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"do" Definitions
  1. used before a full verb to form negative sentences and questions
  2. used to make question tags (= short questions at the end of statements)
  3. used to avoid repeating a full verb
  4. used when no other auxiliary verb is present, to emphasize what you are saying
  5. used to change the order of the subject and verb when an adverb is moved to the front

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"do" Synonyms
perform execute undertake carry out work make commit implement prosecute compass engineer negotiate occasion transact bring on carry off determine draw on operate put through accomplish effect achieve perpetrate produce cause effectuate bring about catalyse(UK) catalyze(US) create engender generate induce invoke prompt spawn yield beget breed complete finalise(UK) finalize(US) finish conclude end fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) actualize consummate realise(UK) realize(US) nail finish off get through put to bed round off attain log cover chalk up notch up gain win bag rack up record register score earn hit reach clock up ring up suffice serve match suit be adequate fit pass satisfy answer be enough fit with go go with meet the requirements of satisfy the demands of avail be acceptable be satisfactory be sufficient fly resolve solve decipher calculate decode work out adapt add up figure out transpose puzzle out tot up translate transliterate act behave comport acquit oneself appear bear carry conduct deport discourse enact personate play playact portray oneself seem bear oneself comport yourself journey travel traverse cross explore visit tour journey over pass over range over tour in travel over trek around journey through look around look round put behind one sightsee in design fashion manufacture arrange for draw fabricate paint sketch construct develop invent originate provide turn out knock off knock together knock up decorate adorn embellish ornament style trim array beautify bedeck bedizen blazon caparison color(US) colour(UK) deck drape dress emblaze emboss enrich study learn read analyze(US) analyse(UK) investigate research be taught read up on swot up on take classes in take a course in major in take pursue take up do a degree in look up focus on specialise in fare manage get on cope get along get by make out survive come along shift muddle through scrape by muddle along progress make do fend scrape along scrape through cheat con defraud fleece skin stiff sting swindle cozen deceive diddle trick beat bilk chouse dupe flimflam hoax sucker bleed arrange fix prepare organise(UK) organize(US) get ready look after make ready see to take on be in charge of be responsible for set shape coif coiffe adjust brush groom preen primp prink comb cut dry wash give present show mount stage put on orchestrate deliver unveil direct preview run exhibit engage act in perform in participate in play in be engaged in be involved in take part in join in engage in compete in be in a team for join contest venture on try grant accord allow bestow render afford confer pay permit exercise practice(US) practise(UK) work as work at be employed as be employed at do for a living earn a living as have as an occupation have as a profession earn a living at follow ply carry on have a career in travel at drive at go at move at proceed at imitate mimic caricature mock parody spoof impersonate interpret portray burlesque travesty send up ape represent take off bash baste bat batter belabour(UK) belabor(US) belt birch bludgeon buffet club curry drub fib flog hammer hide lace lambast arrest apprehend nab seize collar detain bust capture catch pinch nick restrain cop imprison book hook net copulate mate fornicate hump screw shag bonk couple lay bed roger bang tumble knob service boff shaft shtup cohabit befall happen occur transpire chance arise betide come hap materialise(UK) materialize(US) ensue result emerge be eventuate meet keep obey observe respect uphold discharge enforce action accommodate sue indict arraign accuse cite impeach summon summons charge litigate take to court implead jug put on trial bring legal proceedings against institute legal proceedings against someone law pretty furbish redecorate refurbish retouch lift renovate spruce restore renew repair reconstruct revamp revitalize(US) overhaul refresh modernize(US) navigate track transit peregrinate bridge course perambulate range roam span wander intersect pace attempt begin commence tackle commit oneself to go about launch into set about commit to deal with follow through with get down to uncipher construe crack disentangle explain riddle unfold unravel unscramble untangle scrub clean wipe cleanse rinse mop deterge sponge lave sanitise(UK) sanitize(US) purify decontaminate sterilise(UK) sterilize(US) absterge hose down rinse out sluice down rob plunder pillage loot sack ransack raid burgle spoil reave burglarise(UK) burglarize(US) steal from break into turn over mug hold up stick up will tend to be apt to are bound to be likely to be wont to have a habit of have a tendency to be disposed to belong to parallel become befit beseem accord with agree with apply to check with click with cohere with coincide with comport with conform to pitch in contribute chip in help participate assist cooperate aid attack collaborate help out kick in launch lend a hand muck in subscribe wind up terminate cease stop halt discontinue close quit elapse lapse expire die settle transgress err sin misbehave offend trespass degenerate fall stray behave badly do wrong exceed overstep commit an offence go astray slip up break the law break the rules about-turn about-face reverse volte-face change direction turn around row back turn round do a U-turn turn about face the opposite direction turn through 180 degrees wear last endure remain bear up keep going prove durable resist wear stand wear withstand wear be durable hang in there stand up stand up to wear recite chant declaim intone narrate parrot quote repeat retell say speak spout bespout cantillate daven intonate orate murder kill assassinate dispatch massacre slaughter eliminate butcher liquidate neutralise(UK) neutralize(US) slay waste do in off croak ice double function double up fulfil the function of act as have a dual purpose have a dual role serve a dual purpose act as a substitute for function as do duty as serve the purpose also serve touch handle be associated with concern oneself with attend to get involved in get involved with involve oneself in involve oneself with have dealings with take care of have to do with interest oneself with touch something with a bargepole be a party to be affected by concern oneself in be a participant in affair event party reception blowout shindig celebration gathering jump-up levee rave simcha social soirée beanfeast beano binge blast instruction direction order command commandment directive decree dictate edict behest imperative injunction word mandate ruling demand rule fiat precept coiffure haircut hairdo hairstyle hair clip restyling trimming barbering hairdressing crop bangs bob restyle pompadour shingling burden commitment devoir duty incumbency need obligation office responsibility task role assignment chore commission business onus ado ballyhoo blather bluster bobbery bother bustle clatter clutter coil commotion corroboree disturbance foofaraw fun furor(US) furore(UK) fuss helter-skelter hoo-ha calling job profession occupation employment trade vocation line career pursuit field craft racket métier province mission game art ducktail quiff enterprise venture operation undertaking activity endeavour(UK) project deed move campaign exploit measure plan More

952 Sentences With "do"

How to use do in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "do" and check conjugation/comparative form for "do". Mastering all the usages of "do" from sentence examples published by news publications.

In your head / zombie, zombie, zombie ei, ei, ei, oh do do do do do do do do.
Homeowner Beto Hinojosa told the broadcaster the display counts up to 100,000 lights do-do-do-do-do-do.
So what do -- what do -- what do they do?
A music historian could maybe talk about how the "do do do, do da do do do" bit taps into the tradition of doo-wop music.
The lyrics are: "Do, do, do…/Do the thing that you love to do". Uncanny.
We do journalism, we do straight interviews, we do investigative reporting, we do commentary, we do opinion, we do it all.
It's just do, do, do, until you can't do anymore.
Well, that's why you do what you do, I do what I do.
What do you do with transportation, what do you do with mass gatherings?
You guys do do long-form stuff, you do do beautifully packaged stuff.
Because of widespread outsourcing, typical MNCs do not make products (contract manufacturers do); they do not ship them (third-party logistics providers do); they do not store them (warehousing firms do) and they do not sell them (resellers and retailers do).
Do you want to not do harm, or do you want to do good?
Do a text weight; do a lightweight; do a bold weight — meaning extra bold — do a black weight; do the italics.
"We couldn't do what they do, and they couldn't do what we do," she said.
What do these companies have to do, or do they not have to do anything?
If you wanna do what you wanna do, do what you wanna do, and if I wanna do what I wanna do, that should be cool with you too, right?
My mom said, 'Do you want to do this or do you want to do that?
" And: "Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do.
You're so entrenched in, 'Do it cheaper, do it better, don't do this, don't do that.
Do you want to do it, or do you want to do it behind the scenes?
KS: So, how do you ... What do you do?
Do you think that's something -- what do you do?
