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"absorption" Definitions
  1. the process of a liquid, gas or other substance being taken in
  2. absorption (of somebody/something) (into something) the process of a smaller group, country, etc. becoming part of a larger group or country
  3. absorption (in something) the fact of somebody being very interested in something so that it takes all their attention
"absorption" Synonyms
assimilation incorporation amalgamation integration fusion combination inclusion digestion inhalation appropriation osmosis subsuming impregnation intake penetration reception retention saturation suction resorption consumption imbibing ingesting ingestion admission eating feeding devouring drinking taking in swallowing feasting gobbling manducation swigging chugging guzzling gobbling up quaffing engrossment concentration immersion preoccupation enthrallment intentness raptness involvement engagement occupation captivation fascination interest enthralment attention monopolisation(UK) monopolization(US) hang-up obsession attentiveness decrease reduction cushioning deadening lessening softening soaking up reverie daydreaming musing abstraction trance woolgathering dream daydream fantasy inattentiveness contemplation dreaminess thought vision inattention dreaming fancy study meditation enchantment infatuation seduction allure allurement appeal attraction attractiveness beguilement charisma charm duende enslavement entrancement glamor(US) glamour(UK) magic hydration hydrate moisturization deglutition ingurgitation traction grip purchase adhesion resistance friction adherence stress suck adhesive friction physical resistance tractive force foothold footing hold anchorage toehold drag leverage awareness curiosity focus notice concern observation recognition cognizance consideration heed regard scrutiny detection discernment inquisitiveness perception acknowledgement(UK) acknowledgment(US) understanding comprehension grasp apprehension apperception appreciation insight realisation(UK) realization(US) sense acquaintance command conception decipherment intuition More

441 Sentences With "absorption"

How to use absorption in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "absorption" and check conjugation/comparative form for "absorption". Mastering all the usages of "absorption" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Happiness is absorption, and absorption is the opposite of willful attention.
One study looked at how smoking weed affects the absorption of alcohol, and the other looked at how drinking alcohol affects the absorption of THC.
These two lenses enhance light absorption by utilising the extra light that comes into the mono lens, then fusing the B/W image with the color image to significantly enhance total light absorption.
When such granular absorption took more readily, like a language.
All the books, records, and furniture provide plenty of absorption.
The different absorption rates causes the food to fold differently.
"Liquidity absorption is also possible at any time," he said.
But regardless, plant diversity isn't proven to increase carbon absorption.
"It's an absorption that impacts on the economy," he added.
Other minerals in the water did not affect calcium absorption.
The ghetto was a compromise formation, neither absorption nor expulsion.
I've never seen listening performed with this much clenched absorption.
And it was with that absorption that they revealed themselves.
It pulls stains from your teeth using an "absorption" process.
"Having food in your belly helps slow alcohol absorption," she says.
For instance, the soy in tofu may actually enhance iron absorption.
They see immigration as a privilege, and absorption as a favour.
Cloud providers ended a three-quarter capacity absorption cycle, Davis said.
Alternatively, interactions with other drugs could diminish absorption, interfering with efficacy.
Inactive ingredients help extend shelf-life, absorption, improve taste and more.
It's not that he's in favor of ignorance or self-absorption.
GDP will radically accelerate when absorption of European Union's funds accelerates.
Planetary precursors are formed by the absorption of material in orbit
"This absorption of the liquid underwater is quite unique," he said.
All this is made possible by Mizuko and Taylor's self-absorption.
A recent analysis found that the latter seems to enhance absorption.
Be smart: The complicating factor comes with contact lenses' absorption capabilities.
But this doesn't mean the effects of absorption shouldn't be checked.
I'm talking about arrogance over competence, complete certainty, self-absorption, etc.
Fiber: Whole fruits contain fiber, which slows the absorption of fructose.
They did not have diseases that interfere with vitamin D absorption.
What they sell is self-​absorption as the ultimate luxury product.
Without that, meditation can become just another tool of self-absorption.
But, in terms of net absorption, according to data from industry sources and my calculations, if WeWork were removed from the equation, the Manhattan market would have experienced negative absorption of roughly -700,000 square feet of leased space, as opposed to the just over 2.3 million square feet of net absorption that it experienced over the 24 months ended June.
As the absorption pattern traveled across the expanding universe, the signal stretched.
The BubblePro Technology protects your phone with shock absorption and waterproof features.
This can be ameliorated by adding germanium, which reduces absorption and scattering.
The VR could be downgraded if the bank's loss absorption capacity diminishes.
Men, on the other hand, are prone to ego and self-absorption.
Abraham relocated to Las Vegas, and he almost gave up on Absorption.
Upstate, it seems, is the only way to cure her self-absorption.
The securities provide strong going-concern and gone-concern loss absorption features.
Crush core is aluminum honeycomb for energy absorption in the telescoping actuator.
The way a drug is measured is through absorption into the blood.
"The absorption of information is no problem for Laurent," he told CNN.
In general, that absorption happens on land that's not touched by humans.
In short, the Kurdistan Region has exhausted its response and absorption capacity.
" The president, he notes, was "fascinated by her self-absorption and nastiness.
There's too much asphalt as it is and not enough ground absorption.
It relies on microwave technology to detect water absorption at different wavelengths.
Zelensky twice tried to steer Trump toward the correct subject. Self-absorption.
This is unusual for Post Malone; sleepy-eyed absorption is his thing.
The last option is a mix between gradual absorption and military intervention.
