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"expense" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] the money that you spend on something
  2. [countable, usually singular] something that makes you spend money
  3. expenses [plural] money spent in doing a particular job, or for a particular purpose
  4. expenses [plural] money that you spend while you are working and that your employer will pay back to you later

954 Sentences With "expense"

How to use expense in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "expense" and check conjugation/comparative form for "expense". Mastering all the usages of "expense" from sentence examples published by news publications.

More: Community adjusted EBITDA includes all tenant fees, rent expense, staffing expense, facilities management expense, etc.
We'll be able to deduct the expense later as a business expense.
While a "Corresponding expense?" might be interpreted as the expense that goes with something, today it's the expense of corresponding with someone, which is POSTAGE.
A week later, Kelley submitted a "miscellaneous expense reimbursement form" to recoup the expense.
There was always a weird expense, like a medical expense or a plane ticket.
The journey we're on is finally saying goodbye to 'expense policies', 'expense reporting' and 'control'.
In fact, the government said "implement PTC at your expense," and the expense is $10 billion.
Nisall says food is another common travel expense that is often miscategorized as a business expense.
Thus, Fitch views the storage expense as a variable operating cost and adjusts lease expense accordingly.
The medical expense deduction is not a big expense when it comes to budget line items.
The perks align with my main expense Besides rent, my biggest expense is travel, specifically airfare.
"This money must not come at the expense of our enduring rights, or at the expense of Jerusalem or the right of return or at the expense of sovereignty and resistance," he said.
Source: Kurtis Productions Steven Palladino spared no expense enjoying luxury vehicles at the expense of trusting Viking Financial investors.
The company's key competitors are legacy expense system Concur and Expensify, a decade-old fellow venture-backed expense manager.
The Canada Revenue Agency considers a "business expense" to be any reasonable expense for running and managing your business.
It cuts fuel costs -- the second biggest expense for airlines after wages -- and it will also reduce maintenance expense.
Manufacturers would lose their deduction for interest expense but would be able to expense immediately all of their investment costs.
Like most expense trackers, it offers features like the ability to take photos of receipts, expense categorization features, and reporting.
"Concentrated funds start off deeper in the expense hole and have a deeper expense gap to traverse," Mr. Davis said.
I quickly found the Vanguard High Dividend Yield (0.08% expense ratio) and Schwab US Dividend Equity (0.06% expense ratio) ETFs.
Compensation expense dropped dramatically during the quarter to $3.7 billion including a severance expense, from $5.1 billion a year ago.
For instance, these costs might be a qualified medical expense or they are an entrepreneur's "ordinary and necessary" business expense.
Total non interest expense jumped 17%, due to the litigation costs and higher expense related to salaries and employee benefits.
You can check a fund's expense ratio in its prospectus, or by simply searching "[Fund name] + expense ratio" in Google.
Sort the list by expense ratio by clicking on the words "Expense Ratio" so your highest fees are at the top.
But 2200% would have to borrow or sell something to pay for the expense; 2299% would not be able to cover the expense.
By comparison, equity index funds come with an average expense ratio of 0.64 percent and bond index funds' expense ratio is 0.28 percent.
All of the expense and all at the expense of Israel, our allies in the region and very importantly, the United States itself.
For each $10 expense on design, there is (at least) a $100 expense on construction, over an initial delivery period of eight years.
Even more reason for the results: fully 81% said they would be unable to cope with an unexpected expense of $1,000 or more; 48% said they couldn't manage an unexpected expense of $100; 28% said a $10 expense would be too much.
Every quarter Certify, a business-expense software firm, collects data from millions of travel-expense claims in America in order to spot market trends.
The practice is technically a corporate expense, but during boom periods, Wall Street typically focuses on a company's operating results that exclude that expense.
The expense of vinyl, the expense of music-making gear—all of these things have traditionally been points of gatekeeping that are now disappearing.
"This reductive idea that their success comes at our expense, or our success comes at their expense, is just not accurate," Mr. Plepler said.
In addition, no interest expense related to the loans was deducted in 2014 or 2016, but he deducted $17,856 of interest expense in 2015.
But programmatic enables performance advertising to be an "always on" expense, therefore reclassifying it from a discretionary operating expense to a cost of goods sold.
By the numbers: The actively managed fund comes with an expense ratio of 0.59%, unlike SoFi's first two ETFs, which have a zero expense ratio.
"I added money to expense reports and created expense reports" that were not accurate, he said, to pad his salary by "several hundred thousand" dollars.
On the income statement, the network lease has been added as rent expense and the interest associated with the lease was removed from interest expense.
"The costs for getting it wrong — investing in high-expense funds when close-to-identical low-expense funds are available — are large," the authors write.
A Vanguard 500 Index Fund has an expense ratio of just 0.14%, and the company's overall index fund expense ratios are 71% lower than industry averages.
In 2015, VBL's administration expense ratio was 1.9% and acquisition expense ratio was 4.3%, which were better than the market average of 2.3% and 173%, respectively.
So if you've deducted the materials once as an art expense on your tax return, you may not then deduct them again as a charitable expense.
Noronha said this claim was not satisfactory as the rental expense savings and potential rental income will only be offset by the depreciation expense it would incur.
With the addition of BCD — plus a number of expense ratio reductions for other products in the portfolio — the new blended expense ratio is just 0.06 percent.
We have remained obsessed with what was at the expense of what is; with who is in charge at the expense of who is in their charge.
He said that while his biggest surprise expense in retirement had been the soaring cost of healthcare, his other major expense came after his kids left college.
It was 1.09 percent, a net figure that accounts for fee waivers and expense reimbursements by the fund company, not 13 percent, which is the gross expense ratio.
It was 1.09 percent, a net figure that accounts for fee waivers and expense reimbursements by the fund company, not 1.49 percent, which is the gross expense ratio.
Shaq and his ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal spared no expense for their daughter's sweet 16 ... and by expense, we mean they dropped almost a mil for the kid.
The company said its operating income was negatively impacted by an FCC spectrum auction expense of $516 million, and an impairment of long-lived assets expense of $123 million.
" - Nik, 32 "College is totally worth the expense.
" - Brittany, 27 "Cat enemas were a monthly expense.
Faced with an unexpected expense of just $400, 0003% of adults would have to borrow or sell something; 12% would be not be able to cover the expense at all.
The feature saves data-entry time by scanning your receipt, verifying that the expense is compliant with your employer's rules, and then organizing it into an expense report — all automatically.
Two of the broadest possibilities: Vanguard's VEA, a developed markets ETF with an expense ratio of 0.09 percent, and BlackRock's emerging markets IEMG, with an expense ratio of 0.14 percent.
And so instead of cracking stupid, heartless jokes at their expense or the expense of their idols, we should be celebrating them, and the incredible subcultures they create and sustain.
It is, however, a tragedy — making visible a culture of shame and silence, in which "purity" comes at the expense of mutuality and "forgiveness" comes at the expense of restitution.
In practice, the kingdom has alternated between periods when it prioritised the defence of prices (at the expense of market share) and protecting market share (at the expense of prices).
"It's the corporations who tend to be making the most money, doing so at the expense of the workers, and at the expense of a lot of farmers," she said.
The item, "expenses related to the strategic reassessment of technology projects," primarily "equipment expense," marked the second-straight quarter of such a technology project-related expense north of $100 million.
"While so-called 'Syrian' 'refugees' from Homs drink coffee at the expense of the German taxpayer in Berlin, we drink coffee at our own expense in Homs," he wrote on Facebook.
It's a typical expense for companies who go public, and Uber previously warned in regulatory filings that this large expense would be occurring, so it likely isn't a surprise for investors.
Supplemental insurance of $5,000 per week — a considerable expense at the time — was required due to the high valuations of the artwork, and the Met reportedly found this added expense unpalatable.
