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"neglect" Definitions
  1. the fact of not giving enough care or attention to something/somebody; the state of not receiving enough care or attention
"neglect" Synonyms
dilapidation disrepair desolation seediness abandonment desuetude deterioration disuse shabbiness decrepitude dereliction ruin decay rack and ruin collapse destruction waste downfall demolition disintegration disregard heedlessness oversight disdaining ignoring overlooking default disregardance inadvertence inconsideration rebuff scorn scorning spurning thoughtlessness coolness desertion inattention indifference indifference to negligence carelessness failure laxity delinquency laxness neglectfulness remissness slackness shirking unconcern misprision nonfeasance culpa irresponsibility breach infringement violation infraction transgression trespass contravention breaking delict disobedience nonobservance noncompliance defiance betrayal non-observance non-compliance with failure to observe maltreatment mistreatment abuse harm injury manhandling misuse mishandling bullying persecution damage beating cruelty mauling hurt molestation torture injustice punishment mistake error blunder slip fault gaffe miscalculation flaw misjudgement misjudgment misunderstanding fumble misinterpretation misreading misstep boner misdeed slight stumble idleness discontinuance non-employment cessation inactivity non-use obsolescence nonuse insuetude inusitation obsoleteness unuse lack of use obsoletism abeyance forsaking leaving jilting stranding jettison leaving behind relinquishment shunning defection apostasy disloyalty perfidy faithlessness treachery backsliding recantation inaction passivity apathy otiosity laissez-faire non-intervention inertia indolence dormancy laziness torpor sloth slothfulness quiescence nonaction sluggishness abortion bankruptcy bomb botch breakdown bungle bust checkmate decline defeat squalor filth dirt dirtiness foulness wretchedness grime sleaziness slumminess squalidness filthiness griminess grubbiness meanness muck muckiness poverty rejection ostracism brushoff spurn coldness exclusion ostracising(UK) ostracizing(US) repudiation aloofness blackballing excommunication iciness deficiency shortage deficit dearth insufficiency scarcity inadequacy lack scantiness absence paucity scarceness undersupply deprivation want crunch drought famine inadequateness overlook ignore discount abandon bypass overpass shirk skip dismiss forsake avoid contemn defer desert discard omit pretermit depreciate elide fail leave betray depart ditch reject relinquish dump repeal forget renounce abdicate disobey defy contravene violate infringe flout infract transgress resist overstep oppose rebel revolt riot counteract challenge mutiny strike snub shun disdain ostracise(UK) ostracize(US) blank stiff repulse coldshoulder scout chill cold-shoulder freeze out give someone the brush-off stiff-arm ill-use maltreat mistreat mishandle manhandle bully brutalise(UK) brutalize(US) oppress torment harass misemploy prostitute spoil taint batter backslide backtrack bilk dodge evade rat renege welsh levant welch defraud dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) duck repudiate skate slack idle flag relax skive bludge doss be inactive be indolent waste time be lazy bob off goof off take it easy bunk off lounge about slack off sit back and do nothing not use disapply disemploy misapply disinherit disown divest oust bereave disaffiliate exclude deprive dispossess evict exheridate cut out cast aside cast off cut off leave penniless cut off without a cent blue-pencil cancel dele delete kill cross out edit out merge scratch out strike out stroke out suppress x out leave out pass over run together put a line through postpone delay reschedule procrastinate shelve mothball hold off hold off on put aside put off put on hold set aside put on back burner put on ice give rain check put on the back burner More
"neglect" Antonyms
maintenance service servicing sustentation upkeep repair repairs care running conservation preservation keeping healthiness good condition observation attention monitoring observance heedfulness notice regard supervision surveillance watching attentiveness awareness mindfulness watchfulness appreciation consideration respect heed concern remembering fulfilment(UK) fulfillment(US) accomplishment achievement compliance heeding completion following obeying advertence finish honoring(US) honouring(UK) obedience carefulness caution cautiousness care consideration success vigilance prudence conscientiousness attention to duty allowance closure continuation continuity insertion juncture perfection permission remembrance aid help astuteness discernment insight judiciousness arguteness nous perception canniness sagacity shrewdness sageness levelheadedness perspicacity perceptiveness intuition percipience sapience intuitiveness rationality smarts reclamation use employment application practice usage adequacy advantage ascent benefit betterment blessing development enough improvement increase plenty rise satisfaction strength sufficiency cleanliness luxury neatness pleasantness splendor(US) splendour(UK) fine condition action activeness activity busyness energy happiness liveliness vigor(US) vigour(UK) kindness uprightness good behaviour(UK) good behavior(US) good deed welcome consider attend mind acknowledge recognise(UK) recognize(US) note maintain mark protect allow for bear in mind be guided by be mindful of factor in factor into support assist back encourage advocate guide champion embrace endorse aid and abet campaign for root for vouch for rally around side with get behind stick by give help to stand behind remember ensure check be sure make sure be certain make certain see to it be in no doubt don't forget answer observe pay heed to respond to listen to pay attention to take notice of follow take into account be heedful of take into consideration condemn appreciate realise(UK) realize(US) cognize know perceive see address avow be aware of be conscious of pay attention take notice attend to accept confront do encounter face meet take on allow love like admire cherish court seek sanction approve obey agree behave comply comply with concur conform conform to consent harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) oblige compliment flatter heat include praise socialise(UK) socialize(US) warm be friendly experience accomplish achieve endure partake try undergo have feel participate in go through take up have experience of hoard save look after treat well pamper face up to tackle accept responsibility for handle manage contend with cope with deal with face down grapple with see to take responsibility for apply oneself to concentrate on devote oneself to engage in take seize exploit grab jump at take advantage of grasp milk catch go for leap at snatch get hold of grab hold of snag fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) complete satisfy execute perform carry out deliver on follow through on follow through with associate befriend affiliate connect unite be friends link up work hard agree to

882 Sentences With "neglect"

How to use neglect in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "neglect" and check conjugation/comparative form for "neglect". Mastering all the usages of "neglect" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Do depressed people neglect their care, or do people who self-neglect then become depressed?
Neglect, which can only be malign neglect here, does not advance American interests or promote regional security.
Three defendants were indicted on charges of involuntary manslaughter, gross patient neglect and patient neglect, Yost said.
The department was called in twice in 2018 on allegations of neglect in March and of abuse and neglect in December, Strokosch said.
"While … the facts that led to Flint's crisis are unique to the Flint situation, neglect of our older cities, neglect of infrastructure, neglect of our long-term obligations to create a sustainable society is something that impacts everyone in this country," said Rep.
"The child's behaviors and disclosures were all indicative of nutritional neglect, medical neglect, and psychological abuse as well as physical abuse," the records show.
Killam is charged with one count of neglect resulting in death for Tammara and one count of neglect resulting in substantial bodily harm for Brooke.
That is because the standard response, in the words of the World Bank's president Jim Yong Kim, is a cycle of "panic, neglect, panic, neglect".
An alternative form of protection called mandatory reporting – which makes it a criminal offence not to report neglect or suspicions of neglect – is used in many other countries.
After years of neglect, Palestinian neighborhoods suffer from poor infrastructure, neglect and subpar public services, and nearly 80 percent of the city&aposs Palestinian families live in poverty.
This "pernicious circular logic" — using ghetto squalor, brought about by segregation and neglect, to justify more segregation and neglect — would characterize approaches to the ghetto for centuries after.
Last year, child welfare services were called twice to the family home: once for allegations of neglect in March, and once for allegations of abuse and neglect in December.
The teen's mother, Sabrina Robinson, was charged Tuesday with aggravated child neglect, gross neglect and manslaughter, one day after her son's body was discovered in her home, authorities say.
" She also pushed back on Sidney's claims of neglect and abuse later on Instagram, writing, "I love my daughter and I would NEVER abuse, hurt or neglect her in any way.
Basically, what we're talking about is repealing something and then putting nothing in its place, and not fixing the admittedly broken system that through neglect, through legislative neglect, is falling apart.
Child development research conducted on children in Romanian orphanages has shown damaging short-term and long-term effects on children who suffer neglect early in life — even if that neglect is only temporary.
In both countries, silence and neglect contribute to the burden.
Keller was charged with child neglect with great bodily harm.
Police suspected neglect and improper disposal of large animal carcasses.
After years of neglect, Snapchat won in the developing world.
Both parents were booked for child neglect and drug possession.
" "And so I don't believe his campaigning has been neglect.
No state officials are accused of neglect in the indictment.
This story stinks not just of neglect, but outright corruption.
That is at a minimum a gross neglect of duty.
The landscape is beautiful but dotted with signs of neglect.
Lucía's short life has been one of abuse and neglect.
"Sometimes they may neglect their own retirement savings," she said.
Marianne's home life is murky with violence and emotional neglect.
Mr. Eng described a childhood marked by drugs and neglect.
Such neglect has resulted in pockets of acute financial distress.
To allies, the fallout from this neglect is less obvious.
But if neglect is not the right answer, what is?
But it's not long before the signs of neglect show.
Following years of neglect, Buckingham Palace needs an urgent overhaul.
The worker did not observe signs of abuse or neglect.
Do not neglect the power of exasperation in all this.
Still, advocates say the agency continues to neglect the applications.
