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"number" Definitions
  1. [countable] a word or symbol that represents an amount or a quantity synonym figure
  2. [countable] (abbreviation No., British English also No) (symbol #) used before a figure to show the position of something in a series
  3. [countable] (often in compounds) a set of figures that is used to identify something or communicate by phone, etc.
  4. [countable] a quantity of people or things
  5. [singular] (formal) a group or quantity of people
  6. [countable] (British English) the version of a magazine, etc. published on a particular day, in a particular month, etc. synonym issue
  7. [countable] a song or dance, especially one of several in a performance
  8. [singular] (informal) (following one or more adjectives) a thing, such as a dress or a car, that is admired
  9. [uncountable] the form of a word, showing whether one or more than one person or thing is being talked about

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"number" Synonyms
numeral digit figure integer character decimal symbol cypher(UK) cipher(US) numeric unit sum cardinal chiffer count denominator notation numerator ordinal prime amount quantity total aggregate collection magnitude abundance quota tally volume extent measure proportion size amplitude capacity greatness totality multitude array crowd drove horde lot mass profusion throng bulk bunch expanse flock host load many mob feat piece turn exploit routine stunt bit composition deed opus performance schtick shtick song track tune work act dance item group company set band body circle gang party coterie crew tribe gathering assemblage assembly pack troupe issue edition copy imprint printing impression publication version journal paper review newspaper serial gazette organ mag bulletin monthly book statistic nobody lightweight nothing insignificancy nonentity nullity unknown non-person little guy small potato unimportant person piece of data zero zilch pygmy snippersnapper insect dwarf math calculation figures arithmetic computation mathematics sums calculus computing counting ciphering figuring number crunching melody strain refrain ditty jingle theme warble air carol lay motif chorus aria descant line choon portion share part slice allotment allowance cut allocation percentage ration division apportionment cluster batch grouping block clump clutch suite battery constellation knot huddle bank trick prank antic caper joke gag frolic jape spoof dido tomfoolery cantrip capriccio cod escapade jest knavery roguery skit burlesque parody travesty pastiche satire sketch takeoff take-off comedy sketch pasquinade play sendup cost price valuation value quote rate worth damage quotation ante appraisal assessment charge fee article story column feature report account essay exposé section commentary editorial exclusive module post scoop segment encore repetition repeat performance curtain call repeat acclamation additional performance cheers extra extra performance plaudits praise reappearance replay reprise rerun response return impromptu item telephone number phone number 800 number cell phone number fax number frequency prevalence commonness frequentness regularity frequence incidence constancy periodicity recurrence occurrence persistence density distribution iteration oftenness song and dance con ripoff scam bull jive the business elaborate explanation snow job bill of goods conning flattery soft soap flimflam soft sell smoke and mirrors hosing skill art technique knack secret craft ability expertise device gift hang method know-how aptitude flair talent creation dress outfit design supply stock reserve repository store cache inventory pool reservoir stockpile fund repertoire hoard pile storehouse arsenal type kind class sort order variety category classification genre style form ilk nature genus stamp bracket manner address home location house place situation whereabouts dwelling residence abode domicile point position site spot apartment flat locality lodging pad specialty(US) forte thing metier speciality(UK) long suit strong suit career hobby job major masterpiece minor occupation practice profession pursuit racket special vocation merchandise commodities goods wares produce product products truck vendibles lines solutions staples commodity durable effects material range seconds turnout headcount attendance gate head count number of people present draw audience number present enumerate calculate tell compute reckon numerate quantify estimate assess tote add up count off figure out reach comprise amount to come to run to add up to consist of correspond to mount up to count up to tot up to work out as equal make be equivalent to be equal to be represent itemise(UK) itemize(US) assign a number to categorize by number mark with a number specify by number list detail relate specify particularize(US) reel off