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"hand" Definitions
  1. [countable] the part of the body at the end of the arm, including the fingers and thumb
  2. (in adjectives) using the hand or number of hands mentioned
  3. a hand [singular] (informal) help in doing something
  4. [singular] hand in something the part or role that somebody/something plays in a particular situation; somebody’s influence in a situation
  5. [countable] (usually in compounds) a part of a clock or watch that points to the numbers see also hour hand, minute hand, second hand
  6. [countable] a person who does physical work on a farm or in a factory
  7. [countable] a sailor on a ship
  8. (in compounds) by a person rather than a machine
  9. [countable] a set of playing cards given to one player in a game
  10. [countable] one stage of a game of cards
  11. [singular] (old use) a particular style of writing see also freehand

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"hand" Synonyms
palm fist mitt paw duke manus metacarpus nief nieve fin hook meathook meat hook appendage grip bunch of fives clenched fist clasp grasp clutch worker laborer(US) labourer(UK) employee hireling workman artisan workperson operative roustabout workwoman craftsman crewman deckhand jobholder peon sailor artificer farmhand helper help aid assistance support abetment backing boost relief succor(US) assist lift succour(UK) abettance favor(US) favour(UK) kindness helping hand leg up good turn encouragement part share involvement participation role influence agency task capacity position job function work place responsibility office duty post business purpose handwriting writing calligraphy longhand penmanship script chirography letters pen scrawl scribble manuscript lettering autograph print characters pencraft manuscription hieroglyphics clap applause ovation handclap handclapping big hand round of applause standing ovation thunderous reception burst of applause golf clap slow handclap cheering plaudits cheers clapping raves praise acclaim acclamation pointer indicator needle index arrow marker finger small hand cursor icon guide gauge(UK) gage(US) mark dial register mouse pointer sign signal control power authority command charge keeping jurisdiction management thrall say-so clout ascendancy sovereignty hold pull rule dominion domination possession custody disposal ownership care guardianship proprietorship supervision occupancy clutches enjoyment hands owndom tenure possessorship aspect facet angle phase side feature point characteristic dimension strand factor ingredient particular detail twist posture slant regard sense respect expert adept master virtuoso ace maestro wizard connoisseur guru hotshot cognoscente maven proficient crackerjack geek whiz artist meister scholar flank wing face boundary border verge edge rim margin perimeter bank periphery fringe brink lip limit brim signature John Hancock seal inscription moniker name endorsement undersignature dedication token initials designation stamp sigil indication mariner seaman seafarer salt tar navigator hearty gob swabbie swab shipman swabby jack bluejacket matelot boatman marine pilot mate charity donation contribution gift benefaction alms endowment offering largesse philanthropy donations beneficence funding subsidies almsgiving gifting deal break luck fate fortune circumstance opportunity happenstance destiny start prospect shot chance play convenience approach crack liberty avenue holding title claim use deed piece slice buying cut property purchase purchasing takeover having proprietary rights collaboration association cooperation alliance collusion complicity connection engagement partnership relationship affiliation attachment connivance inclusion incrimination inculpation input presence arm forelimb limb biceps triceps upper arm upper limb flipper pinna member flapper organ dorsal fin leg foot extremity round distribution game single game cut and shuffle touch character effect impression direction trait weight fingerprint handling imprint method significance technique attribution criterion diagnostic differentia rancher farmer landowner livestock farmer planter smallholder squire cattleman cowboy cowgirl cowhand cowpoke gaucho shepherd herdsman stockman cowman cowpuncher buckaroo herder quarter loin thigh haunch hip ham pleuron hindquarter rump upper leg buttock hunkers posterior buns buttocks view viewpoint opinion stance standpoint understanding consideration determination estimation interpretation judgment(US) outlook perspective persuasion stylus graphium style stylus pen writing utensil present boon handout award freebie prezzie conferment giveaway bequest concession freebee legacy perk perquisite presentation provision reward souvenir give pass transfer provide offer reach buck bung chuck tender throw toss hand over pass to deliver to give over hand over to let someone have convey to transfer to dispense distribute administer furnish supply allocate apportion deliver feed portion prorate deal out dole out mete out parcel out issue allot commit consign entrust delegate commend confide trust vest intrust leave recommend repose transmit turn over convey lead conduct manual hand-operated non-automatic not automatic laborious human labouring(UK) laboring(US) physical labor-intensive work-intensive not automated done by hand blue-collar non-automated standard done with one's hands manipulative dextrous(UK) dexterous(US) More
"hand" Antonyms
foot check encumbrance obstruction prevention release silence employer gaffer hindrance master unemployed hurt ignorance inability injury weakness impediment obstacle handicap block deterrent hurdle bar snag barrier trammel drawback inhibition difficulty restriction booing catcalls boo hissing abuse ridicule heckling jeers mockery jibes derision disapproval blame criticism nonpossession amateur inexpert nonexpert dabbler potterer dilettante tinkerer layman putterer newbie noob novice follower student imbecile blockhead dodo dolt dope dumbbell dummy dunce fathead goon half-wit hammerhead idiot knucklehead moron nitwit numbskull boss supervisor manager manageress director foreman leader chief executive CEO management chief superintendent overseer president slavedriver administrator managing director principal meanness miserliness selfishness stinginess stealing taking uncharitableness unkindness print type typewriting antagonist enemy opponent archenemy assailant attacker counteraction disputant fifth column invader nemesis opposition villain adversary angries bandit competitor contender crip foe whole middle torso back inside rear extremity reality centre(UK) heart core end center(US) interior landlubber uninvolvement disengagedness disinterest disinterestedness neutrality nonpartisanship detachment lease renting body division main workwoman worker laborer(US) labourer(UK) operator workhand disagreement misunderstanding mess hodgepodge jumble disarrangement clutter disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) mishmash muddle discouragement pessimism lack of confidence lack of enthusiasm lack of support despair hopelessness dispiritedness disheartenment disappointment demoralization(US) despondency depression downheartedness dejection discomfiture worry dismay sadness melancholy set collection assemblage whole thing front subjugation domination subjection subjugating conquest dominating overpowering subduing subjecting vanquishing fun unemployment retain hold keep reserve withhold hold back keep back take take away from diminish lessen reduce undermine refuse deny receive save disapprove veto conceal accept cease maintain refrain reject stop suppress hide secrete screen detain cancel get acquire collect obtain draw gain have secure appropriate come by derive gather pick up pocket procure reap seize accede to agree to consent to say yes to retract withdraw recant renege renege on recall reverse revoke recede backtrack on go back on take back automatic mechanical holy clerical priestly pastoral pontifical religious spiritual churchly divine ecclesiastical hieratic ministerial parsonical parsonish prelatic rectorial sacred apostolic canonical cleric

862 Sentences With "hand"

How to use hand in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "hand" and check conjugation/comparative form for "hand". Mastering all the usages of "hand" from sentence examples published by news publications.

This is how the world changes: not petition by petition, but hand to hand to hand to hand to hand.
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Turn your children into makers at this Brooklyn festival celebrating all things woven, hammered, chiseled, soldered, hand sewn, hand shaped, hand dyed, hand carved and hand printed.
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Hand washing is also more effective than hand sanitizer, though hand sanitizer can be used when hand washing is not an option.
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Its Macs and iPhones work hand in hand with features like Hand-off and Continuity.
I went from a semiotics of the hand through gesture to actually hand-making, hand-stitching.
I don't want the hand, wouldn't wish the hand on others and never asked for the hand.
Do you have to imagine the third hand fourth hand fifth hand, or your tail like in Avatar?
Bush appeared to hand something from his left hand to his right hand, then on to Mrs. Obama.
"She was playing the right hand just fine, and then it came time for her to play her left hand, but instead of pushing the keys down with her left hand, she had her left hand in position, but she reached over with her right hand and used her right hand to push her left-hand fingers down on the keys," Pilarowski said.
On the one hand, viral success speaks to the way that social media and visibility go hand-in-hand.
On the other hand, Netflix and Ms. Raggi worked hand in hand to prepare this year's Christmas-tree extravaganza.
" Similarly, at 20A, the answer to "Transfer, as in a bucket brigade" in the grid is HAND PASS HAND, which translates to the familiar phrase "PASS from HAND to HAND.
"The first time we did it I was able to think 'open my hand' and I opened my hand, and think 'close my hand' and I closed my hand," Burkhart said.
"You would think a hand tool is a hand tool is a hand tool, but as the car becomes more electronic, the demand for hand tools has gotten greater," he said.
"LGBT rights is going hand in hand with women's rights, it is going hand in hand with religious freedoms for minorities, they are all in slow decline in Indonesia," Harsono said.
The right-hand side of the brain controls the left-hand side of the body, and the left-hand side of the brain controls the right-hand side of the body.
She recommends CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream, Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, and La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Hand Cream.
" The two things, he said, "go hand in hand.