Instead people died from diseases of overcrowding, hunger, and neglect.
It caused me to neglect my schoolwork, relationships, and hobbies.
Rachel Vanwagner has been charged with child abuse and neglect.
The dogs had serious injuries and diseases from severe neglect.
This was just a case of abject cruelty and neglect.
Your favorite content farm can't neglect that kind of potential.
It gets written out through neglect and overlooking of it.
Facebook cracks down on opioid dealers after years of neglect
Where I see serial neglect, he finds possibility for renewal.
He didn't neglect to mention our nation's civil rights heroes.
Congress should ensure that inheritance is not squandered through neglect.
That could further heighten the sentiment of neglect in Seoul.
Taylor, 25, faces one charge of child abuse and neglect.
Thus his neglect towards Puerto Rico cost about 22019,000 lives.
But we must not neglect these investments as budgets tighten.
This includes taking children into care when parental neglect occurs.
Cater to the base, but don't neglect the swing vote.
For that reason, the police charged the Barnetts with neglect.
Thus his neglect towards Puerto Rico cost about 3,000 lives.
This brand of ideological government neglect has a gruesome precedent.
She was transferred to jail and charged with child neglect.
Did he forgive them for their years of childhood neglect?
One classic New Orleans cocktail, however, has suffered from neglect.
Poverty is often confused with "neglect," a notoriously vague category.
Others feared that their history of neglect foreshadowed their future.
This neglect suggests that his rule is also about ineptitude.
New Republic's current and future aspirations don't neglect its heritage
The institution was known for inmate abuse, mismanagement and neglect.
"The Apple brand has clearly suffered from neglect," Jobs said.
It is a sad tale of neglect, decay, and dispersal.
Find another home for yours before you slip into neglect.
Ms. Stevenson is filling in gaps of our societal neglect.
"The administration killed the Puerto Ricans with neglect," she added.
And Sondy says they all suffered neglect and physical abuse.
It's about psychological abuse; it's about neglect; it's about exploitation.
The consequences of this malign neglect can be devastating, and
Just look at the neglect of schools in poor neighborhoods.
Vogler suffered a childhood of unimaginable sexual abuse and neglect.
The facilities are rife with allegations of abuse and neglect.
The couple are wanted by authorities after they failed to appear in court for several charges, including three counts of child abuse, one count of child neglect and one count of enabling child neglect.
Mirko Ceska is being charged with sexual battery, sexual assault, abuse and neglect and Regina Ceska is being charged with two counts of neglect and two counts of failure to report abuse, WTXL reported.
The researchers did not, though, neglect the remaining 12% of species.
The crisis is at best a tale of neglect and incompetence.
Strategists say candidates cannot afford to neglect Iowa and New Hampshire.
Still, recent weeks have offered another example of Trump's counterintelligence neglect.
All we have are secondhand reports of abuse, neglect, and despair.
We shall never forget your activism against child neglect #RIPHarambe pic.twitter.
Is the neighborhood a symbol of America's neglect of its poor?
Investigators told FOX2 the mother faces two counts of child neglect.
Lane also pleaded guilty to gross child neglect and domestic battery.
These incidents demonstrate Sheriff's Israel's repeated incompetence and neglect of duty.
Court filings indicate that Tayla died from exhaustion caused by neglect.
A failure to do so, at first glance, suggests wilful neglect.
And the penalties can be steep if you neglect to file.
But abstention traps them in a cycle of neglect and alienation.
She has been charged with neglect of a dependent causing death.
This is not to say Congress should neglect its oversight function.
During World War I, the estate became overgrown due to neglect.
What studies there have been show the cost of this neglect.
He calls the neglect of mental health chronic, inhumane and costly.
It would be an error to neglect the profitable domestic market.
The couple was charged with two counts each of child neglect.
Now, he faces charges including child neglect, perjury and culpable negligence.
Release them from their lint-covered neglect in the "donate" pile.
Ms Le Pen's territory is the France of anxiety and neglect.
The neglect stems partly from the stigma attached to mental disorders.
Years later you get divorced but neglect to update your will.
Brian is charged with failure to report abuse, neglect or abandonment.
Germany is now "paying the price for a very long neglect".
So its attitude toward the effort ranged from neglect to disdain.
Even evaluating Chick as an artist is to neglect his intentions.
Video of the alleged neglect was obtained by NBC affiliate 11alive.
The property was built in 1974 and suffered badly from neglect.
Bradehoft has also been charged with one count of child neglect.
She is wanted on charges of child neglect and negligent homicide.
After years of neglect, this issue is getting attention – and action.
Power purchasers unaware of those declines may neglect cleaner cheaper options.
They neglect the fact that coverage does not equal medical care.
The government's neglect is rivaled only by its officials' flippant attitude.
Nevertheless, analysts say VW must not neglect it in allocating resources.
El Cantri's pastel-painted terraced houses are showing signs of neglect.
It had a musty smell and a melancholy look of neglect.
"We don't mind being hungry, facing hardship, neglect, pain," she said.
Politicians have treated schools with a mix of neglect and capriciousness.
The idea is not to neglect your family when they're around.
LIL BUCK This is about the neglect of the arts, too.
But there are other areas of significant neglect, especially regarding infrastructure.
Cosmetic improvements may, however, tempt Next to neglect a basic problem.
I turn on OTR and then neglect to double-check fingerprints.
Many Jerusalem Palestinians complain of entrenched neglect by the Israeli municipality.
These incidents demonstrate Sheriff Israel's repeated incompetence and neglect of duty.
Unfortunately, with continued neglect due to partisanship, there will be more.
It's also a denial and neglect and an abdication of responsibility.
Not one to neglect detail, Rockman also carefully depicts airborne contaminants.
"There is no doubt there was neglect of duty," he said.
Officials have not found any evidence of child abuse or neglect.
Such neglect, Mr. Hembree claims, amounts to exploitation of a people.
On its face, the suit looks like a straightforward neglect case.
It didn't help that the roads suffered from decades of neglect.
Don't neglect fitness — use your former commuting time to exercise. Recover.
The couples suffer the consequences of rampant infidelity and emotional neglect.
Both East and West Oakland are emerging from years of neglect.
It makes me feel like now we cannot neglect those consumers.
"Neglect" cases are often not what they look like on paper.
We underfund and neglect our infrastructure at our own peril.  Sen.
Parchman is hardly alone in its history of violence and neglect.
After all, women in all disciplines have suffered discrimination and neglect.
If you neglect to do so, you may end up overpaying.
Her neglect of Germany's growing inner disunity was one of them.
This divide sums up the perpetual neglect felt in the north.
Even one case of abuse or neglect is one too many.
They can no longer bear the weight of our collective neglect.
It's amazing that what you neglect physically can affect you mentally.
Federal initiatives to decrease abuse and neglect inevitably receive bipartisan support.
An encore performance of overcompensation and neglect is in the works.
This pattern of neglect is unlikely to continue under Bolton's tenure.
"It makes me feel like now we cannot neglect those consumers."
Frequently, existing conversations focus on terms like crisis, neglect, and isolation.
Burnout is something we should never neglect in the medical profession.
In New York, authorities pursue child neglect cases on two tracks.
It was the terrible result of years of neglect and problems.
"Most people who neglect animals are also neglecting themselves," she said.
Yet policymakers often neglect this flaw in the criminal justice system.
Just as the AIDS crisis of the 80s was exacerbated by governmental neglect and public ignorance, neglect and ignorance are arguably the biggest obstacles to ending AIDS now that we have the tools to do so.
This is basically telling the bureaucracy to let it die from neglect.
He is facing 11 counts, including felony child neglect charges, authorities said.
It's not really fair to neglect them in their hour of need.
A benign neglect of trade deficits is an equally serious policy blunder.
The last referral regarding Anthony was in April 2016 alleging general neglect.
She could potentially face child abandonment or child neglect charges, police said.
Demeter's desperate search causes the crops and wildlife to fall into neglect.
For decades English-speakers have complained of government neglect of their regions.
What is unusual, though, is the utter neglect of the State Department.
"After decades of neglect, culture change won't happen overnight," the mayor wrote.
Sethi agrees: don't neglect the present while you plan for the future.
Many have been highly critical of the parents, accusing them of neglect.
International alliances weaken from confusion and neglect, as much as wilful demolition.
Lindsay Hawdon's first novel, "Jakob's Colors," seeks to help redress this neglect.
Xavier's mother, Brandi, has also been arrested and charged with child neglect.
She also suffered from medical and dental neglect, according to the paper.
But locals say the damage has already been done by Moscow's neglect.
That's what a childhood marked by neglect does to you, I guess.
That neglect is undercutting our country's strategic effectiveness in using military force.
"Private prisons are a recipe for abuse and neglect," said Carl Takei.
If VR thrives, it will have to overcoming this environment of neglect.
Trump exploited the fears, feelings of neglect, and fantasies of his voters.
Deferred maintenance and the cost of decades of neglect are adding up.
After years of neglect, the apparel industry may finally get some TLC.
But many monuments are crumbling due to lack of funding and neglect.
Due to Congress's neglect, the maintenance backlog shows no signs of slowing.
If hospitals have suffered from relentless overhauls, GPs have received malign neglect.
