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"using" Synonyms
employing utilizing(US) wielding working harnessing utilising(UK) adopting engaging fielding manipulating operating plying availing yourself of making do with making use of maneuvering(US) manoeuvring(UK) applying appropriating availing oneself of exercising exerting practicing(US) practising(UK) implementing drawing on bringing into play bringing to bear playing on putting into action putting to use putting to work capitalizing on effecting making the most of managing regulating sourcing tapping putting forth exhausting consuming depleting burning expending getting through gobbling guzzling running through spending using up wasting wearing out dissipating draining finishing up frittering away frivolling away going through squandering taking advantage of exploiting abusing beguiling controlling deceiving defrauding fleecing mistreating patronising(UK) patronizing(US) ripping off targeting targetting victimising(UK) profiting from victimizing(US) cashing in on cheating tolerating habituating taking to adjusting to taking pleasure in treating regarding acting toward dealing with rating considering esteeming reacting to responding to serving viewing getting travelling by travelling in travelling on journeying by journeying in journeying on taking catching through by with per via on because of by use of by virtue of by way of in virtue of supported by by the agency of with the help of by dint of by means of through the agency of through the medium of under the aegis of with the aid of employment use application exercise utilisation(UK) utilization(US) implementation usage adoption onboarding action appliance exploitation operation usance agency exertion function handling expenditure outgoings outlay expense charge cost costs disbursement expenses overheads payments consumption outgo payment dues output amount addicted compulsive habituated hooked wasted abusing drugs shooting up spaced out under the influence strung out with a … habit More

856 Sentences With "using"

How to use using in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "using" and check conjugation/comparative form for "using". Mastering all the usages of "using" from sentence examples published by news publications.

We know how to regenerate that, using animals, using cover, using no-till.
God is using me and using the choir and using my family to show off.
A lot of it is me using shadows, using light, and using things from nature.
Everybody's using the same office — everybody's using the same seat, and everybody's using the same wheel.
Though 81 athletes have abnormalities using 2017 criteria, the numbers were higher using criteria from previous years: 108 using 2014 guidelines, and 131 using 2012 guidelines.
Which leads to using your depth more, using your minor-league guys more, using your young guys more.
A lot of companies are using it, Goldman Sachs are using it, Unilever's using it, to my knowledge.
Maybe you're using the same Wi-Fi connection your kids are using, or using your cell phone for routine calls.
We're using GPS, we're using 3-D graphics on the phone, we're using the network to send data back and forth.
However, there's always good reason to pay attention to why people are using, what they're using, and how much they're using.
For this aircraft, using the fuel truck, using the catering.
The most common preventative measures taken were using antivirus protection, which 81 percent of small businesses reported using, and using a firewall.
People are still using Facebook, they're still using Amazon, they're still using Google," Hobart told host Jamal Simmons on "What America's Thinking.
That means using regional anesthesia, like nerve blocks, using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen and its relatives, and using acetaminophen (Tylenol).
Agrawal also provided some tips on account security, including using different passwords for different services, using two-factor authentication, and using password managers.
Using drones for photography is much cheaper than using manned helicopters.
Using both, the study found, was riskier than using either alone.
There were also 92 attacks using firearms, and 43 using vehicles.
And using they&aposre using ZTE in place to do it.
"He's using the words that the media is using," Spicer responded.
"By using the rotations, you're using every spacial plane," explains Leobez.
CFOs are using us, people on Wall Street are using us.
But Blessing says using CBD is very different from using marijuana.
Using a touch screen is very different from using a mouse.
"We know they are using Twitter, we know they are using Facebook, right, we know they are using our Bing search or Google — they are using all the different technologies," Microsoft Vice President Dan'l Lewin said.
That's not using your body, but using your resource, which is time.
She's using FaceTime and drawing on a screenshot using an Apple Pencil.
Among participants using Juul, the results varied what flavor they were using.
Using a remote control, the vehicle parks itself using sensors and cameras.
That's like using a blunderbuss when you should be using a rifle.
Trump is using a teleprompter Trump using a teleprompter to address AIPAC.
Instead it's using it's using its technological savvy to revamp the workplace.
" But, she added, "he's using the alt-right — using them for power.
Mainstream computer-using professionals are going to want to keep using computers.
If you are using a Mac If you're using macOS Mojave 10.14.
There are still people who are using Uber, who are using Facebook.
Maybe not using an airplane but using their car and so on.
You&aposre using a cheap orange liqueurPerhaps unsurprisingly, he recommends using Cointreau.
Why doesn't the FDA just say, 'Okay, let's use what the Brits are using, what the Canadians are using, what every normal country is using?
During the winter of 2018-2019, the average U.S. household spent an estimated $581 using natural gas, $1,23 using heating oil and $1,174 using electricity.
During the winter of 2018-2019, the average U.S. household spent an estimated $581 using natural gas, $1,23 using heating oil and $1,174 using electricity.
For example, if you have this face recognition technology that law enforcement officers are using ... And using it badly or not using it correctly. Right.
Using thorium to produce nuclear power is considered to be much more stable than using uranium to power nuclear reactors, but using uranium is more common.
Hunter is using the same playbook vulnerable Republicans are using across the country.
Using facial recognition for payments isn't new, although using it on subways is.
Will people actually start using "Clip" to describe using an Apple app, i.e.
So using her and using her knowledge was something we tried to do.
Using Callblock is a lot like using a mobile ad blocker on iOS.
While the Kremlin is surely using her, she is also using the Kremlin.
I've been using $2.5trn, the same number we've all been using for years.
Kids are using vapes and they're using them in the craziest of ways.
And so using AI and that application has been really powerful in using.
Before using the headphones, I had to calibrate them using Nura's phone app.
The barbers are really using the same trimmers every other barber is using.
And also in using nature as a character, using setting as a character.
Who are used to using Tinder, who are used to using everything digitally.
If you are committed to using plastic, be sure you're using it responsibly.
If she's not using the Night Tube tonight, she'll be using it tomorrow.
Currently, on computers using OSX's encryption, files are encrypted using the same key.
"Keep using your YubiKeys, keep using your tokens," FitzPatrick said during the presentation.
The team built the service using JavaScript, Php, CSS and html using PhoneGap.
When did you start using Facebook and why did you start using it?
These features make using the simple task of using the bathroom more enjoyable.
One is using AI and internet, the other is using it in businesses.
And 78% reported using THC products, while only 10% reported only using nicotine.
Using those skills, he searched for information using the most specific terms possible.
We were just talking about people not using intelligence, essentially, just using feelings.
"[Drivers are] using your line, they're using your product, they're using your symbol—you should ensure that people are going to operate using your name and image are going to operate within the bounds of the law," Sanders told Broadly.
According to stats by Netmarketshare, 4.18% of users are still using IE 10 on the desktop; 6.67% are using IE 9, and 8.95% are using IE 8.
According to a chart in the survey, 23 respondents said they are currently using Microsoft Azure, compared to 58 using AWS and 25 using Google Cloud Platform.
Remove from heat and stir in extracts if using and express shot if using.
And using those simple ideas, you can make a rocket using a soda bottle.
Even if they're not using Chromebooks, they're all still using Google's cloud-based suite.
Even painters and ... Everybody is using, in some way, is using these digital tools.
Make sure you are using the stuff, and that the stuff isn't using you.
I have this power, and I am using that power by using my voice.
And we were actually using more of the lens characteristic by using that frame.
So you're using your expertise just like I'm using my expertise towards this goal.
These studies compared using aspirin versus not using aspirin in people without cardiovascular disease.
He pleaded guilty to using and distributing LSD and using ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana.
Using the Shadow Ghost feels just like using the Shadow app on a computer.
But Weil points out, someone using Zelle cannot send money to someone using Venmo.
Check into your flight either using the airline's website or using an app.2.
The language you are using and the way you are using it is dangerous.
But instead of using chemical energy like ESS, it stores power using compressed air.
Ms. Maleeff suggested using a VPN for public Wi-Fi (Wirecutter recommends using TunnelBear).
Another student then confronted Swinyar about using the racial slur; he denied using it.
Finger scanners can be easily hacked using fake body parts printed using 3D printers.
With a signal from Cowell, each celebrity gathers at his lair, with Hough using teleportation, Union using a time-traveling bookcase and Crews using his wings to fly.
"All he's doing is using hostages and we should not be using our children as hostages, we should not be using DACA recipients as hostages," said Democratic Sen.
Not as many people as I would have liked to have been using them, by the way, and I was using them nonstop, but people were using them.
Tell me how you're using AI to parse language, and whether you're using it to find negativity, and flipside whether you also started using it to find positivity.
"The philanthropy I'm most familiar with ... has really been about solving big social justice problems using technology, using risk capital, using a 30- [or] 40-year outlook," Shah said.
But using a silicone straw makes you feel like a baby using a sippy cup.
Good luck using this on a plane, and forget about using it on your lap.
"I was going into that game maybe using him, maybe not using him," Hinch said.
An updated reconstruction of Anchiornis using the new body outline using laser-stimulated fluorescence data.
But people aren't using PlayOn for its looks, they're using it for what it does.
But you can also configure connected devices using Shortcuts, and trigger shortcuts using the HomePod.
Using an authenticator app is much better than using text messages for two-factor authentication.
Using a YubiKey with Dashlane is very similar to using it with any other service.
Self-driving car companies using LiDAR are also using other sensors like cameras and radar.
And experts say using a fingerprint is better than using no lock on your smartphone.
The third new feature involves using Now on Tap while you are using your camera.
I think using data, using influences, taking all of the feedback loops and applying that.
Consumers benefit if using Libra is cheaper than using local currency and existing financial institutions.
Think of using a cash-back card as using a coupon every time you shop.
But still, ISIS has banned using phones, smoking, cutting your beard and using chewing tobacco.
Using this phone 10 years later is a lot like using no phone at all.
However, using a passive fund does not rule out using an active fund as well.
But I'm not using a Windows PC; I'm using a three-year-old MacBook Air.
"They are using the Norks to taunt us," he said, using slang for North Koreans.
Using the Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main St." was sort of like using their avatar.
The rocket using its engines to propel itself back down, and the capsule using parachutes.
Between David (Joshua Malina) using Susan to help Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) get power, Jake using Liv, and Fitz using a multitude of his staff and journalists, the men really stepped up in objectifying women and using them as part of a game.
I'm still not at the point where I would necessarily write like a 3,000-word story using it or using the smart keyboard, but I can see a future in which we are using things like iPads more than we're using traditional clamshell laptops.
