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"relinquish" Definitions
  1. to stop having something, especially when this happens unwillingly
"relinquish" Synonyms
surrender cede yield deliver abdicate sacrifice resign render abnegate give up hand over turn over part with turn in lay down cough up give away sign away let go of abandon leave quit chuck vacate resign from retire from depart from step down from jack in bow out of step aside from pull out of stand down from walk out of pack in withdraw from cease stop discontinue forgo drop kick forsake avoid eschew reject forswear refrain from desist from abstain from leave off forbear from steer clear of give a wide berth to loose loosen relax release unloose let go disclaim renounce repudiate abjure disavow disown discard deny retract renege refuse revoke recant decline contravene fail desert betray disregard neglect depart ditch discount jettison dump ignore repeal forget give grant bestow present provide confer offer donate accord contribute hand furnish pass award impart gift proffer scrap shed junk lose cashier toss exorcise(UK) exorcize(US) pitch bin trash expel ax(US) axe(UK) cave in submit capitulate succumb acquiesce concede agree assent concur approve give in back down admit defeat throw in the towel raise the white flag show the white flag be beaten be defeated suffer defeat be bested by be the loser come off second-best fall be conquered be trounced be vanquished bow out collapse go down keel restitute repay compensate indemnify refund reimburse remunerate balance recompense remit settle recoup redress restore reward give back pay back honor a claim make amends make good unburden free relieve alleviate divest clear liberate rid absolve disburden disembarrass disencumber ease unchain cleanse purge purify More
"relinquish" Antonyms
keep retain allow assert claim defend fight gather hold maintain remain revert stay take win take up reserve withhold save hang on to continue deny refuse accept acknowledge pursue guard approve embrace seize clasp clench clutch grasp grip cling to hold tight hold on to not let go of admit avow own proclaim ratify agree agree to consent emphasise(UK) emphasize(US) enforce grant support assist back encourage advocate guide help champion endorse aid and abet campaign for root for vouch for rally around side with get behind stick by give help to stand behind bow to give in to submit to succumb to surrender to yield to adhere to reaffirm profess reiterate restate repeat uphold insist recapitulate complete endure finish persevere persist restart resume carry on go on keep on persist in press on sustain keep up stick stick with centralise(UK) centralize(US) fill occupy assume undertake take over take on have adopt be employed in be in be placed in embark upon engage in enter upon hold down set about set to take to participate contribute join partake share enter perform compete play collaborate engage be involved get involved involve oneself take part chip in help out join in indulge in withstand hold out against resist defy brook survive hold off overcome outlast stop stand up to weather brave bear stand tolerate beat conquer defeat gain make a stand fight to the bitter end stay at reclaim recover regain retrieve rescue reacquire protect safeguard care for keep together look after provide for stand by take care of prevail triumph dominate succeed accomplish victory achieve victory flourish prosper thrive be successful be victorious carry the day come first come in first come through finish in front gain victory prevail over arrive come emerge appear approach show materialise(UK) materialize(US) land reach visit barge in bob up bust in check in come in come on the scene come up get here begin commence initiate start effectuate launch institute invoke trigger kickoff open tackle lead establish develop embark on jump into kick off kick-start

961 Sentences With "relinquish"

How to use relinquish in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "relinquish" and check conjugation/comparative form for "relinquish". Mastering all the usages of "relinquish" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The process, she suggests, is twofold: first you relinquish the thing you loved, then you relinquish the part of yourself that loved it.
He wouldn't relinquish it for close to 463 hours. .
It refuses to relinquish command of 80,000 foreign Shia militiamen.
He'll relinquish his role as the organization's chief executive earlier.
There is no sign he will relinquish power anytime soon.
Trabuco is set to relinquish the CEO post in March.
Sceptics say Mr Hussain will never willingly relinquish his grip.
Mr. Johnson, 55, insisted he would not relinquish his duties.
But for Orbán, it's up to him to relinquish power.
The prospect of a breakthrough is too promising to relinquish.
Despite all this, Mr. Zuma is unlikely to relinquish power.
Now, it appears he may not relinquish power after all.
But what I will not relinquish is the right of leadership.
They weren't just going to relinquish this website to the government.
And Chicago will never relinquish our status as a welcoming city.
I had to relinquish it back to the co-op organization.
Whether the junta will actually relinquish power remains to be seen.
Will Putin relinquish Crimea in return for the lifting of sanctions?
The Warriors take a lead they will not relinquish, 2131-52.
Nor was it easy to relinquish the place they had shared.
In recent years, Sadr has pledged a commitment to relinquish sectarianism.
The agencies will relinquish some policymaking responsibilities to China's central bank.
Armed tribesmen must relinquish their guns if they wish to enter.
The big question is whether he will relinquish his nuclear weapons.
Facebook's former CSO says Zuck should relinquish the CEO role. Ouch.
Not that Ellison would easily relinquish that crown and its thorns.
Candidates shouldn't have to relinquish this much control over their privacy.
He faces mandatory retirement and is reluctant to relinquish the reins.
Dalio has been characteristically open about his desire to relinquish management duties.
Coking lived to see Mr. Trump relinquish his control over the casino.
When people feel unsafe, they are more willing to relinquish their freedoms.
Connecticut's 7-0 run gave them a lead they would never relinquish.
It will require ironclad security guarantees if it is to relinquish them.
The United States will not relinquish its leadership role in the world.
A combined group could force Quality Care to relinquish its REIT status.
Exhausted and desperate, the Hoys decided to relinquish custody to the state.
The drug is supposed to be relatively quick and painless to relinquish.
Tampa Bay eventually led 3-0, a lead it would not relinquish.
But he made no promises to relinquish his nuclear weapons or missiles.
He will relinquish his role at Alphabet's next board meeting, in January.
Hosts must relinquish their cellphones and forgo visits from friends or family.
The government also wants the church to relinquish control of some schools.
But people are not going to relinquish the important aspects of life.
But Harry was forced to relinquish the title of Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.
The TMC has shown no sign of willingness to relinquish ultimate authority.
What do we relinquish as a society when a cooperative faith dissipates?
But the TV star was ordered to relinquish her passport by December.
Trust in that vision is so powerful that they relinquish their anatomy.
She is also expected to relinquish her position as Chairman in early 2019.
If he turned professional, he would relinquish his exemption into the 2017 majors.
They paid cash for him and did not have to relinquish any prospects.
Brown's three-point play gave Pitt a lead it wouldn't relinquish, 59-56.
He was released on $100,000 bail and was forced to relinquish his passport.
Facebook would relinquish some power and efficiency by relying more on user choices.
For now, he said, he has too many doubts to relinquish the painting.
He was released on $100,85033 bail and was forced to relinquish his passport.
Eventually, the law is what stops them and they must relinquish control altogether.
LAS CATALINAS, Costa Rica — Would you relinquish your car to live in paradise?
Mr. Schmidt will relinquish the executive chairman role at Alphabet's next board meeting.
Walter has no current plans to relinquish his position as C.E.O. of Guggenheim.
I vowed to relinquish not one son,having already given war a husband.
Yet you also feel the weight of expectation, relinquish ownership of your life.
Now is not the time to relinquish this progress and squander our momentum.
The only way out is for him to share power, not relinquish it.
A light rain began to fall, but he would not relinquish his position.
They would also have had to relinquish their view and risk upstairs neighbors.
Just like that, Alabama had a 24-6 lead it would not relinquish.
Still, it may not be easy for some directors to relinquish their control.
Tillerson reiterated the U.S. position that Assad must eventually relinquish power in Syria.
Shamrock has also recently agreed to relinquish ownership of Zelda to the rescue center.
After he was elected, Trump faced pressure to relinquish his ownership of the company.
Tarek agreed to voluntarily relinquish all of his firearms for safekeeping for 30 days.
I soon realized that I needed to completely relinquish all sense of personal space.
I was reading about how she got married and had to relinquish her role.
Earlier this week, he had insisted that Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) should relinquish it.
Alphabet, however, does not want to relinquish too much equity in the business, justifiably.
Bridesmaid begs JetBlue for refund  after bride asks her &aposto relinquish&apos title, &aposduties.
"One of the attributes of good leaders is that they relinquish power," he said.
Areas where Brussels might relinquish power include overseeing public health and social policy. 5.
Incentivizing federal agencies to relinquish spectrum for commercial use should be a congressional priority.
Like Gorsuch, Pruitt thinks the EPA needs to relinquish more power to the states.
Whether Congress is willing to relinquish its extra procedural protection remains to be seen.
"For them, that sense of power is very, very difficult to relinquish," Akilu said.
At the root of it, Katie's inability to relinquish control came down to fear.
The opposition wants Assad, who has ruled Syria for 17 years, to relinquish power.
The two-run blast gave the Phillies a 2-1 lead they'd never relinquish.
Hunter was also ordered to relinquish his guns by Monday, ABC 10 News reported.
"I do not relinquish power over myself to another," Bundy said at the hearing.
Once inside, this was followed by the customary security screening — relinquish all liquids, etc.
There are a lot of places where you completely relinquish your ties to blackness.
Several board members of Viacom would also eventually relinquish their posts, the Journal said.
However, experts warn the despot is not actually willing to relinquish his nuclear arsenal.
Here, you will be told to relinquish your cellphone, laptop and other electronic devices.
He ordered her to relinquish her phone and pass through the metal detectors again.
Mr. Conyers has denied all the charges, but under pressure, did relinquish his post.
AMC must also relinquish control of the advertising company National Cinemedia, the agency said.
Clemson responded by scoring 2210 straight points for a lead it would never relinquish.
Moore drained a 3-pointer to give DePaul a lead it would not relinquish.
In the face of bipartisan pushback, the president has refused to relinquish his claims.
Demonstrators have been calling for the 82-year-old to relinquish power for weeks.
Offer to pay for the work, which would give them incentive to relinquish control.
Weinstein also was required to relinquish his passport and wear a GPS monitoring system.
Now he and co-creator Quiara Hudes are asking the studio to relinquish the rights.
After some deliberation, I choose to hold on to that power rather than relinquish it.
But those new to its appeal are unlikely to relinquish the green stuff anytime soon.
Therefore, for a week in January, I set out to loosen up and relinquish control.
But does having a baby make her relinquish all her former opinions, habits, and interests?
The Obama administration insisted that he must relinquish power as part of any final settlement.
But few automakers are willing to relinquish their brand and become the Foxconn of cars.
He will have to relinquish his role as chairman in 45 days of the resolution.
Did I find it meaningful, or was it just a habitual ritual I couldn't relinquish?
Backing away from news suggests that Facebook is willing to relinquish some of its power.
Duncan Hunter was also ordered to relinquish his guns by Monday, ABC 10 News reported.
READ MORE: Infected Beers Can Be Delicious Mistakes Spontaneous-fermentation brewers want to relinquish control.
Men will share the responsibilities but women won't relinquish when and how it is done.
It seems probable that the Patriots will quickly take a divisional lead they won't relinquish.
For this to happen, though, museums will have to relinquish their pretense of ideological neutrality.
In recent years, his poor health forced him to relinquish voting rights at both companies.
McCarthy had to relinquish his bid for speaker after he couldn't secure 218 Republican votes.
Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) should relinquish his role as chair of the House Intelligence Committee.
Realistically, we can only give meaningful consent to relinquish it after an injury has occurred.
Repeated flooding tells us it's time to relinquish some of that land back to nature.
The Benjumea family would also relinquish another 50 percent in the company to new investors.
Then there's the hurdle of convincing a person to relinquish complete control of the vehicle.
The regular season champ would have to lose twice to relinquish its NCAA Tournament spot.
Musk also said he had no plans to relinquish his dual role as chairman and CEO.
Auburn immediately responded with an 483-2 run to take a lead it would never relinquish.
Realistically, it is unlikely that lawmakers will fully relinquish their questioning time to a professional prosecutor.
Robert will relinquish his roles at Experian and the Bank of England once he joins LSE.
Still, only Cristina herself can relinquish her succession rights, as sixth in line to the throne.
"I couldn't do it and asked her to relinquish her to me," Kiffney said about Cinderblock.
Or does her silence relinquish any ethical responsibility you have while rapping along to his music?
I can't be that fighting champion and I'm going to have to relinquish the universal championship.
Rookie first-round pick Lamar Jackson took over for Flacco and didn't relinquish the starting role.
The PM, who has been New Zealand's leader since 2008, will relinquish his role in Dec.
But Cole doesn't believe Comcast will relinquish its Hulu stake for less than a kingly price.
He also agreed to forfeit $6.4 million and relinquish rights to a painting by Raoul Dufy.
The guests who are forced to relinquish their place in line are often gifted Fast Passes.
Throughout all roughness, the woman is in power, even if she has chosen to relinquish it.
Suarez's run-scoring double in the first inning gave the Reds a lead they'd never relinquish.
Despite being extremely busy, he jokes that there's one role he's not yet ready to relinquish.
When the king increased wages and pensions, and promised to relinquish some power, many were satisfied.
The second assumption is that America no longer insists that Mr Assad should immediately relinquish power.
"[Spanberger] doesn't relinquish her responsibilities as a mom because she's a member of Congress," Fitch said.
The left's shaming strategy tells those who disagree we must relinquish our power and be silent.
They blamed the victim — he was asked politely to relinquish his seat before force was used.