" He responded that the two go "hand in hand.
We're told, the satin bomber jacket was hand-cut and hand-sewn ... and had 4,000 Swarovski crystals hand-placed into it.
Officials' alarm at the President's actions was typically based on second-hand, third-hand, and even fourth-hand rumors and innuendo.
That is because diagnosis and treatment go hand in hand.
The lyrics and music needs to go hand in hand.
"We work hand in hand with the Mexicans," she said.
American football and homosexuality haven't historically gone hand in hand.
"Pizza and sports go hand in hand," Daniels told CNBC.
I think the two work pretty much hand in hand.
CHRISTIANITY and conservation have not always gone hand in hand.
Achieving success and making tough decisions go hand in hand.
Productivity and a good night's rest go hand in hand.
Decision rights often go hand in hand with ownership rights.
The clown waves a hand… but it's not his hand.
All of these crimes tend to go hand in hand.
We work literally hand in hand with design and engineering.
Were met with anger as they protested hand in hand
You are coming down with me, hand in unlovable hand.
I lead the four, hand in hand, into the garden.
That goes hand in hand with what we are doing.
Where are they standing side by side, hand in hand?
Mass hysteria and rock 'n' roll go hand in hand.
I yelled at him, 'grab my hand, grab my hand.
Feel water run over hand though your hand remains dry.
In fact, if you're smart, they go hand in hand.
Hand in Hand will host a benefit telethon on Sept.
He thanked Heller for working "hand in hand" with him.
Chriss, on the other hand, tends to force his hand.
They were photographed leaving the ceremony together hand in hand.
Subscriptions and services, of course, go together hand in hand.
Sneakers, he said, went hand in hand with that culture.
Fire in the Amazon goes hand in hand with deforestation.
Felt the dewy touch of his hand in my hand.
New technologies often go hand in hand with cashless businesses.
Turns out fame and intelligence don't go hand in hand!
To me, teaching moments and travel go hand in hand.
Environmental crackdown goes hand in hand with "unofficial" sector crackdown.
That's why also the album is called Hand in Hand.
But it goes hand in hand with the outsider thing.
I feel like it goes hand and hand as well.
"Robotics and machine learning go hand in hand," he said.
But simplification and modernization don't automatically go hand in hand.
But I think those two things go hand in hand.
Weather and trouble walk hand in hand in Trethewey's work.
We were together hand in hand for most of it.
Biometrics and consumer technology have long gone hand in hand.
And we think that those things go hand in hand.
Law and order can go hand in hand with humanity.
Surrounded by danger, Fatherland, we all stand hand in hand.
The right hand and the left hand, it's Floyd Mayweather!
Or that your right hand is actually your left hand.
Fandom and fanaticism made their historical appearance hand in hand.
Updating the solutions and frameworks should go hand in hand.
I think those two things absolutely go hand in hand.
And truth and reality don't necessarily go hand in hand.
The hand of the artist meets the hand of artifice.
Hand gestures include the extended arm for a selfie, crossed fingers, handshake, "call me" hand, fist bump and raised back of hand.
The handlebar is intended for gripping with only one hand, allowing riders to give hand signals to others with their free hand.
The hand icon will turn blue and the text below it will switch to say "Lower Hand" while your hand is raised.
"He put his hand on the glass and I put my hand up to his hand and he just cried," Blanca said.
"When I'm doing makeup that requires a steady hand, I grab the wrist of my drawing hand with my free hand," she reveals.
So it's not my hand – it's Poppy [Delevingne]'s husband's hand.
Apocalyptic threats go hand in hand with missile and nuclear development.
Good old Adrastos the Logician, engaging in hand to hand combat.
I find that struggle and wisdom usually fall hand in hand.
"His personality went hand in hand with that outfit," Colon continues.
"The weather and Texas festivals [go] hand in hand," says Afra.
Empathy and cooperation should go hand in hand in combatting terrorism.
Express your sorrow, hand them a dollar, hand them your leftovers.
And don't they go hand in hand most times, you know.
Soon, however, Fonsia is winning hand after hand, racking up points.
But pills and nose candy go hand in hand with Hollywood.
"I believe that those two work hand in hand," she said.
They also enjoyed a meal together before leaving hand in hand.
One in the right hand and one in the left hand!
Trump has the upper hand and the Democrats have no hand.
But in some scenarios, science and safety go hand in hand.
For most of us, happiness and confidence go hand in hand.
Typically, the investigation and remediation go hand in hand, said Whitmore.
He said his hand was moving, the corpse's hand was moving.
"We know drugs and crime go hand in hand," Sessions said.
Lovato and the majestic animal seem to go hand in hand.
It turns out that the two go together hand in hand.
Being depressed and being maternal don't exactly go hand in hand.
Martial arts and animals go together—they go hand in hand.
Foreign aid is not a hand out; it's a hand up.
"One hand giveth, the other hand taketh away," he told CNN.
"Environmental protection and economic prosperity go hand in hand," Trump added.
Bayh, on the other hand, has almost $9.3 million on hand.
His debauchery went hand in hand with an obsession with Garland.
Advanced technology and national power have always gone hand in hand.
The terms that were used were they walked hand in hand.
I want to talk a bit specifically about Hand in Hand.
I believe that public art and urbanism go hand in hand.
This all goes hand in hand with Haraway's non-naturalist philosophy.
We had a little hand in raising him, a little hand.
Secrecy also often goes hand in hand with limited financial literacy.
For Ellis, fame and controversy have always gone hand in hand.
What percentage of hand pass whistles are for actual hand passes?
However, hand sanitizer does not remove bacteria (as hand soap does).
Ms. Das views cinema and politics as going hand in hand.
Denial goes hand in hand with other forms of ideological extremism.
He'd hand me a suitcase, and I'd hand him an envelope.
Why does more parentese go hand in hand with language acquisition?
Too often for the Mets, those go hand in blistered hand.
Instructor: Grab ahold of my right hand with your right hand.
Often, the dancers band together, hand in hand, arm in arm.
Working hand in hand with her ranking member then-Democrat Sen.
There's this amazing hand roll place called Daigo Hand Roll Bar.
DIY and Apple don't particularly go hand-in-hand, but on the other hand, didn't the company just tell us to "share your gifts"?
So philanthropy is doing good with its left hand and bad with its right hand — and the right hand has a lot more money.
Then he says he brought his hand up to her hand -- NOT her breast -- and brought her hand to his lips for a kiss.
For people of all ages, hand washing is preferable to hand sanitizer, though sanitizer is a decent option if hand washing is not possible.
Fine, here's an 80-year-old couple who finished their last marathon together hand-in-hand: In 1986, Kay and Joe O'Regan crossed the finish line of the London Marathon, their first one together, hand in hand.
Throughout the eons of entertainment, the two have gone hand in hand.
"It shows that they go hand-in-hand," Garber said by email.
The two went hand in hand Friday as Williams dismantled Elise Mertens.
I want to close my hand, she thinks, and the hand complies.
Hand wraps brace the wrist and compact the bones of the hand.
They were spotted arriving hand-in-hand at Craig's in West Hollywood.
They cross through the turnstiles together, hand-in-hand, like lost children.
Impact doesn't have to go hand-in-hand with controversy, she said.
Obviously this needs to go hand-in-hand with the baseball cap.
This goes hand in hand with our brain's tendency toward cognitive laziness.
But colonization, colonialism — they go hand in hand with misogyny and patriarchy.
But it turns out that risk and potential go hand in hand.
Like peas in a pod, they go together hand in hand — literally.
I definitely think [mental health problems and addiction] go hand in hand.
The top hand will protect the bottom hand from injury during impact.
The rebound comes hand in hand with looser credit conditions this year.
Literally his left hand doesn't know what his right hand is doing.
And they walked hand-in-hand with Jones for his last bow.
They're not going to walk out into the sunset hand in hand.
The left-hand may not know what the right hand is doing.
Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are tackling their problems hand-in-hand.
I place my hand over a signer's hand and feel the signs.
It's hardly a secret that fall and layering come hand-in-hand.
"Workplace safety goes hand in hand with workplace equity," its authors write.
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Knowing we'd worked hand-in-hand made victory all the more satisfying.
This idea on the one hand, the other hand, is really disingenuous.
Tuesday in L.A., hand-in-hand and smiling gleefully while doing it.
Being the breadwinner doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand with financial confidence.
We barely hand-wash our dishes; forget about hand-washing our cashmere.
Hand in hand with water safety is the issue of proper sanitation.
"Tax reform and spending reductions go hand-in-hand," wrote the group.
The doctor uses the top hand to press on the patient's hand.
Politics and the Olympics have gone hand-in-hand for a century.
Nah, they go hand in hand, although they're definitely not the same.
He picked up the basketball and flipped it from hand to hand.
At MUNCHIES, we know that weed and food go hand in hand.
And economic freedom has gone hand-in-hand with these positive developments.
