in how the company tackles future health initiatives.
Believers say that those who are cremated in Varanasi attain "Moksha", or freedom from the cycle of life and death.
That is easy to aspire to, but obviously difficult to attain – especially if you are in pain from an illness.
Hernandez said he has been trying to attain legal status for 10 years and wants to become a US citizen.
While O'Connor and Storer explore their chosen mysteries with an eye that approaches insightful, others don't quite attain that success.
Note, though, that you can't make contributions to a traditional IRA in or after the year you attain age 70½.
Even my of drawing is a way to say fuck you, stop trying to make us attain these unachievable goals.
We need to attain so-called "herd immunity," to immunize enough people that no sustained chains of transmission are possible.
Flirtey was also the first company to attain FAA approvals to conduct a drone delivery in the US in 2015.
"More adverse scenarios than the baseline one would require more far-reaching measures to attain debt sustainability," the document said.
But it wouldn't attain the semi-legendary status it has today, either, because it'd be just another smartphone-connected gadget.
"The year saw our consumer businesses attain a threshold, wherefrom they will start contributing meaningfully to consolidated profits," he said.
By age 26, he was named a vice president — the youngest person to attain the role in the company's history.
However, fewer than 5% of countries will attain road injury mortality, tuberculosis and childhood overweight objectives, according to the research.
That means providing lifelong learning, retraining, and reskilling programs that allow workers to attain the education and skills they need.
Needless to say, few people dealing with pregnancy in high school today could expect to attain such a good life.
If I can attain mindfulness and wellness, and others follow, we will create a sustainable planet and harmony will prevail.
Indeed they do not believe the Fed will attain its 2 percent inflation target for a long time to come.
Pagenaud still has goals to attain in North America — namely, to win the Indianapolis 500, his sport's most prestigious event.
Those that attain extensive use could then be standardized in a routine way through Unicode and made available to everyone.
Joseph also said he would work on the data business to attain a better balance between consumption and revenue growth.
But, as often happens at midlife, the treaty has been shaken by criticism about the failure to attain its goal.
Syria remains embroiled in a civil war with scores of groups and militias trying to attain various and competing objectives.
We are persuaded that it is only in the horizon of this freedom that art can attain relevance and quality.
Sugar, spice, rum, dried fruits, and ground almonds are among the key ingredients you can attain without ruling an empire.
That implied inflation would not attain a pace that would prompt the U.S. central bank to raise interest rates soon.
Her symbols attain a rare autonomy, and yet they also concentrate so many possible meanings that they move toward abstraction.
Merced is the newest addition to the system and has yet to attain the kind of prestige as other campuses.
Those schools will no longer have to prove that the students they enroll are able to attain decent-paying jobs.
And large areas of same-ish colors attain quirky patchiness and depths via variably shaped or delineated chromatic same-ishness.
Pursuing more may lead people to attain more, but ultimately ends in wanting still more — and not actually feeling satisfied.
Some people attain happiness from finding love, while others become happy as a result of a passion or a job.
An obsessively passionate writer writes because he or she wants to boast about published stories and attain best-seller status.
And Adam and Eve will never attain the knowledge that frees them from the garden without the Snake tempting them.
Their consensus was that getting a higher education matters more than where you attain it or how you use it.
In "Leadership," too, she renders her characters with a depth and intricacy that not all academic historians seek to attain.
Huzayfah: Martyrdom is the highest level you can attain, and for them, it's the most honorable thing you can do.
"Trying to attain someone else's version of rich usually only makes for an unhappy person with a nice bank account."
" One such objective under the Medicaid statute is to "help such families and individuals attain or retain capability for independence.
We go to college, attain jobs and network with our peers with the hopes of achieving our goals in life.
Trump on late Thursday posted a video taunting doubters who predicted that he would not attain the GOP's biggest honor.
Few people attain great lives, in large part because it is just so easy to settle for a good life.
One might say that what they wanted was justice, impartiality — but impartiality, I usually discovered, was not easy to attain.
People should demand from their elected officials and public safety leaders clear descriptions of their plans to attain these capabilities.
They urged Jews to agree that only by becoming Christian could they attain God&aposs love and ultimately reach Heaven.
Still, Mooney said the latest investigation is a sign that reform is a work with much progress left to attain.
"At the same time, they bring faith in their heart, because they know they will attain nirvana in their life."
When unfurled and fully inflated, the sculpture will attain an elongated diamond-like shape, roughly the length of a football field.
If there is a property I think machines can't attain, I call it imagination: the power of exceeding knowledge and experience.
Second, the two companies assured me all data collected by the Attain app is stored separately from Aetna user's health history.
In the ASCII art and porn community, some artists seem to attain a certain notoriety, and have kept them for decades.
This gives her a higher degree of control over her sound and image than most artists at her level typically attain.
The government hopes oil exports will reduce poverty in marginalized, arid lands and help Kenya attain middle-income status by 2030.
The prevailing opinion of those opposed to assisted dying appears to be that, to be acceptable, any law must attain perfection.
Funds that fall below the threshold would have to stop acquiring other types of assets until they re-attain the minimum.
First, the economy, the world's second largest, is big enough to let firms attain huge scale just by succeeding at home.
Among the privileged group of people who attain wedlock—call them the uxariat—marriage is becoming more egalitarian and more resilient.
But they seldom attain the same level of stickiness as married couples, even after controlling for the mother's level of education.
The deals allowed the social network to attain more users, while third-parties could improve their products by getting better features.
The controls have prompted a sharp decline in the number of rides available, urging Didi to help drivers attain new licenses.
For example, the World Resources Institute (WRI) issued a 10-point plan demonstrating how the U.S. could attain its Paris pledge.
According to WWD, Kylie's infamous pout has also inspired a legion of fans who are dying to attain a copycat look.
That may be an impossible dream for Cruz and attempting to attain it may only ensure that Trump gets the nomination.
Which means Trump would need a swing of 30% among suburban women to attain the normal support for GOP presidential candidates.
