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"make" Definitions
  1. the name or type of a machine, piece of equipment, etc. that is made by a particular company
"make" Synonyms
build form construct cook up create assemble compose craft fabricate fashion forge mold(US) prepare produce concoct model mould(UK) originate shape synthesise(UK) force pressure coerce compel require drive induce oblige press pressurise(UK) pressurize(US) browbeat cause command constrain impel impress demand intimidate obligate develop effect introduce affect bring about effectuate elicit engender establish found generate incite initiate instigate institute perform do execute complete enact accomplish achieve act finish practice(US) practise(UK) pull off act out carry out commit engage in bring off appoint designate assign elect instal(UK) install(US) name nominate ordain delegate select choose decree entitle christen constitute denominate employ enlist compile draught(UK) draft(US) formulate devise put together write draw up pen frame list out make out contrive perpetrate be guilty of be responsible for be to blame for fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) prosecute negotiate compass wreak earn gain get paid net reap receive take home acquire fetch get gross obtain pocket pull secure attain be paid bring in clear collect conduct declare legislate pass advance implement pursue ratify sanction administer approve add up to become comprise equal represent turn into amount to be come to embody make up total be equal to consist of count as mount up to spell estimate derive gage(US) infer reckon suspect approximate assess believe calculate conclude consider count determine forecast gather gauge(UK) judge regard appraise think ascertain discern imagine intuit read surmise assume comprehend conjecture esteem fathom figure grasp hypothesise(UK) hypothesize(US) arrive at pick agree on decide on pick out make a choice on make a decision on make up your mind on commit oneself to go for make a selection on opt for pin down settle upon sort out vote for determine on deliver present impart communicate convey drop provide recite voice address announce enunciate express give forth give voice to proclaim pronounce turn out to be serve as act as come to be develop into function as grow into perform the function of play the part of characterise(UK) characterize(US) encapsulate epitomise(UK) get into progress to get in be selected for go into move into achieve a place in attain a place in enter gain a place in gain entry into access get on to make way into slip into reach get your hands on hit make it to manage realise(UK) realize(US) bag get to go to proceed to show up at turn up at wind up at get as far as arrive in time at set foot on end up at arrive land on land at arrive in time for be in time for catch reach in time appear seem look pass for pretend to be resemble take after bear a resemblance to be similar to come across as come off as correspond to give impression of being give the idea give the impression have signs of have the appearance look a lot look as if head break dash run bolt bound flee rush dart depart go race scramble scurry sprint beeline career head off hurry allude imply indicate insinuate intimate propose prove suggest hint at point at point in direction of point out point to point toward signify be a sign of lead to believe pay cover meet honor(US) honour(UK) pay off bear the cost of bear the expense of come through with foot the bill for hand over kick in put up settle take care of remunerate ponder weigh contemplate evaluate review analyse(UK) analyze(US) examine go over look into muse on puzzle over weigh up brainstorm brood over cerebrate on throw organise(UK) organize(US) arrange hold have host give specify detail mention cite state identify quote note describe enumerate define instance stipulate itemise(UK) itemize(US) list particularise(UK) tailor adapt adjust fit accommodate condition acclimatise(UK) acclimatize(US) suit conform acclimate doctor edit reconcile modify attune customise(UK) customize(US) style set coif coiffe brush groom preen primp prink comb cut dry fix wash beautify dress cause to compel to oblige to persuade to request to ask to coerce to command to tell to direct to induce to obligate to order to press to pressure to require to dragoon to drive to aim bear proceed journey move train travel commence aim for go towards make for move towards steer for be bound for set out set out for start out for stake assert lay put in put on record record lay down can dub film indite cut a track make a recording put on disc put on tape put on wax make a recording of tape-record make a tape of parallel match level balance rival equalise(UK) equalize(US) approach be equal with copy equipoise equiponderate tally touch turn convert change transform alter grow mutate rebuild refashion remake remodel metamorphose reconstruct shut close bar fasten seal slam lock padlock latch steek cage close down close out collapse confine draw enclose exclude bore drill burrow tunnel dig mine dig out excavate pierce punch gouge perforate puncture sink gouge out prick ream eke out scrape scrimp eke scratch scrape together scratch out sound air expound feel raise vent ventilate look like look to be appear to be light out run away run off skedaddle cut and run make oneself scarce run for it take to flight abscond escape leave leave in a hurry make off quit strike out edge converge loom progress verge close in come creep up near sneak up bear down border denote distinguish mark tag betoken symbolise(UK) symbolize(US) tab typify signal evidence finger apply claim file lodge offer request submit ask petition appeal solicit seek requisition bid sue inquire(US) tack veer bend diverge fork incline sheer swerve curve deviate extend lead pivot requite return recompense reward compensate reciprocate repay satisfy respond redress indemnify recoup reimburse guerdon redeem restitution lubricate grease oil wax slick smear moisturise(UK) moisturize(US) polish anoint cream lard loosen lube smooth tallow make slippery make smooth smear with oil cover with oil percolate brew perk filter loot plunder sack pillage ransack raid rifle rob despoil maraud ravage burgle gut devastate strip vandalise(UK) vandalize(US) depredate fleece spoliate print reproduce issue preprint publish reprint litho proof dump reissue set in print send to press turn out go to press mean destine predestine fate earmark preordain intend design prearrange predetermine doom foreordain mark out foredoom consign condemn sentence work maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) thread weave wind guide inch slip slide squeeze steer ease remove creep handle right extricate brand sort type variety kind label category class grade league order pattern quality tier character disposition nature predisposition spirit temperament constitution inclination predilection proclivity vein leaning make-up mind-set moral fibre(UK) moral fiber(US) personality temper cast of mind frame of mind components composition configuration constituents construction content contents formation makeup parts structure arrangement organization(US) layout format origin source roots ancestry base germ parent progenitor root seed fibre(UK) fiber(US) fabric essence being foundation framework scheme stuff warp and woof surface booty swag spoils spoil takings haul boodle pickings prize prey winnings prizes graft take plunderage quarry raven attribute characteristic feature aspect virtue property badge facet hallmark idiosyncrasy point quirk side stamp account story narrative description narration chronicle report statement version tale recital interpretation portrayal relation delineation exposition rendition sketch telling disclosure divulgence revelation exposure publishing uncovering broadcasting release revealing unveiling communication discovery divulgation divulging publication leakage acknowledgement(UK) acknowledgment(US) advertisement betrayal guise likeness embodiment semblance appearance image impression identity conformation metamorphosis mien manifestation mode outline More
"make" Antonyms
destroy break demolish dismantle crush ruin abolish annihilate disassemble take apart eradicate obliterate pulverise(UK) pulverize(US) raze smash terminate undo wreck blow up ask convince persuade request cajole coax encourage urge appeal beg beseech entice invite reason talk into allow let motivate permit plead with prevent avert avoid curb limit stave off thwart ward off halt hamper hinder impede inhibit obstruct prohibit quash quell rein in repress restrain demote dismiss fire drop discharge disqualify oust sack axe(UK) ax(US) boot can depose kick out let go throw out lose expend give up relinquish squander waste accord drain forfeit give grant hand over part with pass over pay suffer loss surrender yield forgo renounce veto nullify oppose overturn repeal abrogate annul invalidate cancel refuse refute rescind stop dissuade discourage split divide break up separate sever isolate branch crack splinter tear bifurcate disjoin fragment shatter fracture snap misconstrue misinterpret misapprehend miscomprehend misperceive mistake misunderstand confuse misconceive misjudge misread get the wrong idea about miscalculate misreckon take something the wrong way get the wrong impression about miss confound misknow misapply be the opposite of be contrary to contrast with be counter to be the antithesis of be the inverse of be on the flip side of fall short of miss out on fail at fail to reach be late be delayed be in arrears be late for fail to catch let slip pass up hold your ground hang around hold fast hold out not budge stand your ground stick around hang about loiter stay pat wait persevere persist default on dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) fail to pay fail begin commence start open initiate introduce create launch trigger prepare set up get the ball rolling kick off set in motion tear into put in motion aid assist free help release suppress leave alone cost neglect pass spend give in throw away leave reject decrease end finish forget hurt ignore result steal pass by tell truth pay out disbelieve disperse disregard distribute induce scatter not believe anger arouse disarrange disorganize distress excite expel deny disallow disapprove keep retract revoke close down phase out shut up disagree wish imply decline calculate mix up break off plagiarise(UK) plagiarize(US) copy imitate purloin bootleg pirate pass off as your own delay be mean let off encipher encode encrypt cypher(UK) cipher(US) code scramble fix mend question tangle harm setback weaken worsen cripple curtail handicap hold up shackle dodge evade shirk shun hide from disproportion estimate guess imbalance subtract take away take rough lift receive displace remove abandon perish die expire disappear vanish become extinct die out be destroyed be killed pass away pass on be no more cease to exist come to an end die away go under pass into oblivion dishevel disorder tousle discompose jumble shuffle disarray disturb hash muss upset mess up consume exhaust splurge burn deplete misspend blow outlay use suffer the loss of waste away burn up be deprived of idle bludge bum dally dawdle dillydally fritter laze loaf loll lollygag lounge sit back slack slouch slummock stagnate vegetate be inactive do nothing depart evacuate exit flee part vacate clear decamp desert escape forsake overshoot depart from escape from exit from go away go from net profit earn gain acquire get fetch pocket obtain reap accumulate be paid bring in make a profit of pull in take home withdraw retreat adjourn recoil retire recede back away back off move away bail out bow out rearrange adjust alter change move order readjust reconstruct redispose redistribute rejig relocate reorder reorganise(UK) reorganize(US) reschedule reset reshuffle revamp rework bully disenchant disgust offend repel repulse turn off whole individual one generic brand private brand store brand own brand private label private label brand departure deviation shift digression divergence straying detour divagation divergency branching off gift

984 Sentences With "make"

How to use make in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "make" and check conjugation/comparative form for "make". Mastering all the usages of "make" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They make displays, they make chips, and they make batteries.
