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"title" Definitions
  1. [countable] the name of a book, poem, painting, piece of music, etc.
  2. [countable] a particular book or magazine
  3. [countable] a word in front of a person’s name to show their rank or profession, whether or not they are married, etc.
  4. [countable] a name that describes a job
  5. [countable] the position of being the winner of a competition, especially a sports competition
  6. [uncountable, countable] title (to something/to do something) (law) the legal right to own something, especially land or property; the document that shows you have this right

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"title" Synonyms
heading caption head rubric header headline legend inscription slogan motto wording subheading label name device subtitle banner description credit salutation moniker designation denomination handle appellation cognomen nickname monicker epithet tag denotation appellative nomenclature compellation sobriquet pseudonym style term subject topic theme matter concern issue motif point gist motive essence focus thesis thread argument content object proposal substance text award prize medal honor(US) accolade trophy decoration honour(UK) bays laurels palm cup crown laurel shield plate championship ribbon belt merit publication book periodical paper work magazine newspaper organ offering journal bulletin gazette newsletter weekly daily rag booklet brochure zine mag possession occupancy holding ownership proprietorship tenancy tenure occupation control custody possessorship claim use entitlement hold rights keeping dominion right guardianship prerogative liberty licence privilege license authorisation(UK) authorization(US) choice franchise authority permission power advantage due warrant birthright sanction deed contract agreement compact document indenture covenant warranty bargain instrument lease certificate conveyance charter papers proof record release security transaction volume tome guide manual novel opus handbook companion hardback paperback print storybook textbook album bestseller essay credentials card passport voucher diploma testimonial certification documents ID missive pass permit documentation recommendation surtitle supertitle dialog(US) dialogue(UK) translation libretto competition contest tournament battle challenge showdown playoffs elimination finals crowning achievement title fight title match winner takes all match event clash bout tourney masthead logo spread strip imprint nameplate peerage dukedom hereditary peerage life peerage property acres land acreage building buildings estate estates freehold house houses premises realty home landholdings leasehold farm lot parcel title page frontispiece front page opening page premiership championship competition league championship premier championship premier league premier league championship role part character portrayal lead piece representation stint act bit guise hero impersonation performance personification acting appearance aspect extra heroine class caste rank group order set level echelon sphere league lineage stratum circle folk hierarchy pedigree clan clique condition mortgage advance debt hypothecation loan pledge remortgage bank loan bridging loan homeowner's loan second mortgage secured loan home equity loan car loan home loan small business loan kaiser monarch emperor sovereign lord prince potentate overlord ruler king sultan khan shah mikado head of state leader majesty chief tycoon empress footer note gloss addendum footnote annotation aside digression comment parenthesis marginalia notation marginal note scholium commentary appendix cross-reference postscript incidental remark place accommodation abode lodgings residence establishment pad quarters digs dwelling domicile household living quarters a roof over your head habitation apartment interest stake investment involvement share capital commitment equity participation special interest vested interest outlay stock engagement co-ownership call designate dub christen denominate entitle identify baptise(UK) baptize(US) nominate clepe refer to describe as give the title of make appoint assign elect instal(UK) install(US) ordain delegate select choose decree establish constitute employ More

144 Sentences With "title"

How to use title in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "title" and check conjugation/comparative form for "title". Mastering all the usages of "title" from sentence examples published by news publications.

As an undefeated contender with an 4% KO ratio, Parker has collected a number of regional championships, such as the WBO Oriental heavyweight title, WBA Oceania heavyweight title, PABA heavyweight title, WBA Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council heavyweight title, WBO Africa heavyweight title, and the OPBF heavyweight title.
The regulations issued as a result covered four main areas: Title I Employment, Title II State and Local Government, Title III Public Accommodations and Title IV Telecommunications.
Never got a title shot even though I beat a lot of the title-holders in non-title fights.
Still, a Big Ten title is a Big Ten title.
He's won the British title, Commonwealth title, and the European.
We doubt this working title will become the film's final title.
The title "Alpha4" was always a working title for the song.
Roanoke skipped any title flair, opting for just a title card.
Garbiñe Muguruza won the women's title, her first grand slam title.
Yeah, Title I, Title II, we are getting nerdy now. Okay.
The title replaces the previous working title of Gilmore Girls: Seasons.
Or maybe even Star Wars Tales: Title or Star Wars Legends: Title.