Narrator: Recruits are trained in different styles of hand-to-hand combat.
Simply put, weight and healthcare cost reductions can go hand in hand.
Drill instructor: Grab hold of my right hand with your right hand.
My first memory is holding my dad's hand and my mother's hand.
He has killed many men in WWII in hand-to-hand combat.
This would go hand-in-hand with a general casualization of society.
She reached across the table and laid her hand over my hand.
As one approaches "Hand in Hand," small excerpts of text become legible.
The service will soon expand to hand-painting, airbrushing and hand embroidery.
In 2014, issues surrounding VA choice and accountability went hand in hand.
Taking action on climate change goes hand-in-hand with economic growth.
We tend to assume that health and beauty go hand-in-hand.
"Conversations around harassment and discrimination have gone hand in hand," Morgan said.
Admitting when you're wrong goes hand-in-hand with asking for input.
The best understands that U.S. interests and values go hand in hand.
But the makers are working hand in hand with the auto companies.
Regardless, his handmade, hand-rolled, hand-delivered dumplings are the real deal.
There isn't a lot of hand-to-hand combat going on, either.
The Iranians know that vainglory and timidity often go hand in hand.
More From Tonic: Binge Eating Often Goes Hand in Hand With ADD
But any raise must come hand-in-hand with genuine ethics reform.
Democrats have the upper hand and they should play the upper hand.
Maintaining order and preventing crime, the two argued, go hand in hand.
It seems like magic and getting high go pretty hand in hand.
Rather, we need to combat the virus by working hand in hand.
"They go hand-in-hand and are often stronger together," she explains.
Issues were produced in Moscow and then passed from hand-to-hand.
But viewed from today's perspective, the two objectives go hand-in-hand.
Editorial Working hard and getting ahead used to go hand in hand.
They're very hand in hand, and that seemed more human to me.
On campus, conservative politics and conservative faith usually go hand in hand.
"We know that drugs and crime go hand in hand," he said.
This is not about giving a hand out, but a hand up.
Where risks become uninsurable, states and firms may work hand-in-hand.
The film is driven by explosions, gunfights and hand-to-hand combat.
People in love would jump across the snapping flames, hand in hand.
LEFT HAND, RIGHT HAND: Sustainability disclosures by European companies generally poor: study.
Mental health, and extremism, [and] conspiratorial thinking can go hand in hand.
Yes, they should engage in hand-to-hand combat in the capital.
This is important because obesity and diabetes often go hand in hand.
After all, Social Security isn't a hand out; it's a hand up.
To Francisca, love and punishment, titillation and torture go hand in hand.
Low interest rates usually go hand in hand with a weaker currency.
All too often, traveling and working out don't go hand in hand.
Male desire — and passive lack of accountability — go hand in awkward hand.
And when you move the hand controllers it's like real hand movements.
Well. Byredo Suede Hand Wash sells for $20183, Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash sells for $22018, and Le Labo Hinoki Hand Soap sells for $21.50.
It rained as he held her hand and held her hand and held her hand and it rained when his mum brought Orion to hospital.
Here are the best hand creams for dry, chapped hands:Best hand cream overall: O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand CreamBest for soothing relief: Eucerin Intensive Repair Enriched LotionBest organic hand cream: The Naked Bee Moisturizing Hand & Body LotionBest for intense repair: Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair BalmBest time-saving treatment: NatraCure Gel Moisturizing GlovesUpdated on 10/22/19 by Remi Rosmarin: Updated formatting, links, and prices.
" Shelina Janmohamed, vice president of Ogilvy Noor, said: "The rise in modest fashion over the last decade has come hand in hand with the emergence of 'Generation M': Muslims who believe that faith and modernity go hand in hand.
After knitting the fabric on a hand-operated knitting machine, she then crochets and hand knits embellishments onto the fabric before hand embroidering the final details.
El Niño has a hand in the February and other monthly temperatures records we've been observing, but not the only hand, not even the winning hand.
Kim and Kanye West walked in hand in hand to celebrate a friend's birthday but ya gotta hand it to her ... her outfit stole the show.
Cuba claims in the vid, he brought his hand up to her hand -- NOT her breast -- and brought her hand to his lips for a kiss.
Something I've learned is that beauty goes hand in hand with self-love.
The pair looked relaxed as they walked hand-in-hand through the streets.
After grabbing lunch at Joan's on Third, they strolled off hand-in-hand.
They walked through the forest hand-in-hand, continuing their tour-long PDA.
"It was cyber-hand-to-hand combat," recalls Pittsburgh US attorney David Hickton.
But also we want it to go hand-in-hand with the visuals.
Netflix binge-watching doesn't need to go hand in hand with food binging.
Often hand in hand, the couple chatted with fellow guests like Maria Menounos.
I could move a mixed grill when your hand is in my hand.
Happy families walk hand in hand as they take their children to school.
IF normally goes hand in hand with a more "flexible" approach to dieting.
The two things go hand in hand and they feed on each other.
He put my hand on his penis and masturbated himself with my hand.
The World Bank argues that regional and global integration go hand in hand.
In the past, low unemployment went hand in hand with juicy pay rises.
The politics and the music go hand-in-hand; it's an alternative lifestyle.
But protection of the environment and economic benefit can go hand in hand.
It's upsetting those two go hand-in-hand now because of social media.
On one hand you've got private, on the other hand you've got public.
Hand in hand with my dim confidence came a non-existent love life.
He replied to Jones' tweet with a raised-hand and waving-hand emoji.
Two halls away, strings of kindergarteners in playgroups ran past hand in hand.
AmazonFresh offers both attended delivery (hand-to-hand drop-off) or doorstep delivery.
That's a policy that "goes hand in hand" with reducing inequality, she said.
I think that writing about women goes hand in hand with horror writing.
One blonde slides her hand behind the other's palm and grips her hand.
Hand in hand our family is basking in the phenomenon of it all.
Having the proper insurance goes hand-in-hand with having an emergency fund.
Students also participate in shooting, martial arts and hand-to-hand fighting competitions.
And they ended it the same way they started it — hand-in-hand.
Fat Derangement Syndrome goes hand-in-hand with a profound lack of empathy.
He attended the Creative Arts Emmys hand-in-hand with a new beau.
Google made it a right hand and Microsoft made it a left hand.
Now, of course, Jim White and Transfer Deadline Day go hand in hand.
They make their way over to his car in silence, hand-in-hand.
Plentiful credit has gone hand in hand with a decline in credit standards.
When he left the courthouse, he walked out hand-in-hand with Pesce.
She's a mother, a wife, hand-in-hand with the Duke of Edinburgh.
Use your right hand to pull the other hand back to your chest.
The pair posed hand in hand while Stefani wowed in a sheer, red.
"Without saying a word, Lucy put her hand over her hand," Jankowski claimed.
For years, researchers have found that happiness and creativity go hand in hand.
The hand-sanitizer humanitarian Most hand sanitizers kill only 99.99 percent of germs.
"Batons and hand-to-hand fighting always results in serious injury," he said.
Religion and technology are not two phrases that often go hand in hand.
"Futurism and sound economic practices can absolutely go hand in hand," said Moran.
Amanda and Robby were hand-in-hand for a weekend stroll in WeHo.
Obama described the encounter as involving "hand-to-hand combat" with multiple adversaries.
They were smiling and hand in hand as they got into Madison's whip.
We got video of the couple leaving the station ... walking hand in hand.
All these descriptions go hand in hand with the usual family sitcom clichés.
When he left the courthouse, he walked out hand-in-hand wth Pesce.
Engaging in hand-to-hand combat with a Groucho Marx impersonator in Rouen?
Such sightings go hand-in-hand with new tactics from the Islamic State.
FOR generations, oil and stability have gone hand in hand in Saudi Arabia.
Stronger environmental stewardship and responsible natural resource development can go hand in hand.
That's a shame because access and profits can easily go hand in hand.
She has my wallet in her hand and my keys in her hand.
The Hamburger Helper hand was called Helping Hand before earning his name, Lefty.
"When we go on about 'hand-painted, hand-dyed,' it's real," she said.
Try a pumpkin cheesecake — slow cookers and cheesecake recipes go hand in hand.
Generally, smoking and daily pot use were found to go hand-in-hand.
"The hand ball was not a hand ball," defender Geoff Cameron told reporters.
I didn't put my hand on her hand and say, You dropped these.
Refreshingly light mozzarella went hand-in-hand with the tomato and roasted pepper.
"What IT and security needs is to work hand in hand," Morley said.
Cubans listened to their music in secret, passing records from hand to hand.
"Hand in hand with Trump, we will try to work together," he said.
The smell of death and the smell of flowers went hand in hand.
There's a different hand speed, a quickness to the hand and the arm.
"They went hand in hand, together, and jumped into the pool," Monica said.
Those two designations have gone hand-in-hand less than you might think.
The sublime and the mundane stumble into the Norwood night, hand in hand.
