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"appropriation" Definitions
  1. [uncountable, singular] (formal or law) the act of taking something that belongs to somebody else, especially without permission
  2. [uncountable, singular] (formal) the act of keeping or saving money for a particular purpose
  3. [countable] (formal) a sum of money to be used for a particular purpose, especially by a government or company
"appropriation" Synonyms
seizure expropriation commandeering confiscation takeover arrogation usurpation annexation taking detainer preemption assumption grab impoundment sequestration taking away impounding requisitioning removal capture stealing pilfering embezzlement misappropriation pre-emption theft thieving robbery peculation larceny defalcation thievery purloining burglary pilferage shoplifting robbing nicking pinching grant allocation subsidy allotment subvention allowance annuity entitlement donation funding concession assignment apportionment budgeting provision endowment stipend contribution benefaction present occupation invasion conquest subjugation attack incursion overrunning subjection possession colonisation(UK) colonization(US) control rule suzerainty entering foreign rule arrest apprehension bust detention collar imprisonment pinch incarceration nab arrestment bag nick restraint hook captivity confinement custody portion share part quota slice piece cut percentage proportion measure lot ration take chunk end whack plagiarism copying cribbing piracy borrowing infringement lifting bootlegging copy counterfeiting deception falsification fraud imitation poaching infringement of copyright literary theft adoption acceptance approval endorsement espousal support ratification acquiring acquisition affectation affecting assuming choice embracing selection taking on advocacy following procurement acquirement attaining attainment gaining obtaining obtainment procuring winning earning amassing collection collecting securing achievement pursuit gain retrieval absorption assimilation incorporation amalgamation integration fusion combination inclusion digestion inhalation osmosis subsuming impregnation intake penetration reception retention saturation suction resorption issuance issuing administration awarding designation disbursement granting admeasurement distribution division dispensation earmarking rationing assignation despoliation devastation ravaging ruin ruination vandalism depredation despoilment destruction harrying looting marauding pillage plunder plundering raiding ransacking rape raping More

863 Sentences With "appropriation"

How to use appropriation in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "appropriation" and check conjugation/comparative form for "appropriation". Mastering all the usages of "appropriation" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It's pop cultural fallout, a delicately layered croissant of appropriation upon appropriation.
One of the examples I use in the book is hip hop, which is an incredibly appropriative genre — it comes together through intergenerational appropriation, through interracial appropriation, intercultural appropriation.
The term "cultural appropriation" is a descriptive one, but not all forms of appropriation are misappropriation.
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From cultural appropriation to that whole Jeffree Star debacle, the family has a laundry list of controversial and appropriation offenses.
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The appropriation I am looking at in the book is a sort of interracial, cross-cultural appropriation from black to elsewhere.
Administration lawyers proposed that the appropriation for the premium subsidies could do double duty as an appropriation for the cost-sharing reductions.
Republicans argued that the permanent appropriation did not cover the subsidies, and that paying them absent an explicit appropriation by Congress was unconstitutional.
There are a lot of things that come out of appropriation that we don't really think of as appropriation because we like them.
S&P also placed Pennsylvania's A-plus appropriation rating, single-A departmental appropriation rating and A-minus moral obligation rating on watch with negative implications.
Like I&aposll read an article that says yoga is cultural appropriation and I&aposll read one that says certain Halloween costumes are cultural appropriation.
Throughout her career, Perry has ignored the line between appreciation and appropriation consistently enough to get her dubbed the "Queen of Cultural Appropriation" by the Root back in 403.
"Although it provides a procedure for reducing benefits if Congress enacts an inadequate appropriation, nothing authorizes USDA to reduce or eliminate benefits when there is no appropriation enacted at all."
It is appropriate, then, that it is the birthplace of the Festival of (In)Appropriation, a showcase of experimental films that employ appropriation, collage, archival and found footage, mashups, and remixes.
Appropriators fussing over the ownership of appropriation — how appropriate.
Dominican-born Minaya refers to her use of this tropical spandex as an act of appropriation — not only of the patterns themselves, but an appropriation of the viewer's mental connections to the patterns.
Beckham hasn't yet responded to commenters' concerns over cultural appropriation
Organizers changed the name after being called out for appropriation.
In its proliferation, the term cultural appropriation has become charged.
VICE: Your viral comments sparked a conversation around cultural appropriation.
What are you thoughts on this appropriation of the term?
The three galleries are thematically arranged: politics; appropriation; and abstraction.
And that's what renders his style appropriation, rather than homage.
Well, actually that mislabeling is exactly where cultural appropriation happens.
When I discovered Gozo's appropriation of itako practices, I bristled.
Its wholesale appropriation by pop culture blunted its political force.
"There is a difference between appropriation and appreciation," she wrote.
Despite my shame, I did nothing to address my appropriation.
So how on earth does that classify as appropriation, sis?
Won't people be upset about the whole appropriation thing, though?
Thanks to everyone participating in this act of (((cultural appropriation))).
Appropriation Queen, resplendent in a tone deaf headdress and bindis.
They include Treasury Department statements, appropriation suggestions, and email correspondences.
Appropriation (budget) bills routinely fail to be approved on time.
No one political program is immune to appropriation by capital.
A $85033 billion appropriation is more than fair, and needed.
Schumer was vocally accused of cultural appropriation for her parody.
They could suffer retaliation including appropriation, fines or higher taxes.
Ohio, $56.7 million of capital facilities lease appropriation refinancing bonds.
Wisconsin, $598.1 million of general fund annual appropriation refinancing bonds.
Many were saying that Beyoncé's performance regalia is cultural appropriation.
Was that influenced by the appropriation artists of that time?
Do you think that's the line between appreciation and appropriation?
In an age of appropriation debates, could he create one?
This time, Congress has not made any specific appropriation requests.
And there is the ethically fraught matter of image appropriation.
Ohio, $66.5 million of capital facilities lease appropriation refinancing bonds.
Fund the supplemental $1 billion appropriation to the CDFI Fund.
For this is an essay in defense of cultural appropriation.
What is cultural appropriation, and why is it so controversial?
Both have been accused of cultural appropriation in the past.
Wisconsin General Fund, $403.1 million of annual appropriation refinancing bonds.
The enduring question isn't whether Macklemore is guilty of appropriation.
Wisconsin, $523.6 million of general fund annual appropriation refinancing bonds.
Its annual appropriation of about $300 million would be eliminated.
The work raises questions about authenticity, cultural appropriation, and ownership.
In the name of pop appropriation, thank you Deja Pins.
"There's no political language that's ironclad against appropriation," he said.
The administration argues that it already has a permanent appropriation under the Affordable Care Act, but Republicans say that permanent appropriation was only for the law's tax credits, not for the Basic Health Program.
The exchange of ideas and traditions is readily slammed as "appropriation".
I know that appropriation and appreciation are not the same thing.
When Beyoncé gets in trouble for cultural appropriation...nobody is safe.
So, yes, despite her intentions, Cyrus still has an appropriation problem.
These attempts are all cringey at best and appropriation at worst.
Like Parrot, I believe that cultural appropriation is not inherently bad.
If we're wearing White lady hair, isn't that appropriation as well?
If it's not, let the cultural appropriation/gentrification witch hunt ensue.
The film's arguments against cultural appropriation feel more apologetic than sincere.
An admission of dishonesty or potentially unfair benefits or cultural appropriation.
In other cases, reprogramming moves funding across congressionally enacted appropriation accounts.
There are a couple of ways of looking at cultural appropriation.
Appropriation and appreciation: Hollywood just can't seem to reconcile the two.
However, the cultural appropriation movement opposes any depiction of another culture.
Who knew that God could be a victim of cultural appropriation?
Ohio, $1733 million of capital mental health facilities lease appropriation bonds.
Concerns about cultural appropriation in Halloween costumes have become mainstream recently.
Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima didn't suffer for this culinary appropriation.
The problem with cultural appropriation is that the appropriator lacks context.
The appropriation of faux-medieval culture by modern racists happens everywhere.
Spears tongue is out, presumably to berate Leo for cultural appropriation.
Native appropriation of this kind has been expanding across the Amazon.
Lately, however, Lepage has been embroiled in debates around cultural appropriation.
The debate, like most others about potential cultural appropriation, is fraught.
On the Runway The debate over cultural appropriation and fashion intensifies.
Reports of the letters sparked outrage and accusations of cultural appropriation.
The R.T.M. handles personnel appointments and any appropriation larger than $5,000.
The piece on the appropriation of cornrows was a popular read.
If cultural appropriation were wrong, Ashanti people shouldn't be wearing it.
And why does the practice of such cultural appropriation still endure?
It has the same concerns: appropriation and assimilation, conflict and conflictedness.
Others worry about cultural appropriation, or turning their traditions into kitsch.
Democrats and activists lamented the appropriation of funds for the wall.
The repeated appropriation of her mother's name still frustrates Sarah Reeves.
They were just opposed to paying them without a proper appropriation.
It is a tour de force of appropriation and feminist critique.
This funding equates to almost $85033 billion across these appropriation levels.
Unlike appropriation in the art world, such practices rarely attract controversy.
Ms. Gedi is a member of the budget and appropriation committee.
The director's gift for pastiche extends to his propensity for appropriation.
Shriver's real targets were cultural appropriation, identity politics and political correctness.
Still, the direct appropriation of art in these displays seems different.
The trouble is, the history of culture is the history of appropriation.
British model Emily Bador has some sincere regret for her cultural appropriation.
Are these artists, then, merely engaging in an act of cultural appropriation?
Zac Efron shows off dreadlocks on Instagram,  sparks accusations of cultural appropriation .
I don't know why this has been turned into an appropriation problem.
"   Some commenters criticized Blair for wearing the accessory, calling it "cultural appropriation.
He gleefully prompts viewers to consider notions of consumerism, identity, and appropriation.
Colon, as I understand him, is doing a variation on appropriation art.
What's intrigued you most about the dialogue you've sparked around cultural appropriation?
