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"demand" Definitions
  1. [countable] a very strong request for something; something that somebody needs
  2. demands [plural] things that somebody/something makes you do, especially things that are difficult, make you tired, worried, etc.
  3. [uncountable, singular] the desire or need of customers for goods or services that they want to buy or use
"demand" Synonyms
requirement ultimatum desire importunity imposition order request call command insistence mandate pressure stipulation want claim clamour(UK) condition dictate need petition necessity requisite exigency wish sine qua non prerequisite essential must precondition must-have qualification specification proviso market appetite longing yearning craving hankering fancy passion hunger relish inclination lust thirst urge run on rush on urgency use occasion cause deficiency edict decree directive ruling instruction direction rule injunction commandment law ordinance fiat regulation charge statute proclamation coercion compulsion constraint force duress intimidation oppression bullying harassment enforcement threats pressurisation(UK) pressurization(US) menacing browbeating influence threatening menace crisis emergency difficulty hardship extremity fix jam juncture pass pinch stress acuteness clutch tax burden strain drain load weight duty encumbrance onus responsibility care obligation worry albatross deadweight millstone price cost fee rate figure payment amount expense tariff damage quotation outlay assessment toll sum valuation levy total value popularity vogue fashionableness voguishness modishness trendiness fashion coolness fashionability stylishness hotness currency commerciality marketability saleability traction circulation attractiveness heyday favor(US) way choice option pick preference selection alternative ambition will aim discretion pleasure volition druthers election liberty decision possibility bill invoice statement account check tab charges tally costs receipt reckoning score chit debt IOU shot list of charges amount due question query enquiry(UK) inquiry(US) examination interrogation investigation quiz quizzing inquest inquisition interrogative interrogatory poll catechism enquiring(UK) inquiring(US) questioning opportunity chance opening break room window time contingency convenience instant stage opportune time suitable time right moment moment turn window of opportunity doubt uncertainty suspicion mistrust distrust misgiving reservation dubiety incertitude misdoubt mistrustfulness skepticism(US) distrustfulness scepticism(UK) dubitation hesitation concern objection exact call for enjoin expect press for requisition seek insist on solicit arrogate ask for badger for beg for beseech besiege clamor for necessitate require take involve bear challenge entail warrant crave oblige cry out for impose mean encompass bid tell call on ask authoritatively ask brusquely direct ordain instruct adjure stipulate look for make a condition of specify state postulate designate arrange detail prescribe particularize(US) agree ask enquire(UK) inquire(US) interrogate lay assess put fine place collect set gather mulct extort raise summon wrest wring lobby push press crusade promote campaign champion advocate clamor(US) drive recommend speak advance drum hype plug justify merit sanction excuse permit deserve vindicate approve condone earn endorse entitle uphold validate legitimise(UK) legitimize(US) support fetch price at sell for draw value at bring procure bring in fix price at bay shout yell roar cry bellow bawl holler scream howl vociferate shriek thunder halloo hollo appropriate commandeer expropriate seize usurp assume acquire secure annexe(UK) annex(US) convert pirate preempt presume steal take over bay for be out for cry for howl for shout for yell for tithe extract deduct enact hit charge duty on charge duty cream off demand toll exact a tax on exact tribute impose a tax on impose a toll on please like choose prefer opt decide see fit think fit would like be inclined decide on sue prosecute indict summons arraign do impeach accuse contest file litigate prefer charges against proceed against take to court bring charges against bring someone to trial coerce squeeze bleed bully milk screw blackmail cheat fleece gouge rack clip get ice obtain beckon invite lure attract coax entice pull tempt allure charm engage fascinate interest captivate enchant induce persuade More
"demand" Antonyms
response answer reply return antiphon feedback offer question retort acknowledgment(US) comeback acknowledgement(UK) reaction command rebuttal counter repartee riposte remark explanation nonnecessity redundancy unnecessariness uselessness unwantedness nonessential non-essential option excess surplus overabundance overflow plethora superfluity superfluousness surfeit oversupply overkill superabundance surplusage overmuch overplus sufficiency profusion adequacy abundance ampleness wealth request lawlessness disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) allowance permission disagreement implication wish dislike aversion displeasure dissatisfaction hate hatred objection revulsion abhorrence disapproval disgust grievance loathing animosity antipathy disinclination distaste enmity gripe horror plea application supplication imploration petition appeal obsecration requisition obtestation solicitation query entreaty persuasion liberty freedom independence right unconstraint clearance privilege consent opportunity licence license free will latitude autonomy flexibility capability capacity choice ability leeway crime violation transgression wrong breach infringement wrongdoing misdemeanor(US) misdemeanour(UK) misconduct lawbreaking misdeed infraction illegality criminality felony charge breach of the law infraction of the law unlawful act advantage benefit blessing boon calm comfort ease good miracle peace pleasure plenty solution good fortune help aid forthrightness honesty profit relieve unnecessity needlessness detachment indifference unconcern disinterest incuriosity incuriousness disinterestedness dispassion dispassionateness disregard insouciance nonchalance carelessness casualness saturation congestion inundation cause penalty punishment denial opposition veto proposal proposition suggestion proffer submission presentation propoundment pitch overture obligation duty accountability commitment job moral imperative onus requirement responsibility luxury perk amenity frill indulgence treat extra leisure exorbitance extravagance gratification lavishness opulence delight hedonism donation contribution handout offering benefaction charity grant largess subsidy assistance beneficence donative endowment hand-out subvention present extend give provide supply advance afford submit tender put forth put up ask suggest propose posit produce yield beget bring catalyse(UK) catalyze(US) effect effectuate engender generate occasion realise(UK) realize(US) bestow breed create earn fetch call enquire(UK) inquire(US) seek impetrate ask kindly ask nicely ask politely disallow implore mismanage free clear release except exempt remove unbind disburden excuse rid discharge dispense reprieve unburden absolve emancipate let go exclude respond acknowledge write back come back follow up shoot back get back to make an answer say in response avoid conceal disapprove dodge ignore refuse reject stop not want abjure spurn mind obey forbid remit displace exonerate agree go along force oblige compel enforce coerce constrain impel impose pressure enjoin insist dragoon bear down bear hard on put screws on put squeeze on strong-arm beg expect supplicate beseech plead urge appeal to plead with break calculate confuse decline disagree discourage imply break off mix up have hold check delay dissuade fail halt lose repress let off optionalize make as an option make noncompulsory make optional make volitional make voluntary prevent ban oppose bar censure hinder deny interdict negate prohibit rule out blackball discountenance outlaw omit untangle untwist leave out miss out not include be exclusive of not be inclusive of disqualify rebuff repulse restrain depress end pull slow suppress hold back leave alone cancel abort scratch ax(US) axe(UK) scrap scrub unbook drop nix call off abandon turf disadvise dehort deter disincline control forestall keep inhibit impede block curb intercept renounce abdicate abstain cede relinquish hand over pay remunerate recompense compensate reimburse indemnify requite lift discontinue annul relax reverse repeal void rescind revoke countermand raise recall withdraw be unworthy of nullify disclaim invalidate null disannul abrogate discard pass dismiss negative repudiate protest repel balk at baulk at turn down turn away misinstruct misguide misdirect mislead misroute lead astray point in the wrong direction send off course send on a wild goose chase transfer convey hand entrust surrender divert trust leave designate place task transmit allocate cast devolve intrust

853 Sentences With "demand"

How to use demand in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "demand" and check conjugation/comparative form for "demand". Mastering all the usages of "demand" from sentence examples published by news publications.

That the demand, underlying demand, the potent demand are massive.
" DEMAND STABILISES Chief Executive Alexander Everke said: "We see a more stabilised consumer demand and smartphone demand.
CHINA DEMAND: China's underlying demand for refined copper remained resilient, driving global copper demand, Argonaut Securities analyst Helen Lau said.
Will private demand slow because import data are saying demand is weakening, or will imports pick up to match domestic demand?
Weak industrial demand gave a bearish signal for oil demand.
Demand for gasoline can outstrip or lag demand for oil.
Is it going to be flexible demand or demand response?
It's not quite on demand, like 15 minute on demand, but it's on demand as in same-day or next-day. Right.
Commodities demand is relatively rock solid, demand is so solid in China right now ... Bottom line, demand looks really good right now.
StyleBee — On-demand beauticians: Blowouts, makeup and men's haircuts on demand.
Poppy – On-demand babysitters: On-demand babysitters, all handled over SMS.
Supply creates demand, which generates more demand that fisherman can supply.
"As domestic demand is imploding, so is foreign demand," Weinberg added.
He added he's less concerned about demand, than about filling demand.
They're sold nice clothes, chic shoes, cool office space, on-demand car services, on-demand laundry services, on-demand cleaning services, anti-aging therapies.
ALL politicians demand loyalty, but some politicians demand more loyalty than others.
Rental demand continues to be stronger than homebuying demand for several reasons.
Natural gas demand grew by 4.6% and oil demand grew by 1.3%.
High demand: Engineering talent is in extremely high demand in Silicon Valley.
So far, it appears there's demand for this on-demand shuttle service.
The decline in consumer demand will only further soften current investment demand.
The demand for justice once again outweighs the president's demand for loyalty.
Demand for healthcare is inelastic; if price goes up, demand remains constant.
While jewellery demand in China eased due to a slowing economy, investment demand climbed as a weakening currency triggered demand for gold bars and coins.
Interestingly, though deep decarbonization would mean more electricity demand, it would mean 10 percent lower overall energy demand, mainly because demand would decline in transportation.
One naphtha trader, asked for the reason behind the weakness in naphtha cracks globally, said: "Demand, demand, demand - and peak cracker turnarounds are not helping".
There's sort of like a demand score for everybody, and if you're in high demand, you might get in faster than if you're in lower demand.
While they took up about 30 percent of the global demand gasoline demand in 2015, they will make up about 70 percent of demand by 2040.
"Despite macro/trade concerns, the demand environment is improving on inflecting cloud data center spending, strong gaming demand, and seasonal PC and smartphone demand," said Sur.
Demand is clearly growing for all kinds of on-demand audio, including podcasts.
But demand from high-tech manufacturing, including demand from China, is also rising.
We demand more than to be heard -- our communities need and demand action.
"We can be grateful and also demand what we want, also demand respect."
Global industrial production, manufacturing and automotive demand indices all point towards weakening demand.
CHINA DEMAND The outlook for China's copper demand will be a prominent topic.
Parrot Analytics measures "demand expressions," the company's globally standardized TV demand measurement unit.
So I knew demand was there, it's just nobody really monetized the demand.
If demand falls exactly 1 percent, the income elasticity of demand is 1.
DEMAND: Activity in China's manufacturing sector is highly correlated with industrial metals demand.
Demand is increasing However, the demand for Christmas trees is far from lagging.
Chinese consumer demand edged up 8 percent to 297.3 tonnes as higher coin and bar demand offset softer jewelry offtake, while Indian demand also rose 15 percent to 123.5 tonnes as the impact of demonetization eased, releasing pent-up demand.
If you were cynical, you might note that Amazon has a history of underestimating demand, which leads to stories about high demand, which presumably creates more demand.
Demand can be measured in different ways—whether it's demand of the typical student body, or from a national perspective—but schools deal with that demand inconsistently.
From a supply and demand perspective, there should not be much demand for lies, although voters in this era seem to tolerate and perhaps even demand some.
"Trumponomics" could create demand for commodities, but what is being overlooked is Chinese demand.
The issue with predicting demand, though, is the existence of speculators creating artificial demand.
"Purchasing demand has dropped, and demand from end users remains quite weak," said Yao.
Strong demand for European government debt is also adding to demand for U.S. Treasuries.
In other words, erratic demand appears to dampen supply while insufficient supply inhibits demand.
That includes battery storage, demand response, and other means of balancing supply and demand.
We also chatted about just how on-demand the on-demand economy should be.
The words are incredible and they demand this style of singing, they demand it.
"There was really strong demand for gasoline, summer-like demand for gasoline," he said.
He said Boeing can hope the demand rebounds soon after demand for flying resumes.
"We think there is demand but it's almost exclusively trans con demand," said Kirby.
As long as there is demand, supply chains will arise to meet that demand.
Europe demand fell 2.3% from October 2018, while demand in North America dropped 2.2%.
Driving season means greater demand for gasoline and greater demand invariably means higher prices.
Major agency forecasts still suggest demand growth, and the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently upgraded its 2016 demand growth forecast on stronger demand than expected in developed markets.
Demand is growing, too, in many parts of Southeast Asia and, while their demand is as yet small, Pakistan and Bangladesh are emerging as sources of growing demand.
These storage fields are used to manage fluctuations in customer demand; they inject gas into the wells during times of low demand, and withdraw it when demand spikes.
Refiners' demand for crude oil and drivers' demand for gasoline remain supportive of the market, with gasoline demand remaining near the highest levels of the season, he said.
