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"separate" Definitions
  1. forming a unit by itself; not joined to something else
  2. [usually before noun] different; not connected
"separate" Synonyms
detached isolated segregated separated unattached abstracted disjoined divided partitioned removed alone apportioned asunder disassociated disjointed divergent parted scattered apart disembodied independent autonomous different disconnected respective disparate distinct divorced discrete individual unique unrelated distinctive free unconnected particular personal individualised(UK) individualized(US) peculiar personalised(UK) personalized(US) private idiomatic patented privy singular subjective sole special specific sovereign sovran freestanding self-governed self-governing self-ruling self-determining autarchic self-sufficient self-legislating non-aligned democratic self-reliant nonaligned autarchical uncontrolled diverse dissimilar unlike unalike conflicting contradictory contrary differing contrasting incongruous distinguishable discrepant nonidentical opposite sectional exclusive factional local partial regional group class national party provincial racial sectarian selfish separatist attachable clip-on fasten-on hook-on removable adjustable appendable connective portable separable detachable lone solitary solo unaccompanied lonely lonesome companionless single unescorted abandoned only stag one onliest by oneself varied miscellaneous assorted mixed motley heterogeneous diversified various sundry eclectic manifold multifarious indiscriminate variegated patchwork promiscuous secluded secret concealed hidden quiet remote sequestered sheltered cloistered inconspicuous reclusive undisturbed covert retired divisible severable scissile breakable dissociable dividable isolatable isolable distant far faraway outlying away afar deep yonder farther further far-off far-flung far off at arm's length not close beyond range out of earshot far back peripheral irrelevant extraneous immaterial inapplicable inapposite tangential impertinent foreign irrelative external unassociated dissociated outside not pertinent not germane matchless peerless inimitable unparalleled incomparable unequalled(UK) unmatched unequaled(US) nonpareil unrivalled(UK) unrivaled(US) unexampled exceptional unexcelled unprecedented irreplaceable standout breakaway rebel dissenting secessionist revolutionary schismatic splinter heretical insurgent rebellious seceding apostate insubordinate insurrectionary mutinous renegade alternative modular sectioned segmental segmentary segmented componential componentized modularizable modularized segmenting separatable disconnect detach sever disjoin disunite uncouple disengage divide part split unlink unyoke disassemble disentangle decouple disaffiliate disarticulate disassociate disjoint dissever break up split up sunder cut off space winnow move apart draw apart set apart single out put on one side depart go leave exit withdraw take off barricade isolate close segregate sequester bar block off close off cordon off rope seclude exclude insulate island mark divide off fence off partition off section off curtain off partition bisect intersect come between keep apart lie between stand between divorce estrange dedomicile disunify become estranged be estranged get a divorce get divorced go different ways part company break it off go separate ways pull out stop living together untie the knot reach a parting of the ways categorise(UK) categorize(US) assign sort classify compartmentalise(UK) compartmentalize(US) distribute rank codify compartment distinguish relegate digest grade order peg type diverge fork branch spread bifurcate divaricate branch out go in different directions ramify branch off expand subdivide furcate turn off spread out fork off disband disperse scatter say adieu say farewell wave goodbye say goodbye say your goodbyes dissolve demobilize(US) differentiate remove dissociate sift filter out sift out sort out winnow out weed out put to one side cull extract select discern determine contrast perceive recognise(UK) recognize(US) ascertain discriminate identify difference secern make a distinction set at variance tell apart judge discrepate severalize tell the difference desert discontinue quit reject repudiate break with drop secede from break away from delink from resign from sever relations with split with withdraw from disaffiliate oneself from dissociate oneself from depart from drop out of pull out of undo unfasten untie loosen loose unknot release open unlock unbind unclasp unhitch confine quarantine cloister closet screen hide retire blockade conceal cover evict ostracise(UK) ostracize(US) disintegrate break shatter fragment fracture crumble bust crumple rive collapse shiver rupture dismember explode disrupt founder individualise(UK) individualize(US) demarcate individuate characterise(UK) characterize(US) designate pinpoint delimit delineate qualify singularize set off separate out filter pick out draw out take out sieve strain riddle griddle purify refine bolt put through a sieve filtrate percolate range set place position arrange locate stand station array deploy settle situate dispose lay out line up place at intervals space out skim off hive off cream off transfer farm out split off exile banish deport expatriate expel eject oust displace transport outlaw ban extradite uproot drive out excommunicate proscribe establish describe discover finger know decide deduce divine fix intuit substantiate validate leach drain lixiviate seep discharge dribble leak trickle drip empty ooze osmose wash away bleed exude ring-fence limit protect restrict set aside specify stipulate decentralize(US) disseminate propagate circulate share divvy halve carve up divvy up mete out parcel out slice up go even-steven go fifty-fifty go fifty-fifty in go halves in go halves with go Dutch go halves comb card heckle tease dress hackle hatchel teasel teazle skim cream ladle ream scoop top scoop off ladle off spoon off get the cream crop cut pare truncate lop trim shear stop cease end halt finish terminate conclude suspend elapse abandon lapse pass expire can desist distil(UK) distill(US) clarify clear cleanse clean process treat garble rarefy fine decontaminate rectify sanitise(UK) sanitize(US) sublimate disinfect divest strip deprive dispossess rob relieve bereave deny expropriate reave abate disinherit despoil bankrupt benim cheat out of do out of diddle out of match up compare differ juxtapose weigh vary analogize balance measure draw a distinction between set side by side stack up against set in opposition hold a candle to collate compete break free escape flee abscond fly lam get away run off run away get out break out clear out cut loose break away disentangle yourself break out of break loose get free burst out pull wrest yank draw wring pry extricate prize pluck corkscrew deracinate unearth eradicate tear reap unhinge distract disturb unsettle upset agitate ail alarm alarum bother concern derail discomfort discompose dismay disquiet distemper distress exercise flurry change deviate fluctuate digress disagree diversify be different be dissimilar be unlike be distinct be distinguishable not be alike conflict shield mask disguise veil cloak shade shelter camouflage shroud blanket curtain enshroud obscure occult shutter suppress several own definite proportionate some other alternate substitute variant aside separately by itself to one side all alone in isolation out of the way independently individually singly More
