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"downside" Definitions
  1. the disadvantages or less positive aspects of something

990 Sentences With "downside"

How to use downside in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "downside" and check conjugation/comparative form for "downside". Mastering all the usages of "downside" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Is the downside equally big, or is there less downside to being wrong in this kind of business?
The downside, at least if he lets it be a downside, is he'll be evaluated as a potential president.
And the structural downside risks for high yield bonds and loans are material, with non-negligible downside risks to growth.
The downside — or at least a downside — is that it can create an elitist mentality among some Google employees, Cornet said.
"People are so focused on downside and downside protection," said Bernstein, whose firm oversees $9.5 billion of assets as of Sept. 30.
A move to the 100-day average implies 4 percent downside from Tuesday's close and 9 percent downside to the 193-day.
Brilliant move with little downside The reality is that Trump's move to speak on the phone with President Tsai is brilliant and has little downside.
So just as there is a downside to plunging ahead in the face of obvious risk, there is a downside to being totally risk-averse.
Downside Risks, Capital Review: Fitch sees some downside credit risks from the company's review of its long-term business and financial profile - announced on 17 November 2016.
His $30 price target on US Steel and $3.25 target on AK Steel represent 17 percent downside and 31 percent downside, respectively, over the next 12 months.
"There's some downside risk, and I think you'd like to take out some insurance against that downside risk and I'd like to take out more insurance," said Bullard.
MUKASEY: Well, the downside risk is the same as the downside risk of declassifying any classified document, which is that you could disclose methods and sources of intelligence.
And when it comes to the "worst-case scenario," he sees more downside, around the 200-day moving average (implying more than 5 percent of downside from current levels).
Avoiding the downside in bonds, avoiding the downside in sectors really leads to that consistent performance over the long term," the fund's co-manager, Michael Collins, told "Power Lunch.
There are three different built-in "buffer levels" in the ETFs that hedge investors from 9% downside, 15% downside or a 30% pullback depending on which level they choose.
"Weakness in the global economy, perceptions of downside risks to growth and subdued global inflation pressures were cited as factors tilting inflation risk to the downside," the minutes note.
That potential downside is greater than that of any other large-cap U.S.-listed stock, when measuring the downside implied between their last closing prices and FactSet's median price targets.
Most people face trouble because their emotions take control and cause them to overestimate the upside, underestimate the downside, and never even consider if they can live with the downside.
Using research from over 40 analysts, UBS highlighted a handful of equities trading close to the brokerage's downside scenarios and that could offer a shot at outsized returns and limited downside.
One downside — the card design is really, really ugly.
The only downside for Steve -- not owning a jet.
" Align Technology: "This is way overdone to the downside.
NOT MUCH DOWNSIDE Dean Turner, UK economist at UBS Wealth Management, also doesn't see too much downside for the pound even if an election is called and the withdrawal bill is pulled.
The ECB is not expected to change its assessment that risks to the economy are tilted to the downside but officials are worried about the downside risks to the growth and inflation forecasts.
So I think the number we've been looking at, depending on the portfolio, roughly 75% to 80% of our downside of our outperformance in the last 12 months has come from downside protection.
I know there's a point or two on the downside.
The downside: Gift shopping isn't exactly the most relaxing activity.
The downside, of course, is that he really might underperform.
There's a major downside to this sudden soggy storms, though.
But the downside is that they only clean flat ground.
The downside of it is the insults, ridicule, abuses, threats.
The choice of rig itself was also a big downside.
The one downside to having so many loved ones around?
So I, you know, we're very attuned to downside risk.
"I think the downside could potentially be $144," he said.
Only downside: The swatch shot was in black and white.
Sounds good in practice, but Khosrowshahi has seen the downside.
The constant downside of it, even as it's creating opportunities.
But when it opens up, the downside can be steep.
But with every seemingly perfect thing, there comes a downside.
The only downside is the low population compared to Tinder.
The targets are too important to fail, capping the downside.
On the downside, Samford allowed 47 yards passing last week.
On the downside, your thought process is being unknowingly observed.
The downside is the Light smartphone likely won't be cheap.
As for the downside, another great recession can be avoided.
The biggest downside to the SwitchCharge is perhaps the price.
" First Solar: "I think it's an overreaction to the downside.
To the downside, Kevin O'Leary's portfolio looks nice and safe.
Moreover, downside risks have become more prominent in recent months.
The downside is that its ordinary state schools are not.
The downside is that they tend to be more expensive.
Johnson's 2,650 pullback level implies 6% downside from current levels.
There is virtually no downside in that kind of move.
STEVE LIESMAN: Can you put numbers on the downside risk?
Since then, you've had another 90% downside day on Aug.
ESTHER GEORGE: I think they are tilted to the downside.
The downside, on the other hand, is a major one.
But for many borrowers, it can have a costly downside.
We need to continue to pay attention to downside risks.
Then there's the downside: ISIS broadcasting horrific beheadings and recruiting.
The only downside is that you'll probably burn yourself silly.
That's where the one downside of the mouse comes in.
Undiluted application of the 'precautionary principle' has a manifest downside.
But there's a potential downside to Reg A+ as well.
Battery life is really the biggest downside on that front.
There is one downside to the Vestaboard, though: the price.
But there is one downside, and that's the messiness factor.
"We see limited further downside, " he said in a note.
"The downside is that it's a bad list," McKiernan said.
Previous hearings haven't moved its share price to the downside.
With futures, however, the potential downside risk is much greater.
As an entrepreneur, I wish I had that downside protection!
The biggest downside continues to be the increasingly stiff competition.
The downside: a potentially big tax bill down the road.
The only real downside to this package is the controller.
The only downside is it's still not a home button.
The downside: You don't know where your parts will go.
That I think is reasonable if this downside momentum continues.
Of course, the downside is that someone does get hurt.
It predicted "further downside pressure and volatility" in bond prices.
Mila Kunis is getting real about the downside of fame.
It's a "definite downside" to the job, according to Megan.
The major downside to a Lambo -- a super low bumper.
But that success has a downside for the Obama administration.
On the downside, it introduces lots of opportunities for shenanigans.
The chart pattern is used to calculate the downside target.
Brexit represents a clear downside risk to Irish economic prospects.
She is watching for another downside failure to occur soon.
I don't want to pretend that there aren't downside risks.
I just think the upside is much more than downside.
The one downside: This trend isn't as easy to DIY.
And most importantly, three: can I live with the downside?
This calculation sets the second downside DOW target near 14,100.
The only real downside of the speakers are their placement.
The only downside to this device is its learning curve.
The only downside: it makes Home Alone seem really boring.
Regardless: the risk for the markets are to the downside.
Our low probability (2000%) downside case suggests a $22017 stock.
The downside is it could be years before that happens.
But experts wonder whether all that charisma has a downside.
However, the levels can also signal further downside if broken.
That'll protect the downside while still giving you upside participation.
Party strategists reckoned the risks were all on the downside.
But cost is not the only potential downside, competitors claim.
Studying tail risks nearly always focuses on assessing downside risk.
I don't love the downside of it for my baby.
The downside is that, only she knows what's at stake.
I think US Concrete has been overdone on the downside.
That poses a downside risk to manufacturing payrolls in July.
The Albanians' experience was the downside to the tournament setup.
Experts argue, however, that this downside is worth the gains.
That implies 7% downside from the levels of the ETF.
"All of the risks are to the downside," Weinberg said.
On the downside, there's no temperature control like the Breville.