SoundCloud, for example, streams songs at 128 kbps using MP3, Spotify has three forms of lossy compression using Ogg Vorbis, and Apple Music runs at 256 kbps using AAC encoding.
Lulu & Georgia: 15 percent off orders over $250 (using code MEMORIAL15), 20 percent off orders over $500 (using code MEMORIAL20) and 25 percent off orders over $1000 (using code MEMORIAL25).
Buyers using effectively enjoyed a 2650 per cent discount and those using dollars 21996 per cent.
Not everyone using opioid painkillers went this way, and not everyone using opioids started with painkillers.
One of these is by switching from using takeaway coffee cups to using a reusable cup.
But when they start using the linac later this year, they'll definitely keep using the cobalt.
Opponents to using the mosquitoes state there could be unforeseen consequences to using the modified bugs.
It forces us to think about what we are using and why we are using it.
LG: Are you using a Windows Surface tablet because you're using Windows Hello for facial recognition?
On the flip side, when I was using Galaxy Fold unfolded, I was really using it.
Offline stores that are already using Square can also easily create an online shop using WooCommerce.
But for this video, it's using that knowledge to operate autonomously, using cameras to avoid obstacles.
We didn't want an expert way of using it, there's just one way of using it.
The entire service was built using Twilio using mainly their conference call and voice recognition APIs.
If you insist on using a Microsoft browser, now might be time to consider using Edge?
When I am using an Android phone, I'm back to using a Wear OS watch myself.
It was pretty exciting since I was using an actual machine, using coding to control it.
But it just got a whole lot more complicated for Ancestry to keep using using them.
Using the "volumetric capture method," game footage is recorded using 38 5K ultra high-definition cameras.
That said, using ACV on your hair isn't the same as using it on your scalp.
Now, using the internet, the vrăjitoare are able to work with clients remotely using Facebook chat.
Instead of using your smartphone, try capturing your life using the EX7000 4K Action Camera instead.
PrEP isn't the reason people aren't using condoms—they weren't using them in the first place.
" Using "so" amplifies or exaggerates whatever simple adjective the president's using — whether that's "great!" or "sick.
For that reason, you might consider using a virtual private network (VPN) when using the internet.
It's just the same as not using fur, or not using leather, or anything like that.
Democrats were the reverse with 28503 percent using positive definitions and 22019 percent using negative ones.
Using bankruptcy this way "seems like using a sledgehammer to hang a picture," said Judge Latta.
If you're using Safari or Google Chrome, it will involve using something called a developer menu.
Ultimately a crossroad is reached about the consequences of using that power — or not using it.
David Streitfeld, a technology reporter in San Francisco, discussed the tech he's using — and not using.
And they're using those numbers; they're using the high numbers to make it sound impalatable (sic).
My skills have been greatly refined using Compiler, and I couldn't imagine not using it today.
In the short time he's been using the app, Collins has gotten better at using TikTok.
And he also knew how to render bravado using soothing coos, and intimacy using stern barks.
First, using a Chromebook is basically like using a Chrome browser with access to Android apps.
I currently only have my apps using location while using the apps, or not at all.
It's much harder to accidentally like a photo using a trackpad than using a touch screen.
Those guidelines include using using antibiotics responsibly and giving animals space to roam, among other things.
So far, people haven't been using GPT-2 for spam; they've been using it for poetry.
Trump's regularly using up, or getting close to using up, all 280 characters available to him.
They're using the system they never wanted — using the instruments we fought for — to gain power.
They make money when everybody is using VR and they are using it all day long.
And then we allow our clients to decide if they're using it for retargeting, if they're using it for insights, if they're using it for real estate analysis and so on.
While the most popular emoji was the crying laughter face, although she added that the company found people using a wider variety of different emoji when using Swiftmoji vs using SwiftKey .
There are interesting applications, such as using it as a badge replacement at your office, using it to enter a country, using it to unlock your phone or beautify your selfies.
Do you feel that this president using Twitter, using these attacks, using social media, and then the ensuing pile-on that happens is going to really damage an outfit like CNN?
Also at six months, 59 percent of those using nasal irrigation were using over the counter medications for their sinus symptoms, compared with 68 percent in the groups not using irrigation.
The affidavit mentions Isvanca and Cismaru using Cerber and Dharma varietals of ransomware, while the five in the arrest were announced as using Cerber and CTB Locker, primarily using the latter.
"I promise you ... when the rap artists quit using the N-word and as soon as Chris Rock quits using the N-word, I'll quit using the N-word," he said.
Just as foodmakers are barred from using certain ingredients, online firms could be prohibited from using certain data or using them in such a way that could cause harm to an individual.
"Daesh are using motorcycles for their patrols to evade air detection, with pillion passengers using binoculars to check out buildings and streets," said Abu Maher, using an Arabic acronym for Islamic State.
If you're using Bastion right then you're only using Recon to get into position or make getaways.
A week into using the Juul, I was using it constantly, nearly to the point of vomiting.
The company is also using the season to get people in the habit of using reusable cups.
Stop using (and stop your friends from using) the Bering Strait Theory to justify aggressive land theft.
Because anyone can buy a poll these days, using online opt-in sample, or using automated polls.
The proposal would let phone companies block robocallers from using numbers they aren't supposed to be using.
Bisexual people smoke more than other sexual orientations — 28% report using pot, and 295% report using tobacco.
He's using violence against the immigrants, he's using violence right now today… This is a nonviolent demonstration.
Chefs are using it in restaurants and bartenders are using it to make some really great cocktails.
People stopped using Latin's loqui, "to speak", and started using parabolare, which originally had a narrower meaning.
This is then encrypted using the addressee's public 'key' and decrypted on receipt using their private key.
Ether investors using Opera would potentially be able to more easily access their tokens using the feature.
He said rushing, using a dull razor and using hot or chemical products can lead to injuries.
Simply put: using a password manager is far better for your overall security than not using one.
"Added Zabel: "We also inspect for advanced, persistent threats using detection methods developed using national level intelligence.
Using Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant, ParkWhiz customers can find and reserve parking spaces using only their voice.
A message can be encrypted using the publicly available key, yet only decrypted using the private key.
Nanobinoids – Using hemp to create better batteries Nanobinoids is using hemp to unlock the promise of graphene.
We're interested in who's using it, how many people are using it, and the risks and downsides.
On the residential storage side, Tesla isn't just using Panasonic cells; it's using Samsung and other suppliers.
Founders are using CaaS to improve their pitches and drive investor conviction using transparent and defendable data.
Using Twitter's data stream for marketing research is allowed, whereas using the data for surveillance is not.
Cattle farmers are using IoT to make the cattle healthier and more productive without using more feed.
And that then contributes to the way I am using them and how often I'm using them.
During this time, he was still using Suboxone—and even began using needles to take the drug.
Using sight When following this method, we are using our sense of sight to silence the mind.
Using it is like using the radio that lived in your grandfather's sitting room for 40 years.
"I'm not worried about kids using VR. I'm worried about kids using any media uncontrolled," he said.
One bank might be using a certain blockchain solution, while another firm could be using something different.
Uber has been using similar strategies internationally, using generous subsidies to gain market share against overseas rivals.
The whole scene was using Max/MSP as the main tool, so I started using it too.
Among the customers using the enterprise platform is AP, the news syndicate, which has been using Data.
Abby Tang: Using this phone 10 years later is a lot like using no phone at all.
It's unclear why Trump has convinced himself using the DPA is more dangerous than not using it.
The tension between using national-security systems for surveillance and using them for gun control is real.
Many people are using fabrics from old t-shirts, and boy scouts are using donated cloth materials.
"Architecture should go back to fabrication, to using real materials, to using the hand," he told me.
Uber Elevate envisions using electric propulsion, the different prototypes using multiple propellers, much like today's unmanned drones.
The company is accused of using exclusivity agreements to prevent customers from using products from its rivals.
But here's the real point: Will not using dryer balls help the world more than using them?
Interest in using a mobile wallet is mixed, with about a third of Americans using digital payments.
He was first spotted using a walker back in October, and he's been using it ever since.
The latest survey showed that 56 executives are using Azure for cloud infrastructure, versus 48 using AWS.
Using knowledge in the head is also self-sustaining, whereas using knowledge from the internet is not.
But within a week, I had gone from using crutches occasionally to not using them at all.
One review found single-sex brain studies using male animals outnumbered those using females 6.7 to one.
That means using an updated version of whatever operating system you're using, and updating all your apps.
When he was using heroin, he estimates that half his hometown of Walton, Kentucky, was using too.
Some creators are using 3D animation software, while others are using 3D photogrammetry to create photorealistic environments.
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Using voice commands for editing text never struck me as all that convenient (using the keyboard is simply faster for issuing these commands), but if you have an impairment that keeps you from using the keyboard, these new commands may now make using Google Docs an option for you.
These include using the internet to increase self-response; using administrative records (data that already exists in the government) to reduce the need for non-response follow-up efforts; using satellite and aerial imagery to identify where to count; and using automation to reduce staffing and office needs.
It's a tool that we should be using, but it's not the only tool we should be using.
Instead of using chemical combustion, the railgun fires projectiles using magnetic fields generated by enormous amount of energy.
This includes using mosquito repellant, wearing long sleeves, keeping windows closed, using air conditioning and eliminating standing water.
When using Borax and other liquid cleaners, be sure to weaken the substance using generous amounts of water.
You can also interact using the Apple Pencil (not your fingers), including using Apple's built-in markup tools.
The chipmaker has been accused of using exclusivity agreements to block customers from using products made by rivals.
Additionally, the Switch will be able to connect using Ethernet using a USB LAN adaptor with the dock.
And something like 30 percent of the Americans are actually using the -- are itemizing and using this deduction.
No one risks any real penalty for using the stamp; the only punishment comes from not using it.
He wired them money as they moved, using intermediaries who couldn't be traced, and communicated using encrypted apps.
Click here to view original GIFYou grew up using Microsoft Paint because everyone grew up using Microsoft Paint.
The companies using VR as a marketing tool are often using low-grade cameras to test the possibilities.
To change behavior—whether it's using rehydration solutions, avoiding dirty water or using condoms—credible messengers are essential.
Accuweather is using it to provide local weather information, while Just East is using it for food ordering.
Instead of using a dry erase marker, jot constructive affirmations on your bathroom mirror using lipstick or eyeliner.
Instead of using electrical shocks, she suggests using a vibrator during pregnancy for a similar, but safer, sensation.