"My responsibility is to make sure that when the demand is there for this country, whether it's an economic demand, whether it's a personal demand or whether it's a national security demand, that when that event occurs, we have the power," he said.
PLATINUM SUPPLY/DEMAND ('000 oz)* 2019(f) 8903 % changeMine supply 6,405 6,125 5%Recycling 1,985 1,935 13%TOTAL SUPPLY 8,390 8,060 4%Automotive 3,015 3,125 -8203% demand Jewellery 2,215 2,325 -5% demand Industrial 1,910 1,920 -43% demand Investment 905 15TOTAL DEMAND 8,045 7,385 9%Balance 345 675 -765%Above-ground 3,335 2,990 12% stocks Q2 2019 Q2 2018 % changeMine supply 3153,615 1,650 -21%Recycling 2890 21 2820%TOTAL SUPPLY 24,2220 303,230 -22%Automotive 22019 815 -6% demand Jewellery 555 585 -5% demand Industrial 480 23 1% demand Investment 90 -55TOTAL DEMAND 1,890 1,820 4%Balance 220 315 -30%* Source: World Platinum Investment Council, Platinum Quarterly Q2 2019 (Reporting by Peter Hobson; editing by David Evans)
"Peaking oil demand is not expected to trigger a significant discontinuity or sharp fall in demand," they wrote ("Peak oil demand and long-run oil prices", OIES, Jan. 2018).
The demand for camel milk increasing day by day, and we are facing now a challenge, which to meet the demand because the supply is less than the demand.
This demonstrates the staggering demand for commercial sex acts, and as demand outstrips supply, more and more women and children will be sexually trafficked to meet that burgeoning demand.
We haven't heard a whole lot about Audi's on-demand program, Audi On Demand, either.
Gauging demand The first piece of the puzzle is being able to reliably predict demand.
There's demand for one car; there is not a lot of demand for the other.
To understand demand better, we created a TSLA global demand tracker gathering global registration data.
It is our demand ... Our demand is withdrawing of foreign forces as soon as possible.
In China alone, where demand for seafood dwarfs any other country, demand is rapidly growing.
"Demand as a store of value far exceeds the demand for transactional cash," Colas said.
Simultaneously, we're seeing more demand for health food options and more demand for indulging options.
Consumer demand for beef is easing, and export demand has not been stellar, he said.
China's HFCS demand compares with expected sugar demand this year of nearly 2368 million tonnes.
Often, if a victim caves on a demand, the scammer will just likely demand more.
Strong demand: India's focus on megacities will invoke demand for IoT technology in all sectors.
DEMAND: Growth and demand in China has come under pressure from the prolonged trade dispute.
A long-term commitment raises business people's expectations of future demand and increased labor demand.
U.S. demand was seen up 1.5-2.5 percent and EU demand up 1.0-2.0 percent.
Demand for luxury apartments is still strong, but that demand is by choice, not necessity.
Strong demand from buyers easily offset the drop in demand from those wishing to refinance.
Jewelry is the biggest source of demand for gold globally and a slight dip in such demand meant overall demand for gold was virtually flat in 22008 at 4,212 tonnes.
On-Demand menus ugly, slow, and often confusing On-demand is, theoretically, the alternative, though many of the shows I want to watch aren't on-demand on my cable subscription.
Then we classified block groups as "transit deserts," with inadequate transportation services compared to demand; "transit oases," with more transportation services than demand; and areas where transit supply meets demand.
A drop in demand for iPhones would lead to a drop in manufacturing demand from Foxconn.
SINGAPORE — While controversial, the demand for real fur continues to fuel demand for some fashion accessories.
Once the demand for Barbie dolls was met, the demand for Barbie's clothing and accessories continued.
Demand for data skills is outpacing even the demand for coding, another hot commodity, Schwartz said.
Aluminium demand is also likely to grow briskly, thanks in part to demand for lighter cars.
"A big overhang for copper is demand, and now we see some demand recovery," she said.
"Demand is going to be just terrific, but demand in September, October and November will drop."
Demand and supply, and the supply is on the social media side, the demand is us.
"There is high consumer demand because right now there are no companies catering to this demand."
You can't demand what we demand from these crews and not let the have these outlets.
Global demand continues to rise, in part due to increasing demand from emerging markets for confectionery.
Either integrate if we want to, or at least demand our rights and demand equal footing.
In boom times, when construction and demand for investment goods is high, demand for steel soars.
As demand shifts off-peak, there will be demand for only low cost oil and gas.
There will be demand for fake AirPods for as long as there's demand for regular AirPods.
Elsewhere in the world, religious traditions demand certainty, cultures compel conformity, and political systems demand obeisance.
"Overall demand didn't improve, and foreign demand declined notably, leading product inventories to grow," he wrote.
Demand to countries with the largest outbreaks has plummeted, but overall travel demand has also fallen.
It said gasoline demand gained 13.7 percent while diesel demand fell 3.1 percent during the period.
"My job is to create demand and to create demand with our brands." the CEO said.
The problem is you borrow from demand today from next Thursday when you have no demand.
The demand is so high that Ives expects that demand could cause shortages as Christmas approaches.
"In Memphis, folks rose up and said, 'We demand dignity, we demand the right to organize, we demand respect, and we are going to organize to get that respect," said Rev.
TWIN-AISLE DEMAND Airbus sharply revised up its estimate for demand for small twin-aisle aircraft but lowered its forecast for very large planes like its A380 superjumbo, where demand is weak.
The bottom line: Rising fuel-efficiency standards would increase demand for electric cars, which would spur electricity demand, a top priority for utilities that are facing largely stagnant electricity demand from buildings.
Service, another on-demand company that provides on-demand customer service, is launching a program at SXSW.
Goldman blamed "significantly lower" demand for interest-rate products and lower demand for credit and mortgage trading.
It said India would drive oil demand growth with China adding some support to that demand growth.
DEMAND: China accounts for nearly half of global demand, estimated at around 14 million tonnes this year.
If you look at demand, demand has been falling, exports have been falling, trade has been falling.
Demand for plant-based foods has driven up demand for pea protein, which is good for farmers.
But I think it comes down to PC demand, I think it comes down to iPhone demand.
McDonald's On-demand economy workers Rethinking work and safety nets Who is in the on-demand economy?
The nomenclature Moms Demand Action is significant (full name: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America).
You had more demand coming out and also you had more demand to store the cheap oil.
Lamp said that long-term demand for gasoline will outpace supply globally, spurring demand for new capacity.
"The most important thing is not meeting the demand but creating the demand," says Alibaba's Mr Zhang.
So there is demand for premium cars and the Infinity is gaining market share into this demand.
"It's making demand look stronger than it should because demand is getting compressed into January," he said.
Demand for high-denomination U.S. bills is not slowing down, despite less demand for cash in general.
While India and Southeast Asia demand should grow, Chinese demand may remain flat as economic growth cools.
Global markets cheered the news, indicating improved demand for riskier assets, in turn dampening demand for gold.
The Treasury market's demand and supply balance is looking increasingly short on demand and long on supply.
About as many loan officers - around 14 percent - reported stronger demand for loans as reported weaker demand.
They are not equipped to handle a demand even 100 times greater, never mind the actual demand.
This offers up to 200 live TV channels on demand, plus 40,000 on-demand shows and movies.
Global coal demand has already peaked, oil demand peaks around 2025 and natural gas peaks around 2035.
Transportation on-demand services are often talked about for the potential to be 'anything on-demand' companies.
"Now with weaker demand, the global supply growth is going to overwhelm global demand growth," he added.
The strongest demand was for industrial sites, while appetite for offices was flat and retail demand fell.
However, demand also depends on price, thus, if the price goes higher we could see demand weaken.
That lasted a few years, until the demand for his mixes outpaced the demand for his workshops.
Remember that supply and demand curve: When the demand (for workers) exceeds the supply, prices should rise.
In India, demand improved due to a jewellery exhibition, although near record high prices capped retail demand.
Month-end demand by investors rebalancing bond portfolios was seen as helping demand for bonds on Friday.
In India, demand improved due to a jewelry exhibition, although near record high prices capped retail demand.
The data is based on " demand expressions," the globally standardized TV demand measurement unit from Parrot Analytics.
"Server demand is expected to increase gradually as customers adjust their inventory levels and resume purchasing, while PC demand is also likely to expand," Samsung said in a statement, referring to DRAM demand.
But on-demand businesses hardly have it easy: Despite at least $9.4 billion being invested in the on-demand economy since 2010, on-demand businesses are subject to failure like any other startup.
"The Mandalorian" — 19,937,028 demand expressions on November 10"For All Mankind" — 11,646,3195 demand expressions on October 30"Dickinson" — 8,414,199 demand expressions on October 30"See" — 6,195,761 demand expressions on October 30"The Morning Show" — 4,312,326 demand expressions on October 30"The Mandalorian" was well ahead of the other shows but arguably more surprising is how little demand there was for "The Morning Show" compared to the other Apple originals, considering Apple was pushing it as Apple TV Plus' flagship series.
He did say demand still appeared strong, but demand may not outweigh affordability, especially if the economy weakens.
OPEC on Thursday slightly downgraded its 2019 global oil demand outlook, pointing to "sluggish" demand from developed nations.
Our demand curve is not a travel demand curve, it's a curve composed of commuters, locals and travelers.
Weak demand from automotive customers hit volumes at its Special Chemicals division, with demand for diesel remaining low.
Trade tensions are already hurting cargo demand and passenger demand is sure to be affected too, he said.
Other factors such as 'positioning' movements as 'on demand' vehicles are positioned to exploit demand also create journeys.
What it can make a difference to though is demand in the UK and demand in other jurisdictions.
The cash crunch has badly hit demand in rural areas, which account for two-thirds of total demand.
Slowing demand for fossil fuels, and not just the growth in demand for them, is of utmost importance.
"The reduction in total demand of lithium carbonate in affecting supply and demand worldwide," Ramos said.
DEMAND: China accounts for nearly half of global copper demand, estimated this year at around 24 million tonnes.
Overall power demand is lowest in the spring and fall when heating and cooling demand are relatively low.
The on-demand economy is great for consumers but hard for the companies that provide on-demand services.
The higher demand is also a result of the looming peak demand winter heating season in North Asia.
Increased power demand and defense spending - the defense sector is a big energy consumer - could also propel demand.
Meanwhile, in India, sluggish domestic demand offset strong foreign demand and led to a manufacturing slowdown in June.
Demand from Russia and Kazakhstan stayed buoyant, while the market also saw a rise in demand from Turkey.
"Like many on-demand services, Instacart sees demand peaks on certain days and at certain times," said McRae.
Global markets cheered a potential deal, indicating improved demand for riskier assets, in turn dampening demand for gold.
Say himself faced both a ruinous shortage of demand for his cotton and excess demand for his treatise.
Those Treasurys are priced in dollars, so high demand for Treasurys translates to high demand for the dollar.
And with high demand for games, comes a high demand for people who know how to make them.
"Today the demand (for dollar) was there and it was importer demand," said a currency dealer, requesting anonymity.
That means a drop in demand for oil, or at least a less-than-expected growth in demand.
Demand for the 50-year bond is in excess of 6.5bn, including 1.35bn of joint-lead manager demand.
"You can't try to address the demand because the demand is always going to be there," Volkhart said.
A record-breaking cold snap in the United States, meanwhile, pushed up demand for heating oil, bolstering demand.
Apparently, there is a strong demand for confetti patterns this year; last year, superheroes were in high demand.
"Many people tell mothers to feed on demand, but they never define what 'on demand' is," he said.
Foreign investors are likely to demand even higher rates on Treasury securities just based on supply and demand.
The idea is that oil is cheap because global demand—and, in particular, demand from China—is weak.
Eleven years of such growth would see demand in 2030 half as large again as demand in 2018.
Similarly, the U.S. tax on imports would reduce demand for them and lessen the demand for foreign currencies.
A structural change in demand after tighter emission rules in some countries will boost palladium demand, said Ghali.
Strong, Stable Demand: Pork and pork products tend to enjoy stable demand with limited sensitivity to economic cycles.
Demand for services remains strong across the country and any change in tariffs is unlikely to affect demand.
In reality, there is a continuum of consumer responses to price - ranging from demand stimulation to demand destruction.
So is sluggish demand growth, though IEA, unlike last month, did not cut its demand growth forecast again.
"New-car demand has shifted to utility vehicles, creating a decline in demand for passenger cars, " Lyman said.
So, they're gonna build, and there's plenty of demand at the top, so just to satisfy that demand.
"It's supply and demand — limited supply, and as this demand gets elevated, it becomes more newsworthy," he said.
It was not clear where most of the demand came from, but the high volume showed that despite a lack of demand from Gulf countries, hampered by the boycott, international investor demand remained strong.
