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"way" Definitions
  1. (used with a preposition or an adverb) very far; by a large amount
  2. (used with an adjective) (informal, especially North American English) very
"way" Synonyms
method system technique approach manner means process procedure scheme strategy plan agency fashion form how mechanism methodology practice recipe routine route path road avenue street track course pathway thoroughfare lane roadway access channel direction drive highway passage arterial artery custom habit wont characteristic idiosyncrasy nature personality trait conduct style attribute convention mannerism policy rule door doorway gate entrance gateway entry exit portal entryway opening way in ingress egress passageway hatch means of entry key ticket entree passport accession admission admittance entrée introduction acceptance initiation welcome confirmation space room place elbowroom gap separation elbow room latitude scope clearance breathing space play margin leeway area capacity extent headroom spaciousness distance length stretch journey span spread interval lead spacing remove range measure reach width mileage breadth compass duration term time period of time orientation bearing line trajectory orbit ambit arc curve trail flight steps routeway run aspect respect angle facet perspective regard sense standpoint detail feature particular point connection viewpoint level view condition shape state position predicament situation case nick order plight circumstance health trim kilter repair keeping estate fitness fettle desire wish choice demand option pick preference selection alternative ambition will aim discretion pleasure volition druthers election liberty decision possibility locale locality quarter region district neighborhood(US) neighbourhood(UK) part zone community nabe hood manor parts neck of the woods vehicle medium instrument agent organ ministry instrumentality machinery expedient apparatus force stratagem trick device manoeuvre(UK) ploy ruse move contrivance dodge artifice tactic machination resource maneuver(US) occupation job profession work employment business trade vocation career calling pursuit field post craft game racket thing métier code protocol decorum rules manners proprieties politesse etiquette tradition maxim principles ethics heritage morals morality behavior(US) life activity campaign movement ways action demeanor(US) demeanour(UK) ritual activeness commotion doings migration mobility motion role vein mood tone spirit character temper temperament disposition note stamp atmosphere humour(UK) inclination mode tenor turn attitude bent light point of view context slant mindset outlook perception frame of mind interpretation predisposition side drift meaning theme purport substance tendency burden intent gist import intention thread trend essence message resourcefulness creativity imagination ingenuity inventiveness originality wits ability appliance assets capability capital cleverness contraption creation sith experience lifetime background development previous circumstances education past history lore past existence history autobiography culture record reality knack gift talent flair genius aptitude facility forte skill faculty art competence dexterity expertise quickness comportment deportment behaviour(UK) carriage cast mien air headway progress advance advancement furtherance ground inroads procession progression going march onrush strides anabasis evolution growth long haul mile afar great distance long way good way country mile fair distance far cry long distance far piece persuasion doctrine creed belief credo faith dogma ideology canon conviction philosophy tenet beliefs ideas tenets ideals canons convictions school cure answer solution antidote fix remedy resolution formula panacea nostrum corrective rectifier quick fix cure-all magic bullet magic formula way out countermeasure counteragent scale register calibration calibrated system graduated system measuring system system of measurement opportunity prospect chance shot break contingency indication advantage forum likelihood vacancy use function objective purpose reason goal object application concern design destination end operation very awfully extremely immensely incredibly really so exceedingly extra majorly mighty real seriously super greatly highly intensely mightily particularly severely much far considerably decidedly appreciably eminently vastly colossally enormously surpassingly very much to a great extent to a great degree deep a great distance well deeply markedly thoroughly a long way substantially significantly a good way abundantly a great deal More
"way" Antonyms
idleness inaction inactivity dormancy inertia inertness nonaction disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) quiescence disorder neglect break part difference reality cog detour bypass deviation diversion digression substitute circumvention deflection divagation alternate route alternative route back road circuitous route circumbendibus divergence indirect course indirect route long way around long way round roundabout route barricade block blockade obstacle obstruction barrier bulwark cordon fortification hurdle rampart roadblock stockade stoppage wall obligation duty accountability commitment job moral imperative onus requirement responsibility ingredient disagreement discord strangeness bad manners end goal paucity shame poorness permanent avocation entertainment fun hobby pastime recreation surrender unemployment yielding giving up quiet silence speech extreme unimportance whole egress refusal exit outway outlet opening stagnation ignorance impotence inability incompetence ineptitude lack improvisation spontaneity extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) ad-libbing ad-lib aberration abnormality anomaly oddity exception rarity aberrancy departure irregularity shift variation change straying veering disinclination reluctance unwillingness aversion hesitance antipathy diffidence hesitancy objection resistance nolition impropriety indecency indecorum unscrupulousness corruption misconduct wrongdoing indiscretion untowardness unwholesomeness wrongness improperness indecorousness inappropriateness immodesty immorality unseemliness dishonesty lawlessness bad taste body happiness upset wrath frankness honesty misunderstanding seriousness blockage closing bass exteriority outside exterior connection attachment joining jointure junction juncture combination connecting consolidation joint merger merging unification assembly coupling link linking union combining conjointment antagonism coercion dislike hate hatred rejection marginally slightly somewhat moderately narrowly negligibly sort of a bit kind of a little a little bit nominally little faintly relatively just obscurely minimally hardly barely mildly inconsiderably insignificantly scarcely calmly rarely only just by no means compassionately to a limited extent easily near close nearby around by somewhere approximately not far off close at hand close by close to not far from

932 Sentences With "way"

How to use way in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "way" and check conjugation/comparative form for "way". Mastering all the usages of "way" from sentence examples published by news publications.

So any random earthquake is way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way less likely than the underdog winning in a two-party election.
"That's way, way — that's way, wayway down the line," Delaware Democratic Sen.
The concern about political correctness goes way, way, way, way up.
To me, $1 billion is way, way, way, way past the line.
"It just was way, way, way, way too much," Ms. Wright said of the abuses.
We've been poisoned in whatever way to believe that one way is the right way and the other way is the wrong way.
You're way isn't the right way — it's just one way.
"The way of love is a better way, the way of peace is a better way," Lewis said.
He added, of course, that his were way, way, way bigger.
We have a society that is still, that is way, way, way, way far away from where it should be.
Because the way you listen affects the way I speak, and the way I speak affects the way you listen.
The way she walks, the way she moves, the way she talks.
To other people it might be just way, way, way low-rent.
Judith Rasband once said said, 'The way we dress affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act, and the way others react to us.
The only way out of this mess is to work our way through it — what's in the way is the way.
Lyft, you remember, had losses that were way, way, way higher than expected.
" ... "They're gonna politically hurt you in this way, this way, and this way.
Hey, I'm also in the periphery — only way, way, way in the wings.
Are they voting in a two-way, three-way or four-way race?
Her way was the democratic way — not the authoritarian way of military rule.
Not in a gentle way, but in a new way, an interesting way.
There are Apple ... Siri is in way, way, way more countries than Alexa.
People don't want to watch the wrong way, the lazy way, the dumb way.
The way you see and the way you hear, and the way you think and the way you do language, and the way you engineer things is all the same basic learning algorithm.
The way you see and the way you hear, and the way you think, and the way you do language, and the way you engineer things is all the same basic learning algorithm.
"We had a gay wedding way, way, way before marriage equality was legalized," she said.
Even the way she looks and the way her face is, the way she's posed.
The long way, the short way, any way is good for Suárez in this mood.
"It's been way, way, way too long," she said, meeting a roar of nourishing cheers.
"People feel their way is the right way, and it's only their way," Horttor said.
"We shoot a flash beam way, way, way out to where you are," Luckey says.
In His Words: "You could cut that [The Department of Education] way, way, way down."
It's the way things are done at Duke: the Coach K way, the right way.
But basically, the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we appear visually.
Headwinds, you know, we had the Federal Reserve, way, way, way too tight in 2018.
It basically looked like a flying cross way, way, way up high in the sky.
There are just way, way, way more options in terms of socializing on the internet.
It makes sense in a way—in a weird way, in a very indirect way.
There's so many banks that are way, way, way, way down, I think you take the money off this regional and put it in others.
"They want to change everything: the way we live, the way we speak, the way we sex, the way we eat," said Mr. André, 42.
It started out as a creative project, but it actually became something way, way, way bigger.
"This has been way, way, way bigger than I think anyone could have imagined," she said.