Magic Stone and its ilk allow the two to go hand in hand.
During this era, hand-to-hand street fighting gave way to gun violence.
Americans who made it to the beach faced brutal hand-to-hand combat.
Because now more than ever before music and fashion go hand in hand.
"The nationalistic politics and theology goes hand in hand now," Mr. Hegar said.
My son is autistic — sensory processing issues go hand in hand with autism.
This fear goes hand in hand with a fear that immigrants won't assimilate.
I allowed myself to imagine the feel of his hand in my hand.
When the hand was found, Krug disappeared, and the hand was buried. Mrs.
Hand washing is simple and cheap — you likely have the supplies on hand.
"Sound and music go hand in hand with yoga for me," Elsz said.
City waterfronts have been changing everywhere, often hand in hand with private development.
The mattress is finished using a hand-slipped closure and hand side stitching.
Then, hand over hand, the boys release their burden, and down goes Adnan.
And I do think that civility goes hand in hand with being hopeful.
Other pictures showed her and Devante walking hand-in-hand while carrying toolboxes.
The attack led to extensive surgery to Kvitova's left hand, her playing hand.
"We worked hand in hand with CDC to resolve the issues with manufacturing."
Mr. Enciso added: "The government is walking hand in hand with the guilty."
New York (CNN Business)Investing and romance may not go hand in hand.
The bouquet is wired to one hand; the other hand is rigidly raised.
"A strong economy and clean environment must go hand in hand," they said.
It become a hand-to-mouth existence, with her hand to his mouth.
"One right hand, one left hand to the face, ma'am," Officer Thomas said.
In general for me, an artist's work and beliefs go hand in hand.
He extended his hand—an enormous hand on an incredibly skinny, pale wrist.
Cofounder Harris runs product-development engineering, working hand-in-hand with Benioff, too.
But hand in hand with those woes have been the Mets' defensive limitations.
That means its top-notch gear comes hand-in-hand with conservation work.
Here in the U.S., copyright enforcement and balancing provisions go hand-in-hand.
You may hand the cashier your card but he'll hand it right back.
Thus, it's no surprise that nationalism and genocide often go hand in hand.
Obviously, these problems go hand in hand, and solutions have been frustratingly elusive.
That growth has come hand in hand with more channels — and price increases.
Rahr says adequate training and a change in culture go hand in hand.
And they are working hand in hand to move the President's agenda forward.
The state's compassionate conservatism goes hand-in-hand with an unusually functional bureaucracy.
It only shows that more activity goes hand-in-hand with greater happiness.
Yang says he was charged with teaching the recruits hand-to-hand fighting.
But it's classic billionaire nonsense — success and lawsuits needn't go hand in hand.
Meyer's hand soap is $3.49, while hand sanitizer is totally out of stock.
The critical disparagement of King often went hand in hand with genre shaming.
You will remember when skin-tight jeans and bisexuality went hand-in-hand.
He teaches hand-to-hand defensive tactics at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.
I think of the mandate as going hand in hand with the subsidies.
Perfectionism and fear of failure go hand-in-hand ... for miserable people, anyhow.
They hiked Mount Fuji and walked hand in hand under the cherry blossoms.
First, the video shows a hand opening a locker... It's hard to tell if the hand is a boy's hand or a girl's hand, but by skin tone alone, it's possible that this is Clay (Dylan Minnette) or Tyler (Devin Druid).
"Tokyo has not raised its hand, Yokohama has not raised its hand - Osaka has raised its hand," said Ed Bowers, MGM's executive vice president of global development.
Explicitly stated as a hand across the aisle to Speaker Paul Ryan, the message here is simple: Tax reform and fighting poverty can go hand in hand.
Her hand placed flat across his whole face, a tender but blinding gesture that winds into a mellifluous balletic pas de deux, hand to hand to body.
His right hand was almost completely defensive as his lead hand performed the magic.
The two walked hand-in-hand as they made their way down the street.
Fox noted that decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana do not necessarily go hand in hand.
In previous hearings, investigators showed video of Ayling and Herba walking hand in hand.
The company is hoping that it can build it hand-in-hand with regulators.
He ran his hand down my arm and lifted my hand to his chest.
She has the upper hand, argument-wise, but definitely the lower hand, life-wise.
For one, eating during the evening often goes hand in hand with mindless nibbling.
The sexual frankness of these heroines goes hand in hand with their general bluntness.
Effectiveness, it neatly demonstrates, need not always go hand in hand with high tech.
She's taking the paddle out of Jay's hand and Beyoncé's hand and she's bidding.
Growing wealth generally goes hand in hand with more concern for the local environment.
We need to acknowledge that toxic masculinity, abuse, and homicide go hand in hand.
Smith has chemistry with himself, particularly in the scenes of hand-to-hand combat.
The risk of profligacy goes hand-in-hand with the danger of "pro-cyclicality".
He is believed to have engaged in hand to hand combat before being felled.
Fast food and vegan are two phrases we wouldn't say go hand in hand.
The ability to fight hand-to-hand combat all the way to Election Day.
Cosby reached his hand out and there were three blue pills in his hand.
And I've discovered a strikingly consistent pattern: grit and age go hand in hand.
They can be as simple as a hand-written letter or hand-crafted gift.
On the left, real policy research and political positions have marched hand in hand.
They then left the venue walking hand-in-hand to cheers from the crowd.
But wherever they go, it's clear they'll be enjoying the scenery hand-in-hand.
After all, pop music and capitalism have always had to walk hand in hand.
Upon shaking Yazu's hand, the official drops dead from poison placed on Fredericks' hand.
Baldwin and Bieber were all smiles while walking hand in hand in the city.
"There will be no fifth term, oh Bouteflika!" they chanted, marching hand in hand.
"Their government works hand in hand with their companies all the time," he said.
Women walked hand-in-hand with children, some had babies strapped to their chests.
The supportive structure of Time's Up goes hand in hand with Waithe's personal ethos.
Kylie Jenner and a face full of makeup pretty much go hand in hand.
Most people, in fact, believe that prayer and educated action go hand-in-hand.
"I found it with you," he told Fletcher as they stood hand-in-hand.
Pretty romantic, too -- MM and PH were hand-in-hand much of the day.
The revivals of bertsolaritza and Euskara have gone hand in hand, said Ms Esteibar.
The transition to a wireless future must go hand in hand with new features.
He challenges anyone to a hand-to-hand cast iron show and tell contest.
This unnecessary waste comes hand and hand with a steady erosion in consumer rights.
The Pentagon described the encounter as involving "hand-to-hand combat" with multiple adversaries.
Then it's hand-to-hand combat in the afternoon and kickboxing in the evening.
My hand got really close to his hand; the world got a little fuzzy.
" She adds: "On the one hand it's competition, on the other hand it's reinforcement.
I would love an emotional challenge delivered hand-in-hand with a technical one.
Those impressive audiovisual elements go hand-in-hand with the game's more traditional terrors.
We want a country where men can safely walk hand in hand #allemannenhandinhand pic.twitter.
Swipe right for 10 pieces that'll go hand-in-hand with your fierce attitude.
In the film, you've got a few scenes of actual hand-to-hand combat.
Freedman's hand-crank animation machine, which features several of Taberko's custom hand-drawn animations.
Robert Alexander: My work and educational careers very go very much hand in hand.
Betty's hand rests near Jughead's hand, and it almost looks like she's guiding him.
We all work hand-in-hand, and make those connections as much as possible.
When Dusty Rhodes reached out his hand to touch your hand, it meant something.
Hand-in-hand with Cyrus' love of candles is her obsession with interior decorating.
And it is clear a fit economy and fit citizenry go hand in hand.
My left hand held the drill steady and the right hand turned the handle.
Roping Yaz, Connie had pulled him in, hand over hand, while he feigned resistance.
Fortunately, these economic benefits go hand in hand with our goal of healthy forests.
In fact, mass violence and the history of gay liberation go hand in hand.
"People don't trust the government, we rather deliver (donations) hand-to- hand," Carreño said.
These questions go hand in hand with uncertainties about the health of the planet.
In the marathon, sisters Anna and Lisa Hahner of Germany finished hand-in-hand.
Costco's in-house Kirkland Signature brand goes hand-in-hand with its low prices.
She kept repositioning herself to shake his hand off her hand, thigh and breast.
"Advocacy and political work go more hand-in-hand than people think," Tobar said.
Kough works hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder with them on a daily basis.
Economic success goes hand in hand with the well-being of mothers and babies.
Foldable smartphones with larger screens, and cloud gaming, and 5G go hand-in-hand
"You're given a certain hand, and you've got to play that hand," he said.
Hip-hop and punk go hand-in-hand in their ideology and their anemology.
She is, in effect, the visible hand for those who worship the invisible hand.
My left hand is holding him, and my right hand is on my computer.
Transcending the earthly realm via botanical communion and doing chores go hand in hand.
