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"stop" Definitions
  1. a place where a bus or train stops regularly for passengers to get on or off
  2. an act of stopping or stopping something; the state of being stopped
  3. (also more frequent full stop, full point) (all British English) (North American English period) the mark ( . ) used at the end of a sentence and in some abbreviations, for example e.g.
  4. a row of pipes on an organ that produce the different sounds
  5. a handle on an organ that the player pushes in or pulls out to control the sound produced by the pipes
  6. a speech sound made by stopping the flow of air coming out of the mouth and then suddenly releasing it, for example /p/, /k/, /t/ synonym plosive see also glottal stop

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"stop" Synonyms
end halt put an end to put a stop to finish terminate cut short bring to an end finish off arrest bring to a stop discontinue nip in the bud bring to a halt wind up bring to a close call a halt to cease interrupt bring to a standstill refrain from desist from quit forbear from break off cut out call it a day give up abandon abstain from leave off knock off pack in suspend desist forsake park station pull up pull in pull over draw up come to a stop come to rest come to a halt come to a standstill check stay stall still catch hold up fetch up bring up come to an end conclude draw to a close be over close pause come to a close complete close out culminate stem hold back block slow staunch contain plug restrict barricade caulk clog curb curtail dam hinder restrain seal stifle prevent obstruct impede deter bar hamper hamstring forbid inhibit preclude prohibit stymie thwart dissuade from interdict foil forestall circumvent counter cramp derail oppose defeat get out of beat bypass escape evade frustrate put paid to withhold detain retain constrain cut off deny keep back suppress hold off on lay off refuse hesitate hold on sit tight wait call time deliberate hang on have a breather take a break think twice hold your fire hold your horses rest stop briefly take a breather take five take ten break put up have a break relax sojourn tarry lodge put your feet up take it easy best conquer top trounce better outclass outperform outplay overwhelm surpass transcend crush dispatch exceed excel get get around abolish cancel quash annul rescind eradicate repeal nullify destroy invalidate eliminate annihilate obliterate void abrogate kill extinguish revoke ban disallow proscribe veto debar exclude outlaw embargo obviate taboo fail crash malfunction collapse die bomb bust vitiate idle spoil compromise damage endamage weaken buttonhole accost approach waylay importune collar confront grab hail nobble intercept solicit ambush corner take aside shout to call to immobilise(UK) immobilize(US) disable deactivate cripple incapacitate paralyse(UK) paralyze(US) disenable disarm jam inactivate debilitate impair kibosh make inoperative render inoperative render inactive turn off cut disconnect unplug shut trip douse shut off switch off flick off shut down power down put off board house dwell accommodate reside quarter room shelter bunk live inhabit abide harbor(US) domicile settle roof harbour(UK) dissuade discourage disincline disadvise dehort divert deprecate sidetrack counsel scare off advise against warn off caution against talk out of persuade against waver vacillate dither falter delay fluctuate teeter haver stagger swither wobble oscillate scruple dawdle equivocate temporise(UK) save defend protect avert guard safeguard salvage reclaim retrieve fortify garrison preserve rescue shield remain linger dally loiter bide hover hang around stay put stick around kick about kick around hang round freeze stun numb stupefy anesthetize(US) anaesthetize(UK) benumb gorgonize transfix go rigid render motionless stand still stop dead stop in your tracks stop suddenly become motionless become paralysed disrupt disorder confuse disarrange disorganize disturb jumble discompose upset muddle disarray dishevel derange muss rumple shuffle tousle dislocate scramble disjoint alight land perch light roost descend arrive sit touch down come down ground dock set down fall drop fly down settle down resist defy challenge combat contest dispute fight protest let up lessen diminish abate wane decrease dwindle subside ebb moderate decline ease recede shrink relent lower taper remit slacken fold flop flatline liquidate go bankrupt close down go under cease trading become insolvent go bust be shut be closed bode augur forebode foreshadow betoken portend predict presage promise signify threaten prophesy forbode foretell herald indicate purport adumbrate divine forecast admit defeat surrender capitulate submit backpedal withdraw give in back down cave in give way throw in the towel climb down lay down arms pull out back out yield concede defeat succumb apprehend nab seize nail capture pinch nick cop take bag do imprison incarcerate field return cover fetch throw back pick up go after nap chill out lie down lounge around catch a few 'z' s catch forty winks put your head down ease off take a rest take time out stop off visit call drop in stop by call in come by pop in drop by come around come over pay a call on drop in on pay a visit to look in look in on call by stop in swing by call in on greet salute address halloo attend bow compliment curtsy embrace flag highball high-five nod nod to recognise(UK) recognize(US) attack surprise assail ambuscade rob surprize entrap mug trap box bushwhack jump lurk prowl end up hit reach appear materialise(UK) materialize(US) come to get to end up at blow in bob up finish up get as far as turn up fetch up at make it to pop up cap crown blanket mantle overlay crest overtop coat surmount layer overspread tip encrust cake smear besmear plaster cessation conclusion termination standstill stoppage discontinuation suspension discontinuance shutdown closure disruption blockage stopover layover stop-off breather hiatus break in your journey respite pitstop pit stop destination outing holiday vacation tarriance visitation tour residence vacay depot terminal terminus bus stop stopping place fare stage stage way station station stop railway station coach station bus station passenger station train station full stop period full point point punctuation mark dot full-point plain point decimal point middot tittle deterrent encumbrance impediment obstacle barrier hindrance hitch hurdle inhibition obstruction shackle stumbling block chain crimp drag handicap interference fence railing hedge rail paling wall hedgerow roadblock partition screen balustrade boundary enclosure trellis groin(US) groyne(UK) target design haven landing-place point of disembarkation port of call resting-place landing place journey's end restroom break servicing stop brief stop call of nature refueling stop rest stop service stop plosive occlusive crackdown clampdown repression suppression abolition crushing elimination eradication getting tough restraint restriction severe measures squelching stern measures strike cork stopper bung peg shive spigot spile stopple covering lid phellem bolt latch occludent motionlessness idleness immobility inactivity inertia stasis immovability inertness stagnancy stationary stillness fixity a halt a standstill a stop absence of movement tackle interception hold throw confrontation intersection junction crossing crossroads interchange T-junction carrefour crossroad crossways roundabout circle cloverleaf crosswalk crossway fork road junction level crossing railway crossing traffic circle tab flap tag label loop handle lappet marker sticker strap ticket bookmark clip holder logo slip strip stub docket whoa hoe never mind nothing don't bother drop it forget it ignore it don't concern yourself forget about it it doesn't matter it's all right let it go don't bother about don't concern yourself with don't give a second thought to don't take into consideration don't think twice about don't worry about it's not important don't apologize don't worry about it More
"stop" Antonyms
start begin commence do undertake carry out engage in initiate tackle take up embark on get cracking on get down to get to introduce kick off set to begin undertaking cause enter carry on continue keep on keep up carry on with go on with keep at proceed with stick with sustain keep on with maintain persevere in persevere with persist in persist with press on with push on push on with stick at take off depart go leave pull out accelerate blast off clear out hightail move on withdraw advance begone drive forge ahead get out hit the road hit the trail launch lift off persevere persist perpetuate press on proceed drag on endure go on hold hold on hold up keep going not give up not stop unblock clear unclog unstop release clean out discharge disencumber empty free free up purge liberate open unburden unpack encourage motivate permit allow let push approve spur abet acquiesce condone consent to egg embolden empower endorse grant incentify expedite support advocate aid assist back be in favor of champion defend facilitate help approve of favour(UK) get behind promote sanction supply distribute deliver give provide afford allocate allot apportion assign disburse dispense disperse give out hand out present turn over administer appropriate rush dash charge hustle run surge bolt break fly press race scramble tear barrel bustle dart hurry scurry sprint lose to be beaten by be defeated by fall to go down to capitulate to fail against succumb to yield to be humbled by come up short against go under against suffer defeat against surrender to take a beating against take a licking against create authorise(UK) authorize(US) establish found institute legalise(UK) legalize(US) reinstate reintroduce restore retain revive further hasten forward ease foster impel precipitate cultivate incite inflame rouse spread stimulate compliment express light praise turn to appear emerge materialise(UK) materialize(US) issue develop unfold pop come into view become visible come into sight pop up reveal itself come to light bob up be within view expose itself heave into view hove into view take shape work perform operate respond function progress move start up be effective get a move on come into effect get going be running get underway activate actuate propel spark trigger turn on appeal cheer crank up delight enchant fascinate set off touch off occasion draw generate elicit prompt arouse bring produce engender evoke induce influence provoke bring about proffer offer extend propose submit propound proposition tender disdain dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) dismiss disparage dribble drip slight whisper say goodbye to beginning commencement initiation birth inauguration kickoff onset opening outset startup commencing dawn dawning arrival genesis creation establishment foundation continuation continuance follow-on follow-up sequel extension persistence prolongation continuity activity action resumption introduction progression advancement advantage assistance benefit boost catalyst edge impetus incentive stimulant stimulus encouragement relief allowance blessing boon clearance facilitation freedom furtherance liberation perfection permission strength expedition agility haste speed quickness rapidity rapidness promptness swiftness expeditiousness hastiness fastness hurriedness speediness alacrity urgency velocity briskness hastening busyness clamor(US) clamour(UK) disturbance energy flare-up loudness noise agreement breakthrough motion movement

802 Sentences With "stop"

How to use stop in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "stop" and check conjugation/comparative form for "stop". Mastering all the usages of "stop" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"Stop, stop, stop, stop," Mercedes told him with some urgency.
" Then, suddenly, I get what the trouble is, and I'm yelling "Whoa, stop, stop, stop, stop!
Before viewers stop viewing, advertisers stop advertising and publishers stop publishing.
"Stop blaming everything else — stop blaming your parents, stop blaming India, stop blaming America," Rupak's American girlfriend eventually rebukes him.
You stop eating properly, you stop sleeping properly, you stop washing properly.
Stop moaning, stop making it personal, be thicker-skinned, stop being snowflakes.
From left to right: f-stop 1.4, f-stop 4, f-stop 5.6.
She reported her mother said, 'Stop, stop,' but Mr. Banks did not stop.
Stop idealizing, stop thinking about what could be, and stop overgeneralizing what's going on.
"Stop, stop, stop, I forgot the words," he exclaimed shortly after starting the song.
Stop with the evasions, stop the flip-flopping and backtracking, stop insulting voters' intelligence.
Kylie Jenner can't stop working, and she can't stop — won't stop — changing her hair.
