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"system" Definitions
  1. [countable] an organized set of ideas or theories or a particular way of doing something
  2. [countable] a group of things, pieces of equipment, etc. that are connected or work together
  3. [countable] a set of computer equipment and programs that are used together
  4. [countable] a human or an animal body, or a part of it, when it is being thought of as the organs and processes that make it function
  5. the system [singular] (informal, usually disapproving) the rules or people that control a country or an organization, especially when they seem to be unfair because you cannot change them

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"system" Synonyms
organisation(UK) organization(US) arrangement complex network structure apparatus order composition scheme administration grid institution logistics setup set up set-up entity machinery organism method technique methodology approach practice procedure process routine way attack line means mode plan policy tack form formula framework methodicalness logic orderliness planning systematisation(UK) systematization(US) coordination blueprint program(US) programme(UK) strategy design project game game plan ground plan master plan road map definite plan map stratagem tactics authorities bureaucracy establishment regime officialdom regimen ruling class powers that be status quo prevailing political order prevailing social order government officials authority Big Brother management directorate ministry city hall ideology creed doctrine philosophy beliefs credo dogma principles rules tenets ideals ideas teaching canon canons articles of faith world view belief conviction view format configuration layout pattern formation makeup ordonnance shape conformation construction constellation getup whole unit combination ensemble piece collection package outcome product result body combo being unity fullness set assembly group amalgamation solution service facility resource utility offer deliverable ware merchandise proposal competence creation goods invention provision concoction motor machine engine mechanism equipment components hardware mechanics gadgetry gear gears generator transformer cylinder piston turbine contraption moving parts theory science basis concept principle model theorem base code foundation codification grounds systemization formularization conditions amenity convenience aid benefit advantage appliance accommodation enrichment excellence feature merit quality discipline knowledge branch art wisdom lore skill field education erudition information learning scholarship body of facts body of information body of knowledge branch of knowledge area of study resourcefulness creativity imagination ingenuity inventiveness originality wits ability artifice assets capability capital cleverness contrivance course device menage ancestors ancestry birth blood brood children clan class descendants descent dynasty extraction folk forebears genealogy generations genre house software app application courseware freeware groupware platform shareware spreadsheet vaporware computer program operating system application software bundled software presentation software productivity software mixed economy economics economy ownership private enterprise public enterprise constituency electorate faction population public citizenry electors people voters balloters body of voters body politic voter voting public registered voters district notation script signs alphabet syllabary symbols characters cypher(UK) cipher(US) hieroglyphics system of symbols world sphere area circle domain province realm arena life society business environment milieu orbit preserve territory department division hierarchy ranking scale class system grading grouping pecking order ladder ordering pyramid placing social order echelons position due order chain of command food chain social structure measure standard units instrumentation controls dashboard console dials instruments instrument paraphernalia gages(US) gauges(UK) interface monitor instrument panel control panel dash keyboard instrument board register calibration rule calibrated system graduated system measuring system system of measurement memory cache disc(UK) disk(US) RAM ROM store memory bank hard disk jotting memo annotation note record footnote comment entry explanation gloss inscription item memorandum minute elucidation exegesis explication marginalia notating infrastructure services facilities structures amenities resources installation networks public facilities public services basic facilities basic services technical mechanical architectural component internal baseline default original configured out of the box manufacturer's More
"system" Antonyms
cog disorder disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) fraction part chaos disarray confusion disarrangement mess derangement disorderliness messiness misorder clutter disorderedness muddle topsy-turviness irregularity reality doubt skepticism(US) unbelief disbelief scepticism(UK) ingredient bit component constituent element fragment piece portion division unit segment component part member building block factor deviation aberration abnormality anomaly oddity exception rarity aberrancy digression departure separation dissection breaking up compartmentalising(UK) compartmentalizing(US) partitioning segmentation split breaking down demarcation parting splitting up taking apart apportionment cutting up departmentalizing subdivision ignorance impotence inability incompetence ineptitude lack incapacity stupidity need weakness permanent poverty debt idleness inaction inactivity dormancy inertia inertness nonaction quiescence efficiency flexibility streamlining absence of red tape cutting the red tape mystery inexplicability abstruseness abstrusity enigma question unfathomableness conundrum inscrutability inscrutableness uncertainty paradox roun burden millstone weight abomination disadvantage discomfort disruption hurt inconvenience injury misbehavior(US) misbehaviour(UK) failure end disharmony conflict disaccord disagreement discord acrimony discordance discordancy dissension dissent dissidence dissonance dissonancy disunity friction divisiveness enmity feuding hostility improvisation spontaneity extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) ad-libbing ad-lib compulsion impulse whim whimsy impulsion vagary deviance deviancy diversion divagation divergence divergency nonconformity straying veering deflection shift change heedlessness difference disparity variance impropriety indecency indecorum unscrupulousness corruption misconduct wrongdoing indiscretion untowardness unwholesomeness wrongness improperness indecorousness inappropriateness immodesty immorality unseemliness dishonesty lawlessness bad taste entertainment fun speech parent hardware market economy stagnation inefficiency carelessness incapability ineffectiveness sloppiness uselessness wastefulness content matter theme subject substance essence material difficulty hardness hindrance

