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"original" Definitions
  1. [only before noun] existing at the beginning of a particular period, process or activity
  2. new and interesting in a way that is different from anything that has existed before; able to produce new and interesting ideas
  3. [usually before noun] painted, written, etc. by the artist rather than copied
"original" Synonyms
first initial earliest inaugural premier foremost early maiden primaeval(UK) primeval(US) primordial embryonic native opening pioneer primary starting aboriginal foundational headmost creative imaginative innovative fresh innovatory novel ingenious inventive unique unusual innovational new seminal unconventional unprecedented different unorthodox refreshing revolutionary trailblazing authentic genuine actual real legitimate true veritable prototypical archetypal master kosher pukka bona fide first generation not copied official certified certifiable valid legit unabbreviated unabridged uncensored unexpurgated raw uncut unedited untouched inspired pioneering originative resourceful artistic clever Promethean artful gifted enterprising sophisticated deviceful nonconformist dissenting dissident heretical heterodox eccentric iconoclastic maverick offbeat dissentient weird nonorthodox oddball heretic radical alternative individualistic rebellious fundamental basic essential rudimentary underlying elementary basal central elemental key prime cardinal necessary principal vital indispensable witty funny humorous amusing comical droll comic jocular facetious chucklesome entertaining waggish diverting whimsical jocose ridiculous lively bright gay innate intrinsic ingrained inherent instinctive natural inborn inbred inherited natal congenital hereditary intuitive immanent instinctual connate connatural constitutional constitutive unimproved unworked virgin not improved unaltered unchanged undeveloped unrestored classic model exemplary paradigmatic quintessential standard textbook conventional representative average stereotypical stock typical copybook definitive hackneyed ideal olden aged historic old age-old ancient antediluvian antiquated antique archaic bygone cast-off crumbling dated decayed demode done erstwhile lifelike realistic faithful graphic exact naturalistic photographic undistorted vivid convincing detailed living naturalist near photo-realistic precise representational three-dimensional mint pristine immaculate perfect virginal untarnished unused undamaged unblemished intact excellent unmarked unmarred brand-new brand new span-new as new spanking-new pregnant meaningful significant eloquent expressive suggestive loaded charged meaning pointed telling revealing weighty revelatory cogent consequential baseline default base device machine system configured out of the box manufacturer's software unmodified constant unvarying stable fixed steady perpetual permanent consistent eternal static unvaried continuing frozen unaffected resolute prototype archetype source paradigm pattern exemplar forerunner precursor mould(UK) mold(US) precedent template genuine article real McCoy norm essence character oddity nut weirdo card case flake individual individualist screwball bohemian kook wacko nutcase nutter anomaly predecessor antecedent foregoer earlier model earlier version initial model initial version legacy model legacy version original model original version past model past version previous model previous version criterion yardstick benchmark measure touchstone barometer example guide gauge(UK) mark bar par goods real deal real thing very thing no imitation no joke number one trailblazer originator initiator torchbearer O.G. original gangsta numero uno innovator leader creator architect entrepreneur first mover catalyst newfangledness originality freshness innovativeness newness uniqueness change crazy creation innovation modernity mutation origination permutation recentness sport strangeness surprise autograph holograph protograph exclusive one-off original design More
"original" Antonyms
final last latest newest ultimate latter terminal terminating concluding ending end finishing closing culminating following endmost conclusive eventual deflowered hindmost unimaginative typical conventional familiar standard uncreative uninventive clichéd commonplace hackneyed unoriginal usual banal normal ordinary stale tired old stock time-honored plagiarised(UK) plagiarized(US) imitative plagiaristic reproduced copied copycat derivative borrowed rehashed fake second-generation finalised(UK) finalized(US) finished completed edited cut clumsy unresourceful unskilful awkward dull dumb foolish honest ignorant incompetent inept open stupid untalented literal mundane pedestrian uninspired unpoetical unromantic real realistic reasonable unartistic uninspiring predictable conformist orthodox traditional obedient unadventurous unquestioning conforming mainstream obeying canonical general regular average expected staple accepted predominant customary adult full-blown full-fledged mature ripe ripened modern late advanced civilised(UK) civilized(US) derived developed later recent auxiliary cultured current imprimitive minor new present secondary unimportant nonindigenous contemporary neoteric fresh brand new newly released just released latter-day present-day immediate up to date up-to-date bogus counterfeit false phoney(UK) pseudo spurious phony(US) sham mock supposititious unauthentic artificial fraudulent imitation dubious illegitimate ingenuine factitious questionable belated delayed overdue delinquent dilatory postponed tardy unpunctual deferred behaving boring common dependable dramatic practical sad sensible serious tragic unfunny future upcoming coming downstream forthcoming imminent ensuing impending coming up down the line down the road to come down the pike yet to come to be inessential extra lesser redundant trivial superfluous unnecessary subsidiary additional irrelevant unessential dispensable insignificant incidental optional peripheral backup duplicate second replacement replicate replicated spare reserve tedious tiresome unamusing humorless(US) humourless(UK) uninteresting witless mediocre poor depressed deterred discouraged disheartened dissuaded acquired learned adventitious extrinsic unnatural fostered broad popular prevailing prevalent public shared generic universal widespread overall majority wide routine improved last-time immigrant migrant colonial expatriate nomad emigrant emigrating immigrating migrational migrative migratorial nomadic vagabond atypical unique unconventional nonnatural contracted replica copy clone duplication replication carbon mirror reduplication remake repeat reproduction offshoot knock-off carbon copy spin-off by-product outgrowth norm sane person conformer conventionalist follower bourgeois conservative traditionalist formalist reactionary stickler diehard babbit emulator sheep fogey babbitt orthodox person stick-in-the-mud yes man disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) average joe normal person normal guy normal girl change conjecture fancy guess possibility probability flaw imperfection worst

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How to use original in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "original" and check conjugation/comparative form for "original". Mastering all the usages of "original" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Original price: $37.98 Original Price: $28.85 Original price: $39.99 Original Price: $84.993 Original price: $39.99 Original price: $21.99 Original price: $34.99 Orignal price: $35.00 Original price: $49.98 Original price: $23.78 Original price: $29.99 Original price: $39.99  Original price: $54.99 Original price: $23.99 Original price: $19.99 Original price: $84.99 Original price: $49.99 Hopefully you found some better stuff on other sites.
Holiday - Season 2 (Netflix Original series) Super Monsters: Save Christmas (Netflix Original movie) True: Winter Wishes (Netflix Original movie) The Irishman (Netflix Original movie) Merry Happy Whatever - Season 1 (Netflix Original series) The Dragon Prince - Season 3 (Netflix Original series) Sugar Rush Christmas - Season 1 (Netflix Original series)
The Unforgettable Party Earthquake Bird (Netflix Original movie) El club - Season 1 (Netflix Original series) Klaus (Netflix Original movie) Llama Llama - Season 2 (Netflix Original series) The Stranded - Season 1 (Netflix Original series) The Toys That Made Us - Season 3 (Netflix Original series) The Crown - Season 3 (Netflix Original series) Iliza Shlesinger: Unveiled The Knight Before Christmas (Netflix Original movie) Dolly Parton's Heartstrings - Season 1 (Netflix Original series) High Seas / Alta Mar - Season 2 (Netflix Original series) Nailed It!
But they create original content; they aggregate original content; and they distribute original content.
Related: Original Creators: Experimental Composer Steve Reich Original Creators: Stan Brakhage The Original Creators: John Cage
The book will contain all of the original pages of the original standards guide, scanned from the original manuals.