"separate" Antonyms
joined connected bound conjoined merged affixed conjugated touching banded cemented fixed fused inseparable linked tied entwined interfused welded attached combined dependent interdependent appurtenant conditional contingent determined by provisory reliant subject to shared collective group collaborative communal joint mass aggregate synergetic synergic synergistic composite pooled common mutual general broad cumulative grouped generic popular public universal unrestricted widespread similar consistent equal identical same alike equivalent like matching standardised(UK) standardized(US) uniform corresponding duplicate exact homogeneous homogenous indistinguishable related the same nonautonomous non-self-governing subject unfree heteronomous subservient appropriate necessary pertinent affiliated correlated associated allied interconnected interrelated regular standard usual aligned compatible complemental congruent congruous correspondent harmonious kin kindred parallel accompanied along together sociable companionable convivial cordial gregarious outgoing social ordinary combine join assemble stick affix append clamp consolidate connect interlink link fuse unify unite amalgamate merge mix agree annexe(UK) annex(US) integrate assimilate mingle reintegrate band harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) intermingle desegregate blend in join in bring together bridge interconnect attach couple associate marry gather hold keep fix wed espouse walk down aisle get hitched get married tie the knot walk down the aisle get together disarrange disorganize untidy disarray dishevel disorder displace disrupt derange disturb jumble muddle scatter shuffle unsettle scramble mess up mix up disperse converge coincide intersect cross meet come together convene focalize rally link up rendezvous concentre(UK) concenter(US) congregate foregather forgather reunite collect concentrate cluster muster blend incorporate admix coalesce homogenise(UK) homogenize(US) immix intermix intersperse premix stir compound infuse synthesise(UK) synthesize(US) fold in confuse misidentify misperceive mistake misconceive misconstrue misrepresent misunderstand misapprehend miscalculate miscomprehend misinterpret misjudge misknow misread muddle up misthink involve include embroil engage enmesh entangle implicate fasten bind knot lash tie approve button close do permit validate do up declassify disallow disintegrate estimate exclude guess maintain condense lessen shorten bridle check constrain contain control curb govern inhibit regulate smother tame enchain fetter tighten rein in repair mend rebuild reconstruct restore revamp overhaul patch readjust reattach recondition reconnect reform refurbish renew service adjust rejoin reservice lump ally cooperate coact collaborate league club act jointly act together band together club together tangle snarl question wonder twist wind start a relationship hook up hitch cohere come advance arrive draw closer come closer come nearer draw close draw near draw nearer edge nearer go closer go nearer move closer move nearer roll up add insert inject put fit introduce place complete subjoin enter follow enlist in team up with be in ally with become a member enrol in enroll in join forces with become involved align with get involved with affiliate with become a part of continue unite with associate with band together with
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How to use separate in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "separate" and check conjugation/comparative form for "separate". Mastering all the usages of "separate" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The two brands have separate names, separate lobbies and separate price points.
That means separate ID cards and separate accounts, along with, probably, a separate pool of participating doctors.
"My message to Ohioans remains the same: Separate, separate, separate," DeWine said in an interview with CNN on Thursday.
It's very much a separate story with a separate character.
He was working separate, so the Joker was working separate.
"Both are separate species, each from separate oceans," he said.
How could two separate planes hit the two separate towers?
Three separate photo shoots, three separate teams going to California.
Girls and boys lined up separately, used separate bathrooms, had separate gym time in separate spaces, had different dress codes.
There's a separate power button and a separate Bluetooth pairing button.
It still runs as a separate company with separate stock listing.
Separate beds were crucial, and separate houses around them a luxury.
"If they separate us, they separate us," said Mr. Cruz, 41.
Third, taxpayers must consent in separate written documents to each separate disclosure and to each separate use of tax return information.
There are really three separate fields getting conflated though: These can overlap — there are humanoid virtual influencers for example — but they represent separate challenges, separate business opportunities, and separate societal concerns.
Insurers would have to send the bills in separate envelopes with separate postage, or in separate emails, and consumers would be instructed to make separate payments by check or electronic funds transfer.
Gooding has now been charged by police in three separate incidents, on three separate dates, involving three separate accusers in New York.
The two were high school sweethearts in 1944 before they went their separate ways, lived separate lives, raised separate sets of children.
Boys and girls are kept in separate buildings and follow separate schedules.
I hope people can separate, especially media figures, can separate out difference.
I wasn't an isolated "I," a separate person with a separate consciousness.
Hailey Baldwin already has three separate twin tats with three separate BFFs.
We have a separate board that oversees [it and] a separate strategy.
Johnson "does some separate things, I do some separate things," McCaskill said.
Two separate dose combinations would be delivered in two separate injection pens.
They are forced to live in separate villages and drink from separate wells.
With the two age groups, we would often separate shooting at separate times.
Party doesn't separate us; color, gender, those kinds of things don't separate us.
This meant that drivers had to purchase separate cards to access separate tunnels.
The two kidnapping charges are separate cases with separate alleged victims, Gulluni said.
A similar page appears to display a separate feed from a separate drone.
Her and I are two separate individuals that he exploited at separate times.
"Typically you have separate LIDAR, separate camera, and separate motion sensors and fuse them in a central compute box," says Aeva co-founder Soroush Salehian.
"That's a separate subject to be taken up at a separate time," Trump said.
Existing CaCs require separate restructuring for separate types of bonds issued by the government.
