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"order" Definitions
  1. [uncountable, countable] the way in which people or things are placed or arranged in relation to each other
  2. [uncountable] the state of being carefully and neatly arranged
  3. [uncountable] the state that exists when people obey laws, rules or authority
  4. [countable] a request for food or drinks in a restaurant, bar, etc.
  5. [countable] food or drinks that you ask for in a restaurant, bar, etc.
  6. [countable, uncountable] a request to make or supply goods
  7. [countable] goods supplied in response to a particular order that somebody has placed
  8. [countable] something that somebody is told to do by somebody in authority
  9. [countable] a formal written instruction for somebody to be paid money or to do something
  10. [countable, usually singular] (formal) the way that a society, the world, etc. is arranged, with its system of rules and customs
  11. [countable, usually plural] (disapproving or humorous) a social class
  12. [countable] a group into which animals, plants, etc. that have similar characteristics are divided, smaller than a class and larger than a family
  13. [countable + singular or plural verb] a group of people living in a religious community, especially monks or nuns
  14. [countable + singular or plural verb] a group of people who have been given a special honour by a queen, king, president, etc.
  15. [countable] a badge or ribbon worn by members of an order who have been given a special honour
  16. [countable + singular or plural verb] a secret society whose members meet for special ceremonies

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"order" Synonyms
sequence arrangement disposition ordering grouping structure succession array classification series categorization codification layout line-up organisation(UK) organization(US) distribution placement progression setup lawfulness calm control law peace discipline peacefulness stability decorousness decorum integrity peaceableness quietness seemliness serenity tranquility(US) tranquillity(UK) probity properness propriety kind type class sort genre species variety cast family group ilk breed nature category genus strain caliber(US) calibre(UK) form instruction command direction decree dictate directive injunction commandment demand edict mandate behest ordinance regulation rule say-so stipulation bidding requirement request booking requisition application reservation commission purchase call contract engagement sale goods shipment purchase order society association league club fellowship guild brotherhood fraternity sisterhood institute lodge sodality union company council institution sect orderliness neatness harmony tidiness trimness apple-pie order spruceness cleanness cleanliness unclutteredness immaculateness well-orderedness uniformity smartness niceness correctness method system pattern regularity symmetry plan routine planning design purpose condition shape repair trim fettle health kilter nick state estate keeping situation fitness state of health status position working order circumstance whack rank caste grade level set sphere degree gentry station folk place slot tribe stratum echelon hierarchy ranking scale class system grading pecking order ladder placing pyramid social order echelons due order chain of command food chain social structure subclass taxon subdivision taxonomic group stock line phylum rubric division tier bracket medal medallion badge award decoration insignia honor(US) honour(UK) accolade distinction gong ribbon laurel star prize wreath reward premium plume kudo configuration composition format formation makeup ordonnance constellation getup intractableness recalcitrance rebelliousness refractoriness intractability obstreperousness obstinacy insubordination contrariness contumacy rebellion disorderliness wildness opposition recalcitrancy perversity confrontation contempt provocation fractiousness sanction authorisation(UK) authorization(US) licence license warrant permit authority passport certificate permission papers certification testimonial subpoena documentation clearance writ attestation accreditation church denomination school cult religion body creed faith faction affiliation persuasion belief communion schism assembly congregation hauhau connection chapter course development progress advance unfolding flow growth movement advancement continuity march passage procession buildup emergence furtherance proceeding ritual ceremony rite observance custom ceremonial formality practice service sacrament tradition liturgy celebration worship solemnity convention usage habit decision finding ruling verdict judgment(US) sentence arbitration conclusion determination judgement(UK) adjudication pronouncement recommendation adjudgement deliverance diagnosis result normality normalcy ordinariness averageness commonness conventionality habitualness naturalness typicality accustomedness commonplaceness routineness usualness commonality daily round mediocrity standardness status quo training regimen rules strictness education supervision drilling teaching cultivation domestication inculcation indoctrination amity friendship understanding amicability goodwill rapport sympathy cooperation comradeship acquisition buy investment deal acquirement asset bargain gain holding item merchandise shopping possession property booty steal addition accretion regimentation oppression suppression collectivization harmonisation(UK) harmonization(US) mechanisation(UK) mechanization(US) rigidity extent amount magnitude range size breadth reach scope dimension ambit proportion bounds extensiveness measure measurement compass gradation permutation transformation variation transposition alteration change combination modification mutation presentation shift sorting alternative perm rearrangement standardization(US) evenness likeness sameness similarity levelness invariability consistency monotony constancy predictability homogeneity repetitiveness steadiness repetition tediousness monotonousness civility decency bon ton correctitude good breeding good manners breeding deportment politeness respectability protocol appropriateness etiquette efficiency effectiveness efficacy productivity coherence performance power economy logicality productiveness cost-effectiveness bang for the buck scheduling unison balance congruity congruence compatibility correspondence congruency equilibrium blending integration blend consonancy symphony procedure formula groove program(US) programme(UK) regime schedule cycle rut lockstep rote priority precedence importance precedency significance urgency import weight predominance weighting preeminence pre-eminence preference seniority superiority supremacy transcendence option selection choice pick election nomination way discretion evaluation resolution volition restraint restriction check curb limitation hindrance impediment obstacle fetter deterrent