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"use" Definitions
  1. [uncountable, singular] the act of using something; the state of being used
  2. [countable, uncountable] a purpose for which something is used; a way in which something is or can be used
  3. [uncountable] use (of something) the right or opportunity to use something, for example something that belongs to somebody else
  4. [uncountable] the ability to use your mind or body
  5. [countable] a particular word or phrase, used with a particular meaning

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"use" Synonyms
usage application utilization(US) appliance employment adoption implementation utilisation(UK) administration administering applying enjoyment management mobilisation(UK) mobilization(US) capitalization deployment manipulation operation discharge exercise practice exercising act activity carrying out enactment fulfillment(US) putting into practice performance exertion action convention custom discipline consumption depletion exhaustion expenditure exploitation wastage using up waste dissipation wasting drain loss expending squandering burning consuming spending benefit value good utility advantage gain usefulness edge effectiveness efficacy functionality helpfulness productiveness worth betterment gratification quality aid assistance help function objective point purpose intent job reason role goal intention aim object capacity concern design destination end duty need requirement necessity demand occasion urgency cause wish deficiency urge hunger longing yearning fervour(UK) imperative desire requisite call desideratum fancy wear and tear handling treatment maltreatment mistreatment abuse misuse fondness love partiality preference appetite favor(US) favour(UK) liking taste like love affair relish shine bent craving enthusiasm hankering inclination title possession occupancy holding ownership proprietorship tenancy tenure occupation control custody possessorship claim entitlement hold rights keeping dominion right guardianship competence capability suitability appropriateness efficiency sufficiency appositeness acceptability aptness fitness satisfactoriness ability efficaciousness potency idea motivation gist initiative significance essence motive outline course direction form etiquette procedure ritual protocol ceremony fashion method rule style way behaviour(UK) formality habit manner system wont arrangement stationing organisation(UK) organization(US) disposition distribution formation positioning setting out categorization classification disposal grouping lineup placement spread setup metabolism absorption breakdown digestion metabolic rate uptake take-up acceptance participation reception response signification meaning import drift sense substance purport implication denotation thrust content message tenor spirit outgoings outlay expense charge cost costs disbursement expenses overheads payments outgo payment dues output using amount redemption exchange conversion bartering swapping swap return trade-in cashing in relief support comfort guidance kindness good deed goodness grace maintenance sustenance good turn hand helping hand lifeline nourishment shot in the arm lift vogue mode craze trend fad rage fashionableness popularity currency modishness passion prevalence buzz chic fascination addiction dependence weakness fixation compulsion jones monkey obsession dependance dependency problem reliance addictedness enslavement vulnerability overreliance employ utilize(US) wield work harness utilise(UK) adopt engage field manipulate operate ply avail yourself of make do with make use of maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) apply appropriate avail oneself of exert practice(US) practise(UK) implement draw on bring into play bring to bear play on put into action put to use put to work capitalize on effect make the most of manage exhaust consume deplete burn expend get through gobble guzzle run through spend use up wear out dissipate finish up fritter away frivol away go through squander take advantage of exploit beguile deceive defraud fleece mistreat rip off target profit from victimise(UK) victimize(US) bleed cash in on cheat ill-use jerk around tolerate habituate harden to take to develop an addiction for acclimatize to adjust to condition to take pleasure in benefit from do with enjoy derive benefit from gain from build on put to advantage turn to account strike while the iron is hot maximize on make capital out of make hay while the sun shines treat act towards regard act toward behave towards conduct oneself towards deal with rate consider engage with esteem react to respond to serve view be to handle address negotiate take occupy fill secure monopolise(UK) monopolize(US) preoccupy reserve book bag take up strike corner engross borrow steal arrogate filch misappropriate abstract commandeer pinch purloin shoplift liberate nab nick rob seize snaffle snitch get travel by travel in travel on journey by journey in journey on catch go via drive make your way through proceed on trek through voyage on wear abrade chafe erode rasp rub fray gall frazzle fret scrape scratch graze corrade corrode scour grind scuff bank do business with have an account at be a customer of deposit one's money with make demands on require call for call upon summon up order direct command instruct enjoin exact tell bid oblige ordain dictate decree shop at frequent visit patronise(UK) patronize(US) go to attend haunt join buy from buy trade with bring trade to become a member be a client of con swindle stiff bilk diddle sucker sting cozen do rook hustle flimflam skin screw persecute bully maltreat terrorise(UK) terrorize(US) torment harass torture hassle hound needle beat demonise(UK) demonize(US) immolate oppress ill-treat access login logon log on log in open read connect to sign in link to gain access to hook up to interface with integrate with tap into hack into transfer from transfer to pull up penetrate have a loan of scrounge sponge have access to take as a loan run into debt hire raise money take on loan use temporarily rent acquire sorn on someone for touch someone for familiarize(US) acquaint accustom advise apprise brief clear coach enlighten hip inform make conversant make familiar prime school season train inhabit reside dwell stay lodge settle tenant people populate ensconce move into settle in live in dwell in reside in stay in abide in be ensconced in be established in fool delude hoodwink misinform misguide mislead bluff dupe bamboozle hoax snooker trick More
"use" Antonyms
disuse nonuse abandonment dereliction desuetude insuetude inusitation lack of use obsolescence obsoleteness unemployment unuse discontinuance neglect ignorance abolishment suppression abolition ban banning censorship quelling repression constraint containment control obstruction prohibition restraint suppressing clampdown destruction inhibition interdiction interference saving collection gathering hoarding uselessness disadvantage inadequacy futility ineffectiveness worthlessness inability incapability incapacity incompetence inefficacy inefficiency ineptitude senselessness unusableness detriment downside drawback hopelessness impracticality conservation preservation maintenance care protection safeguarding safekeeping salvation husbandry upkeep preserving conservancy conserving guarding keeping protecting management managing benevolence altruism charity compassion humanity kindheartedness kindness generosity goodwill good will amity comity feeling goodness magnanimity munificence sympathy gift humanitarianism philanthropy aversion disinclination hatred displeasure distaste hate disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) disgust dislike dissatisfaction dread hostility indisposition loathing opposition revulsion abhorrence animosity antagonism insignificance inconsequence irrelevance inapplicability inconsequentiality impertinence immateriality irrelevancy unimportance frivolity immaterialness inappropriateness inconsequentialness indifference insignificancy negligibility triviality unrelatedness entertainment fun hobby pastime surrender yielding giving up lease renting whole misapplication misuse abuse exploitation misemployment corruption misappropriation mismanagement misutilization mishandling misusage debasement misconduct perversion desecration prostitution inactivity idleness manhandling failure deterrent disincentive determent discouragement hindrance impediment limitation shackle impropriety indecency indecorum unscrupulousness wrongdoing indiscretion untowardness unwholesomeness wrongness improperness indecorousness immodesty immorality unseemliness dishonesty lawlessness bad taste trouble catch disbenefit pitfall burden difficulty negative impairment fault hurt liability cost complication handicap meaninglessness aimlessness emptiness purposelessness hollowness pointlessness inanity needlessness stupidity theory concept principle model planning approach idea belief method ideology science aberration abnormality anomaly oddity exception rarity deviation aberrancy digression departure nonsense foolishness irrationality absurdity illogicality unreasonableness illogicalness preposterousness craziness ludicrousness insanity ridiculousness unreason unsoundness lack of judgment inoccupancy vacancy subject apathy impartiality nonchalance unenthusiasm boredom detachment disinterest dispassion dispiritedness disregard dullness emotionlessness ennui halfheartedness heedlessness insensibility insouciance listlessness hold pause suspension delay adjournment abundance wealth plenty sufficiency excess myriad overflow plethora profusion surplus affluence ampleness bounty lavishness overabundance oversupply plenitude riches richness adequacy cause exterior exteriority origin outside reality source income savings idling dawdling inaction loafing pottering inertness nonaction passivity resting stagnation mishandle misemploy misapply misappropriate mismanage ill-use knock around mistreat maltreat manipulate exploit profane put to wrong use break handle roughly manhandle treat roughly use inexpertly abandon bypass avoid ignore misheed suspend brush aside brush off defer discard omit overlook pass over pass up pay no attention to pay no mind shirk shrug off conserve preserve save cut back cut down on go easy on hoard maintain safeguard scrimp skimp store store up sustain use sparingly guard squirrel stash steward replace help assist benefit aid gratify serve enrich nurture satisfy support protect rescue tend give favor(US) favour(UK) treat fairly be honest underuse allow detach disconnect disjoin free liberate loose loosen lose permit release separate unchain unfasten unharness unlock untie let go set free renew replenish restock animate build collect create fill garner gather keep shun take unemploy waste yield be lazy lay off stop halt leave alone forget forgo reject resist skip refuse do without go without pass on refrain from turn down withhold from abstain from cut out leave out steer clear of give something a miss conceal hide idle laze relax rest economise(UK) economize(US) reserve spare be economical be frugal be mean be mingy be parsimonious be sparing be stingy be tight set aside forfeit give up relinquish cede sacrifice withgo retain stockpile allocate amass devote cache earmark hang on to secure withhold cease interrupt adjourn arrest deactivate stem terminate shut down miss discount let slip pass fail to catch fail to notice fail to see fail to spot lose sight of overpass drop the ball gloss over let something slide oppose renounce ditch repudiate disown abolish desist discontinue scrap can cancel drop bestow award confer grant offer allot bequeath present endow entrust heap on adapt to acclimatise to acclimatize to get used to naturalize to habituate to become seasoned to fumble make a hash of make a mess of maladminister mess up blunder bungle flub foul up goof goof up gum up muff screw up botch bodge

838 Sentences With "use"

How to use use in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "use" and check conjugation/comparative form for "use". Mastering all the usages of "use" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They are a pleasure to use and use and use.