The DIY film world and music world are so hand-in-hand and influential.
There is nothing wrong with being strong and smart; they walk hand-in-hand.
"What we see is that mobile and APIs go hand-in-hand," Anuff said.
The technology has to "work hand in hand with the lab technicians," Nakasi explains.
Select "Personalization" in the left-hand menu, then navigate to the right-hand menu.
Dreaming and building, we see, go hand in hand no matter where you live.
"I feel like comedy and porn should go hand in hand," Ford told me.
Education and outreach to workers and employers go hand-in-hand with strong enforcement.
His right hand loosened at my neck, but his left hand kept its grip.
So if you're sketching with one hand, your other hand could be choosing colors.
My company, Boom, is committed to advancing technological and environmental progress hand in hand.
As they will tell you, economic and racial justice must go hand in hand.
I wrote down more than 200,000 characters by hand, and hand-copied it twice.
There were no hand washing facilities, hand sanitizer or disposable masks to be seen.
But all of it goes hand in hand — sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
The need remains urgent: Job creation and job preparation must go hand in hand.
The two go hand in hand, image and word, like lovely, well-practiced routines.
Snobbery and immense learning, he makes plain, do not always walk hand in hand.
This must come hand in hand with a more responsible and coherent foreign policy.
But the Iraqi military is working hand in hand with Iran-backed Shiite militias.
For women, being polite often goes hand in hand with self-doubt and subservience.
The left hand is on the hip; the right hand is on the chest.
White stones dangle hand in hand beneath the collar of a high-neck shirt.
She stressed that prevention needs to go hand-in-hand with tighter gun laws.
But all of it goes hand in hand — sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
"Mental health, and extremism and conspiratorial thinking, can go hand in hand," he said.
We need to have first-hand knowledge from witnesses who have first-hand knowledge.
This story is really about how sexual abuse and addiction go hand in hand.
It thrives hand in hand with clean water, clean air and a healthy climate.
More jobs, higher wages and better benefits walk hand in hand with economic growth.
Hand in hand with a wider tax base would be lower marginal tax rates.
Hamilton argued that good government and "energy in the executive" went hand in hand.
And let's face it, happiness and work do not always go hand in hand.
The messier truth, he said, is that "they will often go hand in hand."
Hand warmer All you'll need is the Human Creations EnergyFlux Ellipse 5200mAh hand warmer.
Night rider: Contrary to popular belief, skateboarding and scholastics can go hand in hand.
How would a normal briefing ... You were talking about left hand, other hand. Right.
Moore understood his limitations in this area, and opted for cunning rather than grit in gaining the upper hand on his opponents in hand-to-hand combat scenes.
While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends frequent hand-washing with soap and water, liquid hand soaps have not experienced the same spike as hand sanitizer.
The products at issue include Purell advanced hand sanitizer gentle & free foam, Purell advanced hand sanitizer gel and Purell advanced hand sanitizer gentle & free foam ES6 starter kit.
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"These two tools — tough sanctions and pressure on the one hand, and the offer of a different, brighter future on the other — (have) worked hand in hand," she said.
After all, statistics and state control have evolved hand in hand for hundreds of years.
Next, place a dot of hand cream or lotion onto the back of your hand.
He shakes my hand with the hand not holding a Costa coffee and sits down.
Usually, the first "I love you" goes hand-in-hand with an official, accepted proposal.
It was the year Tom Odell sidled into our speakers, hand-in-hand with Hozier.
Using one hand, pull dough toward you while pushing it away with your other hand.
Nothing knits man to man […] like the frequent passage from hand to hand of cash.
Naturally, the two were all smiles as they left the Soho spot hand-in-hand.
They looked like the right hand didn&apost know what the left hand was doing.
Not so much the first time, because it was from volunteer's hand to volunteer's hand.
Missiles and projectiles are out for this match, so expect furious hand-to-hand combat.
"Added Green: "Investment from new competitive network builders and net neutrality go hand in hand.
World leaders flocked to Paris, walking hand in hand against terrorism in unity and defiance.
Kim posted a photo of her and Kroy jumping into the pool hand-in-hand.
A recognition of the absurd often goes hand-in-hand with a recognition of injustice.
In March the Harry Potter alum, 27, was spotted walking hand-in-hand with Overstreet.
The organisers argue that matters of social justice and women's rights go hand in hand.
Jones was all smiles as the two walked across the parking lot hand-in-hand.
Hand-in-hand with his girlfriend, as I was with my boyfriend of two years.
Preliminary research has shown that substance abuse and sleeping disorders can go hand in hand.
The lovebirds looked happy as ever and were snapped walking to dinner hand-in-hand.
Last month the two men decided to settle their argument in hand-to-hand combat.
It's nice, soft, easy to put your hand in, easy to put your hand out.
The natural and the realistic go hand in hand with the quality of the experience.
Hadid strode into the bash hand-in-hand with BFF and fellow model Kendall Jenner.
Tech companies are working hand in hand with schools to monitor students every digital move.
In 19th century America, being "macho" and being a good Christian went hand in hand.
Flaky, brittle nails usually go hand-in-hand (no pun intended) with generally dry skin.
But he says that in the end he worked hand in hand with the government.
The pair walked in hand-in-hand and chatted with fellow attendees in the stands.
Where I could pass it from hand to hand, and mold it into a disk.
But he thinks the digital revolution and 90s era tech can go hand in hand.
And what goes hand-in-hand with binge-watching your favorite series, old and new?
And the interesting thing about when you're curious, it goes hand in hand with humility.
It validates the point that content providers and wireless carriers can go hand in hand.
The couple posed for photos together, and walked into the awards show hand-in-hand.
The two were photographed walking hand-in-hand while in New York City in May.
Lighthizer said the metals tariff negotiations "will go hand-in-hand" with talks over NAFTA.
Visions of them floating hand in hand in the Red Sea looped in her mind.
This goes hand-in-hand with how WalkMe has grown and evolved its own business.
"This expansion has gone hand in hand with conflicts over land and violence," Ticehurst said.
THE BEST DEVICES FOR CORD-CUTTING Roku Roku and streaming video go hand-in-hand.
They also planned to hand out thousands of hand-made buttons reading "Thank You Firefighters."
So once he did that, it was literally hand-to-hand combat with that thing.
"Since I live in Las Vegas, shopping and drinking go hand in hand," she said.
In January, a Chinese toddler's hand was stuck under the hand rail of an escalator.
So this weekend, join me, walk hand in hand through the swarming seas with me.
The red cloth on his right hand is a nod to Jamie Lannister's missing hand.
Making videos on the internet comes hand in hand with receiving mean and abusive comments.
The two walked hand-in-hand through Central Park, with Harris's character appearing heavily pregnant.
The pair walked hand-in-hand as they entered the show at Madison Square Garden.
He makes gang signs with the right hand and balloon animals with the left hand.
They were also seen skipping down the street, hand in hand, after a lunch date.
The main means to limit one's exposure is good hand hygiene with frequent hand-washing.
A young passenger's hand stays very close to an adult's hand, possibly concealing a handcuff.
My left hand was shaking because of Parkinson's; my right hand was shaking from fear.
"See?" the GOP front-runner said, holding his hand up against the other man's hand.
"Artists tap into an emotional base that goes hand-in-hand with conservation," French said.
Which goes hand-in-hand with ... When it comes to pics, size truly doesn't matter.
They're hand-painted and hand-cut to feature antique geometric patterns right above the stems.
Baseball and beer go hand in hand, for sure, but a baseball in a beer?
Many trumpet his ambitious building projects, forgetting that development and graft went hand in hand.
"And, when you put your hand on the bloke's hand, you don't press ," he continued.
Protection must go hand-in-hand with prevention and physical security with mental health counseling.
"The rise of computers and the rise of temps went hand in hand," Hyman writes.
The left hand rubbing the right wrist, then the right hand rubbing the left wrist.
But why exactly do certain genres of music go hand-and-hand with certain drugs?
"That's why your intensity and your workout duration go hand in hand," she told INSIDER.
A young woman pushing a stroller passed, and then an older couple, hand in hand.
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My grandfather reached around the door with his left hand and knocked Lemberger's hand away.
Ondra and Vejmolova walked out of the arena hand in hand to their rental car.
Right hand first, then left hand, "Beethoven for Beginners" and so forth — really dry stuff.
Once again, the card moved hand by hand until it reached its true rightful owner.
Flipping and conspiracy charges go hand-in-hand; the latter is what encourages the former.
The Royal family walked hand in hand with 4-year-old Charlotte and Prince George.
"My preconceptions were that autism and comedy did not go hand-in-hand," he said.
For Mr. Vervoordt, historic real estate and art dealing have always gone hand in hand.
Zero tolerance should go hand in hand with two other things: due process and proportionality.
He still has his hand on our pulse, a hand encased in a latex glove.