obstruction constraint bar barrier inhibition stop cramp rein stricture fashion manner style approach mode tone vein attitude demeanour(UK) demeanor(US) guise mores locution methodology draft(US) cheque bill bond coupon debenture IOU receipt money order negotiable instrument bank draft bill of exchange postal order promissory note letter of credit banker's order payment token voucher chit docket chitty stamp slip credit note ticket pass stub document card ducat note carnet calendar timeline timescale chart chronicle helping portion serving dollop plateful ration chunk morsel piece plate scrap share slice spoonful allocation apportionment bowlful gob policy scheme strategy blueprint code stratagem guidelines plans action rightness suitableness aptness suitability appositeness ethicality felicitousness felicity fittingness happiness morality appropriacy accordance advisability veto ban prohibition embargo dismissal interdict rejection vetoing declination prohibiting boycott denial proscription knock-back preclusion turndown interdiction cloister abbey friary monastery priory convent nunnery hermitage charterhouse coenobium coenoby cell house lamasery priorate religious community retreat sanctuary religious house chapter house agreement treaty compact concordat pact concord entente armistice covenant settlement truce obligation accord arrange organise(UK) organize(US) classify dispose marshal(UK) systematise(UK) systematize(US) catalogue(UK) align assign categorise(UK) categorize(US) file direct instruct charge enjoin adjure bid require tell compel warn give the command to give the order to boss around call the shots authorise(UK) authorize(US) ordain legislate prescribe pronounce determine enact establish lay down impose book reserve secure engage obtain seek solicit bespeak hire indent apply for ask for call for contract for place an order for ask claim implore exact summon entreat importune beseech quest urge supplicate expect specify detail mention name cite identify indicate designate quote describe enumerate define instance stipulate itemise(UK) itemize(US) list particularise(UK) facilitate chair govern head helm host lead manage overlook oversee regulate run supervise administer administrate arbitrate boss adjust adapt alter modify fix convert tailor customise(UK) customize(US) tune accommodate calibrate conform rearrange reconcile delegate appoint elect nominate select choose constitute empower accredit license(UK) invest force drive make pressure coerce constrain oblige press impel necessitate dragoon pressurise(UK) pressurize(US) railroad strong-arm browbeat obligate overcome push brainwash hypnotise(UK) hypnotize(US) inculcate indoctrinate instil(UK) instill(US) manipulate proselytise(UK) proselytize(US) train persuade propagandise(UK) propagandize(US) catechize teach unscramble crack decipher decode decrypt work out sort out make out unravel solve puzzle out unriddle figure out resolve untangle disentangle dope out get to the bottom of break answer More
"order" Antonyms
disorder unorderedness disarrangement disorderliness disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) mess misorder unsortedness confusion disarray irregularity jumble muddle messiness muss chaos discombobulation havoc hotchpotch lawlessness anarchism anarchy mayhem turmoil unrest upheaval crime pandemonium turbulence unruliness bedlam indecency wildness violence liberty freedom independence right unconstraint clearance privilege consent opportunity untidiness clutter sloppiness disharmony conflict disaccord disagreement discord acrimony discordance discordancy dissension dissent dissidence dissonance dissonancy disunity friction division divisiveness enmity feuding hostility shambles dishevelment dump sty hole request answer question reply response denial veto disapproval opposition return feedback antiphon offer breach break refusal allowance permission whole disavowal ignorance quiet retraction secret silence criticism eyesore plea application supplication imploration petition appeal obsecration requisition obtestation solicitation query entreaty recommendation proposal suggestion counsel urging advice violation transgression wrong infringement wrongdoing misdemeanor(US) misdemeanour(UK) misconduct lawbreaking misdeed infraction illegality criminality felony charge breach of the law infraction of the law unlawful act extreme part individual one misrepresentation calm care caution cowardice fear harmony humility love modesty peace respect timidity aloneness antagonism disassociation disunion isolation rivalry seclusion separation solitude departure change deviation shift digression divergence straying detour divagation divergency branching off unclassifiability asymmetry difference dissimilarity inequality unevenness agnosticism disbelief indecision irresolution irresoluteness dithering indecisiveness fence-sitting swithering lack of resolution disarrange derange rumple upset confuse disturb scramble depart disallow disorganize forget keep leave ask propose proposition suggest assert pitch posit proffer raise submit extend pose present propound put state table tender ban forbid enjoin illegalize outlaw prohibit proscribe bar interdict preclude criminalise(UK) criminalize(US) make illegal rule out cancel abort scratch ax(US) axe(UK) scrap scrub unbook drop nix call off abandon turf collect combine declassify disintegrate estimate exclude gather guess hold join maintain scatter unite mix up mind obey learn honor(US) accept adopt support back uphold honour(UK) embrace follow implement execute effect effectuate recognise(UK) dislike have give stop let off destroy discourage dissuade generalise(UK) generalize(US) halt ignore neglect unsettle repeal revoke rescind prevent refuse deny calculate decline disagree imply wish break off beg expect supplicate beseech plead implore urge appeal to plead with misinstruct misguide misdirect mislead misroute lead astray point in the wrong direction send off course send on a wild goose chase listen reject assimilate blend co-opt integrate unmark amalgamate merge intermix mingle mix engulf fuse homogenise(UK) homogenize(US) serve aid assist help benefit service succor(US) succour(UK) attend to slave for work for be employed by be obedient to perform duties for be of assistance to be of service to be of use to be in the service of carry out the wishes of need should ought must shall be compelled to be obliged to be under a compulsion to be under an obligation to have need to have to ought to acquiesce agree allow comply fail mismanage permit surrender yield give way respond acknowledge retort riposte write back come back follow up shoot back get back to make an answer say in response

357 Sentences With "order"

How to use order in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "order" and check conjugation/comparative form for "order". Mastering all the usages of "order" from sentence examples published by news publications.