"Downside risks have become more acute," the Bank's report reads.
But now, the downside of that strategy is becoming evident.
The only downside is that these lids lack vent holes.
The downside is the area's heavy traffic and nighttime noise.
But for all this good news, there is a downside.
The only other downside is the lack of physical flexibility.
One downside is that I found the diapers run small.
The downside of forming a bond with Echo and Alexa?
His downside is capped and his upside is essentially limitless.
If Vestager pulls the plug, the financial downside looks bearable.
We see downside risk to the government's optimistic revenue projections.
"They have less downside they're trying to protect," he said.
However, companies can take steps to minimize the downside risk.
However, Kilduff isn't implying the trend spells more downside ahead.
The only downside of the bout was the strange stoppage.
"The bottom line is there's really no downside," Thomas says.
Of course the downside was that PRIDE FC hemorrhaged money.
The only downside is if someone steals your physical card.
But unlike learning to love, it has plenty of downside.
A fall below $0.74 has a downside target near $0.715.
Paulsen also thinks there is more downside for stocks ahead.
The downside was the fabric, which felt like a tablecloth.
The downside of Trump's trade policy proposals is, however, considerable.
That's the downside of having a geeky dad, you know.
The downside is that developing one takes time, sometimes decades.
"We think there is more downside to come," he said.
But there may be a downside, and it involves bloating.
The downside of this is where milestone birthdays are concerned.
So no matter what Trump does, there is a downside.
But the holiday is not without its downside for women.
Mr. Duggan heard about the downside of prosperity, including gentrification.
But the easy money for companies came with a downside.
But the downside of a strictly "targeted" approach is worse.
"There's not as much downside as people portray," Paulsen said.
"But ... the downside objective has already been reached," he said.
The only real downside to these phones is their price.
The downside, of course, is that it can be expensive.
The downside is that my husband has created a monster.
The only downside of the birthday vacation, according to Cardi?
One downside of warmer days: They are waking the mosquitoes.
"It opens the door to further downside potential," he said.
But it said "the risks are skewed to the downside".
Renewed political uncertainty would increase fiscal and macroeconomic downside risks.
"But that privilege requires a clear understanding of the downside."
But this centralization of Senate power has an enormous downside.
A decline as low as $7 implies nearly 19% downside.
The downside is that those batteries are made with cobalt.
There's $1,13 to the downside and $1,566 on the upside.
That "downside risk" would be phased in over three years.
The downside for me is the slightly disappointing bass performance.
But there's a big downside: Results count more than people.
On the downside, my chin zit has doubled in size.
But government money market funds have a downside: lower yields.
So I see another 5 percent of downside of Amazon.
The job of a chimney sweep isn't without its downside.
The new target represents 11 percent downside from Wednesday's close.
"We do see sizable momentum to the downside," Piegza said.
The other downside is the overall heft of the case.
Singapore can be easily affected by the many downside risks.
That implies a 42 percent downside from Friday's closing price.
"There's probably more upside risk than downside risk," she said.
On the downside, Samsung is behind Apple in face recognition.
There's no downside here for you that I can tell.
I think the only downside is how cold it is.
So there's little downside with at least some potential benefit.
The loss is likely also the downside of Republican gerrymandering.
But the one downside of having a busy royal schedule?
And that's the downside, you got to go to work.
Is there any downside to getting rid of forced arbitration?
The bank's Monetary Policy Committee said in a statement that downside risks to the global economy, especially after Britain voted to leave the European Union, added to the downside risks to domestic economic performance.
"Although risk slightly may be on the upside rather than on downside, I would say fundamentally ... you [potentially] have 5 percent upside and 10 percent downside, so it doesn't look that great," said Kolanovic.
As such, we are raising our rating on CLX to Hold (from Sell) while maintaining our prior $139 target, which still reflects -6% downside to Wednesday's close (albeit only -3.5% downside inclusive of dividend yield).
On the downside: the Vivosmart 3 doesn't have built-in GPS.
And the confusion caused by inflation looks like an additional downside.
Jones quickly experienced the glaring downside of the crows new behaviour.
The downside, of course, is that most of them sound terrible.
But recent research demonstrates the potential downside of reversing Obama's rule.
There's really only a downside for moving from that line publicly.
We regret to inform you that there's a downside to this.
The only downside of having so many choices at your fingertips?
The downside for neural nets is they're really hard to understand.
The downside of it is that I'm sometimes over my head.
GIGOT: OK, what&aposs the downside, Dan, as you see it?
Unfortunately, the downside is this: What if Warren's debate goes south?
The downside is that it means media companies don't get paid.
"I think there's more potential downside to the debates," McRoberts said.
One downside — only 11 apps will support the feature at launch.
The downside, of course, would be a much more fragile economy.
However, the downside is that the overall mission can get muddled.
These easygoing dogs do have one downside: They can be vocal.
The biggest downside to the Zik 3 is its price tag.
The only downside: All of Hautelook's sales only last three days.
A move to $74 represents 14% downside from its current levels.
There's no downside to creating the vehicles to try these out.
" KeyBanc: " We believe [NiSource's] downside is likely buffered by insurance coverage.
The only downside of McDonald's was that sometimes someone initiated conversation.
Over all, Republicans see little political downside in pressing the bill.
The currency also posted its largest move to the downside ever.
Italy remains one of the factors keeping euro downside risks high.
The downside is waiting the couple months to notice the difference.
On the downside, he said there could be support at 1,950.
The main downside of the S10E, though, is its 3,100mAh battery.
He also saw no downside because Tesla could also be bought.
But we believe that the potential downside for gold is limited.
The downside is how fucking hard it is to start it.
Q: Is there a downside to not being on social media?
On the downside, mining stocks pulled back from a recent rally.
Typically that's the downside of festivals in my opinion — the atmosphere.
The downside is that they also come with higher associated expenses.
And, if it ultimately helps further your bloodline, where's the downside?
The downside has been that they were pretty limited beyond that.
The only downside is that the new chip gobbles up power.
The change in currency policy has not come without its downside.
Wren cites the overall international economic picture as the downside risk.
However, the high costs of keeping the birds are a downside.
But right now, I do think there are significant downside risks.
And if there is somehow a downside, candidates like Vermont Sen.
The only downside is that you have to buy it separately.
One downside to Neomailbox is that the max storage is 10GB.
The major downside of Peak Design's Everyday Backpack is the price.
"The downside is that they have seen the 'Access Hollywood' video."
I think we know that there's a real potential for downside.
The downside is that JBL's model is horrendously ugly in comparison.
Goldman sees 6% downside for shares over the next 12 months.
The downside is, that's also what was disappointing about the film.
Is there a downside to this invention we're just not seeing?
A move to $43.75 implies 5 percent downside from Tuesday's close.
Downside support remains at the psychological level of $1,200 an ounce.
There's really no major downside to buying last year's TV, though.
The downside is that it'll all be in black and white.
There are a number of interconnected downside risks to the outlook.
The only downside is that it is, in fact, limited-edition.
The only downside of this version is how thick it is.
However, the government is more vulnerable to downside risk, he argued.
"Being eternally known as Bond has no downside," he once said.
But the downside is that some people shouldn't be giving advice.
The only downside to the play was that it only took .
That's a little more than the implied move to the downside.
I think the downside to rates is probably a bit overdone.
Branson also emphasizes how important it is to protect the downside.
"The impact of the election has diminished downside risks," he said.
In the near term, risks of inflation remain to the downside.
The sell-off in momentum stocks is accelerating to the downside.