What can black people do as consumers do to fight cultural appropriation?
The conversation around cultural appropriation needs to evolve with that in mind.
Some traditionalists might call that cultural appropriation, but at least it pays.
We have cultural appropriation of the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community.
This led to many commentators to accuse the video of cultural appropriation.
So, how is sporting a du-rag an example of cultural appropriation?
I called up several experts on cultural appropriation and got their take.
What do you think about Demi's response to the cultural appropriation accusations?
Only those who push radical ideas like appropriation are suspected of insincerity.
Johansson's comments sparked widespread criticism on social media about privilege and appropriation.
Cultural appropriation is easy to spot when it's actually on someone's body.
Katy Perry is the latest celebrity to be accused of cultural appropriation.
What this inevitably leads to, though, is appropriation, a cousin of gentrification.
Do you think this kind of work is connected to cultural appropriation?
Difficult decisions on priorities and financial appropriation will have to be made.
"Such an appropriation cannot be inferred," the judge said in her opinion.
This is an embrace of another culture, not an appropriation of it.
Notably, motivation or message seems irrelevant to the definition of cultural appropriation.
"The appropriation bills before Congress do not impact" the special counsel's office.
Worst example of cultural appropriation ever: LGBTs stole the rainbow from Mario.
For one, it doesn't depend on Congress for an annual budget appropriation.
Letters Is it wrongful "cultural appropriation" when authors invent characters unlike themselves?
You have to have every nuance of cultural appropriation in your head.
Almost all the Latino students objected on the ground of cultural appropriation.
Permission plays a major role in whether an act constitutes cultural appropriation.
Increasingly, I've heard more concerns about religious appropriation, particularly related to paganism.
I was accused of cultural appropriation of Western culture, which is insane.
Prince was like a modern day Elvis, only without the cultural appropriation.
Funding for all NMB activities will come from an annual congressional appropriation.
That act of appropriation is far more laborious than it might seem.
Film Club What is the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation?
And so it is an entity that takes in the federal appropriation.
"Reviewing the coronavirus supplemental appropriation and preparing to go vote," Gaetz tweeted.
Now we have a different task: protecting the movement against conservative appropriation.
But the looming possibility of cultural appropriation has the traditional skiers nervous.
Indeed it is fortunate that the appropriation is so small and inadequate.
But embedded in the idea is a certain amount of cultural appropriation.
Central to both cases are issues of cultural appropriation and artistic freedom.
The point is that "cultural appropriation," as a diagnosis, is decidedly unhelpful.
The Times frequently covers questions of credit and appropriation in the arts.
But that is because of political and economic exploitation, not cultural appropriation.
But I don't think that the enforcers of cultural appropriation get it.
The King holiday was both cause and effect of this selective appropriation.
Heated discussions about cultural appropriation are not, of course, limited to food.
Still, he added, there is a way to demarcate homage and appropriation.
" The question of appropriation is the editorial mainspring of "The Dolphin Letters.
Removing this rider from the final appropriation bill is just a start.
Refinery29's Channing Hargrove recently suggested that this trend is cultural appropriation.
Captivity invites appropriation, and appropriation can take different forms, as for example when Eliot protectively sought to shape the perception of Pound in the world at large as a cold high modernist, rather than as an intemperate propagandist.
The administration argues that it already has a permanent appropriation under the Affordable Care Act section covering the law's tax credits, but Republicans say that permanent appropriation was only for the tax credits, not for the Basic Health Program.
James, now a gay performance artist under the name Blackout, shares some of his father's anger about white appropriation but has plenty left over for a more intimate kind: the appropriation by a selfish artist of his child's security.
I might be more sensitive to this gender appropriation than Bourgeois would be.
Here, Jafri further exposes how deranged the US army's appropriation of meditation is.
I think it&aposs horrible that we&aposre starting off with cultural appropriation.
They'll vote on six appropriation bills to fund most agencies through Sept. 30.
Opportunities to dress down cultural appropriation seemed to propagate as quickly as weeds.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Fashion has an ongoing cultural appropriation problem.
Kloss's latest controversy isn't the first time she's been condemned for cultural appropriation.
"Appropriation, indeed," writer Jillian Kay Melchior begins the last paragraph in her piece.
The attire prompted an outcry over "cultural appropriation"—an elastic, ill-defined gripe.
So a Latina writer from "Marie Claire" wrote that this is cultural appropriation.
The Trump administration is providing the ACA subsidies without an appropriation from Congress.
The Obama administration argued that a separate, permanent appropriation already covers the subsidies.
This example proves the necessity of cultural appropriation studies in the first place.
Like all cultural appropriation issues, it's about giving credit where credit is due.
"This cultural appropriation stuff is starting to really make me crazy," she said.
RC: Can you talk a bit about stylistic appropriation in relation to Jones?
What made you decide you wanted to tackle appropriation through your own work?
If appropriation of a genre exists, here it is in its finest form.
Except for when it borders on cultural appropriation — Bieber, we're looking at you.
Social media was outraged by the retailer's supposed appropriation of the religious garment.
The GOP argued the payments were being made unconstitutionally, without a congressional appropriation.
The Republican-led Congress for years has refused to make such an appropriation.
Her tweets went viral worldwide and provoked an enormous debate about cultural appropriation.
In 6900 the CMMI will receive a new mandatory appropriation of $2628 billion.
Those against cultural appropriation inhabit a particular psychological attitude that is worth examining.
When they were in the minority, they don't want to pass appropriation bills.
Benefit-cost ratio is the dominant factor in the authorization and appropriation process.
The reason behind such limitless forms of cultural appropriation is its limitless meaning.
For 2016, its appropriation was $148 million (about $91 million in 1994 dollars).
Have Congress immediately add $6900 million to the currently pending supplemental appropriation request.
By widely sharing these photos, I was engaging in and normalizing cultural appropriation.
She also adds that cultural appropriation is a relatively new subject for her.
"The tone-deaf '#40Ounce' marketing is cultural appropriation at its worst," he tweeted.
They argue that the problem can only be tackled with a large appropriation.
He refused to take it, demanding $20,000 for the appropriation of his franchise.
According to The Hill, the Smithsonian's federal appropriation for 23 was $1 billion.
In other words, cultural appropriation might cause outrage, but it will not stop.
But this is also about the production and appropriation of new urban experiences.
DS: Appropriation also seems to be critical throughout the exhibit, on multiple levels.
Has the debate over race and appropriation influenced your approach to this show?
" Cultural appropriation, she said, expresses "ignorance or aggression," while cultural exchange suggests "generosity.
In Australia, the French brand is being accused of cultural appropriation and ignorance.
The Judgment Fund is a permanent appropriation of the Department of the Treasury.
St. Louis Land Clearance Redevelopment Authority, $108.2 million of annual appropriation revenue bonds.
As with so many other forms of appropriation, Rei Kawakubo got there first.
The part about appropriation, Alessandro and I are part of two parallel universes.
"The scandal of appropriation has changed," Ezawa said in an interview with Hyperallergic.
In discussing the origin here, there are some questions about cultural appropriation, too.
Of past supplemental funds, the Zika emergency supplemental appropriation was passed at $22019 billion, the Ebola emergency funding was $5.4 billion, and the pandemic influenza emergency appropriation was $6.7 billion in 2005 and another $7.7 billion for H1N1 in 85033.
As a result of his close ties with the Republican Party, Howard, which had a unique relationship with Congress from which it receives a special appropriation —     was able to increase the university's federal appropriation from $29 million to $178 million.
As cultural appropriation has garnered more attention, some artisans from minority groups, such as Native Americans, have said that it's harder for them to sell their wares to the public because consumers don't want to be accused of cultural appropriation.
Some Twitter users accused Timberlake of the appropriation of black culture Williams spoke about.
But inspiration crosses into appropriation when you create something with little or no originality.
The orders noted that the increases were subject to Congress's appropriation of sufficient funds.
Instead, Sabrina's character unknowingly dips into a recent trend of real-world cultural appropriation.
Star, who is no stranger to controversy, is now being criticized for cultural appropriation.
It's discomfiting to see such casual appropriation of a tragic event for aesthetic purposes.
This is not the first time Kardashian West has been accused of cultural appropriation.
He suggested an "appropriation prize" for creators who carry out such cross-cultural raids.
Also featured in the trailer: an uncomfortable mashup of electronica, rap, and Asian appropriation.
It's part of the reason hairstyles are often the most obvious cultural appropriation offenses.
The layered opacity of the pattern evokes the textile's history of displacement and appropriation.
Cultural appropriation is extremely common — and, fortunately, so is being called out for it.
She is the author of Who Owns Culture: Appropriation and Authenticity in American Law.
House Republicans sued over the payments, arguing they were unconstitutional without a congressional appropriation.
The details: "The trillion dollar question" is what qualifies as national appropriation, says Listner.
Workers at Cloud Nine superstore learn about the perils of cultural appropriation on Halloween.
"Worst example of cultural appropriation ever: LGBTs stole the rainbow from God," he wrote.
This is far from the first time Perry has been accused of cultural appropriation.
This was widely seen as both an instance of appropriation and of yellow face.
Except Bruno Mars credits the originators, which is a core issue with cultural appropriation.
She comes from a family that can't untangle themselves from claims of cultural appropriation.
It's cultural appropriation at it's very core and honestly just makes you look dumb.
Jeremy is a perfect case study of how not to go about cultural appropriation.
And late last week they announced the first grants to result from that appropriation.
It's Miley's history of cultural appropriation that made her so susceptible to this claim.
Odd as it may sound, I once loved cultural appropriation—and I wasn't alone.
This is to say nothing of routine condescension or the appropriation of her work.
This is about whether we want to get away from annual omnibus appropriation bills.
It's in the air even beyond the show, the ideas about appropriation and identity.
Are we then to cry "appropriation" whenever a Westerner approaches a non-Western subject?
He takes on white privilege, cultural appropriation, and attacks against former President Barack Obama.