In 2016 we believe that 1mb/d of global demand growth is realistic, but given the oversupply of 20173-2.0 mb/d, rising demand won't be enough to restore the global demand/supply equilibrium.
Others like the "app-based on-demand economy" (the Abode economy), the "gig on-demand economy" (the GOD economy) or the "platform on-demand economy" (the POD economy), whose workers could be called pods.
But it's also one of the most in-demand streaming originals in the US.Every week, Parrot Analytics provides Business Insider with a list of the nine most in-demand TV shows on streaming services in the US.The data is based on "demand expressions," Parrot Analytics' globally standardized TV-demand measurement unit.
The modest drop in U.S. gasoline demand was offset by strong demand for distillates, helping push total oil demand up by 2.1 percent in March versus last year, according to EIA's Petroleum Supply Monthly report.
The revamped app also includes more on-demand content, with over 25,000 titles now available for on-demand viewing, and new episodes on some channels becoming available on-demand right after airing, AT&T says.
Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co ran a U.S. demand model early last year that significantly underestimated demand for 2017 and 2018, forcing the bank to revise its forecast in December to predict record demand for 2018.
Global grain supplies are outstripping demand, the Chinese economy is slowing and demand for corn-based ethanol is stagnating.
Mediums have a problem with working on demand, but when you start charging money, you start working on demand.
Demand forecasts have been rising and the International Energy Agency expects 1.4 million barrels of new demand for 2017.
Demand to invest at the seed stage increased The demand to invest at the seed stage has consistently grown.
And it's a supply-and-demand economy, so we all have total power—whatever we demand, the market supplies.
Demand for shipping container homes has surged, with one manufacturer, Markbox, saying demand had doubled in the past year.
Domestic demand shaved 0.5 percentage point off GDP growth, while external demand - or net exports - added just 0.1 point.
SAFE HAVENS IN DEMAND The skittish mood was underlined by continuing demand for currencies and commodities considered safe havens.
MCU213-2075 DEMAND: China accounts for nearly half of global copper demand estimated this year at 24 million tonnes.
The factors that drive demand for imports are the same as those that drive overall demand, and thus jobs.
At first, a border adjustment tax would strengthen demand for U.S. exports and weaken demand for foreign imports here.
But as Uber has demonstrated, there's a ton of demand for on-demand rides restricted to major metropolitan areas.
That's because the shift in consumer demand has thrown the typical economics of supply and demand out of whack.
Credit demand by Italian companies continued to grow in third quarter, while households' mortgage demand saw a "moderate" increase.
Gasoline demand in June was the highest ever, according to the EIA, which began tracking gasoline demand in 1945.
Demand for imported soybeans, however, is likely to remain firm due to strong demand for soymeal for animal feed.
This strengthening in global oil demand meant that there was "no peak demand for the considerable future," Barkindo said.
Ultimately, though, it isn't just higher premium demand that's driving profits; it's higher demand overall in the US market.
The world's electric vehicle fleet accounts for 54 terawatt-hours of electricity demand, or about the demand of Greece.
Refiners have been running at high rates due to surprisingly strong distillate demand and heavy demand for U.S. exports.
As smartphones and data servers demand ever more processing firepower, chip suppliers are struggling to keep pace with demand.
Traders had worried that the decline in gasoline demand, the first in 14 months, signaled waning long-term demand.
ON-DEMAND ECONOMY WORKERS LAY OUT WORRIES: Intuit is rolling out new survey data from on-demand economy workers.
He said the government would use 1.3 billion euros of available resources immediately to stimulate demand for broadband demand.
"However we have been diversifying our businesses to maintain steady demand regardless of supply or demand changes," he said.
The oil demand equation: tougher curbs on plastics could have the spillover effect of altering global oil demand levels.
Rudie says demand from Asia started about two decades ago, and demand from China following ten years after that.
Her Minajesty recently announced that "[she] demand(s) that [she] climaxes" and that every woman should demand the same.
To demand otherwise is to demand that generations of Palestinians live without a proper future, one they sorely deserve.
On the demand side, demand from China rallies in the second half of the year after the outbreak ends.
Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra revealed that soft consumer demand was offset by demand for gaming and remote work uses.
DEMAND: China accounts for about half of global demand for base metals, which is highly correlated with industrial output.
As the demand for unskilled workers falls and the demand for skilled workers rises, the wage gap grows larger.
Peak demand also broke monthly records in May when demand hit a high of 224,290 MW on May 29.
"Particularly if you adjust for global oil demand growth, demand is absolutely soaring right now," she told CNBC Tuesday.
Supply and demand, and the supply side is what communicates what the pricing looks like for the demand side.
Demand from institutional investors, including Saudi funds and companies, reached $23.7500 billion, while retail investment's demand hit $12.6 billion.
Putting it in economic terms, will the demand for Bitcoin have the same velocity as the demand for money?
But the company noted that demand for demand for Transformers, Monopoly, and Nerf toys is holding up pretty well.
"From the demand point of view, investment bank and central bank demand ... has created a structural shift that will result in stronger demand not only as we see now but over the long run," Artigas said.
The rival of Germany's Schaeffler said it expected fourth-quarter demand to be lower versus the year-ago quarter, with slightly lower demand seen for its industrial business and lower demand seen for its automotive business.
Meanwhile, demand for palm keeps growing, notably from top consumers China and India, which do not demand RSPO sustainability certificates.
In a report published Thursday, the cartel downgraded its forecast for crude oil demand in 2019 because of sluggish demand.
Falih said oil demand in Asia had picked up, while demand in the United States for Saudi crude had dropped.
And it matters a great deal to oil demand, electricity demand, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and global trade flows.
But analysts say solid long-term demand should shore up the market after a slight surplus in demand this year.
"In addition to all the demand already here, this sector is creating new demand and new energy," she told Recode.
Gold demand in Asia was subdued this week by a firmer dollar and weak seasonal demand in major trading centers.
Similarly, if any other asset or good is in hot demand, its price will rise until the demand is quenched.
Total global energy demand rises by over one-fourth — with electricity demand specifically rising 60% — despite gains in energy efficiency.
Pent-up investment demand, a declining unemployment rate and continued clearance of government arrears are set to support domestic demand.
"Notably, there is a stark divide between private demand and public demand," Westpac economist Andrew Hanlan said in a note.
The big picture is pretty simple, is that this current demand is not about pent-up demand for Model 3.
The feature is called "demand sorting," because it points out the topics that are most "in demand" by the audience.
But if you look at the commentary out of Caterpillar, ... there's concern around demand for bulldozers, demand for mining equipment.
Yet overbuilding of refineries and currently sluggish demand growth have caused a jump in fuel exports from these demand hubs.
Because on-demand services can be priced affordably, even brands unassociated with the on-demand movement want to join in.
SK Energy said diesel demand was expected to improve, driven by demand from emerging countries and a global economic recovery.
Beyond on-demand: During its first 18 months, OnboardIQ focused on on-demand services like home cleaning, deliveries, and valets.
"We've got to demand a more perfect union, we have to demand a process that is more fair," Gillum said.
The deal killer was a demand to end chain migration, but there is a way to compromise on that demand.
The result is a TV-like experience that, say its creators, is more "on-demand distraction" than on-demand video.
Toray expects demand for the material to increase in line with demand for medium and small-sized mass-produced aircraft.
Demand for Nvidia's chips will suffer from waning digital currency mining demand this year, according to a Wall Street firm.
"There was really strong demand for gasoline, summer-like demand for gasoline," said John Kilduff, energy analyst with Again Capital.
The strength of the dollar has weighed on global demand for American goods, while increasing American demand for foreign goods.
"I'm just one of millions across the country who demand transparency and who demand decency from the USDA," Mara said.
But distillate demand has been much weaker than normal thanks to sluggish demand from the freight sector and El Nino.
Experts say that the expected pickup in demand, combined with the 2007-2009 ebb in demand, undermine Lauder's original thesis.
China's textiles industry has been hard hit by slackening global demand, which has not been offset by rising domestic demand.
Household credit demand was slightly lower in the fourth quarter, while corporate credit demand remained unchanged, the central bank said.
Japan's government also has a 13.5 trillion yen stimulus package, which should support domestic demand amid worries about overseas demand.
While global oil demand is growing, she said, "there's more oil supply than demand," along with new non-oil energy.
One cannot "get healthy" on-demand, just like one cannot "get smart" or become a championship-winning athlete on-demand.
That led to "a misperception as to a minimum fixed demand for the sale shares" when demand had softened significantly.
"These small businesses that are getting hammered by this demand shock ... when demand falls off, they're impacted immediately," he said.
The most basic reason is that demand for dollars has increased, and the Fed supplies that demand by purchasing securities.
Software enables employers to call in more workers when demand surges and save money on labor when demand is low.
Peak gas demand could be as high as 499 million cubic meters a day, greater than the highest recorded demand.
"And it's going to require however many dollars are necessary to meet the demand, however we ultimately assess that demand."
Oil demand in 'free fall' Unlike recent oil tailspins, this one has been triggered by demand destruction, not excess supply.
Sources said this was due to seasonal demand for tankers coupled with additional demand stemming from new projects coming onstream.
Even in India, the industry's big hope to compensate for slower demand in China, demand for new cars is tepid.
In fact, demand for iPhone is directly correlated to the direction of ASPs - higher prices, higher demand and vice versa.
Housing demand is very strong this fall, thanks to lower mortgage rates and pent-up demand from a slow spring.
"It's a real sign that demand for oil is strong, we can have confidence in demand growing," the CEO said.
It is in a business where it is one of two manufacturers, with a strong demand, huge demand from China.
"He believes there will be demand, and hopefully for our situation there's a demand that can satisfy anybody," Colbert said.
The program's current capacity doesn't meet existing demand from homeowners, much less demand from millions more who may be displaced.
We demand justice for women, and we demand that our veterans get the mental health treatment they need and deserve.
But a lot of the services that energy storage provides could also be provided by demand response or flexible demand.
"The demand for safe, legal abortion is a demand that many people have been able to buy into," Cavallo said.
"Server demand is expected to increase gradually as customers adjust their inventory levels and resume purchasing, while PC demand is also likely to expand," the South Korean tech giant said, referring to demand for its DRAM chips.
WIDENING LNG SUPPLY-DEMAND GAP While a 10 percent gain in demand doesn't sound too bad, the additional capacity in supply in 2016 is in the order of 15 percent, opening up a substantial supply-demand gap.
Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have cemented their position as the future of transportation, and other on-demand services like Postmates have shown us that there is a real demand for, well, ordering things on-demand.
If you think about restaurants, you have a classic supply and demand issue, or at least a restaurant that has a lot of demand where you have a lot of demand in a very short period of time.
"Please discuss your expectations for service demand in 2018, ability to serve this demand, and whether internal projections for demand in 2018 have been accurate based on actual volumes year-to-date," the letters said, among other requests.
"Diesel demand did not fall as much as expected last month because of increased truck traffic and as demand for home delivery services has risen as people stay home," he said, adding that gasoline demand is also declining.
"Steel demand is expected to benefit from rising infrastructure spend and improving consumer demand in FY2018," JSW said in a statement.
"If we're going to demand more of the private sector, we should demand more of the federal government too," she writes.
A distributed network of home batteries amounts to electricity demand that can be controlled by utilities — "dispatchable" demand, in the argot.
Hot weather is also supporting demand in other key demand regions in North Asia, including Japan and South Korea, traders said.
In Brazil, the world's fifth-largest fertilizer consumer, demand is expected to grow twice as fast as global demand until 2025.
The product demand was so high it was hard to keep up with it, and local media attention further increased demand.
While he expects Chinese demand for aircraft will continue to climb, Boeing does not see that demand coming in right now.
Your development and deployment teams demand a cloud-like experience, single-click access to tools, on-demand infrastructure and elastic scale.
For Veblen goods, the normal law of supply and demand does not hold: higher prices support demand, rather than suppressing it.
On the demand side, the IEA followed OPEC by downwardly revising its global oil demand growth forecast for 2019 on Friday.
The company's demand for both hard drive and flash-based products was strong, thanks to demand in cloud and mobile sectors.
Low gasoline prices have boosted demand for the larger vehicles, while hurting demand for passenger cars such as Toyota's hybrid Prius.
He explained that in recent months, demand for lower-priced residential properties showed a greater demand than luxury or premium housing.
This reveals how the power of demand can undermine even the strongest protection efforts: we must create awareness in demand countries.
"The demand on that company is increasing, but the availability of resources to fill that demand isn't necessarily increasing," says Santagate.
The late French economist Jean-Baptiste Say argued that supplying beyond demand never occurred because demand would always match the supply.
Apps for massive social networks, on-demand services like Uber, and subscription businesses like Netflix and Spotify remain in high demand.
At the same time, demand has been dropping even in the last few weeks, usually a good time for driving demand.
"There may be a demand for it in the same way there is demand for a corner crack dealer," Dellaportas said.
