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"botch" Definitions
  1. a piece of work or a job that has been done badly
"botch" Antonyms
accomplish achieve break build correct create grow help repair succeed do well manage successfully fix honour(UK) honor(US) benefit respect manage effect succeed in get right make a good job of sort out tidy up arrange order organise(UK) organize(US) tidy explain clear up enlighten mend clarify untwist untangle exclude simplify laugh attain fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) realise(UK) realize(US) complete consummate execute finish conquer satisfy secure effectuate meet land acquire enhance further aid allow approve assist balance close construct do encourage establish fail lose maximise(UK) maximize(US) take make the most of take advantage of profit from capitalize on rebuild restore erect develop reconstruct raise preserve reconstitute reestablish restructure form originate damage impair ruin vitiate destroy wreck compromise incapacitate deteriorate smash corrupt kill trash disrupt endamage tear seize exploit grab jump at embrace grasp milk use catch go for leap at snatch take on get hold of grab hold of snag experience endure partake try undergo confront face have feel participate in go through take up have experience of success triumph hit blockbuster winner win accomplishment achievement blessing attainment rise continuation enough improvement increase solvency victory advantage calm method organisation(UK) organization(US) system singularity loneness arrangement tidiness uniformity harmony neatness single ordering disposition grouping alignment array orderliness individual one amenity attention civility courtesy formality gesture pleasantry correction original ingredient separation singular accuracy correctness care perfection restitution right disarray interruption stoppage single frame single picture still frame unaltered picture blast sensation star delight feast joy pleasure buzz crowd-puller entertainment gem knockout recreation treat ball belter

141 Sentences With "botch"

How to use botch in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "botch" and check conjugation/comparative form for "botch". Mastering all the usages of "botch" from sentence examples published by news publications.

He's still going to botch that upcoming Clue remake, though.
History affords lots of opportunities to see parties botch these questions.
It refunds consumers up to $2,000 if members botch a job.
When they do, sometimes they're going to botch it — sometimes spectacularly.
It's not the first time Trump appeared to botch the anthem.
"A 'typical' botch is an inability to follow the protocol," Dunham said.
So, where and how did Aladdin botch its opportunities for movie musical greatness?
A candidate can nail a speech one day and botch it the next.
Tag through the gallery to see the botch-free photos of the hot Diva.
After a week, and especially after the finale, I've decided it was a botch.
"I'd botch it 10,000 ways to Sunday and it wouldn't sound genuine," he said.
If Democrats botch the jungle primary, they may be destined to wander in the wilderness.
On multiple occasions, Annie and Hallie break their accents, botch expected reactions, and lie clumsily.
The company somehow managed to botch what was already going to be a difficult setpiece.
He says he's had ten to 12 people contact him wanting their botch job fixed.
He also didn't botch the spelling of the name of Georgia's prime minister, Giorgi Kvirikashvili.
To call yourselves a journalistic outlet and then botch this one so badly is astonishing.
He and other Democrats are certain Trump will botch the attacks or overplay his hand.
The best example of how candidates botch their approach is on the issue of abortion.
When it comes to Social Security, one small mistake can botch a lifetime's worth of income.
If they botch this, as they did health care, both chambers could lose their Republican majorities.
Perhaps the easiest way to botch your first RMD is to mistakenly take the wrong amount.
"Winterfell" briefly made me worry that Game of Thrones might botch this last run of episodes.
Like an experiment that altered too many variables, the movie looked like a botch in 1998.
Botch this any further and the whole party could be cast into political darkness for generations.
That seems particularly generous, especially if you botch your own battery install, but it's not entirely unusual.
And even once you're committed to doing it, you can botch it in a lot of ways.
Before the split, Cramer never imagined that the original RR Donnelley could botch a breakup so badly.
This book, I think, is a beautifully written botch, and it has me wondering anew about truth.
And anyone who pays much attention to politics can assume we're almost certainly going to botch it.
Nor do I think it is purely a botch, a mess that got that way by itself.
Those internal tensions that have given us the botch that is the House G.O.P.'s Obamacare alternative.
It was a bit of a botch job, like, but it managed to stay there all day.
"A lot of them will continue to botch it," said Rod Sides, who leads Deloitte's Retail & Distribution practice.
Chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors Leon Cooperman believes robotic traders frequently botch fundamental moves in stock valuations.
But it's become common in recent years for left-wing politicians to either botch or dodge foreign policy issues.