Eventually Phoenix could limit its absorption of heat from the desert sun.
Solipsism and self-absorption traps them in the Bardo; empathy frees them.
The securities have gone-concern loss-absorption features and no coupon payment flexibility.
While net absorption has been falling, the price of rent has been rising.
The absorption signal as measured by EDGES contains an immense amount of information.
Fats and proteins will help slow alcohol's absorption into your bloodstream, she says.
Absorption through the more callused hand is very inefficient compared to mucus membranes.
Comm (2018))These microstructures demonstrate "structural absorption," just like manmade super-black materials.
Learning more about light absorption is important for textiles or even solar panels.
Pre-impairment profitability provided additional loss absorption capacity of 5% of average loans.
However, net absorption fell 12,054 units to 27,875 units in the first quarter.
Absorption got permission from the court to depose Kapoor, RB's CEO, in London.
Because even an absorption rate this high still leaves some room for improvement.
The calcium in milk is thought to inhibit iron absorption from other foods.
"Absorption rates are a pretty good way to look at this," he said.
Japan's absorption of American culture only becomes more frenzied at the consumer level.
The result is a plasmonic structure enabling efficient solar absorption through several mechanisms.
The usual answer seems to be "narcissism" — self-absorption indulged to comical extremes.
Finally, Mr. Koons's art has proved resistant to easy absorption into art history.
Things like feigning utter absorption in the minute recounting of intra-office politics.
But his absorption with physical states and fluctuating light was not purely formal.
His self-absorption and his extreme selfishness are also typical of sex offenders.
And you'll find limited shock absorption features here, which isn't great for runners.
Absorption into the State of Palestine (subject to the limitations provided below); 22000.
That absorption has lead to ocean acidification, harming coral reefs and ocean wildlife.
His daughter in particular is credited with keeping his self-absorption in check.
"The negative net absorption seen in June may be a harbinger of things to come in the next few quarters as more store closings will likely hit the statistics yielding negative net absorption," Barbara Denham, senior economist at Reis, said.
But their poor absorption also explains their potential laxative effect when consumed in excess.
Always ordering food when drinking also slows down the absorption rate for the alcohol.
The Modal is responsible for the undergarments soft texture, while the Tencel provides absorption.
But it would be a mistake to conclude that their absorption will be easy.
These negate the lack of absorption and scattering that otherwise give ZBLAN its advantages.
It will allow employees to enter and work in "flow" states of complete absorption.
Forests may also have other effects that can offset some of their carbon absorption.
In our opinion, the banks' loss absorption capacity is weaker than prudential ratios suggest.
To avoid atmospheric absorption it would have to be put into space to operate.
"Basically, what acetic acid is doing is blocking the absorption of starch," Johnston says.
These in turn trigger physiological variations such as elongation growth, respiration, and moisture absorption.
Execute blood volume, red cell survival, and fat absorption studies following standard laboratory techniques.
Capitalisation also provides only modest loss absorption capacity relative to potentially high provisioning requirements.
Empire's drug is used to control the absorption of nutrients through the digestive system.
But Mackrell's documentation of their relentless self-absorption and unfiltered vanity argues against it.
Nowak wore maximum-absorption diapers — the kind astronauts wear in space — during her trip.
He swears by Waferest melatonin wafers that dissolve under the tongue for optimized absorption.
"Vitamin D plays a crucial part in calcium absorption and bone metabolism," said Gold.
The loss absorption capacity is further enhanced by an ample base of loan loss reserves.
The shield doesn't offer huge protection, but a little bit more damage absorption never hurts.
But Guidry said he is not worried about the absorption of lead through the skin.
"Self-absorption is general, as is self-doubt," she'd memorably begin that Woody Allen piece.
But in Zink's hands, Penny's self-absorption and her pretension are alternately funny and tragic.
This allows for greater absorption of water in the flour and helps with starch degradation.
Following this line of reasoning, silent absorption of pain and suffering is the only option.
The shape shifting comes from a fundamental property of food, its water absorption, explained Yao.
That's thanks to a lot of active noise cancelation as well as sound absorption materials.
The kinetic absorption makes him a more fearless and aggressive fighter because he feels invulnerable.
The carmaker said it was facing many difficulties, including the absorption of tariff-related costs.
The risk absorption capacity of the bank's capital is adequate, supported by stable asset quality.
This absorption shows up in the reflected light's spectrum as an absence of certain frequencies.
These ratings reflect the deep subordination and going-concern loss-absorption features of the securities.
Their facial expressions were serene and inscrutable, suggesting absorption in the spectacle of Gray's Papaya.
Kennan thinks a process called global greening might be holding atmospheric carbon absorption rates steady.
But the depth of the dip and the amount of the absorption was a surprise.
Absorption of very small microplastic particles, including the nano size range may, however, be higher.
The gene seems to increase the absorption of cholesterol, which is necessary for brain health.
They offer the concentrated absorption of the visual, cultural and historical, compressed into one location.
Bathing is also fine because absorption of PFAS through the skin is slow and insignificant.
Its eventual absorption into the mainland, set to take place in 2047, seemed far away.
If anything, the politicians' absorption with themselves has grown more pronounced over the past decade.
Upkeep is largely limited to brushing the desert dust from the panels to maximise absorption.
Especially in Washington, where self-absorption and false humility are the coins of the realm.
For a show of such scale, this allows absorption of the narrative at leisurely pace.