It was difficult to imagine, despite years covering Syria, the amount of destructive effort that was needed to attain this result.
It's why Google, to attain its current status in society, had to promise, again and again, that it wouldn't be evil.
Favorable royalty terms are crucial for Spotify to attain profitability and to make it a viable long-term holding for investors.
In addition, the availability of dental therapists permitted patients in Minnesota's rural areas to travel short distances to attain dental care.
But for the modern Republican Party, almost all of its major policies and political strategies have failed to attain popular support.
The drivers must drive to within millimeters of the walls and other trackside limits and barriers to attain fast lap times.
Because there is no limit on borrowing for graduate school, students tend to take out large sums to attain these degrees.
Just as science doesn't claim to attain absolute truth, the Constitution does not claim to achieve the utopian ideal of government.
The volunteers in both groups had to attain almost total muscular fatigue in order to increase their muscles' size and strength.
No matter who wins, count on Iran remaining viciously repressive, destabilizing to the region and ever-eager to attain nuclear weapons.
Lilly expressed confidence it could attain its minimum goal of 5 percent annual revenue growth even without baricitinib approval this year.
Of Japanese ancestry, Mr. Asawa was among the relatively few Asian-Americans to attain stardom in the world of classical singing.
They all crave attention and especially power, yet each have a unique way of attempting to attain it or keep it.
The proposed rules would allow entrepreneurs to attain parole for two years with the potential for an additional three-year extension.
You can't choose your privacy level unless you understand the levels of privacy available to you, and how to attain them.
The Rainbow/Push Coalition, Jackson's organization, focuses on leveling the economic and educational playing field to protect and attain civil rights.
To attain genuine excellence in any area — sports, music, science, whatever — you have to specialize, and specialize early: That's the message.
In 1983, the governor's father, Mario M. Cuomo, tried unsuccessfully to add three members to the board to attain a majority.
It is unclear if the council will be able to attain enough unity to produce a statement after the 10 a.m.
The chief executive can best attain this goal by assertively consulting, which will enhance the process deployed and the nominee chosen.
They are projecting, assuming that one rival will covet and attain the kind of armed domination that has served America poorly.
Marshall had been accused, among other things, of defending inclusivism, the doctrine that non-Christians might be able to attain salvation.
He struggled to find mental-health care, which can be extremely difficult for low-income families in the Bronx to attain.
It's all a far cry from when he was yet to attain global fame and his Coachella billing apparently displeased him.
Many economists have said that level of growth would be a stretch at best and would probably be impossible to attain.
That is why many privacy conscious consumers seek out virtual private networks (VPN) in order to attain some shred of discretion.
While some employees may be able to attain a high standard on a regular basis, others are likely to face difficulty.
Meanwhile, Clearpath has been able to score large clients like GE and John Deere, and attain safety ratings for its OTTO vehicles.
As the discovery of Lisowicia bojani demonstrates, animals other than dinosaurs managed to attain gigantic sizes during this stage of evolutionary history.
By storing the Attain data in a separate HIPAA-compliant server, there is no way to associate it with any user identities.
But it's not immediately obvious that we (whoever "we" are) can attain perfect consensus on what constitutes hate speech and what doesn't.
He said many Afghans were realizing that "a single fixed formula prescribed by one foreign power will not help Afghans attain peace".
What we're doing now makes it harder to get to that good future, but the goal is still physically possible to attain.
It's not enough to undeservedly beat the rap for manslaughter, Tim must destroy those who wronged him and attain power over others.
On that day, China expected to be unshackled from its legal label as a "non-market economy" and attain "market-economy status".
The board that took over management of the park in 1985 had to attain benchmarks if it wanted to close the climb.
Usually, competitive free-to-play games like Riot's League of Legends attain meteoric growth because they cost nothing to download and play.
Fans wondered if she would commit to films, where she could attain a level of fame that can be elusive in music.
Readers who would gladly annihilate the rest of the world to attain the perfect reading conditions inevitably set themselves up for failure.
One reason he may just be able to attain that (OK, maybe not the Pope!) is because of his own personal aesthetic.
You don't attain the highest office in the world by playing patty-cake or only calling upon the American public's better angels.
He says economists should respect society's need to set its own goals, then help devise the most efficient ways to attain them.
Hickey was able to attain remote admin control and disable various security settings leaving the system wide open for a malware attack.
It is this push-pull, and all the forces she brings to bear to attain  it, that contributes to her significant achievement.
While we cultivate a public persona to attain resources and maximize success, our covert self encloses inferiorities, base desires, and inner wildness.
Finally, trade associations can keep a check on individual companies trying to attain first mover advantage, at least in a regulatory sense.
In too many classrooms, students and teachers fail to attain mutual respect and lack the ability to resolve conflict without further disruption.
When pilots want to attain higher speeds, they bring the aircraft to a low pitch, essentially converting the helicopter into a plane.
"I felt limited, and a great desire to attain the freedom of being the master of my own destiny," Jin tells CNBC.
"North Korea wants to attain a credible regional nuclear capability with which it can hold regional targets under nuclear threat," he said.
The race to grab market share from today's public giants and attain the coveted title "CNBC Disruptor" has never been more competitive.
Kennedy retired in 2000 after 32 years and was the first woman to attain the rank of three-star in the Army.
Publicis expected an underlying sales growth target of 4 percent — an objective that many analysts have considers as nearly impossible to attain.
Will Smith turned pop rap singles into cross-media branding opportunities that Marvel would sacrifice a generation of teen starlets to attain.
Because the device is not taking any medical readings and is solely for communication, the company doesn't need to attain FDA approval.
First of all, proportional representation confers, even if only indirectly, a constitutional status on political parties which they would otherwise not attain.
He is not interested in exonerating them, but rather in indicting the world that makes love so difficult for them to attain.
"They induce guilt by setting up a perfect standard for you to follow, one that is humanly impossible to attain," Greek says.
Decide what, specifically, you want, and have a conversation with your manager about what you need to do to attain that goal.