China's overall electricity demand grew just 250 percent from 2014 to 2015 — its weakest annual demand growth since 1980, Regan said.
These affordability challenges are putting an increased demand on rentals and the millennial generation and international migrants are leading this demand.
Gold demand from the technology sector also grew, it said, due to demand for memory chips used in high-end smartphones.
China's iron ore market is becoming increasingly bifurcated, with stronger demand for higher grades and weaker demand for the lower grades.
Investors are monitoring domestic pork demand as grocers finalize Easter ham purchases while stocking meat cases to accommodate spring grilling demand.
"Therefore, we think the Bitcoin mining hardware demand and price will decline further and affect TSMC's wafer demand," the report said.
The latest read on housing starts showed multifamily construction outpacing single-family, suggesting more confidence in renter demand than buyer demand.
And a lack of demand for yen from investors in the currency forwards market would feed into falling spot market demand.
As Latinos we demand to not be considered a second-class citizen, we demand to not be a second-class vote.
U.S. Treasury yields rose after tepid demand at a 10-year Treasury auction offset strong demand at a three-year auction.
Not surprisingly, the demand for financial analysts in New York was much higher than the demand for pottery instructors in Boston.
The laws of supply and demand can't work when it's not actually the consumer who sets the demand; it's the doctor.
The consultancy expects demand growth to stay strong in 2018, at 1.78 million bpd, as India's oil demand growth speeds up.
Things happen in life that demand, or at least appear to demand, your full attention at the cost of something else.
"The internet finance industry is central to meeting buyers' demand and investment management demand," said Touchouwang's CEO, Fan Xu, in Mandarin.
It's such a huge market and huge demand in the U.S. that just scaling to meet that demand is a challenge.
All of that leads to significantly less demand for gasoline and jet fuel, and as a result, less demand for oil.
An increase in foreign tourists boosted demand for hotel properties and retail space while low interest rates supported strong office demand.
"The concerns are about restaurant demand and future overall demand," said Rich Nelson, chief strategist for commodity broker Allendale in Illinois.
If you're talking about an economy based on supply and demand, what's in more demand than new drugs that cure diseases?
Every burger replaced with a Beyond Burger has an impact on CO2 emissions, demand for factory farming, and demand for antibiotics.
"Growing copper demand requires our industry to look at more sustainable ways to meet this demand," Johnston said in a statement.
"We cannot fight a falling demand situation when there is no clarity about where the bottom (of demand) is," Sorokin said.
PubMatic also lets publishers turn off and on demand from demand-side platforms if there is concern about not getting paid.
While YouTube had already tapped into consumer demand for games-related content through video on demand, Twitch, which began as Justin.
Apart from this specific instance, prices always climb when demand is very high, and demand is always high during the holidays.
A broader index of demand for staff rose to a three-month high, as demand for temporary staff accelerated by less.
Rampant shale supply and faltering demand due to a global economic slowdown have threatened to unbalance oil supply and demand dynamics.
There's a strong demand for advanced tech skills in the workforce, and that demand won't be slowing down any time soon.
The company also said diesel demand is expected to improve, driven by demand from emerging countries amid a global economic recovery.
There's far more demand for such stories than demand for understanding the nature of intelligence or understanding what drives technological progress.
But while the warm weather has cut short-term gas demand, the structural supply-demand balance still appears to be tightening.
"Well, there's a demand for seafood, there's not a demand for plastic, so you can't get mad at him," Cooper says.
"The demand for LNG carriers surged followed by increased global demand of LNG," said Park Hyung-gun, vice president of DSME.
The U.S. pork industry has expanded in recent years due to increasing demand for the product, led by growing demand overseas.
DEMAND IMPACT The economic slowdown resulting from the outbreak is expected to reduce 2020 global oil demand growth by 300,000-500,000 barrels per day (bpd), roughly 0.5% of global demand, BP's Chief Financial Officer Brian Gilvary said on Tuesday.
Goldman Sachs said that physical demand from the world's second-largest economy was mostly in jewelry form "which is residual demand that is extremely price sensitive" and suggested a price rise would lead to a sharp slowdown in demand.
After several years of deliberately imposed demand reduction, coal demand rose slightly again in 85033 in China, the overwhelmingly dominant global producer and consumer of coal, accounting for nearly half of total global demand (and remaining dominant in future).
Every week, Parrot Analytics provides Business Insider with a list of the nine most in-demand TV shows on streaming services in the US.The data is based on "demand expressions," Parrot Analytics&apos globally standardized TV-demand measurement unit.
In Britain, for instance, peak heating demand during periods of extreme cold runs to about 22 gigawatts, five times peak electricity demand.
While domestic demand rose 1.3 percent, foreign orders dropped 4.3 percent, with demand from non-euro zone countries plunging by 8.3 percent.
"The demand for lithium isn't really in question, it's just a matter of when that demand really kicks in," BMI's Miller said.
There is more demand in some pockets of health care than others, and in technology, he sees applications developers in high demand.
We forecast housing demand by cohort (entry-level, move-up, investor), which provides an understanding of the key demand drivers by cohort.
The goal of American policy would primarily be to secure enough oil to satisfy American demand rather than to curb that demand.
Editor's note: This post as been updated to reflect that Demand Progress, not Demand Justice, is spearheading the Freedom from Facebook coalition.
It is possible that markets reckon American reflation will boost global demand, leading to higher expectations for demand growth and inflation elsewhere.
Tesla's software allows its batteries to charge when demand is low, then discharge when demand at the brewery is beginning to spike.
While many have pointed to weak external demand as the primary cause of recent growth woes, domestic demand has also fallen short.
Ultimately, if the demand for a product exceeds the supply, it will translate into higher demand than supply for the stock, too.
But it's since fended off waning demand with price hikes on washers and dryers, which in turn, has caused even less demand.
A raft of analysts read a prediction of softer-than-expected smartphone demand as driven chiefly be concern about demand for iPhones.
Strong demand pushed the market into a deficit in 2014 and the shortages over demand deepened last year, according to consultancy CRU.
By updating the market on the investor 'demand' you artificially inflate demand as buyers up their bid trying to get their allocation.
Analysts blamed the weak demand on expectations that domestic inflation would stay tame due to rockbottom oil prices and sluggish global demand.
We are going to continue taking to the streets to demand the return of our children alive, and to demand the truth.
"There is a huge demand for on-demand services, which includes food...groceries...pharmacies, gas, all sorts of different products," Falter said.
In times of better economic standing, the demand is more influenced by preference, and in downturns, demand is the result of necessity.
Albemarle said it expects lithium supply-demand dynamics to tighten in 2020, adding that it would add production capacity to meet demand.
"There's an insane amount of demand and we're raising money in order to hire enough instructors to meet that demand," he adds.
On the demand side, a Reuters poll showed analysts expect global fuel demand to slow this year amid a broad economic slowdown.
The Dallas-based company said demand in China was weaker than other regions, especially for smartphones, including demand from Chinese smartphone makers.
More production from U.S. shale producers could affect supply and demand dynamics, putting downward pressure on oil prices if supply outweighs demand.
Global demand for crude oil typically dips when refineries around the world enter seasonal maintenance in spring, ahead of peak summer demand.
First-half results were buoyed by strong demand from civil aerospace customers while higher oil prices spurred demand from the energy sector.
Famine has turned to feast in the intervening years, extra supply hitting the market just when demand, particularly Chinese demand, is stuttering.
Total oil demand in May fell 218.9,000 bpd to 20.26 million bpd and distillate demand slumped 232,000 bpd to 4.04 million bpd.
Secondly, a lot of latent demand would have been satiated due to which demand in April and May could be comparatively subdued.
That fall in productivity has been met with an increased demand for the crop, as global demand for chocolate continues to grow.
Demand declines A company may pass the cost of tariffs to its customers, but demand decreases because consumers cut back their purchases.
"This bill is going to drive up demand, and we need to see that our services can absorb that demand," she said.
At the same time, there is growing demand for servers in data centers and the demand for cloud services and smartphone content.
There are some positive signs on demand as well, with both of Asia's top importers, China and India, posting strong demand growth.
For instance, demand for electric vehicles is growing but so, too, is demand for much larger and much less energy efficient SUVs.
It would be leadership, however, to dismiss it, to demand more and better effort, to demand dedication to the process of governing.
Ways of dealing with declining domestic demand include cutting jobs -- more than 1.2 million in 2016 and 2017 -- and expanding demand overseas.
Balancing that, global jewelry consumption, the single largest demand segment, was a touch higher, while coin and bar demand rose 9 percent.
DEMAND: Recent data from top consumer China shows cooling industrial activity, which is highly correlated with the country's demand for industrial metals.
In all, 22020% say they have seen a decrease in Chinese demand — 21% of companies surveyed described a "slight decrease" in demand.
In all, 219% say they have seen a decrease in Chinese demand — 21.9% of companies surveyed described a "slight decrease" in demand.
While Asia demand has slowed, airlines' performance depends the level of demand in the U.S. and some of its larger international markets.
As long as demand exists in the US, suppliers, whether in Mexico or Afghanistan, will find creative ways to meet that demand.
Prime Video made up 12.4% of global demand share among streaming services, an increase from its 10.8% global demand share in Q2.
And there's a lot of demand for exports, so we will see a real uptick in capital investment to meet that demand.
However, with robust growth in domestic demand, net exports will provide a negative contribution to GDP as import demand outpaces export growth.
"Import demand was there, we can see the pressure (to depreciate) with festive demand building up," said a currency dealer requesting anonymity.
Prime Day allows Amazon to gauge second-half demand and ensure that its fulfillment centers have the capacity to meet that demand.
Domestic steel demand for construction and manufacturing will likely drop next year but export demand is expected to pick up, it said.
Demand expressions are Parrot Analytics&apos globally standardized measurement unit of TV audience demand, reflecting desire, engagement, and viewership, weighted by importance.
Demand for respiratory therapists is increasing by 12 percent annually, and demand for medical records technicians is rising by roughly 16 percent.
"Demand is not getting weaker but the problem is that all the demand from the Middle East, places such as Egypt, has been committed, and there is not much new demand coming to push up spot prices," a trader said.
The report additionally broke down the record 507.7 billion on-demand streams into both on-demand audio streams — like those found on Spotify and Apple Music — and on-demand video streams, found it was the latter that was growing faster.
Global oil demand growth is forecast to ease further in 2300, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Thursday, predicting a slowdown in demand from some of the world's top consumers and a rise in demand from one particular economy.
Whether a president can "demand" (or even "hereby demand") a Justice Department to look into whether an informant was placed in his campaign for political reasons is hard to determine because, well, past presidents haven't made that sort of demand before.
Major banks such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have cut their demand growth forecasts, with Morgan Stanley predicting China will have zero demand growth in 2020 while Goldman is seeing a contraction of global demand of 150,000 barrels per day.
Domestic demand added 0.7 percentage point to GDP growth, more than offsetting the 0.3 point negative contribution from external demand, the data showed.
Demand peaks around 6 pm, when workers get home, make dinner, watch Netflix... … Then chill, as electrical demand drops into an overnight valley.
We should demand the e-mails especially those who are former Justice Department employees like Mr. Weissmann and others demand their e-mails.
Meanwhile, demand in 2019 has been weak, amid weak growth in the first half and India demand growth slower than expected, he said.
They accounted for nearly 45 percent of total global demand, with consumer demand up 2 percent and 1 percent respectively in those countries.
Chemical plants account for about 8 percent of global energy demand and about 15 percent of the projected growth in demand to 2040.
Weak domestic demand is likely to complicate the challenge for Japanese policymakers who are counting on firm domestic demand to offset external headwinds.
At the same time, HSFO demand in the Middle East has soared to fuel power plants meeting increased cooling demand in the region.
As a result of differential growth rates, domestic demand for imports is growing more quickly than demand for U.S. exports in overseas markets.
With less demand, companies have to make the fabrics to order, but as demand grows, they are able to mass produce their fabrics.
It's antithetical to the flexible design of on-demand economy jobs, while the corresponding liabilities are antithetical to on-demand economy business models.
Federal government data shows demand has remained steady, despite the waivers, and that the industry has a supply problem, not one of demand.
The lack of an electric sport utility vehicle, and broad demand for hybrid vehicles, has dampened demand in pure electric cars, JATO added.
"Demand was positive for nearly all regions and business units, with strong demand for our electromechanical products and smart door locks," Molin said.
This increased crude supply would be reliant on demand, OPEC insiders told CNBC, although if market demand is apparent, supply would grow accordingly.
Domestic demand fell by 21.5 percent while foreign orders rose by 2.5 percent, with demand from euro zone countries jumping by 5.9 percent.
In 2017, estimated global electricity demand from all EVs was 54 terrawatt hours, equivalent to slightly more than the power demand of Greece.