The agency is funded by the Federal Reserve, rather than by a congressional appropriation.
In his acceptance speech, Mr. Beatty waded into the raging debate about cultural appropriation.
It comes with a side of controversy about race, class, cultural appropriation and gentrification.
Ohio, $64.6 million of Adult Correctional Building Fund Projects capital facilities lease appropriation bonds.
It's quite possible that we've collectively moved past strong verbal arguments against cultural appropriation.
She also spent the year fighting off critics who accused her of cultural appropriation.
Then again, that problem in our society isn't limited to discussion of cultural appropriation!
Try Again: MAC's been accused of cultural appropriation for its new collection, Tribe Vibe.
Watch the three talk about Thanksgiving, cultural appropriation of chopped cheese, and more above.
On the Runway Where is the line between culturally appropriate dress and cultural appropriation?
Congress could appropriate "emergency" funds for DoD through a supplemental appropriation for FY 2020.
As a container, they're also acting as an articulation of cultural appropriation and hacking.
As popular as they are, the candles — and the appropriation they represent — rankle some.
We've seen some pretty tough stuff come up recently around the cultural appropriation debates.
The accusation of cultural appropriation is a secular version of the charge of blasphemy.
Charges of cultural appropriation have ebbed and flowed since the work's premiere in 1935.
In April 28503, the president submitted a budget to Congress formally requesting the appropriation.
The CSSI was launched in 2014 in response to a $85033 million congressional appropriation.
The award show was a veritable orgy — not of sex, but of cultural appropriation.
Advertising aimed at women then featured "the opportunistic appropriation of mainstream feminism," she said.
Appropriation suggests a significant amount of self-satisfaction and a desire to show off.
It was funded by a $1 million appropriation last month from the Florida legislature.
Appropriation is a blunt charge, and can become a never-ending game of gotcha.
Congress did not fund the law's $10 million annual appropriation in 2017 or 2018.
"For me, we can talk about appropriation a lot," said Mr. Michele this week.
The goal of appropriation is often to show familiar material in a new light.
The basis of these books is the appropriation of commonplace commercial texts and images.
The problem with cultural appropriation is that it's the appropriator who defines what's acceptable.
Much has been written already about the line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation.
The Kardashian-Jenners have previously found themselves at the center of cultural appropriation controversiesIn 2017, sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner faced accusations of cultural appropriation and plagiarism over a $150 handbag they released that was in the shape of a Chinese takeout box.
But once the collective internet sober thought kicked in, questions about cultural appropriation were unavoidable.
A lot of salient points have been made about Isle of Dogs and cultural appropriation.
But along the way, the scene-for-scene appropriation begins to hang on self-parody.
HHS is trying to get an emergency appropriation of $2.88 billion to increase shelter capacity.
All across social media, people lambasted the otherwise magical company for its terrible gumbo appropriation.
"We believe that we need to abide by the appropriation passed by Congress," Vought added.
Kahlhamer also addresses the appropriation and commodification of Indigenous symbols and objects into mainstream culture.
As a Black woman, did you not think that that was appropriation in any way?
She also persuaded her husband to wangle a $20163 million House appropriation for the project.
Politely, Mr Niedzviecki admits that his defence of cultural appropriation was "a bit tone deaf".
Kim Kardashian West is changing the name of her Kimono shapewear after cultural appropriation backlash.
On March 8, Seren Sensei went viral with her cultural appropriation accusations against Bruno Mars.
What is the economic impact that cultural appropriation has on black artists and black entrepreneurs?
When Pottermore published Rowling's piece on Native American wizards, readers accused her of cultural appropriation.
The country's new name, Northern Macedonia, is designed to appease Greek sensitivities about cultural appropriation.
Whether that appropriation serves the greater good should at least be a matter of debate.
Schumer's parody video caused a stir online, with many people accusing the comedian of appropriation.
It is not as though the concept of cultural appropriation has fallen out of use.
My final verdict: I think claims of cultural appropriation are a bit of a reach.
"La Gracia is a prime example of cultural appropriation, not appreciation," Castillo insisted to MUNCHIES.
It is very safeguarded and protected, and wades around commodification, appropriation and things like that.
A musical production of the Aida opera has been cancelled after complaints of "cultural appropriation".
For instance, the lawsuit claims the first episode alone includes 88 discreet instances of appropriation.
"Easter Parade" depicts the appropriation of a biblical theme for the purpose of racial subjugation.
House Republicans sued over the payments, arguing they are being made unconstitutionally without an appropriation.
Amandla Stenberg even made an entire primer on cultural appropriation, linked here for your convenience.
What beliefs do you hold about IP, copyright, and the other legal ramifications of appropriation?
In addition to social justice issues, cultural appropriation plays an important role in Fragua's work.
It is a matter of both appropriation and of the history of American visual politics.
Early Head Start and Head Start also received noteworthy funding increases in those appropriation bills.
In 1996, Congress attached the Dickey amendment to its appropriation bill for fiscal year 1997.
"The Illinois Constitution requires an enacted appropriation for state spending," Possley said in a statement.
"I plan to vote against any future arms sales and appropriation to Saudi Arabia," Sen.
Jenner is now being accused of cultural appropriation — or stealing cultural staples without offering credit.
Often, where others see appropriation, these stars see themselves as celebrating and honoring diverse cultures.
The blonde corn rows she sported in the shoot sparked controversy over cultural appropriation claims.
They want a $600 million emergency appropriation for opioid abuse issues, which Republicans have rejected.
The new bill drops the appropriation to $250 million a year for the next two.
Their techniques, including appropriation, became legendary and the original exhibition has spawned subsequent re-evaluations.
Because of this, our new effort cannot be just an appropriation to one federal agency.
The gesture was not only clumsy, it opened her up to charges of cultural appropriation.
Funding for Mueller's investigation comes from a permanent, indefinite appropriation to the Department of Justice.
Those stories generated controversy with accusations of cultural appropriation and sexism (some levied by R29).
She took steps to address her appropriation and learned some significant lessons in the process.
How does cultural appropriation change, if it does at all, when white people aren't involved?
Her art depicts everything from cultural appropriation to gora ("white") boyfriends and skin whitening creams.
You tread a fine line with cultural appropriation, between what is right and what isn't.
This book has shaped my determination to innovate and to avoid the mannerisms of appropriation.
The most important debate I experienced about him was on the issue of cultural appropriation.
Cultural appropriation is not a modern concept; it has existed as long as culture itself.
Nowadays, that means looking at the thin line between homage and appropriation, collaboration and exploitation.
Campaigns against cultural appropriation reveal the changing meaning of what it is to challenge racism.
Cultural appropriation is the wrong descriptor; perhaps it should be cultural representation, or cultural depiction.
Shortly after receiving backlash from fans who accused her of cultural appropriation, Jenner deleted it.
Second, Congress could make a special appropriation that directs the CDC to examine gun violence.
This is the type of education that with full appropriation, ESSA could — and should — support.
At that less enlightened time, no one complained about Potts' cultural appropriation of Asian culture.
It seems backwards issuing the bonds and hoping they get an appropriation to spend them.
Normally we would have another run-of-the-mill copyright and appropriation dispute concerning art.
But divorcing mindfulness practices from their origins can be a form of cultural appropriation, i.e.
This play of mélange, appropriation, and tribute sets the stage for the entire show. Dadaclub.
"You see appropriation of it everywhere," said Massey, in the artist statement accompanying the exhibition.
It's unclear whether cultural appropriation is a concept that has come to Bad Gyal's attention.
In their case, it is actually an appropriation of an appropriation: ''War Primer 2'' is based on Bertolt Brecht's ''Kriegsfibel'' (''War Primer,'' 1955), a book of press photographs, largely culled from newspapers and magazines from the previous decades, that Brecht captioned with bitter, poetic quatrains.
But this wouldn't mean much to us if the work of the Wu-Tang Clan were so-so; if the work weren't good, he could be from Shanghai and it would still be an appropriation, even if an appropriation of forms nearer to home.
While the House did its work, and sent 10 appropriation bills to the Senate, funding 96 percent of the government — the first time that has been done in over three decades — I am disappointed that the Senate failed to pass a single appropriation bill.
I like to think of this book as investigating an appropriation of a type that belongs in a wider category of appropriation that isn't always as charged and it isn't always as malicious, and certainly isn't as deliberate as we like to think of it.
White Tears, Hari Kunzru's dark, phantasmagoric fifth novel, is about the cultural appropriation of black music.
"Outside the larger queer movement, you see a lot of appropriation of ballroom," she tells VICE.
"Congress has made no appropriation for Obamacare cost sharing reduction payments," Walker said in a statement.
Some people would call the Kardashians' adoption of Black culture appreciation over appropriation, but I wouldn't.
Vautier's endless appropriation strategy consists of writing on everything Moi, Ben, je signe ("I, Ben, sign").
But the distinction between appropriation and appreciation in these cases isn't really that hard to see.
Additionally, the costs associated are likely to be enormous, making congressional appropriation of funds extremely difficult.
This isn't mainstream borrowing or reuse; it's appropriation with an eye toward entirely different, artful ends.
Under Michigan law, a bill that includes an appropriation like this cannot be voided through referendum.
In my heart of hearts, I felt that cultural appropriation happened because people didn't know better.
Seren Sensei: Cultural appropriation is a system of white supremacy, especially here in the United States.
In this current era of pop music, "cultural appropriation" is no longer a particularly useful term.
And many, including myself at times, turn to assimilation—sometimes veering into appropriation—to reconcile it.
In a December 2017 interview with the Fader, she lashed out against charges of cultural appropriation.
As far as diversity, representation, and appropriation go, the series fails in a number of ways.
I don't know that the movie can handle all of the questions it raises around appropriation.
Vogue and Kendall Jenner have both come under fire once again for accusations of cultural appropriation.
This is a great snotty, nasty, fun, bratty appropriation of 1950s "gee whiz" comic panel sensibilities.