But by using women, ISIS can perform something of a jujitsu move, using the enemy's force against him.
But if you're using a silicone toy for anal stimulation, you're better off using a water-based lube.
Using Android Messages on the web requires using Android Messages as your main texting app on your phone.
I bought this shirt using Apple Pay on the Mac and completed the transaction using my Apple Watch.
The remaining firms using local workers then replaced them with machinery to compete with other firms using convicts.
"They're completely nontransparent," Cook says, which makes determining how much clean energy they're using or not using difficult.
Many are using agroecology techniques that include using natural methods to improve the soil and protect against pests.
More than 700,000 people started using LSD, the survey found, and about the same number started using ecstasy.
That means using an updated version of whatever operating system you're using, and updating your apps and software.
The drones are fired into the air using a catapult and deliveries are made using a biodegradable parachute.
After using it for a few weeks, I don't want to go back to using my desktop machine.
Beyond the tracking piece of your technology, why do I stop using my service and start using yours?
Women using the app are required to measure and input their body temperature daily using a basal thermometer.
But while some systems are using URLs as public data points, other systems are using them as passwords.
With AirPlay 21499846, you can connect multiple speakers using WiFi and control multiple speakers using your iOS device.
This includes ideas like using underwater fans, creating artificial upwellings of colder water or using localized shading structures.
Any time you're on the phone, using company email or using the internet, your employer could be watching.
When using a smartphone, it's easy to lose track of just how many apps you're using at once.
We advise against using one of these products if you lack the experience; consult an expert before using.
Best Western is trying to beat the odds, using artificial intelligence to personalize ads using IBM Watson Advertising.
Importantly, using marijuana also significantly increases risk of using other substances and developing a substance use disorder (SUD)).
"To be honest, the value differentiation using blockchain from using traditional technology has not been obvious," he said.
Also, I enjoyed using the Echo for certain things, and am increasingly using Google Assistant on my smartphone.
I encountered Islamophobic hate speech using the Discover tool in my first few minutes of using the app.
Using a smaller wing really helps things out, and using organic ones makes them taste more like chicken.
"People aren't really using strains anymore, they're using brands and brand names," Beals told me over the phone.
All the articles kept using the fact that she had admitted to using Botox or whatever against her.
Corporations like Samsung are generally interested in using the Ethereum software without using the internal virtual currency, Ether.
Using radiocarbon dating, scientists can uncover counterfeit artworks using smaller than ever samples of canvas and paint chips.
But people are increasingly using surveillance technology to thwart "porch pirates" and using social media to shame them.
But Drummond denied using unconventional extraction methods, saying it was producing coal bed methane using conventional vertical wells.
But not everyone who got sick reported using such products, and some were using only nicotine vape product.
The update requires library patrons using the learning programs to create a LinkedIn account using their full name.
Nearly 60 percent of patients reported using nicotine-based products, while 76 percent reported using THC-containing products.
Do you see people using your camera for that, or they are using the create mode for Stories?
But tests using GC-MS are still common, he said, and many of those may be using TFAA.
If your teen is using photo-editing apps, point out that their peers are likely using them too.
Using the Wave is supposed to feel similar to using other e-cigarette or vape products, Danek said.
You'll verify yourself using either the fingerprint reader on your Mac or using an Apple Watch or iPhone.
While the phones are missing some premium features, using them feels pretty similar to using the real thing.
With Cooper, he's not using the language of the picturesque—he's using the language of discovery and abstraction.
The statistics suggest that using a knife, bomb, or vehicle is far less lethal than using a gun.
In the meantime, we are going to continue using the normal toilet, using grey water to flush it.
Copeland recommends diligently keeping track of meetings using a calendar (enabling reminders if you're using an electronic one).
"There's no question they're using me," he said, but he insisted that he was using them right back.
NR: This is Dubuffet again, but also Pollock, using the wrong end of the paintbrush, using their fingers.
Michael Stars: $50 off orders $150 or over (using code GET50), $75 off orders $250 or over (using code GET75) and $200 off orders of $500 or over (using code GET200); through May 30.
There are some ways to increase safety for children using trampolines, such as using protective padding, using trampolines without exposed springs, avoiding somersaults and flips, and ensuring that children don't jump all at once.
Realm has more than 100,000 developers using its product, with 350 companies using its data synchronization tools to move data between mobile devices and the cloud, using the Realm Platform, according to the company.
SoCalGas forecast demand this summer would peak around 3.2 bcf, with power generators using over 1.9 bcf, noncore large industrial customers like refineries using 0.6 bcf and core mostly residential customers using 0.6 bcf.
No one talked about America using nukes during the Iraq War or Russia using nukes against Chechen rebels, because the very idea of using such a destructive weapon under such mundane circumstances is unthinkable.
He gave Matsuyama a putting alignment training aid, a chutelike device that is anchored to the green by golf tees, that Matsuyama was using as darkness approached Wednesday to stroke 10 putts into the hole using just his left hand, 10 using just his right hand and 10 using both hands.
I was using the regular Neutrogena one — I've been using it since college — but then I had to change because I was using liquid stay-all-day lipsticks, and they were impossible to get off.
The site is using standard GoDaddy shared hosting to blend in with 400+ websites using the same IP address.
You can reserve a table using OpenTable, Resy, or Bookatable, or order rides to venues using Lyft and Uber.
But using a VPN can be as dangerous as not using one if you don't know what you're doing.
Quest (DGX) said it has suspended using AMCA and that it was using "forensic experts" to examine the issue.
But once I'd found everything I needed, using the Pocophone F1 was similar to using any newer Android phone.
Here, Google is also using some of its machine-learning expertise to make using this service a bit easier.
Three years later, gastric bypass patients were using fewer prescriptions while those in the comparison group were using more.
Over the weekend, activists and celebrities began using Twitter to urge a boycott of Uber using the hashtag #DeleteUber.
For one, scientists keep using the same well-established data sets they've always been using, which are largely European.
Of course, the fun part of using a Google Home device is using your voice rather than an app.
The company said it's using artificial intelligence to scan and block users younger than 13 from using the app.
I'd avoid using 8 or 9-inch cake pans if you can, unless you're using a ton of batter.
But banks aren't only using social media to cater to existing customers, they're using it to target new ones.
Using an airbrush or working with feathers is no different than using china paint or designing for needle work.
Customers may be able to pay for some services from their car using Mastercard and for parking using Parkopedia.
Instead of using the Facebook app, Gibbs accessed the social network through the web using the Safari web browser.
This should alleviate some of the confusion when using Android Wear 2.0, which I've experienced while using the preview.
That would make me wary about regularly using the Z Flip as my everyday phone without using a case.
If You're Using A DSLR If you're using a more advanced camera, you must purchase a special solar filter.
Now, using a specially modified virus, researchers from Duke University have confirmed a promising solution using live mouse models.
Airbnb is considering using Aadhaar for hosts, and Uber and Ola are thinking of using it to verify drivers.
She searched for news of the bombing across social media using the hashtag that everyone seemed to be using.
More students are using computers or tablets, and teachers are increasingly using screens to illustrate aspects of their lessons.
Or Uber using our face recognition for their driver identification, Twitter using our AI capabilities to do machine translation.
Amanda Rayfield, who runs Hello Heartbreak, began using a Square Reader in May after briefly using a PayPal reader.
You can manage it using voice control (if you have an Amazon Echo) or from afar using an app.
If someone sends you money using Apple Pay, you could be able to use this balance using this card.
You'll hear about police brutality, or security using dogs—pipeline security's been using dogs on water protectors, different distractions.
The remaining quarter said that they were using it less recently, had stopped using it or deleted their account.
It's like using new technology for something that is useful and not just for the sake of using it.
Fitch calculates UA using a direct capitalization approach of 2016 estimated unencumbered NOI using a stressed 0003% capitalization rate.
You could install WireGuard-tools using Homebrew and then establish a connection using a command line in the Terminal.
I equate using Bluetooth headphones with using my home Wi-Fi network; one where there are known dead zones.
That contrasted against worldwide accident data, customers using Autopilot are statistically safer than those not using it at all.
Data from Uganda show that significantly fewer farmers, 10%, are using hybrid seeds and only 3% are using fertiliser.
Using it I slipped right into using the Pixel with ease, even though my main phone is an iPhone.
No flyers, no mailers, no phone calls — it's all using using an app that people would be on already.
But right now, you can save up 15% sitewide by using using the exclusive promo code "BUSINESSINSIDER" at checkout.
Scalise is still using crutches to walk and has been using a motorized wheelchair to move around the Capitol.
"We were all using it like other people, not using it for ourselves to create a platform," he says.
"They're using goTennas in different ways and they're using it in ways we didn't imagine people would use them."
Many corporate sales departments are already using Salesforce, and many human-resources departments are using applications such as Workday.
Daniel Solomita: Not only are we using waste plastics, but we're using waste plastics that have no value today.
You can control the noise cancellation using the AirPods Pro stems, from the iPhone, or using an Apple Watch.
I'm interested to see if using this will cause more damage or less damage than just using my hand.
Because Blendle only works if you're using Blendle — that is, if you're using its website, or eventually its app.
Quarta330: I've been using Gameboy for production for many years but I don't feel any nostalgia about using it.
Office workers in Israel are using photos of climate activist Greta Thunberg to make people reconsider using disposable plastics.
"If the Republicans are using these powerful tools, I think we should be using them too," Ms. Ullman said.
Some reported using both THC and e-cigarettes while a smaller group reported using only nicotine, Meaney-Delman said.
"They're using the same systems that giant companies or plutocrats are using to hide their money overseas," Madden said.
There is a precedent in the US for using art to discourage people from using quite so much gas.
"Maybe you can stop using Alipay if you are angry, but there's no way you could stop using WeChat."
Unlike solar flares, which were visible during eclipses using traditional telescopes, these spontaneous emissions were now detectable using radios.
"If you file online, file using a secure connection — don't file your taxes using public Wi-Fi," Schifferle says.
They were using portable generators to build tunnels, to power up the tools that they were using to dig.
Many are using apps like Airtable or Notion they're already using at work to create spreadsheets for this purpose.
"The words that he was using were many of the same words the President had been using," O'Rourke said.
If you're using a real tree If you're using a natural Christmas tree, make sure it's a fresh one.
NASA created the mesmerizing simulation using a supercomputer using atmospheric measurements from the agency's Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite.
Violent drug cartels are using more modern technology to breach our border than we are using to secure it.
Using screens in a dark room was associated with worse sleep outcomes than using them with the lights on.