But that's the way publishing is, it's the way Hollywood is, it's the way everything is.
The way we were working, the way we were living, the way we look at things.
"The supermajority is way, way, way overrated," said David Townsend, a political consultant based in Sacramento.
The way you look, the way you are, the way you present, we don't like it.
Country music is way, way wider and way better than it was even 18 months ago.
I still truly believe that the good on the platform way, way, way outweighs the bad.
Not just the people who look one way, worship one way or even think one way.
I could improve myself; I could find a way to serve, a way to do more, a way to become better, a way to add value.
Not in a feel-good way, not in a naive way, but in a desperate way, as a way of life, because the alternative is unacceptable.
It's launched a thousand trend stories, changing the way we date, the way we work, the way we sell drugs, and the way we think about distance.
I'm so used to the way Gleb dances, the way he moves, the way he teaches me.
I can see Indy on the way out the way I saw it on the way in.
There's a complete pull between 'which way do I rule, my wife's way, or my mother's way?
"One way streets have turned into two-way streets and Uber still has it as one-way."
The way he acts, the way he behaves, and the way he controls himself in the ring.
God made you this way and loves you this way, and the pope loves you this way.
"All of this has been way, way, way bigger than I think anyone could have imagined," she said.
Any way to celebrate New Years is a good way but the best way is probably with fireworks.
The way Trump sees it, the nuclear option is one way of getting his way on the wall.
You have to make sure you look a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way.
It's been my way of understanding, it's been my way of celebration, it's been my way of contemplation.
Which means Biden will have to convince voters that the old way — his way — is the best way.
It's about the way a person is living: the way she eats, the way she organizes, her flowers.
The point here is this: Johnson was way, way, way out over his skis earlier in the week.
So, the real way to go down in makeup history among your friends is to take your collection of shiny pigments and turn the heat way, way, way up.
Among other highlights: Savannah, Ga.-New York JFK ($54 one way); Charleston, S.C.-Washington National ($59 one way); Chicago O'Hare-Fort Lauderdale ($69 one way); Boston-New Orleans ($74 one way); and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico-New York JFK ($98 one way).
I think the emptiness produced by watching a rigged globalized system deliver homogenization on a massive scale — one way to think, one way to work, one way to conceive of profit, one way to impose a brand, one way to (not) drink at lunch, one way to eat at your desk, one way to be healthy, one way to deliver a gentrified urban neighborhood — has been underestimated as a source of disruptive fury.
We still have a way to go, but I feel like were paving the way and showing the way.
It's just the way he conducts himself from top to bottom, the way he lies, the way he tweets.
It has always been 'Do it the Apple way, do it the Facebook way, do it the Amazon way.
The way we eat, the way we get places, and the way we live are all going to change.
The way the servers introduced each dish was in an incredibly relaxed way, making the visuals way less overwhelming.
Domestic one-way fares are as low as $49 one-way, while international flights start at $69 one-way.
Because it's not just the music—it's the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they dress.
Because of my dad, McDonald's has sold way more fries, way more American cheese, way more pickles (and Cokes).
His smile, his crazy hair, the way he talks, the way he walks, and especially the way he directs.
"There are still way, way, way too many people being shot and being killed in the city," he said.
I think 13 is way too young and 5603 is way too young and 15 is way too young.
"He makes everything look easy: the way he swings, the way he throws, the way he fields," Conforto said.
"It's a way of life, a way of being, a way of looking at the world," Mr. Gibson said.
What has changed in the way people work, in that way of people willing to do it that way?
Not just for people who look a certain way or worship a certain way or love a certain way.
The way he cocks his head, the way he says, "Pass me some of those sandwiches," the way he's both polite and curt to the nurse on his way out.
There's no way to justify it, there's no way to defend it, there's no way to apologize for him about it, there's no way to let him off the hook.
"It's his way and his way only, and after 10 years, I can say his way is the best way," said Dan Sweeney, a guitarist for the East River Bandits.
"The way you do one thing is the way you do all things, so the way you move and the way you commit to anything is the way that you do to everything, it's really a training zone for life," she says.
We have an obligation to honor their memories by the way we lead our lives, the way we speak, the way we act, and the way we carry on each day.
"If you put a headset on, the presence you feel from these images is way, way, way greater," he says.
We have always assumed the "American way" is the only way — a way, of course, stretching toward a cloudless horizon.
I know plenty of dudes on TV that are just way better looking, way funnier, and way more talented [laughs].
And so the way Cruz reacts is different than the way Casey reacts is different than the way Boden reacts.
On the other hand, men are way, way, way behind women in their thinking about their lives as gendered beings.
It's, in a large way, the way we apply algorithms and the way we trust them that is the problem.
The way he was — the way he really was.
Maybe you noticed ... "My Way" went on way long.
How the show is presented, the way the information is worked through, the way I construct an argument, the way I engage in a news story, the way I make a joke.
Public art is a way to reach people, but I prefer to do that in a magical way, in a way that kind of engages them, in a surprising way as well.
They were getting angry in a new way, a public way, an unapologetic way — a way that is typically reserved for men, and that would again serve men well, when afternoon came.
And that impacted the way that I was treated, the way my parents were treated, and the way we experienced life.
A few examples: Atlanta-Denver, $79 each way; Chicago-San Antonio, $99 each way; and Pittsburgh-Los Angeles, $129 each way.
And that's the way-- that's really the way-- if we can do that, that's really the way we change corporate behavior.
You're supposed to bring your M's all the way up, all the way down, all the way up and down again.
They're way too large, way too beep-y, way too pricey, and they seem to create additional tedious work for employees.
A lot of what is in the workplace is conscious bias, but what we're talking about starts way, way, way earlier.
Part of the way it does so is by framing them around the concept of one-way and two-way doors.
"When you're that underfunded, you are starting the race—starting the battle—way, way, way behind," Navajo Nation Councilman Slater said.
The cost is $25 each way for direct flights and $50 each way for a one-way trip with connecting flights.
And also the way it's been coopted, the way it's been bastardized a little bit, the way it's been very diluted.
For me, hair extensions have changed the way I walk, the way I see myself, the way I navigate the world.
I am way less fun and way more reclusive than I used to be, and it makes me way less dateable.
More deal highlights include: San Jose to Burbank from $39 one way Los Angeles to Las Vegas from $4753 one way Portland to Seattle from $54 one way Chicago to Los Angeles from $99 one way San Diego to Puerto Vallarta from $99 one way Oakland to Kona from $149 one way All flights can be booked via alaskaair.
I could improve myself; I could find a way to serve, a way to do more, a way to become better, a way to add value," Robbins writes in "Money: Master the Game.
"Those emissions come from the way we plough our soil, fertilize our crops, the way we use chemicals and manure, the way we raise our livestock, and the way we ... deforest," said Stamoulis.
The question is not the best way to get a third of the way to zero by 2030, as the study does; it's the best way to get all the way to zero.
"The way this case started was wrong, the way it was investigated was wrong, the way it was prosecuted was wrong and the way it was tried was wrong as well," Menendez said.
"It's a way of engaging millennials in a playful way and the way they consume today and the way they use their smartphones," said Silvia Galfo, the chief marketing officer for David Yurman.
"The way this case started was wrong, the way it was investigated was wrong, the way it was prosecuted was wrong and the way it was tried was wrong as well," he said.
It's going through the courts appropriately, by the way, they have nothing to do ... It has worked its way and is working its way in the way this country is supposed to work.
Along the way, mild pithiness occasionally works its way in.
They're already way smarter and just way better than me.
The conservative way forward lost; the progressive way forward began.
Is there any way to do this the other way?
It could flow one way or a completely different way.
Whitney Way Thore is on her way to better health.
Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio's friendship goes way, way back.
Send any shit my way — it's out of the way.
The box office is way up, attendance is way up.
It's not 'our way or no way' it's 'whatever works'.
"It's way, way speculative," the official said of the report.
Except ash from volcanoes is way, way worse for planes.
So, in a way, kids live the way adults dream.
Tech companies release way too many products way too quickly.
" Marathon Oil: "It's worked its way all the way back.
And the way he approaches comedy is the same way.
This way of love, it is the way of life.
"But my way is the best way," Kardashian says jokingly.
The way we are today, we started out that way.
From the way we learn to the way we work.