I come from a world of Dischord and Botch and Cave In and Converge, that's the guitar stuff I like.
It doesn't matter if the coins are safe in Anchorage's custody if a janky smart contract can botch their transfer.
This latest botch isn't as awful as an exploding satellite launch or inadvertently leaking sensitive information to the Pierce family.
California simply has too much to lose for us to allow the Trump Administration to botch this important decennial obligation.
California simply has too much to lose for us to allow the Trump administration to botch this important decennial obligation.
I ask because I keep thinking of you guys as the "new band" from members of Botch and Sharks Keep Moving.
Sonny (Pacino) and Sal (John Cazale) botch a heist they attempted in order to pay for Sonny's lover's sex change operation.
If you got into bands like Botch and Breather Resist but never listened to Deadguy, you are fucking up big time.
The great fish Botch is swollen to elephantine proportions, and its flesh is so scarred and damaged that it appears white.
But if it does not botch its roll-out, DMart could be the firm to get Indians all lost in its aisles.
But the 2600 conversion of Pac-Man gave the fledgling game industry its first template for how to botch a major title.
However badly Republicans botch the administration of Obamacare, there's little they can do to stop Medicaid expansion from helping and satisfying its beneficiaries.
It is always better to be a good witness than to botch an arrest, thereby endangering yourself and further complicating an unfolding crime.
That Trump would botch such a clear opportunity to reverse his dismal fundraising and sinking poll numbers is remarkable, but also not surprising.
WWE banned the piledriver, which is probably far safer, years ago, after a freak botch by Owen Hart left Steve Austin temporarily paralyzed.
You saw that guy botch that catch at around 3:40 and you felt his pain as the ball slipped from his fingers.
I try to separate myself from the moment of watching him botch something or other on court and not get yanked by his daddy.
Sure, the Canadiens aren't going anywhere if they botch a top pick, but the ripple effects for teams in weaker markets can be devastating.
We will not get to test the proposition, and nor should we wish to do so, since the replacement plan was such a botch.
A few years ago – and even now – this would have been any easy job to botch, but director Ryan Coogler and his formidable cast delivered.
After the two botch a bank robbery, we follow Connie in a bizarre journey through New York, in which everything he does completely goes wrong.
Further, if you botch a project because you overestimated your abilities, chances are you'll have to hire a pro to fix up your mistakes anyway.
It was actually considerably worse than this botch job, considering how its googly eyes were all over the place and the monstrosity was life-size.
It strikes the right tone and, though it's a generally vague platitude, it's an easy layup and Trump doesn't botch it, which is saying something.
It is every contestant's nightmare to botch it, becoming the latest newsfeed laughingstock, sinking you down into pageant infamy and months of low self-esteem.
Trusting your hairdresser to not totally botch your 'do is one thing, but trusting them to not accidentally knick you with their scissors is another.
Two robbers (James Landry Hébert and Michael Villar) botch a bank heist and take a bystander named Vivian (Ashley Bell) with them when they flee.
His handling of the Crooked Hillary Clinton case, and the events surrounding it, will go down as one of the worst 'botch jobs' of history.
And presidential primary races, beginning in the odd-numbered year and then continuing state-by-state, give everyone ample opportunities to conspicuously botch political coverage.
He also warned that if Trump and Congress "botch" the tax cuts, the GOP could lose its majority in the House in the 2018 midterm election.
In 1997, Ink & Dagger went on tour with Botch, a metal-leaning hardcore band from Tacoma, Washington, that had only a few singles to their name.
In other cases, public-private partnerships can be a way to route projects around dysfunctional government bureaucracies that would botch the job if given direct control.
But before they can tackle the spackle, the kids inadvertently botch a home bakery inspection by New York State that threatens to close Mama's oven doors forever.
Botch the annual distribution and you can wind up with a massive tax bill: a penalty equal to 50% of the RMD you were supposed to take.
But it's hard to shake just how thoroughly the trailer wants us to see this dude as our hero's dream guy, only to completely botch the landing.
Even if you completely botch the steak (which you won't, because that's incredibly difficult), you can pretty much drink the fresh, umami nam jim and be satisfied.
Letter of Recommendation Sometimes my memory fails me: I miss the right turn, botch my bank's security questions, try and fail to picture Massachusetts on a map.
During the last century lethal injection, now the execution method of choice, had a higher "botch rate" by far than every other means of killing the condemned.