We get the order, we shop the order, we deliver the order.
He is Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and has the Order of New Zealand; Queen's Service Order (New Zealand); Knight, Order of Australia; Grand Companion of the Order of Logoghu (Papua New Guinea); Companion, Order of Canada and Commander, Order of Military Merit (Canada).
What Musk calls an order isn't actually an order, but rather just a pre-order.
TRUMP DEFENDS ORDER: As backlash to the order grows, Trump and his administration have been defending the order.
The order number on the bag didn't match their order from Montana's, or their order number from UberEats.
The judge was saying 'Order, Order' so I did order: one plate of chicken and two quarters of whisky.
Essentially, the defendant could ask the court that issued the restraining order for a restraining order -- of the restraining order.
Christensen last month issued an order temporarily blocking the hunts and last week issued an order extending the restraining order.
The order on Tuesday followed a similar order on Oct.
The order will add to Raytheon's $36 billion order backlog.
We get order after order from people from the prisons.
Order driven members prioritize American leadership of the international order.
Top 50, in alphabetical order Top 25, in alphabetical order
"We've had some people that order and order," says Guda.
You can order it with meat, but I order avocado.
You know, in order to make it seem in order.
From the Empire to the First Order to the Final Order, the ideology of control and order has strengthened with every iteration.
Citilink has 25 A320neos on order and Garuda has 50 737 MAX aircraft on order, according to the Airbus and Boeing order books.
Salesforce Lightning Order Management App Picker (Image: Salesforce) Salesforce Lightning Order Management App Picker (Image: Salesforce) Customers start by building visual order workflows.
We both order hibachi filet mignon, and I order extra shrimp.
The order rescinds a 2015 executive order from former Republican Gov.
You can only order it with a check or money order.
If nature creates an order, our politics should mirror that order.
WeWork has to in short order get its house in order.
Bates's order, if it takes effect, would vacate the DACA rescission order and order the administration to resume processing both new and renewal applications.
Law & Order creator Dick Wolf and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit showrunner Warren Leight have successfully pitched a new Law & Order series to NBC.
If there is an order to evacuate, do not ignore the order.
Trump's first travel order was more sweeping than the second revised order.
I order a mocha and pick up my colleague's drink order, too.
Gita: And remember what their drink order is before they order it.
We paid for the order this morning when the order went through.
We both order pomegranate ciders and share an order of Cajun tots.
And then the colors and adornments can vary from order to order.
It does not seek a restraining order halting Trump's executive order, though.
Judge Brinkema's order differs from Judge Robart's order in several important respects.
Judge Brinkema's order is also narrower in scope than Judge Robart's order.
I placed online order after order, crossing gifts off my Christmas list.
We order two sandwiches and an order of french fries to share.
As for pricing, the more you order, the less expensive your order.
" Chief Justice John Roberts then called for order: "There will be order.
" The only caveat is Alexa can only order your saved "Easy Order.
If we were to order some ... what's a normal amount to order?
"Institutions need money in order to do this stuff, and in order to sustain it, and especially in order to staff the initiatives," Padilla said.
The exhibition is divided into sections that echo the organization of a natural history museum: Order of Material Culture; Order of People and Emotions; Order of Assets, Flows, and Networks; Order of Capital Systems and Information; and so on.
Finding serious doubts about the legality of the order, Robart issued a nationwide restraining order against enforcement, the strongest judiciary action against the order so far.
The company is leveraging data science around the logistics of order fulfillment, too, in order to determine which fulfillment partner to use for each incoming order.
Day 67: Revoked Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces Order On March 27, President Trump signed an executive order taking back Obama's Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order.
Shelf Engine's order prediction engine analyzes historical order and sales data and makes recommendations about how much retailers should order to minimize waste and increase margins.
"The angle of the glass gives a scientific or mathematical order, and of course an aesthetic order — but importantly, a performative order as well," she said.
However, Jamal violated the judge's order and failed to depart the United States, and the voluntary departure order instead became a final order of removal (deportation).
This week, it's by buying your order in advance using Mobile Order & Pay.
The process to pre-order looks extremely similar to placing a regular order.
Customers can either order ahead through the mobile app or order in-store.
I order a Moscow Mule and they order an Old Fashioneds and beer.