I don't want to relinquish that — especially as a mother, helping my daughter find her identity.
Menendez was forced to relinquish his post on the foreign relations committee because of federal charges.
If OpenAI were to be that investment, how you could you possibly relinquish the remaining upside?
Protesters are concerned that if the military does not relinquish its grip, nothing will really change.
Personal property is not abandoned, as a legal matter, unless the owner intends to relinquish it.
You don't have to relinquish your heritage to be an ally to people of color, Whitey.
The state also requires that individuals admitted to psychiatric hospitals relinquish their guns, at least temporarily.
The Beavers did not relinquish the lead again until there were 103 seconds remaining in regulation.
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe was forced to relinquish power in 2017 after 37 years of autocratic rule.
But it's only fair to ask: will regimes relinquish these new abilities once the virus fades?
Although at the time, Page was notoriously unhappy about having to relinquish control to non-engineers.
The amoral Proctor doesn't hesitate, but Waterhouse, plagued with regret, demands that Proctor relinquish his badge.
Royal Dutch Shell has abandoned numerous leases and said it plans to relinquish all but one.
But US intelligence agencies say publicly there's no sign Kim is preparing to relinquish his arsenal.
If I were Israel, I would not relinquish control of the West Bank borders — for now.
That said, he admits it was easy to relinquish autonomy in favour of the greater good.
Do you want me to relinquish my rights to see my son is that what you want?
Officers at the border cannot make you sign a form that would relinquish your permanent resident status.
He is going to keep doing that until the Chinese relinquish and start playing fair, he says.
Have a Sense of Humor Relinquish perfection, because it truly isn't possible, at least not for long.
Not everyone can drop off a baby The person allowed to relinquish a baby varies by state.
In the end, it wasn't the sexting or the shower foot photo that got Addman to relinquish.
Companies relinquish patents to trolls for a number of reasons, but it usually boils down to money.
In the 2000s it was possible to dream that China might eventually relinquish control of its SOEs.
Indeed, visitors relinquish their kids to au pairs who are "younger and cuter than you," Biel quips.
Harper scored the first two buckets of overtime to give Auburn a lead it would not relinquish.
She just can't quite relinquish her role of "the rock" of the family, and it's really sad.
Phelps swam the second leg of Sunday's 4x100 freestyle, giving the Americans a lead they wouldn't relinquish.
Now that the trilogy has concluded, can readers expect Brown to relinquish his Best Science Fiction title?
Unfortunately, the lead of the previous round had negotiated a 2x and was loathe to relinquish it.
With Kabila and his entourage getting rich, it would be hard to persuade him to relinquish power.
Papa John's also agreed to relinquish the requirement that Starboard vote in favor of the incumbent board.
Some companies note that if law enforcement requires them to relinquish genetic data, the companies will comply.
Members began to relinquish more authority to the president for the sake of the country's well-being.
Hope fundamentally asks a person to relinquish some of his or her autonomy to intangible universal forces.
Darkened rooms and threats of violence which you can believe if you relinquish your disbelief is menacing.
United brought on aviation authorities to remove Dao after he was randomly selected to relinquish his seat.
It demanded that the KRG relinquish control over its external border crossings with Turkey, Iran and Syria.
You'll relax and relinquish some tension once you've firmly decided you will not stoop to that level.
The second of those shots gave the Warriors a 110-108 lead that it did not relinquish.
The man's American passport was canceled, the Times added, but he did not relinquish his American citizenship.
Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) went a step further Monday, suggesting Nunes should immediately relinquish his committee chairmanship.
Gershon seems determined to relinquish some readability in order to produce a complete record of a place.
However, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe was forced to relinquish power in 2017 after 37 years of autocratic rule.
" [Ian Bremmer] "South Korean officials do not believe that Mr. Kim will swiftly relinquish his nuclear weapons.
Milwaukee (26-31) wouldn't relinquish its lead the rest of the way, but Phoenix made it interesting.
When businesses are forced to relinquish nearly half of all marginal income to government, no one wins.
Going into hiding had forced him to relinquish one of the first jobs he had actually enjoyed.
Their wives will also relinquish their passports, so there will be no international travel for either family.
I am seriously worried that we might relinquish our core societal values for a little more security.
We cannot expect those in positions of control and privilege to relinquish their roles without a struggle.
But, check it out ... he said he's almost turning 50 so it's time to relinquish the title.
Washington recognizes that diplomacy cannot succeed unless Pyongyang makes a strategic decision to relinquish its nuclear program.
There are several powerful reasons why Washington should bow out and relinquish healthcare control to the states.
State police sent him a letter telling him to voluntarily relinquish the weapon to police, Ziman said.
The Clippers, though, didn't relinquish their first-half edge, taking a 213-247 lead at the break.
State police sent him a letter telling him to voluntarily relinquish his weapon to police, Ziman said.
Airtable empowered me to delegate (read: relinquish control) to my now-husband, bridesmaids, and day-of coordinator.
Why else would he break his promise to release his taxes or relinquish control of his business?
Take out both AirPods, and you relinquish control of the audio altogether to your iPhone or iPad.
Both founders will now relinquish any executive role, handing the reins to Sundar Pichai, a company stalwart.
He makes it hysterically clear that he will never relinquish power on anything but his own terms.
Jerome knocked in three straight 3-pointers to give Virginia a lead that it would never relinquish.
Dellums was forced to relinquish the post two years later, after Republicans regained control of the House.
Even in the face of this crisis, he does not want to relinquish control of his government.
The United States hit PDVSA with sanctions on Monday to put pressure on Maduro to relinquish power.
DRC's longtime president, Joseph Kabila, is under mounting pressure to relinquish his post after 17 years in power.
There are few who truly believe the controlling Ford family, heirs of founder Henry, would willingly relinquish control.
Nor does history suggest that they need to fully relinquish this role in order to hold successful hearings.
Tesori, meanwhile, has never regretted his decision to relinquish his erstwhile dream of being a world-class player.
State police sent him a letter informing him that he had to voluntarily relinquish the firearm, said Ziman.
They understood the cultural and political power of objectivity and were unwilling to relinquish all claims to it.
I wasn't about ready to relinquish it to some thug that was going to demand it from me.
It's a job that Justice Elena Kagan, confirmed to the bench in 2010, is likely relieved to relinquish.
She forgot to look at it beforehand, so I fully relinquish all responsibility and it's her problem now.
The plan would see the U.S. relinquish oversight of the internet domain system to an international governing body.
By August of last year, Sanders took the lead in New Hampshire polls — a lead he'd never relinquish.
If you think your life is out of your control, it's because you've chosen to relinquish the controls.
Following requirements, they suspended his security clearance and he had to relinquish his weapon and Secret Service gear.
His actions led to renewed calls for a non-partisan inquiry, or for him to relinquish his chairmanship.
Germany has until May 13, and has made clear that it does not want to relinquish the checks.
The questions at stake are: At what point does a tattoo artist relinquish their right to a design?
At this stage of the preseason, Savage has done nothing to relinquish his grip on the starting job.
There are doubts Pyongyang would agree to fully relinquish its arsenal, which it's described as a survival mechanism.
We'd be too trusting to assume that Kim would relinquish his entire nuclear arsenal in the first round.
Palestinian Authority officials said at time that those moves were meant to pressure Hamas to relinquish Gaza control.
Hospital officials responded that if she wished to speak about abortion, she should relinquish her fellowship and leave.
The surplus was a major plank of its surprise election win and will be politically hard to relinquish.
The phrase is a way of saying you love something — and you eagerly relinquish your cash in reverence.
Refusing to relinquish the floor for any other Senate action, a filibuster, typically requires standing there and speaking.
The Blaze owns her Facebook page, and founder Glenn Beck doesn't want to relinquish it, according to TMZ.
After you pass through the metal detector you will have to relinquish your cellphone, laptop and other devices.
When you bend to lick a boot you relinquish the posture required to stand and tell the truth.
The following year, they were forced to relinquish control to non-Jewish administrators, a process known as Aryanization.
"These are not people who relinquish things without a fight," Mr. Goldman said of Nigeria's fuel import merchants.
For one thing, in order to avoid conflicts of interest, they often faced demands to relinquish financial holdings.
Under its bankruptcy plan the drugmaker will become a public trust and the Sackler family will relinquish ownership.
He said he would relinquish his claim to the WWE's Universal Championship as he focuses on battling leukemia.
The trio floated the idea of backing Pelosi if she vows to relinquish power by a certain date.
But it was unlikely that the Dutch government would relinquish control over the Dutch grid, the sources said.
For the majority of my entrepreneurial journey, I found it challenging to relinquish control and grow a team.
"That right there?" the psychiatrist asked, gesturing at the cardboard box, which the madman had refused to relinquish.
But Calhoun will relinquish that title; former Continental Airlines CEO Larry Kellner is taking that spot, effective immediately.
Michael O'Leary will become the C.E.O. of Ryanair's parent company, but will relinquish that role at the airline.
First things first: Clinton and Trump would have to personally choose to relinquish the nomination to lose it.
Over the course of 22 days, anaïs had to do something she dreads: relinquish a little bit of control.
Kim has indicated he was willing to relinquish his nuclear arsenal in exchange for security guarantees from the U.S.
For a time it looked as if Apple would never relinquish the top spot in terms of market value.
One of the state's most iconic political leaders, Brown is set to relinquish the governorship of California on Jan.
She further agreed to reduce her equity and relinquish 18.9 million shares in the company she started in 2003.
Lastly, it wouldn't require Iowa to fully relinquish its "first in the nation" status, but simply to share it.
Trump elevated Beijing as an indispensable partner in bringing pressure on North Korea to relinquish its nuclear weapons program.
Occasionally, concerted military action approved by the United Nations (UN) forced them to relinquish what they had illegally seized.
Or maybe it's that she's too afraid to relinquish control, because of how bad everyone is at taking charge.
He was forced to relinquish his chairman title, pay a hefty fine and get preapproval for his future tweets.
During her illness, Shang had thought that she might have to relinquish her spot on China's team in Rio.
Garza's layup with 3:13 remaining gave Iowa (23-11) a 64-62 lead that it would not relinquish.
Last month, Pelosi claimed that some the calls for her to relinquish power in the Democratic Party were sexist.
On Wednesday, however, a powerful state committee demonstrated that the conservative forces would not relinquish power without a fight.
After Trump was elected, Chiché was ordered to wear an electronic monitor, and relinquish her passport and her son's.
Despite his death, the Taliban continued rebuilding as NATO forces attempted to relinquish control back to Afghan security forces.
He also suggested that Boeing was not prepared to relinquish any competitive opportunity to Airbus concerning the Iranian market.
But the negotiations, aimed at getting North Korea to relinquish its nuclear weapons, have faced a series of setbacks.
Withdrawal from environmental agreements at IMO could relinquish all enforcement and progress forged by U.S. environmental leadership since 1970.
M.I.T. and Mass General were proposing to transfer Henry's brain to the MIND Institute, though not to relinquish ownership.
Wasn't the involvement of law enforcement the only proper response to an abject refusal to relinquish something so precious?
By that time, Syracuse had yanked momentum into its favor, and it would never relinquish it as Virginia collapsed.
These willing sellers negotiated an agreement with the nonprofit Grand Canyon Trust to relinquish their grazing privileges for cash.
But no Democrats, including Dean, are prepared to relinquish the coverage that comes with the high-profile party event.
Comcast, which invested a total of $2 billion in the venture, will relinquish its three Hulu board seats immediately.
Protests urging Mr. Kabila to relinquish power have periodically rocked major cities like Kinshasa, the capital; Lubumbashi; and Kisangani.
It is time to exhale and relinquish notions that this race is about to be imminently put to bed.
But anytime you publish something, you relinquish control of it, and people get to interpret it however they want.
It had been a gift from his grandmother, and he didn't relinquish it until he went off to college.
You want your employees to be more independent, but it can also be hard to relinquish the control sometimes.
Many special interests have carved their own niche in the current code and will not willingly relinquish their benefits.
In order for that to happen over the long haul, Ennahdha needed to relinquish power in the short term.
Like their American counterparts, South Korean officials do not believe that Mr. Kim will swiftly relinquish his nuclear weapons.
Israel assumed that once the generation who experienced the Nakba died, the youth would relinquish our dream of return.
I think it's important to relinquish control and let somebody else advise me when they're good at their job.
And yet -- it seems that Harry and Meghan aren't yet prepared to relinquish quite all of their royal perks.
Moore has not signaled that he will relinquish his Senate bid, saying the accusations against him are politically motivated.
Sources told The New York Times last week that Kushner was hesitant to relinquish his access to classified information.
Of course, not everyone has the option, nor the need, to do something as radical as relinquish their citizenship.
Sloan said his decision to relinquish control of Wells Fargo could help the bank overcome a litany of scandals.
It is unfathomable that it would relinquish this, certainly absent extraordinary coercion, which is not currently in the offing.
The unnamed user is willing to relinquish control of the URLs in exchange for tickets to the Endgame premiere.
He connected on two 282-pointers and a layup to give the Bulldogs a lead they would not relinquish.
I continue to relinquish some control to my models with the intention of allowing them to own the space.
But running for Senate would also have meant forgoing a higher position in the lower chamber, and she would have been expected to relinquish her current posts in the lower chamber given that House Republican conference rules mandate lawmakers relinquish their leadership and committee chairs once they announce a bid for higher office.