Music is a wonderful way, but food is another way.
It was a way to pay his way through school.
And I think everyone else will be way, way behind.
Fashion is the way you dress, the way you are.
Which way is the right way to have your pizza?
You started all the way-- going all the way up.
I need to make a way out of no way.
Ramen doesn't have to be this way or that way.
It's not a minor tweak, this way or that way.
"That's not Missouri's way and it won't be my way."
Either way, it looked way different from this new iteration.
Somewhere along the way, however, Nasty Gal lost its way.
That way, PSN has no way to verify what's happening.
The way we eat it, the way we munch it.
That's not Missouri's way, and it won't be my way.
Many artists believe that their way is the only way.
This way of love it is the way of life.
All the way to work and all the way home.
"Twanna and I go way, way back," Ms. Brown said.
Will it be the Chinese way or the Western way?
So this one is way, way too early to call.
There's no one way or 'right' way to do it.
Either way, it's a great way to eat up miles.
We were all making a way out of no way.
I don't think of it that way in any way.
He pushes her this way, he directs her that way.
So we're doing it a different way, a complex way.
We see the Tesla driver's head tilted way, way back.
He learned to think that way and write that way.
It was way too much like way too much history.
Music was a way of living, a way of life.
I don't feel that way, I don't feel that way.
But it is wayway — less bad than untreated diabetes.
It's way more fun to do it that way, too.
We have to find a way to outsmart the bad guy, whether that's in some sophisticated way or some really obvious way.
Eight-tracks gave way to cassettes, which gave way to compact discs, which gave way to streaming audio and hi-res files.
In 2005, that was one way; in 2015 they went another way; and in 2017 they're going back to the first way.
Call it a different way, call it the third way, call it a way forward — but Baker's going to keep following it. ●
"He's changed the way we listen to music, he's changed the way we have fun, the way that we cry," Rodgers explains.
And a collar is way, way, way better than those nerdy little floaties the sad kid had to wear at the pool.
Another great thing about Instagram on desktop is that you're way, way, way less likely to fave someone's photos while stalking them.
Here was a technology that could change the way we make things at home, the way kids learned, the way manufacturing worked.
I was way way too AWAKE to play "Cucumber Slug Goes to the Garden Party" (a game I love, by the way).
"You may have to change the way you view things, the way you talk, the way you approach different things," he says.
I think that anyone who does claim to have "the way," or that the way is only one way, is probably suspect.
The way he talked, the way he behaved, the way he treated other candidates — it was obscene and spellbinding all at once.
It ain't going to be no other way, and if it can't be that way, it ain't going to be no way.
" (Geddit?!) • Quotation of the day "God made you this way and loves you this way, and the pope loves you this way.
Sorry — I love the way she says "sandcastles," the way she says "promise," the way she moans "no no no no noooooo".
Warning: You're about to learn way, way, way more information about the state of Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's marriage than you'd like.
And while I thought it was going to go a different way, the way it went was the way it was supposed to.
Will we be a nation where there's only one way to love, only one way to look, and only one way to live?
So first, I want to tell you that it is OK. You are doing way, way, way better than you think you are.
Disability doesn't just look one way, it doesn't just feel one way, it doesn't just manifest one way in somebody's body or mind.
You can get way, way, way more privacy-­violating data from all these data brokers than you could by stealing it from Facebook.
In listening to the way he talked to people, I got intrigued by the way he spoke — by the way he used language.
She just describes her obsessions the way they are, not the way they should be, or in a way that might be palatable.
I tried three bars that all contain chocolate and caramel: the original Milky Way, Milky Way Simply Caramel, and Milky Way Salted Caramel.
And then there's the way Miley looked at Travis, the way I looked at her, the way she should have looked at me.
There is no way to alter it, there is no way to change it, there is no way to adjust the fuel cycle.
"There was no attempt and no desire, as written, to be in any way cool, any way interesting, any way suave," he said.
Before, they were using the system the way they knew how, they way their mom used it, they way their grandmother used it.
"During a cluster, we're way, way, way more aggressive than when there's no evidence of disease transmission from that tower," Dr. Daskalakis said.
Mr. Hasselhoff agrees he felt Mr. DiCaprio was "way, way, way too old," but insists his thinking had nothing to do with ego.
The way it was politicized, the way they changed the way we fight in a war setting — it's horrible how they did that.
It now appears the technology North developed may in some way make its way into a Focals competitor by way of CTRL-Labs.
The youth are very much Americanized in their clothing, in the way they drive cars, the way they eat, the way they dress.
It powers a lot of my discipline, my thoughts, the way I look at things, the way I examine, the way I absorb.
We love these replies, way way more than we loved Deadpool.
He crossed the line — way, way over the line — of propriety.
There was really no way to spin it any other way.
Or, do it your own way, a way that suits you.
It was shared in that way and would spread that way.
A lot, in that way (and that way alone), like Trump.
It's not about the easy way, it's about the right way.
There is the long way and there is the short way.
If that's the way she feels, that's the way she feels.
And thanks to Embraer, it's about to get way, way better.
The way we started the season wasn't the way we wanted.
Let us defend our way of life, our way of being.
A lot of the way the city worked was that way.
It's just the way people are, the way people were raised.
Facebook changed the way we socialize and the way we advertise.
It's about compassion in a way, but in a critical way.
If this trailer is any indication, it gets way, way funnier.
There has been way, way too much death on this show.
Ring: In a way, we're that way, but as a group.
All of these companies, in a way, work the same way.
Way to find your way over to the side of facts.
The way I talked, the way I looked, my goatee, everything.
Sometimes, it's way less than you'd think — and sometimes, way more.
One way or another, they'll find a way to get covered.
But Murdock doesn't face any resistance; his way is the way.
The way he acts – the way he talks with us sometimes.
"Harvey will be way, way below Katrina," Munich Re's Rauch said.
But the way this unfolded was not in any way typical.
So we prepped it that way and performed it that way.
Get more people to vote your way than the other way.
Streaming TV is often way, way cheaper than traditional cable bundles.
She finds a way to do it in her own way.
It's just my way out, my way of resting my mind.
I was this way because this was the way I was.
The way Peterson tells it, that's the way he likes it.
It is way, way further from Obamacare than the other plans.
One way it's a speaker, the other way it's a microphone.
About the way we're oppressed; the way that power is used.
We don't operate in any way the way the Russians do.
The wall funding is way, way too high at $25 billion.
Your kids are about to look way, way cooler than you.
Whatever Jameis Winston's intentions were, things went way, way off track.
Another way to look at this -- LEGO Harry's way too dark!
Derry is bombarded by way, way too many ominous red balloons.
The President raises way, way more questions than he gives answers.
Thankfully I don't feel that way or live that way anymore.
She loves selflessly — until she realizes she deserves way, way better.
Either way, selfies are another way celebrities are just like us.
Not in a cocky way, but in a very humbling way.
It wasn't always that way, but it's certainly that way now.
It was designed that way and it has remained that way.
Some handle it one way and some handle it another way.
" "Personally, I think the U.N. study ... is ... way, way too difficult.
"He is way more interesting than me— way more," Assange said.
This puts Amherst way, way ahead of most of its peers.
I don't work that way and I don't feel that way.
But the Warren way would be, quite simply, the wrong way.
Either way, it's an entertaining way to begin our solving week.
First of all, the analogy at best is way, way off.
So it's overwhelming in a way, but in this exciting way.
Yet the way of revenge is not the way of Jesus.
One way or another, the way people watch TV is changing.
Either way, the phenomenon does not affect Earth in any way.
It's my way, and I couldn't do it any other way.
Sometimes you have to make a way out of no way.
It's all the way, it's all the way to the end.
It affects the way I vote, the way I perceive politics.
That is the old way, nobody gets anything done that way.
Either way, I didn't tell him the story until way later.
Not in a gay way, but in a Lethal Weapon way.
The way I loved others and the way they loved me.
"Way, way better," coach Joel Quenneville told the Chicago Sun-Times.
I'm training way harder and my sparring partners are way harder.
I was up — way, way up — in the balcony that night.
It's a very catchy way of speaking, the way Baltimoreans speak.
Coastal flooding is getting way, way worse because of global warming.
You know, way led onto way, as Robert Frost would say.
Is that fair to say, or am I way, way off?
