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"occupation" Definitions
  1. [countable] a job or profession
  2. [countable] the way in which you spend your time, especially when you are not working
  3. [uncountable] the act of moving into a country, town, etc. and taking control of it using military force; the period of time during which a country, town, etc. is controlled in this way
  4. [uncountable] (formal) the act of living in or using a building, room, piece of land, etc.
"occupation" Synonyms
job profession work employment business line trade vocation career position calling pursuit field post craft game racket thing métier situation activity act project scheme undertaking enterprise task campaign engagement exercise venture deed endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) operation occupancy tenancy habitation residence tenure holding possession residency inhabitancy ownership lease use inhabitance control inhabitation title habitancy settlement domiciliation dwelling takeover seizure invasion appropriation capture conquest annexation subjugation attack incursion overrunning subjection colonisation(UK) colonization(US) rule suzerainty entering foreign rule hobby pastime diversion interest entertainment amusement divertissement recreation relaxation leisure activity leisure pursuit fun distraction pleasure sport play enjoyment department sphere domain area realm arena discipline province circle specialty(US) element bailiwick walk front demesne firmament power authority dominion supremacy dominance domination ascendancy influence reign sovereignty predominance grip hold jurisdiction clout hegemony pull ascendency absorption engrossment concentration immersion preoccupation enthrallment intentness raptness involvement captivation fascination enthralment attention monopolisation(UK) monopolization(US) hang-up obsession prepossession foundation clearing establishment expansion founding immigration migration settling squatting transplanting expanding opening up peopling pioneering populating protest demonstration march rally picket strike boycott demo mutiny parade procession stoppage walkout blockade gherao hartal hikoi lobby morcha sit-in disarmament demilitarisation(UK) demilitarization(US) de-escalation demobilisation(UK) demobilization(US) arms reduction arms limitation decommissioning crippling demob disablement disqualification freeze neutralising(UK) neutralizing(US) pacification paralysing(UK) paralyzing(US) dynasty era age period term time times years epoch incumbency span stint aeon(UK) eon(US) managership regime stretch station rank status standing level place class grade caste echelon footing order ranking reaches rung stratum appointment degree acquisition buyout coup purchase buying incorporation merger amalgamation combination overthrow tat change of ownership gaining of control change of leadership coup d'état presence attendance existence companionship appearance attending being occurrence showing incidence subsistence ubiety omnipresence showing up turning up ubiquity intervention war combat conflict hostilities offensive fighting hostility battle warfare preference disposition inclination propensity taste choice cup of tea desire penchant predilection bag bent liking partiality passion like pick turn-on More
"occupation" Antonyms
avocation entertainment fun hobby pastime recreation surrender unemployment yielding giving up amusement side interest inactivity idleness irresponsibility task openness misuse underemployment quiet retreat withdrawal obedience freehold ownership misunderstanding release misconception inoccupancy vacancy liberation restitution decolonization self-determination joblessness job loss redundancy worklessness career break dismissal firing laying-off layoff redundance retirement sacking severance termination nonemployment subjugation domination subjection subjugating conquest dominating overpowering subduing subjecting vanquishing inaction dormancy inertia inertness passivity stagnation dawdling immobility indolence laziness shiftlessness sloth slothfulness torpidity torpor cessation lethargy motionlessness inattention boredom distraction profession vocation work job dislike hate drag bore downer bummer misery sadness sorrow labour(UK) melancholy drudgery gloom pain uselessness pointlessness futility impracticality inoperability unserviceableness unusableness rally assembly gathering congregation convention assemblage meet get-together dereliction abandonment desertion forsaking neglect relinquishment negligence neglectfulness remissness misprision nonfeasance sloppiness disregard nonperformance non-performance armament militarization arming buildup occupied position filled position occupied role filled role occupied job filled job filled vacancy filled opening leisure leisure activity pleasure relaxation rest enjoyment fun and games play celebration feast frolic gaiety merriment

627 Sentences With "occupation"

How to use occupation in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "occupation" and check conjugation/comparative form for "occupation". Mastering all the usages of "occupation" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Occupation: As the Tree says, our only occupation is to love the Tree.
Read below for the full list of new houseguests: Paul Abrahamian, 23Hometown/Current City: Tarzana, California Occupation: Clothing Designer Victor Arroyo, 25Hometown/Current City: Slidell, Louisiana Occupation: Gym Manager Corey Brooks, 25Hometown/Current City: Dallas Occupation: Baseball Coach Paulie Calafiore, 27Hometown/Current City: Howell, New Jersey Occupation: DJ Bronte D'Acquisto, 26Hometown: San Diego Current City: Denver Occupation: Student Bridgette Dunning, 24Hometown: Fresno, California Current City: Ventura, California Occupation: Traveling Nurse Zakiyah Everette, 24Hometown/Current City: Charlotte, North Carolina Occupation: Preschool Teacher Jozea Flores, 24Hometown: Bridgeton, New Jersey Current City: Los Angeles Occupation: Makeup Artist Glenn Garcia, 50Hometown/Current City: Bronx, New York Occupation: Dog Groomer/Former Police Detective Michelle Meyer, 23Hometown/Current City: Washington Township, Michigan Occupation: Nutritionist Natalie Negrotti, 26Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela Current City: Franklin Park, New Jersey Occupation: Event Coordinator Tiffany Rousso, 32Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida Current City: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Occupation: High School Teacher Big Brother 18 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.
Buried atrocities from the Soviet occupation, the Afghan civil wars, and the seemingly unending American occupation.
Horror of ISIS occupation Those who have been able to escape tell horrendous stories of ISIS' occupation.
Farming overall is a stressful occupation and farmers have higher suicide rates than almost any other occupation.
Leading GOP candidates for president have condemned the occupation and asked the group to end its occupation.
While there are several contentious occupations closer to Europe — including Russia's occupation of Crimea, Turkey's occupation of northern Cyprus, Armenia's occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh, and Morocco's occupation of Western Sahara — its sponsors suggest that the Irish bill is carefully drafted to apply only to territories occupied by Israel.
Supporters of the occupation — Mr. Santilli, in particular — were openly belligerent to counterprotesters and other opponents of the occupation.
OREGON OCCUPATION Rebels without a cause: Isn't the first rule of an unlawful occupation not to leave the building?
By examining listed occupations, the pair were able to calculate the probability of a child having an occupation given their parent's occupation.
When a media story describes an AI-induced layoff in occupation, other persons in that occupation will assume they are also at risk.
Their lives and art were decimated by a genocidal occupation — how could we possibly celebrate them in a museum that supports another genocidal occupation?
"We do not trust the occupation, nor the information coming from the occupation," said Yehia Mousa, a Hamas legislator in Gaza, referring to Israel.
And the same activists who obsessively seek to punish and isolate Israel for its occupation of the West Bank rarely if ever display the same passion for protesting against China for its occupation of Tibet, or Russia for its occupation of Crimea and eastern Ukraine.
