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"handle" Definitions
  1. the part of a door, window, etc. that you use to open it
  2. the part of an object, such as a cup, a bag or a tool, that you use to hold it or carry it
  3. (in adjectives) having the number or type of handle mentioned
  4. a name or nickname
  5. a person's username on a social media site or online forum

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"handle" Synonyms
manage tackle address negotiate treat deal with field maneuver(US) play serve swing take work manoeuvre(UK) command dominate exploit hack act toward attend to oversee conduct head supervise administer control run administrate captain direct guide overlook quarterback steward superintend boss govern operate regulate manipulate drive employ steer use utilise(UK) utilize(US) wield ply exercise engage harness apply endure bear tolerate stand bide countenance stomach sustain brook support wear accept absorb pocket abide by stick out sweat out abide succeed thrive deliver flourish prosper prevail triumph cut it cut the mustard hack it make the grade achieve success be successful crack it do well make it be effective get results make good feel grasp hold touch finger paw grip lift thumb fondle maul check move palpate test try pick up play with toy with poke at examine discuss explore report report on review go into discourse on cover study consider investigate explain analyse(UK) critique approach consult sell market stock carry buy peddle purvey supply flog hawk offer push tout trade dispense export import retail deal in trade in care deal cope survive muddle along muddle through get along make out get by get on weather grapple fare weather the storm carry on rub along engineer contrive devise arrange plan organise(UK) organize(US) mastermind orchestrate design plot machinate frame finagle create scheme attack confront undertake challenge face fight contest contend concentrate on contend with cope with dive into embark on engage in fiddle trifle toy mess fool dabble doodle fuss twiddle bumble mess around fool around mess with commence begin start launch open attempt endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) essay hazard set about kick off take up launch into go about be associated with concern oneself with get involved in get involved with involve oneself in involve oneself with see to have dealings with take care of have to do with interest oneself with touch something with a bargepole be a party to be affected by do concern oneself in be a participant in traffic exchange barter swap bargain transfer truck smuggle bootleg motor pilot navigate ride tool roll advance automobile coast cruise drag lead mobilise(UK) meet answer fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) satisfy match perform equal fill fit complete discharge execute gratify redeem suffice tie comply with match up to form fashion mold(US) process shape dress knead blend forge labor(US) labour(UK) mix model mould(UK) squeeze tend care for prepare transform concoct convert work on act on alter make ready refine act with last persist outlast persevere continue resist withstand remain hold up keep going pommel beat thrash pound whip batter thump belt hammer wallop bash lash pummelled(UK) pummel(US) drub buffet lick tan grabble fumble fish scrabble search root flounder poke pry cast about feel blindly rummage ferret ferret around brandish wave shake wag raise swish twirl flap swing around hold aloft waggle flutter wiggle twitch flaunt quiver display clasp clench clutch own possess have cling to adhere clinch palm secure seize ease inch edge slide slip creep induce remove extricate right move carefully draw out push gently slink dip lade ladle scoop spoon bale bucket decant dish draw dredge bail shovel spoon out dish up dish out scoop out haft handgrip helve hilt knob shaft lever shank crank handlebar arm butt button ear holder stem cognomen moniker appellation byname denomination designation monicker name nickname pseudonym sobriquet title alias appellative compellation denotation epithet nomenclature soubriquet nomen appreciation understanding awareness knowledge perception comprehension realisation(UK) realization(US) recognition sensitivity sympathy consciousness discernment estimation respect familiarity insight mindfulness notion regard username/password access access code credentials identity login details login name user account user ID railing rail balustrade banister(US) bannister(UK) guardrail handrail bar pole post rails rest guide rail barrier balusters banisters(US) bannisters(UK) crash barrier baluster broomstick broom handle staff stave stick nom de clavier nom de Web username door fixture bell doorbell knocker proceeds earnings income profit revenue return gain takings profits yield returns gains receipts gate reward net payoff incomings interest tab tag label loop flag lappet marker sticker strap ticket bookmark clip logo stop strip stub docket fee charge cost price payment wage salary emolument pay toll figure remuneration stipend account allowance bill commission consideration handout honorarium byword maxim motto slogan dictum saying adage proverb aphorism apophthegm axiom catchword saw apothegm cry epigram formula gnome mantra More
"handle" Antonyms
neglect abstain disregard follow ignore misguide mislead mismanage misuse receive refuse leave alone let go overlook discount abandon shirk overpass skip bypass manhandle not carry avoid pass over leave pay no heed to unmind unheed turn back on take no notice of turn a blind eye to tune out pay no attention to brush off dismiss mishandle misdirect botch bungle misgovern maladminister misconduct blunder fumble muff confound spoil wreck ruin bodge mess up make a mess of mar disallow oppose disapprove prevent forbid block veto reject ban prohibit bar proscribe stop disavow deny censure discourage protest injure relinquish abdicate surrender cede release concede forfeit entrust give up hand over drop renounce quit discontinue forsake yield cease continue contradict despise disagree dispute dissent dodge fight give migrate offer repudiate resist shun carry on obey serve fail submit lose fall behind hold retreat keep allow comply agree consent underuse detach disconnect disjoin free liberate loose loosen permit separate unchain unfasten unharness unlock untie set free withstand defy counter curb halt counteract inhibit impede repel combat obstruct stem give up on break abuse handle roughly maltreat mistreat misapply treat roughly use inexpertly ill-treat ill-use accept adopt back embrace honor(US) honour(UK) mind respect support uphold effect effectuate execute implement heed note recognise(UK) recognize(US) disclaim disown forgo complete conclude end finish forego forget evade escape sidestep skirt elude dance around keep away from keep clear of stay away from steer clear of circumvent eschew circumnavigate duck confuse damage deregulate disarrange disorder disorganize displace disturb soften unsettle upset buy take conceal pull hide deceive fool delude disinform misinform trick cheat swindle scam bamboozle bluff dupe misstate beguile con prevaricate hoax falter succumb bow waver capitulate stumble relent give in knuckle under cave in fold be overcome by be overwhelmed by give in to fall misinterpret misconstrue distort falsify misrepresent splice be honest abjure abnegate forswear retract refuse to acknowledge crawl creep cut deactivate kill poke check cut out dissuade remain repress retard shut off miss fall short of fail to fulfill fail to meet bear begin commence create introduce start stay unemploy waste be lazy lay off disbelieve hit stab strike discard dispose scrap can chuck ditch dump toss banish shed junk cast away dispense with dispose of do away with get rid of throw away throw out dissatisfy disappoint unfulfill fail to satisfy interrupt adjourn arrest suspend terminate shut down crash die seize jam collapse break down conk out go down go kaput seize up stop working wear out work for slave for submit to succumb to surrender to bow to be dutiful to be employed by be ruled by perform duties for take orders from accept orders from be obedient to have a job with follow the orders of be in the service of destock unstock clear remove withdraw rid make unavailable omit do without go without pass on refrain from turn down withhold from abstain from leave out give something a miss aggravate agitate distress irritate deplete disperse dissipate distribute divide scatter spend squander use use up blade head unknown nobody nonentity mystery cypher(UK) cipher(US) advantage closure top unawareness ignorance incognizance incomprehension obliviousness benightedness cluelessness misunderstanding nescience noncomprehension inscience insensitivity naivete unconsciousness unfamiliarity vagueness witlessness blindness button toggle dial switch stud push button push switch name real name given name birth name family name Christian name baptismal name forename first name front name surname cause debt loss anonymity namelessness obscurity innominateness anonymousness inconspicuousness privacy secrecy unrecognizability

918 Sentences With "handle"

How to use handle in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "handle" and check conjugation/comparative form for "handle". Mastering all the usages of "handle" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Because if that's how you handle everything — that's how you handle shootings, that's how you handle the drug war, that's how you handle robbery?
Basically the guy on the Trump administration who couldn't handle people, who could handle white nationalists but couldn't handle tariffs?
"Marco can handle it, I can handle it" Bush said.
"AAA can handle it and we can handle it," he said.
Some handle it one way and some handle it another way.
We have to handle this handle this professionally, officially, patriotically, strategically.
It might not matter what the market can handle or can't handle.
To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.
You handle it one-on-one, you handle it through [the media].
It is not easy to handle, but you have to handle it.
But I'm going to handle it because we have to handle it.
There's a black Mickey handle on 1 cup, a yellow Pluto handle on 1/2 cup, a red Minnie handle on 1/3 cup, and a white Donald handle on 1/4 cup, matching each character's signature color.
"We're prepared to handle any eventuality and able to handle anything," Acevedo said.
But I&aposm going to handle it because we have to handle it.
We don't think about the refrigerator handle or the faucet handle as much.
I can handle being poor and hungry, but I can't handle anymore guilt.