tick off recite spell out particularise(UK) describe recapitulate include contain involve deem encompass entail look on subsume carry embrace comprehend take in incorporate cover embody have page paginate foliate check classify categorise(UK) categorize(US) grade rank arrange codify peg assort compartmentalise(UK) compartmentalize(US) distinguish label deader more benumbed more insensible more insensate more insensitive more senseless more unfeeling more frozen more torpid more asleep more dazed more stunned more drugged more anesthetized(US) more chilled more comatose more insentient more petrified more unconscious stolider more emotionless more apathetic more impassive more unemotional more detached more impassible more indifferent more passionless more phlegmatic more stoic more stoical more affectless more disinterested more incurious more undemonstrative more unconcerned more uncurious more uninterested more cold-blooded blanker emptier more catatonic more deadpan more expressionless more vacant more inexpressive more remote More
"number" Antonyms
letter one part commoner insufficiency lack scantiness scarcity shortage want deficiency dearth inadequacy deficit paucity scarceness poverty undersupply famine drought shortfall inadequateness pinch absence bigwig eminence figure kahuna kingpin magnate nabob personage somebody VIP big shot big wheel old hand heavyweight celebrity giant something entity megastar star silence discord disharmony dissonance discordance racket cacophony bit handful hint ounce sprinkle scruple shade sprinkling smidgen smidgeon pittance speck little mouthful spot trace dab touch strain juncture whole individual insignificance tininess smallness unimportance littleness dispersal scattering harmony method tidiness organisation(UK) arrangement calm system organization(US) quiet orderliness order cessation idleness inactivity inertia repose rest stoppage suspension inaction failure lie forfeit defeat loss passivity surrender destruction ruin spontaneity improvisation spontaneousness extemporaneity extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) extemporising(UK) extemporizing(US) improv autoschediasm impromptu invention randomness ad-lib ad-libbing stand-up frankness honesty ignorance misunderstanding seriousness inability fraction ace failing misadventure misfortune flop blunder bomb bungle album record recording release CD EP LP question request infrequence infrequency rareness uncommonness unusualness irregularity abomination atrocity anathema aversion eyesore abhorrence disgrace outrage revulsion scandal conjecture guess theorise(UK) theorize(US) estimate subtract speculate suppose hypothesise(UK) hypothesize(US) project propose postulate propound posit formulate hypothecate philosophise(UK) philosophize(US) blue-sky exclude omit leave out miss out except preclude rule out be exclusive of not include not be inclusive of eliminate disclude dismiss disregard prohibit ban prevent bar predict call guesstimate pick suggest say make a guess at take a shot at take a stab at detach disconnect disperse dissipate divide scatter segregate separate break up calculate calculate roughly roughly calculate make an estimate of collect combine declassify disallow disintegrate disorganize gather hold join keep maintain unite mix up know appreciate recognise(UK) recognize(US) comprehend realise(UK) realize(US) understand discern grasp perceive decrease depart fail leave lessen shrink fragiler more sensitive more responsive more susceptible more feeling fervider more demonstrative more emotional more impassioned more passionate more fervent more fiery more ardent more vehement more passional more expressive more animated

268 Sentences With "number"

How to use number in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "number" and check conjugation/comparative form for "number". Mastering all the usages of "number" from sentence examples published by news publications.

She's ranked number five on the list of most-searched fashion terms — which also includes 1980s fashion (number one), grunge style (number two), 1990s fashion (number three), 2000s fashion (number 4), men's fashion (number six), Harajuku fashion (number seven), Hipster style (number eight) and her sister-in-law Kate Middleton (number nine).
Let's be number one in wind, let's be number one in solar, let's be number one in biofuel, number one in renewables, number one in energy efficiency.
If you're unsure, the larger number will be your account number and the smaller number will be your check number.
LD: Well, China is now the world's number one exporter, and the world's number one or number two, depending on year, importer, with US as number one or number two.
Everybody dropped their mixtapes, their albums go number 1, number 2, number 3.
Number one was reg reform, number two was taxes and number three was infrastructure.