This is largely because schools neglect their most important pupils: teachers themselves.
"Nations can't push for development alone and neglect other concerns," he said.
Too often we neglect chronic diseases, which silently claim far more lives.
No navy can neglect to guard against them despite their winsome size.
Neglect of primary care is often the unintended result of good intentions.
Seleka rebels, accusing him of misrule and neglect, overthrew him in 2013.
This "tribal" effect can breed neglect or inequity in funding, policy, etc.
"We have to improve, and there will be no neglect," he said.
For centuries, the treatment of the mentally ill involved neglect and brutality.
Anderson sees a bill of lading for decades of neglect come due.
Mr. Lee said his obsession with leaflets made him neglect his family.
But it's often difficult to draw a line between poverty and neglect.
He appeared healthy and showed no visible signs of abuse or neglect.
The crimes include financial exploitation, fraud, physical and emotional abuse, and neglect.
The fact that he didn't do that shows his level of neglect.
They had been through pretty severe abuse and neglect in their home.
But Kushner's efforts to conceal it through "neglect" create a double problem.
In their haste to Instagram their ice cream, however, they neglect history.
Its existing, ageing refineries produce hardly any fuel after years of neglect.
Mobile clients neglect to use recent security features of Android and iOS.
And yes, it's still possible to kill you tamaghosti from neglect (somehow).
Neglect was more common among those with poor health and cognitive impairment.
"You can't get everything at once after years of neglect," he said.
Along the same lines, you don't want to neglect your investment portfolio.
Reichardt doesn't neglect school; he's one of the best in his class
"Dilma had lost her majority in congress because of neglect," he said.
Leonie's neglect and indifference of her children is present throughout the novel.
His maturation had been slowed by years of horrible neglect and abuse.
I saw bricks everywhere in various states of emergence, stasis, and neglect.
The grounds are now mostly abandoned, suffering from neglect, vandalism and arson.
The child welfare system wouldn't mistake consequences of poverty for child neglect.
Surveyors typically also monitor for issues like abuse and neglect during inspection.
That dismissive attitude has also contributed to the systematic neglect of evidence.
Ms. Aksener accused Mr. Erdogan of treason for his neglect of agriculture.
That's what leads to the neglect that we deal with so often.
People may neglect pet reptiles and amphibians no more than common pets.
It is no wonder that cyclists neglect regulations that so misunderstand them.
When María came, there was so much neglect from the federal government.
Because of this hostile neglect, the island isn't even close to recovering.
But the huge crowds and neglect means the site is at risk.
Firms that neglect the E and S of ESG should take heed.
It seems that, when it came to Wells Fargo, neglect was everywhere.
Of course, don't neglect a brushing session after you wake up, either.
Allec says many fledgling owners neglect their personal finances and well-being.
Dogs belonging to Jordan also showed signs of poor treatment and neglect.
This neglect created the space for the bill to pass so easily.
Medicaid block grants could only worsen existing state neglect of Medicaid responsibilities.
However, what investors often overlook or neglect is their specific asset allocation.
Local policymakers fleetingly celebrate individual achievements, but neglect their collective economic potential.
That neglect began after the Communist system collapsed and has continued since.
And for that reason you have the chronic neglect of the island.
After decades of neglect, Pemex is in poor shape to do so.
It's easy to lean towards cynicism and neglect inspiration as needless optimism.
Decades of neglect have turned this once beautiful burial ground into woodland.
They were acquitted of a charge of causing death through conscious neglect.
Five nurses were indicted on charges including forgery and gross patient neglect.
Too often, this approach includes physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and isolation.
It is a book that leans heavily on the neglect black communities face when it comes to these murders — the kind of neglect that creates the circumstances in which a mother has to bury two of her sons.
He was charged earlier this month with neglect of a dependent resulting in death, battery resulting in death to a person less than 14 years old, reckless homicide and two counts of neglect of a dependent, court records show.
There were allegations of low morale, medication issues and neglect at the facility.
Price and Ingalls are both charged with neglect and conspiracy to commit murder.
They also face misdemeanors of misconduct in office and willful neglect of duty.
And of course Trump is enforcing our immigration laws after years of neglect.
Despite their neglect and callous indifference, both Ms. Jackson and her child survived.
There are, of course, things that are definitively terrible — like abuse and neglect.
These harms may include poverty, neglect, police violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.
A seventh neglect charge is a third-degree felony (up to five years).
Julia Tomlin was arrested on suspicion of felony child neglect, Hampton police said.
Earley also faces charges of misconduct in office and willful neglect of duty.
Guess these crazy kids deserve each other and a summons for child neglect.
Collman is facing several charges, including neglect of a dependent resulting in death.
It's also likely that you will become stressed and neglect your personal needs.
The company said it also retrained staff members on abuse and neglect protocols.
Such gifts are taxable, but firms and employees often neglect to declare them.
Just remember to take care of yourself too, and don't neglect your rest.
He also has a violent past and was arrested for neglect in 2013.
After 2007, the Fed's neglect led, in part, to the 2008 financial crisis.
Amid American neglect, China has carved out a dominant position in critical minerals.
Collins initially faced charges of child abuse and neglect after his Saturday arrest.
Yet as nation-building foundered in corruption and neglect, the Taliban crept back.
The following day, Anthony's mother, Casey, was arrested on charges of child neglect.
Allen has been charged with reckless endangerment, neglect, child abuse and human trafficking.
Neglect by central government has not quite finished off the Northern Powerhouse, however.
Vanwagner was arrested and later charged with child abuse and neglect, NBC12 reported.
Or maybe the trend simply reflects some combination of neglect disarray, and miscommunication.
Malista Ness-Hopkins pleaded guilty to five counts of child neglect on Thursday.
Malista Ness-Hopkins on Thursday pleaded guilty to five counts of child neglect .
Neglect was prevalent and in the most heinous cases, money provided the motive.
"  Shulkin said the wait problems are due to "years and years of neglect.
"What started out as neglect became severe, pervasive, prolonged child abuse," Hestrin said.
The work as a whole evokes a garden overrun by neglect and vermin.
Vandermaesen was arrested on suspicion of felony elder abuse and misdemeanor animal neglect.
Measures aimed solely at sticker price neglect a host of other finance issues.
Wahhaj and the four other adults also face neglect and child abuse charges.
The native population, at 15%, is too large for politicians there to neglect.
And while mobility is the main conference focus, we won't neglect other technologies.
The media's neglect of environmental policy is hardly unique to the Trump presidency.
In communities that have suffered from neglect and disinvestment, however, they are scarce.
When a town dies because of deliberate neglect, it's not a natural death.
One can only speculate why so many newspapers frequently neglect to mention that.
Obama's neglect to mention the massacre of 14 people during the speech, Rep.
They're incredibly easy to neglect, which, according to the experts, could be dangerous.
Nationally, an estimated 28503,22019 children died as a result of abuse and neglect.
Unfortunately, Abramson specifically charges new digital media with a neglect of fact-checking.
Allegations of rape, abuse, neglect and mistreatment at these centers are now legion.
Two of Gosnell's patients died from malpractice and neglect after seeking an abortion.
But these commitments neglect critical sources of university-related emissions such as aviation.
The neglect of 25 years was evident in connecting rooms like this one.
My neglect of reading of poetry is terrible; I'm a terrible poetry reader.
The biggest problem in many cases isn't the physical abuse, it's the neglect.
However, reports of abuse and neglect of children in group homes are common.
As the sense of collective good recedes, neglect is becoming the new norm.
Each year, some 219,20163 to 22016,225 units are lost solely because of neglect.
His parents say he makes sure he doesn't neglect school while he's working.
Nonprofit contractors that shelter unaccompanied children have been accused of neglect and mistreatment.
They also capture the era's turbulence, including homelessness, drugs, gangs and neighborhood neglect.
By the 73s, the Williamsburg Bridge was rapidly crumbling from decades of neglect.
The worm-ridden areas lie at the end of this cascade of neglect.
The marriage was a way to avoid child neglect charges against my parents.
Surveyors typically also monitor for issues such as abuse and neglect during inspection.
Things we neglect every day, stoves, refrigerators — it's of great value to them.
Decades of underinvestment and neglect have led to frequent breakdowns and intolerable delays.
"I don't see neglect when I look at that area," Ms. Broome said.
These attacks are part of a larger pattern of abuse, marginalization and neglect.
The administration's neglect of our nation's financial health long precedes the president's address.
But they neglect, some might argue, one of San Francisco's most celebrated characters.
Luckily there was plenty to do under the benign neglect of my uncles.
There have been several allegations of medical neglect at the Otay Mesa facility.
Sometimes banned weapons are used; sometimes conventional weapons; sometimes, neglect, isolation and starvation.
She was said to oscillate, as a mother, between neglect and invasive closeness.
Most have been in multiple foster homes and survived homelessness, neglect and abuse.
Their labor-market policy could best be described as one of benign neglect.
"What started off as neglect became severe, pervasive, prolonged abuse," Mr. Hestrin said.
Another way for neglect to occur is to ignore obvious signs of illness.
Alissandra Calderon, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, tells PEOPLE that agency is investigating Vega for previous allegations of abuse and neglect, and that the child's mother was indicted on neglect charges 10 months ago.