Although Perry has already expressed his intention to wholly relinquish the Burberry name, he may have done so in haste.
Musk has no plans to relinquish his dual role as chairman and chief executive officer, he said in the interview.
"The North Koreans contend that they cannot relinquish their nuclear program until the U.S. ends its hostile policies," she said.
The 35-year-old lawmaker said he would relinquish his chance at the diplomatic post to defend the government's agenda.
Its core business as a CPU and GPU provider continues to relinquish market share to industry leaders Intel and Nvidia.
And there is little evidence North Korea faces economic difficulties crippling enough to compel it to relinquish its nuclear achievements.
Hun Sen has ruled Cambodia for more than three decades and has shown no signs of wanting to relinquish power.
Our humane investigators asked him if he would be willing to relinquish the cat into our care and he agreed.
And, soon enough, they may feel comfortable enough to relinquish all control, which is where most experts think we're headed.
The Bulls wouldn't relinquish it though, and a Massinburg three with 1:26 left gave them an 86-79 lead.
North Korea has said that it would not relinquish its nuclear capabilities unless the U.S. drops its hostile foreign policy.
That memory serves conservatives and nationalists does not mean their progressive and cosmopolitan opponents should relinquish the field of struggle.
So even if Trump does decide to relinquish ownership of his company, that doesn't mean he's avoiding conflicts of interest.
Cruz specifically cited Trump's opposition to a plan for the U.S. to relinquish control of functions key to the internet.
North Korea has said that it will not relinquish its nuclear capabilities unless the U.S. drops its hostile foreign policy.
Mahtook's second homer of the season, a three-run shot in the fifth, gave Detroit a lead it wouldn't relinquish.
Musk was forced to relinquish his chairman title, pay a hefty fine, and get pre-approval for his future tweets.
The new permit would also require Freeport to relinquish arbitration rights and pay new taxes and royalties, among other terms.
Bentley gave South Carolina a lead it wouldn't relinquish with a 2155-yard touchdown run midway through the second quarter.
She has to kill her father to truly be Command, or she has to relinquish the power back to him.
America had imposed them in 1997, after the army made clear that it would not relinquish power any time soon.
Nobody knows the true cost of the information we relinquish in this exchange, but that seems to be no deterrent.
When Monique's owners were persuaded to relinquish their pet, Dement managed to convince an airline to fly her to California.
Still, Pelosi said the Democrats do not "intend to abandon or relinquish our responsibility" for oversight in the new Congress.
After Ryan said Hunter also would be removed from his committee assignments, Hunter initially refused to relinquish his committee positions.
Finally, once having assumed the hosting of the event, McConnell should not relinquish it, leaving Pelosi no path of retreat.
Australia, for instance, cut gun-related deaths in half in under a decade by paying citizens to relinquish their firearms.
Amazon wants the key to your home, and at least some Prime customers are hesitant to relinquish access so quickly.
Nuclear policy and security experts simply don't believe Pyongyang will relinquish technology that's become central to the North Korean identity.
There is always risk involved, but to opt out of the game is to relinquish the urgency that hooks consumers.
And it comes at a high cost for Ms. Merkel, the incredible shrinking chancellor, who had to relinquish key ministries.
The bill does have its detractors, including publishers that did not want to relinquish the right to sue digital services.
The law center's researchers also found that more than half of DACA beneficiaries will be forced to relinquish driver's licenses.
Mr. Deripaska soon announced that he would relinquish control of Rusal and resigned from the boards of En+ and Rusal.
He said that as long as he was prime minister, Israel would not relinquish security control of the occupied territories.
It said that Mr. Díaz asked to relinquish his role and that he would remain a part of the body.
At a certain point, I had to relinquish control, or at least the illusion of how much control I had.
Peter King has agreed to relinquish his spot on the Financial Services Committee, the New York Republican confirmed to POLITICO.
It did not corrupt them, he said, and he was unwilling to relinquish any weapon in the war against Trumpism.
But other genealogists say that they were not surprised that he and Olson decided it was time to relinquish control.
Seven years ago, I was about to have a baby, and that's when I first really learned to relinquish control.
"We do relinquish a lot of our power to our men that we've given our lives to," Pinkett Smith continued.
General Electric said Wednesday it would not relinquish its holdings in its Baker Hughes unit, which it acquired last year.
The president, who is currently required to relinquish links to a political party, would also be able to retain ties.
Pritzker, in particular, took heat for declining to answer whether Madigan should relinquish his seat at a recent gubernatorial debate.
By alerting the authorities of the trucks' movements, they are able to force the dog meat traders to relinquish their cargo.
Bryzgalova did not fail doping tests at the Games, but had to relinquish her medal because of her husband's positive test.
They say they won't relinquish control of the wildlife facility until the federal government gives up control of the entire refuge.
"The woman was going into labor, she wanted to relinquish the baby," recalls Tim Jaccard, 67, the nonprofit's founder and president.
New rules in Indonesia require miners to divest a 51 percent stake, relinquish arbitration rights and pay new taxes and royalties.
With Dimon showing no inclination to relinquish his role, a raft of potential successors has left the bank in recent years.
A friend of Manafort's told CNN Saturday that he wasn't going to take orders or relinquish power to Conway or Bannon.
For now, all we can do is sit and wait for the company to relinquish its S-1 to the masses.
Cruise has retreated from just about any situation in which he'd have to relinquish control of the greater Tom Cruise narrative.
For example, I can no longer drive a car safely and therefore had to relinquish my driver's license, making transportation problematic.
When we share our innermost thoughts in 140 characters or less we immediately relinquish privacy for the sake of personal entertainment.
He did not force a beloved franchise icon like Trevor Linden to relinquish his "C," unlike some players we could mention.
He gave up five runs, but he didn't relinquish the lead and gave us a chance to get to the bullpen.
A California internet pioneer and founder of an internet marketing company does not have to relinquish his online domain name imi.
The growing female presence in the white-nationalist and broader alt-right circles has encouraged some to relinquish these Devlinesque appeals.
She doesn't have time to run the store herself, but can't relinquish control to any of her employees… especially her sister.
Whether you're managing a project at work or organizing a family trip, you don't have to relinquish all control at once.
U.S. officials demand North Korea first take significant steps toward disarmament before they will relinquish the leverage provided by the sanctions.
But it remains unclear if Kim would ever fully relinquish the weapons he probably views as his only guarantee of survival.
They help consumer packaged goods companies shape the connection shoppers have with their brands, something they normally relinquish to the store.
These factors have pushed Turkey to reconsider its stance that Mr. Assad must relinquish power for peace in Syria, analysts say.
Brady repeatedly found his old favorite, Rob Gronkowski, and the host Patriots raced into a comfortable lead they would not relinquish.
The road ahead seemed settled when the U.F.C. said he would relinquish the featherweight belt to concentrate on his lightweight belt.
If The Glendale Biennial is mere jest, it's a gag they are unwilling to relinquish, disregarding the City and community's objections.
Like many others, Ms. Seward has her own experience trying, with some difficulty, to persuade a parent to relinquish the keys.
"We can't do a lot to regulate how the game's played, and we've really managed to relinquish that control," Hilmar says.
Wynn CEO Matt Maddox agreed to relinquish 100% of his salary in exchange for company shares for the remainder of 2020.
The organizers wanted her to relinquish her winning bid — in the hope that someone would pay more — but she would not.
Musk, under the initial settlement, also had to relinquish his role as chairman of the automaker for at least three years.
The abrupt nature of the announcement has led to some skepticism about why Iger chose to relinquish the CEO job now.
Senator Owen Brewster, Republican of Maine, called on President Truman to relinquish his sole authority over atomic weaponry so that Gen.
In 2009, he was put in charge of the Milwaukee House of Correction, but was forced to relinquish control in 2013.
AB: That's a good example of how good it can be when you allow yourself to relinquish control and be open.
According to the law enforcement official, it appeared that Ms. Nicolai had been asked on Thursday to relinquish her son's passport.
I couldn't easily relinquish these proofs of a time I'd thought would never end and that had slipped away so quickly.
In 2020, Chaffetz will have to relinquish his Oversight gavel due to term limits, leaving him searching for another political opportunity.
"When we closed the street, we had a certain vision for escalation and we don't want to relinquish it," Hadi said.
The ICANN manages the domain name system, and the Obama administration intends to relinquish power to an international group of stakeholders.
If the finder will not relinquish the keys, his name and address are taken and the owner is referred to him.
Sloan said he had decided to relinquish control of Wells Fargo (WFC) as a way to help the bank move on.
Revised rules in Indonesia require miners to divest a 51 percent stake, relinquish arbitration rights and pay new taxes and royalties.
Moore himself has shown no sign that he is willing to relinquish his candidacy and has instead railed against the media.
But Hunter — who long claimed he was the victim of a political "witch hunt" — initially refused to relinquish his committee posts.
And while I felt that Florida was not ready to relinquish the death penalty, I tried to make it more fair.
Hobby Lobby was only forced to relinquish some 3,000 of the 5,000-plus smuggled artifacts involved in the Justice Department investigation.
But in the same interview, he also renewed his call for Wasserman Schultz to immediately relinquish her post as DNC chair.
It's thought that one potential outcome would be for Eleven Sports to relinquish its exclusive rights across all platforms for soccer leagues.
But if Trump nominates Esper, the law requires that he relinquish his role as acting secretary under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act.
According to Kim's attorney Neil Capobianco, she felt that Herrera would never relinquish her creative control over the company named for her.
The times that I choose to be objectified, or choose to relinquish control, are the times I feel the most erotically empowered.
What followed was a combination of inactivity, governing body disputes and allegations of doping, meaning Fury then had to relinquish the titles.
Zuma, who has held power since 2009, would have to relinquish office if he loses the vote expected once the debate ends.
Musk will remain Tesla's CEO but must relinquish his role as chair of its board of directors for at least three years.
His aides have been meeting Hamas officials in Cairo to discuss a deal that would see Hamas relinquish its control of Gaza.
Under New Jersey law, the holder of a liquor license that is revoked must relinquish any others it controls for two years.
"I didn't want to relinquish my marriage, but I couldn't let [anyone else] dictate my path or limit my future," she says.
As part of the settlement, Musk will relinquish his position as chairman of the board at Tesla for at least three years.
The Owls didn't relinquish the lead until a Fabian White layup gave the Cougars a 46-45 edge with 14:12 left.
But then an emphatic, one-handed throw-down by Antetokounmpo made it a seven-point margin that the Bucks would not relinquish.
I think you're right about public sentiment, but I'm not at all convinced that the financial class is prepared to relinquish anything.
For now, all we can do is sit and wait for the company to relinquish its S-123 to the masses. 3.
An Uber acquisition would surely satisfy their investors, but I'd wager neither Lime nor Bird's founders are ready to relinquish their independence.
Once they've finished their cocktail, they can relinquish the $5 and keep the cup as a souvenir or get their money back.
The school district is banking on teachers agreeing to relinquish 7 percent of their earnings over two years to devote to pensions.
In 2014, he made headlines after fighting with the Kremlin and being forced to relinquish control of Vkontakte to wealthy Putin loyalists.
Alphabet, however, does not want to relinquish too much equity in the business, formerly known as "Project Chauffeur," per The Information's reporting.
But in no circumstances should it relinquish its claim to be the real Labour Party which many millions of British voters support.
His subject is the dilemma that American Indians have long faced: Which customs do you hold onto and which do you relinquish?
The only people worse than inconsiderate dancers are the people who aren't dancing but refuse to relinquish their place on the floor.
In the new world I hope we relinquish our role from the slaves we are today to be being back in control.
A.J. Taylor caught a 55-yard touchdown from Coan to give the Badgers a 17-14 lead that they would not relinquish.
Two free throws by Poeltl with 53 seconds left in the extra session gave the Utes a lead they would not relinquish.
Still, Japan does not allow dual citizenship, and because she did not formally relinquish her Taiwan citizenship, nationalist critics have attacked her.
But she also values what economists call the "nonpecuniary rewards" of her job, and she's not sure she wants to relinquish it.
By law foreigners can be awarded Serbian citizenship by the government without being required to live there or relinquish their previous citizenship.
In Korea and Japan, where private car-hailing is banned, Uber had to adjust its business models and relinquish significant market opportunities.
Had he lost, the leftist elected in 2015 would have had to relinquish his mandate to the country's president, signalling early elections.
But she also said the Democratic caucus "does not intend to abandon or relinquish our responsibility" for oversight in the new Congress.
But when you open that door and step into the hallway, you enter the public realm and relinquish that right to privacy.
The KRG also refused to relinquish control of its border crossings, Erbil-based TV Rudaw said on Friday, citing a Kurdish official.
Hamas now refuses to relinquish its collection of taxes inside Gaza until the Palestinian Authority starts paying the salaries of public employees.
He is set to relinquish the role of executive chairman on April 1 and step down from the company's board in July.
The Brooklyn Museum's approach is an attempt to relinquish some curatorial control whilst also breaking the mold of the static exhibition space.
"If there were national or international implications, we would be happy to relinquish jurisdiction and cooperate in any way necessary," she said.
So, tl;dr: By the time you get to Saturday puzzles, relinquish the idea that you won't have to look anything up.
