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"drop" Definitions
  1. [countable] drop (of something) a very small amount of liquid that forms a round shape
  2. [countable, usually singular] a small quantity of a liquid
  3. [countable, usually singular] a fall or reduction in the amount, level or number of something
  4. [countable, usually singular] a distance straight down from a high point to a lower point
  5. drops [plural] a liquid medicine that you put one drop at a time into your eyes, ears or nose
  6. [countable] the act of delivering somebody/something in a vehicle or by plane; the act of dropping something
  7. [countable] a small round sweet of the type mentioned

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"drop" Synonyms
fall descend plunge sink dive plummet tumble decline lower dip crash crater depress pitch slump throw topple droop ground nosedive drip dribble trickle leak flow run drizzle distil(UK) distill(US) ooze seep drain emanate percolate precipitate snow trill hail plop abandon discontinue quit end cease cancel relinquish stop terminate abort halt scrap ax(US) axe(UK) break forgo can ditch forsake kick release unhand lose unhold let go of let fall let go put down release one's hold on fail to hold lose one's grip on lose your hold on throw down decrease diminish lessen dwindle subside contract depreciate moderate recede reduce relent abate decrement downscale downsize desert disown reject renounce repudiate disclaim disavow discard leave neglect shun abjure jilt cast off cast aside give up bin off deposit put lay place rest set shove stick plonk settle pop position station unload set down dump plunk park bring carry deliver take transport convey put off allow to alight send transfer dispatch consign shoot transmit ferry bear put on board cite mention state introduce quote reveal utter declare disclose divulge say advance broach communicate impart instance intimate moot name note collapse fold crumble flop stumble buckle crumple sag slide duck go down fall down fall flat die faint succumb go swoon croak flatline perish decease demise depart exit expire part pass out sink down black out slope cascade slant downwards slope downwards fall away skid down fell floor deck flatten level prostrate knock over knock down bowl over bring down strike down bowl down knock out mow down cut down dismiss discharge eliminate exclude oust eject evict expel throw out boot out chuck out get rid of kick out send packing turf out give the bum's rush throw out on your ear omit cut delete disregard elide erase forget leave out leave off take out miss out give something a miss cut out except miss preclude bypass bar overleap spend pay expend foot give outlay disburse invest splurge blow spring squander stake up fork out fork over shell out cough up lay out pay out concede let slip give away fail to win miss out on waste pass up forfeit forego ignore let pass cede yield abolish quash annul rescind eradicate repeal nullify destroy invalidate annihilate obliterate void abrogate kill extinguish revoke specify detail identify indicate designate describe enumerate define stipulate itemise(UK) itemize(US) list particularise(UK) slip trip capsize overturn founder lurch stagger tip overbalance keel deteriorate degenerate decay worsen fade wane weaken regress retrograde ebb fail atrophy rot eschew forswear abstain forbear refrain waive refuse spurn resist skip spill pour overflow well shed disgorge splash slop slosh scatter brim escape hang dangle sling loll flag swag lean drape bow lop bend stoop slouch suspend hang down let down close fizzle default finish miscarry retire bomb languish bob nod incline move genuflect curtsy kowtow cower bend over incline your body lean over incline the head fumble whiff fluff mistime bungle misfield mishandle handle awkwardly fail to catch lose the handle trip up mishit err on fall flat on face with betray discount jettison mother have produce birth bring forth give birth to be brought to bed of be delivered of bring into the world beget spawn create bring into being conceive reproduce breed engender procreate pink-slip sack fire cashier remove bounce boot displace depose unseat bump misplace mislay misfile confuse disarrange dishevel disorder disorganize disturb mix muss unsettle leave behind be unable to put take down pull down bring low move down let sink vail cause to sink demit couch hand down loosen undo loose unfasten unclasp unhitch unlock uncork unloosen commute enlarge surrender open up go easy on let up on leave go of subdue defeat conquer beat overcome best lick master crush vanquish subjugate overpower overwhelm trounce worst quell surmount thrash suppress gravitate tend drift head veer approach be pulled be precipitated have a tendency be attracted to be drawn be drawn to blank out shut out bury brush off cease to remember lay aside blank over cease to think of erase from your mind have done with never mind put away set aside shrug off take no notice of give in capitulate submit acquiesce budge blink defer comply resign desist rain shower storm teem lavish spit deluge heap pelt sleet bombard bucket patter pepper vacate bail be done with be gone from bail from bow out of parachute in airlift parachute airdrop send in ingurgitate devour gobble gorge gulp scarf scoff belt consume engorge gormandise(UK) gormandize(US) quaff wolf bolt cram englut glut jade exhaust weary tire enervate debilitate overtire poop bush wear disable deplete bore bedraggle mail post forward remit direct airmail express email send by post send by mail address route ship separate break with secede from break away from delink from resign from sever relations with split with withdraw from disaffiliate oneself from dissociate oneself from depart from drop out of pull out of lag dally dawdle linger delay loiter tarry crawl dillydally creep diddle drag poke mope lollygag lallygag trail straggle plod dither pounce jump ambush attack jump on leap leap on mug spring on strike swoop swoop on take unawares bound bound at dart dash dive at fall on provide fulfill(US) fulfil(UK) supply achieve furnish dispense implement carry out carry through live up to make good on come up with flake chip blister desquamate peel exfoliate peel off come off delaminate pare scab scale scale off slice sliver trim chip off wear away reward remunerate bribe chuck sweeten give a tip to give a bonus to rain on let it rain spot bead dab droplet blob globule particle bubble dot glob grain drib driblet pearl spheroid tear dewdrop teardrop little dram scintilla shot sip speck taste bit murmur nuance pinch smattering smidgen sprinkling tot trace reduction diminution downturn lowering cutback abatement curtailment dent depletion depression descent diminishment abyss chasm precipice cliff declivity deepness depth gully downslope ramp chute declination advantage edge better ascendancy vantage mastery primacy supremacy sway high ground upper hand catbird seat whip hand inside track box seat pull stead bulge lead relegation demotion downgrading sweet lozenge pastille bonbon candy chocolate fondant toffee piece of confectionery gibbeting hanging execution capital punishment death penalty death sentence stringing up gibbet scaffold rope noose gallows beam potence arm being hanged crossbeam being executed being strung up gallows tree deterioration degeneration downfall degradation decadence downgrade declension devolution degeneracy weakening ebbing decaying lapse base profundity height extent extremity limit lowness distance expanse fathomage measure distance downwards deepest part distance inwards vertical extent furthest part gradient rise hill bank ridge upgrade ascent uprise uphill elevation eminence camber climb mountainside inclination rising ground pittance peanuts chicken feed mite dime hay modicum shoestring slave wages song trifle allowance chump change inadequacy insufficiency nothing pension portion trapdoor consignment delivery landing distribution conveyance transporting carriage transmission sending remittance shipment transportation provision portage tablet capsule pill troche cap gum jujube pilule bolus gumdrop trochiscus cough sweet cough drop throat pastille pellet tab caplet dose curtain drapery tapestry arras dossal frontal carpet drop cloth drop curtain drop scene tableau curtain wall hanging act drop backdrop scrim act curtain hemorrhage(US) haemorrhage(UK) outflow loss outpouring seepage bleeding seeping away rapid loss stream gush spurt jet issue usurpation seizure appropriation commandeering expropriation takeover arrogation confiscation detainer preemption seizing annexation grabbing abduction apprehension arrest assumption collar grab bust waif foundling orphan stray outcast guttersnipe ragamuffin urchin castaway dogie fetch flotsam gamin jetsam mudlark soul abandoned infant street urchin homeless one tatterdemalion anticlimax bathos comedown disappointment disillusionment letdown let-down non-event deflation washout damp squib ineffective conclusion not what it was cracked up to be failure bummer setback gelidity frigidity iciness frostiness wintriness gelidness freeze blight hoarfrost ice rime Jack Frost coldness chilliness frigidness frozenness cold chill coolness backhander incentive inducement kickback pay-off sweetener payola sop bung carrot graft boodle cumshaw dropsy enticement fix allurement douceur plugola cache store stockpile stock reserve fund hoard accumulation stash collection amassment repository wealth arsenal treasure plant storeroom assets rudiment element aspect basic basis component constituent essential facet factor fundamental hint ingredient item material matter member dropoff bluff ledge crag scarp escarpment scar barranca barranco palisade face steep linn krantz brink cliffdrop escarp pendant lavaliere lavalliere locket charm medallion bangle stone pendent ornament trinket bauble amulet bijou bracelet accessory armlet wristlet fritter ruin destruction devastation breakdown ruination obliteration decimation demolishment demolition disrepair damage decrepitude desolation dilapidation disintegration tint shade hue tinge tone cast tincture colour(UK) color(US) dye flush touch wash blush rinse stain suggestion chroma installment(US) instalment(UK) security pledge payment prepayment retainer collateral earnest surety warranty credit guarantee insurance token advance payment down payment waterfall cataract rapids force white water falls torrent sault downpour race Niagara flume fountain More
"drop" Antonyms
rise ascend climb lift arise raise rocket levitate soar uprise glide skyrocket fly escalate sail float mount scale uprear shoot gush spout jet spurt spew rush surge well spring pump stream erupt expel issue eject emerge flow belch discharge pour out maintain sustain uphold continue retain preserve prolong persevere guard keep keep up carry on keep intact persist stay remain last go endure pursue hold clasp clench clutch grasp grip seize cling to hold tight hang on to hold on to not let go of elevate heave heft hoist upraise heighten hike upheave bring up haul up heave up hike up jack up lever up pick up raise aloft increase aggrandize amplify augment boost inflate beef up bump up crank up pump up step up mark up ratchet up push up shoot up associate befriend affiliate connect unite be friends link up hang onto hold onto keep hold of keep possession of retain possession of not part with collect fetch get come for go for come and get come to get go and get go to get gather absorb clean up withhold decline deny refuse repress resist conceal hide suppress contain abstain constrain inhibit censor forbear curb bottle up cover up hold back stand get up rise up stand up jump up straighten up be upstanding find your feet pick yourself up be on one's feet get to your feet survive prevail weather bear brave overcome handle surmount withstand outlast wear break through carry through come through get through hold out live through pull through extend tower come up move up reach high reach up rear up stand high sweep upward help prop pull raise up include select pick choose name elect handpick nominate specify add invite bring admit welcome pronounce settle on hand-pick let in save reserve store hoard conserve stockpile bank stash put aside put away set aside stash away lay away lay by stow away keep in reserve win conquer dominate succeed triumph achieve success be successful come first finish first gain victory reign supreme be victorious win out beat the opposition be the victor be the winner come out ahead create authorise(UK) authorize(US) establish found institute introduce legalise(UK) legalize(US) promote reinstate reintroduce restore revive aid allow approve grow accumulate balloon bourgeon build burgeon enlarge expand intensify mushroom snowball swell wax develop confuse destroy discourage dissuade generalise(UK) generalize(US) halt ignore neglect suggest unsettle lose place put straighten regulate range spike arrange array organize(US) marshal(UK) up order improve ameliorate meliorate advance assist better clean cleanse clear compliment construct cure fix heal proffer offer present propose submit propound proposition tender turn to acquire catch receive refrain take pour reclaim recover regain retrieve rescue reacquire support protect safeguard care for keep together look after provide for stand by take care of fill load pack stack stuff cram heap lade fill up top up heap up pile up brim over jam-pack load up make full fill to overflowing fill to the brim dollop lump chunk helping wad portion scoop spoon spoonful serving mass gob gobbet clump knob ball lot abundance barrel boatload bucket amplitude ton(US) plenty plenitude tonne(UK) oodles potful plentitude stacks lots abundant mountain ascent rising upswing uptick upturn accrual bump explosion buildup jump accretion boom elevation avalanche incline mound slope ramp acclivity hill inclination upslope slant uphill rising ground disadvantage flaw handicap liability deficiency limitation weakness encumbrance failing shortcoming burden downside affliction drawback problem disability impediment impairment defect pitfall promotion progression progress advancement aggrandisement(UK) aggrandizement(US) recovery rebound ascension boon comeback recuperation upgrade preferment entirety glob whole total lashings much minus penalty strike block blockage debt disapproval disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) harm hindrance hurt impotence incapacity inefficiency improvement rally rehabilitation revitalization snapback morality regeneration turn for the better ascendance ascending launch soaring levitation climbing blast-off lift-off take-off

731 Sentences With "drop"

How to use drop in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "drop" and check conjugation/comparative form for "drop". Mastering all the usages of "drop" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Maureen Dowd WASHINGTON — Jaws drop and drop and drop.