Ornithologists have even coined the phrase "aggressive neglect," referring to the observation that some male birds are so busy defending their territories against interlopers that they neglect their paternal duties to provision their young, who end up undernourished and sometimes dead.
The Democrats' neglect is over, judging by spending on state-level races this year.
At the parents, accusing them of neglect and demanding that they be criminally charged.
Mr Lopes says he wants Embrapa to work in areas the big companies neglect.
The 8-year-old died two days later from blunt-force trauma and neglect.
Elder abuse can include beatings, molestation, theft of jewelry or credit cards and neglect.
Likewise, after four years of neglect, the Mac mini is unofficially upgradeable after purchase.
It isn't shocking that some business leaders lie, cheat, steal or neglect critical problems.
The defendants initially faced a combined 29 counts of felony child abuse and neglect.
I see concerts there fairly frequently when bands neglect Vermont (all too common, unfortunately).
The troubles underline decades of neglect in the south, heartland of Iraq's Shi'ite majority.
Barakeh removes the bodies from the photographs, amplifying the conditions and neglect of war.
To learn how to recognize the signs of animal neglect or cruelty, click here.   
Six of the child neglect charges he faces are second-degree felonies, prosecutors added.
Is this happening because of cruel intent, scandalous neglect or a lack of funding?
Henry has accused the governor of willful neglect of duty and corruption in office.
The history of gold mining in South Africa is one of riches and neglect.
This combination of institutional bias and neglect is why Ashbery's title came to me.
But the longer trauma or neglect goes on, the harder it is to counteract.
Florida law allows DeSantis to suspend a sheriff for malfeasance or neglect of duty.
But, from the outset, the bones thought be Earhart's had challenges other than neglect.
His office did not respond to requests for comment on widespread allegations of neglect.
No one has cell phone service, adding to the feeling of isolation and neglect.
Their storylines have been focused on rape, loveless marriages, infidelity, ridicule, abuse, and neglect.
Sometimes, I don't know what was more tragic: the neglect or the sexual abuse.
The medical examiner that handled Beam's autopsy ruled her death a homicide by neglect.
We mail our rent on time, but sometimes just neglect to sign the check.
Contreras was arrested for child neglect for her delay in reporting her son missing.
None of those cases had evidence of prior abuse or neglect by their parents.
Since the area was earmarked for redevelopment, its decline has been accelerated by neglect.
The government neglect and the downright racism is exactly what this album was about.
American policy towards Mr Kim's dreadful regime has long been one of impotent neglect.
She was later arrested on charges of child neglect and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Naomi, who was arrested June 29, is accused of child neglect causing great harm.
They are each charged with aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect or endangerment.
Some trolls are just too awful to politely neglect and go about your retweets.
After years of neglect, Facebook has recently built out several new surfaces for games.
Still, advocates say, the department continues to neglect the applications of those like Marler.
In that case, victims—who weren't employees—sued the theater for neglect last month.
Such distortions tend to encourage preoccupation with the trivial, and neglect of the important.
Human rights monitors such as Amnesty International have reported "hellish" conditions, abuses and neglect.
He alleged her drug use was causing emotional harm to the kids through neglect.
One puppy died from its neglect, and Evie and her surviving puppy were adopted.
In humans, it could be from physical or emotional trauma like abuse or neglect.
Right now, 84 percent of apprehensions are due to poverty, not neglect, not abuse.
The reasons for the shocking neglect of Price's legacy are not hard to find.
The media's neglect in this area serves the interests of the rich and powerful.
Now, after years of war and neglect it is nothing but a generalized slum.
Lawyers say the neglect continued after she was transferred to Cibola on May 16.
Across the Sahel, many people experience no benefits from statehood, only neglect and violence.
This has been a decades-of-neglect process that has led to this crisis.
Instead, the Trump administration is likely to continue aiding wealthy financiers through regulatory neglect.
But the trip's central failure is already apparent: Trump's utter neglect of soft power.
The cemetery is technically two, about 1.5 acres each, brought together by mutual neglect.
And as a society, we would all pay for this unconscionable act of neglect.
Nearly two-thirds of the original Colosseum was destroyed by weather, neglect, and time.
Abuse and neglect and separation from primary attachment figures all cause irreversible psychic decay.
On December 11, police arrested Romero, 31, on charges of neglect of the elderly.
There are also charges that range from willful neglect of duty, misconduct and conspiracy.
Sometimes the neglect was targeted: In 1976 alone, the city of New York shut
Other elderly Americans are subject to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, endangerment, or neglect.
Some clinics technically offer split-dosing, but neglect to inform patients unless directly asked.
It's not to do with neglect, it's to do with these two storms colliding.
Michael and Kristine Barnett have since been charged with felony neglect of a dependent.
But city administrations have struggled to find long-term solutions to the river's neglect.
Bannon, talking about the Clinton campaign's neglect of American workers — I think he's right.
The bill specifies what constitutes child neglect in the state, and what does not.
"The only thing I really neglect is my driver's license," said the young founder.
They neglect their appearance, so that they may appear to others to be fasting.
When we judge books by their covers we neglect the facts behind someone's situation.
At Guantánamo, however, "this thing is going to die from neglect," Ms. Kelly said.
These were radical interventions for a body that had suffered from years of neglect.
Djibouti, alleging neglect, last year replaced its Emirati port managers with a Chinese rival.
Over the centuries, the pyramid slowly crumbled, due to neglect and harsh desert winds.
"God didn't leave us," runs one of the more charitable explanations for divine neglect.
The new lawsuit attempts to transform that feeling of neglect into causes of action.
Every week, I watched as the physician harmed patients through his neglect and apathy.
Perhaps most significantly, perennial neglect has led to inhumane living conditions and extreme overcrowding.
But what about the plastics we use every day and neglect to think about?
After 20 years of neglect, the Ukrainian army was woefully ragged and ill-equipped.
The most common allegation against parents in New York City, by far, is neglect.
They lack it, she explains, because of a combination of government incompetence and neglect.
Did Partisan Review neglect to ask so-and-so to participate in a symposium?
But that is no excuse to neglect those who remain lodged out of sight.
Others are still emerging, thanks to the work of scholars reversing decades of neglect.
Critic's Notebook After centuries of relative neglect, Handel's operas have come into their own.
Trump can only remove members under extreme circumstances, like malfeasance or neglect of duty.
Benign neglect of the fight against corruption may not even be the biggest risk.
The water system in the area, subject to years of neglect, has never recovered.
Her new plan to raise the salaries of American teachers after years of neglect.
Decades of conflict, poverty and neglect prevents many disabled Afghans from reaching their goals.
Candidates neglect these states because their outcomes are not considered to be in doubt.
Congolese infrastructure is scant and parlous, a daily losing battle against neglect and nature.
I can't catch up on 50 years of neglect in three or four years.
I can't catch up on 2003 years of neglect in three or four years.
The defendants face 34 charges, including involuntary manslaughter and patient neglect, Yost's office said.
Benign neglect has been a rational approach to managing cash since the financial crisis.
If we neglect their education and health, this generation will fall through the cracks.
The visitors were so alarmed at the neglect that they began changing diapers themselves.
These activities include normal urban expansion, agriculture (especially plowing fields), and even simple neglect.
Others distinguish between neglect and abuse, or clear records after five or seven years.
Women are often expected to take care of others but too often neglect themselves.
Last year, Idaho revised its definition of neglect of vulnerable adults to include exploitation.
Common citations include failing to protect residents from avoidable accidents, neglect, mistreatment and bedsores.
All memories, however, even those of loved ones, grow quiet with time — and neglect.
Too many people still treat African American culture with willful amnesia or purposeful neglect.
The kids in these situations are at risk of trafficking and abuse and neglect.
The solutions are neither clear nor easy, though benign neglect is the worst solution.
Gardner has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder associated with aggravated child abuse, four counts of first-degree murder in association with aggravated child neglect, and four more counts each of aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect or endangerment.
PEOPLE confirms through online court records the girl's mother, Jessica Monell, 36, was arrested last week and charged with homicide-neglect manslaughter, neglect of a child, three counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and possession of drug equipment.
Voters, the thinking went, wanted politicians who exuded strength, rationality, and competence, not mothers, who were seen as soft and sentimental, and who might neglect their elected duties for their children, or—worse still—neglect their children to pursue their political ambitions.
Right after Tiana was born it requested that the court find "derivative neglect" of Tiana by Mercedes, on the ground that she had been found to neglect Camron and Leslie, and argued that all three children should be taken into foster care.
Mr. Millepied also drew criticism for what was seen as neglect of the French repertory.
The absence of black advocates and mayoral neglect were, she explained, what created Al Sharpton.
"[T]he cause of death was determined to be neglect (malnutrition)," according to the statement.
Dylan Levesque, 23, Daylin's father, has been charged with felony aggravated child abuse and neglect.
If you do find yourself caught up in a summer romance, don't neglect your friends.
The following day, the little girl's mother, Casey, was arrested on charges of child neglect.
Currently, the president can fire the director only for inefficiency, neglect of duty or malfeasance.
He's there to carefully restore veteran's gravestones blackened by the elements and decades of neglect.
Police said Ewing was "booked into jail for child neglect," while they continue to investigate.