Israel began its occupation of the West Bank at the same time; the occupation is regarded as illegal by most countries, though Israel disputes that.
For instance, machinists, in a shrinking occupation, earn a median hourly wage of $19.50, while home health care aides, in a growing occupation, earn $10.50.
"These elections were about whether to continue the occupation by force, as it is now, or to manage a more gentleman-like, enlightened occupation," he said.
"He is trying to convince the international community to promote occupation, and the international community is saying this Israeli occupation has to end," Mr. Mansour said.
When Cohen blames Israel, and the occupation of the West Bank, for ongoing bellicosity, he ignores the ugly truth of what is keeping the occupation necessary.
The drivers reported their gender, race, marital status, retirement status, current occupation or occupation prior to retirement, alcohol and tobacco intake and chronic medical conditions via questionnaires.
"If the occupation is normalized, the one thing, the one group of people who are still bringing the occupation to the table need to be silenced," Shaul said.
Yet the consensus of social scientists and the weight of common sense is that occupation by foreign forces induces radicalism, especially where occupation is accompanied by devastation and poverty.
Harb's work's insistence that visceral memory of the land of Palestine is stronger than domination and occupation provides insight into the occupation of Palestine without being terribly original visually.
The 2016 occupation quickly morphed into a broad protest for anyone angered by perceived federal overreach, and Mr. Finicum became one of the most recognizable faces of the occupation.
" Under "Occupation": "Actor — currently appearing on Gossip Girl.
For many years, Peres enabled Israel to continue its policy of occupation -- a policy at odds with his claims of striving for peace and making efforts to end Israeli occupation.
"  Zogby spoke next, asking Wexler whether the "occupation" language should not be adopted "as a way simply of clarifying that to get to two states an occupation has to end?
In 2010, she spoke at a rally in Lyon and likened Muslim men praying on the streets of France to the World War II–era occupation of her country: I'm sorry, but for those who really like to talk about the second World War, if we're talking about occupation, we can also talk about this while we're at it, because this is an occupation of territory... It's an occupation of swaths of territory, of areas in which religious laws apply … for sure, there are no tanks, no soldiers, but it's an occupation all the same and it weighs on people.
Brutal occupation There was an organized -- but "amateurish," according to Kwong -- resistance to the Japanese occupation, which continued until the Japanese surrender at the end of the war in August 1945.
" Daniel Seidemann points out the two-state solution was always an idea of the "end of occupation" — Israel's occupation of the West Bank — "in exchange for recognized borders, legitimacy and security.
I want safety for every worker in every occupation .
That's why the Alcatraz occupation mattered — and still matters.
This hazard is part of a much larger story of how foreign military occupation, or what some locals come to perceive as military occupation, has been a prime motivation for international terrorists.
Women and men both pay penalties for working in predominantly female occupations, but in general, men across skill-level and occupation earn higher median hourly wages than women in the same occupation.
Wilmington is marking its own civil rights history, with the 50th anniversary of its 1968 occupation by the National Guard, the longest military occupation of an American city since the Civil War.
Altogether, 25 people connected with the occupation have been indicted.
A. Meeting Mike Nichols was a sort of lifetime occupation.
"I don't have a solution for the occupation," she says.
UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: You used the term the occupation of Palestine.
That Harvard rejection, however, inadvertently led to his current occupation.
Get federal loan forgiveness based on your employer or occupation.
We are all under the Israeli occupation in different situations.
There are inherent problems with determining suicide risk by occupation.
Occupation: I work in real estate investment and property management.
Defending nature is a dangerous occupation, especially in Latin America.
Occupation: Legal Sex WorkerAge: 3sLocation: Mound House, NVSalary: It varies.
It's hard to mount on occupation on an empty stomach.
They don't need conspiracy theories about the Zionist Occupation Government.
Occupation: Content Marketing ManagerIndustry: TechAge: 183Location: San Jose, CASalary: None.
His only questions were about my address and my occupation.
When women enter a male occupation, wages tend to fall.
JING ZHAO'S main occupation is translating Latin classics into Chinese.
All those imprisoned today are [a product] of the occupation.
Only a minority of French people resisted the Nazi Occupation.
When she was booked, Curtin listed her occupation as unemployed.
The colors reflect how digitized the occupation was in 2016.
This is all that The Occupation really needs to do.
Occupation: Dolphin Trainer Do you consider yourself a good cook?
So it's not only a conflict, it's also an occupation.
Even the children haven't been rescued from the Israeli occupation.
The colors reflect how digitized the occupation was in 230.
But the family lost its money during the Japanese occupation.
But the military's slow occupation of these territories worries him.
"They are not advocating invasion or occupation," Mr. Hof said.
Palestinians have been traumatized by wars, military occupation, and terrorist
Japan's wartime occupation of China also remains a delicate issue.
Age: 64 Occupation: principal, Cicognani Kalla Architect PLLC Great jacket.
By occupation, Luka Sabbat is a model (and sometime stylist).
But coal mining, unlike property investing, is a dangerous occupation.
Nearly every occupation in the United States could be affected.
He lived through Japan's staggering defeat and subsequent foreign occupation.
Palestinians should not have to live under occupation and blockade.
"We fully support the workers and their occupation and fight."
"Before the Occupation, it was like ' Downton Abbey ,' " he said.
Many people have trouble accepting this is an entire occupation.
Yet beyond these ugly reminders of violent occupation grows hope.
In last year's report, the word "occupation" appeared 43 times.
" The official added: "Our policy on "occupation"  has not changed.
I've read that you lived through Nazi occupation in Germany.
In China, researchers also found evidence of early hominin occupation.
No. Occupation: Civil engineer Age: 26 Where is your shirt?
Occupation: Operations manager at Manrepeller Age: 36 A fanny pack!
Occupation: Dispatcher Age: 47 What does a dispatcher here do?
Occupation: Architect Age: 28 You came from Chicago for this?
After all, all that occupation business was so long ago.
Two million more Poles were killed during the German occupation.
Occupation: model and artist Age: 21 You look put together.
New York last year barred consideration of occupation and education.
Age: 55 Occupation: founder, Zip My Dress People dressed today!
Protesters at an occupation camp outside of the interior ministry.
Inside the occupation of Winnipeg's Indigenous and Northern Affairs office.
Their declared intent was to liberate Afghanistan from Soviet occupation.
Occupation: camera assistant Age: 33 You're wearing lots of layers.
ALL suggests that protest begins as an occupation of space.
Wages from farming, historically the main occupation here, cannot compete.
The continuing occupation of the West Bank, much less so.
Age: 232 Occupation: receptionist at a college in Worcester, Mass.
Age: 10 Occupation: sixth grader How'd you hear about Kith?
Age 29 Occupation Nurse Where did you get the shirt?
The end of that pain is in ending the occupation.
Would they appreciate the complications of our life under occupation?
Some let insurers consider a customer's marital status and occupation.
Ashley, 20083 Occupation: Director of legislative affairsWhere do you live?
Age 37 Occupation  Actress Who makes that great biker jacket?