Available 8/16/19"45 rpm" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Apache: La vida de Carlos Tevez" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Better Than Us" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Diagnosis" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Frontera Verde" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"The Little Switzerland" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM"Mindhunter: Season 2" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"QB1: Beyond the Lights: Season 83" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Selfless""Sextuplets"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM"Victim Number 8" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 8/17/23"The Punisher" Available 28/230/219"Gangs of New York""Simon Amstell: Set Free" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 22/23/313"American Factory" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Hyperdrive" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 231/219/21"Love Alarm" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 8/23/19"El Pepe: Una vida suprema" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Hero Mask: Part II" "Rust Valley Restorers" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 8/27/19"Million Pound Menu: Season 193" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 8/29/19"Falling Inn Love" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM"Kardec" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM"Workin' Moms: Season 3" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 8/30/19"The A List" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Carole & Tuesday""The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Droppin' Cash: Season 2" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"La Grande Classe" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM"Locked Up: Season 3""Styling Hollywood" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Un bandido honrado" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 8/31/19"Luo Bao Bei: Season 1"Leaving in August:
Creeped Out: Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL Super Monsters: Vida's First Halloween — NETFLIX ORIGINAL Super Monsters: Season 3 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-wee — NETFLIX ORIGINAL  Fractured — NETFLIX ORIGINAL Haunted: Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL Sinister 2  Eli — NETFLIX ORIGINAL In this movie, a young boy struggles with an unknown illness that requires him to live sealed off from the rest of the world.
He has hewed close to Ms. Monk's original scenario and the original presentation — even the original appearance — of the characters.
Today Facebook does much more than its original college iteration, but the original name did match its original function pretty well.
It's trying to do something original, but not too original.
Click here to view original GIFApple's first big "original" content announcement was the upcoming new advertisement original series Planet of the Apps.
Miró's Taller Sert features the original building with its original contents in its original context, right next to the artist's former home.
Everything from the original D-Pad to the original motion controller.
It's just very much not an original style or original movie.
It reminds me of the original, but it's not the original.
Let's review: Since the casting was announced, it has lost its original Tosca (Kristine Opolais), its original Cavaradossi (Jonas Kaufmann), its original Scarpia (Bryn Terfel), its original conductor (Andris Nelsons) and its replacement conductor (James Levine).
You'll also get access to Prime Original Movies and Prime Original TV Shows — or, in other words, content that's original or unique to Amazon.
"He was such an original, he was definitely an original," she continued.
Note: The original version of this post misidentified the original Mi Max.
It's an arresting and original image from an arresting and original mind.
Featuring only original work, Stela's making waves by generating original comic content.
Sliquid H2O original water-based lubricant Sutil Luxe original formula, 2 oz.
Sliquid H2O original water-based lubricant Sutil Luxe original formula, 2 oz.
"The original trial team had authorization to submit" the original sentencing memo.
"The original trial team had authorization to submit" the original sentencing memo.
It takes an original movie to remind us of original sin. ♦
Floors are the original hardwood; ceilings are 12 feet, with original molding.
What started with a handful of original shows in 2013 has increased to 574 original shows and 523 original movies this year, according to Reelgood.
The company's future may rest on making sure that original content is strong, and also expanding into internationally-oriented original content like its original show 3%.
I mean, do we really need Best Original Score AND Best Original Song?
The platform features a handful of original programs, including an original scripted series.
This year, 70 original songs made the Academy's shortlist for Best Original Song.
Original watch New watch And like the original, Sony's not selling it directly.
Original flag turns up mysteriously The original flag eventually resurfaced in Everett, Washington.
The release includes the original flavors of Chocolate Marshmallow, Original, and Egg Nog.
" For originalists, there is a crucial distinction between "original intent" and "original meaning.
How faithful do you stay to the original themes and the original melodies?
"Bette is an original, and Dolly needs to be an original," Mr. Herman said.
For those who never saw it, the original (well, the good original) music video:
The candles come in three original scents: Original Meat, Backyard BBQ, and Classic Burger.
Some of it is very original, and I've always looked out for the original.
But while McQuarrie's original concepts were influential, Lucas continued to rewrite the original script.
Technically, this is a sequel to the original film, and the original film alone.
Butterworth's original maple syrupJack Daniel's barbecue sauceOrtega mild taco sauceLea & Perrins original Worcestershire sauceMt.
We also included the original domestic gross and the original worldwide gross for comparison.
It is not an original inciting incident, though inciting incidents need not be original.
His holiday album, "Socks," is a collection of original songs with startlingly original conceits.
This year Netflix released five original series and eight original films produced in India.
Netflix's newest original comedy may also be its most surprising original series to date.
The studio has also pulled from its calendar In the Heights (original release date: June 26), Scoob (original release date: May 15), and Malignant (original release date: Aug. 14).
Take the Original Kentucky Mayo Twister Wrap, which is made up of an original recipe fillet, pickled slaw, original Kentucky mayonnaise, all wrapped up in a lightly toasted tortilla.
It was was also nominated for costume design, original score, original song and more. (CNBC)
La La Land won for Best Original Song, "City Of Stars," and Best Original Score.
However, Barry didn't make a huge departure from the original intent and the original script.
The robot then returns the original pallet back to its original position – autonomously and safely.
Being of that era, I respect the original arrangement, the original feel of these songs.
However, his work was overlooked in the Oscars' Original Score and Best Original Song categories.
"The transaction remains on schedule under the original timetable and the original terms," Dell wrote.
And with that said, that's how we found our original drummer and original bass player.
The original tiles were found and put back on, but not in the original order.
That's sort of the golden age of the original Pony, you know, original Stone Pony.
You could be true to the original, but being true to the original is overrated.
"An original, you see, is never an original, once it goes through time," Lowe said.
Disney+ will launch with 25 original series and 10 original films within its first year.
Left: Original Twitter; Right: twttr prototype In the public version of the Twitter app, the original poster is also highlighted in the Reply thread with a prominent "Original Tweeter" label.
It's rereleasing the original Tamagotchi, with the original pets, features, and colorful egg designs (via Mashable).
The video features an original song by Jason Paige, who voiced the original Pokémon theme song.
Far from blurring the original image, its otherworldly recurrence refocuses the viewer's eyes on the original.
Disney+ will include new, original shows and movies, such as original Marvel and "Star Wars " series.
On the left is the original input image and the original prediction of the neural network.
I loved the idea behind the original Highlight I loved the idea behind the original Highlight.
The original photo appears below, where you can see the original "Make America Great Again," fans.
The original deal was that the vote would be on the original version of Goodlatte. Confused?
In 2018, Netflix alone planned on releasing 700 original TV shows and 80 original movies worldwide.
So the Jelly co-founders decided to go back to "our original dream, our original vision."
On this week's Original Content podcast, Jon Shieber joins us to review the Netflix Original film.
Floors are original stone and wood, or where not original, are reclaimed wood, Mr. Reed said.
The entire original cast — sans Susan Olsen, the original Cindy — reunited in this 1988 family film.
Zuheir insists that his is the original shop, and that he uses his father's original recipe.
They reunited the entire original cast of Trading Spaces in 2018, a decade after the original.
His score netted Home Alone two Oscar nominations, for Best Original Score and Best Original Song.
The original Kindle is also available on sale for $21, $1003 off its original price of $2100.
ORIGINAL CONTENT More original projects are coming to Netflix including partnerships with "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes.
The service will also feature new, original shows and movies, including original Marvel and Star Wars series.
Poppins scored nominations for Best Original Song, Best Original Score, Best Costume Design, and Best Production Design.
It's about how you can be original, and I think it succeeds in being an original film.
All the Viners who were once like original artists, or not artists, like original ... Casey Newton: Creators.
The new service is an original video subscription service that will feature original shows, movies and documentaries.
As the original purpose of the orgasm was lost, the clitoris moved away from its original position.
If you have received something, check to see if the original web link produces an original story.
Here's the original trailer for some baseline comparison: Here's the secret trailer that's closest to the original.
Disney+ also has an anticipated slate of 25 original series and 10 original films in the works.
He's an original personality with an original story in a sport that has little bandwidth for clones.