AT THE turn of this century the Prado, Spain's premier art museum, slumbered in neglect.
He's charged with tampering with evidence, a felony, and willful neglect of duty, a misdemeanor.
We too often neglect the fact that the biggest threat to competitive markets is businesses.
We are prepared to disembark them ourselves if the authorities continue to neglect their responsibility.
The maximum penalty for the neglect of duty charge is one year, according to Bitely.
"They made a determination that abuse and neglect of the children had occurred," prosecutors said.
Other allegations included sexual, emotional and physical abuse as well as neglect, the newspaper reported.
International efforts to prevent and respond to such tragic events must not neglect children's involvement.
After Hillary Clinton's neglect of the region in 2016, the party wants to make amends.
Studies that look only at the spending by different school districts neglect the full picture.
That's going to make it really difficult to do anything other than neglect lower priorities.
Last week, DCFS received another hotline call alleging neglect and inadequate supervision at the home.
It's more neglect of a lot of backstory that's been teased but never fully explored.
In 2010, she was convicted of felony child neglect, WSLS, WTKR and the Press report.
The traffic is the result of decades of rapid urbanisation coupled with neglect of infrastructure.
Most of these areas are severely socioeconomically deprived and have suffered years of state neglect.
Looting and neglect have made the situation fragile and armed groups have exploited the unrest.
Its second city Basra has suffered destruction from wars, conflict and neglect since the 1980s.
As a pastor, Foster is legally required to report cases of child abuse and neglect.
With corroded pipes to blame, there are many American cities suffering from similar infrastructural neglect.
The Tallents were subsequently arrested and charged with one count each of aggravated child neglect.
They had a total disregard for this child's life and their neglect caused his death.
The junta's assiduous efforts to manipulate the election have led it to neglect much else.
That is in part, though by no means only, due to the federal government's neglect.
And the already arduous process of restoring power seems hobbled by years of system neglect.
Parental neglect, divorce, poverty and abuse are common reasons children end up on the streets.
But it wasn't just the Reagan administration but a bipartisan neglect by the political mainstream.
A successful prosecution of Peterson for neglect could create a problematic precedent, said NYU's Jacobs.
A Farrow family spokesperson denied Previn's allegations of physical abuse and neglect to the magazine.
Even Apple's more popular laptop products show some signs of the same kind of neglect.
But a lifetime of abuse and neglect from the government tells her that it won't.
It can also help to repair skin left dry after facial treatments, exfoliating, or neglect.
As a social worker I am trained to identify abuse or neglect of a child.
That mental injury — not evidence of physical abuse — was the basis for the neglect charges.
Advocates said Johana Medina Leon's death was evidence that trans detainees suffered "severe medical neglect".
Insurers neglect to mention that CMS repeatedly changed the reinsurance formula to the industry's benefit.
The lead pipes and shoddy water treatment built on a century of pollution and neglect.
The nation's civil engineers estimate it will take $4.6 trillion to reverse decades of neglect.
"We also have a vegetable garden and ten sheep we cannot neglect," Mother Abbess explains.
Both McCullough and Tollett were previously arrested, in 2012, on child abuse and neglect charges.
Tearing out Kelly's Eagles does nothing to solve years of neglect at a few positions.
Some activists and Papuans have blamed the health crisis on neglect by the central government.
Is the Trump administration actively undermining Guatemala's anti-corruption efforts, or is this unwitting neglect?
The charges include involuntary manslaughter and causing bodily harm due to neglect, the source said.
You didn't open with need; you opened with hurt at the daughter's neglect of you.
His poor and marginalized neighborhood has suffered from decades of institutional neglect, Mr. Shara'i said.
Between Baldwin and Coates, Morrison forms the keystone in an arch from neglect to celebration.
But many fear that a populist like Mr Bukele may neglect rather than strengthen them.
Continuing this pattern of neglect all but guarantees disastrous and paralyzing consequences in the future.
The Barnetts were charged last week with neglect of a dependent in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.
He is the author of Endangered Economies: How the Neglect of Nature Threatens Our Prosperity.
But states are experiencing the consequences of neglect that, in some cases, has spanned decades.
The vast majority of child-protective cases involved neglect, and these could be even trickier.
Children can sustain years of neglect and abuse before an agency petitions for court intervention.
He was charged with child neglect and posted bond Monday night, according to CBS 12.  
Snow's outward signs of neglect were clear, according to a story on the group's website.
Both Springer and Stacy are charged with neglect of a dependent with serious bodily injury.
In nearby Detroit, the public schools have become a national symbol of neglect and failure.
Not every conception of the endless city is able to neglect the population so easily.
In contrast to those involving maltreatment, like neglect, such cases often have an "altruistic" motive.
If we neglect the oceans, we could have greater famines than we do right now.
Neglect is actually much more pervasive, because that's more obvious and it's harder to hide.
Weingarten, recently published an open letter expressing her concerns that DeVos would neglect public schools.
It was their backhanded neglect and unprofessional behavior that directly led to this avoidable tragedy.
After years of neglect, he added, "the fear of death" has finally captured Democrats' attention.
It takes a monument like this to fight against the silence, neglect, repression and hatred.
Meanwhile, law enforcement officials, reluctant to go up against the Catholic Church, would neglect allegations.
It concluded that 3,201 students died while in the schools, often from mistreatment or neglect.
It was sort of like — I would say benign neglect, but it really wasn't that.
Originally the zoology building, it reopened to the public in 24 after decades of neglect.
So why is it that we neglect those in need because of others being around?
This neglect was the unfortunate result of creating a division based entirely around one person.
He would neglect to do important homework and consequently would, on occasion, make challengeable statements.
Do not neglect chores like cleaning gutters and checking the roof for wear or damage.
Their perceived warmth elicits affection and support, while their perceived incompetence elicits disrespect and neglect.
Ito's daughter were showing the neglect: weeds growing out of crevices, threatening to invade headstones.
A more plausible diagnosis is that the railway is suffering from financial and political neglect.
This near-tragedy of neglect is leavened by the eccentric charm of its central figures.
"It shouldn't have to get to the point of a neglect charge to get help."
But what explains the neglect of, say, Harrison's 1988 Grand Duo for violin and piano?
Just going through the space after it closed, the neglect in all corners was incredible.
A reversal does not necessarily mean abuse or neglect did not happen, the center said.
She said that 252 children in the system died of neglect or abuse last year.
But it also should not pretend that the only two options are neglect and sensationalism.
Like a house in decay from decades of neglect, our criminal justice system requires repair.
Roads in the central African nation are notoriously bad after years of war and neglect.
It took death to bring attention to the crisis of neglect and abuse at Parchman.
This neglect is particularly perverse since the climate crisis disproportionately affects Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.
This was a terrible neglect of the citizens who were living there at the time.
Then someone at the hospital reported suspected neglect to the county's adult protective services agency.
A strong governor had recently taken steps to elevate Lagos from the decades of neglect.
It's easy to neglect the idea of having a framework in place to make choices.
Few, if any, evidence-based interventions existed that were shown to prevent fatalities and neglect.
I learned that it rarely pays to neglect or underestimate Russia, or display gratuitous disrespect.
"Some Chinese moviemakers neglect values they should promote," Mr. Xi said, according to the cable.
Part of Miyasaki's neglect has to do with the art world's fashions and changing tastes.
In America's highly segregated black communities, especially, it's rooted in poverty, neglect, and institutionalized racism.
He relates the often sordid tales of addiction and neglect with radical love and honesty.
First built in the 1940s and 50s, Chicago's housing projects weren't always synonymous with neglect.
In a neglect case, it was a matter less of stopping something obviously terrible from happening than of filling in the deficits in a child's life, and the question of what constituted a deficit big enough to count as neglect was difficult to settle.
Contempt, neglect, and violence and indifference and nobody tells people, 'Leave, leave, get the hell out.
They resent their mother for her neglect and don't do a good job of hiding it.
He is also charged with two counts of abandoning/endangering child criminal neglect, according to police.
"There is no doubt a pattern of neglect," wrote the Free Alabama Movement after Carter's death.
The museum's director Alexander Kellner admitted that a nationwide neglect for the arts was at play.
The case makes for a glimpse into a dark world of addiction, madness, demonology, and neglect.
The facilities have come under fire after reports of neglect, sexual abuse, and overall traumatic circumstances.
Earlier today she blamed President Obama's alleged neglect of veterans for her son's domestic violence arrest.
Watching and reading reports about the gross neglect and mistreatment we're inflicting on kids is appalling.
Corruption, economic mismanagement, and neglect are the protesters' primary grievances, though the chants quickly turned political.
Eduardo's father and stepmother, who worked as circus promoters, were arrested and charged with felony neglect.
Schools stuff young heads with religion, but neglect more practical subjects such as maths and science.
Doctors often neglect palliative care, which involves giving opioids for pain, treating breathlessness and counselling patients.
It does not take orders from the president and treats the exchange rate with benign neglect.
She calls a statewide plan to increase petrol taxes an emblem of neglect for rural concerns.
He is charged with tampering with evidence, a felony, and willful neglect of duty, a misdemeanor.
I also hope that architects of Japan's economic policies will not continue to neglect structural reforms.
Tax experts say the system could be on its way to collapse after years of neglect.
