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"refuse" Definitions
  1. [intransitive, transitive] to say or show that you will not do something that somebody has asked you to do
  2. [transitive, intransitive] refuse (something) to say that you do not want something that has been offered to you synonym turn somebody/something down
  3. [transitive] to say that you will not allow something; to say that you will not give or allow somebody something that they want or need synonym deny
  4. [transitive] (of a thing) to fail to do what you want or expect it to do
"refuse" Synonyms
decline reject spurn repudiate scorn rebuff disapprove disdain dismiss negate negative nix reprobate snub pass repel repulse shun withdraw demur deny withhold disallow discountenance not grant give the thumbs down to veto turn down throw out forbid block exclude bar ban debar prohibit proscribe interdict eliminate preclude embargo except stop blackball omit banish prevent shut out ostracise(UK) ostracize(US) evict cover conceal hide mask veil shroud seclude close obstruct beleaguer dissent differ disagree dispute diverge challenge nonconcur object oppose abjure protest rebel renounce stickle argue baulk(UK) battle resist defy fight counter oppugn attack contest agitate against argue against stand up to struggle against hinder impede confront restrain loathe hate detest despise abhor dislike abominate execrate revolt recoil from shrink from find intolerable be repelled by be allergic to sniff at hold in disdain sneer at be contemptuous of be snobbish to heap scorn on hold in contempt look down on regard with contempt scoff at show contempt for treat as inferior treat with contempt pour scorn on turn your nose up at blank out forget suppress erase stop thinking about put behind you cease to remember blank over cease to think of dismiss from mind not worry about consign to oblivion erase from memory erase from your mind let bygones be bygones put out of your mind banish from one's thoughts block out retain reserve hold keep maintain preserve detain grasp hang on to hold on to cling to continue to have keep hold of cleave to keep possession of hold fast to hold back keep back sit on jib balk(US) recoil retreat shy stop at baulk at retreat from shy at stop short at pull up stop short eschew desist demur from shrink flinch blench cringe cower quail start wince squinch shudder crouch grovel retire slink draw back pull back shy away hesitate pause vacillate doubt pussyfoot waver be reluctant be unwilling express misgivings express reluctance express reservations hang back think twice hem and haw be cagey throw away cashier chuck deep-six discard ditch dump eighty-six exorcise(UK) exorcize(US) jettison junk lose pitch scrap shed toss unload cast off debris garbage litter rubbish waste trash dreck detritus dregs landfill leavings rubble sewage slag slop spoilage sullage sweepings filth dirt muck grime sludge pollution contamination slime crud defilement mire mud putrefaction ooze ordure putrescence scum vermin louse rabble rat riff-raff toad cur good-for-nothing scumbag scuzzball trog undesirable despicable people despicable person lowlife purging purge sin down-and-outs good-for-nothings outcasts deadbeats ragtag tramps underclass untouchables vagrants canaille dossers Z-list great unwashed hoi polloi superfluousness extravagance exorbitance lavishness superfluity profusion surplus overabundance superabundance surfeit wastefulness nimiety plethora fat overflow overkill overmuch oversupply balance hogwash gibberish nonsense baloney drivel malarkey poppycock balderdash blather claptrap codswallop crock dribble phooey piffle twaddle wack blathers boloney remainder residue rest remnant excess remains residuum remnants butt others trace difference extra leftovers overspill relic oddment end leftover stub bit fragment leaving shred sliver snippet mélange assortment bits etcetera More
"refuse" Antonyms
accept approve sanction endorse face welcome consent meet okay agree rubber-stamp agree to agree to take approve of consent to give the nod say yes to take one up on allow acknowledge grant permit authorise(UK) authorize(US) entitle facilitate pass qualify concede let OK give admit assert avow defend embrace own proclaim ratify emphasise(UK) emphasize(US) enforce hold keep include count receive add choose help incorporate open support let in let go turn to attempt do tackle undertake attack take try become involved in commit to deal with embark on engage in enter on enter upon cooperate continue persevere remain stay enjoy go crazy on lose control to lose oneself to indulge in go bonkers on go mental on release relinquish surrender yield accord expose reveal aid assist disclose divulge free give up indulge liberate show clear suffer loosen advocate advance encourage carry on keep on keep up carry on with go on with keep at proceed with stick with sustain keep on with maintain persevere in persevere with persist in persist with press on with push on push on with stick at supply distribute deliver provide afford allocate allot apportion assign disburse dispense disperse give out hand out present turn over administer appropriate valuables appurtenances possessions belongings property things assets effects precious stuff equipment goods holdings paraphernalia reserves resources fortune gear riches treasure artefact(UK) artifact(US) asset catch find prize recyclable resource valuable cleanliness purification purity sterility sense neatness method organisation(UK) arrangement system organization(US) orderliness order material indispensability need essentiality necessity booty pickings salvage swag base core elite high-class

966 Sentences With "refuse"

How to use refuse in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "refuse" and check conjugation/comparative form for "refuse". Mastering all the usages of "refuse" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Refuse to play, refuse decorum, refuse accusation, refuse distraction, which is a tolerance of death-dealing by another name?
" You can "refuse to smile, you can refuse to do emotional labor, you can refuse to fuck.
What do you get when political leaders refuse to lead, refuse to compromise, and refuse to see beyond the next election?
Refuse to eat with the enemy, refuse to feed the enemy?
A convention hall "may not refuse to rent its facilities, nor may a car service refuse to provide limousines, nor may a hotel refuse to offer rooms, nor may an event service refuse to rent chairs". Why?
I was ready to refuse, knowing my older sister would refuse first.
If they refuse, buyers' brokers may refuse to show their home to clients.
"I refuse, refuse to let Tripp go to Austin under these circumstances," she added.
Nothing would be easier politically than to refuse to meet, to refuse to engage.
Nothing would be easier politically that to refuse to meet, to refuse to engage.
Blue states refuse to protect religious liberty; red states refuse to enact LGBTQ rights laws.
It pledged to refuse mandatory quotas; it did not pledge not to refuse the quotas.
Iran's leaders will naturally say that they refuse to negotiate a new deal; they refuse.
Bulldozers shovel the mix of refuse as birds circle above, picking at the mix of refuse.
Refuse to participate in the logic of the crisis, refuse to be reactive to its provocations?
If one can refuse to eat meat, one should also be able to refuse, tactfully, plastic.
While the townspeople at first refuse Ramatou's offer of material wealth, they can't refuse her gifts.
I&aposm going to offer them a deal that they can&apost refuse or shouldn&apost refuse.
Like with friends who refuse to get happy, who refuse to rise above the place where they're at.
When platforms refuse to remove this content, as 8chan did, hosting companies should refuse to provide them service.
At the hospital, nurses who are conscientious objectors refuse to wash surgical tools used on pregnant women seeking abortions, orderlies refuse to wheel women to operation theaters, and anesthesiologists refuse to do their job.
As writers, we refuse to report on, or write about their exhibitions; as editors we refuse to solicit writing on their shows; as artists we refuse to visit their galleries; as art advisors and curators we refuse to patronize these institutions and will advise our clients to do the same.
While the government cannot prohibit you from writing a book critical of its policies, a publisher can refuse to publish it, a distributor can refuse to distribute it, and buyers can refuse to read it.
I tried to refuse it via fed ex but I guess they didn't refuse it since it was delivered.
He can refuse to attend UN meetings, or refuse to chip in promised funds to help poor countries decarbonize.
However you refuse, just refuse — because that's the only way we take this crap off the table, for good.
We refuse to build the platform that powers ICE, and we refuse to contribute to tools that violate human rights.
"Iran's leaders will naturally say that they refuse to negotiate a new deal, they refuse, and that's fine," Trump said.
I refuse to live in shame, and I refuse to hold on to something that I have no shame about.
Just as Jews refuse to forget Hitler's Germany, we black Americans refuse to forget the often unspeakable atrocities we endured.
Nothing would be easier, politically than to refuse to meet, to refuse to engage, but that would not accomplish anything.
"I think that the NRA would want to make this personal all day long, but I refuse to make this personal, I refuse to make this about Carolyn Meadows, I refuse to make this about myself," McBath said.
We refuse to recognize our possibilities because we refuse to honor the potential humans have, including human women, to make choices.
Rather than being an "offer they can't refuse," this is an offer the EU will have no choice but to refuse.
"Small but significant numbers of people refuse active followup or refuse to be treated in the Ebola treatment units," he said.
Most important, it allows faith-based organizations to refuse to hire, to fire, or to refuse services if doing so violates their faith.