Available 9/15/43"Los Tigres del Norte at Folsom Prison" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Steal a Pencil for Me""Surviving R. Kelly: Season 1"  Available 9/17/19"Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives""The Last Kids on Earth" Available 9/18/19"Come and Find Me"Available 9/19/93"Oceans"Available 9/20/19"Between Two Ferns: the Movie" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM"Criminal" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Daddy Issues""Disenchantment: Part 29" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Fastest Car: Season 227" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates"  — NETFLIX ORIGINAL DOCUMENTARY"Las del hockey" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 219/23/24"Sarah's Key"Available 24/303/230"Team Kaylie"Available 219/25/19"American Horror Story: Apocalypse""Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 9/25/19"Abstract: The Art of Design: Season 2" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Birders" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"El recluso"  — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Furie""Glitch: Season 3" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 193/26/19"Explained: Season 2"  — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"The Grandmaster"Available 9/27/19"Bard of Blood" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Dragons: Rescue Riders""El marginal: Season 3" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"In the Shadow of the Moon" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM"Locked Up: Season 4""The Politician" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Skylines" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Sturgill Simpson Presents Sound & Fury""Vis a vis: Season 4" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 9/30/19"Gotham: Season 5""Mo Gilligan: Momentum"Leaving in September:
I was very lucky to have help from librarians and various historians all over the world, who sent me original writing by these women, original newspaper articles, original papers, in some cases original paintings, scans of things — just to make sure that I had all the accurate information.
With 13 original shows in production and about to hit the air — and another 50 original animated series in development — the network's plate is already full of original shows it remains committed to.
"The crown was not original, the dial was not original, the case was not original and the glass was not even glass but a piece of Plexi glued to it," Mr. Büsser recalled.
Under this circumstance, original content is important in the competition, Netflix spent about billions of dollars last year on original content, Amazon also paid decent wage to staffs who contribute to original content.
The original Polaroid OneStep Plus (Photo: Wikicommons)The first Polaroid Original product, of course, is the OneStep 2.
The original documents, part of the leaked files provided by Edward Snowden, are available in the original report.
What would the original Diablo look like as a new game now, 20 years after the original launched?
In 2018, the company planned to release 80 original films and 224 (yes, 28.4!) original TV shows worldwide.
It also showed one of a couple original Mustangs used in the film, a faded Highland Green original.
We found the original costumes, literally the original mustache, and wig, this ratty old caterpillar of a mustache.
"Daredevil" is the latest big original launch from Netflix, which is spending billions this year on original productions.
Right away, Mongillo differentiates themselves from original Japanese performer Megumi Ogata and original English dub actor Spike Spencer.
Since the original site doesn't control the proxy, scripts from the original page can't touch the added annotations.
In fact, it's bigger than the original PS4, although not quite as bulky as the original Xbox One.
The price for an original copy on Discogs climbed to $200, even he doesn't have an original copy.
These unbelievable finds allowed EverGreene to create molds, gather clues about original colors, and replicate the original design.
The original text was very folksy, very down to earth, and we wanted to restore the original feeling.
We've included their original descriptions as provided by Nintendo, or their original box art, with a few exceptions.
The new Echo replaces the original towering Echo and costs $99, down from the original price of $179.
The hotly anticipated platform will feature new, original shows and movies, including original Marvel and "Star Wars " series.
The sequel's trailers, too, have the challenge of feeling original while connecting with audiences who saw the original.
The original legislation Republicans considered, and the original theory atop which it was built, was much more defensible.
The battle over original video content — particularly original video content targeted at Hollywood's big movie houses — is intense.
October 2011: YouTube launches its first original channels in a push to create original content on the platform.
"Black Panther" was also nominated for costume design, original score, original song, production design, sound editing and sound mixing.
My god, man, shall they have me introduce myself at this year's Shorty Awards as the Original Original Tweeter?
Once they've returned to the original "loop," both Alan and Nadia somehow end up within the other's original night.
Most of the B-52 airframes are original and their longevity is a testimony to the original design engineers.
This makes five wins for La La Land so far, including Original Song, Original Score, Production Design, and Cinematography.
You can switch between the updated graphics and original sprites, as well as the remixed soundtrack and original tunes.
This new 2018 version is loaded with original songs; one of them, "Shallow," was nominated for Best Original Song.
Many of the home's original details were restored to their original condition, and family memorabilia can be seen throughout.
All three films in the Original Trilogy were nominated for Best Original Score, but only the first film won.
Sarah Aubrey runs point on original programming for HBO Max, as the head of original content, on Reilly's team.
"The transaction is on schedule under its original timetable and original terms," a Dell spokesman said in a statement.
Klang's original backers include Greylock Partners, Joi Ito, and David Helgason, as well as original investors London Venture Partners.
Even more complicated is when the 21919-D parts are made by the original manufacturer from the original plans.
In its first year, Disney Plus will offer 10 original films and 25 original series, including three "Avengers" spinoffs.
The museums desperately want to find an original proof of purchase, but there is no original sale, not usually.
Read the New York Times review Nominated for: Best picture, original screenplay, actor, actress, supporting actress and original score.
The original Disneyland Hotel opened in 1955, and the overall aesthetic harkens back to its original mid-century design.
It's licensed by Capcom for authenticity, runs the original game ROMs, and is fully playable using the original controls.
By slightly removing or altering the original, the original takes on separate meanings and this has always fascinated me.
Anyway, so we've always done original reporting, and we've always tried to be really impactful with that original reporting.
His pencils and inks call back to the style of Dave Gibbons' original Watchmen art while also being wholly original.
They plan on adding with four to five original series, and three to four original Disney-branded films a year.
Click here to view original GIFGIF: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)My tiny hands remember the original, enormous Xbox controller with fondness.
Others are completely unrecognizable from the original — for example, look at the current iPod Touch compared to the original iPod.
Likely, these Netflix Original actor crossovers are the product of coincidental casting— each Original mentioned had a different casting team.
I will do my best to keep her experience limited to the original six hues and their original marshmallow flavor.
Click here to view original GIFThe new Star Wars and the original Star Wars are pretty much the same movie.
The original American flag was designed by Betsy Ross in the 18th century with 13 stars representing the original colonies.
But then we wrote a letter to the original writers to get permission to use the original version of it.
We will also be using some of the original visuals from the original Fantasma tour, visuals I personally produced myself.
Therefore, he insisted, the policy was far different from Trump's original direction, and so the original injunctions should be dissolved.
Carne asada joins Chipotle's original steak offering on the menu, and unlike the original option, it is Whole 30 compliant.
As a set of six, each coaster features a different layer of the original Enterprise vessel from The Original Series.
The big picture: A show with an original concept, original music and staying power is a rare breed on Broadway.
These references to the original Washington town are always comforting; they are reminders that the original premise is out there.
But the original original idea of the paper was just to be disgusting and to flout every single American convention.
Back at the original place, with the original chef, the cooking was better and you could try more authentic dishes.
In 1985, there were separate categories for Best Original Score and Best Original Song Score, and Prince won the latter.
The original log cabin of John and Jane Walls still stands, and inside is the original bed where they slept.
Netflix has been doubling down on its original content budget, spending up to $8 billion on original content in 2018.
Someone makes a hugely popular game; someone else copies it; those copies start dropping features from the original; and eventually, the "copies," deviating far from the original template, become recognized as an established genre of original games.
Available in three options including original, lawn and garden, and "passion assassin," (which is unfortunately out of stock at this time), you can grab the original Bug-A-Salt for $29.95, $12 off its original price of $41.95.
The following year, Menken repeated that success on both counts, winning Best Original Song and Best Original Score again for Aladdin.
SHEEX Original Performance Sheet Set (Graphite)Original retail price: $179Original Mashable Shop Price: $133.99Black Friday Mashable Shop Price with coupon: $107.19.