This is a very wealthy man who has all the -- (CROSSTALK) INGRAHAM: Stop, stop, stop.
"Stop, stop, stop" they shouted so they could hear the names coming over the loudspeaker.
Stop Wasting My Time With This Stupid Planet X Doomsday Conspiracy Theory BullshitHoly shit, stop, please stop.
And they have to stop the terror, stop the attacks, stop the teaching of hatred, you know?
Tell the king to stop murdering the innocent, to stop hurting the stranger, to stop mistreating the poor.
I don't want to stop being here just getting drafted, stop working, stop looking for more and more.
It's akin to picking Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" (One more rule of karaoke: Do stop "Don't Stop Believin'").
UNRWA must stop hiring terrorists, stop letting its facilities be used by terrorists, stop glorifying martyrdom, stop erasing Israel from maps, and stop encouraging Palestinians to hold onto a right of return that actually undermines a potential two-state solution.
We're not going to stop touching — stop saying hi to each other or stop giving each other high-fives.
A rash that won't stop itching, a lower back that won't stop aching, a child who won't stop vomiting.
Is the solution to stop researching, stop innovating and stop trying to create new technologies to maintain the status quo?
But it's not going to stop, it's not going to stop, it's not going to stop till you wise up.
In this safe space, I could stop trying, stop covering up emotions, stop pretending — and then the tears leaked through.
In that, let's stop saying "ad blocking is evil and wrong," I'm gonna try and stop it and stop this.
" First it was, "Stop nagging us, stop being hysterical.
" In a Sunday interview with Bloomberg, Persson described recent climate protests as being "about 'stop doing things, stop consuming, stop flying.
" We know what Papa Jackson would say: "Stop pressurin' me / Just stop pressurin' me / Stop pressurin' me / Make me wanna scream.
When I get bored of it, I'll stop playing tennis completely or I'll stop that routine first before I stop playing.
And everyone just needs to say stop it, unequivocally, stop.
Kylie Jenner can't stop, won't stop -- getting tattooed, that is.
And if someone tells you to stop, you should stop.
They stop wearing white (or refuse to stop wearing white).
Can't stop, won't stop- Can you ever get a break?
That's just a piece of her (can't stop, won't stop).
Because that was my stop, the stop that I knew.
Your citizens are suffering, stop the bleeding, stop the loss.
"Can't stop, won't stop" seems to be Target's new motto.
Can't Stop, Won't Stop comes to Apple Music in June.
I cannot stop them if I wanted to stop them.
Cynthia Nixon: If you stop lying, I will stop interrupting.
Stop running from the truth, stop running from the people.
"Hey show me your hands — stop, stop," one officer shouted.
"It's been stop and save, stop and save," she said.
This needs to stop and it needs to stop now.
Click "Stop Share" or "Pause Share" to stop the broadcast.
The producer can't say stop, the director can't say stop.
Make it stop, holy mother of cyberhell, make it stop!
What happens to a people when they stop believing, stop hoping, stop trusting that a concerted effort toward improvement will bear fruit?
You can make a pit stop (a "fast stop"), or you can do something to break a fast ("made a fast stop").
Stop worrying about panels, stop worrying about who's on the television show, stop worrying about who's getting an Oscar, this is ridiculous.
If the fake news people want to stop being insulted and they want to stop the CNN sucks (inaudible), then just stop sucking.
We called after the twins to slow down, to stay to the right, to watch where they were going, to stop, stop, stop.
" I've never tasted a dessert quite like it — nor have I ever had someone crossing-guard me along the way: "Stop, stop, stop!
"Stop stop stop I have the best life and make my own decisions so tired of this bull crap," she replied to one.
Stop making excuses for why your campaigns don't work, stop being okay with mediocre results, and please stop blaming the influencers you hire.
Again, unless the laws stop it, it's not going to stop.
If they stop frequenting these places, the sex trafficking would stop.
"Can't stop, won't stop," Brown said Wednesday on Good Morning America.
Stop worrying about stop snitching- because you are helping his mom.
Glossier is of those beauty brands that can't stop, won't stop.
The stress of dating doesn't stop after you stop needing Tinder.
The government should stop them and stop them from expanding again.
But we have to stop the rhetoric, stop the finger pointing.
" Blevins jumps up and runs, as the officers yell "Stop, stop!
When the police stop killing black people, I'll stop wearing fur.
"We didn't stop, just like he doesn't stop," Mr. Marroquin said.
Now, there's two stars that fans can't stop, won't stop shipping.
Can't stop, won't stop ... fueling these hard-to-ignore dating rumors.
When you talk, stop eating and when you eat, stop talking.
To stop flooding, we cannot ask water to stop being water.
We won't stop growing in numbers until we stop this crisis.
Waymo cars don't learn to stop at stop lights, for example.
Let me just stop you and say you need to stop.
Can't stop, won't stop: Inside the mostly black, underground skate scene.
Because I wanted to stop and they wanted me to stop.
When you stop moving, when I stop moving, it stops moving.
And it has to stop and it has to stop now.
They can't stop covering him, and he can't stop consuming it.
You'd stop hiding behind your Twitter account, stop blaming everyone else.
"My sister said, 'Stop this nonsense, stop this nonsense,'" she said.
This is just another stop, and there will be another stop.
How do you stop that if they're not going to stop?
The only way to stop the SPLC is if people stop giving it money and the media stop quoting it or taking it seriously.
I have not heard the opponents stand up and say 'stop the McDonalds subsidy, stop the Burger King subsidy, stop the small business subsidy!
He also said Cuba should stop harboring U.S. fugitives, stop interfering in the United States' bilateral trade with Venezuela and stop oppressing its people.
Stop making all their plans for them, stop arranging their lives so that you can experience vicarious achievement and stop interfering with their education.
"When you stop paying people to be in a study, when they stop getting reminder phone calls, they often stop doing it," he said.
" In Mr. Reich's utopia, he wrote, "we'll just stop consuming what we don't need, stop doing meaningless work, stop playing war and ego games.
But those chuckles transformed into shit-eating grins, as Scott Foster came to absolutely dominate the goal, putting up stop after stop after stop.
"If you don't stop him he's not going to stop," he says.
If we stop accepting refugees, other countries will stop accepting them too.
They tried to stop me, but by then they couldn't stop it.
If you stop talking about it, then I'll stop talking about it.
And maybe if we stop measuring fabric, we'll stop measuring size, too.
I got to pull over if you keep doing this. Stop. Stop.
I want women to stop beating themselves up for everything — just stop.
Did you stop innovating and stop bringing new ideas to the table?
If Swiggy and others stop subsidising their customers, they may stop buying.
The Economist: Who exactly told you to stop tweeting and stop writing?
So stop flying United, and tell your friends to stop flying United.
When we stop moving in mind, body, and spirit, we stop learning.
" Or, as the slogan for the expansion says, "can't stop, won't stop.
"I will stop whenever my daughter is ready to stop," she says.
It says you can always text "STOP" to stop receiving promotional texts.
In order to stop domestic terrorism, we need to stop domestic violence.
China can't stop North Korea and it can't stop the United States.
"And if she wants me to stop, I'll stop on a dime."
If you're a business, stop using single-use plastic straws, full stop.
These attacks must stop, and it is on us to stop them.
If it isn't working you stop taking it, and thus stop paying.
We just couldn't stop it, but the players did not stop trying.
"Stop picking on the poor, stop picking on the undocumented," he said.
Our organization doesn't ever stop improving, and the work doesn't stop, either.
You stop evolving and stop growing, and you disappear from the universe.
People stop writing, friends stop visiting, and prison slowly becomes your home.
No matter how they try to stop our efforts, we won't stop.
"If these attacks do not stop, we will stop them," he said.
Stop de Kindermoord (Stop the Child Murder) was among the most prominent.
Build up, had to stop, build up, had to stop three times.
"It has to stop and it has to stop now," he tweeted.
It's technically one stop south of the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall stop.
We thought after the election, it would stop, but it didn't stop.
"Man, y'all stop playin' — like, stop playing with me," Davis told ESPN.
For me, if I ever stop learning, I need to stop working.
Thus, the theory is if we stop building, they will stop building!
There's even a safe word — Stop — which will immediately stop the massage.
To stop lying about the drinking, I had to stop lying entirely.
This week, Nick still can't stop talking about his past, Chris Harrison can't stop talking in vague truisms, and Corrine can't stop talking about herself.
Its the same familiar tune: stop posting pictures of minors, stop making fun of people with mental and physical disabilities, stop posting peoples' personal information.
"When we were looking at this, we thought there were three overriding goals: stop the killing, stop the trafficking and stop the demand," she said.
Stop the analysis, stop the back-and-forth, stop the pro and con list, and seriously take steps down the path to make it happen.
The drownings will stop when the boats stop leaving, and the boats will stop when the traffickers can no longer convince migrants they can get across.
Stop the countless college visits, stop the help with the application essay, stop sending the message that the value of the kid = name of the school.
Never tone it down, never stop talking, never stop being who you are.
The cast couldn't stop the beat, and they couldn't stop the kissing either!
When they mobilized to stop a "deportation force," they didn't actually stop ICE.
But I could stop working on the marketing and the income would stop.
If you stop responding to a crying baby it will just stop crying.
"Can't stop, won't stop," said Brown, fresh off her season of The Bachelorette.
The words are nearly identical in stop after stop for weeks and weeks.
We've got to stop meddling, we've got to stop everybody from attacking us.
At stop after stop on Tuesday, he reminded voters that he can win.
"Stop trying to demonize real artist Stop trying to compromise art," he tweeted.
So you have to stop your equipment, stop your brewery operations with beer.
Nobody could stop me from achieving my dreams and nobody can stop you!
The only way to stop medication-overuse headaches is to stop taking medication.
"We have to stop meddling and stop everybody from attacking us," Trump said.
I found very early in life to stop those things, stop it cold.
"I had to stop a lot, like at every stop sign," she said.
When are we going to stop mincing words and stop giving free passes?
If someone with alcoholism wants to stop being an alcoholic, they will stop.
"Thein Sein ordered the army to stop, but they didn't stop," he said.
We want Iran to stop attacking our embassies, to stop killing our diplomats.
"Mortgages aren't going to stop, grocery shopping's not going to stop," he said.
RELATED: Tech advocates want to stop a new Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act.
"Stop the waves, stop the smog," said one banner flapping in the wind.
"Stop all this, listen, stop all this, please," Guzmán says on the call.