"We refuse to build the platform that powers ICE, and we refuse to contribute to tools that violate human rights," the letter continued.
One is whether you're allowing an individual pharmacist to refuse, and the other is whether pharmacies can just refuse to carry the medication.
They may still, out of principle, refuse, so we don't know for sure that he would refuse because he doesn't have the capability.
Could journalists defensibly refuse to cover, or Republicans defensibly refuse to nominate, the clear winner of a plurality of the party's primary votes?
"The right to refuse to answer certain deposition questions does not entitle a deponent to 'refuse to appear for any deposition whatsoever,'" Mastroianni wrote.
Republicans Refuse Obama's Supreme Court PickMajority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senate Republicans have vowed to refuse President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.
Too often, employers will refuse to sit down with elected unions, refuse to resolve workers' valid complaints and discourage union members' hopes for better conditions.
Uber and Lyft either make it impossible for a driver to refuse these fares, or dock a driver's acceptance rate when they refuse a ride.
It also would have allowed faith-based organizations to fire, to refuse to hire, or to refuse services to someone if doing so violates their faith.
We simply refuse to face the reality of increased flood risk, the same way we refuse to radically alter our energy mix to reduce carbon pollution.
It is no accident that Peter Pan's tribe of Lost Boys who refuse to grow up, refuse to grow up with Indians as allies and enemies.
Thankfully, there is a strong and vibrant community of young pro-Israel activists who refuse to believe the lies and who refuse to be cowed or silenced.
I refuse to remain silent when it comes to transgender women and men who are beaten to death by those who refuse to create conditions of hospitality.
It's why a bakery could refuse to sell a wedding cake to a lesbian couple, why a photographer could refuse to take pictures of a same-sex wedding, and why any other business could flatly refuse to service gay couples just because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
Real entrepreneurs, he writes, refuse to build an "undifferentiated commodity business" — that is, they refuse to compete in a market where they will have to compete on price.
We could refuse the political boundaries imposed on us, for what are boundaries but limits, and who are Americans except people who refuse to believe anything is impossible?
Opposite her stands Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, which to date refuse to support a second referendum on May's deal versus canceling Brexit, refuse to support May's deal -- and refuse to meet with her until she "rules out" leaving without a deal, the default scenario and the only remaining possibility.
He then pressed Pruitt to commit to making all donations to the fund public, to refuse anonymous donations, and to refuse money from groups with business before the agency.
I refuse to compare myself to others & I refuse to let these physical changes that some might see as 'flaws' take away my happiness & neither should any of you.
Under a legal "conscience clause," Polish doctors can refuse to prescribe birth control, and pharmacists often refuse to dispense it, making it hard — sometimes impossible — to obtain prescription contraceptives.
"We refuse to recognize Donald Trump as the president of the United States, and refuse to take orders from a government that puts bigots into power," the organizers wrote.
" ** "Qualcomm continues to refuse to provide patent exhaustion, refuse to sell modem chips to an OEM until the OEM signs a license, and engage in chip supply threats and cutoffs.
I watched Democrats refuse to stand and greet the President as he walked in, watched them refuse to stand for simple statements like we are come from the same creator.
" ** "Qualcomm continues to refuse to provide patent exhaustion, refuse to sell modem chips to an OEM until the OEM signs a license, and engage in chip supply threats and cutoffs.
Based on logic, if he could refuse service to someone who goes against his beliefs, could a restaurant refuse service to an interracial couple because the owner objects to interracial marriage?
"We deserve to have our wrongdoing represented as much as our heroism, because when we refuse wrongdoing as a possibility for a group of people, we refuse their humanity," she writes.
Tillerson, Kelly and Sessions refuse to take questions -- amazing.
I refuse to dwell in negativity … onwards and upwards.
"As a general matter, it is not sustainable for him to refuse to divest from all of these vast holdings and refuse to disclose what those holdings are," the attorney general said.
As Roberts recounts in her paper "Digital Refuse," these toxic images trace the same routes used to export the industrial world's physical waste — hospital hazardous refuse, dirty adult diapers, and old model computers.
It is now illegal for truck drivers to refuse to make deliveries to stores where workers are on strike, or for cleaners to refuse to wash linens from hotels where workers are protesting.
Among other things, the measure lets businesses refuse to provide marriage-related services to same-sex couples and allows judges, magistrates and justices of the peace to refuse to perform same-sex weddings.
After all, it's surely an offer that Oliver can't refuse.
"We refuse to go back into the shadows," she says.
A family, he said, made an offer he couldn't refuse.
Some refiners still refuse because of their relationships with Baghdad.
Some of the protesters were with the group Refuse Fascism.
" Amash concluded: "I refuse to be a part of that.
I refuse, and we pay with our shared credit card.
Some artists refuse to exhibit in commercial galleries or museums.
They refuse to hand our children less opportunity, not more.
As entrepreneurs, we admire bold CEOs who refuse to quit.
Those who refuse, again, would face that 30 percent surcharge.
Yet this wasn't because it dined on a refuse site.
I refuse to watch the undoing of centuries of progress.
They cry relentlessly, wake up easily, and refuse to eat.
Ford Motor Co. gave Ron an offer he couldn't refuse.
Those who refuse could be barred from leaving the country.
Immigrant rights advocates should refuse to cede to this redefinition.
Nothing would be easier politically than to refuse to meet.
In just four cases did the AG's office refuse assistance.
"He (...) made us an offer we couldn't refuse," Acton said.
Given the loot at stake, many refuse to testify honestly.
Refuse to pay for an overpriced drink when you're thirsty?
I refuse to shop at a store owned by Walmart.
As in: Nope, I refuse to break up with you.
We refuse to accept that pointing at problems is enough.
Worse, they refuse to respond when this nation is provoked.
They stop wearing white (or refuse to stop wearing white).
But Larries refuse to take those denials at face value.
Raúl Labrador, would almost certainly refuse to implement the law.
The #GRAMMYs refuse to give Beyoncé album of the year!
The administration is widely expected to refuse such a request.
Or they can refuse to take their bets at all.
They should be called out if they refuse to diversify.
The authorities will stop prosecuting parents who refuse the vaccine.
Would you refuse a blood transfusion like other Jehovah's Witnesses?
Unfortunately, most people refuse to do something about their failures.
And I refuse to hide my status or deny it.
So he would simply refuse to release his tax returns.
But the government continues to refuse to investigate the claims.
It should refuse to do so, or substantially amend it.
Perhaps you would refuse to answer, complain or walk out.
I try to refuse my nan's offer, but she insists.
I refuse to let this create any negativity or resentment.
My parents refuse to let me pay for my phone.
Some students refuse to hold or look at the article.
Her own mother and father refuse to speak to her.
I refuse to buy clothes that are a different size.
Those who refuse to pay up face an uncertain future.
"We refuse to be pitted against each other," she said.
He asked people to rebel and refuse to accept it.
I refuse to be implicit in his brand of racism.
Or "phone," if you refuse to accept the phablet revolution.
He said soldiers should refuse to obey any shaving orders.
Most Republican senators will refuse even to meet with him.
Do Republicans stick with their base and refuse a vote?
Pharmacists refuse to fill birth control and hormone therapy prescriptions.
Several states have already announced they will refuse the request.
Here are a few things successful people refuse to do.
I, for one, refuse to go out without a fight.
They can't refuse to have sex with an older person.
Can you game out what's next if Flynn does refuse?
TfL will refuse subject access request saying it's not personal.
When they refuse to sell, cases end up in court.
But those who refuse to pay can expect no mercy.
Impose a tax on people who refuse to purchase broccoli.
Federal law protects drivers who refuse to operate unsafe equipment.
Stewardesses must be given the right to refuse these flights.
Restaurant owners would refuse to accept money for her bill.
"He will refuse your money," she warned, as she left.
It remains to be seen if the companies refuse again.
That we are Kurds, and we refuse to be slaves.
Women refuse to wait for progress from the federal government.
School children cannot unilaterally refuse to participate in the pledge.
The whole "right to refuse service" is a real thing.
And others just refuse to believe this is a fish.
The Iranians aren't going to want to renegotiate — they'll refuse.
The governors can refuse to send troops, as former Gov.
We must refuse to let this be our new normal.
"They refuse to do that," he said of Mississippi officials.
And some people refuse to evacuate in the first place.
"Literally, you succeed because you refuse to fail," she said.
They're more likely than most to refuse drugs and alcohol.
He may also begin to cough more or refuse food.
Some Members of Congress refuse to support H. Con. Res.
Sanctuary cities refuse to assist federal agencies with immigration enforcement.
He has until Saturday to accept or refuse the assignment.