While broadcasters are trying to advance LRFA to pad their bottom line at the expense of music creators, artists are advocating for a solution that won't come at someone else's expense.
You don&apost even have to reimburse yourself for a medical expense immediately — you can pay for the expense out of pocket and reimburse yourself at any time in the future.
" He also cited "endless legal battles at taxpayer expense.
But weren't they — weren't we — laughing at his expense?
" Kavanaugh and Judge "were having fun at my expense.
But weren't they — weren't we — laughing at his expense?
I support it totally … But not at my expense!
Once approved, the person requesting the expense will put that on a company credit card, then have to submit expense reports at the end of each month using a tool like Expensify.
"We want to create a passive park and do it at our expense, not the city's expense," said Ronald C. Lieberman, executive vice president for management and development for the Trump Organization.
All that happens is states [are] posturing to showcase their own culture and civilization at the expense of others — of communities within their state and sometimes at the expense of other countries.
Beacon has already delivered $175 million of pre-tax run rate expense savings in 103 and is on target to achieve at least $140 million in additional pre-tax expense savings in 2017.
Most of that cost, however, includes a $2 billion stock-based compensation expense due to the recognition of expense related to RSUs related to the IPO, the company said in its earnings report.
Take the case with your typical annuity (fixed or variable) that carries an average 2 percent to 3 percent annual expense charge when you consider administrative, mortality and expense, and mutual fund costs.
Francis recommends expense ratios that are less than 250 percent.
Prepare a budget that outlines every financial expense you have.
Unfortunately, Cassidy was not prepared for the extra $50 expense.
This is really said by the sheer expense of college.
That's why most people don't expense small amounts at all.
Headlines should not come at the expense of history. 295.
They're still low, but that interest expense is going up.
"We are not a burden or an expense," she said.
Today's system encourages political diversity at the expense of quality.
Expense reports aren't the most exciting thing in the universe.
We expense it because we're doing pretty well this year.
"Most Americans can't handle a $500 emergency expense," he said.
And expense has certainly become a problem for the SLS.
Take a comprehensive view of your income and expense situation.
"It will lower the expense to the plan," he says.
BK continues to approach expense management as an ongoing process.
But macroeconomic gains came at the expense of Egyptians themselves.
It would make sense if students could defer the expense.
It means there has been some prank (at your expense).
"My rent is definitely my biggest monthly expense," she says.
These additions don't come at the expense of veteran players.
It manages purchase orders, payments and other expense related transactions.
Somewhere after "interest expense" but before "earnings before income taxes"?
But how much of an issue is internal expense fraud?
And what might bots detecting our expense anomalies look like?
From sweatshop labor, at the expense of the 99 percent!
"Technology is not an expense, it's an investment," he said.
But it came at the expense of her mental health.
If you can meet a $400 emergency expense, that's great.
The Gershwinds didn't spare any expense on the shindig either.
Apart from the reconstruction expense, another toll is on tourism.
But such growth also came at the expense of stores.
And there is the stumbling block of space and expense.
And they are growing at the expense of traditional services.
Taxpayers will foot the bill for the biggest expense: security.
I will use my stipend money and expense this later.
That rise has come at the expense of wired broadband.
Shale producers will have gained market share at their expense.
I use my preloaded school expense card for the items.
Blackrock is reducing the expense ratio on 15 ETF products.
Some of that speed comes at the expense of artistry.
But that clarity comes at the expense of everything else.
And that includes some gentle teasing at teenage Carrie's expense.
MLB's divisional setup prizes drama at the expense of justice.
And they're doing it at the expense of American security.
Having sufficient savings can help you afford an unexpected expense.
Another aspect is automating the whole expense and auditing process.
No competitive advantage should come at the expense of workers.
Or construction could resume at the expense of Native Hawaiians.
Not everyone agrees that law school is worth the expense.
For contemporary art, the added expense would be too onerous.
This retirement living expense has nowhere to go but up.
Within its walls, no expense is spared on the amenities.
If they choose well, the expense ratio doesn't really matter.
Dunn treats her savings an an important but irregular expense.
Cramer was stunned by CSX's expense control from its management.
The biggest barrier to public transport, though, is the expense.
If you're renting, housing is likely your biggest monthly expense.
This, in turn, prompted more jokes at the veep's expense.
Subdued consumer demand in rural areas is another expense factor.
For those who get hooked, the expense is worth it.
One of the most common emergencies is a medical expense.
We're not getting better quality of care despite the expense.
It may not always make sense to accelerate depreciation expense.
State Medicaid programs greatly vary in structure, generosity, and expense.
Analysts said the expense forecast was slightly higher than expected.
Perhaps at the expense of a lot of other things.
But my best friend pays, because she can expense it.
Other people's love is the greatest expense in your life.
Unfortunately, those billions in profits have come at consumers' expense.
" Say: "We were disappointed by Sally's behavior at John's expense.
It's given her brilliance at the expense of social functioning.
Even at the expense of their client's privacy and legacy.
He's getting weaker while she's getting stronger at his expense.
Before moving into the van, our biggest expense was rent.
But not, she says, at the expense of women's rights.
"Valeant's monopoly model operates at the expense of real people."
Jordan's appointment comes at the expense of GOP Arkansas Rep.
For one, its poor performance doesn't justify its enormous expense.
" He added that the federal government "will spare no expense.
Expense growth outpaced revenue growth for the second consecutive year.
Staffers were then put up in hotels at taxpayer expense.
But in private, Cubans kept laughing at the dictator's expense.
The only other major expense that comes close is healthcare.
Everyone, even the league, was having fun at Manziel's expense.
Total revenue, excluding interest expense, rose 8.4% to $10.84 billion.
A net expense ratio of 0.71 percent also worries experts.
Oil is our biggest monthly expense, but it's entirely seasonal.
I wish them well, but just not at my expense.
The biggest expense of the first week was Lady herself.
For this, the members receive expense money and per diems.
Travel: The federal government is proposing new travel expense rules.
We expense substantially all research and development expenses as incurred.
That takes money, unless you have a reliable expense account.
Let's be frank: Buying a home is no small expense.
But it's an expense I can justify, and here's why.
These folks are much more sensitive to rising interest expense.
Do those deals come at the expense of the US?
And they do come at the expense of some growth.
Her female friends will make insensitive remarks at her expense.
" Colicchio also told MUNCHIES that the expense argument is "disingenuous.
The Adams equity fund has an expense ratio of 0.58%.
But the compromise comes at the expense of market relevance.
On average, scholarships and grants paid $8,0313 of the expense.
Aircraft purchases are the largest capital expense of any airline.
Kimmel had some fun at the newly wealthy winner's expense.
The Trump Organization recorded the reimbursement as a legal expense.
And at the time it seemed like a crazy expense.
Trump did, however, make a joke at his own expense.
They can gain revenue, he said, for little additional expense.
Did this stability come at the expense of economic growth?
When is an expense "de minimis" (meaning insignificant) or "incremental"?
They would also come at the expense of America's allies.
Is that coming at the expense of broader ecological concerns?
"It's not worth the expense," Mr. Sigaud recalls being told.
Again, growing the economy at the expense of vulnerable populations.
Start by going over your list and challenging every expense.
New taxes should be a big expense for many companies.
But this convenience cannot come at the expense of quality.
The average unexpected expense for survey respondents was about $3,500.
Go deeper: Cyber Monday's rise comes at Black Friday's expense
Its expense and symbolism has deterred Republicans and Democrats alike.
South Park jokes often very pointedly come at someone's expense.
Revenue, net of interest expense, rose slightly to $22.8 billion.
Will California consumers get good value from that massive expense?
It had been rebuilt, at Russia's expense, after a fire.
But in many cases, it can be a worthwhile expense.
However, customers must pay expense ratios based on the investments.