Age 47 Occupation Philanthropist Do you have a style signature?
Age: 44 Occupation: Actor Are you wearing a pussy bow?
Workers began an occupation of the factory in Flint, Mich.
Age: 26 Occupation: product writer That's a very chunky turtleneck.
During an ostensibly peaceful occupation, thousands of Belgians were killed.
Age: 49 Occupation: design agent Your pink really pops out.
Age: 40 Occupation: interior designer I like your color combo.
Age: 45 Occupation: design agent Tell me about your outfit.
Occupation: Painter Age: 37  That's a classic Bad Brains shirt.
They are a reminder of the Iraq war and occupation.
Britain, in turn, backed Spanish guerrillas fighting French occupation forces.
Occupation: Polo player Age: 40  You're not on your horse.
But the occupation was also a protest against these conditions.
Age: 27 Occupation: Stylist and manicurist Where's your jacket from?
Age 21 Occupation Student Which school do you go to?
Age: 21 Occupation: Student What brings you to Chelsea today?
Age 22 Occupation Student Where do you go to school?
Age 42 Occupation Owner of the Assembly, the fashion consultancy.
Hilton Conger Age 68 Occupation Lawyer Are you from here?
Mido Naoufel Age 26 Occupation Student Where are you from?
Age 28 Occupation Figure model Tell me about the dress.
Age 26 Occupation Musician What are you doing here today?
Age 28 Occupation Account director That's a very dramatic coat.
Age 35 Occupation Design consultant Let's talk about your hat.
In this case, McNabb's occupation is also front and center.
And very soon, the occupation may put me in prison.
Gardening is generally a healthy and pleasurable hobby or occupation.
But off the court, it's a strange occupation to do.
Age 28 Occupation Photography agent Tell me about your look.
Age 26 Occupation Assistant stylist Where did you travel from?
But the cruel Japanese occupation brought starvation, death and destruction.
Occupation Artist Age 26 Why is pink your favorite color?
Age: 12 Occupation: student How long have you been boxing?
Age: 19 Occupation: student Your outfit is very slimming. Tight.
Age: 32 Occupation: content studio manager What brought you here?
Age: 36 Occupation: laborer Does your jacket keep you warm?
Age: 51 Occupation: construction superintendent What does a super do?
And that just became an occupation in its own self.
Ward has been the most visible law enforcement authority during the occupation, and his strategy so far has been to try to show Bundy that locals oppose the occupation and want them to leave.
"The call by a U.N. panel to bring Israeli occupation leaders to justice is evidence that occupation forces conducted crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip," Hamas official Ismail Rudwan told Reuters in Gaza.
If you start feeding these people and taking a governance role toward them ... the presence in Syria that you insist as the US government is not an occupation starts looking more like an occupation.
"Conversations made via these cards can be stored on Israeli servers and used by the occupation," he told Reuters, referring to Israel's near 50-year-old occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
On Wednesday, the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the occupation, Native Americans will return to the island for a celebration to carry forward the legacy of the occupation for the next 50 years.
Most of the things written about the occupation and the conflict, at least by American writers, tends to either focus on the high politics of the occupation—on the negotiations, on the political figures, etc.
"We are helping the Israelis sustain the costs of the occupation we claim is unsustainable," said Yousef Munayyer, the executive director of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, a group advocating Palestinian rights.
The show features the last of his rebellious political engagements in photos of his 1968 happening, "Occupation de l'Odéon" ("Occupation of the Odéon"), in which students, artists, and workers in France came together to revolt.
Guye Bullen Furula From: South Sudan Occupation: Student What I'm most proud of: Education Rania Sebit From: South Sudan Occupation: Accountant What I'd like the President to know about my country: How resilient we are.
They have said 'no' to peace and 'yes' to the occupation.
All four were previously charged in the occupation of the refuge.
Rather, we're talking about hundreds of thousands of years of occupation.
Occupation: Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations/General Manager, Detroit Tigers
Occupation: ReceptionistIndustry: LawAge: 25Location: Orange County, CAIncome: I make $21.20/hour.
The story of Georgia's occupation is painful, nuanced and sometimes bitter.
A rigorous researcher, she spent years developing An Occupation of Loss.
Occupation: EntrepreneurIndustry: Network MarketingAge: 28Location: AlaskaMy Salary: $60,000Paycheck #1 (Monthly): ~$2,500.
I can't believe that the occupation [of Palestinian lands] still exists.
Lee stayed in Shanghai through the occupation, but work dried up.
Of course, Desnard isn't the only employee dissatisfied with his occupation.
But regardless of your occupation, daytime grogginess can influence your performance.
"We want freedom from military occupation," says a Sunni local councillor.
Occupation: Student & Retail AssociateIndustry: Media & RetailAge: 21Location: San Francisco, CASalary: $4,000.
I arrived at dusk on Saturday, a week into the occupation.
His family moved to Kharkov, where they endured the Nazi occupation.
The Korean Peninsula was under Japanese occupation from 1910 to 1945.
According to the article, what did the occupation of Alcatraz accomplish?
Will it be on Israeli occupation and US support for it?
"There has to be a lifting of the occupation," Turki said.
But Israel's increasingly indefinite occupation of the Palestinians undermines this perception.
The occupation kicked off with a big festival in June 2014.
In it, he disparaged the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states.
If I didn't have an occupation, yes, I would become destitute.
Occupation: CMOIndustry: SoftwareAge: 34Location: BarcelonaSalary: $59,500 plus up to $24,000 bonus.
That help ended when a peaceful protest became an armed occupation.
She said the tribe doesn't support the occupation of the refuge.
Palestinians their freedom from occupation and the ability to determine their
Although it has moved out of Gaza, its occupation hasn't stopped.
White Paper Game's The Occupation aims to take this even further.
"Now it is safer here than during ISIS' occupation," Husain says.
A month into the occupation, the question remains: How much longer?
First is does it call for an end to Israeli occupation?
"It's largely driven by owner occupation instead of speculation," he said.
Brooklyn, his Spanish grandfather was a barber, an occupation that felt
The police response to peaceful protest looked like a military occupation.
Lawmakers, some of them caught up in the occupation, expressed pessimism.
Age: "I'm up there" Occupation: fashion designer Who made your coat?
He declined to give more details on Wong, including his occupation.
"We were never freer than during the German occupation," Sartre wrote.
The film depicts the occupation of Timbuktu by jihadis in 2012.
Putin's secure periphery won't necessarily involve physical occupation of neighboring states.
But other groups distanced themselves from the occupation after the shooting.
"Backstage is a male-dominated occupation," Michael Diaz explained by email.
Acknowledge that the occupation as currently administered is there to stay.
On his marriage license, Saipov's occupation was listed as truck driver.
Historically caste was defined by profession, occupation or function in society.
An earlier version of this article misstated Daniel Garber's former occupation.
Singleton's death certificate lists his occupation as writer, director and producer.
OREGON OCCUPATION Move along folks, nothing to see here: Go home.