We use the radio, we use billboards, we use art.
Use the hats, use the protective clothing, use the umbrellas.
Use the hats, use the protective clothing, use the umbrellas.
We also saw more tobacco use, alcohol use and illicit drug use.
Naloxone Hydrochloride is sold for IV use, intramuscular use and subcutaneous use.
Use it at parties, use it at home, use it in the bedroom.
He didn't use the NSA, he didn't use the CIA, he didn't use the FBI, and he didn't use the Department of Justice.
So, we use philanthropy, we use policy, because we have great policy people in DC. We use arts, we use investing in companies.
Some of my coworkers use Word, others use Google Docs and I use Ulysses.
But I also use Google for everything — I use Gmail, I use Google Maps.
And sometimes they use their fingernail, sometimes they use the side of their hands, sometimes they use their palms, sometimes they use their elbow.
"I won't use some of the people that are short of your standards, you know, just use them, use them, use them," Trump said.
Over two-thirds use the core site, a third use Instagram, and a fifth use WhatsApp.
They use the term "fit" a lot, they use the term ... Lots of terms they use.
Courts weigh four primary factors in determining whether use of a copyrighted work is fair use…none support an argument that Your use is fair use.
We care about our Pro users who use MacBook Pros, who use iMacs and who use Mac Pros, who use modular systems as well as all-in-one systems, who use the pro software we make.
Researchers tracked differing adolescent use patterns — from no cannabis use (defined as four days of use or less) to heavy use (defined as, on average, 782 days of use) — in a cohort of 1,000 teenage boys.
Symptoms of depression, alcohol use, marijuana use and fake weed use predicted using fake weed one year later.
They divided alcohol use into three broad categories: any alcohol use, problematic alcohol use, and alcohol-related harms.
As with heroin and crack use, official drug use statistics undoubtedly underestimate the true prevalence of SC use.
Corporations use it for personnel management; colleges use it for guidance counseling; individuals use it for self-help.
But drug use is not just personal: the drugs we use and how we use them reflect our societies.
You know my kids use Spotify, I use Apple Music, I use Google Play Music, my wife uses Pandora.
This is something the governments use for commercial reasons, use for political reasons, and use to destroy their opponents.
There will be a reduction in bus use, in subway use in some areas, but expanded use in others.
I know, Louie, you don't use Facebook, but you use Instagram, and I don't know if you use Whatsapp.
The survey found that 220006 percent of teens use YouTube, 2202 percent use Instagram and 2628 percent use Snapchat.
"My guess is early on we're going to see defense use, law enforcement use, hazardous waste use and some surgical and medical equipment use," Wolff said on CNBC's Tech Bet.
We use data to understand the possibilities of the software and what people use, and what they do not use.
Bakers use it to cut icing, leather craftspeople use it to shape belts, and architects use it to assemble models.
Researchers have found that moderate use is beneficial, whereas either no use at all or extreme use could be harmful.
"They use cell phones, they use push-to-talk radios, they use the internet, send e-mails," US Army Col.
The study found no relative increase in use, frequent use, or cannabis use disorder among young adults in legalization states.
About 67 percent of adults use the social media platform, while only 16 percent use Twitter and 10 percent use Snapchat.
I use it on my cuticles; I use it on my lips; I use it on my heels if they're dry.
He could use board members, he could use people to help raise funds, he could use mentors for his young people.
Facebook can use the contact info for people who don't use Facebook to help link two people who do use Facebook.
Jen: If they strip metadata from uploaded images, use Tor, and don't use the mobile apps, it's fine to use Facebook.
The survey also showed that 21.2% use a vehicle hired by a group of parents, 403% use a bus, 240% use a bus provided by the school or government, 221% use a bicycle or motorcycle to get to school, and 210% use a train.
It's true that marijuana use correlates with harder drug use.
Democrats use #ACA and #blacklivesmatter; Republicans use #Obamacare and #alllivesmatter.
Right, so you use Twitter, what else do you use?
Casual use seems to have fallen; heavy use has stabilised.
Let's use Twitter for policy, let's use Twitter for strategy.
Some people use Apple phones, some people use Huawei phones.
Hexel will earn a fee when use use its exchange.
I mean, my children use it, my friends use it.
Only people who want to use the law, use it.
But if you absolutely must use the cloud, use SpiderOak.
If they use exclamation marks, then I'll use exclamation marks.
Then use the words they use to describe their body.
Perhaps legalization does lead to more use, even problematic use.
I use it the way other people use their phones.
They use the word 'savage,' they use the word 'lit.
Use tamarind paste once, and you'll use it a lot.
Meanwhile, 37 percent use Instagram and 20 percent use WhatsApp.
I can use the phone, I can use the internet.
His use, for the use of men in power. Right?
And when people use that word "meddling," never use that.
Such a use would not constitute fair use when done in print, and it does not constitute fair use on the Internet.
For those with an opioid use disorder, 85033 percent had an alcohol use disorder and 43 percent had another drug use disorder.
Refugee use of food stamps fell 60 percent by 1998; use of Medicaid dropped 39 percent; use of TANF dropped 78 percent.
A recent study using epidemiologic data found a strong prospective association between cannabis use and subsequent opioid use and opioid use disorder.
"No First Use" is a public commitment to never to use nuclear weapons, except in response to their use by another power.
They let her use whichever bathroom she would like to use, and all of her teachers use her correct name and pronouns.
If governments use it to make decisions about spending priorities, or development partners use it to plan their programs, or activists use it to force the other two to use it, then it becomes powerful.
The regime's continued use of chemical weapons threatens to desensitize the world to their use and proliferation, weaken prohibitions against their use, and increase the likelihood that additional states will acquire and use these weapons.
"We're going to use it, we're going to use it when we need it, and we're going to use it today," he said.
Some universities are building mixed-use garages, which can be a more efficient use of land and help ensure maximal use of spaces.
"I show them how to use Uber, teach them about how to use navigation, or how to use a phone," Ms. Balasubramanya said.
Natural winemakers either use no added sulfites or use it in small quantities, while conventional winemakers use up to 10 times as much.
Our 2016 awards include: Best Facebook Branded Page Best Facebook Campaign Best Use of Instagram Best Use of Pinterest Best Use of Snapchat Best Use of Tumblr Best Branded Twitter Account Best Twitter Campaign Best Use of Vine Best Use of YouTube NEW: Best Brand/Influencer Partnership Best Public Service Announcement Best Real Time Marketing Best Traditional Digital Marketing Campaign Best Use of Mobile NEW: Best Use of Augmented/Virtual Reality Best Use of Livestreaming NEW: Best PR Digital Agency Best PR Digital Campaign NEW: Best PR Stunt NEW: Best Experiential Marketing Best Content Marketing Best Global Campaign Best Multi-Platform Campaign Best Use of Short-Form Video Best Use of Long-Form Video For more information, including rules of entry, click here.
Use what you have, use what's locally available, and generate value.
It's just, I want to use Twitter like you use Twitter.
"Use immediately, and don't be afraid to use it," he says.
We can use him here, [or] we can use him here.
Use A Vibrator Yes, you can use a vibrator without penetration.
When you use cameras and you use vision processing, it's unobtrusive.
Use antioxidants, use skin-replenishing ingredients, stay protected from the sun.
Or you could just use the word her supporters use: confident.
I use very few businesses, but I do use this one.
You can use bacon, you can use Italian sausage, white beans.
They use less unnecessary care, and they use less necessary care.
"If you use penicillin, use enough," Fleming urged in the speech.
When you do use heat styling, use medium or cool heat.
Use protection, right, use protection when connecting to public Wi-Fi.
Many advisors who use actively managed funds also use passive ones.
You use the mother's name and you use her child's name.
"I use 'hashtag never Hillary,' that's what I use," Flynn said.
Use seatbelts, wear helmets on bicycles and use crosswalks when walking.
"Wherever I can use it, I do use it," he said.
I use this phone more than I use my office laptop.
LG: When you use Instagram, do you use the Story feature?
Also, more people use email than use Facebook and Twitter combined.
Marijuana use, unlike alcohol use, is unlikely to lead to violence.
If you didn't want to use it, you wouldn't use it.
Whatever type of mulch you use, be sure to use enough.
Never use the amount of water you're supposed to — use less.
Twelve predominantly use PIN as their CVM, while six use signature.
Use a search engine other than Google, and don't use Gmail.
What plans or workarounds can I use to minimize data use?
You can't use the zipper, so I just use these buttons.
Ease of use — How easy is it to use your points?
It's only then that drug use becomes a drug use disorder.
If you use canned, rinse them and use chicken broth instead.
Some people use their hair to express themselves; I use Twitter.
" She said, "Men don't use or know how to use pink.
What if the use of that song is legitimately fair use?
The latest report defined three types of legal marijuana use: adult recreational use; medical use of cannabis; and medicinal use of a cannabis product from which the compound that gets a consumer high has been extracted.
Some of the games use just the gaze tracking for the experience, and others use a Dualshock 4 controller, and other games use Move.
I am tired of the putrid stench of sweat and the overwhelming compulsion to use, use, use because if I don't, I will die.
Shrimp use it to kill prey, doctors use it to break up kidney stones, and water treatment facilities can use it to purify water.