The economy, which has been held back by smothering regulation, protectionism and appropriation, is also changing.
A random person probably can't make a brand take down a re-appropriation of their meme.
For example, there's a huge conversation around cultural appropriation, so displacement is not a neutral term.
Waymo, Alphabet's autonomous car unit, has sued Uber for appropriation of trade secrets and patent infringement.
Later, she received additional backlash from a dedicated stan account due to claims of cultural appropriation.
This is the other way to approach the Christian appropriation of pagan fertility symbols, of course.
But cultural appropriation is more than just a cheap, straw imitation of the wide-brimmed hat.
Beyond plagiarizing — which is huge issue by itself — there is also the problem of cultural appropriation.
House Republicans argue the federal government is unlawfully making the payments without an annual congressional appropriation.
Legality aside, though, many people have called out the brand for its appropriation of Japanese culture.
It is appropriation but not of any kind that has any real ground for offense, tbh.
By appropriating the artwork of modern appropriators, Ravn accelerates the conversation around appropriation as a medium.
The roundtable, with Wilmore and show contributors Rory Albanese and Robin Thede, focused on cultural appropriation.
The conversation about Miley Cyrus and the appropriation of Black culture goes back quite a ways.
As the New Republic reported on Wednesday, the painting went beyond the usual frame of appropriation.
The judge ruled that the administration is illegally making those payments without an appropriation from Congress.
The matter that's also got Mr. Wolfe bummed out — downright angry — is the question of appropriation.
The Third Reich's appropriation of Wagner prompted Israel to adopt an unofficial ban on his music.
Otherwise, it feels like cultural appropriation, which is a major concern when I eat pouch food.
DHS was one of the agencies that did not receive an appropriation, forcing a partial shutdown.
The committees say the administration has now spent more than $7 billion without a congressional appropriation.
And the law recognized this, and did not amend the permanent appropriation to reflect that recognition.
You have to zero base the budget and not assume you start with last year's appropriation.
The legislation's best-publicized provision is a $1.6 billion appropriation to start building Trump's border wall.
"Since when is drawing inspiration from a fashion icon like Rihanna considered cultural appropriation?" reads another.
Since the defense appropriation is generally considered must-pass legislation, the rider may well be dropped.
As a result, individual members became ad hoc authorizers directly attaching spending requests to appropriation bills.
Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do about the cultural appropriation of Black traditions and practices.
Electoral politics, rather than fundamentally transforming this system, simply puts a democratic gloss on routinized appropriation.
Bond spoke about movingly about appropriation and about the need to continue to represent Black womanhood.
"Take a step back and look at where Native appropriation begins in this issue," she continues.
They're as sharp and unassailable as the politics of feminist art historical appropriation that informed them.
But Congress later enacted a series of appropriation riders that seemed to bar the promised payments.
In some ways, his argument is a light echo of conversations across Canada about cultural appropriation.
By covering antique British, Danish and French chairs in these materials, Akinnagbe is reappropriating that appropriation.
We are one island, after all, sharing a history of occupation, appropriation, slavery, dictatorship and more.
The restaurant, called Lucky Lee's, has become the latest front in the debate over cultural appropriation.
In the case of culture, however, what is called appropriation is not theft but messy interaction.
Critics of cultural appropriation insist that they are opposed not to cultural engagement, but to racism.
I do have a problem with cultural appropriation, which does run rampant in the witchcraft community.
Rather, the French brand is being accused of cultural appropriation, exploitation of the underprivileged and ignorance.
"This whole issue of appropriation in this white psychedelic community is so important," Ms. Ginsberg said.
I have tried to explain cultural appropriation to my family before, but they think I'm oversensitive.
A few weeks back, Congress approved an emergency supplemental appropriation for FEMA, replacing already dwindling funds.
Groff should be commended for navigating the troubled waters of cultural appropriation without hitting a reef.
To some on the political left, the president's appropriation of "Buy American" feels like a violation.
I think they can change how the C.F.P.B. funds itself and make it subject to appropriation.
EDWARD ROSENFELDNEW YORK To the Editor: Let it be known that all translation is cultural appropriation.
Not to mention a solution to the modern ill of appropriation, be it styles or culture.
In recent years, however, anxieties have grown around white artists who commit acts of cultural appropriation.
Full appropriation at the authorized amount for these ESSA programs would have equalled over $6900 billion.
I really was upset about the appropriation of euphemistic language to conceal things that are torture.
Of course, not everyone applauds the appropriation by corporate marketing departments of a once-subversive practice.
I wanted to see the spreading of this subculture, and asked myself: Is this cultural appropriation?
So in the administration's view, Congress must have intended the same appropriation to serve for both.
The Internet is decentralized, but Tumblr is a black hole of curation and appropriation and aggregation.
Cultural appropriation also comes into play when considering who gets to access wellness products or practices.
Wool's painting hangs in the appropriation room, but it feels misplaced there, even though its text comes from an exterior source; its modus operandi is instead the garden-variety appropriation that has been practiced by modernists from Pablo Picasso to Jasper Johns — an instigation for formal inquiry.
Doctor Strange's origin played like Iron Man with more cultural appropriation and, somehow, a thinner love story.
They actually went from 22017 billion to 49.3 billion, and the appropriation for 2018 is 51.1 billion.
"Paying out Section 22014 reimbursements without an appropriation thus violates the Constitution," Collyer wrote in her decision.
This reality was ignored when President Richard Nixon insisted that he need not follow enacted appropriation bills.
But any appropriation of funds to start building a wall would almost certainly be challenged in court.
After closing out New York Fashion Week on Thursday, Marc Jacobs is under fire for cultural appropriation.
The history of the appropriation of Asian and Black cultures are interconnected, tangled, and difficult to parse.
That's part of the allure: the ability to try on a culture while avoiding accusations of appropriation.
Despite how fervently and ubiquitously the topic is discussed, no one actually likes to discuss cultural appropriation.
More people today "know" about cultural appropriation than when I started writing about it ten years ago.
I am not the first one to argue that outrage toward cultural appropriation is a red herring.
When it came out that is was two white, suburban people, everyone realized it was cultural appropriation.
A group of men debate Taylor Swift versus Lady Gaga ("Miss Germanotta"), playfully accusing them of appropriation.
Is fashion's appropriation of alien chic a celebration of a forward-looking, highly evolved form of humanity?
This is the question that appropriation art pioneer Richard Prince has been fighting in court for years.
Before the cultural appropriation cards are drawn, there's more history to the getup than meets the eye.
Appropriation occurs when a product is sold without a learning process, context, or recognition of its source.
People are calling it 'cultural appropriation' as if her father isn't of Irish and NATIVE AMERICAN decent.
Show after show, I hold my breath just waiting for the inevitable cultural appropriation to go down.
The questions at the heart of the debate are essential ones: When does appropriation go too far?
After all, some of the best food in the world comes to us thanks to cultural appropriation.
And I know 'appropriation' is a dirty word these days, but that's all an artist can do.
They have been outspoken against cultural appropriation, daring to call out everyone's favorite Jenner on social media.
Christians, she said, could also be offended by the appropriation of their religious symbol for secular purposes.
Hadid is part Palestinian, however, people were unhappy with the shoot and called her out for appropriation.
We turned the tables on cultural appropriation when we ate at a Chinese gastropub called Deli Burger.
Ted Cruz, would start working on a supplemental appropriation bill when they return to Washington next week.
" Since then, he's become more vocally opposed to the appropriation, calling it "completely insane" and "a nightmare.
Below, writer Dream McClinton shares why this kind of appropriation from fashion labels should not be tolerated.
House Republicans sued the Obama administration, arguing the payments were being made illegally without a congressional appropriation.
House Republicans sued the Obama administration, arguing the payments were being made unconstitutionally, without a congressional appropriation.
The total deferred maintenance bill for all national park sites is four times the annual congressional appropriation.
And the Congress has recently approved a massive defense appropriation that includes provisions for new nuclear weapons.
I think Milan is deliberately challenging our understanding of the term "appropriation" and how we apply it.
A key area of focus here is China's appropriation of the intellectual property (IP) of American businesses.
On Monday, Lucerne's parliament took a vote on a preliminary appropriation, and it failed, 62 to 51.
If anything, Jacobs's appropriation was of the already-appropriated, the dreadlocks sported by the aforementioned style subsects.
In reality, most saw it as trying to hard at best, or as cultural appropriation at worst.
On top of that, Republicans hope to pass all 2628 fiscal year 28500 appropriation bills before Oct.
Kahlo's blooming headpieces, intricate embroideries and appropriation of indigenous silhouettes are all au courant on today's runways.
Obama funded the Libyan war out of money slushing around in the Pentagon, without a specific appropriation.
It critiqued white tears and cultural appropriation long before they became subjects for viral social media memes.
The argument that minorities are allowed more leverage when it comes to cultural appropriation clearly isn't true.
If the public is more aware of cultural appropriation, why does it persist in such troubling ways?
Cyrus has had some ups and downs, both musically and image-wise, including dabbling in cultural appropriation.
As Asian-American rappers, have you had to face any of your own accusations of cultural appropriation?
Thoughts and emotions are readily available in icons and appropriation and self-reflexivity are built-in tools.
" The show also tackled sensitive themes like cultural appropriation, resulting in Rose's favorite episode, "Dances with Ignorance.
Developed for the more powerful PC, it opened with a spectacular appropriation of Steven Spielberg's D-Day.
The image is also something of an appropriation, based on a remarkably similar drawing by Giuliano Romano.
"Where I live and grew up, cultural appropriation is not a problem and an issue," she explains.
Vanessa Hudgens plays into this scene as another ignorant 'trendsetter' and, yes, adds to the overall appropriation.
Kim Kardashian West's speaking out about the cultural appropriation backlash she faced when she's worn cornrow braids.
Dior is facing accusations of cultural appropriation after releasing a video clip to promote its fragrance Sauvage.