With so much of the modern economy shifting to an on-demand mode, this was probably inevitable: On-demand insurance for your drone.
Last week, Target blamed its poor performance in part on lower demand for electronics due to a drop in demand for Apple products.
Manufacturers cited stability in exchange rates, brisk demand for smartphones, and a pick-up in demand from China as factors underpinning their sentiment.
China's demand was 184.1 tonnes, down 2% from the corresponding quarter in 2018, but it was the third straight quarter of higher demand.
Consumer demand for gasoline in the United States, India and China is strong while business demand for diesel-powered freight is much weaker.
To meet that demand, both Microsoft and Sony have introduced updated versions of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, respectively, to spur demand.
Overall, U.S. steel and copper demand shifts would represent just a 0.4 increase in total demand, with all else constant, the analysts said.
"The demand is coming from [within] the region, but we've also seen demand growth from greater Asia, Europe and U.S. collectors," says How.
He also said that it took courage to demand an end to segregation, to demand voting rights and to achieve same-sex marriage.
Trump has abruptly changed course to demand $5 billion for a border wall (a demand the Senate isn't likely to give in to).
"The demand for using public blockchains is high and we need to up the stability in order the meet that demand," he said.
The official added that China's city gas demand was 92.5 bcm in 2018, accounting for 33% of total gas demand in the country.
It expects demand for oil from light vehicles to peak in 2030, with other forms of oil demand likely to be more sustained.
Oil prices rebounded on Friday, as strong U.S. demand in gasoline demand and disruptions in supply helped overcome concerns surrounding a global glut.
With an already enormous demand for energy, one can imagine what the level of demand will be in the coming years and decades.
The one secular demand all of us are going to have is demand for more data," Schlossberg said Wednesday on CNBC's "Trading Nation.
Within that mobile-use category, demand for same-day scheduling had at least doubled even before TaskRabbit formally launched its on-demand service.
Soccodato told CNBC that demand for security, defense and aerospace products was growing, with Asia Pacific demand unscathed by the region's economic slowdown.
"Although demand is weak, we need to stimulate demand and looking at emerging markets there is an enormous need for infrastructure," he said.
China's demand was 27.9 tonnes, down 22% from the corresponding quarter in 22018, but it was the third straight quarter of higher demand.
Total U.S. oil demand was up 3 percent in July compared with last year, driven by strong demand for distillates, EIA data shows.
Firm demand for the 30-year issue revived demand for Treasuries on the open market, pushing longer-dated yields off their session highs.
The banner demands: "No White Supremacy" (a pretty cool thing to demand) followed by "No Pedo Bashing" (an extremely weird thing to demand).
Already, Audi offers Audi on Demand in certain markets in the U.S., which provides white glove short-term rentals to travelers on-demand.
Viewers can watch programming on a variety of devices and a variety of models like linear, on-demand subscription, and on-demand transactional.
Nah said Asia's 2017 total polyethylene demand would be around 41.5 million tonnes, with China accounting for some two-thirds of total demand.
The institute said economic growth was stronger than previous estimates because of a greater increase in external demand, although national demand was weaker.
Parents and teachers need to step up and demand testing and then, where necessary, demand the immediate cleanup of lead-related water problems.
The increase in public demand would eventually lead to an increase in aggregate demand and thus economic growth and sorely needed new jobs.
They demand justice for themselves in the only way they can because the rest of the world does not demand it for them.
India is thought to be the country with the fastest oil demand growth and the largest additional demand over the next two decades.
U.S. investment bank Jefferies forecast 2018 global oil demand growth of 1.5 million bpd, driven by almost 10 percent demand growth in China.
"The high demand from the banks as a sector overall often has to do with regulatory demand," said Commerzbank rates strategist Rainer Guntermann.
"It flies in the face of the public's demand and the Council's demand for more information about police discipline, not less," he said.
With rising demand from wind and cable industries and others, the sandy sea floor is in high demand for a host of uses.
On-demand contentSling TV's repertoire of on-demand content is bigger than FuboTV's, though perhaps not quite as exhaustive in the sports realm.
Bitcoin has a fixed supply, so, when demand for it rises, bitcoin's price goes up, and the opposite is true when demand drops.
Parrot Analytics measures "demand expressions," the company's globally standardized TV demand measurement unit that reflects the desire, engagement, and viewership weighted by importance.
The report found that demand fell by 1.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016 — the third consecutive quarter where demand has declined.
Parrot Analytics  measures "demand expressions," the company's globally standardized TV demand measurement unit that reflects the desire, engagement, and viewership weighted by importance.
The Demand Institute's new report, "A Wealth of Opportunity: Chinese Consumers and Their Shifting Demand for Financial Services" is available for download here.
What's more, FERC has recently ruled that energy storage and demand response (shifting demand around) must be allowed to participate in wholesale markets.
Water was found to have breached limits for acidity and alkalinity balance, color, total suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand and biochemical oxygen demand.
Domestic demand: Lagarde made the case for Europe to boost domestic demand to shield the bloc from imported weakness and uncertain trade growth.
The authors assert that the demand for opioids itself is a strong indicator of Americans' demand for pain relief, both physical and emotional.
One the demand side, the International Energy Agency said oil demand was set to contract in 2020 for the first time since 2009.
While the tech market is bracing for a demand slump, chipmakers were already struggling with the inability to meet demand before the pandemic.
The analysts noted that the coronavirus is currently a Chinese jet fuel demand story for now, and not yet a global demand story.
"Historically during periods of demand shock, OPEC has come together to cut production to offset weakness in demand," Singer, the Goldman analyst, wrote.
DEMAND: The China Iron and Steel Association recently forecast Chinese steel demand of about 20.8 million tonnes for 214, up 2025% from 2019.
"The problem with trading equities around the clock is there's not that much demand to keep a natural supply-demand balance," Tabb said.
Mercedes-Benz Cars sold 595,200 automobiles thanks to a 28 percent rise in demand in China, with demand in Germany only moderately higher.
Where consumers demand neutrality, a competitive marketplace is best suited to meet this demand while balancing it with other features that consumers desire.
DEMAND: China is the world's largest copper consumer, accounting for nearly half of global demand estimated at around 24 million tonnes this year.
Before Free Live TV, Redbox experimented with streaming with On Demand, an on-demand video service launched by the company in late 2017.
The demand surge is primarily driven by Indonesia and Vietnam, accounting for almost 2012% of Southeast Asian power demand by 2040, said Tao.
Keynesian fiscal jolts give economies a temporary boost by using, for a limited time, public-sector demand to offset lagging private-sector demand.
He said demand from China had been improving and that metals were largely in a supply/demand deficit, including copper, nickel and aluminum.
DEMAND: The China Iron and Steel Association recently forecast Chinese steel demand of about 2965 million tonnes for 2020, up 2% from 2019.
Other sources of demand, such as for jewellery, technology, and from central banks increased, as did demand for physical gold bars and coins.
"We will all work together to meet the demand, but we also need to be sure the demand is there," Dr. Albright said.
In high demand in export markets, domestic demand for Brazilian corn has been strong as meat-packers and biofuel producers step up purchases.
Demand from the petrochemical sector accounts for about 20% of the total Asian demand, said He, but this will be a significant outlet.
Demand for safer assets such as government debt were in high demand last week after North Korea's ballistic missile launch alarmed global markets.
And, of course, while they roll, their liberated occupants will demand streaming entertainment (and advertisers will demand to pummel them with targeted ads).
Lastly, Morgan Stanley believes growing Chinese demand for liquefied natural gas will mean supply and demand will balance out between 2020 and 2021.
The winter heating season should depress demand for iron ore, with negative price implications, but lift demand for scrap, with positive price implications.
If we as a society want privacy online, we need to demand it now and demand it loudly, or risk losing it forever.
On-demand jobs, there are a bit more than 15 million applicants on the background check platform since 773 for on-demand jobs.
There could be an issue in terms of just measuring demand, having estimated how much demand there was going to be for these.
Demand is high for streaming originals: New research by Parrot Analytics and Kagan, a media research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence, shows demand for Netflix Originals is estimated to overtake the share of demand for licensed titles by October 2019.
Laszlo Varro told Reuters in Budapest that in the next five years, oil demand was expected to rise by 1.2 million barrels per day on average and even though Chinese oil demand growth was slowing it was "still a sizeable oil demand growth".
And again, if you had a sugar high then what would happen would be that you would cause a demand boom and the demand boom would drive prices up because you shipped out demand and you'd go up the supply curve, right?
At the same time, however, demand growth in China is slowing (although Chinese oil demand was still around 11.5 million barrels a day in June, the IEA said) and India has taken over as the leader in terms of oil demand growth.
Speaking during an official visit to China, Khalid al-Falih told al-Arabiya TV channel that despite low crude prices he was optimistic for global demand, that demand for crude in China remains "very healthy" and India's demand was "very good" too.
Pent-up demand There is likely to be huge demand for the iPhone X, particularly in markets less sensitive to the $1,000 price tag.
DEMAND EVAPORATING Figures from the Washington-based International Institute of Finance show that portfolio inflows - overseas demand for local stocks and bonds - have evaporated.
Which is a challenge because, like so many women, I demand so much more of myself than I would ever demand of someone else.
The reserve margin is the difference between total generation available and forecast peak demand, with the difference expressed as a percentage of peak demand.
"Oil is weak because many demand signals are blinking red, and supply cuts won't matter if the bottom falls out of demand," Sankey wrote.
But given growing user demand for access to on-demand music, Pandora announced it would roll out new tiers to its service last year.
Flowers said that there is already very little demand growth in the European Union, and "in time" demand in America will also drop off.
There still is a clear dividing line, with higher-quality loans finding robust demand while lenders can demand sweeter terms on lower-grade deals.
Investors, focusing not just on total demand for oil but on the change in demand, might see that as something of a tipping point.
Demand for batteries is going to experience exponential growth over the coming years, which means that demand for lithium is going to follow suit.
Demand rose in the first three months of 2017 ahead of a tax increase which came into force in April pushing down demand thereafter.
"The overall demand picture is quite strong and prices are beginning to respond to an increase in demand in the real economy," he said.
As far as on-demand content goes, Hulu with Live TV offers the basic on-demand plan that most Hulu users are familiar with.
But it also offers extra on-demand content, such as TBS on demand, which includes re-runs of sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory.
The iPad benefited from pent-up demand when it was released, but that demand has now been satisfied and has died off, he said.
Zume hopes its decentralized pizza delivery model will allow it to react more quickly to shifting demand and take better advantage of demand projections.
"There is this divergence between the services and manufacturing sectors which may suggest domestic demand is holding up better than external demand," Kenningham said.
DEMAND: China accounts for around half of global copper demand, estimated at 2774 million tonnes this year, while the United States consumes nearly 20.6%.
"We see construction being low and generally there is also a concern around auto demand and auto production which impacts aluminium demand," said Kallevik.
"Corresponding to the decline in demand for Ivanka Trump products our retailers are seeing, we saw the same decrease in demand," the spokesperson said.
Steel said physical demand is picking up in China, but jewelry demand is not so strong in India, where the rupee has fallen sharply.
The gasoline demand numbers were strong enough to overcome weaker demand for distillates, which fell to 1.3 percent, or 48,000 bpd, versus last year.
It's a new skill set that's in high demand in the workforce, and people who don't have that skills, they're not in such demand.
"We're trying to do everything to drive demand and even out that paradigm so that we can meet demand with the amount we have."
The company said it anticipated strong demand for chips during the second half of the year thanks to demand from high density data centers.
Planalytics' data show that demand for outerwear declined 10 percent nationally in December, compared to last year, while demand for knitwear fell 6 percent.
The reason for that was that the nation's lower demand for energy meant that the nation's hydroelectric dams could supply most of that demand.
ET on demand on CBS All Access, the network's digital subscription video on demand and streaming service, and on air on CBS Television Network.
But China was also reporting what Douglas called "a significant shift in market dynamics", with demand for heroin dropping alongside rising demand for methamphetamine.
So what's needed is a mix of "scheduled, high-frequency trunk services, supplemented by on-demand for lower demand routes and areas", he said.
Renewed demand for emerging market assets, and a nascent economic recovery have fostered demand for Brazilian assets following the deepest recession in a century.
In the summer, when demand and so prices are low, gas can be put into storage for withdrawal when demand rises in the winter.
Driving habits in United States are watched closely by oil traders, since U.S. gasoline demand accounts for about one-tenth of global oil demand.
The demand for them as interns is intense — French companies offered 11,000 proposals for 750 internships recently — but so is demand across the industry.
Because they are prepared to vary prices to ride out the ups and downs of demand for flights, their demand for planes is smoother.
Demand for energy in Latin America has been bolstered by population growth, the only guarantee of sustained energy demand, Enel President Francesco Starace said.
U.S. demand for EU products accounted for 2.6 percent of EU GDP, while EU demand for U.S. products was 2.2 percent of U.S. GDP.