First, Dean did not really refuse to commit criminal acts.
Is this legal, and can my guests and I refuse?
The US House of Representatives could refuse to seat Harris.
I refuse to aid in the breaking up of families.
I refuse to believe that journalism means massive privacy violations.
But how do I refuse her without hurting her feelings?
And we refuse to be called by any other name!
" Gary and Asia Bottrill "They refuse to give migrants rights.
Are their lobbyists and campaign contributions too enticing to refuse?
She's delightful and I refuse to go to anyone else.
So, why don't employees simply refuse to work without pay?
Sometimes local bodies refuse to put polling stations near colleges.
And many trucking companies outright refuse to work for Amazon.
Is there anything you'd refuse to do for your master?
"I refuse to believe it's a lost cause," he said.
You simply refuse to recognize the problem is the guns.
They refuse hierarchical authority and they are impossible to control.
Or refuse to pay a ransom he can easily afford?
But Congress and President Trump refuse to act on guns.
Some Republican senators therefore refuse to repeal the regulations nationwide.
They refuse to be belittled for their choices any longer.
Wade and asking candidates to refuse to use hacked materials.
To the Editor: Should doctors refuse to treat a patient?
It doesn't contain any basis for the secretary to refuse.
Users who refuse Apple's terms will be denied iCloud services.
I refuse to wait for ... I don't ask for permission.
And how can I refuse play dates if they do?
Many singers apparently refuse to perform there for that reason.
They don't do, my kids refuse to go to dances.
If they refuse, she reuses the plastic cup they provide.
Foreign exchange windows at local banks refuse to handle it.
Prayuth's government could hardly refuse to accede to Vajiralongkorn's demands.
People refuse to reach past his flaws — which are legion!
People refuse to praise his minimal effort and minimal efficacy.
The Botticelli was an offer Mr. Orsi could not refuse.
I also outright refuse to go on blind dates anymore.
But cities cannot generally refuse a state's order to assist.
Yet the vast majority of them refuse to do so.
If they refuse, their cooperation should be compelled through legislation.
The police may even refuse oversight by the state prosecutor.
If you refuse to be vulnerable, you are handcuffing yourself.
I won't coddle those who refuse to recognize my humanity.
One man suggested civil disobedience: refuse to pay property taxes.
The sons will also refuse to participate in school activities.
To refuse to admit it is to miss the story.
That's an abdication of power we should refuse to accept.
States could refuse the expansion without losing all Medicaid funding.
"I refuse to be fluffy," she declares with magnificent spirit.
What about the rights of individuals who refuse to vaccinate?
They contain sulfates, which does refuse grease but very harshly.
It's possible the judge will refuse to enforce the clause.
They simply refuse to look down at their stained palms.
This is a painful truth that many refuse to understand.
Victims must give consent, but they rarely refuse, prosecutors said.
Yet Trump, Pompeo and Kushner refuse to use that leverage.
We refuse to be complicit in this assault on democracy.
But it's been only a few years, so I refuse.
Mr. Cuomo could refuse to appoint Mr. Gianaris, of Queens.
And I would refuse to sell to anyone under 16.
We must refuse to accept shootings in schools as normal.
Are baristas able to refuse service to anyone at all?
Conservatives could refuse to serve liberals at their own restaurants.
She used to refuse to let us share a bed.
Women said they were too scared to refuse their demands.
Surely, some of the losers would refuse to give up.
The truth is that anti-discrimination laws are a hodgepodge, and where you live determines what rights you have: According to the Human Rights Campaign, in 30 states, an employer can fire someone for being gay; a landlord can refuse to rent to a trans person; a waitress can refuse to serve a lesbian couple; an adoption agency can refuse to place children with a same-sex couple; a taxi driver can refuse to pick up a person he believes is queer.
Most people oppose allowing small businesses or companies to refuse service to same-sex couples, with the March 2018 PRRI poll showing 57% opposing allowing store owners to refuse service and 37% favoring it.
Just last week, it was reported that the Trump administration will offer protection for health workers who refuse to treat people who seek abortions (as well as health workers who refuse to treat transgender individuals).
Social security administrators could refuse to process survivor benefits paperwork for a same-sex spouse, the nonprofit contends, and federal contractors could refuse to provide services to LGBTQ people even in the case of emergencies.
If a baker can refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple (and have the Supreme Court agree, albeit on narrow grounds), can a C.C.R.C. refuse admission to Mary Walsh and Beverly Nance?
Critics of the proposed rule say that it would allow, say, an office assistant to refuse to schedule a vasectomy, or for a nurse to refuse to take the vital signs of a transgender patient.
Or they can refuse, and risk being "disappeared" by the police.
Breakingviews Deutsche Bank is making investors an offer they should refuse.
You stay up all night; you refuse to speak to friends.
Not daring to refuse, the girls did as they were told.
I refuse to even believe this will be the Cubs' century.
I refuse to accept that as truth, but Martha said it.
That doesn&apost mean the United States should refuse to engage.
I refuse to capitulate to the idea that it's inevitable, yet.
The pure stench of that refuse is money to Gates's nose.
Why did it refuse a public meeting with the EU parliament?
Not surprisingly, some clinics now refuse to prescribe opioids at all.
But there's a surprise lurking in the dating-app refuse pile.
"We definitely did not refuse a gay man," Brewer tells PEOPLE.
For many Americans, Trump's victory is one they refuse to accept.
But the Senate might refuse to appoint someone for much longer.
"We didn't actually refuse service or 'kick her out,'" he wrote.
We refuse to enter Wall Street's ubiquitous short-term performance derby.
Trump officials say he has the power to refuse their request.
If someone asked me to "bread slice" bagels I'd refuse service.
If new inmates refuse to produce the documents, they are punished.
But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any.
They refuse to admit that it&aposs not this current administration.
I refuse to let Hollywood #whitewashout the Thai Cave rescue story!
Their sons were expected to refuse to participate in school activities.
I refuse to break solidarity with other users in this way.
Far more patients typically discontinue chemotherapy, and many refuse it altogether.
"You're not liable if you refuse to take them," Dubal said.
High crime rates mean residents refuse to leave their homes unattended.
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, they all refuse to lead.
Or if the person cannot refuse giving permission without adverse consequences.
Others refuse to obey immigration officers unless they have a warrant.
I am competent and I refuse to see another psych doctor.
If you refuse to wear leggings as pants, you're playing yourself.
Some people refuse to let Alexa and Siri into the house.
So she wanted to say to her mother, 'Don't refuse me.
She'd eat her favorite brand for years then suddenly refuse it.
Recipients can refuse two job offers but must accept their third.
I'm sad about it, but refuse to give up the case.
The Republicans walk the NRA line and refuse even limited restrictions.
If they refuse, they can face steep fines and jail time.
Insurers may refuse to cover patients on religious grounds as well.
Should a bus driver refuse to let a veiled woman board?
"I refuse to believe that he's gone," Hamill told the BBC.
For example, Eisenman does not simply refuse or resist art history.
They might even refuse to hire them in the first place.
I refuse to believe it is the majority or the rule.
And they fire those who refuse to carry out their demands.
If his counterparts refuse to negotiate, these threats lose their potency.
Evan Dash of Storebound makes Thor an offer he can't refuse.
It may be an offer employees simply can no longer refuse.
Countries must face sanctions if they refuse to do their share.
And I refuse to lower myself to beg for any relief.
"Do not lower yourself to people who refuse to grow higher."
He tried to refuse but the officer repeatedly demanded the PIN.
I don't really know because I refuse to listen to podcasts.
Or at least they could refuse to comply with Turkey's demand.
Lerner may refuse a poetry that speaks for all, but one
Sometimes, groups with divergent beliefs detect what we refuse to see.
The trespassers refuse, vandalize cultural artifacts, and continue to issue ultimatums.
I refuse to acknowledge her and also I think she's evil.
And those licenses refuse pickers to sell eggs after June 30.
Anyone reserves the right to refuse to have their picture taken.
And I will refuse to allow my fears to limit me.
You are going to have to refuse to do some things.
Amazon is seriously playing Godfather with an offer we can't refuse.
Banks often refuse to issue smaller loans to entrepreneurs, he added.
Dodon said he would refuse to sign the bill into law.
Republicans, even if they wanted to, couldn't refuse to seat him.
So that the president-- (CROSSTALK) HANNITY: That he can&apost refuse.
"I refuse this renewed application for permission to appeal," Laing said.
The captain and his co-pilot refuse; it's against the rules.
Should they be court-martialed if they refuse to follow orders?
They said they would refuse food until Hungary opens the border.