If you make it, make sure I make it too.
But we make movies to make money to make more movies.
Make a book, make posters, stop doing sounds at all, make scores.
Great lyrics can make you laugh, make you think, make you feel.
I make a thing to make a thing to make another thing.
Make it PG-251; make it live on YouTube; make it shareable.
They can make us laugh, they can make us cry, they can make us uncomfortable, they can make us feel empowered.
"I remember I was pulling really hard for them, saying 'Make it, make it, make it, make it,'" Upeqgui says in the recording.
Dow is important because they make materials, they make chemicals, they make bonding solutions.
Did you make or try to make money or try to make untaxed income?
We 'Make in India', 'Make for India' and now, we will 'Make for the World'.
Or worse: I'll make more than them, and they'll try to make what I make.
Make it simple, make it reflexive, and most of all make it enjoyable and rewarding.
Together we will make America strong again, we will make America wealthy again, we will make America proud again, we will make America safe again.
One, the person I'm talking to will make more than me, which would make me want to figure out how to make what they make.
If I can't make films, I'll make TV. If I can't make TV, I'll do commercials.
I used to pray, 'God, make me somebody, make me glamorous, make me something very special.
Blessin, Cori, and Tayla make you smile, make you worry and make you root for them.
Really try to make two and two make five rather than two and two make three.
People make communities; they make the inside jokes; they make their own mores and unwritten rules.
To make the change, select either "Make Secret" or "Make Public" from the three-dot menu.
They have to make sure that drug companies are able to make money because if they're not able to make money then they can't make drugs.
I will not make a "24" jokeI will not make a "93" jokeI will not make a "24" jokeI will not make a "24" joke... pic.twitter.
It is all about can we help make the transition we got to make, and our customers need to make it and they want to make it.
"I have to make this judgment, and I am prepared to make it and make it soon."
I was going to make a point and was going to make a make a point well.
Make time to enjoy yourself, Gem: go to a party, make art, make out with someone cute.
Just make sure you know how to make a proper béchamel before you make a fluid gel.
Autonomous trucks could make the roads safer, make our air cleaner, and make deliveries cheaper and more efficient.
It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry, it'll make you gag, but you'll love all of it.
You should make big purchases because they make you happy, not because you think they'll make you rich.
" The lyrics, from what I can make out, are: "We're gonna make America great, make America great again!
Make sure you make your offer conditional upon inspection or get one done before you make a bid.
"Sight, sound and motion can make people laugh, make people cry, make them hug somebody," Mr. Morgan said.
If you want to make a phone and make a music player, make a phone that plays music.
With income-share agreements, colleges make less if their graduates make less and more if they make more.
While lower-risk strategies make it harder to lose money, they also make it harder to make money.
This is why we use salt to make ham, sugar to make jam, and both to make gravlax.
We knew right away that we wanted to make t-shirts, we wanted to make business cards, we wanted to make demo tapes, we wanted to make tour posters.
They really want to make a deal, they want to make a good deal, they want to make a fair deal, but they do want to make a deal.
"The number one feedback they had given us is make it simple, make it easy, make it operationally less manual and make bank fees and costs transparent," Moorthy said.
Her videos do a lot: make you laugh, make you feel vulnerable, make you want to talk about the importance of feminism, but most importantly, make you want more.
How do you make games like this, but also make sure it's a healthy environment to make a game?
To make sweeping generalizations about any group is to make the same mistake that racists and anti-Semites make.
The first is make a big bet, and we like to say make a big bet and make history.
The anecdote doesn't make Brooks look good, and it doesn't make the point he intends it to make, either.
But, obviously, great television or great movies can make you laugh and make you cry and make you think.
You can make something for people to have fun to, or you can make something to make them think.
She found a way to make the music she wants to make, and the visuals she wants to make.
"You want to make a judgment, make a judgment, but I'm not ready to make a judgment," Girardi said.
"When I get the opportunity to make a play, I have to make sure I make it," Bell said.
The president's got a decision to make and I trust his ability to make it and make it well.
Technology is gonna make the future better, the internet is gonna make the Is gonna make the world better.
I take less money to make the film, but I get to make the film I wanted to make.
His gift bag, a tote reading MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, contains two MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hats, two MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN shirts, two MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN plastic cups, two MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN pins, and a letter from The Donald.
To have sex with the right people, to make mistakes and make amends, take a leap and make a splash.
This is not the kind of movie you make a sequel just to make a sequel and make more money.
She can make you laugh, make you think, and maybe even make you cry (but that might be a stretch).
FOX NEWS OPINION Dear Republicans: To end Senate Democrats&apos obstruction, make them talk, make them work, make them vote .
You can make a jacket, you can make some cool jeans, or you can make a cushion or a cover.
"If you make abortion a crime — you make it illegal — then you make women and doctors criminals," Clinton told Cooper.
"We want to make new maps, we want to make new heroes, we want to make animated shorts," said Kaplan.
But the president's got a decision to make and I trust his ability to make it and make it well.
Make Sure You Want It"Make sure [getting rainbow hair] is a decision that you're ready to make," says Darling.
With each film you make new mistakes, you learn, you try not to make them again, you make new ones.
Make it yours — make it permanent pass the bill.
But you can make stuff — make films, draw, write.
He can make the argument — so make the argument.
We're in the trenches, trying to make it very clear what the point of view is, make our fans happy, make them tell their friends, and also make a really beautiful experience.
Enter Wibbitz, which wants to make making videos easy — by getting computers to make videos, or at least help make them.
Repeat after us: I can make curry at home, I can make curry at home, I can make curry at home.
"Encouraging people to come together in those communities and make bands, make art and make change is great," one commenter wrote.
"No, if he wants to make that promise to Flint make him make the same promise to Louisiana," Durbin said.  Sen.
Make sure not to cover your baby&aposs nose or mouth and make sure not to make the wrap too tight.