Like Christian Bale as Dick Cheney in "Vice," Crowe had to pile on the latex to attain Ailes's older, balder, jowlier look.
He misled the American people through a conspiracy of lies, and he did so to help attain, and then maintain, his presidency.
What ultimately matters is to attain a state of consciousness where everything ceases to matter, so that one can rest in peace.
The centers are part of an endeavor in the nation's higher education system to help undocumented students attend classes and attain degrees.
Using financial Twitter will not replace the advice you get from an individual advisor or information you attain through more detailed research.
"Residents should receive therapy and other services that can help them attain, and maintain, their highest practicable well-being," Mr. Mollot said.
People will go along with advice if it was costly to attain and the task is difficult (think: lawyers interpreting a contract).
But they can be sometimes impossible to attain in the middle of Manhattan, where tall towers elbow one other, shoulder to shoulder.
"I don't believe there's an effective unification across the interagency with the energy and the focus that we could attain," Army Gen.
Race-conscious admissions practices at elite American universities are constitutionally valid only if they are the least obtrusive means to attain diversity.
"I just don't think I need to make compromises or sacrifices to attain things that ultimately I don't care about," he said.
There's also the issue of education, as more Americans delay entering the workforce to attain various post-high school degrees and certifications.
But in all of this, there are political actors making choices about how to best attain an advantage and win an election.
King's Christian faith was always on display — serving as a guiding light to attain equality, dignity and economic opportunities for African Americans.
Though it takes an additional seven years beyond the apprenticeship to attain that status, the reward is a healthy six-figure salary.
Encouraging customers to commit to higher-priced, premium Model 3s could also help Tesla in its quest to attain profitability this year.
In 2010, I was honored to become the first African American to attain the rank of Coast Guard three-star vice admiral.
High school clubs dedicated to making and sharing TikToks, in some cases to attain viral fame, have popped up around the US.
Goytisolo knows that technology is only going to keep changing and young Latinas need the proper training to attain their career goals.
They didn't all feed their rapists to dogs, but many of them did attain a kind of karmic justice in the end.
At the same time, he adds thick slices of avocado, searing them in the pan until they attain a rich, brown crust.
He can really move paint around, and his colors attain complex harmonies even as you may crave sunglasses to mitigate their screeching chromas.
It's a huge achievement for Sony to attain this level of popularity with the PS4, but this console cycle is clearly winding down.
That may be easy for many to attain: 2000 percent of the 1,439 workers polled by Guardian said their deductibles already exceed $1,200.
Regardless, it is clearly a universal motivating principle among males, with the achievement of dominance satisfying and rewarding for those who attain it.
Like most humans, I have goals and dreams and ambitions that I would like at some point during my earthly existence to attain.
Rather, she recognizes all the stunning successes this trio managed to attain at wildly young ages and is worried she'll never stack up.
They said that if the drivers could attain the 22.5 percent raise in net pay, they would take home an additional $6,345 annually.
But, as for most publishing companies, financial success has been harder to attain as traditional revenue streams, most notably print advertising, have declined.
Most notably, he points to the evolutionary advantage of certain waist-to-hip ratios, and the idea of using beauty to attain prestige.
The two companies have been working together since 2016 on the Attain app, which will be available in the spring of this year.
Despite opposition, he's expected to attain the majority he needs from his Senate colleagues to become the next head of the Justice Department.
Contemporary celebrity culture trades in the currency of bromances, gal-pals or sisterhoods, which leverages individual and combined personas to attain greater attention.
The real mystery is how to attain this magical balance between inner and outer harmony; that question isn't quite as easy to answer.
And they've viewed a one-on-one meeting with the president of the United States as a crucial way to attain that status.
And therein lies the tragic, existential rub of this story: Woody wants what Forky has but has never been able to attain himself.
Technologies such as predictive analytics, advanced natural-language generation or smart data discovery solutions can help you attain true value from your data.
Understand How to Coach and Mentor Others A good manager is one who can coach their employees to reach and attain better performance.
Chinese alchemists believed that drinking potable gold in the form of elixirs, eating from gold plates and using gold utensils helped attain longevity.
Acting in concert, these networks determine what we value in order to ensure that we attain critical biological goals: namely, survival and reproduction.
Raffaele Mincione emerged this year as one of Carige's top shareholders with a 5.4 percent stake but failed to attain a board seat.
To address this need, Kobak refers out to a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with clients to attain life balance.
The most significant sticking point remains the ongoing disagreement between centrists and conservatives over how — or even whether — Dreamers can attain citizenship rights.
Barclays reiterated its overweight rating for the automaker's shares, saying the company will attain a large market share of the new AV market.
Many support welfare reform to ask those receiving assistance to engage in work or prepare for work to attain independence and self sufficiency.
For smaller flex-office providers, mergers can be the fastest way to attain the scale needed to do business with big-ticket clients.
Apple recently unveiled a new app for Apple Watch and iOS, called Attain, which is only designed to be used by Aetna members.
"But then I start fearing that, what if I lose my values and attain this person's values and become like that?" he says.
"It is sad that they seek to attain such a vacuous existence where how many likes they receive is their currency," Traill said.
People who are inside ballet would know it well, but the level of physical training and excellence that they attain is pretty remarkable.
"It's EPEAT's publicly stated goal to have only a third of the products even be able to attain a bronze," Gillis told me.
" Apple said that joint efforts will enable suppliers "greater purchasing power and the ability to attain more attractive and diverse clean energy solutions.
Khashoggi disappeared two weeks ago in Istanbul during a routine visit to the Saudi consulate there to attain documents for his upcoming marriage.
Thailand is overwhelmingly Buddhist, and the faithful believe that animals, through a cycle of rebirth into different life forms, can eventually attain nirvana.
Black men who attended religious services are 76 percent more likely to attain at least middle-class status than those who did not.
That's when characters attain depth, when themes get woven, when the roads toward big collisions (and away from them, too) get patiently paved.
"In the struggle over memory and meaning in any society, some stories just get lost while others attain mainstream recognition," Dr. Blight wrote.