Median base salary: $130,000 Number of job openings: 0003 Median base salary: $125,000 Number of job openings: 98 Median base salary: $99,000 Number of job openings: 50 Median base salary: $95,000 Number of job openings: 1,353 Median base salary: $92,500 Number of job openings: 64 Median base salary: $254,280 Number of job openings: 2000 Median base salary: $240,280 Number of job openings: 2000 Median base salary: $773,277 Number of job openings: 2000 Median base salary: $2417,000 Number of job openings: 18 Median base salary: $80,640 Number of job openings: 171 Median base salary: $80,0003 Number of job openings: 23 Median base salary: $80,000 Number of job openings: 54 Median base salary: $80,000 Number of job openings: 40 Median base salary: $80,000 Number of job openings: 35 Median base salary: $77,000 Number of job openings: 417
Number of graduates with debt: 70 percentAverage debt: $343,460 Number of graduates with debt: 66 percentAverage debt: $29,547 Number of graduates with debt: 63 percentAverage debt: $29,644 Number of graduates with debt: 62 percentAverage debt: $29,7983 Number of graduates with debt: 63 percentAverage debt: $30,045 Number of graduates with debt: 2849 percentAverage debt: $264,234 Number of graduates with debt: 2773 percentAverage debt: $271,234 Number of graduates with debt: 763 percentAverage debt: $276,236 Number of graduates with debt: 2101 percentAverage debt: $31,466 Number of graduates with debt: 70 percentAverage debt: $31,526 Number of graduates with debt: 64 percentAverage debt: $363,920 Number of graduates with debt: 65 percentAverage debt: $33,849 Number of graduates with debt: 64 percentAverage debt: $34,773 Number of graduates with debt: 71 percentAverage debt: $34,798 Number of graduates with debt: 76 percentAverage debt: $36,101
Team LeBron (James) will wear the number 2, Gianna's basketball jersey number, and Team Giannis (Antetokounmpo) will don number 24, Kobe's number, the NBA said.
San Francisco (number two), LA (number four) and Portland (number five) rounded out the top five.
This information includes: Social Security Number; Driver's License Number; DMV Identification Card Number; and Email Address.
I know my number, the number to my parents' house, and my wife's cell phone number.
" He said the company aims to be the "number one and number two" player in the markets it operates in, rather than "number three or number four.
Number of relevant acquisitions Number of relevant acquisitions Number of relevant acquisitions Number of relevant acquisitions Looking at the data, three clear giants emerge: Verizon, Walmart and Oracle.
Those with stroller models Quartz Pink (Model Number ST31D09A), Sedona Gray (Model Number ST31D10A), Jet Black (Model Number ST31D11A), and Purest Blue (Model Number ST31D03A) are under recall.
We see in this formula how we put a number in and then get a number in return, specifically a number that is two times the input number.
We have other options that amuse me more: CARDINAL NUMBER (14), BACON NUMBER (11) and CALL NUMBER (10).
However, "most people want to know number three before they know number one and number two," he says.
It's painted Carolina blue, and the ID number contains his jersey number (23) and number of titles (6).
We're the number one in sales, we're the number one in service, we're the number one in marketing.
Number of graduates with debt: 55 percent Average debt: $203,171 Number of graduates with debt: 60 percent Average debt: $26,083 Number of graduates with debt: 57 percent Average debt: $26,082 Number of graduates with debt: 56 percent Average debt: $25,1933 Number of graduates with debt: 61 percent Average debt: $25,645 Number of graduates with debt: 2683 percent Average debt: $254,222 Number of graduates with debt: 2191 percent Average debt: $258,220 Number of graduates with debt: 413 percent Average debt: $241,218 Number of graduates with debt: 2873 percent Average debt: $23,462 Number of graduates with debt: 50 percent Average debt: $23,456 Number of graduates with debt: 53 percent Average debt: $183,379 Number of graduates with debt: 46 percent Average debt: $22,683 Number of graduates with debt: 54 percent Average debt: $22,191 Number of graduates with debt: 58 percent Average debt: $20,193 Number of graduates with debt: 41 percent Average debt: $18,873
Next, you'll need to provide both your debit card number and U.S. bank account information (account number and routing number) to Amazon, along with your U.S. driver's license number.
Here are the 10 jobs that will be adding the highest number workers between 2014 to 2024: Number of jobs: 147,400 Median annual wage: $31,910 Number of additional jobs: 151,100 Median annual wage: $4583,730 Number of additional jobs: 158,900 Median annual wage: $221,2920 Number of additional jobs: 2439,2300 Median annual wage: $267,2490 Number of additional jobs: 1003,2100 Median annual wage: $220,2980 Number of additional jobs: 314,200 Median annual wage: $21,780 Number of additional jobs: 343,500 Median annual wage: $203,910 Number of additional jobs: 348,400 Median annual wage: $21,920 Number of additional jobs: 439,300 Median annual wage: $67,490 Number of additional jobs: 458,100 Median annual wage: $20,980
Ten European companies were featured, including Bayer at number 11, BMW at number 14 and Daimler at number 16.