I think some people can handle Los Angeles and handle that extreme competition.
"I handle things the way I handle them," Krzyzewski said after the game.
It can't handle the volume and it can't handle this level of selling.
"Now, if somebody can't handle a Twitter account, they can't handle the nuclear codes."
How does its secondary camera handle its fancy Portrait mode handle blurring out backgrounds?
We just need to handle what we can handle, control what we can control.
It was always, 'I'll handle it my way, I know how to handle it.
Now, Univision will handle Fusion's TV side, and Fusion will handle Univision's digital side.
A cup-and-handle pattern is one that resembles a cup with a handle.
They can handle this, they can handle this in each one of their communities.
It was just tough to do, to handle the emotion, to handle the death, to handle all the images that aren't in the film that we wisely edited out.
It isn't how well you handle your successes, it's how well you handle your setbacks.
"You handle one and then you handle another one, and they keep calling," Rotunno said.
If you can't handle a comma, how can I trust you to handle my future?
"They should handle it the way they handle any student in a relationship," DeBernardo said.
If you can't even handle email, how are you supposed to handle a gaming platform?
"Be brave to handle heavy burdens, crack hard nuts and handle hot potatoes," he added.
Notably, Warren tagged Trump's Twitter handle in her messages, while Trump did not tag her handle.
I know I can handle anything and everything, and if I can't handle it … who can?
NATO, being led by Europe, can handle Russia if properly resourced — and America must handle China.
I suppose how we handle failure is at least as important as how we handle success.
If you can handle its brutal conclusion, you can likely handle the rest of the collection.
Good handle construction and a solid handle-to-knot connection are important for comfort and longevity.
And let the attorney general handle it the way they always handle cases that involve public….
"We should only be allowed to handle the cases that we can actually handle," Par said.
We will handle this allegation in the same way we would handle any issue under the Policy.
Or if he can't handle dirty jokes or if he can't handle me making fun of him.
This shouldn't be handled now, but I'm going to handle it because we have to handle it.
Initially, these trucks will handle highway driving with a human driver on hand to handle unexpected situations.
Gulf Coast terminals handle three-quarters of U.S. crude exports, but only LOOP can handle incoming supertankers.
Brexit looks like it's more of a handle on it – has more of a handle on it.
If they can't handle the vibe at Zakopane, how are they going to handle your naked body?
We think we can handle it, because in that moment we feel that we can handle anything.
If a car can deftly handle the San Juan Mountains, it'll easily handle a run through the suburbs.
The handle to pick up the spark gate is very handle and I used it as a poker.
These days, Morgan vacillates between humor and philosophy and if you can't handle the combination, you can't handle him.
Comey confirmed the new handle, saying he's glad to be a part of the Twitterverse: Here's my new handle.
Jolie will handle the kids' travel from London to L.A., and Pitt will handle their return trip to London.
They can give me a lot of exercises that retrain my brain to handle what I need to handle.
I start making a plan of attack for Operation Love Handle — Maybe we can photoshop out the love handle?
It has a long primary handle and a shorter secondary handle for steadying the pan as you carry it.
You can go totally shirtless to handle the desert heat, or bundle up to handle to frigid mountain air.
But guys like Brooks know all that — they know how to handle it and they all handle it differently.
None of us could have really honestly understood what it meant physiologically, what it meant hormonally, how we would handle it, how we would handle younger children, how we would handle dying parents or aging parents.
Consumer choice sounds like a great idea until you've tried to get a handle on the handle-less vacuum space.
" The statement said: "We will handle this allegation in the same way we would handle any issue under the Policy.
Instead of relying on native iOS APIs and letting iOS handle the calendar syncing part, Sunrise chose to handle it.
Click here to view original GIFDesigned for quickly carrying cargo, Handle can carry handle heavy objects while retaining its balance.
The handle uses an "L" in the place of the second "i" in Williams to resemble Williams's true Twitter handle.
"How we handle our mistakes says as much, maybe more, about us than how we handle our success," he says.
It's a lot for any one guy to handle – but if anyone can handle the heat, it's definitely Johnson. Right?
"Knowing how parents would handle issues at home helps us handle them at camp when parents are away," Hepper said.
Neither of them could handle Trump's candidacy, so they summoned Colbert Report-era Stephen Colbert to hopefully handle what's ahead.
It means particularly big things for Siri, which has gotten smart enough to handle image searches and handle transcribing voicemails.
Handle: Look for a comfortable, easy-to-grip-without-slipping handle made of plastic or composite; wood tends to warp.
"As we've done in the past, we handle it within and we handle it with the person affected," Reid said.
"Oftentimes we care about how players handle failure; I care about how players handle success," Manager A. J. Hinch said.
The 29 cameras on the I-Pace can handle a wider range of lighting conditions and better handle extreme temperatures.
It specifically concerned people with mental illnesses so severe that they can't handle their own disability benefits — under the rationale that someone who can't handle his own disability benefits is probably too ill to handle a gun.
If he or she can't handle the vibe at Zakopane, how is he or she going to handle your naked body?
"It's been redesigned to handle heavier rain and to handle other types of contamination that gets on our cameras," Zajac said.
Cleverly, Dyson moved the dryer's motor into the handle and uses the rest of the handle as a kind of silencer.
Usually it's up to the House Judiciary Committee to handle impeachment investigations, but a different or special committee could handle that.
"I trusted the system of justice to handle what it needed to handle," Bro told reporters after Tuesday's decision was announced.
But we'll give him everything he can handle, and he'll tell us what he can handle and what he can't physically.
Epicurious reviewed the skillet and liked the handle length because it doesn't heat up as quickly as a shorter handle would.
I want to know how they handle difficult situations and how they handle stress and pressure, because we're always under pressure.
"Intel will handle the facts, Judiciary will handle the law," said one Democratic source familiar with the discussions inside Democratic leadership.
Bitcoin can handle a handful of transactions per second, Visa can handle thousands, and developers still aren't sure how to scale.
There's not an infrastructure out there to handle these offerings ... The bitcoin ecosystem is not set up to handle tokens as securities.
If I can handle the uncritical acceptance of the image of slave owners on our currency, I can handle a Trump presidency.
Musk said Tesla Autopilot can handle high-speed driving, while its recently rolled out Smart Summon parking feature can handle low speeds.
What felt like the responsible way to handle it turned out to actually be completely not the responsible way to handle it.
"If you can handle a squirrel, you can handle, well, we don't know, that's why we're training!" officers wrote alongside the photo.
We want to be aligned on how we handle things like diversity, how we handle things like empowering and core company values.
"I have mastered the camera, I can handle nature, but I've not yet learned to handle people and their problems," he said.
The bed is big enough to handle these typical suburban tasks, and it could also easily handle mountain bikes and outdoor gear.
A full tang continues the length of the handle to the end; a partial tang goes halfway or so down the handle.
"There's a difference between thinking, 'I can't handle this situation,' and 'I'm having the thought that I can't handle this,'" Call observes.
It's not just that Ms. Wang and Mr. Ramirez don't handle their ideas with as much control as they handle their bodies.
How we handle those risks and lead our economy and people to handle them have greater import than personal and political gain.
The video shows the Spot's "handle" protocol, which the controller initiates by navigating the claw toward the door and identifying the handle.
How much have you found players able to handle a VR story game considering many people can't handle long stretches in VR?
It gets annoying when you're trying to handle stuff you want to handle, like running errands, because I'm a regular human being.
They are now available for retail in nine handle colors, five wood grains and carbon fiber in the United States: Perceval steak knives, $95 each for colored handle, $175 to $990 each for wood handle, TableArt, 323-653-8278,
If we could not handle the gangs in Los Angeles, how can we expect much smaller governments to handle them in Central America?
"She always says to me if you can't handle one little fight how are you going to handle a baby?" he told Kris.
Please. With a listed weight of 38.1 pounds, handle or no handle, that iMac wasn't something you wanted to move around very often.
Since this trend is already in full swing, click ahead to get a handle on the best top-handle bags we could find.
Trump didn't handle the health bill well, precisely because he let the political class from the GOP side handle it way too much.
Trump is seen as better trusted to handle corruption, but Clinton is seen narrowly as more trusted to handle healthcare, immigration and terrorism.
Diplomats in Havana that handle American citizen services, analyze Cuba's political system and handle outreach to the island's dissident community were also leaving.
We are deeply aware that the way that Mexico will handle this, the way that you will handle this is your sovereign decision.
But no one ever doubted that Clinton could handle the job of president or that Kaine could handle the job of vice president.
"I had so much support coming in and so my phone just couldn't handle it and I couldn't handle it either," he said.
If cortical columns handle sight and touch in this way, Mr. Hawkins thought, they handle hearing, language and even math in similar ways.
These specs can handle most games at high settings and can easily handle VR applications and games, like the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx.