The rollout has come at the expense of personal privacy.
His bookkeeping is meticulous, every single expense is accounted for.
Revenue, net of interest expense, fell slightly to $22.35 billion.
It's always at someone's expense, even if it's your own.
Germany's particularly cumbersome construction regulations also add to the expense.
Their primary rules reward entertainment at the expense of seriousness.
Its A shares carry an expense ratio of 1.29 percent.
For two or more dependents, the expense cap is $6,000.
But his security expense has been consistent over the years.
Decor should not be a big, recurring expense each year.
Others are avoiding the hassle and expense of an IPO.
The Han elite spared no expense to ensure their continuance.
She insists on picking up the check to expense it.
That way, an unexpected expense won't derail your savings efforts.
And it hasn't come at the expense of my health.
Eliminating the medical expense deduction hurts older Americans the most.
Just think of buying a meal on an expense account.
But the company has been able to eat the expense.
In order to gain the market share at your expense?
But this opportunity cannot come at the expense of youth.
Let them explore great wine without worrying about the expense.
How do they make themselves relevant, and at whose expense?
They realized it was an investment rather than an expense.
They did not make one joke at President Trump's expense.
That could have come at the expense of July sales.
However, it shouldn't come at the expense of user privacy.
No one made any jokes at his expense at all.
The virtue of avarice, at the total expense of labor?
Welch said his numbers were "conservative" — he said that if he didn't have supporting documents to prove that a transaction was a personal expense, he counted it as a business expense and not income.
ING analyst Marc Hesselink said the mixed market reaction reflected the fact that while TomTom's underlying position was good, the company's shift to operating expense from capital expense-based accounting blurred the financial picture.
Perhaps the biggest difference between oppo research and paying for nondisclosure of an affair is that one is definitely a campaign expense and the other is a personal expense not covered by election law.
To put that into perspective, if you invest $10,517 in a fund with a 1 percent expense ratio, you'll be wasting $80 every year compared to a fund with a 0.2 percent expense ratio.
"Yes, three days is better than nothing but not when it comes at the expense we saw [in China] and the expense that will continue to be incurred for decades to come," Hoffman added.
One way to do this is to invest in low-cost index funds with expense ratios well below 1% (the Vanguard 500, the largest index fund out there, has an expense ratio of 0.04%).
A recent study from the Federal Reserve found that over a third of U.S. adults would struggle to pay for a $400 unexpected expense — 12% would not be able to cover the expense at all.
Annual expense ratios for trendy funds are 20 basis points per year higher than those which are not trendy, a difference which is as much as the entire expense ratio of some passive mutual funds.
The SEC accused them of helping to move hundreds of millions of dollars to capital expense accounts from operating expense accounts, reducing reported operating costs and making oil extraction activities appear more profitable and efficient.
Kroger, which had total debt of $13.44 billion as of May 20, said it would incur a one-time expense following the settlement, but noted that the expense would not affect its 2017 earnings forecast.
" According to the IRS, an ordinary expense is one that is "common and accepted in your trade or business," while a necessary expense is "one that is helpful and appropriate for your trade or business.
Twitter's expense of $600 million in 2013 was slightly less than its revenue, while LinkedIn had just a $30 million expense and $522 million in sales in 2011, the year it debuted on the market.
When the expense comes up, you'll be ready for it.3.
So, our aggregate expense has been basically flat over three years.
And does it come at the expense of long-term relationships?
None of these improvements come at the expense of performance, though.
Adding a new feature to an app is a capital expense.
"They just want revenue to cover their expense base," he said.
Despite budgeting $22,2000 for the expense, she owed more than $225,230.
These sales, Toyota says, came at the expense of profit margins.
Whether you rent or own, housing is likely your biggest expense.
Maybe now he can stop making pregnancy jokes at Guthrie's expense?
Then there's healthcare, which for American companies is a huge expense.
Much of Sloan's presentation was devoted to Wells Fargo's expense targets.
I take an Uber to the stop, which I'll expense later.
Today, that's Divvy, a tech-enabled replacement of monthly expense reports.
We're supposed to keep nasty secrets, even at our own expense.
His assistant reported him to Apollo's expense manager after becoming suspicious.
I love a good laugh at my face's expense among friends.
His endorsement could come at another successful Ohio Democrat's expense — Sen.
Not a fun expense, but definitely cheaper than a new computer!
Today, Jessica Simpson got the last laugh at Whole Foods' expense.
The flight rescheduling also comes at the expense of federal dollars.
For Nevada families, that expense will soon be a bit lower.
But the return would outweigh the expense, according to the report.
Then, of course, they'll have to be rebuilt at taxpayer expense.
We cannot see all these investments in people as an expense.
He, too, complained of the lack of privacy and the expense.
Any savings at Uncle Sam's expense will be gravy, not meat.
Click to enlarge Pardoe's largest monthly expense is his two cars.
They are actively promoting development at the expense of protected lands.
Those loans bear almost zero interest rates, hence saving interest expense.
The company cited "inventory and expense discipline " for the strong results.
Many Britons suspect that the City succeeds at everyone else's expense.
Expansion in lending has come at the expense of credit standards.
In today's economy, however, healthcare is quickly becoming the largest expense.
Evergrande's gross interest expense exceeded capitalised interest for the first time.
I pay, but will expense it, since it's a working lunch.
If the company invests in training its workers, that's an expense.
I'm also providing the Eagle and trained personnel at MY expense.
Consider every single expense in relation to your dream year abroad.
That has left banks relying on expense cuts to drive profitability.
The company not record litigation expense in the year-ago period.
But it's an expense I can completely justify, and here's why.
That means telling China that it cannot rise at America's expense.
The film never makes jokes at the expense of Mickey's weight.
You will, have course, have the emotional expense of justifying your .
In the India case though, the expense may well be warranted.
One of the managers pays for everyone; she'll expense it later.
A security deposit is another hidden expense to consider, he said.
The expense comes partly in the capital cost of the plants.
Instead, she's pushed aside at the expense of other characters' developments.
But fast-tracking some refugees comes at the expense of others.
Fuel is generally airlines' second-largest expense after their employees' salaries.
Read more ReadBuying the new MacBook Pro isn't the only expense.
I plan to expense it since I have my weekly stipend.
"I think investors should look beyond the expense ratio," Rosenbluth said.
You also can manage absences and leaves, expense reports and shifts.
The AARP has opposed the elimination of the medical expense deduction.
The retirement plan resulted in an expense of 13 million shekels.
Its basic investor shares carry an expense ratio of 0.27 percent.
And it's clear whoever paid for this wedding spared no expense.
" She added that although it's an "expense," it's "well worth it.
The smallest expense on the average budget was favors at $255.
And they're doing it at the expense of the American worker.
Graphine oxide will do the trick, but comes at considerable expense.
"But not at the expense of the core thing," says Lowenberg.
Rosenbluth thinks a true zero-expense ETF is coming soon. 2.
For now, student loan repayment isn't considered a qualified educational expense.
Owning a car simply isn't worth the ongoing expense, argues O'Leary.
Their growth has come largely at the expense of department stores.
I guess this will just be a lifelong expense for me.
Both will come at the expense of the Democratic candidates themselves.
But any company's blossoming bottom line can come at your expense.
The government shields large domestic players at the expense of consumers.
Murray said the budget cuts costs at the expense of safety.
But their contributions cannot come at the expense of American workers.
We all pay more for expenses, but not for every expense.
Ellen DeGeneres isn't afraid to make jokes at her own expense.
Microsoft spares no expense in the development of its tentpole games.
No expense was spared in recreating the film's exotic locations, though.
But some suggest that any additional expense could be worth it.
Its improving recurring income interest expense coverage supports its 'BB' ratings.
Big retailers shouldn't be able to profit at their customers' expense.