He reflected on the decision to separate IAC and Match into two separate businesses.
Short story ... Keep separate property separate, pay your bills, and obey the speed limit.
Pursue your separate strengthsEven as kids, our separate skill sets worked in our favor.
SOCIAL Q'S When separate bank accounts support one spouse's burden, are they really separate?
But because it is technically a separate corporation, it is taxably a separate person.
This would mean there were two separate blockchains and therefore two separate bitcoin tokens.
The war intensified from 1972 onward, with the rival guerrilla armies fighting in separate areas, from separate rear-bases and with separate command structures and strategies.
Like forget the affair, that whole thing, we can ... that's a separate conversation, separate debate.
Each year should be done on a separate form and mailed in a separate envelope.
"We have no separate bank or credit card accounts or any separate assets," Wozniak tweeted.
Separate the rational from the irrational; separate what matters now to what doesn't matter now.
Many couples keep their expenses separate and use their own separate credit cards for purchases.
A separate CNN report indicated that police were investigating three items in three separate locations.
If possible, stay in a separate room and use a separate bathroom from everyone else.
This separate market (with a separate risk pool) exists now, but it is very small.
This setup necessitated filming this iconic scene in two separate locations, on two separate occasions.
For instance, it will have to create a separate entrance to the facility for patients seeking abortions, hire separate personnel and establish a separate electronic health records system.
They built separate entrances and separate waiting rooms to physically quarantine abortion from other health care.
"We don't separate in space, but we separate in time," he said, referring to the events.
"If we have two gangs, we separate them into separate areas of that facility," she continued.
Gutted and retiled, it will be divided into two separate kitchens, bustling with two separate staffs.
It sounds as if two separate employees found two separate bottles two days in a row.
So, as you see there's no need to breach into separate users accounts or separate systems.
Race, racism and crime — cause and effect, action and reaction — are not separate histories or separate realities.
"These platforms used to be separate companies — Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp — with separate databanks," Mr. Galloway said.
Mr. Giuca and Mr. Russo were tried together, but with separate juries to decide their separate fates.
Wiktor and Zula soon separate and settle in different countries only to reunite and separate once more.
"They're trying to separate yoga from Hinduism, or separate it from its religious roots," Mr. Hux said.
The thawed raw meat should be kept separate from human food and handled with separate kitchen equipment.
Only a few games separate each seed in the conference, and only four separate fifth and tenth.
For a while, I thought the two things were separate because people told me they should be separate.
That's what's happening in the Eye of Horus—except there are two separate galaxies, creating two separate reflections.
This separate network keeps your devices separate from theirs, especially if you're in the habit of file-sharing.
Technically, what it does is separate out the company into its own entity, separate from the individual owners.
There was a separate guild that made the hands, there was a separate guild that made the cases.
"Those are separate issues, and that's a separate dialogue," Mnuchin said in an interview with Fox Business Network.
To separate her personal and professional lives, she had set up a separate Facebook page for her business.
True to the game, the orcs and humans in Warcraft each have separate stories, and draw separate sympathies.
Tenneco, a maker of vehicle systems, plans to separate the combined businesses into two separate publicly traded companies.
"That's a separate subject to be taken up at a separate time," Trump said, according to the Journal.
In the following years, he would be convicted of assault in two separate cases with two separate women.
We are rarely as ready to separate from our teenagers as they are ready to separate from us.
In the jail system, being segregated or what we call "separate" or "super separate" is considered... not cool.
This proposed separate genus is also considered "brushfooted butterflies" historically together with the other or separate Nymphalis species.
If multiple people want to supervise or edit at once, they'll all need separate accounts or separate monthly subscriptions.
Uber confirmed to TechCrunch Uber Freight is a separate product from its self-driving trucks, with entirely separate teams.
He said the footage shows two separate scenes on two separate days at Kelly's residence in the late 20023s.
Critical access hospitals should also be grouped together and separate from community hospital and separate from comprehensive treatment centers.
A trusteed I.R.A. allows the assets to be divided into separate accounts — as opposed to going to separate individuals.
My favorite aspect of the course is that we put together two separate budgets that maximize our separate paychecks.
It's a separate practice, but increasingly you cannot separate text from the actual work … the work is text based.
She maintains a separate bedroom from her husband, and when the two travel, they stay in separate hotel suites.
"A separate request to N.C.T.U.E. is required because it is a separate database," Mr. Caesar said in an email.
The CDC advises using a separate bedroom in your home to separate the sick relatives from the healthy ones.
These services are separate and distinct, differ in material ways and are governed by different laws and separate contracts.
This has evolved into a separate tool that lets you download Google data from all of its separate services.
So you can really think of this big generic question as composed of three separate questions with separate answers.
The NextGen designs provide a separate entranceway, bedroom, living space, bathroom, kitchenette, laundry facilities and, in some cases, even separate temperature controls and separate garages with a lockable entrance to the main house.
"Separate registrations and separate returns have to be done for separate states where business is established," explained Kaushal Dugar, founder of Teabox, an online tea retailer based in the northern town of Darjeeling.
"Some propose a separate bathroom option for transgendered, but history has proven separate but equal does not work," he said.
Thanks to the separate compartment for shoes in the bottom, this stylish and inconspicuous bag keeps items together, but separate.
The ask: Wright and Ling want two separate chains of command under HHS and two separate budgets within the department.
Separate the frame from the exercise, separate the communities into beginner and expert, and they're at parity in six years.
What is interesting, per Axios: YC no longer plans to separate out its growth-stage investments in a separate fund.
In Kos, Suhair and her children followed the smuggler's instructions, splitting up and buying separate plane tickets on separate days.
But McConnell signaled on Tuesday that immigration and the spending talks are on two separate tracks with two separate deadlines.
Similarly: How many of them have scammed a separate 30-day trial with a separate address to listen to Beyonce?