I can do a play, then do a movie, then do a play, then do a movie.
CW: My question is what do we do, what do we do it with any of that?
So we do speech pathology, we do physical therapy, we do occupational therapy, we do social work.
Now that you know what to do with "Do," do you know what "Do loops?" could be?
"You don't have to worry about what do you do with your body, how do you move, where do you hold your arms, do you go from one foot to the other, do you stand at attention, do you walk around, do you turn your body," Mr. Bradley mused.
They don't do tarot cards, but they do do exorcisms.
Geez, what do you do, do you stand on it?
Let's do beaches Let's do bigly Let's do human kimchi.
But why do chefs like JP do what they do?
Can you do that — and how do you do that?
All you can do is do what you can do.
Do it consciously; do it with fun; do it beautifully.
You do it, I do it, we all do it.
What do you, what do you do under those circumstances?
Do one thing, do it well and do it affordably.
Do something that they cannot do but you can do.
How do I do it, how do I use Google?
Not getting you to do things you don't want to do, but they're particularly good at getting you to do things you do want to do.
She didn't want her left arm to move, because she just needed to do "How do you do, how do you do" with her right hand.
Do you have confidence that President Trump will do that, and how do you think you should do that?
Is that something that would ... Trump: They have to do whatever they do, and I'll do whatever I do.
Of those, breaking up could do it, China's wall could do it, do you not track could do it.
There has always been the question…like, what do we do beyond the poem, what do we do beyond?
Labor unions do it, chambers of commerce do it, abortion rights groups do it and Arab-Americans do it.
Do I need an attorney do I need a manager and if I do where do I find one?
Like, they're going to do what they're going to do, we're going to do what we're going to do.
So we do the rehab, do everything we're supposed to do.
What do I owe you, what do I have to do?
Why do they do this work, and why do they leave?
On some level, what do these people, what do we do?
You know, it was like, 'Do this, do this, do this.
"Why do they do the things that they do?" he said.
VICE: What do you do and how much do you make?
What do you feel you do well and not do well?
Let's do lunch, Let's do burgers Let's do a bibimbap spread.
Do you just engage the community, or what do you do?
How do we engage those communities and do what we do?
But how do they feel and what do they do best?
He wanted to do everything—write songs, do musicals, do cabaret.
What do they do if they're not able to do that?
So, do I want my kids to do as I do?
Or do you do the book version, and do it later?
Do everything you normally do, unless you do the drugs there.
What do you imagine something like that ... What do they do?
"  "[Trump's] going to say, do we want to do great things or do we want to choose to do resistance?
" Bennett went on to add, "let humans do what they do well, and let machines do what they do well.
"'But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, and I gotta do what I gotta do,'" Mr. Sharpton recounted.
" He said, "Don't ever do something because you should do it, only do it because you want to do it.
We do calisthenics, we do steps, we do a lot of planks, and we do a lot of football drills.
You will do the only thing you can do, what you must do, what the constitution compels you to do.
We can't do a whole lot of things that they can do, but we can do what we can do.
And we need to understand, why do you do what you do?
I do not do that and I do not when I drive.
Basically, in the broadest sense, why do you do what you do?
You should do it, you should do it, you should do it!
What should we do, what should we do, what should we do?
How do you do deal with it when you do hear them?
Do I do this nude shoot, don't I do this nude shoot?
Tell me what you all do at the ... What do you do?
Why do you think you should do that and can do that?
No one can do what you do how you do it. Period.
You can do well or do good, but you can't do both.
I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.
We do drop testing, we do ball testing, we do bend testing.
Do you think consciously whether you do or don't wanna do that?
But, over time, you do enough of those stories and you do really want to do stories about people who are doing good and who really do do good.
Where do you imagine — and I want to talk a little bit about what people can do, like what do you do or how do you cope through that?
We watch others who do what we do, especially those who are really good at what we do or should do.
Cable is going to do what they are going to do and we're going to do what we're going to do.
What do restore CDs do, and how do you feel the government and the courts misunderstood or misinterpreted what they do?
My issue is what do you do, what do you produce, how do you interrelate to the rest of the business.
"The government needs to do what the government should do, and companies need to do what they should do," he said.
The more you know, thanks to a reality show (do do do doooo).
What do you do love about the work that you do or desire?
We do benching, we do dead lifts, we do a lot of squats.
I want to do it, but how do I want to do it?
Where do these financial powerhouses find the gall to do what they do?
I do not know how the fuck they do it, but they do.
He's not just telling, 'Do, do, do'; he's actually receiving feedback from us.
I do what I do because I'm happy I'm able to do it.
Graham: Do they do, do they provide the same service that you provide?
What do we have to do to get men to do the same?
So how do we actually do the activism that we're trying to do?
So we do lash lifts, we do microblading, and we do eyelash extensions.
"You do not do things which the Chinese do" he told the Americans.
I do what I need to do when I need to do it.
What do they like about what we do and how we do it?
Refiners that do not do this must buy credits from refiners that do.
But then how do I tell them, yes, but what do you do?
How do we balance what we can do with what we should do?
Or do you figure that people are gonna do what they're gonna do?
Peter Kafka: Do you — I assume you dodo you read the reviews?
But we do transport, energy, IT, we do health, we do education- Infrastructure.
You don't do books, you don't do television, you don't do the web.
What do we want our clothes to do, beyond what they already do?
People do not like this and do not like people who do this.
Do This" Robert Y on "What Do 525 Ventriloquists Do at a Convention?
Reading them and cataloguing them was something to do, and do, and do.
It's just do how I do things — people don't do 'em that way.
What do we do with the things we do not want to know?
Why I do it, how I do it, how to do it right.
Please stop bullying women to do things they do not want to do!
How often do you do something simply because you're asked to do it?
So we do literary fiction, we do nonfiction, we do essays, kids' books.
How do how do we get there how do we do the sums to get back to where we want to be?
I'll confess something I struggle with: Do you give people what they want, or do you do what you want to do?
If you want to do it, if you know you should do it but don't want to do it, then do it.
We talked about what we want to do, are there things we want to do differently, and how do we do them.
I also didn't want him to do what most people would do, what my staff wanted to do: Have Joe do less.
People generally do understand very well, they generally do not get terribly distressed, and they generally do not do medically inappropriate things.
And that let us do mail, it let us do cable TV, it let us do digital ads, it let us do what we needed to do to win our race.
Even if it was a secondary world, there wouldn't be that focus on how do you do world-building, how do you create tension, how do you do a three-act structure.
And either we're going to do what we need to do or the world will do what it needs to do to us.
"What do we want to do and who do we want to do it with?" were questions Selles asked the groups to consider.
Was all I could do to do what other folks thought I should do.
He said, 'Hey, I know you do hair but do you also do makeup?
Do you think it ought -- what do up think it ought to do next?
Do you do strength training and flexibility training to be able to do that?
We do do those fire fighting things, but we also do longer-term engagement.
Do you tweet, and if you do, do you feel obligated to never delete?
We will not do what they want us to do, but we do listen.
What do games do for us—and what do we owe them for that?
They do Bluetooth speaker things, they do mirror things, and they do them together.
" He said, "Why should we do that, why do we need to do that?
"What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?"
They do exactly what you think they do, and they do it very well.
Like they request it, like, do this beat, do this beat, do this beat.
They seem to say: Do not wander, do not play, do not fool around.
And, how do you answer that very common question: How do you do it?
What do I do if I see others that I'm working with do something?
What do you do to stay organized or do quick edits on the road?
So at some point, you do whatever you have to do to do music.
So ... he might write: I do not like Trump here or thereI do not like Trump with his hairI do not like Trump and his wallI do not like Trump at allI do not like Trump with Billy BushBut I do think Trump likes a big fat tushI do not like Trump in a carBut I do like smashing Trump's Hollywood star
In the interminable course of a single night, Sarah and Jay do and do not make it to Central Park for a picnic, they do and do not enjoy sex in a dark knot of trees in the park, they do and do not endure dinner at a mediocre Italian restaurant, and — finally — they do and do not stay together.