The person after that went with the new Ariana Grande album, occasioning a discussion of cultural appropriation.
You try to disguise your appropriation by taking this woman's name as the title of your book.
The brand was originally named Kimono, a traditional Japanese garment, which led to accusations of cultural appropriation.
It's exactly that, and that's what I needed to explain: This was what real appropriation looks like.
An earlier version of this article misstated the kind of dress that inspired a cultural appropriation uproar.
A constant concern among people of color and allies in the creative community, appropriation charges deserve scrutiny.
The standard complaints about cultural appropriation, point of view and the ethics of aestheticizing war all apply.
She debuted her Bo Derek-esque braids over the weekend, and got some flak for cultural appropriation.
Mr. Lewis said some locals had criticized the Krewe du Kanaval as an act of cultural appropriation.
But for many Greeks, it was an unacceptable national defeat and an appropriation of Greek national heritage.
Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) has called for a massive $2900 billion appropriation for funding under the DPA.
This strikes me as a fine definition of the difference between appropriation and inspiration: presumption versus humility.
" In the context of American cultural production, Ms. Lloyd argues, "it's cultural appropriation all the way down.
One may enter fearing the twin terrors of cultural insensitivity and appropriation, just to find them unfounded.
She is currently working on her first book, on race and appropriation in the twenty-first century.
Think of an appropriation as an electronic instruction to your bank to pay a recurring monthly bill.
Turning Gandhi into a jiggling, giggling bobblehead is a cheeky take on the appropriation of his image.
It was not removed primarily because of cultural appropriation, according to all news reports, and Dakotas themselves.
But this appropriation is tragically minimal compared to the health and economic burdens of firearm-related injuries.
The poster also showed her deliberate appropriation of feminism in the service of her party's Islamophobic message.
Eliminating the modest appropriation for the Wilson Center — $2628 million a year — won't garner the same attention.
Themes of gentrification and cultural appropriation center the work, all boldly delivered by Ms. Segarra's billowing vibrato.
But it also drew criticism on social media as a particularly cringe-worthy example of cultural appropriation.
Ms. Chiha did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the claims of cultural appropriation.
Williams's enjoyable paintings are cheeky, post-modern affairs that use appropriation in a unique and inventive way.
CHIP was able to continue operating through budget uncertainty, using funding left over from its last appropriation.
Others accused Madonna, who was wearing a black caftan and her hair in braids, of cultural appropriation.
Ideally, Democrats want a permanent appropriation for these subsidies, which come out to about $8 billion annually.
A case for why the idea of "cultural appropriation" is harmful and should be binned Accusations of cultural appropriation, such as when a teenager wears a Chinese-inspired dress to a school prom or "non-Mexican individuals" celebrate Cinco de Mayo, are guaranteed to stir up Twitter outrage.
He is asking congressional Republicans, not Mexico, to fund the plan with taxpayer money through the appropriation process.
Congress is the only source for such an appropriation, and no public money can be spent without one.
Many voiced their opinions on Twitter, with some defending the video, and others calling it out for appropriation.
People have already taken to Twitter to call out the grocery chain for gentrification, cultural appropriation, and more.
Cultural appropriation continues to be Schumer's "thing," so I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it...right?
In many ways, this kind of appropriation serves as a bellwether for consumer interest in a given trend.
There's a fine line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation, and not everyone agrees where that line is.
This reinforces that cultural appropriation has contributed to the disembodiment of black and marginalized bodies in contemporary France.
Some songs veer into mawkish expressions of self-confidence and closure, and Kesha still dabbles in cultural appropriation.
A generation ago a great deal of appropriation art in the galleries wrestled with the claims of originality.
But there's another element of the story that's a bit less obvious: the cartoon's appropriation of Norman Rockwell.
As left politics integrate into the mainstream, artists show how class factors into racial discrimination and cultural appropriation.
"An appropriation of $5 billion from your infrastructure plan will help us bridge this economic gap," he wrote.
You know, the "without showing that you understand or respect this culture" part of the cultural appropriation definition.
The creative world is full of examples of appropriation, from sampling in hip-hop to Marcel Duchamp's readymades.
The party officially marks May 4th as youth day, but it fears appropriation of it by disaffected youngsters.
" He later added: "I remember some people talked about the cultural appropriation of the embroidery inspired from Africa.
This isn't the first time the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been accused of cultural appropriation.
You know the drill: feathers, rhinestones, a little bit of cultural appropriation, and — oh yeah, the Fantasy Bra.
Some on social media accused Schumer of cultural appropriation and insensitivity to the racial politics of the song.
She is viewed by many — especially Black people — as an offensive example of cultural appropriation and racial insensitivity.
They even throw Taco Bell coupons at her so that she can continue her "appropriation" of Latino culture.
For most, use of the Macedonia name is an appropriation of Greek heritage by the country's small neighbour.
Beyond the theft alone, appropriation tends to be ruthlessly destructive to the original performance being absconded with. Why?
Congress is required by law to pass twelve appropriation bills annually in order to fund all federal agencies.
Dreadlocks, along with box braids and cornrows, have also dominated cultural appropriation conversations, particularly in the fashion world.
Magazine after facing accusations of cultural appropriation for naming the forthcoming brand after a traditional Japanese clothing item.
If anything, its recent popularity is a result of cultural appropriation that McDonald's has, in turn, also appropriated.
Kardashian West has previously been criticised and accused of cultural appropriation for wearing her hair in "boxer braids".
And the administration's ability to make those payments without an appropriation is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit.
House Republicans sued the Obama administration over the payments, arguing they are being made unconstitutionally without an appropriation.
The House argued that money on the subsidies could not be spent, because Congress never authorized their appropriation.
The $162 billion bill was approved Tuesday by the Senate Appropriation Committee's labor, health and human services subcommittee.
It would then be up to the Appropriation committees to enforce the regulatory budget in annual spending bills.
Some reprogramming actions move funding within appropriation accounts and below certain thresholds; these are relatively fast and streamlined.
The concept of cultural appropriation has been diminished and some people have said that's it's a stupid concept.
The primary piece of evidence being the House bill, which does not contain an appropriation for the money.
In this appropriation of the language of the rights, the West is now the colonized, the anti-colonial.
Muslim leaders around the world are united against his appropriation of Islam, and have condemned his actions routinely.
"Cultural appropriation" has become a common term on campuses and is receiving broader meaning with each passing year.
His writing has been described as "the easy impossible" for its appropriation of simple themes, elegantly strung together.
When Congress returns from recess, they should begin enacting under "regular order" the 12 appropriation bills for 2019.
There is money there to start but not nearly enough to finish such a wall without proper appropriation.
Half of the federal appropriation now seems committed to trying to leverage unprecedented state, local and private investments.
Religion has always been part of the cultural appropriation debate, since religion is an important part of culture.
For the tribe, it was cultural appropriation of the most unethical, or at least the most disrespectful, sort.
Update: Justin vaguely addressed comments about his hair on Instagram today — although he avoided the whole appropriation aspect.
The U.S. government clearly believes the EU's tax decision amounts to an illegal appropriation from a U.S. corporation.
The funding has allowed the division to expand its work beyond what its congressional appropriation alone would permit.
The Trump administration on Friday asked Congress for a $285 billion appropriation for response and initial recovery efforts.
History has proven that "cultural appropriation" is critical for human progress, and without it the future is bleak.
"There's a difference between culture appreciation and culture appropriation," one Twitter user wrote in defense of Mr. Trudeau.
Minter's appropriation of the innocuous into something more savory is exemplified with the 100 Food Porn (1976) paintings.
"There's ways to do things and be culturally appropriate" and not engage in cultural appropriation, Dr. Quintero said.
It's literally whatever the state general fund appropriation is for the public institutions, they get the same amount.
It's about as neat a distillation of cultural, colonial and racial appropriation as you could come up with.
"The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" works best as an exuberant, not always disciplined work of critical appropriation.
"Inside Japan's Chicano Subculture" is a seven-minute film that touches on themes of cultural exchange and appropriation.
For most, use of the Macedonia name is an appropriation of Greek heritage by the country's small neighbor.
The average supplemental appropriation for the same time period was $27 million — a yearly average of $211 million.
The American appropriation of the war translated even to the analysis and representation of atrocities and other wrongdoings.
Some are more debatable: Was Mick Jagger's appropriation of blues "codes of potency" really a result of LSD?
Photography especially has long been used to make political statements, "prove" questionable supernatural sightings, and justify cultural appropriation.
"We believe that we need to abide by the appropriation that you pass, by Congress," Mr. Vought said.
Over at SBNation, Zito Madu dug into the historical problem of cultural appropriation as exacerbated by social media.
The tree, she writes, is an image of "resistance-in-place," of something that has escaped capitalist appropriation.
So the amendment needed to be restructured as an authorization rather than an appropriation to make it acceptable.
"Governor Snyder's proposed supplemental appropriation is a down payment on lead pipe removal," she said in a statement.
According to Fisher, IRS officials questioned whether the healthcare reform law provided a "permanent appropriation" for the payments.
Some members have suggested that the proven process for project approval be bypassed and appropriation earmarks be reinstated.
The announcement of a white model representing African heritage led to cultural appropriation outcries across social media. Wow.
"Y'all I love Jhope forever, but his hairstyle really tiptoes the line of cultural appropriation," one fan tweeted.
The fund was established by the ACA in 2010 with an annual appropriation that began at $500 million.
Online, a photo of the mural created a new front in the conversation about cultural appropriation on Twitter.
This is why it is so offensive when someone accuses black women of appropriation for straightening our hair.
Mexico's cultural minister calls out design house for cultural appropriation The cultural minister of Mexico accused the New York-based luxury brand Carolina Herrera of cultural appropriation after the design house unveiled a resort 203 collection earlier this year that featured embroidery and prominent patterns used by indigenous communities in Mexico.
It feels personal, like bitching about appropriation with your best friend or getting a hug from your chosen family.