The executive is governing at the expense of the legislative branch.
The recruiting and retraining expense for the call center was astronomical.
Mr Luhrmann spared no expense or detail in realising his vision.
More important, it shows someone whose sympathy comes at empathy's expense.
Trying these methods at home also cuts down on the expense.
So when they mess up, it's usually at someone else's expense.
It was a reimbursement to a lawyer for an expense incurred.
The bank said it had it already reserved for the expense.
We're conditioned to protect everyone, even at the expense of ourselves.
Vader always goes for the laugh, but never at someone's expense.
Stop incarcerating families seeking refuge in private prisons at taxpayer expense.
Falcone doesn't recommend this for most people due to the expense.
They do good at the expense of other people doing well.
Critics say that comes at the expense of vulnerable coastal ecosystems.
But such changes come at the expense of roads—and buses.
They protected property and lives at the expense of eroded sand.
Many business travelers scramble to file their expense reports on time.
He particularly enjoyed treating investors to sumptuous meals at their expense.
About 40 percent would have difficulty covering an unexpected $400 expense.
Home prices aren't the only skyrocketing expense for today's young people.
Research and development isn't a primary expense, but one of many.
Trump consistently appeases Putin at expense of US national security interests.
Eye-watering expense Here's why cars are so pricey in Singapore.
But you might not realize how high that expense will be.
For one, its relatively poor performance doesn't justify its enormous expense.
The Medical Expense Savings Act would lower that threshold to 7.5%.
They can give parents expense money to come to the games.
Yet, she doubts it'll come at the expense of record gains.
But diets have often narrowed at the expense of nutritional richness.
Compactly folded and stacked clothes can be well worth the expense.
On Sunday, the expense and effort of getting there were forgotten.
Liberation of women has come at the expense of men's equality.
Before Thompson got Medicaid, a sinus infection represented an unplanned expense.
But responding blindly to such calls comes at a greater expense.
And any penalty might be tax deductible as a business expense.
Staffers were then allegedly put up in hotels at taxpayer expense.
Revenue, net of interest expense, rose 11 percent to $22.7 billion.
He's seen other nations benefit at the expense of his own.
Just be careful to not be empathetic at your own expense.
Or is it sophomoric theater at the expense of fellow students?
Which is great news for business travelers, and my expense claims.
Even delegates who are prepared for the expense can get blindsided.
The natural gas boom is coming at the expense of coal.
Emergency treatment can be a huge added expense for pet owners.
The shrink down doesn't come at the expense of improvements, though.
To save expense us youngers would just call him Freshie Dave.
"Besides rent, my biggest expense is travel, specifically airfare," Elkins says.
Kirchner says benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor.
Knotch provides the payments as part of their monthly expense reimbursements.
Moving costs would no longer be a deductible expense in 2018.
New technologies are great, but not at the expense of concentration.
They had come to the United States at their own expense.
No, not at the expense of my marriage and my children.
Now he just wants a cheap laugh at someone else's expense.
Alterations will have to be done elsewhere at the buyer's expense.
Goldman expects limits on interest expense to resemble the Senate's plan.
You're at a sweet digital media studio, we spare no expense.
Cloud infrastructure costs area amongst many startups' top expense besides payroll.
And that came at the expense of Big Beer domestic brands.
Instead, nationalist UKIP might make significant gains at the left's expense.
Still, given the expense of attending college, any savings are welcome.
The couple chooses an expense, such as rent, to pay together.
" Asked about the added expense, Mr. Till said it was "nominal.
The ceaseless campaign that always comes at the expense of governance.
But: It's unclear how investors will feel about the additional expense.
Lenù's parents keep her in school (an expense her mother resents).
The real expense of being a bridesmaid is the time commitment.
We exalted the private, the individual, at the expense of community.
Some tried to get a laugh in at the president's expense.
It also doesn't come at the expense of innovative hardware features.
But targeted offers also come at the expense of missed sales.
It provides, at taxpayer expense, an ancillary service to Trump properties.
Social security, for example, is still a major expense for employers.
By far the biggest expense went to buying digital advertising: $68,000.
"This is a big step, and a major expense," Pelosi added.
The biggest expense when staying in Kowloon will inevitably be housing.
Other GI disorders may not carry the same burden or expense.
Staffers were then allegedly put up in hotels at taxpayer expense.
But "Dead Darlings" is not all jokes at a writer's expense.
Its investor shares carry a net expense ratio of 1.23 percent.
Who can blame them for wanting to make an expense disappear?
The remaining $2000,22 in expense could qualify for the opportunity credit.
Administrative• Assist president with expense reporting and travel arrangements as needed.
Some states still allow moving expense deductions on state tax returns.
There's fine print on what constitutes an eligible expense, of course.
However, following the law trumps the expense of a special election.
But close to 25% you got 25.3 billion of the expense.
I mean, no at 25.6% you got a trillion of expense.
Or is it an unrealistic plan at the expense of taxpayers?
Think of it as a marketing expense and that&aposs it.
SAP bought the travel and expense software provider Concur in 2014.
The most important point, however, is not the level of expense.
But these achievements should not come at the expense of safety.
But this fun doesn't come at the expense of great work.
But Trump's "best" performances are almost always at the nation's expense.
Every negative moment came at the expense of a positive one.
And I do worry that cameras might come at that expense.
This development came at the expense of humanities and liberal arts.
The payments were categorized as hotel costs on government expense forms.
Frequent expense-account trips to exotic lands would be a plus.
Examples include toxic gossip, jokes and sarcasm at their victim's expense.
Back-to-school shopping has gotten easier — but at whose expense?
But I'm not (just) getting my jollies at your expense, either.
That inspiring tale of success: At whose expense did it come?
So we built a travel and vacation expense into his budget.
Is it worth the expense to continue funding from the government?
Tragedy and institutionalized racism at the expense of the American taxpayer.
The future cost is 100 times the sate's $11 initial expense.
Seafood will still be permitted on company menus and expense accounts.
That ability comes at the expense of the fish's life span.
Instead, you may need to expand the footprint, a huge expense.
I don't like a $6,000 expense, but I can take it.
Still, ride-booking services are succeeding at the expense of others.
The expense will have to come out of your own pocket.
The technologies to create those things — without extreme expense — don't exist.
Revenue, net of interest expense, fell 1 percent to $22.76 billion.
In a lot of cases, the expense will fall to them.
And student loan payments are one expense you definitely can't skip.
Trump's recent promotion of OANN hasn't come at Fox News's expense.
Zacks Investment Research director of ETF Research Neena Mishra also worries that the fund's expense ratio of 70 basis points is too high (the Renaissance International IPO ETF has an expense ratio of 80 basis points).
Fees are especially important to consider because the researchers find that a fund's expense ratio is "a more reliable predictor of future return performance than past performance," with lower expense ratios being equated with better future returns.
Year-end analysis of more than 5003 million expense reports in 2017 by the expense management firm Certify, shows Uber and Lyft were the choice for more than two-thirds of the corporate travel receipts it analyzed.
The Associated Press reviewed his campaign finance records and found an expense on March 10 for $1,510 for "extra hotel expense session lodging" at the "Marriott Residence," the same hotel named by Taylor in the Mail report.
My wife's ethics [sic] approved coach airfare for an official invite (as was the situation with previous VA secretaries), was the sole government expense (not a single per diem or other expense) and we repaid every penny.
This will decrease to $40 as my daughter takes on this expense.
That included a $0.53 million expense for a voluntary early retirement program.
That makes it easier to file an expense report for those rides.
The tax overhaul temporarily lowered the threshold for the medical expense deduction.
There were also more panels at the expense of longer networking breaks.
"[Condoms] and the STD test – easily the biggest expense," said Harrison, 48.
Factor investing, by contrast, involves a lot of churn—and thus expense.