For these reasons, open-back headphones and wireless support don't typically go hand in hand.
Microsoft and Apple worked hand-in-hand for the first few years of the Macintosh.
Hand over hand, steadily, they send their friend into the world below the world above.
Hand-to-hand, the chain of people passed thousands of books over a few hours.
Two-against-three can be a parent strolling hand in hand with a skipping child.
"S" is for "soft" and also "sleep" — two elements that obviously go hand in hand.
Turkey's military campaign has come hand in hand with a crackdown on criticism inside Turkey.
"Again, walking hand-in-hand," one woman says, loud enough for anyone to hear her.
Place one hand on your stomach and one hand on your chest, then inhale deeply.
Trade and economic growth go hand-in-hand, both in economic theory and in practice.
Joe Walsh: $119,561, $115,429 cash on hand on hand Spent $119,561 Former South Carolina Gov.
Kim Jong Un's weak hand is ultimately a losing hand, no matter how well played.
Or maybe something more suggestive than this: right hand on heart, left hand on loins.
On Thursday, Ortiz-Magro and Harley were spotted walking around Los Angeles hand-in-hand.
But this can only work if it goes hand in hand with the Brexit process.
A simple ostinato for his four limbs — hand-hand-foot-foot — turns into a tornado.
Most common hand sanitizers don't kill norovirus either — thorough hand washing is the best way.
For at least two decades, we've known substance use and crime go hand in hand.
All of this needs to go hand in hand with deep changes to our institutions.
The left hand holds the rope in front and is known as the guide hand.
Experts believe it goes hand-in-hand with healthy habits that can improve our longevity.
There is only one purpose in hand-to-hand combat, and that is to kill.
In the case of Trump, Schumer and Pelosi, the two things go hand in hand.
"Big salaries and high prices go hand-in-hand," writes Jed Kolko, Indeed's chief economist.
"It&aposs a little bit of hand-to-hand combat and top down," Settle said.
But they argue that their request would not work hand-in-hand with Cruz's position.
Mailed ballots, on the other hand, are easily scanned and or can be hand-counted.
It's wanting to hold someone's hand, even when your hand is hot, a little sweaty.
Curiosity, he says, doesn't even have to go hand in hand with deep scientific knowledge.
Learning to work with him and learning a whole new cuisine went hand in hand.
Mayor Anne Hidalgo described seeing them passing treasures hand to hand in a human chain.
I take her hand and squeeze it to ask myself what a hand is for.
And the hypermasculinity of men usually goes hand in hand with the hypersexualization of women.
It became one of the first books that was heavily photocopied, travelling hand to hand.
One of his trickiest techniques is to use a combination to hide a cross hand trap, bringing his left hand over the top of his opponent's head to strip down their left hand, and throwing his right hand through the hole in their guard.
For two hours, a dozen soil-dusted, sweaty men and women from the Prospect Park Alliance formed a human chain that stretched down a small hill, passing tulip trees, elderberry plants, American holly and other potted native flora hand to hand to hand to hand.
"It's: hand on the shoulder, hand on the shoulder slips," Martin said, holding his hand in the air on an imaginary person's shoulder, then sliding it onto their upper back.
Take Aesop hand wash and hand balm — they're completely unnecessary, but they just look so much better in my bathroom than a bottle of foaming hand wash from the drugstore.
She chimed in with a hand motion that could mean two very different things: making a circle with one hand and putting her finger through it with the other hand.
Digital or analog: First off, you'll want to decide whether you want a digital clock, or an analog clock with a minute hand, hour hand, and typically a second hand.
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And he participates in perhaps one of the most macho of pastimes: hand-to-hand combat.
While the duo's base looks went hand in hand, their outerwear gave away their unique personalities.
As if the left hand of the American government was at odds with the right hand.
Maybe not, but it's still a decent two hours' worth of vicarious hand-to-hand mayhem.
Music videos and thermal imaging go hand-in-hand like fingerless gloves and video-game protagonists.
On the other hand, there's no way Grip A Hand got permission to use Stewart's photo.
Cooper and Shayk arrived at the 2019 Golden Globes hand-in-hand, looking gorgeous and glam.
The surface is mottled because of the fact that it was hand-hammered and hand-welded.
The couple, who own a villa nearby, beamed as they left the restaurant hand-in-hand.
The couple showed plenty of PDA during their beach trip, kissing and walking hand-in-hand.
Forensic information should be examined hand-in-hand with medical, social work, psychological, and other histories.
Of course, as history has taught us, fundamentalism and queerness don't necessarily go hand in hand.
Yet Microsoft insists it worked hand in hand with Intel to optimize software for the CPU.
Hand Dryers is a digital ode to hand dryers and their analog counterparts, paper towel dispensers.
At one point, Kate gently shushed the children as they all walked in hand-in-hand.
Primping and prosecco just go hand in hand, and the government of California seems to agree.
The hips obviously square during rear hand punches and square in preparation for lead hand hooks.
Local, state and federal are working hand in hand to get to the bottom of it.
"Now we have Republicans hand in hand with Democrats offering us trillion-dollar deficits," Paul said.
So my eating disorders could exist hand in hand with a love of food, no problem.
Hand in Hand Weddings and Events is owned by Magen West, according to LinkedIn and WeddingWire.
If you belong to a minority, then being more interested in witchcraft goes hand in hand.
You have to learn to work hand in hand with those partners instead of 'disrupt them.
Left Hand Hate is kicking much ass and it looks like Right Hand Love is finished.
William and Shannan leave the theater hand-in-hand, pausing to kiss frequently along the way.
The watch is hand-made and hand-enabled and it runs a custom Romain Jerome movement.
He was talking fantasy suites, leaving "hand in hand" as a couple, marriage, the whole shebang.
And now, Rodriguez is making his second appearance, walking hand-in-hand with his glowing girlfriend.
I refuse to believe that one hand does not know what the other hand is doing.
So Clinton is campaigning differently than she did in other states: More hand-to-hand campaigning.
Pelosi stuck her hand out for a customary hand-shake — but Trump had already turned away.
The hand-to-hand fighters kick up sand, throttling the Germans and taking them by surprise.
After shaking her hand, he knelt down on one knee and clapped his hand three times.
They're walking hand-in-hand around the movie set, which is a bunch of green screens.
Every muscle in his left hand—his stronger hand, after that debacle in Jaipur—was afire.
"I definitely think the physical and the mental go hand in hand," Kardashian tells PEOPLE exclusively.
Jenna Dewan wants to get one thing straight: motherhood and sex appeal go hand in hand.
The two stood hand in hand as they waited for their car to pick them up.
And it's important to mention both parts of the business as they work hand in hand.
This is a good segue to interest rates, because they go hand-in-hand with buybacks.
Why do you think the drug cartels and political corruption go hand in hand in Mexico?
Stand up straight, left hand on chest, then, bending your knees, present your left hand forward.
Believe it or not, diamonds did not always go hand-in-hand with love and marriage.
For Trump and his followers, restoring America's greatness goes hand-in-hand with restoring traditional values.
Dry hand, wet hand: all the wets with the wet, then the dry with the dry.
Like John Wick, it's heavy on the hand-to-hand combat, with elaborate, brutal fight scenes.
Of course, an alcohol tax and minimum pricing can also go hand in hand if necessary.
All the LM's complexities are drawn out by hand, and many are built by hand, too.
Through working hand-in-hand with local leaders to identify areas where the DNC can assist.
The Green Destiny again gets passed from hand to hand, as the McGuffin driving the plot.
While leadership and likability go hand in hand for men, the opposite is true for women.
Exercise goes hand-in-hand with diet, and I really want to know what you ate.
Nick and Chopra, who got married in December 2018, walked up the steps hand-in-hand.
In April, the duo were spotted out and about, strolling hand-in-hand near their estate.
Hugely, I would say that exploring kink actually went hand in hand with exploring my gender.
Then, your real hand and the rubber hand are touched or stroked in the same way.
Unlike our understanding of hand washing techniques, the science of hand drying is far from concrete.
If you're more skilled with your right hand, your left hand will do what it can.
The mother-son duo were all smiles as they walked through the airport hand-in-hand.
Colonialists would go hand-in-hand with botanists and astronomers in their conquest of the globe.
His right hand is getting under the ball better, and his off-hand is less involved.
Misogyny and racism go hand and hand, and we have to address them at the same.
Watching an ingroup hand get stabbed evoked more empathic brain activity; an outgroup hand triggered less.
Underneath was a yellow hand shaking a red hand on a white background to signify peace.
MC: We already agreed that risk sharing and risk reduction need to go hand in hand.
Right, so as opposed to the old intelligence, which was hand to hand people … That's right.
Women and children are vulnerable in squalid conditions where idleness and violence go hand in hand.
Indeed, there are plenty of periods in history when growth and equality went hand in hand.
Also, the Jennings are just badasses when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and assassinations.
The couple's death was a reflection of their life together, side by side, hand in hand.