I would gladly relinquish my "excellent" private insurance for a public insurance plan that covered necessary, evidence-based care for all Americans.
Martin's conviction was flagged only days after he bought a handgun in 2014, and he was supposed to relinquish it, she said.
The passenger apparently refused to leave after customers were randomly selected to relinquish their seats to accommodate four employees of the airline.
Because she testified in his preliminary hearing, she knew what it was like to relinquish her privacy to a crowd of strangers.
Musk would settle charges with the SEC, agreeing to relinquish his chairman title, pay a fine and get certain tweets pre-approved.
Some accused him of being a secret Russian agent, and there have been calls for him to relinquish his seat in Parliament.
Who argue that if we allow others into our country, we will somehow have to relinquish our own safety, jobs and identity.
Many family members work full time and are unable to relinquish these responsibilities to provide full-time care to their loved ones.
Admittedly, convincing lawmakers to relinquish such prime image-burnishing opportunities seems as likely as Jared Kushner bringing peace to the Middle East.
The family has pledged to contribute at least $3 billion to the settlement and will relinquish ownership of Purdue to the plaintiffs.
Iran, which has denied responsibility, said Wednesday that it launched an urgent investigation but would not relinquish the plane&aposs flight recordings.
Second, international entreaties — summitry, conferencing, bargaining, and all the rest — can never succeed in convincing the DPRK to relinquish its nuclear program.
Zuckerberg and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg must relinquish control of Facebook, Soros said, suggesting they must be forced to if necessary.
As Maduro shows no willingness to relinquish power amid defections and calls for his ouster, Guaido outlined an opposition road map Sunday.
When he must finally relinquish the office, he will no doubt make aggressive use of the pardon power on the way out.
In "Like Father, Like Son," a bourgeois father decides to relinquish his young son, who was switched with another child at birth.
The United States has insisted that North Korea must eventually relinquish its nuclear arsenal, which the North has steadfastly refused to do.
We kept going, though — in part because we didn't want to relinquish the story and in part because the drama was so rich.
After intense negotiations with the authorities, the truckers usually relinquish the dogs, which are finally placed under the full protection of the volunteers.
FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb resigned today, an administration official tells The Washington Post, adding that Gottlieb will relinquish the office in one month.
Teo Chee Hean and Tharman Shanmugaratnam will relinquish their roles of deputy prime ministers but will remain in the cabinet as senior ministers.
Danish driver Kevin Magnussen will relinquish his seat in six of those Friday sessions with Frenchman Romain Grosjean handing over his in Mexico.
According to the story, Sprint owner SoftBank was unwilling to relinquish control of the merged company to Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile&aposs owner.
Under the deal, Hamas is meant to relinquish control of the border in exchange for more access to Rafah for Gaza's 2m people.
Musk and Tesla eventually settled the SEC charges for $20 million apiece, and Musk was forced to relinquish his chairmanship of the board.
Shortly after, however, Syria agreed to a Russian proposal to relinquish its chemical weapons, leading Obama to retreat from threats of military action.
"Neither of them shall be entitled to spousal support from the other … and forever relinquish any right to spousal support," the documents read.
On the second play, Brown raced 72 yards through the right side for a score that gave Illinois a lead it wouldn't relinquish.
And with the backing of deep-pocketed regional heavyweights Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, it's unlikely to relinquish power anytime soon.
Last week, the president made headlines when he said he had "no pressing time schedule" for Kim's regime to relinquish its nuclear capabilities.
First, they want the federal government to relinquish control of the wildlife refuge building so "people can reclaim their resources," he told CNN.
She was also required to return the remaining 18.9 million shares she obtained while engaging in fraud and relinquish voting control of Theranos.
Imagine the next evolution of ransomware, when a hacker takes control of your vehicle and will only relinquish control if you pay up.
At one corner next to them sat two staunch defenders of the Second Amendment who were worried about having to relinquish their firearms.
The combination would have Callon relinquish its status as a Permian Basin pure-play, Paulson said, making it less attractive to potential acquirers.
His ongoing refusal to relinquish a safe Democratic seat to someone who has not repeatedly harassed women should disturb everyone in his party.
If Conyers were to relinquish his position on the Judiciary Committee, Lofgren and Nadler would be the most likely contenders to replace him.
Pyongyang has long said it may only agree to relinquish its nuclear weapons if the U.S. withdraws its armed forces from the South.
Libya's dictator at the time, Muammar Gaddafi, agreed to relinquish his nuclear weapons in exchange for the U.S. relaxing sanctions on his country.
Al-Maliki called on Hamas to relinquish control of the Gaza-Strip in order to pave the way for legislative and presidential elections.
You'll be willing to relinquish control, and in surrender you'll actually gain more strength as people trust in your candor and come alongside.
Nigeria spearheaded, alongside Senegal, the deployment of multilateral military troops on standby while negotiations were held to convince Jammeh to relinquish power peacefully.
Pelosi, who has led the Democrats since 220006, has given no indication she intends to relinquish her position, regardless of the midterm outcomes.
Others joined the activists at the refuge, and the group began to call on the government to relinquish control of all federal lands.
But Issa's most profound step toward self-improvement just might be her new willingness to relinquish her ego and reach out for help.
Following the vote, Iraq, Iran and Turkey demanded that the KRG relinquish control over its external border crossings with Turkey, Iran and Syria.
Berlin will also relinquish all claims to being an open city, a cosmopolitan place where professionals can accept an appointment in good faith.
The hope is to eventually get the hermit nation's leader, Kim Jong Un, to relinquish his nuclear arsenal in exchange for sanctions relief.
Oshie flipped the puck past Calgary goaltender Brian Elliott to give Washington a 2-1 advantage and a lead they would not relinquish.
The Catalan leadership accused the Spanish government of inciting businesses to leave as a means of pressuring Catalans to relinquish their independence aspirations.
I'm afforded the opportunity to make a decision to relinquish control of my body, and that gesture in itself is powerful and liberating.
Still, having gotten into the global blueprint business, the United States, more powerful than ever by 1945, would not relinquish it — until 2017.
Watch how Hirving Lozano beat Manuel Neuer to give Mexico a lead they would not relinquish against Germany, the reigning World Cup champions.
The army, which long feared that Mr Bouteflika was trying to sideline it, has power again and does not wish to relinquish it.
Any grantee not complying with the rule "must relinquish its grant or face termination of its grant," Heck told CNN in a statement.
My once-polite requests for incremental reform have morphed overnight into demands that church leaders voluntarily relinquish their place at the head table.
Later in the show, Cramer said it's time for internet entrepreneur Jack Dorsey to relinquish his chief executive title at Twitter or Square.
David Robertson surrendered a bases-loaded double to Jurickson Profar in the sixth that gave the Rangers a lead they would not relinquish.
By the time we board, there's no space left in the overhead bins, and we have to relinquish our suitcases at the gate.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will relinquish royal duties starting this spring and plan to split their time between the UK and Canada.
Three plays later, Scarbrough had the ball in his hands again, and he made sure not to relinquish it until he had scored.
The charges against Collins's son were considered important leverage to convincing the congressman to relinquish his seat, said one New York Republican source.
Brogdon's long jumper gave the Pacers a lead they would not relinquish at 96-95 with 6:41 remaining in the fourth quarter.
In Ethiopia, a busy adoption destination for years, brokers were discovered enticing poor villagers to relinquish a child with promises of continuing payments.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will relinquish royal duties starting this spring and plan to split their time between the UK and Canada.
Devin Vassell's jumper with 2:01 left in the second half gave FSU a 60-58 lead that the Seminoles did not relinquish.
These take-it-or-leave-it agreements force consumers and employees to relinquish access to the public courts when their rights are violated.
Assad did not have to relinquish chlorine as part of the agreement, though its use as a weapon violates the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Freeport agreed last December to relinquish majority control of Grasberg under pressure from the Indonesian government, although it will remain the project's operator.
He poured in 20 points without a miss in the first quarter as Houston took a 21-point lead it did not relinquish.
There are all kinds of ways one can try to relinquish control – like drawing with your eyes closed, or painting in the dark.
But it did not relinquish its right to violence or to regaining all of "historic Palestine," meaning the land on which Israel stands.
If somebody's going to probably win a Pulitzer, the pressure to do those kinds of stories will then relinquish somewhat at big papers.
And given that four American zoos already have pandas, persuading reluctant Chinese officials to relinquish two more to New York has been exceedingly difficult.
It's also not impossible to imagine a world in which people would be willing to relinquish such data in the name of finding love.
Following the announcement, Lagarde, who is French, said she would temporarily relinquish her duties as managing director of the IMF during the nomination period.
Punjab is the seat of Pakistan's ruling party, the PMLN, which has been reluctant to relinquish control of the province's security to the military.
"For Roc Nation Sports to function at its full potential, NBA rules stipulate that I relinquish my ownership in the Brooklyn Nets," he said.
But Baylor made the shots it needed in the closing minutes, including a 7-0 surge to establish a lead the Bears wouldn't relinquish.
Mike Rigby, a programme editor for ITV news, was delayed in his journalistic duties on Saturday when a faulty lift refused to relinquish him.
On Tuesday, the White House said U.S. President Donald Trump had made it clear that he expects Russia to relinquish control of the territory.
But it's unlikely GM would relinquish a relationship that gives it an edge while automakers are scrambling to ramp up their self-driving efforts.
The decision to have the US relinquish responsibility in Syria was swiftly criticized by many lawmakers on Capitol Hill, including South Carolina Republican Sen.
In 2017, the US Justice Department fined the company $3 million and forced it to relinquish thousands of looted Iraqi artifacts it had acquired.
As part of SoftBank's bailout, WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann agreed to relinquish control of the company in exchange for a $1.7 billion payoff.
The disparity in their classification between government agencies also means, unlike other animals, farmers relinquish legal responsibility for gamebirds the moment they are released.
To obtain a bankruptcy-like proceeding that would shield the wayward island from its creditors, Puerto Rico had to relinquish control of its finances.
The more I used Clips, the more trusting I became, but it did take me a few tries to fully relax and relinquish control.
"I was scared to relinquish control of content because my whole professional life I've been in charge of my own edits," he told PEOPLE.
I had to relinquish control and stop worrying about it, and as a result, I was able to paddle as well as I did.
Federal Election Commission rules say nominees must relinquish royalties on book sales because campaign funds for personal use is impermissible, the Daily Beast reported.
JPMorgan, for example, last year decided to relinquish its membership and opt for a category two subscription which just utilizes electronic and telephone trading.
Mr Morales, who after 11 years in power shows no sign of being prepared to relinquish it, may yet try to do the same.
Under proposed new rules, the State Department will relinquish regulatory oversight over exports of firearms and transfer that authority to the U.S. Commerce Department.
First, they want the federal government to relinquish control of the wildlife refuge so "people can reclaim their resources," he told CNN early Monday.
They will not relinquish power over an asset that is dear to them in symbolic terms as one of the revolution's few success stories.
The scandal led to the abrupt resignation of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and led her to relinquish her ceremonial role at the convention.
" A source familiar with the matter said he does not believe the European countries would abandon CORSIA and relinquish their "voice at the table.
Zuckerberg has to personally relinquish his control, and no act of mea culpa would better show that he understands the consequences of his actions.
"Consumers are unwilling to relinquish control of the door lock to a faceless, unknown delivery person," said Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities.
Now the longest-running cast member on the sketch comedy show, Thompson, 39, says it's a title he's not planning to relinquish anytime soon.
Guyana says Caracas agreed to relinquish the area after a ruling by an international tribunal in 1899, but Venezuela later backtracked on that decision.
But the growing consensus that Trump should relinquish the GOP nomination has revealed something more odious than American conservatism's familiar lack of basic empathy.
He carried stacks of manila folders to his press conference and claimed they contained documents he'd signed to relinquish control of his many companies.
Based on everything we know about Dany so far, do you think it likely that she will simply stand aside and relinquish her claim?
But he looked healthier than he did for a long time after a serious illness that led him to relinquish power 10 years ago.
On Tuesday, top U.S. intelligence officials told the Senate they continue to assess that North Korea does not intend to relinquish its nuclear weapons.
Last week, top U.S. intelligence officials told the Senate they continue to assess that North Korea does not intend to relinquish its nuclear weapons.
The sanctions against Gaza were an attempt to put economic pressure on Hamas to relinquish control of the coastal enclave to the Palestinian Authority.
Holmes will be fined $500,000, prohibited from serving as an executive of a public company for the next decade and relinquish her company shares.
Unable to relinquish the bullying throughout its supposed satire, Insatiable is one cruel, fat-shaming, train wreck we should have left behind in 2018.
And just as a peace declaration will not inspire Kim to relinquish his nukes, neither will withholding a declaration pressure him to do so.
A four-hole hot-streak as they turned through the back nine handed the European pair a two-hole advantage they would not relinquish.
The Hawks kept it close for much of the first half before a series of miscues gave Villanova momentum that it did not relinquish.
" But when asked whether he believes Grayson should relinquish his current duties, Murphy replied, "That's up to him, and that's up to the voters.
Kabila has not declared whether he will stand for re-election and it remains unclear whether he will relinquish power to a new leader.
While these steps are technically and economically feasible, they require governments to challenge vested interests and relinquish some control over their national power systems.
They had no legal way to make him relinquish his firearms despite clear and convincing evidence he was a danger to himself and others.