We're moving from Title II to Title I. Wonkier it cannot be.
The title right now is a working title, but its Gnostic Vampire.
We're moving from Title II to Title I. Wonkier it cannot be.
If a song title references superheroes in the title, it's also hard.
Transgender teen wins federal case over bathrooms, Title IX What is Title VII?
But the title was the title that it was like five years ago.
The consumer pays for the title insurance, but rarely chooses the title agent.
Overeem claimed the Strikeforce heavyweight title, the DREAM heavyweight title, and the last important K-1 Grand Prix title while putting together an incredible streak of wins.
The 2004 title was the Red Sox's first World Series title in 86 years.
An author owns a snappy title, and then the snappy title owns the author.
Because the title of governor isn't nearly as important as our shared title -- voters.
The team is seeking its first Super Bowl title, not its first N.F.L. title.
We offer title only if you have a clear free title to your vehicle.
She's the first person ever in the history of cycling to hold the World Road title, World Cyclo-Cross title and World Mountain Bike title at the same time.
Once the title has been cleared (or cured), the title company will issue a title insurance policy that will remain effective for as long as you own the home.
O'Connell added they changed the title "immediately" after seeing the reactions the initial title received.
Barty won the junior title in 2011 while Bouchard claimed the title the following year.
The working title for Smile was called Dumb Angel—which is a very intriguing title.
Her father is a senior title researcher in Rochester for the Stewart Title Insurance Company.
When you hire a title insurance company, they'll perform a title search on your home.
Obviously it was going to be the title track; now it's a missing title track.
The cash title aside, obtaining the title of "most valuable company" remains elusive for Alphabet.
Not all raises come with title changes, and not all title changes come with raises.
I use the title of Professor because the Austrian government has given me that title.
Last month, on the same day that Buyukakcay won the singles title in Istanbul, Soylu claimed the doubles title, becoming the first Turkish woman to win a tour doubles title.
Sonic Forces is the recently revealed title for Sega's next big 3D Sonic the Hedgehog title.
The working title is College Admissions Scandal, but the network acknowledges that the title may change.
That one in particular, I had the title first and wrote the song around the title.
The result: a big title in Cincinnati and potentially a much bigger title in New York.
His father is a title officer in the Lake Success, N.Y., office of GlobalServe Title Agency.
In this sense, Fear is the right title for the book, maybe the only possible title.
If the baby is a boy, his title could become Earl of Dumbarton, the secondary Sussex title.
The course will cover due diligence, purchase contracts, title defects, land surveys, title insurance and closing paperwork.
Serbian Novak Djokovic won the men's title while Spaniard Garbine Muguruza claimed the women's title last year.
"Countess is a work title," Langer, 43, tells PEOPLE in this week's issue of her aristocratic title.
Her mother is a customer service representative in Carmi for Southern Illinois Title, a title insurance company.
The golfer won his first major title in 25 years, capturing the Masters title at Augusta National.
Trump's budget blueprint appears to maintain funding levels for Title III and Title V in FY 2018.
But they can use that out-of-state title to title and register the car in Michigan.
Championships won: WBC middleweight title (2019 to present) and the IBF super welterweight title (2015 to 2016).
Championships won: IBF welterweight world title (2017 to present) and WBC welterweight world title (2019 to present).
Benn held the WBO middleweight title in 1990 and the WBC super-middleweight title from 1992-96.
Title information is readily accessible through an online public land registry, and title insurance is not required.
Does Internet access service qualify as a Title I information service or a Title II telecommunications service?
Let's review: 11th national title, fourth title in a row, undefeated season (38-0), 75-game winning streak.
The next Legend of Zelda title, probably Nintendo's most anticipated title of 2016, has been pushed until 2017.
It also introduces some important terms that you've probably seen around: Title I, Title II and common carrier.
Cavaliers blast Nuggets, clinch Central title CLEVELAND — It isn't the title they ultimately desire, but it's a start.
Tig, who is aiming for her first career title, will face Kazakhstan's Elena Rybakina in the title match.
Here are some questions and answers about car title loans: ■ Are car title loans used mainly for emergencies?
Liston won the title from Patterson, and the pace of Clay's preparation for a title shot was quickened.
The team won its third World Cup title in 2015 and is currently defending that title in France.
October 2016: Title IX coordinator resigns Former Baylor Title IX administrator Patty Crawford resigns, CNN affiliate KWTX reported.