They could refuse to defend EPA and other agencies against corporations.
Those who refuse to do so wind up lashing and leaking.
If he was scolded for not studying, he'd refuse to eat.
It is urging the pensions to drop investment managers that refuse.
He is certainly the first president to refuse to do so.
Reporters – and their papers – must refuse to bow, to be intimidated.
I want to say that we refuse to be a victim.
Yet they refuse to understand what equality, justice, and accountability means.
If conservatives refuse, GOP leaders would have to offer them concessions.
"I refuse to be ashamed of it," she told
But asylum adjudicators in Greece often refuse to send migrants back.
I refuse to be sex-shamed by you or anyone else.
And yet, so many states refuse to do much about it.
Some people refuse to visit the town, calling its residents sorcerers.
Still, if someone asks what I do, I refuse to lie.
And, sadly, a few will stubbornly refuse to acknowledge your feelings.
How can we refuse to see that shooting in real-time?
Some of his supporters, like Mr. Sanders himself, refuse to concede.
But the naysayers refuse to admit that tax-rate incentives matter.
I *refuse* to have these normal human marks weaponised against me.
It's because the right to refuse is about control, not religion.
Some Sanders supporters say they will refuse to vote for Clinton.
Regardless I refuse to conform to the mediocrity of Hillary Clinton.
I refuse to acquiesce to the destruction of the Democratic Party.
I refuse to accept that we can't disagree, but get along.
Residents grow vegetables in Styrofoam boxes wedged between rubble and refuse.
I refuse to sell the product until the logo is removed.
A resident may refuse medical treatment, including medication, at any time.
I make mistakes but I refuse to let them define me.
But most Republicans so far refuse to even meet with him.
South Koreans come in second, recycling 59 percent of their refuse.
Ceasefires enable each party to refuse concessions and strengthen its position.
For others, that would be a good reason to refuse one.
And we can't refuse to see what's in front of us.
Executive officials sometimes refuse to provide legal interpretations to oversight committees.
Providers will refuse to work in health centers under these restrictions.
But the activists contacted by CNN say they refuse to leave.
All this because we refuse to make the vegan lifelong commitment.
They simply refuse to comment on stories that uncover embarrassing truths.
Many sex workers refuse same-day appointments for that very reason.
Sounds like a simple request, so why would game companies refuse?
During the 1980s, cabs would refuse to go below 14th Street.
POTUS and his crew refuse to put a stop to this.
I say unable to deliver, some would say refuse to deliver.
Why can't we simply refuse to be divided as a nation?
Why don't state pension officials refuse to do business with them?
Stanley McChrystal, said he would refuse any role in the administration.
We refuse to be complicit in this gross misuse of power.
It could refuse to buy American products, like planes from Boeing.
We were supposed to refuse the primacy of romance and sex!
Refuse the binary of the terrible past and the atrocious present?
I refuse to tell a grown woman how to clean dishes.
They may even refuse to work with some of the companies.
After this past week, he will have little leeway to refuse.
But to refuse to acknowledge its problems does it a disservice.
The militants refuse to meet with the government, calling it illegitimate.
I suggest that you simply refuse to accept the D.N.C. edict.
Some habits of mind – this flânerie – refuse that sort of physic.
Some days, officials have said, they refuse to take migrants back.
I refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton, and fuck the establishment.
Thousands of people live in the streets and refuse to leave.
But I absolutely refuse to fuck anyone who supports Donald Trump.
Petition demands Amazon refuse to sell serial killer Robert Pickton's book.
I said I refuse to fly in a $4.2 billion airplane.
Gynecologists, for example, may refuse to perform abortions on those grounds.
If I'm gonna refuse to shake someone's hand, it's gotta matter.
I refuse to watch it, but I heard it's really good.
About 60 percent of her patients refuse to answer, she said.
Enveloped in her upholstered cocoon, it would be rude to refuse.
Others refuse to parade with recruits from the village next door.
Also, regret is an annoying emotion to have, so I refuse.
" Trump — still eight months before being elected — replied: "They won't refuse.
And yet most congressional Republicans refuse to break with the president.
We in the labor community refuse to normalize bigotry and hatred.
Should they really refuse to consider the president's broadly conservative nominees?
They can defy kings, refuse beauty and defend themselves against violence.
But they refuse to let a presidential misstep come between them.
Dictators refuse to allow a voice to those who oppose them.
And we — Mexican Americans and collaborators alike — refuse to be silent.
The Minute Men, Larry's company, refuse to march at the inauguration.
One such tactic would be to refuse to debate President Trump.
Seattle is becoming a wasteland of crime, refuse, excrement and addiction.
The only problem is that Democratic candidates refuse to strike back.
Can an exporter to America afford to refuse such a deal?
It's not unpatriotic to refuse to be loyal to the president.
"We don't refuse people because of their net worth," said Edelman.
" The voice told him, "Repent and live, or refuse and die.
I refuse to build artificial intelligence for a military drone program.
Don't bury your head in the sand and refuse to talk.
He should refuse any third party contributions to his personal foundation.
If the agency continues to refuse, I'll see them in court.
But President Trump and the Republicans refuse to call them in.
He has instructed witnesses to defy subpoenas and refuse to appear.
They should refuse to legitimize the confirmation process by taking part.
This gives local public officials discretion to refuse you a permit.
Some states allow pharmacists to refuse to give out birth control.
For years, China took in much of the world's electronic refuse.
Kentucky's Republican governor and legislature refuse to raise the state rate.
That's not surprising: they routinely refuse to confirm or deny investigations.
Many, however, refuse to choose between military readiness and fiscal responsibility.
Mr. Speaker, I refuse to be ignored and taken for granted.
I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.
Food refuse goes in the tall garbage can in the kitchen.
I wonder if that's what convinced him to refuse to resign.
As a country we refuse to admit that we need help.
So here's an idea: Maybe we refuse to get over it.
When can he claim executive privilege and refuse to divulge details?
I refuse to acquiesce to the demonization and the loaded language.
Would you as president refuse to sign spending packages like that?
The only way to do that is not just to refuse to give them what they want, but also refuse to accept the notion that the only result of standing up to these regimes is war.
By getting rid of those protections, the Trump administration rule would allow doctors to refuse to provide transition-related care — or to refuse to see transgender patients at all, even for routine care like flu shots.
Southwest Airlines told T+L that all of their flight attendants are trained to notice signs of drunkenness, and that they can refuse to serve a passenger or even refuse to board someone if they appear inebriated.
Why is it that we refuse so stubbornly to be convinced, refuse even to listen—just run, out of breath, from one night to the next, as if death were a party and we mustn't be late.
Mr. Phillips might have a legitimate right to refuse to make a cake carrying certain words or images he finds offensive, just as an African-American baker could refuse to decorate something with a white-power symbol.
Many owners refuse to register their hounds, leading to worries about disease.
In the next, broken bricks and other refuse littered the patchy grass.
This Ireland establishment is taking its right to refuse service very seriously.
Additionally, while on probation, he cannot refuse a preliminary alcohol screening test.
But many landlords refuse to take people on rental allowance, she said.
I gloried in being sick enough to have the right to refuse.
They were also told they couldn't refuse customers based on sexual orientation.
Harvey would make true Berger's most pessimistic projections and refuse to leave.
I could check Twitter to see how everyone's doing, but I refuse.
Christine noted that I was the first candidate to refuse corporate contributions.
But there are Afghans who refuse to trust the Taliban's new stance.
Steinitz said Lebanon had yet to formally refuse the overture for mediation.
I refuse to cooperate with any of these post-capitalistic marketing gimmicks.
And you should never refuse a hand to help somebody in need.
LPs need to band together and refuse to concede to these demands.
Nominees are likely to refuse to answer questions about Roe v. Wade.
At this point in my life, I refuse to date straight people.
It all was music, and we refuse to be defeated by it.
""A pharmacist may refuse to fill a prescription based upon religious beliefs.
The attorney-general says he will refuse to defend it in court.
But you needn't be dramatic about this or even "refuse" his friendship.
So technically, examiners are still being told to refuse marks for scandalousness.
It is regular chain and you can't refuse so go pack up.
How do we refuse co-optation and engage locally with our neighbors?
Residents emphasized, though, that they refuse to let the fear be crippling.
And we took a look and ultimately decided to refuse to classify.
What if some fans, like myself, refuse to give into this scheme?
They refuse to fire immigrants because some white asshole tells them to!
In Tallinn, Gabriel said Germany would not refuse to increase defense spending.
And Democrats simply refuse to do their job and fix the problem.