It isn't going to stop until we stop buying the stuff it makes.
Safety hardly ever requires a full stop by bikes at a stop sign.
"We will not stop pressuring Iran to stop its destabilizing behavior," he said.
How about this: You stop being terrible, we'll stop pointing it out, O.K.?
"I said, 'Stop moaning, and stop crying in your beer,' " Mr. Clarkson recalls.
The third stop from the bottom of the map, a planned stop, is Grand Avenue, not Stuyvesant Cove; the planned stop above that is Stuyvesant Cove, not East 34th Street; and the existing stop above that is East 34th Street.
Protesters marched behind a heavyset blue and yellow truck kitted out by Stop Evictions Berlin for demonstration, carrying signs declaring ZORN (anger) and STOP ZQANGSRÄUMUNGEN (stop evictions).
The group continues down the hallway and nears the door to a stairwell, but someone can be heard saying, "stop, stop, stop!" before they open the door.
My landscape lighting will stop turning on and off, my security lights will stop reacting to motion, and my home made vacation burglar deterrent will stop working.
We have to stop drugs and crime and criminals and human trafficking and we have to stop all of those things that a strong wall will stop.
"I've asked them to try and stop killing, stop kidnapping and stop extorting people," Rangel said in a recent interview in a church in Chilpancingo, Guerrero's capital.
If you stop doing the things above you can stop being a neo-Nazi.
"It&aposs going to stop or we&aposll stop trading with them," he said.
"Stop the anonymity and you'll stop 95% of the crap out there," Ciabarra said.
Hudgens isn't the only person who can't stop, won't stop singing Swift's new song.
I knew if I didn't stop cold turkey I would never stop using it.
Especially being a mom yourself, you should really stop judging other women... stop hating .
"Stop" consonants—those that stop the airflow entirely—get an ee sound after them.
"They need to stop wasting or stop investing money in Alzheimer's now," Suneja said.
"The hate and division must stop and it must stop right now," he said.
"This doesn't stop drugs and doesn't stop criminals from crossing the border," Mulvaney said.
If I didn't feel comfortable, I would stop dancing, and they would stop, too.
I told him, sir please stop, and he said he wasn't going to stop.
She repeatedly asked Twitter to stop the feed, texting "STOP," but it kept coming.
As Varga predicts, Sy can't stop himself from acting to stop all of this.
"Stop the faff, stop the fudge, get on with it," she said, addressing Mrs.
Can't Stop Won't Stop: A Bad Boy Story releases on Apple Music June 25.
Of course, the future doesn't stop coming just because you stop planning for it.
On the way up, we stop every 10 feet, with each stop lasting longer.
My therapist says these attacks will stop once I stop being afraid of them.
People stop inviting you to birthday parties; they stop inviting you to baby showers.
If you want to stop the timer at any point, tap the stop button. 
" She urged critics of his accuser to stop "the attacks and stop shaming her.
But that doesn't mean the press should stop taking pictures or stop writing stories.
She told me afterward that she told him to stop, but he wouldn't stop.
He was driving himself from stop to stop in a rented red Dodge Caravan.
Maybe we'd stop using her if she'd stop making offensive comments all the time.
"You've seen them talking about it at campaign stop after campaign stop," he says.
Clinton to stop "looking in the rearview mirror" and stop reliving her electoral loss.
"No war with Iran, stop the threats, stop the bombs," chanted demonstrators in Manhattan.
When you stop, the Ionic will stop the workout and log it for you.
Would stop trying to mean something, would stop trying to break their broken hearts.
How do you stop being ... how do you stop the infection of Silicon Valley?
One of the I think best things the president did this week was tell Angela Merkel stop giving, stop creating dependency on Putin and a hostile regime. Stop.
I don't want to stop looking in your eyes, I don't want to stop seeing that smile, I don't want to stop hearing that laugh, seeing those dimples.
One of the questions asked was about the inner cities, that's part of is, but we're going to work on education, stop try and stop crime, we have great law enforcement, we're not going to try and stop, we're going to stop crime.
At each stop, the driver will swipe in his or her app to acknowledge that they've arrived at the stop before the directions to the next stop are given.
He could not stop looking at me with these googly eyes, he could not stop wanting to kiss me, he could not stop telling me how hot I was.
President Trump, please stop the hypocrisy, please stop lying, please stop the silliness and please try to govern and not ruin the greatest democracy the world has ever seen.
Even they say 72 percent of the American people want the heroin to stop, the cartels to stop, the gang members to stop and those that wish us ill.
" Jolly, appearing Monday on CNN's "New Day," urged Trump to "stop taking on fake news, stop taking on the judiciary, stop taking on Senators, John McCain, do your job.
"Stop the whispering, stop the corridor coups, stop trying to pressure an elected leader of the Labour Party to stand down without any vote or democracy," his spokesman said.
The protestors were equipped with banners with slogans such as "Stop Amazon and its world" and "Amazon: for the climate, for employment, stop expanding, stop overproduction," according to BBC.
The protestors were equipped with banners with slogans such as "Stop Amazon and its world" and "Amazon: for the climate, for employment, stop expanding, stop overproduction," according to BBC.
We have to stop abducting children and ripping them from their parents' arms, and stop putting kids in cages, and stop making 3-year-olds defend themselves in court.
Universities won't change their practices until alumni stop contributing money and, yes, stop attending reunions.
If we say stop it, don&apost on, this is that going to stop them?
"When you stop f—-ing with people's lives and families, I'll stop too," she states.
"Please stop, please stop," she asks, visibly holding back her tears before putting on sunglasses.
You have to listen to your body.. when it is telling you to stop.. Stop!
Mr Curtis: You said young people only want to stop Brexit and stop climate change.
The only way to stop this is to stop buying from pet stores, says Goodwin.
The baby tempts me to stop at Magnolia Bakery at Penn, but I stop myself.
The traffic stop After making the July 19 stop, Tensing asked DuBose for his license.
A malfunctioning robot has to order people to stop trusting it and stop following it.
They want to stop speech, stop debate, and they are terrorizing people, Trump speaking out.
Nick Cannon can't stop, won't stop ... hanging with exes, and Christina Milian is the latest!
Some people say the only way to stop online harassment is to stop going online.
The US can stop them from crossing, but it can't stop them from trying again.
When we stop fighting for our ideals abroad, we stop fighting for them at home.
If we don't stop doing that, how do we expect men to stop doing that?
Tell the Harasser to Stop If you feel safe, tell the harasser directly to stop.
He called it the Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies—or Stop Bezos—Act.
"Sexually active women who stop using birth control should stop drinking alcohol," stated the CDC.
We can't stop every atrocity, and I'm not even sure we can stop this one.
People would stop writing them—especially in fucking February—if you'd stop looking at them.
I've reached bus stop 256—the final stop before the great unknown, before true freedom.
The CDC argues women should stop drinking as soon as they stop using birth control.
And if we stop paying attention, and stop engaging, that means we've effectively given up.
For instance, when you tickle your kids and they tell you to stop, you stop.
We should stop obsessing over how many single mothers there are and stop shaming them.
"Manufacturing and construction activity can stop, you can't easily stop producing metals," a trader said.
Trying to stop influenza-like transmission is a bit like trying to stop the wind.
I stop at the agent at my home stop to get help with my card.
So you just hope to be conscious all the time, so you won't hurt anyone, and you learn how to stop asking for things: stop asking for approval, stop asking for absolution, stop asking for forgiveness in advance of the stupid thing you're gonna say.
"So many people who have been threatened on Twitter stop publishing critical things online, they stop going to protests, and, even worse, sometimes they stop going outside," Escorcia told me.
One of many recent bus-stop accidents In most states, drivers are required to stop and wait for a stopped school bus flashing its lights with a raised stop arm.
The delight that is Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish can't stop, won't stop talking about Beyoncé.
The focus of an active shooter incident is to stop the killing, then, stop the dying.
College basketball's most notorious villain either can't stop, or won't stop, or we're all going crazy.
The traffic stop After making the July 19, 2015, stop, Tensing asked DuBose for his license.
Love you all so much; let's not stop our conversation, and let's never stop dancing. XOXO.
Fighting may not stop everywhere The agreement doesn't necessarily stop fighting outside of the safe zone.
Halfway in, I had to stop supporting them and start mentally pleading for them to stop.
While she can't stop Westmoreland, she can steer him — so Cosima says she'll stop him herself.
The first is when people stop noticing who is Dalit; the second when they stop caring.
It can't stop, won't stop maturing, ripening, sharpening, and, in the case of moldy cheeses—decaying.
We strongly urge all riders with 2nd generation boards to stop riding and stop charging them.
You can't just stop all research in AI and you can't stop all research in biotech.
Can't Stop, Won't Stop highlights the most iconic, and highly publicized milestones in the label's history.
" Crystal Espinal: "He started crying & you were like, 'Shut up, shut up, stop crying, stop crying.
Random. We started at the last stop and people just kept getting on at each stop.
And for my part, we just need to stop all this... stop and love one another.
For the love of God, stop taking nude photos and stop saving them on a cloud.
Stop campaigning in states that are gone: CT, NY, ME, CA, CO and VA. Just stop.
Finally, you'll stop running into ghosts from the past, and hopefully, you'll stop losing your keys.
"We're not here to stop hunger, we're here to stop food going to waste," says Smith.
"Stop everything, listen, stop everything, I've surrendered," Guzman can be heard saying as police look on.
"Scott would never stop after I gave him multiple commands to stop," Slager said in November.
"NYC politicians better stop pandering — ending stop & frisk would be a disaster," he wrote on Twitter.
We're going to stop it, we're going to stop people from coming into our country illegally.
As you might expect, Swift can't stop, won't stop grooving, even when she's not actually performing.
Cars have to stop, he explained, and that makes all the other cars behind them stop.
But these threats against ICE officers and their families must stop, and they must stop now.
Ten kilometers later, they stop on the side of the road, and they stop me again.
And that would happen if we stop being prudent and stop trying to isolate too soon.
What do you want me to do — stop using my phone or stop cleaning my toilet?
None of that will stop Putin from denying meddling allegations — or stop Trump from trusting him.
"When you're out there, you stop being a man, or stop being a woman," he said.
"Stop, stop," was all I could say, but of course, this only made everyone laugh harder.
And of course armed guards can't stop all school shootings—they didn't stop Columbine, after all.
To stop the dance, STOP Safe organizers decided to buy as many tickets as they could.
Desperate people do desperate things; stop shutting Peggy out, and maybe she'll stop pressing so hard.