The number of each state's electoral votes is equal to their number of senators plus their number of representatives.
Your Tax ID Number — sometimes also referred to as a Federal Tax Identification Number, a 43 Number, or EIN Number — is a nine-digit number issued by the IRS to be used by self-employed individuals for certain tax or business purposes.
With this new feature, Transcribe can automatically identify information like a Social Security number, credit card number, bank account number, name, email address, phone number and mailing address and redact that.
You guys -- you&aposre number one, he&aposs number one, you&aposre number one, he&aposs -- congratulations to both you.
An element's atomic number indicates the number of protons in its nucleus — the higher the number, the heavier the atom.
The number "00010" is the trade number for the Canadian infantry, and "C23249161" seems to be a legitimate service number.
For that price, you get a local number, a toll-free number or you can port an existing phone number.
Number one -- so number one -- BARTIROMO: Good point, wow.
The number — "8418" — was his father's firefighter badge number.
It's always important to point out that it's easier to grow from a small number to a bigger number than it is to grow from a big number to a bigger number.
My friend was able to get his name, phone number, and license plate number, as well as verify the serial number.
He says the site has since updated its phone number from a Grand Rapids, MI number to a 1-800 number.
Between 6:30 PM and 9 PM in Madrid, even-number registration plates are only allowed to drive on even-number days, and cars with odd-number registration plates on odd-number days.
In the first phase Eurostat will publish the following occupancy data: Number of stays (number of rentals of each listing during the reference period); number of nights rented out (number of nights each listing was rented out during the reference period); and number of overnight stays (number of guest nights spent at each listing during the reference period (based on number of guests indicated when booking was made).
Honolulu (number 6) and San Diego (number 7) are next.
But it's a small number — it's not a large number.
Blocked number after blocked number filled up the voice mail.
Multiply that number by the number of fully diluted shares.Voila!
A passport number is there, but not a phone number.
"Number one" and "number two" are the same thing. Right?
The number you have reached is not a working number.
NUMBER VS. PROPORTION Number is the count of some group.
TODAY'S NUMBER 150 million The number of MyFitnessPal accounts hacked.
Maybe that number becomes higher; maybe that number becomes lower.
Nelly and Kelly Rowland's "Dilemma" was number one, while Nelly's "Hot in Herre" was number two (Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" was number three).
We have had number cut after number cut after number cut from all of these bedraggled banking, mineral, mining and machinery companies.
"Work is ongoing to deceive us on the number of facilities, the number of weapons, the number of missiles," the official said.
The South top four seeds included number two Kentucky (25-5), number three UCLA (29-4) and number four Butler (23-8).
The number of cesarean sections, the number of forceps deliveries and the number of episiotomies were almost identical in the two groups.
The Czechs will be rolling out their best to face the U.S. with world number seven Petra Kvitova and number eight Karolina Pliskova along with doubles number one Katerina Siniakova and number five Barbora Strycova.
If it doesn't recognize the number, it will prompt you to enter a phone number or account number to look up the account.
There are only X number of slots every year on the calendar and the number of artists always exceeds the number of slots.
Solve this Real Housewives math problem: Double the number of parties, divide the number of apologies and multiple the number of Moscow mules.
Add your Google Voice or VoIP number as Trusted Phone Number and then remove your regular phone number if you had it there.
"[C]ertainly in terms of numbers— number of extras, number of stuntmen, number of shooting days — it's the biggest we've done," Cogman said.
Brigitte Nielsen is celebrating baby number five with husband number five!
Or should I say number one and number two, times two!
That&aposs number one, number two, Tom Brady is a saint.
" She went on: "The number was never the right number again.
Keep your veterinarian's phone number handy in a number of locations.
You've linked your new Google Voice number to your existing number.
"The number 6 is the home and family number," Bender says.
"Brother Number Three is target number one," said one AFP officer.