Administrations of both parties have spent most of their Iran energies trying to cajole or coerce Tehran to relinquish and desist, without much success.
But the indictment embarrassed congressional Republicans, especially after he refused to relinquish his leadership role as ranking minority member on the House Appropriations Committee.
Ms. Parks isn't about to let us off the hook, any more than five-fingered fate is going to relinquish its hold on Hester.
" He described Barnes & Noble as a "financially troubled business" that is in turmoil and disarray, with a "volatile" chairman who "refuses to relinquish control.
Can the immigrant writer, having taken as his or her subject the expatriate experience and all its attendant dislocations, ever really relinquish that subject?
The Cardinals took advantage of an erratic performance by Dodgers LHP Rich Hill and staked Leake to an advantage that he refused to relinquish.
He was not planning to do so, but also did not intend to relinquish his grip on the proceedings or bend to Ms. Pelosi.
Mr. Trump's Cold War rhetoric and his audience of Bay of Pigs invasion veterans tell Cuban leaders what the president wants them to relinquish.
They are both hawkish on Iran and Russia and may well disagree with Trump's apparent willingness to relinquish US influence to Tehran and Moscow.
Claure said on Wednesday that the talks fell through because SoftBank Group Corp CEO Masayoshi Son was not prepared to relinquish control of Sprint.
Tommy Pham and Marcell Ozuna also scored to give St. Louis a lead it would not relinquish as the Cardinals moved to 4-4.
But if new methods are successful, perhaps one day they'll return to being itchy pests, and relinquish their title of world's most deadly animal.
In the end, Congress proposed a deal: Michigan would relinquish its claim on the Toledo strip and, in exchange, would get the Upper Peninsula.
Earlier this year, the committee forced a different Chinese company to relinquish control over the dating app Grindr, which it had bought in 2016.
Nine days away from surgery, Hyland gave Adams a sort of ultimatum: come to Los Angeles and go on a date, or relinquish the relationship.
"I have decided today in good conscience to relinquish the mantle of leadership of this great nation with infinite gratitude to all Gambians," he said.
And in Indiana, Joshua Claybourn, an Evansville lawyer involved in local Republican politics, said he will relinquish an RNC delegate slot he had already secured.
But that's not the case for Cass, who doesn't relinquish the pain from the loss of her child, or process it, or triumph over it.
While Mr. Trump gave those talks his blessing this week, officials said his ultimate goal is to force North Korea to relinquish its nuclear program.
In the settlement, Musk was forced to relinquish his chairmanship and add two independent board members and create stronger controls on use of social media.
And soon enough, they may feel comfortable enough to relinquish all control, which is where a lot of car and tech companies think we're headed.
In joining the company's C-suite, Kraus will relinquish his board seat to another GV partner, as well as his GP title at the firm.
Trump was asked by a reporter whether the U.S. would "guarantee the safety" of the Kim regime if it were to relinquish its nuclear weapons.
Musk and Tesla will each pay $20 million, and Musk will be allowed to remain as CEO but be required to relinquish the chairman's job.
Why it works: As Marin tells us, this kind of text allows you to relinquish just enough control — and the results could be mind-blowing.
Cruise has retreated from just about any situation in which he'd have to relinquish control of the conversation, and of the greater Tom Cruise narrative.
MacKenzie Bezos will also relinquish all her interests in the Washington Post newspaper and rocket company Blue Origin, she said in a tweet on Thursday.
But the friendly feline — who is good with dogs, cats and kids — would be more than happy to relinquish that title for a forever home.
For Zagitova or Medvedeva to relinquish their 3- or 4-point leads during the upcoming free skate, they'll have to make some pretty serious mistakes.
Republicans and Democrats condemned Trump, and their partner in crime, Congressman Devin Nunes, had to relinquish control over the House Intelligence Committee's own Russia investigation.
Name Withheld As you recognize, people are not generally obliged to provide board for their straitened grandchildren, let alone relinquish their pets for the purpose.
Although he started in dingy basements and sparsely attended rallies for lost causes, he now has a national megaphone that he's not likely to relinquish.
Acosta did not immediately relinquish a hand-held microphone to the intern while posing two questions as Trump told him to sit down (The Hill).
Meanwhile, the abandoned YPG forces have already been pushed back by the U.S. NATO ally Turkey and forced to relinquish large swathes of their territory.
But little progress has been made since then, with top intelligence officials testifying earlier this month that Kim is unlikely to relinquish his nuclear arsenal.
And a series of scandals at Facebook (FB) has led to calls for chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to relinquish some of his vast power.
Mr. Musk was forced to pay a $20 million fine and relinquish the chairmanship of Tesla for three years under a settlement reached last fall.
Musk must relinquish his chairmanship as part of a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after the agency hit him with fraud charges.
Yet the socialist believers will not relinquish ideas that have been disproved repeatedly by historical precedents, and no amount of reality can shake their convictions.
But there's also skepticism whether Kim will ever agree to fully relinquish his nuclear arsenal, which he likely sees as his only guarantee of survival.
It is time for all state officials in death-penalty states to relinquish the fiction that a midazolam-protocol is humane and follow Arizona's lead.
In response to Putin's territorial grabs in Ukraine, Obama imposed targeted sanctions on Russia, but apparently not enough sanctions to persuade Putin to relinquish Crimea.
But Williams came through again, sinking a layup with 33 seconds left to give FSU a 75-74 lead, an advantage it would not relinquish.
He finished with 32 points, none more crucial than that 3 that put Kansas up by 23-78, a lead the Jayhawks would not relinquish.
He said that the country's leader, Kim Jong-un, had brutalized his own people, and that he must be made to relinquish his nuclear program.
Le Thi Tam, who lives nearby, said that officials had paid her about $2,400 to relinquish her farmland on what is now the project site.
What we saw today was Kerry was offering an American position that basically said the Palestinians will need to relinquish the full right of return.
Mr. Pompeo, by contrast, put the emphasis on the American investment that would flow into North Korea if it agreed to relinquish its nuclear arsenal.
The American definition of denuclearization has since referred to the demand that North Korea relinquish its nuclear arms capabilities, making the entire peninsula nuclear-free.
"Ideologically, neither Iran nor Hezbollah will relinquish the idea of confronting Israel," said Haytham Mouzahem, the director of the Beirut Center for Middle East Studies.
Maduro and the chavistas are determined not to relinquish power, and seem willing to flout the law, denying Venezuelans the right to choose their leaders.
The price slump triggered a margin call, forcing a minority shareholder, Singapore's AnAn Group, to relinquish the stake to the lender, a VTB executive said.
The agency didn&apost relinquish the ability to use the designated summons, but it didn&apost take the aggressive step of actually using it, either.
So Korey decided she shouldn't relinquish the CEO title after all and would now be co-CEO alongside Haselden, who will carry the same title.
The US also hopes to rely on Brazil's still-existent relationship with the Venezuelan military to apply pressure on leader Nicolas Maduro to relinquish power.
That set the scene for an incredible flurry that saw UCLA take the lead, relinquish it, then regain it for good in the final minutes.
Is it enough to ban the sale of assault weapons or should existing owners also be required to relinquish them under the threat of consequences?
Just a week after the word "abdication" was first mentioned in the press, Edward became the only British sovereign to ever voluntarily relinquish the crown.
Ryan's refusal to ask Trump to relinquish his nomination came amid an avalanche of congressional Republicans who withdrew their support for the nominee on Saturday.
McCarthy said he has "not asked" any lawmakers to relinquish their committee seats, but noted the value of those spots given the upcoming special elections.
"After careful deliberation, I have come to the decision to relinquish my post as chief, effective today and go on non-duty status," Albayalde said.
The Trump administration has been trying to get Mr. Maduro to relinquish power after winning re-election in a vote that many believed was flawed.
The Kurds, who in the past two years have vastly expanded the amount of land that they control, seem uneager to relinquish any of it.
All an employer would have to do to get out from under joint responsibility for the workers is relinquish control over one of these things.
Mr. Burke, 61, plans to relinquish his position when his contract expires in August, after the Tokyo Olympics, three people familiar with the plan said.
Tillerson, in a press conference at the State Department, said he would relinquish his duties to a temporary successor by the end of the day.
Chief Justice William Rehnquist, an unrepentant smoker, received treatment for terminal thyroid cancer in 22019 but wouldn't relinquish his seat in the court's center chair.
Negotiations for a denuclearization deal first crumbled in February after the U.S. refused to lift sanctions for North Korea to partially relinquish its nuclear weapons.
So Mr. Khan now has to relinquish four of his five seats; special elections will be scheduled in the coming months to fill the vacancies.
The Soviet Union claimed a chunk of eastern Poland as the spoils of victory, while Germany was forced to relinquish its own eastern borderlands to Poland.
Understandably so: If we relinquish creativity and intuition as human traits, we have to completely rethink what it means to be human in the first place.
Freeport is pushing back against revised government rules that require miners to pay new taxes and royalties, divest a 51-percent stake and relinquish arbitration rights.
Ariza pushed the Rockets to a 57-55 lead with 5:13 left in the period, an advantage Houston did not relinquish in the fourth quarter.
After no one accepted United's offer of $211.6,2100 to relinquish their seat, the airline selected an already-seated traveller at random and ordered him to disembark.
As the guerrillas relinquish territory and make the transition to civilian life, it hopes that they will encourage farmers to make the switch away from coca.
Musk and Tesla reached a settlement with the SEC in September 2018, which required, in part, Musk to relinquish his role as chairman of the board.
MacKenzie Bezos will also relinquish all her interests in the Washington Post newspaper and rocket company Blue Origin, she said in a tweet here on Thursday.
We had to relinquish our cellphones, put on noise-canceling headphones and recline for 30 minutes in silence until the pianist Igor Levit began to play.
Krickovich has been ordered to relinquish his gun and badge while he's on "restricted administrative assignment," and the investigation into the incident continues, USA Today reports.
Indiana led only once — at 33-0 — before Juwan Morgan's three-point play with 1:46 left gave the Hoosiers a lead they would not relinquish.
Congo has seen widespread anger over President Joseph Kabila&aposs refusal to relinquish power after his mandate ended in December 2016 without an election being held.
Some Angolans were more skeptical, saying they preferred to wait and see whether dos Santos would truly step down and relinquish his grip on the administration.
As we said before, Disney now owns Hulu outright, too—AT&T sold its share last month, and Comcast agreed to relinquish its share last week.
Musk was forced to relinquish the chairmanship in the wake of his infamous unfounded tweet that he had backing to take the electric auto maker private.
AFTER nearly three decades in power and 18 days of unrest, it seemed as if Hosni Mubarak was finally ready to relinquish his grip on Egypt.
But he quickly clashed with top GM officials and two years later was paid $900 million to quit the GM board and relinquish control of EDS.
To arrive at a practical set of remedies, we must first accept the declining role of large companies, and relinquish the dream of lifetime secure employment.
Israel reduced the electricity to Gaza at the request of the Palestinian Authority, which was trying to pressure Hamas to relinquish control of the coastal enclave.
Authoritative regimes, which have historically called for the U.S. to relinquish its oversight, are now openly embracing the IANA transfer and that should raise red flags.
The Eritrean government used Ethiopia's refusal to relinquish sovereign Eritrean territory and the subsequent militarization of the border to justify its own repressive rules at home.
Laurent Gbagbo, the ex-president of Côte d'Ivoire, is currently on trial in The Hague for abuses committed after he refused to relinquish power in 2010.
Neumann had to relinquish his board seat as part of the deal, and is able to sell $1 billion of his preferred stock back to SoftBank.
A czar is born Putin is due to relinquish power in 2024, but if he has his way, he may continue ruling Russia long after that.
Several traders said prices got a boost from unconfirmed rumors that Saudi King Salman would relinquish the throne to his son Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.
If Redstone is "smart," Wright said, she will relinquish some of her voting power and allow Moonves to take charge of a merged CBS and Viacom.
Even if pressure from the trade war acts as a catalyst to promote the reforms, Chinese leaders will not relinquish their control of the reform process.
General Mills came under fire from some agencies earlier this year for reportedly asking the agencies to pitch for free and relinquish control of their creative.
If a French or a German were to succeed Draghi, either country would have to relinquish its existing seat, opening up an automatic vacancy for Italy.
This is not the first time Assad's regime has been accused of using chemical weapons since agreeing in 2013 to relinquish the country's chemical weapons stockpile.
Aides to the current crown prince physically forced his predecessor to relinquish his roles, detaining him for a prolonged period and depriving him of needed medicines.
Lagarde in a brief announcement said she was "honored" by the nomination and would temporarily relinquish her duties as IMF managing director during the nomination period.
Soon after, President Trump recognized Mr. Guaidó as Venezuela's interim president and called on Mr. Maduro to relinquish his authoritarian leadership amid his disastrous economic policies.
Over the weekend, Mr. Trump announced harsh new sanctions against North Korea and warned of tougher measures if the North fails to relinquish its nuclear arsenal.
Mr. Trump refused such an offer in February at his second meeting with Mr. Kim, in Vietnam, demanding that the North relinquish all its nuclear weapons.
In 2017, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas launched a series of economic sanctions on Hamas in a bid to force the group to relinquish control of Gaza.
Israel wants Hamas to relinquish two Israeli captives and the bodies of two Israeli soldiers as a precondition for allowing major international reconstruction projects in Gaza.