His occupation was listed as a writer in the publishing business.
The occupation resulted in the death of a rancher from Arizona.
Occupation: Founder of Arkhouse Partners Age: 30 What brings you here?
Occupation: Owner of Kobrick Coffee Age: 66 What brings you here?
How does Israel reconcile a permanent occupation with its democratic ideals?
Or did occupation disappear from your terminology when talking to Israelis?
Age: 86 Occupation: Journalist and author What brings you here today?
Age: 66 Occupation: Bookseller, Brick Row Book Shop What's your specialty?
The main obstacle to Palestinian economic growth is clear: the occupation.
Age: 48 Occupation: "Mom" What brings you to the fair today?
Occupation: Student Age: 12 What are you wearing on your head?
Odeh isn't just concerned with the occupation of the West Bank.
Largely that's because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the occupation.
Age: 35 Occupation: manager of Arcade vintage Are you wearing vintage?
Age: 63 Occupation: chef, restaurateur You don't look ready to cook.
The occupation of the West Bank is a half-century old.
Charles de Lisle Age: 50 Occupation: Designer Location: Sonoma County, Calif.
Ed Begley Jr. Age: 69 Occupation: actor Location: Studio City, Calif.
China described the occupation as an "undisguised challenge" to its rule.
She later took part in the French resistance against German occupation.
Mr. Brownell's family did not choose his occupation, people point out.
The cave, it turned out, had a long history of occupation.
Before the Nazi occupation, the city had a thriving Jewish community.
At times, he also identified her name, occupation and home airport.
Age: 19 Occupation: Student and video producer You're wearing two backpacks.
It's time for everybody in this illegal occupation to move on.
"Till now, leftists believed the occupation was unsustainable," Mr. Burston said.
"I am a kingmaker," she replies upon being asked her occupation.
"We want freedom from Indian occupation, not restoration of mobile phones."
Age: 45 Occupation: professional horse rider Your horse is dressed up.
Age: 27 Occupation: equestrian show jumper Tell me about your outfit.
Which leads us to the second anniversary: the occupation that followed.
It will always outweigh any moral dividend from ending the occupation.
"Morin" bluntly acknowledges the precarious situation of French Jews under occupation.
I start eating myself up, even blaming myself for the occupation.
It is not our first occupation, but it is an extra.
Security: For Palestinians, security means an end to foreign military occupation.
Age 24 Occupation Buyer for American Eagle Where's your coat from?
Age 55 Occupation Marketer Tell me about your Hillsdale College sweatshirt.
This includes rescuing Kuwait from invasion and occupation by Saddam's Iraq.
Age 21 Occupation Architecture student May I ask what you're wearing?
" He said the site needed protecting from "violations" of the "occupation.
Is being Santa an occupation in need of clear professional standards?
Age: 34 Occupation: artist Do you have art in the show?
Age: 92 Occupation: publisher, Gemini G.E.L.  Tell me about this suit.
Typically, maintenance is a blue-collar occupation: mechanic, plumber, janitor, electrician.
To visit today, you'd never even know the occupation had happened.
Herbert Sobel during the Allied forces post-surrender occupation of Germany.
Age: 39 Occupation: creative director for Diesel licensing Cool camo shirt.
Age: 32 Occupation: interior designer Why are you wearing all gray?
Occupation: Writer and model Age: 28 Who do you model for?
Occupation: Fixed-income analyst Age: 36 Where are you flying to?
Occupation: Actress, model and D.J. Age: 29 What's with the hat?
If only Israel had understood earlier the poison of the occupation.
Age: 25 Occupation: electronic musician Your bangs are kind of perfect.
Jessica Hill Age 17 Occupation College student Where are you from?
Age: 24 Occupation: Marketing for Red Bull What are you wearing?
Age: 33 Occupation: Burlesque dancer and actress Where's your dress from?
Age 23 Occupation Gallery assistant at Pace Where's your jacket from?
Age 33 Occupation Merchandiser at Ralph Lauren Where's your jacket from?
Age 22 Occupation Sales at Opening Ceremony Where's your jacket from?
Michael McCurry Age 36 Occupation Commercial contractor Are you here visiting?
Age 45 Occupation CT scan technologist I like your green hat.
"It's good news that the occupation is over," Mr. Kaczynski said.
Age 34 Occupation Project director You've combined white with off-white.
Age 27 Occupation Workplace operations specialist Tell me about your look.
Prior to British occupation, slaves were not allowed to worship Islam.
Age 63 Occupation Gallery owner Tell me about your look today.
Age 38 Occupation Masseur, bodyworker What are you doing here tonight?
It did not give his full name, occupation or other details.
Occupation: tattoo artist, Bang Bang Age: 23 Why aren't you working?
Occupation: brand marketing at Fiverr Age: 35 What's your dog's name?
"God should take up a new occupation," I would say back.
" Activists with Dust for Glitter plan on staging a production in the context of the occupation entitled "B61-12," a title that refers to a nuclear bomb, calling the occupation a "transmedial and mimetic theatrical production.
Rather than a dismantling of the occupation and an evolution of Palestinian independence as initially envisioned, successive Israeli governments ended up undermining Palestinian statehood and reinventing the occupation as an unaccountable system of control and expansion.
Back during World War II when Indonesia—and much of Southeast Asia—was under Japanese occupation, women like Mariana were able to resist the harsh realities of life under occupation with a wholly local marriage tradition.
Friedman, an ardent supporter of Israel's occupation project, has argued that J Street's liberal Zionist supporters, who are critical of the occupation, are "worse than Kapos" — the Jews who collaborated with their Nazi concentration camp guards.
Occupation: Dual-language Classroom TeacherIndustry: EducationAge: 30Location: Brooklyn, NYSalary: $263,000Paycheck (Biweekly): $1,694.29.
It was also where the Taliban regrouped and began fighting NATO's occupation.
It angered a lot of South Koreans because of the Japanese occupation.
Before 1967, the West Bank and East Jerusalem were under Jordanian occupation.
The warrant for his arrest lists Hubel&aposs occupation as a jeweler.
The islands were administered by the US occupation force after the war.
"It's about trying to silence any type of opposition against the occupation."
Median wage instead reflects the national annual mean wage for that occupation.
Trump pardons ranchers whose arrests  led to armed occupation of wildlife refuge .
So, allies, here's my proposal: I'll get louder about opposing the Occupation.
Meghan Markle's official occupation has been revealed: Princess of the United Kingdom!
By 2015, Laurie wanted to make the fund her full-time occupation.
Such an invasion would require a decade-long occupation by US forces.
Tikrit is somewhat of a success story after ISIS occupation, McGurk said.
It has survived two world wars, the German occupation and communist rule.
After Petschek died prematurely, they left for America before the Nazi occupation.
We were escorted to the "occupation line" by a convoy of trucks.
Occupation: AttorneyIndustry: LawAge: 59.94Location: AlabamaSalary: $6,40Paycheck (7x/month): $40,53 Monthly ExpensesRent: $40.