You have to go ... Do you imagine they understand this now, and how do you get ... What are some of the solutions you think Facebook should do, Twitter should do, Reddit should do?
And I do it through my clothes, I do it through my words, I do it through my money, I do it through everything.
But so do the pharmaceutical companies, so do the health insurance companies, so do the fossil fuel companies, and so do the defense contractors.
"We're already making plans to do the things we want to do and not do the things we don't want to do," Stewart said.
This has absolutely zero to do with Russia, nothing to do with collusion, nothing to do with the campaign, nothing to do with Trump.
"We really have to think about how do you do that and how do you do that at scale?" he told CNBC in October.
What do you want to do, where do you want to go, and what do you want to accomplish during each five-year segment?
They're going to have to do their therapy, do their thinking, do whatever they need to do — cry together, whatever the [expletive] it takes.
Do what you can do from home (and these days, there's lots you can do).
I'm just here to do this job and do it well and do it justice.
If you do poorly, you want to do it again to do a better job.
You do not know what to do, because you do not know what to credit.
Let technology do what it does well and let humans do what they do well.
I do get exhausted, I do feel very frustrated and I do feel very angry.
They do what they can do to the extent of their ability to do it.
Why do you do the things you do or believe the things you've always believed?
I tried to do what they wanted me to do and not do Lil Wayne.
So do what YOU do but show young people you'll support what they do, too.
They do not intend to do the best or do good to the U.S. people.
What do you know how to do that you could teach someone else to do?
Do you do nothing and guarantee one tragedy, or do something -- anything -- and create another?
"Adults do what we do when we're in the mood to do it," she said.
That's how I can do it, but that's not why I do what I do.
"I can't do this I can't do this I can't do this," she says, crying.
They do better psychologically, they do better emotionally, they do better professionally and in school.
We do women's health, we do men's health, we do a lot of this stuff.
Success is how well do you do what you do when nobody else is looking.
What do you do if we do fall another 10 percent into a bear market?
What subject do you study and what job do you hope to do in future?
Again, it's the right thing to do – when our clients do well, we do well.
"Not only do I think they shouldn't do it, they wouldn't do it," he said.
We do the things you can't do, or won't do, because you're doing other things.
Do you get to reinvent yourself in America, or do we just believe you do?
The question is what do we do with that and how do we combat that?
And I'm dying, I'm thinking, Dammit, did I do this right, what do I do?
"That's what you're imploring everyone to do, is to do what you do," Casey added.
They do it on 4chan, they do it on Reddit, they do it on Discord.
I do not run, nor do I hide or have any motive to do so.
Do not leave visible signs, do not nurture scars, do not create a gathering site.
But Carlos Kleiber, he asked with every phrase we do, why do we do it?
Tell me what I need to do to do that, because I will do that.
So, how do they do compared ... Do they, then, the publishers, want to publish them?
Dare to do what you want to do and realize that you can do it.
Q. What kind of emergencies do you prepare for and how do you do it?
"For whatever I need to do to do my part, I'll do that," he added.
Do you crop it, do you cut it, do you put safety pins in it?
Do Pelléas and Mélisande do what Golaud — the magnificent Hanno Müller-Brachmann — fears they do?
"And I do hope whether I do or not, that mayors do look at this."
What to do -- and what not to do So what should the United States do?
Sometimes the good people do the same things the bad people do, and sometimes the bad people do the same things the good people do.
What you do is your way, what I do is mine, and I don't want you to interfere in how I do what I do.
"You don't tell her what she can't do; she can do ballet, she can do figure skating, she can do hockey," he told Global News.
" He added that he "ultimately" told McCarthy: "You have to do what you have to do and I will do what I have to do.
"If you put them together, it makes it harder to do what we can do and can do now and need to do," he said.
Anyone who wants to use violence or force..., we do not do it because I regret Khmer blood, I do not want to do (that).
I think we do have the ingredients, we do have the commitment, we do have the intelligence, but we just need to do it better.
He says they ask too many questions — why do we have to do this, why do we have to do that — and Justice Ginsburg, she is dedicated, she does what he tells her to do.
Does it do the classics — are you visible, do you articulate the problems, do you get ahead of the regulators and respond to it, do you give regular updates and do you see the progress?
I know some people wouldn't want to do that, but I do, and I do fine.
"We can do what banks do, but we can do it 10 times cheaper," he said.
You have to do what you need to do because that's what you're here to do.
How far do they extend, do they get court interpreters, do they get lawyers paid for?
And if you can do this, you can do anything that you believe you can do.
What in practice do we -- do we know that they're willing to do or scale back?
I do believe that you're able to do things you want to do in this life.
We — you had to do things you didn't want to do, you were unable to do.
Right, but if they do start fighting each other, what do you think America will do?
They do whatever what they do, OK. When we do business with China, they tax us.
Do not date him, do not marry him, do not have a child with that person.
I don't do that to you and you do not get to do that to me.
He'll do whatever Hillary wants him to do, and I'm sure he'll do it very well.
Most lawyers who do what I do, discrimination and harassment cases, do some defense side work.
What do you use ... What technology do you use to ... I do a bunch of them.
If you're going to do something, don't be afraid to do it and just do it!
You can do squats, you can do a high-knee march, you can do a run.
Chinese want to do it, South Koreans want to do it, we want to do it.
Do what you f**king want to do, not what you think you have to do.
What do we do when an invasive species starts to do some good in an ecosystem?
How do those come together—do they come to you or do you go to them?
"Do exactly what you know how to do, but do it ten times better," she says.
"Music makes people do things they wouldn't do, or wouldn't think [they can do]," Syarief says.
"The least expensive thing to do is to do nothing, and many people do," McCrimmon said.
I want to do it right: I'd much rather do it right than do it fast.
Don't do that to women, don't do that to men, don't do that to anyone ever.
So those who do not do well financially from their education do not have to pay.
"I know what to do, when to do it, and we will do it," said Netanyahu.
None of us ever were able to do that, nor do we want to do that.
We do that for music, we do it for fine arts, we do it for dance.
When people say, 'Well, how do these private companies do it, how do they fund it?
I do believe you can do well, make money and do good at the same time.
She says they can essentially do do what politicians -- especially President Trump -- have refused to do.
So, don't do it, but if you have to do it, do it before you're married?
Do I swallow my anger, do I fight for more or do I just walk away?
K., you can say this, do this, we might do that, some we might do that.
What do you do in your downtime and how do you balance dealing with real life?
Do you dodge the incoming tackle, or do you do meet the opposing meathead head on?
Do you go off and do your own thing like Bill Simmons has tried to do?
How do you do justice to such a complicated person, and what do you focus on?
In the poetry, I do not address disability, at least I do not do so obviously.
If we do not do this ourselves, our people will do it at the ballot boxes.
We like to do what we do well, and most of us don't do pain well.
You can only do what you can do — some days you'll do more, some days less.
They are "who" questions — who do I follow, who do I serve, who do I love?
", "Do you ever just sit down and do nothing?" or "Do you ever have any fun?
What sorts of things do you do to help others who have less than you do?
What kind of tech do you use to do that, and what information do you review?
Do your kids do chores as a team, or do they each have a separate task?
We'll do it with democracy and we'll do it the way we have to do it.
Performance: A thermostat should do what the manufacturer says it can do, and do it well.
Do you feel like you have work to do to repair that you personally can do?
We do it by tax policy, we do it by regulation, we do it by permits.
And like so very much of what we all do, a lot of us do what we do the way we do because of Sasha Petraske.
You can't do a lot of things, but you can do a few things and do it extremely well, and do it better than anybody else.
Institutional investors do not necessarily push for less competition, but they do fulfill the conventional wisdom that shareholders do not do enough to challenge failing companies.
If they do their best and do not attempt to do work they are not qualified to do, mistakes should not be legally held against them.
They're really trying to figure out what do we do if you're a conservative and you weren't really a Roy Moore supporter, what do you do?