The vet shaved off 2 pounds of nastiness and neglect to reveal a sweet 7-lb.
Last week, DCFS received yet another hotline call alleging neglect and inadequate supervision at the home.
This neglect and mismanagement, experts say, is why the country was so vulnerable to Hurricane Maria.
Workers inevitably neglect murky but critical tasks in favour of those the boss can easily quantify.
Without a plausible replacement, killing off Obamacare, by repeal or by neglect, would be grossly irresponsible.
Federal authorities previously charged Kylen's mother, Katrina, with first-degree murder, felony child abuse and neglect.
Some of this is beyond dispute, including the curse of lobbying and neglect of the environment.
"We're booking out farther, but I also don't want to neglect my 'regular' patients," adds Lee.
However, these things don't scare me; they've simply curdled in a warm bath of benign neglect.
Walsh and Bury, Chance's mother, were arrested and charged with child neglect and first-degree murder.
A Democratic Party that's speaking less to these issues may be more likely to neglect them.
All those product missteps and market neglect have metastasized into a serious growth problem for Snapchat.
Prosecutors alleged she had delivered a live child, which she then allowed to die through neglect.
Trammel is charged with involuntary manslaughter and unlawful neglect of a child, according to jail records.
Records accessed by PEOPLE show Terry pleaded not contest to a child neglect charge in 2015.
If or when a suspect is found, they could face a misdemeanor charge of animal neglect.
However, detractors said the plan could cause the government to neglect other areas of the city.
If convicted of child neglect, she could be sentenced to up to 25 years in prison.
I love my daughter and I would NEVER abuse, hurt or neglect her in any way.
One, our neglect of water infrastructure is going to absolutely kill us in the long term.
But they're more cost effective than dealing with the life-changing ramifications of negligence or neglect.
I suspect they'll find we all conspired in our decline -- either by deliberate actions or neglect.
On Mother's Day this year, she admitted her neglect to not writing enough about single parents.
But Snapchat's neglect of international markets and older age demographics left the door open for Facebook.
And are they continuing to neglect the people of Flint through conflicting answers and empty solutions?
We had become divided, not by animus, but by neglect, not paying attention to our history.
Genomic selection also offers opportunities for the scientific improvement of crops that seed companies usually neglect.
"This has been a decades of neglect process that has led to this crisis," Khanna said.
We can't let social media companies hide behind the current rules and neglect their customers' safety.
Much of the city has crumbled due to neglect and a lack of funds for restoration.
Joseph had been accused of child neglect and substance abuse since 2008, according to the outlet.
No other humanities discipline demonstrates this systematic neglect of most of the civilizations in its domain.
Its neglect stands in sharp contrast to the building next door: Ben Roy's gas (petrol) station.
When falling in romantic love, it is easy to neglect the platonic friendships that ground us.
"This has been a decades-of-neglect process that has led to this crisis," Khanna said.
Their continued neglect of common sense and the will of the American people is a disgrace.
" Earlier Wednesday, Cruz said on CNN that the Trump administration "killed the Puerto Ricans with neglect.
Most of the animals Leshko photographed had suffered horrific abuse or neglect prior to being rescued.
It's important to contribute money toward a retirement fund, but you can't neglect other major expenses.
Sessions's other anti-immigration tactics smacked of malign neglect at best and outright malice at worst.
Clinton's mother, Dorothy Rodham, who overcame a childhood of poverty and neglect, will be frequently mentioned.
They pay taxes and complain of neglect by Israeli authorities more attentive to western, Jewish districts.
The filing also alleged that separations are happening because of unsubstantiated allegations of abuse or neglect.
A divided political environment also fosters neglect and naiveté among decision-makers about Moscow's strategic aims.
However, experts caution that doesn't mean people can neglect their diets in the long run, either.
The scene inside The Towers in modern times tells a story of neglect, and vast wealth.
Such neglect puts the burden on reimbursing those overpayments on veterans rather than the institutions involved.
Kristine and Michael Barnett have been charged with neglect of a dependent in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.
Current devotees also seem more willing to overlook her neglect of race than her contemporaries were.
It was also hard to tell when neglect suggested that something more worrying was going on.
The West has promoted Iranian-backed terrorism through willful neglect of the facts on the ground.
And so I needed to prepare my stockpiles, neglect my military might, and go to ground.
From a disastrous redesign to neglect of international teens, Snapchat has made plenty of unforced errors.
That is to say, it's very possible that some managers neglect to distribute this festive treat.
One danger to the proper functioning of federal agencies is a combination of incompetence and neglect.
For decades French presidents have alternated between neglect and appeasement for the suburbs and struggling towns.
We have two cases of sort of botched responses to epidemics out of neglect and incompetence.
But after hearing one too many stories of neglect and abuse, he resolved to do more.
African-Americans and those with lower income and education had far higher rates of self-neglect.
A few states don't include self-neglect as a form of abuse that agencies will investigate.
Perhaps worse was the profound neglect of survivors by Congo's national government and the international community.
Residents struggle with drug addiction and mental health issues, as well as child abuse and neglect.
"This was a despicable act of neglect on the part of his administration," Cruz told CNN.
Today, the hallmarks of these obstacles continue to be housing, neglect from the city, and policing.
The blame for defeat, and for the subsequent distortion and neglect of Poland's story, lies elsewhere. ■
"In essence, it was neglect of duty," Sheriff Tony said of the cause of their termination.
Decades of neglect had turned Canada's top political address into its most famous home renovation project.
But confronted with Mr. McConnell's neglect of criminal justice reform, Mr. Trump has remained uncharacteristically passive.
Others tell stories of parental neglect and determined self-reliance, of artistic awakening and unexpected love.
The press shouted about her neglect of royal duties, which she'd never performed with much gusto.
I apologize if I have ever hurt you through neglect or not taking notice, or forgetfulness.
It would be unfortunate if we were to protect the means only to neglect the end.
In Vietnam, China's efforts to take advantage of Mr. Trump's neglect have fallen short, said Prof.
Finally, we must not neglect homeless populations desperately in need of hand-washing stations and toilets.
Along with Lashkar Gah's decaying amusement park and disused cotton gin, the hotel suffered from neglect.
Just don't neglect to serve it with a lot of fresh crusty bread or good toast.
Ruined or restored, these churches have maintained a haunting serenity through centuries of neglect and destruction.
They have fallen outside the scope of legal protections and been subject to abuse and neglect.
Americans return home to neglect by a system that fails to meet their most basic needs.
I suspect they'll find we all conspired in our decline – either by deliberate actions or neglect.
A city once trapped in a slower, poorer era because of governmental neglect is being remade.
Michael and Kristine Barnett have both been charged with two counts of neglect of a dependent.
Sadly, the neglect of maintenance is not limited to New York, public transit or this summer.
" Ms. Abbott added, "Those responsible must be held to account for their actions, and their neglect.
Unfortunately, Facebook is straining its bottom line to make up for years of neglect around safety.
President Trump has undermined each of these institutions through a toxic combination of malice and neglect.
Other statements detail neglect from the guards, problems with the food, rats, mold and cell leaks.
And for these artists to make it out of nothing — an environment of neglect and decay.
There have also been reports of the sick dying of neglect, and of suicide as well.
His single-minded focus on China and the neglect of other tariffs now imposed almost globally?
There are still many crime-ridden areas blighted for years by fear and neglect in America.
Michael Barnett has filed a motion to dismiss both counts of felony neglect of a dependent.
"Californians should not pay the price for decades of PG&E's greed and neglect," Newsom said.
When they do exist, such situations are often linked to trauma, neglect or abuse at home.
A glaring lack of international involvement and neglect has allowed extremism to thrive, camp officials say.
The accounts of crowding and neglect at the center suggest that government efforts fell far short.
To neglect developing your catch-and-shoot game would be a crime you commit against yourself.
There were no earlier reports of neglect, or complaints that she had left her children alone.
So if you think child allowances are expensive, just look at the cost of child neglect.
Cyclical and creedal theories also neglect to fully acknowledge the work that goes into policy change.
The neighborhood, which is predominantly African-American, has struggled with poverty and government neglect for decades.
And any one of those political actors can derail progress through corruption, cronyism or simple neglect.
She was arrested July 1 and is charged with four counts of first-degree murder associated with aggravated child abuse, four counts of first-degree murder in association with aggravated child neglect, and four more counts each of aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect or endangerment.
Hand was arrested for child neglect and possession of drug paraphernalia, and Rodriguez was arrested for child neglect, possession of controlled substance without prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, and violation of probation warrant after both passed out while driving with their infant boy in the car.
Gardner was charged with four counts of first-degree murder in perpetration of a felony aggravated child neglect, four counts of first-degree murder in perpetration of a felony aggravated child abuse, four counts of aggravated child neglect or endangerment and four counts of aggravated child abuse.
In 220006, 2202 million children received an investigation or alternative response for child abuse or neglect, and 2628,28500 were deemed to be victims of abuse and neglect at the hands of their parents or guardians, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) data.
New messaging apps constantly debut with claims about strong encryption, and controversy bubbles when they neglect it.
The body showed signs of neglect and abuse, leading police to believe the boy did not drown.
Through education, they are putting an end to the cycle of pet overpopulation, abuse, neglect, and euthanasia.