He's quick to warn of the unintended consequences that come hand in hand with negative rates.
That social instinct went hand in hand with an expanded sense of what constituted an exhibition.
L'Occitane Hand Cream Set, $42 ($60 value)L'Occitane's Shea Butter Hand Cream keeps hands superiorly soft.
Bold political reforms often went hand-in-hand with social and economic reforms throughout American history.
Republicans and Democrats here are in hand-to-hand combat this election year as seldom before.
"It's gotten out of hand; a little bit out of hand," Willis said of the hoopla.
These days such departures often go hand in hand with a tendency to skip other orthodoxies.
Both of us were drinking in silence when two young guys walked by, hand in hand.
Why do you wear your wedding ring on your right hand instead of your left hand?
Caliburger, on the other hand, is the hand of innovation, creatively troubleshooting the future of food.
"Muay Thai is Thailand and Thailand is Muay Thai, they go hand in hand," says Counts.
His understanding of the aesthetic goes hand-in-hand with his knowledge of the music itself.
Final Fantasy, on the other hand, lets players generate resources by discarding cards from their hand.
My hand, the musculature of my hand, could no longer speed the pen to my thoughts.
Related: The record industry and criminal activity go hand in hand, and we don't mean Napster.
Low income often goes hand in hand with food insecurity and reliance on less healthful foods.
But his diffidence goes hand in hand with sensitivity, hyper-alertness and a scorpion-tailed wit.
For me, "Go hand to hand/" is not CLAPping, so the visual didn't work for me.
Accomplishment, with wide impact, matters as much, and it often goes hand in hand with fame.
In fact, I would argue that in the Trump era, they sometimes go hand in hand.
But drawing a hand that looks like a hand remains hard — first surprisingly so, then stubbornly.
I guess for pianists, we're always doing chamber music, because it's left hand and right hand.
"Architecture and identity go hand in hand," said Mr. Barnes, 33, who grew up in Chicago.
Slowly, haltingly, I played the song through: right hand, then left hand, then both hands together.
Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand SalveThis is it — my all-time favorite, ride-or-die hand cream.
"For this generation of global Muslims, faith and modernity go hand in hand," Janmohamed tells VICE.
On one hand, Shawn is speaking up and on the other hand, he's also destroying it.
The recent devastation of Syria's archeological record shows that looting and faking go hand-in-hand.
As in their previous videos, here too cultural empowerment goes hand in hand with personal acquisitiveness.
Nate, an Uber driver in Las Vegas, says he keeps disinfectant and hand sanitizer on hand.
"Important public works and the safeguard of our patrimony" can go hand in hand, he said.
He took the man's suitcase with his left hand, and then stuck out his right hand.
The Ukrainian nationalism, which went hand in hand with German Nazism, is on the rise again.
There was also a form outlining a training regimen, including exercises for hand-to-hand combat.
He slipped a left hand from McGregor and fired off a right hand of his own.
Ahead are all the couples who strolled hand-in-hand across the Oscars 2020 red carpet.
Who needs toxic boyfriends when you've got guns, hand-to-hand combat skills, and girl power?
" The 58-year-old comic says that comedy and activism go hand-in-hand "100 percent.
Stone was photographed with a smile on her face while walking hand-in-hand with McCary.
"These are men that need a helping hand — not the back of the hand," he said.
Relievers Kirby Yates and Brad Hand closed out the win with Hand getting his 19693th save.
"Even though it's two separate issues, it seems to be going hand in hand," she said.
Lessons about intolerance are interwoven with the hand-to-hand skirmishes the series is known for.
I didn't take my hand off the piece, I didn't take my hand off the piece.
Past and future were both on vivid display during these fraught days, sometimes hand in hand.
It would be crazy, he said, to walk hand-in-hand with a same-sex partner.
Enter: hand-gesture technology, and an alternative way of typing and clicking via predefined hand gestures.
They hand down rules: Hand-chopping vegetables produces a better texture than using a food processor.
Galloping onward, Johnson uses this extraordinary connection — do protectionism and misogyny always go hand in hand?
In this and other ways, Harriet's fight is not hand-to-hand combat but nonetheless physical.
Turns out, looking for a free lunch tends to go hand-in-hand with abdicating responsibility.
Fine jewelry and couture normally go hand in hand, especially when they mingle on the runway.
His hand was stronger than McConnell's but it doesn't matter because he didn't play his hand.
We should and will work hand in hand with them," she said on "Fox News Sunday.
Fireworks. Stress and anxiety can go hand in hand with the bright colors, booms and claps.
But Alexa's ambition and a truly privacy-centric customer experience do not go hand in hand.
The first step would be to acknowledge that political and economic sovereignty go hand in hand.
Video posted to social media showed protesters fighting hand to hand with club-wielding police officers.
The answer is that for 70 years, American goodness and American greatness went hand in hand.
Barker doesn't disregard the frustration and confusion that go hand-in-hand with bravery and dedication.
"The health benefits and the energy reductions are going to need to go hand in hand."
CAROLYN SILVEIRA BROOKLYN The writer is communications director of Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network.
"The hand-to-hand combat was so-so, but the driving felt great," said a friend.
"I was kind of kneeling on the ground, ... and I had my hand over his hand, and I could kind of feel his fingers, like, wrapped around my hand," she said.
Picking up the receiver with his left hand, he put his right hand — his drawing hand — down on a nearby glass table to balance himself, and the table shattered beneath him.
Trump then appears to put his hand out to shake Polish first lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda's hand, but she walks past him to shake the hand of first lady Melania Trump.
WBM Care Hand Sanitizer with aloe extract (2.1 ounce) — $7.63 at Amazon Dr. Bronner's Organic Hand Sanitizer — $5 at REI CleanWell Botanical Hand Sanitizer Spray (1 ounce, 6 pack) — $16.74 at Amazon safeHands Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer — $183 at REI Baby Bum Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Spray — $12.95 at Amazon Purell Sanitizing Hand Wipes (270 count) — $29.41 at Walmart Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand and Face Wipes  (40 count, 4 pack) — $19.73 at Amazon Bath and Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizers (5 pack) — $7 at Bath and Body Works Purell Cottony Soft Hand Sanitizing Wipes (18 count) — $703 at Target Remember when middle school teachers tried to convince us all that there's a proper way to wash hands and we ignored them?
If you know anything about the challenge coins, it has its own secret handshake—the way you hand a coin is, basically, it's inside the palm of your hand and you shake your hand and when you lift your hand away, they now have the coin.
In this case, the left hand canvas shows a boy and girl walking hand-in-hand, while the right canvas features the words "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" spray-painted in blue.
When he reached out to shake the principles hand, he awkwardly started to unload the marbles into the principle's hand who immediately pulled his hand back, letting them sprawl across the stage.
"When a hand touches that door handle, you've got to have some material coming off on the hand and staying on the hand without falling off onto any other surface," he said.
Sawsen tells me that when she puts her hand into a pocketbook, "I will take my hand out of the bag thinking I'm holding something, and my hand is empty," she says.
I have media literally in front of my face, in my left hand and my right hand.
In a photo obtained by TMZ, the lovebirds were spotted walking hand-in-hand into the building.
While Wikipedia is a second-hand source of essentially objective information, Quora collects first-hand subjective wisdom.
Hand tattoos will be limited to a single-band ring tattoo on one finger of one hand.
But those measures came hand-in-hand with less popular measures, like a requirement to have insurance.
" And like a reasonable human, Karamo bats his hand away and shouts "I'M NOT SMELLING YOUR HAND!
Grace's aide selects a blue crayon, puts it in Grace's hand, and closes her hand over Grace's.
Downpours go hand in hand with hurricanes, since the cyclones are powered by evaporating and condensing moisture.
"Strong resource development goes hand in hand with strong environmental protection," the prime minister said via Twitter.
I think this has gone hand in hand with the decline of the institution of the church.
He'll hoist himself up with his right hand so that his glove hand can get maximum elevation.
The man is holding on with one hand, apparently holding a cell phone with the other hand.
Spinach artichoke dip hand pies Don't you wish you had these spinach artichoke hand pies right now?
She'll also appear during the Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief telethon on Sept. 12.
This sentiment was exemplified during the 1960s, when conceptual art went hand-in-hand with societal changes.
She says that he guided her hand to his underwear and that she yanked her hand back.
Communication drives the modern office because success and idea-sharing go hand in hand, the thinking goes.
Photographers caught her not only holding Urban's hand but also affectionately placing her hand on Skarsgård's knee.
But to be fair, I do think my reaction went hand-in-hand with my initial freakout.
VS: Does Durant winning his first title and The BasedGod curse being lifted go hand-in-hand?
The undermining of the separation of church and state, and human rights are really hand in hand.
Being an effective entrepreneur and parent go hand in hand: both roles require discipline, leadership, and flexibility.
OLB Nick Perry underwent hand surgery last week and has a giant club on his injured hand.