The researchers found marijuana use, frequent use, and cannabis use disorder increased more among older adults in legalization states than in non-legalization states.
Don't use Twitter DM. KS: [laughs] Don't use Twitter DM. Yes, especially if you're the CFO of Twitter, you have to not use it.
After asking the participants about their smartphone use, headache history and medication use, they found that smartphone users were more likely to use more pain medication but find less relief compared to those who didn't use smartphones.
We use no-text, instead we use story-telling and impressive animations.
Are we going to use Slack, are we going to use email?
The labels use pictograms to show people how to use the products.
I&aposm happy to use whatever term you&aposd like to use.
I use mine, and you should use yours, if you have one.
You use the same ingredients that you always use, and boom, cake.
Want them to use it for politics or use it in general?
Now when we use Craigslist, we have to use a different email.
If you can use a small towel, don't use the big towel.
To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.
An overwhelming majority use — and perhaps over-use — the technologies in question.
No, I don't use, I'm not, I don't use your milky whatever.
I have to use it and use it to its fullest extent.
It's cool to use the computer, don't let the computer use you.
Or they can use fire cups, which use their heat for suction.
"The president will use whatever language he wants to use," he said.
On an iPhone, you don't use standard SMS texting: you use iMessage.
Some police officers use weapons to help people, other use their words.
Why shouldn't Russian websites use Cyrillic characters, or Japanese ones use kanji?
Not because.... they use something which (they are) not allowed to use.
He'll use his changeup, he'll throw his slider, he'll use his curveball.
How do younger people use it, how do older people use it?
Most alcohol users use responsibly, and most drug users use responsibly, too.
I know my kids use it and will not use anything else.
" If I use it for reading, I might use the tag "reading.
Don't use her invisibility to get away, use it to get in.
Long-term use is perilous; use by the terminally ill is not.
I use my talent and I use my brains to get ahead.
Though some cities use nine character codes, others use more or fewer.
Find out how to use use Google Scholar to probe basic research.
KEY POINTS • We use Information to allow you to use the Services.
We know how to use it and we use it the most.
Oculus can use it even if you don't agree with its use.
If growers could not use the organic label, they would use another.
We use the word 'art'; we use the word 'utilize' or 'deploy.
Those who do use the term, use it to deflect, he says.
Do you use in-house data or do you use external data?
It makes those who use the most carbon pay for their use.
Five other states have legalized recreational use, while dozens permit medicinal use.
Warehouses use warehouse management systems and transportation companies use… transportation management systems.
How did you decide what to use and what not to use?
And you can use it well, or you can use it poorly.
She likes to use olive oil, but feel free to use butter.
Is it something they can use when they need to use it?
I use it pretty regularly; I'd like to use it more often.
They use more kicks, they use more parts of their body offensively.
We use offset smokers; we use a lot of post oak wood.
"You use parts of your body you don't normally use," Mee said.
If people use electricity for productive use, it can earn more money.
We use our donabes for Western food, we use the wrong wineglass … .
" — Malina in Paris "Just use the china and silver for everyday use.
And if you don't use Gmail for email, what should you use?
You always have to use a moisturizer after you use an acid.
If he didn't use them one week, he would use them another.
Use different passwords It's simple: Use a different password for each account.
"Early" use or "late" use was not defined by an actual age.
A substance use disorder, including opioid use disorders, are chronic, relapsing diseases.
Autocatalysts use both platinum and palladium, but diesel engines use more platinum.
My kids use their products, they use the Children&aposs Mucinex melts.
That's a big jump in use among adolescent use of e-cigarettes.
Many people on Twitter use fake names; many more use fake photos.
They shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody's name.
This is through … they use social media, they use technology, hacking, everything.
They use it all the time … Yeah, so high frequency of use.
KS: I have to use it first, I don't use it all.
So whether you use a Chromebook or just use the Chrome browser, here's how to supercharge your searches for the stuff you use most often.
Classifying sound cannons as a "use of force" doesn't mean that the NYPD can't use them, just that they must document and justify each use.
One can use browsers or plug-ins that make the use of tracking by cookies more difficult, and one can use the private browsing feature.
Although the new guidelines allow veterans to disclose marijuana use to their VA provider, the VA still labels cannabis use as a substance-use disorder.
Last May, for example, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey that found only 51% of US teens between the ages of 13 and 17 use Facebook, while 85% use YouTube, 72% use Instagram, and 69% use Snapchat.
And just 6% of US AVOD users use Xumo, compared with nearly half (47%) of US AVOD users who use the ad-supported version of Hulu, 30% who use Roku, and 27% who use Pluto TV, per Activate.
Most of the top strategy consultants do use us, most of the biggest companies in the world use us, or many of them do, but they don't use us for the same thing that they use a consultant for.
For adults between the ages of 18 and 25 — perhaps the riskiest category for problematic use, Cerdá said — the researchers found no differences in marijuana use, problematic use, and past month or frequent marijuana use after marijuana was legalized.
If you do decide to use coconut oil as a lube, keep the jar you use for lube separate from the jar you use for cooking.
"Dual use" — aka cutting back on conventional cigarette use while starting to use another tobacco product (like e-cigs or smokeless tobacco) — has become more prevalent.
I use Body Merry Glycolic Acid Cleanser on my face — I use this about once a week and use Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser the other days.
Video tutorials of how to use emails, use different search engines, making use of search ads, tracking analytics are there in the library, the company said.
Some use cells from fat, some use the patient's own bone marrow or platelets, and some use cord blood or other birth tissue like amniotic membranes.
To see how much an app is eating, tap its name in the list to see its total use, its foreground use and its background use.
Though marijuana use has risen among 12th graders, the use of cocaine, hallucinogens, ecstasy and crack are all down, too, while LSD use has remained steady.
Many use both, while increasing numbers also now use a mooncup, a re-useable plastic tea-cup shaped contraption, which you just wash after every use.
I use it, and then on alternate nights he's supposed to use it.
I use airplane apps I use hotel apps for check-ins and things.
Under Virginia law, candidates are permitted to use campaign money for personal use.
Besides, I don't use my mornings to reflect, I use them to progress.
It is false that marijuana use doesn't lead people to more drug use.
Many people (including, until recently, me) use impact when they should use affect.
Hopefully these two will use once again use Instagram for love, not shade.
I use Facebook but not at all as much as I use Twitter.
I don't use the iPad for productivity anyway — I just use my laptop.
Those developers who use Ruby can now use Ruby Support for AWS Lambda.
There is a – we can use baseball analogies, we can use football, whatever.
But they did, indeed, still use it — and they use it a lot.
But yeah, there's swipe up ads that people use, retailers use for shopping.
"Plus, you can use it if you use Botox or Retinol," she says.
If you have an alarm system you should use it, I use mine.
You don't use the Switch in the same places you use your phone.
"It's amazing how other countries can use the things we can't use anymore."
Domino's isn't afraid to use stunts to get customers to use its app.
I wouldn't tell you to use it if I didn't use it too.
If you've agreed to use a condom, use it until the very end.
Heems: The British taught us how to use our thumbs and use trains.
A new phenomenon is coaches getting to use university planes for personal use.
GREENFIELD: Normative use would be use that doesn't impact anything in your life.
You can use race a little bit, but you can't use too much.
I was watching my kids use them, and they use Spotify 100 percent.
Another option is to use to use the music / audio sharing service SoundCloud.
We'll use caddisfly swarms, which use silk in their mouths to make cocoons.
To not to — not to use ... and companies not use facial recognition. Yeah.
All right, so you use that and then you use your phone, obviously.
The growing use of aquamation for pets created more demand for human use.
I also don't use Facebook, I use Twitter but like, it's so impersonal.
Income and media use among parents also can influence media use among children.
Most teams use a rear wing that they will only use in Monza.
"The President will use whatever language he wants to use, obviously," McMaster said.
Use your phone to sniff out the Fitbit Use a Bluetooth-tracking app
Things that maybe have a commercial use but also have a military use.
Don't use "password" as your password and use different passwords for different accounts.
In the second generation, use of Spanish falls as use of English rises.
"Some people use those little packing cubes, I use Ziploc bags," she said.
If you want to use benzodiazepines, that's how you have to use them.
The "prior use" bureaucratize bars credits when the post-modernization use doesn't change.
Now more people use Requip for RLS than for its original use, Parkinson's.
I don't know what use that is but there's some use to it.
I'll use tarot occasionally and use two different tarot packs to do readings.
We use reinforcement learning to encourage use of queries that obtain same result.
It argues that its use of building codes is covered by fair use.
They use the same language scientists use when advocating for stronger research practices.
"Use them as accenting touches if you choose to use them at all."
"Most pregnancies, short-term use is the only relevant use," said Dr. Ystrom.
"The president will use whatever language he wants to use, obviously," Lt. Gen.
Use the damn telephone We rarely actually use our smartphones as, well, phones.
I use it for directions, but I don't use it for anything else.
The other way to use CRISPR clinically is to use it in individuals.
The company has templates customers can use for specific industries and use cases.
Federal law does not allow the use of campaign funds for personal use.
"I'd always rather use economic power before I use military power," Trump said.
Use lube The first step to a great handjob is to use lube.
Additionally, 75% use data encryption tools, and 59% use secure device management features.
For many couples, marijuana use, or non-use, is a point of conflict.
Everybody knows how to use Alipay, everybody knows how to use [a] smartphone.
Mike: I don't use any of them, and still use Snapchat's Stories function.
Ring products currently use Z-Wave, Echos use Zigbee, and Eero supports Thread.