The more people buy per order, the better the margins on that order.
You order televisions, you order almost anything, you're getting it from these countries.
So I resubmitted my order and it appears that the order didn't process.
" The "order deposit" is what Tesla is now calling a "pre-order payment.
I order a rice platter and we split an order of french fries.
He rescinded the Yates order and said Justice will defend the executive order.
Prime Exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order - Nintendo Switch (Pre-Order)
Coincidentally or not, their order of career bests matches their order of birth.
What to order: An order of 11 pork and chive dumplings is $3.
It happens slowly, disappointing order by disappointing order — and then all at once.
Typically, on an order-by-order basis, delivery would cost an additional $9.99.
When he failed to do so, his departure order became a deportation order.
We order Postmates (sister pays) and they fail to bring half our order.
" In this case, the answer would be ORDER, as in "law and ORDER.
In "Basic Training," men become soldiers order by order and step by step.
Obama's policies that lived by executive order will quickly die by executive order.
A gag order is broken The trial began with a broken gag order.
The new order omitted Iraq, which had been listed in the earlier order.
I will, to the day I die, watch Law & Order SVU and Law & Order.
"As such, his voluntary departure order became a final order of removal," she said.
The order also removes Iraq as one of the countries covered by the order.
When you order five items using Amazon Pantry, you get 5% off your order.
On average, Darkstore makes $16.50 per order, with an average order value of $550.22.
The delivery fee is $5.95 per order, and there is no minimum order amount.
What it is: Exotec develops order preparation systems to streamline order assembling and dispatching.
Just as we cannot have progress without order, we cannot have order without progress.
They require you to call their 2122-2150# in order to cancel the order.
The delivery fee is $5.95 per order and there is no minimum order amount.
"In order to go arrest Mr. Weinstein, we need a court order," Boyce explained.
"The order of our minister of culture was the order for everybody," said Seweryn.
The two Senate leaders must be in agreement in order to issue an order.
Every executive order can be replaced with a new executive order, or withdrawn completely.
The craving for social order It's a stubborn cultural fact: People crave social order.
The ex-GF has a restraining order ... Hilton was arrested for violating that order.
Another judge issued an order exempting his own cases from the first judge's order.
We order appetizers, split a rib plate, and order a second round of drinks.
An order gone wrong Norway's Olympic chefs put in an order using Google Translate.
The order came at the request of Argentina on Thursday, according to Griesa's order.
Very often, these second-order choices determine our answers to the first-order questions.
I thought that I had to dress a certain way in order to appear female, in order to subscribe to certain beauty standards, in order to look pretty.
The order online, pick up in-store option is the second most profitable, followed by order online, ship from distribution center, and lastly order online, ship from store.
As always, earnings will vary based on order volume, order size, and tips which is often a direct result of how efficiently and accurately the order is shopped.
Mr. Trump's delegation objected to the term "rules-based international order" until negotiators compromised by expressing support for "a" rules-based order rather than "the" rules-based order.
We will make it easier for your current customers to order from you, the pitch goes, so they will order more frequently and also spend more per order.
Because if you think that what time does is order events, then that order is a linear order, and you're talking about a fundamentally one-dimensional kind of organization.
Domino's recently launching a zero-click order feature that counts down 10 seconds from the time you open the mobile app to order your favorite pizza or previous order.
We are watching the world order being ripped up over fears of a return to a world order that our current post-war world order was designed to forestall.
It's just as destructive, though, to try to bury the truth in order to preserve order, or to try to destroy a being in order to preserve one's revolution.
The day after Trump's order came down, a federal judge blocked part of the order.
Customers can order up to a week in advance and must order by 2 p.m.
The order doesn't impact any of the countries affected by Trump's travel ban executive order.
On the second floor, self-order kiosks are also available to order any forgotten items.
VietJet's order of 100 737 jets is the largest commercial plane order in Vietnamese history.
If the liberal order is collapsing, what new kind of global order might replace it?
In order to score the perk, you must order through DoorDash using the code 10000SLICES.
According to Novakovic, the Gulfstream order sales pipeline and order activity trends are looking up.
The order of the pull is the order in which the teams entered the house.
It's actually that no, your current status quo isn't order and we will bring order.
The larger the order delivered to each node, the lower the cost per order delivery.
I mean, philosophers call these second order volitions as opposed to just first order volitions.
"It is my job to keep order," she says, and that order is coming adrift.
Researchers amassed deeply flawed social science in order to support a law-and-order agenda.
I log onto Deliveroo and order a grain bowl ($83, to hit the minimum order).
Clifton asked why the administration didn't issue a new executive order to clarify the order.
If the Republican-controlled body also rejects the order, it will kill the governor's order.
Religious freedom executive order draft: Another draft executive order was leaked by an unknown source.
Use code "BX4-477D-QP15" for 15% off your order (minimum order value of $50).
We are the law and order candidates, and we are the law and order party.
Years ago, Hawaiian placed an order for six Airbus A330-800neo widebody airliners on order.
ORDER IN The only break we get from recording is when we order in dinner.
The White House order not to speak essentially amounted to a gag order, Himes argued.