The Redblacks won their first Canadian Football League title and gave the city of Ottawa its 10th title.
It was Pavic's second title of the tournament after winning the men's doubles title with Austrian Oliver Marach.
If it happens, Bisping will shed the underhanded title of "best fighter to never fight for a title".
Title II and Title IV of the act are slated to improve teaching and provide support to students.
Benn held the WBO middleweight title in 1990 and also the WBC super-middleweight title from 1992-96.
While more than 90 percent of districts already make sure that their Title I schools receive at least as much state and local funding per student as their non-Title I schools, 5,85033 Title I schools nationwide received substantially less than their non-Title I peers within the same district.
Without title Seventh in line to the throne, Archie Harrison does not qualify immediately for the title of prince.
We perform title searches and other legal reviews to help verify that land we acquire has a sound title.
While the loser still could play for the conference title, its national title hopes will take a major hit.
Separately, a lawyer is recommended to set up trusts, run title searches and provide title insurance, Mr. Tibshirani said.
For the majority of Anderson Silva's legendary middleweight title run, England's Michael Bisping resided just outside of title contention.
It's true that title companies will do their best to uncover issues like these during the title search phase.
As Indiana's sole Title X grantee, her organization received $5 million from Title X during the last grant cycle.
When a producer suggested the title be changed to "Halloween," Carpenter couldn't believe the title hadn't been used before.
Borrowing the title works as a homage; not to mention that "The Art of Misdiagnosis" is a terrific title.
Another English title, a second European title and maybe a rematch with the United States at this summer's Olympics.
Car title lenders, on the other hand, use the clear title on your vehicle as collateral for the loan.
Won his first ATP tour title the following year at Amersfoort, followed that with second title indoors at Metz.
"Most courts interpret Title IX and Title VII in tandem not perfectly, but the rulings are influential," Warbelow said.
Wonder how Title IX is supposed to work when males decide to compete for the state girls' golf title.
The title I proposed was "Forming an Alliance," but I think the new title, "Code Switching," works remarkably well.
He might be forced to seek victory in a non-title fight before being considered a title contender again.
These included:Property Tax: $2,773State title transfer tax: $1,427Mortgage origination fees: $395Appraisal fees: $500Credit report fees: $76Underwriting fees: $795.00Legal fees to title attorney: $695Lender's title insurance: $5003Owner's title insurance: $220Overall, we brought $7,382 for various mortgage and legal fees, as well as for the taxes that we needed to escrow for the property.
Title II is the section that has a lot of rules, and the FCC's network neutrality policies bounced back and forth between Title I and eventually found a home in Title II because the courts would not let the agency keep them in Title I. That's why we have the 2015 rules.
If approved, broadband internet companies will be recategorized as a Title I information services instead of Title II common carriers.
Foreman's moment to take the title, however, came against Michael Moorer, the first southpaw to ever win the heavyweight title.
When Hollis announced the title of her new book, some noticed it actually shared a similarity with another book title.
The sequel's title shows that everyone involved seems to have realized that Edge of Tomorrow is a title best forgotten.
You can totally consider this an indie title, in fact I'd like people to consider it as an indie title.
Carlson won the title of Miss Minnesota in 1988 before going on to win the Miss America title in 1989.
If you're a serious title threat at the trade deadline, you likely were a serious title threat in training camp.
You don't trademark a book series title unless you can prove that the title is part of your specific brand.
As Title IX coordinator, Crawford oversaw sexual assault and domestic violence claims, as well as the Title IX training program.
Gallacher had no formal title when he worked for Jacklin because the title of vice captain did not yet exist.
Title or no title, to say the world is excited for Harry and Meghan's first child would be an understatement.
"They wanted to change the title to 'Pray for Carrie,' which is a very exploitation-movie title," Mr. Cohen said.
I hadn't really been thinking of a title for a while, then I realized it could only be that title.
"Testing has to be done on a title by title basis," said Cerny of the PlayStation 5's backward compatibility.
You can hear it on "Warna," the title track from his forthcoming Verve debut, whose title means "color" in Bahasa.
Mr. Davis, a superfeatherweight who retained his title, had brought the city its first title fight in nearly 50 years.
Not only would the middleweight title be on the line, but also the title of "most wins in UFC history".
Title X grants were only supposed to be awarded based on how well a provider could offer Title X services.