For example, the laws did not force residents to relinquish existing assault weapons and high-capacity magazines or limit the number of firearms people could own.
He raised the possibility that Mitch McConnell, above, should perhaps relinquish his position as Senate majority leader if he cannot deliver on Mr. Trump's legislative priorities.
But after the Global Gag Rule forced the clinic to relinquish U.S. funding, the number of patients tested plummeted more than 88 percent to just 85033.
President Barack Obama outlined a starkly different approach in August 2011 when he declared that Mr. Assad had lost legitimacy, and urged him to relinquish power.
If you tend to micromanage, you'll have to relinquish some of your own authority and control if you'd really like others to take on more themselves.
But the Palestinians have always refused a deal in which they would have to relinquish core elements of their national identity as the price for independence.
Baby Archie will also be subject to the same reporting requirements, at least until he's old enough to relinquish his citizenship and pay the exit tax.
To the Editor: Christopher Suprun needs to relinquish his status as a Texas elector immediately if he is not already in the process of being replaced.
Pompeo's remarks come as the embattled Venezuelan leader has refused to relinquish power, despite opposition leader Juan Guaido's declaring himself interim president almost two months ago.
Ruddy specifically pointed to public Capitol Hill testimony Coats delivered in January in which he said North Korea was "unlikely" to completely relinquish its nuclear weapons.
A new Cabinet minister wants to be able to respond to social change more directly so convinces a group of stodgy jurists to relinquish their seats.
It says that Proper Media, the vendor that runs its advertising services, has withheld the site's revenue and has refused to relinquish control of the site.
But the unexpected new political configuration might compel Britain to relinquish its pursuit of immigration limits in an effort to keep itself within the single market.
For instance, if they didn&apost meet part A because you tell them certain hours and days they have to work, can you relinquish some control?
With that, the Illinois State Police revoked Mr. Martin's card and mailed him a letter ordering him to relinquish his firearm and card within 215 hours.
He is impulsive, uninformed, and while often disengaged from the details of things, he's also unwilling to relinquish control and delegate authority in a clear way.
Perhaps more important, though, is the fact that the United States may not be as able to relinquish its role in the world as it seems.
The leader said he had too many friends and relatives, so the only way to hold a proper wedding for his son was to relinquish his post.
But the US has long made clear that it intended to relinquish oversight of the DNS oversight functions in order to facilitate "international participation" in internet governance.
An early 17-0 run gave the Wildcats a 14-point lead at 21-43, a cushion they would not relinquish the rest of the first half.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claimed in a recent interview that sexism is behind some of the calls for her to relinquish power in the Democratic Party.
Subconsciously, I had to be ready to relinquish both — control of my appearance and my mind — which is why I found myself sitting in a hypnotist's chair.
Now that many of the acts coming through have been signed to the majors, they'll have both massive new opportunities and potentially more creative control to relinquish.
This proposal, which came to be known as "zero nukes," foundered only on Reagan's unwillingness to relinquish his beloved, yet utterly impractical, Star Wars space defense system.
The path of least resistance (and fewer moving fees, if you're paying movers) is to relinquish everything you can afford to, or that isn't 100 percent yours.
After the Hoyas took a 213-6 lead on Govan's dunk, Mamukelashvili buried a 3-point jumper to give the Pirates a lead they would not relinquish.
But they're still signs, if clunky ones, of a commercial industry being forced to relinquish its ingrained and troubling tendencies — because it can't afford to keep them.
Shortly after a group of Uber shareholders asked Benchmark to relinquish its spot on Uber's board of directors, Sherpa Capital's Shervin Pishevar is petitioning Benchmark via Change.
"We believe shareholders likely have limited alternatives given that Wanda Commercial is majority-controlled by Wanda Group and has no desire to relinquish such control," it said.
The blanket uniformity of the monochrome canvas seemed to him oddly very capitalist; Fontana would never be so eager to relinquish evidence of his own artistic intervention.
"I think the problem between Michael and I is that we're both two control freaks and none of us are going to relinquish our power," Kelly said.
The company announced on Tuesday that von Bomhard would relinquish the reinsurer's helm to board member Joachim Wenning at the annual shareholder meeting in April next year.
If the same proportion slide back in the coming years, more than a third of those who escaped poverty in the past decade will relinquish their progress.
Lundqvist returned to the game, but 249 seconds later, Hornqvist pushed a loose puck through his pads to give the Penguins a lead they would not relinquish.
Mount St. Mary's (1-2) took the lead 2:43 into the first half, and did not relinquish it for more than 29.13 minutes of game time.
States typically offer parents only two choices: reunify with their child after completing mandated requirements, or relinquish their parental rights (voluntarily or involuntarily) in a state adoption.
Other reporters questioned why the other journalists at the press conference did not relinquish their question to Acosta, noting that the press corps needs to stick together.
However, approximately 65 percent of Americans have a Facebook account that, through a license agreement, requires them to relinquish control over pictures, online comments, and personal preferences.
When Ms. Leve was 9, she wrote a note to her mother from Bangkok, begging her to relinquish custody and let Ms. Leve live with her father.
Ryan has been under more pressure to embrace Trump because of his role as convention chairman in Cleveland, a duty he offered to relinquish at Trump's request.
As part of the advance work, Trump commissioned a highly produced video meant to convince Kim to relinquish his weapons and open his country to outside investment.
The backstroker Ryan Murphy and the breaststroker Cody Miller set the stage for Phelps, who handed the freestyle anchor Nathan Adrian a lead he refused to relinquish.
The figures' buttery flesh and midaction positioning make these genre scenes uncannily lifelike, and Valentin's religious pictures, too, relinquish sacred precision for the realities of the flesh.
Since I didn't have any Apple products to relinquish for my monthlong experiment, I used the time for a little introspection on why I dislike Apple products.
Public support for tighter gun laws is high, but gun-owners are determined not to relinquish their weapons or to be prevented from buying more (see article).
The tennis star Naomi Osaka will officially relinquish her US citizenship to play for Japan in the 2020 Summer Olympics, she told the Japanese news outlet NHK.
"I have decided today in good conscience to relinquish the mantle of leadership of this great nation," Jammeh, dressed in a white robe and looking tired, said.
The Ohlone Indians lived in what is now Alameda, eating acorns and oysters until the Spanish arrived in the 1700s and forced them to relinquish their culture.
Thomas, while not saying he will race against Froome, has made clear that he is not going to relinquish his shot of winning a first Grand Tour.
Toussaint famously said, "I'd rather relinquish my command than break my word," and that kind of role can really change a culture and it did for him.
And yet the grieving Serena still can't quite fathom June's own pain at having had one child stolen from her and then being forced to relinquish another.
SAN FRANCISCO — Google's parent company, Alphabet, said Tuesday that Eric Schmidt, its former chief executive, planned to relinquish his position on the board of directors in June.
At Thursday's meeting, a shareholder asked Zuckerberg whether he would be willing to step down as chair or otherwise relinquish some of his control over the company.
Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa planned to relinquish his claim to be prime minister in an address to the nation on Saturday, according to officials in his party.
There were gatherings in each of the state capitals of Wad Madani, Al-Ubayyid and Port Sudan to call for the Transitional Military Council to relinquish power.
In 2014, the United States Justice Department reached a settlement of its civil forfeiture cases against Mr. Obiang and forced him to relinquish assets worth $30 million.
Mr. Menendez has yet to officially declare his intention to run for re-election, though he has shown no indication that he intends to relinquish his seat.
Finally, breathe deep, relinquish control, set out an array of garnishes, and allow your guests the pleasure of finishing — or if martinis are involved, dirtying — their own.
In 1943, on a recruiting trip through the South, Ms. Roundtree, in uniform, was ordered to relinquish her seat on a Miami bus to a white Marine.
During the war, Dutch Jewish families were required to relinquish all property to a formerly Jewish bank, Lippmann, Rosenthal and Co., which the Germans "Aryanized" and looted.
MSU trailed 163-216 at halftime but used a 227-216 run to take a 45-40 lead with 14:24 left that it would never relinquish.
Maybe refusing to relinquish the idea of summer as a season of less responsibility and more freedom is a necessary coping mechanism we've collectively put in place.
Though their lovemaking had become infrequent in recent years, there was always the possibility of it, which the husband, in his vanity, did not like to relinquish.
On average, military spouses and their families relinquish an annual $35,000 in income compared to other lawyers, as discovered by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families.
At the airport in Portsmouth, he confessed to a young boy who asked about the presidential jumbo jet that he was reluctant to relinquish Air Force One.
Fred Upton (Mich.) was forced to relinquish his post to second-ranking GOP member Greg Walden (Ore.) just at the time when Upton's expertise was most needed.
These same leaders are now asking an alarming question: Will we relinquish our mantle as the pre-eminent force for good in the planet's most dynamic region?
More comfortable in its position, now Spotify seems ready to relinquish more control of discovery and enable users to be better inspired by what friends are playing.
Every few decades the question again returns: Will Campbell Soup's major shareholders, descendants of John T. Dorrance, relinquish their hold on the soup empire and sell it.
Even as he looks to convince Kim to abandon his nuclear program, however, Trump faces uncertainty about how willing the reclusive despot is to relinquish his stockpiles.
Although the bloodshed sealed the Dutch hold on the East Indies, the British did not relinquish their claim to the island of Run until several decades later.
"Demanding us to ban all launches using ballistic technology regardless of range is same with asking us to relinquish our rights for self-defense," the spokesman said.
As Uber's terms of service exists today, passengers relinquish their right to pursue any claims against Uber in open court when they sign up as a rider.
The Times investigation prompted fresh calls from investors for Zuckerberg to relinquish his dual role as CEO and chairman, and appoint an independent director to oversee the board.
In his speech Abbas restated his demand that Hamas relinquish full control of Gaza to his western-based Palestinian Authority, whose power base is in the West Bank.
BamBrogan and the other plaintiffs are seeking reinstatement at Hyperloop One, a public apology and for Pishevar and his co-defendants to relinquish all claims to the company.
He wants NATO to stop expanding and become weaker; he wants the US and NATO and the US to relinquish their protective umbrella over Russia's sphere of influence.
Police departments are rarely required to relinquish footage to the public and, in places like North Carolina and Louisiana, body camera footage is exempt from public records requests.
Episode 8If The Crown was 27 Dresses, Elizabeth would be Katherine Heigl's character: high-strung, martyr complex, unable to relinquish control, stickler for the rules at all costs.
Instead, all Kendrick could do was throw out Frazier at first while Conforto took second and Cabrera scored to give the Mets a lead they would not relinquish.
She ends up at this place at the end of many of the episodes this season, so, how much control she's willing to relinquish is honestly a question.
They cannot, of course, but they think they can because some carmakers are designing and marketing vehicles in such a way that drivers believe they can relinquish control.
As he wrapped up his speech, the star ensured the crowd that he would return to the ring and had no plans to relinquish his title for good.
Obviously. But it would come at a huge cost to Apple, both in money and control over its most important device — neither of which Apple will relinquish easily.
Bhatia will relinquish his responsibilities as CFO with immediate effect and the company will look for a suitable replacement in due course, it said in a regulatory filing.
It turned around a 2-0 Marlins' deficit, giving them a lead they would not relinquish, and was his seventh game-winning RBI, second to only Giancarlo Stanton.
He skated past Hurricanes defenseman Justin Faulk and tapped home a cross-ice feed from Shattenkirk to give the Rangers a 2-1 lead they would not relinquish.
But YT's reluctance to relinquish control as majority stakeholder and decision-maker, and his refusal to explore Chapter 11 bankruptcy, stood in the way, according to these people.
Following revelations in 2013 that the National Security Agency had spied on internet users around the world, pressure grew for America to fulfil its pledge and relinquish control.
Dao, who was randomly selected to relinquish his seat, was ousted after refusing to give up his spot to help accommodate four United personnel on the overbooked flight.
The carrier said earlier this month that it ended merger talks with T-Mobile because Sprint Chairman Masayoshi Son was not prepared to relinquish control of the company.
While Kudelski's career may not have been especially memorable, his expansion travels did help him get into the record book, and it's a spot he'll probably never relinquish.
Bridgewater is in the middle of a ten-year "planful transition" in which its founder, Ray Dalio, has promised to relinquish both his majority ownership and management control.
It would be nice to think that the media could somehow relinquish its pompous air of self-regard and lay into the Trump administration with Seventies-era gusto.
Mr. Kabila, who faces term limits, is resisting international calls and rising pressure in Congo to relinquish power by the end of this year, as Congo's Constitution requires.
The Palestinian Authority had demanded, for example, that Hamas disband its military wing and relinquish security control to the Palestinian Authority, a point Hamas had refused to concede.
Holmes will pay a $28500,6900 penalty, relinquish control of the company and be barred from serving as an officer or director of any public company for 2628 years.
The North Korean regime has historically shown an unwillingness to relinquish its nuclear capabilities, which it views as a guarantee of survival in the face of US intimidation.
Candidates who have an oversight role in the electoral process should relinquish that authority if they're running for office, RealClearPolitics Washington bureau chief Carl Cannon said on Monday.
Her husband Robert Mugabe was president, and she was inching ever closer to assuming the reins of power once the 93-year-old was ready to relinquish them.