While details like app settings and login information will transfer over from the phone, what displays on the infotainment system is in many ways a separate app, with separate software and separate oversight from automakers.
You don't need a separate plan or phone number for the Watch, but you will need to pay a separate fee.
These days, many people find it easier to separate from their partner than to separate from their romantic ideals and fantasies.
Water is bad To rewind a bit, before Aegon's conquest, Westeros was actually seven separate kingdoms ruled by seven separate kings.
She has a separate bank account for work, which she uses to keep her business expenses separate from her personal ones.
But you have to separate MS-13 from those individuals who, from the dreamers, you have to separate MS-133 from.
The offer of having separate connectivity might find some use among people who use two separate phones like... I dunno, smugglers?
Law enforcement sources told the news outlet that the two brothers were booked on separate flights to Tokyo on separate airlines.
Older vintages of capitalism tended to separate those rich in capital and those with high incomes from labour into separate classes.
"It's silly to me for it to have its own separate category, separate from robotics and AI for example," she said.
Officials are less likely now to separate parents from children, but they continue to separate grandparents from grandchildren, siblings from siblings.
Long story short, two separate battery flaws from two separate manufacturers caused some Note 7 phones to overheat and catch fire.
Or do you want to keep it separate, like this is watching sports, this is betting on sports, they're separate things?
But they did their work in facilities separate from white workers and were required to use separate restrooms and dining facilities.
At the time, ARPA was funding three separate computer research projects and using three separate computer terminals to communicate with them.
Men enter through separate doors and pay in separate lines; women sometimes eat behind partitions to ensure privacy from male strangers.
"Even if you wanted to separate those two things, you can't separate the two, they are intrinsically and inextricably tied," she said.
Though your pilot has a separate skill-tree, and each Javelin has its own separate skill tree, your pilot affects all Javelins.
This is on top of a separate distribution of $2300m last November from a separate fund run by the Department of Justice.
As a result, they each require a separate hub to integrate with your home network, and in turn, their own separate apps.
And then there seems to be a separate app for every product you install, which requires its own separate account and login.
"We've built up Seattle as more of a separate location with its own separate factions that work differently from LA," says Ellison.
"Right before I came here, we talked about separating," NeNe said, adding that they discussed moving from separate rooms into separate houses.
The bank violated three separate provisions of the act between about 2006 and 2016, the regulator, which did a separate investigation, said.
His wife was convicted in a separate trial and given a one-year sentence but remained free while pursuing a separate appeal.
The new reconciliation agreement aims to reunite the Palestinians, who since 2007 have lived in separate territories and under separate adversary governments.
The Big Nugget has four separate spaces that could be considered separate rooms: the driver and passenger area, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette.
The reform bill or a separate bill should be crafted to economically separate those patients from the rest of the insurance pool.
Daudt said environmental and water permitting for building a home can involve up to five separate agencies and mandate five separate permits.
And then we're talking about our bodies again, that sense of being both separate and not separate from the skin we're in.
For nearly a month, the Somali refugee family lived separate lives on separate continents, begging authorities to help them live together again.
In a separate separate letter, DeFazio gave notice to committee ranking member Sam Graves (R-MO) that he may subpoena the GSA.
Separate research examining the relationship of implicit and explicit self-esteem has determined that the two are separate, but weakly related constructs.
We can have a separate discussion about whether some of those tax hikes, separate from the concept of Obamacare, themselves make policy sense.
They announce separate first- and second-team squads at the start of the each season, because the juniors compete in a separate league.
They have separate beds and separate hobbies, but they share an apartment, and try to create a sense of continuity for each other.
Take the Grammys, for instance: Breitbart published two separate stories about two separate politically charged clothing choices, from Katy Perry and Joy Villa.
"The compromise that I ... have represented to him is to separate the bill into two separate bills," the senator said in the interview.
A "one room" concept, East Boston's new library features separate areas for adults, teens and children without splitting these groups into separate rooms.
The first lady's strategy was to pack a separate bag for each stop of the trip, taking every stop as a separate focus.
Donald Trump's nearness to the presidency rests on two separate accomplishments — or, if you prefer, two separate institutional failures — that are often conflated.
Then get it insured, either as part of your homeowners or renters coverage (you may need a separate rider) or a separate policy.
"Under the law they're legalized as five separate employers, you'd have to organize literally five separate companies at the same time," Clack explained.
Separate deals: Lighthizer said he would be willing to break the negotiations into separate bilateral negotiations, but that that would not be ideal.
While separate beds may be the answer, many of us just don't have the space, meaning that separate blankets is the ideal compromise.
Roll out the pasta and make the raviolo: Separate the remaining 4 eggs, placing each of the yolks into 4 separate small bowls.
Portland General Electric, for instance, had to set up a separate billing system for home-grow operations to keep them separate from Bonneville.
He believed that all separate individuals and all separate loyalties are mere fragments of a spiritual unity — an Absolute Knower, a moral truth.
A separate class action lawsuit recently brought in the District of Columbia on behalf of separated children seeks a separate stay on deportations.
It's about looking at how different types of oppression like racism, income inequality, and misogyny actually intersect and complicate one another, rather than looking at those problems as separate issues that hurt separate communities of people in separate ways.
Their lawyer would only talk about why he thought a separate contraceptive-only plan would not work (though the government allows for separate dental plans, and many of us also have separate prescription coverage, vision coverage, and the like).
A separate industry source said it is likely that different agreement on separate issues - forced technology transfer, intellectual property, changes to China's legal system - would require separate verification processes, all of which will need to be hammered out by negotiators.
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, boys and girls are kept in separate tents and use separate bathrooms and showers.
Do you want a separate place for each of your devices, or do you hate searching through dozens of separate pockets for your EarPods?