Hodges could not recall whether the stop was described as a traffic or a felony stop.
Ms. Tsai described the visit as "unofficial," saying, "A transit stop is just a transit stop."
"But it did not stop me from criticizing the @WhiteHouse, and will not stop me here."
We'll stop it, we'll stop the drugs from pouring into our nation and poisoning our youth.
"Stop attacks on schools, stop attacks on hospitals, stop attacks on medical personnel," the United Nations top humanitarian official in Syria, Yacoub El Hillo, said at a news conference in Geneva.
Stop taking on fake news, stop taking on the judiciary, stop taking on senators, John McCainJohn Sidney McCain3 real problems Republicans need to address to win in 2020 Fighter pilot vs.
So instead of her saying to me, "And then I yelled down at them 'Stop, stop, what are you doing,'" she was pretending she had her camera in her hand filming, and she was yelling "Stop, stop" — and then I'd put her in next to you.
" He continues, "I just remember trying to stop myself laughing I was pinching my hands trying to hurt myself so I would stop laughing and I just couldn't physically stop myself laughing.
"We are going to build a great border wall to stop illegal immigration, to stop the gangs and the violence, and to stop the drugs from pouring into our communities," Trump said.
Look at CBS News, even they say 72% of the American people want the heroin to stop, the cartels to stop, the gang members to stop, and those that wish us ill.
" She ended the note on a quote from Miley Cyrus: "We can't stop, and we won't stop.
Finally, my legs stop turning over quickly enough and I hit the stop button: 19:30. Interesting.
HANNITY: Can you partner with Russia to perhaps stop the fomenting of terror, stop the proxy wars?
They must stop the big drug and people flows, or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA.
Let&aposs stop this seniority system and let&aposs stop protecting employees who aren&apost working hard.
Stop using (and stop your friends from using) the Bering Strait Theory to justify aggressive land theft.
And secondly, we&aposll stop it, means that there&aposs intent to do something to stop it.
Image: Evan Dorkin and Veronica Fish (Dark Horse Comics)Evan Dorkin can't stop, won't stop making comics.
She says I should know the difference between a playful 'no, stop' and a hard 'NO, STOP.
I feel my mother's pain and I want to stop, but I know I cannot stop now.
The government can't stop them — it can only sue to stop them, in a court of law.
Next stop ... New York ... where the Giants will try to put a stop to the turn up.
Maybe now we can stop with the snake emoji and stop creating "drama" where there is none.
But if me drinking this is going to kill macaws in the Amazon, I&aposll stop stop.
If you stop engaging, you stop being confusing (and creepily voyeuristic), and that's best for everyone involved.
Facebook can't stop this, of course, any more than it can stop murder or mayhem or death.
"Anti-Semitism is horrible and it's going to stop and it has to stop," he said Feb.
Will the Fed choose to gradually stop reinvesting — "tapering," in Fed parlance — or stop all at once?
"Anti-Semitism is horrible and it's going to stop and it has to stop," Trump told MSNBC.
It is unlikely to stop the revolt — but no matter, the revolt is unlikely to stop Trump.
For some, the Ryan "candidacy" was intended to be the ultimate "Stop Trump" and "Stop Cruz" move.
It issued a "cease-and-desist to stop practicing veterinary medicine, not to stop massaging," she said.
Also like stop-and-frisk, there are severe racial disparities in the usage of stop-and-search.
While Trump will never change, GOP leaders should stop enabling him — or America will stop enabling them.
He banged it out, he was tireless, racing up and down the street from stop to stop.
"That won't stop our introduction, and it certainly won't stop the council's discussion and action," she said.
" The book urged women to "shut up, stop whining, and for goodness' sake, stop nagging your husband.
I'm gonna keep going and I'm not gonna stop until I say that it's time to stop.
Your #KaraJack tl;dr:Jack: We need to stop X.Kara: What specifically are you doing to stop X?
Passengers will be able to stop the ride at anytime by making a stop in the car.
Passing a bus stop, I could scarcely suppress the urge to stop and offer people a lift.
Whereas air sign Gemini can't stop talking about their ideas, Cancer can't stop talking about their emotions.
It's probably too late to stop a recession, but it's not too late to stop a depression.
North Korea wants that to stop, and the US wants North Korea to stop building nuclear weapons.
We think we need to have them stop nuclear weapons and they need to stop it now.
"That means we need to calmly start separating ourselves ... stop gathering [and] stop going out," he said.
"Can't stop, won't stop," Brown said last Wednesday on Good Morning America, when the cast was revealed.
The stop, also known as the "pigeon poop stop," has locals dodging falling feathers and flying excrement.
He also pleaded guilty to driving without a license and failing to stop at a stop sign.
Artificially distorted prices at first led industry to stop new investment and, later, to stop production altogether.
But that-- that's not gonna stop the-- that's not gonna stop the thought police in the media.
Stock strategists Friday said the stock market would not stop shaking out until bond yields stop rising.
" Larry Baer walked away — with the phone in his hand — while saying the following: "Stop, Pam. Stop.
Stop making assumptions about things you don't actually know and definitely stop spending based on those assumptions.
"We need to cut emissions by 50% by 2030, stop fracking and stop coal mines," she adds.
"Modi has been either unwilling to stop his rise, or unable to stop his rise," he said.
The war between vampires and werewolves will only stop when people stop going to see Underworld movies.
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Soon after, according to the affidavit, he began demanding that Nabila change her clothing and exercise habits, stop wearing makeup, stop socializing and stop taking the children to visit her father in Jerusalem.
" She went on: "Stop leasing cars, stop eating out, stop doing the things that's wasting your money and makes your life easier, because in the long run it's going to make it harder.
Look at CBS News, even they say 72 percent of the American people want the heroin to stop, the cartels to stop, the gang members to stop, and those that wish us ill.
When included in the film (as here), everything is infused with a pulsating and flickering go-stop-go-stop-go-stop-go energy, evoking a hyperactive current of industrial forces on the body.
So, I won&apost stop the President for saying what he&aposs saying and stop trying to protest.
If you are definitely in danger, wouldn&apost you stop at the first place you could stop at?
"You're not going to stop him from tweeting any more than you're going to stop me from tweeting."
Then Hulu will stop asking you to keep watching and it will stop suggesting shows just like it.
However, should she have to make a choice, she can stop acting...but she will never stop Gooping.
"I am not resisting," Straw yells several times, repeatedly shouting "stop, stop" and "help" as the blows continue.
Did I clearly understand that all I had to do was say stop if I wanted to stop?
" Depp allegedly responded by "grabbing [her] arms to stop her punching him again and told her to stop.
She'd beg him to stop but he told her that nothing could ever stop him: She was powerless.
"If they want to stop people from talking to the press, they got to stop being so scandalous."
Washington has called on the YPG to stop seeking additional territory and Ankara to stop shelling YPG positions.
There is no guarantee that execution of a stop order will be at or near the stop price.
I stop once at a rest stop to fill up on gas, browse Instagram, and stretch my legs.
" Gandhi said, "Before I could tell your son to stop eating sugar, I had to stop eating sugar.
Stop sucking the joy out of our souls, stop stealing our laughter and turning it into Facebook likes.
None of this makes any sense because it's not happening, full stop — but that doesn't stop Warner Bros.
The Hills reboot can't stop, won't stop making news, and it's not even back on our screens yet.
Carmen had to stop the pedals from turning, but she did not know how to stop the pedals.
And it'd be cool to see young women and how they'd stop that, stop being taken advantage of.
But stop right there, stop getting comfortable, because 2016 isn't done blessing us with good music just yet.
Monika Deshmukh, 36, was driving and failed to stop at a stop sign near Chadbourn, North Carolina, Sgt.
While the "Don't Stop Me Now" singer continued to battle his illness in private, he didn't stop working.
Virts, the American, described the fueling stop as "NASCAR pit-stop intense" after the flight, the AP reported.
He has also suggested that women stop blow-drying their hair and that everyone stop ironing their clothes.
Washington (CNN)Former presidential photographer Pete Souza can't stop, and won't stop, throwing shade at the Trump administration.
Finally, click on Share and you're ready—use Start broadcast to begin recording and Stop broadcast to stop.
The "stop" was an acronym for "stop taking our privileges," effectively summarizing the position of the amendment's opponents.
If you would stop such recklessness in your personal life, would you also stop it with your vote?
Likewise, when you stop exercising, the watch will ask if you are done and stop tracking the workout.
The officer told me there was a stop sign that I was supposed to stop and I didn't.
So China's not saying, North Korea, you stop your offensive training, and US, you stop your defensive training.
I think that if you want to stop smoking, the first step is to decide to stop smoking.
If you want to hit your quarterly earning, you stop providing education, and you stop investing in innovation.
And if the message is stop meddling in our country, stop violating our sovereignty, then I support that.
I stop at a truck stop to grab a bubbly water, gum, and a pouch of apple sauce.
Then vecuronium bromide is provided to stop the inmate's breathing, followed by potassium chloride to stop the heart.
But American voters can stop Trump, and America and its allies can stop Putin — if they act together.
And he continued to stop himself in mid-thought and immediately stop talking when his time ran out.
If you are eating, stop; if you are having a drink, stop; if you are sleeping, wake up.
Don't talk to me about the 'stop school violence act,' because that does nothing to stop school shootings.
But he also asked my grandmother to stop teaching when Alabama schools were finally integrated (she didn't stop).
Others contenders, like Ms. Harris and Mr. Booker, essentially delivered stump speeches at stop after stop this fall.
But that doesn't stop us from Googling, and it doesn't stop Google from sourcing snippet results from CNW.
North Korea was willing to stop selling missiles and North Korea was even willing to stop making missiles.
If we want to stop amnesty, then we must stop Eric Cantor on this Election Day, June 10.
"Everyone always says, 'I like you, you're in my top three,'" Ms. Klobuchar said, at stop after stop.
In Tunisia, it ran a page titled "Stop à la Désinformation et aux Mensonges" ("Stop Disinformation and Lies").
It needs to stop, and the international organisations advising it to keep doing it need to stop too.
If they can't stop drugs from coming in, 'cause they can stop them a lot easier than us.
If you care too much, you'll stop watching—but if you care too little you'll also stop watching.
If they can't stop drugs from coming in — because they could stop them a lot easier than us.
"The best way Philip Morris could help people to stop smoking is to stop making cigarettes," he added.
It was called the "Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies Act"—or the Stop BEZOS Act. Subtle?