The risks to this baseline scenario are still to the downside.
Another downside of the non-stock Android experience is the bloatware.
"The bias for the pound is to the downside," he said.
His upside is limited in some circumstances, as is his downside.
"Gas prices are now slowly meandering to the downside," DeHaan says.
Asked if there is any downside to gap years, he paused.
Indeed, there is a downside from not actively engaging in Africa.
There is, however, a downside to I.P.O.s for these start-ups.
Happily, a perceived downside of adopting the euro was also overblown.
The other obvious downside of the Vive is the higher cost.
With 20 percent earnings growth, the risk is to the downside.
So-- there are-- several downside risks faced by the world economy.
The downside of tubular latches is that they can be flimsy.
The only downside of DiMarco taking home the coveted Mirrorball trophy?
Potential large corporate defaults and/or debt restructurings are downside risks.
Suddenly, I saw another downside to the city's real estate boom.
One downside to target-date funds is the lack of customization.
In addition, there are downside risks to Iranian crude oil exports.
"The key level on the downside here is $26.60," Wald said.
But in the medium term, risks are tilted to the downside.
One downside is that some ride wait times may be longer.
He sees this as a big catalyst for sustainable downside risks.
The downside: There's so much material that they can become disposable.
Numerically speaking by the way, there's no downside to his leaving.
The only downside is that it could be a little wider.
Our downside scenario pretty much was that trade facilitates productivity growth.
All of Amazon's benefits come with a predictable downside: It's expensive.
"But the risk is clearly tilted to the downside," he said.
Outsourcing your self-monitoring to a gadget may have another downside.
I think dialogue doesn't have a downside, it has an upside.
The downside of this is that it minimizes control over playback.
Citi's downside: Citi shares are up just 13% since election day.
But there are significant downside risks to that estimate, Williams said.
For the moment, there is a lot more upside than downside.
The downside: You can't purchase Bro Thor or Hulk by themselves.
He has a strategy to protect against any near-term downside.
Some argue that passing a domestic terrorism bill has no downside.
There's no downside to flipping through a spring hair trend report.
Banning Yiannopoulos is certainly not a maneuver without downside for Twitter.
The final law has the downside of invalidating the postcard promise.
"The bigger the potential downside, the more risk averse they are."
The downside is now a lot of networks want movie stars.
"The only downside is being away from family," said Mr. Ward.
Think upside and downside: The upside if you follow is … what?
On the downside, Jamieson said she found Robinhood's simple approach frustrating.
That first festival in 1970 lost $40,000, then a sizable downside.
Is There a Downside to Going Gluten-Free if You're Healthy?
Also weighing on investor sentiment were downside risks to oil prices.
The downside is that you miss the collaboration that occurs spontaneously.
All County also had an insidious downside for Fred Trump's tenants.
The downside to buying at auction is that you can't return.
A decline to last year's lows implies 22% downside for Tencent.
On the downside, it's too large to fit in many pockets.
The downside to the app is that its costs add up.
And the downside is both more likely and pretty dang low.
There is a downside to the upside of being an influencer.
This central scenario is accompanied by sizeable and increasing downside risks.
The only downside is the electronic viewfinder, which is not great.
He said on the downside, the euro could go to $1.10.
That's about 20% downside from the stock's $211 price on Wednesday.
"It's really concerning and risk is to the downside," Bhave says.
But focusing on downside risks rather than upside potential promotes prudence.
The only downside of the drink was its lack of caffeine.
It also means there is more downside risk from the restructuring.
A decline to $38 implies nearly 35% downside from current levels.
But on average, active management hasn't shielded investors from the downside.
There is also a potential medical downside to diagnosis and treatment.
Turns out being an autocrat has its downside: Their friends disappear.
Both YouTube entrepreneurs say there is a downside to every product.
The downside is that any U.S. slowdown could hurt developing economies.
Momentum outperforms on the upside but outperforms on the downside too.
Flake said Trump "sees a political downside of not fixing" DACA.
That set a downside target near 0.95, which was easily achieved.
But it turns out... there's a downside to using leaked phones.
Markets tend to overreact--to both the upside and the downside.
"Continued high political uncertainty represents a downside risk to this view. " 
The downside: Firms are paying about 0.25 percent on these deposits.
That's when a lot of major moves happen to the downside.
But there's a downside when one company has that much leverage.
The market may break to the upside or to the downside.
It was the latest scathing portrait of the downside of fame.
"In the first quarter, downside risks may be prevalent," it said.
"We think downside is somewhat limited as it stands," said Wald.
The downside: You've got to pay a monthly fee to play.
The downside is they are not more durable than previous phones.
The minutes show Fed officials saw little downside to the shift.
There's also another potential downside related to the device's disc tray.
The downside of these sudden jumps (aside from wardrobe confusion): potholes.
But there is a downside to hyping the narco-terrorism narrative.
I think the current strategy can cater to limited downside revisions.
Weller: Is the long-term downside the phenomenon of unintended consequences?
The downside of this is that the attrition rate is high.
Looking at both a daily chart and a weekly chart for Valero, Keene points out that the stock is on a "clear bear channel to the downside" with a downside target at the prior low $52.
"Although the downside risks have diminished since earlier in the year, I still judge the balance of risks to my inflation and growth outlooks to be tilted slightly to the downside," he said at University of Bridgeport.
The major downside of these machines is the downside of all direct-recording voting machines: There is no confirmation of the voter's ballot, no verifiable paper trail, and no chance for a recount in a close election.
The downside is that it's up to the cell carriers to act.
A move back to the June lows at $170 represents 7% downside.
Remember you are playing for the upside, not managing for the downside.
That represents a potential 25 percent downside from Friday's close of $40.03.
I think the only downside is it wreaks havoc on my skin!
There is a possible downside to attention-grabbing stunts, even successful ones.
"I've been stung a couple of times, but that's the only downside."
A major downside risk to inflation projections stems from the exchange rate.
Breakingviews: Success in Singapore this week could have a downside for China.
JC: The downside for neural nets is they're really hard to understand.
CPI trim, which excludes upside and downside outliers, rose to 1.5 percent.
That call suggests another 6 percent downside from current levels, says Khouw.
The downside to the Signe's sleek, minimalist design though is its price.
The downside is that not all computers or phones can view h.
One downside ... the kids haven't really had a chance to properly grieve.
There may be a downside to turning to TV for recipe inspiration.
Other than that one foible, there's no downside to making the switch.
If we fail, the same delivery happens, but with a downside result.
While that seems like a perfect arrangement, it comes with one downside.
The only downside to this feature is it only works with headphones.
The downside to developers is as clear as the upside for users.
Downside: It immediately attracts ear filth (the white color is not helpful).
Look, the downside of any tax is it can disincentivize economic activity.
The risks surrounding the euro area growth outlook remain on the downside.
The only downside (aside from dust accumulation) was the $849 price tag.
"It will be a similar year, with some downside risks," he said.
Low earnings growth is a concern but we see limited further downside.
As with Brazil's real, most participants saw downside risks for the peso.
George said in the interview risks are now tilting to the downside.
There's no GPS, which would be a downside for open-water triathletes.
The downside: At some point, you'll wish you had an actual remote.
Longer term, the potential for rising interest rates presents considerable downside risk.
And less oil weakness would also reduce the downside in US credit.
CPI trim, which excludes upside and downside outliers, dipped to 1.3 percent.
On the downside, it paints the Fed into an ever-tighter corner.
The downside is that male trees produce pollen that can trigger allergies.