"The labs we use are inspected and use best manufacturing processes," he said.
"People use drugs with other people who use drugs – or alone," Wheeler said.
Some believe that they implicitly condone drug use and lead to increased use.
Here are nine steps to help cut your use of single-use plastics.
We look at how they plan to use — and not use — that power.
The plans that use Medicare's name often don't actually use its benefits package.
"I think everybody should use whatever bathroom they want to use," Handler said.
Public transit use is rising and ride-share use is rising as well.
Other countries use Tariffs against, but when we use them, foolish people scream!
I use a wheelchair and have limited use of my arms and legs.
The dictionary editors use three criteria when picking words to add to the list: frequency of use, widespread use, and meaningful use -- that the word is used to mean the same thing, said Peter Sokolowski, Merriam-Webster editor at large.
Gay/bisexual teens are eight times more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to use heroin, six times more likely to use methamphetamines, three times more likely to use cocaine and two times more likely to use prescription drugs without permission.
But because underage smoking and alcohol use typically precede marijuana use, marijuana is not the most common, and is rarely the first, "gateway" to illicit drug use.
KS: Yeah, but to search things, I use my phone and maybe iPad ... Yeah, I use my phone to look things up or I use a tablet.
And while NSDUH has found that use in general and daily or near-daily use are up, the prevalence of cannabis use disorder has remained roughly flat.
For instance, industrial companies use Vize to quickly process data from sensors, telecom companies use it to analyze logs, financial companies use it to analyze market data.
Celebrities use it to self-promote, teens use it to talk about Selena Gomez, and I use it to share my own dumb thoughts with the world.
We talk about the algorithms we use and why we use the algorithms we use, and why we change it we talk about when we change it.
Google argued that A.P.I.s are tools used by programmers, and that its use of them constitutes "fair use," a legal standard that permits use of copyrighted material.
Wikipedia's image use policy states that all photos must be either freely licensed, in the public domain, fair use, or permitted for use by the copyright holder.
"The same thing I use to wash my hair I use to clean the floors and I use to spray the sink and the toilet," she says.
We use technology in terms of building our locations, we use laser mapping, and we use sensors to figure out how to build the most optimized space.
And you can do that directly, indirectly, I can use your location, I can use your history, I can use your interaction with a website or whatever.
Can I simply let someone use my place while I use his or hers?
You can use the exact terminology that you can use in the hydrogen atom.
Just use this simple tool and you'll never have to use lighter fluid again.
Your use of the Lumberyard Materials must comply with the AWS Acceptable Use Policy.
They just didn't understand how to use it, or what they'd use it for.
We generally don't use leeches (though there's still at least one present-day use).
The technology we use in space, the technology we use for surveillance, for communications.
These aren't bathrooms you have to use; they're not bathrooms you use as bathrooms.
The spikes in e-cigarette use also cause overall tobacco product use to increase.
In the morning you cleanse, use your antioxidant serum, and then use your SPF.
"What's important diagnostically is to separate productive use from non-productive use," she says.
In Ghana, for example, 39% use the internet regularly and 32% use social media.
The outcome of your credit use ultimately depends on whether you use credit responsibly.
And I'm gonna use this opportunity the way that I want to use it.
Rivian will use its Normal plant to produce the platforms Ford plans to use.
Pros: Easy to use, high-quality, beautiful notebook, good appCons: Must use dedicated paper
Antavia "would use her grandpa's [insulin], she would use her sister's," her mom says.
"People are tempted to use a drone just to use a drone," Jackson says.
Even if you don't use it in your job, you'll use statistics in life.
And when citizens do use the kiosks, they use it for a long time!
They use their hands really well, so we try to use that against them.
I would not use the word 'girlfriend,' I would not use the word 'dating.
People who don't use Snapchat but do use Instagram will be exposed to it.
" The use of the word "we," and the use of the phrase "no regrets.
On that note, you really should use different passwords for every account you use.
In the future, they will use multiple vendors to support their customers' use cases.
The company now recommends that developers use Server Core for these use cases instead.
Since they use their own license you should double-check the terms before use.
Men who watch pornography in which performers use condoms actually use condoms more frequently.
Use in salads, on cheese boards, or anywhere you'd use prosciutto or cured meats.
"Cues related to cannabis use may also become related to nicotine use," Weinberger says.
"I always use the word 'friend,' I never use the word 'client,'" she said.
Or, try this relatively easy-to-use approach from Soghoian: OPSEC advice: Use Signal.
Medical use means you can use for a medical ailment with a doctor's prescription.
You can go to therapy, you can use art, you can use sports, whatever.
It is too bulky for occasional use, and too constrained for all-day use.
We can't use it for stock-feed; we can't even use it for firewood.
"I use a cream blush and then I use a powder blush," he explains.
I don't use Facetune, but who doesn't like to use flattering photos of themselves?
It would decriminalize the use of cannabis and expunge all prior cannabis use convictions.
Often they use consultants, experts in how best to purchase and use PBM services.
Scanlan: Again, I'll use the word arrogant because it's an easy one to use.
The United States cannot just use this or that; it needs to use both.
You could use a string, or you could even use a clip or pin.
Police officers always say 'Ah, we never use our imagination we just use facts.
So I wanted to use the P220 Pro in the most normal use case.
Yup, I will talk to EVERYONE about reducing the use of single use plastic.
The longer the hours of use, and years of use, the greater the risk.
Farmers use the waste as fertilizer, cutting down on their use of chemical fertilizer.
""When terrorists try to use one platform, they try to use all of them.
To keep it at bay, use a really hydrating moisturizer — and use it often.
"Anybody with a reasonable ability to use a smartphone can use it," Smith said.
Some pulled up railings to use as barricades and bricks to use as weapons.
I pretty much use my fingers, except I'll use a brush for my blush.
Why should countries approach drug use in women differently than drug use in men?
I use my voice control ... Voice control speakers specifically I use for timers, mostly.
We could use CFCs [chlorofluorocarbons], but we could probably want to use CO2 instead.
Activists use it to organize, and governments use it spread both information and propaganda.
Some teams use a number tree and others use words to describe route combinations.
How to use Snapchat's new stickers feature How to use Snapchat's new stickers feature
Not surprisingly, marijuana use peaks among 12th graders, 6 percent of whom use daily.
I also fill manually — I use Crossfire, but I don't use the Autofill feature.
So I think the obvious thing is to use radar and not use lidar.
Some clients use it to fight back against illegal use, such as photo agencies.
I use a power wheelchair and have limited use of my arms and legs.
"I use the word as often as I remember to use it," he said.
Some people use it to shame others, some people use it to shame me.
It was legalized for medical use in two states, and recreational use in another.
So if the media has to use kids to do that, they'll use kids.
Most states use a primary system, but several use caucuses, which are quite different.
If you aren't going to use plastics, what are you going to use instead?
You can use them to show your grandparent how to use a new app.
"Use a sickle, use a hammer, smash the red rabble," the government supporters chanted.
Astronauts use it, elite athletes use it, maybe you should check it out, too.
"People use cars to kill people and people use cars for carbombs," he said.
"I'm able to use stuff I would never use in a documentary," he said.
But we don't use information about present-day kids, we use information about ourselves.
Is it because of the tools you use or the people that use it?
But there are different FAA drone regulations for commercial use and for recreational use.
For photos you're gonna use one thing, for documents you're gonna use something else.
We'll use him when we can use him and where we think he's best.
There are funds states can use to subsidize them, but will they use them?
So it's not so much that the government has gone after drug use, illegal drug use, as it's gone after the populations that get tied to drug use.
If the PC is set to use Windows Spotlight, use the drop-down menu to switch to Picture and select a photo from your collection to use instead.
"It means at times they don't change gloves or don't use single-use ones or simply they don't use gloves at all," said Jessica Ilunga, a ministry spokeswoman.
Boeing would use the current architecture with the SLS, SpaceX would use its big rocket, and Blue Origin would use launch vehicles and lunar landers it is developing.
Yet it concluded that without GPS, delivery drivers could still use road maps, aircraft could still use terrestrial beacons, and ships could still use radar, buoys, and lighthouses.
You need to use your brain to solve them, but they're easier and you use a different part of the brain than you use to solve a crossword.
It's important to use the Frixions because they use an erasable ink that comes off the page completely (you can also just use the eraser for quick edits).
Most of us will use a knife to carve our Halloween pumpkins, some will use a waterjet, but it's a safe bet no one will use molten aluminum.
Parents trying to monitor use can have difficulty distinguishing abusive behavior from appropriate use, especially since teens use their devices for both schoolwork and free time, often simultaneously.
How to use Amazon CoinsTo use Amazon Coins, you'll need to have a Fire tablet or TV, or download the Amazon Appstore for use on your Android device.
Computers have gotten vastly easier to use, but they still demand attention and care, from charging batteries to knowing which apps to use and when to use them.
Maybe, if the industries that use CO2 could be incentivized to increase their use, we could use enough to substantially decrease the amount we emit into the atmosphere.
Related, SB 3383 regulates drone use by the government and establishes that law enforcement must have a warrant to obtain, receive, or use any data from drone use.
There's a great deal of controversy over the correct discount rate to use in climate modeling — should we use the same rate we use for personal financial decisions?
The report also found some "substantial evidence" that more pot use can lead to problematic marijuana use — what one typically thinks of as excessive use or even dependence.
In comparison to conventionally produced European meat, cultured meat involves approximately 211–22015% lower energy use (only poultry has lower energy use), 78–96% lower GHG emissions, 99% lower land use, and 82–96% lower water use depending on the product compared.