If your order is less than $10, you'll incur a small order fee of $2.
However, the President did not "win" arbitration, because the restraining order is an interim order.
On Friday, a federal judge issued a nationwide temporary restraining order, halting the executive order.
Then, make sure you've got an "Easy Order" or recent order saved to your profile.
An order of several hardshell tacos is placed, Benjamin agrees to pick up the order.
So, I think these are different jobs, but customers prefer to order-- many customers prefer to order through the self-order kiosk just because they can just take their time.
The bill would repeal the order introduced by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, bar the FCC from reinstating it or a substantially similar order and reinstate the 2015 net neutrality order.
Second, the order partially lifted injunctions lower federal courts had imposed on Mr Trump's executive order.
I order piñatas and sell them, or I ask them to help me with an order.
New immigration order Be on the lookout for a new executive order on immigration next week.
Neither order went so far as to order the government to start processing new applications, however.
To order alcohol, Sam's Club members will need to order through the Instacart app or website.
Our malnourished and misguided ancestors couldn't even order a side order of these delicious grease spirals.
The 'NEW ORDER' shirts show we're trying to make a new order in the new world.
The president said he would consider issuing an executive order in order to restore the question.
Google said Sunday it would cut ties with Huawei in order to comply with the order.
If chaos already reigns, and order needs to be restored, who decides what "order" looks like?
But CSIS, unlike CSE, has to get a court order in order to collect that information.
A federal judge issued a nationwide restraining order on the executive order while a lawsuit proceeds.
Others need sour crude in order to mix with other oil in order to maximize equipment.
So you can't just order the paper — unless you order a bunch of copies of it.
Once you've paid and your order is processed, Amazon employees will begin preparing your grocery order.
The company sold on the order of 30,000 phones with the device now on back order.
The state issued a public health disaster order, the first such order since 1901, according Abbott.
Classified means you put them in some kind of order, any kind of order, alphabetical, numerical.
Mr. Newtown was given a two-year apprehended domestic violence order (similar to a restraining order).
The disembodied male voice taking her order didn't pause when a female voice placed her order.
Those who lost faith in this order began to elect wolves in order to destroy it.
Consumers pay a flat monthly fee in order to not pay delivery fees on every order.
Newsom issued the "stay at home" order last week -- an order many are taking VERY seriously.
Writing is good words in good order; poetry is the best words in the best order.
The Department of Homeland Security then issued an order declaring legal residents exempt from the order.
In his order, Judge O'Neill said that any pretrial hearings would be scheduled by separate order.
There's order in the family; then some element creates chaos; then order has to be restored.
Attorneys general for Washington and Minnesota, which challenged the executive order, say that the temporary restraining order should remain in place because the President had "unleashed chaos" by signing the order.
This service simplifies the order process down to launching the Domino's mobile app which will count down 10 seconds before sending an order for the customer's favorite pizza or previous order.
The initial order barred people from the six countries in the second order plus Iraq from entering the U.S. The Trump administration was hoping the new order could withstand legal muster.
You can also select which order the Vines will play in, by choosing to sort the channel in chronological order, reverse chronological order (like a standard news feed), or by popularity.
The A350 order had been revised to cancel a prior order of A330neo jets from the French plane-maker, favoring a larger order of the lighter and slightly wider-body A350.
Challenges to that order — diversity, influx of outsiders, breakdown of the old order — are experienced as personally threatening because they risk upending the status quo order they equate with basic security.
To order: Baumküchen Einstein Cafe Stammhaus: Kurfürstenstraße 58, 10785 Berlin To order: Whichever seasonal streusel is on offer Hutzelmann: Wilmersdorferstraße 19, Berlin To order: Quarkpiroggen (if they have it), Kranzküchen, schlesische Mohnrolle, Grittermohn Weichardt Brot: Mehlitzstraße 7, 10715 Berlin To order: Kaseküchen, Pflaumenküchen, Schoko-sahne Torte
The enforcement of that court order has been chaotic, with scattered reports of Customs and Border Protection officers choosing to violate the federal order in the interest of upholding Trump's executive order.
The SEC said this occurred when a trader, concerned that a 400,000-share sell order might not be processed, entered a new order to sell 150,000 shares without canceling the first order.
Challenges to that order — diversity, influx of outsiders, breakdown of the old order — are experienced as personally threatening because they risk upending the status quo order that authoritarians equate with basic security.
In order to start the process of obtaining a permanent, or "final" protective order, you must file a petition with the clerk at your state court for a "temporary," or "emergency," order.
If you decide to order another vehicle, you may not order the same trim for a period of 12 months but may order another vehicle in a different trim at any time.
So, while you can order wings or bread bowl pastas, this is also an occasion to order a pie you've never tried before and order your usual to have as a backup.
It sought a temporary restraining order against the state, in order to avoid the disruption of services.
You could do the first-order calculation, but the next order (the one-loop calculation) was infinite.
The suit requests a restraining order against the state, in order to avoid the disruption of services.
The restraining order replaces the temporary restraining order a judge issued at the beginning of the month.
They have to present themselves as a centrist in order to -- in order to win their seats.
Executive Order An executive order is an official document signed by the president that declares government policy.