Perhaps you rely on support services to accomplish daily tasks, develop skills and prepare for the job market, or attain other personal goals.
If you do attain superhost status, just keep in mind that, typically, you are only guaranteed that status until the next quarterly assessment.
That would make it harder for any vendor deemed a high risk to attain a 35 percent presence in the UK's peripheral networks.
In the advanced learning chart on the right, for all countries, a greater percentage of women than men attain education beyond high school.
Noteworthy is that South Korea has the greatest educational upward mobility and the greatest percentage of students who attain education beyond high school.
But the Saudi government still has work to do before Saudia can attain the same kind of international reputation as its regional rivals.
Even as I watched the company flounder from afar, Barneys always stood for the kind of glamour I coveted but could never attain.
To attain their often astonishing hues, he's been meticulously wrapping the individual bulbs in layers of theatrical gels, sometimes more than 10 thick.
Adrian Beltre of the Rangers got his 3,000th hit on Sunday, becoming the 31st player to attain one of baseball's most hallowed marks.
The bill will make it harder for Muslim migrants to attain Indian citizenship, although many Muslims are also discriminated against in neighboring countries.
In the process of trying to attain a few moments of bliss, I experience something else: patience and humility, definitely, but also freedom.
And voters who attended college but did not attain a degree back Republicans by a 16-point margin, 55 percent to 39 percent.
With favorable votes only from Russia, China, South Africa and Equatorial Guinea, it failed to attain the UN's minimum of nine supporting votes.
To attain world peace, Augustus had to make choices "that didn't come for free, and he had to do certain things," Zuckerberg added.
"I don't believe there is an effective unification across the interagency, with the energy and the focus that we could attain," Army Gen.
Over a year in the making, Aetna will launch a new iOS app called Attain that provides highly personalized health awareness tracking and recommendations.
It's horror and myth and tragedy all at once, hitting the sorts of heights I wish the show was able to attain more often.
It gives investors a sense of comfort around the number of years it'll take for the company to actually attain $210 billion in revenue.
We all differ in our abilities to solve problems, learn, think logically, understand and acquire new knowledge, integrate ideas, attain goals, and so on.
What is sorely misunderstood is the rigor with which the United States already vets those who would seek to attain peace and stability here.
She pointed out that people shouldn't get discouraged when they see bodies that appear unattainable (though nobody should even feel compelled to attain them).
There is a significant gap between what women find valuable in helping them attain leadership positions and what men think women would find valuable.
The new agreement will allow New Zealanders who have been living in Australia for five years to attain permanent residency, eventually leading towards citizenship.
Between them, Khan and London voters have shown that a moderate Muslim, working within the established political order, can attain power, influence and popularity.
Because medication abortion is administered in two visits, the total travel time just to attain this legal procedure would be more than two hours.
The unit took part in a lot of shady behavior as a result, even allegedly falsifying patients' medical records to help them attain prescriptions.
However, if a startup is able to attain domain experts in their field as angels, they can offer benefits that more generalized VCs cannot.
Still, it's understandable to be fatigued by blogs like this, which present a lifestyle that's difficult to attain if you're not white and rich.
I would urge entrepreneurs to attain funds, while they're available, for strong ideas, even if it's not at the valuation you think is acceptable.
The ambition of organized workers was not simply to attain 'greater happiness' through the acquisition of more material goods, but to change productive relations.
Attain will also recommend health actions based on the healthcare reports culled from the health records that Aetna's patient population shares through the app.
But during this second year they continue to grow fast, meaning that by the end of their two years they attain much larger sizes.
Under Dimon, the Roundtable has tried to attain more influence in Washington as a whole, and has pushed for Trump's package of tax reductions.
Although the national unemployment rate is below 22019 percent, policymakers continue to grapple with how to assist low-wage workers attain the American dream.
There are several ways to attain honor, and in all facets the American man is derelict to the point of embarrassment in these arenas.
Passports don't require proof of surgery to change gender marker, making them easier to attain than state IDs in some parts of the country.
The character has no one specific super power; instead, he's supposed to have been groomed by scientists to attain superhuman physical and mental abilities.
In Iowa's caucuses, supporters of a candidate who fails to attain the 15 percent threshold for earning delegates may reassign themselves to another candidate.
It seems like Apple and Tidal to a lesser extent are just using these exclusives to hopefully attain some sort of positive revenue flow.
Conger points out that "blue balls" may get more exposure, because male orgasms are considered easier to attain — ever heard of the "orgasm gap"?
"International economic cooperation has delivered benefits to the United States and other countries that would have been impossible to attain otherwise," Mr. Lew wrote.
Listen: Employees inside Adam Neumann's WeWork talk about the nonstop party to attain a $100 billion dream and the messy reality that tanked it
Longstanding political gridlock suggests it's unlikely we could attain the required two-thirds super-majorities in Congress, ratified by three-fourths of the states.
Nomads alternately in search of and running away from themselves, they sought some form of affirmation they found difficult to define, much less attain.
It is the highest honor that can be given to an individual by Zimbabwe and Mtukudzi is the first artist to attain the status.
In contrast, some really talented and hardworking founders just happen to work on the wrong things and don't attain the same level of success.
I can't imagine how I would fit children in with my relationships, my work, and the life that I've worked so hard to attain.
His drawings bring together two divergent aesthetic possibilities — material sensuality and structural restraint — to attain a form that never devolves into mere visual effects.
It really struck me as powerful early on that I was able to attain a recording of a person completely losing it over nonsense.
What you're really doing is exploiting people in the hope that one day they might attain a level that allows them to exploit others.
For your site to attain the coveted first-page search engine real estate, you must roll up your sleeves and do some serious optimization.
Failure to attain equity, or owner, partnership — or the lack of prospects to become partner — appeared to have a significant effect on firm longevity.
For one, because education is the path to higher-paying work, society has decided that it's important to help lower-income people attain it.
In 1972, after rising through the ranks of the Navy Nurse Corps, she became the first woman to attain the rank of rear admiral.