I'd like to think it's the moth talking, maybe because of the highly modulated mantra that sounds more like Stephen Hawking's speech-generating device, in the track's main vocal sample, a simple, repetitive edification: DMT, DMT / DMT, DMT / do dee do DMT / LSD do DMT / LSD do DMT / I love everybody / Do de do love / Do da da de.
I mean, look, I'm not a politician, I don't go out and say, "I'm gonna do this" — I'm gonna do, I gotta do what I gotta do . . .
This case has nothing to do with collusion, nothing to do with Donald Trump, nothing to do with Russia, nothing to do with the election at all.
Where they're like, 'Shit, I can either do this just to do it or I can do something that I actually want to do and be okay.
I do read you guys occasionally, I do read the New Republic a lot, I do read the New York Times, I do read the Washington Post.
I can do two separate sets with no crossover at all that don't sound alike or I can do sets that do sound alike and do crossover.
"You can do that in skilled trades, you can do that in production, you can do that in technical, you can do that in engineering," he said.
He asked me when I was 9, 'Do you want to do dance or do you want to do karate?' with a big smile on his face.
I'm stretching' and they said 'No, do it again's and they said 'Why do you do that?
" And say, "What do I have to do to move – How do I have to reposition myself?
You can do the wall, you can do the dreamers but you need compromise to do it.
Do you think, "I'm going to do more political stuff, I'm not going to do political stuff"?
Do As We Say, Not As We Do: Doxing is bad, just ask journalists who … do doxing.
Why do you think you've been able to do it for this long, and still do it?
What do you want your family to do, what do you want your life to look like?
To be able to do the work that they need to do, that they're compelled to do.
Technologists are thinking, how do I protect cyber-security, how do I secure, how do I protect?
How do you do this along with every other to-do on your list, you might ask?
How do we build products that they need to have … Charlie Rose:So how do you do that?
Do you think that in the future — do you think that there is anything Congress can do?
To do that, all Stefan has to do is code the game and do it well, right?
I could have chose to do nothing ignore everything and let the bank do what they do.
We'll do it right, we'll do it in a proper way, we'll do it when we're ready.
If you're ever in the need for inspiration, where do you go or what do you do?
Let's do some studies, do you have some data, do you have some medicine I could try?
To do so, it has to do more than claim this is the way scientists do it.
We can do Italian, we can do French, we can do Spanish, and it all works together.
Those who want to do good need to do good for the people struggling to do well.
It's very easy to continue to do what you know to do and how to do it.
Make it a habit to do what you say you will do and do it well consistently.
I suppose I just wonder, why do we do things that we don't really want to do?
Do not subvert democracy; do not pilfer your country's resources; do not imprison and torture your critics.
That's something that we can do now, that Google can do now, that Kaspersky can do now.
Do they do it directly from the news feed or do they go to the individual profile?
Do we want to actively do nothing or do we want to take action and be active?
And he said 'Do what you're supposed to do, because you know what you're supposed to do.
If you can do video recognition you can do realtime video, which means you can do autonomy.
Do they do it with the bridesmaids, or do they stand on the side of the groom?
I don't know what you do with your ... What do you do all day on that phone?
"How do I do what you do?" she asked, expectantly holding a pen poised above a notebook.
Do they do an open bar, cash bar, or consumption bar, or do you get to choose?
We do it," he added, "because we do not want to do illegal things like sell drugs.
"What we need to do is decide, collectively as nations with China, what do we do next."
"Do not take a loan, do not make withdrawals, do not touch your retirement accounts," Orman says.
We will continue to do what we do, and just do it with 2 instead of 1.
My mother would say 'do drugs, do whatever you need to do, but why don't you sing?
You know we don't do guns we don't do inappropriate video games and we don't do Juul.
", "How do I prioritize what I need to do?" and "What do I need to stop doing?
"As a strong woman I do not do what men tell me to do," Ms. Hochul said.
Do you do a lot of research before you buy, or do you go with your gut?
So, do you feel stressed by media or do you ... Louie: What do you mean by that?
Do you work with those or do they bring those to you or how do you figure?
We do have to do some soul searching, but it is what's in our grasp to do.
The difference between a multiplayer game and a single-player game is, do you do it interactively with other people, or do you do it on your own?
There's a way to do pretty much anything you want to do on a Mac, and a way to do things you didn't even know you could do.
Even seeing the picture can trigger John Williams' infectious do do doodoo, do do doooo theme and inspire shouting about what does and doesn't belong in a museum.
You know, what I would like to do, to see Trump do, is maybe do some more -- do a big drilling initiative to deal with the gas prices.
"They generally do exactly what they say they're going to do, but that doesn't necessarily mean they do what you expect them to do," Dave Nadig from ETF.
The biggest obstacle we face is that the research I do has always been about why you do what you do, it's never been just what you do.
"Let's have the people who really know how to do this well do it,'' he said, "and let the railroads do what they know how to do well.
"When you can do both, you can do things that no one else can do," says John Maeda.
What -- do these Democrats and the mainstream media, do they really, do they like laugh in a corner?
They&aposre all saying, don&apost do that, you don&apost do that, you shouldn&apost do that.
Do not be the policeman because you do not have the eligibility to do that in my country.
No. Did you expect — do you think they'll do it, or do you think it'll be too hard?
"If we don't do the work we do, somebody else is going to do the work," Sanchez said.
I do find your distinguishing between what I do and other manipulators, I do find that distinction interesting.
We can do it with Apple, we can do it with Google or we can do it ourselves.
There are many ways to do college cheaper but obviously many American families do not do those ways.
I don't do the right thing and I own that, I own that I do not do that.
We do not insert stories artificially into trending topics, and do not instruct our reviewers to do so.
She's going to bring in other girls—do this, do that, do things you never even heard of.
And that technology should empower people to do things and help them do things they couldn't do otherwise.
I was free to do what I wanted to do and this is what I wanted to do.
Why do we do this to ourselves, (if you even do it) and what secrets can we uncover?
If you guys need to do what you need to do on your end then f——— do it.
HEMMER: If they do not -- if they do not do that, does the president have to fire someone?
"When the chief says 'don't do this and don't do that', you will not do it," she said.
You do some EPO analysis but you do not do that as frequently as for other endurance sports.
"My 'Do not do' list contains things that I have determined I will absolutely not do," he explains.
What I guarantee you is when they do the spin offs, what do we do on 'Mad Money'?
I am 'What do I do now' and 'How can I make an impact and do meaningful work?
Be respectful and listen and do exactly what you're supposed to do and what you're told to do.
Black women can't do that, and certainly black men can't do that, and white men can't do that.
When do you imagine ... do you imagine that will continue, or do you think it's gonna peter out?
But what do you do once you have all those subscribers and followers if that's all you do?
No. Did you expect — do you think they'll do it, or do you think it'll be too hard?
If we're going to do that, we're going to do Illumina [and] we're going to do Thermo Fisher.
We do that with Mac, we do that with iPad, why wouldn't we do that with [the] phone?
They don't do this because it's "the right thing to do"; they do it because it's their passion.
Do you want to save it, do you want to spend it, do you want to splurge it?
I do know who they are, and I do know their story, and I do like feeling special.
"What they have attempted to do is do through regulations what they can't do through legislation," said Sen.
How do we do that for clients that want to do a portion of that on their own?
"They can do what any other child can do if you give them the opportunity to do it."
We do not now have the evidence all sorted out and everything to do — to do an impeachment.
I can't tell you what I see and what I do, I just do what I fucking do.
They do not have tanks, they do not have artillery, we do not give them such heavy weapons.
What do you think that he might say or do now that he wasn't able to do before?
Despite scarcity, we do not want bullets, we do not want food, and we do not want money.
What do you think about Dick's and Walmart's decisions, and why do you think the way you do?
Proxy Power What do you do when you need some dirty deed done that you can't do yourself?
You do this and do this and do this — and then one day, you have to get out.