SHEEX Original Performance Sheet Set (Ecru)Original retail price: $179Original Mashable Shop Price: $133.99Black Friday Mashable Shop Price with coupon: $107.19.
SHEEX Original Performance Sheet Set (Red)Original retail price: $2139.99Original Mashable Shop Price: $21Black Friday Mashable Shop Price with coupon: $2700.
The original idea was to transfer the Tesla software to her original implant, one she uses to unlock her front door.
Update 11:30am ET: The original version of this article stated that Mamoru Oshii established the aesthetic in the original manga.
Netflix has focused heavily on original content in recent years and now has nearly 1,100 total original movies and TV shows.
For the structures that were especially beautiful and original, we are trying to restore them with sensitivity to their original forms.
The tablet summons that giddy feeling I got from Apple's original iPhone, and long before both, Nintendo's own original Game Boy.
It makes sense given that the book was cowritten by the original screenwriter, J.F. Lawton, and the original director, Garry Marshall.
I guess the rarest is an original Youth of Today 1987 summer tour or an original Side By Side demo shirt.
Shortly after, Swift presented the awards for best original score and best original song in a motion picture alongside Idris Elba.
"The fact that people come to comedy for original observations puts comics almost at the vanguard of original thought," Eagle said.
Maniac While flawed, Maniac was a show brimming with possibilities, offering a beautifully rendered original world populated by equally original ideas.
And yet because the script was based on original research by screenwriters Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy, it counts as original.
Netflix released its first original European production, Marseille, earlier this month, and is developing original series in Spain, Italy, and Germany.
On this version, the original beat has a few modifications by Southside that somehow make it more chaotic than the original.
If you decide to click "Revert to Original," your cropped photo will be deleted and the original image will be restored. 
"If I wanted to be faithful to the original, I had to translate directly from the original," she wrote in 2002.
And even as Hull, the original forger, publicly confessed that the original Giant was a fake, Hannum took Barnum to court.
From now until August 15, you can get a free Original Casper Pillow when you buy three Original or Down Pillows.
Meet one of Nintendo's original Power Line counselors Meet one of Nintendo's original Power Line counselors This segment originally aired Nov.
The Original Deus Ex (With Mods) Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its sequel aren't bad, but nothing compares to the original.
The original plan was to restore the sculptures two by two since time and pollution had dramatically changed the original surfaces.
The doughnut chain will be offering limited-edition Reese's Original Filled Peanut Butter Lovers and Reese's Original Filled Chocolate Lovers doughnuts.
Both original winners  Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze of Russia and original silver-medalists Jamie Salé and David Pelletier of Canada.
An automobile's original parts will indeed wear out, but an adult human is not operating with his or her original parts.
During this time, you can change from original Medicare to a private Medicare Advantage plan or switch back to original Medicare.
Disney plans to have more than two dozen original series and several original movies during the platform's first year of release.
We ended up choosing this one, and I replaced the original magazine images with our own original Verge photography and artwork.
"In most cases, (they) maintain their original citizenship and go back to their original country after the Games," he told Reuters.
Set 59 years after the original "Blade Runner," Denis Villenveue's "Blade Runner 2049" is a worthy follow up to the original.
The original Beauty and the Beast, about a young woman who falls in love with a reclusive, monstrous prince, scored six Oscar nominations in 1992, winning for best original song ("Beauty and the Beast") and Alan Menken's original score.
Speciality doughnuts — including this year's North Pole-themed Original Glazed "Reindeer Doughnut," the "Santa Belly Doughnut" and the "Present Doughnut" — can also be included in the original dozen as a way to unlock the $1 Original Glazed dozen deal.
Months after releasing the original game, Ustwo followed up with Forgotten Shores, a pack of extension levels to expand the original game.
Click here to view original GIFThe original Zephyrus had a cool trick where the bottom cracked open to allow in more air.
It states that these may not come in the original box or with original accessories, though, a 93-day warranty isn't horrible.
When posted, the Story will display the original poster's username, which others can tap on to head back to the original post.
Right. You hear the original recording and recomposed version where someone has taken the original and created some kind of artistic response.
And increasingly scientists are realizing that if a replication fails to reproduce the original results, it doesn't mean the original was wrong.
On the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, we're joined by our original co-host Darrell Etherington to review the show.
Though Gambino's sells the original, Debbie Does Doberge upgrades on the original layered cake by offering every flavor you could ever imagine.
Vinyl features original recordings, covers and even a few original tracks, many of which come from the father-and-son Jagger team.
The original map, left; the street map generated from the original, center; and the aerial map generated only from the street map.
That makes it slightly heavier and slightly thicker than the original, at 3.63 pounds compared to 53 pounds for the original model.
There isn't a single thing here that's better than it was in the original animated film, and the original is very available.
The dining room has the original silk wallpaper and one of the house's more elaborate crystal chandeliers, all of which are original.
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Here's an example the company shared adapting the Constitution of the U.S. from the original to a 3rd grade reading level: Original
The original 1998 Halloweentown film was only the sixth Disney Channel original movie, and young fans quickly became obsessed with the film.
Along with nearly 100 original standalone and series novels, he also ghost-wrote the original Star Wars novel (credited as George Lucas).
Well, first and foremost we have to try to fix the original problem — "drain the swamp" was our original language from 2006.
Krispy Kreme is also out with their Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed Donut, and a new limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Original Filled Donut.
Hulu has yet to launch a truly terrible original series — but it also has yet to launch a truly essential original series.
"Tommy Oliver" refers to the Green Ranger, a hero who joined the original Rangers during the first season of the original show.
It came with the original import stamp from Portuguese customs and an original band, all of which he keeps in his safe.
Searching for new original dances avoids that problem, at least so long as Epic can confirm the community-made moves are original.
There is no absolute definition of original reporting, nor is there an absolute standard for establishing how original a given article is.
"I'm sure he's still telling people who come into the apartment, 'It's an original, it's an original,'" O'Brien said on the podcast.
The trailers are shot-for-shot recreations of the trailers for the original film, teasing that the remake will mirror the original.
And before you ask, no, watching the original Blade Runner in both its original theatrical and final cut versions does not count.
And while Discovery is purportedly set in the original timeline of the original Star Trek shows — specifically in the gap between Enterprise and The Original Series — so far, there isn't much connective tissue linking it to the existing Trek universe.
But in terms of just overall going from original concept of this is what Last Guardian's idea and concept was to what you see in the final product, that has remained true to the original vision and the original idea.
The US Department of Agriculture announced the recall of three products (Great Value Fully Cooked Original Pork Sausage Patties, Great Value Fully Cooked Original Breakfast Turkey Patties, and Family Size Great Value Fully Cooked Original Pork Sausage Patties) on October 18.
Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Kindle Paperwhite Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill Black+Decker Cordless Hammer Drill with Kitbox Anglepoise Original 1227 Brass Desk Lamp Anglepoise Original 1227 Floor Lamp Anglepoise Original 1227 Brass Wall Light eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress (UK Single) eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress (UK Double) Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser All the best deals on laptops and tablets from the biggest brands, including Microsoft, ASUS, and even Apple.
Disney+, the company's standalone streaming service, will launch with an assortment of high-profile original series and a backlog of Disney original content.
For example, the original Blue Points are from New York and there's one company that's doing original Blue Points called Blue Island Shellfish.
Well, that ... And by the way, that was sort of the original ... I don't know if it's the original promise of the internet.
Some films, like Beauty and the Beast, stick pretty close to the beloved original, even keeping many or most of the original songs.
However, something is lost in the digital recreation of original artifacts, and that may be why we value the original over the copy.
Members of the original group have denounced the New Black Panther Party as racist, but Nzinga says his movement includes original Black Panthers.
The Gray and Green controller takes a page right out of the original light-gray and green aesthetic of the original Xbox 360.