Who would ask an internet-connected speaker about the downside to juicing?
If you're looking at the [oil] cycle, certainly the downside is limited.
Therefore, Fitch does not expect any material downside risk to recovery expectations.
The downside is there, you might engage them but also upset them.
The one major downside to the Studio 10003 design is wind noise.
That's the downside and we're beginning to get fed up with it.
"Risks to the forecast are mainly to the downside," the IMF said.
The stock is likely going to have more downside into the fall.
And then you want to be kind of conservative on preventing downside.
The only downside is how difficult the water bottles are to clean.
The only downside is the occasional boob punch, but it's worth it!!
For Clinton, not traveling on Air Force One has almost no downside.
The downside to our beautiful city is we are in a bubble.
"The idea is to limit the downside to 53 percent," he said.
The downside is I don't want people thinking it's a Netflix show.
The only downside of getting her pick of pretty pieces of jewelry?
He sees considerable downside risk to investing in industrials and energy stocks.
We have an upside, but the downside is much tougher to call.
Evans repeated that risks to the economy are tilted to the downside.
"We remain highly profitable with strong growth and limited downside," he said.
The downside: it also proves Netflix isn't immune from Hollywood blockbuster problems.
The downside is, the Play will be lower-end in other ways.
From a positioning perspective, positions still appear very stretched on the downside.
The downside is the number of treatments needed, at $500 a pop.
The downside is that there's no separation -- it's on all the time.
And yet, that still doesn't change the one major downside: the upkeep.
But that's the only (slight) downside to this toy, in my opinion.
The only downside is that resomation is legal in only 10 states.
The less-traded hot rolled tumbled by its 6 percent downside limit.
Any delays in fiscal consolidation would constitute downside risks to our forecast.
"The OVX still suggests there's further pain to the downside," he said.
"In short, there is no downside to intervention," the funds' motion said.
The fall below support near 4950 confirms the downside target near 4600.
The only downside was my wariness to add cheese in this instance.
For Da however, this is the only downside of fighting at Max.
The downside is the app feels like a bit of a mess.
There are several issues on the downside for Trump to pick Cohn.
However, the coming election represents a downside risk to the fiscal forecast.
"There are some downside pressures that are currently being overlooked," said Khan.
But there are downside risks in the non-manufacturing PMI, warned ANZ.
He thinks Tesla has limited downside and substantial upside at these levels.
"The balance of risks remains skewed to the downside," the IMF said.
Interestingly, oil also appears to frequently build up momentum to the downside.
One other downside is that there's a limit to its cleansing powers.
The main downside to having feline co-workers, according to Ferray workers?
The downside, again, is that this is all a bit more complicated.
"This should keep the risk trades pressured to the downside," Twidale added.
Either way, there doesn't seem to be a downside to consensual hugging.
Galliers' price target of $312 represents 4 percent downside from Thursday's close.
We see 28% downside to our 12-month price target of $32.
Ordinarily this is just a cynical way of operating, with little downside.
Then read this Times editorial about the environmental downside of palm oil.
" Biggest downside: "Vestiges of the poverty from the 903s and 80s remain.
The downside to being sole CEO is the increased visibility it brings.
The main downside is that they're not flexible or easy to store.
There's one downside, though: the card doesn't have a sign-up bonus.
"The risks are so much more on the downside," Mr. Dalio added.
If the company experiences a rough patch, GSD shares in the downside.
Most people think of risk as the potential downside on an investment.
But, as Hillary Clinton learned on Tuesday, there is also a downside.
Obviously hygiene has very many benefits, but perhaps this is a downside.
There is no economic or social downside to healthier and happier families.
The only real downside to cold brew is that it takes time.
There is a significant downside to borrowing from your own retirement account.
Call it the downside of screening, or the law of unintended consequences.
The Pixel Buds might look better than AirPods, but there's a downside.
The biggest downside of bankruptcy is the hit your credit report takes.
That suggests 2.7 percent more downside for the dollar against the euro.
But there is a downside to it that there isn't much diversity.
The only downside: it might interfere with a mid-afternoon hangover nap.
A downside of physical keys is that if lose them, you're toast.
The one downside here is that the viewer is made of foam.
So what's changed to persuade zinc bears to try the downside again?
The only true downside to the Airpods is their relatively high price.
There may also be a psychological downside to mastectomy as a procedure.
The report pointed to further downside risks to the troubled manufacturing sector.
One downside is that they take a while to dry after washing.
It's not a really aggressive start to the week to the downside.
One downside: You won't want to take your phone calls with these.
But the potential downside for Mr. Trump and his party is huge.
"There's no downside to what happened here at all," Mr. Hannity said.
The downside: His father, apparently misquoted, said Cheryshev had taken growth hormone.
On the downside, it's got a reputation for being hard to learn.
To protect against downside, Gordon is buying the 185 put with Oct.
Executives with large stock holdings can hedge their positions, minimizing downside risk.
For many people, there is no downside to getting a booster shot.
The downside is that it feels impossible to decide what to watch.
MO's solid balance sheet, ABI stake, and 8.4% dividend yield limit downside.
The major downside to this umbrella is the lack of weighted base.
However, the downside risks have increased because of the virus, he said.
Another downside is its hefty weight, which made it hard to handle.
For me, this was the biggest downside to an otherwise spectacular hotel.
The downside: Given the thickness, it's more noticeable than other screen protectors.
One downside: They don't use SD cards, but XQD memory cards instead.
If it's the latter, we'll see massive downside pressure across all markets.
The only downside to buying them is having to give them away.
The lower edge of the trading is the current downside target level.
The downside target is set using the width of the trading bands.
The downside is that the dual system would be complex to administer.
This would imply a more than 2.5 percent downside from current levels.
NAY: The downside on defense is the erosion of the pass coverage.
A decline to $20 implies 33% downside from Tuesday's close of $30.30.
Spending too long in the agency world has its downside, too, though.
"These numbers have volatility on the upside and the downside," he said.
The downside is that the divisions around them become deeper and angrier.
Gordon executed a put debit spread to take advantage of expected downside.
And we will have to see what happens with the downside risk.
The perfect opportunity — one with all upside and no downside — is rare.
But the downside of shepherding a "bad deal" is losing a job.
The other downside of a mesh system is they are not cheap.
As a result, we see the risk/reward skewed to the downside.
Then the S&P collapsed, joining Bitcoin in gear on the downside.
That is, to maintain participation in risk assets but with less downside.
Downside: The internet can make us lazy about budgets, according to Lackey.
" GLOBAL: "Downside risks from heightened trade tensions and geo-political developments remain.
But it may suggest that there's more upside than downside for Mrs.
It was always a downside risk that China would start to slow.
Therefore, disability insurance is in place to protect us against that downside.
The downside is that it could damage your concrete, asphalt, and plants.
And maybe less of a shoot to the downside to lower them?
In January, he said his models were telegraphing "downside vulnerability " in February.
The downside is that iPhones also become more expensive, at least upfront.
In these conditions the short-term risk to the downside has increased.
We need to continue to guard against downside risks to the economy.
The only real downside is having to clean up the horse dung.
The downside to the redesign has been its impact on workforce morale.
The downside is that tablets are so large that they aren't pocketable.
Coming to Kansas, there is no downside and only opportunity for upside.
There's no downside going into this weekend and only potential for upside.
If there is a downside to this new tradition it's the timing.
Versus their fortunes are, you know, a little bit on the downside.