We're going to make it much better, we're going to make it less expensive, we're going to make it much better.
"Great kids make bad decisions every day, and what we want to do is make sure that our kids have the opportunity to make mistakes but come back and make amends," he said.
Yeah, we make bad beer, but we make a lot.
Make a list of things that make you happy 22016.
They have to make sure that they make a profit.
That helped me make some connections and make some friends.
Make sure you make the journey with a financial planner.
We don't make announcements or proclamations before we make decisions.
JR: At Unity, we make tools to make things possible.
Also, let's make sure never to make this mistake again.
Women there make 88.7 cents for every dollar men make.
And if you make it profitable, you make it sustainable.
She criticized Trump's pledge to make make America more unpredictable.
Make them want to come, make them want to learn.
Make it your charge to make that dream a reality.
It's up to you to make it all make sense.
They make organizations more productive; we make individuals more productive.
Find out what other people make, but don't make waves.
You may also make new choices others would not make.
If you make mistakes, they'll make you pay for it.
The same efforts we Easterners make, the Westerners can make.
If you're going to make a pie, make the crust.
We won't make tires, but we will make a chassis.
If we need to make an adjustment, we'll make it.
He's able to make his case and make a point.
Gotta make sure we make that money and right now.
Someone who make make you laugh at the same time.
Many make the first, but very few make the second.
I don't make dinner, I told her -- I make reservations.
You make cabinets, you're going to make some rough cabinets.
Make memories, make stories, and enjoy the adventure of it.
We just didn't make the plays we needed to make.
They're here to make money, not here to make friends.
When we make policy based on fear, we make mistakes.
To make saving easier, make a specific and measurable goal.
Three's Company (& A Lot of Drama) Make it make sense!!!
"We just make what we want to make," Morrow explains.
It's easy to say, make things better, make things great.
Muse don't just make rock, they make Grand Power Music.
The qualities that make Giannis great really make him great.
We're just going to make great records and make history.
If you want to make a sculpture, make a sculpture.
Domestically, we must make the investments that great nations make.
They enable defections, make them easy, and make them costly.
I make them get their hands dirty and make punch.
Filmmakers get to make the movies they want to make.
They make promises, and they make them and break them.
They had to make the machine to make the machine.
You make them feel good, I'll make them feel guilty.
So let's make it clear: Sides make or break Thanksgiving.
We can make what a designer in Paris would make.
We will make compromises, take risks, and sometimes make mistakes.
We make tostadas for dinner and make cookies for dessert.
Make sure your lead knows, make sure your producer knows.
If they want to make noise, they can make noise.
Make it easy for the person to make the introduction.
Make it stop, holy mother of cyberhell, make it stop!
Make sure people don't make jokes out of trans people.
So I said make it 11 or make it nine.
You have to make airline customers comfortable, make regulators comfortable.
You have to make airline customers comfortable, make regulators comfortable.
Make "luncheon meat" into HAM; make "for each" into PER.
"Make some noise, party people, make some noise!" he shouted.
She can make you laugh; she can make you cry.
Make sure you don't make one on Tuesday, June 5.
We don't make good deals anymore; we make bad deals.
"The guy can make the passes he has to make."
It doesn't make sense for Apple to make TV shows.
I want to make sure we really make the case.
People can make the art that they want to make.
Make something if you want to, stop complaining, make something.
To make sense for the average consumer, though, they'll have to make the same calculations my wife is now trying to make.
Weed can do a fuckload of great things: make food taste better, make your periods suck less, and make you lose weight.
Flower is alcohol-soluble and it's oil-soluble, so you can make a butter, make an oil, or a make a tincture.
Just do things that make you feel good, that make you feel happy, that make you feel like you're living in bliss.
Women who work full time still make, on average, 80 percent of what men make, and women of color make even less.
To make us suspicious of one another, to make us fear each other, dislike each other, to make us hate each other.
"But the president's got a decision to make and I trust his ability to make it and make it well," he added.
Make it a choice to invest in someone, make a connection with them and make an impact in their lives, he says.
In other words, it can pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, make cakes, pasteurize, make yogurt, cook rice, make eggs, and warm.
Make sure you have systems in place that make you liable and make sure the food will be put to good use.
"My mindset is just to go out there and make the saves I am supposed to make and hopefully make a few I am not supposed to make and give us a chance," said Talbot.
People are now making interactive stories that can move you, that can make you reflect on your own choices, because they make you make the kinds of choices that a hero really has to make.
"I think people do still want to make movies that make them think, that make them feel, that don't manipulate them," she said.
We used people who are political hacks to make deals with China, to make deals with Japan and to make deals with Mexico.
I just want to make music, and make people happy through my music and [make] a career out of doing what I love.
It was a very inspiring one, by the way, but the internet helped us make feminism pop, make it accessible, make it democratic.
And, you know, you gotta be willing to make those sacrifices and I'm definitely willing to make certain sacrifices to make it work.
And, you know, you gotta be willing to make those sacrifices and I'm definitely willing to make certain sacrifices to make it work.
It's just that to make it work Trump would have to make some additional changes that there's no indication he wants to make.
To make a call, click either the phone icon to make an audio call, or the camera icon to make a video call.
An autonomous vehicle might make mistakes a human would never make, but it also would never make some mistakes that humans routinely do.
People like to make memes, make another meme out of this.
You don't want to make a splash to make a splash.
But he can make amends, he can make repairs to this.
Not only how artists make work, but where artists make work.
"You can't just make something and make it available right away."
Gustavo Carrillo chose not to make make grocery deliveries across Chicago.
""But if you're going to make a product, make it beautiful.
I did not make the vote that I wanted to make.
You can make an orphanage or you can make a weapon.
I just want to make changes and make whatever I feel.
Cards can make people laugh, and they can make them rich.
What kind of films did you make or hope to make?
Trump would make comedy better or Trump would make comedy worse.
What changes could he make to make sure it wasn't him?
Many photo friends said: Make work, make pictures, it will help.
That doesn't make him special, but it does make him valuable.
Make sure you're registered and ready to make your voice heard.
I saw him make that — I saw him make the statement.
And how do I make all this policy stuff make sense?
Make what you want to make with the resources you have.
Don't try to make things better and make them markedly worse!
Why make it new when you could simply make it yours?
"We make more money when freelancers make more money," Kasriel said.
One way to make news appealing is to make it novel.
"  "Let's make 2017 the year where we fully make the transformation!
Capricorns make Cancerians feel secure, while Cancerians make Capricorns feel nurtured.
If it won't make statements in court, it shouldn't make them.
You make mistakes, they're going to make you pay for it.
It's not to make people think—it's to make people laugh.
Cake-icing videos don't make me hungry, they make me calm.
Are they meeting to talk, or make up, or make out?
Pick two to three things to make and make them well.
It's a fantastic time to party, make art, or make out!
You have to make the call you're afraid to make. 222.
And you don't make empty promises, you make real things happen.
However, make sure you don't overbook yourself or make solid plans.
Today, women make about 22017 cents for every dollar men make.
"The choices we make now will make a difference," he said.
People who make movies love to make movies about the people
And it's not just sheets that they make (and make well).
You make your move, you assess, and then you make another.
We can't make the future better until we make ourselves better.
That are trying to make a killing and make a difference.
These suppliers make the technologies that make cars more fuel-efficient.
Members of Congress make $174,000 annually, and their staff make less.
Turns out they make the same mistakes most other people make.
Some make me laugh, and some make me want to cry.
If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.
If you make abortion a crime, doesn't that make women criminals?
Make me fear my body's natural scent; make me hate it.
That does not make it illegal, it may make it improper.
We can't make better oil, but we can make better RAM.
I already knew how to make everything I wanted to make.
How could it possibly make economic sense to make one today?
His make him self-deluded; hers make her a needy caregiver.
How to make pasta, for instance, or how to make soup.
Want to make your own yogurt, or make your own jam?
It might, however, make sense to make your dinners relatively light.