And if you're using headphones to listen to music, it's very likely that you're using them with your phone.
I don't think he realizes that the fear he's using as a winning campaign strategy is actually using him.
I tried different elements of The Martian using all three headsets: a short trailer using the Gear VR, rover-driving segments using both the Vive and the Rift, and the full experience running on the Rift.
Not coincidentally, only two of the nonpartisan Virginia pollsters using a voter file appear to weight by education; all but one of the pollsters using random digit dialing in Virginia do, most likely using the census.
Microsoft is using it's using previous experience deploying white spaces projects in 17 different countries to execute its ambitious plans.
Instead of using traditional paint and canvas, makeup artists are using lipstick to express themselves and the results are impressive.
Using launchctl, we can also pull the trigger on our scheduled job at any time by using launchctl start my_job.
You will not only see the tweets using the hashtag, but also the replies to the tweets using them too.
The company is using open data from existing weather stations but plans to extend its data points using wearable devices.
We've known for a few years now how closely related we are, first theoretically using maths, then using genetic similarities.
For traditional photography, it can simulate using an optical zoom lens and replicate the benefits of using a larger sensor.
Shadow is using a similar technique to downgrade image quality if you're using a DSL connection with only 15Mb/s.
Because you are not using the work as an intellectual creation you are just using the data in the work.
We go through the dives using his dive computer since it's a lot more detailed than the rental I'm using.
Miller said a small number of cars would be purchased using equity and others would be bought using debt financing.
Using the phone's GPS, the game makes various Pokemon characters "appear" around you, using augmented reality on your phone's screen.
Using phrases like "most popular" to describe the iPhone X on the call, Cook avoided using another superlative: most expensive.
They're using the same transportation infrastructure, and using it harder, but they're not helping to maintain it for future generations.
Right now, pilots are using Kindred's software, built using the game engine Unity, alongside a standard keyboard and 3D mouse.
And I've noticed myself using Snapchat far less since Instagram Stories launched, after using Snapchat a bunch earlier this year.
Broker dealers have been cautious over using interactive social media on company sites, especially when using third party-posted material.
They're using it to represent themselves, and even when they're not representing themselves with them, they're using very positive language.
Feel free to agree with them, but make clear that you're not actually using Instagram — you're satirizing yourself using Instagram.
It was a quick jump as he began using his own patterns to design clothes using material from donated clothing.
In many ways, using Scaleway as your cloud hosting provider feels like using DigitalOcean, Linode or any typical VPS provider.
These include blocked exits, using strip plugs as permanent wiring, and using extension cords as a substitute for permanent wiring.
Using heme, Impossible Foods is able to make its vegetarian meat substitute taste and feel like beef without using animals.
If you're strongly opposed to using regular toilet paper, think about using a damp washcloth or invest in a bidet.
Identity trackersInstead of using a cookie, these rare trackers follow people using personally identifiable information, such as their email address.
If the medication works and using cocaine is less compelling, this may help people to achieve abstinence from using cocaine.
HRC officially began using "LGBTQ" across their work in 23, though they had been using it in youth programs earlier.
Unless someone is using an actual racial slur, there are never any consequences for white people using Black terminology freely.
Many patients using ACA exchange plans complained that they had deductibles so high that the insurance was hardly worth using.
"I always stress the difference between using something on your hair versus using it all over your scalp," she says.
It's similar to how a company would add payment services to an application using Stripe or communications services using Twilio.
Since Beal had been using behind bars—and wasn't receiving treatment during that time—he kept using immediately after release.
But Trump's legal team isn't using what that case decided to prove their point; it's using what it didn't settle.
Republicans are using special budget rules to pass their healthcare bill and prevent Democrats from using the filibuster against it.
You could be a local or expat using the dating app in #India or an #Indian using the app abroad.
In the late 224s, some people said we should stop using carseats because so many people were using them incorrectly.
QuickType will bring Siri intelligence to the keyboard, using deep learning to enable more intelligent predictive typing using expanded context.
Next, sign up for the Android Beta Program using the same Google account you'll be using on your chosen device.
The company is using Bluetooth, and Apple says its chips improve the technology by connecting faster and using less power.
Using the traits of individuals to diagnose societies is intellectually treacherous enough; using them on an entire species is worse.
Listening continued when the Xbox stopped using Kinect and starting using, Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant that was launched in 2016.
If you are using Wi-Fi, be sure you are using the correct Wi-Fi password (see the next section).
We can give you a final quick tip for photos, if you're using Google Photos or thinking about using it.
It took a lot of experimentation in terms of using cultures, which I've not had the experience of using before.
At least 1 million teens and tweens are using it to connect with friends and meet strangers using 3D avatars.
It takes approximately 42.5 seconds to scrub your dirty mitts using WHO's technique, versus only 35 seconds using the CDC's.
Many in the liberal media are using -- and mean using -- coronavirus in an attempt to demonize and destroy the President.
And that adults using condoms were as likely to rate their sexual experience as pleasurable as those not using them.
If you're using the meat tenderizer on something nonlaunderable, like a mattress, wipe the paste away using a damp rag.
If you're using the desktop or browser version of Discord, you can also cross out text using a context menu.
Addiction is a matter of who is using, how much they are using, and the harm done as a result.
He claimed to have delivered more than 9,000 babies using standard techniques, and more than 1,000 using his natural methods.
Using HomeKit, iOS users can control lights, thermostats and locks using Siri or a series of third-party HomeKit apps.
It has a cruising speed of five to six knots using electric power, or up to 16 knots using diesel.
He also said that using separate meetings allows for employees to listen and learn from the people using the product.
Meal kits had them using spices they'd never tried, experimenting with formerly intimidating techniques, using vegetables they'd previously found baffling.
With that being said there are certainly problematic effects of using too much cannabis or using stronger strains of cannabis.
Far from using his power to faithfully implement the ACA, the president is actively using his power to destroy it.
I like to focus ourselves on being innovators and patent creators than expensing ... You're using your ... Right, using the patent.
However, every time you search using Google, or take Netflix's advice on what to watch this evening, you're using it.
There was no significant difference in condom use between those using the shot, patch or ring and those using LARC.
Install it using pip, which you know how to do because you did the tutorial above about using Python modules.
First, a human doctor using regularly open surgery tools; second, using keyhole surgery tools; and third, using the da Vinci — a mechanical system controlled completely by a human and used in the vast majority of robot surgeries.
The company claims that using the ad blocker on its browser will load web pages on average 90 percent faster than using Internet Explorer and 45 percent faster than using Google Chrome with an ad-blocker extension.
But still, ultimately, if I go to them regardless of what password manager I'm using to log in, if I'm in Safari and I'm using Safari keychain or I'm using 2100Password, everyone still knows where I'm going.
This is obviously the case if I am using someone else's money—everything is worth the money if you're using someone else's—but I'm not so convinced it's true if I'm using my own money or time.
In February, Amazon announced it would make half of all its shipments carbon neutral by 2030 by using more eco-friendly packaging, using more renewable energy like wind power, as well as using electric vans for package deliveries.
But using it is not all that intuitive, and it requires breaking learned habits I've accumulated over years of using technology.
The World Anti-Doping Agency is considering using artificial intelligence to flag athletes potentially using banned substances to get unfair advantages.
Quest also said it has stopped using AMCA for billing and that it was using "forensic experts" to examine the issue.
Many of the comments were filed using temporary or duplicate email addresses, and millions were repeated verbatim using industry-friendly scripts.
While using alternative data can give hedge funds an advantage, the strategy as it's intended does not involve using confidential information.
We're using our platforms, using our opportunities to shed light on that, so that's kind of where I stand on it.
Do you have that granularity of detail around who are these people who are using this and how they're using hotels?
While the first episode was created using Twine's open-source software, following episodes will be made using different game-making technologies.
Trump accused Hillary of using the gender card, but in fact he was using his own gender, playing the masculinity card.
He felt so strongly about speaking up, using his voice to activate his activism and using his fame to share things.
"She had confessed she had been using drugs and that she had been using drugs for quite some time," Samya said.
They're not just using their messaging through Russia Today, through fake news; they're not just using military action and economic action.
Using that data, Buoy can tell homeowners how much water they're using for showers, doing dishes, cleaning laundry, and flushing toilets.
I was a very good student at a great school not using — by the way — not using profanity is very easy.
The United States stopped using a whole-cell pertussis vaccine in the 1990s and began using an acellular version called DTaP.
This expands the apps' reach to anyone using Apple devices, even if they never bought new or are using older devices.
The issue isn't just that someone is using drugs, but that someone is using drugs in a way that endangers them.
Using stem cells for medical treatments and using stem cells that simply turn into edible protein obviously isn't the same thing.
Using this data, it is possible—with varying degrees of success, no doubt—to locate a target using what's called trilateration.
A 100 mbps connection was established using barbed wire, some students demonstrated the internet protocol using bongo drums, and even pigeons.
More than constructing giant catapults or using underwater tunnels, drug traffickers often try to get their product across borders using produce.
Using both together successfully removes makeup and cleanses my skin, but using a washcloth to remove stubborn eye makeup is annoying.
Edward Chiu wanted to match the product experience of using DigitalOcean with the experience of using its internal customer success tools.
While they connect to your phone using Bluetooth, the Earin buds talk to each other using Near-field Magnetic Induction (NFMI).
"I get my monthly facial and I make sure I am using exfoliate and am using all my products," he explains.
That means even if you're using SMS to secure your online accounts using two-factor authentication, your codes can be stolen.
"Trump is using Mexico, is using President Peña to push his sinking poll numbers," Fox told CNN ahead of Trump's trip.
These methods include using reusable rockets, refuelling the spaceship in space, and using a methane fuel instead of traditional rocket fuels.
Osella began using Stahl's pictures of Lil Yachty and Childish Gambino to experiment on, using his cut-and-paste reworked aesthetic.
Or in organizing around using where people's power is, using that point of power that folks have, which is their labor.
The effectiveness of the content ranking algorithms will be testable using the measurable inputs you provide simply by using the service.
In my tests, download speeds were consistently around 20 mbps faster using the Starry Station than using my Comcast-provided router.
Although issued using traditional processes required by regulators, the €100,000 transaction was simultaneously replicated using blockchain on the R3 Corda platform.
His Shakespeare is constructed using synthetic materials and painted using a tiny fibre that extracts from the air as a brush.
That includes focusing on population numbers over habitat restoration, using drones to count populations and using captive breeding to increase numbers.