Occupation: InternIndustry: AdvertisingAge: 22Location: TorontoSalary: $1,700/month for my four-month internship.
Neither America's occupation of Iraq nor Mr McChrystal's military career ended well.
When the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge began on Jan.
Occupation: Master's Student/ResearcherIndustry: Software EngineeringAge: 25Location: South Tyrol, Italy Income: $21,318.
What, if anything, do you already know about the occupation of Alcatraz?
Later generations fled the Japanese occupation of Korea, which began in 1910.
Occupation: HR ManagerIndustry: Sports & EntertainmentAge: 22Location: Portland, ORSalary: $50,000Paycheck Amount (Biweekly): $1,153.
The American military occupation helped fuel an insurgency and a civil war.
Unless the Supreme Court intervenes, this is a permanent loss of occupation.
"It's been tough, it's been damn tough," he said of the occupation.
Occupation: Legal Sex WorkerIndustry: Sex WorkAge: 2557sLocation: Mound House, NVSalary: It varies.
Occupation: Renovation Consultant Dominique Cooper (30; turns 31 on 7/11/17)
Occupation: Government Engineer Elena Davies (26; turns 27 on 8/19/17)
Occupation: Radio Personality Jason Dent (37; turns 38 on 7/12/17)
Occupation: VIP Concierge Cameron Heard (24; turns 25 on 8/27/17)
Civic virtue: Aviation may be missing millennials who seek an altruistic occupation.
Only an invasion and occupation of Iran could durably quash such efforts.
But doing this under military occupation within a conservative culture isn't easy.
Fourteen other participants in the occupation have pleaded guilty to various charges.
Millions of Poles lost their lives under occupation during World War Two.
Occupation: Writer/Freelance CopywriterIndustry: CreativeAge: 26Location: LondonMy Salary: $16,825My Fiancé's Salary: $70,000.
The actress took issue with the "occupation" listed under the contestant's name.
"Okay, I think she needs a better occupation than 'Twin,' " she said.
Onaga was born in 1950 when Okinawa was still under U.S. occupation.
At least 16 people have been charged in connection with the occupation.
Ireland's left-wing political parties have voiced their support for the occupation.
Ammon Bundy, Clive's son, is at the occupation along with two brothers.
They organized a public, semi-permanent occupation in protest of government overreach.
Correction: The parking garage attendant's occupation was inaccurate in an earlier version.
This kind of inartful complexity is what undercuts The Occupation the most.
So far, La Revo's occupation has been well-received by the neighborhood.
Occupation: Dentist/executioner What is a typical Saturday night like for you?
Occupation: Physical Therapist What's the wildest thing you've done in the bedroom?
Here's how that latter nightmare materialized during my time playing The Occupation.
The Occupation is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.
" Verdict: If you ask me, this sounds more like an "Uncivil Occupation.
Kate Brown stressed that the occupation at the refuge was not over.
But the Malheur occupation hasn't gone very well for the Bundy militia.
The job posting is more of a competition than an actual occupation.
Anyone who's ever heard of Chance The Rapper should know his occupation.
Various types of doctors were the highest-paying occupation in 42 states.
In the face of ongoing occupation, we seek neither conflict nor confrontation.
Palestinians hope to hear you play when Israel's occupation and apartheid end.
OFAC also sanctioned nine technology, construction and shipping firms supporting the occupation.
Should our military persist in its occupation, I fear, only trouble awaits.
Financier George Soros fled Soviet occupation in his native Hungary in 1947.
The article also misstated the occupation of Jennifer Stahl, Mr. Sherman's wife.
So what illegal occupation of the West Bank is Kurtzer referring to?
They also observe and interview people in an occupation that interests them.
Many Palestinians say that affection helps them endure life under Israeli occupation.
Sex work defines the people who do it more than any occupation.
The occupation with the second largest pay gap is administrative services managers.
Now 28 days into the occupation, the question remains: How much longer?
Iraqis living under the American occupation, she was placed on a terrorist
Occupation: AnalystIndustry: Hedge FundAge: 230Location: London, U.K.Salary: $210,23.10 plus $238.703,230 annual bonus.
Wage setting refers to how society decides the worth of an occupation.
The Hammonds, speaking through their attorney, have disassociate themselves from the occupation.
Occupation: Poker player Age: 30 Did you bring a drink from home?
Occupation: Management consultant Age: 33 Were you waiting outside to get in?
Occupation: Journeyman at Caleb Haley Age: 19 What do you do here?
Occupation: Professional golfer Age: 28 What do you think of the uniform?
"Having metastatic cancer is a bit like having another occupation," she said.
Age: 62 Occupation: Owner, Musinsky Rare Books What books are your specialty?
Age: 50 Occupation: Bookseller, Lux Mentis Booksellers You were once a lawyer?
Age: 30 Occupation: lead partner manager How do you dress for work?
Age: 38 Occupation: director of curation Tell me about your hair color.
Age: 37 Occupation: content strategy lead So many stickers on your laptop.
Protesters mostly cleared out of the legislature after three hours of occupation.
Age: 24 Occupation: founder, Muse Avenue magazine What are you doing here?
Age: 93 Occupation: editor at The Ringer You were at Japan Village.
Age: 26 Occupation: fashion designer, -cide Explain the name of your label.
Age: 28 Occupation: graduate student, fiction writing Are you wearing a jumpsuit?
Two fires during the seven-year occupation destroyed much of the city.
International community must state it rejects such futile attempts to consolidate occupation.
Age: 36 Occupation: Culture lead I like how your blouse is tied.
It would be his chief occupation for the rest of his life.
Time spent sitting: 74* Median annual salary is unavailable for this occupation.
Age: 33 Occupation: board member, Captain Planet Foundation You're a non-profiteer.
Age: 35 Occupation: clothing designer, 18 East You're wearing your brand's hat.
Age 25 Occupation Business student Do you come to Fire Island often?
No, it's not another armed occupation of government buildings, like in 2016.
"The occupation does not lead to a lack of morality," he wrote.
It has no clue that heroics, in any occupation, speak for themselves.
And, thankfully, being a gun control advocate isn't a particularly risky occupation.
Age 23 Occupation Assistant personal stylist at Le Curate Nice leather jacket.
During the German Occupation, many of these men were high-ranking Nazis.
During the U.S. occupation of Japan, American GIs heavily promoted the sport.
No advanced democracy maintains anything like the occupation of the West Bank.
Nearly two thirds favored waging an armed struggle against the Israeli occupation.
Age: 42 Occupation: writer, actor and musician What are you doing here?
Age: 46 Occupation: head of talent How do you dress for work?
Yes. Age: 39 Occupation: design agent I noticed your sneakers from afar.
Occupation: Stylist Age: 37  Can you name some of your famous clients?
Age: 23 Occupation: producer and correspondent on "Genius News" Nice jump pants.
Age: 25 Occupation: sales assistant, Genius Tell me about your furry hat.