These specs can handle most games at high settings and can easily handle VR applications and games, like the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx.
There is a bearing on the tip of each handle to hold the cable and another bearing in each handle for smooth rotations.
Here are the best garden shovels and spades you can buy:Best shovel overall: Fiskars Long-Handle Round-Point Steel Digging ShovelBest short garden shovel: Bond Mini D-Handle ShovelBest garden spade: Fiskars D-Handle Garden SpadeBest garden scoop: Ames D-Handle Aluminum ScoopBest garden trowel: Wilcox All Pro 14-Inch TrowelUpdated on 04/26/2019 by Les Shu: Updated pricing, links, and formatting.
The wooden handle of the tool is 24.5 inches long, and is topped with a molded D-shaped plastic handle that's easy to grip.
So while Waymo's team of technicians handle the software updates and sensor calibrations, Avis' employees handle the oil checks, tire rotations, and other tasks.
Trump is also viewed as more trusted to handle the economy and terrorism, but Clinton is viewed as better able to handle foreign policy.
A dedicated computer pocket can handle laptops up to 15-inches in size, which can be easily removed with a tug on a handle.
The ratchet handle is very comfortable, and the sockets pop on and off very easily when the center button on the handle is depressed.
One will handle performance marketing, CRM, and analytics, while the other yet-to-be-named manager will handle product marketing, brand, Eats, and more.
PAYNE: If he can&apost handle Carson, hopefully he can handle -- INGRAHAM: I&aposve got to say, I actually would have had them come.
"If Goldman backs below the handle of that cup-and-handle pattern, so right around the $235 mark, I'll cut the trade," he said.
With my three prior mortgages, I always had the lender handle my escrow needs, but I decided this time that I could handle it.
If Joe Biden can't handle an 83-year-old retired farmer without losing his cool, how can he handle a 73-year-old piranha?
HANNITY: You know, what&aposs happening is they can&apost handle that they lost, they can&apost seem to handle that the world has changed.
The northbridge would handle the CPU, RAM and PCI slots (which you plug a GPU into) and the southbridge would handle...practically every other port.
Ezra Klein: Because I kind of feel I have a reasonable handle on the news, and I don't have a reasonable handle on the why.
There were several issues that remained unresolved, including how to handle the port's revenue and governance, and how to handle local security forces, Griffiths said.
I could handle the pain from a workout, and I could handle the discomfort from my atopic dermatitis, but it was difficult to manage both.
Each access point can only handle 120 users at a time, which means that the current system can handle 960 users at any given time.
If he flies off the handle over unfavorable news coverage of his administration, how will he handle a terrorist attack or Katrina-level natural disaster?
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is scrutinizing the actions of student loan servicers — both those that handle private loans and those that handle federal loans.
So If they can handle that, I felt like no matter what, we can handle what's going on and everything's going to be alright, ultimately.
And if you can't handle that, you definitely won't be able to handle the scene in which Lowndes inserts her finger and — well, you'll see.
Footage shows that the team used store-bought dishwashing gloves to handle the buckets, and moved the rocks onto a truck with a mop handle.
And his reasoning was: If you couldn't handle the trash talk in practice, there's no way you could handle the pressure of the NBA playoffs.
All veterans return from combat changed in some way, they all handle it differently; and they all handle transition out of the service differently, too.
"If some people want to call me a liar ... I can handle that better than I can handle a child in my arms dying," he said.
The cup-and-handle formation is an extremely bullish pattern, where the stock makes a cup-shaped bottom and then trades sideways to create a handle.
The transaction shows the handle of the Twitter user whose tweet you're archiving, your own Twitter handle, the ID of the tweet and a time stamp.
If a person wants an appeal, Facebook will also handle this second level of review and scale up its systems to handle a lot of cases.
The political path for attack is clear: if you can't handle the questions from a Fox News moderator, how are you going to handle our enemies?
The NFL has said it will handle the allegations against Kraft "in the same way we would handle any issue under" the league's personal conduct policy.
Chief Executive Jensen Huang said gaming laptops able to handle sophisticated games and artificial intelligence models able to handle real-time chat bots were driving demand.
I'm placing the public affairs office under you, until we can identify a suitable supervisor to handle its oversight, I need you to handle it, pal.
The message is: If we can handle this massive attack on this worthy publisher, we can handle whatever scary mess the internet hurls at your enterprise.
A CNN/ORC poll finds that 2202 percent of Americans think a special prosecutor should handle the investigation and 2628 percent think Congress can handle it.
And if the Trump campaign cannot credibly handle this kind of crisis, how will they handle a crisis on the world stage if Trump becomes president?
Democratic voters trust Biden over Sanders to handle a crisis The exit polls showed Democratic voters trust Biden more than Sanders to handle a major crisis.
Obama could never decide how to handle Sisi but Trump's administration has been unconflicted: He is a strong leader for a region that can't handle democracy.
But experts fear that its overstretched medical systems may not be able to handle the type of intensive care required to handle a spike in infections.
Belgian company Materialise designed 3D printed door openers that attach to a door handle and make it possible to open it without touching the handle itself.
Asked whether the overtaxed subways could handle an influx of Long Island commuters, Ms. Hakim said she was confident the system could handle the extra ridership.
"If you've got a kid and you do everything to make him max out at 100 miles per hour, his muscles have been trained to do it, his bones can handle it, his brain can handle it — his ligaments and tendons cannot handle it," Fleisig said.
If he trusted Talos to handle something as serious as the aftermath of Tony Stark's death, what else has he trusted Talos to handle in his absence?
"It's deeply sexist," said Rituparna Chatterjee, an independent journalist and activist who runs the Twitter handle @indiametoo handle that spotlights the stories of survivors of sexual harassment.
"It can help a hiring manager evaluate how you handle real-time stress, presumed to be a predictor of how you'll handle job challenges," she says. 4.
The only things that are on it are the SSD reader, the camera mount, the Manfrotto plate, the battery module, the top handle, and the side handle.
"We budgeted the year at $35, so anything with a four handle in front of it or approaching a four handle today is very welcomed," he noted.
Locally, people remember a VA hospital construction project that became a financial disaster—if government can't handle one hospital, how can it handle a single-payer system?
"If you can handle all of this, if you don't mind the implications, then you'll be able to handle the vicissitudes of the next quarter," he said.
GitHub has long relied on a mobile-friendly website or third-party apps to enable developers to handle the basic tasks its new apps will now handle.
Obviously Schmeichel's dad can pass on tips, not just on how to handle the ball but also how to handle the pressure of going for a title.
Kourtney was underage, so obviously the FBI got involved and when I got a call that these photos could potentially come out — I can handle it if it's about me, if I'm hurting myself, I can handle it, or if something happens to me, I can handle it.
Lodge Silicone Hot Handle Holder, $6.69I love my cast iron Lodge pans, but sometimes you need to grip the handle while it's hot, and you obviously can't when it's hundreds of degrees — so I bought a few bright silicone hot handle holders for all my cast iron cookware.
The feature is optional, and even those who choose a handle will still have the ability to post anonymously, though the app will use your handle by default.
If you can handle a splash of apple-cider vinegar in your water every morning, you can definitely handle the telltale fermented scent of this probiotic-rich toner.
"The Afghan government, with international help, will be able to handle the violence [and] drive it down to a level local security forces can handle it," said Mattis.
After all, if you can handle the DOD, chances are you can handle just about any business where a high level of security and governance would be required.
Macron tried to explain what he meant, but ended up miring himself deeper in a culture war about how the French handle — and don't handle — their colonial history.
To properly hold your cup, Meier advises pinching the top of the handle with your thumb and index finger, with your middle finger supporting the bottom of the handle.
The company's new wheeled, upright robot is named Handle ( "because it's supposed to handle objects") and looks like a cross between a Segway and the two-legged Atlas bot.
Right now, robots that handle these situations — or handle bomb disposal, for instance — are manually operated joint by joint, with an operator basically moving the robot as a puppet.
The company's new wheeled, upright robot is named Handle ("because it's supposed to handle objects") and looks like a cross between a Segway and the two-legged Atlas bot.
They have two jobs, balancing the budget of their household so they can buy dinner and handle the childcare — and you think those women can't handle a big budget?
Your Twitter username, or "handle," does not have to be a version of your real name, so you can use any playful, ironic, or anonymous handle you would like.
The Gillette TREO features a safety comb to avoid cuts and scrapes, an ergonomic handle to make it comfortable for the caregiver, and shaving gel built into the handle.
Just as frontline health care workers can handle a normal influx of patients, public officials and journalists and educators can handle a normal influx of rumors and conspiracy theories.
If you make a mistake during this process or decide you don't like your new handle after all, you can go back to your old handle within 14 days.