Drop it, drop it low GorlDrop it, drop it low GorlDrop it, drop it low Gorl pic.twitter.
Once they're locked in, their wages drop and drop and drop.
"My main concern was: Don't drop it, don't drop it, don't drop it," he said.
If the plug is not coming through, your next option is to name drop, name drop, name drop!
JP Morgan expects a 14% drop, Goldman expects a 24% drop and Morgan Stanley expects a 30% drop.
Dead ... / Drop ... Dead BEAT / Drop BOX BEAT BOX 42A.
And a drop in investment means a drop in profit.
These bad boys will protect your phone drop after drop.
Drop out's not the right word, drop out of that.
You'll see IQ drop and motivation will drop across time.
For more information on drop bears and how to survive drop bear attacks, visit the offical Drop Bear Protection Agency website here.
But that would mean a drop in revenue which could mean a drop in stock price when Apple announces the drop in revenue.
It's bigger than the 44 percent relative drop in grocery spending, 20133 percent drop at general stores and 40 percent drop on gas.
"We said 'DROP THE ALBUM' not drop a baby......." read another.
The crew were practicing air drop procedures during Operation Christmas Drop.
Its okay, if you fall you fall, if you drop you drop.
A 6 percent drop in refinance volume was behind the weekly drop.
On Tuesday, One Drop introduced One Drop Chrome, an FDA-approved blood glucose monitoring system that sends blood glucose data to the One Drop app.
They literally just drop these kids, they just drop them on the ground.
Red Robin cited a 4.1 percent drop in guests for the sales drop.
Are you looking at ... You're looking at the drop, the gross, the drop.
Imports were forecast to drop 22.2%, following a 22.5% drop the previous month.
Shop wine at The Drop Wine hereThis canned wine company might be called The Drop, but don't worry if you actually drop your red, white, or ros
That represents a 35% drop from February and a 63% drop from March 2016.
It was the biggest drop since an 8.2 percent drop in early November 2011.
A drop in the bucket, yes, but a pretty big drop by most standards.
They even proposed to drop the charges if Reuters agreed to drop the story.
"It's fun and festival-y, so just let it drop where it wants to drop."
Premiums drop because sick people who need coverage more would drop out of the marketplace.
No one will be eager to drop him until every last drop has been wrung.
That represented a 35% drop from this February and a 63% drop from March 2016.
The drop comes after a larger-than-expected drop in closed home sales in April.
That would be catastrophic — a dramatic drop in morale, resulting in a drop in retention.
Where you just buy a, remember the drop the crates from PUBG that would drop?
To them, a drop of blood spilled in ritual combat becomes a drop of rain.
If it stays up drop after drop, then the bed has great motion transfer isolation.
North Dakota experienced an 11.8% drop in spud harvests while Oregon had a 16% drop.
The second weekend drop down to $45.1 million represents a 39 percent drop in viewers.
But a $15-$20 bbl drop doesn't compare to some historical declines ($111 bbl drop from the high in 2008) and the more than 50 percent drop of 2014-2015.
The drop comes just days after an earlier drop of Unix-focused exploits on April 8th.
A drop in demand for iPhones would lead to a drop in manufacturing demand from Foxconn.
The drop in oil products inventory was led by a drop in diesel stocks, Xinhua said.
A drop to, say, 1,799 would represent a 10.7 percent drop for the S&P 500.
The 22019 May-June drop is almost identical to a 17.5 percent drop in June 2016.
The 7.3 percent drop is its worst since an 8.4 percent drop on April 20, 2009.
The drop in oil prices on Monday was the biggest one-day percentage drop since Jan.
These are the jams I'll be drop it drop it low girling to all szn long.
A 13% drop in RBC's capital markets business' profit led to a drop in overall earnings.
It was the worst drop for the stock since a 9.9 percent drop in April 2016.
A 12% drop in RBC's capital markets business's profit led to a drop in overall earnings.
The materials sector has recorded the biggest drop in expected earnings growth, nosediving from a 3.2% drop in the beginning of this quarter to a 16.2% drop this week, according to FactSet.
Although slicked with sweat and visibly exhausted, they don't dance until they drop, because they never drop.
Just a 1 degree Fahrenheit drop in body temperature can produce a 7 percent drop in RMR.
Gap reported a 4% drop in same-store sales, wider than the 1.1% drop that was expected.
There was a 6-point drop in Democratic support and a 10-point drop in black support.
By the centuries-old "one-drop rule," one drop of black blood made us 21969 percent Negro.
From those observations was born Drop, which is named for the bass drop common in EDM music.
If you live there, you can drop your ballot in the mail or at a drop box.
A drop to $24.20 would be another 19 percent drop from where the ETF traded on Friday.
Pickle drop — Dillsburg, Pennsylvania Yes, there are two towns that drop pickles on New Years Eve. 10.
So its 42% drop in piracy represents a huge drop in the raw number of illegal downloaders.
Washington's supporters pressured the Guardian's printer to drop the paper, and Trotter's business partner to drop him.
When earnings drop, loan payments drop immediately, allowing borrowers to devote their reduced budgets to essential needs.
Instead, drop that gift card off when you drop off your donations at a food bank. 3.
Pro Tip: Alexa drop in works only between contacts who have given each other drop in permission.
The drop in employment levels probably won't match the drop in capacity at most airlines, he said.
The Dow's 28.3,013-point drop was also the biggest-ever point drop for the 30-stock average.
The first six episodes will drop on Wednesday, and the later six will drop on Dec. 18.
If they drop their horrific barriers & tariffs on U.S. products going in, we will likewise drop ours.
Add one drop of pink food coloring to one and one drop of orange to the the other.
Off-camera, they have better ways of drinking than doing it drop-by-drop, but astronauts are showoffs.
Tiffany did see same-store sales drop by two percent, but that was only half the expected drop.
Tiffany did see same-store sales drop by 2 percent, but that was only half the expected drop.
"I had to drop, and I happened to drop on Robin Williams' feet," Marie recalls with a chuckle.
It sunk into the depths of his skull, pulling out the fluid in his brain, drop-by-drop.
Logitech — Logitech reported a 1.5 percent drop in operating profit, as demand for computer accessories continued to drop.
"The decision to drop this particular case, and to drop other cases, was a bad call," Davis said.
But iOS developers launched just 755,00 new apps — a 29 percent drop and the largest drop since 2008.
"We estimate a demand drop of 44,000 bpd for every 1 percent drop in global trade," BoAML said.
Sturm Ruger & Co. (RGR) reported a 21% drop in sales in 2017, and another 5% drop last year.
Monday's drop would be the biggest one-day point drop for the 30-stock benchmark since Feb. 2018.
Capsule at the drop tower Photo: ZARM Drop Tower Operation and Service Company"It was amazing that they could create the hydrogen from water," Thorben Könemann, the drop tower operator at ZARM, told Gizmodo.
If a Trump win will indeed lead to the drop in stocks, the drop in the dollar and the drop in yields outlined above, the stage would certainly be set for gold to rally.
Twitter was the biggest loser, with a 4.5 percent drop, while Facebook was the fourth-biggest decliner, with a 1.9 percent drop, and Alphabet saw the seventh-biggest loss, with a 1.6 percent drop.
Following that, a 6-foot drop onto its edge and a 6-foot drop on its face onto concrete caused a few more cracks, as did a 4.33-foot drop into a water-filled toilet.
The drop in mining output from the previous month, and a 2.4% drop over the year, was driven primarily by a drop in copper ore levels and iron production, the government statistics agency INE said.
The drop is credited largely to significant reductions in several of America's largest cities, including a 2628 percent decrease in Detroit, a 28503 percent drop in Houston and a 22019 percent drop in New York.
That comment led to a 333-point drop on the Dow, its biggest one-day drop since May 31.
Peach Drop — Atlanta, Georgia Since 1989, the peach state has rung in the new year with a peach drop.
To call that a drop in the bucket is a massive understatement; it's a drop in the fucking ocean.
Break open that piñata, watch the would-be providers scramble, watch rates drop, scarcity drop, and options will increase.
He chose to drop his ball 8003 yards from the hole; he was not in the designated drop area.
"I would never do what other people say – somebody ought to drop out or not drop out," he said.
He chose to drop his ball 80 yards from the hole; he was not in the designated drop area.
Only a hint from the Federal Reserve that interest rates might drop saved the market from a broader drop.
WTI was on track for a weekly drop of about 24%, its steepest drop since the 2008 financial crisis.
Sergeant Barry drew his pistol and ordered her to "drop it, drop the bat please, ma'am," Officer Rosario said.