Europe can't do it alone, China can't do it alone, and the United States can't do it alone.
It's that on one hand, yes, they do the laundry, they do the cooking, they do the shopping.
" He continued: "So if you do it, you've got to do it well and do it to win.
Kids do it because they don't know how to do anything else, and the very old do it.
"Because you don't want to do what I do, and I do everything around the house," Danielle says.
Balle facilitators ask questions like: Who are you, and why do you do the work that you do?
The important thing is to do it consistently, and you do get better the more you do it.
But, with what you do, do you feel that the consciousness has nothing to do with the mind?
Everything You Can Do to Type Faster on Your SmartphoneHow much typing do you do on your smartphone?
Picture Prompts What do you do, and where do you go, when you need to escape your problems?
What do you do in your down time and how do you balance selling with your family life?
You love what you do, and if you didn't love what you do, you wouldn't do it well.
What tech tools do you rely on to do your job, and what do you like about them?
That was a famous weekend where they were all asking him to do it, do it, do it.
I don't do commercials, I don't do films pre-prepared by other people, I don't do star system.
All that they're really being asked to do is do what television stations have been asked to do.
"The question will be how do we move forward, what do we do about the fact that they are late, what do we do about the fact that we don't know yet that the data are authentic," Taylor said.
Now I've got the food, recommended by the vegetarian stranger, do I do something I'd never usually do, because it would be considered by most "extremely rude," or do I seize the chance to do exactly what I'd normally not do, because that's what this entire exercise is really about?
I just do the best I can do that day and whatever I'm doing I just try and do the best I can do and get better at it.
How do you write about it with passion, how do you write about it fairly, how do you talk about it fairly, how do you talk about it passionately?
Do not kill the elderly, children or women, do not steal the spoils but collect them, and do not cut down trees unless you are forced to do so.
"We can do that about vaccines, we can do that about gay rights, we can do that about bathroom laws, we can do that about Roy Moore, " he said.
Let me do it my way and I'm happy to do it, but if you're going to tell me how to do it, go ahead and do it yourself.
We do have a monthly option, so if people do want to get the whole experience for $39 bucks, they can always do that, and lots of folks do.
So, how do you then keep ... It isn't a feature war, but what is the impact when they do something you do and do a pretty good job copying.
Do you go in with your email and then just never sign on to it and just let them read your email, or do you ... What do you do?
"The idea of Congress actually, specifically, directing the executive branch what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and what the consequences were if they didn't do it or didn't do it adequately was precedential," he said.
If I was able to do what she could do, I would do it too, but I also am smart enough to know how I would do it, and I would do it exactly the way that she's doing it.
Because one thing I do fear is that the fresh ideas of what we're going to do about it, if you believe as I do, say, that you're going to work 20 hours a week, what do we do about that?
There are people who like to do [drugs], they want to do it, and they're going to do it.
"I have to do healthcare first, I want to do it first to really do it right," Trump said.
It depends if you want to do something yourself or do something that the company wants you to do.
Kimberly, what advice do you have for young people who want to do what you do for a living?
So as it fell apart, you know do you cancel the tickets, do you not, do you hold on.
How do you ... You know, whether it's Via or the pods, how do we do that for real food?
What do you hope to be able to do in a few years that we just can't do yet?
PERINO: Then, you know what you can do, you can do it in December, do it after the election.
I can't do what you do, but change needs to happen, so let's see what we can do together.
AC: Everything we do, everything we do, everything we do, every day, has to have an education component aspect.
So how do we react when the people with the power to do good choose instead to do nothing?
Idealized designs of many kinds ignore what objects do, or conceal what they do and how they do it.
I think what we do is we help people do the normal things that any other hospice would do.
Do what you need to do, but don't come in here and tell us how to do public safety.
But I do want to get into the idea of what you do because you do things well beyond.
They do stuff that people do with CDJs all the time but they just do it with their voices.
My preference would be we do it here, because if we don't do it, somebody else will do it.
" It got to the point where I'm just like, "I do what you do and I do it better.
I can do straight, or I can do curly, and some people would love the chance to do both.
I'm so grateful that we have our nation's protectors to do what they do and do it so well.
Do you like what you do, but dislike your colleagues or boss, or do you despise the actual tasks?
No one cares what you used to do or what you want to do — just what you actually do.
He says, "Do you guys mind if I do some ketamine?" and we're like yeah, actually, we do mind.
What does that do to inflation, what does it do to credit growth, what does it do to employment.
It has always been 'Do it the Apple way, do it the Facebook way, do it the Amazon way.
TRUMP: I said how does it do in fights, how do they do in fights with the F-35?
Don't do it for money or some other motivation do it because it is what you want to do.
Anyone should be able to do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do, and that's fabulous.
So, yes, I do enjoy it, but I don't do it as often as people probably think I do.
Do something really unique, and don't do it to get [something], do it because you just want to give.
TC: Do you tend to coach one person at a time or do you do your coaching in batches?
Da-n-do-da-n-do-da-n-do here I am, The only living boy in New York.
I'm a runner, I do yoga, I do pilates, I do SoulCycle and I'm just constantly mixing it up.
You called your show The Kardashians Made Me Do It. What do they have to do with jihadi brides?
Continue to do that and do it until the military tells us we're not allowed to do it anymore.
Do the movies do what movies can do, and biographies can't, to try to answer some of those questions?
And when I do that, it will create even more opportunities for me to do what I do best.
I'm called to do what God called me to do, and that's it, and I do it with passion.
"We do not do well with white men and we don't do well with married white women," Clinton said.
"For that reason, Amazon doesn't do firearms, they don't do tobacco, they don't do wine or alcohol," he said.
So when you do that, you do divestitures, you do acquisitions, you change, you introduce new products and services.
I do have some physical limitations, but am able to do most things that a typical person can do.
We do docs, and we do reality, but we want to do a lot of scripted and feature films.
Drill instructor: You will do what you're told to do, when you're told to do it, and without question.
If I tell his sister, when do I do it, and how do I explain my action to him?
How exactly do you do that, and how do you determine what shifts that makes in the mod itself?
We don't want to feel the way we do or take the things we do, but we do anyway.
I also think ... When you say they have to do something, what do mean they have to do something?
I prefer to do everything in-house: Do all the artwork in-house, do all the recording in-house.
He would give me something to do, and I would go do it, and I would do it well.
You can't do the things you hope to do until you believe you have the capacity to do them.
You do your research, and thankfully, there's great things now you can do to it and do about it.
What aspects of work do they find beneficial and what, do you think, do they wish they could change?
" With the African church, "they do music, they do screaming, they do chanting — and it's almost every single night.
But I do think we do focus more on trying to do well a certain number of things. Absolutely.
Even if you do all those things, how do you do them better than any of those three guys?
Those who want more immigration claim that immigrants do jobs that native-born Americans do not want to do.
We're going to continue to do the things we can do, and the things we can afford to do.
"I've just kind of been, 'Do what I want to do, when I want to do it," she said.
How do you think about writing now when you do have an audience that's online, you do have it.
Oh, the debate that I do — the one I do with Heidi is familiar, since I do parliamentary debate.
So it's about, you should do impossible things in VR. You shouldn't do things you would do otherwise. Yeah.
And so, you know, it's the politic thing to do and I usually do vote Republican, but ... Please do.
We didn't really think like "oh this band already does this" or "this band doesn't do that so let's do this," we just thought: What do we not do currently?
You see, unfortunately it's very difficult to do detailed videos about the work we do because when you do work, you don't really have the time to do a video.
How do you do ... do you follow, I assume you follow the stock price, but how do you ignore that or not let it creep into your day-to-day?
We do not know the amount, we do not know the terms, we do not know who is taking it and we do not know the government's obligation on it.
" I leaned in and said, "Man, do you want to do this here in front of your coworkers or do you want to go outside and do this like men?
You can't deny that they do, and to pretend that they do because of a certain age is just like ... Do they want it stupider, do they want it faster?