I just think the rule of law can't handle four more years of this guy, and our democracy can't handle four more years of someone who bulldozes through it.
In such a scenario, one investigator may handle elements involving more sensitive or higher litigation risk, and a second investigator may handle findings that may be disclosed more publicly.
"So we task states, counties, and cities to handle public health crises — but we don't give them the money to be able to handle these things effectively," Singer said.
" - Amanda, 39 "I couldn't handle the wine memes.
"Shower door handle — 1, Mandy — 0," she quipped.
" - Fiona, 26 "Can't handle anything touching my eyeballs.
Pros: Extremely durable steel construction, welded blade and handle, lifetime guarantee Cons: A bit heavy Buy the Fiskars Long-Handle Round-Point Steel Digging Shovel from Home Depot for $23.27
Perhaps the company moved out of beta mode before it was prepared to handle increased user demand, or launched its website before its servers could handle the influx of traffic.
On the economy, New Hampshire voters now clearly give Sanders the edge over Clinton as the candidate more trusted to handle it: 24.8% say Sanders would best handle it vs.
Pros: Lightweight, adjustable handle and telescopic pole, cordless, ergonomic handle, auto-feed line is also easy to loadCons: Limited battery lifeBuy the Earthwise Cordless String Trimmer from Amazon for $59.99
Two integrated lids make filling, drinking from, and cleaning the Oasis a cinch, and the silicone carrying handle is sturdy but also comfortable to hold, unlike a solid plastic handle.
Plunger and handle design: The plunger keeps the grounds out of your cup of Joe, and the handle helps you keep the carafe steady as you push the plunger down.
Evriholder Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee & Telescoping Handle, $13.05, available at AmazonWhether you're dealing with thick pet hair or a slippery spill, this dual-use broom can handle it.
"The buildings that we handle — and we handle 600 buildings — they find solutions," said Dan Wurtzel, the president of FirstService Residential New York, a property management company in the city.
It starts with the door handle, designed by Apple and Foster + Partners, who wanted the same handle to be used for sliding doors and pivoting ones and went through multiple iterations.
More say he's the candidate who can best handle the economy (21%) than name any other contender, and he ties with Sanders as best suited to handle the climate crisis (3.03%).
And I hope, one day, if I ever do become a mom, I can handle it half as gracefully as some of the women ahead at least appear to handle motherhood.
Rison says rookies gotta handle their business on AND off the field ... which means getting in touch with the right representation and people who know how to handle that much money.
Providence, Rhode Island: Machine Can't Handle Voter LoadLong lines in Providence, Rhone Island are the result of electronic voting machines that can't handle the high voter turnout, reports the Providence Journal.
Like the Fiskars Long-Handle Shovel, it has a 14-gauge steel blade welded to an 18-gauge steel handle that won't break or bend even during the heaviest garden jobs.
But the fact that Republicans don't have a handle on it is also driving their indecision about how to handle the fact Trump is closing in rapidly on their party's nomination.
We can&apost, we don&apost have a handle on it, so you can point fingers to other countries, but we don&apost even handle it well in our own country.
Think of it this way, someone who might have been able to handle something shocking without a trigger warning, would actually be less able to handle it because of the warning.
I have to select the correct key or key card from my inventory, use that key or key card on the door, grab the handle, hold the handle, and then push?
The University of Colorado is saying goodbye to their beloved live buffalo mascot Ralphie V — not because she can't handle the work anymore, but because they can't seem to handle her.
Just by heating up the end on the handle you can shape it into anything, put a small sharpened piece of metal into it, and boom: a shank with a handle.
Sites mandated to handle cows, sheep and chickens All four Kenyan abattoirs are now mandated to transform their donkey slaughterhouses within 60 days to handle cows, sheep and chickens, Munya said.
If Mr. Trump cannot handle satire directed his way from a show that makes its living off skewering current events, how can he handle criticism from foreign governments and their leaders?
The attacks on the Epilepsy Foundation's Twitter handle occurred last month — National Epilepsy Awareness Month — with trolls using its hashtags and Twitter handle to post animated images with strobing light effects.
"I continue to be personally skeptical, more broadly ... of Congress's ability to handle such a complicated policy area, given Congress's recent inability to handle simple things," press secretary Josh Earnest said.
It gets kind of distracting when people ask me for this or that, I don't mind talking to people all day, but I got to handle what I got to handle.
As a culture, we hadn't quite gotten a handle on how to handle weird or questionable imagery—beyond the X-ray specs and the spy cameras and all that other stuff.
OS X can easily handle most common formats, like .
Handle can move with confidence — and carry 100 pounds.
Douglas's advice on how to handle criticism – ignore it!
" SS: "I really handle the small stuff way better.
How you handle these situations can break — or make!
I can handle that — it's kind of on me.
I don't have a Twitter thing or – handle, whatever.
Chef Knife with Pakka Wood and Rosewood Handle — $34.95
Heilmann: Hauser & Wirth can handle that, I'm pretty sure.
He can probably handle more than she can … probably.
Here are the best garden shovels and spades you can buy:Best shovel overall:Fiskars Long-Handle Round-Point Steel Digging ShovelBest short garden shovel:Bond Mini D-Handle ShovelBest garden spade:Fiskars D-Handle Garden SpadeBest garden scoop:Ames D-Handle Aluminum ScoopBest garden trowel:Wilcox All Pro 14-Inch TrowelThe best rakes you can buyIt's fall, and for many people, that means it's time to break out the trusty old garden rake to take care of all those falling leaves.
They found that if a renewable grid can handle the shifts in sun and wind today, it should be able to handle them in the future — even if it gets really warm.
You can divide clothing sites into three categories: ones that handle the latest stylish and expensive clothing and jewelry, ones that handle major middle-level brands, and dealers in traditional discount leftovers.
Robinson's case is just one of many instances of campus sexual assault and points to the ineffective means by which universities sometimes choose to handle (or, more aptly, not handle) those cases.
Siri will handle the user interaction – meaning, voice and natural language recognition – and then works with the extension in question to get the information from the app and handle the user's request.
We are going to handle the end the way we like to handle the important things in our Scandal family: all together, white hats on, Gladiators running full speed over a cliff.
The cup and handle pattern he refers to assumes a "u" shape in the stock price (the cup) followed by a smaller additional pullback (the handle) and ultimately an enormous surge higher.
Venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson shared a video of Boston Dynamics showing off a new robot called Handle — named apparently after its supposed ability to handle objects — that uses both wheels and legs.
We are going to handle the end the way we like to handle the important things in our Scandal family: all together, white hats on, gladiators running full speed over a cliff.
"I continue to be personally skeptical, more broadly ... of Congress's ability to handle such a complicated policy area, given Congress's recent inability to handle simple things," he said during a March briefing.
"Municipalities love [civic engagement] but it's also terrifying to them because it's so much for them to handle and they're not really given the resources to go and handle them," DeMonner said.
" — Julia "Here are my final thoughts since I've already talked about how much I liked the squishy handle on this razor...favorite shaving cream: Billie; favorite razor head, Flamingo; favorite handle: Joy.
Place a roller on the roller handle, attach the handle to your broomstick, dip the roller into the pan and roll your roller back and forth until it's covered in equal amounts.
Last week, a Washington Post/ABC News poll found Clinton leading Trump by 14 percentage points on ability to handle terrorism and 29 percentage points on ability to handle an international crisis.
For those struggling to get a handle on the plotting — or others, like me, struggling to get a handle on the purpose — this week's episode risks alienating a swath of its audience.
" A cup and handle technical pattern forms when a stock goes through a slump, then recovers, forming a U-shape and is then followed by a period of consolidation or a "handle.
But in order to get the gun to fire, a shooter has to simultaneously push the handle grip closest to the barrel forward while pulling the handle grip closest to the body backward.
It's unlikely that a permissionless blockchain such as Ethereum would be able to handle the traffic of widespread adoption if it couldn't even handle less than two thousand active users at its peak.
"From the very first time you handle a weapon in the military, you are taught to handle it with a deep respect and appreciation for what it is capable of doing," she said.
I thought that if I could handle raising a million dollars for a nonprofit and arguing big cases in court, it must just be on me that I can't handle my own issues.
Things break when you start doing more — everything from the buyers not being ready to handle that much inflow, to people like CV Capital who aren't ready to handle that many new relationships.
The bully brutally sodomizes Tyler with a broom handle, in a scene that's much more graphic than the rape scenes of the first season; you see the bloody broom handle at the end.
Nation even made little hatchet pins with the words "Death to Rum" on the handle, so Criminal made their own pins, with the podcast name on the handle, and you can buy 'em!
Gulf Coast terminals handle three-quarters of U.S. crude exports, but only one - the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) terminal - can handle supertankers that can carry up to 2 million barrels of oil.