"One of my gripes with beat-driven music is that it's intro, build, drop, build, drop, outro," he says.
On my way home I drop by my parents' house to drop off my freezer composting into their bin.
"We're going to see those refinery runs drop next week and they'll continue to drop into March," he said.
That includes a drop of 203,220 bpd to 2000 million bpd from Saudi Arabia, the largest weekly drop since September.
In test markets, it saw a 4 percent drop in abuse reports from search, and 3 percent drop from comments.
Iran says its oil exports will not drop to zero, although its officials are bracing for a drop in shipments.
Reserves fell by $12.3 billion in January to $71.2923 trillion, compared with a drop of $41 billion drop in December.
She would drop mixtapes and her parents would drop her off and pick her up from her live guest appearances.
It was considered "the official unofficial food drop of New Orleans," and was the only food drop that wasn't robbed.
The roughly 216 percent drop in U.S. indexes yesterday was only half as bad as the daily drop on Oct.
Tesla's big drop: Shares in Tesla (TSLA) plunged 26% in extended trading after the company reported a massive sales drop.
Chip equipment makers slid, led by a 5.3 percent drop in ASML Holding and a 463 percent drop in Entegris.
"This drop in demand has been unprecedented — a 50% drop in global travel in less than a week," said Hentschel.
That represents a roughly 19 percent drop in units and a 22 percent drop in revenue from a year ago.
Nicki: He says he's going to drop his new mixtape the day you drop ViewsDrake: hahaha who gives a shit!?
So a word like 'furniture,' a lot of people who drop their R's wouldn't drop them there, but she did.
It can't defend itself — it's built so random people in Bulgaria can drop in at the drop of a hat.
While you wait for the EP to drop, read up on how Flume's signature drop became SoundCloud's most annoying trend.
Drop let you leave geofenced messages for friends and followers Drop let you leave geofenced messages for friends and followers Drop won TechCrunch's 2013 Boston pitch competition, and you can see an interview with the team below.
A drop spreader, which will drop grass seed directly onto the lawn beneath the spreader, is typically recommended for small lawns.
"They don't and can't allocate funds drop by drop, if they aim to invest hundreds of millions a year," Farley explained.
North American same-store sales were down 4 percent, a bigger drop than the 13 percent drop that analysts had expected.
These surface tension gradients cause convection inside the drop and carry red blood cells toward the outer portion of the drop.
"He (officer) ordered that individual to drop his gun, the individual did not drop his gun," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.
The precipitous drop is reminiscent in timing, duration and magnitude of the steep drop during the 10-day period in 2011.
That was a bigger drop than any economist had forecast in the Reuters poll, which had pointed to a 1.8% drop.
Drug companies usually drop prices because the increased volume of better consumer access makes up for the drop in sticker price.
The Berlin Wall may have come down quickly, but the legacy of State Plan 14.25 played out slowly, drop by drop.
What you say, how you say it can be the difference between a 100-point drop and a 1,000-point drop.
It also compared with a 1.3% drop seen by economists in a Reuters poll and a sharp 6.13% drop in May.
A rise in services prices offset a slight drop in prices for goods, including a 20.2 percent drop in gasoline prices.
The company reported an 13 pct drop in revenue and a 9 pct drop in recurring EBITDA for the first quarter.
The drop in net imports was smaller at about 360,000 tonnes due to a sharp 35 percent drop fall in exports.
You can now return products to Kohl's Drop Off locations, for example, or drop them off at a nearby Amazon Locker.
With the processor running, gradually add 103 tablespoon of the oil, drop by drop, to establish the base for the emulsion.
That represented around a 19 percent drop in units sold, and a 22 percent drop in revenue from the year prior.
EPA's research and science budget — including national labs — would drop by 40 percent, and grants to states would drop 45 percent.
That's less than Democrats — who reported a 20-point drop, from 51 percent to 31 percent — but still a significant drop.
The Dow's Monday loss was it's steepest drop by points and its second-steepest drop by percentage in the index's history.
That was a bigger drop than any economist had forecast in the Reuters poll, which had pointed to a 1.8% drop.
The Kromski Drop Spindle kit contains everything your recipient needs to get started, including a drop spindle, merino wool and instructions.
The next morning, they will see where to drop off scooters and are incentivized to drop them off before 7 am.
Here are our picks for the best dining tables you can buy:Best dining table overall: Origami Drop Leaf Rectangular Dining TableBest budget drop leaf dining table: Threshold 40-inch Square Drop Leaf Rustic Dining TableBest budget dining table: Coaster Home Furnishings Country Farmhouse Dining TableBest dining table for small spaces: Round Weathered Gray Wood Jozy Drop Leaf Table
A 4-foot drop on its edge onto concrete caused a minor crack and scratching along the bottom, which grew larger with a face drop from 4 feet onto concrete and an edge drop from 6 feet onto concrete.
Called Outriders, it's "set in an original dark and desperate sci-fi universe," and features drop-in, drop-out co-op play.
Hopefully, we get our voters turnout and historically and the drop off of the election there&aposs a 30 percent drop off.
However, in Italy, however, the drop in household interest earnings has slid over twice as much as the drop in interest payments.
Yet the drop-off in China and Asia comes amid a very different context than the drop-off in the United States.
Wordpress Aliexpress Drop Shipping Master Class For the uninitiated: drop shipping is the process of selling products without holding any inventory whatsoever.
Employers discriminate against women because they are likely to drop out; but they drop out partly because they are so poorly treated.
It's meant to be a strong narrative game with drop-in-drop-out multiplayer, but as they aren't showing any gameplay yet.
Cross-border IPO activity fell particularly hard, with a 16% drop in volume and a 55% drop in value compared to 2018.
Following that, a 3493-foot drop onto its edge caused a bit more damage, as did a face drop from that height.
While we look forward to every "new arrivals" drop, the winter and holiday collections are always the best drop of the year.
Then there was New Year's Eve, which saw New York City drop to ten degrees—the second-coldest ball drop ever, apparently.
Like I would drop a little drop of it on my wound and it would go "whoosh" and it would magically heal.
It is polling at around 8 percent as infighting and a drop in migrant arrivals have led to a drop in support.
It uses a pour-over method to brew double-strength coffee hot directly over ice, instantly cooling it down drop by drop.
So maybe just have your parents swing by and drop off a bottle at the same time when they drop you off.
Company-funded studies would need to prove to the agency that the smaller drop was just as effective as a larger drop.
A 20 percent drop into bear territory is not out of the question, but any serious drop in stocks should be bought.
Crude officially entered a bear market with Tuesday's drop, and one technical strategist is seeing another 30 percent drop in the commodity.
And I say this having lived through five excruciating minutes during which coffee was brewed drop by drop atop a digital scale.
Another sharp drop in UK car buying had also dampened the mood though analysts said the pound's drop might only be temporary.
In terms of consumption, the U.S. saw an 8.8 percent drop – equivalent to 33 mtoe – while China recorded a 1.6 percent drop.
Some of them we drop a whole step, some we drop a half step, and some are still in the original keys.
No, we're not about to tell you to drop a grand on a new mattress — we're only telling you to drop $400.
It's been drop-tested from heights of up to 11 feet, which is one of the higher drop ranges that I've seen.
The market continued its drop on Tuesday after the S&P 500 fell 3.4% on Monday, its biggest drop in two years.
The drop was likely linked to a drop in pregnancies, since there were fewer births over the same time period, it said.
This is hardly what Americans envision when they drop off glitchy laptops or broken printers at their local recycling drop-off center.
New York has had this truly spectacular crime drop — sharper than the national crime drop — over the last two decades or more.
Sequencing costs are likely to drop in the future, so a Nebula Token could also drop in value as the price goes down.
Episode 4, "Drop by Drop" Gordie performs an autopsy on Cassandra, while some of the stronger boys dig a grave for her outside.
It doesn't help that when the kids drop some bars for their mom to hear, they drop a bunch of f-bombs, too.
The volume may have been making up for a big drop two weeks ago, or reacting to a slight drop in interest rates.
Sebastian Bergne's Drop carafe If you're after a water receptacle you can truly be smug about, designer Sebastian Bergne's Drop carafe is it.
It also says while you can drop in on other rooms in your home, users can decide who can drop in on them.
It was the second-worst single-day point drop in history, beaten only by the record set after this Monday's 21997,175-point drop.
The drop put U.S. crude in a bear market, traditionally defined as a drop of more than 20 percent from a recent high.
"The joy of being a drop in the ocean is that you can choose your drop in the ocean," jokes one foreign veteran.
That represents a drop in prenatal services of nearly 2,000 from 2016 and a drop of nearly 10,85003 from the 2014-2015 period.
" Markell makes a similar point: "A lot of kids who drop out of high school — they don't drop out because they're not intelligent.
In highly selective institutions, only 2202% of students drop out after the first year, while 2628% drop out of the least selective institutions.
It allows voters to mark their ballots at their leisure and either mail it back or drop it in a ballot drop box.
There's a good possibility the Dow could drop under 20,000 and the S&P drop down to 2,500 before we see a turnaround.
"Our new forecasts anticipate a 16% drop in EPS and a 15% drop in price for the year as a whole," she wrote.
On average, the value of companies he writes about drop 10 percent in a year, and some drop as much as 95 percent.
"He was getting a cough drop from [his wife] Laura and I looked over and said, 'Hand me a cough drop,'" Obama explained.
As reported, AccuWeather predicts a 5.3% drop in corn yield and a 7.9% drop in soybean yield this year when compared to 2018.
You might "Drop a line?" to someone by writing to them, but you can also drop a line when you are FISHing. 260A.
Those changes, alongside better emissions controls, led to an 80 percent drop in sulfur dioxide and a 60 percent drop in nitrogen oxides.
It was the first quarter-to-quarter drop in sales at Tesla (TSLA) in nearly two years and the single largest drop ever.
"Many teachers asked me where to drop water so I asked them: Can you be a drop-off point?" van der Heever said.
The Nasdaq Composite was on track for its biggest daily percentage drop this month, weighed down by a 9.5-percent drop in Nvidia.
What's more, Blakemore claims we'll never see a price drop for it, aside from the current 10 percent drop for its Steam launch.
A 4-foot drop on its edge onto concrete similarly did little damage, but a 4-foot face drop, followed by a 43-foot edge drop onto concrete, caused some pretty big cracks in the OnePlus 5T, including in front of its camera.
The Fox News poll also found that Warren's support has dropped since late October -- there was a 13-point drop in her support among those with a college degree; a 12% drop among voters over 45; and an 11-point drop among women.