With perhaps only 10 percent downside in the stock until it reaches its lowest valuation in more than a decade, it's hard to see there being a lot of downside from here, unless global consumer headwinds strengthen further.
"Global downside risks, and the possibility of further increases in those risks from here which could formally tip the balance toward downside risks in the statement, are the main things to watch," said Pictet Wealth Management strategist Frederik Ducrozet.
The downside is you lose a bunch of vertical pixels to accommodate them.
Was there a serious downside to the harsh attacks by Christie and others?
The only downside we can see is he can't go anywhere too warm.
Simplified U.S. electoral scenarios all show downside to U.S. equities by year-end.
The bank has ample loss-absorbing buffers to protect creditors against downside risks.
The downside is the next generation signals will not work on existing televisions.
But St Ives's popularity has a downside: visitors dominate the local housing market.
It's almost confirming what could be a change in trend to the downside.
The downside there is grabbing the wheel can inadvertently disengage the autonomous system.
DAN HENNINGER, COLUMNIST & DEPUTY EDITOR: No. I really don&apost see any downside.
But both men share at least one major downside in 2020 — their age.
"That's really when you saw the market accelerate to the downside," she said.
"In our opinion, AFL's valuation offers attractive upside with limited downside," he said.
So the comparison, is that De Niro&aposs career is on the downside.
Santa Rally "indicator" on track for an unprecedented third straight downside warning signal.
Bourne's first trip to Downside Abbey was in the winter of last year.
Really, the biggest downside to the GT75VR is just how thick it is.
There's a downside to buying a router that went to art school, however.
Nearly every hard policy catalyst in Q183 of 2019 carries significant downside risk.
I also have to mention a serious practical downside of this design: durability.
But on the downside, they drugs are more expensive than some other treatments.
The downside, of course, is that you need new content that's HDR-enabled.
This is a significant downside for tvOS customers, so it's always worth mentioning.
If things don't go well, the downside is definitely greater than the upside.
"If anything, slow grinding with potential downside shocks" is most likely, she said.
The downside of a fish-rich diet is the potential for mercury poisoning.
In other words, the downside is mitigated somewhat, failing an outright home run.
The downside to a level target occurs when inflation accidentally rises too high.
But I think the risks are a little bit more to the downside.
But that wide swath of streaming terrain can come with a potential downside.
Another downside risk is related to potential changes in international corporate tax policies.
" The downside of market prognostication: "Macro-forecasting is extremely hard to do right.
We do not have the same conviction with respect to euro/dollar downside.
I think it's asymmetric risk to the downside if we get this wrong.
The big downside: you'll wake your beloved snorer up from their peaceful sleep.
This is both the great thing about these earbuds and their biggest downside.
One downside — the app isn't available for the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.
The downside is that researchers did connect butter with all-cause mortality, however.
The downside to Hereditary is that it feels cluttered, both thematically and narratively.
On the downside there'd be no swearing and a lack of gratuitous violence.
It's one major downside is the lack of 4K, HDR, and UHD support.
The premium you'll receive may be attractive, but the theoretical downside is limitless.
The only downside is that the bigger the palette, the higher the price.
S&P since our last check — history suggests additional downside may be limited.
The downside is that this is the second iteration of the emoji bracelet.
The downside, of course, is that the Plus-sized iPhones have larger dimensions.
"There's no downside for Democrats at all," veteran Democratic advisor Manuel Ortiz said.
Pick if you must, but leave plenty of room for still more downside.
I would not expect too much downside if this deal doesn't get done.
On the downside, Yelp, SolarCity and Kohl's have seen the biggest negative revisions.
The downside is that I'm years behind any cultural conversation about a title.
The big picture: Economic indicators are moving to the downside, not the upside.
The downside is it might take you a lot longer to get there.
Working From Home The one downside to freelancing: providing your own health insurance.
On the downside, several buyers complained that the playing cards are poor quality.
LAEL BRAINARD: I would certainly say there are a variety of downside risks.
The only downside was that you don't actually see the Ikran you're flying.
However, the downside is that it's another thing you have to charge up.
The downside of randomness is equally obvious: It might spit out something terrible.
Revenue and economic underperformance are the main downside risks to the fiscal trajectory.
We view the risk/reward as favorable with 2:1 upside/downside ratio.
If there's one downside to powerful computers, it's that they're too damn big.
A persistent weakness in external demand increases China's downside risks, according to HSBC.
The downside is that they attract the oily compounds that cause body odor.
In our view the probability of downside from these levels is very limited.
The downside of all of that simplicity is that the Miata is tiny.
The downside of this is that the resulting machine instructions are spectacularly inefficient.
The only downside, really, is that Mason doesn't actually yodel in this remix.
"We wanted to reduce the downside pressure on the stock market," he said.
The new price target represents 22 percent downside from Friday's close of $45.26.
Regional and domestic political developments pose a downside risk to ratings in 2018.
The upside seems to be capped at $1,280 and downside limited at $1,225.
The downside is that more water raises the risk of flooding, they added.
The only downside is that the price is as "Luxe" as its comfort.
Yet IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath highlights "many downside risks", especially trade tensions.
S. inflation and inflation expectations have surprised to the downside in recent months.
The downside is HUB by ekko isn't expected to ship until July 2017.
But the downside is that it could be dominated by domestic-style questions.
Do you think the downside risks for the financial space here are rising?
The downside to the Barista Kit is that the device becomes considerably larger.
Investors are nervous that we'll see a massive downside correction in China's economy.
This provides a downside target of $0.715, which has been achieved and exceeded.
"Further downside quite possible, but 2016 is most likely not 2008," McMillan said.
The only downside is that they aren't as sweet as some other sweeteners.
Another downside is that NordVPN's monthly plan is relatively expensive, at $24.12/month.
But there may be a downside to this backyard-style of rearing poultry.
One downside to this is that the lens may cover up the flash.
The major downside of the form factor, however, is awkward size and shape.
First, downside "risks emanating from abroad appear to have receded somewhat," she said.
There is no upside to pulling out of the agreement, only significant downside.
But OPEC added that its forecast for 2000 economic growth faced downside risk.
The other downside: The new drone doesn't work with the old one's batteries.
In this case, the risk has an upside as well as a downside.
Downside pressure may arise from any risk of further state support being needed.
Such detail creates a substantial downside for both the bases and communities listed.
They see significant downside to having two undisciplined candidates roaming the trail.9.
But more and more, economists are also recognizing a downside to free trade.
This value is then projected downwards and gives a downside target near 107.
The only downside is the high price, but they'll last you for years.
In fact, most Wall Street economists see no immediate end to crude's downside.
"That experience has also demonstrated that there can be a downside," Hart said.
The downside: HomeKit doesn't have as many accessories as some other systems do.
Downside to Barwa's VR could arise from a material deterioration of asset quality.
On the downside, it would take time to get back up to speed.
One more downside: The device, as of now, cannot create fancy latte art.
Happily, this trend in workforce substitution has an upside as well as downside.
Facebook Dating's proximity to Facebook could also be seen as a downside, however.
Then downside: it's inconvenient to enter every time you open your phone. 4.
"Using sector average multiples, we see ~20% downside at current levels," he said.
One downside to this product that there isn't much by way of bronzer.
On the downside, they're not as luxurious as curtains made of other materials.
The technical indicator can be used to forecast potential downside in an asset.
If anything should go wrong with the economy, the downside will be horrific.
"But I have to emphasize the risk is on the downside," said Min.
As such, it's hard to see a downside to ubiquitous, first-hand documentation.