I hear in this statement Stout's understated desire to attain a perfection that will only become visible to him when he completes the work.
Meyerism — also known as the Meyerist Movement — is based around the idea of a metaphorical ladder that one can climb to attain personal fulfillment.
The series finale of "Catastrophe" achieved a kind of ecstatic perfection that gave me spiritual resolution in ways I cannot attain in regular life.
Myth 280.5: When you control for education, there's no pay gapThis myth suggests that when women attain higher levels of education, the gap disappears.
What makes judges different today, so much so that "but the courts" conservatives were willing to forgo other important principles to attain the judiciary?
Have you ever coveted a shiny status symbol, only to attain it and find that there was little of substance to keep your attention?
Everyone wants into the WTA events, but players must first attain a certain ranking, and to do that they turn to the Pro Circuit.
And since 2004, Facebook has spent a similar amount buying 66 companies, including key acquisitions allowing it to attain dominance in mobile social networking.
The program is also voluntary, meaning only those who choose to use the program and attain higher credentials or levels of education will benefit.
The two parties entered the parliamentary and presidential elections in an alliance last year, which allowed them to attain a majority in parliament together.
In January, the targets rose to 217 calls an hour and $22017,236, goals that many employees there failed to attain, according to internal records.
And they've long viewed a one-on-one meeting with the president of the United States as a key way to attain that status.
The hot glazed rings come fresh off the press and require minimal effort to attain, as you can grab them via their drive thru.
Kumo's technical data sheet is staggering: At rest, it is 19' high, but can attain a height of 43' once it's up and walking.
Raising questions over how we attain basic needs of food and water, "WetLand" feeds off the growing movements of urban farming and food cooperatives.
So for Spotify to launch in Japan proper, it would have had to go down a far longer list of labels to attain those rights.
Netflix's business model doesn't require it to attain a virtual monopoly on the entertainment landscape in the near-ish future, but it would sure help.
And when Woody gets a chance to attain immortality thanks to a toy collector, he's seriously tempted, only to be reminded of his true calling.
Fitch believes that in order for an issuer to attain a rating in the 'AA' category, there should be no constraint on its financial flexibility.
He is also instrumental in selecting the brand's professional "Angels" — models who represent the brand and attain lucrative contracts as well as major star power.
It still feels absurd that a man can train for years to fight a dragon and attain magical punching powers, but still feel self-doubt.
And to their credit, there are some evangelicals, Russell Moore perhaps most loudly, roundly condemning the rotten means being used to attain conservative political ends.
As new business venture funding does slow, fewer companies will be started and capital as a whole will continue becoming much more difficult to attain.
It seems like an almost impossible task to even begin to discuss the magnitude of artistic achievement that Beyoncé managed to attain on Saturday night.
In case you'd like to torment yourself with images of what we mere mortals will likely never attain, here's a sneak peak into the place.
On "Water Colored Roses" you're definitely shattering public perception on what an Instagram Honey is and what people perceived as that can achieve or attain.
The combined entity could attain a return on equity of 26.9% in 2023 said KCB, which had a return on equity of 23% last year.
With our new Flatiron London location, we'll be able to give more people access to attain the skills they need to create their life's work.
The window displays on Rue de Sèvres are the best part of Er Xi. They have the same feel of neurology that drawings sometimes attain.
In a report last month, Fitch Ratings said debt issued under this new structure could attain a rating higher than the city's current GO rating.
Beginning in 1868, novelist Horatio Alger authored a string of rags-to-riches bestsellers about poor boys persevering through adversity to attain wealth and success.
Whether the recipient wants to work or not, the benefits only come as long as he or she doesn't attain a certain level of income.
Extremely thin laptops are the happy middle ground: products that look and feel futuristic, but which we can actually attain and buy and sometime soon.
To be an American Negro you had to be the perfect Negro, just to attain a fraction of the respect promised in an imperfect constitution.
As Quartz points out, the impetus for the law was to deter federal employees from disrupting key government services by striking to attain better wages.
Salt-N-Pepa happen to be the first female rap group ever to attain platinum status, selling more than 12 million albums during their career.
In the end, solid growth with better distribution will both improve people's lives and make it vastly easier for the left to attain its priorities.
By sharing moments like this, parents-to-be invite others along for their journeys — and, in some cases, attain material as well as emotional support.
And his poems in old age attain a special kind of power only available to an artist who works the same furrows over and over.
The combined entity could attain a return on equity of 26.9% in 2023, said KCB, which had a return on equity of 13% last year.
First, sanctions attract allies only if they are mechanisms in service to a foreign policy that also employs other diplomatic tools to attain their goals.
Though she saw him infrequently, his recognition was an important spur to her ambitions, which at the time seemed more or less impossible to attain.
"Under Bolsonaro's proposed policies, from 2021 to 2030, accumulated emissions from clear cutting Amazon forest would attain 13.12 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent," they wrote.
According to the indictment seen by CNN, Magubane approached Mbatha for muti -- a South African term for traditional medicine -- to help him attain good fortune.
Amass enough points and a supporter can attain increasing status levels — like "BigLeague" or "Patriot" — or even gain a spot on the app's leader board.
Other Iranian officials, including President Hassan Rouhani, have hinted at higher uranium enrichment levels, which could reduce the time needed to attain weapons-grade fuel.
The conventional view is that you attain that ability over time through low inflation, an independent central bank, a strong legal system and good governance.
That's not to say that Blade Runner 2049 and Stalker are equals, or that the former will attain the status of the latter over time.
More often overlooked is that the Clippers did not need to trade away half their roster — cough, Lakers, cough — to attain their two new stars.
The filing alleges that Kalanick made "material misstatements" and hid crucial information about company problems from the board in order to attain more power there.
Operating an e-commerce store can be difficult or impossible without a traditional bank account that can be tough to attain in some developing countries.
The long-term plan is to inspire 2 million people to commit to helping America's youth attain quality education by the end of the year.