The order would be "bigger than" the 272 new Airbus aircraft AWAS has on order, he said.
To get your hands on the burger, order through the Shake Shack app or order in-stores.
I order fries and Brussels sprouts for the table and I order myself a glass of Cabernet.
We both order the lunch special (burger and fries), and I order a lemonade with no sugar.
So when you order the Wall Farm, you'll also have to order soil pods that contain seeds.
For example, "order my coffee" could trigger a mobile order placed in a coffee shop's ordering app.
If you told Siri to order takeout, for example, the assistant may ask which order you wanted.
Flattery diminishes the trust on which the social order is based, and it ultimately threatens this order.
The second-order variables that drive things like Public Order or total income fade into the background.
"Maybe, even without the Supreme Court order, he may order us to give the records," he added.
The old order There may be one more victim of the Panama Papers scandal -- the old order.
Today's motion is for a court order to compel Apply to comply with the initial court order.
Awareness of existing local order is my interest, as opposed to the creation of a different order.
An order cannot be "unduly burdensome," a subjective term often determined by the court issuing the order.
The order was completed in March 2019 and had been listed in Airbus's order books as undisclosed.
In order to be eligible for priority scheduling, the drivers' order acceptance rates needed to remain high.
When I went online to cancel the automatic order there is no way to cancel the order.
They canceled the shoe order, kept the apparel order and moved the apparel from online into stores.
The judge agreed -- tossed the order -- and Lee's legal team filed a new restraining order against Morgan.
For the second round, you can order single servings of the shrimp, one order at a time.
A week before leaving office, Obama signed an executive order changing the order of succession without explanation.
A federal judge in Seattle last week issued a temporary nationwide restraining order stopping Trump's executive order.
Then, after the order has been placed, Amazon Echo can also track your order progress upon request.
TECH REACTS TO THE CYBER ORDER: IBM and CA Technologies issued statements praising President Trump's new order.
What to order: A double Shack Burger is $8.69 and an order of cheese fries is $4.09.
The next time you order drinks on a flight, you may not want to order tap water.
Pre-order the Samsung Gear Sport See Details Pre-order the Samsung Gear IconX Headphones See Details
The order, however, made no provision for those who had already been separated under the initial order.
The order was signed Friday at the same time as the much more controversial order on refugees.
They don't order to-go just for a normal-sized family—they order for an extended family.
It's like there's no system in place for, like, taking your order or dropping said order off.
As that order has weakened, so have the anti-order, "colorful" leaders waxed stronger, and gained support.
Trump has defended the order, saying the media has falsely portrayed the order as a Muslim ban.
And I didn't want to re-establish an order: I had seen enough of so-called order.
When retailers don't order enough, UNCS helps find another supplier who can immediately fulfill a new order.
This is a variation on cutting a show's episode order where the episode order simply remains unchanged.
However, a High Court order on Friday extended an injunction order prohibiting protesters from entering the airport.
After your order has been approved, a download code will be included in your order confirmation email.
Served as either an $8 half order or $12 full order, it's a dish that definitely delivers.
We order lunch and A and I both order the Berber burger, with orange juice and Fanta.
Cloosiv charges merchants a percentage off each order, with the percentage decreasing as order volume goes up.
After cheerfully taking the order, he says, "Amazing order, everyone," and he gives the customers their total.
The GOP can easily restore regular order to the judicial confirmation process by actually following regular order.
In their place, Mr. Trump's draft order would resurrect a 2007 executive order issued by President Bush.
The order, which Murphy signed Friday, is known as a "Name and Shame" order, according to NPR.
A federal judge in Seattle last Friday issued a temporary nationwide restraining order on implementing Trump's order.
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order The pitch for Fallen Order is my favorite game of the year.
A court order was later filed to secure Apple's cooperation, but the tech giant fought the order.
Willoughby said one bishop discouraged her from filing a protective order in order to preserve Porter's reputation.
Every order of Chickenjoy comes with gravy, whether you order a side of mashed potatoes or not.
The executive order makes the fight for the next legislation easier; legislation makes the next order easier.
I never change the order within a sequence, but I quite arbitrarily change the order, the structure.
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But that move was very different from Trump's order in several significant ways: Obama's order only applied to refugees — not other potential immigrants and tourists, both of whom are covered by Trump's order.
At this time, the second-order impacts appear to be bigger and clearer than the first-order impacts.
But Watson's initial decision was only a limited freeze of the executive order through a temporary restraining order.
He later played Judge Alan Ridenour on both Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
The order says that: Adding to the confusion, Bevin didn't even really need to issue that executive order.
His order came after a different judge in Massachusetts declined to renew a temporary restraining order previously issued.
Our library starts simply with First Order concepts, but then builds up to Second and Third Order ideas.
At the time, she also filed a temporary restraining order and child abduction prevention order against her ex.
And the order will make us less of America because this order is what America is all about.
You can easily pre-order items on Amazon, allowing you to order not-yet-released items in advance.
I order a burger ($113), and my friends order a black bean quinoa burger and a Buddha bowl.
It also has headlights, a real suspension, and Morgan says each order can be custom built to order.