It's hard to make the changes we're being asked to make.
If you want to make money, make something you can transplant.
Women were expected to make coffee, make nice and stay home.
How do you make someone not afraid to make a tortilla?
Will it make it worse, or will it make it better?
We make progress, then we regress, then we make progress again.
I usually make dinner, and I make us each a cocktail.
Amazon let us make exactly the show we wanted to make.
I'm just trying to make it out, make my mom proud.
You can't make a difference if you don't make some noise.
Nadal was supposed to make Federer better, not make him cry.
Others try to make money, but it's hard to make enough.
These conversations no longer make me angry, they make me bored.
We're here to make things work better, to make things clear.
Make the court process fair; make it fitting of our country.
If it can make it here, it can make it anywhere.
You can't make everyone happy, and you can't make anyone mad.
Two halves don't make a whole, two wholes make a whole.
Bulls make money, bears make money, and hogs — hogs get slaughtered.
So, the whole thing didn't make any didn't make any sense.
You make better pancakes if you make a lot of pancakes.
It doesn't make you unhappy, but it doesn't make you happy.
Some will never make headlines, but they will make a difference.
People make the decisions that the system incentivizes them to make.
We had an opportunities to make plays, you gotta make them.
Make sure to sign the winning ticket and make several copies.
Her husband can still make her laugh, still make her think.
We should make live video, no we shouldn't make live video.
We can organize to make it happen and make an agreement.
In fact, why not just make a make a mini-Brontosaurus?
They showed me how to make the photograms I make today.
What You Should Make This Weekend I'd make the grilled ratatouille.
"We want to make bacon, we want to make steak, we want to make the most intricate and beautiful pieces of meat," says Brown.
We've got bed skirts to make beds more appealing, tree skirts to make Christmas trees more appealing, so why not make air conditioner skirts?
"I didn't want to make the same movie as Bride of Chucky, so I thought, make it even crazier, make it meta," Mancini said.
We're going to keep getting better at mapping the genes that make us smart, make us sick, or even make us lose our hair.
"We never set out to make the most, but we've always set out to make the best products that make a difference," said Cook.
Press secretaries don't get to make that call, members of congress don't get to make that call, reporters don't get to make that call.
"If your partner does make the choice to take on a car loan, make sure they are in a position to make the payments." 
And we need to make that clear, we need to make it recognized, we need to make people understand we are talking about humanity.
While white women make 77 cents for every dollar a white man makes, black women make 61 cents, and Latina women make just 53.
Apparently, Schumer's were written in 20 minutes, and included jokes like "You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me feel loved, you make me food" and a promise to continue going down on him.
According to recent Census numbers, non-Hispanic whites now make up about 30 percent of the population, while Hispanics and Latinos make up 47 percent, Asians make up 22020 percent, and African Americans make up 22020 percent.
This baby may not make it, this baby may not make it.
Would it make their life better, would it make the math better?
How can I make sounds, or how can I make good visuals?
Make your Facebook groups, make your circles of friends and start mobilizing.
He'd come in and wake me up and make me make dinner.
People make mistakes, and college kids tend to make them in bunches.
The things that make us different from one another make us BEAUTIFUL.
Think about people and moments that make life make sense to me.
Make sure I don't make those mistakes and become a better person.
"People make it a joke and make up these nicknames," he said.
You make a house a home, we make a home a nest.
It's fun to make little tweaks and to make it our own.
"If I want to make money, I make more shows," he said.
"I feel very fortunate that I make what I make," he says.
But if you want to make God laugh, make an OkCupid profile.
Students should make a point of seeking help to make the jump.
I like clothes that make me happy and sometimes make me laugh.
They're confident that they'll make a big play and make a stop.
Then make the choice that will make you proudest that you tried.
"It will make it easier, it will make it cheaper," he said.
It gets so frustrating having to make people want to make content.
"They make little difference and, if anything, make the picture more gloomy."
You can either make it better or you can make it worse.
The company wants to make a splash and make Samsung great again.
If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, right?
Make no mistake: embracing that sexism today won't make it go away.
But see, he may say, 'You make aerospace and you make aerospace.
It will make messaging more convenient, and make profitable new services possible.
If you make it at the Apollo you can make it anywhere!
Nintendo, please make (or partner with developers that will make) these games!
To make it easier, you access a menu and make your selections.
Make it part of your mosaic or let's make it all white.
To make better bologna sandwiches, Chang recommends Americans just ... make bologna better.
Let's make sure self-driving vehicles help make cities better for everyone.
He was always looking to make a joke or make someone smile.
I don't want to make money; I want to make a difference.
Google just figured out how to make minivans relevant: Make them autonomous.
Make a marching motion with the figure and it'll make marching sounds.
That means women make about $20.93 cents for every $21 men make.
They will not make America great again; they will make America cruel.
Make sure you pick your investments when you make your initial contribution.
Money doesn't make you happy, and it doesn't make you content either.
Those are her decisions to make, and boy did she make them.
I'm going to make ... I'm going to make a value judgment there.
And you need both to make it exciting, to make it entertaining.
How can you make too much if you can't make ends meet?
"Before I make a mistake, I don't make that mistake," he said.
You make different stuff when you make tunes with me, don't you?
The same instincts that make us sin make us impassioned, loving, courageous.
You just have to make sure you don't make too many mistakes.
We decided to make it more Battlefield, and make the classes count.
If you could just make it there and make it through that.
We need not make final judgements today about the allegations they make.
Make it feel like one big team and make everyone feel valued.
But, when you make matter, you make an identical amount of antimatter.
I make a goal and chop it down to make it attainable.
They make her seem more mortal, and make the painting even lewder.
A machine that will make them want to make pasta every night
You can make six figures and still struggle to make ends meet.
They make a variety of home appliances, they do not make dishwashers.
Bulls make money, bears make money, and, well, you know the rest.
Sometimes people's wedding vows make me cry; sometimes, they make me cringe.
Cohen didn't even need to make porn, he realized, to make money.
Make time to slow down and don't make any hasty decisions, Aries.
If you fall behind and make a mistake, they make you pay.
Why not just make that one and make a bunch of that?
I can't make anyone happy unless you want to make yourself happy.
They make it possible to make a transaction without revealing your identity.
I have to make sure I'm safe, make sure for the baby.
It's time to make resolutions that will make you a worse person.
It says "Make my diaper great again," not "Make diapers great again."
That's a decision for them to make, not for me to make.
Both these strategies make sense, and both make Israel a lesser place.
Continued denial will simply make it more difficult to make genuine progress.
I make a lot of money, so it doesn't make me poor.
Shutdowns may make good partisan theater, but they don't make any winners.
Are we aspiring to make things that just make people feel O.K.?
Make your own plan for activism to make sure it isn't so.
"It didn't make sense last year, and it doesn't make sense now."
"Bad news blues" can make anyone depressed and make their day worse.
So if you want to make that point, you make that point.
You get to make the decision, but make it an informed decision.
She's just learning about how letters Make words, and words make sentences.
Alcohol could make nights glittery and fun, make me love all humankind.
They could also make healthier foods like make kids eat more vegetables.
Notice how they make you feel, and make adjustments as you go.
I'll make up my mind and make a public announcement after that.
"But I make her smile and I make her laugh," Czech says.
What if Crispr or TALENS make changes they're not supposed to make?
Make the decision now — you're not going to make the decision later.
Tomatoes — if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.
Others shows challenge you, provoke you, make you think, make you feel.
So make memory your daily brain exercise, or make it something else.
How do you make that work, and make it relevant, for customers?
Trump wants to make America great again; Clinton wants to make history.
For example, women managers make 77 percent of what men managers make.
The things that make Musk great are also what make him flawed.
If you don't make your pitches, they're going to make you pay.
His takeaways: You can make a cheeseburger; you can make a kebab.
We should make nine-minute videos, no we should make shorter videos.
Make it my way the first time, then make it your own.
Make the world better for women, you make it better for everyone.