There's not really a downside apart from the aforementioned extra bulk and cost.
An additional downside to shrinking the workforce is that it could sap revenue.
The competition was high and the only downside was the drive to Disneyland.
Another downside can be if you end up stranded without an internet connection.
To view a graphic on British economic data suprises to downside, click: reut.
Magna was also influential on the downside, falling 2.8 percent to C$58.87.
The only downside, of course, was that you couldn't really breathe in it.
He said there were more downside risks for sterling in the days ahead.
And, given this apparent downside of amplifying the tweet, what's the counterbalancing upside?
The only downside is its short battery life—about four or five hours.
Kois' eldest daughter, Lyra, encountered the downside of poldering in her Dutch classroom.
They got credit for the vote without ever having to face the downside.
But Joule's downside is the need for a smartphone app to operate it.
If investors want downside protection, they can buy puts on the position simultaneously.
Ed Morse, Citi's global head of commodity research, believes there's more downside ahead.
But traveling like the rest of us can have one big downside: delays.
The only downside is that you have to plug it into an outlet.
But there's a big downside: The price for oil is a global one.
They say that the thought of giving up their privacy is a downside.
As in: What would be the "downside" if Edmondson wasn't always so sick?
Kap has revolting passing downside, but his rushing upside makes him stream-worthy.
The Upshot's Josh Katz has argued that there's a downside to that approach.
The downside: Professional dog walkers like Juliya and Masha Puckhoff, above, are struggling.
Recent history suggests there is almost no downside to giving it a shot.
All this said, I did find one downside to using a paper planner.
S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures were also at their downside limits.
One downside to blanket distribution is that some people don't need the money.
Risks are skewed more to the downside, as the S&P 2325 index .
The experience reinforced my beliefs about the downside of anger, confrontation and aggression.
The only downside is having to wait until November to finally see it.
"Downside risks are increasing for both the global economy and markets," Haefele said.
The downside, of course, is that it's only for iOS and Mac users.
There are downside risks to projections for the current quarter too, they said.
The downside is that everyone is treated as equally expert on various topics.
But it's worth thinking more clearly about the downside of spending too much.
Is there a downside to focusing on spelling in the South Asian community?
Investors need to understand what the downside of an aggressive portfolio looks like.
The only downside is that your taxes just got a lot more complicated.
That target represents a 27.3 percent downside potential from Monday's close of $385.
The downside to the all-white, basic AirPods case: It gets really dirty.
"The downside is competitive convergence and the commoditization of the industry," she said.
Gauff's taste for risk on her second serve has a downside: double faults.
But for others, there is a downside to losing some flexibility and freedom.
The one downside to it is that it is, like, a bit shiny.
South Vineland, N.J. For Fred Miller, there's no downside to working on Thanksgiving.
On the downside, banking stocks took a hit slipping 3.83% to 94.45 rand.
"The downside risks for the German economy have significantly risen," said Ifo's Wollmershaeuser.
Gordon sees further downside for Micron into the company's earnings on Sept. 20.
There is no downside to showing courtesy and respect for your opponent — usually.
"The downside is normally none of our starters would be playing," Walton said.
Gold has sunk into a correction, and some forecast further downside to come.
"So there certainly is potential for some more downside" in the short-term.
"Having a common platform could have a downside," Mr. Wall at QNX acknowledged.
Either way, Procter & Gamble at least offers some downside protection for Mr. Peltz.
This week's stock market's tumble may signal a much bigger downside lies ahead.
So, downside pressure to the economy in the fourth quarter has been eased.
There is no downside to acknowledging that these nations may have different agendas.
The downside to an oil finish is that it requires more regular maintenance.
The only downside is that it's far and the Lyfts can add up.
I mean, that is the source to downside risk if it keeps escalating.
Post the large underperformance, we don't see enough downside to justify an Underweight.
Still, there is little downside for any party in favoring talks over action.
The downside, at least for those who like their roommates, is high turnover.
That means stocks are still expensive, and risks to the downside remain high.
The data that we've seen this week has surprised aggressively on the downside.
I also found their evil downside: sexless marriages, industrial-scale infidelity and loneliness.
The market has reacted with bigger upside than it was on the downside.
They're just removing the downside risk that policy has to be eased further.
Blackledge's $11 price target represents 28 percent downside over the next 12 months.
Oh well, the downside of online grocery shopping — I'll know for next time!.
On the downside, it is expensive and cannot turn the PS4 console on.
On the downside, property developer British Land fell 1 percent after reporting results.
But the main downside of failure is that sometimes you want to succeed.
There is no downside to wearing them as long as you are comfortable.
He can risk the domestic political downside of appearing to appease the North.
But one downside of a tropical retirement can be the threat of hurricanes.
This state of affairs is not part of some inevitable downside of globalization.
It's rare to see downside momentum really accelerate lower in a bull market.
Savers should, of course, be aware of the possible downside risks of investing.
S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures were also at their downside limit.
But Ms. Seabrook and her friends have seen the downside of that lifestyle.
There is an upside and a downside to solving crossword puzzles every day.
There doesn't seem to be any downside for Putin to have this meeting.
The downside is it's only open Wednesday through Friday while school's in session.
"When there's $1 trillion in mitigating the downside, there's a good argument to be made that it actually creates more downside because now they're all selling at the same time," said David Lafferty, chief market strategist at Natixis Investment Managers.
"Given how much the downside risks have mounted and how long the ECB has been mentioning the risks without changing its risk assessment, it almost seems like the ECB has a blindspot for downside risks," Nordea economist Jan von Gerich said.
"The news since May I think has been, both in the data has been a little disappointing and in terms of both the global downside risks and the domestic downside risks my read is that they have both intensified," Vlieghe said.
The only downside I can think of: you can't pick where the PopSocket goes.
However, medium term risks are to the downside due to less synchronised global growth.
Still, Rosenblatt's Zhang held his price target steady at $200, implying 3.6 percent downside.
Micron closed at $36.12 on Tuesday, which means Gerra sees another 11.4% downside ahead.
It noted various downside risks to the forecasts, mainly lower growth from foreign trade.
There was likely very little upside — but clearly there was a lot of downside.
To the downside, Ross noted that 250 serves as a key level of support.
But the downside of the Golden Globes is that there's a lot going on.
Zambia's public finances continue to present a downside risk to the sovereign credit profile.
The downside is that what counts as science will proceed very slowly for you.
However, foreign players bought stocks on expectations of strong corporate earnings, limiting the downside.
RATING SENSITIVITIES The Stable Outlook indicates that upside and downside risks are evenly balanced.
One downside: Patients have an increased risk of developing cancer in the scalp later.
I think the markets are putting a lot of emphasis on the downside risks.
The downside of this system is that neither of us have any financial privacy.
Should the stock break below that level, he believes the max downside is $160.
If Apple loses the Qualcomm-Apple battle, it could have more downside, Cramer admitted.
Goldman did see a major downside risk to the price of one commodity: Palladium.
The only downside to the A&K Kann Cube, other than its stratospheric price?
I think collectively, many of us agree that the worst downside is the stigma.
There is one possible downside to building Wi-Fi right into the lock, though.
The only downside is the refresh rate, which is set to 100Hz by default.
At present, the biggest threat to central bank credibility is clearly on the downside.
Yes, the one obvious downside is that you're stuck with a white home button.
If this pattern is valid then it gives a downside projection target near 110.
Of course, as with any new technology, there's going to be some unanticipated downside.