What the order says: The order directs the Department of Homeland of Security to keep detained families together.
Mail-order services are offered either through the above mentioned partners or through smaller independent mail-order providers.
Though there is a $4.99 charge to order, which is credited back after the first Dash button order.
A Kansas City judge filed an order of protection, but the order was later dismissed, court records show.
In order to function and in order to pass legislation, we need to get information from the government.
A market order is an order to buy or sell a stock executed at the current market price.
This can include getting product information from a database or placing an order with the order management system.
Alphabet's Google said Sunday that it would cut ties with Huawei in order to comply with the order.
Instead of finding order beneath the chaos, it sowed chaos where there had been a modicum of order.
That order and a revised order that attempted to address legal concerns have since been blocked by courts.
People wait hours to order, and the most popular order is the ensalada, a sundae of five scoops.
We order smashes for the table to split and I order the brunch bowl and their coffee cocktail.
The order did not address the futures of families that had already been separated before the executive order.
Greitens, the self-proclaimed law-and-order governor, is now studying law-and-order from the other side.
It's my turn to order K-cups, so I make a note to order from W.B. Mason tomorrow.
In order to get a sense of Billy's barbecue, we decided to order a little bit of everything.
It is somewhat surprising to hear their complaints about regular order when we're currently working through regular order.
The court last month upheld an order from a federal district judge in Washington blocking Trump's initial order.
Trump last year signed an executive order defunding sanctuary cities but a federal court declared the order unconstitutional.
Other employees can add stuff to your order and one employee can pick up the order for everyone.
FF: I use Deliveroo, I order my books on Amazon, I order my computers on the Apple Store.
Russia is the major country that is threatened by the global order and threatening to the global order.
The order will not be retroactive but will apply to any transaction after the executive order was signed.
Ms. Verma emphasized that the order "specifically mentions negotiated rates," rejecting criticism that the order was watered down.
" 27D: "Order" here means a group, so the American Medical Association, or A.M.A., would be a "Drs.' order?
John Bel Edwards signed a nondiscrimination executive order on Wednesday and rescinded an executive order from former Gov.
Update | March 7, 2017 President Trump signed an executive order on March 6, revising his previous immigration order.
NBC on Tuesday announced a 13-episode order for "Law & Order: Hate Crimes," from executive producer Dick Wolf.
We order a few rolls, I get an order of the Ungagi Nigri and a spicy tuna roll.
Qatar Airways also placed a new order for Airbus A321neo civilian aircraft to replace an earlier A320neo order.
So, in order to receive a second $10 gift card, you would need to create a new order.
In order to have safe computing, in order to have safe driving, the algorithms have to be rich.
"The bureaucracy does not want this executive order," Pry added, referring to the president's order on EMP resilience.
At a minimum, we noted, what can be done by executive order can be undone by executive order.
When an order was ready, an employee placed it on the shelf and called out the order name.
Watson's original order was a temporary restraining order — an emergency measure that ends after a certain time period.
There was nothing regular about the order, and John McCain was nothing if not a regular order guy.
Attorneys for the state argue that new executive order remains discriminatory and harms the economy, and have asked a federal judge to issue a temporary restraining order blocking several provisions of the new order.
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For one thing, Washington state and Minnesota, the two states whose lawsuit led to a court order that halted the order, could move quickly for a court order putting any new ban on hold.
The text of the executive order said that the ban would be in place for 90 days after the effective date of the order — and that the order would be effective on March 16.
Before, if someone wanted to order a Coke, fries, and a cheeseburger, they had to order from several different parts of the menu; he made it much easier to order these items in sets.
She made multiple appearances in the "Law and Order" TV franchise, appearing in the main series as well as "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" and "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," according to IMDB.
Consider Executive Order 9066, President Franklin Roosevelt's seemingly neutral order about military security during World War II. This order provided the legal justification for the internment of over 100,000 American citizens of Japanese ancestry.
And if the message we're sending to them is you need a college degree in order to get by in life, in order to prosper, in order to succeed, we're leaving most Americans out.
The bill would repeal the order introduced by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, bar the FCC from reinstating it or a substantially similar order and reinstate the 2015 net neutrality order, a fact sheet said.
That fight began with the FBI's legally superfluous Order To Compel on Thursday: the order generated lots of headlines, coming just three days after the initial order to aid decryption of the phone, but until Apple's lawyers file an official response to the first order, motions like this are legally meaningless.
"It pretty much lets me know that another order had come in for me to fulfill or whatnot, and so that's when I saw the order and it said 'Nigga Order' on it," White said.
Faced with the order, prosecutors cut a no-prison-time deal with Roh in order to prevent the tentative order from becoming final, drawing publicity and creating case law that could hamper ATF enforcement efforts.
And if the message we're sending to them is that you need a college degree in order to get by in life, in order to prosper, in order to succeed, we're leaving most Americans out.
Customers who use the cup will get 50 cents off their drink order if they order after 2 p.m.
January 215 -- Trump vigorously defends order President Trump defended the order, insisting it would protect the country from terrorists.
The lawsuit asked a federal judge to issue a temporary restraining order blocking implementation of the new executive order.