Would you give her your own number or your assistant's [number]?
I think that's going to be his number; a test number.
Number one is lonely, and number two, where is the inspiration?
I think the 3.4 percent [number] is really a false number.
Number 2 moves up to Number 1 in the power rankings.
But if you have a real number, use the real number.
The number led to one half of a college's index number.
"Health care was number two, the economy number three," he added.
The number of protons in the nucleus determines the ATOMIC NUMBER.
The security of our people is number one, is number one.
Others rounding out fastest-growing were Hewlett Packard Enterprise, up 22019 places to number-163 (216 patents); Facebook, up 27 places to number-25 (989 patents); Micron Technology, up nine places to number-25 (1,268), Huawei, up six places to number-10 (2,73), BOE Technology, up four places to number-13 (2,177), and Microsoft, up three places to number-4 (3,081 patents).
"  MARK GRANT, CHIEF GLOBAL STRATEGIST, B. RILEY FBR INC, FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA "The headline number is shocking and the real number is worse than the headline number because the real number was zero for the month.
We're number 1 in leveraged finance, we're number 3 in equity, we're now number 5 in M&A behind, kind of, Goldman, Morgan Stanley.
ALD said it is ranked number three globally and number one as a car leasing company in Europe by number of vehicles under management.
Calvin Harris topped the EDM charts among festival acts, with Skrillex at number two, DeadMau5 at number six, and Jack Ü at number ten.
Someone called demanding your full credit card number, Social Security Number and bank account number to finish that online toy purchase you just made.
The magic number is calculated by taking the total number of ballots received for that category and dividing them by the number of possible nominees plus one, and then rounding it up to the nearest whole number.
Once, long ago, my personal phone number became my business phone number.
The number 13 simply doesn't complete things like the number 12 does.
Well, look, it's the only number that's a true and real number.
Why that number could change a big number in November -- after this.
But the number of potential buyers exceeds the number of homes available.
There's no math anymore; the higher number simply replaces the lower number.
As the number of developers increased so did the number of users.
A number above 2085 indicates expansion; a number below 21 shows contraction.
From the world's oldest number one to the world's youngest number one.
"Is this your New York number, or your Indiana number?" he asked.
The red Powerball number was 9 and the multiplier number was 2.
Know what number you want and what number you will settle for.
He talked about having a "number," as for a Sleep Number bed.
" A consular worker murmurs: "This is her identification number... Keep this number.
The number didn't matter, I didn't even listen to the number sometimes.
As the number of gorillas rose, so did the number of tourists.
That number matches the total number of Tennesseeans who registered on Vote.
Examples are number of siblings or number of books in your locker.
Number two is much better than number one, that's what I've learned.
In a finite field, every number is divisible by every other number.
"It's a big number, but it's not a huge number," he said.
He used to wear number 14, but now he wears number six.
Lucky number seven, according to numerologists, is the number of a seeker.
"The Mummy" jumps from number 19 at home to number 11 globally.
Make sure that every day, number one is smaller than number two.
First time reached number one: 2004 Age when first reached number one: 22 Records: * Federer holds the record of 302 weeks as world number one.
They watched Summize rise from number 80 in the App Store's paid utilities chart to number 4 and then the number 4 paid spot overall.
The combined number of protons and neutrons determines an element's mass, while the number of protons minus the number of electrons determines its electric charge.
The number of ways you can use Excel is countless, and so are the number of features packed inside Microsoft's most popular number-crunching application.
But this number is profoundly misleading — it refers to the number of offers for temporary relief, not the number of good deals made with homeowners.
I think that number is actually a good number where it shows that is there is a positive jobs number, but it's not too good.
There are a tremendous number of pregnancies and children without readily identifiable fathers in The Snowman, a number that almost matches the number of snowmen.
The "wish" number is your starting point, the "want" number is the salary you are aiming for and the "walk" number is your bottom line.
They tally the number of medication errors, the number of patients injured in falls and the number who develop infections after certain types of surgery.
This number was converted to a proportion by dividing the number of the artists' streamings by the total number of viewings for all fifty artists.
It may not be that many people's number one choice but a film wins Best Picture by getting consistent number two and number three votes.