They will go to protest, and then the next day, if they do need to do anything, they will just do their job, do their work, go back to school.
So not only do they want to do better because it's the right thing to do, but they want to do better because there can be consequences if they don't.
Which is a combination of hardware and it's a combination of how do you operate it, how do you maintain it, how do you collect it, how do you make sure it doesn't get stolen, how do you make sure you don't lose it, how do you make sure you have good mechanics.
So how do we attack that, where do we spend that money and what do we do when we know that Russia is attacking the United States on the cyber front?
"Ultimately, I told him 'You have to do what you have to do and I will do what I have to do,'" King said of his discussion with McCarthy earlier Monday.
I don't do those things that I had anticipated doing nearly as much … but the things that I do do, I do with a hell of a lot more satisfaction. Purpose.
I was hit by more countries and more pressure and more people calling, begging me, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it, I said, we have to do it.
No, you actually want the computer to do things that it can do best, but still have a teacher to do the things that a teacher, another human, can do best.
His messages have been simple: Do not expect Liverpool to lose; do not expect someone else to do you a favor; do not waste all the work you have put in.
If she can do it, if I can do it, if thousands of working moms who come in all sizes, shapes and ages can do it - then YOU CAN DO IT!!!
A lot of American rappers do it a lot and even female singers do it, so what do you expect?
I'll do whatever I have to do just to make sure I do go vote even if it is difficult.
Do not buy it on iTunes, do not buy it on Amazon, and do not buy it on [my website].
" She recalled that he used to say, "What do you mean you can't do it, why can't you do it?
They just have to figure out, 'Okay, do I get shocked if I do this, or do I try this?
Witnesses testifying under subpoena do not get to pick and choose what they do and do not feel like answering.
"As women, we're conditioned to do everything, and we can do everything you just can't always do it at once."
But even if health care providers do want to offer addiction treatment, there are concerns: How do you do it?
Given that most people involved see Do Not Track as a failed experiment, what do we do with it now?
Every time you get to do more of something you already know how to do, you can do it better.
You can do what you can do, every single day, and I think most moms do the best we can.
"We do not condone, nor do we accept, nor do we stand behind the behavior that Bobby exhibited," he said.
And the way to try to do it is to do it that maximizes what both countries can do well.
TRUMP: What we want to do, when we want to do it, and how hard do we want to hit?
And if I do then the whole world could be telling me to not do it and I'll do it.
Some characters do get more to do than others, and some actors do make more of their roles than others.
Just remember to do all of the loving gestures you do on a typical day, except do them during sex.
And we should all think about that as journalists, to do it better, as people do, in what we do.
Do you guys ever do performances or recordings or things just out of doors, or do you get inspiration there?
If scientists ever do find solid proof that a gay gene exists, what do they plan to do with it?
But if I do choose to do a lip, I'll do a very clean eye and just keep it natural.
If I want to do a day of just not eating, I do it and just do water or juice.
And he will do what he wants to on the end as I would do what I want to do.
Do you like that new dynamic, or how do you feel toward it, or how do you think it's changed?
"Do not give in to fear, do not give in to division, do not give in to intimidation," Macron said.
If we do it, when we do it, we will do it when it's the right time for the company.
I will do whatever the committee wants to — Personally, do you think that's the best thing for us to do?
Do you a sense that you might have overpaid or do you feel – how do you feel about those assets?
They couldn't do it for their moms, they couldn't do it for themselves, and they couldn't do it for me.
"We do understand that there are forces out here that do not see the world as we do," White said.
So, first, what would you do about ... what do you do more about your third-party apps to police them?
We're all working mamas who love what we do and we get to do what we do because of you.
What they want to do, is do what they want to do, and not worry about what the law is.
We already know what to do because we do it every day, and we do it all over the world.
So, that would make it harder to do the CR but I do think it's fine to do the debt.
Google Now (and hopefully, Google Assistant) do a good job predicting what I want to do before I do it.
I said how does it do it in fights, and how do they do in fights with the F-35.
Just as enforcing competition law, we do it in the world, but we do not do it in political context.
They also do what they want to do and no one else is going to tell them what to do.
Their posture has to be, 'Whatever you decide to do, I am going to do what I have to do.
WARREN BUFFETT: Well, if you do-- if you do it, you do it with your own money and not Berkshire's.
"I didn't do the project, I decided not to do the project, so I didn't do it," he said Thursday.
In those situations, we asked, 'What do we have to do?' instead of 'What is the right thing to do?
Do you want to be engaged, do you want to participate more, do you want to deepen your economic relations?
"If I can help a person do something tomorrow that they didn't do today, that's what I want to do."
No longer do they suggest that households do not want to do all off their financial transactions in one place.
And what I have endeavored to do every day in the Senate is do what I said I would do.
I hoard my time, I steal my time, I do everything I can to do what I want to do.
What do you think mainstream media is doing right and what do you think they really need to do better?
It is creating an incentive for governors to do more, for mayors to do more, for companies to do more.
They were the right deals to do, and we'll do the right deals to do now for a new service.
The app can do a lot, probably equal to what four travel apps could do, but it can't do everything.
The pitch was we're gonna do a bunch of things that you don't particularly do typically or do that well.
What we do with [The Centrist Project] is support independent candidates, we do a lot of things that parties do.
What do you do, and what tech equipment do you need to have at the ready for these sudden interviews?
The president wants to do a lot of things and is not willing to do what other politicians would do.
So the question is what do you compromise on, what do you hold firm on, what do you push on?
"We do not insert stories artificially into trending topics, and do not instruct our reviewers to do so," he said.
And so do you feel like, do you regret not staying private then, smoothing out things as you do this?
People have this view that the military can do anything, and because it can do anything, it should do everything.
DARGIS Seriously, white people just need to do better — we do, people at this paper do, the movie industry does.
Whatever you do, give it your all and your best, and do it with passion and do it with purpose.
And that's what he's trying to do and what he's trying to do is to do it the right way.
"The Indians do not speak our language, they do not have money, they do not have culture," he once said.
In other words, states' corporate handouts do not have sufficient power to do the things that politicians say they do.
Trump, it seems, will do everything he can to do everything Obama did not do — for better or for worse.
If I can't do that, then I'm going to do another job because I would have nothing to do here.
We have people in Washington ... telling teachers what they should do without asking teachers, 'What do you want to do?
I would never want to see my teachers have to do that and neither do they want to do that.
The way I think you do this is, since we're all ordered to do it, is you simply do it.
"My friends who do what I do, they're all looking at television to do different kinds of stories," Frank said.
Or do they do what many of The Guy's customers do, and attempt to stifle their anxiety with a vice?
"You can always do anything; it's just you might do it funny, so I definitely do things funny," Hockenberry said.
" Or "What do you think I could do?" because people are like, "Well nobody ever asked me to do that.
" "The question is, what do you do about it.
Where do ... Do you see any finishing of this?
Let me do ... Which one do you want first?
How do they ... How do we work with them?
What do you -- how do you respond to that?
"  "What do we do with our enemies in war?
" "If we want to do it, we'll do it.
"  "Everything you can do wrong there, they do it.
What do you -- how do you respond to that?
With an -- BURNETT: What do the North Koreans do?
If you do … if you do, it all stops.
What do you – how do you value this stuff?
" Crawford adds, "What else do I need to do?
The violent shaking stopped — now what do you do?
" His mentor, Yoda, replied sternly, "Do or do not.
" It's: "Do we even care enough to do so?
" It's always the question, "How do you do it?
If you do the crime — you'll do the time.
TRUMP: You understand what —— SANGER: I do, I do.
How do you manage those channels -- do you try?
" Or, "We're gonna do our best to do so.
" He added, "You do what you have to do.
" I thought, "Oh no, what do I do now?
So what do you — do you have any ideas?
They have work to do — just like we do.
Or do you think ... They do an okay job.
" They asked, "Do we permit him to do that?
The Fed can do -- can do a lot, obviously.
But detectives do not run criminal cases — prosecutors do.
I do not — I do not have three queens.