But this generation of grime had it easier – way way easier.
It's no way to live, and it's no way to lead.
They're interactive in a way, the way that slot machines are.
It is a way of imagining our way to the future.
In a way, it does — but not a way that's helpful.
By the way, during the recession this worked the other way.
It's way too early on the general election, way too early….
We can do it the easy way or the hard way.
It has to be his way, or no way at all.
I always celebrate in a human way, in a calm way.
It is their way or no way on most key issues.
I started going to therapy and things got way, way better.
There's no way to actually hedge it in any meaningful way.
Was this his way of asking for help, a way out?
That is not the way of ISIS, whose way is brutal.
A way to introduce someone in a moral subtle, natural way.
You can do this the easy way or the hard way.
Either way, there's no way to know for sure right now.
Play is the way they learn and the way they develop.
The default way of conducting business can't be the "male" way.
Not in a #MeToo way, but really in a lovely way.
They're way, way behind, and Netflix is now 125 million subs.
You must do things this way, mustn't do them that way.
And we went in video way too fast, way too early.
Not in a Machiavellian, selfish way but in a survival way.
And the way that I have approached it is this way.
"Farming is a way of life, it's a way of life that you live everyday, it's a way of life that I grew up in, it's a way of life that is worth preserving, but it's a way of life that is also under threat," he told the group.
"The photographer said to raise your hand, but he didn't say a specific way, and my peers should not have raised it in the specific way that was the offensive way and hurtful way," Blue said.
The way I look at the way I am about songwriting, it's quite different to the way people I know who are committed songwriters it's quite different to the way they are about the whole thrust.
I mean, maybe there's a best way for you, or a best way for me, but there's no single across-the-board best way.
It's a way to think about death, a way to allow ourselves to the permission to think about loss in a less scary way.
And it comes out a lot the way girls interact, the way we process things, and the way we talk about ourselves, breakups, food.
And if it was on the way to getting dark outside, I was on my way to on my way to getting fucked up.
And secondly that we will not look the other way — meaning there is no way to pay us off to look the other way.
It goes all the way through, from the way he speaks and the way he shakes your hand and deals with people as well.
The way he eats, the way he loves, the way he looks at his wife is different than any other character that I've played.
Travelers can also fly from Newark to Nashville for just $74 one-way, or make their way to Puerto Rico for $195 one-way.
I bought five different sets of that stuff, the way he wanted it to be fitted—it's not the tailor's way, it's his way.
She'd experienced men talk to her that way, treat her that way, sexualize her in that way, even in contexts that were wholly unsexual.
" Just always feeling like I don't do something the right way, or being obsessed with "Do I do it this way or that way?
But I will bet you anything that when the dust settles, when you unwrap the layers, it's worth way, way, way less than that.
"I'm trying to find a way to put this in a way that doesn't sound gushy, but there is no way," Mr. Foster said.
And the most effective way to do that, he says, is by first determining if it's a one-way or two-way door decision.
"The way this case started was wrong, the way it was investigated was wrong, the way it was prosecuted was wrong and the way it was tried was wrong as well," Menendez told reporters outside the courthouse.
This isn't the right or the wrong way, it's just another way.
And it went on for way, way longer than it should have.
Every singer was influenced in some way by the way she sang.
It's a way of persuading your audience into your way of thinking.
Regift. Really. There's a right way and a wrong way to regift.
In my generation, there was way more [sex], but way less flirting.
"To end this tradition this way is the wrong way," he added.
And one way way to do that is to ignore it altogether.
We totally get that little piece, they're way ahead, they're way behind.
With the roof closed, it was way, way cooler than I expected.
They are commenting on the way you look, the way you talk.
There was no way we could do the whole game this way.
I find myself like talking that way normally, or tweeting that way.
The paintings are my way of thinking my way into their lives.
"That's our main goal: No way out, no way in," Ano said.
"I think that's way, way getting ahead of ourselves here," he said.
"What a way to get to know my way around," she joked.
He's larger than life in every way and in the best way.
I think people multitask way, way more than marketers give credit for.
"It didn't happen that way — definitely didn't happen that way," she said.
It's the way I walk and it's the way I talk, okay?
It's partying in one specific way, which is the Animal House-way.
The Inuit way was not the European way, but it wasn't inferior.
There was a way to visit the Soviet Union the right way.
Everyone is flat or way, way down except for 60-year-olds.
While there is no textbook right way, there is a wrong way.
Yet there is a right way and a wrong way to deregulate.
Changing the way you chill — by being the primary way you chill.
It doesn't work that way, and it's not working that way anymore.
And this has been a thing for Warren going way, way back.
Or else we're going to continue to be left way way behind.
Way, way too many, and they don't have anything else to do.
In a way, it's the same and in a way, it's different.
It is the way he expresses himself and the way he thinks.
I think ADHD has been way, way over-diagnosed and over-prescribed.
But there`s a right way and wrong way to do it.
"Don't say it that way, say it this way," he'll tell me.
That way you can remember what the Milky Way looks like.[Vimeo]
Either way, it's the quickest way to look and feel instantly smart.
But I think that's the way — that's the way for onboarding people.
That&aposs the same way, by the way, with the Supreme Court.
"The Franklin Mint sets were way expensive and way dinky," said Chappell.
Either way, lesson learned: Lamborghinis are way more capable than I thought.
He did the way he embraced him, he showed him the way.
And yet, here we all are way, way up in April's business.
The universe is way beyond the Milky Way galaxy, because it's...everything.
Way before Google, way before ... Yahoo had just gone public, I think.
This problem goes way further than fabric, and way further than London.
Better to have inner peace your way than no way at all.
Unsurprisingly, the way they use cyberattacks is not the way we expected.
That happens way, way more than you probably want to think about.
Not in a PR type of way, but in a real way.
But she then found a way to contribute in her own way.
It was like 50 cars this way, and 50 cars that way.
Things are the way things are because that's the way things were.
"That's the way Mussolini arrived and the way Hitler arrived," he said.
This experimental robot's language skills are way cooler and way more useful.
Put another way, Espy needs to break the mold in some way.
It is a new way of watching highlights versus the SportsCenter way.
LLOYD BLANKFEIN: That's the way it-- well, that's the way it worked.
He was always trying to find the quickest way, the best way.
He's this way—or, at least, he's more this way than that.
What lives in your sink and is way, way past its prime?
But there's a right way and a wrong way to approach negotiation.
But there's way, way more to unpack here — so let's do that.
Either way, it's up to you, scientists, to find the way forward.
If the systems are designed that way, then you behave that way.
This time, it's way less mess hall and way more street style.
I was way, way too tired to wrap my head around it.
"This chart indicates that we're way, way behind on our infrastructure bill."
His speed, his acceleration, the way he cuts, the way he runs.
It's just the way he is—the way he treats women, everything.
Apple is making iMessage way more Snapchat-like and way more emojified.
But they came in one way and left another, more healthy way.
That's Mr. Manfort, who's, by the way, by the way, respected man.
"The way I walk is just the way I walk," it goes.
They've got no fuckin' clue it's way, way more complicated than that.
To claim there's only one way or the other way is untrue.
Either way, Negan may be on his way to meet the Whisperers.
We spend way, way more time on customer research than on Instagram.
The Trump International is way under budget and way ahead of schedule.
"So this way, I'll get to Washington one way or the other."
I probably just threw way more than you bargained for your way.
But in a way she's right to feel the way she does.
That way more people can watch; that way, more people will pay.
Soccer has a way of exacting karmic retribution somewhere along the way.
In other words, the way it begins determines the way it ends.
" She added, "There's no realistic way to achieve true equity that way.
" He added: "But it's the way it is, the way sports run.
But in this production, they go way, way up — into the atmosphere.
But there's a right way and a wrong way to revive Roosevelt.
"The way he eats, the way he trains, is amazing," he said.
The way he does it is the way it should be done.
Now, we think the way the lotus opens is way more interesting.
It's the way it makes you feel, not the way you sound!
"Standardizing everything just makes it all way, way better," Draper told TechCrunch.
It should be way, way down at the bottom of the list.
"By the way, that doesn't mean it'll stay that way," he said.
Airport staff are seeing way, way fewer airplanes take off and land.
That's no way to live — and no way to run a city.
Not all mummies ended up that way on purpose, by the way.