A Tax ID number, also known as an EIN number, is an ID number issued by the IRS to identify small businesses for tax purposes.
It was also ranked number two in the world in 2018 by The Economist (which ranked it number one the year prior) and is currently ranked number six domestically by U.S. News & World Report and number four by Forbes.
Hansen also had written down the actor's mom's home phone number (I called it; disconnected), the actor's phone number (also disconnected), and a number for a manager named Wayne at the Chicago-based agency Neuvelle (defunct; phone number disconnected).
And not just any dudes, but big legacy guitar dudes like Bruce Springsteen (number three), Kenny Chesney (number ten), and Guns N' Roses (number fucking 2).
Basically, you take your number, square it, then add your number to the square, then square that, then add your number to that, continuing on forever.
I also don't know the exact number of developers on Steam but I would say there's a large number — even larger number — of developers on Steam.
Then you number all the attendees from 1 to 200 and ask each of them in turn whether your huge number is divisible by their number.
You'll get miles for catching a certain number of fish, breaking a certain number of fishing rods, or even just pulling a certain number of weeds.
You'll get miles for catching a certain number of fish, breaking a certain number of fishing rods, or even just pulling a certain number of weeds.
The chair called a help number next and was told the party was having "problems" with the original number and gave him a new reporting number.
Except the number was a misprint; instead of listing the number for Sears' Santa hotline, it posted the number for the Continental Air Defense Command center.
And the number one and number two raise millions to do just that.
Though the number of brands has proliferated, the number of drinkers has not.
Number two, she just had the surgery and number three, [he's] a stranger.
The number of apprehensions increased as the number of border security personnel did.
You know people asking for their phone number or leaving their phone number.
Subtract the average number from the current number and that's the death toll.
When he didn't ask her for date number two, Ashley blocked his number.
The number 22 symbolizes the number of veterans who commit suicide every day.
Number of the day 0 The number of measles transmission in the Americas.
Number of the day 100 The number of stores being closed by Macy's.
"This is the number 2 manufacturer buying the number 5 manufacturer," Pakman says.
I want to be the number, I don't want to be a number.
This data could be a name, address, phone number, bank account number, etc.
" — "Who's got a number, who's got a number, have you made the call?
Ask me tomorrow and this could be either number six or number one.
There is a "Magic Number" in America — a "Magic Number" to creating change.
Pity Andy Murray, Britain's number one tennis player and the world's number two.
"This valuation number is hard to even call it a number," Galloway said.
He exploded the number of committees, radically increasing the number of fundraising targets.
Number in 2018: 112,300Projected number in 2028: 147,700Median annual wage in 2018: $98,350
Number in 2018: 728,900Projected number in 2028: 807,000Median annual wage in 2018: $46,240
Number in 2018: 671,800Projected number in 2028: 742,700Median annual wage in 2018: $50,980
Number in 2018: 500,300Projected number in 2028: 568,600Median annual wage in 2018: $53,910
Number in 2018: 1,006,500Projected number in 2028: 1,086,600Median annual wage in 2018: $46,590
Number in 2018: 118,800Projected number in 2028: 155,700Median annual wage in 2018: $108,610
Number in 2018: 715,400Projected number in 2028: 789,500Median annual wage in 2018: $55,190
Number in 2018: 471,800Projected number in 2028: 518,000Median annual wage in 2018: $93,370
Number in 2018: 1,958,800Projected number in 2028: 2,058,500Median annual wage in 2018: $43,680
Number in 2018: 662,600Projected number in 2028: 731,700Median annual wage in 2018: $65,230
Number in 2018: 421,300Projected number in 2028: 463,900Median annual wage in 2018: $110,000
Number in 2018: 247,700Projected number in 2028: 301,900Median annual wage in 2018: $87,930
Number in 2018: 633,900Projected number in 2028: 689,900Median annual wage in 2018: $88,740
Number in 2018: 189,100Projected number in 2028: 242,400Median annual wage in 2018: $107,030
Number in 2018: 254,800Projected number in 2028: 313,900Median annual wage in 2018: $97,370
Number in 2018: 823,900Projected number in 2028: 874,000Median annual wage in 2018: $120,910
Number in 2018: 1,424,000Projected number in 2028: 1,514,700Median annual wage in 2018: $70,500
Number in 2018: 414,400Projected number in 2028: 461,100Median annual wage in 2018: $142,530
Number in 2018: 406,100Projected number in 2028: 477,600Median annual wage in 2018: $99,730
Number in 2018: 681,900Projected number in 2028: 821,100Median annual wage in 2018: $63,120
Number in 2018: 876,300Projected number in 2028: 994,600Median annual wage in 2018: $83,610
Number in 2018: 653,600Projected number in 2028: 758,300Median annual wage in 2018: $127,990
Number in 2018: 2,376,400Projected number in 2028: 2,541,400Median annual wage in 2018: $100,930
Number in 2018: 944,200Projected number in 2028: 1,185,700Median annual wage in 2018: $103,620
Number in 2018: 3,059,800Projected number in 2028: 3,431,300Median annual wage in 2018: $71,730
Today, the number of people moving to Israel roughly equals the number leaving.