A White House intern walked over to Acosta to take his microphone, but the reporter refused to relinquish it while brushing the intern as she reached for it.
"Boon had indicated his desire to relinquish his executive positions since the end of last year for personal and family reasons," a Temasek spokesman said in an email.
"Congress specifically provided the president the authority to acquire Guantánamo Bay from Cuba, and Congress should have a role in any decision to relinquish it," Mr. Royce said.
Naomi Osaka, the winner of two Grand Slam tennis tournaments, has announced she will relinquish her American citizenship so she can represent Japan in the 2020 Summer Olympics.
There is scant evidence that most Americans know the true cost or character of the private information they relinquish in an ostensibly fair exchange of data for service.
Indeed, the late paintings of Riopelle and Mitchell relinquish the literal, objectified now of Abstract Expressionism's Art-as-Art and transform natural vistas into a retrograde romantic metaphor.
The election had been repeatedly delayed by the country's longtime leader, President Joseph Kabila, who came to symbolize the reluctance of some entrenched African leaders to relinquish authority.
The committee said USAG had replied to its complaint and had chosen not to relinquish its recognition, instead asking questions about the matter and the USOC hearing process.
Related: Young people in China, long content to relinquish political freedoms in exchange for jobs and upward mobility, are now challenging the government's efforts to conceal its missteps.
Land also remains a tool of political control, one that Mr. Mnangagwa and other leaders of the governing ZANU-PF party have never shown a willingness to relinquish.
The creative forces behind the musical "In the Heights," Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara A. Hudes, publicly called on the Weinstein Company to relinquish its movie adaptation rights.
But Mr. Trump told Mr. Peña Nieto that he regarded his vow that Mexico would pay for the wall as a political imperative that he dared not relinquish.
American officials declined to say whether Mr. Trump would raise the issue of intermediate-range missiles, repeating only his general demand that North Korea relinquish its nuclear arsenal.
Though she would have to relinquish a performance career, Ms. Caudill found that she could feel the vibrations of the violin in her chin and on her neck.
Why it matters: China is set to become the world's biggest movie market in 2020, and with its 1.4 billion citizens, it won't relinquish that title anytime soon.
However, a bucket by Heron and 3-pointer from Figueroa put the visitors up by eight and back in control of a game that they would not relinquish.
The YPG is already talking of cutting a deal with Bashar al-Assad, Syria's dictator, that might see them relinquish some autonomy in exchange for the regime's protection.
There have been players and fans calling for the 'Stros to relinquish the 2017 World Series title ... and Giles says he's willing to give up his championship ring.
Pemsel was offered the job, and accepted, but was forced to relinquish it months later after a British newspaper reported he had acted inappropriately with a female subordinate.
It was not clear if he would have to relinquish control of the foreign ministry, since he could remain in charge as an adviser to the prime minister.
Page wasn't happy about having to relinquish his CEO spot at first but gradually became comfortable being less involved in the day-to-day management of the company.
The project hit a snag in May when Odebrecht, Latin America's largest engineering conglomerate, said it would relinquish 50 to 75 percent of its participation in the group.
Musk held onto his role as CEO by settling with the SEC, though he was forced to relinquish his role as chairman and pay a $33 million fine.
Banks will probably have to relinquish the right to use London as a base from which to sell financial services across the European Union's 27 other member nations.
The only alternative, they say, is for the private foundation established by the late Hollywood legend Paul Newman to relinquish control of the company that bears his name.
By the time radiocarbon dating had come of age, in the postcolonial ferment of the 503s, archaeology was already primed to relinquish its emphasis on narratives of migration.
Shaw was a mean old dog but McLean, the bigger and younger man in the red corner, was not going to relinquish the title of Guv'nor so easily.
Ms Comstock openly opposed Mr Trump in 2016, demanding he relinquish the nomination after the publication of a video in which he boasted of grabbing women by the genitals.
The US has also failed to achieve its ultimate goal of getting North Korea to relinquish any of its nuclear weapons, or even agree upon a definition of denuclearization.
Boston police officers whose hair tests positive for drugs usually have two options: admit their substance abuse problems and agree to a stint in rehabilitation, or relinquish their position.
The party's executive committee has the authority to order Zuma to step down as head of state, although domestic media speculated that he might refuse to relinquish his post.
They have largely ignored Obama's paper tiger rhetoric, but Trump's iron fist may well be what will compel them to get in line and relinquish their illegitimate power. Why?
Another thorny issue is how Turkey will withdraw its estimated 30,000 to 40,000 troops still in Cyprus, and relinquish its role as a security guarantor to safeguard Turkish Cypriots.
North Korea and Washington have yet to negotiate the terms under which the North would relinquish its weapons, so Pyongyang can be expected to seek leverage in those discussions.
The Cougars used an 8-0 run to secure a 32-20 lead they would not relinquish and turned 10 first-half turnovers by the Tigers into 13 points.
That outcome would lead to a period of profound nervousness, given how the army and Zanu-PF have previously chosen to murder and torture opponents rather than relinquish power.
The decision is a major win for Trump, who unlike every recent president, has refused to relinquish control over his business assets by placing them in a blind trust.
Banks say this hinders acquisitions of fintech firms, as high-ranking digital staff are used to big bonuses which they may have to relinquish if they become bank employees.
He had total autonomy for good or for bad, to do anything that he wanted, and Adam has agreed to relinquish all his votes in favor of the board.
The hitch is that she had to leave her child, relinquish her freedom and carry a baby to term for one of the most powerful women in the world.
When it came time for shared visits, Curtis says she was shocked that she would have to relinquish her choice to nurse in order to accommodate the custody arrangement.
Guaidó's defenders maintain he simply tried to reassert constitutional authority after a "usurper" (the opposition's preferred term) stole the election of May 2018 and has refused to relinquish power.
If Rick does take his son's words to heart and spare Negan's life, it's unlikely Negan would ever relinquish his role as a leader, which necessarily means incarcerating him.
That's in part because the government is set to relinquish oversight of ICANN's management process and thus may not have input into Verisign's future pricing of domain name registrations.
Complaints by the U.S., Russia, and China would be hypocritical given their capacity to do the same while at the same time exhibiting an unwillingness to relinquish such power.
The couple later agreed to relinquish custody of their 4-year-old son to the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services, NBC 5, WGN and other outlets report.
Such an outcome — a reversal of 70 years of history — remains a long shot, amid doubts about whether the North would agree to relinquish its arsenal of nuclear weapons.
Even some Democratic candidates eager to court Iowans over the past year have suggested that the state be forced to relinquish its pride of place in the primary process.
Trump's refusal to relinquish assets, and his insistence that his children receive classified briefings, suggest that his business interests will also be a source of scandal throughout his presidency.
President Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen on Wednesday said he fears that Trump will not peacefully relinquish the White House if he loses his reelection bid next year.
A successful sexting relationship requires balance, like any kind of relationship, really: Relinquish your double standards and split the bill, share the last slice, go down on each other.
But the government has sought to relinquish its role as the world's biggest recipient of waste as it bids to curb pollution and move up the global supply chain.
The Anglo-Dutch firm said on Wednesday it had agreed with Iraq's oil ministry to relinquish operations at Majnoon field to the government after unfavourable changes to fiscal terms.
At the 1:08 mark, Kamari Cotton-Moya joined in on the pick-six fun with a 236-yard score to give the Cyclones a lead they'd never relinquish.
"I am prepared to relinquish my post if I no longer have the strong trust and support of the public," he said in the message that was leaked online.
Even if it comes too late for 2019, Els plans to keep pushing the tour to relinquish more control to allow International teams to chart their own future course.
What precisely that means remains unclear, but the North Korean regime has historically shown an unwillingness to relinquish its nuclear capabilities, which it views as a guarantee of survival.
He spent several years in internal exile after the Chinese authorities jailed him for 81 days on spurious charges of tax evasion and then refused to relinquish his passport.
Donald Trump came out against a plan for the U.S. to relinquish control of functions central to the internet, backing a group of conservative lawmakers seeking to block it.
The centerpiece of "La Dame Blanche" is the dinner party that Jamie orchestrates in the hopes of getting the Duke of Sandringham to relinquish his support of Prince Charles.
John Whittingdale, who served as culture secretary under former Prime Minister David Cameron, said on Sunday that he understood that Mr. Vaz would relinquish his leadership of the committee.
Royal Dutch Shell said last month it had agreed with Iraq's oil ministry to relinquish operations at the Majnoon field to the government after unfavourable changes to fiscal terms.
Finally, of course there's Ukraine and what comes next there -- could Russia ever be induced to relinquish Crimea or its ambitions to control vast stretches of eastern Ukraine itself?
The U.S. is among several nations that have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaído as the interim president of Venezuela and called on Maduro to relinquish control of the country.
Damon Severson's first-period goal gave the host New Jersey Devils a lead they'd never relinquish Saturday afternoon en route to a 3-2 win over the Philadelphia Flyers.
The problem is, most mornings I don't have time to actually sit down and sip, so I'm forced to choose — relinquish the ritual or take it on the go.
Lawmakers took over the floor just before midday and said they would not relinquish control until Republicans allowed a vote on legislation to prevent suspected terrorists from buying firearms.
Better to be a gardener, she writes, cultivating "a protected and nurturing space for plants to flourish" but realizing that the greatest beauty comes when we relinquish total control.
In 2013, Mr. Kim, after hearing complaints about Mr. Jang's expansion of power, ordered his department to relinquish the management of a fishing farm and a condensed milk factory.
But each new idea has underscored the fact that Ms. Pelosi refuses to relinquish much power and has cultivated a large, loyal following that does not expect her to.
But few in Russia expected him to relinquish power so soon, and analysts and politicians have long been speculating about how the president would hold on to the reins.
Access to the court system is a constitutional right, and requiring citizens to relinquish that right in order to get access to the payments grid is repugnant to me.
But that score by the Aggies appeared to awaken the Clemson offense, which responded by driving 2236 yards in nine plays to take a lead it would never relinquish.
Schumer called Franken immediately after the Politico story was published and told him that he needed to relinquish his Senate seat, according to a person familiar with the situation.
No, and the writers of the Brookings analysis argued that the Trump administration must instead acknowledge that Mr. Assad has consolidated power and will not relinquish it anytime soon.
Ziman said disclosure of his conviction should have triggered a revocation of his FOID card, generating a letter instructing him to relinquish his weapon and permit to law enforcement.
Gisin, whose best World Cup slalom result this season was a 10th-place finish, followed with a sparkling, confident run and roared into a lead she would not relinquish.
The president said that he maintained a "good relationship" with Mr. Kim, though he did not claim new progress toward coaxing the North's leader to relinquish his nuclear program.
Based on the results we have at this point, Mr. Sanders is winning the first alignment by more than 6,000 votes and seems highly unlikely to relinquish a lead.
Based on the results we have at this point, Mr. Sanders is winning the first alignment by more than 6,000 votes and seems highly unlikely to relinquish a lead.
No life has only one outcome, but as David waited to hear from the Mikes he seemed to relinquish ground that he never recovered, or, if so, only intermittently.
Washington must be clear with South Korea and Japan that the objective of this new pressure campaign is to persuade Kim to permanently relinquish his nuclear and missile programs.
The Anglo-Dutch firm said on Wednesday it had agreed with Iraq's oil ministry to relinquish operations at Majnoon field to the government after unfavorable changes to fiscal terms.
United said it would also create a new automated check-in process that gives customers a chance to express their willingness to relinquish their seats in exchange for compensation.
During an impeachment trial, the vice president is required to relinquish his position as president of the Senate to the chief justice due to the clear conflict of interest.
In the pilot episode, "Change Is Bad," a disheveled New Yorker named Kevin refuses to relinquish his grimy one-bedroom, even after his landlord offers him $55,22015 to leave.
Goodman said he has not had contact with Barr since the controversy, aside from an email he sent her after she agreed to relinquish her rights to the series.
For a time, many give up their voices and relinquish that most native part of themselves, hoping the world will see them as a member of any other tribe.
Sloan, a three-decade veteran of Wells Fargo (WFC), said it was his decision to relinquish control of Wells Fargo as a way to help the bank move forward.
He is unlikely to relinquish his influence anytime soon, as he's crushed dissent in the media, which included jailing hundreds of journalists and shuttering dozens of independent media outlets.
Rowe, who has been in the top job for just over a year, will relinquish his direct oversight of the clothing business, as will the firm's finance director Helen Weir.
BERLIN (Reuters) - German trade groups said European Union states will have to relinquish some sovereignty to implement German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz's call for mergers in the European defense industry.
Before this latest incident between soldiers and protesters, the two sides had reached a preliminary deal that would have the military relinquish control of the country after three years. 4.
Despite Kim&aposs apparent eagerness for a summit with Trump, there are doubts that he would fully relinquish his nuclear arsenal, which he may see as his guarantee of survival.
Stumpf and Carrie Tolstedt, former head of retail banking, did relinquish about $60 million in stock, in the wake of the scandal, according to a Reuters review of securities filings.
Because Kelley, who was also 21, had violated a restraining order taken out against him, under Michigan law he could have been forced by a court to relinquish his guns.
The DC Circuit sided with the House committee, 217-252, asserting that it has subpoena authority under the House rules and the Constitution, and that Mazars must relinquish the documents.