Because the P4s come with 13GB of DDR5 memory and can handle up to 22 tera-operations per second for integer operations, these cards can handle pretty much anything you throw at them.
"And while we'll handle it and we're well-prepared to handle the issue and deal with the ramifications of it, this isn't something that started here, but it's something we're going to finish."
To protect them, Mr. Wilson had his staff park the vehicles on the highest ground of his 26-acre site — "door handle to door handle," he said — to reduce damage from windblown debris.
Let the wedding coordinator and the couple handle the timeline.
Even a novice cook can handle these chocolate bourbon truffles.
This is a lot to handle, but I'll be okay.
I wasn't sure if I could handle all the expectations.
Value: $19.99 Having trouble getting a handle on your finances?
And that is the best way to handle media mistakes.
There's more space out there than the mind can handle.
It also developed services to handle things like product returns.
There are a few different ways they handle their disagreements.
Conversely if it's mechanically right, he can handle any pitching.
The friendships we have enable us to handle these changes.
Investors are now wondering how airlines will handle cheaper fuel.
Because I'm like, 'How am I going to handle this?
So quantum supremacy is a concept to handle with care.
But it might be too much for Twitter to handle.
Prince Harry definitely knows how to handle a difficult question.
We just couldn't get a handle on it at times.
Please only watch if you feel you can handle it.
You'll also receive a flip straw lid and carabiner handle.
He didn't know how to handle the attention and drama.
"Shale's shoulders cannot handle multiple producer crises," said RBC's Croft.
So we have got to get a handle on that.
This simply generates more offense than any defense can handle.
He also noted the market can handle higher interest rates.
But Greenspan said he is confident Powell can handle it.
A handle of over $2,000 would represent 165 percent appreciation.
"These deputies are trained to handle tough situations," says Keith.
I had no idea how to handle something like that.
They start failing because they can't handle the workload themselves.
This whole thing is too much for me to handle.
Q: When extreme success hit, how did you handle that?
Segway miniPRO can handle a hill like this, no problem.
Excessive spending isn't the smartest way to handle your bonus.
It's common for only one spouse to handle the money.
In fact, let's just let Twitter handle this, shall we?
None of us were equipped to handle our father's needs.
But the country can handle the challenges, the spokesperson continued.
Can you handle any more twists on This Is Us?
You're expected to handle your shit, be a tough guy.
The months since the attack have been tough to handle.
Now there's one spoiler we're definitely not prepared to handle.
Like, seriously Harry and Meghan, we can't handle this nonchalance.
But all economics aside, Handle is damn fun to watch.
She held on until I took her off the handle.
How can psychologists and physicians handle the practice of exorcism?
But the young student journalists couldn't handle Paris' tough love.
No problem is too small for you to handle, huh?
He also runs classes on how to handle snakes safely.
What place could possibly handle this amount of star power?
Why is there a lock on Bardem's splintering chair handle?
Nearly every New York undertaker refused to handle the corpses.
A removable faux leather luggage tag velcros to the handle.
She can't handle the cognitive dissonance of flubbing a challenge.
Morbitzer said the Columbus police department would handle the investigation.
I worry about her being able to handle four children.
"Most Americans can't handle a $500 emergency expense," he said.
Eric Steven Nelson was tasked to handle a cocktail menu.
But I think I know how to handle it now.
Maybe if they understood it better, they'd handle it better.
And two other organizations opened emergency shelters to handle overflow.
"It is a situation that we will handle," he said.
There are areas that BERT doesn't handle well, Nayak said.
Let's see if we can handle what we asked for.
"I feel like people can handle three hours," Johansson said.
I wanted a space that could handle all of that.
I think I can handle them at Iovine and Young.
They are also paid to handle calls for neighboring Springfield.
That means it can handle everything you throw at it.
Some cheaper robot vacuums are not equipped to handle carpets.
It seemed like a lot for one person to handle.
The void forced Carney to handle most of the work.
It's how you handle adversity, not how it affects you.
I opened AOL chat and looked for my manager's handle.
They're only allowed to handle the unit once it's broken.
We've yet to successfully handle this original sin of America.
Canary Talk can also handle multiple people calling at once.
One challenge the product faces is how to handle localization.
If it's Jones instead, they can only handle one defection.
Kohl's will handle the rest, like customer service and promotions.
Instead, it wants to handle the software and the platform.
That's fine too — eufy's BoostIQ technology can probably handle it.
Rebecca had been happy to let Priscilla handle all this.
But the way they handle themselves, I really admire that.
We hope that these adults handle the products with care.
One tore when it got caught on a door handle.
Donald Trump couldn't handle us making a joke about him.
And I can handle anything that is sent my way.
Cuisinart 15pc Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Cutlery Block Set — $41.99
How police handle such complaints when they first receive them.
"Something like that is very hard to handle," Szydagis said.
Mad respect to all the ladies who can handle heels.
"She's a lot to handle," the insider says about Frankel.
So she got one of her team to handle it.
Rihanna pays homage to this through her Instagram handle badgalriri.
We finally had a discussion about how to handle it.
It's almost more than this beloved affirmational phrase can handle!
What people really can't handle, though, is the duct tape.
Siegel, whose handle is "crazyjewishmom," has more than 800,000 flowers.
They're trained to have to handle difficult turns without stopping.
But also, your iPhone will handle the change for you.
YouTube says it will handle the logistics and payment processing.
I would kind of fly off the handle a lot.
The 'moment' may be near -- how will Clinton handle it?
Let stand until cool enough to handle, about 10 minutes.
We get it, this news is a lot to handle.
She does fly off the handle sometimes — let's be honest.
I was trying to pick it up by the handle.
Basically if you're moving, a GoPro can handle the action.
The client can then decide how to handle the discovery.
His brain does not have the chemistry to handle it.
Can she handle seeing Ellie die while in LARPing costume?
I said, 'Ryan how do you want to handle this?
The company directly employs 80 staff to handle app operations.
In some circumstances, it can even handle two failed units.
It is unclear how Kris Jenner will handle the situation.
And this year, it was almost too much to handle.
SARA EISEN: --had a three handle in front of it.
That way, it can handle unexpected obstacles while moving fast.
"It's there to handle security, not to babysit," she said.
I had to figure out what my body could handle.
We might ask you to handle any number of tasks.
And honestly, the internet kan't handle how kute she is.
Yes, her baby's Instagram handle is a gun reference too.
Several states had to reassign employees to handle the load.
And both would've been too much for Trump to handle.
We don't have enough refining capacity worldwide to handle it.
Our hearts can't handle this (but they WILL go on)!
Could you handle being the heroine in a YA dystopia?
I just thought I could handle this on my own.
But the companies must prove they can handle the demand.
That, in turn, will allow them to handle more deliveries.
How could it handle something exceptionally spiny like a cactus?
And let's just say, they really can't handle the truth.
Asked whether Trump could handle the presidency, 55% said no.
They will handle his case in accordance with their regulations.
I'd have to take the lead and handle this myself.
Whose subway system can't handle the slightest bit of rain?
It actually looks way more stylish with the handle on.
"I can't handle lifting more than five pounds," Sharapova said.
We didn't handle the ball tough enough during that time.
It's time to grow up and handle your business properly.
We're left believing Joel simply can't handle his wife's success.
"They took in more than they can handle," he said.
I'm not sure we could handle more volume than that.
China hopes Indonesia can "appropriately handle" the issue, it said.
"Boy, I don't think you could handle her," he says.
Calibra will also handle Libra integrations for Facebook's other products.
Having truly mobile, dynamic robots like Handle would change that.
So far, this method can't handle a lot of information.
But they can also be ornery and tough to handle.
The first generation TPU was only able to handle inference.
It's the truth; we should be able to handle it.
They clearly haven't got a handle on these cryptocurrency scams.
Like many autistic people, I don't handle background noise well.
Our sources say Rob believes Chyna can handle parental responsibilities.
Despite years of hard work, Handle was ultimately a failure.
One challenge was that emus were not easy to handle.
The hotter it gets, the less the liver can handle.
The record includes $4.1 million of handle bets in Japan.
He was sure he could handle it on his own.
His mother couldn't handle the thought of him driving off.
"Most bites occur when people try to handle a rattlesnake."
Next time, maybe just let the Tooth Fairy handle it.
There's always a scandal for Roger Goodell to handle poorly.
A flush handle is now standard on every new Tesla.
The only question is: How much heat can you handle?
They're also more computationally intensive than any computer can handle.
The startup provides the perfect service to handle unpaid invoices.
"Notify police and let them handle the recovering," he said.
These desk mates let your phone handle the hard stuff.
They can barely handle each small hint of the future.
A month ago, I mentally couldn't handle it any longer.
And I was like, okay, I can handle that much.
How does WADA handle these kinds of drugs or strategies?