This may be less obvious in an intra-group outsourcing scenario, but for a separate legal entity with a separate licence, it is essential.
"Looking back, it would have been better for me to use two separate phones and two separate email accounts," she said at the time.
If you and your estranged spouse are leading separate lives in separate homes, you might be thinking of filing your taxes that way, too.
Three separate regional federal appeals courts had ruled against Saint Peter's, Advocate and Dignity in separate cases, refusing to dismiss employees' lawsuits against them.
The Nepalese guards had separate facilities from the 25 or so Western contractors who also lived at the camp, as well as separate rules.
It also aims to separate upstream from midstream operations and to separate gas infrastructure ownership and operations from gas trading, the oil ministry said.
The world tends to give humanitarian efforts and development efforts their own separate bureaucracies and unlisted phone numbers, as if they're wholly separate concerns.
The dozen female players on the joint ice hockey team sleep in separate dorms and ride a separate bus from their South Korean teammates.
Eventually, those running the monastery decided to separate the monks and the nuns and have each group live on separate sides of the river.
Open a separate savings accountWhen you&aposre saving toward a specific goal, it can be helpful to open a separate savings account for it.
The air in the expansion engine is frozen to negative 320 degrees Fahrenheit to separate nitrogen, and negative 297 degrees Fahrenheit to separate oxygen.
It was possible that the effort could've been broken into separate bond measures — say, one for elementary schools and a separate one for universities.
DVD rentals would fall under a new Qwikster brand, which meant customers would have to manage two separate queues and pay two separate bills.
We have lifted bodies with our hands, lifted heads that are separate, lifted legs that are separate, and put them all together into graves.
Consider the recent case of liberal comedian Rosie O'Donnell, who has acknowledged exceeding the campaign finance limits on five separate occasions, in five separate jurisdictions.
Some devices will separate the 43K titles out into a separate category, but this isn't visible on all platforms with an Amazon Prime Video app.
There are two distinct strategies and we feel like having separate vehicles with separate decision criteria that's easy to define and measure keeps us pure.
The two-page charging document makes reference to two separate conversations with Kislyak, and to separate false statements prosecutors say he made regarding that communication.
Shares of Japan's Softbank closed up 21.13 percent, after the company announced reorganization plans to separate its domestic and overseas businesses with separate chief executives.
BHGE is also a stand-alone SEC registrant with its own separate SEC filings under Form 10-Q and 10-K as a separate company.
As Luxenberg points out, the concept "separate but equal" (the phrase the Court used in Plessy was actually "equal but separate") was hardly a novelty.
In two separate meetings with two separate longtime clients, I had the same piece of advice: "Go spend some money" was my message to both.
Kissing was separate from sex, separate from lust, similar to the way you applied lip gloss at your locker, knowing a boy would be watching.
There has always been a separate college admissions system for the wealthy, just as there has always been a separate criminal justice system for them.
And even if I could, by some feat of cinephilic sophistry, separate those movies from Mr. Allen's life, I can't possibly separate them from mine.
For years, the retailer has operated two separate apps: its flagship Walmart app (the blue one) and its separate Walmart Grocery app (the orange one).
"I haven't heard any strong argument for why they need to have separate classrooms, why they need separate instruction," she said, referring to gifted students.
"There can be no separate college admission system for the wealthy, and I'll add that there will not be a separate criminal justice system either."
South Carolina, for example, used an "eight-box" system under which voters were required to place ballots for eight separate offices in eight separate boxes.
A Separate Creation was published by Hyperion in 1996, under the full title A Separate Creation: The Search for the Biological Origins of Sexual Orientation. The book was published as A Separate Creation: How Biology Makes Us Gay by Bantam Press in 1997.
Two separate witness videos then revealed two separate violent acts: As the motorist stepped out of the car, the first officer punches him in the face.
Once you figured out that every subjective moment produced its own separate timeline, you just had to figure out how to separate them from one perspective.
The next step for the GOP leadership would be to introduce a package of separate — emphasis on "separate" — bills that tackle a range of replacement issues.
But the TV ... Now more than ever, it's more clearly that the TV is really a separate operation, a separate sort of strategy than the online.
" O'Connor said the law "specifically permits educational institutions to provide separate toilets, locker rooms, and showers based on sex, provided that the separate facilities are comparable.
NPR reported on Thursday that Levinsohn has been a defendant in two separate sexual harassment lawsuits while at separate companies before joining the Times in August.
" Dr. Chopra explained: "The moment you identify yourself as separate from other beings, or other people, or separate from life in general then you will suffer.
The way that game world was set up was that you had kind of separate areas, separate strongholds, that you'd sort of land in and explore.
"I see this as a potential tool to address a separate issue: socioeconomic diversity, which is separate from racial diversity," Raj Chetty, a Harvard economist, said.
"While taking separate honeymoons may seem extreme, highly individuated couples may view their independence and separate experiences as a strength of their relationship," Ms. Bobby said.
Who best to administer it but a spouse with her own, separate bedroom in the White House and her own, separate hotel suite when they travel?
Drivers say it's not worth the hassle to pick up two separate riders for a fare that's usually much less than two entirely separate UberX rides.
" He added: "I wish we could separate those two.
" Adds a separate Grande source, "It's so, so sad.
" Adds a separate source, "He always put himself first.
He cannot "separate" himself – his name is his businesses.
Google, you find things ... I mean, it's all separate.
We are shared, rented, occupied" by "little separate creatures. . . .
" He added in a separate tweet: "I'm a Raider.
The restaurant and the company — I cannot separate it.
Color, gender — those kinds of things don't separate us.
" In a separate comment, Kevin, 31, wrote, "WTF @ diplo.
Again, children excluded — that's a somewhat separate issue. NATO.
Well, you asked ... There are two separate questions there.
MétéoMedia has a separate feed for the Montreal area.