Adding a new vertical to a site is a recurring operational expense.
Often we spare no expense when it comes to our pet's happiness.
For some, no expense is spared when acquiring their pet as well.
The Gram 15's thinness doesn't come at the expense of ports.
Charlie Sheen isn't afraid to make a joke at his own expense.
It cost $3,000 to replace each barista versus the $1,500 healthcare expense.
But this has come at the expense of sales and market share.
The start-up aims to make any expense payable by credit card.
And prom seemed like an extravagant expense, so I did not go.
It has to support one axis (front) at the expense of another.
Would definitely be seeking alternate means if I couldn't expense these fees!
Their success seems to be coming at the expense of Joe Biden.
A single $300 charge is easier to expense than 30 individual rides!
What I really mind, though, is we back it at tremendous expense.
Wages can increase at the expense of corporate profits without causing inflation.
It is not cheap, with an expense ratio of 75 basis points.
More is at risk than some office humor at your expense, however.
The majority say an unanticipated $500 expense would put them into debt.
Total revenue, net of interest expense, climbed 9 percent to $10 billion.
So, a bit of top line growth, good expense discipline, share buyback.
Suing for damages isn't about wanting to profit at someone else's expense.
"Besides the obvious shopping expense, there's marketing, legal, and accounting," she says.
J&J recorded litigation expense of $423 million in the first quarter.
The company did not record litigation expense in the year-ago period.
For quick gains often come at the expense of long-term advances.
Entertainment is Pardoe's largest miscellaneous expense, coming to around $1,200 per month.
He said Tesla's CFO will review and sign every expense going forward.
The biggest expense is access to spectrum, which costs billions at auction.
In many ways, Israel's sanctuary has been at the expense of Palestinians.
Public financing will benefit big parties at the expense of small ones.
"Strong 1Q19 results were driven by FICC and expense management," Horowitz said.
Meanwhile, Facebook elevated its expense estimates for 2018 to fund security hiring.
The government decided to exclude TBTF instruments' interest expense from financing expenses.
It's just that this season, that dynamic mostly came at Hopper's expense.
She comes forward at her own expense and at her own peril.
But premiums are only one expense that enrollees have to worry about.
Clinton's largest expense category was more than $30 million in media buys.
However, officials can engage in politics at their own expense and time.
Another path to profitability is to bypass ride-hailing's biggest expense: drivers.
It has fed the unfiltered id at the expense of genuine understanding.
Anthem now expects a 2019 benefits/expense ratio of 86.2% to 86.5%.
One coworker pays for all four of us; she'll expense it later.
Pete Davidson isn't afraid to make a joke at his own expense!
The business can then call the person back at its own expense.
The joke isn't necessarily at the expense of these video games, though.
For the government, this is an additional expense it has to incur.
BF pays, but will add it to our shared expense spreadsheet later.
That usually meant favouring everyone today at the expense of everyone tomorrow.
Unfortunately, he sees every beauty-related expense and asks about each one!
Facebook's expense equals 2015 percent of revenue and Alphabet's is 220 percent.
One place people tend to spare no expense, however, is in space.
Yet this historical breadth is never at the expense of emotional depth.
Paying for internet with a credit card is not just an expense.
Whether this expense applies to you will depend on where you live.
Unfortunately, though, there is one additional expense associated with this specific vacation.
Epperson's expense tracking showed her one key problem area: credit card use.
In the long run, this saves on the expense of employee training.
Federal and foreign income tax expense fell 45.5 percent to $120 million.
What's more, it grabbed this deal at the expense of its rivals.
The identities of the dead, cremated at public expense, are usually known.
Starbucks is clearly not just for coffee, according to corporate expense receipts.
But that can only come at the expense of the most vulnerable.
Mr Trump called the exercises "provocative" and complained of their "tremendous" expense.
He tells me about the expense, since I am paying for it.
"This is unfortunately at the expense of the Syrian revolution," he said.
Total revenue, net of interest expense, rose 1.7 percent to $8.09 billion.
But it came largely at the expense of other centre-left parties.
Still, Pruitt's EPA has spared no expense to guard the administrator's security.
Anyway, I don't record this because it's not an expense for me.
Poor Colin Quinn, but terrific hilarity at the expense of Colin Quinn.
Le Pen has also advocated views that help Russia at Europe's expense.
Takeaway No. 1: Telematics is both an IT and a marketing expense.
Fund fees: The first zero-expense ratio ETF will launch in 2019.
Short-run calm comes at the expense of possible long-run turbulence.
GOP candidates are also addressing the skyrocketing expense of higher education. Sen.
Directors tell players that women's soccer is an expense and an embarrassment.
The bleep-filled segment is just having some fun at Ruffalo's expense.
That growth comes at the expense of expanding to some international destinations.
If you're lucky enough to avoid another common holiday expense, that is.
Revenue, net of interest expense, was up about 2% at $23.08 billion.
Soon enough, PayFit aims at handling expense reports and pay, as well.
" PAUL RYAN: Most people don't think, "John's success comes at my expense.
Total revenue, net of interest expense, rose 7 percent to $22.25 billion.
It's either that or a joke at the expense of social mobility.
Four of his victories this season have come at the Tigers' expense.
Its recurring income to interest expense at 0.16x also supports its rating.
Taylor's family took up SoCal's offer to relocate, at the utility's expense.
I'm all for presidents having a little fun at their own expense.
Total revenue, net of interest expense, rose 9 percent to $8.44 billion.
It was Marxism superimposed over pan-Arabism, at the expense of Islamism.
I'd agreed to provide transit from Grimsby, and I'd spared no expense.
Sure, maybe, but not at the expense of mathematic and analytic truth.
We just want to hear Violet say witty things at Isobel's expense.
If nothing else, you can have a few laughs at our expense.
But the bother and expense of such schemes makes them a rarity.
No word on whether, or how, millennials are anticipating handling that expense.
"That expense will wipe out Social Security and then some," Mulvihill said.
America's political leadership has been pro-corporate at the expense of entrepreneurs.
Fakes that profit at our democratic expense by spreading hate and lies.
HG: So is this foreign policy at the expense of economic stability?
Are you abusing tax loopholes at the expense of middle-class families?
America's political leadership has been pro-corporate at the expense of entrepreneurs.
It's an extreme expense that's become a visual centerpiece of cultural acceptance.
CNA's reported expense ratio is higher than both peer and industry averages.
Thailand's sparing no expense as it prepares to cremate its late king.
"Following the law trumps the expense of a special election," she said.
All this hard work should not be at the expense of joy.
Some bondholders object, saying the bill unfairly benefits pensioners at their expense.
But its efficiency often comes at the expense of more personal ideas.
Critics say this growth has come at the expense of civil liberties.
President Obama on Thursday made a joke at the expense of Sen.
Often, though, that comes at the expense of your work-life balance.
The restructuring will come at the expense of about 8,000 salaried workers.
"We questioned every expense," Mays said, after going through recent bank statements.
Are you abusing tax loopholes at the expense of middle class families?
The corporate tax rate would fall to 20%, permanently, at great expense.
The expense largely comes from hospitalizations, at an average cost of $12,000.
The greatest expense was for the temporary reassignment of Justice Department employees.
He's interested in gaining advantage at our expense and to his benefit.
Thursday included another business expense to help me prep for my trip.
In other words, foreigners have been enjoying medical innovation at Americans' expense.
They don't need free cash and special favors, especially at our expense.
This is partly a result of increased interest expense and other charges.
Next to our home, the car is our single largest household expense.
It's not coming at the expense necessarily of relationships with other countries.
They were also slightly more willing to cut back on this expense.
So, Trump paid Cohen to reimburse him the expense of paying Daniels?
They benefit the well-connected few at the expense of everyone else.
When you own a home, your monthly expense is a mortgage payment.