We've been pummeled in a profound way and an almost comical way.
And, in a way, it was a way of stripping away egos.
And by the way, by the way, are you ready for this?
I guarantee it will be way better organized and way more entertaining!
I guess, in a way, that was kind of the Japanese way.
The only way you're going to do it is the other way.
I'll eat three on the way there, three on the way back.
Pence went out of his way to applaud Ryan's 'Better Way' agenda.
And I mean that in the good way, not the bad way.
Found their way to kind of navigate their way through that game.
Stick vacuums have a special way of making vacuuming suck way less.
You are fighting your way in and you're fighting your way out.
Looking for a way to enhance your lashes in a subtle way?
This time, he did it his way, rather than the system's way.
The way she mothers her twins, the way she's with my daughters.
And Americans are drinking way, way too much of the sweet stuff.
The way they dress, the way they act — I didn't like them.
Is it one that takes the easy way or the right way?
"Our way of life," she said, "is the best way of life."
But things didn't work the way the way she thought they would.
It is a way to communicate my feelings, a way to talk.
And just the way it's been built, the way it's been built.
Both races are, in that way and only in that way, perfect.
One way of doing that is finding the right way to react.
A chant of "On our way, on our way, to Moscow, on our way" came from England fans in one corner of the Samara Arena.
That, I think, in the long term drives those wages up and keeps them in a sustainable way, not an artificial way, a sustainable way.
It's a great way for everybody to show that it's unacceptable behavior to speak that way about women, or to speak that way about anybody.
If those three are voting one way, and we four vote another way, and those other four are going a third way … what happens then?
Because, of course, there's the way we say we are, and the way we think we are — and then there's the way we actually vote.
"I am way too nice, way too forgiving, way too loyal, and I don't wanna do that this time," Dawson says in the first episode.
It was challenging in the most incredible way and it was my way of proving that I've come a long way and I can dance!
"It's a way of talking about birds in a very literal way, but also in a very metaphorical tongue-in-cheek way," Ms. Huisman said.
Fares on routes like Boston-Washington National ($79 one way); Hartford-Tampa ($99 one way) and Raleigh/Durham-Boston ($109 one way) weren't headline-grabbers.
"There is a way to pay for it, and if there is a way to pay for it we should take that way," he said.
The way his eyes bugged out, the way he opened his mouth so wide, and the way he screamed like a flatulent balloon were hilarious.
The meal is both reminiscent of and way, way better than the version you may have eaten in the middle-school cafeteria way back when.
Their way may be significantly slower than your way, in which case you'll probably want to step in and show them a more efficient way.
"Our members went way, way, way beyond the call of duty to provide what the company's needs were," said Mark Epley, the plant's union chairman.
There's no way to tell one way or the other without a different way of measuring the same event that isn't affected by extra dimensions.
The ortolan was a way, in the way we used it in the show… This is an episode when everything gets perverted in a way.
This had happened before but not quite in this way, and so when a thing happens in a way resembling a prior way, it is more upsetting than if it had not happened before, ever in any way.
Then it was an exciting new way to read (Kindle e-books), an exciting new way to publish (CreateSpace), an exciting new way to power the internet (Amazon Web Services), an exciting new way to get deliveries (Amazon Prime), an exciting new way to make your house a high-tech outpost (Alexa).
"I think really what we're upset about is not just this case, but the fact that sexual assault on campus happens way, way, way too often and we don't have any organized way of dealing with it," Levinson said.
If the only tool we have ultimately to use is our lives, so we use it in the way we can by choosing a way to live that will demonstrate the way we feel and the way we know.
Well, one way to make it appealing is this is the way, maybe this is the only way you can watch a Disney movie at home.
And, by the way, standing in the way of a fully funded, a fully constructed border wall, standing in the way of merit-based immigration system.
While Uber has changed the way that many think about transportation, it's also changed the way that many drunk people find their way home at night.
But the way you go to market and the way you build partnerships is completely different from the way that Boeing or Airbus would do it.
"We are way, way, way behind," former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said of the state of America's airports compared with the other terminals around the world.
Kalabanté is a way out of poverty, and in that a way out of Guinea for the performers; Artcirq is a way to reconnect with home.
"It's the most stable country outside of Chile… Way more stable than Brazil, way more stable than Argentina and way more stable than Mexico," Suarez says.
And I'm the beacon for that, but Matty Karas, who runs music is way smarter than I am and way better writer, and way better curator.
Because the -- the Obama administration was roundly criticized for treating situations like this in a criminal way, a law enforcement way, rather than a wartime way.
" Cruz added: "And that's the way I've treated Donald, that's the way I've treated every other candidate and it's the way I intend to approach it.
"We totally believe that Surface changes the way you produce, the way you create, the way you learn," said Panos Panay, who leads Microsoft's devices team.
And Trump -- from his lack of experience to his willingness to veer way, way, way off the political script -- felt like a real risk to people.
"What this shows is that this campaign has started in a very forceful way, starting way, way back and coming to a virtual tie," he said.
"The way that it ended, the way that we filmed it, the way that it kinda turned out, I think it will be pretty damn satisfactory."
"The sad part is that getting an innocent man out of jail is way, way, way harder than putting a guilty man in jail," he said.
There's always a way, and you've got to find what that way is.
I worked my way through college and borrowed my way through law school.
And on the way down … sounds like they were going way too fast.
And the way that I approach witchcraft is in a very practical way.
When it comes to saving money, not every way is the right way.
I'd like to think you were saying goodbye in your way own way.
They are behaving in a human way, but quite a grand, incredible way.
There's a right way to make carbonara, and a very, very wrong way.
" In other words, "it's a way to wine and dine your way in.
"The way it happened was exactly the way I wanted it to happen."
You know it's going to surpass people in this way or that way.
I feel like I know other people who manage it way, way better.
There's no proof that one way of having sex is the best way.
Either way, the floppy leg tubes go all the way to the ground.
We overreact on the way up and we overreact on the way down.
That way, I was still free to compete the way I wanted to.
Sure, smartphones and laptops cost way way more, but you need those things.
Everything is way more extreme — but in a good way, it's not overbearing.
He taught me a different way of looking, a different way of seeing.
This way, there is no way for a corporation to escape its liability.
The way it's being framed right now is great, in a certain way.
Snapchat is changing up the way users share photos in a major way.
That way, you can at least guess your way through the first lesson.
The way cats show love is very different than the way dogs do.
"The way you do anything is the way you do everything," Iger writes.
Either way, today's news is one way that mobile gap is being closed.
I can't go any other way than to go the way I go.
And this way they can win in a way that's much more effective.
"It's the way we find our way back to each other," he says.
The party spectacles gave way to hospital scenes gave way to funeral tableaux.
Along the way, he captured Taylor in a way few had ever seen.
I also like the way they fold up in a wonderfully portable way.
We talk about one-way doors and two-way doors inside of Amazon.
Way back in 1940, Pinocchio proved that life is way sweeter without strings.
Canada join the talks in 22008, paving the way for three-way negotiations.
We're emitting carbon way, way faster than the planet was during the PETM.
And there's definitely a way to reach people in a more intimate way.
Caucuses have no way to discipline members to vote one way or another.
And not in like a sugary way, but in a very real way.
This will be just like that, but it already sounds way, way better.
It's going to come out in a constructive way, or a destructive way.
The way we handled it and the way we played has been great.
That's the way they came in and that's the way they went out.
Put another way, you might say that the way forward begins with  Reflection.
The topics aren't built out in a lateral way, but in buildable way.
In schools, the way adults learn always defines the way the students learn.
In other words, there's no way in and there is no way out.
You know, when you look a certain way, you feel a certain way.
Let me put it this way: AirPods sound way better than wired EarPods.
It's a way of remembering loved ones in a very real, interactive way.
In a chicer more elegant way, and nobody's really doing it that way.
HANNITY: Not do it in what way, well not do it that way.
That is way, way up from Tinder's 2017 revenue of around $400 million.
Don't try that garbage with Biles, however— She's way, way ahead of you.
I say that while touching wood, and no way in a boastful way.
It's just the way of the event and the way of the sport.
"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way," Sammartino said.
There's something orbiting the sun, way, way beyond the distant realm of Pluto.
So, basically, this whole Ark plan just got way way worse for Clarke.