Spicer on Thursday, however, linked marijuana use with the widespread abuse of painkillers, suggesting that allowing recreational use of marijuana could be interpreted as condoning drug use more widely.
While it is true that there is a correlation between marijuana use and harder drug use, that isn't necessarily because of anything specifically having to do with marijuana use.
Specifically, 39 percent use them at home while 51 percent use them in the car; compared to just 6 percent of users who'll use a digital assistant in public.
"You can't just be a denier and say 'I'm not going to use coal, I'm not going to use natural gas, I'm not going to use oil,' " he said.
The UN has requested the state halt its use of "excessive use of force," including the use of ammunition on civilians and alleged door-to-door searches and beatings.
In the meantime, they advise cardiologists to screen patients for use of the drug and to talk to patients about how much they use and how they use it.
TRUMP: Let me tell you, you have stats that are far worse than the ones that I use, but I use many stats, but I also use Homeland Security.
Troubles could include the use of copyrighted music or use of the terms "saber" and "lightsaber," given Disney is not known for liking others to use its intellectual property.
By nudging firms to use innovative marketing and pricing systems, competition helps boost train use.
If you do not use a password, others will be able to use car hotspot.
You can also use this menu to gauge how much data you use per month.
We can't use fossil fuels anymore to heat our homes and use for our energy.
It's easier for them to use recorded voice, which is a really interesting use case.
Similarly, marijuana legalization also may lead people to substitute their alcohol use with marijuana use.
It is illegal to import, store, supply, sell, install, use or re-use these materials.
To use the same settings across all folders using this view, click Use as Defaults.
Use the guest network option Friends and family always want to use your Wi-Fi.
IK: Yeah, I obviously use-, IK: But I-, IK: Yeah, but I don't use it.
Many expats also use private healthcare, for which you can pay cash or use insurance.
The upshot: Use different passwords on different sites and, whenever possible use two-factor authentication.
As for how you use the device, Lenovo is envisioning a variety of use cases.
It's a bit clumsy to use, and it's not something I'd even use every day.
Clothing and paper companies will use start to use hemp in the pursuit of sustainability.
"Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags, use every single one of them," Gurrola advises.
People use emojis, they use short form, sometimes it's difficult to know what something means.
Producers use genre to get movies made; studios use genre to get you in seats.
So you use this run to explore a new area or use your new ability.
These include the use of body cameras and tighter rules for the use of force.
"You have to allocate the expenses attributable to personal use versus rental use," said Westley.
Now, if I do use hot tools, I limit the use to twice a week.
Among older teens who use social media, the median age of first use is 14.
The scientists also made use of trackers to get readings of the bears' energy use.
"We don't want to use any force; we want to use zero force," Stubbs said.
How we use them, how much we use them -- we&aposll get to the field.
Just walking in them is supposed to use the same energy we use to run.
Email accounts don't use two-factor; instead, they require a per-app, single-use password.
All of those limitations mean you have to still use remotes, and use them often.
Again though it's going to be of most use if you already use Alexa elsewhere.
Or maybe white men use spaces while white women and people of color use tabs.
All could walk, use transportation services for the disabled and use the toilet without assistance.
Customers that already use both services will be able to use them together more easily.
I managed about 6 hours with light use and just 1.5 with heavy duty use.
At the same time, discretionary use of cameras increases an officer's tendency to use force.
GHB use declined in response to the abundance of overdoses and increased stigma toward use.
Consequently, she will always be weighing whether to use her powers, or not use them.
Commercial Use: You're permitted to use royalty-free images for any type of business venture.
Would its AR glasses be designed for home use or also appropriate for public use?
Or, if you use Twitter, use the app to back up and delete old tweets.
Among travel-limited individuals, 5.7 million use wheelchairs and 1.7 million use a motorized wheelchair.
Social media usage was monitored via the iOS battery use screen, which shows app use.
We use language to convey facts, but we also use it to convey emotional information.
Any of the skills you can use with an Echo you can use with Echosim.
Pretty much anyone can use Facebook's livestreaming API, but this use case is worth mentioning.
They don't meticulously plan their drug use… drug use is just an opportunistic leisure activity.
He determined how to use it, what dosages to give, and when to use it.
You use them all the time, so why wouldn't you use it at this point?
I wouldn't use the term myself but you can use it if you like [laughs].
So any phone use is careful and intentional, making it so unlike most phone use.
Use the moments of the past to be creative; use them to connect, collaborate, communicate.
Use something else you bought second-hand, or use aluminum foil that you can recycle.
Because she wants to use it for that, she wants to use it for advantage.
The cashier can use the same barcode reader as they would use to scan products.
We can use pretty much anything for artistic purposes while being protected by fair use.
You can't use this DisplayPort to use the Surface Studio as a monitor itself, though.
"They use, like, slang that no one uses, that your dad would use," he said.
I. HOW WE USE YOUR INFORMATION We use your Information for the following purposes: 1.
Frequent use was defined as 22019 days or more of use in the past month.
But I still use my toner, because I can't not use it, and eye cream.
"People always ask if they should use charcoal or should they use gas," he says.
Always ask what pronoun to use, and when in doubt just use the person's name.
He does not use a specialized camera, but a Canon S.L.R. manufactured for general use.
"The president will use whatever language he wants to use," McMaster told reporters this week.
Steven Seagal, I challenge you One on one, I use boxing you can use whatever.
Chances are if you don't use them all this year, you'll use them the next.
They do not use electricity, and use horses to pull their plows and for transportation.
BROOKS: I would use it, I would use the term more as a political foe.
It will be repelled by use of any means necessary, including the use of force.
You can use it as a weapon or you can use it as a tool.
In 2018, he'd been in favor of medicinal use, but opposed legalization for recreational use.
Possibly numerous people that use them, and use them without hesitation if they had them.
They use a reduced use of water and land, and give off much less waste.
There are right ways to use fMRI, and there are irresponsible ways to use it.
It's the way we use them; more specifically, the way we're enticed to use them.
And if it does, legalizing recreational use but not religious use clearly discriminates against religion.
Use Historical Results Another strategy would be to use historical data from past presidential elections.
The British government has confirmed it will review the use of cannabis for medicinal use.
Socially engaged people use it to further engage; lonely people use it to mask loneliness.
If you do have to use a telephone lead, use the newest, shortest lead possible.
What tech do you use a lot at home that you don't use at work?
You don't write your own software, you use Facebook or you use Instagram or whatever.
In some of these countries, spying and government use and military use has been used.
"We use it in a punitive way, and we use it too much," he continued.
Instead of striving to use your strengths more often, aim to use them more wisely.
These disposables, known as single-use plastics, are cheap, relatively strong and hygienic to use.
The scammers often use dating websites but will also use email or social media sites.
You know you can't use anymore, but you don't know how not to use anymore.
"Daily cigarette use among 12th graders was 2.4% and marijuana use was 6.4%," she said.
Unlike e-cigarettes, which use nicotine-laced liquid, heat-not-burn products use real tobacco.
As with any purchase, the more you use it, the lower the price per use.
Last month, the government banned the use of single-use plastic in the Everest region.
"They shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody's name," Mr. Trump said.
Decide how you'll use itFirst, determine how you want to use the money you're saving.
Just use regular garlic, but cut back how much you use to about a tablespoon.
Most people in that community use Python, but more people are starting to use Swift.
Conflating public use cases with law enforcement use cases adds unnecessary complexity and sacrifices privacy.
Why use one display when you can use two to create a very large map?
"But I'd like him to use my wooden racket, and I'll use his modern one."
No matter which measure you use, Trump's use of the word "now" is arguably misleading.
According to the report, Hunter's use of campaign funds for personal use didn't stop there.
"They all have their individual use cases, they all have a specific [use]," she said.
While consumer use of virtual currency has led the way, enterprise use isn't far behind.
Are they offering to use a weapon on our behalf, or use it against us?
The medications alleviate those problems, turning a drug use disorder back into just drug use.
And, hopefully, we don't have to use it, but if we do, we'll use it.
Even a caretaker's authorized use of medical marijuana use can be grounds for removing children.
But they can only use it via common-use computers at universities and internet cafes.
Moreover, the vast majority of those who use other social media sites also use Facebook.
Every writer is told never use flashbacks and never use voiceover and ... You do both.
Louie: I'm just not going to use it, like I would ever use it more.
Consumers who use scooters or public transit are also consumers who will use ride-sharing.
It's certainly not gonna help you with your use case, your oval office use case.
LG: The second thing to do is use ... I would say use a password manager.
Tear gas is illegal for international use, but not for use in domestic law enforcement.
So to artists, galleries, and museums: if you use a strobe, please use it thoughtfully.
We are thinking we are going to make a social revolution by just tweaking: we're going to use web technology, but we're going to use it in such a way that we separate the apps that you use from the data that you use.
Just stick to topical use (when you place them on various points of the body) or intentional use (when you use it as a meditative aid) rather than internal use, says Sadie Kadlec, an intuitive healer and mentor at Maha Rose in New York City.
Condoms, meanwhile, are about 85 percent effective with typical use and 98 percent effective with perfect use; birth control pills are 99 percent effective with perfect use and 91 percent effective when used as most people use them (with the occasional missed pill, for instance).
There are a ton of words I don't use that I hear others use frequently, particularly women who make jokes and use them as terms of endearment toward other women.
Screenshot: GizmodoDon't use your name, don't use your birthday (especially if it's proudly displayed on Facebook), and don't use your pet's name (especially if it's all over your public Instagram).