In a separate opinion concurring in the unsigned May 16 ruling, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor noted that in earlier briefs, the plaintiffs had indicated that they would regard only a "separate policy with a separate enrollment process" as sufficiently hands-off.
I asked Apple for comment on this story twice, and emailed a separate Apple contact I have, who works in a separate branch of Apple's PR team.
Does burying all of the information a user needs deep within separate documents on separate web pages adequately inform a user about what they are agreeing to?
"There can be no separate college admissions system for the wealthy and I will add there will not be a separate criminal justice system either," Lelling said.
The super PAC rents out separate rooms and hosts separate briefings to comply with election laws, but Cruz himself and his wife, Heidi, are expected to visit.
Rockets hit on or near three separate military bases housing U.S. forces near Baghdad and in the northern city of Mosul in three separate attacks since Friday.
This entire situation is perhaps a bit unfortunate on the user experience side, as consumers will now have to visit separate storefronts for separate types of content.
The process was unwieldy, to put it mildly, entailing the use of three separate cameras to shoot and then three separate projectors to display in a theater.
The legislature also moved to apply a separate, recently passed law on the national anthem to Hong Kong and Macau, Chinese semiautonomous regions with separate legal systems.
From there, separate your tropical and leafy into two groups: The ones you water often and the ones you water less often should be two separate groups.
"No matter how busy we get or how we have our separate lives with our separate families, we have children that really bring us together," she says.
Bodies are not assembled as cleanly as plumbing systemsVaginal and clitoral orgasms are not separate because the vagina and the clitoris, as anatomical structures, are not separate.
"I wouldn't mind seeing a separate deal with Canada, where you have one type of product, so to speak, and a separate deal with Mexico," he said.
It means that women get their contraceptives covered through their existing insurance plan, without having to seek out a separate insurer or apply for a separate policy.
Countries "have separate legal systems, separate information technology systems, different practices as far as how they follow through on their privacy and civil liberty obligations," Brennan said.
The commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, described those as "separate issues," and Mexico and Canada say they expect those tariffs to be worked out on a separate track.
It featured two separate sinks, a roomy standing shower, a separate small room for the toilet, and, my personal favorite feature, a deep, claw-footed soaking tub.
Twitter just made a major change to the way tweets appear on its website: clicking on a tweet now opens a separate separate window within your timeline.
Each precinct leader had 36 separate figures to report, along with two separate six-digit verification numbers — and there were more than 1,700 precincts, including the satellites.
The payment is separate from a $50.3 million settlement that the bank reached in April 2016 to resolve claims in a separate NCUA lawsuit, the regulator said.
I don't have an issue with there being two separate data requests for Twitter and Periscope, as the former clearly runs the latter as a separate service.
Those entities, such as Planned Parenthoods, which also provide abortions, must do this with a strict separation of abortion and other reproductive health services: separate financial accounting, separate channels to make appointments, and, as typically interpreted by many Title X directors, separate physical spaces as well.
The brigade was activated in May 1962 in Schwerin, part of the 2nd Guards Tank Army. It moved to Primerwalde in 1964. The 24th Separate Tank Battalion and 22nd Separate Motor Rifle Battalion were based at Primerwalde. The 45th and 46th Separate Tank Battalions were at Wustrow.
That means, you should separate your business's finances from your own by opening a bank account and using a separate credit card for your side hustle, she said.
The Fed also said it was terminating a separate 2011 enforcement action against Citigroup on a separate residential mortgage loan servicing matter, citing sustainable improvements by the bank.
But we have completely separate development teams, completely separate formulas, our shadows are totally different, our lipsticks are totally different, and we don't share that with each other.
"I feel you will never be able to separate me from where I came from," he says, "and you'll never be able to separate me from my experiences."
That jailhouse informant, Francisco Vicente, told police that he had allegedly received five separate confessions in three separate murder cases over the span of six weeks in 1993.
But movies and TV shows you purchased over the years will now live in a separate app called Apple TV. Podcasts will live in a separate podcasts app.
"I separate my white denim from my black denim and separate THAT from my denim denim (lol), which is organized from light wash to dark wash," she explains.
Vacation rentals also tend to have separate bedrooms, so parents can enjoy a little privacy while the kids sleep in a separate room or on the sofa-bed.
A separate vote to remove the self-executing amendment from the rule and another one to make it a separate amendment failed on 4-8 party line votes.
In the sex party context, let's say for a couple, it might be that their boundary is not to separate during a party and play with separate people.
Plessy argued that the Separate Car Act, which required all railroads to provide equal but separate accommodation, was violating his rights under the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause.
A separate bankruptcy filing on May 15 described the mediation process as "highly adversarial" and said that at least 11 separate sessions had been held over a year.
"Just say 'we're going to have higher security in some places [so] you may have to separate some of your things and keep your electronics separate'," he said.
He recommends separate accounts for various aspects of the business: income, operating expenses, owners compensation, taxes, and profit, with an additional separate profit account in a different bank.
The year's actions completed, the members went their separate ways.
I think it's almost like there are two separate problems.
Once I did have a separate office, it was amazing.
Place the flour and eggs in 2 separate shallow dishes.
Turkey has long feared Kurdish aspirations for a separate state.
The political and official spheres are separate for a reason.
Then, users must authenticate their identities in three separate ways.
Meanwhile, crews in Southern California continued to battle separate wildfires.
Do you want to separate that completely from your music?
Luke is seen having separate confrontations with Garrett and Peter.
Both planes were carrying cruise ship guests on separate excursions.
I guess you can separate model parks and theme parks.
Each of the defendants was convicted on seven separate counts.
Earlier, the company's industrial, and safety & graphics businesses were separate.
Irving Oil is a separate business, run by another family.
I think of them as separate records, to be honest.
It was blocked last month by a separate federal court.