If it's not millicharged dark matter, then what might explain EDGES' stronger-than-expected absorption signal?
Duncanson, however, said that it's not clear what direction carbon absorption will go under climate change.
Studies have shown variable absorption among babies given oral vitamin K, and a delay in digestion.
The risk absorption capacity of the bank's capital is adequate, supported by the stable asset-quality.
The other was that black also represents the absorption of all the colors on the spectrum.
Hubble's latest exciting clues—UV absorption features that could indicate water—seem to support this picture.
These VRs reflect the banks' adequate loss absorption capacity, high liquidity and stable and diversified funding.
Cleaning with alcohol should be avoided, as it opens pores and could expedite absorption, he said.
These impurities contribute to scattering and absorption loss and reduce the overall quality of the fiber.
Black pepper ads a subtle spiciness and enhances your body's absorption of turmeric in the curry.
But the complete integrity of Hesse's self-absorption is what guarantees the permanence of his work.
This kind of self-absorption is a common occurrence among heroes who are actually unaware villains.
Providing safe drinking water and key nutrients goes a long way toward halting additional lead absorption.
"The batteries are secured inside a waterproof battery case surrounded by crash-absorption protection," Ford said.
I only remember my entire absorption, delight, in writing about—giving my impression of— der Hase.
These interactions, said Tendulkar, can cause absorption, scattering, and many other effects on the radio waves.
Risks are exacerbated if there has been upstream slope deforestation or developments that reduce absorption capacity.
B12 deficiency is also more common in the elderly because of dietary, digestive and absorption problems.
I did find its slim wheels and lack of shock absorption quite jarring on rougher roads.
At this point in my childhood, I believe my absorption of the messaging in commercials peaked.
While having a child might be an excuse for profound self-absorption, Nickerson's gaze turns outward.
In Indian cooking, turmeric is usually heated in a fat, like oil, which can increase absorption.
Still, even if absorption improved, Dr. Nelson contends that curcumin would not have any biological effects.
But I can see clearly his sloppiness and self-absorption, and they're cause enough for alarm.
Note too that regular use of antacids can interfere with the body's absorption of thyroid medication.
And in case you were wondering, sunscreen probably won't block absorption of vitamin D from the sun.
Impelled to prove himself by constructing projects efficiently and profitably, Mr. Tishman learned by absorption and involvement.
This mirror effect not only gives these ants their silvery sheen—it reduces heat absorption from sunlight.
This absorption happens relatively often without drugs, but it felt especially easy to slip into that day.
Snapchat is obviously looking to keep content absorption on the same devices that promote content creation, i.e.
One of the reasons heavy rainfall can actually damage crops, the land and infrastructure is absorption rates.
She added that liquidity absorption has the task of bringing market rates close to the key rate.
Absorption claims in the lawsuit that RB used its influence with Amazon to interfere with Promescent's distribution.
Fitch's view of support for FMS WM is based on SoFFin's loss-absorption obligation and explicit guarantee.
His self-absorption isn't appealing, even though it's understandable coming from someone so unfinished and in transition.
According to the study's authors, "exposure" refers to the unnecessary ingestion, inhalation or absorption of these medications.
"From the spectrum, we might see absorption lines from any gas associated with the 'occulter,'" Shaefer said.
He applied the same concept of sweat absorption and temperature regulation to clothing to create 37.5 Polyester.
Pre-provision operating profits (5.7% of gross loans) provide significant loss absorption capacity before capital gets impacted.
"Carbs play an important role as they speed up water absorption in the small intestine," she explains.
Children working with tobacco risk illness from nicotine absorption, including "green tobacco sickness," the Labor Department states.
Jules's self-absorption leads to occasional passages of wearying profundity, when the golden sentences begin to fray.
It starts to challenge and leaven Lou's self-absorption, and both character and story make more sense.
And hence the absorption of Google Now, the company's AI-enabled personal assistant, into the search group.
The state's generally polite churchgoing culture seems uncomfortable with the president's pettiness, self-absorption, vulgarities and vanity.
Some proposals involve taking carbon out of the air, using either immense plant farms or absorption machines.
This colossal heat absorption tempers the continued atmospheric warming of the remote, pale blue dot we inhabit.
This stent prevented absorption in key areas, slowing the effect of the drugs and prolonging his death.
But in songs and stage patter, she sometimes conflated self-realization and self-absorption with social progress.
"It contains a gel that mimics the frequency-absorption characteristics of a human head," a scientist said.
The bank's Tier 2 notes are senior to any Additional Tier 13 securities with loss-absorption features.
Feature Deciphering the rise of a lifestyle guru who sells self-absorption as the ultimate luxury product.
He piles on the complications and changes up the rhythm with the calm absorption of a master.
The SLR requires large US banks to put aside around 5% of assets for loss absorption purposes.
She has work capacity, knowledge of public administration and EU fund absorption and of all ministries' operations.
Maybe the quality we admire most in Yancey is his single-mindedness, his absorption in making music.
The full absorption of melody into the genre in the 2000s and early 2010s de-emphasized complexity.
This absorption theory is quite popular, and that's certainly the one that the South Korean state promotes.
A write-down of the Tier 72 notes will occur only after any Additional Tier 1 securities with loss-absorption features have been fully written off, after which the Tier 2 notes would be written down pro rata with other parity Tier 2 instruments that contain loss-absorption features.
Furthermore, dual-lens cameras significantly enhance light absorption, meaning you can take better pictures in dimly-lit areas.