" Asked about the issue, a spokesperson for Cornell's Title IX office told Soave, "The Office of the Title IX Coordinator does not opine on whether an individual's reported conduct 'could ... be a Title IX infraction on its own.
Her title is also highlighted by her six consecutive successful title defenses, the most by any female champion in UFC history.
He did, of course, win another top title, his 16th, which tied Ric Flair for most world title reigns in history.
While he carries the title of New Zealand's First Man, he will now also carry the unofficial title of woke bae.
For a title with such low-resolution graphics, Minecraft felt more real than any other VR title I've tried to date.
The title adds to Barty's lengthy list of achievements in 2019, including her first Grand Slam title at the French Open.
The company's first title is called Zenith, and it's an anime-inspired fantasy title that plays with cyberpunk themes as well.
An owner's title insurance policy provides the peace of mind that you'll be protected against any title claims on your home.
Unless McGregor vacates the title, it is unlikely that Holloway would get a shot at the featherweight title until next year.
Long before winning a title with Louisville, he resurrected Kentucky's storied program and led the Wildcats to the 1996 national title.
At one point in 2019, Alvarez held three middleweight world titles, a super middleweight title, and a light heavyweight title simultaneously.
The only issue I have with the album title—it's actually quite a good album title, which we should have thought of ourselves—was that to this day people still think we named our band after that album title.
While Brooksbank likely won't receive a royal title at all, Princess Eugenie will be adding her husband's name onto her current title.
It stems from the late-1990s, when they'd spend and spend and win title after title and it was killing my soul.
Beatrix resumed her former title of princess and remained active, while Albert retained his title, though mostly staying out of public view.
Gonzaga snatched its first WCAC title since 2002, and, understandably, Williams sure earned his title of WCAC's Offensive Player of the Year.
In Washington, Attorney General Bob Ferguson argued that changing Title X would leave 21 Washington counties without a single Title X provider.
Wrestler Mack Beggs took the Texas 6A Girls wrestling title yesterday, becoming the first transgender athlete to win a Texas state title.
Novak Djokovic wins his fourth Wimbledon title against Kevin Anderson and Angelique Kerber defeats Serena Williams to claim her first Wimbledon title.
The Tar Heels will be seeking their sixth national title in men's basketball, not making their sixth trip to the title game.
Seattle won their first title when they beat Toronto in 2016 while the Canadians got their revenge in the 2017 title game.
Nike Inc rose 0.7% after long-time brand ambassador Tiger Woods won the Masters title, ending an 11-year major title drought.
Beane got a loftier title a few years ago, with former assistant general manager David Forst losing the "assistant" from his title.
There, too, was a continuous strings of betrayals and making up, of shared tag team title reigns and world title blood feuds.
For Nong Am, it's a championship title, like the WMC title that slipped through her gloved hands just a few months ago.
The exhibition's title, Coming to America, is also the title of a romantic comedy from 1988 starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall.
"Sometimes when you have the chance to fight for a title or an interim title, you gotta jump on it," Edgar says.
No Interim Title If UFC makes this bout for a lightweight interim title, McGregor is clearly calling the shots behind the scenes.
So playing sports, and here is my dad ... This is before Title IX. Richard Nixon signed Title IX in June of '219.
Algeria was captained by Riyad Mahrez, who added a Cup of Nations title to his English Premier League title with Manchester City.
The payoff was big: a 12th French Open title, a run to the semifinals at Wimbledon and another United States Open title.
The title notwithstanding, "Trump Dynasty" is perhaps too grandiose a title for a project that focuses pretty steadfastly on a single person.
I was frustrated by how difficult it was for me to complete games, and often found myself bouncing from title to title.
The album's title, which is also the title of the fifth track, refers to the rather obscure 33th century philosopher Otto Neurath.
Querrey will be going for his 11th career title, while Fritz is in just his second final and seeking his first title.
The just-withdrawn regulation would have required districts nationwide to shift a total of $800 million to Title I schools from non-Title I schools, or to spend an additional $2.2 billion in state and local funds on Title I schools.
I mean, that's what's ... Title IX is not about creating Olympic athletes, even though it does, which is why the U.S. dominates the medal count in the Summer Olympics, because of Title IX. Team Title IX. If you don't like Title IX, you watch the Olympics, you cheered for the United States and Katie Ledecky and whoever else, well, you love Title IX. There's three guys hiding under a desk in Montana somewhere who still don't like it.

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