We're using the same technology in a different way, in a way a lot of people aren't used to using it.
They say he was avoiding using personal bank accounts, using accounts of surrogates -- including business managers -- and lived mostly on cash.
You should turn on two-factor authentication to access the online service you're using and encrypt your backup using a passphrase.
Spicer defended Trump's use of the word on Tuesday, saying he was using words "the media is using" in his tweet.
The opposition party will always find fault in the way the party in control is using or not using its power.
About 4 percent of patients using AbbVie's blockbuster arthritis treatment Humira were covered by health plans using copay accumulators, he said.
American sprinters are using sets of "Halo" headphones, which purportedly enhance the brain using electrical impulses shot through the ear canal.
You can now draw in the Notes app using the Apple Pencil, and Apple will make this text searchable using OCR.
You know, I see her using the word 'free' a lot less than I see Bernie Sanders using the word 'free.
Quick Typing is less ridiculousApple is now using deep learning and AI to make smarter suggestions using Apple's Quick Type keyboard.
They tested the theory using using different foods on indoor floor surfaces containing 10 million bacteria, including carpet, linoleum and tiles.
Just like a hotel, you can book an Airbnb using your Capital One miles-earning card and reimburse yourself using miles.
Using a bidet is cleaner than just using toilet paper and can lead to fewer instances of rashes, hemorrhoids, and UTIs.
Republicans are using the 2017 budget reconciliation for ObamaCare repeal, and plan on using the 2018 reconciliation to pass tax reform.
Yet for decades, those opposed to abortion have sought to prohibit using federal funds to support research using human fetal tissue.
I'm gonna apply the same makeup look three times using the same brushes and then clean those brushes using each method.
That tells me that people are buying more efficient cars, using more public transportation or using ride-sharing apps like Uber.
A decade ago, Weihenmayer began using the BrainPort, a device that enables him to "see" the rock face using his tongue.
That's going to be using artificial intelligence that many marketeers are going to be using for their branded apps as well.
What compelled Willoughby to begin using the psychic banana in the first place, and when did she begin using it, anyway?
If you're using a newer car with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, you've already been using voice assistants in your car.
"Trump is using what's going on in your unconscious framed brain, he's using it against you for his purposes," Lakoff said.
When you use digital zoom, you're no longer using the full imaging sensor; instead, you are using fewer and fewer pixels.
Using the command line is second-nature for me, almost as much so as using the regular old OSX/Windows GUIs.
Sometimes using a camera, other times using a convex TV screen found in old junk shops to view the world through.
Producing electricity using solar technology is less expensive than using gas, coal or any other types of fossil fuels, he said.
The Illinois employee said that he hopes members stop using cash to pay in stores and resort to using cards instead.
Then, I describe the word using various examples, sometimes with an image, sometimes using it in different sentences, or, often, both.
Morris Desir said this is another example of how, even beyond using the word "census," the ads are using deceptive tactics.
I'd rather make up this cost by using the same ingredients that our chef is using and balance our costs there.
Keep in mind that using a lot of products that contain potential endocrine disruptors (and using them often) ups your risk.
Update: Samsung added a statement of its own on Friday, using stronger language and encouraging customers to stop using the devices.
On using a broker: The broker's fee gave him pause, but using a broker turned out to be a big help.
In recent years abortion-rights supporters moved from using neutral language like "autonomy" and "choice" toward using positive, stigma-defying language.
Drinking more fluids, using a humidifier, or using a nasal moisturizing spray are all helpful ways to get the red out.
It discourages you from repairing your phone using one of iFixit's own repair kits, or using another third-party repair shop.
Not to be using this laboratory, not to be using the other private labs around the state makes no sense whatsoever.
However, he notes that there is a difference between using social media as a business tool and using it for pleasure.
There are about twice as many suicides annually using guns (more than 21,000 in 2014) as there are homicides using guns.
He was using my products and he was using my serums, because that was the only thing that was really helping.
The controls work fine when you're using both earbuds, but they're more limited when you're just using one at a time.
Using garlic, ginger and scallions and salting properly sound pedestrian, but I did not think about them before using box services.
I found out early that I'm not always good at using my fingers, but I am good at using my tongue.
Messages sent using the app can only be opened once the recipient verifies their identity using a passcode or their fingerprint.
To vote using both an email address and Facebook, LOG OUT (upper right), then repeat the process, using the other method.
Traditionally, cigarettes were tested in a laboratory, using smoking machines -- not a smoker -- using an industry standard protocol established in 1966.
And then I can run a poll using the psychological segments, and I can run the poll using just raw data.
Snap is also using another trick to boost social acceptance: using artificial scarcity to make the sunglasses seem hard to get.
This means adopting cyber safe behaviors such as using online password vaults to store and create complex passwords, using separate email accounts for important logins, and using a secure browser rather than email client to log into these accounts.
It's long been insisted that using a mouse and keyboard offers a significant amount of finesse and precision over a controller (which is backed by reports of Overwatch players using third-party adapters to dominate those using the latter).
In a press conference, she deflected a hard question: QUESTION: Were you ever — were you ever specifically briefed on the security implications of usingusing your own email server and using your personal address to email with the president?
For now, both employees who are not using Walmart-issued devices, as well as those who are, are being given the option of using the Workplace app on their own devices, and using the app itself is not mandated.
It was previously possible to create artificial or "synthetic" clicks by using macOS' in-built automation feature AppleScript, or by using mouse keys, which let users — and malware — control the mouse cursor using the numeric pad on the keyboard.
They were, you know, at the time, they were using Vine for video but they were using the Shots app for photos.
Blue Origin is using launches like these to test out their New Shepard system before using it to bring humans into space.
Earlier this month the president was accused of using vulgar language Haiti and African countries, though he denied using the specific language .
Google is now using AI to suggest relevant GIFs, emoji, and stickers you can put in your conversation if you're using Gboard.
Chances are, it's more than you're used to using, especially if you made a leap from using something like an iPhone 6.
Simonoff, however, says they were not using either's API, and only using public data anyway, and that the blockades are effectively meaningless.
Using wet fingers, pat the rice into the same length of the hot dog you're using, but about 3 times as long.
They can also open bank accounts using Estonia's e-banking system and set up an Estonian company using the country's online system.
Companies using cloud apps like Twilio are not using them alone, but in tandem with other cloud apps or their own software.
Competitors were performing dry training in the venue on Friday, using an area where divers can practise using trampolines, platforms and harnesses.
Jia and his team thought that they could find evidence for the plumes using the machinery Galileo was using for other purposes.
For women using amphetamines, the average cost was $5,700, compared with $5,400 for women using opioids and $4,600 for other hospital deliveries.
"The NIH will consider research applications using the Framework as well as proposals using alternative schemes when designing experimental approaches," they wrote.
"The signs of using too much marijuana are similar to the typical effects of using marijuana but more severe," CDC literature says.
Before using last year&aposs grill brush, check for loose bristles, then wipe the grates down thoroughly after using the brush. 5.
"I knew I wasn't going to stop people from using, but I wanted people to know what they were using," he said.
Using these services, I spotted more than a few acquaintances and even some contacts I consider friends using tracking in their correspondence.
Battery life is rated for 10 hours using the standard batteries, or up to 20 hours using the optional long life batteries.
At that point, people using the beta will have to decide whether they want to continue using the device and pay up.
In order to start using the feature, you can sign up to the Steam Client Beta using the instructions on this page.
Antigen typing tests were performed using red blood cells, while antibody identification tests were performed using plasma containing a range of antibodies.
Additionally, these industries aren't even using AI to actually solve problems or improve society, they are largely using it as an autopilot.
They will also be able to take screenshots of the Touch Bar using CMD+Shift+6 combination or using the Grab app.
Pigs had never been studied using tools before Few species have been spotted using tools to their benefit, Root-Bernstein told CNN.
The demo video shows the iPhone being unlocked using the mask, and then again using the researcher's face, in just one go.
As CNET points out, using music streaming on the Watch requires getting comfortable with using Siri for most of your music queries.
The so-called "typing gap" is closing as people become less skilled at using full keyboards and better at using mobile devices.
Facebook said it had no knowledge of North Koreans using its platform but is committed to rooting out profiles using false names.
Theranos developed a technique using its proprietary 'Edison' machine it claimed could detect hundreds of diseases using just one drop of blood.
Its unemployment rate was 0.7% in 2010 using the old definition but jumped to 9.6% in 2017, using the new, stricter one.
The White House isn't using science for its policy; instead, it's using the language and authority of science to justify old prejudices.
Some exhibited unique typing behaviors, like using the Caps Lock instead of shift, or using both thumbs together to hit the spacebar.
These maps aren't built using Facebook data, but are instead built by using Facebook's AI capabilities with satellite imagery and census information.
The system is deeply integrated into the vehicle and using it is akin to using cruise control or turning on the lights.
Although the 3DS is a great system on its own, using it with a few additional accessories makes using it even better.
Though the hardware is more akin to a Segway, the software makes using an electric scooter just like using a dockless bike.
Perkash told me she actually had bad knees before using Lumo Run but claims the problem went away after using the device.
Aerones adds that using a drone for de-icing is both quicker and safer than sending humans up using a cherry picker.
And there's an international treaty against using chemical weapons, so using them for assassination attempts on foreign soil are beyond the pale.
"When that's unavoidable, some strategies suggested by other researchers include using earplugs, focusing on one's own sounds, or using positive internal dialogue."
At some point in your resistance bands journey you might wonder, is using a resistance band as good as using a weight?
You can also apply this strategy when you're using free weights, too, but it's easier to maintain tension when using a band.
"[This set] involved painting light behind the model using custom light brushes on torches and also using programmable Pixel Stick," notes Taylor.
So rather than using $15 billion on a wall, how about using all this money to fund healthcare for the American people?
But it's unclear why MoviePass is using language like "opt-in" without actually giving users a choice to continue using its service.
Zuck was able to audio chat with his friends using the Oculus headset, and video chat with his wife using Facebook Messenger.
Like the San Francisco ban, this Somerville law forbids city agencies including police from using face recognition technology from using the technology.
People are notorious for using very bad passwords, so maybe we should be using our heartbeats to unlock our sensitive data instead.
"Using technology but meeting with real life and using the digital displays in innovative ways, going forward it's really exciting," Kullberg added.
While some adults are using the Juul devices to do just that, anecdotal evidence suggests many teens are also using the devices.
I definitely won't stop using my other apps, but this update makes me actually want to start using Skype just for fun.