People who use prosthetic limbs can use these pain signals to avoid damaging their prosthesis, just as they use the warning of pain to avoid harming any other body part.
" But they may also have key similarities: "They both use the same language, they both use the same numbers when they use numbers, and it's in the same writing system.
Black people and white people use drugs at similar rates, Davies says, yet Black people account for about 29% of drug use arrests and 35% of drug-use-related incarcerations.
"We keep saying, 'I'm not here to promote coal use or oil use or natural gas use," said Brad Page, head of the institute, in an interview at the conference.
California, Arizona, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts have adult use legalization on the ballot while North Dakota, Arkansas, Montana, and Florida have medical use or expanded medical use on the ballot.
Page owners can now build the brand they properly want to use within Groups instead of being forced to use personal profiles which Facebook requires a real name to use.
It asked agencies to reduce buildings' energy use by 2.5 percent per year, use clean energy for 25 percent of their energy needs and shrink water use by 85033 percent.
Victims of sexual assault are also three times more likely to use marijuana, 6 times more likely to use cocaine and 10 times more likely to use other major drugs.
Pagliano was granted limited "use" and "derivative use" immunity, the lawyers noted, covering only the federal investigation into whether classified information was mishandled through the use of Clinton's private server.
And I like grapeseed oil, but you can use coconut oil, you could use sesame oil, you could know, whatever oil that you happen to have lying around.
Services like Google Translate use machine learning – computer analysis of tens of thousands of texts in multiple languages – to detect word-use patterns that they use to create the translation.
"We use phones to track, we use tech to make shopping easier, we use as much data as possible to make [our] inventory smarter," Honestbee co-founder Joel Sng said.
"The doctor can use their phone (and) use their computer, and there aren't a whole lot of restrictions on what types of modes of communication that they use," Verma said.
Use the same pot of water that you use to cook the broccoli for the pasta.
Please use #CNNiReport in your message to have your content considered for use on CNN's platforms.
And it's free for personal use, with tiered pricing for Pro ($5/month) and Enterprise use.
Why use a knife and a fork when you can use one tool that does both?
And I use to use the terms that those on the far left are misinforming America.
People from all backgrounds use technology—and no two people use it exactly the same way.
He can use the pardon power, but he can&apost do use it for corrupt reasons.
People do this in different ways: people use theology, astrology, enneagrams, science — we all use something.
Uhh, I mean, you know, people use sexual aids, chicks use fucking dildos to jerk off.
There are only two rules: Use the ball to score, and use the ball to kill.
"Both sides use CBO — and I mean use — in whatever sense they can," says Holtz-Eakin.
While Carrie also can't use this evidence in court, she can use it to bribe Conlin.
Seven states have laws on the books that limit the use of single-use plastic bags.
And for opponents, it means tighter controls to prevent medical use from increasing illicit recreational use.
I told myself I wouldn't actually use the bong, but tbh I use it daily now.
So we had to set up differently, and use microphones that they never wanted to use.
You've seen this pricing plan: use as much as you want, pay for what you use.
Ultimately, this word presents a choice to everyone on how to use or not use it.
Video game use as been associated with low levels of physical activity and increased screen use.
But he could only use half a dozen himself or his whole family could use 50.
I don't use makeup to hide behind anything — I use it to make me feel powerful.
Then use a medicated body wash that's a little stronger than what you might use regularly.
We got to use the music so that's ... What are you going to use for Comcast?
Why use Carrara marble as your Instagram backdrop of choice when you can use yourself, instead?
What do you use ... What technology do you use to ... I do a bunch of them.
I've listed a few key terms they use throughout the podcast to use as a guide.
Medical use of opioids, in addition to nonmedical use, is a risk factor for opioid addiction.
Most importantly it's smooth to use thanks to its use of Windows 10's Precision drivers.
If you're going to use Facebook Live, maybe don't use it while you're committing a crime.
It's worth emphasizing it's not just about the tools you use, but how you use them.
On the other hand, others may use legacy adhesive solutions like urea-formaldehyde, but use Materialize.
If it does, reducing cannabis use could reduce DV (and promoting cannabis use could increase DV).
Unlike SPV use by micro-VCs, SPV use by investment banks focuses on late-stage startups.
For serious writing I use Scrivener, and for collaborating with my colleagues I use Google Docs.
The i5 was for "mainstream" use and the i7 was for "high-end" and business use.
"Expats do use our storage, but they don't use it for a long time," she said.
" As the crowd laughed, he asked, "When they use the toilet, do they use their mouths?
These locks use one of seven master keys that only the TSA can use — until 2014.
If you use eHarmony, you might get a different credit score than if you use Grindr.
In other Cloud SQL news, customers who use PostgreSQL can now use version 11 of PostgreSQL.
The economy is reliant on it, politicians use it, women use it for single household businesses.
And you can use it as a weapon or you can use it as a tool.
Twenty-eight states use federally run marketplaces, while 12 states use their own state-based marketplaces.
If you choose to use a telescope, it is advised to use a low-powered one.
I use them every day and expect I will continue to use them for, well, ever.
Chimps use twigs, leaves, sticks and some groups even use spears in order to get food.
"It doesn't start with 'we have to use metal, we have to use metal,'" he says.
Simply unplug all your electronics when they're not in use, or make use of surge protectors.
Trump has celebrated eminent domain not just for public use, but for private use as well.
You might use more or less coconut oil depending on the type of chocolate you use.
Of these, 155 million use nothing, while the rest use unreliable birth control such as withdrawal.
Why use your hand to dunk an Oreo in milk when you can use a drone?
However, medical research does show a correlation between marijuana use and a drop in heroin use.
Though not as common, hookah tobacco use also increased among high school students; cigar use declined.
West Virginia became the first state to use online voting that made use of blockchain technology.
Just 24% of Americans use Twitter, for example, compared to 73% of Americans who use YouTube.
"Typically, as adolescents see less risk of marijuana use, the prevalence (of use) increases," he said.
""Courts in Texas have found a public use, even when that use benefits a private user.
However, there may a better use for the money you would use to pay the premiums.
We make the exact same petrochemicals, except we don't use the petroleum; we use waste plastic.
Select either "Use Wi-Fi" or "Use a LAN Cable" depending upon how you're connecting.4.
Overall, it's a comfortable toothbrush to use, and I can safely use it in the shower.
I use 1Password because I think it's important to have ... And I use two-step verification.
I use myself—I'm the only thing I can use—but I'm not an autobiographical writer.
"I'll probably use this line; I use it a lot," she said of her Monday speech.
As with any beauty product, use only as directed and discontinue use if any sensitivity occurs.
Drug use and substance use disorder are problems not for criminal justice, but for public health.
The fishermen use gillnets to target guitarfish and other marine life for commercial and private use.
The lyrics are frequently corny, to use a word Zayn would use to describe One Direction.
Many expats also use private health care where you can pay with cash or use insurance.
Maybe you want to exclusively use your smartphone, or maybe you want to use a computer.
In general, do you think parental use of location trackers is a good use of technology?
They may want to use me a lot, or they may want to use me zero.
Abusers often use firearms to frighten victims, whether or not they use them, Ray-Jones said.
I use my chosen name; most of his family on both sides use my birth name.
It's something we didn't know we could use, to use our identities as furries to fight.
The throttling is annoying, having to use auto pay and use your debit card to pay.
While American women will likely always use atomizers, they won't use only those in the future.
Do you use Wi-Fi on the plane or do you use that time to disconnect?
"We need to use common sense — and not use these extreme methods of training," he said.
But, you must use a supportive foundation, care for the mattress properly, and use it normally.
You don't need to use it all right away and can use the bag for storage.
The questions of how to use technology are just as important as what technology to use.
As a car collector, these are the products I use and recommend other people to use.
You know, I use the analogy at the press conference yesterday and I'll use it today.
He asked, and few people ask if they can use your song, they just use it.
We also use the Vive, which is what we use for all the other spatial stuff.
The mindset of single-use and short-term use in and of itself encourages waste, too.
You can also use it as blush, but I usually only use it on my lips.
It says it doesn't use information about health and whether you use the tool in advertising. 
Prohibiting the use of federal funds to arm or train educators to use guns in schools.
But you must put careful consideration into the words you use, and how you use them.
Global companies need to use security products designed for corporate use that prioritize security and privacy.
"The best predictor of condom use is whether people think their friends use condoms," he said.
If you choose to use an exclamation point, use only one to convey excitement, Pachter said.
"They can use my office, they can use any office in this building," Mr. Walsh said.
The Sonys use USB-C for charging, whereas the Bose headphones use the ancient micro-USB.
What social media platforms do they use most, and what motivates them to use those platforms?
I use that a lot and I can use it to go hiking, so it's multipurpose.
Then there&aposs really only one question left: To use sauce, or not to use sauce?
Oil refiners use the credits to meet government requirements for use of renewable fuels including ethanol.
"Given the use of smartphones across business and government use, we've got to figure it out."
Which to use to borrow moneyHow to use a home equity loanHow do personal loans work?
Which ones do you use, Spotify ... list the ones you use: Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat, that's it.
I download apps all the time that I use once and then I never use again.
But it's unlikely that you'll ever use as much at home as cooks use in restaurants.
"Dont use that weird spongebob mocking meme"Me: DonT uSe thAt WeIrd SpoNgEboB MoCkinG MEme pic.twitter.
For context, note that according to another Pew study, only 37 percent of people in that age range use Pinterest, only 22 percent use LinkedIn and only 32 percent use Twitter.