Daniel Heidkamp and Maureen Gallace embrace Porter more literally, sometimes to the point of appropriation, whether sly or bold.
What seemed to start as black appropriation at first is now visibly the foundation of American pop culture itself.
That's why Chang's remix of Adams's Dilbert strip touches on the appropriation of Pepe by the alt-right movement.
Is appropriation — of someone else's national pastime, for instance — a way to grow or a way to sell out?
Mr Niedzviecki was defending "cultural appropriation", the use by artists and writers of motifs and ideas from other cultures.
The success of the Kardashian-Jenners has come with numerous allegations of cultural appropriation, racial insensitivity, and white privilege.
Fashion is not the only forefront of appropriation — art, music, sports, language, architecture, food, pretty much everything is appropriated.
And on the left, Kehinde Wiley's "Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps" (2005), his appropriation of that picture.
The viewer must willingly participate in seeing the image, which allows a personal appropriation of its considerable evocative powers.
And as far back as the Azusa Street Revival, white Pentecostals displayed a religious version of black cultural appropriation.
Many accused Timberlake of cultural appropriation and urged him to use his platform to take action about social issues.
Karlie Kloss is under fire for culture appropriation after the release of her March 2017 Vogue US photoshoot. Thoughts?
Appropriation art is great, but sometimes it can feel like artists appropriate for the sole sake of shocking audiences.
The paintings in the rooms on either side of the appropriation-based works feel fresh and inquisitive by comparison.
" And another user wrote: "As a Nigerian woman, I think this cultural appropriation thing is getting out of hand.
We saw this when the Republican-controlled House passed all 12 appropriation bills last year with conservative policies included.
Or perhaps more honestly post-human than the ironic appropriation of corporate aesthetics that tends to accompany such ideas.
It surfaced on Tumblr in late 2014, shouting down the appropriation of Hindu culture by Coachella-loving white girls.
"I just wanted to point out that appropriation didn't start as a concept in fashion with me," Gvasalia explains.
Cultural appropriation is when the wearing of a hat makes one group the butt of jokes and another "cultured."
Calling queer people's use of the rainbow "cultural appropriation" is essentially like saying reverse racism is an actual thing.
Vanessa Hudgens (who's been accused of appropriation more times than I can count) is their Sexiest Style Risk Taker.
"Defendants' unauthorized appropriation of others' intellectual property is a corporate practice that has generated tremendous profits," the suit claims.
He complained in one appearance about Twitter users debating cultural appropriation, according to Eren Orbey of the New Yorker.
The rush to slap a "cultural appropriation" label on every other fad should be serially mocked by "SNL" scribes.
"Cultural appropriation" was also a hot topic, self-evidently insulting to some, robustly defended as cultural exchange by others.
Mendoza and Rauner clashed in state court this month over paying state employees without an appropriation from the legislature.
Harry Potter fandom is overflowing with racist microaggressions Native Americans will have to deal with thanks to culture appropriation.
These actions and failures to act by Congress speak volumes about our country's legacy of appropriation and systemic discrimination.
I'd much rather support my local Chinese restaurant than participate in cultural appropriation and whitewashing of perfectly good food.
Or view the integration of minority culture and causes into a for-profit venture as a form of appropriation.
"  But not everyone was impressed with the ad's appropriation of Maōri culture, labelling it a "cheap ripoff" and "inappropriate.
It also features Beyoncé wearing traditional Indian attire and makeup, which is where the appropriation accusations come into play.
Congress failed to reauthorize a long-term appropriation for it for months after its funding ended on September 30.
The Trump administration cited a legal opinion by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that said the payments required congressional appropriation.
The "Closer" singer called out the rapper in a new interview with The Guardian, accusing her of cultural appropriation.
CBO, said Hurd, incorrectly assumed a $3 billion total appropriation spread over many years meant $2023 billion a year.
PBS, for instance, which commissions and distributes programming, gets some 15 percent of its revenue from CPB's federal appropriation.
He's uneasy about import regulations, fretful of cultural appropriation, and well aware of his fumbling grasp of Mexican custom.
Borrowing from art history, soft-core pornography and commercial art, they presage Pop Art, appropriation art and Neo-Expressionism.
The House in 2014 sued the Obama administration, claiming the reimbursements were illegal given the lack of congressional appropriation.
But popular Bollywood actor, Sonam Kapoor, who appears in the video, doesn't agree with the chatter of cultural appropriation.
The conversation about whether or not white women wearing cornrows is cultural appropriation has been going on for years.
Can anyone be "culturally" part of a race or ethnicity, or is that the ultimate form of cultural appropriation?
And despite its popularity due to digital appropriation, many believe the word is for and by African Americans exclusively.
In a lengthy (and possibly still ongoing) series of tweets, she called out Beyoncé for appropriation, weakness, and capitalism.
Still, it is important to assess this appropriation against Johns' habitual slipperiness of intent and aversion to definitive conclusions.
A lot of cultural appropriation happens innocently, a lot of people just want to incorporate things into their outfit.
The fact that people suggest that argument betrays a basic collective lack of understanding about what cultural appropriation is.
Someone accused me of cultural appropriation, but I'm not claiming that it's anything more than my version of it.
And, as with the majority of contemporary art, subversion and appropriation are the de facto tools for dismantling hierarchy.
Nothing in government happens without money; indeed, it's a federal offense to do something in government without an appropriation.
"Supporting inspired Natives/Indigenous people rather than native-inspired makers greatly reduces the act of appropriation," she tells Refinery29.
White supremacist capitalism depends on appropriation because it creates nothing, but steals and exploits everything, from cuisine to fashion.
The cry of appropriation from black people isn't simply wanting to see our bodies in a fashion ad campaign.
Burwell, that President Obama is unconstitutionally overstepping his authority by making the payments under ObamaCare without a congressional appropriation.
Like other marginalized groups before, progressive women are doing with the word "pussy" what social scientists call re-appropriation.
In "Maps (Appropriation)," we see Singer Ted at his keyboard groove to an R&B chorus on scaffolding above.
Black women's bodies are constantly policed, targeted for violence, marked as deviant or excessive and mined for cultural appropriation.
There was nothing against me personally: It was a big movement in Canada at that point about cultural appropriation.
By exploiting media often associated with crafts or the domestic, Reichek explores questions of gender, culture, race, and appropriation.
The dispute between the two companies gets to the heart of complicated issues of appropriation and trademark in fashion.
When the hoax gets traction, it sets off a ghost story that touches on appropriation, race and the blues.
In an era when cultural appropriation is now a matter of debate, "The Prisoner" can leave an uneasy taste.
Parker: I don't understand why people don't get it yet, or why it's taken so long with cultural appropriation.
Many in the A.N.C. say no, since Article 25 allows for appropriation without compensation where public interest is concerned.
I'm shocked that anyone would think writing about America could even be cultural appropriation, because we export so much.
This is not a "nice to have" component of the supplemental appropriation; it is necessary to protect our country.
In cases similar to Harmon's, it's clear there's still room to better ensure appropriation doesn't drown out Black creators.
Fraser's videos are juxtaposed with Louise Lawler's photographs of artworks in situ, which were seminal to 1980s appropriation art.
Davidson recounted critiques of cultural appropriation that had been voiced from some members within and outside of Fair community.
"So does that mean when we celebrate Christmas and Halloween it's also cultural appropriation?" asked one WeChat user, Larissa.
Books of The Times In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes and debates about cultural appropriation.
While it may do that, it also ignited a conversation on social media about race, appropriation, feminism and marketing.
In Australia, home of the Aboriginal boomerang, the French brand is being accused of cultural appropriation, exploitation and ignorance.
This Buffy episode was met with some critical backlash and charges of cultural appropriation upon its release in 1999.
On the recovery front, it will be important for lawmakers to pass an emergency appropriation that provides emergency funding.
People also used the meme generator to blast other examples of whitewashing, cultural appropriation and white saviors in Hollywood.
Last year, Whoopi Goldberg added puzzling commentary when she conflated black women wearing straight blond extensions with cultural appropriation.
Then you will use media literacy skills to think about the intersections of cultural appropriation and crediting online creations.
In 2015, some observers accused her of cultural appropriation for wearing her hair in cornrows, a historically black style.
In Canada, which has a large immigrant community from India, he was criticized for cultural appropriation and widely mocked.
Wisconsin has a $403 million general fund annual appropriation refunding bond issue pricing through Wells Fargo Securities on Tuesday.
On Tuesday, major insurers called on Congress to intervene and protect the cost-sharing payments with a formal appropriation.
The defense appropriation bill in the Senate, which has yet to hit the floor, exceeds caps by $85033 billion.
Neo-Expressionism, abstraction, graffiti, feminism, Conceptualism, Pop and appropriation are among the tendencies, strategies and influences to be highlighted.
The question of whether the vast majority of internet slang should be considered cultural appropriation has no easy answer.
House Appropriation subcommittees have already begun marking up some spending bills despite the lack of a top line number.
Occasionally, he's accused of appropriation, but he's also become an ambassador, accelerating the spread of sound around the world.
While Medicaid cuts extend well beyond 2026, the proposed $45 billion opioid fund is just a one-time appropriation.
And yet it's culture — and its perceived appropriation — that has ingrained itself in the way we think about gentrification.
In the budget, the Missile Defense Agency, or MDA, saw its appropriation cut by $1 billion to $9.4 billion.
Most states have money left over from the last appropriation, in 2015, to keep the program up and running.
The evocation of the religious space seems just as gratuitous as the pussy words — a hodgepodge of appropriation without interrogation.
There's an obsession with controlling things and owning things, and the boundaries—what's appropriation and what's love and what's fandom?
However, they are now facing a major backlash for their appropriation of a cherished Latino community tradition, the corner store.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos waits to testify before a House Committee on Appropriation subcommittee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington.
After, BF shows me a YouTube channel called Contrapoints, and we end up talking about cultural appropriation for a while.
The politically contentious Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (APRA-E) received an appropriation of just $280 million in fiscal 2015.