"We'll make it, Pat, we'll make it!" exclaims a woman, off camera.
I'd make everybody laugh in school, and make people laugh in general.
And they are trying to make sure it doesn't make a return.
I'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources.
"[The contract] can't make things better, it'll make things worse," he said.
Make this circle a little bigger, make this one a little smaller.
So I think the key here, when you make a mistake, we all make good decisions, we all make bad decisions, fit issues, move on.
But climate change won't only make ocean waters warmer, it'll also make waters more acidic, for instance, which harms some animals' ability to make shells.
Nothing needed to make sense, and in fact it was nearly impossible to make it make sense, and all that mattered was timing and panache.
You are never going to make what an NFL player is going to make, and you shouldn&apost make anywhere near what they are making.
While that might make a company less "results-orientated" it also might make it better able to make good medium- and long-term investment decisions.
Of course, extended families often include kind, generous people who make us laugh, defuse tense situations and make extraordinary efforts to make everyone feel welcome.
Uber drivers make around $19 an hour, DoorDash Dashers can make between $15 and $0003 an hour, and house cleaners make around $10 an hour.
Why periods make you gassy Those prostaglandins that make you poop more can also make you gassy — and the food you eat contributes as well.
"I think that the NRA would want to make this personal all day long, but I refuse to make this personal, I refuse to make this about Carolyn Meadows, I refuse to make this about myself," McBath said.
According to the National Women's Law Center, white women on average make 79 cents for every dollar made by a man, while black women make 63 cents, Native American women make 57 cents, and Latina women make 54 cents.
To qualify, single household riders must make less than $193,760 per year, two-person households must make less than $17,240, three-person households must make less than $21,720, four-person households must make less than $26,200, and so on.
By trying to work really hard to make the ideology make sense to him, which he did through going to these scary American Renaissance conferences with scientists who work really hard to try and make this ideology make sense.
I've seen the shame you make us feel, the way you make us question our worth, the way you make us want to shed our skin.
Make sure your business is handled, take care of your family, make sure you're working, make sure you're setting good examples and you're making business moves.
Banks don't make money by creating value; they make money by extracting funds from anyone who wants to build a business or even just make transactions.
I want to make movies to teach people, I want to make movies to understand, I want to make movies to explore, and to be adventurous.
You could make a whole film about Julie, you could make a whole film about Danny, you could make whole film about Kyle, about Father Leviathan.
So he devotes his wakeful fifties to bitter lyrics that make themselves clear, anthemic tunes that make them inescapable, and broken vocals that make them hurt.
Latina women make 53 cents on the dollar, Native American women make 58 cents, and black women make 61 cents, according to a release from Harris.
"Whenever something like this happens, it will immediately make people question what decision they will make, and it will make people revisit old information," Pantucci says.
So you made photos to make albums, to make a sequence and to arrange photographs; you didn't just randomly make photos for the heck of it.
To make sure that we control the battlespace, to make sure we have access to information, to make sure our society can function, including our defenses.
I don't think they can make you happy, but I think they can make you let go and make you realize the other side of things.
Neither specifically listed two of the most obvious motivators reasons that make their announcements make sense -- they could both use the opportunity to make some money.
Would you make something cool and fun or make something obnoxious and creepy?
If we and the Palestinians want to make peace, we will make peace.
And why didn't they make steps to make sure this didn't happen again?
To make its tech accessible, Flux Auto has had to make a compromise.
Wake up, skincare/make up routine, and make myself a cup of coffee.
Because of that we can make out independent politics and make independent decisions.
Maybe a song written by a starlet can make the world make sense.
Not only must they make supply chains shorter, they must make them faster.
"[The fans] make it so fun to make a music video," Swift shared.
If they can make you believe absurdities, they can make you commit injustices.
People with higher IQs generally make better workers, and they make more money.
What kind of things would people make to make your kitchen experience better?
"I didn't make the pitches I needed to make," the right-hander said.
You might think saying, "I won't make any new purchases" would make sense.
Make sure to make extra pico de gallo to use as a dip.
"They make me strong, and I help make them less vulnerable," she said.
If I make a lot of money, you make a lot of money.
Not to make their own trillion bucks, but to make our lives better.
There's nice people who can make things, there's nice people who make cartoons.
I make tortilla out of cauliflower, I make pizza crusts out of cauliflower.
His agenda and vision will continue to make waves and make a difference.
"You don't make plus-size dollars anymore, you make backstabbing dollars," wrote another.
Make a note of places to make a quick exit or to hide.
That can make them more willing to make bold predictions and sweeping arguments.
"It won't make sense to most people, but it'll make sense to him."
Carrey can make a goofy face look devastating and make devastation look goofy.
"Make sure that you regularly review and make adjustments as needed," Luber said.
It can make your skin soften earlier, and make your skin wrinkle sooner.
Give yourself that opportunity to dream, but make it real, make it defensible.
"We're just trying to make the point that you can make different choices."
If it doesn't make a difference, then it doesn't make a difference. Fine.
Bottom line: If you make any lipstick purchase this summer, make it this.
We can make them small, but we're working hard to make them larger.
But I'm exhausted and need to make sure I make the spin class.
RiRi found a way to make damn good makeup and make it inclusive.
This is a decision President-elect Trump needs to make and make soon.
Broadening your mind can make it easier to make other, more tangible changes.
It won't make sense to most people, but it'll make sense to him.
Lies make good headlines, good headlines make great covers, great covers sell magazines.
Our strategy was to make people curious, to make them come to us.
Make your biga the day before you decide to make the dough. 25.
Don't limit yourself and just make all the work you want to make.
"The prosecutor came to Turkey to make excuses, make things difficult," he said.
It won't make you popular, but it could make your company more efficient.
Better communities, healthier and happier employees make better products and make more profit.
They make me better … They make me a better person as a father.
So Relatable, but also make it crushingly intimate: "I'll make time for you,"
I make myself a Nespresso and add hot water to make an Americano.
If a label wants to make downloads available, they can make them available.
Know yourself, make society more resilient, make society less able to be hacked.
You don't need a web professional to make a book or make a
Make a note of alternative login methods, and make sure you're always covered.
I'm ready to make America work again and to make American great again.
Some books make life seem harder, and others make it seem worth living.
It didn't make sense with Frankie Valli, and it doesn't make sense today.
We tried to make it feel real, to make the characters feel real.
It ain't going to do nothing but make us better, make us stronger.
I don't necessarily think I make Muslim music, because I make secular music.
Speaker 5: So Walt Disney says, we don't make movies to make money.
You can't make America great again if you don't make things in America.
To allow our delegates to make the choices that they want to make.
They're hoping to make a wedding, they're hoping to make a business appointment.
One vote can make a difference, so make sure your voice is heard!
"Wherever we make the battery, we'll make the car, that's logical," he said.
It would make New Yorkers less safe, it would make Americans less safe.
It's like, make her grow, make her have new relationships, [give] her responsibilities.
"It just make me think before I make any little decision," he said.
"Some make 40 litres a bag but I make 18 litres," says Lopes.
Daft Punk - "Make Love" It'll have to be "Make Love" by Daft Punk.
They had to pretend to be Hank and make something he would make.
We will make America safe again, and we will make America great again.
When would you make a decision about whether to make a 2020 run?
And without that component, I don't think you can make it make sense.
I make you all feel tense, and I make you laugh, and you
Why make regular old ribs when you can make Szechuan honey-glazed ribs?
It didn't make it, the poor thing, but it didn't not make it.
I used to make rye two days a year, make bourbon 250 days.
"You can't make everybody happy, and you have to make choices," said Ricci.
By comparison, women on average make 79 cents for every dollar men make.
He cannot make his system better, so he tries to make ours worse.
M.O. may make you a virtuous consumer, but they don't make better brownies.
"The State must listen, apologise, make reparations and make transformational change," Becroft said.
The instants of pure splendor are what make life livable, make it writable.