That includes using EPA-registered repellents containing DEET, using permethrin-treated clothing and gear, and staying inside screened or air-conditioned rooms.
For another, even people who use cards are eventually going to stop using that magnetic stripe and start using the secure element.
On non-Apple devices, using Sign In with Apple will still be a lot like using any other single-sign-on scheme.
"Using very careful methods and considerations, we will liberate our people from Daesh," he said, using an Arab acronym of Islamic State.
That product was sold off to Google earlier this year, and even before that, using Digits didn't mean users were using Twitter.
It's not a travel ban ... it's a vetting system to keep America safe ... he's using the words that the media is using.
EMPOWER, the group organizing the protest, is using the hashtag #ENOUGH, and students are also using the hashtags #NeverAgain, #StudentsStandUp and #NationalWalkoutDay.
Warren Buffett warned students about the perils of using debt and leverage decades ago, using Donald Trump as a negative case study.
"They stopped using GE accounting and started using American accounting," said Cramer, who has previously expressed regret about investing in the company.
The problem isn't that Trump is using pardons to benefit his political allies, but that he's using them largely to benefit himself.
The letter noted that military medical experts concluded in a 2014 study that using live animals offers no advantage over using simulators.
Security experts often decry the burgeoning number of neologisms using "cyber" as a prefix to denote control of a system using technology.
A few years ago, using containers to run your applications came with a number of security tradeoffs compared to using virtual machines.
If Google doesn't solve the issue, it could dissuade people from using the feature — or using Google's voice-enabled technology at all.
More recently, she brought preliminary charges against the company for allegedly using restrictive contracts for smartphone manufacturers using its Android operating system.
Perhaps targeted monitoring using anti-counterfeiting technologies will also help, and so will naming and shaming firms using insights from behavioral economics.
You can have "Storm shower?" and pronounce "shower" using the "ow" sound, and you can also pronounce "shower" using the "oh" sound.
Using artificial intelligence, the company is also beginning to focus on a third issue, whether authorized users are using their access appropriately.
The Army considered using mannequins but could not test the impact of explosions under a vehicle while using them, according to Reuters.
Despite the fact that I was using the card responsibly and making on-time payments, I was ashamed to be using credit.
"The more effective messaging might be from the mass population as opposed to using celebrities and using media and academics," he said.
"We know that consumers are using Amazon not only as retail, but also using it as product discovery and research," Gordon said.
Besides the six plants that produce ethanol using both cane and corn, there are two plants producing the biofuel using exclusively corn.
The Galaxy Note 33 Plus I've been using has been an absolute treat, especially after using the Pixel 3 for several months.
Netflix did not immediately return Motherboard's request for comment on the methods it's using to sniff out customers using these unblocking services.
And that gap will remain small this year, with 23.4 million using Starbucks' mobile payments compared with 553 million using Apple Pay.
One other advantage of using Block Kit is that apps will display messages consistently, whether you are using the web or mobile.
I really love using anise hyssop and lemon balm, things like yarrow even, more medicinal herbs—I like using flowers a lot.
As a birth control method, using FAMs means abstaining from vaginal intercourse (or using alternate birth control) during this predicted fertility window.
Above all, the Touch Bar is adaptive, constantly changing, not only based on what applications you're using, but how you're using them.
Twitter debuted a "Direct Message Card" last year to help brands using Twitter Direct Message to speak to customers directly using chatbots.
The researchers report that their predictions of morning traffic patterns were more accurate using this model than predictions using actual traffic data.
Here's what it was like using the new Amazon service and why I don't plan on using it again in the future: 
One example he gave was using your smartphone's on-screen keyboard to type in your login credentials instead of using the remote.
Previously, the company suggested against using cleaning products and advised device owners to clean their products using a damp, lint-free cloth.
After problems arose with the C.D.C.'s test, officials could have switched to using successful tests that other countries were already using.
And when these devices aren't supposed to be listening, and they're still using the internet connection, what are they using it for?
What's more, they will mimic the texture of their environment using little nodules called papillae that they extend and retract using muscles.
Neurons signal each other using electrical impulses, but astrocytes in turn regulate this signaling using their own calcium-mediated form of signaling.
They spend nine months of the year in Canada training and learning our strategies and using our coaching and using our ice.
Pediatricians suggest changing infants' diapers frequently to prevent rashes, and recommend using an oil-based ointment when necessary, rather than using talc.
Part of the problem is that using Lightning requires paying a royalty to Apple, whereas using the 3.5mm audio jack never did.
Other researchers are using AI to hunt specifically for antibiotics but are using a different approach to the one favored by MIT.
"They were using the mosques as their safe haven" and using the hostages as "human shields," he said of the terrorist group.
The president has reached two conclusions, senior officials report: The only thing worse than not using a weapon is using it ineffectively.
"White supremacists have become masters of this in how they post content using code words using certain kinds of punctuation," Quinn said.
Both Apple and Google suggest using a damp microfiber cloth in lieu of cleaning products and warn against using harsh cleaning agents.
Protesters accuse the police of using excessive force and tear gas; police have repeatedly claimed they is using the minimal necessary force.
Buffett said he's using "the latest model," but he's not using it to play "Fortnite" or lazily scroll through his Instagram feed.
A team of scientists have figured out how to generate an electric current using moisture in the air using a peculiar microbe.
If you're doing -- if you're in Venezuela or Ecuador, or North Korea, you're better off probably using Bitcoin than using their currency.
Impeller humidifiers are similar to ultrasonic humidifiers, but instead of using ultrasonic waves, they break-up water drops using a rotating disc.
It will take time for companies to switch over to using 5G and to develop their own technologies using network edge compute.
Many of the victims have self-reported using both nicotine and THC products, while about one-fifth have reported using only nicotine.
And though two instructors also saw the cadets using the gesture and told them to stop using it, the class continued anyway.
With the new services, developers can run Cassandra workloads on AWS using the same application code and developer tools they're already using.
Send us a photo or video using your "Trump Straws" on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram using #TRUMPSTRAWS or by texting STRAWS to 88022.
This is easy enough to fix using Windows' Intel Graphics settings, which I suggest using to tone down the default greenish cast.
This will include using voice command to pick up orders in store and using voice shopping to purchase fresh groceries, he said.
While he again apologized for using the racially charged slur, Schnatter told the TV station he was baited into using that language.
Other audio surfaced this week of Gillis using slurs against Asian people and making other offensive comments, including using a homophobic slur.
Aiden was conceived using sperm from his American father and Ethan was conceived using sperm from his Israeli father, court records show.
We're using Hustle, it's a text messaging app that's helping us connect millennials in particular, but writ large communities together, using text.
EI: Right, because if I'm using these stories to make art, I don't want to be using them to build Essma up.
Security experts suggest using these keys because it's virtually impossible for hackers to hack you using phishing attacks if you use them.
Do you imagine, like she's talking about using a watch or using it to pay, because they had that for a while.
So, we, you know, we just assumed who we knew, which was all our investors obviously were using it, Justin was using it, Mayweather was using it, I think Mayweather announced one of his fights exclusively on our app. Yeah.
"That could be with using Venmo to shop online, it could be using our physical card in a store, or it could be using the instant cash withdrawal so they can transfer funds immediately into their bank account," the CFO continued.
Prominent among these are using machine vision to monitor the environment; using data analysis to find inefficiencies in emission-heavy industries; and using AI to model complex systems, like Earth's own climate, so we can better prepare for future changes.
While most of these studies asked women how they felt about using menstrual cups, or what factors would make them more likely to use them, a few also directly compared women using menstrual cups to those using tampons or pads.
My takeaway Even though washing your vagina or using scented products for the odor can feel like you're doing something good, in general, using products like these disrupts your vagina's self-cleaning process, so it's probably best to avoid using them.
Guesses range from using Soli to activate the Google Assistant to using it for controlling various UI elements (think volume and media controls).
"Instead of using the city to show art, we are using art to show the city," says Persekian in a conversation with Hyperallergic.
The Senior Citizens League's estimate for COLA in 2020 using the CPI-W, meanwhile, is currently at 0.1 percent using the December data.
The crucial element is a company's ability to transition from using data as a historical record, to using data to drive future decisions.
A hacker could find out if a target was using an Echo, in the hopes of using it to invade the person's network.
"Whether it's turning on lights in their home using their phone, or they're adjusting temperatures in their home using their phone," she said.
Transferring $100 from one person to another costs about $6 using a cryptocurrency exchange, and well less than $1 using an electronic check.
Like Rao, Bounds was criticized for using racial slurs he accused others of using in a piece he wrote as an undergrad. Sen.
He ends up using Elizabeth's secret battle with cancer as a playing card, using it to explain Claire's absence from the campaign trail.
Whether that's a billion people using Office, or even the millions using the cloud-connected versions, Microsoft is leveraging that to improve Cortana.
Facebook is using Pathstream to support training students on its digital marketing platform, including social media marketing using Facebook Ad Manager and Instagram .
The reviewer noted that she has trouble getting much out of using a foam roller but using the G3 became routine for her.
By effectively prohibiting ophthalmologists from using Opternative's technology, South Carolina is using government power simply to protect the profit margins of favored businesses.
The initial idea was sketched out using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, with color added later in PhotoShop using a Wacom tablet.
That's true if you were using video calling often on your mobile phone or if you were using video calling often on Portal.
The experience of managing your mental health will feel different than managing your diabetes, just as using Instagram feels different than using Facebook.
"A lot of the valley are using common tools, whether it's Slack or they're using Greenhouse or Expensify," co-founder Peter Lai said.
Olsen has no history of using violence or being accused of using excessive force during his time with the department, the prosecution said.
The Trump administration says it's now using the emergency declaration money to complete those same projects — and it's explicitly said it's using bollards.
"Using WhatsApp with my family is no longer about using it to have conversations," said one such person who declined to be named.
That means you have to either remap them using Microsoft's app or mentally flip the layout in your head while using the controller.
The pair was able to exploit this difference, using proteins to selectively bind and isolate animal DNA, then using magnets to separate them.
One of the things we often talk about with people who are using is that they're scared that people know they are using.
And you can chat with anyone using Skype, whether they're connected via a Windows device or they're using an Apple or Android device.
Instead of using your social connections to drive more in-person interaction, Go is using in-person interaction to drive more social connections.
This classification was, ironically, itself automated—using a machine-learning system built by Mr Osborne, which was trained using 70 hand-labelled examples.
If you choose to insert fingers anally, I highly recommend using nitrile gloves or even a condom over the finger(s) you're using.