"They assist with digestion and the absorption of nutrients: you can't nourish yourself effectively without them," she said.
It would normally push Basel III notes two notches down due to the more severe loss-absorption features.
Hydration. "Keep skin damp when you start applying your base, as this aids absorption of products," Bell explains.
Loss absorption capacity is also underpinned by adequate loan loss reserve coverage, which was 4.5% of gross loans.
Ocean acidification occurs when the pH of water drops, due to the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere.
However, in most countries banks have adequate loss-absorption buffers that should support their ratings, says Fitch Ratings.
That, "in itself, guarantees the absorption of carbon, controls soil erosion, conserves biodiversity and provides other ecosystem services".
If you are fully loaded with these vitamins, it will limit the absorption of lead into your body.
From the very first cautious pour, the dark liquid flowed down the pant in rivulets without any absorption.
SoFFin's statutory loss-absorption obligation is stipulated in Germany's Financial Market Stabilisation Fund Act and FMS WM's statutes.
Earlier studies have shown that flavonoids might increase energy expenditure, decrease fat absorption and work as anti-inflammatories.
You need to drink it first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) to ensure full absorption.
But even eating that much red meat might not be enough, since other factors can interfere with absorption.
To demonstrate its pad's absorption capabilities, the U.K. brand dared (gasp) to use red liquid rather than blue.
In others, Muslim women in veils silently read the Qur'an – their absorption a vision of power in itself.
This reflects banks' significant loss-absorption capacity, still positive economic growth in most EMs and available sovereign support.
The rest of us are expected, rightly, to affect absorption in other people's favorite dresses, other people's trout.
Over time, light triggers CO2 absorption, which causes plumbonacrite to form, eventually turning into white-hued lead carbonate.
Her mix of intensity and self-absorption has made her pretty hard to watch, especially in Season 1.
But with an almost Trumpian act of self-absorption, he instead placed his political survival above all else.
In 1960, he commissioned a synthetic binder that would resist the absorption of light waves, delivering maximum reflectiveness.
Above all, the RealTouch represented the absorption of teledildonics into a system of capitalist exploitation and value-extraction.
"Putting anything in a liquid form versus a solid form will tend to increase its absorption," Giordano says.
Surrey NanoSystems had manufactured a material using carbon nanotubes that had the highest light absorption rate ever recorded.
In this show, they take their self-absorption to its ultimate end, writing and reading their own obituaries.
And, as the exhibition implies, his absorption of Japanese art and culture was not limited to technical concerns.
In taking this pause in production in favor of absorption, I admit that I'm fighting my innate impatience.
JOE RUSSO They have a much more complex absorption rate, where they can handle a lot more volume.
I would also say that the '90s were a period of self-absorption that we are in now.
Regardless, "The Threat" provides more red meat for those convinced of the president's ignorance, deceit and self-absorption.
The theme of self-absorption, or the failure to connect, extends to works featuring children in dreamlike states.
What gladdens my heart about geese, and helps fend off the virus blues, is their complete self-absorption.
This rococo deconstruction exemplified the very self-absorption that got us into this mess in the first place.
But in his memoirs Mencken manages the prestidigitation of absorbing readers under his magic cloak of self-absorption.
Some surgical procedures, such as bariatric surgery, can prevent iron absorption from the gut, resulting in a deficiency.
When his girlfriend, Carrie (Dakota Johnson), notices his absorption with the phone, he tries to explain it away.
The V.M.A.s had taken a stand against ego, against pettiness, against self-absorption — at least for this year.
He served as its foreign minister for 18 years as he helped negotiate its absorption of East Germany.
The LifeSpan TR3000i uses an extensive shock absorption system to take some pressure off your joints while running.
Twice a day, Collin also takes fat-soluble vitamins and an acid reflux medicine to improve fat absorption.
This kick-starts a vicious cycle, resulting in even more melting of sea ice and ocean heat absorption.
Right: The range has tried many methods of bullet absorption over the years, including solid blocks of rubber.
Looking back now, Hannah's self-absorption looks less like narcissism and more like an economic and social necessity.
It means setting aside the relentless self-absorption, self-promotion and personal-brand building that our society indulges.
Regular consumption of foods that contain soy, walnuts or dietary fiber can also reduce the absorption of levothyroxine.
For example, fatty foods can increase the absorption rate in children's blood, so these workshops include discussion about nutrition.
It serves many vital functions, providing energy for the body and helping with the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
He also said that given the limited size of the central bank's portfolio, its liquidity absorption capacity looked limited.
"Given the current launch cadence, their business case is likely to be strongest given the ability for overhead absorption."
We tend to equate them with hostility and self-absorption, an idea that has been backed up by research.
Wells maintained that America's absorption of Syrians did not come at the cost of the country's rigorous screening processes.
The bank's core pre-impairment profit (3.8% of average gross loans in 2015) provides reasonable additional loss absorption capacity.
As Google, Apple and Facebook's absorption aspirations grow, they will increasingly find themselves competitors where they had been complements.
"Medications that block serotonin or norepinephrine absorption are blocking the body's natural way of producing muscle atonia," she explains.
Just when her self-indulgence becomes wearying, she cuts through it with a critique of her own self-absorption.
White says alcoholism could influence the absorption, distribution, and metabolism of prescription drugs, which could make them less effective.
This improves your stomach's nutrient absorption and lemons load you up with all-natural benefits including antioxidants and vitamins.