Rival FedEx is building out a network of drop-off locations to reduce residential delivery costs, which are higher than drop-offs to businesses.
The drop in the middle-class share measured 6 percentage points or more in 53 metro areas, compared with a four-point drop nationally.
United Continental (UAL) reported a 6.5 to 6.75 percent drop in passenger unit revenue in the recently concluded quarter, a smaller than expected drop.
With military-grade performance, this device can withstand dust, water, extreme weather, and the occasional drop (but do your best not to drop it).
The software giant announced the price drop on Twitter today, simply revealing that Xbox One S consoles and bundles will drop by $113 tomorrow.
It's unclear, however, whether the drop in arrests will hold in the coming months when temperatures drop and migrant flows usually tick up again.
Sales of iPads were 13.1 million this quarter, a 19 percent drop in units and 22 percent drop in revenue from the year prior.
Micro-g circumstances can be created basically in seven ways: drop tubes,drop towers,parabolic flights,underwater training,sounding rockets,recoverable satellites,stratospheric balloons.
In a livestreamed address, Sanders didn't drop out or endorse Hillary Clinton, but he didn't not drop out or not endorse Hillary Clinton either.
Since then, automakers have reported a drop in vehicle dales for March, which along with the drop in iPhone sales, have added to nerves.
He said suspects should choose to "drop the drugs or drop dead", but suggested that was merely an expression, not an instruction to kill.
Both Mongolia and Australia have seen volumes supplied drop in the first quarter at a rate just below the overall drop of 28 percent.
Since then automakers have reported a drop in vehicle dales for March, which along with the drop in iPhone sales, have added to nerves.
There was, however, a notable drop in gasoline stocks, which were fell 4.2 million barrels, compared with analysts' expectations for a 171,000-barrel drop.
The biggest declines came in 1988, when farmers saw a 29.4 percent drop in corn yields and a 20.4 percent drop in soybean yields.
The new loot drop treats the weapon skins are standard loot — meaning they're the more common drop — and the glove skins are special loot.
That's a 32 percent drop from the previous quarter, which saw 77.3 million iPhone sales, though there's always a drop-off from the holiday.
While the focus has been on drop administration and ensuring patients can get refills, he said, the industry should be looking at drop size.
Specifically, his ban on trans fats caused a drop in heart attacks, and his smoking ban helped create a 33 percent drop in smoking.
Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet shares all fell during the market decline Tuesday, ranging from a 3.7 percent drop to a 4.8 percent drop.
The Dow dropped 800.49 points or 3.05% to 2,5479.42, its worst percentage drop of the year and fourth-largest point drop of all time.
While the default option is to pick up and drop off at the same location, you can also choose a different drop-off location.
But a drop in shares of Sun Life Financial Inc restrained overall market gains after the insurer reported a drop in quarterly underlying profit.
No one on my team asked me to drop out of the race and I have no plans to drop out of the race.
Monday's drop was the S&P's third-biggest daily percentage drop, beaten only by the 1987 rout and the Great Depression crash in 1929.
On a percentage basis, the steepest drop among tech companies was IT services company DXC, which sank 18%, followed by Western Digital's 13% drop.
NIGERIAN DROP OPEC's largest production drop of 80,000 bpd was in Nigeria, which exported less crude according to ship-tracking data and loading schedules.
Emirates NBD on Monday reported a 15% drop in quarterly net profit, while Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank reported a 16% drop in net profit.
The has gone 14 months without a 5 percent drop and 19 months since the last full-blown correction, or drop of 10 percent.
He also reads them, in voice-over—word after careful word, as if the lines were being squeezed out of him drop by drop.
The group's estimate for new auto sales in Brazil slid to a 19 percent drop from an earlier forecast for a 1673 percent drop.
Revenue beat forecasts, but a comparable-store sales drop of 11.5 percent was larger than the Thomson Reuters consensus for a 7.1 percent drop.
Breaking up the sequence of drop-drop-place like that was illuminating to Lincicome: "I didn't even know that was a thing," she said.
"We designed specific drop‐off locations for each type of cargo: if the type matches, the drop‐off location will signal the robot to release the cargo; otherwise the robot will continue to walk around and search for another drop‐off location," explained Qian.
There's been no explanation for the sudden and precipitous drop in bitcoin's value, but it isn't the only blockchain-based currency to see prices drop.
The steep drop in the estimate comes in the wake of the Federal Reserve's dovish tilt and the subsequent drop in 210.2-year Treasury yields.
The steep drop in the estimate comes in the wake of the Federal Reserve's dovish tilt and the subsequent drop in 10-year Treasury yields.
They project that spending on coverage provisions would drop by about $275 billion in that timespan, while revenues would also drop by about $100 billion.
SHARP DROP IN PENALTIES     Last year, Georgetown's Velikonja documented a sharp drop in total penalties assessed by the commission after Clayton took over as chairman.
The Nasdaq registered its biggest daily drop since June 24, 2016, hurt by technology stocks which had their biggest one-day drop since August 2011.
Shares of Chinese beer giant Tsingtao Brewery Co Ltd fell 2.2 percent, after posting a drop in 2015 profits, the first earnings drop since 1999.
The company did forecast yet another drop in device revenue for the current quarter, though, as Surface sales won't offset another drop in phone sales.
The drop in miscellaneous sales, Statscan said, was led by an 11.1% decline in the agricultural supplies industry, the largest drop seen since June 2018.
The seasonal drop off in fourth-quarter FICC revenue may not be as severe as the 21% sequential drop in the fourth quarter of 2212.
People with trash to drop waited until they reached our yard to drop it, figuring the high grass would cover whatever they needed to discard.
He has, in his words, "been waiting to drop" this summer's playlist, and here it is: Been waiting to drop this: summer playlist, the encore.
But the state incarceration rate began to fall before the federal government's: The state drop began around 2008, while the federal drop began around 2011.
Trump 341Cruz 189Rubio 119Kasich 27Carson 16OTHERS = 351 The "you drop out, no you drop out" talk is as useless now as it was 2wks ago.
Croock's Fibrehoods touts a 231 percent drop in crime for the Dunkeld suburb, while Vumacam's managing director Ashleigh Parry claims an 2000 percent drop there.
Warren's drop in the polls could simply reflect the travails of a frontrunner whose numbers drop in the face of scrutiny, but then bounce back.
In Mr. Trump's first three years, that trend has accelerated, from a 4.5 percent drop in 2017 to a nearly 7 percent drop last year.
Yellen ascribed the inflation drop to "a few unusual reductions in certain categories of prices" and said it would eventually drop out of the calculation.
We'd expect a drop in turnout from a presidential to midterm election, but Texas's drop was less than the average state with a Senate race.
That's largely been driven by a 32-point drop among Democrats and 163-point drop among independents over the past month, the Gallup poll found.
This isn't the first time a big drop in children and families arriving in the US has led to a big drop in total apprehensions.
Here are our picks for the best dining tables you can buy:Best dining table overall: Origami Drop Leaf Rectangular Dining TableBest budget drop leaf dining table: Threshold 40-inch Square Drop Leaf Rustic Dining TableBest budget dining table: Coaster Home Furnishings Country Farmhouse Dining TableBest glass dining table: Brace Dining TableBest dining table for small spaces: Round Weathered Gray Wood Jozy Drop Leaf Table 
A drop in TC/RCs signals that smelters have been forced to drop their rates to attract feed, an indication of a scarcity of mine supply.
QVC — QVC reported a six percent drop in U.S. sales for its third quarter, its first year-over-year drop in the U.S. in seven years.
While Diana wore the pieces both as double drop earrings and studs, Kate has customized the sapphire and diamond stunners to a modern single drop design.
The drop is the second-steepest this year for Facebook, following a 19 percent drop on July 26 after an earnings report warning of slowing sales.
Rather than drop the first atomic bomb on Japan, the team behind the project prepare to drop it on Berlin, and change the course of history.
Same-store sales, on an owned plus licensed basis, are expected to drop 0.5% during the fourth quarter, and drop 0.7% for fiscal 2019, Macy's said.
"I drove to school once to drop the bigs off and back again a little later to drop off the stuff the bigs forgot," she wrote.
United Continental — The airline reported a 6.5 percent to 6.75 percent drop in passenger unit revenue in the recently concluded quarter, a smaller than expected drop.
Zombie rail shooter Drop Dead pushes the motion controls a step further by having you drop your "gun" downward to reload, which is clever and effective.
Through the organization&aposs website , families can search for a drop-off site nearby, and interested local businesses can register to be a drop-off site.
If drop towers and tubes are not enough, an alternative method is to use stratospheric balloons from which researchers can drop a container carrying the experiments.
This drop in support is particularly high among Republicans with an almost 10 percent drop in strongly favorable views of the president among GOP likely voters.
For its standalone Medicare prescription drugs unit, Humana expects a drop of 2.23,000 to 800,000 members in 2019, compared with a drop of 500,000 estimated earlier.
A few years back you didn't have to formulate the kind of "fake drop" which you hear today, because people were so ready for that drop.
Last week, the S&P 21 suffered its biggest weekly percentage drop since August 523, while the Dow had its biggest weekly drop since October 252.
Volkswagen — The automaker posted its 16th monthly sales drop in 18 months, although the pace of the drop slowed to 2.7 percent from February's 4.7 percent.
And to be alive when you first drop it and nothing explodes that you drop it a second time to ensure that the thing will blow.
"The S&P 500 could easily drop to 1,600 because earnings could drop to $75 a share the next time we have a recession," Stockman warned.
It leaves out the drop in others, like New York City, which saw a 1503 percent drop in homicides in the first three months of 2016.
German peer Continental AG slipped 1.6% after reporting a 20% drop in quarterly operating profit and flagged a drop in production of cars and light trucks.
This was down 22015 percent from a year ago, which looks like a big drop versus a 224 percent drop in crude oil over the period.
But most of the drop was caused by a sharp decline in imports, which fell 28500 percent to $6900 billion — the biggest drop since February 2628.
In New York, there was an 22020 percent drop in new diagnoses among Hispanics in 43, and a seven percent drop in new cases among blacks.
That's a 2208 percent drop in the number of deals and a 22015 percent drop in their dollar volume compared with the same period last year.
As big of a drop as DiMaggio had against non-Browns pitching, though, it was nothing compared to Torres's drop-off when facing non-Orioles pitching.
The drop marked the largest single-day point drop in history and brought the total point loss for the week to 3,225.77 points, or 11.1 percent.
Our sleep is so synced with nature that, in the same way temperatures outside drop at night, our body temperature also wants to drop at night.