For some people, it's a needless expense that comes with needless risk.
Duncan Hunter's campaign expense report are being blamed on a billing dispute.
The company spared no expense at Brandcast, its annual event for advertisers.
Over decades, our partners in these undertakings have prospered at our expense.
Research and development was Uber's biggest operating expense on its income statement.
All at the expense of the British, and even larger European, economy.
Duncan Hunter's campaign expense report are being blamed on a billing dispute.
So religious freedom means the freedom to undermine science at taxpayer expense.
Workers have little control over this enormous expense made on their behalf.
The American empire was built at the expense of the American nation.
Either by overweighting the outperforming sector, or by lowering the expense ratio.
Goodyear's selling, administrative and general expense fell 5.9 percent to $579 million.
When you look at your budget, what is your largest monthly expense?
Hosts like Dolores are programmed to grant it at their own expense.
"We will remain keenly focused on managing our expense base," he added.
"It's a cash flow issue, not a lump sum expense," McClanahan said.
They simply reimburse the expense by removing it from your account balance.
But the PowerShares DB Base Metals ETF has a similar expense ratio.
These powers have sometimes come at the expense of the democratic process.
They may forestall other medical care, for fear of another unaffordable expense.
Cashews are being farmed in Indonesia at the expense of the rainforest.
Our lunch expense is reimbursed by my company, capped at $2603 p.m.
Babel currently has $28,976.82 in its account, and every expense is listed.
That came largely at the expense of debt securities and insurance contracts.
I cannot rightly protect a painting at the expense of human beings.
They'd probably end up charging their customers more for that added expense.
Should they go through the expense of aging and bottling affected fruit?
But that must not be done at the expense of innocent civilians.
Most Americans would be caught off guard by an unexpected $800 expense.
Your healthcare is another expense you need to plan for in retirement.
They responded with a counterstrike of even more punchlines at Trump's expense.
Total revenue, net of interest expense, rose 7.2 percent to $22.83 billion.
The most expensive of them, IEMG, has a 212 percent expense ratio.
He made jokes at his own expense and reflected on his situation.
This was a case about greed at the expense of too many.
Another 12% would not be able to cover the expense at all.
Those with political connections sometimes go at government expense, draining national treasuries.
We're the ones who are taking on the expense of canceling shows.
It really is about making the rich richer, at everyone else's expense.
Some might ask if returning to the moon is worth the expense.
They say it helps renters today at the expense of renters tomorrow.
Both sets of neighbors will share the expense of hosting the workers.
Rather, it was simply a decision to help developers at Apple's expense.
Chinese cronyism comes at the expense of other Chinese producers and consumers.
The novel's being marketed as a guaranteed laugh, but at whose expense?
Now, I'm all for politeness, but not at the expense of safety.
When it's a seven-digit expense, you want to minimize the pain.
She did not try to justify the expense in purely economic terms.
No expense has been spared in the film's physical production and casting.
The orchestra's management says the growing expense of the plan is unsustainable.
These "tough on crime" actions came at the expense of African Americans.
The taxes a property incurs are fully deductible as a business expense.
P.A. does not set up a legal expense fund for any employee.
An especially manipulative co-worker keeps rising at the expense of others.
Spendesk is an all-in-one corporate expense and spend management service.
Buying a new car every year would be a very impractical expense.
The gym membership fee is her largest monthly expense, behind her rent.
The Albanian speakers had established their own schools at their own expense.
Taxes rank up there with those changes, because it's the biggest expense.
Student loans, of course, are just one expense that new graduates face.
ETFs, on the other hand, carry lower average expense ratios of 0.44%.
Wozniak can detail every aspect of her routine and recall every expense.
As farmers retire, Kalbach worries the sheer expense of farming will mean
One of Biden's largest expense during the October-to-December quarter: Payroll.
Warren's surge in the polls has come at the expense of Sanders.
"It was easily the single largest expense we had," Mr. Gillespie said.
On the spreadsheet, the couple divided their income across nine expense categories.
Security was, for decades, treated in most industries as an annoying expense.
Anything short of eliminating the ceiling is legislative malpractice at public expense.
Along with the expense and time, the experience took an emotional toll.
A $318 million tax-reform related expense impacted earnings, Thomson Reuters reported.
Aren't you tired of a system that gets rich at your expense?
O'Rourke's rising support may be coming at the expense of other Democrats.
Years earlier, I upgraded my AAA membership to cover this recurring expense.
Earnings, adjusted for stock option expense, came to 38 cents per share.
That sometimes comes at the expense of missing a few Senate votes.
The rise of Domino's came partly at the expense of Pizza Hut.
The single biggest kid-specific expense for many families is child care.
Rarely will they go to the trouble and expense of changing it.
The payments were also categorized as hotel costs on government expense forms.
Is the British foreign secretary having a private joke at Saudi expense?
The rollout in China has come at the expense of personal privacy.
All four had overall combined expense ratios of less than 1 percent.
Snowdon put me up at the Scranton Holiday Inn at his expense.
Of course, you're sharing the expense of the plane with other owners.
Any additional expense falls to the school district, not the federal government.
Confetti is fun, but it can also be a messy extra expense.
"It could not be a unity at someone's expense," Bishop Carter said.
Because I was at work so late, I can expense this meal.
Now that's a good return on investment — at the American taxpayer's expense.
Its bottom line was helped by higher prices and better expense controls.
But this is starting to be at the expense of our planet.
Yet the perception that out-groups gain at in-groups' expense persists.
She worries about the expense of the drugs for the cancer treatment.
It would be free legal advice to that business at taxpayer expense.
I shouldn't have been taking shots and having jokes at anyone's expense.
Consoles are invariably the biggest expense for gamers, and that's no surprise.
Be sure to ask your boss if you can expense the cost.
You would reward the most successful account executives with lavish expense accounts.
For now, that remains a greater expense than his family can afford.
Instead, he stuck with putting America first, but not at Europe's expense.
The program's expense is directly related to the difficulty of the physics.
"It wasn't worth the expense or the grief," Ms. Carman, 45, said.
If it's not a campaign expense, it can't be a campaign contribution.
"That's a short-term expense in the long run," Mr. Krikorian said.
It's a no-expense-spared tentpole epic aimed at true mass appeal.
That has to do with the military expense and also the trade.
Google Apps, Amazon Web Services and SAP's expense tracking app Concur followed.
There's the executional expense of rebranding a company, especially a retail establishment.
It's a triumph of emotional acuity, at the expense of narrative coherence.
We have a more detailed explainer on this, but all you really need to know is that the former covers more area at the expense of speed, while the latter is significantly faster at the expense of coverage.
He is right that such a personal expense is not a campaign expense, did not use donor funds and, even if he were wrong, we have an administrative process for determining that fact under the Federal Election Commission.
"I've seen some 401(k) expense ratios at 1 percent, which is really high," Dorsainvil said, adding that ideal expense ratios should be under 0.4 percent, to minimize the hit on the interest account holders should be earning.
Well, look, our expense base, when I arrived, was 10 billion dollars, we took 3 billion dollars of expenses out, uh, without major dispositions or divestitures of assets, so that's 3 billion of-, of run rate expense, out of a 10 billion expense base, keeping the business intact, uh, so I-, I don't think we either could have or should have, uh, done more than that.
Part of that came from an increase in business investment in research and development, new factories and equipment, possibly encouraged by a provision that allowed businesses to immediately expense capital expenditures, rather than expense them gradually over several years.
We've seen a lot of systemic changes over the last decade, changes in how campaigns are financed, that have empowered private interest outside of the capital at the expense of the political parties, at the expense of the leadership.
The A shares of Federated Kaufmann, with an expense ratio of 1.95 percent, returned 7.5 percent in the second quarter, while the institutional shares of Federated Kaufmann Small Cap, with an expense ratio of 1.5 percent, returned 7.81 percent.