Carol glanced at the girls; Estella was looking supercilious, Ada was eating her bread with greasy, dream-faced absorption.
He was frequently a terrible boyfriend and sometimes a terrible friend, given to indecision and jealousy and self-absorption.
Public investment may also slow due to lower absorption of EU funds in the absence of a permanent government.
Squirting it up the nose of an unconscious drug user blocks the absorption of opiates and stops an overdose.
Net absorption was 1.4 million sq ft in the quarter, compared with 3.6 million sq ft a year earlier.
"The demonstration of systemic absorption well above the FDA guideline does not mean these ingredients are unsafe," they said.
The bank's robust revenue-generating capacity and conservative level of provisions should provide it with strong loss absorption capacity.
HCl, helps in the absorption of skin products and is a core part of Apricus' proprietary drug delivery technology.
On the other hand, activated charcoal could theoretically interfere with your body's absorption of your prescription meds, Juurlink says.
Time and energy are resources, and New Yorkers never have enough of either because of capitalism and self-absorption.
Soak the bread in the egg mixture for a time, tossing the bowl a few times to encourage absorption.
The absorption or reflection of those wavelengths reveals both bone composition and changes in response to burning and heating.
It is often found squeezed tightly into tree pits surrounded by impermeable asphalt and concrete, making rain absorption difficult.
There is no notching for non-performance risk as the notes' key terms exclude going-concern loss absorption features.
But what promises to be an appealing adult relationship sitcom becomes a sour story of self-absorption and infidelity.
It feels like my inability to retain what is said to me in the face of my self-absorption.
Damage to hair caused by treatments like straightening and perming, and certain cosmetic products can further facilitate drug absorption.
Before you start drinking, eat some food (it slows the absorption of alcohol) and have something nonalcoholic between drinks.
The shoe includes added adiPRENE+ cushioning for shock absorption and a sculpted light off-white rubber outsole for traction.
In fact, it is never entirely clear what she sees in Chinonso, for all his possessiveness and self-absorption.
Dunkley's powers of absorption and transformation were very much his own, as is the world he invented with them.
Those are intended for shock absorption, but it's a very common injury to blow out your knee while landing.
But, if you eat sugars with other foods that slow their absorption, that spike-and-crash pattern can be avoided.
Unlike many other scooters on the market, Rev features wide air-filled tires to help with shock absorption and traction.
The discovery consisted of the change in the radio signal coming from ancient hydrogen, signifying an absorption of ancient light.
This slows down your drinking, reduces the amount you are drinking and slows the absorption of alcohol into your system.
James Delos' self absorption causes his own posthumous torture, and reveals himself to be the devil of his own torment.
A door is then opened to enlarging perspective, reducing self-absorption, and taking into account that all behavior has consequences.
Search for restaurants that have better sound absorption features in their interior design — tablecloths, upholstered chairs, plants, drapes, sound absorbers.
One Gy is the absorption of one joule of energy (in the form of ionizing radiation) per kilogram of matter.
Both net absorption and new construction fell about 47% in the second quarter to 36,052 units and 38,693 units, respectively.
Even though you're not swallowing anything, you kinda get drunk by absorption and it gives you a headache really fast.
"We need to strengthen the resilience of the eurozone economy and its shock-absorption tools," he said in an interview.
An "exposure" could mean ingestion, inhalation, or absorption into the skin or eyes; not all exposures are poisonings or overdoses.
The great majority of them are Sunni, making their absorption as citizens impossible without upending the already strained sectarian balance.
For non-performance risk, notching is linked to the likelihood that any loss-absorption feature of the instrument is triggered.
An upgrade of the ratings would be contingent on improvements in earnings, while capitalisation and loss-absorption buffers remain sound.
Net absorption was 2.3 million square feet in the third quarter, compared with 1.9 million square feet a year earlier.
According to people close to the health team, more employees plan to leave the company once the absorption is complete.
Fitch's base-case assessment of banks' intrinsic profiles considers relative loss-absorption capacity rather than subjectively adjusting reported NPL data.
Net absorption rose 1,141 units to 37,265 units in the second quarter, while construction was marginally higher at 50,360 units.
This trip through the President's brain might seem amusing if did not reveal the enormous cost of presidential self-absorption.
But this prototype ankle from Michael Goldfarb, a mechanical engineering professor at Vanderbilt, goes much further than passive shock absorption.
However, loss absorption capacity is still solid given BoG's pre-impairment profits of 7.7% of average gross loans in 2016.
RB markets brands such as Lysol, Air Wick and Durex and had previously expressed interest in Absorption because of Promescent.
We learn that Gloria's a Luddite and step one of Sheriff Moe Dammik's (Shea Whigham) absorption is unboxing some computers.
The BRRD includes minimum loss absorption requirements before resolution financing or alternative financing (eg, government stabilisation funds) can be used.
She exhibits a Drake-level awareness of how to make good internet content, but none of Drake's signature self-absorption.
Rapid growth in entrusted investments will reduce banks' loss-absorption buffers, unless additional capital is raised or profitability is boosted.
Mid-tier banks have weaker loss-absorption buffers than state banks, exacerbated further by their aggressive growth in entrusted investments.
The mix of salts, sugar, and water work to counter dehydration symptoms by triggering water absorption in the small intestine.
Oofos specifically markets these sandals as recovery shoes for people who need more arch support and impact absorption than others.