Their mission — do I have to do this part?
"Well … I do … I do declare," he said, grinning.
But what do Democrats do — they threw it away.
So … KS: What do you do to your knives?
And so there is this ... What do they do?
"I don't do what I don't want to do, but if I want to do it, get out of the goddamn way because I'm going to do it!" he told the magazine.
That felt important to me to do, that felt easy for me to do, that felt fun for me to get to do, that felt reasonable for me to get to do.
I'm trying to figure out how do we do something about all this, but how do I also do it and keep myself sane — because this shit makes me sad, you know?
The reason I wanted to do it, and do still want to do it, is [that] it has something more to do with expression and connection with a readership and an audience.
Where do we need to be, and how do we get there, and how do we get there as fast as possible, and how do we all work together to get there?
"I know what I need to do and if I can do that, do what I do in every race weekend preparation-wise, then we'll see how we get on," she said.
" Many workers, he said, decided to have the device implanted "because they were informed and told exactly what it can do and can't do, and what it does do and doesn't do.
I mean, we can do things that other people don't like to do or their lawyers don't like them to do.
"I felt like I had to do it, and I still do feel like I had to do it," he said.
We cannot make them do that, but all our hotels are compliant with union rules and so they do do that.
You've got to figure out how do you make them synchronize better, how do they behave differently, how do they optimize?
They do it for school; outside of school, they do it for work; outside of work, they do it for fun.
Machines will be singing the song, 'Anything you can do, I can do better; I can do anything better than you'.
So do I think that … I think that we've got to do what we've got to do and look at cases.
How do you feel about, say, a young girl who watched your flight and would want to do what you do?
But also how the world may view certain moments and what people do or do not do when confronted with that.
Do you go to burger shops, do you go to taco shops or do you eat healthy — kale and juice, etc.
"For us to do to what we want to do, we all got to want to do it," the lawmaker said.
Movies or TV do it a little bit better than we do, or do it more than the theater I've experienced.
People who write and want to control the content — how do you do that, and how do you make a living?
"Democrats up here, we do mining, we do it well, and we do it in an eco-sensitive way," said Solberg.
Did it catch on based on our need to share with the world what we do and do not do right?
And because it is my own company and I do have the luxury to do that, I do make those changes.
I didn't think that a music company would do it, but I do think that an audio company would do it.
I mean, how do they -- do they just ignore the economy, or do they talk about maybe ISIS is coming back?
I lived my whole life asking, 'What do you want me to do and who do you want me to be?
You realize what you can and can't do, and when you do it that one time, you don't do it again.
She never asks me to do homework, asks for my grades, or do chores because she trusts me to do so.
It has nothing to do with being scary, but everything to do, but everything to do with ... We have two brands.
Current systems faithfully do what we tell them to do, even if it's not exactly what we meant them to do.
Remember, no collusion, has nothing to do with Donald Trump, nothing to do with the campaign, nothing to do with Russia.
I feel like it's something I am in a position to do, that I should do, that I need to do.
What one should do in such a situation So, what do you do if you spot a rattlesnake in your yard?
Another successful approach was to do what hedge funds were originally set up to do: hedge (not many do these days).
But how exactly do you do that, what can you expect, and what should you do to prepare for your appointment?
In other words, they do the least appetizing, most dreaded item on their to-do list before they do anything else.
"They came and told me to do it, to do it, to do it," Accel recalled as his brother looked on.
Hold yourself accountable and stop saying that you always have more work to do later — do it and do it now.
Instead, my big concern has to do with what right I have to do this thing I've always wanted to do.
"We do not comment on what we may do or may not do in the future," an Amazon spokesperson told Reuters.
You have to convince the user to do the thing you want them to do, not just make them do it.
Seriously, do it for your health — or do it for your sex life, or just do it because it feels good.
There's lots of ways to do it that you guys could theoretically do, but it's much harder for you to do.
I can do it through history, and I can do it through thinking forward, or I can do it through story.
They didn't want to do it, I didn't want to make them do it, but we both had to do it.
All the populist leader has to do is be different from the mainstream — to do what mainstream politicians would never do.
Today, we're no longer trusting machines just to do something, but to decide what to do and when to do it.
How do you create space, how do you get in front of people, how do you bootstrap your way to attention?
Do you know why, and do you have a response, do you have anything you want to say about that criticism?
"If you didn't do all that, you cannot do the rest we need to do in 21 months — impossible," Jourdan said.
"Very seldom do I do meet and greets anymore because I just don't know if I could do them," he says.
Historians do this not because it is the popular thing to do but because it is the ethical thing to do.
"If people can't do that, won't do that, don't do that, we will, of course, have to bring in tougher measures."
"Do you know how many other men do things that are — that do much worse than that?" she said to Kelso.
It was about having money to be able to do things I wanted to do, which we couldn't afford to do.
Or you can do things for the future, but what do you do for folks in the past with that burden?
"We've just got to play defense and not let them do up and down and do what they do," Lowry said.
And I'm absolutely certain it's possible to do business well and that's what we will do and we strive to do.
A história do nazismo mostra que as elites que se calaram diante do avanço do autoritarismo acabaram sendo engolidas por ele.
Don't just do something because a magazine told you to do it, do it because it's something that you really love.
You pray to know what to do but we have long since agreed to do nothing, so that's what we do.
"I do think they have given us an opportunity to find a way to continue to do the work we do."
Do you undo it at night and then, the next morning, do you get up and do it all over again?
And we're going to do it thoughtfully, we're going to do responsibly, we're going to do it consistent with our brand.
Ambassador Sondland replied that he's going to do it, adding that President Zelensky will do anything you ask him to do.
When they do have a tantrum as children sometimes do, you do things that are counterproductive just to keep them quiet.
NOTHING TO DO WITH ME However, the visits to Trump Turnberry do, in fact, have something to do with the president.
Make money ... do good ...make money ... do good... Do you think both men lay awake at night, thinking, "don't be evil"?
Bots will work side by side people doing what they do best and allowing people to do what they do best.
Where do we need fences, where do we need sensors, where do we simply need surveillance to get a secure border?
"Many of us who do addiction medicine love what we do and we wouldn't want to do anything else," Jarvis says.
When you have a new owner, do you have to say here's what we're doing, what do you want to do?
What do they do about discovery, and how do they think about Sirius and all those other things that they're around?
We were trying to get work people to do things instead of doing it on ... What do we do it on?
"I really think if there's something that you need to do, want to do, can afford to do, and got the nerve to do, I think you should do it if it's gonna make you feel better about yourself," Parton told Nightline in 2012.
I think we run into dangers when we allow our identities to push us around, to make us do things we don't actually want to do or need to do, just because we feel that's what a black person would do or that's what a white person would do or that's what a Republican person would do.
I think that gave me a little bit of leeway to do what I want to do, but also this attitude I have of: I'm going to do the thing I wanna do.
I have extreme privilege in being able to do what I do, but I didn't think I was going to be able to do what I do because of my queerness and fluidity.
Why do people sacrifice the middle term and the long term for the short term -- they often do that, but it&aposs wrong to do that, but it&aposs wrong to do that.
It's something you don't want to do because you do need your white players to do that for you, so you can go off together, how powerful it is, that will do something.
As a general rule, give them more than you think they can do  —  people complain more fervently about not having anything to do than about having more to do than they can do.
What can they do together, that they couldn't do alone?
She wants to understand why they do what they do.
What do they know – and what do they have wrong?
I don't do dairy anymore and do very little sugar.
"She knew what to do and how to do it."
People do not always do what they say they will.
We let Patagonia people do whatever they want to do.
What else do you do related to the online operations?
I was like, 'Why do I have to do this?
But do not do things like tear scorpions to pieces.
"What do you do for a living?" asked Ruby Roo.
Cats don't do their assignments the way that dogs do.
VH: Do you feel called to do this show now?
And what do you think men can do to contribute?
What do you do between hunts for the Northern Lights?
What do you do with the rest of your life?