Age: 32 Occupation: wheelchair basketball player, Team USA Everybody is wearing puffers.
Age: 19 Occupation: undergraduate student, New York University That's a colorful coat.
Palestinians live under military occupation surrounded by miles of walls and fences.
Age: 26 Occupation: Former model and member of a K-pop band.
Age: "Very close to 70" Occupation: Advertising consultant What are you wearing?
Age: 24 Occupation: Butcher at Marlow & Sons Where is your coat from?
So, we can increase the quality of people going into that occupation.
Neltilha Guadalupe Age 34 Occupation Flight attendant Where are you visiting from?
Age 24 Occupation Production coordinator at Tiffany & Company You work at Tiffany.
Age 26 Occupation Project and production manager Lets talk about your jacket.
Age 27 Occupation Staff editor The neckerchief is very big right now.
And it is not, for the most part, an occupation that pays.
We have a tendency to define leadership based on occupation and perception.
What is it that lends happiness to our occupation of a place?
The occupation is the root cause of the insecurity in this land.
Age 24 Occupation Student at Northwestern University Where did you come from?
An earlier version of this article misstated the occupation of Lt. Gov.
Occupation: hotel reception and vintage dealer Age: 55 Is your shirt vintage?
Occupation Football player Age 31 What was your fashion game plan today?
It was the rare white-collar occupation in which women could thrive.
Age: 30 Occupation: boxing trainer Those do not look like boxing shoes.
Their "rational" occupation of the Cerrado has helped Brazil's economy, he said.
Age: "Over 50" Occupation: architect, properties director, Macklowe Properties How's everything going?
Yes. Age: 52 Occupation: head of security Your look is almost paramilitary.
They have been deeply critical of Israel's occupation of the West Bank.
"He caused me more trouble than the occupation," a hotel worker grouses.
Age: 34 Occupation: fabric manager for Coach You're doing a spring look.
They endure the daily humiliations — large and small — that come with occupation.
His occupation is listed as an actor with 75 years of experience.
When he first heard about the occupation, he couldn't help but laugh.
His sentencing is scheduled for June 19 Steven Masera Occupation: Accountant and financial officer to Key Worldwide Foundation, the alleged fake charity, and Edge College & Career Network, The New York Times reports Mikaela Sanford  Occupation: Employee of Singer
Think about it: I can, with relatively low barrier to entry, if I want to supplement my income, or if I can drive, I can basically bridge from one occupation to another or make this my fulltime occupation.
The myth upheld by leaders of the Palestinian government is that cooperating with Israel's occupation — which, in fact, makes the occupation less costly, more invisible to Israelis and easier to sustain — will somehow bring it to an end.
One of the reasons I've always had a soft spot for The Man in the High Castle is its take on what would have happened had the US been under not just German occupation but Japanese occupation as well.
Two in particular: Army of Shadows, the Jean-Pierre Melville film about the French Resistance fighting the Nazi occupation, and then The Battle of Algiers, the Gillo Pontecorvo film of the late 1960s, about the French occupation of Algeria.
Described as a "testimony to Palestinian resilience as they pursue simple pleasures in the face of an endless occupation," it features sublime but everyday images of Palestinians who live under occupation in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.
While some initially wrote off the body as just another casualty of the occupation—Pine Ridge boasted the highest per capita murder rate in the nation during the armed occupation—rumors started to circulate of an AIM-sanctioned hit.
Occupation: Data ScientistIndustry: TechnologyAge: 213632Location: Boston, MASalary: $2124,211, plus a ~$21775,21784 annual bonus.
Occupation: WriterIndustry: JournalismAge: 24Location: New York, NYSalary: $32,123, after taxPaycheck (2x/month): $1,215.
But this process of replacing one occupation with another has always been slow.
Now with the Oregon occupation, his sons are apparently taking a victory lap.
In 1876, you had Southern states still under armed occupation post-Civil War.
But coal mining is a largely generational occupation: most miner's fathers were miners.
"Farming is the oldest occupation in history, and for black Americans," said Boyd.
It was illegally dug up during Islamic State's occupation of the desert town.
If you set an occupation in New York City, it's a gridded city.
The other two-thirds is just with any occupation there is more licensing.
An Occupation of Loss is at the Park Avenue Armory until September 25.
Most occupational therapists enter the occupation with a master's degree in occupational therapy.
Who doesn't love a catchy song with a subtext of protesting an occupation?
Occupation: Entrepreneur Industry: Hospitality Age: 217Location: New York, NYSalary: $2112,2130.13Paycheck Amount (Weekly): $2129,2129.
Occupation: Children's LibrarianIndustry: Public LibraryAge: 28Location: Cleveland, OHSalary: $27,000Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $1,142.25.
Ms. Tamimi has become a feisty symbol of resistance against the Israeli occupation.
Occupation: Lobbyist Industry: Nonprofit Age: 4013Location: Orlando, FLMy Salary: $78,280 | Husband's Salary: $38,2152.
Even by the standards of a shambolic occupation, that was a disastrous mistake.
The people under this occupation present the best hope for destroying the jihadists.
"The Palestinian national feeling re-emerged because of the occupation," says Mr Jarbawi.
" Yoshi, occupation not disclosed "I would wear something like today that stands out.
Occupation: Partner ManagerIndustry: TechAge: 50.87Location: SingaporeSalary: $144.91,20.503, plus another 30-10% in bonus.
Occupation: AssociateIndustry: LawAge: 30Location: Chicago, ILSalary: $180,000Paycheck (2x/month): $5,130 Monthly ExpensesRent: $1,395.
"Russia's occupation and militarization of parts of Georgia's territory are unacceptable," said Kerry.
Occupation: AnalystIndustry: ConsultingAge: 22Location: Arlington, VASalary: $66,000Paycheck (93x/month): $1,733.40 Monthly ExpensesRent: $1,422.50.
The text may reveal their occupation, or desirable traits like ability to cook.
Occupation: CopywriterIndustry: AdvertisingAge: 24Location: MassachusettsSalary: $40,000Paycheck (Weekly): $604.53Freelance Income: ~$123,000 Monthly ExpensesRent: $0.
Occupation description according to O*NET: Inspect, diagnose, adjust, or repair wind turbines.
Occupation: Test EngineerIndustry: AerospaceAge: 23Location: Englewood, COSalary: $64,760Paycheck (Weekly): $30 Monthly ExpensesRent: $7.
Occupation: Leasing AdministratorIndustry: Real EstateAge: 2130Location: New York, NYSalary: $2122.50,2110Paycheck (Semi-monthly): ~$2138,2129.
Occupation: Environmental ScientistIndustry: EnvironmentAge: 31Location: Columbus, OHSalary: $52,700Paycheck (Biweekly): $8,30 Monthly ExpensesRent: $42.73.
Does he propose a full-scale invasion, occupation and regime change, Iraq-style?
Occupation: Timeshare Sales Rep Kevin Schlehuber (55; turns 56 on 8/7/17)
Every time a person was mentioned, they recorded that individual's gender and occupation.