The resulting spectral signature of the irradiated table salt could be seen at a wavelength absorption of 450 nanometers (nm).
The notes have loss absorption features in the form of a capital trigger and a point of non-viability trigger.
Since the Segway has no shock absorption, a small part of my nervous system dies with every pothole I hit.
That combination promoted speedy absorption of the drugs, to minimize the period of time during which they could be detected.
As land ice melts the world over and heat absorption causes ocean water to expand, the sea level is rising.
I found this piece absolutely horrifying in its sheer ignorance of the depths of self-absorption and immaturity on display.
But his workmanlike absorption in the task at hand is precisely what makes this movie fascinating as well as moving.
A recent study on absorption into the bloodstream has caused concern, but you should be more worried about skin cancer.
Just check out Apple's iPhone manual: The company tests the specific absorption rate at a 5mm separation from the body.
The arrogance and self-absorption that are among our most recognizable civic traits are justified when it comes to movies.
The LifeSpan TR3000i attempts to alleviate some of this pressure by using a shock absorption system in the treadmill's deck.
Like the liberal writer Mark Lilla, Caldwell reinterprets Reagan as an enabler, not an opponent, of Me Generation self-absorption.
Researchers report that readers need to know at least 95 percent of the words in a text for comfortable absorption.
Any additional constraints on borrowing capacity may in some cases reduce or delay investment and the absorption of EU grants.
Menthol is thought to allow smokers to inhale deeper and longer, and may enhance absorption of nicotine into the bloodstream.
Bradesco also changed operational targets for this year following the absorption of HSBC Bank Brasil Banco Múltiplo SA last quarter.
Without them, we assumed, we'd exist in an Arcadian state of natural concentration and absorption in the task at hand.
" Due to its delayed absorption, Purdue marketed their new drug, OxyContin, "as less addictive than older opioids on the market.
Then it's converted into a form that our bodies can use to improve calcium absorption so we can maintain strong bones.
Perhaps most alarmingly, stress may impede digestion, thereby inhibiting absorption of vitamins that are essential for healthy teeth, skin, and hair.
In Fitch's opinion, this ensures the bank a strong loss absorption capacity and cushion with which to continue expanding its operations.
Molded insoles, patented shock absorption, and the perfect shade of poppy red make these Teva-styled sandals the perfect summer shoe.
A good running sneaker should provide shock absorption, and match your foot's natural arch, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association.
Our art-absorption metabolisms have been sped up by the web, which often feels like a borderless 24-hour culture klatch.
The notes have additional loss absorption features in the form of a capital trigger and a point of non-viability trigger.
The upgrade reflects Fitch's expectations of sustainable positive free cash flow (FCF) as cash absorption has been a major rating constraint.
"It has a super soft durometer [firmness] that helps cushion impact and provides shock absorption with every foot strike," he says.
Then, recently, a team of researchers journeyed to the region to study carbon dioxide absorption by the Amazon's muddy freshwater plume.
The economic vibrancy of the '50s and '60s, which allowed for the absorption of vast numbers of people, is largely gone.
Baqir said the government could lower the deficit by cutting unnecessary spending and boosting tax collection and European Union funds absorption.
Maybe motherhood will help her get over her obviously deep-seated narcissism and self-absorption, and finally grow as a person.
Gross margins for the Model 3 sedan should remain stable, Tesla said, due to manufacturing cost efficiencies and fixed cost absorption.
The aptly named Smartshoe features an integrated heating system, motion tracking, wireless charging, shock absorption measurement and, yes, automatic shoe lacing.
The notes do not have going-concern loss-absorption features, and hence there is no additional notching for non-performance risk.
Plus, stomach issues on the road may lead to vomiting or diarrhea and reduce the absorption and efficacy of the pill.
A healthy diet, high in calcium, vitamin C, and iron may also help prevent lead absorption, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Complications of surgery may include infection, bleeding, poor absorption of nutrients or dehydration early on, as well as ulcers and hernias.
Plus, they're specifically designed for maximum absorption and less leakage, which has been an issue for organic cotton tampons thus far.
But even when medicines contain the correct amount, not all of it may actually be available for absorption by the body.
Perhaps this combination of experiences is as common as what psychologists call flow, a state of complete absorption in an activity.
BJ Burton, a producer and friend Starlite met through Justin Vernon, suggested that absorption into West's universe had a corrosive effect.
As "Endlings" alternates between the young playwright's self-absorption and the old divers' self-abnegation, the tone eventually spirals into surrealism.
Moreover, research on the origins of microplastics ingested by humans, potential intestinal absorption, and effects on human health is urgently needed.
A student of Prince, and kin to Dev Hynes and Frank Ocean, Jai Paul blends warmth and abstraction, sparseness with absorption.
"On our quantitative pricing model, such an inventory absorption would be worth +$2/bbl to pre-intervention oil prices," it said.
Reading, say, "The First Hour of the Night," which ranges in emotion from solemnity to rage, you'll find the absorption mesmerizing.
"Whichever the scenario, the losses more than exceed the absorption capabilities of the banking sector," DB Securities analyst Marcin Jablczynski said.
Top-end: The highest quality of treadmills will contain long belt beds with good shock absorption, making them perfect for runners.
"The absorption, I think, has gone pretty well given the large number — we had to relocate 332 families," Mr. Cunningham said.
It was designed with an eye on impact absorption, so feet will stay fresh even after hitting the pavement for miles.
One method, oxy-combustion, was pioneered in the late 22016th century, while another, using chemical absorption, was patented in the 22s.