It's a fantastic movie about aliens, not the gods of original Norse mythology — if there even is such a thing as "original" mythology.
The original film grossed just $22049 million at the box office (notably, it out-earned the original Blade Runner by nearly $20493 million).
Subsequently the White House reverted to its original formulation; the deadline is in fact March 1st, as we had it in the original.
You'll be able to read Rhimes's original pitch for Grey's Anatomy and both original and final versions of some of her famous scripts.
"Malaria is [his] original passion and original research interest, but what a's such a difficult pathogen to work with," says Fletcher.
Penguin also has something else in common with the original animals: He was inspired by the original author A.A. Milne's son Christopher Robin.
To help me figure out just what makes this show so bad, I was joined by Original Content's original co-host, Darrell Etherington.
The original service was focused on premium rides, but the original deck mentioned eventually turning to less expensive cars like the Toyota Prius.
"I'm sure he's still telling people who come into the apartment, 'It's an original, it's an original,&apos" O'Brien said in the podcast.
All edits are saved and you can revert back to your original photo at any time by clicking the "Revert to Original" button.
"The original writer of Mapplethorpe had approached my brother with the original script over 15 years ago," Mapplethorpe producer Dushku, 38, tells PEOPLE.
Read More: The Original Net Artists "The big titles are available in some form, even if they're not pristine and original," Scott said.
The 'Original Tweeter' tag is very reminiscent of features that mark the 'OP' or 'Original Poster' on old-school message boards or forums.
Remixing destabilizes, decenters, moves us away from the original — but still in an effort to comment on the original and on the context.
The original Roadster wasn't an original Tesla design: it was based on a Lotus platform, with Tesla adding the drivetrain, batteries, and software.
Habitat's original creators joined MADE to revive the game using the original source code and emulation of Commodore 64 and Quantum Link machines.
Eventually, Disney+ will offer eight original Marvel TV series, four new Star Wars shows, Disney's entire library of original films, and much more.
Sachs made a similar point in his original Niskanen piece, and it's my fault for not being more precise in my original phrasing.
"What is being performed here is very much inspired by the original score, the original theatrical intentions of the libretto," Mr. Nagano said.
He re-covered the seats, which are original, with a plush, light-brown mohair fabric used in the original manufacturing of the automobile.
The separate living room and formal dining room have original mahogany hardwood floors and custom casement windows matched to the original leaded style.
I think some of that has to do with what a simulacrum is: a simulation of the original that nearly replaces the original.
Seven years ago, he updated the original model in light of new data with co-author Jorgen Randers, another original World3 team-member.
Oscar Nominations: 10Best Picture, Best Actor (Adam Driver), Best Actress (Scarlet Johansson), Best Supporting Actress (Laura Dern), Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score.
Part of that has to do with Netflix's early entry into original television programming, but waiting until later to get into original film.
The arcade machines feature the original artwork, the original joystick, and control button layout — which is definitely game to make your guests jealous.
Netflix's original-film operation is set up to supply 55 original films a year, including some with budgets as high as $200 million.
Available 219/2100/83"Screwball" "Sebastian Maniscalco: Why Would You Do That" Available 28/215/219"Dollar" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Jane the Virgin: Season 5""Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer" "The Naked Director" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Wu Assassins" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 8/9/19"Cable Girls: Season 4" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"The Family" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Glow: Season 3" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"iZombie: Season 153" "Sintonia" — NETFLIX ORIGINAL"Tiny House Nation: Volume 1"Available 8/13/19"Knightfall: Season 2""Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready" — NETFLIX ORIGINALAvailable 8/14/19"The 100: Season 6"Available 8/15/19"Cannon Busters"
He is by one measure the most loyal member of Mr. Obama's original cabinet — the only one who still remains in his original job.
Like the original, the SNES Classic is essentially a tiny plastic box that looks just like the original Super Nintendo, only a lot smaller.
Right now, we don't have the bandwidth to create something original, specifically for Facebook, unless now the original team's called, because now there's budgets.
"From that rich DNA, we will be building an original story with entirely original music, written by major Nashville and Broadway songwriters," he added.
Teigen also scored her own two-year deal with Hulu to create original programming that could range from scripted content to original talk shows.
That agreement consists of two parts, an original collective bargaining agreement and a memo signed in March 2013 updating parts of that original agreement.
The Marvel movie, helmed by director Ryan Coogler, was nominated in three categories: Best Motion Picture — Drama, Best Original Score, and Best Original Song.
Like Apple TV+, which signals that Apple is moving into the original content game, with a new streaming platform for original shows and movies.
As a sequel set in the same world as the original comic, the Watchmen series broadly references the original in plot and world-building.
The SEC could also ask the court to reopen the original settlement for renegotiation, he said, perhaps asking that the original charges be reinstated.
Click here to view original GIFThe Slow Mo Guys have come up with some wonderfully original experiments to film with their high-speed camera.
It's also probably the most original film we've seen in years—and since so little these days is original, thank fucking God for that.
Netflix released a lot of original TV series this year — and it offered even more network series for binge-watching after their original runs.
"Reboots fair better when they honor the original as opposed to taking shots at the original," Combs continued in her lengthy statement on Twitter.
Youku's immense popularity in both short video clips, as well as in original content, make it a leader in producing original Chinese television content.
While the original system was quite a bit more complicated than the Classic Edition, the original controller is more straightforward than its modern counterpart.
The Original Nintendo Entertainment System in its original packaging When Nintendo launched the NES Classic Edition in November 2016, it was an instant success.
Acuna: Do you think that some of these changes from the original movie alter how people feel about the original animated version at all?
Both the living and dining rooms have original wood-burning marble fireplaces, while the dining room also has an original built-in china cabinet.
It's just as fun as the original, and vocals from Dorian Electra and particularly Hannah Diamond provide a counterpoint to the song's original sound.
Some of the original ones I've done are based on existing designs but it soon became easy to do ones that were completely original.
"The original didn't pay any respect to the original rockstar, so I took matters into my own hands," he wrote when posting his creation.
With more original content, the ad-free subscription tier, and new partial owners Time Warner, Hulu looks a lot different than its original form.
In other words, there is no "original" collage in the ordinary sense: The copy of the ephemeral piece is the original work of art.
"We started original programming on YouTube with our subscription service YouTube Red," says Susanne Daniels, YouTube's original content chief, formerly a top MTV exec.
But the new restoration, from the original 16-millimeter film, probably represents the best it's ever looked, given its original airing on tube television.
He tries to unearth the original meaning of the Constitution, and he has no use for precedents that have veered from that original understanding.
The current dining room occupies the space of the original living room and has a wood-burning fireplace with original Art Deco metal trim.
The stars will be reunited with one of the original writer-directors, Lana Wachowski, who worked on the original movies with her sister, Lilly.
The company said it will release "more than 25 original series and 10 original films, documentaries and specials" in the first year of Disney+.
Set roughly 100 years before Kirk's original five-year mission, this prequel takes place on the original Enterprise, Earth's first Warp 5–capable ship.
In going through the collection, I found all the fodder that went into Rhoda's published books – all the original artwork, all the original layouts.
One Red Nose Day and a Wedding was directed by the film's original director, Mike Newell, and penned by the film's original screenwriter Richard Curtis — who revealed in December that the sequel would take place 25 years after the original film at a fifth wedding.
One Red Nose Day and a Wedding was directed by the film's original director, Mike Newell, and penned by the film's original screenwriter Richard Curtis — who revealed in December that the sequel would take place 25 years after the original film at a fifth wedding.
In 22016, Menken won not one but two Oscars for his work on Beauty and the Beast, for Best Original Song and Best Original Score.
Click here to view original GIFThere's no shortage of slow-motion footage out there on the internet, but there is a shortage of original ideas.
The home's original owner was legendary Hollywood producer Samuel Goldwyn, so it makes sense that she's bringing the estate back to its original Georgian splendor.