Another policeman came up and threw his gun on me and told me to drop the billy or he'd drop me, so I dropped the billy.
However, the 19.5 percent drop, to $5.55 billion, in the three months ended March 27, was less than the nearly 23 percent drop analysts were expecting.
The Dow also lost its October gains with Friday's drop, although Boeing (BA) was responsible for about two-thirds of the Dow's nearly 256 point drop.
The Hong Kong Retail Management Association has estimated a 3-4 percent drop in retail sales in 2017, narrowing from an 8.1 percent drop in 2016.
In "Pressure Drop" (2018), what are we to make of the blue drop emerging from the corner where two walls of creamy off-white slats meet?
Last week, the S&P 25 suffered its biggest weekly percentage drop since August 23.56, while the Dow had its biggest weekly drop since October 21.
The Aston Martin Vanquish has been around in its current form since 2012, and the drop-dead gorgeous, drop top, Volante version is just a year younger.
The trains will hit 47 mph, last three minutes, travel 2,755 feet in track, hold 28 passengers, and drop riders from 66 feet at its gnarliest drop.
South Korea expects a 20 percent drop in major shipbuilders' capacity and a 30 percent drop in their workforce by 2018 from 2015, after the restructuring process.
And he said the procedures helped lead, last year, to a 30 percent drop in assaults on officers and a 40 percent drop in shootings by police.
Germany saw a two percent drop in the number of small businesses founded in 2017 after a 10 percent drop the previous year, Statistics Office figures show.
There was a 10 percent drop in job postings in the finance sector across England and a 13.6 percent drop in London, the IPPR said on Friday.
It holds three world records for wooden coasters: Biggest drop (180 feet), steepest drop (85 degrees — nearly a right angle!), and fastest speed (72 miles per hour
But Maryland's drop in the number of violent crimes reported also coincided with a national drop in violent crime reported by the FBI in the same period.
The reserves fell by $28.57 billion in February, easing from a $99.5 billion drop in January and $107.9 billion in December, the biggest monthly drop on record.
Year-over-year sales of mobiles have registered a 6.5 percent drop in North America and have had an even more dramatic 2503 percent drop in Europe.
Cornet floated another forehand drop shot, this one brushing the net, to break for 5-1, and fittingly closed it out with a drop-shot pass combination.
A glaring weak spot in the report was Kate Spade's larger-than-expected drop in same-store sales of 6%, while analysts expected a drop of 1.39%.
But if they're telling him to drop it and he doesn't drop it, that's really going to worry the cops and elevate their perception of the threat.
RRC Team 3 jumped into Tillman Drop Zone in southeast Afghanistan on July 3, 2004, to deploy tactical equipment in a combat military free-fall parachute drop.
According to Reuters, China is pushing the US to drop tariffs on smartphones, laptops, and toys, and also to drop plans to impose further tariffs in December.
I would never take any of my cards off the table… MATTHEWS: Where would we drop  —  where would we drop a nuclear weapon in the Middle East?
The Times also announced Thursday a 20.4% print advertising revenue drop in 2016, which largely drove the 20153 percent drop in total advertising revenue for the year.
I would never take any of my cards off the table... MATTHEWS: Where would we drop  —  where would we drop a nuclear weapon in the Middle East?
Georges St. Pierre's superman jab, which became a staple of his offence, was an application of the drop shift with a leap instead of the drop step.
There's a 10-story, 90-degree vertical drop straight down out of the starting gate; the tallest drop is 100 feet down the side of a ravine.
During the NCAA tournament, the agency predicts that TBS' household total day ratings will drop 20% while truTV will drop 18% and CBS viewership will decline 9%.
Qatari stocks were down 0.5 percent, weighed down by a 0.7 percent drop in market heavyweight Industries Qatar and a 1.4 percent drop in Qatar Insurance Co. .
Alex Trebek might not ever drop a mixtape in this lifetime, but thankfully we don't have to to wait for that miracle to hear him drop bars.
"Drop your weapon, drop your weapon sir, put your weapon on the ground," one store employee told investigators she heard the officer say before he shot Bradford.
The Sports Business Journal reported TNT saw a 23% drop in ratings to start the season, with ESPN, the NBA's other national partner, suffering a 20% drop.
I would never take any of my cards off the table... MATTHEWS: Where would we drop  — where would we drop a nuclear weapon in the Middle East?
Pharrell Williams Towkio Towkio - Tear Drop Towkio - .
Then I was back behind the wheel: Pick up, drop-off, pick up, drop-off, maybe a bathroom break or McDonald's, pick up, drop-off, sunrise, sunset, three days on the road, seven days on the road, 15 prisoners on the van by this point, always on the road.
Later today, what is likely to be the last Yahoo earnings release ever will drop just after 1 pm PT. Drop is exactly the way to put it.
This "regional nuclear war" would subsequently trigger a nuclear autumn, causing a one-degree Celsius temperature drop and a 225 to 25 percent drop in global food production.
The CBOE Volatility index, dubbed Wall Street's "fear gauge", reversed course to drop 252 percent, after having notched its biggest one-day drop since late June on Monday.
My boss took offense to the Mic Drop animation and assumed that I didn't reply to her because I thought her input was petty (hence the Mic Drop).
Goldman's traditional rival, Morgan Stanley, reported on Monday a 54 percent drop in adjusted revenue from fixed income and commodities trading and a similar drop in net profit.
Newmont's shares have gained 39 percent in the past five years, compared to a 26 percent drop for Barrick's stock and a 3 percent drop in gold prices.
The yuan has gained just over 3 percent against the dollar so far this year, following a 6.5 percent drop in 2016 – the biggest annual drop since 33.
Staples were hit by Philip Morris's 152 percent drop and Altria's 2 percent drop after brokerage Jefferies flagged concerns that the two tobacco companies could lose market share.
The grocery chain saw comparable-store sales drop 2.6 percent, more than expected, and is on track for its first yearly drop in same-store sales since 2009.
A brutal cold, coupled with weak consumer spending, resulted in a 1.2 percent drop in Canadian retail sales in April, the largest drop in more than two years.
This makes Microsoft's 2 percent drop less severe, relatively speaking, and therefore Najarian believes that like other tech stocks, Microsoft's drop was due to overreaction about Trump's victory.
A 0.6-point drop may not seem like a huge deal, until you realize that this was Gallup's biggest reported drop since 2008, the start of the recession.
Fintiklis wanted to drop the Trump name from the building and argued in court documents that the Trump Organization's mismanagement caused occupancy levels to drop while expenses rose.
The Appery app builder includes a visual editor using drag and drop components to build the UI. Appery auto-generates the code for any components you drop in.
Britain's Barclays slipped after reporting a 10 percent drop in the quarterly profit, as tough market conditions caused a drop in earnings at its under-pressure investment bank.
It made more left-wing members willing to drop dreams of a big new public program and more centrist members willing to drop hostility to expansion of Medicaid.
St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said the continuing drop in oil had caused a "worrisome" drop in inflation that may make further rate hikes hard to justify.
Shafir said he expects M&A volumes to drop roughly 10 percent this year, and if certain risk factors worsen, they could drop as much as 20 percent.
Perhaps when you wear drop-dead gorgeous dresses every single day of the week, one flub, even one of this magnitude, is just another drop in the bucket.
That confounded forecasters who had predicted a drop of 225 million barrels, especially a day after preliminary data from the American Petroleum Institute indicated an even bigger drop.
The slight decline in goods prices was the first since May 2017, led by a 0.8 percent drop in energy prices and a 0.6 percent drop in food.
February 6: Mirror-image drop and gain The Dow plunges 5003 points at the open, briefly sinking into correction territory — a drop of 10% from its record high.
Oil prices surged on Thursday morning with a larger-than-expected 6.3 million barrel drop in US stockpiles, but later pared those gains after a two percent drop.
The CBOE Volatility index, dubbed Wall Street's "fear gauge", reversed course to drop 4.5 percent, after having notched its biggest one-day drop since late June on Monday.
The slight decline in goods prices was the first since May, 2017, led by a 0.8 percent drop in energy prices and a 0.6 percent drop in food.
Of 870 American drivers surveyed last week, Gridwise found an 8-percent drop in rides to airports, with an almost 18-percent drop to Los Angeles International Airport.
Month by month, year by year, I shed my Russianness; as Chekhov once said about his serf parentage, I squeezed my Russianness out of myself drop by drop.
The 85033-point drop in consumer confidence was the largest since December 2012, when concerns about going over a "fiscal cliff" led to a 9.8 drop in sentiment.
Two Republicans familiar with the plan expect the top income rate will drop to 35% from 39.6%, and the top corporate rate will drop to 20% from 35%.
Like, it's just so easy now for a kid to drop a comment, for a person to drop a comment that they would never say in real life.
"But, you know, he is my leader, and if he decides to drop the swamp and the alligator, I will drop the swamp and the alligator," he said.
In 100 trials, bees were rewarded with a drop of sugar water for the correct choice and punished for the wrong choice with a drop of quinine solution.
The LA Times also reports that divorced women over 50 experienced a 45% drop in their standard of living, compared to a 21% drop for men over 50.
The TSX's moves were in contrast to U.S. stocks, which saw its largest drop in two months, triggered in part by a sharp drop in U.S. home resales.
The 2.1% drop in transactions in the second quarter comes after a 1.6% drop in the first quarter and a 0.8% decline in the fourth quarter of 2015.
LG: He doesn't drop ... [laughter] DF: I did drop a knife the other day, but I was wearing protective shoes so … WM: Have you ever dropped a baby?
But the main reasons for the gradual drop in arrivals are down to factors beyond Germany's control, including a drop in the level of violence in Syria and Iraq.
The drop in cases could partly reflect a drop in staff working on enforcement, where more than 700 people have left the agency in the last year, said Schaeffer.
DTAC reported a 5% drop in service revenue, as its non-voice revenue growth of 10% was not enough to compensate for a 15% drop in its voice revenue.
The decision by the Democratic mayor follows a 103 percent drop in the city's overall crime rate over three years, and an even larger drop in the inmate population.
It was the biggest annual drop since February 2013, when prices fell by the same margin, and exceeded the 0.4 percent drop projected by analysts in a Reuters poll.
And they have a verbal deal and they&aposre going to now drop the tariffs on nonindustrial goods, they&aposre going to drop the tariffs on liquefied natural gas.
A supply glut is to blame for a predicted price drop in Singapore while Brazilian and South African property prices will drop in line with a weakening economic picture.
A handful of states will see average price reductions for silver plans: Alaska, a 22 percent drop; Arizona, a 6 percent reduction; and North Dakota, a 4 percent drop.