Lemon water gives you steady, natural energy that lasts the length of the day by improving nutrient absorption in your stomach.
The drug, which has a shelf life of up to seven years, protects against absorption of radioactive iodine into the thyroid.
It also constitutes a bit of misdirection, in that there is a bigger picture outside of this chronicle of self-absorption.
They're rich in antioxidants and thought to help prevent cell damage, decrease fat absorption, and even increase glucose uptake in muscle.
A material weakening of financial metrics and/or banks' loss absorption capacity would also be negative for the banks' Viability Ratings (VRs).
" "These flows are different from those previously observed in laser ablation, owing to a simpler spatial pattern of X-ray absorption.
Search #ootd to browse other peoples outfits of the day, for example, or #fromwhereirun to marvel at the self-absorption of joggers.
Despite this, the bank's healthy loss-absorption buffers and stable funding and liquidity position continue to underpin its strong overall credit profile.
"We are preparing and calling for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe," said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in February 2015.
Proponents of colon cleansing believe that flushing the gastrointestinal tract removes toxins, promotes weight loss, and improves the body's absorption of nutrients.
Dieter, beware: Grapefruit has been shown to increase the absorption of certain drugs in the bloodstream, meaning you might inadvertently overdose yourself.
When people are able to read along and hear you speak at the same time, absorption of ideas stands a better chance.
During the lunar flyby mission, the vest will be strapped to a "phantom" torso dummy, a device used to monitor radiation absorption.
Much of that comes from terribly awkward interviews that Bridget's self-absorption inadvertently triggers at her day job as a TV producer.
And even the German absorption of refugees looks thin in comparison with the number that countries in the Middle East have received.
Patent for tnx-102 sl composition and formulation designed for transmucosal absorption, bedtime daily use Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
Some researchers speculate that the sweeteners interfere with a person's microbiome, a collection of gut bacteria crucial for the absorption of nutrients.
The notes do not have going-concern loss absorption features and hence no additional notching for non-performance risk has been applied.
Abraham figured if he made the company a success, he could sell Absorption to a larger firm that could scale the product.
Santander Rio's VR could be affected if the difficult operating environment drives material deterioration in its liquidity position or loss absorption capacity.
By improving nutrient absorption in your stomach, it gives you a steady, natural energy buzz that lasts the length of the day.
If there were a small gathering, though, Apple might choose to put a bit of temporary acoustic absorption up on the walls.
Research also suggested the feathers were a darker color, which could have possibly been used as camouflage or for extra heat absorption.
Meanwhile, as the Trump family consumes the nation's attention with its colossal self-absorption and ethical delinquencies, the temperature keeps rising. ♦
An oil-rich city, Kirkuk's absorption into a Kurdish independent state could divert its revenues away from Iraq's cash-strapped central government.
Fowler still uses this strategy to maintain her language skills and also uses it with her clients for fast, effective language absorption.
We believe Baidu's net cash position will be increasingly important, as it will be the primary source of contingent loss-absorption capacity.
Marianne's self-absorption and her demand for the adoration and fealty of the still-suffering family she abandoned, come off as monstrous.
Ross is the worst friend in Friends and a classic unaware villain, sowing discord time after time with his stupid self-absorption.
By now our trip had taken on a theme: my son's absorption with war, the Nazis and the fate of the Jews.
Sun Tzu would approve: China seeks to achieve its objective — the absorption of democratic Taiwan into authoritarian China — by frightening and bullying.
The meetings lacked the self-absorption, the constant turning inward, that she felt at the clinic, where she attended therapy every day.
Its characters have core attributes that never change — lasciviousness, self-absorption, unfashionable biases of all sorts — but there is evolution as well.
With a total inventory of 12.6 million square feet — about 90 percent in Crystal City, absorption rates have steadily climbed since 2013.
"Clarisonic removes the dry skin, makeup, sebum, and pollution that can sometimes prohibit absorption of your skin-care products," says Dr. Akridge.
Fitch expects loss-absorption cushions to remain sufficient even if the environment were to weaken further following a weak 2015 and 1H16.
I can't really talk about it yet, but these dudes have the patent for some new shock-absorption technology in the sole.
The general absorption of CBD via the skin is very low, he says, and poor-quality products may make it relatively ineffective.
The attribute was assessed at Mid-Range, as HanRui's legal status does not indicate automatic absorption of its liabilities by Zhenjiang Municipality.
Those more complex forms slow absorption and theoretically allow some people's muscles to use more than a 30-gram-per-meal cap.
His self-absorption, narcissism, casual cruelty, lack of empathy and penchant for self-pity have not been leavened by any redeeming qualities.
The terrible thing that happened naturally makes the crybully feel unsafe, self-protective and self-conscious to the point of self-absorption.
Vitamin c is essential for the growth, development and the production of collagen, and magnesium helps with bone formation and calcium absorption.
Unexpectedly, the studies almost universally found that performance and information retention and absorption suffer when students have a laptop nearby during lectures.
Despite the self-absorption that unfortunately accompanies cancer scares, most older patients realize that there are others worse off than we are.
Mercury meets Mars and the sun on September 223, making it a powerful day for communication, but watch out for self absorption.
Or perhaps their superior fat absorption affords them more energy to fight parasites, too many of which can also erode brain function.
But their skin is tough, a rigid exoskeleton that allows them to move around, and oxygen absorption through that would be unlikely.