The problem is change, and to fix it, we simply have to stop moving: YOU MUST STOP MOVING!
"Asking people to stop apologizing is like asking them to stop saying hello and goodbye," Dr. Tannen said.
I think it's appropriate to warn—you'd better stop, in the name of almighty God, you'd better stop.
You never stop pedaling; if you stop pedaling, a cannon sounds and you're airlifted out of the arena.
It lands on the upper part of the bot's exterior causing it to stop, which makes everything stop.
" Trump on The Wall "We are going to build a great border wall to stop illegal immigration, to stop the gangs and the violence, and to stop the drugs from pouring into our communities.
Of course, if you stop having bad sex, you might stop having sex at allA fun thing that happens, though, when you stop letting yourself have bad sex: You have much less sex altogether.
"I can be ordered by the Supreme Court to stop it, but there are things that they cannot stop and, maybe, I will not stop," he said of a possible suspension of the writ.
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And if the CNN town hall is to be believed, that power-point will include mandates to get America to stop eating cheeseburgers, stop driving gas-using cars and stop sipping with plastic straws.
" Kim was never willing to disarm, Lewis said, but he may have been prepared to "have those weapons recede from view, stop testing, stop showing them off at parades, stop threatening people with them.
They don't know when to stop—they never have known when to stop, they do not know how to stop—because they have never really understood why they got started in the first place.
I got on at the Second Avenue stop in Manhattan — when I snapped these photos in 2016, the train ran between the Second Avenue stop in Manhattan and the Queens Plaza stop in Queens.
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She decided to stop coloring before her hair fell out, but that didn't mean she had to stop experimenting.
Netflix can't stop, won't stop coming out with hits this winter season, and not all of them holiday-related.
I understand he wants to stop illegal immigration, I understand he wants to stop crime, that's fine, that's awesome.
The only way to stop losing energy is to stop moving, so the balls end up at rest again.
"We hope the government will never stop the search, never stop, until all the victims are found," Siagian said.
I stop for gas on the way ($20.70) and slide through every stop sign on the icy side roads.
On cross examination she acknowledged that during such a stop officers should diligently pursue the purpose of the stop.
If you want to stop flossing, you could probably also stop going to the doctor for an annual checkup.
"At a stop sign, we stop and look both ways to figure out what the danger is," she says.
"They must stop the big drug and people flows, or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA," he concluded.
The girl didn't stop the two times at first so she had to forcefully tell the girl to stop.
"[Even if I stop sending forwards,] I can't control it; I can't stop people from sending them," she said.
Above the vehicle's rhythmic shaking, Samantha can be heard saying, "We should stop…please…please…" He does not stop.
The only way to stop it is to stop idolizing people for doing remarkably unremarkable things on the internet.
That's why he is shooting people and he won't stop until his mother or girlfriend tell him to stop.
Samantha Markle, Meghan's half-sister on her father's side, can't stop, won't stop trash talking Prince Harry's new wife.
If we don't stop it or somehow put a flag in the ... Whatever, whatever you do to stop them.
They will not stop so we cannot stop but we have to understand that we are in this together.
France has also ordered Facebook and WhatsApp to stop sharing data, demanding that the companies stop within a month.
You see, last winter Roberts couldn't stop, wouldn't stop wearing velvet shoes — specifically, those in a deep red hue.
The report advises health practitioners to inform women to stop drinking as soon as they stop taking birth control.
They won't even stop digging the hole, to get out of the hole you have to stop digging first.
The number one way to stop gun violence in Chicago is to stop pulling the trigger of a gun.
I will never stop mourning the death of Vine, and will never be able to stop watching glorious compilations.
That in mind, the only way to stop feeling like an imposter is to stop thinking like an imposter.
Can't Stop, Won't Stop is directed by Daniel Kaufman, who, before this project, had no feature-length film experience.
Apparently it does to lots of people, who can't stop, won't stop, accusing Spears of faking it on stage.
"It doesn't stop, our phone won't stop ringing," Connie West, of the Little A'le'Inn, told the Las Vegas Sun.
He should lead by example, stop politicizing these issues and stop smearing members of Congress," he continued," Greenblatt continued.
There is, now, a literary term for a book you can't stop reading that makes you stop to think.
Stop thinking about 'dieting'Registered nutritionist Lily Soutter agrees that it's important to stop thinking about being on a diet.
" In the caption, Hart wrote, "Stop looking for reasons to be negative…Stop searching for reasons to be angry….
It doesn't mean you have to stop, for you can still drive flat out and be 'prepared' to stop.
That's a distant future but it's one that should be envisioned because when we stop dreaming, we stop doing.
And the question now, Mr. MacDonald said, isn't really to stop-and-frisk or not to stop-and-frisk.
Or the time you said you would stop lying just as soon as somebody else would stop lying, too.
" WeWork decorates its co-working spaces with phrases like, "Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you are done.
"Maybe you can stop using Alipay if you are angry, but there's no way you could stop using WeChat."
The version with a comma, however, instructs them to stop attending hip dance clubs: "Stop clubbing, baby seals."11.
You can't stop a badger from digging, and you can't stop my husband from losing his wallet and keys.
And other times he will stop talking for a while or his press aides will stop talking to you.
"Stop, stop, please," she sobs as he hauls her away by the hair and drags her to the car.
"Local governments have to stop extending credit to zombie firms, and banks need to stop offering loans," he said.
"Warming up in the cold and the fog, and having to stop and start, stop and start," Chamblee said.
"He doesn't really want to stop crime, he wants to stop immigrants, refugees or his political opponents," he said.
When that stop arm is extended, by law, you're required to stop, and that's to avoid a tragic situation.
A wall, he said, would stop the flow of heroin into the country, and it would stop human trafficking.
In just a few short years, his uncle, a vibrant former lawyer, would stop speaking, stop eating and die.
"We don't know that those security interventions will stop the things that they're seeking to stop," Ms. Klinger said.
In a series of agreements whose explosive details were revealed earlier this month, the Saudis and their allies demanded that Qatar stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, stop subverting the government of General Al-Sissi in Egypt, stop supporting jihadi groups in Syria, and stop supporting rebel groups in Yemen that threatened neighboring countries.
Bingaman had just stopped at a stop sign on 3rd St. and was proceeding along Temple when Olivarez allegedly came racing eastbound on 3rd St. – failing to stop for the stop sign there, the release says.
The suit also alleges there were no protections to stop children from getting trapped at a "pinch point" and that no emergency stop mechanism was in place to quickly stop the rotation should an emergency arise.
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" 'The blessings can't stop with me' "I'm at a stage in my life where the blessings can't stop with me.
"Every traffic stop is different, and you never know when you stop a car what could potentially happen," Sellers said.
We could stop fights in playgrounds because we rolled up with the image of being able to stop it anyway.
I kept saying, "Please stop, please stop," but he didn't until I managed to get back into the public space.
And I will stop taking Modafinil (Provigil), and I will stop posting on men's rights subreddits (under all my names).
The Senate should pass the STOP ACT — and firmly STOP this poison from killing our children and destroying our country.
That was to be expected… There's a higher bar to stop normalizing than there would be to stop truly tightening.
You don't have to stop and talk unless that officer displays some sort of authority and commands you to stop.
" Holliday continued, "That's why I use my social media to basically tell people to stop hiding, stop listening to society.
The Department of Homeland Security must stop prioritizing these cases, and the Department of Justice must stop pushing them forward.
If she slows down enough, Lincoln will stop flying and walk in front of the car, forcing her to stop.
Truman's brilliant counter was to travel the country and keep pounding the Republican Congress at whistle stop after whistle stop.
As in, moviegoers will get tired of them and stop watching them and the movie studios will stop making them.
A guard tries to stop them with a weapon, but Amy puts her arm out, and the lasers stop too.
The man left the train at the next stop, and Debra got off the next stop, feeling shaken for hours.
We&aposve got to stop meddling, we&aposve got to stop everybody from attacking us, but there are a lot.
Claiming that you can stop data breaches is a lot like claiming you can stop employees from stealing office supplies.
If he really wants to stop Mueller, the best thing he can do is stop being a witness against himself.
Similarly, trying to stop a loosely held batch of boulders is different from trying to stop a more solid object.
I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and the walking and the words putting into sentence doing.
We were told to wear less makeup, not dress in black, stop wearing weird shit, stop dying our hair, etc.
The big difference is saying: Stop talking so much, and stop trying to get people to make lots of choices.
But the study had several false starts, requiring her to stop taking medication, then restart, then stop again — and restart.
When the baby arrived for the photo shoot, the child wouldn't stop crying, so they had to stop the shoot.
Other than what you guys stop, and I know you'll stop it, there's a lot of craziness in the world.
To stop kids from smoking, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb wants to stop nicotine from tasting like candy.
What started as a demand to stop separating families has morphed into a call to stop detaining the families altogether.
Our government has to do the right thing and stop separating us from our parents and stop locking us up.
Unlike a levee or a spillway, built to stop the river from flooding, it was put up to stop time.
" LeBron -- who dubbed the new criteria the "Rich Paul Rule" -- doesn't see it that way ... tweeting "Can't Stop, Won't Stop!
There should be a literary term for a book you can't stop reading that also makes you stop to think.
Still, that doesn't necessarily mean we'll see the Bedford L stop turn into the "Bedford-MasterCard" stop any time soon.
At the start of the fourth quarter, we were getting stop after stop and executing offensively, so that was big.
Film whatever cops are doing, be it a traffic stop, a street stop-and-frisk, or a drunk driving arrest.
Stop blaming Apple and take responsibility for tech addiction The president of the United States cannot seem to stop tweeting.
"There's nothing to stop us from keeping three (quarterbacks) and there's nothing to stop us from keeping two," he said.
In Midtown, I had to pick up the pace, round a corner, stop, and breathe until I could stop shaking.
"I decided that we may not be able to stop everything, but we can stop a lot," Mr. Wyen said.
I assume he was being sarcastic, but it seemed clear that he had to stop — was he instructed to stop?
She keeps saying she won't promise anything to us and we have to stop our protests or stop the violence.
About three of that you can knock off if you stop eating meat, and another three if you stop flying.
The Senate should pass the STOP ACT – and firmly STOP this poison from killing our children and destroying our country.
"Now is the time for everyone to stop nonessential contact with others and to stop all nonessential travel," Johnson said.
I kept saying, 'Please stop, please stop, but he didn't until I managed to get back into the public space.
Don't stop paying your bills without saying anythingIf you've been affected by the coronavirus, don't just stop paying your bills.