They can't even handle kickoffs anymore, much less press conferences.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Carr wrote, would handle it.
It's all too much for our online feeds to handle.
Unfortunately for Latifi, Bader was simply too much to handle.
The life on this planet is difficult enough to handle.
What it boils down to is how they handle it.
OBAMA: Yeah ,and I didn't always necessarily handle that well.
What's the scope of operations in the region you handle?
I feel like he needed to handle that situation better.
Truth is, Martell hasn't shown that he can't handle adversity.
I tried to handle the situation the best I could.
These illnesses are much harder to get a handle on.
Here's how the community is learning to handle these situations.
Watch Ronda woman-handle Steph ... then get back to us.
The judge said U.S. Marshals can handle her medical care.
It's unclear how Amazon might handle a rogue service provider.
How do you not know your own daughter's twitter handle.
That way the Court Officers could handle the defendant correctly.
Nothing a few Tylenol and an ice pack can't handle.
A big question is how do you handle the demand?
Octopie Network and Canadian studio Bardel Studio will handle animation.
DevFlight takes a 25 percent transaction on the deals. Handle.
"I don't know how to handle each situation," she adds.
There's always that one guy who can't handle his drink.
Start small and prove you can handle the responsibility first.
If you can't handle his energy, you're up a creek.
My oranges were inscribed with my name and Instagram handle.
You're an adult and can handle the essentials just fine.
Unfortunately, it seems the processor inside can't really handle this.
Or at least mostly handle it, like a Loralai Gilmore.
A TSA body scanner might handle 30 people per minute.
There's only so much clubbing of cavemen I can handle.
Trump also tops Clinton on his ability to handle healthcare.
How do you handle choosing toys and clothes with them?
The somewhat neglected freight network cannot handle the extra capacity.
Foxx's first assistant prosecutor, Joe Magats, will handle the case.
But eventually, Cuca's world gets bigger than he can handle.
How would I handle this next part of the adventure?
Accountancy firm Deloitte has been appointed to handle the audit.
Knowing what I now know, how would I handle RBT?
Watch what happens -- this is just too hot to handle.
Next week, Karen goes camping and you handle her emergencies.
We really need to get a handle on the violence.
New IoT networks handle coverage concerns in two different ways.
Have you ever eaten anything that your stomach couldn't handle?
We've had to handle the truth for many, many years.
Rick Snyder's office over how to handle the residents' complaints.
So how do you handle school while training and touring?
No urban drainage system can handle this type of deluge.
"We know that there are better ways to handle this."
I couldn't handle the lack of articles in my feed.
Shouldn't it be able to handle that kind of thing?
At least we've got a better handle on the problem.
Why didn't the police realize it was a suitcase handle?
"Nope," she tells them — and she's ready to handle it.
I think there's more ethical ways to handle these situations.
Not to worry though, Riri can handle herself just fine.
The only thing it doesn't handle fine is PC games.
"I do know how to handle it now," she says.
I didn't respond well and I didn't handle myself well.
The HD 800 S handle this barrage with unerring composure.
We call the fire department and let them handle it.
I can't handle people that overanalyze and can't let go.
To handle a baby lizard, you gently pinch its shoulders.
She wasn't sure how her employers would handle the situation.
He said the regular healthcare committees should handle the issue.
The team discovered blockchains could handle this at small scale.
It takes years to learn to handle these finicky cells.
I can't handle this and you are ok with it.
"That was a lot for me to handle," Keys said.
Otherwise, they would not be able to handle foreign competition.
Here are six ways Beijing could handle the escalating crisis.
The answer is yes, provided they can handle large volumes.
"I don't know how to handle each situation," Anna adds.
Only if you can handle the impending compliments, that is.
It seems like they've got a handle on it. Yeah.
But he was sure I'd be able to handle it.
Just kidding, don't click on that Instagram handle at work.
It's a situation Stotts implicitly trusts his center to handle.
How would an untrained driver handle a car this fast?
Twenty ships that JICT was scheduled to handle by Aug.
We don't seem to have a good handle on that.
There was far too many casualties for anyone to handle.
Now, the lanes will also be used to handle returns.
And this will be a lot of money to handle.
There was far too many causalities for anyone to handle.
The Silverado 2500 also feels built to handle serious abuse.
Resilient systems are better equipped to handle the next boom.
What functions will Siri be able to handle for them?
He figured he could handle a few drinks, no problem.
But this was an A.C.C. opponent that could handle it.
"Our dealerships handle hundreds of deals every month," he said.
This reports the conversation to the mod team to handle.
The person's handle is Paul Skent, or Paul S. Kent.
A narrower device is easier to handle in one hand.
The ribbed handle on this gel grip adds extra pleasure.
And if you can't handle them needing space, stay away.
Now, it will again handle Nationwide's account on its own.
It expands the availability of lawyers to handle these appeals.
Immigration courts that don't handle detainees' cases are completely closed.
How do you handle conversations in your classroom in general?
But Patriots players knew how to handle the media intensity.
Its coaches also receive training on how to handle concussions.
Three is about the most that we can really handle.
Not enough mental health funding, let the cop handle it.
Airline service bots could handle customer problems in one thread.
Still, Collins said he thought Conforto could handle the position.
But the legacy of 1998 proved too much to handle.
Mexico has not handled a specific firm to handle DACA.
Maybe my mother will be able to handle him herself.
The app can handle anything, from groceries to personal projects.
American fund managers handle 55 percent of the world's assets.
"We'll let the lawyers handle that and deal with it."
The battery is really heavy, but the handle is padded.
Ahead, Spira explains how to handle these often tricky situations.
The handle bar shifted to the left and I fell.
Here we speak exactly to how we handle customer data.
Nearing the passenger compartment, I recognize a familiar door handle.
Handle with gloves, as dry ice will burn the skin.
Rosenstein has long maintained that he can handle such concerns.
The state is debating various ways to handle the proposal.
How will Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) handle these applicants?
So Slice became his handle well before there was Twitter.
But also prepared to handle again the rigors of March.
It's possible he's made more enemies than he can handle.
Samsung's Charger Duo Pad can handle multiple products at once.
More potential cases meant more work than Smith could handle.
If you can handle that volume of data, that is.
Before they can handle the zombies, they're ambushed by gunfire.
I don't think we Cubans could handle it too quickly.
Kimmy can't handle spending all this time with Dong, though.
The frustration wasn't so easy to handle the second time.
We're never trained how to handle sexual assault cases correctly.
How do you handle people who are scared of you?
Conway and Brockhart disagree about Frank's plan to handle ICO.
There aren't many men who can handle such a woman.
How would he handle the pressure of a pennant race?
Was Melissa's suitcase handle really the weapon that killed Charlotte?
It was either you can handle it or you can't.
There's definitely several layers of solutions to handle that problem.
I can't even handle the idea of sex any more.
Watch the video below, if you can handle the heat.
They say God don't give you anything you can't handle.
Can Twitter handle President Trump's new interview about the truth?
"How did Ike handle the Kay Summersby affair?" he asked.
Fitch believes Liberty has sufficient liquidity to handle this maturity.
Be sure to teach them how to handle the animals.
UPS is gearing up to handle all your holiday packages.
It is knowing you can handle whatever comes your way.
If the State Department doesn't handle these tasks, who will?
And I'm not sure how he's going to handle it.
"Some candidates cannot handle the pressure," the video then states.
And who can help you handle it while it's hot?
The social network needs to get a handle on microsharing.
But if we practice mitigation, then hospitals can handle it.
You have to be able to handle playing different styles.
Better Call Saul Gus and Hank handle disappointments very differently.
But handle those unwieldy appliances with care to avoid injury.
At its ends, the plastic handle was transparent, albeit yellowed.
How each school is choosing to handle the situation varies.
KS: All right, I think you'll handle it just fine.
So we created a continuous news desk to handle that.
Uncomfortable topics may be broached, but you can handle it.
We still don't really have a handle on it all.
A central water bottle sleeve can handle most water bottles.
The large and dynamic United States economy can handle it.
Still, if you can handle the fallout, go for it!
How can this government be trusted to handle that challenge?
And, of course, someone who can handle the obstreperous Kalanick.
He thought he should have been able to handle it.
I thought I should have been able to handle it.
If progressives can't handle them, they have a real problem.
He also noted that caimans could handle a little stress.
That's a thing that very, very few platforms handle well.
That's all my mind can handle right now: counting steps.
But you can train your brain to better handle stress.
But the Oppenheimers couldn't get permission to handle international flights.
It's now the type of politics Giannandrea has to handle.
And even they don't quite know how to handle that.
A student loan should be just as easy to handle.
He could handle any situation that you put him in.
Its Twitter handle then went quiet for months, until Nov.
Notaries (who are trained as lawyers) handle real estate transactions.