I've been using a belt drive for about a year, and I will gladly say I'm never going back to using a chain.
They've tested it using regular wifi networks in an apartment and a cafe, trying to identify the location of people using the network.
If the cable you're using is short enough, it'll be difficult for anyone to even really tell that you're using a battery pack.
The main objective is to keep the conversation going, using humor, using shock, and presenting something that has some artistic credibility to it.
Something about using it just engenders affinity, I enjoyed using this computer every day and was continually impressed at how well it multitasked.
A range of companies using the name "Force One" were recently registered in Britain using the London address of co-owner Vijay Mallya.
Using a VR headset is one way to solve that problem, and looking around a 360 world using a headset is undeniably appealing.
The same way a bat can spot obstacles or dinner using echolocation, this approach can visualize unseen objects using the echos it generates.
But based on my own experience, I decided I was safer on a long, monotonous drive using the system than not using it.
In one set of experiments using antineutrinos, it found LSND-like hints of sterile neutrinos, and in another, using neutrinos, it did not.
People aren't happy and they're making themselves heard through other voices -- the young are using grandpa and the fearful are using a demagogue.
By using laser detectors pointed at a parked car, an observer can know when a target is using that vehicle to drive away.
Google has a few different ideas, like providing 5G connection using solar-powered drones, or using massive balloons to create widespread internet access.
Beyond using the memes to bash Ghost in the Shell, people are also using it highlight other recent examples of whitewashing in Hollywood.
Instead of using the dating app to, you know, get dates, she's using it to scam gullible guys out of $5, BuzzFeed reports.
But the gist is simple enough: no calling cell phones, no using automated or prerecorded messages, and no using fake names or numbers.
"This is as clear as using a swastika or using a burning cross," said Albert Cahn, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
By using "fag" as if it meant nothing more than "dude," and using "rape" interchangeably with "take," that's what trolls were doing online.
About 27 percent of large businesses are already using or plan to use Teams within two years, compared with 18 percent using Slack.
While malware using macros has been around for ages, there hasn't been a lot—if any—malware using macros specifically targeting Mac users.
Just mount it on the wall using the included bracket, or park it on your counter using its suction cups, and start sealing.
Instead of using this feature to protect personal privacy, the researchers found users were actually using it to spy on housesitters and babysitters.
Misuse of a narcotic includes using someone else's prescription drugs, using a higher dose than prescribed or buying prescription drugs off the street.
I started off by using Luna every other day, so my skin could adjust, but after a week, I was using it nightly.
The battery can be charged in 16 hours using 3 kW charger, or 8 hours using a high-output 6 kW hour charger.
You can buy Kindle books using your iPad, but you can't do it using the Kindle app, which doesn't allow in-app purchases.
I think that even just adding a little bit, instead of using a black eyeliner using a blue eyeliner or a purple eyeliner.
Young men in particular tend to be more comfortable using technology since they grew up using cellphones and playing video games, Duckworth said.
They're using big data to fight diseases, bringing care to more people in innovative ways, and using cutting-edge technology to develop cures.
Using algorithms to deploy manufacturing resources more effectivelyRead more:A startup using AI to find new treatments for rare diseases just raised $121 million.
The CWMS detects missiles using electro-optical sensing, which "sees" the missile and warns pilots of incoming threats using audio and visual signals.
The fire might be so delightful, but be careful while using space heaters or fireplaces, and avoid using candles during a power outage.
" He went on, "They're just using the law as a political weapon against Trump, just as Brazilian élites are using it against Lula.
The company says that sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon have seen an average sales increase of 30% to 50% from using the service.
The two companies plan to take it a step further with Salesforce using Dropbox and Dropbox using Salesforce internally for whatever that's worth.
In other words, businesses using a combination of these will be able to offer Outlook-using customers the ability to use the feature.
Campaigners note that law enforcement agencies may struggle to distinguish between an individual using cannabis for medicinal purposes and somebody using cannabis recreationally.
In fact, only 20 percent of the teams are using or considering using IBM's AI for the their project, according to the foundation.
Part of the rationale in using a 21,000-pound bomb is that when you're using that bomb, you're almost creating a mini-earthquake.
The Facebook-free people reported being happier while not using the site, being less active online, and using other social-media sites less.
And, you can propose to students: Do you think using a combination of tests might work even better than using a single standard?
An exhibition using plants brought to New York in ships' ballast illuminates the city's hidden past using stinging nettle, milk thistle and amaranth.
"There are still too many people being witnessed on our streets, in our bars, in our cafés, using the Tube, using our buses."
The study estimated the average to be from 150–400 mg using the stool test and 300–400 mg using the urine test.
Still, the United States is using sanctions and intimidation in an effort to stop Maduro from using his nation's gold to stay afloat.
Dior was taken to task for not using a Mexican model or actress, and for using California as a stand-in for Mexico.
"I remember using the time wisely...using my daughter's nap and getting something [done that] I really had to get done," Frankel said.
"Not to be using this laboratory, not to be using the other private labs around the state makes no sense whatsoever," he added.
And all those college kids who are using Zoom for class now will likely continue using it even after they graduate, Jaluria said. 
AMD might be using a new architecture here, but the company isn't pushing any real new hardware advantages to using RDNA just yet.
Dr. Cranor recommends using password-generating software to create truly random combinations, and then using a password manager to keep track of them.
XYZ says it is possible to build a bathroom in two hours using the headset, versus a day without it, using the technology.
He advocates washing your hands often, using hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol and using disinfecting wipes on hard surfaces in airports.
When it does, variable refresh rates should be available using any combination of graphics cards and TVs, provided they're both using HDMI 2.1.
Using Android phones running Google's operating system, the researchers did the tracking using sensors in smartphones that were not designed to track location.
Nowadays, it's easy to take Microsoft Office for granted — plenty of us have been using it as long as we've been using computers.
In these, participants will transform everyday photos into art using patterns, stickers and colors using the third-party Procreate app on iPad Pro.
I can tell you that the idea of using the cloud and using external vendors is something that's very important for the government.
Although a majority of the patients reported using THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, some of them said they were just using nicotine.
While Ripple has said more than 100 financial institutions are using its network, only one bank — Cuallix — has been named as using XRP.
"If it's unconstitutional to track me using my phone, it should be just as unconstitutional to track me using my face," Cahn said.
Using a different technique, the researchers showed how an Android phone using RCS can be vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack.
Apple's offerings are less exciting: 3% cash back on Apple purchases, 2% when using Apple Pay and 1% when using the physical card.
Law enforcement is using it to find the bad guys, and ICE is using it make President Trump's anti-immigration agenda a reality.
Huffington acknowledged the paradox of consumers using something that "basically using technology to help us re-calibrate our relationship with technology," Huffington said.
Instead, they are cowardly hiding behind the rules and using them to slow-walk the Trump agenda by using fake filibusters of nominations.
The company helps other businesses send and pay invoices using software, instead of using traditional offline methods that are often costly and inefficient.
Google employees are speaking out using the hashtag 'NoPrideInYT' after YouTube was slow to punish a right-wing creator for using homophobic slurs.
In simulations using the current software, pilots were able to disable the anti-stall software using existing procedures, and land the airplane safely.
Her team had compared how officers using the software in a block-sized area fared against officers using the status quo policing approach.
He's created brushes that mimic how we would use pencils, and he's using the Risograph, hacking into it using all this digital technology.
We'll have the technology to actually create heavens and hells, not in our minds but using bits and using direct brain-computer interfaces.
"It works using a probabilistic modeling technique called Markov chains, which we implement using an open-source package called Markovify," he told me.
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Individuals are using iPads and third-party apps and devices to make themselves heard, from Sady Paulson directing and editing features using Switch Control on her Mac, to Charlie, aged six, saying "mommy" for the first time using Proloquo2Go on his iPad.
Emotions are extremely important, and we need to step back and have a foundation instead of charging ahead, especially now that we have really powerful methods like using optogenetics [using light to control cells] in mice or using fMRI to scan human brains.
Moesif also targets business units like product management, sales and marketing, which use the tool to understand who's using the API, how often and, with machine learning, understand who is likely to stop using the product based on how they are using it.
" The study also suggests a new twist on the "gateway" theory that using cigarettes puts people at risk of using marijuana, Miech said: "It is possible that, moving forward, some people may start first using marijuana and then transition to cigarette smoking.
Keep that in perspective: 15% of Americans report using Twitter while 11% report getting news on it; 18% of Americans report using Snapchat while 5% report getting news on it; 58% of Americans report using YouTube while 18% report getting news there.
So if you're going to be in equities, you have to think about using index, you have to think about using factors, you have to think about using systematic or quantitative strategies, and you have to think about good old fashion fundamental investing.
"If you look at performance overhead [using Exactly Once] is almost negligible, and the performance not using the guarantee [has gotten] better," she said.
Instead, it blocked hospital employees from using email and other forms of electronic communication by using encryption to lock them out of the system.
There's no home button, with Apple instead using a new 3D scanning system, called Face ID, that unlocks your phone display using facial recognition.
Using this method, Degray was able to accurately type a record-breaking 39 characters (or about eight words) a minute using only his mind.
Using Apple's ARKit, the same technology that enables Face ID, it allows users to navigate Netflix's iOS app using their eyes and facial expressions.
The only way we can stop it locally is through increased surveillance, neighborhood surveillance, community surveillance, that means using undercover as if using informants.
You see young refugees using their life vests because they can't swim, in the same way that you see young tourists using rubber rings.
Another study in January found that patients relapsed half as often using Ocrevus than they did using a more costly drug on the market.
Mongo says customers using MongoDB's Enterprise Advanced product can, in some cases, save around 70 percent compared with using Oracle's Enterprise Edition, for instance.
So it's feasible that you can survive the holiday gift rush using only Amazon, but what about living a week entirely using Amazon's services?
Then, on Saturday morning, "officers using covert investigative techniques set up a meeting with Irizzary, ironically enough using social media," police said last weekend.
Gellar tries to open her phone to call for help using face recognition, but can't because using Olay has changed her skin that much.
"Using HTTPS web pages helps prevent this, but if you're using plain HTTP, everything you do can be seen by these devices," says Warren.
"I should point out that people all along the spectrum of performance—using shortcuts, using familiar paths, and so on—are successful," she says.
Kids can use it to make animations using a set of built-in characters or create their own using the app's editor and camera.
Here's more information on using a password manager with a strong password generator, and using authentication apps, instead of SMS, for two-factor authentication.