Nvidia notes on its blog that its solution will help address soaring demand for global shipping, driven by increased demand for consumer package delivery.
China's demand for higher grade ore is returning as profit margins at steel mills have risen in recent weeks because of increasing steel demand.
The move highlights some of the challenges of the on-demand economy — in particular, on-demand parking services that can have tricky margin issues.
"There's some investment demand coming in, but jewellery demand is weak," said Ronald Leung, chief dealer at Lee Cheong Gold Dealers in Hong Kong.
Domestic demand fell by 1.9 percent compared to April, while foreign orders rose 1.4 percent with demand from euro zone countries surging 4.0 percent.
"If people can use such videos in America to demand justice, I believe we can also demand justice using the same method," she said.
"External demand maintains its strength, while signs of decelaration in domestic demand become more visible," the bank's monetary policy committee said in a statement.
Recently Microsoft secured a $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract with DoD, which further highlights demand, albeit contentious demand, for cloud services.
"We have not seen any tail-off in demand post-Brexit ... demand for the business remains strong," Chief Executive Monks told Reuters on Thursday.
Mexican demand can also help offset weather-related declines in U.S. demand, and for that reason it has helped support the price of gas.
Domestic demand was showing signs of improvement with recent consumer sentiment surveys pointing to further increases in consumer demand this year, the statement said.
The live TV service will include access to Hulu's on-demand content, Hulu Originals, live network broadcasts, and the broadcast networks' on-demand content.
Its big idea: to providing on-demand access to licensed pharmacists around the clock, and to deliver on-demand to customers — within an hour.
The information economy operates on the same principle of supply and demand as the real economy—demand has to be greater than the supply.
DEMAND: China accounts for about half of global copper demand, estimated at 21 million tonnes this year, while the United States consumes nearly 2764.50%.
But oil inventories appear balanced, with supply (less Iranian/Venezuelan supply) and demand (less business cyclical demand) factors partly offsetting each other, it added.
In Italy, gas demand has dropped by 12% since the start of its country-wide lockdown on March 10, and power demand by 7%.
Think of power demand ("load") as spiking each day around midday, like a mountain; as demand rose, new tiers of plants were brought online.
Shortages are the result of supply-demand imbalance, caused by either an unexpected increase in demand, or an unexpected decrease in supply, or both.
"The coronavirus has delivered supply-side and demand-side shocks to light-vehicle demand," S&P said in explaining its rationale behind the decision.
As BP reported in 2015, cars only accounted for 19 million barrels per day of liquid fuel demand — just a fifth of global demand.
Everytown spent $2.5 million in political advertising and had hundreds of Moms Demand and Students Demand volunteers across the state doorknocking and attending events.
"The Boys" achieved "outstanding" demand in the US and "drove noticeable demand" for Prime Video in the action/adventure genre, according to Parrot Analytics.
The gasoline demand numbers were strong enough to overcome weaker demand for distillates, which fell to 2.8 percent, or 113,000 bpd, versus last year.
"Any sustained decline in India's oil imports and fuel demand might prompt global agencies to revise down their oil demand growth forecast," Haq said.
Together, these provisions should cause the dollar to appreciate immediately, until the incipient increase in export demand and decrease in import demand are eliminated.
There will also be a potential impact on end-market demand for Corning, primarily in relation to lower retail TV demand, the bank predicted.
Global demand for petrochemical feedstock accounted for 12 million barrels per day (bpd), or roughly 12 percent of total demand for oil in 2017.
According to industry research institute, global potato demand is growing steadily, one of the big drives is the increasing demand from potato processing market.
"There is no real demand growth in China, just more stimulus supporting demand and copper," said Christoph Eibl, chief executive at Tiberius Asset Management.
He founded Docs Demand Action, modeled after Shannon Watts' hugely successful Moms Demand Action but from the perspective of doctors advocating for gun reform.
"This district and these times demand more than just an ally, they demand an advocate and a champion," she said in announcing her candidacy.
The company measures "demand expressions," its standardized TV demand measurement unit that reflect the desire, engagement, and viewership of a series weighted by importance.
Demand for electricity surged last year, too, as the economy grew, and renewable power did not expand fast enough to meet the extra demand.
There are just too many positive dynamics: Too much growing wealth, too much tech adoption, too much demand for goods and supply-demand imbalance.
The licensing fee demand may be more about the geopolitical battle between China and the United States rather than a demand for patent fees.
Many people who work in petroleum industry worry that prompting clean energy, including popularity of electronic vehicles, will low the reliance and demand to petroleum, while the IEA's report said that the slowdown demand in auto industry will compensate by the increasing demand in petrochemicals.
"We expect Asian demand (gasoline) growth to continue with higher grades of motorization, in particular in key countries such as China and India, while refineries will struggle to cope with the demand growth," said Cuneyt Kazokoglu, Head of Oil Demand at consulting firm FGE.
"The Mandalorian" is currently the most in-demand TV show across all platforms in the world, according to Parrot Analytics, which measures "demand expressions," the company&aposs standardized TV demand measurement unit that reflects the desire, engagement, and viewership of a series weighted by importance.
Housing demand is currently very strong, but homebuilders are operating well below that demand level and the mortgage market is in need of an overhaul.
Chinese demand has jumped 150 percent between 2017 and 2018 — making up half of the global demand growth, according to Wood Mackenzie in a report.
The IEA also upped its forecast for global oil demand for this year and next year due to revised estimates for Russian and Chinese demand.
The grid operator also forecasts that there will be 1.8 bcm of gas demand for storage sites, compared to demand of 2.5 bcm last summer.
Mexican demand can also help offset weather-related declines in U.S. demand, and for that reason it has helped support the price of natural gas.
Despite the soft demand for gasoline, demand remains strong and profit margins are holding up for distillates like diesel, jet fuel and home heating oil.
"We just have to see a slight increase in (vehicle) demand numbers to see an enormous increase in gasoline consumption," he said of Indian demand.
This diversification supports AUTO's business profile as after-sales REM demand is more resilient and helps to offset any weakness in demand for new equipment.
When Mr Trump tweeted first "I hear by demand", then quickly changed that to "I hearby demand", Merriam-Webster simply tweeted its definition of "hereby".
Domestic demand in Europe's biggest economy rose by 0.9 percent while foreign orders slipped 2.7 percent, with demand from euro zone countries tumbling 3.7 percent.
This year, the holidays also fall over the month-end, when corporate cash demand increases and some tax payments are due, adding to heavy demand.
Uber was a template for a million other companies trying to do that sort of on-demand super-efficient matching of labor to demand products.
"Clearly, across the world, demand has been held back by a spate of first a boost in demand from debt and then deleveraging," Rajan said.
However, the Chinese jewelry market, typically the largest single segment of demand, saw further weakness, putting global jewelry demand on track to fall 9 percent.
"We believe there is vast demand for watching great TV and movies and Netflix only satisfies a small portion of that demand," the company said.
Demand for iron ore pellets, a raw material used in making steel, is rising due to lower Chinese exports, anti-dumping measures and higher demand.
Instead demand issues were the factor for 41%, while 103% cited trade disputes, seen by many in the market as a reason for weak demand.
Catch up quick: Disney originally instituted the practice to drive demand, often re-releasing its cartoon classics, despite fans longing for an on-demand experience.
As Zimbabwe enters its peak winter power demand season, ZETDC told companies and private households to reduce electricity consumption, especially during periods of high demand.
There's a lot of demand from indie authors interested in making audiobooks, and this new proposal from Smashwords and Findaway Voices would answer that demand.
"This is likely to impact demand for commodities, although stimulus measures may in some cases support commodity demand," NAB said, citing China as an example.
It said a poor performance by BMI Healthcare was the result of National Health Service (NHS) demand management initiatives and weaker private medical insurance demand.
The first quarter also reflects demand for Tesla electric vehicles without the full $7,500 federal tax credit used to encourage demand for energy efficient cars.
CHINA DEMAND: China is the world's largest consumer of copper, accounting for nearly half of global demand estimated at about 24 million tonnes this year.
"Consumer trust is essential for adoption, which is essential for demand, and demand drives innovation," FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny told Axios in a recent interview.
"Weak demand from China remained a key factor behind sluggish demand for Japanese goods," said Joe Hayes, economist at IHS Markit, which compiles the survey.
The International Energy Agency has forecast high-sulfur fuel oil demand to fall 60 percent next year, while marine gasoil demand to more than double.
Asian demand for crude has grown he added, even as Middle Eastern demand growth has fallen due to reduction in energy subsidies across most countries.
Global gold demand slid 245 percent in 3003 to 2300,2400 tonnes, an eight-year low, the WGC said in it latest quarterly demand trends report.
Year-on-year gold demand overall slumped 18 percent, according to the WGC's latest Gold Demand Trends report, as Chinese buying came to a standstill.
Gas demand spikes in winter due to heating of homes and businesses, while power demand does so in summer when customers crank up air conditioners.
On the demand side, a Reuters poll showed analysts expect global fuel demand to dip this year in the face of a broad economic slowdown.
Now demand has risen to around 350,000 tonnes, buoyed by demand for electronics, where it is used as a replacement for toxic lead in solder.
The annual figure saw a positive contribution from domestic demand of 2.53 percentage points but external demand cut that by 0.2 percentage points, INE said.
Slowing far eastern demand also made itself felt in the container trade, where volumes slipped 2.3 percent because of lower demand from Brazil and China.
"This points to lower demand for palladium if China and the U.S. - the two leading demand markets - show continued weakness," he said in a note.
It's already true that demand trends in developed nations are steady or downward, Forrest said: Developing nation markets are where demand is on the rise.
Demand will rise for subsidized housing, which will in turn drive up demand and costs for higher end rentals and ultimately drive up purchasing prices.
While the EIA on Tuesday cut its U.S. and world oil demand growth forecast for this year, it increased its demand growth estimates for 2017.
Demand for gold in electronics and for jewelry fell as consumers scaled back spending, while investment demand rebounded and exchange-traded funds saw large inflows.
In addition, CBS says "select on-demand shows will include promotional interruptions," meaning CBS has sold the on-demand subscription rights to those shows elsewhere.
Called, Sling Kids, the channel offers new on-demand content as part of its larger selection of more than 200 live and on-demand titles.
The International Energy Agency has forecast high-sulphur fuel oil demand will fall 60 percent next year, while marine gasoil demand will more than double.
Accountability, honesty, and mutual respect are the basis for a successful organization, as are leaders who explicitly demand of themselves what they demand of others.
"If you look at the demand numbers out there, demand is very good," said Stephen Massocca, Senior Vice President at Wedbush Securities in San Francisco.
And lastly, residents will have the right to demand access to information that commercial actors hold on them — and demand its deletion if they wish.
DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - Demand for Saudi Aramco's oil is increasing and the company is meeting that demand, chief executive Amin Nasser said on Tuesday.
If the U.S. economy slows, gasoline demand will slow as well, pushing back the rebalancing of oil supply and demand even further into the future.
Tuesday's manufacturing data also show demand exceeding supply of goods produced, with production bottlenecks crimping the ability of producers to keep up with consumer demand.
"Indian demand, the great savior from falling China demand, has turned out to be largely fictional," said Hans Lukiman, a small-scale Indonesian coal miner.
Utilities have offered consumer incentives to everything from more efficient window installations to demand-response incentives to cut high demand from ACs in the summer.
"Fulfilling VIP support missions can be particularly difficult because short-notice demand for EOD teams often exceeds the planned VIP support demand," the report states.
Demand for personal protective gear has been extraordinary; one health care supply company reported it had seen demand for N95 masks double during the outbreak.
If more riding shifts to on demand, there will be a bigger market for electric vehicles designed specifically for on-demand use in urban areas.
There's a lot of demand for a product that tastes just like meat, and a lot less demand for one that tastes kinda like meat.
" "Stocks sell off on political instability that can diminish global demand, changes in currencies that will diminish demand for U.S. goods (denominated in expensive dollars).
The drop in demand comes at a time when the United States typically enters peak gasoline demand season as summer travel and driving gets underway.
The President also took to Twitter to demand GM reopen or sell a plant in Lordstown, Ohio, it recently closed because of shifting customer demand.
" In response, Ms. Allred said in part, "I never made a demand for any amount of compensation whatsoever, let alone a demand for $17 million.
Rather, transit demand is high because many residents do not own cars or cannot drive, and in some neighborhoods, this demand is not being met.
Wood Mackenzie expects global demand to grow 1.1% this year, down from 3.6% last year and Chinese demand to rise 2.9% from 6.1% last year.
DEMAND: "We expect a mild recovery in domestic (China copper) demand from a low base of 2019," said Yu Xiaojiang, an analyst at Anglo American.
"Asian small-bar and coin demand, like jewellery and even central-bank demand, typically rises on falling or flat prices," he told CNBC via email.