Overnight stateside, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 800.49 points to close at 25,479.42 — its worst percentage drop of the year and fourth-largest point drop of all time.
The impact on refined copper imports was a cumulative 533,000 drop over the January-June period, or a 453,000-tonne drop in net terms due to slightly lower exports.
These changes were not reflected in the 2017 pay scheme, which saw overall executive earnings drop 4.3 percent and bank-wide bonuses drop 3.4 percent to 3.2 billion francs.
In other words, we don't know how much trading would drop as a result of the tax, and the more transactions drop, the less revenue there is to raise.
Other items drop literally anywhere in the game, so there's never really a reason to go to, say, Nessus, when that same item might also drop on the Moon.
Mr. Robayo argued that ECU-911 had been responsible for a major drop in murders and an almost 13 percent drop in crime in 2018 from the previous year.
The Dow plummeted by 6900,2628 points Monday for a loss of 28503 percent, the steepest drop by points and its second-steepest drop by percentage in the index's history.
The campaign cites a 50% drop in murders in New York City during Bloomberg's tenure, a fall in police shootings, and a drop in incarceration rates in the city.
"Not only is my son the only chocolate drop in his class, he was the only chocolate drop in his grade for three and a half years," Anderson said.
Mr. Sanders has leapt five points since the last Monmouth poll of the state, Mr. Buttigieg experienced a five-point drop, and Ms. Warren experienced a three-point drop.
The drop in refining activity has helped contribute to the build in oil inventories despite the drop in net imports, said Matt Smith, director of commodity research at ClipperData.
I mean, it's okay to drop some food, but if you have anything heavy, you want to make sure that you don't drop it and it's tethered to you.
"     "The VIX markets are essentially discounting the drop.
This was a drop in mortality of more than 23 percent — far higher than the overall state drop in overdose deaths during the same time period of about 12 percent.
Traditional practices such as FGM and child marriage often force adolescent girls to drop out of school, they said, and schools banning hijabs could lead to higher drop-out rates.
The steep drop in the estimate comes in the wake of the Federal Reserve's plan to suspend interest rate hikes this year and a drop in 10-year Treasury yields.
Wall Street expects adjusted earnings per share to drop 14 percent to $2.00 and revenue to drop 10 percent to $52.0 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.
RON WOLK Warwick, R.I. To the Editor: Nicholas Kristof suggests that the left drop the sanctimony and the right drop the obstructionism in moving toward intelligent approaches to gun violence.
During any 17-year period, he calculates, the stock market typically will suffer at least three corrections (considered a drop of 10%) and one bear market (a drop of 20%).
But if he lived in Providence, the same plan that costs him $259 per month now would drop to $224 per month next year, a more than 13 percent drop.
Car production in April fell 24% on the month, the biggest drop since records began in 1995, and the broader category of 'transport equipment' showed its largest drop since 1974.
I've been chronicling the slow demise of B&N for years now, watching the company bleed out, drop by drop, until it has become a shell of its former value.
"Without spilling a drop of American blood, not one drop of American blood, we've all agreed on a pause, or a ceasefire, in the border region of Syria," Trump said.
These are features that One Drop could have developed on its own, says One Drop CEO Jeff Dachis, but CareKit provided a simple and elegant framework with which to work.
Saudi British Bank posted a 35 percent drop in fourth-quarter net profit, Banque Saudi Fransi reported a 61 percent drop, and Samba Financial Group reported a 12 percent fall.
Bitcoin currently trades at $9,162, a 1.09 percent drop in the last 24 hours, while Ethereum trades at $691, a 1.57 percent drop in the same period, according to CoinMarketCap. 
In the couple dozen crates I've managed to earn, I've only seen a handful of level two cards drop, and have yet to have a single third level card drop.
Meanwhile, 58 percent said Kasich should drop out now, while another 26 percent said he should stay in the race until Cleveland and 15 percent said drop out next month.
"I think their next plan of attack is to drop exports to the U.S. so they can manufacture a drop in the EIA report," said John Kilduff of Again Capital.
A 30 percent tariff would likely result in a 40 percent drop in U.S. soybean exports, resulting in a 5 percent price drop over a few years, the analysis said.
You can literally deck your ears with "bows" of holly with these gold gift bow Holly Drop Earrings or spread holiday cheer with these colorful crystal Christmas Wreath Drop Earrings.
Oil fell over 221 percent on Tuesday and officially entered bear market territory, a drop that has trader Todd Gordon betting on a bigger drop for the embattled energy sector.
The word "drop" is a hint that these hats will be Down entries, and it turns out that they drop at the gray square in each of the theme entries.
SPX plunged 20.5 percent on Black Monday, equal to a drop of over 520 points today, and the Nasdaq dropped 11.4 percent, comparable to a drop of about 750 points.
The coronavirus outbreak is expected to result in a drop in global oil demand over the first three months of 2020, the first quarterly drop in more than 0003 years.
""But when you drop gas or bombs or barrel bombs — they have these massive barrels with dynamite and they drop them right in the middle of a group of people.
The Dow has fallen roughly 85033 percent since trading began Monday, followed by a 6.4 percent drop in the Nasdaq and a 6.3 percent drop in the S&P index.
If a regular line holder cannot swap or drop a trip to China and does not want to fly there, the chief pilot office will drop the trip without pay.
Consumers can either put their LOL packaging and toys in a box and ship it to TerraCycle or drop off the items at one of Terracycle's public drop-off locations.
Warren and Sanders were the closest in that measure, each receiving 10 percent, though the findings represent a 10-point drop for Warren and a 4-point drop for Sanders.
Car production in April fell 24% on the month, the biggest drop since records began in 1995, and the broader category of "transport equipment" showed its largest drop since 1974.
Practice: Even if it seems silly, perform drop, cover and hold on drills: drop down on all fours, cover your head and neck, and crawl under a sturdy desk or table.
Wall Street traditionally defines a correction as a drop of 10 percent or more from recent highs, while a bear market is defined as a drop of 20 percent or more.
European shares fell 5.3 percent for the week, their biggest weekly drop since January 2016, and an index of world stocks also suffered its largest weekly percentage drop since January 133.
NEA leads $21m round for Drop, a rewards app for millennials When we last caught up with CEO and founder Derrick Fung, Drop had recently raised its Series A from NEA.
Dow futures fell, with the implied opening signaling a 150-point drop, while S&P 500 futures pointed to a 21-point decline and NASDAQ futures indicated a 43-point drop.
Pupils who fail those tests are in turn four times likelier to drop out of high school, and those who drop out are eight times likelier to end up in jail.
In Brazil, the American "one-drop rule" works in reverse, meaning that one drop of "white blood" in your heritage lets you self-identify as white, dark brown or light brown.
As with the Galaxy S9, an edge drop from 6 feet didn&apost do much more damage, but a face drop from that height caused half the screen to go white.
I drop off four of my kids at school every morning and an off-duty police officer brings the cars in for the drop off but then leaves when school starts.
The Spaniard scrambled in to feather a sliced drop-shot over the net, raising premature cheers but Djokovic simply swooped on it and sent an even cleverer drop-shot cross-court.
It arrives too late to help you beat the heat this summer, but it will certainly be appreciated when temperatures drop as winter gets closer—if they ever do drop.[Dyson]
Houseparty lets you quickly jump into "parties" of up to 8 people simultaneously, creating drop-in-drop-out style video chats between any friends who are online at the same time.
"What we don't want is the top line increase to drop down, you know, to require hiring a lot more people so it doesn't drop to the bottom line," Hungate said.
" Energy Transfer Equity: "I think the parent company is no nearly as good as owning the drop down [ETP] because the drop down offered a bigger distribution the last time around.
Volkswagen (VLKAY), stung by the diesel rigging scandal, posted its 16th monthly sales drop in 18 months, although the pace of the drop slowed to 2.7 percent from February's 4.7 percent.
Trudeau's drop in popularity was matched by a drop in voter satisfaction on a broad range of issues, including the economy, foreign policy, healthcare and public security, according to the poll.
Imports are seen down 10 percent in February, a improvement from a January's 19 percent drop, while exports are seen declining by 12.5 percent following an 11.2 percent drop in January.
A drop to around 2,300 would put the S&P 500 on the cusp of a bear market, a level marked by a 20 percent drop from a 52-week high.
Slightly fewer, 36 percent, said he should drop out now, while 23 percent said he should drop out next month if he's running behind at the end of the primary season.
The drop in durable goods orders last month was led by a 27.1 percent plunge in civilian aircraft orders, which contributed to a 6.2 percent drop in bookings for transportation equipment.
Police union: Victim refused order to drop weapon Delke gave Hambrick "repeated commands" to drop his weapon -- which was a 9mm Beretta -- Nashville Fraternal Order of Police President James Smallwood said.
The composite dropped to 99.96% on Monday, before experiencing a 16bp drop on Tuesday, the biggest single daily drop since June 2016 following the Brexit vote, according to Thomson Reuters LPC.
These factors outweighed the benefits of a drop in feedstock costs, an increase in overall sales volume and a drop in marketing fees from SABIC, it said, without providing sales figures.
Making TATP typically requires meticulous, time-consuming work, adding the catalyst, drop by drop, to a mixture that must be stirred and kept cool, often with a large quantity of ice.
The numbers: The Dow plummeted by 2,997 points Monday for a loss of 2023 percent, the steepest drop by points and its second-steepest drop by percentage in the index's history.
In the Registry Editor, click on the drop-down which reads "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE," then click on "SOFTWARE," and then the drop-down menu that reads "Policies," and then another that reads "Microsoft." 
You guys announced relatively recently, I don't know when we'll drop drop this, but relatively recently you raised $70 million and I think people knew you were out looking for money.
The Australian study found that buying back 3,500 guns per 100,000 people correlated with up to a 50 percent drop in firearm homicides and a 74 percent drop in gun suicides.
Graphic: National Beverage stock crushed by sales drop - tmsnrt.
Check out the pics ... and let your jaw drop.
Growth continues dominance over value ** Financials drop 2.7 pct.
John Kasich -- to drop out of the 2016 race.
You bring that girl to him — mic drop moment.
Watermelon Drop — Vincennes, Indiana Seventeen, to be precise. 3.
The euro's modest drop helped put the dollar index .
" Police, guns drawn, asked the student to "drop it.
In 2015, it was 458 — a 250 percent drop.
SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Call it the ultimate mike drop.
Despite the sharp drop in sterling, the dollar index .
Some want to add Turkish — and perhaps drop English.
" He didn't say "Drop this investigation now, or else.