At night, gunshots are common and aid workers refuse to venture inside.
"Democrats refuse to work with President Trump," McDaniel said in her speech.
If projects are cancelled, they may refuse to roll over existing loans.
Mr. Fields tried to silence her, but I refuse to allow that.
Even though I'm tired, I can't refuse Thai food and his company.
Unfortunately some people refuse, says Michel Yao of the WHO in Beni.
Everyone has at least one unpopular opinion that they refuse to abandon.
Other sides refuse to visit Afghanistan for fear of being blown up.
In New Orleans, our decision to refuse new cases didn't come easily.
Express your outrage when they refuse to behave like a human adult.
I wear minimal makeup, but refuse to forget about eyelashes or highlighter.
Robert De Niro reserves the right to refuse service to Donald Trump.
He died protecting the ideals of the flag you refuse to respect.
The wreckage left behind would be enough to fill 1m refuse trucks.
I refuse to get a new phone until that is completely unusable.
They refuse to acknowledge my GAD, never mind the symptoms of it.
I for one, however, refuse to underestimate the political power of nudes.
You tell me why they refuse to put us on the board.
Does Dad refuse to let us adopt his old Van Halen tee?
Headlines Democratic Unionists refuse to back May in finance bill vote on.ft.
Instead, Moore says, he would refuse to record songs they wrote together.
Hong Kong may refuse an extradition request if a suspect faces execution.
And sometimes they come upon farmers who refuse to change their methods.
And it's not because I refuse; it's because I sincerely don't know.
Claire, never one to refuse a chance to do something noble, volunteered.
If those people refuse to pay up, then they forfeit their property.
The Fredricks' children refuse to taste the cake when it's brought out.
In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America.
Many contenders have also pledged to refuse money from fossil fuel interests.
It's unclear whether any companies who refuse to comply will be punished.
Jenna Goudreau: Is there something that you refuse to spend money on?
We refuse to remain silent while extreme right-wing populism gains momentum.
However, immigrants can't be deported to countries that refuse to accept them.
Some will refuse to concede it's over, become angry, and keep fighting.
She faces potential daily fines if she continues to refuse to testify.
As such, we refuse to handle any business connected to North Korea.
All black people should follow her lead and refuse to shrink blackness.
I refuse to let them put stuff on my voice, absolutely not.
I can tell you that we will refuse the extradition to France.
Why, then, do so many Americans stubbornly refuse to do just that?
Are there any foods you really don't like or refuse to eat?
And I refuse to root for her just because she's a woman.
They refuse to do things that you make excuses to keep doing.
Then decide what you're going to refuse to do to get there.
And they will claim a right to refuse to hire transgender individuals.
But there are certain things I refuse to spend a dime on.
They refuse to let a relic of the internet's past fade away.
They refuse to be forced into a comfortable or categorizable colonial framework.
The couple refuse to pay taxes that support war and military efforts.
The Palestinians refuse any interim solutions or a state in provisional borders.  
She did refuse to participate in the State Department Inspector General investigation.
Even where therapy is available, many refuse it because of the stigma.
When I refuse, I'm told the aliens respect me a bit more.
We refuse to assist the US gov in mass deportation & religious targeting.
Many men refuse to take them, and others start but soon stop.
Mobs have attacked Muslims who refuse to chant it along with them.
In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America!
A devout pharmacist could refuse to provide contraception to an unmarried teenager.
Some daughters refuse to shake hands with or talk to male relatives.
The idea that Canada would refuse to supply U.S. needs is ludicrous.
But a number of gardeners argued that we should refuse the funds.
But I refuse to do it on the first day of November.
"The guard continued to refuse entry without justification," the lawyer's statement said.
Someone came in and gave us a term sheet we couldn't refuse.
Most Tatars refuse to accept Russia's annexation of the peninsula in 2014.
"Unfortunately, some cities — like Chicago — refuse to follow your example," said Sessions.
And yet, they still refuse to recognize #Pride month for #LGBTQ Americans.
The police label those who refuse to denounce the protesters as accomplices.
And if Rosenstein were to refuse, Bannon said, he would fire him.
But nothing will happen if they refuse to speak with one another.
"I wouldn't refuse to see the Wolf House, either," Mr. Bergdoll said.
"If people refuse to work, we should let them starve," she said.
"Those who refuse reconciliation will be evacuated," the agency reported last week.
It was not just the 2016 election results Democrats refuse to accept.
" It ends with an image of his son and the word "Refuse.
If they refuse, they say they would face fines of $70 million.
The government indicated that ministers would refuse to comply with parliament's order.
States, counties and municipal governments should refuse to bargain with public unions.
China's Foreign Ministry has defended Hong Kong's decision to refuse Mallet's visa.
As a result, some progressives refuse to utter his name in public.
He is also the first president to refuse to release his returns.
Yet they still refuse to back off their support for Mr. Trump.
I refuse to sit in the little chairs where the children sit.
The smell of burned refuse was gone, but the colors were different.
The Supreme Court has several times upheld defendants' decisions to refuse pardons.
The declarations say the counties effectively will refuse to enforce the law.
But after the mistrial, with a retrial coming, he wanted to refuse.
Schools and organizations routinely refuse to employ or admit people with HIV.
The one food I can't refuse is Ultimate Pizza in New York.
Supporters of Israel must refuse to cede ground to the wedge-drivers.
Did your president refuse to fund disaster preparation or emergency response agencies?
His officials show up at peace talks but essentially refuse to negotiate.
The classic privilege is to refuse to give answers containing presidential communications.
And so we refuse to allow ourselves to be killed with silence.
When the opportunity to teach English there presented itself, I couldn't refuse.
The sawmill workers refuse to leave their homes for fear of frostbite.
Sometimes victims are even imprisoned if they refuse to take the stand.
Critics refuse to look away, and they insist that we join them.
Several refuse to believe that the headless photo is of the actress.
It's just that people either don't have them or they refuse to.
But I refuse to live like there's a time bomb inside me.
I'm more aware of my eating habits, but refuse to deprive myself.
They refuse to fade, hide or match their attire to the wallpaper.
Sochua said other nations should refuse to do business with Hun's regime.
In response, all Russian and Chinese programmers and admins must refuse GitLab.
Not one to refuse a pastry, I followed her into the kitchen.
Then, the only way to protect Roe is to refuse to confirm.
I refuse to believe that you cannot be both compassionate and strong.
Both sit incomplete between other tabs, but I refuse to close them.
Refuse to forget last year's offenses and last month's and last week's?
But the bill would allow insurers to refuse to cover certain illnesses.
If they refuse to testify, Congress could charge them with civil contempt.
I refuse to accept that there can't be good stuff going on.
She needs her parents to consent to that, and they can refuse.
Phil Bryant signed laws allowing businesses to refuse service to gay people.
It's almost an insult if you refuse to take tea with them.
I refuse to eat like crap or I will have no energy.
In Maracaibo, men searching for refuse that can be salvaged or recycled.
And many, including many Democrats, refuse to even talk about the poor.
If Democratic senators consistently refuse to grant it, nothing would get done.
Instead, it frames individualism as the right to refuse service to anyone.
Refuse to work at a job you have to drive to. Walk.
But the party insists that it will refuse alliances with traditional parties.
I refuse to detail the humiliations that keep me up at night.
We will crash with happiness; we refuse to end with a whimper.
Should the White House refuse those requests, a legal fight could ensue.
Even though she missed one mark, we refuse to believe it happened.
Accordingly, many GOP governors announced they would refuse to move Thanksgiving's date.
Mr. Sharkey also hikes with Ms. Stewart when her other friends refuse.
In medicine we often talk about a patient's right to refuse treatment.
Seven symphony members said they would refuse to play under his direction.
He invoked his right to refuse any interviews without his attorney present.
Or should she simply refuse to give his nativist views a platform?
Mr. Joyce would refuse to talk about the relationship when they asked.
In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America.
Young people diagnosed with ARFID refuse to eat or eat very little.
They refuse to call witnesses whom Christine Blasey Ford said were present.
Pelosi tried to shake Trump's hand but he seemed to refuse pic.twitter.
"I refuse to go into the future nomadic," she all but rasped.
One option was for Volkswagen to simply refuse to acknowledge a problem.
Is it okay for the President to refuse to cooperate with Congress?
"The Polish president was right to refuse to attend it," he added.
Yet the personal responsibility narrative leads states to refuse to expand Medicaid.
The politicians minimize the problem, while the courts refuse to get involved.
Eventually, all but one decided his team would refuse to play Canelas.
Often, tenants refuse even to answer the door when a detective knocks.