And they learned to do what they needed to do.
Well, it's interesting because they do, they would do that.
Do you do anything around the taping of police officers?
Why do you do all the crazy shit you're doing?
You do that in LA. You do sort of serve.
I'm not going to do it just to do it.
Okay, But Do the Prophecies Actually Do Anything To Help?
Desus: Because we do it without trying to do it.
When he is not the president, what do you do?
That's what those holidays do, or were designed to do.
What do they do all day, behind those convent walls?
And that we can do — that we can definitely do.
I was determined to do what I needed to do.
PEOPLE: Do you ever do your own red carpet glam?
What in... how the fuck do I do my job?
We do happy baby pose, we do some child's pose.
If you're gonna do it big, do it big. Exactly.
BILA: But how do you -- how do you measure that?
Why do the men win twice what the woman do?
The question is, what do you do with the kids?
What do you think of the singer's colorful new do?
What do people want it to do that it can't?
It posits that people will do the things they do.
So what do the states do with all that money?
Why do you think this is okay to do this?
I think they do and a lot of people do.
What do you like to do in your off time?
When you want to do something, you can do it!
It's one of the things we do and do well.
Do you reckon you could do more shots than him?
They affect what we do -- and what we don't do.
ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: Do you do a pay equity here?
You do whatever you have to do and impeach Trump.
I mean, what you and Michelle- what do you do?
KS: How do we train people to do something else?
The things you couldn't do, now you can do them.
If they do, would weed even do anything for pain?
I do not think that's the proper thing to do.
People ask me, 'Do you do photo shoot makeup differently?
If you do well, you want to do it again.
So when you do that, what are you gonna do?
So what do you have to do to get that?
So, the question is what do we do about that.
But what do you imagine Hollywood needs to do now?
What do we have the right to do as Americans?
What do you do with this void in your heart?
Do your research and, ultimately, do what makes you happy.
What do you do to support the equal pay movement?
If India can do this, why can't America do this?
A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?
She said, 'You can do it, you can do it!
Why do so many other people do the same thing?
Why don't you do the job you're born to do?
I stretch post-run — do I need to do more?
Why do we keep asking Goldman to do so much?
The Europeans do have higher auto tariffs than we do.
Do you like democracy, or do you want a demagogue?
So, what do you do when it happens to you?
I just like to do shit I like to do.
PERINO: Well, I think journalist do try to do that.
The real question is what do you do about Syria?
What do you do when your Tesla's screen goes black?
Hallie, what do you think you need to do differently?
Do you feel safe now, or do you still worry?
It can do whatever the wearer wants it to do.
You had to do jobs you didn't want to do.
We want to do it more than they do. REP.
But what do crowns have to do with actual Catholics?
You... do you... do you not know how sequels work?
Clarity can't do everything Mint can do — not yet, anyway.
What do we do for our employees in these states?
Being like, Okay, thinking rationally here, what do we do?
How do these kids, us, how do we keep dying?
Do moms care more about their children than dads do?
We were like, 'What do you guys want to do?
And then what do you ... Why did you do that?
Do your… McFeely: Do my "kick in the teeth" answer?
What do you do if you're the world's richest man?
"Do you understand what you're about to do?" she asks.
I was going to do the best I could do.
And if I could do it, they could do it.
Do they have the right to do this to us?
"I'll let her do the teasing — I'll do the planning!"
People wanted to do the things they couldn't do before.
What do you think of the star's blunt new do?
He can't do anything, all he can do is obstruct.
But I have to do what I have to do.
We can do things that the other guy can't do.
Go outside, take selfies, do what you have to do.
Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do.
House Republicans do what Donald Trump tells them to do.
How do we convince people that we can do it?
And I do get to do it with my son.
What do they do when they're not harassing imperial shipments?
This one hurts like MJ. What do we do now?
If it's not fun, why do we even do this?
I just started to do what I wanted to do.
What do you do with this to make it work?
"We do not date like most people do," admitted Foehner.
So I asked Tim, 'What do you want to do?
I go out to do the best I can do.
The players do a great job here; they really do.
What do you do when democracy leads ineluctably to chaos?
Whatever you do, do not call Bumble a hookup app.
He'll do 40%, he says, and she can do 60%.
But we didn't do the things we needed to do.
And what do we do when we don't like something?
So what do U.S. companies have to do to change?
Don't do this, I don't allow you to do that.
But do they talk about it the way we do?
Whatever you do, do not use email to settle things.
So how do you create a fashionable thing to do?
And in 2016 what do you do when you win?
You do what the f— I tell y'all to do.
Do you have any confidence that they will do this?
CHARLIE MUNGER: Yeah, and you do do it, too, fast.
Do not do things that violate national security and interests.
"So do I, baby, so do I," I tell him.
They'll actually let you do what you want to do.
So how do the show and its creator do it?
As long as I can do it, I'll do it.
Republicans just do not know what they do not know.
What exactly do these forms of terrorism do to us?
Do fixers like Mr Calil do anything useful for Africa?
What do you each do outside of The Bowery Boys?
If they decided to do something, let them do it.
But once the ship has sailed, what do you do?
I'd much rather do it right than do it fast.
Do a little bit more, do a little bit better.
Do you have the willingness and discipline to do that?
What do you do in a governing environment like this?
Or do cities not do anything for you at all?
What do you do when you're confronted with that fact?
Do you hate these shirts as much as I do?
Whatever you do, do not try this at home. Seriously.
If we do it, we want to do it right.
" Peterson added: "But that's why I do what I do.
A lot of it is stuff I do actually do.
How do he and other champion competitive eaters do it?
I was like, 'What do you do with the box?
"What do you do when your dream dies?" she writes.
Governments are going to do what governments are going do.
What do you imagine our government will do around this?
What do you suppose Musk plans to do with
So, what do you do in "Beyond Good & Evil 2"?
Just do Texas a favor and don't do it. Please.
Photo: GettyWhat do you do when you finally have everything?
What do you expect people to do with that information?
I just can't do what you want me to do.
What do you think she should do with the ring?
" But he was like, "No—just do what you do.
They're forced to do things they don't want to do.
"Everything I do, I do it with love," he said.
Governments can affect our ability to do what we do.
They're going to do well, we're going to do well.
Did the characters do something you wish you could do?
But I do do a good bit of my stunts.
But what do you do to Facebook to prompt that?
But when they do flourish, so do our spirits.  pic.twitter.
Some do not even require the player to do anything.
Of course, we couldn't do everything we wanted to do.
Bijan: What do you do with the pictures you take?
Should I do it here, should I do it there?
It will do it well; it will do so artfully.
Do we want it and just not know we do?
We have to do this, we have to do this.
How many pushups do you want to do here, pal?
"Whatever is necessary to do, you do it," Fromme says.
I got the opportunity to do I Can Do That!
What do you do to live to be that old?
People who do what you do don't hear it enough.
Those who do not love do not know God. Why?
PERINO: What do you think I do on Thursday nights?
What do I need to do to achieve my goals?
Wow so do you recommend people do this regularly then?
You can do Enterprise, or you can do Kinder Morgan.
SR: What do you do with a person like that?!
I do not do email, never have and never will.
They just do what you expect USB ports to do.
What do you do when you're not teaching or supervising?
What do I do with myself in the real world?
We do believe in immigration, we do believe in acceptance.
And how do you do it without being a jerk?
So what do you do when you get to Mars?
And desperation lets people do things they'd never do otherwise.
But when I do, I know how I'll do it.
They can shout and do all they want to do.
But I chose to do what I chose to do.
If you do something, do it with passion and purpose.
I could ask her directly, 'How do you do it?
I can certainly do that and do stuff like that.
WALTER ISAACSON: Do you have the tools to do something?
When they eventually do, they sometimes do not even move.
That sounds great, but how do you actually do it?
It succinctly speaks to why I do what I do.
I do have semaphore code, I can do Morse code.
So if she could do it, you can do it.
What do you think of the star's bright, new do?
I will do whatever I have to do for Mexico.