Place balls of aluminum paper in between racks to separate.
Wednesday. Six separate "Happy hump day" emails in your inbox.
It may, in fact, be impossible to separate these strands.
They repeatedly lied to FISA court judges four separate times.
Six years later, Berkshire made Brooks a separate business unit.
The thing is that left and right were never separate.
He also had a separate meeting with top military leaders.
In hospitals, his people were relegated to a separate section.
Five secular bloggers were killed in 2015 in separate incidents.
Wirapol faces separate charges of child molestation and child abduction.
"This is a completely separate flow (of money)," he added.
A separate naming rights case is still to be heard.
They both looked happy," a separate source tells PEOPLE. "J.
We can separate sex from reproduction for the first time.
The White House is also threatening China with separate duties.
ICE does not separate children and parents at the border.
He established a new policy to separate families from children.
But too often in our movement, we separate those things.
In an earlier, separate statement, Toshiba outlined concerns at Westinghouse.
Niantic is hosting a separate event that starts on Dec.
She made the official final cut to separate the boys.
The separate wireless adapter was available as an optional purchase.
Five secular bloggers were killed in 2015 in separate incident.
We don't try to make them feel separate or different.
Place flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs in 3 separate shallow dishes.
" Faruqui also called the Mueller investigation a "separate focused matter.
We do not want to separate parents from their children.
Instead, they divvy up monthly data allotments into separate buckets.
Another separate recent study also awarded Hawaii the top spot.
The young children are receiving care at a separate facility.
Peckham: What will separate the winners from the losers here?
Could these competing layers of reality separate us even further?
South Korea and the United States have imposed separate sanctions.
And so, the Starks go their separate, variably satisfying ways.
It was always the plan to do two separate ones.
Now, it's important to separate the politics from the policy.
They are all totally separate crew, directors, directors of photography.
Communication and reasoning are what separate us from other animals.
I will note, in a completely separate space from Google.
It has four separate amplifiers, one for each sound channel.
The note referenced four separate incidents the NAACP says happened.
And there's a separate trademark for candles and candle accessories.
She's been charged with 12 separate counts, including aggravated assault.
Truly, the lines that separate any of us are thin.
The FreeLace earbuds will be a separate accessory for €99.
Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera have gone their separate ways.
A separate branch still operates in Sanaa under the Houthis.
But if you vote you can no longer separate yourself.
And anyway, I.C.E does not separate kids at the border.
Only four points separate Friesen, Crafton, Hill and Enfinger, however.
Video used to be a separate division within the company.
Some artists may even have separate albums for each category.
Adjacent are a large scullery and a separate television room.
Fuel economy and trade "are two separate issues," Fields said.
Handguns and certain semiautomatic rifles required separate permits to purchase.
These meeting rooms are separate from the CrunchMatch networking program.
It's happened to me with three separate coworkers, all male.
It carries a separate consignment of arms loaded in Antwerp.
We went to our separate bedrooms and remained there, smoldering.
Now, a separate programmer has gone in the opposite direction.
I didn't want to erect walls or barriers that separate.
Whisk together pumpkin, oil and sugars in a separate bowl.
Place the eggs and breadcrumbs in two separate shallow dishes.
The company charges a separate subscription fee for corporate customers.
"Based on it, we've decided to go our separate ways."
The life simulation aspect and the RPG gameplay aren't separate.
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are going their separate ways.
READ: South Korea, Japan hit back at Trump Separate ways?
Bloomberg managed to get their votes in three separate elections.
So you have separate spirits for art, music and writing?
Tallies from the separate presidential ballot had not been released.
Previously they were in a separate section of the site.
Uber set up its China unit as a separate entity.
Two people died in separate traffic crashes, local media reported.
Separate DOE data shows that those emissions rose last year.
How do you separate religious drinking from drinking for "fun"?
But enacting a law and enforcing it are separate matters.
The city's budget is separate from the budget for CPS.
Heye left the RNC before the separate accounts were established.
WhatsApp is still a separate entity but Instagram is not.
The schools police are separate from the Baltimore Police Department.
These cannot be viewed as separate components in disparate silos.
Now there's a separate tab for that kind of information.
In a separate bowl, whisk the milk, butter, and eggs.
It's best to separate it and that's what we'll do.
"It's all smoke and mirrors," a separate Latino leader said.
Each of these modes was developed by a separate team.
The company's new toolkits come in two separate sales levels.
Two things separate "Cure" from other books of this type.
It is constructed to keep us separate from our power.
And the presidential race is really 50 separate state races.
The rest would separate from service with no retirement benefits.
All three brands listed Hong Kong as a separate country.
Separate from Kushner's legal bind, political pressure continues to build.
House Democrats also issued a separate rebuke to HUD Wednesday.
She had a separate bridal shower that I didn't attend.
Each post presents Miguel with two separate but related tests.
Manafort's lawyers also pressed two separate challenges to the indictment.
Having a separate account keeps everything organized in one place.
It's just, they're just gonna, we're just gonna separate you.
Whether Carrey's art is actually good is a separate matter.
Separate global codes cover foreign exchange and precious metals trading.
At the time Woobi believed Morrum was a separate company.
Like I said before, PC gaming is two separate hobbies.
More broadly, we can separate this into two different things.
"It's time for them to separate completely," says the insider.
These two proposals should not be treated as separate issues.
Japan's market was closed Thursday for a separate public holiday.
A separate lawsuit by New York's attorney general is pending.
And would twins Phil and Lil ever forge separate identities?
Genesis is now a separate brand of Hyundai Motor Group.
It's cheaper to do it all together than separate adoptions.
It doesn't even help with that problem, it's completely separate.
The five separate occasions he promised not to cut Medicaid?
But they could separate themselves further if they wanted to.
No separate waxing strips are required here, which is major.