Then Rose brought up the downside of using foam as a DIY sound booth.
If there's a downside to the new American tank's smart cannon round, it's cost.
Trade tensions between the United States and Europe had "increased downside risk," they said.
What to watch: Expect more predictions of downside economic risk to the trade war.
Vistesen said that that growth risks were also "tilted to the downside" this year.
"Watching that play out really showed me the downside of deregulation," he told me.
Unfortunately, the downside falls on those relying on charging scooters to make extra income.
Those two factors both operate to reduce the traditional downside to publishing inaccurate stories.
And right now, I'd say the risk to our 2% forecast to the downside.
Until he is sure about the downside, he said to stay away from both.
"Central banks can't fully ameliorate the downside of a global trade war," he added.
The downside is that these products tend to cover only a share of damages.
But the downside is that you'll also miss out on some of your music.
Discount retailers such as Five Below, Big Lots, Dollar General traded to the downside.
The only downside is that the park is known as NYU students' gathering spot.
"Clearly there are massive downside risks (for prices)," said Capital Economics analyst Kieran Clancy.
We see 26% downside to our $2.50 DCF-based price target ($2.75 prior) vs.
The one downside: there's only support for AMD's FreeSync tech, not Nvidia G-Sync.
Mizel said she doesn't see any downside to her mother caring for the dolls.
The only downside is that teachers in general are pretty under-respected and underpaid.
But the downside is this type of therapy may also not work for everyone.
They also saw downside risk to their expectations of a rebound in business investment.
If you want a downside to the new design, it's the camera lens protrusion.
Accordingly, we see relatively limited further downside (valuation 50%).
Back in May, we set a downside target for the dollar/yen at 100.
The downside: it takes six weeks to make and has a short shelf life.
"It looks like we have further downside left to go in gold," said Johnson.
For this reason, the risks to the global economy remain tilted to the downside.
But the downside is that, of course, there is this undeniable element of corruption.
The downside to the ease of online subscriptions is the ease of cancelling them.
With options, buyers' downside risk is limited to the premium paid for the option.
There will be some near-term moves toward the downside, according to one technician.
Of course, there can be a downside to sharing your sign with your partner.
The only downside with ordering these two models is that they don't ship immediately.
Downside could result from further deterioration in liquidity, which has tightened since end-1H15.
Second, the biggest downside to Brexit was never going to be immediate economic pain.
The downside of sequels is that they so rarely have anything new to offer.
The 2000-level for S&P 500 futures is a very realistic downside objective.
Nonetheless, despite the excitement and the enjoyment, there was a serious downside for me.
But there is one big downside of wearing glittery eyeshadow: That shit gets everywhere.
Such a move has an obvious downside: It likely leads to President Hillary Clinton.
On the downside, the selection isn't has extensive as other royalty-free image websites.
A move down to that level implied 49% downside from Thursday's close of $196.
One such pro — JC O'Hara, chief market technician at MKM Partners — foresees more downside.
If there's a downside to Black Panther, it's that it has to end eventually.
The downside is that you're carrying around a bigger phone, which few people want.
The one downside to this setup compared to the Echo Show is audio quality.
Qualifications grant access to a world that is protected from the downside of globalisation.
The downside: Subscription revenue is still a long way from replacing plunging ad revenue.
But in terms of the other kinds of downside risks, foreign growth has slowed.
This also means it is difficult to test the euro's downside at these levels.
They are going to bolster the economy to counter the downside risks from trade.
Honestly, at this point I am not seeing any downside of a Trump Presidency.
Republican leaders reject the idea that there's a downside to the vote, of course.
Seymour said he is playing the downside of rates, small caps, and high yields.
The downside: This method doesn't address all income types, including capital gains and investments.
The downside to VRidge's custom solution is that it won't work with all titles.
If this pattern is valid, it would give a downside projection target near 110.
Hickenlooper says it's "too soon to know" if there's a downside to drug legalization.
A movement into the territory of negative interest rates also comes with downside risk.
The downside is that the belt traditionally acts to absorb motor shock and vibration.
A potential worsening of the macro-economic environment represents a risk to the downside.
Apart from low productivity growth, there are other downside risks to the global economy.
Downside risk to NBB's VR may also arise from further deterioration in asset quality.
I try not to let the downside distract me from doing my job, either.
The only downside is the bras aren't expected to ship until February next year.
No one is going all in, because there is still too much downside risk.
"I think there's something to the downside that could be quite serious," Gartman said.
On the downside, it does stall out sometimes, and Google Fit doesn't track swimming.
The fall below this level in February set an immediate downside target near 113.
The initial downside target is near 109 but historically this is a weak level.
Bottom line: traders finally have a downside story with a little meat to it.
"There's more upside here than downside, especially if the Chinese economy improves", Wong said.
The downside is the Cybertool is bulky and makes your watch look completely ridiculous.
The downside is they're not machine washable — you have to clean them by hand.
They get part of the upside and they don't take any of the downside.
Analysts predicted more downside for sterling as traders monitored the fallout of the vote.
Sure, there will be rally rebounds but these do not invalidate the downside targets.
But Josh Brown isn't so sure--he thinks we could see more downside ahead.
Whatever the exact cause, the market-implied chanced of catastrophic downside have certainly risen.
The committee assesses the risk to the growth outlook to be on the downside.
On the downside, consumer staples retreated 0.5 percent, while industrials gave back 0.4 percent.
Given the recent volatility, Boroden believes that this market is vulnerable to the downside.
Given the recent volatility, Boroden believes that this market is vulnerable to the downside.
Retail sales data surprised to the downside, falling 0.3 percent in January against expectations.
For the most part this is all improvement, but there is one big downside.
The biggest downside to Visionect's tablets is probably the price: they cost $349 each.
The only downside is that one tube will set you back a cool $38.
On the downside, he said, his daughter is "not best happy" with his decision.
Exposure to the identical array of 'sexy businesses' with less risk on the downside.
And they did it, I guarantee you, looking at much more downside than upside.
He's anticipating 5 to 8 percent downside in the S&P by year-end.
Therefore, it's difficult for a private company mispriced to the downside to even exist.
Protect the Downside and the Upside Will Take Care of Itself – Don't be greedy.
"The risk to global economic growth remains skewed to the downside," the report said.
The downside is your doctor's spending too much time typing than talking to you.
The only downside for Oklahoma City was an ugly injury sustained by Hamidou Diallo.
The downside to the newfound momentum is the crowded primary dilemma that Democrats face.
I think, however, that 2020 is going to present a lot of potential downside.
"Further downside looks limited as the drag from Euro area PMIs dissipates," they said.
"It's time to hedge our long portfolio with some downside put spreads," said Gordon.
The couple have already learned the downside of living in a small co-op.
There is some potential additional downside for Clinton in some of those above scenarios.
The euro/yen chart has multiple features which suggest a downside target near 107.
These are bearish features but they do not assist in setting a downside target.
But there is an obvious downside to our connected devices, too: their inherent vulnerability.
The still high concentration in the bank's large corporates loan book increases downside risks.
I don't think it's fair to say that hockey is on the downside here.
However this support level is weak so investors should prepare for more downside activity.
Lejuez reaffirmed his $28 Gap price target, representing 14 percent downside to Wednesday's close.
The one and only downside is that you can't switch academies after you apply.
Adding ear tips to your AirPods improves fit, but there is one downside: charging.
"Overall sentiment is negative with plenty of room to the downside remaining," he said.
Both stocks dropped during the afternoon to close approximately 0.23 percent to the downside.