In other words, Slack has the same problem as Snapchat, which has suffered from its bigger rival Facebook's relentless appropriation.
"I want to thank this establishment for standing up against the appropriation of indigenous people in this country," another wrote.
As a result of the claims, Campus Dining Services met with the students to discuss the effects of cultural appropriation.
Notorious B.I.G.'s mum has since accused Kendall and Kylie of cultural appropriation and The Doors may sue the sisters.
The Trump administration in a letter to Congress asked for a $2800 billion appropriation for response and initial recovery efforts.
This would add to a $9.35 million "emergency appropriation" from the state to help Flint buy cleaner water from Detroit.
"NSA's foremost need is to receive an enacted appropriation for Fiscal Year 2018 as soon as possible," the agency said.
Special counsel Robert Mueller's office, which is funded through a permanent, indefinite appropriation, will continue to operate during the shutdown.
Their questionable choices have often become springboards for complicated discussions of cultural appropriation, beauty standards, race and everything in-between.
Instead, Ball's appropriation of the word "mother" is gender-neutral: He says any individual nurturing a child can use it.
Kim Kardashian West is once again facing accusations of cultural appropriation after announcing her new lingerie and shapewear brand, Kimono.
Students at Oberlin, a liberal-arts college in Ohio, revolted over insufficiently authentic Asian cuisine, equating it to "cultural appropriation".
The type of appropriation that prevailed in the '299s involved a wholesale repurposing of imagery as the work's primary statement.
Some loved it, some wanted him to go back to his signature style and others accused him of cultural appropriation.
If you know the history of cultural appropriation in the fashion industry, you know my anxiety and exasperation are justified.
But cultural appropriation, at least to me, seems not to be the problem, at least as far as food goes.
Teigen also discussed cultural appropriation, a polarizing topic that seems to create headlines and cause a tweet storm every week.
Reminder: A federal judge has said this arrangement — the White House funding cost-sharing subsidies without an appropriation — is unconstitutional.
Collender: McCain's concerns will be finessed with a promise by the Republican leadership to do a standalone Pentagon supplemental appropriation.
We're working it together to try to stay within the appropriation bills and keep riders and authorizations off of them.
"You can't just bundle cultural appropriation and gentrification and call that a company," tweeted Daniel Mortenson, a Brooklyn freelance writer.
M.I.A.'s mere existence was, itself, a challenge to the status quo, constantly darting between ironic appropriation and authentic intellectualism.
This is far from the first time Stenberg has spoken up for representation, often focusing on fighting against cultural appropriation.
House and Senate appropriation committees proposed a funding boost for the agency in their fiscal 2017 Homeland Security spending bills.
These reactions lead us to a bigger question: Where does the line between cultural appreciation and appropriation start to blur?
Popular culture and media are more often held accountable for cultural appropriation today than in the 1980s, to be sure.
The CFPB receives an annual set percentage of the Federal Reserve budget, which exempts it from the congressional appropriation process.
The House of Representatives has argued in court that a particular permanent appropriation is not available to make CSR payments.
In addition, they would agree to either continuing resolutions or new appropriation bills for the unfunded portions of the government.
She, like those stars before her, chose to walk the fine line between celebration and appropriation, to predictably mixed results.
As a result, property rights were insecure and assets subject to subsequent state seizure as well as appropriation by insiders.
Black teen words and images on Twitter and Instagram are especially consistently targeted for fetishization and its sister, corporate appropriation.
The city eventually won, but the governor's $1.6 billion appropriation did little to stem the chronic underfunding of the system.
This requires food insecurity caused by a disaster to be handled by Congress through a specific appropriation for disaster relief.
Food is glitzier and more international but also more politically conscious—militantly organic and swirling with debates about cultural appropriation.
With a meager appropriation of $50 million, the bill obviously does not look to the construction of new halfway houses.
Nadeam Elshami is policy director at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, a lobbying law firm that has lobbied on appropriation measures.
It is not the scary decorations or costumes but "cultural appropriation" that has triggered a tradition of recrimination and anger.
And earlier this week, we saw the Senate vote down a $250 million appropriation to fund state election security efforts.
To the Tufts chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, last fall's Taste of Israel was appropriation, pure and simple.
"Under this interpretation, DoD could in essence make a de facto appropriation to DHS, evading congressional control entirely," Gilliam wrote.
Vine was never that deep: it wasn't designed to spark a national conversation on race, culture, appropriation, ownership and identity.
If the right believes that cultural appropriation is not offensive, why are they making paper dolls that ridicule other cultures?
When white people aspire to get points for consciousness, they walk right into the cross hairs between allyship and appropriation.
My last three bodies of work have used appropriation to some degree, but there's been original photographs in there too.
In June, it questioned the fashion house founded by Venezuela-born designer Carolina Herrera for "cultural appropriation" of indigenous patterns.
Sanchez calls Yellowtail's traditional Native designs exquisite, while also offering praise for her efforts in speaking out on cultural appropriation.
The Trump administration in a letter to Congress asked for a $2440 billion appropriation for response and initial recovery efforts.
While this has sometimes been criticized for cultural appropriation, for the most part eclectic Paganism is generally progressive and inclusive.
"The most logical thing to do would be to pass an appropriation, especially when this lawsuit is outstanding," he says.
Reviews have been strong, but discussion around the movie, set in Japan, has been plagued by accusations of cultural appropriation.
The film's creators clearly tried hard to transcend mere cultural appropriation, in favor of a sincere homage to its influences.
"Cultural appropriation is something that continually happens to African-American artists," she said, "and I want to make a stand."
Contracts obtained by The Times show a congressional appropriation of just under $22 million beginning in late 2008 through 2011.
Still, in spite of the gilding, this ingenious take on colonialism and cultural appropriation is wildly inventive and widely representative.
And the last reason for my anecdote is that I want to talk about the difference between inspiration and appropriation.
" "We're going to have them up before the appropriation conference committee, and we're going to find out what they want.
Under FLREA, sites that collect fees can retain and spend 80 percent of their receipts without further appropriation from Congress.
It was announced in June 2019 as Kimono, a name that instantly drew criticism for its appropriation of Japanese culture.
Porras-Kim's art, like Esparza's, is a kind of running commentary on erasure and appropriation and value — monetary and otherwise.
Still, the city's appropriation to the Met covers just about 225 percent of the museum's $332 million annual operating costs.
Even as some see cultural appropriation in cafeteria sushi, it is surely preferable to sushi meant for only investment bankers.
That's why they suggested the McAllen Public Library as the best venue for promoting this atrocious piece of cultural appropriation.
John Baldessari has been called the godfather of conceptual art a master of appropriation, a surrealist for the digital age.
Scott Perry (R-Pa.) would cut funding for the CBO by $25 million, out of its total $48.5 million appropriation.
Peele used American racism and appropriation as the foundation for the bone-chilling narrative in the Oscar-winning Get Out.
An expedited process is needed for administering mitigation grants that doesn't take years between appropriation and use by the homeowner.
Along with the moral questions of climate change, the surfer may have to confront the political issue of cultural appropriation.
The lines between admiration and fetishization, homage and appropriation never seem to be as clear as I wish they were.
Before the Affordable Care Act was enacted, an existing, permanent appropriation gave the IRS the power to issue tax refunds.
It's a big stretch to read an appropriation that governs refunds for individual taxpayers as also covering payments to insurers.
His themes are much more complex than that; almost as complex as understanding the nuanced difference between appropriation and appreciation.
As they put it, referring to Musique de France, "It's not a collage, not an appropriation, not even a "fusion.
His legacy is mostly calories since they don't make Greek food, and appropriation is an inherent part of their story.
This is why we consider it appropriation when white people dread their hair, no matter how popular the trend is.
We need a plan with details, and we need an appropriation request in the billions to build a treatment system.
They have never been just a trend, which is why they have become a charged accessory in the cultural appropriation debate.
Every medium of entertainment has incorporated the stretching, reflection, contortion, and appropriation of real source material for the purposes of entertainment.
A lot of people were unhappy about it, calling out the cover for "cultural appropriation" and accusing Hadid of playing dress.
When her casting was announced, a few French ultranationalist Twitter users and some bullying Reddit posters accused her of cultural appropriation.
Where should we draw the line between cultural appreciation and appropriation when it comes to braids as a Black cultural tradition?
In later years, Stefani's magpie-like tendency to absorb the fashions around her would be called a form of cultural appropriation.
Bolander told the Juneau Empire that she did not think of her work as cultural appropriation and never meant any disrespect.
Then Congress, in the omnibus continuing resolution just enacted, barred the I.R.S. from spending its current appropriation to rectify this mess.
While some commenters appeared to really like the tattoo, others thought the tattoo design might be an act of cultural appropriation.
From his point of view the night sky is a public commons that risks appropriation in the name of private interest.
Directed by Dope's Rick Famuyiwa, the 2002 romantic comedy grapples with the growing popularity (and appropriation) of rap around that time.
Kim Kardashian West is changing the name of her shapewear brand after receiving cultural appropriation backlash from fans before its launch.
The salon-style wall is located in the appropriation room, a correspondence that fits most but not all of the work.
This is cultural appropriation and at a time of the #metoo movement, you are taking voices away from Native/Indigenous Women.
AFSCME later won an arbitration ruling ordering immediate payment of the raises despite no specific appropriation from the Illinois General Assembly.
First, she was called out for cultural appropriation, referring to her new hair style has "Bo Derek braids" instead of cornrows.
In the new statement released today, Cebulski sounds more contrite about the issues of representation and appropriation raised by his behavior.
She was playing off the evening's theme in a way that avoided the clichéd appropriation performed by so many other attendees.
But all the taco eating and $43 margaritas can cloud what you're actually celebrating — and lead to some nasty cultural appropriation.
The work raises issues about artistic responsibilities: when does appropriation excuse an artist from the sticky  issues in the original work?