" Schoolbooks, he says, should "make our country loved, not make it feel guilty.
I am much happier to see people make mistakes than not make decisions.
The question is, how do you make the staff make the President successful?
Americans are starting to make more, and keep more of what they make.
Make sure to make your mark on the Magna Doodle while passing through.
I had to figure out how to make money and make a difference.
If Cook did make this argument, it doesn't make a lot of sense.
I want to make America rich again and to make America great again.
Scrolling up will make the icons larger, and down will make them smaller.
So this doesn't make sense, but then the world doesn't always make sense.
When they make movies about the 2010s, which words will make notable appearances?
And to make a movie about racing is to make an expensive movie.
No president will be able to make everyone like the choices they make.
Photos will make better collages for you than you could ever make yourself.
How do we make the fixes in Obamacare to make it more sustainable?
These lines make it easier for shoulder surfers to make out your pattern.
I don't think people make the times, I think times make the people.
Most people who try to make comics without learning to draw make garbage.
It's a brilliant time to make art, or to make out with someone.
It's that, 'We're trying to make Canada great or make Canada great again.
Make time for self care: take a steamy shower, make love, create art.
And that's another recommendation I would make to President Trump: Make friends everyplace.
I make a note to make a donation in the next few weeks.
I don't think it will make me healthier or make me live longer.
Make space for the son or daughter; make space so they express themselves.
The fact is, the point I was trying to make, I'd make again.
He understood how to make people laugh and how to make them hate.
The same capitalist forces that make AirPods possible also make fake AirPods possible.
America can't make it alone, and the world can't make it without America.
What does it make people want to do to make America great again?
It doesn't make a difference, because we all make it the same way.
I didn't make a bogey today, so I'll make that a goal tomorrow.
If this doesn't make sense to you, that's because it doesn't make sense.
We don't make sense, or at least I can't make sense of us.
If this all doesn't make "Mefistofele" quite succeed, it does make it dance.
The fact is, the point I was trying to make, I'd make again.
This doesn't make mainstream music irrelevant, but it does make it formally superfluous.
She also noted that destinations should make efforts to make this information accessible.
Mentally strong people don't make it their job to make other people happy.
He used miniature lathes to make cannons and little saws to make anchors.
Together, We Will Make America Wealthy Again We Will Make America Proud Again.
You might think saying "I won't make any new purchases" would make sense.
"Make the right life and business decisions, and then make appropriate tax decisions."
I want to try to make products that make life easier for people.
If you make a mistake, press and hold the date to make adjustments.
It will make you too hungry too soon, which will make autophagy impossible.
But to make a positive impression, you have to make thoughtful, intelligent requests.
Kids can make things out of plaster, they can speak, write, make videos.
We make noises to make people feel things, and the method is irrelevant.
Because if you want your body to make love, you can make love.
We've updated our policy to make sure we don't make that mistake again.
Some make you feel happy and productive, while others make work pretty difficult.
Those who make the assault weapons support the representatives that make them legal.
It's a way to make it contemporary, a way to make it living.
Anna North: What inspired you to make the video, "Make America Great Again"?
But more dramatic changes may make your mindset switch even easier to make.
You can make any sound, basically, that a guitar can make, through headphones.
If this doesn't make sense to you, it's because it doesn't make sense.
Its job is not to make money; its job is to make waves.
Just as we sought to make cars safer, we should make guns safer.
"Journalists make honest mistakes and that doesn't make them fake news," Acosta said.
Make it cozy, make it clean, but invest your time in your guests.
We Will Make America Safe Again And We Will Make America Great Again.
You may have choices to make, and not much time to make them.
It can make a joke thrilling or it can make it fall flat.
Republican presidents make gun activists more complacent, which can make the NRA strapped.
And rejecting our ideals won't make us stronger; it will make us weaker.
Ultimately, it's better to make no decision than to make a bad decision.
"We as citizens can make things happen and can make change," she said.
It's fine to make unnecessary friends, but extremely unwise to make unnecessary enemies.
Maybe they'll make ... Well, they are going to make new Microsoft jokes. Exactly.
You make appearances in other people's movies, and they make appearances in yours.
He's having to make a choice that no president has wanted to make.
It's Hooker's job to make sure pinball players are able to make music.
And so you have to make products that are going to make money.
"I am in this fight because I believe that we can make our government, we can make our economy, we can make our country work, not just for those at the top, we can make it work for everyone," she said.
Now it's up to us to make sure everything is consistent, make sure all the orders go out right, make sure all the consumers are happy and, before anything, make sure we have the safest product for people to use.
If you ask them to make you one, and they won't make you one, you can offer (threaten?) to go behind the counter and make yourself one.
"At the end of day, sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the wrong one — but you got to stick by the decisions you make."
To write jokes that will make it all OK, or make them feel better, or to make the crowd feel better about it and it's fucking exhausting.
When he sings about love, it's "enough to make kings and vagabonds believe the very best" and make us root for two cartoon lions to make out.
These barriers would not make illegal crossings impossible, but they would make illegal crossings more difficult and make it easier for the Border Patrol to apprehend crossers.
Science fiction has the power to bring science home to readers, to "make it visceral, make people feel it, make people cry about it," Ms. Cooper said.
But in terms of it all moving in the right direction, that's all we can do: continue to make the work, make the work, make the work.
Play the radio, make sure the television — excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the — the — make sure that kids hear words.
Play the radio, make sure the television — excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the, the — — make sure the kids hear words.
And if anything it made me realize that the friends you make are the ones you make an effort with, and who make an effort with you.
Jobs just make lives and they make people and they make families and they're not worried about their health care because we take great care of people.
It can also make us feel less satisfied with the choice we do make — or even so frustrated that we don&apost make a choice at all.
But the root cause of all of this is that no one was empowered really to make the decisions and make them fast and make them decisively.
Play the radio, make sure the television -- excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the -- the -- make sure that kids hear words.
But sometimes TV is less about the journey and more about those special moments that jog you awake, make you laugh, make you ache, make you think.
That might make for good tennis, but that doesn't make for very good cinema.
You can't make them afraid of it or make it some deep, mysterious thing.
But maybe you should make sure you're not tacitly encouraging customers to make explosives.
CRM has helped businesses make more money, now it's going to make patients healthier.
One month, I could make $103,000 (before taxes), another month, I could make $2,000.
They want to get back and make the contributions that they're asked to make.
He should make us laugh, but more than that, he should make us think.
Instead of going after Taylor aggressively, they'll make sure Taylor can't make any money.
I feel very fortunate I got to make the movie I wanted to make.
Because if you're gonna make pizza at home, you better make it worth it.
"I'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources," he proclaimed.
So how do you make carne asada that would make your Mexican grandmother proud?
You make almost $200,000 a year to write rules, to make our society better.
This doesn't exactly make Demi sympathetic, but it does make the situation seem irrelevant.
I want to make movies, move mountains, make a monument to the post office.
I vow to make more of a conscious effort to make smart health decisions.
We&aposre going to make it reciprocal, we&aposre going to make them fair.
We had to make some big decisions, and those decisions were difficult to make.
This is a company modeled to make money, and it's modeled to make impact.
Do only things that make you happy and make you feel good about yourself.
"Everything you do and every decision you make, make it with integrity," Lazkani said.
If a person wants to make a report, they get to make a report.
When we make mistakes, and we have made plenty, we try to make amends.
That's no good, (if) we're gonna make a deal, let's make a real deal.
But you still need to make the all-important first move and make conversation.
You need to make some decisions, some serious decisions and make some life changes.
We wanted to make music that would make people feel uncomfortable; that was obtuse.
Channel all your energy toward a passionate make-out session, or make some art.
Braces make good oral hygiene harder to accomplish, and they make bad hygiene worse.
And Tuesday's high winds are expected to make them worse could make them worse.
A light walk would make Sam walk and a jog would make Sam run.
But he wants to make a deal and I'd like to make a deal.
Now I must set you free to make good decisions and make me proud.