" Trump also described Wednesday's market drop as "a correction.
So ... just a drop in the bucket for AB.
The weak factory orders data was flagged by a report last month showing a drop in demand for long-lasting manufactured goods in April, as well as a drop in manufacturing production.
It remains the best performing precious metal this quarter, with a drop of just 8 percent, compared with a 14 percent drop in gold prices and an 11 percent retreat in platinum.
Now, Uber won't give riders a drop-off spot when they request a Pool ride, but will instead recalculate the drop-off spot every few seconds as the car nears the destination.
To help at drop-off, they suggested that Kyle bring her to school all this week and do curbside drop-off with her teacher to avoid the parent-child doorway-threshold drama.
They found a 17 percent drop in the number of gun homicides, and a 6 percent drop in gun suicides in each state that started waiting periods because of the Brady Act.
Tech21 drop test all their cases 20 times in a bespoke impact testing machine, capturing up to 90,000 raw data points and carrying out up to 1.5 million calculations for each drop.
But that optimism faded on Tuesday and, along with a drop in longer-dated U.S Treasury yields, sent the S&P to its biggest single-day percentage drop in about two months.
The drop-off in construction jobs last month was steep — employment at construction sites saw the biggest drop since December 2013 (though many economist chalk that up to colder temperatures in February).
They report a 17 percent drop in gun-related homicides nationwide during that period—just like the results from their 45-year analysis—and a six percent drop in gun-related suicides.
" Referencing his integral role at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, he added, "If you're at the wedding, don't drop the rings, and if you're at the baptism, don't drop the baby.
Analysts said the drop was due to maintenance work at the LNG terminals and the pipelines feeding them, and fog, which forced several vessels to drop anchor in the Gulf of Mexico.
On Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 373 points, the biggest single drop of the year and the worst day since September, while the Nasdaq had its biggest drop since June.
"The rise in refined product inventories more than offsets the crude oil inventory drop, and there was a notable, if not spectacular, drop in implied gasoline demand on the week," said Kilduff.
Britain's FTSE 100 fell 0.5% as uncertainty over a looming general election compounded a 25% drop in shares of BP after the oil major posted a sharp drop in third quarter profit.
But sales of the device have slowed and last month the company reported its first quarterly drop ever in iPhone sales, along with its first drop in overall revenue in 13 years.
Analysts said the drop was due to maintenance work at the LNG terminals and pipelines feeding them, and fog, which had forced several vessels to drop anchor in the Gulf of Mexico.
Forty percent say Sanders should drop out after the final primaries; 30 percent say he should drop out now; and 28 percent say he should stay in the race through the convention.
February's year-on-year drop was driven by a 7.1 percent decline in manufacturing activity, a 6.7 percent drop in mining activity and a 4.9 percent decrease in wholesale and retail commerce.
But Samsung's semiconductor business saw sales drop 15% YoY, with an even bigger 34% drop in its memory segment, which has been a massive driver of revenue and profit in recent years.
In Colorado, for example, a similar program led to a 42 percent drop in the teen abortion rate, and a 40 percent drop in the teen birth rate between 2009 and 2013.
Well, the NBA is not letting this drop during All-Star weekend, picking up on the media's jaw-drop wonder at Kyrie's rejection of empirical truth, and having some fun with it.
King of the mic drop, Obama has made so many legendary speeches and performances during his time as president that it reached a point where he literally decided to drop the mic.
Imagine Bungie making it so the Lost Pacific gear set and randomly-rolled Arcology weapons only drop on Titan, but they drop from any activity set there as frequently as players wanted.
During any 17-year period, he calculates, the stock market typically will suffer at least three corrections (considered a drop of 10%) and at least one bear market (a drop of 20%).
Three of the phrases drop the O from the first part of the phrase, and two drop it from the last part, which is fine because there is no odd man out.
I change into clothes for my Pilates/barre/yoga class, pack up the two packages I'm returning and drop them at the UPS drop box in our building, and walk to class.
BANGKOK, May 7 (Reuters) - The world's largest canned tuna producer Thai Union Group Pcl reported a 39 percent drop in quarterly profit due to falling sales and a drop in tuna prices.
Travelers Co was down 1.9 percent after a 5 percent drop last week and Progressive Corp was down 2.0 percent after last week's 5.7 percent drop, while Chubb Ltd fell 1 percent.
Britain's FTSE 100 fell 0.5% as uncertainty over a looming general election compounded a 2.6% drop in shares of BP after the oil major posted a sharp drop in third quarter profit.
Delke said he saw Hambrick holding a gun and asked him to drop it as both men were running, the warrant states, adding that Delke said Hambrick did not drop his weapon.
The study found that following such a drop, stocks tended to fall further, with a median decline of 25 percent one week later and a drop of 23 percent two weeks later.
The nastiest mechanism (which I preferred, of course), would clue it simply as [Drop knuckleheads behind] where the clues for LAG [Drop behind] and PEABRAINS [knuckleheads] are interleaved, just like the answer.
Of the prior 22019 occurrences, the oil drop overlapped eight times with what Ned Davis Research defines as a cyclical bear market - a 226.2 percent drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average .
There was a sharp drop in emissions in 2008 due to the recession; it would be wrong to attribute that drop to the tax, which only went into effect in July 2008.
"I know the difficulties confronting museums today, between a drop in attendance, particularly linked to the drop in tourism, and a rise in security expenses," Azoulay said, according to the Art Newspaper.
FNAC shares hit their lowest since July on Friday and are on track for a 13-percent drop for their weakest week in 5-1/2 years, Carrefour is set for a 7.6 percent drop this week, its worst since July, and Air France has fallen 10 percent so far, its biggest weekly drop since August.
FNAC shares hit their lowest since July on Friday and are on track for a 16-percent drop for their weakest week in 13-1/2 years, Carrefour is set for a 7.6 percent drop this week, its worst since July, and Air France has fallen 10 percent so far, its biggest weekly drop since August.
Whatever the larger fate of our climate research, if you assume a safe deployment for Grace-FO, the twins might circle Earth together for two billion miles or so, measuring the subtle gravitational tug of our water much as their predecessors have, until their orbits drop and drop and then drop so much that both burn up and vanish.
One at a time, each team member must waddle across the room with the potato between their legs and drop it into the bucket, like you would drop a deuce in the toilet.
It's that time of year when kids around the world begin waiting with baited breath for Santa Claus, hoping he'll drop by their home, squeeze down the chimney, and drop off some gifts.
The output drop highlighted the deep pain spreading through the second-largest oil producing state, with the more than 50 percent drop in crude prices since late 2014 fueling spending cuts and layoffs.
MariaDB, the company behind the eponymous MySQL drop-in replacement database, today announced that it has acquired Clustrix, which itself is a MySQL drop-in replacement database, but with a focus on scalability.
That is such a monumental goal that Biosphere 2 is only a drop in the bucket of everything that must be understood, but Biosphere 2 is a very important drop in that bucket.
Southwest Airlines — The airline expects third quarter revenue per available seat mile to drop 3.5 percent to 4.5 percent, with about a half point of that drop resulting from July's computer system disruption.
As the drop quickly cools, its outer layer experiences a temperature drop faster than its interior, which results in extreme compressive forces on the outside, but strong tensile (pulling) stresses on the inside.
You can specify who can Drop In on you, and you can disable the feature for a specific device if, say, you don't ever want anyone to Drop In on your bedroom activities.
Like other insurers, Allianz's property and casualty business was hit hard by European floods and storms in the second quarter, contributing to a 37 percent drop in operating profit drop in that business.
People using the drop-boxes can manage their laundry via the Tide Cleaners app, submitting cleaning instructions and their drop-box number, before they are notified when their washing is ready for collection.
Border apprehensions drop Also in the hearing, Kelly touted an "absolutely amazing" drop in the number of apprehensions at the Southern border on Wednesday as evidence that Trump's executive orders are already working.
Gasoline stocks fell 4.5 million barrels, the largest weekly drop in almost two years and more than three times larger than the 1.4 million-barrel drop expected by analysts in a Reuters poll.
Looking under the hood of the data, the drop in prices was in large part due to a drop in food inflation, which printed at 3.7% in February, compared to 4.2% in January.
But Lee warns that over the past two years, there has been a 9 percent drop in enrollment, and an even higher 40 percent drop among people signing up for the first time.
Only 2628 percent said he should drop out after the last votes are cast on June 28500 in the final Democratic primary in Washington, D.C. Sixteen percent said Sanders should drop out now.
That put the shares on pace for a 12.3 percent drop for the week, just shy of a 12.8 percent weekly drop in October that was the largest such decline since March 2009.
The outbreak has been viewed as an apparent factor in a major drop in the stock market that also happened on Monday, with the Dow Jones Industrial having its largest drop since 2008.
The drop of the stock market on Wednesday puts the S&P 500 down 14.5 percent from its recent peak — a drop of 20 percent would put stocks in a new bear market.
They then dissolved the rock in chemicals that eat away any material that was not organic, leaving pollen samples behind in a black goop which the team could search through, drop by drop.
Although there was a drop in Chinese and Italian tourists visiting South Coast Plaza because of travel restrictions, Downing said that drop has been offset by its "local domestic and other international shoppers."
Those gains come after the Dow plummeted around 600 points on Friday — its worst day since August — while the S&P 500's 1.8% drop was its biggest one-day drop since October.
Our data shows that if you don't meet people at the requisite frequencies, you'll drop down through the layers until eventually you drop out of the 150 and become 'somebody you once knew.
Researchers at Johns Hopkins found that when Connecticut established a licensing law in 1995, it was associated with a 40 percent drop in gun homicides and a 15 percent drop in gun suicides.
"Overall the volumes will not drop within Europe," Scowsill said.
By Tuesday, the temperature is expected to drop below 40C.
It's now worth about $24.5 million, marking a 97% drop.
They're clearly gearing up to drop some big, weird news.
Analysts said the drop to the lowest level since Feb.
With Wednesday's drop, Pivotal shares are down 33% this year.
It was the largest drop for the index since September.
But the details prompted a drop in prices below $33.
The online radio service blamed a drop in active listeners.
Could a coalition government drop Brexit on the same grounds?
I had to drop out of college for a while.
Expect to drop another $500 to $1,000 for a lens.
Oil prices and the world's financial markets continue to drop.
The rupee fell 1.6%, its biggest drop since early December.
That's about a 2261 percent drop in the OIA total.
It included a larger 3.0 percent drop in energy stocks.
The gains partly made up for Friday's 7.7 percent drop.
Waymo decided to drop its claims on U.S. Patent Nos.