Kiss Cam: Original HeroPhoto: Brent RoseKiss Cam: Hero6Photo: Brent RoseI actually kinda prefer this image from the original GoPro to the one from the Hero6.
Trumped functions like a shot-for-shot remake of the original, made much too close to the original to provide any additional insight or clarity.
The film is also nominated for Best Costume Design, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Original Score, Best Original Song, and Best Production Design.
MORE CLASSIC CAR STORIES FROM HAGERTY The car still bears its original Lucas PL headlights, and H&H believes it to retain the original hood.
"To a lot of people, the original charger and the original cable are the only means to charge their devices, in their mind," he says.
If there are traces of the original dinosaur cells, McKellar and his colleagues can look for pigments, keratin, or other materials from the original animal.
Besides Best Picture, it won for directing, adapted screenplay, original score, original song, sound mixing, art direction, makeup, costume design, film editing, and visual effects.
As the controller's original niche became increasingly crowded, Sixense began expanding its original scope, aiming for businesses and research institutions as well as home users.
In the era of Silicon Valley corporate dominance, tired pivots to video, and the unending hunger for original content, nothing feels original, genuine, or enticing.
Since it's been nearly 20 years since the original series aired, it'll potentially be a friendly jumping-on point for people unfamiliar with the original.
The original video, which sparked allegations of child abuse and prompted a law enforcement investigation, is gone from the original account it was posted on.
Netflix has removed a controversial, explicit scene depicting a character's suicide in its original series 13 Reasons Why, two years after the show's original debut.
For those who own the original discs, both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 versions of the games will be supported on Microsoft's latest console.
At the beginning of this year, the company began a test where it labeled as the "Original Tweeter" the original poster in a conversation thread.
The movie is also nominated for Best Costume Design, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Original Score, Best Original Song, and Best Production Design.
The award for Original Song (and original score) is just what it sounds like — music written specifically for a film, rather than for something else.
The original intro to the post, which offers additional context from its original time of publication, has been appended to the end of the post.
The channel will include five original shows, original documentaries featuring stars like LeBron James, exclusive interviews, and sport-related shows and movies acquired by Amazon.
Original Tommy's Hamburgers290014 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 24(23216)290255-9000 No self-respecting selection of LA restaurants would be complete without Original Tommy's.
Turning point Netflix's first foray into producing original stand-up specials started in 2012 when it gave comedian Bill Burr the first Netflix original special.
If you're a big fan of the original, the new scene with Scar and Sarabi also retools an uncomfortable deleted one from the original movie.
It features the original artwork of the iconic game, with immersive full-colour displays and sounds, combined with the original joystick and control buttons setup.
The Democratic National Convention plans to celebrate U.S. diversity with an original Robert Rodriguez short film and an original song by Gloria and Emilio Estefan.
The project uses an original 1998 Furby and essentially replaces the obfuscated CPU in the original model with a single-board computer, amplifier, and microphone.
With Stokes' help, the expansion drew influences from drive-in restaurants and motels from the original Googie era, and blended seamlessly with the original structure.
The Pumpkin Spice Original Filled Donut is a sweeter take on the original, and the yummy filling just oozes out of the iconic yeast dough.
Baywatch keeps the spirit of the original TV series, which ran from 1989 to 2001, largely intact by porting over many of the original characters.
The Hills: New Beginnings is taking things back to 2006, the year the original series began, by bringing back most of the original cast members.
He also compared the original Watchmen to his Watchmen by saying they are like the Old and New Testaments and that the original is canon.
The original game's console graphics have been tweaked for today's high-powered mobile devices, but the gameplay and story of the original are still there.
In March 1919, a group from Coney Island called the Original Memphis Five emerged with a streamlined version of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band's style.
Matching the original materials is sometimes impossible, but visits with Dion, plus the fact that we bought from the original owner makes it almost easy.
The sequence also comes with a theme song composed by Jeff Russo that calls back to that of the original, familiar theme of the original show.
Stephenson calls this version his "virtual original," then creates a meta-version by painting this white 'X' onto the original oil painting, thus permanently altering it.
None of the blocks that once comprised the original structure are currently located in their original place, and many of them are badly damaged or decayed.
Billed as the "original party animal," Spuds was an English bull terrier whose presence in the original ads was marked by beautiful women and constant revelry.
It doesn't stray too far from the original with only a few tweaks, so like Sonic Mania, fans can relive the magic of playing the original.
But unlike the fate of the original McDonald's, the original Burger King has stood its ground virtually unchanged in the same location at 1508 Charleston Ave.
Sonn is one of the many public servants denied for the original program — and now denied again from the fund created to remedy the original program.
It's a win-win, for fans or for people who had to walk out of the original or who would never dare to watch the original.
At the same time, they have no easy way to find the original account, now bearing the original recovery emails and followers under a different name.
"The original paper was this somewhat surprising finding, even to us," Antone Martinho, one of the original study's authors from the University of Oxford, told Gizmodo.
When they projected these light-painted photographs from the exact positions of the original cameras, what resulted was a glowing 3D animation of the original subject.
The Surface Book 2 is more of a refinement over the original, which means some of the original issues have been ironed out and some haven't.
A lot of the original biographies of stars, most of the original reporting of that industry, was all manipulated by the studios and their publicity departments.
Even the original saucer section of Star Trek's NC-1701 is almost triple the size, and the Jean-Luc's Enterprise is even bigger than the original!
"[The researchers] have produced no more than weak fragments of the original data and no original traceable data files," write the CEPN authors in their report.
You can blame Toy Story for not finding a more original name, as the original Child's Play came out seven years earlier than the first movie.
Jason Guerrasio, Business Insider Ritchie tries to take the spirit of the original movie and shake it up a bit so it has some original flair.
These are actors, playing parts; even if what they're doing is creating an exact replica of the original story, it's still a copy of the original.
An original story of Mary Poppins all these years later in a very exciting way, but that we could draw upon the original source, P.L. Travers.
Update: BlackBerry has apparently thought better of its original strategy to try to pass off the layoffs as a "small number" and amended its original statement.
President Flip Flops are pretty simple — on one foot you have the original tweet, on the other, you have a tweet that contradicts the original statement.
See the original recipe below — what a long, sweet trip it's been from these original sugar cookies all the way to the s'mores versions of today.
Long after our original guitarist wanted to bury the band, to people coming and going, we've been the lynchpins of the original sound ideas and concept.
A report today from Mic revealed two possible original sources of the image, and it appears not to have been an original work of Trump's campaign.
If you prefer the Google Assistant, Target will have the original Google Home for $49 (currently $79) and the original Home Mini for $19 (currently $103).
Their first foray into original programming was headed up by Mike Lazzo, and turned the original cells from the 1966 cartoon into a surreal talk show.
It will incorporate original songs from the 1989 animated hit as well as new tunes from original composer Alan Menken and "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Original tweets claiming that the yacht belonged to Bezos have since been deleted, along with the original photo, but screenshots continue to circulate on social media.
It is not clear whether the new update would replace this original update, or if Boeing still intends to make this original update to the planes.
"With some of the original uncertainty removed, I can state that the probability now lies more in favor of Chapman surviving the original assault," he wrote.
Mark Rylance was nominated for supporting actor and the drama is also in the running for original screenplay, sound, cinematography, original music, editing and production design.
Mr. Humphrey has in stock an early 213th-century mahogany linen press, complete with original brass fittings and, even more unusually, original oil and wax patina.
That Airbnb's apparent identity crisis now includes original content is at once puzzling and—considering even Walmart has considered producing original content—kind of makes sense.
During the 16th and 17th centuries, the original Hebrew text was kept intact while original commentary and illustrations were included in different versions as additional insight.
Loans insured by WLMI with an original loan/value ratio (LVR) over 80% have an aggregate cap on claims of 5% of the original loan balance.