Is it possible to separate personal politics from comic books?
We keep our finances separate, which works well for us.
Cattrall responded to Parker's message with a separate Instagram post.
There's a separate issue of 'Is that human judgment good?
We are not as separate as we think we are.
So I would really treat that as a separate issue.
It is separate from Xinhua, China's national official news agency.
These things might look separate; in fact they are connected.
People want to separate humanitarian disasters from national security disasters.
But Google Ventures and Google (and Alphabet) are separate entities.
Separate data showed steel production at a record in June.
Zamot has worked with the board already on separate issues.
The refinery said three separate explosions erupted around 4 a.m.
" She added in a separate comment, "Who are these tattoos?
Two men died while snorkeling on separate trips of mine.
Come together — but hang on to your separate interests, too.
Separate from the story mode is a lightsaber training arena.
For decades, two separate structures have practised Catholicism in China.
Farming and cities are usually thought of as separate poles.
I don't believe it's healthy to separate them so much.
Separate from Amazon Studios, Donoghue's team also reports to Blackburn.
Marketing teams had separate tools as did customer support representatives.
Seven more were arrested Friday afternoon in a separate protest.
The box unfolds and two separate compartments hold each sneaker.
Pete Davidson and Cazzie David have gone their separate ways.
First of all, trade and ZTE are two separate issues.
"We're just going to go our separate ways," she said.
They could have had a separate second problem as well.
We need to unite a society, not separate a society.
" I said, "Well, let's run it as a separate company.
Both companies circulated separate memos following inquiries from several employees.
I learned a lot, but we're going our separate ways.
The mistake is to think they remain separate between countries.
Weinstein currently faces three separate rape charges in New York.
A separate negligence lawsuit has been filed against Arizona Gov.
Could you keep the new memories separate from your own?
Invest in a separate SPF to apply over your moisturizer.
A separate train system, PATH, continues to run through Hoboken.
Mr Petro used to belong to a separate armed group.
Stacey Dash and Fox News have gone their separate ways.
It is also traded publicly as a separate stock holding.
We agree to introvert in separate rooms for a while.
"My heart is torn into two separate places," Abi shared.
The government averted a separate strike by air traffic controllers.
Meanwhile, your standard network stays separate for your own use.
No one wanted to send troops to separate the parties.
When it comes to enforcement, we separate behavior from beliefs.
The two separate indictments against Manafort are seen as unusual.
A separate setting covers sharing this data with app developers.
A separate Stanford study sides with EFF on the matter.
" "He is unable or unwilling to separate truth from falsehood.
In a separate statement today, Netflix welcomed its new hire.
It was my goal to separate him from that garbage.
The legal issues are somewhat separate from the political ramifications.
Bruce Isackson (charged by separate information along with his wife)
This effectively means that Neurala has three separate business models.
The group allegedly ran two separate but related fraud schemes.
The only problem is, these journeys couldn't be more separate.
Trump tried to apologize and move on three separate times.
The FBI has also offered a separate award of $10,000.
Each child had a separate heart and set of lungs.
With E10S, a separate process is created for web content.
In a separate, equally overloaded vehicle, Asya was utterly disorientated.
It's difficult to believe that it's not two separate images.
His wife, Farhat Naik, will address women in separate speeches.
It does not acknowledge having separate political and military wings.
For now, Starwood and Marriott will keep separate loyalty programs.
Agility in adopting new technologies will separate winners from losers.
"What's the hold up?" she asked in a separate statement.
The big picture: The decisions are separate from pension benefits.
The ECB keeps banking supervision and monetary policy quite separate.
"You can't separate money and emotion with people," Evans said.
Then again, separate the farmers from individuals from rural Mexico.
Of course, there is plenty to separate the two presidents.
It must operate on a plane functionally separate from reality.
What's going to separate premium Firefox from regular old Firefox?
In doing so, it shut down 22 separate InfoWars pages.
Q: You need a separate chipset alongside the video camera?
Physician payments were changed under separate Medicare legislation in 2015.
" Gjorka added in separate tweets, "I am literally so lucky.
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are going their separate ways.
These retailers hadn't always planned to go their separate ways.
Prechtel eventually obtained it under FOIA from a separate agency.
The county on Sunday filed separate weapons charges against Suopys.
And a separate state statute bars search warrants against journalists.
The two outlets use different criteria to reach separate totals.
Are there really two separate minds in a bilingual brain?
Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian are two very separate people.
The company will provide a separate chip for automotive control.
The two sides had to separate, regroup and reconvene later.
An entire separate group of scenes takes place in Poland.
They would continue to have separate ownership and governance structures.
And we can use that technology... We're two separate companies.
He simply cannot separate his job from loyalty to party.
The Senate held two separate hearings at which she testified.
They arrived in separate cars, but in the same motorcade.
"My story feels very separate from my paintings," Downie says.
Better to separate these locals in order to subdue them.
The decision forced the family to separate for five years.
A separate, smaller group protested police shootings of black people.
There's a reason this will air in two separate parts.
It will help separate your hairs for a solid trim.
Germany's farming union DBV, a separate organisation, had on Aug.
Meaning you won't have to buy a separate graphics card.
Or keep it in a drawer in a separate room.
Somebody is probably trying to separate you from your money.
We lived in separate time zones, thousands of miles apart.
"Or to separate yourself from it," chimes in Hehner, 35.
The idea was to separate the hunts by age groups.
Separate the economic wheat from the chaff is the inference.
That income is steady and separate from our trip account.
Away from work, most were married, leading completely separate lives.
No Man's Sky Virtual Reality is not a separate mode.
Separate hull and machinery policies cover vessels against physical damage.
Britain's separate negotiations on its EU divorce terms complicate matters.
The adtech operations now form a separate company called Otello.
Or is this new headset separate from Facebook's other efforts?

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