TODAY'S NUMBER 4 The number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Cordoba, Spain.
The number of deployed weapons are included in the number of stockpiled weapons.
Number one, number one, you don't have a woman who's doing fearless work.
The number of charges also increased as the number of treatment episodes increased.
There is a number for you, and there is a number for me.
Positions changed, the number of games played changed, the number of teams changed.
So some number, probably a large number, of the affected individuals won't leave.
The number is millions, not 35 million, a number that cannot be verified.
Those who refer to the number 52 should also remember the number 290.
Finally, compare the number of solar jobs with the number of coal jobs.
But their singular focus on the refugee ceiling number makes this number arbitrary.
Based on the number of births, the number is not unusual, she said.
The number 47632 is the only option without the number one in it.
" According to People, the magic number "is calculated by taking the total number of ballots received for that category and dividing them by the number of possible nominees plus one, and then rounding it up to the nearest whole number.
Number of the day 214 The number of commutations granted by President Obama yesterday, the highest number granted on a single day in more than a century.
San Francisco (number 1) saw a 37.8 percent increase since 2012, San Jose (number 2) went up 4.93 percent, and Oakland (number 3) went up 14.5 percent.
In terms of number of arrests, MS-13 lagged behind the number of members of Bloods and Sureños arrested and was equal to the number of Crips.
Once you receive your registration number, that number is valid for an unlimited number of drones that you own, but the registration only lasts for three years.
Records are collected from any number that called or was called by the target number, as well as every number each of those numbers were linked to.
There is a number, one number, that encompasses every cell, every molecule in our bodies, and that same number will contain our entire past, present, and future.
That's because it's generally easier to grow from a small number than it is from a big number to bigger number (as Amazon has had to do).
For example, you might include the number of countries included in the ban, the number of people it will affect or the number of refugee admissions allowed.
The number of online donations the committee received last year was double the number from 2017, and the number of mail contributions tripled, according to the committee.
"The number of birds, the number of bird eggs, the number of baby chicks was astounding," Rachel Scudder, the chief scientist for the Sea Education Association, said.
A number below 50 shows significant hardship, a number above that threshold denotes privilege.
A number below 503 shows significant hardship, a number above that threshold denotes privilege.
New York didn't come in until number 10, and California ranked as number 17.
Every year has a corresponding single-digit number known as the Universal Year number.
We don't give out the number of recurrent buyers, but it's a high number.
That number matches the total number of Xnore targets the hacker says they found.
That number represents 15 percent of the total number of people enrolled on HealthCare.
You were number one in cable, you are number -- close to Rush in radio.
In at number two is Sour Patch Kids, and number three is Swedish Fish.
But before that — at Simeon — he wore the number 25, his new Knicks number.
But a growing number are spread across a number of other hubs, as well.
And as the number of diagnoses goes up, so follows the number of prescriptions.
The site will prompt you to add your other account's number and routing number.
Number one, the good news is I had a very, very high draft number.
"     "Not a great number for equities even though the headline employment number was strong.
NUMBER OF THE DAY 350 The number of workers being laid off at SeaWorld.
But the number of American missionaries is falling, as is the number of Europeans.
"The number requested was 800 but the actual number settled at 422," he added.