Aloha Poke Co. has been accused of cultural appropriation after sending cease and desist letters to other businesses with similar names.
Searls then follows the pop-culture appropriation and scientific debate that has surrounded his inkblot test in the century that's followed.
If you thought Balenciaga's expensive appropriation of an IKEA bag was bad, Chanel has gone and knocked off Australia's Indigenous culture.
Appropriators are anxiously waiting for her panel to set spending levels so they can begin moving appropriation bills through the chamber.
But "gentrify" and "appropriation" are two buzzwords that currently hold what seems to be an immovable place in our global culture.
Of the many offenses in Lionel Shriver's now-infamous speech about cultural appropriation, it might be the most difficult to spot.
Members of the team were wearing braids, and Figueroa asked them to remove their hairstyles in the name of cultural appropriation.
And (thankfully), most celebrities finally seemed to understand that there's never, ever a good enough reason or justification for cultural appropriation.
Who would have guessed The Leftovers would give us the strongest argument against cultural appropriation on television after Dear White People?
Rejecting cross-pollination as "cultural appropriation" risks stifling innovation, creativity and the atmosphere of appreciation that comes when different cultures meet.
Moody's also downgraded the state's lease-appropriation bonds to Aa3 from Aa2 and its moral obligation bonds to A1 from Aa3.
Shutting down the government over a $2628 billion appropriation in a $28503 trillion annual budget is as partisan as it gets.
In its recent continuing resolution, Congress enacted an appropriation that covered the expenses of operating the Park System during the lapse.
Rattan the material isn't subject to cultural appropriation, she says — but can the trend and style that uses it heavily be?
The original appropriation for the Office of Economic Opportunity, the new agency that coordinated the program, was a paltry $800 million.
There are many people who see these frenzies about cultural appropriation, trigger warnings, micro-aggressions and safe spaces as overtly crazy.
Critics of cultural appropriation say that a key difference between being inspired by a culture and appropriating it lies in attribution.
Kacey Musgraves has been accused of cultural appropriation after performing in an áo dài, a traditional Vietnamese dress, on October 11.
The provision was included in the House Appropriation Committee's bill to fund the State Department and foreign operations for fiscal 2628.
The proposed increases in the VAWA Appropriations is approximately $85033 million, which would increase the total appropriation by nearly 50 percent.
Greece has long objected to the tiny landlocked Balkan state being called simply 'Macedonia', arguing it implied appropriation of Greek heritage.
There is, as we've noted, the right's casual appropriation and perversion of the "Judeo-Christian" nomenclature from the former religious left.
The Senate approved a $700 billion defense authorization bill this week, following the House's approval of a $621 billion defense appropriation.
The project will be paid for in part by a capital appropriation of $4 million from the city, Ailey officials said.
The administration counters that it did not need a yearly appropriation from Congress because the funds were permanently appropriated under ObamaCare.
Rather than seeing themselves as pro-life, Operation Save America, in a shameless bit of appropriation, calls itself an abolitionist group.
After decades of pursuing opportunities that disappointed, Bannon's appropriation of Breitbart News, and his securing the Mercers as patrons, changed everything.
No appropriation bills should be allowed to move to the floor in the absence of a budget including an omnibus bill.
Meanwhile, they approved a $700-plus billion national defense appropriation — with not one cent for shoring up our nation's election systems.
But Obama ordered the money directly from the Treasury as a permanent appropriation, like the money used to pay tax refunds.
Contrary to popular belief, Coachella style isn't just fringe, neon, and cultural appropriation (though these, er, "trends" definitely dominate the scene).
Cultural appropriation — the idea of taking from another culture without properly crediting it — is an issue that keeps cropping up regularly.
That book came out in 2005, several years before the term "cultural appropriation" branched out of academia and into the mainstream.
Somehow her accent and self-deprecation make it less cultural appropriation and more like Aunt Adele being silly at a barbeque.
A matter of cultural appropriation, along the lines of Ben Folds' "Bitches Ain't Shit" or Jonathan Coulton's cringey "Baby Got Back"?
I choose to point directly at the unseen forces at work in visuality, in art history, through the act of appropriation.
Furthermore, many popular styles of drag feature callous mash-ups of identity that can muddle conversations around oppression, prejudice, and appropriation.
On the flip side, some fans are pointing to Hudgens's Native American ancestry, arguing that this actually isn't appropriation at all.
"White folks act like they invented food," she wrote in 1970, before culinary appropriation was the subject of panels at conferences.
" "I think, hopefully, most of the appropriation bills will actually be passed a little more -- a little better prioritization of spending.
In re-appropriation words used by the conservative patriarchy to insult minority groups are taken back, and used against the oppressor.
This is to say appropriation and exploitation can and does happen both within and outside of queer communities, with grating regularity.
The question of fair water appropriation may indeed only be settled when upriver senior water-holders cut off their downstream neighbors.
Even recipes that have been around long enough to become codified and canonized are often the result of migration and appropriation.
With easy access to social media, shoppers are increasingly aware of — and vocal about — cultural appropriation, derogatory messaging and insensitive references.
A federal court issued an injunction against the appropriation of such funds, and the court is still considering the larger case.
Cultural appropriation is just the modern term for a concept that has aided in the development of human society for centuries.
Things like power, authenticity, respectfulness and credit are all important considerations to weigh against the damage that's inherent in cultural appropriation.
Reframing fashion-based cultural appropriation not as a bad habit but as a discussion of ideas helps make these calculations easier.
They've begun to push Trump to make these payments, as well as discuss a congressional appropriation for this program in 2018.
On the other hand, yesterday's compromise appropriation bill explicitly rejected spending more than $28083 billion on physical barriers at the border.
If you actually want the $5.7 billion appropriation to build steel slats, you need to lower the stakes, not raise them.
"It's ridiculous to criticize this as cultural appropriation," Zhou Yijun, a Hong Kong-based cultural commentator, said in a telephone interview.
Ms. DeLauro said in a statement on Thursday that she would seek to succeed Ms. Lowey as the Appropriation Committee's chairwoman.
Ms. DeLauro said in a statement on Thursday that she would seek to succeed Ms. Lowey as the Appropriation Committee's chairwoman.
Another common aspect of appropriation is failure to give credit to the culture you're drawing inspiration from in the first place.
After a spiritual cleansing date that is bound to start some cultural appropriation discussions, Demi and Kristian have a sit down.
Sometime after Congress refused to fund the program, the administration contrived the theory that it could spend money without an appropriation.
"If you want an annual appropriation, then I think you'll get a one-year extension of the DACA status," Cornyn said.
A lower court judge dismissed that case in August, saying Congress' current $3.55 billion census appropriation mooted the plaintiffs' funding claim.
That's only the beginning, yet every suggestion is fastidiously integrated, nothing so crude as postmodernism's heavy-handed appropriation of Classical forms.
When Congress returned in September, the Senate appropriation process began at the committee level, hence the amendment in the committee markup.
When Congress failed to do so, the Obama administration decided that it did not need a separate appropriation to reimburse insurers.
With all the rich historical context around hand tattoos, some tattoo artists decline inking the spot altogether to avoid cultural appropriation.
Now my heart aches at the realization that in this "cultural appropriation" phase we are once again building walls between peoples.
"This year's IRS appropriation is just more of what we've seen over a decade of decline," Weinberger said in the report.
"If you want an annual appropriation then I think you'll get a one-year extension of the DACA status," Cornyn said.
Instead, I want to suggest that we look at such art as a warning against defeatism and the appropriation of pathos.
School-based instruction championing "cultural retention" and discouraging inter-cultural mixing through "cultural appropriation" shaming will take care of the rest.
Mick Mulvaney said the administration would need to seek an appropriation from Congress or redirect existing funds to finance the parade.
"It's a pretty egregious appropriation," Sarah Bowen, the author of "Divided Spirits: Tequila, Mezcal, and the Politics of Production," told me.
It was long ago and far away, and now the blond dreadlocks of his youth would be viewed as cultural appropriation.
A direct appropriation would settle the dispute and calm insurance markets, and a Senate bill would provide one for two years.
There will be workshops on everything from tarot and astrology to Indigenous medicine and learning to recognize and avoid cultural appropriation.
The Obama administration ended up arguing that a permanent appropriation governing tax refunds allowed it to make the cost-sharing payments.
The darting, casually fragmented texture of these poems feels at times like Apollinaire's cubist approach to the appropriation of overheard conversation.
Cultural appropriation, she told Jezebel, is: Taking intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, or artifacts from someone else's culture without permission.
It's cultural appropriation to buy an "Indian headdress" that's based on a sacred war bonnet and sold at a costume shop.
Show Mein, an exhibition at this year's Spring/Break Art Show, became the focus of a heated debate about cultural appropriation.
The Outer Space Treaty of 1967, of which America is a signatory nation, states that space is not subject to national appropriation.
Strong throughout his work is the idea of appropriation; Picabia's source material included scientific diagrams, photographic reproductions from kitschy magazines, postcards, landscapes.
They don't perform and present themselves with the same degree of commitment, extremes or cultural appropriation of a group like, say, Goat.
" The complaint suggests that McDonald's appropriation of his work is an ironic insult to Snow's legacy as an "outsider" with "street cred.
In 2013, he led the fight to cut $3.5 billion from the Defense Department's fiscal 2014 appropriation for military operations in Afghanistan.
What these tweets missed was that the hashtag that the seminar was highlighting was used mostly ironically to call out cultural appropriation.
Selma Blair is standing up for herself amid accusations of cultural appropriation after she wore a headwrap in two recent Instagram posts.
One of this grouping's defining features was its use of appropriation, so it's hardly surprising that its members also like to collaborate.
Jamie took issue with their appropriation of September 11 as a military holiday and ended up beating them in a court case.
These incidents sparked a debate over "cultural appropriation", the use by a dominant culture of ideas and practices of a downtrodden one.
This provokes the question: in what ways might her personal relationships with Black people affect her sensitivity to issues of cultural appropriation?

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