Nordlys highlights a story of a young woman fighting German occupation during 1943.
Occupation: Business function at a major tech companyLocation: ManhattanAge: 32Salary: $127,000 (paid biweekly).
Reading their Manifesto — they do not talk about occupation in that at all.
One man was killed during an attempted traffic stop weeks into the occupation.
Occupation: AccountantIndustry: FinanceAge: 26Location: Perth, AustraliaSalary: $65,113Paycheck (2x/month): $1,880Rent: $180 per week.
Occupation: Law Clerk & Third-Year Law StudentIndustry: Commercial Real EstateAge: 153Location: Minneapolis-St.
Occupation: HR ManagerIndustry: TechAge: 29Location: Brooklyn, NYSalary: $100,000Paycheck (Biweekly): $2,663.54 Monthly ExpensesHousing: $600.
The mayor of Sabha describes his town as "under occupation" by foreign militias.
OREGON OCCUPATION No turning back: This one may go on for a while.
Two other Bundy brothers are also believed to be involved in the occupation.
A total of seven people involved in the occupation have now been arrested.
Occupation of the one-person office was noted as completed in June 2016.
In a recent interview, Ocasio-Cortez attacked "the occupation of Palestine" by Israel.
"The resistance continues until the occupation is removed," Ahed said upon her return.
Although policing is primarily a male occupation, gender does not prevent tragic outcomes.
On top of that we've got no evidence of occupation in this region.
Occupation: Non-profit consultant to social justice organizations and vlogs on the side
Occupation: HRIS AnalystIndustry: HealthcareAge: 25Location: Philadelphia, PASalary: $72,000Paycheck (Biweekly): $1,1003 Monthly ExpensesHousing: $850.
He was imprisoned multiple times by U.S. forces in Iraq during their occupation.
At that point, you start to encounter the best version of The Occupation.
Both options will work as long as the occupation comes to an end.
This armed occupation can in no way be justified on a scriptural basis.
Russia has unleashed its repressive machine against those who protest against the occupation.
By criticizing Nina's occupation, Latinas Think Big is making itself look awfully small.
Occupation: Grants ManagerIndustry: NonprofitAge: 225Location: I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan.
And Palestinians will again mark just the opposite: 50 years of military occupation.
Some may argue that top earners, whatever their occupation, are simply super skilled.
With the understanding that true normalization will occur only after complete de-occupation.
"It's time for everybody in this illegal occupation to move on," said Ward.
Age: 48 Occupation: operations director at Arcis, an art storage facility Nice suit.
Milton Street was, at the time, by way of occupation, a hotdog vendor.
Investigators were seeking to establish his last place of residence and latest occupation.
But in Japan, then under an American occupation government, the book was unavailable.
Increasingly authoritarian, he seems more concerned with domestic squabbles than the Israeli occupation.
Occupation: Former director of digital marketing and now a stay-at-home mom.
Crews are working to repair the extensive damage to buildings from the occupation.
His parents and all of his seven brothers and sisters survived the occupation.
Specifically, the study focused on factors such as education, occupation and location choice.
It's been a major precondition for the special interest occupation of our government.
Saipov once listed his occupation as a truck driver, his marriage license shows.
While they ended their occupation, they are now calling for Syverud to resign.
One protester was shot and killed by the state police during the occupation.
The Pentagon wants to position this like a forever occupation like South Korea.
The U.S. military had blundered badly in the early days of the occupation.
His father was a member of a resistance group against the Nazi occupation.
World War II and a brutal German occupation were followed by civil war.
He left the country and Soviet dominance in 1947, not during Nazi occupation.
Mariana Hoar remembers the fear of living under Japanese occupation—and the pain.
The brutality of the occupation is a direct result of Gerrera's extreme tactics.
Searching for other worlds is now a full-time occupation for many astronomers.
Most are detained on political charges fueled by Israel's occupation, like curfew violations.
After registered nurse, the most in-demand occupation in Idaho is software engineer.
Occupation: Model and fashion designer Age: 26 Why are you're waiting in line?
The American tanks were gone, but the effects of the occupation were everywhere.
According to the doc -- obtained by TMZ -- Stephen's occupation is listed as such.
According to his "Bachelorette" profile, his occupation is listed as just, well, Whaboom.
And Palestinians will again mark just the opposite: 21948 years of military occupation.
Age: 26 Occupation: Fashion planner; street style photographer What are you looking for?
Will the brutal Nazi occupation of Europe ever stop churning up new material?
Age: 33 Occupation: co-owner of Manscapers NY Is this your gardening gear?
Age: 42 Occupation: Vice president of publisher products You're in shades of gray.
And the nature of the North Vietnamese occupation of Khe Sanh was mischaracterized.
But my mother was born in 1940, during the Japanese occupation of Korea.
" WATCH Omega Seamaster (1982) OCCUPATION Communications associate "This watch belonged to my father.
Age: 25 Occupation: co-founder, BeBold Your shoes are from your own company?
Age: 31 Occupation: co-founder, Showbrow What was your approach to dressing today?
Age: 32 Occupation: contemporary-art dealer What's the key to wearing a suit?
After the Malheur occupation, 26 of the occupiers were charged with federal conspiracy.
Ben Bass, who died in 13, did not thrive in his new occupation.
Unraveling the mysteries becomes Alison's occupation, and the focus of the mini-series.
Occupation Ms. Miller is a graphic designer; Mr. Pryor is a film director.
Organizers held general assemblies in the weeks leading up to the occupation itself.
" Occupation: Actor How she got that look: "There is no thoughtful, mindful decoration.
There were 33 of them, described as "leathern," doubtless because of Simon's occupation.
Occupation: actress Age: 31 Can you say your name for the record, please?
Age: 71 Occupation: Writer, art adviser Are you here for cars or art?
The first said: 'Occupation: Never worked' and the next: 'Marital Status: Never married'.
The occupation growth mirrors what we know about the rest of the economy.
Age: 24 Occupation: Product design intern How long have you been an intern?
This was the occupation group with the highest number of fatalities in 2018.
Exposure to radiation: 72* Exact median annual salary is unavailable for this occupation.
Age: 50 Occupation: model; founder of Every Mother Counts What brings you here?
Arrest records listed her occupation as laborer, but no additional details were available.
Occupation: CEO of Jetblack since 2017 (previously, she co-founded Rent the Runway)
Ages 36 (and 3) Occupation Photographer That's a great sweatshirt Indiana has on.
Age: 213 Occupation: artist and curator Your look is so casual and '70s.
Age: 21 Occupation: art student Your shirt looks like it's from another time.
Age: 27 Occupation: director, Venus Over Los Angeles You're wearing a jumpsuit. Yes.
Bonica has turned tracking campaign contributions by wealth and occupation into a specialty.
Our mishandling of Iraq's occupation inhibited the growth of more secular Shiite forces.
Occupation: Associate Publicist Industry: Publishing Age: 22150 Location: New York, NY Salary: $2259.97.