Because your stories *still* make me believe, and they still make me feel seen.
They wanted to make flashlights, battle their cars together and make this weird artwork.
And people were suggesting every idea, make a camera, make a car, crazy stuff.
If you then buy limes and make simple syrup, you can make a Daiquiri.
I'm just trying to make some great art and make the world hurt less.
Yes, I would love to make as much money as I could possibly make.
We don't have solutions today to make a difference just to make a difference.
If we make a difference just to make a difference, that will be more.
JEFF SMITH: Make sure it doesn't leak and make sure the stock stays opportunistic.
You just want to make one car so you make it to California standards.
Sadly, some of the things that make the holiday delightful also make it dangerous.
"Don't make me make the podium move," Spicer told the room filled with reporters.
Not enough to make work impossible, but juuuust enough to make it excruciatingly tedious.
I have two responsibilities: to make you laugh and to make you learn something.
I'm gonna direct it and make sure my words make it to the screen.
There aren't any choices you need to make, or ways to make a mistake.
Cold showers probably don't make you healthier; they just make you suck it up.
"This will make it difficult to make it back to the top," Peng said.
If you make your customers wait online, you'd better make it worth their while.
I wanted to make him uncomfortable and to make people think about women's bodies.
But the government can and should make small changes to make the process easier.
"Gun owners make our communities safer and they make our nation stronger," Trump said.
Eight years in the White House doesn't exactly make it easy to make friends.
Not only is it pointless to make a fuss; it might make matters worse.
If you want to make a kid better, you volunteer to make them better.
Scholarship money was raised to make sure many low-income attendees could make it.
Corderos talent could make him a star if he can make the proper adjustments.
All of us make meetings, and make meeting notes, write meeting summaries, meeting minutes.
I tour with a portable barista set-up to make make coffee and tea.
The idea is to make German government more lively and make political differences clearer.
You make what you make, and you do what you do, and that's it.
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable," he says, quoting JFK.
With basic income, people may make new choices that you personally would not make.
He will Make California Great Again & make you proud of your Great State again.
Make sure that you stash the cash from any swap that you do make.
Scientists wanted to make sure their decision wouldn't make things worse for the probe.
If you want to make a pin of a Bic, you can make it.
To make the most of bookmarks, you need to make sure they're well organized.
So do the sensible thing and make some ramen yourself... and make it cold.
The show is going to make fans' temptation to "make things up" significantly greater.
If I had to make up a story I wouldn't make it that bad.
How do you make the projects you want to make with care, caution, respect?
Rigid work rules can make it difficult for the authority to make timely repairs.
They need to understand how to make Parmesan, but also how to make lasagna.
"We wanted to make it very expensive to make a fake account," Finan said.
"Many things you want to make are make-able," he says, matter of factly.
That would make make the car less exclusive, and therefore less valuable for resale.
Make your fish happy, make yourself happy, and maybe learn something in the process.
LUNTZ: Make up a better -- I understand your job is to make stuff up.
But, for a return to Denver to make sense, it has to make dollars.
As the tools improve, they make it possible to make new, more useful tools.
They keep you warm and dry, make movement easier and make your life better.
And collect people in your life who make you better, who make you happy.
Well, some would make that bet, but I'm not going to make that bet.
Bad work environments can make you a bad person and can make you unhappy.
It may not make your trip more powerful, but it can make it safer.
The Khaleesi doesn't make the wig, but the wig sure can make the Khaleesi.
The things that make him familiar are the same ones that make him scary.
JS: You make portraits of your friends, and you also make more explicit paintings.
We want to make global things local and make you feel very at home.
Here are four questions to make sure you make the most of dividend investing.
I make it my goal to at least in one way make someone smile.
I think the way you make a movie dictates the movie that you make.
Why make an easy funnel cake when you can make a soigné funnel cake?
As we make purchases, travel and make phone calls, technological systems observe our behavior.
If you can't make one, other will make one for you to check out.
It will make it so that the things around us make our lives better.
The same [goes for] if you can't make enough money to make ends meet.
But that doesn't make them bad, and it certainly doesn't make them mentally ill.
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer, $27, available at Make Up For Ever.
It was something to make her happy and excited, and make her smile again.
It's about realizing we need to make change, and make change despite being bureaucratic.
Republicans make up 29 percent of those voters, while independents make up 28 percent.
"It'll make them more effective in helping clients to make better choices," he said.
It's not designed to make you happy, it is designed to make you survive.
"I wanted to make something that could make someone feel abandon," Mr. Dove said.
I'm going to make sure the rest of their lives make up for that.
He didn't make his story seem scary, and he didn't make it about himself.
We want to make poverty more rare, they want to make poverty more comfortable.
Mr Trump's promise to Make America Great Again will not make that any easier.
"I might even make less," she says thoughtfully, "but make them more … just exquisite."
Just to make the connections needed to make sure everybody knew he was there.
We think our differences make us lesser than, but they make us greater than.
De Blasio believes if he can make it there, he can make it anywhere.
The rest of these facts make Spooky's price tag make a bit more sense.
Let's make history this November and make Andrew Gillum the next Governor of Florida.
Make an earthquake emergency plan and make sure your family commits it to memory
Before you go through with a mortgage refinance, make sure the numbers make sense.
For most chief executives, all this would make 2017 a make-or-break year.
"They'd make the food better to make us stop, give us chicken," Abrego said.
I proposed that we make a difference together and make our friendliness more explicit.
" It's one thing to make an independent film, it's another thing to make "Dolemite.
Make them public and let people examine those facts and make their own conclusions.
In this role men make a median $1,629 per week, and women make $1,013.
From there, they can make decisions about what steps would make the most sense.
"You can always make more money, but you can't make more time," DeHollander said.
The ads are designed to make you laugh and make you hungry, Cywinski said.
I could make any policy if I just want to make up the facts.
They're the ones who make demands and ask questions and make it all happen.
From #freethenipple to #HeForShe, hashtags make headlines, and even make headway for their cause.
Some women make time on the weekends for brunch — others make time for masturbation.
You always try to make people laugh, to make people feel better, to help.
Then I make a small snack, where I make a shake of citrus fruits.
Make some really bad charcuterie, document what you did, and then make it better.
When I make them I have them, when I don't make them, I don't.
"We just make the song, make sure it's banging, and they decide," Soke says.
I make fun of it, but I always love what I make fun of.
I want to make things, but I want to make them quickly and well.
And you really can't make a tequila out of rye—it doesn't make sense.
And to make things a whole lot easier, make SE Ranking your SEO sidekick.
They make decisions most other people make, and so live the same unfulfilling lives.
We trust the next guy to make the right play or make the shot.
Why people -- including politicians -- make the life decisions they make are often a mystery.
Spiced potatoes make the filling for these easy-to-make rounds of stuffed dough.
It is really hard to make change unless your C.E.O. wants to make change.
I wanted to make our relationship change, to make the rape turn into love.
I wanted to see if I could make that real, make that work fictionally.
Presidents get paid to make the tough decisions that no one else can make.
If he was gonna make a move, he was gonna make a move now.
He wanted them to create "moments" to make Barcelona think, to make Barcelona worry.
Like, make your own money, make your own decisions, don't depend on a man.
Why can't I make the same transformational follicular choice so many others make effortlessly?
But, she added, it'll make the neighbors happy and it'll make the town happy.
I just plow ahead and continue to make the movie I wanted to make.
"PLEASE make yourself aware of our circumstances and make an informed choice," she said.
They just make it harder, they make it more unsafe, they drive it underground.
Early autonomous AI systems will likely make mistakes that most humans would not make.
YouTube is going to make it harder for small video makers to make money.
It's not going to make you rich, it's not going to make you famous.
I usually make it, although my wife will sometimes make my daughter's egg burrito.
"We're not gonna make this good, we're gonna make this really good," McGregor said.
Please make sure you make your submission public, and follow the Terms of Service.