It is time to stop threats to vital shipping lanes, and stop making Iraq a battleground for American-Iranian competition.
"All clubs are beautiful," one placard said; "The day I stop dancing is the day I stop breathing," read another.
Epcot is one stop away, and since the Skyliner runs in a non-stop loop, it's easy to jump on.
It isn't possible to stop women from getting abortions; it's only possible to stop them from getting legally procured ones.
I buy cheap stuff in New York and junk it stop by stop, replacing it with whatever I can find.
The truth of the matter is they won't stop attacking me, because they know I won't stop fighting for you.
The Senate should pass the STOP ACT -- and firmly STOP this poison from killing our children and destroying our country.
"If the mantra is 'If we stop the prescribing practices, we'll stop the epidemic,' the answer is no," Ciccarone said.
Sex sells, it's been going on since Bible times, they can try to stop it, but it will never stop.
" It was all about how we have to stop caring about, quote, "identity politics" and stop waging, quote, "class warfare.
So, you have to sort of stop and start and stop and start every time you're in a transition. Exactly.
People aren't going to stop using social media, they're just going to stop caring about anything that happens on it.
Why not stop ... Let's talk about solutions to stop this speech, and where do companies take a stand on it?
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" Lorin, the seller behind Etsy store theTalkingApparel, told VICE that designs like "Stop Coronavirus Terror" were created to "to stop this behavior of panic about the virus and to stop the prejudice about China and Chinese people.
Again, the senators urged the prosecutor not to stop existing investigations and not to stop cooperating with Mueller because they were worried about Trump's reaction, and they asked if the Trump administration had encouraged Ukraine to stop cooperating.
Their advice is that I should stop trying so hard, and that I'll find love when I stop looking for it.
"The left isn't going to stop going through our tweets," he said, "so we aren't going to stop going through theirs."
The legislation is titled The Stop WALMART Act, or The Stop Welfare for Any Large Monopoly Amassing Revenue from Taxpayers Act.
Plus, it packs a bunch of driver-assist features like Stop Sign Recognition, Stop & Go, Drive Fatigue Warning, and Headlight Reminder.
And so it is busily preparing for a world in which people won't just stop driving cars, they'll stop buying them.
"But you can't stop progress and you can't stop people from doing what they want to," he told the news outlet.
It was like, well, we can&apost stop you, we have no basis to stop you, so you can go ahead.
It's an understatement to say that Kylie Jenner has taken a "can't stop, won't stop" approach to expanding her beauty empire.
This year, we will spend $1.8 billion on all our efforts to stop the spread these weapons and stop nuclear terrorism.
The target of Mr Sanders's legislation, titled the "Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies" or "Stop BEZOS" Act, was clear.
When I drove cross country, I made a playlist of the songs I listened to while driving from stop to stop.
"President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis, and must reopen the government," Pelosi said.
But nothing could stop her... As soon as I figured out it was her, I told her to stop the stalking.
Long after bands' records stop selling, or the musicians stop touring, "advertising is the gift that keeps giving," Mr. Rabinowitz said.
It's not clear if TweetDeck will simply stop being updated after April 15 or if the app will stop working entirely.
"The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discrimination on the basis of race," he wrote.
The #MeToo Survivors' March featured demonstrators chanting "Stop the violence, stop the rapes," while others held signs calling out abusive behavior.
And he told me the name of the train stop and it was the exact train stop that I was at.
"Now really Bernie should tell his people … he should really get up and say to his people, 'Stop, stop,' " Trump said.
"This hysteria" about Trump and Russia "never seems to stop," Putin said, asking if a "pill" existed to stop the hysteria.
"It was always something that, like, I couldn't stop touching and I thought that would stop once this happened," she said.
You'll also get additional useful driver assist features, including Stop Sign Recognition, Stop and Go, Drive Fatigue Warning, and Headlight Reminder.
Uber might have to stop work on its autonomous cars entirely or just stop using technology that Alphabet claims was stolen.
"Anti-Semitism is horrible, and it's going to stop, and it has to stop," Trump said in an interview with MSNBC.
"The administration might be able to stop the presses with an injunction," Mr. Lichtblau wrote, "but they couldn't stop the internet."
"We won't stop normal people coming in and out, we only stop rebels," national police spokesman Chhay Kim Khoeun told Reuters.
"President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis and must reopen the government," Pelosi said.
"President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis, and must reopen the government," she said.
"  He argued that as a developed nation, America needs to stop accepting the excuse that "gun laws won't stop all murders.
The company also plans to stop selling ammunition for handguns and some rifles and will stop selling handguns in Alaska entirely.
Every time the bus would stop on tour, I'd go into a truck stop and spend like $100 on Hot Wheels.
As of 22 October, it would stop producing cards, stop running events and, after six years, the game would be over.
Kim promised back in April to stop testing those missiles without warning but never said he'd stop producing them, they note.
DEREK HINES: Traffic stop — this is Derek Hines — the traffic stop —— TAVERNISE: The city calls them the Twin Towers of Justice.
To stop sharing your location or remove a friend from your map entirely, select "Stop Sharing My Location" or "Remove," respectively.
Knausgaard is left holding it and wondering why we stop marveling at loose teeth, why we stop marveling at the world.
Gone are the days of coming to a complete stop at every stop sign, even when no one else is around.
And that can go on for a while, but at some time, if it's got to stop, it's got to stop.
In the top right corner of the screen, hit the three dots and then select "Add stop" to add a stop.
And while you can ask a company like Google to stop selling your data, this won't stop the data collection itself.
But once users stop joining, the gifts stop flowing and all the gift givers waiting on their presents are left disappointed.
"If the drugs don't stop -- Mexico can stop them if they want -- we're going to tariff the cars," the President said.
They were either unaware of the effort, unable to stop it, unwilling to stop it or underestimated its chances of passing.
Would that be a matter of trying to go to you — you perceive and to say you make it stop because he doesn't have the authority to stop or how — how would the president make an ongoing investigation stop?
Bloomberg's campaign said that he reduced stop and frisk as mayor — although he only did that once legal challenges against stop and frisk seemed likely to win, and he continued defending stop and frisk even after he left office.
No matter how many times we seem to go over this, celebrities can't stop, won't stop with the tone-deaf Halloween costumes.
For y'all who aren't from Texas, Google Bucee's right away — it's the best gas station, food stop, random Texas paraphernalia rest stop.
To stop your iPhone logging locations full stop, go to Settings then tap Privacy and Location Services, and turn Location Services off.
He cannot stop me from having a clean energy fund; he can't stop us from having the best paid family leave policy.
The second car, however, blows through the stop sign and has to stop somewhat suddenly to avoid hitting the mom and baby.
This breakdown causes people to either stop responding to insulin as easily as they once did, or to stop producing insulin altogether.
I had to stop this whole way of life—or, at least, try to stop, because the pain now outweighed the pleasure.
And when someone apologizes to you enough times for things they'll never stop doing, I think it's fearless to stop believing them.
It is your moral duty to stop the flow of money and to stop the flow of weapons, so that's a request.
When the car failed to stop a police pursuit ensued, and Pounds was able to evade the stop sticks police set up.
"They need to stop those actions, stop cooperating with Iran at this time if they actually want to work with the U.S."
"I heard her say this, 'Listen, if somebody can't stop that fuckin' player, I'll get out there and stop her,'" Cooper said.
I inherited the police practice of stop-and-frisk, and as part of our effort to stop gun violence it was overused.
Saudi Arabia should stop trying to extend its harsh brand of censorship to its neighbours; indeed, it should stop bullying them entirely.
During a stop Thursday at Politics and Eggs in New Hampshire, a must-do stop for candidates, Booker received an enthusiastic response.
My plan fails again and I somehow arrive at my stop earlier than I ever have...and I stop for a coffee.
Security guards tried to stop them from pushing their way to the main floor, but couldn't stop the mob, opposition legislators said.
"Stop trying to derail the conversation by claiming #MeToo wants to 'stop men ever talking to women' or some bulls—," wrote another.
She said investigators have not determined whether it was a vehicle or a pedestrian stop or why officers were making the stop.
To stop casting, click on the status bar again, then select Stop next to the Chromecast option on the pop-up menu.
The bill is titled the Stop Shutdowns Transferring Unnecessary Pain and Inflicting Damage In The Coming Years Act, or simply Stop STUPIDITY.
" He added that personal attacks against her will stop "when she's ready to stop saying things like the President needs an intervention.
"The rules are that when the safety car goes (in), you're not allowed to start and stop, start and stop," Hamilton said.
Trying to, as Remy put it "stop [someone's] bag and stop [them] from taking care of [their] children" is just plain disrespectful.
We can stop detention—we can stop all this—if we push, and if people are ready to stand to the end.
" In another message to Lisa, Carter wrote that she couldn't stop shaking because she "cut way too deep it won't stop bleeding.
"I kept saying, 'Please stop, please stop,' but he didn't until I managed to get back into the public space," said Goff.
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Our findings do not mean people should stop taking their medication or stop having their blood pressure measured using the cuff device.
A pretty doctor (Davika Hoorne) recommends that he stop working around the clock and stop ordering the shrimp dumplings from 7-Eleven.
Sanders introduced the bill on Wednesday that they named the Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies Act, or Stop BEZOS Act.
"My view is it won't for one second stop Brexit or stop the Brexit process," Johnson told reporters at a press conference.
Then, Kelley hit a stop sign, lost control and came to a stop in a ditch near the county line, he said.
And we can stop the flow of any diseases coming into our country, we can stop the flow of drugs coming in.
National Implications of the Stop & Shop Strike The Stop & Shop strike joins a growing list of successful work stoppages throughout the nation.
Sanders on Wednesday introduced the bill, which is named the Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies Act, or Stop BEZOS Act.
You obviously can't stop any later than you are fueled for and if you stop earlier, you are paying a ridiculous penalty.
I told my friends to stop sending me pictures of when they see me at the bus stop in London or something.
The NRA says it will have to close its headquarters, shutter its internet presence and stop holding rallies if this doesn't stop.
They must stop the big drug and people flows, or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement].
Senators who have served with Sessions have repeatedly urged Trump to cut it out using the "stop, stop, he's already dead!" defense.
Security guards tried to stop them from pushing their way to the main floor, but couldn't stop the mob, opposition legislators said.
Individual Republicans may not like it, but they couldn't stop Trump from winning the nomination in 2016 and couldn't stop Stewart either.
I was clenching my anus so tight trying to stop him, but he wouldn't stop, and it hurt so bad I screamed.