I got to find a way, and I'm going to find a way.
Surprising messages are coming your way, bringing way more clarity to your life.
And, by the way, we do it in a very independent-minded way.
In no way did I mean it in a derogatory nor racial way.
Some men are attractive, in a manly way, even in an ethereal way.
Do you feel that way, or is there any way to go back?
Without that, there's no way my album would sound the way it does.
"That's an easy way to start changing the way you eat," says Johnson.
He surpassed me [laughs] in the worst way, or in the best way!
If there is a way to stop it, we definitely follow the way.
There is another way to experience music, and that is Padgett's way: to
Because the way we frame things, the way we talk about them, matters.
Put another way, you might say that the way forward begins with Reflection.
There's just way, way too much junk out there marketed at new parents.
I felt really unique in a good way and in a bad way.
Trump himself set the expectation that his way will be the best way.
He got his own way so much that it got in my way.
Running taught me that sometimes the hardest way is also the best way.
We've come a long way; we clearly have a long way to go.
Gray gave way to Carlos Estevez, who weaved his way through the eighth.
Shouldn't modern partnering be more about two-way manners than one-way manhandling?
Let's do this the right way, the way that feels good to us.
Andrew was taking the roundabout way, which had turned into the only way.
It goes all the way up the chain and all the way down.
And Republicans feel this way, believe it or not, and strongly this way.
I think there's a clean way to use hyphens and an ugly way.
That's a dangerous way to live, but a blissful way to fall asleep.
Work our way, fight our way in, from further out in the ocean.
What you hear is a way of thinking – a deliberative way of processing.
These images have a way of finding their way back to the web.
Imagine our homes and families when this way of love is the way.
It shouldn't be this way and it doesn't have to be this way.
And he thought that his way was the only right way to win.
We're a long way from programming organisms' DNA the way we program software.
Doesn't one way involve abiding by the rules while the other way doesn't?
I had a dream of starting a company from going way, way back.
"We plan our way out, but not our way back in," says Pfeifer.
That's the way I treat it, and that's the way my audience feels.
Is this a way for tech to start to claw its way back?
The way he carries himself, the way he plays, he's a special player.
The way I'm dressing and spending on clothes is just a smarter way.
"The way he finished, a true champion finishes that way," Norman said afterward.
They seemed to seek a "third way," a famously Clintonian way of compromise.
I play the right way, or I try to play the right way.
So it's sort of acquisition-proof that way, almost, in a strange way.
Early in our marriage, I thought there's the wrong way, or my way.
The way we look at things determines the way we write about them.
They work the same way — and they break down the same way, too.
The way in which I teach is close to the way Helena teaches.
Here was a new way to connect with others in a liberating way.
Some of those one-way streets are being transformed into two-way streets.
"Changing their attitudes will take way longer, take way more time," Klymenko said.
K., you're going to go this way; you're going to go that way.
So I think if anything, Launch was way, way ahead of its time.
History, the way it's commonly taught, has a way of obscuring this fact.
It's not the way I am now, but the way I was then.
WM: Well, somebody would have figured a way to play this way, maybe.
Either way, a Second Coming means a way out and a new beginning.
China takes governing seriously — in a cruel way and in an impressive way.
It is Ms. Sodi's way, which is otherwise known as the Tuscan way.
Either way, SpaceX has a long way to go before reaching those goals.
A dangerous way to live, but it's the only way I know how.
People take it the right way or people take it the wrong way.
The way this game went tonight is the way our whole season went.
"Things are getting way-way too hot and out of control," he said.
"I think once I lean one way, I'm stuck that way," he said.
Can you imagine cars going the wrong way on a one-way street?
In the end, Pete's way usually turned out to be the right way.
Either way, the best way to drown those feelings is with some alcohol.
It's hard to tell, but either way, it's no way to make policy.
"But it shaped the way we live," much the way Apple does now.
"Most important is the way I'm playing, the way I'm moving," Wawrinka said.
This is luxury dining in its way, which is not the predictable way.
This is luxury dining in its way, which is not the predictable way.
"People behave the way they feel, not the way they look," Balogun believes.
Mattis asserts that his way of doing warfare is simply the Marine way.
Either way, they'll have to find a way to pay for their proposals.
"This year, I prepared ... way, way more inventory for Prime Day," Chang says.
It's a way to make it contemporary, a way to make it living.
All the way down, all the way deep,' they just go with it.
The way he was, wasn't the way the man who raised him was.
"And work out a way to get compensated for that in some way."
That's a long way of saying that there's no wrong way to propose.
They need to come our way, we don't need to go their way.
Was this the best way, the smartest way, to spend that $1.5 trillion?
By the time you know, it will already be way, way too late.
Terrorist foot soldiers or followers could come our way—in a big way.
Mattis asserts that his way of doing warfare is simply the Marine way.
We thought we looked a certain way, we were photographed a certain way.
We just don't think about it that way, or discuss it that way.
She feels the way she feels and I feel the way I feel.
The way divers have to work is not a normal way of diving.
Doctors are way down now in their orders of the opioids, way down.
Just because the way of life is, in a superficial way, very different.
It's changing the way they're growing, and it's changing the way they're developing.
He could see no other way forward, no way to fix his mistakes.
And anyway, it's very interesting the way we hear things, the way we react to things, the way that we are in our own echo chambers, the way that we're preaching to the choir, especially on social media and Twitter.
And everything is built that way — that the box is built that way, the OS is built that way, that the graphics drivers and end libraries those are built that way — and our engine is tuned to fit on that.
But if you look all the way back to 2004, you see something surprising — a previous peak way, way, way beyond anything since: That shows the spike in "move to Canada" searches in November 2004, when George W. Bush won reelection.
Imagine this tired old world when love is the way, when love is the way, unselfish, sacrificial, redemptive, when love is the way, then no child will go to bed hungry in this world ever again when love is the way.
His whole way of doing politics mimics talk radio and the way he frames issues is the way right-wing media has been framing issues for years.
"Overall, I think computing should work in a way where it's much more intuitive to the way people live and not the other way around," Pichai says.
He acts this way, and the people he surrounds himself with act this way, and it is obvious to him that everyone else acts this way too.
There is no way to enforce the cessation on the ground, no way to hold parties accountable for breaking it and no way to guard aid corridors.
In short, he said it's "way, way, way worse" in VR. "It is intense, it is visceral [and] it triggers your fight or flight response," he said.
"Everyone else will be way, way, way behind," Cruz said of the delegate count for Rubio and the two other Republicans still in the race: Ohio Gov.
You can go the nasty way or you can go the nice way, and we always went the nice way … and we realized we missed each other.
Either as a way to continue performing, or as a way to find some way to deal with the grief, or probably both, he made it funny.
And in that way, it feels real all the way through in a way that the big blockbuster games only manage to do in fits and starts.
In much the same way that the mobile phone has transformed the way we live, autonomous vehicles and transportation sharing promise to change the way we move.
They made way, way, way less money doing that than if they were bundling big MBS' and raking it in by the tens or hundreds of millions.
We can point to these moments along the way where the Internet could have gotten way, way worse, and people coming together to fight made a difference.
Twitter's long been trying to harness that in a more actionable way for ordinary users by way of hashtags, and in a more organized way for organizations.
For people to engage in this way is incredibly important because it will change the way that you buy food and the way that you eat it.
"He is just trashing American values the way he talks about people, the way he makes fun of people, the way he denigrates folks," Mr. Biden said.
The way that we see the world and the way that our biases and our hangups and our flaws impact the way that we see this world.
Still, several thousand people are pushing their way to the U.S. border with the idea that they will find a way to push their way through it.
Google Maps at least will navigate you all the way to your destination, but its routes often don't account for one-way streets going the wrong way.
"As we pointed out to Congress over the years, it was way, way, way out of proportion to what was happening to any other demographic," Hirsch said.
Long: The way he takes on a block, the way he sheds a block, the way he plays blocking combinations, it all lends to an extended career.
Which will help to sweeten the next piece of news to share: You need to be cleaning your phone way, way, way more often than you are.
You're not getting in the door for less than $95, and the 400 level (way, way, way up there) still have plenty of tickets available for $100.
They care about people who are using it as an investment, and investing in it that way and it is treated that way and taxed that way.