"To make money, you have to make something that wasn't there," Forsman told me.
And low oil prices make it difficult for those companies to make debt payments.
And Mr. Trump does not make it easy for anyone to make that transition.
The saying is if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.
So, you know when it's time to make a move, we make a move.
But again, I'm trying to make an investment on things that make people happy.
" She went on: "Everyone has wanted to make this play make much more sense.
Cillizza: Do we expect Zuckerberg to make any further admissions or make any news?
When you open the three-dot menu, "Make Secret" will have replaced "Make Public."
Mr. Whitty uses rods to make the fins gesture; hinges make the tail swish.
The long fibers that make up polyester thread are woven together to make fabric.
Gao added that mutations can make the virus spread faster and make people sicker.
But your ability to make obstacles bend to your will will make you unstoppable.
Fermilab will make not only neutrino beams, it will also make antimatter neutrino beams.
"Having too much information can make it harder to make a decision," she said.
"They can make a movie faster than we can make a toy," Berberian jokes.
They're asking us to make a leap of faith we're not willing to make.
Make two lists: What kinds of qualities make a space feel safe for you?
But Barry manages to make this territory his own, and to make it fresh.
They make me happy and they make me laugh, there if I need someone.
I had all this time to make my setup perfect, make my stroke perfect.
If you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere.
I want to make sure it's just enough to make it feel like home.
And that means you make the airplanes simple to understand, you make them flyable.
So, if they really don't make 'em like this anymore, why make 'em now?
"I make cocktails, but not as elaborately as they make them here," he said.
I get ready (regular makeup) then make my bed, pray, and make a sandwich.
"Every mistake you make, they make you pay," Tyronn Lue, the Cavaliers' coach, said.
The only way to make peace with technology is to make peace with ourselves.
But he wants to make a deal and I'd like to make a deal.
They're going to make all the plays they have to make late to win.
"If banks can make more spread, they may also make more loans," he said.
He didn't make it through the primary, he didn't make it into the Oval.
"You've got to make some normative judgments, which make economists really uncomfortable," Strain says.
Egg whites make flan firmer and bouncier; egg yolks make it richer and softer.
"They're going to make a run, we're going to make a run," Cooley said.
We don't need to make less noise in public -- we need to make more.
"There's two things that can make you scared or make you anxious," said Frame.
"Where possible, Comms will seek to make changes that make sense," the memo reads.
He can make the choice that no one else can make — the right choice.
Spoilers can make it easier for you to make sense of what you see.
He's going to make his teammates better, he's going to make his team better.
To make the playlist public again, tap the three dots and select "Make Public."
They can make each other better, but they can also make each other worse.
Because either the price point doesn't make sense or the capability doesn't make sense.
We make mistakes but we're not going to make mistakes of character or integrity.
I will make these Pittsburgh references; I will make this a very Pittsburgh book.
Not only are screens themselves cheap to make, but they also make things cheaper.
No one forces you to make this stuff, you make it 'cause it's fun.
You don't make it too fancy, but you don't make it too expensive, either.
I could never make another theatrical release, but I'm always going to make films.
And being invested along with the company: when they make money, you make money.
It's not quite enough to make a story, or to make a clear image.
The number doesn't make me proud, rather the individuals that make it up do.
For me, it's like if I want to make money I make more shows.
There are so many things that make, and are going to make, Porzingis special.
It's not overwhelming, while still providing just enough information to make Gilead make sense.
You don't make it too fancy and you don't make it too expensive, either.
And make being a label more efficient, and make being an artist more efficient.
Until it figures that part out, it doesn't make sense to make bold bets.
"Things were running along pretty good and now we've had to make some changes just to make ends meet and make the numbers continue to work," he said.
I knew exactly what size molds to make, what type of molds I had to make, and how much time I had to make them and the materials.
The challenge was to make that stuff apparent—to make it feel like it is safe—but at the same time to make it feel welcoming and cheerful.
"Things were running along pretty good and now weve had to make some changes just to make ends meet and make the numbers continue to work," he said.
Most importantly, you'll want to make sure that you're drinking plenty of fluids (and not just alcohol, which will make you dehydrated and might actually make things worse).
It will make it easier for him to make the constitutional changes he wants to make himself essentially the one and only politician deciding everything in the country.
I happen to have a really crass, New-York-City sense of humor, and regularly make silly jokes in attempts make light of situations which make me uncomfortable.
They have locks that would make Fabio weep, puppy dog eyes that would make a Goldendoodle whimper, and lips that would make Kylie Jenner do a double take.
"Play the radio, make sure the television — the, excuse me — make sure you have the record player on at night ... make sure the kids hear words," he said.
I make complicated movies sometimes, I make things but in fact I can explain it and when I make it I don't have to explain it any longer.
But a human body is intelligent all the way down—cells are communicating to make tissues, which collaborate to make organs, which make up the (ideally) intelligent whole.
It doesn't make us feel good in and of itself, but it does make us more motivated to chase down the things that do make us feel good.
Here it would make sense for Democrats to make the reverse calculation, create the investment tax break, and raise corporate rates enough to make up the most revenue.
They must be examined by a physician, make a verbal request, wait 20083 days, visit a second physician, make a second verbal request, and make a written request.
"When you make it big, when you make it really big, when you make it [to] the top one-tenth of one percent big, pitch in two cents, so everybody else gets a chance to make it," the Massachusetts Democrat said on Wednesday.
"If we all look at ourselves to make a difference, it's going to make the biggest impact instead of being like, 'Oh yeah, he needs to make a difference, oh yeah, the political leaders need to make the difference,' " Pence tells PEOPLE.
"In China, people want to make products to make money, so they'll make anything that makes money," says Huang, the author of The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen.
But pimple-popping videos do not merely gross me out: They make me sick, they make me dizzy, and they make me feel like I am going to faint.
Sure, Swift won't make as much money doing this as she'd like to make, but when your estimated net worth is over $280 million, you can make some sacrifices.
Did I understand correctly that Facebook would not only make the same settings available, but that it will make the same protections available that they will make the Europeans?
Data from a 2016 study illustrates that while white, non-Hispanic women make 83 centers for every dollar, Black women make 66 cents, and Hispanic women make 60 cents.
You can watch the Ripple Make make its magic in the video below, but we recommend that you pay someone $1,000 (and $85 a month) to make latte art.
They make fun of his hair, they make fun of the color of his skin, they make fun of the way he talks—he's from Queens, not from Manhattan.
It doesn't have anything close to the market share that it needs to make money—or make demands for lower prices from theaters (which will help it make money).
Frequently female filmmakers will make one independent film and not make another for years, if at all, while men may make an indie and then be given a franchise.
And the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my black friends feel, is empowering, and you make them stand up for themselves.
Mr. Trump's advisers seem to believe that punishing the Palestinians ahead of their forthcoming peace plan will make them more willing to make concessions and therefore make negotiations easier.
That was apparently enough to make officials rethink their practice of allowing local and regional authorities make decisions about calling off events, and trusting citizens to make wise decisions.
"We need to make sure the pomp and circumstance gets pulled back, and make sure actual things are done to make sure their nuclear capabilities are dismantled," Spicer said.
So whether you want to make your phone easier to recognize, or you just want to make it something funny to make people laugh, the process is very simple.
Asian employees make up 30.9 percent, black workers make up 8.8 percent, Hispanics make up 5.6 percent and people who define themselves as multiracial come in at 4.3 percent.
"We're not going to stop until we make more fundamental changes, and make people safer and make sure they feel safer at the same time," Mr. de Blasio said.
Dell even had to make its own custom 2.25mm camera module to make this work.
That would make for better speeches — and make the United States Congress seem less fake.
You have to make sure you make the right decisions for your team and teammates.
Your comments don't upset me, they just make me smile and make you look nasty.
I think ultimately his intention is to make paintings that make sense of our time.
I only make $21 in tips, which is around half of what I usually make.
The way to make unpredictable events become predictable is to make them fit a pattern.