More sunlight gets absorbed, which results in more melt, which leads to still more absorption, in a cycle that builds on itself.
Trump's ability and willingness to put the suffering of others above his self-absorption could be tested again in the days ahead.
The securities will permanently write off when a loss-absorption event is triggered, or as determined by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
The rest of the heat from the compression can be used to power a piece of refrigeration kit called an absorption chiller.
We also don't know how much CBD would be absorbed into the bloodstream or if absorption is needed to produce an effect.
For the sake of all parties, including you, the reader, I'll spare the gory details of what came after the absorption period.
"These changing conditions of use and differences in sunscreen formulation may also lead to greater absorption and possibly additional risks," the FDA added.
This is because the veggie gene causes the body to create arachidonic acid, allowing for easier absorption of essential fatty acids from plants.
If this idea is correct, then regions of the sky with more galaxies at this distance should have less Lyman alpha light absorption.
The rating captures Suruga's above domestic-peer profitability, adequate loss-absorption buffers and strong funding and liquidity stemming from its firm deposit base.
Galef later said that this immersive structure was deliberate — a way to ''accelerate the absorption of unfamiliar concepts'' — but I found it overwhelming.
Assistant Governor Chantavarn Sucharitakul told Reuters the BOT has made "an adjustment to the combination in the use of its monetary absorption instruments".
The size of the beads causes the effectiveness of the absorption to vary—with the ideal size being about 12 millimeters in diameter.
In particular, the microscope revealed circular cells with hollow centres that resemble the air capillaries modern bird lungs use for fast oxygen absorption.
These compounds work by blocking the absorption of the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, adjusting the levels of those chemicals to help regulate mood.
The absorption capabilities of pads and tampons are actually pretty limited, and I'm a super kind of woman (if you catch my drift).
According to Boeri's website, the project will provide 25 tons of CO2 absorption each year and produce 60 kilograms of oxygen a day.
Second, the unemployment rate held steady at its 49-year low of 3.7 percent, despite a larger labor force, indicating steady employment absorption.
We believe that Baidu's net cash position will be increasingly important as it will be the primary source of contingent loss-absorption capacity.
In the mid-20th century, corporations started building communities for employees, and populations in urban areas began increasing through absorption of neighboring cities.
A 2007 study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found no significant differences in absorption between monohydrate and citrate.
Loss absorption capacity is limited relative to the levels of problem assets, despite recent capital support provided by the authorities to both banks.
Recently, the ALPHA collaboration at CERN announced in the journal Nature that it had performed ultraprecise measurements of light absorption in antihydrogen atoms.
In the agency's opinion, maintaining a sound loss-absorption cushion is necessary for the bank to offset concentration risks and sustain business growth.
Still, Dr. Spiegel said, the findings might help explain the intense absorption, lack of self-consciousness and suggestibility that characterize the hypnotic state.
The CAPS is made from lightweight, flexible acoustic absorption materials and can seal around the animal&aposs ears to provide additional sound reduction.
NASA eventually tracked down the source of the problem and outfitted the helmets with absorption pads and breathing snorkels as additional safety measures.
It maintains the proper amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood by enhancing the absorption of these minerals in the small intestine.
The small capital base is a constraining factor because it offers limited loss-absorption capacity in light of the bank's concentrated loan book.
Once in a while, someone else's misery penetrates the carapace of self-absorption under which you scuttle around and gets deep into you.
The company claims the fibre in the drink also works to reduce the absorption of fat from food, if drunk along with meals.
In addition, Macro's ratings could be affected in the event of a material deterioration in asset quality, earnings, and/or loss absorption capacity.
She argues that the high frequencies from the new technology impacts oxygen absorption, causing respiratory symptoms identical to those associated with COVID-19.
The gut has a clock that regulates the daily ebb and flow of enzymes, the absorption of nutrients and the removal of waste.
I don't mean to suggest "Islands" is some sort of sophisticated critique of American self-absorption (though it's at least a nuanced one).
The eggs can go underwater for 90 minutes at a time, surviving the temperature drop and loss of oxygen absorption through the air.
Now I am a bit worried about the chemical absorption of chlorine and other additives, including other people's body products, in swimming pools.
And that quality of quiet absorption translates onto the stage too; he can elevate an entire ballet with his focus and polished bravura.
Monterey, for example, which looks toward San Francisco, would be unlikely to welcome its absorption into a state whose epicenter is Los Angeles.
For instance, a chemical found in black pepper — called piperine — is sometimes added to curcumin supplements in proprietary blends to increase its absorption.
"Tried it for two weeks and the product would just sit on my lips, no absorption, nothing, left my lips drier than before."
Eleanor's increasing absorption with political life causes Hick's resentment to build, however, and from this point on the novel's emotional pull is downward.
A topical antioxidant is best, he said, because the oral absorption of vitamins is limited, leaving the amount available for skin further reduced.
Morris, 22, said he had begun taking more vitamin D (for calcium absorption and strong bones) and iron (for red blood cell production).
"Fat, fiber and protein slow the absorption of sugar, so taking out fat from dairy will make you absorb sugar faster," Alpert said.
In addition to attention training, another useful technique for reducing anxiety is cognitive absorption — just taking your mind off whatever you're ruminating about.
Secondly, because of the short-circuiting of your plumbing [digestive tract], alcohol gets to the intestines faster, so the speed of absorption increases.
At the time, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned on its fentanyl information page that skin absorption could be deadly.

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