The smaller club offshoots of the original warehouse scene, like the Caribou, the original Octopus, SOS, and the acid jazz Wednesdays nights at the Cameron House.
Today, the company is expanding its original content lineup via a new deal with VICE, which will see the media company producing original shows for Snapchat.
The scope of this planned collider — let's call it the XLHC — is even more mind-boggling than the original, and the original is pretty mind-boggling.
He is in love with old ballets, especially in their original form, insofar as that original form can be reconstructed after decades of neglect and alteration.
Behind the row of mostly original canopy columns, a second row was arranged by alternating the rough-surfaced original cast-iron columns with smooth steel replications.
Small losses in the original paint were carefully filled with a mixture of chalk and animal glue, and then retouched to integrate into the original painting.
As we previously learned, Ghostbusters: Afterlife ties back to the original Ghostbusters movie, and several actors from the original movies have agreed to appear in Afterlife.
The original, oak forests that supplied the timber for the original construction no longer exist, so they'll need to use somewhat different materials anyway, Patterson said.
Other works in the show are more monumental in size and are almost completely devoid of their original content, beyond peaking slivers of their original color.
"I'm sure he's still telling people who come into the apartment, 'It's an original, it's an original,'" O'Brien told Vanity Fair's Nick Bilton on the podcast.
Davies' trick is in starting with a patient zero; that is, an original target account that his script clones, by signing up to Twitter with a similar name, grabbing all the original pictures and location data it can, and then tweeting whenever the original account tweets.
With the birthday of that original proposal coming up in March, CERN's developers put together a sort of museum-like website to show off the origins of that original internet, with pages outlining the browser, coding, history, timeline, typography, and how they reproduced the original site.
For 2016, Netflix announced it is doubling its original programming to 31 original series on top of more films and documentaries, while Amazon's European head of video told CNBC in June 2015, that it plans on doubling down in its investment in original programs in the future.
" Other openly gay Academy Award winners include Elton John for best original song from "The Lion King," Stephen Sondheim for best original song from "Dick Tracy," Alan Ball for best original screenplay for "American Beauty" and Bill Condon for best adapted screenplay for "Gods and Monsters.
Nominations: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Original Music Score, Best Original Song, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing, Best Production Design, Best Sound Mixing Pre-order it on iTunes >>Pre-order it on Amazon>>
Apparently "original content broadcasting" was down 21% year over year as of mid-2015, and original broadcast sharing was down 15% year-over-year as of April.
Season 3 actually jumps right in with three timelines: 1980, when the original case happened; 1990, when the original conviction is being challenged in court and Det.
Apparently, the Galaxy Note 73R will be almost identical to the original Galaxy Note 27, save for a smaller 27,27mAh battery compared to the original 3,500mAh battery.
The original Ghostface mask makes an appearance in the trailer, a change from earlier seasons which weren't allowed to use the original mask, the Hollywood Reporter said.
Original Gilmore creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, who departed before the series' final season, will write and direct each episode with her husband, fellow original producer Daniel Palladino.
Fiona, who is the sister to the the original Ms. Valerie Frizzle, will bring the same comedy mayhem and science education as the original educational '90s series.
The Swiss drugmaker said Zessly, its Remicade biosimilar, matched the original medicine for safety and efficacy at 54 weeks, including in patients who switched from the original.
Netflix has 600 hours of original content slated for release in 2016, which represents a 33 percent increase from the amount of original content released last year.
A nice bonus the SNES Edition includes is a full download of the original Super Mario Kart that was released in 1992 on the original SNES system.
From left, the Viper Snakeskin Edition GTC (inspired by the original 2010 Snakeskin ACR) and the Vooodoo II ACR (modeled after the original 2010 Viper VooDoo edition).
The company will use original 1967 Mustang donor chassis and keep the original Ford VINs, but will include a Shelby serial number for the official Shelby registry.
Most recently he was the Co – Founder and original CEO at what is now Lovefilm International (Amazon) and part of the original executive team at Skype (eBay).
However, since the new film is a reboot that doesn't take place in the same universe as the original film, they won't be reprising their original roles.
It's the role that made him a superstar, and in 1977, he was nominated for both best actor and best original screenplay for the original "Rocky" movie.
The paper also shows that only 18 percent of EDTX cases have any local link to the original inventor, original patent owner, or the first named defendant.
Brian Muir sculpted the original Stormtrooper armor, the late Liz Moore sculpted the original helmet, and Star Wars fans should give them all the credit they deserve.
Usually knockoff products are cheaper than the original, but if the original is a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero, well the knockoffs just can't afford to slash prices.
Products being recalled are Big Win Original Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Cheese Club Express Mac Macaroni & Cheese Dinner and Great Value Macaroni & Cheese Original Cups, the company said.
"The Art of Andy Warhol," create an original piece of art, dress up like the characters seen in paintings and view original artwork from Warhol's Myths series.
Frankenstein: The Original 1817 Text by Mary Shelley Mary Shelley's Frankenstein turns 200 this year, and Penguin Classics is re-releasing the novel in its original form.
Cheez-It and House Wine collaborated on a limited-edition box with one-half Cheez-It original crackers and one-half House Wine's original red blend wine.
No matter how creative your showrunner, how original your premise, it is hard to wring seven seasons of original stories from the same basic set of ideas.
The difference between original music and music for films is the fact that the original music is completely autonomous, with no rules and just the author's feelings.
"Alternatively, you can choose to receive a full refund for the original order amount (including service and delivery fees) to the original payment method," the company said.
Where do you envision, I mean, you were at Life, which was the iconic magazine that kind of got killed over time, like, the original original Life.
One of the copies may accumulate mutations until it produces a new kind of protein, even as the other copy keeps doing the original gene's original job.
The original effort reportedly cost more than $100 million and lured huge names like Pharrell, Sofia Vergara, Hearst, and the Wall Street Journal to create original content.
" tweet in response to a tweet Chick-fil-A had posted about its original chicken sandwich, which read, "Bun + Chicken + Pickles = all the ❤️ for the original.
Additionally, it will offer a handful of original Disney-branded shows, several original TV movies, recent seasons of Disney Channel hits and 73,000 episodes of older shows.
Mr. Weil, 35, is a director of Original Series at Netflix, where he works on original series programming and oversees interactive film and television, in Los Angeles.
Business Insider has obtained that original pitch deck, which we&aposre publishing in full, to show where those original backer&aposs massive return on their investment began.
"A lot of gamers from my generation still congregate around the Nintendo 64 to play original 'Smash Brother' or original 'Mario Kart,'" Giselle, the school teacher, said.
Halloween benefited from solid reviews, but while there have been many Halloween movies since John Carpenter's original 1978 film, this one, starring Curtis, pays tribute to that original film — something fans of the original will love — and brings its story full circle, while being funny and entertaining to boot.
This original performance from the fertile brains of Marcia Belsky and Melissa Stokoski resets the backdrop of the original Margaret Atwood novel and Hulu original series to Brooklyn in the not-too-distant future, populated by millennials (it may be a dystopian future, but some things never change).
Netflix said that in 2016 it planned to release 31 new and returning original series, 24 films and documentaries, 30 original children series and stand-up comedy specials.
We post a lot of original content there, daily columns by me, original videos by me, and we can have what I think is a really good dialogue.
Streaming giants HBO and Hulu are increasing original content spend, and tech behemoths like Apple, Amazon and Facebook have all been rounding out their own original content divisions.
Paramount's expanded lawsuit includes side-by-side comparisons of 'Prelude to Axanar' and 'Star Trek' properties from 'The Original Series' to 'The Next Generation' and original motion pictures.
Click here to view original GIFBefore the Super Nintendo, and even before the original NES arrived in North America, I cut my gaming teeth on the Commodore 64.
At the Oscars, the award for Original Song (and Original Score) is just what it sounds like — music written specifically for a film, rather than for something else.