Look for index funds with expense ratios around 4013%Whether you're investing through a 401(k), IRA, or taxable investment account, you'll want to opt for index funds with an expense ratio below 1% — ideally around 0.5% or lower.
The feature is similar to Uber's Business Profile setting, launched last year, which makes it easier for those to expense rides to corporate credit cards, add expense memos and project codes, and get receipts sent to work email accounts.
The convenience no longer has to come at the expense of your data.
"The challenge with undergrounding is both expense but also the time," said Toney.
Keep in mind that expense ratios don't include load costs and redemption fees.
Security features often come at the expense of making products slower or clunkier.
The primary effect on major American online companies will be expense and inconvenience.
I have cereal for dinner tonight because the ticket was a steep expense.
NerdWallet found the median DIY expense was $1,500, versus $5,500 with a professional.
We already paid for this month's train pass and daycare, so no expense.
Removing the tree root set them back $2,000, an expense they never anticipated.
It's an unnecessary expense I don't feel like I can afford right now.
Often, the participation of artists is at the expense of their own wellbeing.
Library of Congress These jokes weren't just fun had at the father's expense.
Now, he spared no expense in showering her with gifts for the holidays.
I pay for five hours on the women's-only floor and expense it.
Part of the expense comes from his 29-member full-time security detail.
But it's an expense I'm more than willing to pay year after year.
In fact, an emergency expense can be harder on people with good credit.
Others accused him of siding with protesters at the expense of law enforcement.
Expense control will also be a significant factor in 2017's earnings performance.
But apart from unnerving Trump, Stewart would've been entertaining us at Trump's expense.
The largest expense was for personal compensation with has costs reaching $2.9 million.
I am 78 years old and this is my largest uncovered medical expense.
Friedrich also ordered him to install computer monitoring software, at his own expense.
The bank's non-interest expense climbed 33% during the quarter to $15.2 billion.
But here's the thing: The single biggest expense in EOR operations is CO2.
And that has to do with the military expense and also the trade.
Merv Griffin joked at one member's expense over the language barrier between them.
Mexico's Federal Electoral Tribunal ruled against including the Facebook expense in Riquelme's report.
"Non-cooperation policies severely undermine that effort at the expense of public safety."
So the new cans have to be pretty amazing to justify their expense.
The Valve Index is supposed to be virtual reality with no expense spared.
When I learned English at the expense of Spanish, language increased the separation.
The argument emphasises the potential for landowners to benefit at the taxpayer's expense.
When they won seats, it was typically at the expense of the Tories.
On top of that, the expense is enormous, at over a million dollars.
But the convenience that Amazon offers often comes at the expense of privacy.
Kylie Jenner spared no expense on her 21st birthday makeup collection photo shoot.
He did healthcare and it came at the expense, arguably, of immigration reform.
The expense seemed unfathomable and I desperately wanted to carry my own child.
But why does one have to come at the expense of the other?
The parents have health insurance covering much of the expense, but not all.
You can participate in the lifestyle brand without the expense of the car!
The parents have health insurance covering much of the expense, but not all.
But his removal should not come at the expense of the entire show.
Disney, to its credit, spared no expense: the announced budget was $22049 million.
The largest expense is creating the network for automatic payroll deductions by employers.
After much stress and expense, the dress fit, and the wedding was killer.
Spendesk is a service that combines prepaid cards with an expense report solution.
In the second quarter, it incurred an additional $48 million in rent expense.
For those on a meal plan, eating out is a prime unnecessary expense.
I pay, since I plan on submitting an expense report next week, anyway.
Amazon has already been gaining market share in the region at Flipkart's expense.
Or he can follow his protectionist rhetoric at the expense of American greatness.
Vanguard's lineup, for instance, has an average expense ratio of 13 basis points.
As if humans can't evolve beyond gay panic jokes at Barry Zito's expense.
As an annual event, there's plenty of time to plan for this expense.
Graham, who represents South Carolina, traveled at his own expense, the statement said.
They are entitled to alternate flight arrangements on other airlines at Ryanair's expense.
Instead, make a new budget based on your new income-and-expense projections.
Before the coup de Grace, jokes at her expense were a bit risqué.
This should result in more than $25 million of annual interest expense savings.
I may become a viral social media post, at the expense of myself.
Supermarkets are giving fresh produce more space, at the expense of tinned products.
In another photo, the two share a congratulatory high five at Reynolds' expense.
Both cost less than actively managed funds, whose expense ratio averages 1.2 percent.
Others had a laugh at the expense of her high-fashion style poses.
"They always guide aggressively with expenses, and beat that expense guidance," Anthony said.
"The current expense of the college system is crazy to me," Savage says.
Bella understands that her safety should not come at the expense of others.
They'll focus on the threat at the expense sometimes of everything around it.
Host Jimmy Kimmel figures to make a few jokes at the candidates' expense.
For big, essentially unique targets such as these, that expense has proved worthwhile.
My betterment comes at the expense of yours, and the other way around.
Don't treat customers like lazy, ineffectual idiots at the expense of their safety.
You get portability at the expense of space for apps and browser windows.
Conservative media will never accept that any joke at their expense was fair.
Those 30-percent-faster graphics don't come at the expense of power consumption.
Its revenue net of interest expense was $960.1 million, which beat Street forecasts.
However, only larger, more mature companies may be able to bear this expense.
And Minhaj makes plenty of jokes at Silicon Valley's expense along the way.
Some accused President Obama of social experimentation at the expense of military readiness.
And the expense might be for naught with cash machines gradually losing relevance.
I wonder: Does honoring animal rights come at the expense of human rights?
The batteries are the biggest expense; they can be used [just] 200 times.
The expense of attending a wedding can be a financial strain in itself.
The industry acknowledges shortcomings, but points to the expense of additional care givers.
Fitch expects Nossa's operating profitability to improve in 2016, despite persistent expense inflation.
A big and safe battery comes at the expense of the headphone jack.
If you accidentally "lose" your mouse and need to expense another of each?
The scheme, known as "front-running," boosted their profits at the client's expense.
Stein tweeted that the expense of the recount was caused by elected leaders.
Or that someone is playing with Photoshop at the expense of my emotions.
Baby boomers beware: A major retirement expense may be hiding in your mouth.
No one's entertained a whole city for 16 years at their own expense.
" The reality star said she wishes Jenner success "but not at our expense.
You need something lightweight, but not at the expense of performance and features.
Noninterest expense fell 5 percent, while tax bill was down by 43 percent.
No expense was spared as the band hit the road the following year.
The uproarious laughter between the two and their having fun at my expense.
About $303 million of the charge will be a cash expense, GM said.
Elimination of student loan and medical expense deductions and the adoption tax credit.
Oculus spared no expense making sure the Go was as minimalist as possible.
Where we value power and control at the expense of empathy and collaboration?
Obama[C]are expanded the federal bureaucracy at the expense of quality care.
Excluding a $217 million tax expense, Intuitive reported earnings of $211 per share.
There's no other choice, and the expense of doing it is so high.
Their success, it is worth noting, always comes at the expense of others.
Some of the localists gained their seats at the expense of veteran democrats.
I get to expense the drinks, though, so I guess it doesn't count.
They certainly don't justify the high overhead expense the company is taking on.
Chaim Gartenberg, The Verge The show looks fantastic; Disney clearly spared no expense.
Hezbollah, and Iran, at the expense of key partners such as Jordan's King
No job is worth holding on to at the expense of the nation.
No more deadweight loss due to contract signings, billing, expense reports and collections.
At the time we were doing 409A; we added stock option expense accounting.
Families pay $2158 monthly plus $21990 for transportation, a large expense for some.
For multinationals with operations in both countries, the decoupling could entail significant expense.
Some groups, however, are worried about the added expense of installing the panels.