More equitable partnerships, along with structural changes that would mitigate the "mommy penalty," could help more women accelerate in their careers and attain management positions.
To become a gainfully employed welder, for example, a youth would need to obtain certification and, in some states like New York, attain further licensing.
If "Beanpole" doesn't quite attain the heights it reaches for, it is nevertheless a wrenching depiction of war's effects, extending well beyond the battlefield. Unrated.
But on the beach, consumed with the task of pretending this was normal, I was able to attain what I assume is something like Zen.
I wanted to figure out what my generation of black Americans thought about the promise of the American dream and how we can attain it.
Introduced to music at a young age, he's gone on to attain Godfather status among his peers, sourcing countless samples for fellow DJs and producers.
An African Village is not just about recognizing the intricate negotiations required of professional women who are trying to attain security, love, and career fulfillment.
Women are also now more likely to attain higher education degrees than men, meaning their jobs could be somewhat safer from being usurped by automation.
I wanted to know if there was a genetic factor at play, making lovely, unbitten nails harder to attain for anxiety-ridden people like myself.
The 1980s aerobics mania — headlined by Jane Fonda — further led to the coed gyms we attend today as we try to attain that Greek fitness ideal.
Getting along with Russia is a worthy goal, so long as the purpose is to attain a specific set of ends, not friendship for friendship's sake.
A surprising number were built at the behest of women, including princesses, courtesans and merchants' wives, who wished to attain immortality through the gift of water.
Since the end of 2016, OPEC's priority has reverted to raising prices and it has been willing to sacrifice some market share to attain that goal.
And we know that when more women attain higher office, it has a ripple effect that helps inspire more women to seek office down the line.
But such organizations typically have an overwhelmingly male membership, and are only open to the CEOs of large companies — a position that few women ever attain.
" Mike Gravel's campaign told BuzzFeed News that he believes "all obstrecticians [sic] looking to obtain a license must be willing to perform abortions to attain licensure.
"The business is already outpacing every metric set for it, so I have complete confidence that it will attain its financial goals as well," he said.
Scientists are under a lot of pressure to attain the 0.05 p-value, said Wei of the University of Minnesota, even though it's an arbitrary cutoff.
The project will involve dividing the book into four seasons and illustrating the pages with goals they hope to attain, using stamps and unusual craft materials.
They tell FBN what price they are willing to pay, and then the tech startup goes out to attain what they need at that established price.
Deals for AT&T, Allergan and Verizon have demonstrated Europe's ability to compete with the US dollar market thanks to the attractive coupons they can attain.
Surprisingly, this majestic creature required only a small handful of mutations to attain its remarkable physical stature and physiology—but these mutations packed an evolutionary punch.
Even for NoSleep's top writers — people who have already built a large following in the community — a writing career is still a tricky thing to attain.
Post–bailout, Athens has committed to attain primary budget surpluses - excluding debt servicing outlays - of 3.5 percent of GDP until 2022, and 2.2 percent until 2060.
Knowing the ABCs of fare classes may help you attain elite status, avoid penalties for changing and canceling flights, and rack up miles, among other things.
Many states require that before a consumer gets a lab test for things as simple as reading their cholesterol or lipid levels they attain physician authorization.
Above all, many believe their institutions are forced to compromise their mission by focusing on more selective applicants who are more likely to attain a degree.
Growing wage inequality has meant that today's workers must work harder to attain the same middle class standard of living their parents had a generation ago.
Part of this personal growth centers around self-sufficiency, as counterintuitive as it is that I joined a community-based program to attain that specific goal.
MNG, better known as Digital First Media, in its response said Gannett had no credible plan to attain a $12 per share valuation on its own.
"Bar Rescue" host Jon Taffer has one qualification for his employees ... attain hot chick status, so claims a guy who is suing the host for discrimination.
You're unlikely to get very big or terribly strong with this kind of training, but you can certainly attain an athletic build on just bodyweight exercises.
The company has come a long way in a short time to attain that unicorn status, reporting it has tripled its value in just 18 months.
So it was something of an understatement when Nixon noted that "much remains to be done" to attain "full and equal participation of women" in society.
We should pay attention to the dynamics that make this progress irregular: not all abusers meet with consequences, and not all women can attain firm ground.
I think, however, that the goals of the pro-empathy advocates are the right ones — it's just that empathy is the wrong way to attain them.
But what is new and significant about the Attain app is the use of personal health data held by Aetna to provide customized goals and recommendations.
First, while they are likely to eventually attain ICBM capability, there is a window during which we can disrupt and inhibit their missile and nuclear programs.
Around the world, these programs are helping job seekers, including young people and adults, attain valuable skills in a range of fields, from robotics to nursing.
However, private sector CIOs and CISOs often have more flexibility to request and attain additional resources, whereas states are often forced to stay within preapproved budgets.
Others noted that there is a path for Cheney to attain the Speaker's gavel, even if it's not as clear as her road to the Senate.
Wanamaker's job is to figure out how to get Aetna members healthier with the help of programs like one the insurer has with Apple called Attain.
"Yesterday's indictment sends a chilling message to victims of sexual abuse and those who seek to help them attain justice," said the spokesman, who requested anonymity.
The Bank of Japan has spent more than $250 trillion since 2013 on bonds and other assets to attain a 2% price growth rate, without success.
To attain Patrick's pantherlike physique, his menacing grace, he works out with a personal trainer five mornings a week and on his own the other two.
He taught that the material world is temporary and that man could attain his highest spiritual development through devotional service to the supreme divinity, Lord Krishna.
That is quite the different context from the notoriously hard-charging, high-prestige investment bank where the people who make partner attain a $950,000 base salary.
Spencer added that alt-right supporters would propose a 50-year moratorium on immigration to the Trump administration, only allowing white Europeans to attain new citizenship.
"Chanson Douce" is set against the backdrop of a 40-something middle-class couple in Paris eager to attain a certain level of wealth and comfort.
At times it feels like the older dancers' task is to attain a level of exhaustion while ours, as viewers, is to wait out the show.