That occupation has a very impressive 23.0% projected employment growth rate by 2028.
Occupation Mother of five Age 46 You have a bird on your head.
Occupation Cosmetic dentist Age 48  Why do you come to the hat luncheon?
Occupation: D.J. and producer Age: 34 You're wearing a Richardson Hardware T-shirt.
With this occupation, the Nazis wish to prevent Hungary from joining the Allies.
Occupation: Administrative director at a rehabilitation clinic Age: 27  Where are you headed?
Occupation: Actress Age: 34 What does Kate Mara wear to a polo match?
Israel's courts are a charade of justice, clearly instruments of colonial, military occupation.
Only ending occupation will end this injustice and mark the birth of peace.
Age: 30 Occupation: senior correspondent for "Genius News" You're an on-air star.
In this respect, they benefit politically from the violence produced by the occupation.
Since its premiere, "An Occupation of Loss" has taken on an added resonance.
Age 33 Occupation Account supervisor You're rocking Supreme and you're rocking it hard.
Securities jobs have the highest average pay of any occupation in the city.
Age 24 Occupation Security engineer It's your job to keep the hackers out?
Age 34 Occupation Vice president for design You look like a design monk.
He said the problem, generally, is with the occupation, not a specific soldier.
Finicum was driving one of two vehicles pulled over carrying key occupation figures.
One aim of the Polytechnic occupation was keeping the tunnel shut, protesters said.
Age 51 Occupation Disability-rights lawyer Tell me about your all-white look.
Age 25 Occupation Community coordinator at the Public Theater That's a big fur.
Occupation: operations director at Cafe Mogador Age: 33 What are you doing here?
Occupation Artist Age 23 You may be the only guy here wearing tailoring.
In Varanasi, which is in Uttar Pradesh, the Muslim quarter feels under occupation.
Age: 44 Occupation: co-founder of Belcampo Meat Co. I'm into your blouse.
Age: 37 Occupation: investor in consumer companies Do you invest in fashion brands?
Age: 50 Occupation: chief executive of Related Companies It's a very nice mall.
Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall.
"The status quo is leading toward one state and perpetual occupation," Kerry warned.
C.: Occupation: Development CoordinatorIndustry: Higher EducationAge: 225.52Location: Durham, NC Salary: $30,245Paycheck Amount (Monthly): $26,210 once a month J.: Occupation: Research ScientistIndustry: Engineering/Higher EducationAge: 27Salary: $210,212Paycheck Amount (Monthly): $215,21 Monthly ExpensesMortgage: $230,203 (This includes our home insurance and property taxes.
Aipac used to be able to sidestep issues like settlements and the occupation, but now, with the Israeli right threatening annexation of the West Bank, the occupation has become the moral rallying point of the Jewish left, and Aipac appears paralyzed.
Banks led a six-day occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and a 71-day occupation of Wounded Knee, South Dakota, to demand that the federal government uphold broken treaties and draw attention to the treatment of Native Americans.
A CD containing pictures of their daughter's wedding also made it through the occupation.
The lease named "big bird" looks to be the closest to the Bundy's occupation.
A normal enough occupation for an 82-year-old nearing the end of his
Eliminating Iran's nuclear program, however, will require a US invasion and occupation of Iran.
Portland&aposs ICE headquarters has been the site of an occupation since June 403.
The actress grew up in Holland during Germany's five-year occupation of the country.
The impact also will vary widely from one occupation to another in each state.
At first, the US occupation was relatively benign and in some ways even enlightened.
Occupation: CopywriterIndustry: MarketingAge: 24Location: Detroit, MichiganSalary: $38,000Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $25.313,142.58 Monthly ExpensesRent: $360.
The caveat, of course, is that a single defining occupation is in continuous flux.
Under the Nazi occupation, more than 100,000 Dutch Jews (out of 140,000) were killed.
Occupation: Development AssociateIndustry: NonprofitAge: 24Location: Brooklyn, NYSalary: $2003,000Paycheck (2x/month): $1,240 Monthly ExpensesHousing: $1,250.
Neither protesters nor authorities have said how many people are involved in the occupation.
Occupation: Project WriterIndustry: Data ManagementAge: 27Location: Dallas, TXSalary: $66,000Paycheck (Biweekly): $1,928.93 Monthly ExpensesRent: $1,453.
Occupation: Social WorkerIndustry: NonprofitAge: 28Location: New York, NYSalary: $52,000Paycheck (Biweekly): $1,514 Monthly ExpensesRent: $0.
To hedge against the stock-like returns of his occupation, Simon should own bonds.
Occupation: Program CoordinatorIndustry: GovernmentAge: 28Location: Scottsdale, AZSalary: $210,28Paycheck Amount (Biweekly): $230,28 Monthly ExpensesRent: $280.
The leaders of the armed occupation are Ammon Bundy and his brother, Ryan Bundy.
But protest organizers called on students to skip class and continue the building occupation.
Each bubble in the chart represents an occupation group as defined by the BLS.
Occupation: Freelance Writer & EditorIndustry: MediaAge: 83Location: New York, New YorkSalary: $70,000 - $80,2000Paycheck: $218,2000, average.
It describes itself as a democratic movement opposed to Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory.
Occupation: Patient Care TechnicianIndustry: HealthcareAge: 24Location: Boston, MAIncome: $18/hour Paycheck (2x/month): ~$1,300.
CBP does not target journalists for inspection based on their occupation or their reporting.
Born in Belgium, she fled with her family during the Nazi occupation in 1941.
Occupation: Office ManagerIndustry: DistributionAge: 11Location: Portland, ORSalary: $10,30Paycheck (2150x/month): $211,2130 Monthly ExpensesRent: $2118,214.
It said they were an attempt to bribe the Palestinians into accepting Israeli occupation.
Kompromat has been a favorite occupation of Russian elites throughout the last several centuries.
I do not know what the (Israeli) occupation saw in him to kill him?
Occupation: ArchitectIndustry: Architecture & DesignAge: 26Location: Santa Barbara, CASalary: $129,213, for the past two years.
Japanese colonialists redeveloped much of the city during their occupation from 1910 to 1945.
Insta Age: 36 Occupation: Freelancer (visuals, art director, musician) and full-time single parent.
Occupation: DirectorIndustry: M&AAge: 35Location: LondonSalary: $170,000, and my husband earns $453,000Paycheck (Monthly): $8,800.
The Communists and Chiang's Nationalists had formed a fractious front against the Japanese occupation.
At the time, this occupation was one of the few open to blind women.
But the more permanent its occupation becomes, the more it risks sliding towards apartheid.
This time around, we're going to see the end of driving as an occupation.
However, life under occupation atrophied this connection through policies that prevent access to crops.
Current members and applicants would be required to provide their neighborhood, employer and occupation.
But nothing can excuse Israel's relentless pursuit of the very occupation that undermines it.
His real occupation," writes El Mundo, "is closer to that of a travel agent.
The ZAD land occupation is located near the village of Notre-Dames-des-Landes.

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