I just think the way he went about certain things wasn't the best way.
It's just the way things are, and the way they will continue to be.
The way he his picking his cabinet, the way he is doing his thing.
"It's way, way behind schedule and many billions of dollars over budget," he said.
It's the way I say 'hello' to somebody, the way I sit with somebody.
And those numbers come with one enormous caveat: they're probably way, way too low.
So President Trump probably should have said it that way, addressed it that way.
Sometimes Pennington told the story one way, and sometimes he told it another way.
GUTFELD: By the way -- by the way, attacking somebody online does not persuade anyone.
The way I look at power dynamics is the way that you play pool.
Instead, drivers should aim to leave way, way in advance: Monday at 8 p.m.
Do you wish Game of Thrones had way less talking and way more action?
Society relies on space for way, way more stuff than most people probably realize.
Green originally had way, way darker plans for the ending of his beloved novel.
I've been searching for a way to tell my story in a helpful way.
I sing it the way I feel it, just the way it comes out.
Well, I don&apost read the way he conducted these meetings the same way.
If you're that way, you don't see any value in being the other way.
That's Mr. Manafort, who's -- by the way, who's by the way a respected man.
Well, I think economically, actually, it behaves the same way in the following way.
There's no way it was suicide," he said "There's no way in the world.
We can tap into that drama in a real way, not a hokey way.
Now, we've got to find a way to scrap our way into some wins.
You see your life going one way, and then it's the direct opposite way.
Calls to 911 go way down, overdoses go way down, just by adding food.
Maybe that's what will shift the way the way the league thinks about contracts.
My heart is about finishing the right way and helping people along the way.
The pope loves you this way, you must be happy the way you are.
Research, though, can point the way toward a world written in a better way.
"The only way to get that way to say goodbye to you," he adds.
I am on my way to Texas, Bill is on his way to Colorado.
But that means forgoing a way to interact with others in a positive way.
There is a D.C. political journalism culture that's leading the way in that way.
Either way, get ready, dual-screen and foldable Windows laptops are on the way.
I think the way of governing is so different than the way of campaigning.
Flying, by the way, is probably the easiest way to disperse first-date tension.
You paved the way for me so I can pave the way for others.
"This story is way, way more complicated than you could ever imagine," he said.
The games look the way you remember them, not the way they really were.
The way Buchla used it was not anything like the way I used it.
"So we don't take a risk in any way in that way," he said.
Either way, I'll never look at The Wizard Of Oz the same way again.
With no way of exchanging information and in any way that anyone would consider.
No snob would thrash and flail his way through sentences the way he does.
But you'll enjoy absorbing these twists and turns way, way more if you do.
Are you happy with the way Cookie has worked her way into fans' consciousness?
That said, it was a good watch — but it was way, way too big.
The same way with pictures and the same way for file-sharing and drive.
WWHL gave way to Radio Andy, which gave way to Cohen's brief Riverdale cameo.
So yes, in a way, the show eventually winds its way back to career.
No, their vacations are way, way more relatable and down to earth than that.
The way outsiders interpret the way we present ourselves is completely up to them.
The way I eat, the way I sleep, the happiness level in my life.
Either way, Tesla might not be the wisest way to bet on electric cars.
I think music's a good way to express the way you live your life.
It hovers just above the cervix, at the way, way back of the vagina.
"He was way too tiny and way too fragile," said Aidan's mom, Jill Teeters.
Three-sixty videos are okay but you know what's makes them way way better?
If you're lucky a handful of people along the way will point the way.
"For some people, it'll go one way, for some, the other way," he said.
Gerwig's script captures the way people actually speak, and the way adolescence really feels.
It's the way that we chose; it's not the way to make quick money.
This is way more explicit than any biblical reference in Lost, by the way.
The way Timberlake presents himself and the way he's acted haven't always matched up.
But what better way to way to send yourself some love than with makeup?
But Arecibo has a long way to go before it's all the way back.
My way of coping, my way of navigating the world, was always to write.
This way, the world is generated the same way each and every single time.
Hillary Clinton is throwing it way, way back to celebrate President Bill Clinton's birthday.
In a way that makes sense, in a way that won't risk civil war.
They might find a way down here, but they don't have a way back.
Biggest drag: But while engagement is way up, traditional mobile revenue is way down.
The way I said it, in a sarcastic way ... it is what it is.
The cloud offers a way to provide additional computing resources in a flexible way.
I wish I had found a way to resolve things in a different way.
That way, you'll eventually work your way up to 10 percent and barely notice.
And I'm feeling some kind of way and they're feeling some kind of way.
I suppose we paved the way for Deadpool, which paved the way for Logan.
We then need to convince others that this way is better than that way.
You need to use that in a good way rather than a bad way.
Either way, way, celebrating Prime Day means supporting the company and its political aims.
"We want people to perceive us one way or a different way," he said.
She was way more beautiful and way more talented, because she had more experience.
We're in our own way, and we've got toget out of our own way.
" And I was like, "No way, I'm way too shy, I can't do that.
In one tweet, Trump spelled "choker" both the right way and the wrong way.
She's 100 percent normal in every other way except for the way she eats.
Just the way he calls the game, the way he settled down for me.
That adds up to way, way more Republicans than McConnell can afford to lose.
That way, the Maasai could preserve their centuries-old way of life, he concluded.
The painting is funny in a horrible way and horrible in a funny way.
I thought the way we lost was exactly the way we wanted to play.
That's the only way to protect the Senate and its history, the bipartisan way.
In that way, it mimics the way Facebook was originally launched — school by school.
"The only way to get that way to say goodbye to you," he added.
I love the way the spacewear looks and I love the way it feels.
It should not be that way and it doesn't have to be that way.
"You don't revolt your way to reform, you reform your way to revolt," perhaps.
The way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible... You shouldn't treat people that way.
People pass one way, then walk back the other way, but not this woman.
The way sports is … every team will win, that's just the way it works.
Note: There's a wrong way and a right way to get to Kissa Tanto.
You can one day feel this way, and the next day, feel that way.
When prices of oil and gas go way down reserves also go way down.
On questions on way down the line I'll address those way down the line.
Some people are into celebrities in an old-school way, a People magazine way.
Trollope called "the way we live now"; the way we live now includes regular
There is no way On My Block won't find its way into your heart.
In a way, I couldn't think of a better way to define the book.
I also loved the way he expressed himself; I loved the way he moved.
Either way, we Earthlings will never look at the cosmos the same way again.
"She drove way out of her way to drop me off at my house."
She stopped caring about the way she looked, about the way the house looked.
An ear infection gave way to a sinus infection which gave way to bronchitis.
It was both a way to save and a way to grow our careers.
Not the way they look (well, that too), but the way they hear sounds.
With temperatures going way, way up, there's no better time to bare it all.
Things are way easier this evening, when some dreamy, peaceful vibes come your way.
Some way or another, though, The way Trópico manages its programming is remarkably resourceful.
Just as accidentally as I'd found my way in, I found my way out.
One way to do that is the way you kill a slug: with salt.
I don't like the way he has misled people, the way he has lied.
He played that way too slow, and way to casually, and got punished badly.
One way or another, Ms. Eisner has traveled a long way from Greybull, Wyo.
By "way back," I don't mean on the way back from Basin and Range.
And also recognizing, in a way, why the judge ruled the way he did.
You don't always speak the way you write or write the way you speak.
Either way, his election moved her, and she thought Lincoln had paved the way.
This is true in at least one sense: The women are way, way better.
Biologically, there's an argument one way, but morally, there's an argument the other way.
Katey helped me find a way to channel them in a more calm way.
Not a lot of people go out of their way the way you do.
And rigged in kind of a perverse, almost unconscious way, in the way Sen.
Right now, what's the principal way that I'm spoken of in a passing way?
I would describe Dave Roberts that way; I think Craig Counsell is that way.
Canada would join the talks in 22008, paving the way for three-way negotiations.
The way he's pitching now is the way he's pitched most of his career.
The way the person presents themselves is not always the way they are feeling.
But the main way is the old-fashioned way—through cops and correctional officers.
The ship is way, way too tiny to carry enough fuel to slow down.
And it changes the way she treats people and the way people treat her.
"With the roof closed, it was way, way cooler than I expected," Cilic said.