US President Donald Trump has told allies he thinks House Democrats may botch their investigation and ultimately decide not to impeach him, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday.
Murrill spent 20 awkward minutes appearing to test whether it is possible to botch an argument badly enough to lose a case widely expected to go her way.
He could not bear to see his wife of 42 years continue to suffer, he said, and she had been fearful she would flinch and botch the job.
Either way, the botch made national news, and brought the work to the attention of a small but vocal group of Orthodox believers, who considered the design blasphemous.
Yet Trump has managed to completely and utterly botch this relatively simple job less than a week after creating a major diplomatic crisis with Iran for no particular reason.
After that tour, Botch would become known for playing shows in total darkness, punctuating their music with flood lights they'd flip off and on as if they were strobes.
But the livelihoods of billions of people worldwide depend on the idea that the United States — with its centrality to the global economy and financial system — won't botch things.
The album bridges the hardcore generational gap between modern acts like Defeater and the beloved heavy hitters of yesteryear like The Blood Brothers, Refused, Botch, and Since by Man.
And yet Harden and Jason Terry completely botch what may or may not have been a designed switch, and Jared Dudley winds up with the easiest layup of his career.
Fitting that the sport is pronounced "botch-ee," because whenever I tried to play as a teen, on back lawns at picnics with once-a-year kin, I botched it.
Carlos Bustamante, a prominent Stanford University geneticist and MacArthur fellow, led the analysis, so it's far more likely to be accurate than direct-to-consumer DNA tests that sometimes botch results.
Heritage in particular is flamboyantly incompetent on economics — remember the claim that the Ryan plan would reduce unemployment to 2.8 percent, or the chief economist's complete botch on state job growth?
And, of course, you can pull a top-to-bottom botch, cramming tons of pieces you don't need and none of the ones you do into your suitcase with no organization whatsoever.
After Troy Daniels's gravity causes Wesley Johnson and Tyrone Wallace to momentarily botch a switch, Dragan Bender is gifted with one of the easiest looks he'll ever have in an NBA game.
It's understandable that some Americans are turning to the generals, since the alternative is watching Trump botch the final decisions of life and death that we usually trust a president to make.
Overall, we expect Bloomberg to invest in over 40 races nationally, to try to ensure that Democrats don't once again botch winnable elections, and to put the House firmly in Democratic hands.
Their exact complaints about the birth of Obamacare became the actual details of the stillbirth of Trumpcare or Ryancare or whatever we're supposed to call the botch that they came up with.
That government regulators allowed the tobacco epidemic to get this bad before they finally took strong action from the 1960s to '90s speaks to just how badly the US can botch drug regulation.
A group of former prison officials warned the governor that his eight-kill scheme would impose "unnecessary stress and trauma" on staff at the Cummins Unit and increase the risk of a botch.
The lawmakers will require discipline in their questioning and need to avoid personal histrionics in a setting in which they habitually botch cross examinations through grandstanding and lack the methodical approach of prosecutors.
The media didn't botch Trump's repeated attempts to clarify whether or not he believes Russia sought to interfere in the last presidential election or whether they had plans to meddle in future elections.
This DIY light show was something Ink & Dagger used in their sets to add to their mystique and create a disquieting air, yet it would be Botch that spread this idea throughout underground music.
Check out some more video from VICE: Clearly, it's easy to botch a city's water purity, so you'd think that Portland's water bureau would have done everything in its power to prevent an outbreak.
It also means relying on the media to botch the kick on not just one, but two polls that allowed people who only self-identify as Native to have a say on the matter.
In 2009, though, the nation saw a misstep — Chief Justice Roberts and President Barack Obama managed to botch the simple call-and-response task of reciting the presidential oath at Mr. Obama's first inauguration.
When I tried, years ago, to read "King Lear" with a group of indifferent freshmen, I made a complete botch of things; my investment in their seeing the play as I did was too great.
But a BuzzFeed News examination of cases against ISIS defendants has found that all too often, police and prosecutors across the region have been granted wide latitude to pursue ISIS cases, only to botch them.
"You can't make this stuff up," quarterback Philip Rivers said after San Diego was felled by a botch hold on a game-tying attempted field goal in a 34-143 setback to Oakland on Sunday.
Another studio botch job, this is a movie about Tom Cruise as a bartender in love with the attention that wanted to be a movie about fragile male egoism in the alcoholic-American Psycho age.