Here are five things you should refuse to pay full price for.
Even as I refuse to believe this, I prepare for it. How?
One of the most expensive indulgences Americans nonetheless refuse to do without?
The group conducted a Chinese-style march, it did not refuse to.
Catch up: Lebanon's refuse crisis says a lot about its political economy.
Michelle Obama did not refuse to salute the flag on Veterans Day.
" Under the U.S. Constitution, he said, "states have the privilege to refuse.
Democratic senators say they will filibuster — refuse to close discussions — on Thursday.
Look at all the things you cannot cut or refuse to cut.
Today, they are so unsalable that thrift stores refuse them as donations.
"It's an offer you can't refuse," another studio executive told Business Insider.
We have created worlds that refuse the illegible, the secret, the lost.
"I absolutely refuse to pay these gentrified, inflated prices," said one speaker.
Judges refuse to issue arrest warrants, or order the release of suspects.
A handful residents refuse to leave despite the proximity of the frontline.
"You never refuse it because you never know," he says, accepting sustenance.
When we refuse to speak up, the pay gap grows in silence.
I just refuse to singlehandedly carry that mental load like she did.
Eric Flowers said authorities are concerned about residents who refuse to evacuate.
It says it would refuse any request from Beijing to conduct espionage.
Some of the individuals we approach may be wary and refuse us.
The simple fact is that Congress should refuse to consider new legislation.
In the end, Dunleavy's $6,700 was an offer too high to refuse.
If she sought a meeting, why should Russia refuse her, Putin asked.
In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America.
Plants may also be processing domestic rather than foreign refuse, they say.
Democrats will refuse to stand by while the Republican Party denigrates women.
The African Union said it would refuse to recognize him as president.
Freedom for those who can afford coverage to refuse to buy it.
That makes him the only modern president to refuse to do so.
He may refuse to acknowledge defeat, claiming the election returns are fraudulent.
But they don't have to protect what you refuse to give them.
Because I refuse to believe that people just can't just live together.
I refuse to believe the lies and evil that flood my comments.
If we refuse to wear the same shirt twice, we risk overspending.
What's worse is there's a simple solution that they refuse to accept.
Even animals, Shermer notes, often refuse to give up their loved ones.
When T. tried to make Kelly eat, she would cry and refuse.
There was speculation that McConnell would refuse to put Trump on trial.
Many Edna residents say they refuse to shop at Walmart ever again.
Nineteen states, nearly all of them with Republican governors, refuse to expand.
In fact, even Bitcoin conferences sometimes refuse to accept Bitcoins from attendees.
Call me an optimist, but I refuse to believe that's the case.
But that's the one thing Republican lawmakers in Washington refuse to do.
" Vilchis added: "They refuse to hear our voices and change their minds.
"I refuse to make a manufactured product," he tells The Creators Prpject.
We will punish all those who refuse to wear the midi-skirt.
I refuse to accept that we don't have responsibility for our condition.
With the voucher, the state will not be paying the attorney's usual hourly rate so there's a risk that certain lawyers will refuse the vouchers, much in the way that certain landlords refuse tenants with housing subsidy certificates.
If a company can refuse to sell wedding cakes to a gay couple on the basis of religious convictions, can a restaurant also then refuse to serve food to a divorcée or an unmarried couple with a child?
During this time, inmates across the US plan to refuse to work and, in some cases, refuse to eat to draw attention to poor prison conditions and what many view as exploitative labor practices in American correctional facilities.
"We refuse to build the platform that powers ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement), and we refuse to contribute to tools that violate human rights," reads an internal company letter from the employees, as first reported by The Hill.
If a university would allow a professor to refuse to recommend a student to an African country, to a Muslim country or a communist country, then it might be permissible to refuse to recommend her to a Jewish country.
Why do we refuse to acknowledge what's right in front of our eyes?
If European leaders refuse any compromise, they will make their own citizens poorer.
Hillary Clinton supporters refuse to give up in spite of last night's heartbreak.
If you browse the "antiques" category, you'll find an offer you can't refuse.
In fact, he even made our photog an offer he probably shouldn't refuse.
I say President Trump needs to make Kim an offer he can't refuse.
Because like Clinton the Democrats refuse to learn the lessons of the past.
The Taliban also refuse the main demand of the Afghan government: a ceasefire.
The girls refuse to charge, as usual, but I tip $20, as usual.
The President has made it apparent that he will refuse to play ball.
"You cannot be terrorized if you refuse to allow the terrorists to win."
At the same time, I refuse to upgrade to a Plus-sized iPhone.
Uranium mining has imposed realities that many in Arlit refuse to passively accept.
Second, film the incident if they refuse to write "Trump" on the cup.
So if a police officer asks to see my ID, I can refuse?
Here are a few suggestions: Refuse to acknowledge the number nine ever again.
Couldn't Amazon refuse to renew contracts for agencies that operate using lower thresholds?
FOX NEWS OPINION Michael Goodwin: Democrats refuse to acknowledge safe borders are necessary .
For Davis and Adelson, it would be a deal too rich to refuse.
It's an offer hard to refuse: a reprieve from your student loan bill.
Trump hates to lose, which is why he will refuse to do it.
The smoke turned out to be caused by grass and refuse burning nearby.
An airline could, of course, refuse to overbook as a matter of policy.
If parents refuse to send their children, they could lose their welfare benefits.
But I refuse to buy twenty dollar juice, it's not sustainable for me.
He had no right to refuse service especially after the payment was accepted.
They refuse, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions.
The actress continued to refuse to acknowledge that she had said anything racist.
Liberals know that their ideas are bad, so they refuse to debate them.
People are free to review books they haven't read or refuse to read.
The 27 seem likely to refuse us the benefits of the single market.
But we refuse to be defeatist over our chances to get this apartment.
Don't dig in your heels and refuse to meet somewhere in the middle.
Some corporations, facing these new policies, might still refuse to share the wealth.
The "knowing I would never refuse" is on you, not him, 100 percent.
Just an offer I couldn't refuse, so I decided to make the change.
As he ascended the dais, Trump seemed to refuse to shake Pelosi's hand.
"I refuse to seem less threatening, if that's how I'm perceived," said Clark.
The term 'civil servant' does not apply to those who refuse to serve.
I write about tech executives, and (no joke) refuse to meet with them.
Insurers refuse to cover pre-existing conditions, making it hard to switch providers.
By this logic he should also refuse the 99th bet, after 98 bets.
However, there are those who refuse, namely, the Tarlys, including new bae Dickon.
I have goals too that I refuse to put on the back burner.
It was an offer the Beatles couldn't refuse, but they refused it anyway.
Phillips claims no right to refuse service to gays and lesbians more generally.
But if Trump continues to refuse, Congress and the courts have limited options.
And until it's done, we have no right to refuse entry to anyone.
Nowhere is this clearer then in the refuse-strewn streets of San Francisco.
And we refuse (mostly) to pay but we don't really want ads anyway.
Or should we refuse to meet them halfway if they dismiss climate change?
Sometimes people refuse point-blank to admit awkward facts, as with climate change.
Despite her rise at BAML Silver Lake made an offer she couldn't refuse.
If the M5S were again to refuse, it could doom itself to irrelevance.
These days, Henderson said, parents seldom refuse a flu vaccine for their kids.
And yet, many conservative Christians refuse to recognize Clinton as a fellow believer.
I refuse to use a cane, even though I probably should some days.
For Ryan to refuse to cooperate would be just dooming his own majority.
They refuse to resign, instead calling for an impartial inquiry into the suicide.
Because here's the catch: future governments refuse to detail the horrors they've seen.
I would not refuse someone service based on their political or religious beliefs.
Trump would be well within his rights to refuse to concede on Nov.
Many refuse to take legal action even if they have a strong case.
I didn't dare to refuse my grandmother's request even though I felt embarrassed.
Courts refuse to accept Arabic documents without a Kurdish translation, says a businessman.
The court has long allowed workers to refuse to finance unions' political activities.
If scientists refuse to participate, climate deniers get to claim victory by forfeit.
Now I am sick and disgusted that our government representatives refuse to act.
Moreover, it provides no basis for the Treasury Secretary to refuse a request.
They just refuse to lie about the quantity of bass in my music.
Eventually, refuse exporters will have to deal with more of it at home.
"I refuse to be an accessory to his visit," Escobar later told CNN.
I refuse to leave my dear readers as suddenly as Pariana left me.
Why do you think so many stars refuse to discuss seeing a therapist?
Too many Republicans simply refuse to vote for repealing Obamacare without replacing it.