Najarian uses options to limit downside when trading quick and short term market moves.
"Ongoing policy uncertainty represents a key downside risk for US equity valuations," Kostin wrote.
We think downside risks remain, along with the chance of a cut in August.
The 2300 fall in the Dow set the downside edge of a trading band.
The downside of such a hard metal, though, is that it's prone to chipping.
On the downside, a 401(k) tends to have lower costs than an IRA.
Rasgon's new price target implies a 17.2 percent downside from Monday's close of $50.71.
The downside: If designed incorrectly, these pay-for-performance contracts can incentivize perverse behavior.
On the downside, manufacturing jobs continued to decline, losing 10,000, while mining declined 4,000.
But there's a downside, and a dark side, to the way we're fighting back.
"We open a 90-day downside catalyst watch on Tesla shares," the report said.
The downside: Russia has said it will retaliate to strikes that endanger Russian troops.
The only downside is that you can't decide what department they put you in.
"Where aging is concerned, there isn't a downside to our skin type," says Estelle.
And the entrepreneur says okay, because he or she never thinks about the downside.
Lee noted that upside and downside risks to the economy appeared to be balanced.
However, deepened protectionism or weaker global demand could be a downside risk for exports.
The only downside where some might be concerned is that there's no carrying handle.
The only real downside here is that this pillow is on the expensive side.
"The only downside is that your backyard is built into the mountains," she said.
Mr. van Zweden's general penchant for making everything overly emphatic was the downside here.
"There's no downside" for Hawley in taking a hard line on abortion, he explained.
The downside of free trade is concentrated onto a relatively small group of people.
While continuances can help immigrants mount an effective case, they also have a downside.
The best part is that there's really no downside to setting a few alerts.
The most commonly cited downside of excessive screen time is low mood, or depression.
Given where American-Iranian relations stand, there is not much downside to this bluntness.
I wouldn't think there will be a lot of follow through on the downside.
If there was any downside, it was that many of their friends lived elsewhere.
The main downside of an AV system is that AV ballots are very complicated.
But investors should consider the downside, and whether the tax break is worth it.
The downside: This was the process that resulted in the most cracked egg shells.
But, he added, there is now a greater need to "factor in the downside."
And Nadig said that's living proof of the downside to current bond pricing services.
But he also said there was a dangerous downside to Piech's "cannot-fail" mentality.
"There are downside risks to the UK forecast, whatever happens to Brexit," he added.
And while there's no clear upside to this, there is potentially a tremendous downside.
Many of Mr. Trump's moves to help workers have come with a serious downside.
Layovers will often make your flight cheaper, but the downside is, well, a layover.
Almost uniquely among Wall Street maneuvers, short-selling entails what traders call infinite downside.
Some feel GE will see further downside ahead, at least in the near term.
Great sex starts with communicationTaking cues from mainstream media can also have a downside.
Kelley maintained his price target of $31, representing 1 percent downside from Monday's close.
The downside is customers who prefer to buy wagons have few to choose from.
But Jefferies says the "ultimate upside potential outweighs" any further downside facing the stock.
Collectors are, however, concerned about one potential downside of Mr. Trump's suggested tax changes.
It is either all about upside and gains, or only potential risks and downside.
But Guthrie is also aware of the downside of being in the public eye.
"I think people overestimate the downside risk of doing something like that," Ghodsi said.
The one downside is you can't change the size if you want bigger photos.
Any delays or setbacks to these programmes would represent downside risks to debt sustainability.
But a hike would be hard to justify should inflation surprise on the downside.
And the downside to cuts given low inflation and already-falling markets looks negligible.
The downside, of course, is that there are far fewer devices available for HomeKit.
And the possibility of the virus spreading in Europe poses a new downside risk.
And the possibility of the virus spreading in Europe poses a new downside risk.
This would imply about 3 percent of downside from levels as of Monday afternoon.
The only big downside is how big and heavy it is at 400 pounds.
But the do-no-harm principle suggests giving special weight to the downside risks.
Downside risks for euro grow -Germany's new ECB appointee defends easy policy Euro trashed!
A 9% buffer level yields a higher return than a 30% downside buffer level.
Another downside to hydraulic resistance models is the chance of the piston leaking oil.
The downside was that he and his wife and adult daughter had to vacate.
The downside was that he and his wife and adult daughter had to vacate.
The one downside: It was tough to get a good look at our plane!
In 2020, the downside of that surge could put certain players in the dock.
A big downside to bankruptcy is the hit that the filer's credit report takes.
On the downside, major U.S. bank Goldman Sachs reported a rare miss in profit.
Orlando is worried that could leave room for knee-jerk trading to the downside.
But the downside has been bikes piled everywhere in many cities, clogging the sidewalks.
But it also carries the downside of making the headphones seem a little clunky.
So, the slump on Wall Street added to downside pressure, Wan added to CNBC.
But the continuing high level of inventories poses a downside risk to this forecast.
The firm's downside target on that trade is another 3 percent dip from here.
Having said that, we see further downside risk to this growth at this point.
It feels full to me and it feels like there's more downside than upside.
" BNM's ratio cut "is a recognition that there are indeed downside risks to growth.
The major downside is the price which, at $99.95, is steep for a mug.
The downside is that hills won't be the only steep thing on your horizon.
The width of the trading band is used to calculate upside and downside targets.
The downside is that Norway has no vote in making rules it must follow.
That added to downside risks to GDP growth both now and in the future.
The downside is that I sometimes find myself defending people who have acted shamefully.
Another downside: Between the Eufy and the Furbo, Finn now firmly believes in ghosts.
Yeah, that's good if it can happen, but there's a downside to speed also.
On the downside, I started to notice that things weren't quite right with them.
Rubio's plan backfired: He got all of the downside and none of the upside.
The downside would be hurting U.S. companies that do business with the targeted firm.
Seven of 8 respondents to a separate question saw it skewed to the downside.
Citibanamex's VR and IDRs are sensitive to changes in Mexico's sovereign rating on the downside.
Trade policy was a "significant" downside risk to the outlook for economic growth, George said.
" With April's drop, Broughton outlined a "material and growing downside risk to the economic outlook.
Another downside of using earbuds: it leads to some really strange sound transfer at times.
The show takes the downside of technology and pushes it to the worst possible end.
The downside target is near $0.69, which would keep the Australian Reserve Bank very happy.
He said it was "inevitable" to conclude that there were downside risks for the region.
As the asset becomes more in demand, this will put additional downside pressure on yields.
The big potential downside to all this is that the Razer Phone 2 ain't cheap.
They would rather limit their downside, unless they are just starting their careers, Kohlhepp said.
One major downside of dating in virtual reality is the physical challenge of making out.
While the Permian Basin has some of the best acreage, there could be a downside.
However, I also believe the risks of vigorously investigating Trump have very little political downside.
Advantage: The most downside protection if cryptocurrency investing ends up being a waste of time.
"The risks for euro/dollar are firmly on the downside from here, " he told CNBC.
The downside, of course, is that official thread support will surely lead to more threads.
HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Success in Singapore this week could have a downside for China.
That's the only downside, I guess, but I've always loved having that connection to them.
The only downside is that her new 'do has us lusting after a copycat transformation.
One downside: Because the app is so new, I came across many BeLinked tester profiles.
So while they're expecting a move higher, they are also simultaneously protecting against the downside.
The downside is that there's no set date for when these videos will roll out.
"Both political risks and downside risks to growth are both still very substantial," Adams said.

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