How best to handle a poo that just won't flush?
Now that's a man who can handle his rhizomes, amirite?
Over it, her Heron Preston hoodie says HANDLE WITH CARE.
It was completely inappropriate for him to handle that case.
"Great to see @EPAScottPruitt," she wrote, using his Twitter handle.
And all of the specifics around how to handle it.
But, in fact, no, there's another way to handle it.
Sure," Mulvaney said, adding, "We know how to handle this.
We just can't handle it in a matter of weeks.
Huzayfah: How to handle the gun if it gets jammed.
Does it matter what sort of handle a gun has?
Nothing a trip to my local hardware store can't handle!
"We can handle 15 lines of cars," Dr. Rhodes said.
That's meant more cases without the resources to handle them.
Dieter can't handle Samsung's plot to make green bubbles cool.
Eleven doughnuts is pretty much all my diet can handle.
Clearly, I've decided, Washington can't handle too much fashion forwardness.
How to handle the launch is the immediate, urgent question.
Foreign exchange windows at local banks refuse to handle it.
Local officials are also receiving training to better handle emergencies.
Elsewhere in President Trump's orbit: HANDLE WITH CARE: Democratic Sen.
The local grid wasn't really set up to handle that.
But they handle one of the most common: registration renewal.
I can handle more than I ever thought I could.
JB: Women astronauts also handle stress better, is that right?
Young viewers could certainly handle a few more harsh facts.
Eventually they ran into a crew that couldn't handle it.
How should I handle a chance meeting and my anxiety?
They handle big blowouts, fight diaper rash, and dry fast.
"I didn't handle that one well," Dr. Maté said later.
" Or, "How can we handle this differently in the future?
The fragility and weakness of my body, I can handle.
Synchrony Financial will handle the banking side of the card.
What happens when the pressure gets too much to handle?
Because some students might not be able to handle them?
I wanted to see how Mexico would handle the challenge.
How can I handle this situation without alienating my boss?
Beijing seems comfortable with its ability to handle the problem.
Local officials have pledged to handle the outbreak with transparency.
You don't think you could handle a personality like yourself?
We will accompany Godfrey's family to handle discreet funeral arrangements.
The coroner's office will handle the investigation, according to police.
"We handle these large events almost every day," O'Neill said.
They ramped up their energy and we didn't handle it.
There are just not enough to handle the current market.
Watching four women handle a presidential debate was very powerful.
How will open societies handle terrorism in the near future?
She was a damsel who could handle her own distress.
Gohmert said that neither Obama nor Trump handle criticism well.
It will include more funding to handle preexisting conditions Sen.
Can you handle her and proceed to the next room?
How would your community handle a severe, chronic water shortage?
As a result it expects to handle 44% more calls.
A Pelican air case to handle his most rugged travels
Guys are certainly welcome to handle things however they want.
But we'll handle and do what we have to do.
We wanted somebody who would be able to handle everything.
It's not well equipped to handle newer kinds of missiles.
Kings handle Hawks for 4th win in row SACRAMENTO, Calif.
You've got to handle what's going to happen this weekend.
The justices appeared conflicted about how to handle the case.
In theory, Excel can handle practically limitless rows of data.
All that gave us pause: Can Antarctica handle that increase?
Are there things I can do to handle that pressure?
It's the diminutive handle that makes this razor so special.
That's hotter than your heat shield was designed to handle.
Also unclear is how Congress plans to handle the request.
Local airport authorities handle the situation differently in different states.
Our guys have to be tough enough to handle it.
We can handle the trolls and bots and random haters.
He knows how to handle it, and he'll be fine.
Many departments have offices more narrowly directed to handle security.
How does Ayisha Gomez handle the stress of the job?
If James Franco could handle grad school, why couldn't I?
Several brokers said that some parents handle apartment renovations, too.
You should handle such requests according to your own standards.
And that is how I handle any discomfort, any pain.
The world wants more Danish TV than Denmark can handle.
People think they can abuse women, they can handle it.
Klobuchar, too, knew how to handle this kind of man.
The Postal Service is left to handle the junk mail.
They have strict protocols for how they handle these situations.
She couldn't handle basic policy questions from the news media.
They can handle this in each one of their communities.
How should Democrats handle Trump's hatchet job on Biden's integrity?
Is this the best way to handle the unwanted houseguests?
How to handle a divided political world with grace 4.
Who else could handle this now if I were unavailable?
Are you supposed to hold the PopGrip as a handle?
She can get over that and handle her friend herself.
Changing the structure of how you handle expenses may help.
They're using outdated, heavy software and processes to handle AML.
So here's how to handle yourself and your electric vehicle.
Just lie on your belly, grip the handle, and go.
How would you handle things if you make a mistake?
They also aren't sure how to properly handle the remains.
The handle design helps hold the fabric flat while cutting.
So they tend to handle these things behind the scenes.
It would be too overwhelming and too much to handle.
"He couldn't handle it," said Stephanie Brook Chavez of Aurora.
Yael: The feds wouldn't be able to handle her, though.
That was below the 0.083 handle seen earlier this week.
The big question for the 'Cuse: Who can handle Sabonis?
The containers themselves are fit to handle practically any environment.
Google's struggle with how to handle internal complaints isn't new.
Secret Service is terrific, but how can they handle this?
That's something the league or the officials need to handle.
To handle such accounts, some have lacked advanced surveillance tools.
I'm the country's prime minister and will handle that too.
The bank also did not always handle customer complaints well.
When adversity hits, how are you going to handle it?
On Monday, Trump said the U.S. would "handle" North Korea.
These systems also cannot handle severe curves or construction zones.
Can't I just ask Instant Pot to handle all this?
How did you handle writing one as a white person?
But your voting machines can't even handle a little recount?
The government has set up an app to handle enquiries.
Is it essential that his drivers agree to handle alcohol?
How can I handle this without criticizing their dishwashing skills?
Stow your paddles, handle ends down, behind the stern seat.
How do you think viewers will handle this narrative swerve?
ANONYMOUS Yes, get over it — but after you handle it.
Your fear that you can't handle his bullying is mistaken.
I think I need to step in and handle this.
If Rivera can handle that, there is ample talent here.
But the wooden handle kept slipping out of my hands.
Mr. Lopp now carries enough to handle most daily transactions.
We know how the Obama administration would handle these situations.
It's also not the only way to handle these situations.
Our critics said we should let private capital handle it.
His email handle in college was Gaetzofhell, a classmate recalled.
For example, earlier this year they rebooted their Instagram handle.
I'm confident that the American people can handle the truth.
How many simultaneous cities in crisis can a country handle?
Yeah, security, don't worry, I can handle her for now.
" He then pointed out that Goodell's Twitter handle is "@nflcommish.
Other companies handle complaints by firing the employee who complained.
There's a lot of challenges in how we handle this.
Eating sardines: Again, because the demons can't handle the smell.
It's very hard to handle Apple Photos, I find it.
Until now, it simply couldn't handle these trees' gargantuan genomes.
And it's fine, I know I can handle it gracefully.
Better yet, think your conscience, your morals could handle it?
Funnily enough, I can handle it better than she can.
I always thought I could handle things until I couldn't.
In the past, the company only required extensions that handle personal or sensitive user data to post a privacy policy, but now it will require extensions that handle "user-provided content" and personal communications.
In the currency market, the dollar advanced against a basket of currencies overnight, with the dollar index advancing to the 94 handle from the 93 handle it traded at during Asian hours on Thursday.
Although he has often wasted his talent with his antics and his inability to handle frustration, Frenchman Paire is a gifted player anyone should handle with care, nine-time Roland Garros champion Nadal said.
Not everybody can handle war—people who get PTSD can't handle it—but a lot of the guys who go really far overboard, they don't have a lot of coping mechanisms to begin with.
The Garden State harvested $318.9 million in handle (the total in bets taken) and $15.5 million in revenue (what sportsbooks earn after payouts), besting Nevada's $317.3 million in handle and $11.6 million in revenue.
They send their kids with notes for me about what to look out for and how to handle certain behaviors ... as if I haven't been trained through years of teaching to handle my students.
Text messages can handle shorter video attachments and are often more convenient than email, but they too have limits, especially when using an SMS or MMS format — iMessages can handle much larger file transfers.
The advanced anti-vibration handle on theStanley 20-Ounce FatMax Xtreme Hammer makes it the perfect hammer to handle all kinds of jobs around the house without putting stress on your wrists and forearms.
Hunter2 aims to build its own virtual environment to handle these kinds of scenarios, rather than just simulations, in order to offer its own flavor of how to teach how to handle these problems.
While companies may see this as akin to hiring a head of marketing to handle marketing or a head of HR to handle HR, a CDO can't make an existing business a digital success.