In order to meet this demand for fresh content — a demand created by the process that supplies it — Jukin scales idle browsing to industrial proportions.
Despite his bullishness, Lutnick doesn't think the rally will translate to increased demand for various lines of bank business, for example, increased demand for loans.
Goldman Sachs recently said oil demand could peak by 2024 – a major departure from traditional analysis that shows oil demand rising to 2040 and beyond.
The surge in supply coincides with tapering demand in China, whose petrochemical plants have driven much of the demand growth for LPG in the region.
The only problem we've got is demand is so high we're having spot outages at stations that are running out of product because of demand.
But hefty demand for the U.S. dollar offering helped alleviate concerns about investor demand that has tapered off in recent weeks, according to Lipper data.
Earlier this week, OPEC slashed its demand outlook for oil demand growth this year, citing China's coronavirus outbreak as the "major factor" behind its decision.
"There is potential for further downside to demand, which means this will likely be the worst year for oil demand growth since 2011," it said.
Demand Tesla listed a litany of problems with the quarter, none of them having to do with the problem Wall Street is focused on — demand.
It then pointed to various TikTok hits like 203's year's most-consumed on-demand song, Nil Nas X's "Old Town Road," which saw 1.3 billion total on-demand streams year-to-date; as well as Ava Max's "Sweet But Psycho," which snagged 310 million on-demand streams (YTD); and Joji's "Slow Dancing in the Dark," with its 165 million on-demand streams (YTD).
Vale estimates that demand for the products in Latin America's largest economy is expected to grow twice as fast as global demand over the next decade.
Relatedly, by reducing demand, especially peak demand, solar+storage reduces the need for T&D investments and helps lengthen the life of existing T&D infrastructure.
And finally, by building fewer homes amid such high demand and so little supply of existing homes, they can demand a higher price for each home.
Hopper found that flight search demand had fallen in 94 out of 122 countries it analyzed, and international demand is down for all major U.S. destinations.
"I think it's a broad-based fear about where is demand going to be for oil next year, concerns about Chinese demand in particular," Croft said.
The supply for ivory, which poachers get from the elephants' tusks, is always low, but when demand is high, more people try to meet that demand.
He pointed out declines in domestic demand resulted in intra-Asia trade beginning to sputter, while the demand for Asian exports in the West remained subdued.
"The potential demand for beef is huge here in China ... if foreign beef comes to China at current prices, demand will grow a lot," said Pan.
Some companies have opted into demand-response programs, in which they lower their energy use during high-cost, peak-demand periods in exchange for financial incentives.
Over the past five years, demand for data analysts has grown by 372%; within that segment, demand for data-visualisation skills has shot up by 2,574%.
Alcohol and tobacco are addictive, so demand for them is not as responsive to price changes as, say, the demand for airline tickets to fly abroad.
Weak demand from Europe and ample supplies also pushed global coal prices lower just before China's peak demand season, encouraging large purchases last month, said traders.
The Treasury saw solid demand for $34 billion in two-year notes on Tuesday and strong demand for $36 billion in five-year notes on Wednesday.
Demand to Grow: We expect demand for alcohol in 2016 to rise as tax-led price increases are likely to be absorbed by rising disposable income.
U.S. gasoline demand, which accounts for roughly 10 percent of global demand, hit record highs last year thanks in part to a strong summer driving season.
Demand for the food stamp program increased substantially following 2017's Hurricane Maria; these recent cuts were made to keep up with demand absent additional funding.
Prices seem poised to move higher; this helps farm economics which should drive equipment demand (equipment buys reduce farmer tax liability, replacement demand is already present).
Chinese demand for gold jewellery has regularly surpassed that of India and America combined since then, accounting last year for 14% of physical gold demand globally.
Despite slow demand in the housing market, commercial real estate and the industrial and warehouse sectors are seeing robust demand, according to Knight Frank India's Baijal.
China's oil demand - refinery runs plus net imports - moderated in 2015, with November demand dropping 2.5 percent from the year ago period, according to Reuters calculations.
Uber's love of classic economic principles is nothing new—"surge pricing," its practice of hiking prices in times of higher demand, is textbook supply-and-demand.
As worldwide demand rises for electric vehicle batteries and wind turbines, along with next generation technologies and weapon systems, demand for these metals has taken off.
Meeker's report also looked at the rise of on-demand workers in the U.S. Last year, there were 5.4 million on-demand workers in the country.
Demand worries also hung over cattle futures, amid lighter-than-expected export demand and the U.S. summer grilling season is more than halfway over, traders said.
The first six months of 2628 saw the lowest demand for heating since at least 28503, with warmer winter weather lowering the demand for heating fuels.
Our growth is determined by domestic demand driven and mostly by consumption demand, and therefore this creates the foundation for future growth, more stable future growth.
Despite an increase in geopolitical risks, Zetsche said he did not see a downturn in global demand for passenger cars, thanks to robust demand in Asia.
That increased demand may be bad news for shoppers who may find prices for in-demand fan favorites rising in the week leading up to Feb.
A previous USDA supply/demand report had forecast increased U.S. pork exports and domestic demand, which is expected to absorb the buildup in supplies, said Roose.
The German government expects imports to rise at a faster rate than exports throughout 2016 due to falling demand from emerging markets and strong domestic demand.
They demand to be wowed on an ongoing basis, and they demand that it all happen without a single bug or the slightest hint of lag.
Despite a continued rise in demand for cars in China this year, Daimler said it expected more moderate demand in the first months of this year.
Analysts continued to see Asia as the main demand driver, projecting an additional 800,000-900,000 bpd in demand this year and the next from the region.
Metso is still factoring in a recovery, saying it expects demand for mining equipment to be "satisfactory", having previously said it expected demand to remain "weak".
"This demand is likely to be mirrored by foreign governments, which will demand passwords from U.S. citizens when they seek entry to foreign countries," they wrote.
BERLIN, Aug 9 (Reuters) - Lufthansa said passenger traffic rose in July, but its plans were less full as capacity outstripped demand, while demand from Asia dropped.
First impressions include a robust channel lineup, cloud DVR and combining Hulu's existing on-demand library with streaming TV and on-demand content from broadcast partners.
"For the third consecutive month demand for air freight grew at a faster pace than demand for air travel", said IATA Chief Executive Alexandre de Juniac.
"We also cannot surrender to the status quo and fail to act boldly when the times demand it and the American people demand it," Price said.
Strong Demand Drives Volumes: We expect JLR's Land Rover products - mainly luxury SUV's - to continue to benefit from robust demand in both developed and developing markets.
"Weaker external demand started to filter down to domestic demand," said Sarun Sunansathaporn, economist of Bank of Ayudhya, who predicts second quarter annual growth of 2.1%.
After rocketing to a $250 million valuation in 2015 amid a massive hype cycle for on-demand companies, on-demand startup Shyp is shutting down today.
"Local steel demand for automobiles and construction has remained strong, but steelmakers have not been able to meet demand mainly because of technical problems," he said.
"Demand is very weak because of high prices and the unrest has affected the retail market, especially jewelry demand," said a bullion dealer in Hong Kong.
Their start-up, DriveU, provides on-demand drivers for people with cars, differing from Uber or Olacabs, an Indian variant, which offer on-demand taxi services.
That includes a recent OPEC report that cut the growth rate of global oil demand this year, making the expected global demand fell short of expectations.
Policymakers are closely watching capital expenditure and hope domestic demand can offset risks to growth from a bruising U.S.-China trade war and slowing global demand.
Seriously, you are doing on-demand parking or on-demand laundry; you are not innovating or disrupting anything except the peace of mind of your employees.
U.S. distillate demand, which was pummeled by a historically mild winter, fell 9.9 percent from January last year, as warmer weather cut demand for heating oil.
"As we started looking at that demand letter, it became clear to us that the demand letter itself was an instance of mail fraud," he said.
"One explanation for U.S. gasoline demand and vehicle miles traveled going in different directions is better fuel efficiency," said Linda Giesecke, a demand analyst at WoodMackenzie.
Gasoline demand in June was the highest ever, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which began tracking gasoline demand in 1945.
The demand today is coming from young homeowners looking to start families, which should continue based on strong demographics and the release of pent-up demand.
According to the International Aluminum Institute, Chinese demand for aluminum is more than half of the global demand with an estimated 60 million tonnes this year.
"The palladium market is experiencing a short-squeeze, which we believe is driven by investment demand rather than industrial demand," said Julius Baer analyst Carsten Menke.
Demand for the bond stood at $1.9 billion, four times more than the issue size, the bank said, and it saw demand from 145 international investors.
"You're also seeing this in terms of demand and supply for commodities," he said, warning especially about the growing glut and slowing demand growth for crude.
Volumes rose in each of its regions with demand rising 31 percent in China, where other automakers, such as Jaguar Land Rover, have reported plunging demand.
The market tone has shifted dramatically though, and increased demand from CLOs and loan fund investors has caused demand to outstrip supply in the loan market.
As these economic settings improve in Cambodia, this will underpin a growing demand for milk and dairy products—but this is a long-term demand profile.
It slipped on worries about weaker demand from the stainless steel sector, which accounts for two-thirds of global demand estimated at around 2.4 million tonnes.
It was able to overcome a mismatch between supply and demand in certain neighborhoods by throttling some of its supply to areas that had more demand.
"It's a very badly thought-out act, because where there is a demand, there's always going to be someone prepared to fulfil the demand, " she said.
To assess whether supply and demand had achieved a sustainable balance, OPEC could measure the amount of oil in storage against days of demand it covers.
The natural gas industry typically sees a surge in demand in summer months as utilities meet increased power demand from air conditioning by consumers and businesses.
"A more likely venue might be additional Chinese demand as the country diverts demand to other more reliable trade partners such as the EU," he said.
Banks are counting on a decrease in demand for mortgage loans this quarter while they expect a bump in demand for corporate loans, the survey found.
Address energy demand The most urgent problem facing U.S. energy producers is lack of demand, more so than increasing supply or decreasing the regulatory compliance burden.
These cascading closures across the economy will necessarily cause a breakdown in demand, making a recession increasingly probable because of a demand shock to the economy.
The prolonged trade dispute has sapped demand for metals, hurt global economic growth and pushed China to boost investment and economic incentives to spur economic demand.
So in theory, water-heating energy consumption can be time-shifted, from times of high demand to times of low demand, without any loss of service.
"This is a supply and demand issue," Dr. Al-Azm said, repeating that any demand gives incentives to looters, possibly financing terrorist groups in the process.
"If you think about it, it doesn't mean sedan demand has gone away; it means a lot of sedan demand is captured by imports," Shih said.
Grain markets will be assessing weekly U.S. export sales data on Thursday for an update on overseas demand, including any signs of fresh demand from China.
"Demand (for lithium) in the near term will likely be tempered with end-use demand expected to remain soft in response to coronavirus," the company added.
Although naphtha demand was stronger this week, with several buyers emerging to buy October cargoes, overall demand was weak and supplies were abundant, the sources added.
Demand response has played an increasingly important role in the market: When prices spiked, demand dropped, helping the system keep lights on and air conditioners humming.
It would still be a demand, and maybe even a greater demand on support staff, nurses, respiratory therapists, it would take a lot of their time.
By 22020, it is expected that China's nickel demand from the EV sector will increase to 2300,2000 tonnes, Wang said, without providing a current demand figure.
In 2019, China's oil demand made up about 14% of the world market and accounted for half of world oil demand growth, according to IHS Markit.
For a table on shutdowns at Asian refineries see: Falling industrial demand dragged India's fuel demand to its lowest in more than two years in September.
The coronavirus has clobbered oil prices because it is destroying demand in China, the world's largest oil importer and the epicenter of global oil demand growth.
Chinese demand for "mock meat" is going up amid concerns that the domestic supply won't be enough to meet demand, according to research house Fitch Solutions.
That doesn&apost mean that "The Mandalorian" will disappear from Parrot Analytics&apos demand rankings any time soon or that its current demand isn&apost impressive.
Demand for gold-based exchange traded funds (ETF) fell 76 percent in the last quarter, according to the World Gold Council's latest gold demand trends report.
One of the primary uses for electricity storage is to take power during periods of low demand and dispatch it when demand and prices are higher.
"When you compare that demand with the supply of cinemas across the market, there is a pretty significant mismatch between demand and supply," he told Reuters.
"The import demand has dried up, very little demand; it's the inward remittances and exporter conversions we can see in the market," said a currency dealer.
Just as demand for gas mileage doesn't go down when there are more gas stations, demand for better range won't ease even as charging infrastructure improves.
The move from the U.S. government arrives as demand for cane sugar rises, while demand for beet sugar has been declining, forcing raw sugar prices higher.
But Europe's withered oil demand growth due to energy efficiency and a shift away from heavy industry has cut its importance to the world's demand growth.