While it would have been easy for the teen drama to drop such a difficult storyline, or botch it all together, Riverdale instead made a necessary point about survivors — especially in our current post-Harvey Weinstein climate.
There were bands that had some similarities, like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch and early Cave In, but everybody had different strengths and subtle nuances to what they were doing and how they were doing it.
This failure has turned what could've been a positive moment in Trump's presidency — the removal of a deadly anti-American general during a standoff with Iran that may have deterred further lethal action — into an embarrassing botch.
After a sterling career — including the Bronze Star for heroism as a Marine in Vietnam, and a decade as FBI director after 9/11 — Robert Mueller's last turn in the global spotlight will be remembered as a botch.
For the lessons of the Reagan debates, visible moments after they ended, was that a candidate can mangle facts and botch details and still win if a debate performance conveys a far simpler message: this is someone presidential.
Perhaps less noticeable but even more offensive was a consistent narrative throughout the night: Kimmel's tendency to either botch the non-typical names of the minorities in attendance, or his tendency to straight up make fun of them.
And though Tacoma, Washington's Botch had already built a name for itself, the release of We Are the Romans in 2000 showed they were paying attention to what was happening on the other side of the United States.
Brexit will create rifts and ambiguities for which no clear precedent exists, and such a volume and tangle of them that attempting to "muddle through"—that is, botch together case-by-case settlements—could result in paralysis or disintegration.
She found that, and I'm going to botch this statistic, but it was something crazy like 90 percent of people would rewrite or not post what they would have originally posted [According to ReThink, the actual statistic is 93 percent].
For developers, the process of determining whether every new update is going to botch some core functionality can take up a lot of time and resources, and things get far more complicated when you're managing a multitude of apps. Test.
And yet, while everyone was preoccupied watching a 67-year-old man botch "Amazing Grace" on one of the world's most unforgiving instruments, the kid – who we shall, from here on in, refer to as Yung Wokeness – saw an opportunity.
She found that, and I'm going to botch this statistic, but it was something crazy like 90 percent of people would rewrite or not post what they would have originally posted [ According to ReThink, the actual statistic is 93 percent].
Read more: This is how you botch an apology for Islamophobia And the Chinese delegation at the conference acknowledged both humans' role in contributing to atmosphere-warming greenhouse gas emissions and their commitment to meeting the goals outlined in the Paris deal.
Steve Bucci, a former Pentagon official who is now a cybersecurity and defense expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said that there is no evidence the U.S. military used cyber to botch the launch — beyond the fact that it has that capability.
Pushing for new crown jewels of the Chinese economy is an understandable part of celebrating a well-deserved success, but precipitating these events can not only botch the party, but it could also gravely damage China and the rest of the world.
Dead Astronauts by Jeff VanderMeer | Buy on Amazon The characters around the trio, the dead astronauts, are even stranger, but also more folkloric: Botch; a messianic blue fox; a broken-winged duck; the antagonist Charlie X, a bad man with a worse father.
"If they botch this thing on taxes," Republicans could lose control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections, Forbes warned, putting Trump in the tough spot of having to work with Democrats who have not been shy at showing their disdain for the president.
Healthcare professionals have been vocal about how chaotic and difficult their jobs have been lately, as the federal government continues to botch testing and give little to no practical guidance on what the hell anyone should be doing in response to the recently-declared pandemic.
With Magic Leap's years of lofty promises and underwhelming delivery, it's small praise to say that its operating system looks nice—but major products like the Apple TV and the Xbox One have notoriously found a way to botch such an essential part of the product.
It seems, then, that a large number of N.F.L. fans — especially those who care only marginally about play calling and simply judge coaches based on the foolhardy challenge flags they throw and the two-minute drills they botch — have been trapped in an uncanny valley of sorts.
Instead of wasting your time by looking at the needs of teams and potential available players and getting your hopes up, I'm going to give you the straight truth about the deadline—your GM will botch it and/or the players your team gets won't matter.
Wasserman, one of the sharpest election analysts, thinks the risk is real: "The closer we get to CA's 6/5 primary, the more I'm convinced: high odds Dems botch/get 'locked out' of *at least* one top-two primary in a Clinton/R seat," he tweeted.
In Endgame, the Avengers go back to 2012, they accidentally botch their attempt to get the Tesseract and in the chaos, Loki — who has just been captured by the Avengers in 2012 and is about to go back to Asgard with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) — grabs the Tesseract and disappears.