This fuel, known as Refuse Derived Fuel, is then burnt to create energy.
They refuse to give the votes necessary to fix the Loopholes and Asylum.
Once in a while, a deal comes around that you simply cannot refuse.
Previously, technicians were told to refuse service on iPhones with non-Apple batteries.
Rebels and dictators often refuse to give up unless they are promised amnesty.
"Patriarchy is this: to refuse women authority over religious texts," she told me.
The perfect gift for Valentines who flat-out refuse to do the dishes.
City authorities usually refuse permission for transgender parties, and police often raid them.
I refuse to believe you can END a MARRIAGE after ONLY six weeks!
Some observers expected them to also refuse to participate in the March vote.
In the end, it is our refuse that refuses to let us die.
Then the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could refuse to expand Medicaid.
For example, why has Trump continued to refuse to release his financial records?
You may be tempted to refuse to acknowledge its intelligence, as Kasparov did.
They refuse to leave until our Constitution replaces due process with secret lists.
They refuse to blame anyone for holding them back or dragging them down.
Mentally strong people refuse to allow self-limiting beliefs to restrict their potential.
And for the first time, I saw someone refuse to leave the stage.
He rejected the idea that celebrities can refuse to comment on public tragedies.
The pressures of tradition were so strong, though; I couldn't refuse to participate.
All you need to do is refuse to accept what you're being told.
Many fighters are turned off by this and refuse to lower their earnings.
You can't refuse to turn something you never had in the first place.
He literally holds her life in his hands — how could she refuse him?
"Republicans refuse to stop trying to take away people's health care," Dach said.
I put my faith in God, and I refuse to live in fear.
As for drunk drivers, until last year they could legally refuse breathalyser tests.
Or maybe they refuse to come over because they're terrified of your cats.
Some countries in eastern Europe still refuse to take any refugees at all.
Did she refuse to listen when you explained the concept of "fetal pain"?
ESA and the ExoMars team refuse to take the L on this one.
As such, we refuse to handle any individual loans connected to North Korea.
There's law enforcement, you can refuse to cooperate with that kind of behavior.
Still others would allow domestic violence shelters to refuse entry to LGBT people.
It is time for Lebanese citizens to refuse to tolerate the status quo.
Trump warned that he would leave the trade pact if other nations refuse.
But, according to others, he's actually a Gemini — which I refuse to believe.
I refuse to cry now over something that might happen in the future.
She will also refuse to cut her hair until her demands are met.
If you own a deli or a restaurant, refuse to serve any Trumps.
The word "Refuse," as Spin points out, looks awfully similar to Refused, too.
"The Republicans walk the N.R.A. line and refuse even limited restrictions," he wrote.
In most cancers, the main problem is cells that refuse to stop growing.
Both the King and MBS refuse to meet w anyone below an Ambassdor.
China has said it will refuse to participate in or accept the arbitration.
Be on the street soon after people roll out their refuse for pickup.
"I *refuse* to have these normal human marks weaponized against me," she said.
With each day that goes by, their families refuse to let hope wane.
The world, it appears, has little room for women who refuse to submit.
Hungary is among six countries, however, that refuse to participate in that project.
Doesn't refuse to concede the race and instead seeks to invalidate the result?
There is only one way to win an arms race: Refuse to run.
"I refuse to give you my money," wrote one Facebook user, Brynne Walker.
"I knew they couldn't refuse you, even if you're not improving," she said.
I refuse to define each of them based on the worst among them.
There is also still a chance that the EU will refuse an extension.
The nearby countries of Italy and Malta refuse to take them in. 2.
She said, "I refuse to live like a poltroon," which made me laugh.
It is not illegal to refuse to take questions from a tough reporter.
In the extreme case, bank management may just refuse to file for bankruptcy.
Johnson will refuse to resign if such an outcome transpires, reports have claimed.
But India and Turkey may push back and China will likely flatly refuse.
I refuse to let external factors that I cannot control dictate my life.
And the owners refuse to rent it for just a month or two.
But I refuse to believe we've lost our faith in a greater future.
He's been feuding with residents who refuse to cede their land to him.
Those could be disclosed with tax returns, but they refuse to do them.
But she would either refuse to go or have a colleague accompany her.
Most observers speculate that Rosenstein would refuse to fire Mueller if Trump asked.
Even here in the capital of the unimaginable I refuse to believe it.
The new rulers in Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest flatly refuse Muslim refugees.
Louisiana State announced on Selection Sunday that it would refuse any postseason invitations.
Macron called for sanctions against EU states that refuse to accept more migrants.
They could simply refuse to follow the rules, remove him from the ballot.
Yet, increasingly, witnesses refuse to answer questions without making such a formal invocation.
SAG-AFTRA could, theoretically, refuse to come back if organizing developers are ignored.
Since then, the Palestinians refuse to engage in any contacts with Trump's advisers.
Since then the Palestinians refuse to engage in talks with the White House.
I refuse to cry again tonight, not in front of all of you!
If they spot these warning signs, store owners are encouraged to refuse sales.
For those who refuse due to ethical or scientific reservations, there are penalties.
If you refuse they'll have no choice but to write you a shot.
They can't refuse coverage or vary their premiums due to pre-existing conditions.
Many Republicans in Congress even said they would refuse to vote for him.
" "Why did they refuse his ID when he showed them many times before?
I refuse to believe that the country didn't take anything away from it.
In Anderson's expressive model, the couple might have a sound reason to refuse.
We asked 3,000 people what fast-food chains they refuse to eat at.
In fact some sovereign states – China – refuse to recognize these as legitimate currencies.
We refuse to contemplate any collapse, any return to the bad old days.
For example, grocery stores often refuse to stock less-than-perfect looking produce.
The defendant, though many would disagree, should have every right to refuse service.
Pathologists cannot refuse to do autopsies just because they might risk losing accreditation.
Refuse to ignore the plight of the imprisoned, the tortured and the deported?
"Je refuse le prix," Jean-Paul Sartre said on this day in 1964.
But there are only so many slices of avocado toast you can refuse.
Yet our political leaders tend to refuse to view child care as work.
Some shops, fearing a costly mistake with a counterfeit, refuse to accept them.
Thus our bodies, while being schemes of competing claims, refuse to fly apart.
It was an offer that the Times film critic Vincent Canby couldn't refuse.
Children under 20 have coverage, but most insurers refuse to pay for adults.
Yet President Trump continues to refuse to even acknowledge the malevolent Russian role.
They also refuse to believe the United States, which has said the same.
This is speaking to people who refuse to accept that they are lesser.
We refuse to box the poems in by requiring a fidelity to subject.
If she continues to refuse help, may I be excused from feeling guilty?
It is not a decision to refuse to put particular words on it.
Ask to see the menu for the evening and your server will refuse.
None indicated that they would return donations or refuse them in the future.
I decide that Nixon and Humphrey are indistinguishable, and I refuse to vote.
We have nothing of note to say and yet still refuse to listen.
But no one benefits when those who take value refuse to contribute anything.
I've just started counting to 20, because I refuse to sing to myself.
People refuse to believe women until suddenly it is trendy to do so.
It is necessarily incomplete as many local officials refuse to confirm casualty information.
The official urged students to be vigilant and to refuse any "free lunch."
But the horrors refuse to fade from the memories of those who suffered.
Refuse to acknowledge that, and you're skipping down the path toward Donald Trump.
In Ecuador, government officials have publicly warned fishermen to refuse offers from enganchadores.
I refuse to watch any show that thinks it is better than me.
If they refuse to act, I'll take executive action to protect our communities.
Even so, the bill would allow insurers to refuse to cover certain illnesses.
Those who refuse, according to the post, would be sent to "concentration camps".
A few white people come in a says that they refuse service from...
Iran's leaders will naturally say that they refuse to negotiate a new deal.
Refuse piles up in slums, next to government offices and outside luxury condominiums.
It is precisely because I love myself that I refuse to hate another.
One wildcard is that Trump has hinted he might refuse to debate. Sept.
He ever said that his office would refuse to send the required letter.
Last month he said he would refuse to cooperate if put on trial.
Sometimes judges refuse to approve divorces for the sake of their own jobs.
If Alton Brown, the Food Network celebrity, offers you a cocktail, refuse it.
The Green Bay Packers refuse to let their postseason aspirations die with dignity.
Most Republicans say they refuse to consider a bill that would increase taxes.
So why is it that we refuse to actually say what we mean?
Why are mattresses the one thing we refuse to fork money over for?
In fact, some airlines will refuse to transport pets that have been drugged.
That goal is why I refuse to dismiss folding phones out of hand.