Taylor, 25, was also held on a $5,000 bond on a charge of child abuse and neglect.
Among those who reported possible abuse or neglect were law enforcement, relatives, school employees, therapists and others.
The documents revealed a short life filled with trauma and neglect until the day the boy died.
The French media reported that the father of the small child was detained for alleged parental neglect.
The mother has since been arrested and  reportedly faces charges  of child neglect with great bodily harm.
Data points come from past experience, and neglect factors like ideas, ambition and understanding of an industry.
When that fabric thins—when a local butcher closes, or a doctor leaves town—they feel neglect.
According to a survey conducted by AAA, 35 percent of Americans neglect regular maintenance on their cars.
Peterson has been charged with seven counts of felony neglect of a child, culpable negligence and perjury.
"Such acts neglect the safety of citizens and road users, paralysing traffic in the vicinity," they said.
Don't neglect relationship-building with political actors -- and make sure you know who the relevant players are.
After years of neglect, it's no wonder the situation has gotten as dire as it is today.
"Such acts neglect the safety of citizens and road users, paralyzing traffic in the vicinity," they said.
Peterson is facing charges including culpable negligence, perjury and multiple counts of felony neglect of a child.
Mann says carriers are focused on departing on schedule but neglect to anticipate delays in the air.
And following our reporting, one the hospitals and its director came under investigation for abuse and neglect.
They say DCFS will be more assertive when other abuse or neglect reports come into the department.
But they also raised concerns about neglect or abuse and had been investigated by child-welfare authorities.
In practical terms, Mr Obama's climate cheerleading can sometimes be hard to tell apart from Trumpian neglect.
Years of underfunding, corruption and neglect have meant that the sector is largely dysfunctional, government critics say.
Follow it, and the bounty of the sea shall be yours... Neglect it, and you will perish.
AJ was reported missing and DCFS received a hotline report that alleged environmental neglect and inadequate supervision.
The extensive Syliphone archive was in danger of disappearing due to neglect, and censorship under later governments.
Jennifer K. Ost, 27, was arrested and charged with neglect of a dependent, a level 6 felony.
And so Mr Trump's officials have, directly and by neglect, taken aim at the multilateral trading system.
To stay independent, AWMs need to get big quickly, in part by seeking customers established firms neglect.
They point to the thick layer of polluting oil sludge blanketing the shoreline of evidence of neglect.
Two counts of failure to report abuse and two counts of neglect were filed against Regina Ceska.
In time, Michel sold all the paintings in the house and allowed it to fall into neglect.
But we shouldn't neglect the standpoint of the "sellers" — those cities looking to attract top tech talent.
Private funds often used to neglect to cast their votes, perhaps for fear of antagonising corporate clients.
Our contemporary neglect of our dream lives is not only a historical anomaly, but a particular paradox.
Call it a parenting philosophy or call it neglect, but I haven't stuffed music down their throats.
Too many us of neglect to do this, focusing on elections for president, national and statewide offices.
Nicole Gussert was charged with child neglect in the death of her disabled 13-year-old daughter.
They are known to neglect and even outright renege on those promises, once they have our votes.
Our grossly disproportional incarceration rate is a manifestation of many years of moral, social, and institutional neglect.
Of these, 71.4 percent suffered neglect and 46.8 percent suffered physical abuse and other forms of maltreatment.
If one node decays due to neglect, another active node can restore it because they're all connected.
At the old farmhouse, the damage from the quake has been compounded by five years of neglect.
The police have killed scores more since then; others have died from torture or neglect in prison.
An autopsy determined the cause of death as malnutrition and dehydration due to neglect by adult caregivers.
Research shows that different forms of abuse, neglect and related household stressors are unfortunately common among children.
When a caregiver is too focused on others, they can neglect their own needs and burn out.
But a historical precedent borne out of discrimination and neglect does not have to be the norm.
They have each been charged with shoplifting, conspiracy to shoplift and cruelty and neglect of their children.
The Saik'uz reserve, like many aboriginal settlements off Highway 16, was a dispiriting portrait of official neglect.
Every block in a city has markers—of neglect; of gentrification and elitism, and everything in between.
The biggest jump in misconduct allegations from 2013 to 2015 was in the "neglect of duty" category.
The cost of this neglect is slow economic growth, weakened global competitiveness, and diminished quality of life.
However, the focus on hurricanes seems to have led officials to neglect a far more pedestrian threat.
It's no secret that our country's infrastructure is in desperate need of investment after years of neglect.
Most standard homeowners policies do not protect against flooding, earthquakes, neglect, power failure, war, or intentional loss.
According to concentration camp experts, people begin to die due to overcrowding, neglect, and shortage of resources.
Neglect the water system, and you may have leaky pipes and larger bills, or even lead contamination.
Its assessment highlighted a deeper problem at Deutsche Bank: years of neglect of its internal computer systems.
In 2016, 61 percent of children who entered foster care did so due to neglect or abuse.
People with low-self esteem tend to focus on their insecurities and neglect their own natural beauty.
Careful studies have shown they also reduce child neglect and child poverty and improve children's educational outcomes.
Mr. Cook was also charged with willful neglect of duty, and Mr. Rosenthal with tampering with evidence.
And in his neglect in enforcing security culture, he has set the tone for the White House.
The murals were next exhibited in 1988, and Harvard received a barrage of criticism for their neglect.
As a result, many experience physical abuse, neglect, homelessness, exposure to drugs and violence and other trauma.
What Marty Haggard remembered, as he then described it, was neglect and harsh treatment by his father.
Nigeria is almost entirely reliant on imported fuel because of years of neglect at its own refineries.
This German composer and pianist's work, though influential in his day, fell into neglect after his death.
Brazier was charged with two counts of criminal recklessness and two counts of neglect of a dependent.
The Associated Press reported that Christiann Shyvin Gainey, 33, was also charged with neglect and records tampering.
The two Florida newspapers won for collaborative reporting on violence and neglect in the state's mental hospitals.
Locations are grimy, broken, looking for the world like they've been shattered by conflict, and by neglect.
Until she was six, she hadn't known that her life of neglect and abuse was not normal.
What Gibson and other supporters of these tariffs neglect to mention is who is paying for them.
"It was never modernized," he said, and has been a victim of underinvestment and neglect for decades.
Disability Rights New York began its investigation in June 2016 after fielding reports of abuse and neglect.
But death rates in the homes were high, with children falling prey to disease, malnutrition and neglect.
People who neglect themselves have higher rates of illness and death, of emergency room visits and hospitalization.
Even when self-neglect gets reported, state agencies are "often overworked, understaffed and underfunded," Dr. Dong said.
Nearly two dozen young people across the county described chaotic home lives rife with neglect and abuse.
To the north were upturned boats, rusted from neglect and half-swallowed by the sun-baked mud.
Regulations were lifted, and, maybe even more important, malign neglect allowed unregulated shadow banking to expand rapidly.
A lack of workers left some of the country's most treasured sites in a state of neglect.
And for decades the field suffered from neglect: low funding and a corresponding limited interest in academia.
If you suspect animal abuse or neglect, report your concerns to 311 or your local police precinct.
Even before the dropoff in revenue, the crumbling subway was suffering from years of neglect and underinvestment.
Back in the 1970s and '80s, because of city budget cuts, the park's woodlands suffered from neglect.
The writer's blog, Cactus Chronicles, includes a lengthy post, "The Anatomy of Neglect," about leaving children unattended.
It was crumbling due to neglect, fierce desert winds, and damage sustained by an earthquake in 1992.
Due to the extreme parental neglect in my infancy, the courts awarded custody to my paternal grandmother.
I do not believe that Alabama is a red state by choice, but through neglect and apathy.
Like Coleman, many parents in family court have experienced a long history of neglect, hurt and fear.
He said he was drawn to its neglect, saw its possibilities and bought it on a whim.
New York City's subway system has degenerated into a stupendous mess after years of neglect and maladministration.
A stray crayon mark or a torn page is not a sign of neglect, but of love.
"It's not neglect if you let your child experience childhood," Fillmore told CNN affiliate KUTV last month.
"While this is major progress, this investment alone will not undo a decade of neglect," Priest said.
Muslims in the far south complain of decades of neglect by the Bangkok-based establishment and bureaucracy.
Yet even as we talk about running government like a business, we sometimes neglect this fundamental principle.
Overall, productivity quotas — juiced by robotics — cause workers to neglect their safety in order to keep up.
So why neglect a serious sport (life itself) in favor of a more frivolous one (like jogging)?
Gary Herbert (R) signed the law earlier this month that redefines child "neglect," ABC News reported Tuesday.
The videos resulted in the couple being charged with child neglect in Frederick County, Maryland, in 2017.
"You can't neglect a force that controls an area three times the size of Lebanon," he said.
Republican nihilism and Democratic neglect and arrogance had bred a virulent strain of nihilism in the electorate.
In September 2019, prosecutors in Tippecanoe, IN brought formal charges of neglect against the Barnetts (now divorced).
America must not neglect the tensions building in Brexit negotiations over the Irish border with Northern Ireland.
The independents are the majority party here, something D.C. consultants helicoptering in may neglect at their peril.
Time has also endured years of business-side neglect under public companies Time Warner and then Meredith.