Last month's surge in new home sales unwound April's drop.
After church, I drop the kids off and head home.
Taxis, Ubers, and Lyfts pick up and drop off riders.
After I've released a few episodes, I'll drop my project.
By 2065, it's expected to drop to just 733 million.
" "I once wore drop crotch harem pants because they're comfortable.
It's expected to drop even more, according to Gartner's predictions.
For about a year, I watched my principal drop dramatically.
That's also after you drop $100 on the camera itself.
It is currently a 27 percent drop away from $250.
This sharp drop coincides with a surge in interest rates.
No big whoop, another drop in the bucket of rumors.
"The pier appeared to drop straight down," said one witness.
According to authorities, deputies ordered Mouhib to drop the knife.
A drop to $28 would mark an 11 percent decline.
For women especially, bone density may drop after age 30.
Obamacare supporters have blamed the drop in enrollment on HealthCare.
Some artists, like Beyoncé, just drop albums unexpectedly on us.
The ride does exist and is called the Gyro Drop.
That is because of the drop in mortgage interest rates.
I hope that Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie drop out.
DHS touts drop in border crossings  amid 'zero tolerance' push.
They were all people forced to drop out of rehabilitation.
Patiently waiting for this Kendrick to drop on Spotify pic.twitter.
Kilduff noted that a drop in exports has been expected.
His condition deteriorated and he eventually had to drop out.
The biggest difference is now you can drag and drop.
MILAN (Reuters) - The biggest one-day drop in AstraZeneca (AZN.
Kate Spade New York crystal AB drop earrings, $64; amazon.
Technology stocks were lower, led by Intel's 1.8 percent drop.
Consider what is helpful to you — and drop the rest.
Apparel prices tumbled 1.6 percent, the biggest drop since 1949.
Ten days since they last received a drop of water.
Ahead, check out the inaugural drop of this size extension.
Conspiracy theorists and mystics drop in colloidal silver and crystals.
And even so, this is a drop in the bucket.
Well, HBO did drop a trailer on Sunday, February 24.
This drop in pressure causes bubbles to form and bam!
If not, expect most of them to drop out soon.
But Tesla recently posted its biggest drop in sales ever.
And not a drop of corn syrup to be seen!
Caterpillar's 13 percent drop weighed the most on the index.
During the flight, temperatures outside an airplane also drop dramatically.
Knowing where I tend to drop the ball on things.
The Dow is set to drop 50 points, or 0.2%.
But drop towers offer only a few seconds of microgravity.
Before they jump, a pararescueman jumpmaster monitors the drop zone.
Till You Drop is a polemic with a simple thesis.
Meanwhile, the music video for "GTFO" will drop on Friday.
We hope Silas continues to push Timberlake to drop hits.
I don't understand rappers who drop one CD a year.
The 30 percent drop in share prices might seem overdone.
And ultimately, the two companies decided to drop their application.
A swing to 2,100 would be a 19 percent drop.
Reid wanted to drop it to a simple majority (250).
Get in touch with us via email or Secure Drop.
Betting on a market drop has been a total loser.
Caterpillar's 523 percent drop weighed the most on the Dow.
That drop in battery life reduces the phone's thickness, too.
Analysts surveyed by Reuters had forecast a drop to 51.3.
It's not impossible to drop 30 pounds in a month.
Sunday's decline was the sharpest one day drop since Nov.
Drop the gift idea and go for a subscription box.
So drop what you're doing and shop it right now!
We all got new shit together that's gonna drop soon.
But Haddish just couldn't 'drop it,' as Lawson would say.
Alexa can also drop in on home from the car.
I suggest we get a round a lemon drop shots.
On a second ballot, I think he'll drop a lot.
Additionally, you can now drag and drop photos between apps.
This drop hardly helps companies, but it isn't ruinous either.
"It wasn't anything they wanted to drop," the source added.
She accessorized with diamond drop earrings and a beaded clutch.
US jets drop napalm on Viet Cong positions in 1962.
Instead, users drag and drop content through the Mighty app.
Illumina's expecting that to drop further to 30% this year.
Shop 'til You Drop is something much better, much deeper.
Its successor, the newly announced R2, can drop the vestigia.
Today, the inaugural drop hits shelves at Saks Fifth Avenue.
Whenever I felt my energy drop, I'd take another bump.
Stay golden, Troye — and drop another album already, will ya?!
They go down there or up there to drop help.
Overall, this was Apple's first quarterly sales drop since 2003.
"I mean, I loved making Drop Dead Gorgeous," Dunst said.
This is basically Netflix's equivalent of a surprise album drop.
Both candidates now say their party opponents should drop out.
But is there going to be another shoe to drop?
Today Spitzer will formally drop all charges against the couple.
Not a drop of blue dye anywhere in this advert.
Analysts were calling for a drop of 1.3% this quarter.
The club offered a prime view of the ball drop.
When the houses get clogged, the animals just drop them.
A drop in U.S. oil production this week supported prices.
In return, I drop him at work on my way.
If you don't keep people engaged, then people drop out.
He doesn't normally drop the child off at the daycare.
Just be careful not to drop too many crumbs, Pig.
Students often drop out of school to enter the workforce.
It was also helped by a dramatic drop in crime.
He also has a tear drop under his right eye.
It would need to drop 62% to reach that level.
That worry was specifically behind the drop Thursday in Apple.
Clinton's polling began to drop, but he controlled the damage.
But that alone does not explain such a steep drop.
But don't expect to see the price drop by much.
"A vending machine will just drop things out," he said.
A child's lead levels usually drop quickly after exposure ends.
Windchills were forecast to drop as low as –50 degrees.
This year's figures, published in August, showed yet another drop.
The whole staff had to drop everything to do it.
Polish government bond yields tracked a drop in Bund yields.
A drop in vaccination rates is behind many measles outbreaks.
She fired back with a mic drop of her own.
Oliver's gesture, though, is only a drop in the bucket.
This calmer, clearer combination actually allows temperatures to drop faster.
Does the thought of public speaking make your stomach drop?
Meanwhile, China will drop the foreign ownership cap on banks.
There's nary a drop in sight on any of it.
Please tune in to the puzzle, but don't drop out!
Some even asked for a PayPal link to drop donations.
Google has no choice but to drop the offending restrictions.
Contrast that with health care, which saw almost no drop.
Contrast that with health care, which saw almost no drop.
" She adds, "After I drop off the kids, I exercise.
A drop in fertility doesn't change climate forecasts very much.
They make sure we don't drop an important phone call.
Harrison really likes the look of the new Drop Shades.
Wondering which ones I used to the very last drop?
And as more people do this, Target's fulfillment costs drop.
A slight drop in the participation rate was a negative.
I think that could be the next shoe to drop.
It was a 44% drop from the previous film's opening.
Continues to warn that ad growth will drop in 2017.
Drop down to comments for my answer to this question!
Electromuse will drop on vinyl and digital on October 28.
Turkey can ill afford a similar drop in German arrivals.
A sharp drop in China iron ore futures hit miners.
She could drop to the ground, stiffen all her legs.
It's almost inevitable it will drop off at some point.
Kylie Jenner continues to drop subtle hints about her pregnancy.
You can totally drop the nukes on other people's bases.
At Tuesday's levels, the presumed drop was closer to 7%.
Parents would drop kids off, let them roam the mall.
SPX notching a 5 percent drop so far this month.
Feel free to drop a comment about anything we missed.
"It's literally just a drop in the bucket," Boom said.
No. It's been too long to just drop out now.
The average drop for the Nasdaq was negative 11.5 percent.
Her new album is set to drop in the fall.
That is the real world power of the drop kick.
Ted Cruz to drop out of the election race. 217.
A lot of them drop out of physical rehabilitation programs.
Traders said a sharp drop could weigh on the pound.
Again, most Snapchat loyalists probably won't drop it all together.
Another 1 percent drop would take it down to 2,700.
So, for me, that was sort of a mic drop.
"My jaw dropped when I saw [Drop In]," Frankel said.
Simply drag and drop your image into the app's window.
The album was originally expected to drop on Jan. 13.
Go deeper: Retail spending sees biggest monthly drop since 2009
Yet the dowry market has not seen any discernible drop.
"A lot of that drop happened pretty recently," Twenge commented.
Rosenhaus is the second agent to drop Manziel this year.
The company expects the price to drop as it scales.
Drop in thin cucumber slices, lemon wedges, or raspberries. 3.
The U.S. economy is healthy but other shoes could drop.
Nonetheless, a 40% drop in luminosity indicates a serious recession.
A few friends stop by and drop off our chainsaw.
Fan engagement dictates if and when new issues will drop.
They can then drop their bags and proceed to security.
Prices notched their biggest daily percentage drop since February 2016.
The tax credit will drop to $1,875 after June 30.
After the appointment, we drop the car at the garage.
Trading data now suggest the Dow could drop 630 points.
Stock futures fell Monday, implying a 480 point drop Tuesday.
My boyfriend offers to drop me off after the fair.
Until 2015, when the number saw its first recorded drop.
Levi also reported a 17% drop in quarterly adjusted profit.
What do we gain when we drop the safety behaviors?
And then it will peak, and that number will drop.
"You can clap now," he says, miming a mic drop.
"I think her bodyguards should drop all weapons," he said.
The drop in the suicide rate was even more significant.
There are specific places to drop electronics, for a reason.
Losses mounted anew in November with a 6 percent drop.
This quarter earnings overall are expected to drop by 2.3%.
Imported food prices tumbled 1.63%, the second straight monthly drop.
The Nasdaq Composite saw its largest daily drop since Jun.
As such, last week's drop likely exaggerates labor market strength.
Drop sites are currently located in Illinois, Indiana, and California.
U.S. business schools are seeing a major drop in applications.
Friday's market drop was preceded by plenty of bad news.
That's a significant drop from the normal price of £4,199.99.
Insurance becomes even more unaffordable, so more people drop it.
The president was unfazed by the drop in his ratings.
But I'm also very picky about my cough drop flavors.
There is ample room for Venezuela's output to drop further.
The officers repeatedly ordered Mr. DeJesus to drop the knife.
That had been its biggest daily drop since August 2015.
So if you're reading this, Tony, drop me a line.
You just drop your line, hit the bottom, and jig.
After the article, advertisers begin to drop the O'Reilly Factor.
This quarter notably saw an iPhone price drop in China.
Brice experienced a significant drop in velocity during spring training.
Drop any acts, share your heart, and be yourself, Pisces!
Doing helo drop tests in next few weeks to solve.
A text alert notifies shoppers when a drop is happening.
Just drop it, let the situation end, and move on.

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