The Jedi were an ancient order whose knights were guardians of peace and order in the Star Wars galaxy.
Executive Order 13769 of January 27, 2017, is revoked as of the effective date of this order. Sec. 14.
After repeated calls of "order, order, honorable members" by Kadaga failed to silence the MPs, she adjourned the session.
But just because the order is draconian, this order that's forcing the prohibition of magic, doesn't mean they're wrong.
For example, Domino's users want more than just their "easy order" or something they order over and over again.
In 2012, the government issued an order to expel residents of poor neighborhoods in order to develop luxury properties.
If that was the order, that order would be problematic because it would compromise security and safety for everyone.
We both order coffee, he gets cinnamon french toast, and I order pancakes, both with eggs and sausage. Yum.
In order to use one, an officer typically files for a court order rather than filing for a warrant.
Dick Wolf is back at it with another Law and Order TV show called Law and Order: Hate Crimes.
I order two sangrias, E. gets a beer, and we both order flautas and queso fundido to snack on.
In order to prove that Nixon's bagel preference isn't actually that big of a deal, I tried her order.
You probably won't order in store, but you'll go home and order it online…and that's precisely the idea.
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Additionally, while I believe that Orrick's order was premature and flawed, there are valid grounds to challenge the order.
AirAsia is not expected to place additional single-aisle Airbus jet order as it expands A330neo order, sources said.
The states are pushing for a temporary restraining order similar to the one that halted President Trump's first order.
But in order to achieve this, baseline fluencies should be developed in order to close the increasing technology gap.
We would get an order of fries and an order of hummus and dip the fries in the hummus.
Federal Judge James Robart on Friday issued a nationwide temporary restraining order on Trump's executive order signed Jan. 27.
And the reduced order of episodes was also something that was more specific than having a 22-episode order.
"When a federal judge makes a decision and issues an order that order needs to mean something," Homan said.
The natural order has been turned on its head, and it turns out this, too, is the natural order.
If Democrats abandoned procedural forbearance in order to obstruct the president, Republicans did so in order to protect him.
With the code "STOCKUP18" you'll save 20% off any order under $500 or 25% off any order over $500.
Kislyak was likely the target of a FISA order, and his call to Flynn was collected under that order.
That's like taxing Microsoft Word in order to subsidize typewriters or taxing calculators in order to protect slide rulers.
But the order of questioning did ignite another round of partisan bickering as Democrats protested the order of affairs.
You can actively opt-in to the pre-order, but anyone who doesn't will have their pre-order cancelled.
But because the deepest conservative insight is that justice depends on order as much as order depends on justice.
She had refused a teacher's order to put away her cellphone, then refused an order to leave the classroom.
Protection order and ouster Zach Smith was fired July 22015 after he was served with a civil protection order.
But because the deepest conservative insight is that justice depends on order as much as order depends on justice.
Tribune said in court filings opposing the order that the temporary restraining order might kill the $56 million deal.
It has to go beyond the kind of usual 'order a pizza by Dominos' / 'order a cab over Uber'.
After my third order, they called me and literally said, 'Hey Lidie, you placed a double order again, right?
The order effectively halted all of Arkansas's pending executions, but the Arkansas Supreme Court stayed that order Thursday evening.
The series timeline is presented in order of the world chronology instead of order of release, for clarity's sake.
After courts blocked the order from taking effect, he issued a revised order in March, this time excluding Iraq.
The order went into effect March 25 and remains until April 103 or until a superseding order is issued.
But we need, Lester, we need law and order, and we need law and order in the inner cities.
"Befehl ist befehl" — an order is an order — was the German principle that enabled the Nazis' industrialized mass murder.
But Boeing, which had led the order race through November, took a swipe at Airbus's last-minute order surge.
We are here to protect the order, an old order, in which men rule, even when unruly and reprobate.
I was a member of the Order of Australia, and now I'm an officer of the Order of Australia.
For those who have already ordered on Weply, you can cancel your order & order again at recommended US retailers!
Judge Jack Tuter, who signed Thursday's order, had issued a temporary risk protection order against Cruz on March 21.
You can order ahead of time, check in when you arrive, and retrieve your order at the pickup counter.
At these stations, workers input a grocery order number and the system spits out bins belonging to that order.
"In order to win, in order to deserve to win, I need to be speaking to everyone," he added.
The evacuation order for Ocracoke went into effect on Thursday night and the order for Hatteras on Saturday morning.
U.S. regulatory delays further reduced the order by six planes, lowering the total order to 100 from 118 jets.
The first order failed to exempt visa holders in an astonishing oversight in drafting such a major executive order.
U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson issued the 54-page order providing for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction.
The company recently moved to a feed that puts things in an algorithmic order, instead of reverse-chronological order.
Only a sitting U.S. President may overturn an existing executive order by issuing another executive order to that effect.
"Tyler (Lyons) was ready, top of the order, fourth time through (the order) ... it didn't work out," Matheny explained.
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The restraining order followed a lawsuit and preliminary injunction order that American filed against the unions three weeks ago.
Our source says a judge granted the order Friday and Rossi plans to have the order extended next week.

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