Image: FYRE (Netflix)A pair of dueling Fyre Festival documentaries—one on Hulu and one on Netflix—are giving viewers a better idea of how a festival-turned-shitshow managed to so badly botch its spectacular promise of being one of the greatest events the world had ever known.
Even though Dwyane Wade is gone, the Cavs still complain and don't get back in transition... ...or give enough respect to three-point shooters that are happy to fire away… ...and they routinely botch pick-and-roll coverages with players who execute separate strategies at the same time.
It's Gillooly, a semi-pathetic character, who gets the idea of trying to knock Kerrigan off her game, a plot he hands over to his doughy pal Shawn Eckardt (Paul Walter Hauser, also hilarious), who enlists a band of equally inept misfits who thoroughly botch the whole scheme.
But this is the dumbest sport in the world, so the GM that's underwhelmed for a decade will hang onto Tavares for the rest of the season and potentially lose him for nothing instead of reaping a bounty of futures at the deadline (that he'd probably botch, anyway).
In what appeared to be an attempt to assure viewers that it did not severely botch Allie and Noah's love story all on its own, the account tweeted the following:So to be clear, and following a number of reports to the contrary, Netflix claims it did not edit the film.
Here Kelly became part of Trump's game, blasting Wilson for listening in on a call he also listened to, and appearing to botch a political timeline in order to further attack her for claiming credit for securing funding for a building in Florida -- something she says she could not have done.
In early 2018, my colleague Julia Belluz argued that Trump was "setting up the US to botch a pandemic response" by, for example, forcing US government agencies to retreat from 39 of the 49 low-income countries they were working in on tasks like training disease detectives and building emergency operations centers.
Those rules — delivered in a 2011 "Dear Colleague" letter sent to colleges by the Obama Administration that laid out how sexual assault complaints were to be handled, as well a 2014 follow-up — came in response to accounts of colleges failing to take complaints seriously, letting untrained employees botch investigations and meting out little discipline.
His handling of the Crooked Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonTop Sanders adviser: Warren isn't competing for 'same pool of voters' Anti-Trump vets join Steyer group in pressing Democrats to impeach Trump Republicans plot comeback in New Jersey MORE case, and the events surrounding it, will go down as one of the worst 'botch jobs' of history.
His handling of the Crooked Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonTop Sanders adviser: Warren isn't competing for 'same pool of voters' Anti-Trump vets join Steyer group in pressing Democrats to impeach Trump Republicans plot comeback in New Jersey MORE case, and the events surrounding it, will go down as one of the worst "botch jobs" of history.
By the end of its pilot, The Mayor has not only handed Courtney an election victory but has him hesitate to take on the role, launch a cleanup initiative, botch that cleanup initiative, and then finally accept that he has to figure out a way to be both the rapper he wants to be and the mayor he promised he would be.
Public Justice is representing several clients across the country who say that a lack of procedures have led school districts to botch investigations and violate students' rights under Title IX. In a lawsuit against Gwinnett County Public Schools in suburban Atlanta, a high school sophomore said she was punished after she reported that she was forced to perform oral sex on a male student.
But Apple has not significantly changed the form factor of the laptop itself, meaning we're still likely to see a keyboard that's glued to the other internal components (a byproduct of the company—and the industry—chasing thinness.) This means that when keys do break—and for some people, they will break, because people will spill things on their computer, or get crumbs in it, or botch a repair and break a butterfly clip—the MacBook Pro will turn into e-waste.
The situation was this: After several months of filing oral and written accounts of my rape with police officers, all of whom were male, of having that story scrutinized, of having police botch simple details of my case resulting in weeks of delay, of asking, again and again, for a peace bond [a order from criminal court that requires the person served to be on good behavior for a certain amount of time] that the police failed to serve, after this minefield of bullshit the Crown had decided "not to pursue charges" in my case, on the grounds that they felt there were "inconsistencies" in my testimony and they therefore did not feel confident they could make a conviction.
I get it, I get it: the Stella's working its way around your body at a rate of knots and whatever dubious botch-job of chemical compounds you hastily ingested in a Wetherspoon's toilet are now coursing through you, and the club's a bit sweaty, and you suddenly feel quite dizzy and you've really, really got to tell someone something very, very important and the best place to do that is under a space heater, between a drug dealer and a bloke on a lot of ketamine, with one fag stuffed between your cracked lips, and another crumpling in your clammy hand—but do we actually have to go for another cigarette?

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