Ideally, you should be using fresh sunscreen and applying it as recommended, which means using a ton of it every time you go outside.
Using their first smartphone felt a lot like using my first iPhone, which was the iPhone 3G (the first model commercially available in Canada).
About 40 percent of the tweets using the hashtag #MacronGate, Perlroth noted, are actually coming from only 5 percent of accounts using the hashtag.
This map was developed by BuzzFeed News using data from ADS-B Exchange, a database that identifies aircrafts in flight using their radio broadcasts.
Introduced in Android 6.0, Doze Mode makes sure that the apps in your phone aren't using battery power when you're not using your phone.
Spend enough time using a touchscreen — any touchscreen — and you're sure to try using gestures on every screen you encounter, even ones without touch.
To get started using your new desktop with a mobile brain, you simply unlock the phone, perhaps using the device's new facial recognition technology.
In his vision we are all working together remotely using tools that could allow us to all directly interact simply by using our brains.
The scientist describes a new examination using DNA testing that uncovered cancer in patients long before it would have shown up using current methods.
According to Wikipedia admin TheSandDoctor, the most recent penis-replacement edits were made using hacked accounts, using trusted editors to smuggle in vandalizing edits.
The artists have 3D printed sculptures using data from every Super Bowl game ever, using a method of transmuting yards traveled into geometric arcs.
Orlando is just one of a handful of cities across the country that is using or is thinking about using Rekognition for surveillance purposes.
When you're using fiat currency, you start touching the margins of banking and money transmitter regulations, and using cryptocurrencies keeps you clear of them.
Instagram is using AI to detect bullying in photos and captions Can you really detect a phenomenon as abstract as bullying using artificial intelligence?
Using my voice was more difficult, so I was using my body, and movement is one of the things that's helping me so much.
Venmo users can pay inside other apps using the service, much like they might shop and pay using a PayPal button on a website.
But over the next few years, AEG engineers expanded the Magnetophon's fidelity from low-fi using DC bias to hi-fi using AC bias.
Teachers using it are reclaiming as much as 75 minutes a week in the classroom by using AskMyClass as a kind of teaching assistant.
Cofounder Joanna McFarland explained that the majority of the "thousands of families" using the service in LA are using it several times a week.
"Yes they're using it, but I don't have details of how they're using it," he added, he added, talking about Pervade's customers more generally.
Public companies using low yielding debt have taken on  too much debt, and the cost of using equity to finance has become too expensive.
The exchange was typical of the way police are using Ring, helping it spread its business while using it to detect and investigate crime.
It seems that most of us aren't using our tablets and smartphones in the best ways possible when watching TV or using a laptop.
I can't stress enough how much more natural using the Touch controllers to pick things up is compared to using an Xbox One controller.
Long drawn-out emails are being replaced by more interactive social conversations using tools like Slack and engaging video messages using tools like ViewedIt.
Most of the time, I find myself using the built-in camera and then using a third-party app to add filters or effects.
Using network adapters with Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) support, users can transfer large amounts of data quickly without using much CPU processing power.
Roads to that line were also closed, and workers using diggers could be seen pulling out debris and using heavy rocks to fill holes.
If Trump was using the birther issue in the lead up to a potential 2012 campaign, it was his foes using it in 2016.
Players traverse Anthem's vast environments using their Javelin suit, an exoskeleton which is cooled using the running water of rivers and waterfalls in-flight.
Kardashian, meanwhile, has filed for trademarks on tons of products using the word kimono, which could keep other U.S. brands from using the word.
Camembert is made using raw cow's milk — hence, the adorable cows in the doodle — which is heated and turned into solid curds using rennet.
The team could, because unlike developing meat without animals using tissue engineering, creating milk without cows could be done using technology that already existed.
We should make cheese plates with local cheeses instead of using imported Brie—I don't even know how you can make money using that!
Using high-grade iron ore with a 65 percent iron content consumes about 12 percent less coking coal than using 58 percent iron ore.
Much of the reporting around how China is using artificial intelligence centers around ways that the government is using facial recognition for surveillance purposes.
If you start using a reusable water bottle and people see you using it, hopefully they in turn will want to get one themselves.
I've never peeled after using this and using it on my tan ensures that my skin stays super hydrated and my tan looks great!
We achieved a 40x speedup by using techniques such as temporal subsampling, decoupling of motion parameters, and using Google Research's custom linear solver, GLOP.
Consider using bullet points, highlight or bolding words that specifies where an action is necessary, or using a maximum of two paragraphs, she says.
He claimed that by using TPUs, Google could deliver an order of magnitude better performance to customers using Google Cloud for machine learning tasks.
Using VR to subtly tweak concert goers' mental states could be a key way for using the technology to enhance a live music experience.
The app works using an algorithm based on data given by women using the app, such as daily body temperature and monthly menstrual cycles.
"In the final version of our product, we may not even mention the fact that we're using Ethereum or using the blockchain," he added.
Two individuals were using braille menus, and the couple in the booth across the way were having a very animated conversation, using sign language.
Using puff paint, which rises once it's dried, Patrick creates an image outline which he then paints over with his fingers using brailed acrylics.
Ilisu Dam is using machinery bought from European states using German and French-made machines that were sold to Turkey to construct the dam.
Once there, your doctor will take a look inside your vagina using a speculum, and pull out the tampon using large forceps, she says.
"If you're using an address you control, the person whose Social Security number you're using may never be getting the account statements," he said.
They would use reloadable debit cards that were registered using stolen personal information would retrieve money from wire transfers using fake names and identification.
Another showed that users compensate for lower nicotine levels either by using different puffing styles or by using other nicotine products, mainly e-cigarettes.
Using the MoneyGram app or website, users can send money to any Visa debit card, using the 16-digit card number and expiration date.
Using an SAR device, users can create high-resolution images using radio pulses, which enables a much higher level of detail in surveillance use.
He said the government is using the wrong equipment and instituting a massive, multibillion-dollar project, but they're using the wrong type of equipment.
Refrain from using Facebook to log into other apps on your phone (for instance, by using your Facebook login to access AirBnb or Instagram).
When using a laptop, sacrifices often need to be made; using a desktop setup requires none of those sacrifices, yet we're making them anyway.
I now have students create their own mini-docs using smartphones or basic hand-held cameras (putting them together using iMovie or MovieMaker software).
While cells have been successfully fused using lasers before, the group argues that this is the first time it's been accomplished using single neurons.
Today, these researchers took these same principles a step further by using the Micius satellite to facilitate the first intercontinental communication secured using QKD.
People who said they are actively using tech to improve their relationships aren't using apps to automate romance or remind themselves to buy flowers.
"You have to get in the habit of using sunscreen every day, and using it in your moisturizer is 100% okay," says Dr. Zeichner.
The elite are using race to separate people but they're using it to keep white men in particular in charge, that's the end game.
These people weren't using them for that, they were using them to try and fly up above the smog and see the fucking sun.
But one group of tribes in southern California is using every tool it can think of, including using television spectrum to broadcast internet wirelessly.
He's adjusted his game and his swing and using his experience and using other parts of his body to get some strength and power.
Erickson Design, which they are using, prints save-the-dates and other wedding stationery in-house, using paper made from recycled post-consumer materials.
He also cited the dangerous tendency of lowering the threshold for using nuclear weapons and the idea of using ballistic missiles with conventional warheads.
I've lamented before that, after using a number of touch-enabled Windows notebooks, using a non-touch Mac notebook felt like a step backward.
LONDON — In the last few months, I have been using this column to cook dishes in the oven using a single pot or pan.
Reporters squeezed Juicero's produce packs using their bare hands, and extracted just about the same amount of juice as they did using the press.
However, for some subset of the intermediate goods each country has a choice between using domestic production and using imports; the others are nontradeable.
By the numbers: In July, 32% of total spent came from companies only using Uber, while only 8% came from those only using Lyft.
While Batson said she didn't personally experience any adverse side effects from using the brand's products, she still urged viewers to stop using them.
Rans told police that she fed her child with formula after using meth, but soon after continued breastfeeding after using meth, the affidavit says.
Vodafone is using the 12-month trial in New Zealand to understand how customers are taking to roaming and how they are using it.
Using Starship to deliver a CLPS payload to the moon is the equivalent of using a moving van when a pickup truck would suffice.
Rather than using the cash windfall from corporate tax cuts to invest and hire, corporations are using it to go on a shopping spree.
Samsung, in a statement, asked all consumers using either an original or recalled Note 7 smartphone to power down and stop using their device.
He's using your words, when you use the words and he uses them back, it's circular using of the word and that's from you.
Using a power tool can save you lots of time and can prevent hand and wrist aches versus using a screwdriver to sink screws.
Li did not end up meeting anyone serious using the bot, and he said that was part of the reason he stopped using it.
It's important to note that using the Apple TV 4K is a little different than using a TV with HomeKit support built into it.
Using Facebook needs to feel like you're using a futuristic government-style interface to access a database full of information linked to every person.
I can calculate aggregate statistics using the search box, or list all the lines containing a tag and other operations using my text editor.
He would tell patients to look their doctors in the eye and ask whether they feel comfortable using the scope or using the robot.
But in April 2017, Apple warned the firm it would no longer be using its designs, and would instead transition towards using its own.
Numerous security experts agree that the privacy you give up for using FaceApp is about the same that you give up for using Facebook.
It has a 5.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine that can produce 1,280 horsepower using regular gasoline or 1,600 using E85, which contains 85% ethanol.
He said Democrats are complaining about Republicans using the same legislative process they did by using budget reconciliation to pass a health care bill.
In the 19th century, William Jevons found that increased efficiency in using coal for energy led to using more coal, not less of it.
The site employed a watermarking trick using alternating straight and curved apostrophes to prove Google was using its lyrics instead of generating its own.
Plug Portal into your TV using the HDMI port, sign into your Facebook accounts, and you can begin making calls using Messenger and WhatsApp.
Others are using meth as an upper to rouse themselves after using opioids, which have a sedative effect, or to help with opioid withdrawal.
The Rockland outbreak is ongoing because people are not using it -- and they are not using it generally, because of incorrect anti-vaccine claims.
If using willpower causes stress, using these emotions actually heals: They slow heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.
African-Americans face a nearly impossible feat tracing their ancestry using conventional methods, but using DNA provides new insights that did not previously exist.
They're the first Beats hardware built using some of Apple's tech — in this case, the W1 chip it is also using in the AirPods.
These make it harder for internet providers to know you're using Tor, making it also harder, in turn, to stop you from using it.

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