The Kirkland model risks emphasizing the star at the expense of the team.
Though disappointed about the expense, Diller still thinks the benefits are worth it.
An FCA spokesman said Manley sold the shares to cover a personal expense.
Housing is the biggest expense, at 262 percent higher than the national average.
Doing so will likely trigger a CFIUS filing, leading to delay and expense.
"Because of that, child care tends to be a huge expense," said Reardon.
Plus, car insurance is a big expense — and mine just got even bigger.
The transaction would significantly lower CenturyLink's tax expense over the next few years.
That money would come at the expense of student support and research activity.
Other than that, my only other expense was my new business cards ($80.68).
Snap receipt photos with the app, which scans them and autofills expense entries.
It all comes down to liquidity and the probability of an expense shock.
Francis has built his popularity at the expense of the church he leads.
It wouldn't pursue a politically driven agenda at the expense of our economy.
All the remedies had an expense and bore considerable cost to the nation.
Every year, lawmakers either cut its expense requests or leave its budget flat.
As a result, states like California benefit financially at the federal government's expense.
And it may be coming at the expense of his core business — Tesla.
Outside of the business expense, I spent $134.34 on lodging for the month.
President Trump, who has prioritized the war on gangs at the expense of
The cost partly reflects the expense of paying illustrators to customize each book.
Iran and Islamists—at the expense of conflict resolution and hard choices at
Critics say upscale areas have been favored at the expense of slum dwellers.
And the expense of ongoing safety testing has prompted companies to drop products.
He elicited laughter at Ford's expense, making her trauma—and that of all
About $23.5 million of the charge will be a cash expense, GM said.
One standard is frequently going to be at the expense of the other.
However, total revenue, net of interest expense, fell 1 percent to $8.24 billion.
But men don't have to scramble for power at the expense of women.
When I later found out we had a good laugh, at my expense.
It has worked, but only at the expense of a healthy political system.
They also have expense accounts to go with salaries they would not disclose.
"However, we don't expect expense reductions to be linear going forward," Rueda said.
It'd be a lot of trouble and expense, and it wouldn't save lives.
You can write-off your workspace as a business expense come tax time.
The pair's entire trip, all the planning and expense, flashed before Creigh's eyes.
So, nearly all of the time one American's expense is another American's income.
The U.K. government will pay the expense, a spokesman for the CAA said.
This cultural experimentation has not come at the expense of cultural success, either.
As a result, Canadian one-liners were aplenty — a couple at Twain's expense.
Beyond that, catching drones incurs expense and complication when simpler measures might do.
The fight purses alone are a major expense: better fighters demand higher purses.
No real thought about the hassle and expense for retailers when items failed.
This is really a monthly expense that happened to fall on this week.
Barriers may help a favored few, but at the expense of everyone else.
For many Americans, a single unplanned expense could set them in a tailspin.
More top brands are bringing their marketing work in-house, at agencies' expense.
They could simply go directly to manufacturers and save a level of expense.
It serves all, including the very poor, with little out-of-pocket expense.
If a shoe was lightweight, it often came at the expense of cushioning.
These figures that hint at the size, expense and nature of the program.
And its culture of self-promotion at the expense of the common good.
And these services are sometimes handed out at the expense of improving wages.
Society demanded the pretense of innocence at the expense of experience, of truth.
Adjustments to cushion length, side bolsters and the lumbar supports all add expense.
Punching away idiotically for his own glory at the expense of all else.
But consumer loans can be risky, in large part because of the expense.
And you're not hitching your wagon to someone for a large recurring expense.
That is the No. 1 expense you will see in most subscription businesses.
Our North Korea policy should never come at the expense of our allies.
The Kirkland model risks emphasizing the star at the expense of the team.
Private insurance companies add an extra layer of expense that is totally unnecessary.
Rural America by and large does not, at least not without significant expense.
Self-publishing a book through great personal expense requires a steadiness of conviction.
The agency would also have to inspect the facility, at the company's expense.
He's embraced strong men and dictators at the expense of the great democracies.
Democrats assailed the bill as a corporate handout at the expense of workers.
Holiday displays, though, are typically the single largest visuals expense of the year.
Everyone is getting what they want, at the expense of the Jewish state.
Opera house outings provide the full musical thrills at the expense of immediacy.
The tweak of an expense policy could be just the beginning for UA.
We are, rather, afraid of history continuing to repeat itself at our expense.
Clinton's criticism that Trump enriched himself at the expense of others utterly flunks.
But it should never be done at the expense of your financial goals.
Don't be the one who sells low, enriching someone else at your expense.
Do you know how to evaluate funds for expense ratios and other fees?
But the increased social acceptability often comes at the expense of the story.
For many, this was a crippling expense; for others, it was simply impossible.
Fallon celebrated Cyber Monday with a few jokes at the expense of companies.
I still don't know if satellite camps are worth the expense and fuss.
Daughters are a financial burden; their dowries and weddings are a huge expense.
You've said in the past that taxes are a pro athlete's biggest expense.
Buttigieg's rise in Iowa and New Hampshire, in part, came at her expense.
Monét packed it up with a prime Amazon joke at Asia O'Hara's expense.
Since Amazon doesn't disclose its total compensation expense, Peter Eavis did some math.
But with an informed approach, it's an expense that's often worth the cost.
But hardware gets old quickly and needs to be replaced, a big expense.
And when they did die, their families spared little expense in commemorating them.
The expense can be daunting, but it is the center of their industry.
But not at the expense of our privacy or by violating our rights.
For Karim's parents, who both work at nonprofits, it is a significant expense.
Ms. French looked into culinary school but was put off by the expense.
This is my first line of defense anytime I have a medical expense.
That's an added $80 expense if you're looking to get serious with it.
The streaming service's international expansion could come at the expense of Netflix (NFLX).
Companies can use software to make millions of calls at very little expense.
" And: "Tree plantations should not be established at the expense of natural forests.
That expense would be worthy if it adequately protected consumers, but it wouldn't.
But for ordinary Iranians, the added expense could breed resentment and lost confidence.
It also enforced consumption-friendly wage hikes at the expense of infrastructure investment.
RNC spokesperson Michael Joyce confirmed the expense in an email to BuzzFeed News.
Larson, Reed spar over medical expense and estate taxes 10:21625 a.m. Rep.
In completely unrelated news, I've been having some trouble with my expense reports.
The Republicans have targeted entitlements for cuts because they are our biggest expense.
Australia cannot risk supporting America at the expense of its relationship with China.
Political funding squabbles should not come at the expense of our public lands.
Go deeper: Secret cables expose Iran's influence-building in Iraq at U.S. expense
So I subscribe for the year, it cost $229, but I'll expense it.
How much kindness do I owe neighbors at the expense of my convenience?
The gains by Ms. Warren come largely at the expense of Mr. Sanders.
Essentially, the show expands the focus on characters and the expense of lore.
I needed to decide what was a business expense, and what was personal.
Basically, a world that favors young men at the expense of everyone else.
By far its largest expense — nearly $100 million — went to research and development.
This is out of my budget, but it's not exactly a usual expense.
The only major expense that students are responsible for is room and board.
The university eventually agreed to install a new field at the Niners' expense.
Moreover, shipping costs and the expense of returns would quickly erode its margins.
It is possible it's not the expense and there is not enough space . . .
The service also helps you centralize receipts and attach them to each expense.
Trump said the United States would not bear the expense of the deployment.
How much of that do you think you'd claim in your expense report?
But due to unforeseen expense issues, he was forced to shut it down.
In fact, nearly half of U.S. households can't cover a $400 unexpected expense.
Many professionals worry about the expense associated with a sabbatical, and rightfully so.
Purdy noted the attacks also came at the expense of substantive political discourse.
Section 1615 will continue that trend at the expense of the American people.

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