We couldn't stop gibbering about how much we loved it as we smoked a joint with some guy at a bus stop.
You can criticize, and we're gonna do it even more—if Madonna herself asks us to stop, we'll respect it and stop.
In 1991, the eight Ivy League schools agreed to stop sharing information on student aid, and to stop collaborating on tuition increases.
Another tactic to stop the spiral of rudeness is to simply call them out on their behavior and ask them to stop.
He recalled his first summer, in which he drove from stop to stop on the tour in a van with his daughter.
As a precondition of settlement talks, the Benning contractors demanded the Browns stop communicating with Reuters and stop mentioning the dispute publicly.
So my focus on all of tech, Facebook, Google, was stop it, you can stop it if you want, and you haven't.
"It's not possible to stop it — we, as humans cannot stop it; bad weather conditions can break it off," Mr. Naustvoll said.
"President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis and must reopen the government," Ms. Pelosi said.
The increased space between the matches helps stop the fire from spreading, just as social distancing will help stop germs from spreading.
But just because the Stop Trump movement, like the Stop Brexit movement, shouts loudest, it doesn't mean it speaks for the nation.
"Physical walls aren't going to stop migration... the only things that stop migration are walls of prosperity," Giammattei told Mexican broadcaster Televisa.
To withdraw forces away from Lanao del Sur and Marawi City, and to stop the air attacks, and to stop the cannons.
Why it matters: Robotaxis and delivery AVs running non-stop won't stop anything if they're merely replacing existing cars on the road.
Bernie Sanders introduced the Stop BEZOS Act (which stands for: Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies) after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.
For example, under the CCPA companies don't have to stop collecting your data upon request, they only have to stop selling it.
On Avenue of the Americas, the C and E trains stop at Spring, and the A, C and E stop at Canal.
He was arrested and charged with trademark counterfeiting, driving with an object obstructing vision and failing to stop at a stop sign.
"Put a stop to?" usually means to make something stop, but today we're stopping up the drains and the answer is CLOG.
We don't stop eating these kinds of food when we're full, we stop when the food in front of us runs out.
Talk Last month, you released a documentary called ''Can't Stop, Won't Stop'' about your label, Bad Boy, putting together a reunion tour.
Or just, they can stop by my office, they can send me an email, they can stop ... And feel safe doing so.
But months pass and gradually, people start to put their lives back together; they stop blaming one another, they stop blaming themselves.
Stop shaming men because I happen to be trans, stop teaching trans people they aren't worthy of more than being tabloid fodder.
After all, hitting up a pit stop while on your way somewhere else is the norm — but, before, you would have to route your way to the pit stop, then start a new route from the pit stop to your destination.
And if you need more stop-motion content to keep you going, check out the work of director PES, considered one of the best animators in stop-motion film today, or Laika's upcoming stop-motion film Kubo and the Two Strings.
"We have to stop drugs and crime and criminals and human trafficking, and we have to stop all of those things that a strong wall will stop," Trump said Tuesday at the White House, during an event highlighting his space policies.
If there was chaos or war, he was going to stop it, which says he's prepared to introduce ground forces into North Korea, since politically, he can't even stop North Korea from launching ballistic missiles, let alone stop chaos or war.
Stop and frisk did decline -- as Bloomberg continued to aggressively defend stop and frisk During the last two years of Bloomberg's mayoralty, Bloomberg continued to be a staunch public defender of stop and frisk even as its actual use plunged.
I thought 'Oh my goodness, for $5 billion, who could use their leverage stop there violation of our intellectual property, stop the export -- get market access, stop proliferation weapons of mass destruction and free prisoners arrested time of Tiananmen Square.
You have to stop being politically correct, stop being apologetic and realize this enemy wants to kill us in the most diabolical way.
The station interviewed a neighbor who said he heard the deputies yell, "stop, stop, get down, get down," followed by a dozen gunshots.
Threats by the Trump administration will not stop me from speaking out, and they won&apost stop my fellow mayors from speaking out.
" Cummings added that Congress needs to "stop giving away our power and stop giving away our responsibilities and giving them to the President.
It may not have been the fanciest or even flashiest addition to our closets, but we can't stop (and won't stop) wearing it.
But most times I force myself not to care enough to stop because to stop is to admit there's something I can do.
The American government, Congress, and society honestly did not do anything to stop the flow of money, to stop the flow of weapons.
It will keep you up all night — first because you can't stop reading it, and then because you can't stop thinking about it.
The unrest resulted in public pleas to stop the demonstration trending on social media with hashtags like #StopDemoAnarkis â€" literally "stop demonstration anarchy.
"If they want peace, as we have said to them before, stop your air strikes and we will stop our missiles," he said.
In Wisconsin the "Stop Hillary" political action committee, among others, filed a federal lawsuit to request a restraining order to stop the recount.
At the bus stop, if I didn't stop it, the other kids would push him back and forth between them like playing pinball.
And given that written promises didn't stop Kogan or Cambridge Analytica from misusing data, why would they stop advertisers bent on boosting profits?
These pills stop working when patients stop taking them, which can happen when the medications are unaffordable, unavailable or cause serious side effects.
If we hope to stop this, we must begin by realizing that no single company or technological "silver-bullet" can stop a breach.
When asked how he would stop violence in the black community, Trump said he would take the controversial stop-and-frisk practice nationwide.
C and G have both stop and non-stop ("hard" and "soft") sounds, as seen in "cat" and "cent", and "gut" and "gin".
We can stop this, Mark, and we absolutely have to stop it because innovation is the core of the American economy these days.
The mechanics never stop feeling good but the game is so limited and the skill-cap so low that you stop improving quickly.
If you show a computer enough photos of a stop sign it will eventually come to recognize stop signs in the real world.
You should, of course, stop eating meat, and rapacious crops, and you should stop doing anything that has cost (economic, social or environmental).
About 211 miles into the trip, we made our first -- and only -- charging stop of the day at an Aberdeen, Maryland, rest stop.
Trump has repeatedly said both that China needs to stop North Korea, and that the United States will stop them if China won't.
"Whether they operate in broad daylight or on the dark net, we will never stop working to find and stop these criminal syndicates."
"Nobody is in their right mind believes North Korea is now going to stop until somebody makes Kim Jong Un stop," Graham tweeted.
"When I'm with you, I can't stop smiling, and when I go to bed, I can't stop thinking about you," he tells her.
He said that "this hysteria" about Trump and Russia "never seems to stop" and asked if a "pill" existed to stop the hysteria.
"Just like Kim got together with Amber Rose earlier this year to stop drama, she wants Kylie and Chyna to stop the nonsense."
Sean and Catherine Giudici Lowe can't stop, won't stop sharing the most adorable pictures of newborn son Samuel Thomas — but we're not complaining!
The first lady's strategy was to pack a separate bag for each stop of the trip, taking every stop as a separate focus.
Perhaps instead of spending their time trying to stop me, we should all come together to stop Hillary and Make America Great Again.
In Los Angeles and other places, for instance, there's the "California Stop," where drivers roll through stop signs if no traffic is crossing.
Also, older Americans should factor in to their calculations the likelihood that they will stop the to their stop working around age 70.
They just sort of turn on a girl in a group, stop talking to her, stop inviting her to parties: persona non grata.
And at the same time, the United States is saying, with cyber attacks, you know, stop attacking our elections, stop attacking our banks.
If Lebanon's Higher Defence Council asked Hezbollah to stop the Israelis, Nasrallah said the group would be "ready to stop them within hours".
"We urge Canada to respect the rule of law, respect China's judicial sovereignty, stop its wrongdoing and stop making irresponsible remarks," she said.
No one can stop talking about the Putin summit One week on from the Putin summit, no one can stop talking about it.
We're going to do our level best to stop them, and when we don't stop them, we will call them out for it.
With Autopilot engaged in the stop-and-go traffic endemic to Los Angeles (mostly stop, much less go), driving became much less strenuous.
The trial judge in the case found this stop had violated Peart's rights, and found the same about the stop on Peart's birthday.
It's like cops on the highway—they can't stop everybody who's speeding, but if you know they stop some people you slow down.
Airbus will stop building its A2380 superjumbo in 226 — but that won't stop the firm continuing to market it as a secondhand option.
The written instructions, seen by Reuters, tell monks to stop asking for donations and temples to stop selling holy objects inside temple grounds.
His best stop came on Kyle Okposo early in the second after Shane Prince forced a turnover and Luongo made a pad stop.
He had to make an unscheduled pit stop for a tire change, but one stop would actually help him to win the race.
" Or take this superb description of a bus arriving at a stop: "The bus shunts to a stop and the doors wrap open.
"I would stop for coffee and Paula Fox would run up and warn me to stop distracting readers with smut," he later wrote.
If you want to look smarter, you need to stop dawdling, but you also need to stop scurrying around like some crazed robot.
"The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race," John Roberts once wrote.
He relocated to the L train stop at Morgan Avenue, and lived there for five years, working off the nearby DeKalb Avenue stop.
And he's apparently not even burnt out on stop-motion after all that as he's already working on a stop-motion Ghostbusters film.
Ballplayers know the phone call asking for their services will stop ringing one day, but the birds of spring will never stop calling.
To stop this problem means to stop the ease of ability for people who should not have guns getting their hands on guns.
Strzok suggested Thursday that "we'll stop" meant that the American electorate (not the FBI) would stop Trump from winning, by voting against him.
And the fact is, President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage and stop manufacturing a crisis, and must reopen the government.
Back in 2016, he wrote a letter telling C.E.O.s, stop issuing quarterly guidance, stop telling us what you — Expect your earnings to be.
If Bloomberg entered the race to become President and to stop Trump, he has no choice now but to try to stop Sanders.
I'm suggesting you don't stop being intelligent and stop using the most polluting thing that we have in this country, in the world.
"If they cannot stop oppressing us, we will not stop resisting," said Mohamed Soltan, a human-rights activist and friend of Mr. Khashoggi's.
Between the dog birthdays, the gender-reveal parties, and the can't-stop-won't-stop celebrations, we're constantly being socially pressured to spend money.
The simplest way is to vote with your money: stop buying their stocks, and stop buying their products and services where alternatives exist.
Scientists are working hard on vaccines and drugs to stop the coronavirusScientists are racing to develop treatments and vaccines to stop the outbreak.
Growing up poor didn't stop these CEOs, celebrities and business experts from reaching the pinnacle of success — and it shouldn't stop you, either.