Notably, this is not a "per transaction" number — it's a semi-permanent virtual number.
Public health is struggling, with a number of diseases in a number of cases.
"The number of people we're talking about is really a small number," Trump said.
Depending on your bank, your account number and check number placement could be different.
Independent estimates believe that number is widely underreported — and could number in the thousands.
Ask for the employee's name, badge number and the telephone number to call back.
Otherwise, most iPads only have a serial number, and don't have an IMEI number.
The number of stories isn't the only problem; it's also the number of storytellers.
Said another way, the company's revenue number is smaller than its gross sales number.
In some areas, the number of ballots seemed to exceed the number of voters.
Chinese state security does not have a public phone number, fax number or website.
A number of soldiers also suffered casualties, but the exact number was not clear.
I think the number -- personally, I would say the number is way under 1%.
If the [number of the] Devil is 666, [the number of] God is 777.
"     "Not a great number for equities even though the headline employment number was strong.
There is no working telephone number or contact number at all for 56 parents.
Put another way, a higher number means more diversity, a lower number, less diversity.
"I don't have his number, but I have a number for him," Chance explained.
TODAY'S NUMBER 1 billion The estimated number of people worldwide who suffer from migraines.
The number is the same number that you use on an iPhone, Apple said.
That number would come in under Bush's total and slightly above Obama's initial number.
That's both the highest favorable number and the lowest unfavorable number in the field.
Third, the number of violations that we encounter daily dwarfs the number of lawsuits.
And the number that he's comparing it to today is not the same number.
But the number of interested residents has already outstripped the number of cameras available.
You can find any number, any number of times, when you're looking for it.
Women comprise a disproportionately small number of tech jobs, and that number is shrinking.
This is a user number, but the point is ... Yes, user number, of course.
Some of the quantitative hurdles include spending a minimum number of 40 hours flying, completing a certain number of hours at night, and a certain number of landings.
Facebook uses the automated number 362-65 as its two-factor authentication number, and that same number wound up sending people Facebook notifications via SMS without their consent.
To find a lower bound for the chromatic number, it suffices to create a graph with a finite number of vertices that requires a particular number of colors.
"This is the first time I have beaten the world number one, it is amazing," said the world number 48 Hsieh after beating world number one Simona Halep.
The Alexa number field in this APK contains an actual phone number with an area code, which hints that Amazon may assign a virtual number to Echo owners.
While the number of Democrats and Republicans planning to run for another office is close in number, the number of House Republican retirements dwarfs those announced by Democrats.
They have varied between metrics like the total number of mentions, total number of positive mentions, total number of individuals who are mentioning a candidate and so on.
It soared above a black scoreboard showing Fernandez's number, 16, the number every Marlin wore on his back on Monday, the number no Marlin will ever wear again.
"In terms of numbers — number of extras, number of stuntmen, number of shooting days — it's the biggest we've done," showrunner David Benioff told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year.
That's the same thing that's happening with our music right now—we're number one in Greece, we're number one in Italy, we're number one in Romania and Bulgaria.
In the East bracket, the other top four seeds after Villanova were number two Duke (229-25), number three Baylor (73-27) and number four Florida (7-211).
But that's actually the number of samples tested, and some tests require more than one sample—so that number doesn't reflect the actual number of individual people tested.
Once you've chosen a phone number, you create an account, and verify it with your phone's carrier number (you can't use another VoIP number, such as Google Voice).
We invested in Didi, which is number one, Ola which we believe is number one in India, Grab which we believe is number one in South East Asia.
Both the change in the number of violent crimes and the change in the number of undocumented immigrants are expressed in terms of the number per 100,000 people.
What would you say is the number one barrier or the number one roadblock for you building out Forager, your number one concern for the next five years?
"In the days and weeks ahead, we expect to see the number of cases, the number of deaths and the number of affected countries to climb even higher."
The total number of deaths in Spain in 2017 outpaced the number of births at the fastest pace since records began in 1941, data showed last week as the number of births dropped 4.5 percent while the number of deaths rose 3.2 percent.
Most utilities also saw an increase in the number of women participating in employee training programs, and some saw an increase in the number of women trainees hired, the number of women interviewed, and the number of women participating in internship programs.

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