He dressed the way he was told and prayed the way he was expected.
And she was judged by the way she skated, not the way she dressed.
Biden himself arguably benefited from this way of thinking, albeit the other way around.
That's way, way faster than sending it off to a distant chip for analysis.
We found a way through it and there was a way through it actually.
Kelly Reichardt: We finally found a way to do it in a small way.
Another way is to buy your way out of the lines with T.S.A. PreCheck.
Baruch has a way to trade the metal no matter which way it moves.
Jimi Hendrix played a Stratocaster one way and Eric Clapton played it another way.
The only way I know how to write is the smallest, most microcosmic way.
By the way, there were numerous people during the G211 that felt that way.
Or, try it once my way and then do it your way next time.
By the way, there were numerous people during the G22016 that felt that way.
In this way, art isn't simply meant to be experienced in one specific way.
There's no way he gets elected," meaning me -- "there's no way he gets elected.
In this way — and only this way — they are indeed the Party of Lincoln.
There's long been a biased way of thinking that all cats behave this way.
But which way is the right way, peaceful protest or armed and vocal resistance?
The original is very stark, in an effective way and in a beautiful way.
But there is a smart way to counter them -- and a self-defeating way.
The way we work together — it's the same way I've worked from the beginning.
We can do this the easy way (you resign), or the hard way (impeachment).
Health care on its way to Senate and tax reform (cuts) on the way.
He thinks in a very tribal way, in a 'me against the other' way.
That's not really reflected in the way Congress works and the way Washington works.
Old people are either way too overdressed or way too underdressed at the gym.
How much would the Milky Way weigh if the Milky Way could be weighed?
It's the way the business works now, the way we get to stay employed.
"He had way, way more pain than he needed to have," Ms. Peterson said.
Using them is the best way to learn them, but not the only way.
Finding a way through this maze was a way for initiates to prove themselves.
Because voters have no way to interpret FBI/DOJ activity in a neutral way.
Of course, there's a wrong way and a right way to do shower music.
The national debt, by the way, is well on its way to $22 trillion.
For people wondering how some see a way and the others see another way.
They won't look this way forever, and they certainly won't sound this way forever.
That's Mr. Manafort, who's — by the way, who's by the way a respected man.
On my way there, I meet the assistant, who is on her way out.
You chastise yourself for handling the difficult moment the wrong way — the "weak" way.
A person without patience doesn't work their way up, they work their way out.
I did vote that way, but way back then, along with many other people.
With "The Artist's Way," Julia Cameron invented the way people renovate the creative soul.
And there was no way – no way – of making a correct statement that early.
It's started way, way too early, but there's nothing we can do about it.
Obviously, Jesse finds his way into that terrain in a kind of sideways way.
That's just the way these stories work, because that's the way marriage plots work.
It's about seeing things not in a linear way, but in an elliptical way.
It is the way things are now versus the way things used to be.
There's an obvious difference between the way he fights and the way Daredevil does.
We are going to find a way or make a way to get there.
So I stopped thinking about it that way—and talking about it that way.
Furious and scared, she charges her way toward Naomi's wedding any way she can.
And I suppose often the best way, or the easiest way is just that simplicity, and just speaking to the most sincere and easiest way of saying it.
Could she ride Littlefinger's plot all the way to King's Landing as his consort, then dump him in the same murderous way the way he dumped Lady Arryn?
That's what happens when you sell a deal to 3 million people for $9.95 a month and spend way, way, way more than that in buying movie tickets.
"She's taking it way, way way too hard and it wasn't meant to hurt her like that," Singer told Frankel, who was feeling very vindicated by it all.
"The App Store has made so many things better in our lives — the way we communicate, the way we work and the way we have fun," said Cook.
There's no way that we could've gotten the bangs to stand up the way that we did, or the way they used to, with just a regular mousse.
"It's a nice way to break up training, a fun way to explore, and just sometimes the only way to get through a really hot run," he says.
And the only way, but not the only way, but the BEST WAY that we can honor our fallen is by getting up better than we were before.
That's one way to think about it, the cynical, uncharitable, myopic way, the way you'd think about it if you wanted to psychologize Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable.
"It's just a way of trying to address these cures in a more effective way, the way the public has asked for, without sacrificing any safety," Pallone said.
Steyer: It&aposs funny, because the way I see this election and the way that I see elections in America in general is different from the traditional way.
Last week, Corker was tight-lipped about what he thinks will happen on Iran, saying he is "way, way, way too close" to the administration's decision to comment.
" The maid responds, "Maybe there's a reason why things are the way they are, why men are the way they are and women are the way they are.
"That way of combining jewelry with the way you live and the way you dress and it being an extension of you is always very inspiring," she said.
However, it's most interesting feature is that it also tries to gesture at a way out; that "way out," however, also forgets those who helped along the way.
"If you go way, way, way down the list, you might have a segment of the population that is changing behavior based on their political stances," Beck said.
We really hope that China and U.S., which are by the way our two largest markets for ABB, find a way to work together in a friendly way.
So in a way, it's a way for us to make a side bet on Latin America in a way without going out of Europe and insetting far.
I'm sure that it's rarely thought that rhetorical strategies are a way of writing the way that we talk, but this is the way that I see it.
The conservatives were very good at it way, way, way back, but this was one of the biggest efforts to do this, an important part of his winning.
From the way I speak, the way I dress, and the way I act, Hong Kongers can tell from a mile off that I'm not one of them.
There's a version of Hunchback that's way sketchier, way meaner, that's way more… I wouldn't say sexist or misogynist, but I would say treating sexuality in a really abject, transgressive way, that I pulled out, like a month before it went to press.
Seeing a singular black body dying on loop changed the way black people thought about themselves in this country, changed the way they thought about this country, in a way that I don't think it changed the way white people thought about themselves in this country or the way that white people thought about the country.
Essentially, think about it this way: The way something becomes great looks to those peering in from the outside is different than the way it feels on the inside.
The way he treats journalists, the way he talks about news organizations, the way he intimidates people: All of this is corrosive of liberal democracy, but it's perfectly legal.
The smell of him, the way he tasted, the sound of his voice, the way he built ideas out of words, the way he constructed meaning—he became family.
I think that there is so much that's fascinating about the way we grieve, the way we recover, the way we learn to take better care of each other.
"If you're an institutional investor you probably got way too defensive in January, you suffered on the way down and you've suffered on the way up," Mr. Levkovich said.
Scanlon says: They are beautiful and stylish in the way French women often are, which is to say in their own way, not in a conforming or predictable way.
"Hey, the more ways you can find a way to win — any way and every way — that's how you keep a good season going," a smiling Brees said afterward.
"Twitter works as a way to sell books, as a way to promote movies, and it works as a way to crowdsource terrorism — to sell murder," he told reporters.
"There's something special about Panarin in the way he plays the game, the way he looks at the game and the way he thinks about the game," Davidson added.
He doesn't come up with ideas for the record, but the way he influences sound, and the way he records my voice, is a very comfortable way for me.
"Video is the way we hang out with friends, the way we pass the time, but the way we watch it is changing," said Kevin Systrom, Instagram's chief executive.
"The way not to do it is the way the way Florida does it," said Daniel P. Tokaji, an expert on elections law at Ohio State University's law school.
Samin Nosrat wrote about cooking vegetables for The New York Times Magazine this week, making an argument for cooking them way, way, way longer than you probably usually do.
"This is a mean-spirited issue of this administration that is directing their employees to act a certain way, a racist way, a way that is inhumane," said Torres.
And, since environments impact the way genes get expressed, and there's no way to equalize the environment — except to fix racism — there's no way to do a controlled experiment.
Everybody else saw me in a different way, but I didn't see myself that way.
In a way, they could understand each other in a way no one else could.
If there's any way to lose a race, this is the way to do it.
"It is the power in the way of peace, the way of love," Lewis said.
But if Molon Labe Designs gets its way, that panic could give way to placidity.
Tootsie knows her way around a spit-fire BBQ and a way into our hearts.
That's not suggesting in any way, any way at all, that Cambridge is under investigation.
Does that mean that we have to change the way the way we educate humans?
I guess it was way, way too ambitious… I kind of like proving them wrong.
Once you saw the dress one way, you tended to keep seeing it that way.
So far, things are moving in a very consistent way, in a very positive way.