"Short term use was associated with a 15% heightened risk; medium term use was associated with a 17% heightened risk; and long term use with a 29% heightened risk," Bérard said.
"Today if you want to message people on Facebook you have to use Messenger, on Instagram you have to use Direct, and on WhatsApp you have to use WhatsApp," Zuckerberg wrote.
Eighty-two percent of the surveyed candidates use careers sites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor while deciding where they want to apply; 77% use social media; and 76% use Google search.
"Use what is local, use what is available, and use ingredients to their fullest potential," she wrote in the preface to "Dolce Italiano: Desserts From the Babbo Kitchen," published in 2007.
They talk of the use of tear smoke, they talk of the use of animals, of dogs and horses and the like, and the last one is the use of firearms.
You should also do this for all your other accounts on everything you use, everything you ever will use, and probably anything your kids, relatives or even casual work acquintances use.
"Today if you want to message people on Facebook you have to use Messenger, on Instagram you have to use Direct, and on WhatsApp you have to use WhatsApp," he wrote.
I mean think about that: that's a whole city that you could use for affordable housing, you could use for better walking, cycling, and more efficient, safer use of our streets.
If they use Windows on AWS or Google, they will have to use the pay-for-what-they-use model, which will almost certainly cost more, the Directions on Microsoft analyst .
I use a lot of music gear to make the recordings, and I've been told that I use effect pedals in a way that others wouldn't necessarily think to use them.
AWS charges customers to use the service in two ways: either paying as they go for the compute capacity they use, or paying in advance for what they think they'll use.
As you use credit this way, your responsible use will be reported to Experian, Equifax, And TransUnion, who should be able to use that information to increase your score over time.
"As attitudes change about cannabis use and cannabis use becomes a little bit more accepted in terms of policy and government regulation and medical cannabis use increases, I think we need to have a real understanding of the potential risks and benefits of cannabis use," Scott said.
Maryland, Maine, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia use only DS200 machines statewide (though they also use two other systems specifically for disabled voters and absentee ballots); Florida and Wisconsin use the DS200s in dozens of counties, and other states use them to lesser degrees.
When Telin and Shearer say it, it sounds so simple: "Think about the items you use every day, the items you use occasionally, and the items you almost never use," they write.
Transgender teens were about 2.5 times more likely to use cocaine/methamphetamine in their lifetime, and more than twice as likely to report inhalant use as well as prescription pain medication use.
Among those women, 16% use the pill, 15.5% use female sterilization, and 7.2% use long-acting reversible contraception, such as an IUD or implant, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.
"You don't have many big studies like that that have looked at e-cigarette use, tobacco cigarette use, and dual use, and have biomarker data for all of these people," he says.
I may use [Stories] depending on the moment, if we take Jack out or have a special moment, but I like the original use of Instagram and may not use it often.
Me, I'm somebody who fucks a woman with heart, and I need the connection, I need to use my hands, I need to use the smell, I need to use the power.
You can use the eye machine for its intended use, or, you can use it to show people a series of images intended to indoctrinate them into a life of indentured servitude.
Augusto: We use natural intestines, so the chorizo is smaller, usually 300 to 400 grams, sometimes up to 500, because we use natural intestines, like the salt and the paprika we use.
Researchers found that Insite was associated (pdf) with a 30 percent increase in use of detox services, which in turn increased the use of long-term treatment and decreased injecting drug use.
Idaho Code 21-21 mandates warrants for law enforcement to use drones, creates guidelines for drone use by private citizens, and outlines civil penalties for damage caused by improper use of drones.
A lot of the goods that one would use in its nuclear program are dual use in a particular way, which is that you can also use them for the missile program.
The city of Shanghai is gradually restricting the use of single-use plastics in catering, and the island province of Hainan has already vowed to completely eliminate single-use plastic by 2025.
Or, relatedly: If more and more people use e-cigarettes, could that "re-normalize" regular cigarette use?
Google said that 30 million students and educators use Chromebooks, while 40 million use Google's Classroom software.
Facebook's proposed solution was not to use social media less, necessarily, but rather to use it differently.
If you're like me and exclusively use Macs, you might think you don't use Microsoft very often.
Another concern about prescription pills is the fact that painkiller use has been linked to heroin use.
Scientists don't often use laser guns to shoot astronauts, and only sometimes use them to direct PowerPoints.
Google said 90% of people who use its timers stick to their goals to use apps less.
So, who do you use, Uber or Google or ... So, today we don't use it at all.
Thirty-five said they bought it for recreational use, while 15 said it was for medicinal use.
When I use them, I use them for phone calls without worrying about sounding like I'm underwater.
We will use metals from asteroids to do that and we use 3D printing as the technology.
U.S. regulators have cracked down on Juul's use of fruity flavors, which they say encourages teen use.
The older kids learned how to use Microsoft Office, so they learned how to use the keyboard.
"We don't use cheap products, we use quality on all our customers," Gwinn-Williams said to FOX2.
This is an opportunity for you to learn to use different passwords on the service you use.
Some don't use structured data on their mobile sites, even though they use it on the desktop.
Some use the traditional phin and khaen, some use a brass band; some add guitar or keyboard.
As Li told Nature, methamphetamine use dropped by 42 percent and ketamine use decreased by 67 percent.
If you use a regular old Fire TV device, you can also use Alexa to find content.
He'll use it on offense as a lead, and he'll use it on defense as a check.
He's tried teaching his colleagues how to use the apps, but they're really, really hard to use.
"Some people use it for motion sickness and some people use it go to sleep," Allman said.
You also can't use xCloud if you're signed into an Xbox One console and it's in use.
The link between e-cigarette use and eventual cigarette use was especially strong for low-risk kids.
Those are the same consumers that would rather use Instagram or Snapchat, because their parents use Facebook.
"Men should use the men's bathroom and women should use the women's bathroom," Robertson reportedly recently wrote.
China's use is lower than it was five years ago, and India's rising use is much discussed.
That's why you shouldn't invite your friends using an unencrypted method — don't use Facebook, don't use emails.
In the places where I use a lot of paint' like the sponged areas' I use Gamblin.
However, Statkraft's procedure would use wood chippings and offcuts that have no other use, alongside other waste.
But if and when we use it when it comes to defeating ISIS, we should use it.
You can use the programs and use samples and make loops so it's a good way in.
The latest figures show e-cigarette use is declining without a corresponding increase in traditional cigarette use.
You can use oat milk pretty much however you'd use other milk: in coffee, smoothies, or baking.
Kaitlyn Tiffany: Why would you use a password manager and why would you use family sharing specifically?
For simplicity, let's use the benchmark index that that most professional investors use - the S&P 500.
With the product itself, if you know how to use Facebook, you know how to use Workplace.
"What's unique about this study isn't just painkiller use, but the pattern of use," Atchley pointed out.
Twenty-nine states permit people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, and eight allow recreational marijuana use.
Everyone could use a little more empathy, and the tech community could use a lot more empathy.
This is why we urge customers to use strong and unique passwords for every service they use.
"Duration of use is the strongest predictor of opioid use disorder and overdose," the study's authors write.
Heck, we probably use the Zara app more than we use any other part of our iPhones.
But it's not clear how much drug use has grown or even how many people use drugs.
Just Treatment is now urging the government to use a "crown use" licence to override Vertex's patent.
If you want to use iTunes syncing and backups, you can of course use the Windows version.
Uber does use Nvidia's standard GPU, but it does not use the company's self-driving vehicle platform.
JOHN LEGEND: Yeah, I don't individually use Facebook, but use it with my team to spark discussions.
We can just use technology to use our world better with the systems that we already have.
In 2014, California passed legislation to curb the use of single-use plastic bags at grocery stores.
TPG Telecom dropped plans to use Huawei equipment in Australia, which banned the use of Huawei's equipment.
Ideally, you wouldn't ever have to use it; better to use your smartphone as a hotspot instead.
The map below shows states that have legalized use of marijuana for either medical or recreational use.
Amazon could also use Eero to learn more about how people use internet connections in their homes.
Addiction and drug use has gone way down since then, and drug use overall has not increased.
We use sliced top-round thin choice black Angus beef, and Pat's and Geno's use rib eye.
Proper use of the antitrust laws would downsize the big companies best able to use this maneuver.
For all substance use disorders, treatment is often delivered without the use of evidence-based quality measures.
We're making an argument for the efficient use venture capital, not against the use of venture capital.
When we talk about the water footprint, it's really about "virtual water" use versus "direct water" use.
The cleavers the kitchen team use to dismember the carcasses seem like an excessive use of force.
" Keep mosquitoes outside: "Use air conditioning or make sure that you repair and use window/door screens.
So, pay-as-you-grow, pay-as-you-use, pay-per-use — and we're absolutely embracing that.
You can also use tax prep software to file your taxes yourself, or use an authorized professional.
The smart city development would use sensors in public areas to detect energy use, traffic and pollution.
It's important to understand how to use (and not use) a product, no matter what it is.
Perry said most farmers that use Indigo technology still also use fertilizers and chemicals on their plants.
Most kids use social media apps safely -- and kids don't always use every feature of every app.
This, together with the licensed duration of use, should be considered when deciding which IUD to use.
In the study, we can compare those who use it daily to those who use it occasionally.
There is a slippery slope from police use of armed robots to domestic use of armed drones.
The "hackers" use premade exploits that use the Lua programming language to inject C code into Roblox.
There's no such thing as safe drug use, but there's such a thing as safer drug use.