It would be naïve to expect that North Korea will be more willing to sacrifice a real nuclear arsenal than Iran was to relinquish the prospect of a hypothetical one.
But if, as in Freya's case, she is unable to relinquish control, to let her son experience life without a tether , then she has failed, and with her, her son.
To stand a chance of realizing those ambitions though, Ryan has to first score some legacy-worthy accomplishments that allow him to relinquish the speaker's gavel on his own terms.
Berlusconi created Forza Italia 25 years ago and despite repeated legal woes and health alarms, he has never shown any sign of wanting to relinquish control or retire from politics.
How are we going to not just help her with a place to live but emotionally get through this place where her mom now wants to relinquish her parental rights?
The 69-year-old doctor had refused to relinquish his seat when United told him and three other passengers that airline personnel needed it in order to travel to Louisville.
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The younger brother of Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will relinquish his post as head of the country's civil aviation authority, the transport ministry said on Thursday.
Also at the Pearson house, Randall and Beth are still having troubles with Deja (Lyric Ross), who still can't quite adjust after her mom chose to relinquish her parental rights.
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he is considering a quarantine or blockade of Venezuela, as the United States steps up pressure on President Nicolas Maduro to relinquish power.
The law is also credited with pressing Naresh Goyal, another tycoon, to step down as chairman of Jet Airways and relinquish control of his ailing carrier to lenders in March.
"I would have to relinquish control over my commute and life," she said about depending on a car service and the light-rail public transit system to get to work.
One of these provisions established a process through which people convicted of domestic abuse can relinquish their guns; if they don't, a court can issue a warrant for their arrest.
The email — which quickly went viral — was apparently sent by her friend and soon-to-be-newlywed, Alex, who asked Duffy to "relinquish" her duties as a bridesmaid, Elle reported.
As the economy slows, Yang said, conglomerates might seek to sell underperforming businesses while smaller or family-owned firms might be more willing to relinquish control to deep-pocketed investors.
There are conceivable scenarios in which they keep complete control of Congress, are wiped out altogether, or relinquish the Senate but maintain a brittle grip on the House of Representatives.
That has long been a U.S. precondition for economic sanctions to be lifted, but analysts say Kim is unlikely to relinquish North Korea's hard-won status as a nuclear power.
Maybe the Army should just relinquish its cyber branch altogether and allow it to form a completely separate service (like when the Army Air Corps became the U.S. Air Force).
Instead she was met with some opposition members inside the building who held signs that said she should relinquish authority and even some that called on her to step down.
With the departure of Akihito's daughter Mako, who is set to marry a commoner and relinquish her royal status, the debate about how to secure the imperial bloodline may resurface.
After his point-blank backhand attempt was denied, he dove to knock the puck past goaltender Joonas Korpisalo and give the Devils a 22015-210 lead they would not relinquish.
But Harvey Weinstein still maintains a more than 20% stake in The Weinstein Co. — a portion of the company that, short of legal intervention, he cannot be forced to relinquish.
Indians 9, Royals 1 Jason Kipnis' grand slam with nobody out in the first inning gave Cleveland a lead it would not relinquish in a victory over host Kansas City.
The talks come weeks after SoftBank Group spent more than $10 billion to take over WeWork, including a $1.7 billion payoff to its co-founder Adam Neumann to relinquish control.
In September, Ateiwish had appealed to a faction of Libya's Petrol Facilities Guard (PFG) to relinquish control of blockaded oil ports to Khalifa Haftar's self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA).
Ending the U.S. military presence in South Korea — a major prerequisite for Kim's administration to relinquish nuclear weapons — is expected to boost China's goal of minimizing America's influence in Asia.
"Congress specifically provided the president the authority to acquire Guantanamo Bay from Cuba, and Congress should have a role in any decision to relinquish it," he said in a statement.
To get there, industry, the scientific community and the government will have to expend tremendous resources and, more generally, society will have to adapt and relinquish some privacy and control.
But the end of the series sees her relinquish her position as village patroness to Cora — a hard-fought victory for Lady Grantham that nearly destroyed her relationship with Violet.
The cause of his death has not been made public, but Castro had been weak since an intestinal ailment believed to be diverticulitis forced him to relinquish power in 2006.
She put menacing pressure on the Riske serve, bringing up break point, before a double fault gave Williams a 5-3 lead, an advantage she was never going to relinquish.
It was Atlanta's first lead since 218-18 midway through the first quarter, and an advantage the Hawks would not relinquish en route to its third victory in four games.
Ending the U.S. military presence in South Korea — a major requirement for Kim's administration to relinquish nuclear weapons — is expected to boost China's goal of minimizing America's influence in Asia.
Saudi Arabia is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which required it to relinquish its right to nuclear weapons in exchange for the peaceful use of nuclear technology.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Monica Crowley, the foreign policy adviser tapped for a White House job under President-elect Donald Trump, will relinquish the post, a transition official told Reuters on Monday.
It would later be revealed that Clark had also been asked by the tribal elders to relinquish command of his veteran group due to concerns that they might turn violent.
This week, The Financial Times reported that the Trump administration was prepared to tighten financial sanctions against Mr. Kabila and his associates if he did not agree to relinquish power.
Many had previously vowed to keep supporting it even if they won — yet another reminder that power is a lot harder to relinquish once you have it in your hands.
For the Olympic Games, they relinquish broadcasting rights for the North to the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, a coalition of broadcasters, which in turn feeds Olympic broadcasts free of charge.
Over the past 103 years, the brand has expanded at a snail's pace, reluctant to relinquish Supreme's standing as a symbol of the underground, in-the-know streetwear fashion scene.
Senate rules force them to relinquish their phones while they listen to fellow Democrats make the case to impeach the man they'd like to defeat as President in ten months.
If the appeal goes against her, Bethany must relinquish Zaina to her former mother-in-law and seek permission in court to visit the child she has raised from infancy.
"After careful thought and deliberation, I have come to the decision to relinquish my post as chief of the Philippine National Police," Albayalde said in the speech to police officers.
MADRID — Rafael Nadal, the king of clay, on Friday lost his first match in a year on his beloved surface, and will relinquish the No. 1 ranking as a result.
Hoping to pressure the Islamist Hamas group to relinquish control of Gaza, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has reduced his administration's payments to Israel for the electricity it supplies to Gaza.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has previously said he would prioritize working with Congress this year on a bipartisan basis to fix the government-sponsored enterprises and relinquish them from conservatorship.
"Roger Studer has taken the realignment of Vontobel as an opportunity to relinquish his operational responsibilities in order to assume a non-operational role," the bank said in a statement.
Falcons 24, Jaguars 12 Devonta Freeman scored two touchdowns in the game's first 2192:224 to give Atlanta a lead it would never relinquish in a victory over visiting Jacksonville.
Not just because it makes no economic sense but because governments are never going to relinquish their monopoly over money any sooner than they will surrender their monopoly on violence.
A Paris court ordered the Tolls to relinquish the painting, titled "La Cueillette des Pois [Picking Peas]" (1887), which they bought from Christie's in New York in 1995 for $800,000.
It is time for their elders to relinquish leadership And Monica D'Amore, from New Jersey, said Mr. Sanders's flaw was in his approach: Not everyone gets a rush from statistics.
Finally, in December, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced that he would lift the sanctions on Deripaska-tied companies, in exchange for Deripaska's commitment to relinquish majority control of those companies.
Even without encountering animals, the expectation that viewers relinquish their dominance over space — within the gallery and the virtual world of the video — diminishes the distance between humans and animals.
He also suggests Conor's decision to get a boxing license could just be a power move to stick it to the UFC -- which recently made CM relinquish his featherweight title.
But there are lingering doubts on whether Kim will ever fully relinquish his nuclear arsenal, which he may see as his only guarantee of survival in a region surrounded by enemies.
Despite Kim&aposs apparent eagerness for a summit with Trump, there are many doubts that he would fully relinquish his nuclear arsenal, which he may see as his guarantee of survival.
"We learned through an online foster support group that there were siblings from one mother who wanted to voluntarily relinquish her parental rights before the state forcibly terminated rights," says Kenley.
Despite Kim&aposs apparent eagerness for a summit with Trump, there are doubts that he would fully relinquish his nuclear arsenal, which he may see as his guarantor of his survival.
But realizing these agreements will require peaceful collaboration on both sides, and that depends on the willingness of squads of guerrilla fighters to emerge from the jungle and relinquish their weapons.
After a video surfaced of him boasting about molesting women, Mrs Comstock said Mr Trump was unfit for the presidency and should relinquish the nomination to his running mate, Mike Pence.
At the convention, the PMDB is expected to reconfirm Temer as its leader, a sign it is not ready, despite its rebelliousness, to relinquish its share of power in Rousseff's government.
Despite calls from activists to "open the tanks" and release the whales into sea pens (which introduces a host of new problems), SeaWorld has no intention to relinquish its biggest attractions.
Why it matters: This is a bright spot for CEO Elon Musk after a turbulent few months that saw an SEC investigation and settlement that forced Musk to relinquish his chairmanship.
Even amid the North&aposs diplomatic outreach of recent weeks, there are lingering doubts on whether Kim would fully relinquish the nukes he likely sees as his only guarantee of survival.
Law enforcement went to the shooter's house more than 40 times, and knew of his longstanding history of violent instances, but had no legal way of making him relinquish his firearms.
"When you declaw a cat, they're more prone to have some of those behaviors like urinating inappropriately, biting things that will lead people to relinquish them into the shelters," said Weston.
We want to help do the same for digital currency and financial services, but with one key difference: We will relinquish control over the network and currency we have helped create.
As I chalked up my nearly perfect happily ever after, I slowly challenged myself to relinquish my white-knuckle grip on the ultimate straight privilege: the miraculous braiding of two DNAs.
They'll take care of your food and lodging, but you'll need to show up prepared to relinquish every distraction (including your phone) in order to spend time within your own mind.
The problem for employees is that a lot of their net worth is locked up in stock that is illiquid except through secondary offerings, which requires them to relinquish their shares.
The ruling cabal should follow Mr Bouteflika's lead in giving up power—and so too should General Salah, who seems loth to relinquish the army's role as the arbiter of politics.
China could negotiate an agreement where it provides for North Korea's security — guaranteeing Pyongyang protection with its nuclear arsenal — thereby creating the conditions for the North to relinquish its nuclear program.
The lone objecting creditor, Portland General Electric Corp , argued the plan violated U.S. bankruptcy law, which requires a shareholder to relinquish its entire investment if creditors are not paid in full.
And, though analysts said it was good in the long term for Tsvangirai to relinquish the MDC leadership after nearly 20 years in charge, the succession had to be handled carefully.
New rules in Indonesia require Freeport to obtain a new mining permit, divest a 51 percent stake, build a second copper smelter, relinquish arbitration rights and pay new taxes and royalties.
The provision in the 2016 NDAA highlighted by Thornberry prevents using funds to close the base, relinquish control of the base to Cuba or modify the treaty that established the lease.
The longer Putin waits to relinquish power, the more volatile this power struggle will be, and the less capable an increasingly aged and enfeebled Putin will be of shaping its outcome.
Giving them years to relinquish their crown jewels increases the risk that they change their minds (not a small fear, since Kim's been erratic in the past, to say the least).
"We take Discover now, as well," a bartender in a navy-blue blazer said, before asking an indecisive patron in a red tube top to order something or relinquish her stool.
The challenge is that there are multiple competing voices among those who run Pakistan's Afghan policy about what accommodation they expect in a political deal for them to relinquish the Taliban.
That said, Feige is the mastermind overseeing the entire MCU, and it seems unlikely he'd be willing to relinquish too much creative control over one of the franchise's most popular characters.
As Anna Fader, founder of Mommy Poppins, a leading online resource for family travel and local activities, pointed out, after doing everything yourself, it's hard to relinquish some of the responsibilities.
For example, Okutama subsidizes home repairs for new akiya residents, and encourages akiya owners to relinquish their vacant properties by offering up to $8,820 per 100 square meters (1,076 sq feet).
In addition to Neumann stepping down, his wife and cofounder, Rebekah Neumann, will also relinquish her roles and titles at the company, a person familiar with the situation told Business Insider.
But there are lingering doubts on whether he will ever fully relinquish his nuclear arsenal, which he may see as his only guarantee of survival in a region surrounded by enemies.
Italy's Eni will probably have to move a drilling ship blocked by Turkey off Cyprus, but will not relinquish its interests in the area, the oil major's CEO said on Thursday.
The number one thing you must do in order to survive in this city as a broke person is relinquish any and all thoughts in your mind that you have dignity.
Due to his latest escapades, Fury had to relinquish the series of belts he snatched from Klitschko when he won a comprehensive unanimous decision in the Ukrainian's (new) backyard in Germany.
The company was forced to relinquish a 10 percent stake in Azadegan in 2010 because sanctions by the United States on Iran made it difficult to access financing for the project.
Fischbach views her elevation to the lieutenant governorship as essentially a dirty pool play by Minnesota Democrats to create a vacancy, so she has refused to relinquish her state Senate seat.
Air travel is stressful even under the best of circumstances, and a large part of that comes from having to relinquish control, which happens long before you reach the plane seat.
Convincing Steinbrenner to relinquish them would not be as simple as it was when his father, George Steinbrenner, owned the Yankees and, at times, readily traded young talent for established stars.