Becoming an Eagle Scout is the highest honor a member of the Boy Scouts of America can attain (the Scouts BSA began accepting girls in 2018).
She was recently promoted, but previously worked as "gap leader," one of the better jobs someone with a high school education can attain at the plant.
This drives many athletes to attain college level skills; they use the more competitive game and intense training to get a feel for a higher level.
Going into law without any cost gave me the opportunity to attain higher middle-class income levels despite my parents' low- to middle-class income level.
"We see physiotherapy as the final vital piece so that we can offer a complete package to attain good physical health," adds Jarman in a statement.
The person who wants to attain the highest office in the country has to start by spending significant time in small states, in cramped living rooms.
But, but, but: The achievement of carbon neutral status at airports is controversial because it is virtually impossible to attain without the purchase of carbon offsets.
"Tulsi Gabbard is running for President of the United States, a position Clinton has long coveted, but has not been able to attain," the filing begins.
As opposed to equality, where everyone is equal, equity is about ensuing that each and every child gets what they need to attain a full education.
Her new alias was a combination of her middle name "and the status -- a free man -- the inmate hoped to attain one day," the report says.
But we damn sure can lower the body count by making it harder for so many to so easily attain weapons designed to produce mass death.
"Those little nanostructures could cluster together, and in that way they could attain a size that could make them primitive or rudimentary gravity sensors," he said.
In recent months, once overly bullish firms have tried to retrench — cutting jobs, axing deals and selling off assets in attempts to attain long-term viability.
But by remaking these tragic images as paintings, both artists have given them a monumentality and a hand-wrought physicality that photographs generally do not attain.
Uber has struggled to attain the same dominance in the tricky region of the Middle East that it&aposs built in places like the United States.
Last October, Ms. Hoarfrost opened a large playing and instructional space with 12 tables for the area's better players and those seeking to attain such stature.
"Having a plan on how you'll pay off the debt can keep you focused on what it will take to attain 'financial freedom,'" Schwab-Pomerantz said.
The science tells us that we must attain net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.
"The biggest asset I have is data," Fernandes said, pointing to digital companies like Uber, which are trying to attain similar data at a steep cost.
These morbid tales have partly led to a culture of violence in our nation, and are something Afghans must overcome to attain a culture of peace.
They have exhorted Congress to preserve the deal, which they say is doing exactly what had been intended — thwarting Iran's ability to attain a nuclear weapon.
The other, more powerful achievement is the range of optical effects that she is able to attain through her use of white in the Circle paintings.
Fans of Lim's blog, The Chriselle Factor, and her sartorial social media inspiration are once again able to attain her stylish aesthetic at an affordable price range.
The companies must still attain a separate safety certification for the packaging that will contain the blood samples, or any other "biohazard" materials, during Matternet drone flights.
I hope that young girls who look at this cover are inspired to dream as big as I did and work hard to attain all their goals.
The heaviest rain typically falls in small pockets, and that level of precision is difficult to attain more than six to 268 hours ahead of its arrival.
Of course, while drone ownership has been on the rise, the devices haven't managed to attain the sort of ubiquity the company dreams of for the product.
"As I look into the future, I see radical changes in both how people 'attain beauty,' and how the world perceives beauty," Banks said in a statement.
But this level of empathy requires a maturity that Pius doesn't yet possess, one that he will only be able to attain by confronting his own demons.
Inclusion riders are equity clauses that actors can have put in their contracts that guarantee a project attain a certain level of diversity both onscreen and off.
At maximum, Becky stopped maturing at age 34, which is a time when a baby, a new career, or any major life change seems easy to attain.
The Cormorant can fly between buildings and below power lines, attain speeds up to 115 mph, stay aloft for an hour, and carry up to 1,100 pounds.
Representation matters at big tech events like this because if young people can't see themselves in prominent roles, it's harder for them to aspire to attain them.
"I hope that young girls who look at this cover are inspired to dream as big as I did and work hard to attain all their goals."
To see Bridget Jones attain her weight loss goals, but still struggle with the same issues, would provide a more realistic portrayal of women's relationships to dieting.
Ethnic Russians make up a large chunk of the Baltic population, but they found it difficult to attain citizenship there after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Despite the many available antiepileptic drugs, about 30 to 35 percent of patients do not attain acceptable seizure control either with single drug or multiple drug therapy.
A Star Is Born follows a washed-up, alcoholic musician who helps an up-and-coming performer attain fame while his own career faces a downward spiral.
Musk did attain two bachelor's degrees in the 21s, one in economics and one in physics, but much of his relevant education came from his own experience.
Tax reform's success will be wholly dependent on achieving a level of GOP cohesion that Capitol Hill leaders failed to attain during last month's health-care debacle.
Post–bailout, Athens has committed to attain demanding primary budget surpluses - excluding debt servicing outlays - of 3.5 percent of GDP until 2022, and 2.2 percent until 2060.
Yet, some wealth managers have left the region in the recent years after struggling to scale up their business and attain a critical AUM to turn profitable.
Homo sapiens are currently the most intelligent species on the planet, where "intelligence" is defined as the mental capacity to attain suitable ends to achieve one's means.
Eventually, they will also be able to attain the rank of Eagle Scout — another program focused on older girls is projected to go into effect in 2019.
Behind the design of this game is a woman, Ashley Cooper, who is the developer responsible for the gameplay mechanics that can help a player attain flow.
Although he had won his previous two outings, something still seemed amiss with Harvey, the Mets' supposed ace — an absent gear that he used to attain continually.
When executed perfectly, people can attain a "shredded" and "separated" look with the skin seemingly shrink-wrapped to the muscles underneath on the day of the shoot.
I am at the highest rank I am ever going to attain," Abrams said, according to the AP. "I take that duty and responsibility very, very seriously.
Policymakers will embark on a monetary easing stance if the fiscal cuts are sustained to attain a balance, Patrick Njoroge, the central bank governor, said last month.
Of course, as with any institution, the Fed attaches great importance to its perceived credibility, and, having set the 85033-percent goal, it wishes to attain it.