Demand that these bishops and these cardinals stop protecting predators, stop the lobbying against legislation that would help victims past, present, and future.
The way to distance yourself is to simply stop extending yourself and to stop initiating invitations, where she is likely to disappoint you.
This is the only way to stop my friends from doing something worse , and it's the only way to stop this stupid game.
Murray's best stop came just before the first-period buzzer with a pad stop of a Nick Holden shot from the right circle.
It is time for U.S. officials to stop declaring victory against the Islamic State and to stop announcing their intention to leave Syria.
"   It did not stop people from short selling, it only slowed the process a bit:  "You are not going to stop short selling.
People stop talking to each other, stop caring about the other's concerns; divisions deepen as access to resources becomes more and more unequal.
It would be good if states tried to help communities to stop competing and states worked together to stop competing along that margin.
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"This could be my final appeal ... everybody that can send a message to his government, to his country ... ask him to stop the aggression, stop the killing, stop the war," Al-Nasser said in a video circulating on social media on Tuesday.
Not once do viewers get to enjoy the recognizable verbal sashay of "whoa whoa whoa"s and "stop stop stop"s that have become a trademark—or some version of these cute tics that could have made Rattigan more distinguishable or likable.
Anywhere in the state, the police can still "stop somebody, a lawful stop — and we know what a lawful stop means here in Arizona — and when somebody doesn't produce a driver's license, they can start an investigation on their status," Mr. Reza said.
With that in mind, here's how to add a stop to your Lyft ride: How to add a stop on LyftThis is an easy enough task, and once you know how to add a stop you'll be able to do so quickly:1.
I think it's important that we move to our comprehensive immigration reform, but at the same time, stop the raids, stop the round-ups, stop the deporting of people who are living here doing their lives, doing their jobs, and that's my priority.
"We will do everything to stop a no-deal Brexit," Corbyn said, when asked if he would consider stepping aside to help stop Brexit.
She said Hybels retaliated against her when she asked him to stop berating her publicly and privately, and stop disparaging her abilities to colleagues.
Select Limit to stop any autoplaying media that has sound with it, or Block to stop any autoplaying media or not, sound or otherwise.
Stars top Devils to stop losing streak DALLAS — Somehow the Dallas Stars needed to stop the bleeding and end their four-game losing streak.
That's what I see and that's what needs to change … I just hope that if we stop playing those characters, they'll stop being written.
This attempt to undermine the election results by picking off members of the Trump cabinet needs to stop now or it will never stop.
"Threats by the Trump administration will not stop me from speaking out and won't stop my fellow mayors from speaking out," the mayor said.
I don&apost understand how Strzok can remain an FBI agent after saying, we&aposll stop that, we&aposll stop him from being president.
We stop at a candy store to get sugar to pep us up for the drive home ($10.38) and also stop for gas ($303).
"I inherited the police practice of stop-and-frisk, and as part of our effort to stop gun violence it was overused," he said.
But we need to not let it stop us from living our lives or stop us from doing things that we want to do.
Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced a bill dubbed the "Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies Act" or "Stop BEZOS Act" in the Senate Wednesday.
So, they need to stop those actions, stop cooperating with Iran at this time if they want to actually work with the United States.
LinLyn Lue's English teacher who can't stop, won't stop making every unit about Shakespeare shows up to the party alongside Principal Simpson (Stefan Brogren).
Mutations which stop the gene drive from targeting it are also likely to stop the gene working properly—it is unusually sensitive to change.
For the first time, Iraqis are demanding that Tehran stop trying to influence Iraqi politics and stop using the country for its economic benefit.
It's when you stop counting the days, the weeks, the months, the years; you stop totaling your recovery time, and you start just living.
Traffic stop gone awry In Las Vegas, a Nevada State Trooper was conducting a traffic stop when the suspect began to flee the vehicle.
"I was advised to 'stop fighting a losing battle' and 'stop beating a dead horse' as the bells were going back," Miller told Reuters.
I make a stop at the grocery store as well as the fruit and vegetable stand by my subway stop on the way home.
About 25 minutes after the initial traffic stop, the suspects exited at a rest stop, where one carjacked a red Chevrolet Cruze, authorities said.
I want them to just like, if they don't want to be involved in controversial things, stop writing stupid things, stop writing controversial things.
"It's really hard to stop; you can't stop it with anti-virus or any kind of software, it's really kind of a human problem."
Bieber's spent a lot of time experimenting with video as a tool of self-expression lately — he can't stop and he won't stop vlogging.
If you stop, the bullets stop, and so every battle is a kind of temporal puzzle of setting up shots and walking around bullets.
One modest, simple change could help put a stop to this:  Stop your phone from displaying the percentage of battery life it has left.
France, 55, was stopped in Sag Harbor after he failed to stop at a posted stop sign, police said in a news release Monday.
And unlike other stop-Trump/stop-Cruz white knights, Kasich actually bothered to run for president (a prerequisite for Paul Ryan's support, at least).
And this level of bias and animus not only did they want to stop the Trump campaign, he wanted to stop the Trump presidency.
My husband used to tell me, 'Stop screaming and stop catching an attitude when you pregnant because you're gonna pass that to the baby.
In the meantime, it would benefit the President and his team to stop hiding information and to stop saying things that are blatantly untrue.
"I really thought that when I turned 35, I would have to stop showing my upper thigh and stop wearing tank tops," Ross says.
If anyone can stop Durant ... well, it might be that no one can stop Durant, but if anyone can really bother him, it's Leonard.
Last week, it called on North Korea to stop its weapons tests and for South Korea and the United States to stop their drills.
Just as it wasn't ultimately within Democrats' power to stop Republicans from confirming Neil Gorsuch, it isn't necessarily in their power to stop Trumpcare.
It is time for liberals and centrists to stop saying they are capitalists and for left-wing Democrats to stop saying they are socialists.
This week, he introduced the Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies Act, or the Stop BEZOS Act, to underscore his points (Fox Business).
To try to stop him, one of the deputies took out a Taser gun and pointed it at him, telling him to stop moving.
As with stop-and-search, American police officers are generally free to stop and question people on the street without violating the Fourth Amendment.
And the fact is: President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis, and must re-open the government.
The last best hope, in short, is that the candidates will stop running for president and start running to stop Trump from becoming president.
Economists argue that the deficits will stop when Americans stop consuming and investing more than they earn, reducing the demand for money from overseas.
They also urged the administration to stop suing journalists to discover their sources and to stop using the Espionage Act to pursue whistle-blowers.
You can opt to stop sending Microsoft this data, and stop collecting it altogether, using the tick boxes at the top of the page.
We're going to stop the dumping, and stop all of these wonderful other countries from coming in and killing our companies and our workers.
It really was, and it did put a full stop, and then 9/22090, it just put a full stop to everything, I think.
Washington has ordered all countries to stop buying Iranian oil by November and foreign firms to stop doing business there or face U.S. blacklists.
"The charts, as interpreted by the legendary Larry Williams, suggest that it's time to stop panicking, stop complaining and start buying," the host said.
If we are thinking we can stop them in 10 years, we can phase them out, no: we need to stop single-use plastic.
However, neither of these options will stop them from messaging you, and it won't stop you from seeing their messages in chats you share.
Stop flights" and "The U.S. must immediately stop all flights from EBOLA infected countries or the plague will start and spread inside our 'borders.
But it does push the military to stop buying firefighting foam that contains PFAS by 2023 and to stop using such foam by 2024.
Outside the Supreme Court on Saturday, Miami artist Alessandra Mondolfi stood dead center in front of the building holding a "Stop Kavanaugh" stop sign.
"The only thing that will stop them is if the regime or the Russians move in significant numbers to where they stop," Stein said.
" When an activist demanded at a November campaign stop in South Carolina that Biden stop deportations, Biden shot back: "You should vote for Trump.
"They want to stop the country, stop the Congress," Mr. Temer has said, arguing that those accusations are an attack on the presidency itself.
As a native New Yorker, I have witnessed police stop many young black and brown people pursuant to Mayor Bloomberg's stop-and-frisk program.
All 325 Stop and Shop stores will be holding a birthday celebration for the robot on Saturday, a spokesperson for Shop and Stop confirmed.
Each of the new steering-wheel free Chevy Bolts feature an emergency stop button passengers can press if they need to stop the car.
" The update notes, however, that stop signs and stoplight visualizations "are not a substitute for an attentive driver and will not stop the car.
Sasse argued that Republicans need to stop pretending that healthcare worked prior to ObamaCare and that Democrats need to stop pretending ObamaCare is working.
In fact, while most teenagers would stop using sexual health services if parental notification were required, very few of them would stop having sex.
"But in 15 or 20 years, when I finally retire and stop playing basketball," he said, "I'm never going to stop talking about it."
The legislation also includes the "STOP Act," which would attempt to help stop the flow of illegal drugs coming into the United States. Sen.
Bloomberg in the past has strongly defended stop-and-frisk, which allowed police officers to stop and search anyone they suspected of a crime.
We have to get people registered to vote and supporting measures that stop these things and stop practices like this all over the country.
Before it was just, this is what we do and it sadly ... "I can't stop him, I can't stop her," that kind of thing.
"[If South] Korea is hit by a missile, global key chip supply will stop immediately and all electronics production will stop too," he said.
In other words, the US won't stop the regime's loyalists from cheering for now and won't stop Assad from walking to his office unharmed.
That time in puberty when you stop being a kid and you stop being a solipsistic being that cares only about its own gratification.
And Dre would listen to it for 30 seconds or so, and then he would stop and go to another beat, and go to another bass line, and another key board riff, and stop and go and stop and go and just keep going man.
"You stop fighting who you are, you stop rejecting who you are, you stop struggling with who you are for a second, and you are able to breathe feeling that you can be fully naked—figuratively, religiously, literally—and not be judged," she told me.
"Well, Mr. Pruitt and other members of the President's Cabinet, I would say ethics matter, impropriety matters, the appearance of impropriety matters to the extent that you are, stop acting like a chuckle head, stop the unforced errors, stop leading with your chin," Kennedy said.
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And it&aposs probably the hardest thing to stop a larger scale operation like the 9/11 plot, we can probably very likely stop today.
You have to figure out when to get gasoline, when to stop for coffee, when to stop for snacks, when to call your loved ones.
It's fight week when we talk on the phone, and the towering heavyweight champ is being herded around Manhattan from media stop to media stop.
Trump tells supporters to 'stop it' In his first televised sit-down interview since becoming President-elect, Trump told his supporters to stop harassing minorities.

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