That goes hand-in-hand with an existing policy that keeps Facebook from fact-checking politicians' speech.
"I know he's a good right-hand pitcher and we're a right-hand oriented lineup," Ausmus said.
He has more than $13 million on hand, while McSally has just around $7.7 million on hand.
This exchange piles on to Melania's hand-swatting and refusal to hold Trump's hand during their trip.
Be kind to yourself, don't blame yourself, and remember that loss comes hand in hand with love.
Resilience and humor go hand-in-hand in surviving/living life in this messed up/magical world.
We'd say the smooch left 'em both feeling pretty good -- they walked off giggling, hand-in-hand.
Foxx, 51, and Vave were seen leaving Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Los Angeles, walking hand-in-hand.
The teams received simple equipment at first—battery-powered hand tools and hand-cranked air-raid sirens.
" Pacolli added, "She came and shook my hand and I'm never going to wash this hand again!
At first, I was just controlling a virtual hand on a computer screen, not my actual hand.
Propel's hand-painted and hand-sized Star Wars drones are more than just your average licensed toy.
You're Prompto, the one who has a gun, supporting your buddies as they fight hand to hand.
I was like, she literally kissed my hand — I have her lip gloss on my hand, folks.
So this makes things on one hand easy, but on the other hand we don't really know.
Yes, because hand-in-hand with the press, those programmes made talent shows into must-watch phenomena.
In a word, the study concluded that cured meat and worsening asthma symptoms go hand-in-hand.
Photographers caught her not only holding Urban's hand but also affectionately placing her hand on Skarsgård's knee.  
"I definitely think the physical and the mental go hand in hand," Kardashian told PEOPLE in January.
It goes hand-in-hand with a rising belief that the gender binary is a social construct.
"The ring was then hand-fabricated and all of the pavé diamonds were placed individually by hand."
But imagine the feeling of grabbing an alien's tentacle when you engage in hand-to-hand combat.
I doubt he'd want to shake my hand ... and I'm not overly amped to shake his hand.
Policy uncertainty and a rise in volatility usually go hand in hand as elections approach, Subramanian said.
London, like New York, is known for a frenetic nightlife that goes hand-in-hand with booze.
"yall stop saying she photoshopped her hand she just moving her hand too quick," one fan said.
MM: That's the first part, and it goes hand in hand with the transformation of the economy.
This goes hand-in-hand with Apple's announcement of a new iPad that also supports Apple Pencil.
The fight over mechanical licensing is the left hand and the right hand slapping each other, forever.
In fact, the incidence of contraception use and the incidence of abortion go up hand in hand.
"I definitely think the physical and the mental go hand in hand," she told PEOPLE last year.
They even posed for photos together before making their way out of the theater hand-in-hand.
They all have to be laid out by hand and then bonded, by hand, into 70 subassemblies.
Will it be "Let us rise to the stars hand in hand with our loyal AI assistants"?
However, a thorough evaluation with a genetic counselor should always go hand in hand with gene testing.
I just want to walk hand in hand through the streets and kiss and laugh and love.
They killed another brother-in-law, an evangelical pastor who worked hand-in-hand with activist peasants.
Or can we really expect to see them walking hand in hand at the next red carpet?
His first starring role in television comes hand-in-hand with his newly-launched solo music career.
"Employment, prosperity, wealth and automation goes hand in hand if deployed in the responsible way," Spiesshofer added.
"Knowing how he loved her, they were always walking hand-in-hand," Igoe told the news station.
The bride's hand-embroidered silk taffeta ball gown was completed with a matching hand-embroidered cathedral veil.
We have to feel for them somehow, and royalty and sympathy don't exactly go hand in hand.
Embracing what it is about you that makes you an individual goes hand in hand with that.
The Bolt works hand-in hand with SpheroEDU, giving you three distinct modes to code and program.
Fear of failure goes hand in hand with slow, conservative decision making that can squelch innovative ideas.
She walked hand-in-hand with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, for the couple's very chic date night.
Catch the right hand on the left forearm, return with the right hand as fast as possible.
She costumed herself with whatever materials were at hand: toilet seat covers, hand towels, her own scarf.
"Every hand raised against the Church is a hand raised against Poland," said Mr Kaczynski in December.
Human drivers in the U.S. crash 10 times more making left-hand turns than right-hand turns.
For many people those physical changes go hand in hand with a total transformation, Dr. Ting says.
The pint-sized model walked hand-in-hand with Lagerfeld during his final lap at the show.
The hand is a little bitch, and I wish I didn't have to deal with the hand.
Oil and equities have been trading hand in hand on Thursday, as stocks also experienced a rally.
It goes like this: Your own hand is hidden, and you look at a rubber hand instead.
I'd have to say Kagura is my favorite character since she walks hand-in-hand with death.
This emoji is the epitome of the deathly silence that comes hand in hand with online dating.
The were seen walking hand-in-hand in the City of Light's Saint Germain-des-Prés neighborhood.
The happy couple were all smiles as they headed out for the evening, walking hand-in-hand.
Dewan and the Tony award-winning actor walked hand-in-hand, and Kazee even carried Everly's backpack.
The rise in the number of consortium deals has gone hand-in-hand with ballooning deal sizes.
Food guilt and shame often go hand in hand with body dissatisfaction and efforts to lose weight.
On the one hand, I'll say #NeverTrump, and on the other hand, I'll say never say never.
Lowering the number of both unintended pregnancies and abortions often go hand-in-hand, the study shows.
In recognising that reflation and reform go hand in hand, Abenomics is an unusually coherent economic strategy.
I looked at his hand, his face, and then his hand again — and then just turned round.
TechCrunch began as a site that worked hand in hand with start-ups to chart their progress.
Savage cruelty and cold calculation are not mutually exclusive, after all — and often go hand in hand.
The origins of the hand sign go back to medieval Italian hand signs to ward off curses.
It will hand off to Malta, which in July 2017 was supposed to hand off to ... Britain.
Djukanovic and his family treat Montenegro like a fiefdom where greed and violence go hand in hand.
"They don't want a hand out, they want a hand up," McCray said, according to the Sun.
Each of these lamps is uniquely crafted by hand and comes with a hand-carved wooden base.
On the contrary, new research shows that population growth goes hand-in-hand with more abundant resources.
In 1972, Ripley earned the Navy Cross for moving hand over hand under the Dong Ha Bridge.
The hand-blown glass straws come in a set of six for hand-painted in metallic gold.
They walked hand in hand through the streets of Cape Town before embarking on a cooking demonstration.
That hand slap The internet was fascinated by this hand slap between the first couple in Israel.
He talked about how being great doesn't — and maybe shouldn't— go hand in hand with being liked.
On the one hand, it is about equal pay with the men, and on the other hand?
Downpours go hand-in-hand with hurricanes, since the cyclones are powered by evaporating and condensing moisture.
"I believe that economic prosperity and cultural wealth go hand in hand," he said in an email.
And Ms. Yellen said that survey-based measures historically had fallen hand-in-hand with oil prices.
It was like second hand, third hand—the chassis was rubbish and the tires were all skinny.
For me, punk and anarchism goes hand in hand, and thus vary slightly from person to person.
The sisters were two of a kind and often pranced around the forest together, hand in hand.
In "Love Drought," women wade hand-in-hand into the water to be purified of their pain.
Matt Quigley: That goes hand-in-hand with a lot of stuff that happens in this industry.
"But in this case, it must go hand-in-hand with a decrease in spending," he said.
Weidel, on the other hand, seemed to offer an almost liberal, more reasonable hand on the tiller.
It's a great example of design working hand-in-hand with other elements to enhance one another.
The perception of bias goes hand in hand with an unmet expectation for objective, or "unbiased," reporting.
They trained in weapons and hand-to-hand combat while living at the refuge, Mr. Barrow said.
As Secretary of State, she championed how defense, diplomacy, and development needed to go hand in hand.
The musicians walked hand-in-hand into the Kith show as captured in a video by TMZ.
Zaldy: Well, maybe more in my work because I create costumes — it just goes hand in hand.
After all, activists say, tackling the climate crisis must go hand-in-hand with protecting vital ecosystems.
Substance use disorders also go hand in hand with other mental health issues, including depression and anxiety.
But Timberlake's uncontroversial white male hand, the hand that actively disrobed Jackson, went unremarked-on and unpunished.
"We're making them by hand; we expect to hand-press 700 to 800 a day," he said.
"Social justice and economic development go hand in hand," Mayor Reed Gusciora of Trenton said last week.
Business Insider conducted a similar experiment, comparing hand sanitizer and hand-washing, which showed a marked difference.
Seen together, the hand soap and hand cream look rather like a handsome couple contemplating their relationship.
It's a gentle, bar-shaped hand nudging the screen open, and a second hand flipping it closed.
" At the end, tone and touch and pitch sustain their bond: "My hand is in his hand.

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