Increased access to mortgages has boosted property demand, it said, but the rapid growth was "unsustainable," with the CICC predicting further policy changes to dampen demand.
This means if there's low demand, you may have to drive to busier areas or wait to go online and drive once demand picks back up.
Here's a graph of a water heater shifting demand in Hawaii: But currently, only 1 percent of US water heaters take part in demand-response programs.
Oil demand growth is slowing, with crude demand weighed down by fears of a global economic slowdown — driven in part by the U.S.–China trade war.
The strength in palladium seemed to be driven by investment demand rather than fundamental demand for the metal's use in autocatalytic converters, Julius Baer's Menke said.
The demand that all galleries leave the area is a demand that the citizens of Boyle Heights be allowed to determine the composition of their neighborhood.
If substantial transportation demand shifts to shared fleets of autonomous electric vehicles — as many, including me, expect — then electricity demand from the transportation sector could change.
What did end up working well was demand response — which is where utilities work with their customers to cut demand at critical times — and wind energy.
It said the global economic outlook, seasonal declines in demand, the revision downwards of global demand growth forecasts by the IEA last week and weak refining runs and margins were all reasons to err on the side of caution in terms of the oil demand outlook.
What may result is a tug-of-war between reduced demand and lower available supply, which may result in lower prices if demand drops by more, or in higher prices if the demand holds up and the supply can't reach end-users because of restrictions on ports.
Transmission capacity is needed, not just for the 85033 GWs of voluntary corporate demand through 2025, but also mandatory demand from utilities needing to meet state-specific renewable portfolio standards as well as voluntary demand from utilities and non-corporate buyers such as universities and the military.
"If peak demand doesn't show up, oil's next boom price cycle will reward investors who took today's peak demand hype with a pinch of salt," McNally said.
Expectations for copper demand have shifted in recent months due to consistently improving economic indicators out of China that has encouraged analysts to revise up demand forecasts.
But demand appeared to be more resilient than expected amid government moves to support "rigid demand" of first-time buyers and upgraders by relaxing some purchase restrictions.
That strength in demand will likely offset relative weakness in demand in the U.S., in large part to the waning tax credit and Tesla's relatively high prices.
The gasoline figures combined with strong distillate demand numbers helped push overall oil demand up 4.3 percent to 20.21 million barrels-per-day (bpd), EIA data showed.
Gas traders now anticipate a large potential increase in inventories during the shoulder season after summer air-conditioning demand ends and before winter heating demand picks up.
National Grid said it expects to see similar gas supply and demand patterns to last summer, with demand only around 30 percent lower than the winter peak.
Also undermining sentiment was weak physical demand in India due to higher prices, while Chinese demand is weaker ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, traders said.
"It's intriguing that the domestic demand part is the weak part — the external demand is not that bad," said Taimur Baig, chief economist at DBS Group Research.
"We make estimates on what consumer demand is, and if the demand dramatically exceeds what we plan, it creates some tightness in the marketplace," says Fils-Aimé.
To make the challenge even more urgent, while demand for physical assets grows linearly, demand for wireless network capacity has grown — and will continue to grow — exponentially.
Zimbabwe, now producing 969 MW ofelectricity daily against peak demand of 2,100 MW, is entering its peak winter power demand season, which will only increase power consumption.
It expects autocatalyst demand to rise 2.5 percent this year to 21 million ounces, about half of global net demand adjusted for recycling of 2600 million ounces.
The demand was driven by strong demand from domestic private refiners, many of which received licenses from Beijing last year to import crude for the first time.
Soy had become one of the few bright spots in the American farming market given Chinese demand, so production has reached record levels just as demand crashed.
HackerBay Tagline: Your on-demand software engineering team Description: Hackerbay is a network of the world's fastest software hackers and product managers that provides on-demand development.
Big firms are better able to withstand drops in demand in particular areas and are also able to afford the global presence clients increasingly demand, he said.
Global demand for natural gas surged by 4.6% in 2018, driven by strong economic growth, the transition away from coal-fired electric power and weather-related demand.
"This is the demand story I keep talking about, that there just isn't enough demand out there or oil would be going up, not down," Cramer said.
Their analysis does not consider factors including changes in energy prices that could dampen energy demand growth, technological improvements, policy changes and more localized energy demand responses.
Housing starts overall have been falling, as builders saw very weak demand at the end of last year and are only now seeing that demand pick up.
But the spreads are tied closely enough to the supply, demand and stocks outlook that big shifts in the curve structure demand should not be dismissed lightly.
Some of the biggest opportunities lie in areas where there is far-reaching demand, but this demand is simply not being filled due to stigma or taboo.
"Export demand is the most elastic for us, so that is where we would expect to see the first reductions in ethanol consumption and demand," he added.
"We are creating alternatives, but in the long term we believe demand will come back," Joussen said, adding that he expected demand for Turkey to recover quickly.
The government sold $41 billion in five-year notes on Wednesday to slightly soft demand and $40 billion in two-year notes on Tuesday to solid demand.
Surplus countries have to stimulate their internal demand to expand markets where deficit countries can sell to improve their trade accounts while restraining inflation and domestic demand.
Criminals picked up on this when the 2008 recession hit, raising demand in the food and beverage industry as demand for expendable items such as electronics fell.
Despite concerns over demand for the metal earlier this year, iron ore prices have been picking up on Chinese demand as government stimulus held up market sentiment.
This means the legal market is "capturing only a fraction of total demand," the company said in a summary of U.S. cannabis demand trends released this month.
That's the opportunity for specialization that exists here, and that's the quality that people demand with the value they demand in return and what we're driving toward.
The price a passenger pays for a flight is based on demand for that route—if demand is higher than supply, the price of the ticket increases.
The machinery demand is a bright spot for Deere, which has been battling tepid demand in North America due to four years of declining U.S. farm income.
Hoping to encourage demand response, FERC (under George W. Bush!) developed Order 29.7, finalized on October 2008, which instructed RTOs to allow demand response into wholesale markets.
"Domestic demand is equally weak as global demand," Yifan Hu, chief investment officer and chief China economist at UBS Wealth Management, told CNBC's "Street Signs" on Thursday.
"If external demand picks up while domestic demand is still strong, we can expect output to rebound from a temporary soft patch," Yamada told a news conference.
Let us all try harder to understand the difference between colloquialism and bigotry, between error and aggression, between scenarios that demand agitators and scenarios that demand educators.
On Sunday, Cawley said customer demand when the outage happened was low, and that his company was confident the outage had nothing to do with high demand.
"At the end of the day, Jim, the economy drives steel demand, steel demand drives steel pricing, and we see the economy remaining strong," he told Cramer.
"A still subdued external demand environment and fading policy pass-throughs is weighing on aggregate demand in the region," said Chetan Ahya, senior economist at Morgan Stanley.
And a $10 a month video games-on-demand service doesn't necessarily need the same broad range of options a video-on-demand service like Netflix needs.
At the same time, oil demand has come in on the weaker side in the first two months of 255 following exceptionally strong demand growth in 212.
For coal, much of the weakness in February's imports is seasonal as winter heating demand eases, a trend that will likely continue until the summer demand peak.
That's just as well, since another thing history tells us is that demand-deficient, deleveraging economies depreciate their currencies and rely on exernal demand to support growth.
"The (equities) platform has to be of the size that's commensurate with the demand today not with the demand in five years or 10 years," Thiam said.
Using demographic data and "demand mapping" for specific cuisines, Kitchen United said that it can provide optimal locations and site the right restaurant to meet consumer demand.
"We have the demand and these aircraft will allow us to handle the demand on a very scheduled basis," he said as UPS reported third-quarter results.
But there is uncertainty on how quickly global demand could rebound, adding to woes for Japanese companies already feeling the pinch from slowing Chinese demand, analysts say.
Demand for cold-rolled and galvanized sheet products remained solid, while demand for hot-rolled sheet products weakened versus the first half of 2016, the company said.
However, fuel demand is off by 0.6% over the past four weeks from the year-ago period, with gasoline demand down 1.3% in that same time frame.
The fourth quarter growth figure saw a positive contribution from domestic demand of 2.5 percentage points but external demand cut that by 97.23 percentage points, INE said.
Demand of your school, demand your administration to have a mechanism to greet with open arms women who have been assaulted or assert that they've been assaulted.
Demand for crude oil is however set to rise in the coming weeks as refineries around the world return from seasonal maintenance ahead of peak summer demand.
Looters have broken into museums and left thousands of empty pits, all to feed the demand for antiquities around the world—especially demand from the United States.
"Import demand is there while festive demand is also building up, and we can see some foreigners exiting (from government securities)," said a currency dealer, requesting anonymity.
"Julia is beloved by Moms Demand Action volunteers in Pennsylvania and across the country," says Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.
At a more extreme formulation, Tesla bears foresee a "demand cliff" that Tesla could fall off as all of its vehicles confront weaker demand in the future.
RAMIREZ SETS TIMEFRAME FOR ON-DEMAND ECONOMY, PATENT REPORTS...: Ramirez says she hopes the FTC's report about the on-demand economy will come out in the spring.
On the demand side, India's Torrent Power unveiled demand for 36 LNG cargoes across a three-year period from 2018, and invited suppliers to provide price offers.
The steadily increasing demand for air travel means Boeing is creating demand in the services market with the hundreds of new airplanes it is producing each year.
S. trade war and slumping global demand have hurt Japan's exports, though robust domestic demand has eased some of the pain for the world's third-largest economy.
S. trade war and slumping global demand have hurt Japan's exports, though robust domestic demand has eased some of the pain for the world's third-largest economy.
On-demand work is just as respected as its traditional counterpart, even if many on-demand workers feel shame, according to a SurveyMonkey poll conducted for Axios.
His reasoning became known as Say's law: "it is production which opens a demand for products", or, in a later, snappier formulation: supply creates its own demand.
"We are waiting for Chinese data to get a feel for where demand is going, whether demand is falling apart or not," said Liberum analyst Ben Davis.
That said, the WeWork news seems to be pushing the growing demand for flexible workspace solutions to companies like Breather, so we're happy to service that demand.
EV DEMAND: Wood Mackenzie analysts estimate nickel demand in electric vehicle (EV) batteries will rise to about 20.6,219 tonnes in 1.13 from about 21.1,23 tonnes last year.
The collective betting is that it is only a matter of time before China's import demand heats up as domestic production fails to keep pace with demand.
Rising demand for oil in a synchronized global economic recovery has also helped bring supply and demand in better balance over the last year-and-a-half.
It has been the largest oil demand growth market for nearly two decades and last year accounted for more than 40 percent of global oil demand growth.
Still, analysts caution against excessive optimism about demand growth in China, which accounts for nearly half of global demand estimated at around 2786 million tonnes this year.
When prices increase due to increased demand, the structure of Lyft and Uber are designed so that those increases are short-lived while consumer demand is met.
CHINA DEMAND: China accounts for more than half of global aluminium output estimated at about 60 million tonnes this year and more than half of global demand.
"The (crude oil) barrels have to clear across the water ... To the demand in Asia, to the demand in Europe," he told an industry event in Singapore.
China's crackdown on pollution and its growing demand for more environmentally friendly sources of power, such as LNG, are boosting demand for ships to transport the fuel.
Likewise, for Uber, which offers on-demand services worldwide but not in India, a large number of bikes on-demand could unlock new opportunities in the country.
Global demand for cobalt has nearly quadrupled in the past 5 years as a result of increased demand for rechargeable batteries, and is expected to keep rising.
As a result, the cost of energy production can be four or five times as high on a high-demand day as on a low-demand day.
While the Great Recession did weaken demand for freight transportation, making trucking jobs less lucrative, the current strong economy has put truckers in greater demand than ever.
"The main focus is on oil demand as economic sentiment weakens ... The consequences for oil demand are becoming apparent," the IEA said in its monthly oil report.
The IEA left its oil demand growth forecasts for oil demand growth unchanged at 1.1 million b/d for 2019, and 1.3 million b/d in 2020.
We're told part of Mariah's demand is that Packer buy her a home in L.A. Our sources say Packer is expected to respond to Mariah's demand Monday.
Europe's power sector has in recent years come under heavy pressure due to weak energy demand, low wholesale prices and a surge in demand for cleaner energy.
By 2025 it envisions China meeting nearly three-quarters of its own demand for industrial robots and more than a third of its demand for smartphone chips.
Near-term demand for flights to China has fallen to near zero and demand for flights to the rest of the trans-Pacific routes has plunged 75%.
Payment models may change, but the demand for care will still be there — meaning that the demand for people to deliver that care will remain, as well.
Parrot Analytics measures "demand expressions," the company&aposs standardized TV-demand measurement unit designed to reflect the desire, engagement, and viewership of a series weighted by importance.
Deutsche also sees opportunities in lending for hotel investors, as there will be more demand for hotels in regional cities driven by demand from foreign repeat tourists.