The jury found that Google's use of Java came under the "fair use" element of copyright law.
Consumption taxes are the quintessential use taxes with an impressive conservative pedigree: Ronald Reagan favored use taxes.
Having a single-use bathroom allows students a safe, comfortable place to use the bathroom at school.
And alcohol use and the use of PPIs for acid reflux reduce magnesium along with other micronutrients.
Among the long-term users, 77 percent continued long-term use and 14 percent had episodic use.
New construction also allows for a more efficient use of space and more sustainable use of energy.
Portugal has decriminalized all drugs for personal use, but does not allow cannabis use for medical purposes.
You can use green garlic anywhere you'd use scallions — in salads, compound butters or pesto-like sauces.
But there are other reasons teens use e-cigs—for one, vaporizer use is easier to hide.
It will also introduce a small levy on bottled water and single-use plastics to discourage use.
Use them on your hands, armrests, dining tables, or anywhere else that could use a sanitary wipe.
If availability is limited, use will be minimized, and when use is minimized, addiction will be curbed.
Why not use one football for the entire game, or use each team's football for one half?
This flight would use the same Starship rocket system it plans to use for long-distance flights.
You can use this menu to select which method you'd like to use to share the memo. 
Instead of bits, which today's computers use to process information, quantum computers use quantum bits, or qubits.
Importantly, E-cigarettes are also associated with an earlier onset of drug use and substance use disorders.
In 28503, 22019,000 people died from drug use and about 35 million suffered from drug use disorders.
If you don't want to use the key to activate Summon, you're welcome to use the app.
Phillips did not use a royal title, and the couple also didn't use titles for their children.
Condom use and long-acting reversible contraceptive use, across racial backgrounds, did not differ with any significance.
If you can use a classic Zippo lighter, you can use this Zippo EFK Emergency Fire Kit.
Otherwise, it is illegal to use federal money for the procedure, though agencies can use private funds.
"In mainland China, because they can't use Snapchat, I'm sure people will use Snow more," she said.
He estimated that use of installment purchase plans accounted for about 60% to 70% of credit use.
The vast majority of people who use carried interest are people that use it in real estate.
Use by high school students jumped by 78%, while use by middle schoolers went up by 48%.
I still use them at home, and have even bought a second set to use at work.
Unfortunately, I need to use an ergonomic keyboard, so I won't be able to use it much.
You will use one to act as the mobile hotspot, and another to use as the remote.
Her comment sparked a conversation about their use of the word and her use of the word.
When we lose some use of a body part, our natural response is to not use it.
So no matter what, your use of the Kar98 isn't going to match up to their use.
People use it ... We've have people say they use it in the disabled toilet stall at work.
Only use the packets for their intended use and be sure to store them up and away.
Some cities have even banned the use of use of bullhooks, which are used to train elephants.
A critical tool to minimize data use is to use advanced data privacy tools like differential privacy.
Yeah. So it's that kind of stuff that we use, that we don't even consciously use it.
He was so popular we don't use his name for pizza, we use it for pizza-pizza.
Drugs or Alcohol use –  Content depicting or promoting the excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, or drug use.
A fair use trial over APIs is as sensible as a fair use trial over screwdriver heads.
So in the future, you will not use paper for books, but you will use paper walls!
Warmer weather means buildings use less energy for heating, reducing the use of fuels that cause emissions.
This is tricky because we hate to use three-letter fill and try to limit their use.
Don't use detergents with bleach or abrasives, and use soft cleaning tools, like a sponge or cloth.
I use this phone more than I use any other device in my life, including my television.
"We can use it, the president can use it, at any time," he told CNN on Sunday.
And then, of course, there's the classic use, and I'm sure people can [use] this to masturbate.
Guns are practical; they are tools that we use to hunt and that we use in War.
But you guys decided to use an app to do this because you use your phones, right?
Here's how to install and use Netflix Party, which is only available for use on Google Chrome.
Most terms of use and EULAs do not allow you to use the product for commercial purposes.
And that means use transparency, use alignment to reduce the number of meetings you need to get.
If you have a modestly sized family, chances are some members use iPhones but others use Androids.
Although I most likely won't use the canning feature, the sous-vide feature will get some use.
"With Starbucks, the use case is so apparent: You use this to earn free coffee," he said.
Use Personal Paid Time Off (PPTO)Use Vacation Pay; or Unpaid leave of absence until further notice.
Those who use violence must be held accountable, even when they use it as a last resort.
Bacteria use chemical signals but larger animals often use sounds as a way of saying, I'm in.
"I'm not ashamed of the methods that we use or the recordings that we use," he said.
On a PC you'll use the Ctrl key, and on a Mac you'll use the Command key.
One in seven have a room they cannot use because it's filled with things they rarely use.
Use the links to download and print out an easy-to-use PDF template to get started!
"I do worry more and more as I use it ... yet I still use it," Mitroff said.
The use of helicopter ambulances declined by 14.3%, while the use of airplanes stayed about the same.
Language is incredibly powerful: the words we choose to use, and how we choose to use them.
Oklahoma, Alabama and Mississippi have authorized such use of nitrogen and are developing protocols to use it.
Expectations have mounted that the government's plan for biofuels use through 21.40 will potentially use up inventories.
We have learned to communicate faster through the use of acronyms like LOL, and use of emojis.
You can use just one end for something subtle, or use them both for a bolder brow.
He agreed not to use his name, trademark his name or use certain phrases including his name.
Regardless of which type you use, use short bursts to remove any dust from the charging ports.
And at Splunk, he plans to use this approach to help customers effectively use Splunk's security programs.
"Consumers can bear the discomfort and reduce their use of single-use cups and straws," she says.
Like the president's use of executive orders, regulators can use these tools to make changes almost immediately.
The difference is that the Viva will use just one battery, whereas Gogoro's other scooters use two.
I use it all the time now, accessing apps I want to quickly use and then dismiss.
Alcohol-use disorders refer to "the chronic harmful use of alcohol or alcohol dependence," the researchers wrote.
" — JIMMY FALLON "Donald Trump last night said transgender students can't use the bathrooms they want to use.
With alcohol and substance use disorders, the odds of opioid use after surgery were 34 percent higher.
So far, six states have approved marijuana for recreational use, and dozens allow marijuana for medical use.
People with drug use disorders spent $1,242 more, and those with alcohol use disorders spent $1,138 more.
If you use aluminum foil to wrap yesterday's lunch, why not use it to wrap your gift?
Ms. Kamenetz recommends that if parents allow their children to use these services, they use them together.
Thus, being denied permission to use a work does not weigh against a finding of fair use.
Finally, how could a "No First Use" policy deter the use of other weapons of mass destruction?
But even lawyers who have supported the use of national injunctions say their use should be curbed.
For example, if you use a dark beer, it would be convenient to use coffee or chocolate.
But, you don't use ... you don't use it as an artist, or for talking to your fans?
People need to stop letting their Id drive internet use and use the internet ethically and conscientiously.
It's one-way, admittedly, but — So when will people be able to use it, actually use it?
But if influential internet stars are incentivized to use Snapchat, their internet followers will use Snapchat, too.
I couldn't ... I tried to use an Android phone the other day and I couldn't use it.
I am encouraged and frustrated, because I have about six messengers running on my laptop, [to accommodate] the people who want to use Wire and the people who want to use Signal and the people who want to use Wickr and the people who want to use Skype.
An unofficial poll of 23 Refinery29 readers revealed that six use Instagram for less than 30 minutes a day, 13 people use it between 237 minutes and one hour, nine use it between one and two hours, and five use it for more than two hours a day.
You can can use Facebook to shoot the video, use Facebook software to process the video, and later, you can use Facebook, via the website or the Rift headset, to play it back.
A newsroom, for example, might use a Trello "board" to keep track of what reporters are working on; editors can use it to assign articles and writers can use it to file them.
Ostensibly, this is all for use in a fictional scenario — although if a Smart Home system actually wanted to use StackExchange to crowdsource a murder plot, that's exactly the cover it would use.
Although such devices have been in use for more than a decade, their use was largely unknown until 2011, when a prisoner named Daniel Rigmaiden revealed their use as part of his appeal.
The argument goes that by making drug use easier, the person using drugs is shielded from the consequences of their drug use, which prevents them from making necessary changes to stop drug use.
Do not use them when not needed; when you do use them, use them in such a way as to kill off all the bacteria, rather than leaving behind a small resistant rump.
Of the estimated nearly 20% of US adults who use any tobacco product, only 3% use e-cigarettes, while the vast majority of high school students who use tobacco products engage in vaping.
The skyrocketing rise in e-cigarettes comes at a time when there are "encouraging signs elsewhere" -- namely, the fact that alcohol use, tobacco use and opioid use among youth have declined, Azar said.
Similar to British policy, Pakistan claims it will not use or threaten to use its nuclear arsenal against any "non-nuclear" state, leaving many questions unanswered on the potential use against neighbor India.
China's commercial hub of Shanghai is gradually reining in use of single-use plastics in catering, and its island province of Hainan has already vowed to completely eliminate single-use plastic by 2025.
"The majority of locations that use window and wall AC units don't use them 12 months out of the year, they only use them during the peak hours in the summertime," said Dickerson.
They want to know how and why companies make decisions about chemicals to use and not to use — because they have noticed that some companies use chemicals that others have moved away from.
"These perpetrators use violence, they use intimidation, they use fear to prey on vulnerable victims," Acting Assistant Attorney General John Gore, who heads the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, said in an interview.

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