Damascus Chef Knife with Buffalo Horn, Brass, and Rose Wood Handle This 13-inch chef's knife is made with a stunning buffalo horn and rosewood handle detailing and a hand-forged Damascus steel blade.
I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle, but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.
Cars currently being made by Tesla should be able to handle full autonomy, Musk said, though he reiterated that the company may need to swap in more powerful computers to handle the processing power required.
It sounds heavy, but since we've all seen Moore handle the gravitas of A Walk To Remember — not to mention her heartrending scenes in This Is Us — we know she'll handle it all with aplomb.
The advanced anti-vibration handle on the Stanley 20-Ounce FatMax Xtreme Hammer makes it the perfect hammer to handle all kinds of jobs around the house without putting stress on your wrists and forearms.
I just love that: four-speakers, two antennas blasting out almost like the sound from the speakersw, and the handle in the middle: You can almost picture the double fist holding that little skinny handle.
The advanced anti-vibration handle on the Stanley 20-Ounce FatMax Xtreme Hammer makes it the perfect hammer to handle all kinds of jobs around the house without putting stress on your wrists and forearms.
More voters had confidence that the US healthcare system will handle the virus better than the federal government: 66% said they're confident the healthcare system will appropriately handle the virus, while 30% were not confident.
The advanced anti-vibration handle on the Stanley 20-Ounce FatMax Xtreme Hammer makes it the perfect hammer to handle all kinds of jobs around the house without putting stress on your wrists and forearms._____________________________________________________________
Cohn and staff secretary Rob Porter gambled that the President's attention span is so limited, they could handle him as one would handle a toddler, whisking away fragile objects before he noticed they were there.
"It's nice when Washington plays a team before us, because how they handle Ovechkin usually is starting the trend of how they're going to handle Patty," the Jets assistant Jamie Kompon said, referring to Laine.
Piereeno, who made his first tattoo machine last year, tells us to heat the bit between the head and the handle before bending it 90 degrees, making sure the handle remains longer than the head.
This is not unfamiliar territory for a quarterback used to having every mannerism intensely scrutinized, and we all know how this goes, and how the people who will handle it that way will handle it.
Kick off your morning with as much as you can handle.
How would the Knicks handle a team with so few weaknesses?
The whole thing is more cuteness than my heart can handle.
But she's used to wearing adornments, so she can handle it.
We can hardly handle all the puppy power in that video.
We always have different degrees of what we can handle internally.
"I'm sorry, I really thought I could handle it," she said.
It can handle MKV files, AVI files, and odd network streams.
Can you handle what's about to happen the next few hours?
Mac chose Miller as his personal rep to handle his estate.
Rich refused and she immediately called cops to handle the situation.
I noticed the handle of the person who posted that video.
It will also handle storage of ID, payments and smart contracts.
Buffett and Munger still handle major capital allocation decisions and investments.
Really now, how much pain can one Bachelor (and audience) handle?
I don't want to feel like I can't handle the truth.
But, no — Handle did not appear to be joking at all.
They also publicly tweet your message to the congressperson's Twitter handle.
Daxing expects to handle 2100 million passengers a year by 22040.
Unsurprisingly, there is software that can handle plist files for us.
These two powerful phones could handle editing up to 4K video.
"Can't you handle it like an injured deer??" a commenter asked.
Kris asks the doctor if Kim's body could handle another pregnancy.
The tradition of religious liberty has the resources to handle this.
One of those is getting the robots to handle bad weather.
I just tried to handle it as best as I could.
"Obviously I'm not able to handle everything that well," he said.
It's easier to handle but it's not good for the pasta.
Check out the vid -- we suggest a new handle ... DJ Hodrop!
These were planned issues and this was something we could handle.
A woman graffitied her Instagram handle all over several National Parks.
So why not improve the limit that the network can handle?
How you want to handle that ... hey, that's up to you.
Some of them do, but don't know how to handle it.
I&aposm not sure they really know how to handle it.
But I think she's going to be able to handle it.
A dive team later found a wooden handle in a lake.
My mum loves them, so I'll let my mum handle them.
It can handle some 600 billion operations per second, Apple claims.
It was great loss and I did not handle it well.
It is also expected to handle call, text, and email notifications.
Juncker said Europe would build more terminals to handle the influx.
So how will Kelly handle Trump's unhappiness with the special counsel?
Honestly, I couldn't handle that, I was happy to be done.
Government agencies have internal FOIA offices that handle all FOIA requests.
How did you handle it in the days and weeks after?
You have to be careful how you handle for good reason.
Unfortunately, it became too much for both of them to handle.
Step aside, Neil Patrick Harris, and let Anna Kendrick handle this.
The Rev just looks like it can handle some serious stuff.
"We'll handle our issues," Ahlam recalled M.'s mother assuring her.
Here's why prisons are among the worst places to handle outbreaks.
He shouldn't have thought he could handle it all by himself.
"Microsoft might handle more of the deal in-house," Nassof said.
"They were never intended to handle families and children," Luck said.
As it stands now, over 5 million users follow the handle.
"Once they are seasoned, they can handle more risk," he added.
So how would Marvel handle bringing her back from the dead?
When cool enough to handle, cut kernels off cobs; discard cobs.
But in reality, she shouldn't have to handle it at all.
B Hey B, There is no "best" way to handle fear.
But I think she's going to be able to handle it.
From a bouncer's perspective, drunk women are often harder to handle.
Newark can only handle so much traffic and so many flights.
"I don't know if I can physically handle it," Brandi said.
The police department's Special Investigation Response Team will handle the investigation.
And when they can't handle it, viewers can see for themselves.
This person will have the legal authority to handle financial matters.
I think it's OK. I have faith people can handle it.
Even Emilia Clarke's hair couldn't handle playing Daenerys for seven years!
There's got to be a better way to handle 911 calls.
Some argued the best vehicle to handle Yiannopoulos was through suspension.
Humans, she pointed out, are often busy and can't handle everything.
What's the current situation, current thinking on how we handle this?
I'm pretty warm-blooded, so I can handle some [low] temperatures.
Venues rent space and hire ticketing companies to handle their events.
Overall, Pardoe has a strong handle on his finances, Westlin says.
Amazon Echo devices can now handle music playback across multiple rooms.
But in Minaj's defense, she could barely handle her first one.
She took a day off work to handle the phone calls.
But we happen to know she's well-equipped to handle heartbreak.
The driver's side exterior handle failed on a couple of occasions.
But I think we're supposed to be able to handle complications.
She also said that he should "handle" the sexual misconduct rumors.
So what is it that makes octopus so hard to handle?
The company doesn't work with hotels and doesn't handle bookings directly.
Pick one person to handle the money you raise and spend.
Canadian banks were well positioned to handle such challenges, it added.
The tempo is faster than lawyers here, mostly volunteers, can handle.
I wake up and I want to handle my business now.
"Don't feel sorry for me, I can handle everything," she said.
When it's cool enough to handle, cut kernels off cobs. 2.
We've hired some new community managers to handle this as well.
We had to declassify the films so Jim could handle them.
The district attorney called in state authorities to handle the case.
The remaining two cores would handle the rest of the processes.
Machines are increasingly able to handle difficult but well-defined jobs.
Still, you may want to handle those negotiations delicately, Coomber said.
If you can't handle it, you don't get to write something.
But, how do we handle such inherent bias in our world?
Loop will handle the cleaning and reuse aspect of the packaging.
Plot twist: nick sends himself home cus he can't handle this.
You simply walk up to the car and touch the handle.
Khan left her after he was unable to handle her reaction.
She can handle the balancing act without crying in the bathroom.
The rules for how to handle Africa's debt crises are changing.
But that doesn't just mean how they handle themselves in battle.
She was "hot-headed," though, and Garrett ultimately couldn't handle it.
But, like Ferguson said, she's smart enough to handle the haters.
And, I'm not sure I can handle much more sexual tension.
Q: How did you handle funding, research, and experimenting with materials?
We would try to handle it in a professional, efficient manner.
I couldn't handle it if someone died here in my club.
You know how to handle them better, but they're still there.
With the curveballs that get thrown you handle them better relaxed.
Even perfect OLED technology will handle color representation differently than LCD.
It also enables much better group messaging than SMS can handle.
Yardbook lets them handle it all with web and mobile software.
They handle the ball screen as well as anyone I've seen.
Grab the one you love by the handle and trip on.
Last week's Handle video was different than past Boston Dynamics releases.
She can't handle getting close to Amma and losing her, too.
We all learn about how to handle money from our parents.
Humans will still be needed to train algorithms and handle exceptions.
And we handle the relationship between the reporting parties and departments.
Fingers crossed there's a font to handle that already in production …
And different companies have chosen to handle this in different ways.
Small growers have often found substandard produce too costly to handle.