Kahele painted his candidacy as a remedy to the neglect Gabbard's district has felt under her tenure.
As a woman in power, Isabeau was pelted with rumors: adultery, incest, witchcraft, neglect, you name it.
"The most vicious were saying that I'm poisoning my family...that it is child neglect," she said.
I'm not one to neglect my fried potatoes, so I turned my attention to my shake fries.
We need to create, fund and set a regulatory structure for success, not bureaucracy, delay and neglect.
Michael and Kristine have been charged with two counts of neglect of a dependent, Fox 59 reported.
Against the backdrop of this benign neglect of an erstwhile American ally, Beijing has grown increasingly bold.
"You can kill people with a gun or you can kill them with neglect," Ms. Cruz said.
The conditions of detained migrants made national headlines this year following numerous reports of filth and neglect.
"I&aposd tell my 35-year-old self to not neglect that discussion about money," he said.
In the case of neglect, "the danger for digital is not decay; it is loss," emphasizes Mazzanti.
I feel like stories that neglect humor are incomplete because there is so much space for it.
But those who do neglect it are missing out on an amazing story, historian Leslie Berlin says.
The term "medical neglect" refers to a child being harmed due to a lack of medical care.
Yet we neglect education and the empowerment of women, which if done right can be even more transformative.
"These aren't Jungle Book stories, they're often harrowing cases of neglect and abuse," Ochota wrote on her website.
Jimmy Jones Sr., 34, and Amy Jones, 46, were among those arrested on child neglect charges, authorities say.
"In order for there to be neglect, the individual must be a 'caretaker' of the individual," Bell wrote.
According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, Illinois reflects the American norm of infrastructure neglect and decay.
While Apple is the Nasdaq 100 behemoth, Gibbs said investors shouldn't neglect other tech heavies in the index.
Polsky was skeptical of the idea, advanced by authorities, that the dogs alleged neglect contributed to their behavior.
Jessica Pence-Nicholson says she was surprised to face educational neglect charges over her son's poor school attendance.
Under Florida law, the governor can suspend elected officials for criminal activity, misfeasance, incompetence or neglect of duty.
We would be charged with neglect if I made those same decisions for Joshua, you know, we would.
Eduardo's father and stepmother, Luis Posso and Dayan Median Flores, were subsequently arrested and charged with felony neglect.
The couple never saw any signs of neglect, but Tippery recalls hearing a baby cry late at night.
This was evidence we could use to argue landlord neglect if the process had even went to court.
The Davises have spent the last four years trying to help Tristan overcome years of abuse and neglect.
The child neglect charge stemmed from the investigation of that disappearance, after a woman alerted police on Oct.
But if you still neglect to hit the gym, your leggings stretch, so don't even worry about it.
Under Florida law, the governor has the power to suspend the sheriff for misconduct and neglect of duty.
The flap shows the challenge Twitter faces in finally getting a handle on harassment after years of neglect.
Before their adoption, the six children had suffered neglect, starvation, and abuse, according to friends of the Harts.
He hopes the surviving Burans will eventually be rescued from their current neglect and accorded the proper respect.
"It's common to come out with untreated illness, chronic conditions due to age and neglect," Ms. Newby said.
A royal commission in 1836 reported that the Irish brought with them "filth, neglect, confusion, discomfort and insalubrity".
"Such acts neglect the safety of citizens and road users, paralyzing traffic in the vicinity," the statement said.
For the American order to fall apart Mr Trump only has to treat it with disdain and neglect.
"Such acts neglect the safety of citizens and road users, paralysing traffic in the vicinity," the statement said.
Aid groups have warned a mental health emergency is developing, fueled by poor living conditions, neglect and violence.
"What started out as neglect became severe, pervasive, prolonged child abuse," Hestrin alleged at the January press conference.
The fact that Bloom has been rediscovered after years of neglect is a step in the right direction.
As part of discovery in her neglect case, Ms. Zubko-Valva unearthed more of her children's teachers' concerns.
Abstractions allow citizens to ignore the full implications of their views — and to neglect to consider other citizens.
The report's central desire is to reverse what it terms the "neglect" of post-school education outside universities.
We want to highlight the importance that community plays in providing us with information about abuse and neglect.
After five days of silence, Zuckerberg gave a round of interviews in which he apologized for Facebook's neglect.
He's accused of neglect of duty and tampering with evidence, both felonies that could lead to prison time.
More often than not, it's creators of color who take on the work that their white colleagues neglect.
"There is clear indication that the deceased had been a victim of neglect and abuse," the statement alleges.
To focus on appearance (apparently) means to neglect any other number of things: duty, morality, intellect, seriousness, achievement.
Criminologists widely agree that police regularly harass people for low-level crime yet neglect far more serious crimes.
The boy appeared healthy and showed no obvious visible signs of abuse or neglect during a medical examination.
She is charged with one count of misconduct in office and one count of willful neglect of duty.
Lonna Barton, Lonzie's mother, pleaded to child neglect and lying to police in early January, reported Jacksonville's WOKV.
Investigators are following up on leads to determine if this is a case of animal cruelty or neglect.
Union bosses counter that, without protests, the government would continue to neglect the interior—at its own peril.
You can't just open a shop here and sell our fancy pastries and neglect the environment we're in.
But those flashes of brilliance can't make up for Google's institutional neglect of Android and ChromeOS on tablets.
It will neglect the real issues, such as how to retrain hardworking people whose skills are becoming redundant.
Facebook's family of apps seized on the stagnation of Snapchat Stories and its neglect of the international market.
In addition, Rita Fowler, the children's paternal grandmother, faces multiple counts of child neglect related to the case.
Reliance on crude oil sales for around 90% of foreign exchange earnings led to neglect of other sectors.
We first highlighted Snap's neglect of the international teen Android market when Instagram Stories launched in August 2016.
An autopsy was conducted on Wednesday and determined the child's cause of death to be neglect from malnutrition.
Five of those were reports of child neglect that required -- but did not receive -- prompt attention, she said.
They determined that 99 of those emails did not require action, leaving just the five unaddressed neglect cases.
Long years of neglect and policy errors have created flammable American and Chinese red lines in Asia-Pacific.
The investigation was closed Tuesday after no evidence of maltreatment, abuse or neglect was found, the agency said.
That Evie's own mother is incapable of noticing the subtle changes occurring with her daughter doubles as neglect.
On its title track, his voice lapses into an almost indecipherable blur of eroded tissue and gargled neglect.
Illinois law requires that physicians and other hospital personnel who suspect child neglect or abuse report their suspicions.
Families work with therapists and sometimes social services get involved due to issues of child abuse and neglect.
There were also no signs of child neglect since the children had already eaten three times that day.
He also threatens to file reports with Child Protective Services on anyone who doesn't vaccinate, citing medical neglect.
Some Gulf Arab officials fear Washington may neglect their interests in the service of implementing the nuclear deal.
Many people neglect writing a summary, likely because it takes time and energy to craft a compelling one.
And we can't neglect to note Trump's child-like inability to not make everything about big boy Trump.
The war's destruction has created a sense of neglect in Benghazi as there is no money to rebuild.
But much of it is languishing due to neglect, old age, and decades of misplaced priorities in Washington.
They include counts of willful neglect of duty for blatantly violating the law when he was a prosecutor.
Abuse and neglect during childhood can triple the risk for heart disease and lung cancer over a lifetime.
Robinson's boyfriend and co-defendant, Joshua Granger, has also pleaded guilty to child abuse and child neglect charges.
"Cuba's neglect of its duty to protect our diplomats and their families cannot go unchallenged," the lawmakers wrote.
Budi was found by rescuers locked in a wooden chicken cage and seriously ill from months of neglect.
America's overburdened foster care system is failing the very children it's intended to protect from neglect and abuse.
He prefers to neglect the emotions of everyone else in pursuit of focusing on himself and himself alone.
Duration neglect occurs when the duration of an event doesn't factor enough into the way we consider it.
Additionally, many investors focus on the short-term volatility of the stock market and neglect the long-term.
Natalia's story went viral in September when the Barnetts were charged with with neglect after fleeing to Canada.
Even so, the Texas Medical Association warned that women who used a home test might neglect prenatal care.
After decades of neglect from academics, they are coming to the fore in museum shows and private collections.
Those interviewed asked for anonymity so they could candidly discuss what they allege is neglect in the unit.
The three are charged with one count each of misconduct in office, conspiracy and willful neglect of duty.
Daines on Wednesday hit the president for what he characterized as a persistent neglect of growing cyber threats.
I recently traveled to the region to document what 25 years of neglect have done to the building.
Many have been refurbished and continue to put on sporting events, while others have fallen prey to neglect.
Critics also neglect to recognize the economic impact of the tax revenue high skilled immigrants generate every year.
" Omar continued that those who commit similar crimes are "often themselves the victims of systemic alienation and neglect.
Top Democrats are so obsessed with how Trump's base would respond to impeachment that they neglect their own.
He may resolve to forgo future care, but loving family members will resist watching him die of neglect.
In addition to supplying the book's moral architecture, Bronson provided, by his neglect, the need for its creation.
On Monday, he appeared on the CNN morning show "New Day" to echo his message of benign neglect.

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