It's intended to address cases when employers refuse to bargain or delay negotiations.
Watch how Iranian students refuse to step on American & the flag of Israel.
That they refuse to do so suggests no such facts are at hand.
Most of us are amateurs but refuse to believe and play like one.
Too many Egyptians refuse to acknowledge the way such denial endangers Christian lives.
Those that have insist they can't refuse to meet the demands of clients.
What people refuse to talk about is how successful the 2018 election was.
And yet the Republicans refuse to ask the FBI to investigate her allegations.
But I think it's very important that we all refuse to be intimidated.
Some refuse to leave their cells and must be dragged away to die.
Today, it would either refuse or exact a heavy price, probably in Europe.
They foster an academic atmosphere in which students refuse to question progressive orthodoxy.
In fact, most fireplaces refuse to be ignored, whether they're beautiful or ugly.
He is a bully, who likes to make people "deals" they can't refuse.
Airbnb also said it would refuse to host Nazi sympathizers on its platform.
Beginner investors sell stocks and refuse to invest again until the market stabilizes.
The Taliban refuse to negotiate with the Afghan government, which they consider illegitimate.
Should I be furious at the drug manufacturers that refuse to develop generics?
ET to explain his decision to refuse to appear before a grand jury.
"I'll refuse you for the fun of it," one officer in Cairo said.
And his cancer-research group is said to refuse donations from pharmaceutical companies.
If your score is too low, they can refuse to rent to you.
Should Trump outright refuse to comply, this would provoke a genuine constitutional crisis.
CH: You've said you are interested in how representation can refuse gender essentialism.
Thanks to generations of Americans who refuse to give up or back down.
Could a Subway employee – which the brand calls their sandwich artists – refuse to sell me a six-inch cold cut trio because he does not agree with my facial hair, claiming his freedom of speech allows him to refuse me?
The Georgia House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday that would make it legal for pastors to refuse to perform same-sex weddings, and for religious institutions such as churches to refuse to perform services involved in same-sex ceremonies.
The bill in question — the Free Exercise Protection Act — would allow faith-based organizations to refuse employment to people whose beliefs they deem in conflict with their own and allow pastors and churches to refuse services for same-sex couples.
The Colorado Civil Rights Commission has allowed black cake-makers to refuse to make cakes for the Aryan Nation and secular cake-makers to refuse to make cakes opposing same-sex marriage, but Mr. Phillips's refusal apparently went too far.
The government cannot refuse a request based on the identity of the requester or his or her "need to know," but it is entitled to refuse disclosure under nine statutory exemptions, including information that could harm U.S. national security interests.
Trump has endorsed so-called religious liberty legislation that agressively affirms a minister's right to refuse to marry a same-sex couple, for example, or a devout baker's right to refuse to provide a cake for a same-sex marriage.
"When pharmacists refuse to fill a prescription due to their personal beliefs, refuse to follow the rules of the Pharmacy Board and have a backup referral … they're violating those rights," Gender Justice executive director Megan Peterson told the Duluth News Tribune.
LGBTQ advocates are concerned about the potential domino effect of a Supreme Court ruling in the shop's favor, such as, for example, emboldening doctors to refuse to see expectant single mothers, or landlords to refuse to rent to same-sex couples.
In particular, you can't win one if you refuse to acknowledge it even exists!
But even with more aggressive outreach efforts, some people refuse to go into shelters.
Yes, they're dancing, but the point, really, is how they refuse to give in.
Even if you stubbornly refuse to listen as alarm after alarm are being sounded.
The sister's boast a secret recipe and refuse to reveal the ingredients to anyone.
They love them so much, in fact, that they refuse to drive without them.
None of this will happen if we refuse to reckon with stories like Grace's.
That's been proven false again and again, but many people refuse to see it.
Maher, for one, would never refuse to testify in front of the UK parliament.
I refuse to go to stores during the holidays — thank God for online shopping.
"I refuse to answer under the grounds that it may incriminate me," she says.
In the old days that refuse was 100 percent biodegradable, but not so today.
We refuse to let this fade like every other mass school shooting since Columbine.
Why is Rod Rosenstein allowed to refuse to provide records and documents to Congress.
Because SONY is blocking it because they refuse to have cross-platform.FUCK. YOU. SONY.
If the hyenas refuse the sacrifice, people believe the country will have bad luck.
Many Kreung now refuse to talk about the huts or what went on inside.
They still walk past every single day but now they refuse to acknowledge us.
Did the show's stars refuse to talk to each other or socialize off-screen?
Arguing that a Christian baker can refuse a wedding cake to a gay couple?
I refuse to call it a sad desk lunch, even though it kinda is.
The authorities refuse partly because they believe further concessions would only encourage more violence.
Flesh and blood officers might refuse to carry out orders if they felt conflicted.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel was softer, saying Berlin would not refuse Britain more time.
Suppose you refuse to accept that possibility and choose instead to remember your origins?
Benedict Cumberbatch said he would refuse acting roles unless women costars had equal pay.
Opponents of the rule, he said, "refuse to recognise ANY rights of the unborn".
I let it bounce off me, but I refuse to stay quiet about it.
We refuse to facilitate mass deportations of people the government believes to be undesirable.
The weekend's violence prompted technology companies to publicly refuse their services to white supremacists.
Plans to clamp down on those who refuse job offers remain on the table.
The biggest complaint: Twins hate it when others refuse to see them as individuals.
You will not want to refuse one of these, clammy though they eventually become.
I work hard for my money and I refuse to hand it all away.
Some sites will even refuse entry if you don't allow them to collect cookies.
Assassination is out; these Nazi hunters refuse to fall prey to nakam, or vengeance.
It would be "absolutely morally incredible" for the Labour Party to refuse, he added.
I refuse to let this deter me from going to the gym," she said.
It is, and getting better, no matter if some people refuse to believe it.
One way out for the High Court is to refuse to hear the appeals.
I simply refuse to be robbed of the glorious joy that belongs to me.
Others said they would simply refuse to support or defend the nominee going forward.
"You cannot try to 'wait things out'," a Refuse Fascism  call to action  reads.
It is what we make of it — what we accept and refuse to accept.
In recent years Eurovision has rewarded eccentric entries that refuse to follow the rules.
Surprisingly, there are some people out there who just refuse to let this die.
Depp asked a judge to refuse Heard's demand, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE.
"I refuse to live in this world of shame and silent apologies," she said.
If Trump does refuse to certify by Sunday, the Iran deal won't immediately collapse.
But Trump has so far kept his promise to refuse a salary as President.
Some claim ignorance of the facts, others simply refuse to abandon their past beliefs.
They've updated this piece of equipment and I refuse to get the new one.
Until they do so, Ms Goldin calls on cultural institutions to refuse their donations.
You'll be surprised where you can get to when you refuse to stop going.
Still, as governments refuse to do anything meaningful, the impetus remains on the individual.
The Americans refuse to start the process of filling the spots, citing systemic concerns.
There's plenty of evidence to support my claim, which milk's detractors refuse to acknowledge.
Some auction houses refuse to buy or sell Nazi artifacts considered to be propaganda.
And companies including Birkenstock and the NFL refuse to do business with Amazon altogether.
Say the majority of commissioners simply refuse to consider climate impacts in pipeline decisions.
Their longstanding policy is to refuse any films that skirt the 90-day window.
Intimate, yes, but presented at a distance: the films refuse to solicit an audience.
This time, the invitation to testify before Congress was one Zuckerberg seemingly couldn't refuse.
Often the buyers would have no cash and would refuse to accept the goods.
Certainly some of that refuse would contribute to Darwin's Beer Can Regatta on Sunday.
If it's not three sizes too big, I refuse to wear it at home.
In the confines of a tank, they will often refuse to eat, experts said.
They're saying that they refuse to acknowledge President Obama's legitimacy as an elected official.
But shareholders have no comparable right to refuse to pay for corporate political speech.
I end up wearing the most fragile beautiful little pieces because I can't refuse.
"Any business owner is more than entitled to refuse a business proposal," says Darby.
How dare the opposition refuse a vote on a high-level presidential judicial nominee.
Men press girls to have sex, and girls are not taught how to refuse.
And they've been known already to refuse plastic straws and toys with unnecessary packaging.
He said he tried to refuse the bag but the clerk moved too fast.
KIRK: Yes, the MS-13 beaus -- the people that they refuse to call animals.
"They could offer me free transportation for a year and I would adamantly refuse."
But we can be all but certain that Daniel Petrocelli would refuse if asked.
Publicly, Democrats refuse to say that what's happened under Trump risks hurting the Senate.

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