But while the show's original demographic is now old enough to introduce their own kids to the original show, it seems that Loughlin has stopped aging all-together.
While the original commercial pricing of the HoloLens was $5,000, the original development kit was always $3,500, so there are no price cuts for developers this time around.
This story was updated to note that a camera issue that came up subsequent to its original publication has now been resolved, and the original recommendation was restored.
AT&T and WarnerMedia are also planning to invest $150 million into more original content for the network, which will see a 50 percent increase in original content.
Great original content is expensive, and as the company continues to expand internationally, it's going to have to consider what kind of original content will do well internationally.
The film did, however, win the night's top prize, plus the awards for director, adapted screenplay, original score, original song for "Jai Ho," sound mixing, cinematography, and editing.
While the original clip is actually pretty weird and creepy, Redditor Ursinarium managed to sync up the singing parrot with the original track, and it's actually pretty great.
We'll definitely be talking about The Defenders on the next episode of Original Content, our new podcast focused on original streaming programming, so get hyped for that, too.
The only legitimate criticism, however, should have come from the way it follows the original Star Wars movie a bit too closely to really feel all that original.
The original biologist stays behind, knowing the clone of her husband died outside Area X, and the original may still be inside, transformed into something new, but alive.
"An original story of big-headed aliens snacking on a village of locals, this crazy film was regarded too violent and gory upon its original release," Woodham said.
The console features an FPGA created specifically to allow it to run original SNES games, played via original cartridges, at HD resolution on modern TVs with no lag.
The service plans to spend $8 billion this year on original content, hoping to make half of its entire catalog original programs and movies over the coming years.
Power Rangers' creators spliced together action scenes from Sentai with new footage of American teenagers speaking original dialogue in plots that often diverged completely from the original storylines.
Left to right: A smooth gradient, the original gradient reduced to eight colors with no dithering, the original gradient reduced to eight colors with 100 percent dithering applied.
ITV will control the venture, a Netflix-style offering of British box-sets and original series, and it said BritBox is commissioning a range of original exclusive shows.
Which was kind of the original idea, or some of the original idea: Just the sound of the songs being played in a studio, like a single recording.
Now these early ideas are visible, described in the game's original pitch, and uploaded by one of the game's original designers for anyone to peruse at their leisure.
This year the company is reportedly spending nearly $7 billion in cash to expand original content, while Disney is expected to spend around $1 billion on original content.
With this in mind, is it possible that our Rick is not actually with his original Morty, might his original Morty actually be... wait for it...  EVIL MORTY?!
The original Forza Motorsport launched on the original Xbox in 2005, but really took off with the release of Forza Motorsport 2 for the Xbox 360 in 2007.
Riot has created its own original cinematics, music and other original content for years, but more recently the company has kicked up its efforts to expand beyond gaming.
In some situations, that could reveal to the original author who you are, or the fact that you copy pasted the original text and put it somewhere else.
We included the adjusted and original domestic box-office grosses for the movies, the original worldwide take for the live-action remakes, and the production budgets when available.
GARDEN CITY "The Art of Andy Warhol": Create an original piece of art, dress up like characters seen in paintings, and view original artwork from Warhol's "Myths" series.
"I found several reviews, the original costumes, six handwritten pages of Paul's detailed notes and most amazingly a reel of the original score by James Tenney," she said.
The second version was painted using the original as a guide on September 5, 1889, and the third was also painted after the original, on September 28, 1889.
Original creator Ilene Chaiken is back as executive producer, along with original actresses Jennifer Beals (who played Better Porter), Katherine Moennig (Shane McCutcheon) and Leisha Hailey (Alice Pieszecki).
The story is augmented by the the film's original score, composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who are known original music in the Netflix series Stranger Things.
These documents include its original 1971 German registration, original license plates, and service books, and documents from the second owner such as letters exchanged with the Lamborghini factory.
Wherever guests turn, there are original works of art that celebrate Boston's history as an incubator of music, technology and, yes, revolution, as in the original (circa 523).
Many fans were initially apprehensive to hear the live-action Mulan would make significant changes to the original 1998 cartoon, and draw more from the original Chinese ballad.
Although Jackson's sentence was ultimately much lower than the original request, the judge said prosecutors did the right thing when they followed the guidelines in their original efforts.
Ms. Lyng (pronounced "Ling") not only inspired the original show and starred in its original cast; she also invested her comic talent and meager financial resources in it.
The two previously joined forces for "Invisible Ink," the original song that her This Is Us character Rebecca sang in season 3, and are recording more original songs.
"We've read the original law and we believe what the president did today is basically an interpretation of the original law, and doesn't create new territory," he continued.
Click here to view original GIFGIF: KTNV/YouTubeThe original "Storm Area 51" Facebook invitation encouraged people to break into the secret government facility by doing a Naruto run.
And, much like last winter's breakout original version, the-newly released version still provides all of the 90% white duck down and 10% feather warmth as the original.
A recent episode, "Original Cast Album: Co-Op," parodied Original Cast Album: Company, which is out of circulation and mainly exists as an inside joke for theater people.
For a taste of the original and unexpurgated recipe, I refer you to the very good new restaurant that opened on the site of the original in October.
The speaker is officially licensed from Warner Brothers, the design is based on the original prop from the movie—with the designers studying key scenes and notes from the film as well as the original props—and it's constructed in a similar fashion to the original (minus the Bluetooth speaker).
The appellate court reversed the original decision that stated Lamar was entitled to royalties only for the original Beats Studio headphones, finding that the contract is "ambiguous as to whether it contemplated royalties only for the Studio headphone model or for other headphones" sharing the original Studio headphone design language.
With the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology, not one of the replications definitively confirmed the original results: Two of the papers reproduced parts of the original experiments, one failed to reproduce the original experiment entirely, and the other two replications were impossible to interpret because of technical problems with the models.
Original and branded content took center stage AwesomenessTV saw the writing early on, built its own internal slate of creators and developed and distributed its own original, exclusive content.
She later made an appearance on stage to present the awards for best original score and best original song in a motion picture alongside her Cats costar Idris Elba.
For the athlete Our picks: Original oatmeal with dried fruit topping; egg white veggie flatbread; iced latte with skim milk Dunkin's original oatmeal is a power pre-workout meal.
An original one-hour special based on the series has been announced by Nickelodeon, roughly 20 years (!) after it finished its original four season run in 1993 to 1996.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn't an entirely original story—anyone who has read Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces (or seen the original trilogy) knows this.
Click here to view original GIFGIF Source: BBC EarthIt's been 16 years since the original Blue Planet debuted and crowned BBC Earth as the king of the nature documentary.
In Hyperkin's version (which is the brainchild of original Duke designer, Seamus Blackley) that X has been replaced with an LED screen that shows the original Xbox splash screen.
In 1977, the actor solidified his position as a Hollywood knockout with the cult-favorite original Rocky film, which earned Stallone twin nominations: Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay.
"This is the original, folks, this is the original...It's a great honor to have Winston Churchill back," Trump said as the pair posed for photographs beside the bust.
An original Nintendo  Game Boy  – which would&aposve cost you £67.40 ($88) when it landed in 1989 – recently sold for a whopping £13 ($1,142) in its original polythene wrapping.
It feels far more in line with the original comics, even if it doesn't look like it's quite got the same design and feel of del Toro's original films.
Instead of rebooting old movies with gender swapped roles (yes, this applies to you too, Steven Spielberg), why not greenlight original movies with original women characters as the lead?
Nowhere on the Pixel 4 site does it mention free storage at original quality, which was a major incentive for purchasing the original Pixel, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3.
According to Apple, Oprah's forthcoming projects will be released "as part of a lineup of original content" as the tech giant continues to enter the world of original content.
The company also said it expects to spend between $7 billion and $8 billion on original content in 2018, up from around $6 billion on original content this year.

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