Two months in, Wanamaker said, people are using the Attain program at a higher rate than he had expected, though it's still too early to get results.
In his role, Wanamaker's worked on projects including a program with Apple called Attain that's betting that an app and a smartwatch can make Aetna members healthier.
To attain this challenging feat, Beyond Meat studied the molecular structure of beef, breaking it down into four main building blocks: protein, fat, trace minerals, and water.
Labour productivity is now below that of most OECD countries and the disparity between what an employed person can attain in Israel and other countries is widening.
He contends that we depend on the cooperation of others for the aforementioned to exist because we have no means or ability to single handedly attain it.
Fenwick & West politely suggests these companies may have been "willing to be more flexible" regarding "investor friendly terms" in order to attain their billion-dollar-plus valuations.
Companies who attain "ultra-low" emission standards are entitled to be exempt from or are allowed to implement a minimum level of production cuts during smog days.
The main question gave parents a list of schooling levels — high school, community college, four-year college — and asked which they wanted their own children to attain.
And, the ruling says, they must have testosterone levels in the male range, which is substantially higher than what athletes with two X chromosomes can naturally attain.
I will read my way through the adult library, and then, to attain perfect bliss, I will enter the children's library, and never need to leave it.
In it, they experiment with how bodies can let go of habits and familiar ways of moving — through both choreography and improvisation — to attain freedom and transformation.
We may be living in the era of the individual, but the irony is that collective action is what is required to attain economic dignity for all.
The advanced education data chart represents the percentage of women and the percentage of men who attain education beyond high school on a number line with points.
Permits and other approval from the EPA or Army Corps will also likely be easier to attain and save project costs, as well as incentivize new developments.
Deutsche Bank raised its rating on the automaker's shares to buy from hold, saying the company will attain a large market share of the new AV market.
Individuals who have health insurance on their job will likely be less willing to leave that job to attain more education or to start a new business.
While the Sapphire Reserve may be one of a small handful of cards to attain "household name" status, it&aposs far from the only popular credit card.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided states substantial flexibility in how to attain the Clean Power Plan, so the scenario analyses could provide insights into those options.
Most WAEMU countries will be able to attain these metrics or will be able to adopt the new currency progressively as and when they can fulfill them.
And though growth normally slows when countries attain a middle-class income, in China the new middle class provides the main customers for new mobile internet services.
To attain its impressive sound, the Studio has a total of five drivers: three 33-inch midrange speakers, a 1-inch tweeter, and a 5.25-inch woofer.
Another company, IntegraMed, which does business as Attain Fertility, notes on its website that 80 percent of the people who complete one particular program have a baby.
She's now channeling this momentum toward the ultimate goal of getting FDA market clearance for her peanut, which she hopes to attain within the next few years.
It creates a distorted idea of what it takes to attain success and what financial milestones are actually achievable if you are starting from zero or less.
The thing about The Craft is that its central theme is overwhelmingly common in culture: Girls who attain a modicum of power are inherently untrustworthy and dangerous.
It would also create a $40 billion Climate Justice Resiliency Fund to help vulnerable communities like senior citizens and Native American tribes attain jobs, resilient infrastructure, economic development.
If success is only measured by numbers—striving to attain a certain balance in the bank or a certain return on investments—satisfaction will never be attained. Why?
And it would tend to push down the value of the dollar relative to other currencies, which would actually help the United States attain more advantageous trade terms.
Other cheaters give their bib to a speedier "bib mule" before the race, hoping to attain a time in their name that qualifies for the prestigious Boston marathon.
If Stan offers Philip a deal to attain citizenship and keep Paige and Henry none the wiser, so long as Philip turns on Elizabeth, does Philip take it?
CAA, where the first meeting that led to Time's Up took place, has similarly vowed to attain gender parity in the agency's management committee and board of directors.
You'll be faster, more efficient, and more capable than ever before, which means you'll be able to attain higher profitability and deal with less stress than ever before.
If we cannot attain complete and lasting tranquility in the face of a death sentence, we can nevertheless conceive of a series of precarious, provisional moments of acceptance.
Miller: And one of the questions I often get asked as an executive, what is some advice you can give to young women who want to attain success?
The pronunciation is based on the Beijing dialect, but even natives of the city, like Ms Li, find it tricky to attain the flawless accent that newsreading requires.
Rather, each beheading actually adds credence and weight to the terrorists' threats, which then makes it more likely that they will attain a ransom for their next victim.
The new app, dubbed Attain, also provides Aetna members who sign up with nudges, such as to get an annual flu shot or take their medication on time.
I recommend finding a guide who can help you to attain and retain the wealth you desire, and to reap the maximum benefits and pay the minimum costs.
According to Hindriks of Jobbatical, Estonia and Malaysia are now considering digital nomad-style visas that would allow self-employed professionals to attain visas without an employer sponsor.
The carbon price is part of a framework that aims to help Canada attain its Paris goal of reducing emissions by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.
Many parents in Dharampura plan debt cycles around their daughters' ages, ensuring the older ones are married before the younger ones attain puberty to avoid clustering wedding loans.
I had to find a way to educate women about their rights, and radio was the perfect medium to attain my goal because its reach is so widespread.
She is also a child of immigrants: Her parents are Cuban-American and overprotective, and she longs for independence, even more difficult to attain as an only child.
You won't be able to issue voice commands when the microphone port latch is closed, but it allows the watch to attain its 100-meter water-resistant rating.
As if the unhealthy pressure to attain the perfect body isn't depressing enough, word on the street is that a "visible stomach outline" has replaced the thigh gap.
The central bank will embark on a monetary easing stance if the fiscal cuts are sustained to attain a balance, Patrick Njoroge, the bank's governor, said last month.
The central bank will embark on a monetary easing stance if the fiscal cuts are sustained to attain a balance, Patrick Njoroge, the bank's governor, said last month.
Not a single manufacturer is asking for the White House to "help" them out by making their products unaffordable and more difficult to attain for millions of Americans.

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