419 Sentences With "system"

How to use system in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "system" and check conjugation/comparative form for "system". Mastering all the usages of "system" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It doesn't matter what system: It can be a computer system, a legal system, or even a system of government.
"System updates are made available by system manufacturers, operating system providers and others," Intel said.
The system is an HD-video, navigation system, black box and communication system wrapped into one.
Grievances included a fractured education system, a flawed criminal justice system and a broken immigration system.
That kind of system is called an extrinsic reward system, as opposed to an intrinsic reward system.
This system shifts the costs of our criminal justice system to the people processed by the system.
Like the National Wildlife Refuge System, the National Park System, and the National Forest System, our National System of Public Lands managed by the BLM is a public treasure.
XBID relies on a common IT system and shared order book, a capacity management system and a transmission system.
Pros: Dual hose system, compact yet powerful, self-evaporation system, quite, strong cooling system, environmentally friendlyCons: Shipment issues, price
"I am the prime example of the system: The bail bond system, the legal system, of crime," he said.
Primarily, a system of borders is a system for controlling resources, it's a system for controlling people, and it's particularly a system for excluding other people from access to those resources.
Islam is a total system of life and contains within itself a particular social system, judicial system, and political system which includes geo-political aspirations — the conquest and administration of territory.
XBID relies on a common IT system and a shared order book, a capacity management system and a transmission system.
That makes the planetary system more like the moons of Jupiter than a larger planetary system like our solar system.
There's a system here -- he doesn't understand the system.
There are many systems in this country aimed at caring for children, Robles-Ramamurthy said, including the education system, the health care system, the juvenile justice system and the child welfare system.
A hyper-intelligent AI system that sacrifices human safety to accomplish a goal isn't a smart system; it's a stupid system.
We need a system that is fair, a system that is secure, and a system that remains true to America's ideals.
"When I say rigged system, I'm talking about a closed system — a system that keeps the voters from participating," he said.
Any system you build needs to be a compromise with the system we have — a system that provides insurance to more than nine in 10 Americans, a system that employers know how to navigate, a system the medical care industry has designed itself around.
But the company's new "Compliments" system broadens the feedback system.
The users of the system should pay for the system.
When the system fails you, you create your own system.
Healthcare system engineers are redesigning the system from first principles.
Atlanta's system is great, New York's system is just greater.
The system is broken; the system was built to break.
The blockchain system and the bitcoin system is very different.
A more transparent food system is a safer food system.
"The Dutch system is a mass settlement system," he said.
But "the system itself is the right system," he added.
Benet calls his system IPFS, short for InterPlanetary File System.
They're working the system they created, a system of bribery.
I've never joined any sort of system, either the Hollywood system or even what was not so much a system in Europe.
That central unit can also monitor the motor system, locking system and drive system, and then send that information to the cloud.
The computer in a thermostat is an embedded system; an ATM is an embedded system; an Arduino board is an embedded system.
It simply laid the groundwork in the existing system for giving secondary scrutiny to visa applicants: the Security Advisory System (SAO) system.
Amazon's an operating system for consumption; Google, operating system for information; Apple, media; Facebook, operating system for what I'll call our connections.
It's a very different system and I don't happen to like the system, but certainly in that system, he's been a leader.
Best security system overall: SimplisafeBest budget security system: RingBest smart home security system: AbodeBest professional security system: ADT CommandUpdated on 10/28/2019 by Monica Chin: Added four new picks and what else we considered.
I think the criminal justice system today is a sort of warehouse system for people that have been excluded from the economic system.
The system holds a claim as the deepest metro system in the world, with some parts of the system buried 110 meters underground.
"This is a revenge of the old system, because the judiciary system, especially courts, they are part of the old system," Dekanoidze said.
If a system is too complex, you won't use it, and "if you don't use a system, it's the wrong system," says Faye.
Mam had fallen into all the wrong systems: the gang system, the criminal justice system, and, finally, the post-9/11 immigration system.
Heart defects were the most common birth defect, followed by flaws in the genital organs, limbs, urinary system, digestive system and nervous system.
Long-term exposure to TCDD is linked to impairment of the immune system, the developing nervous system, the endocrine system and reproductive functions.
"The only system that performed worse than the gestation crate system was a system where sows were literally tethered in place," they write.
The company envisions creating a basic sound system with five transducers, a midprice system with eight and a high-end system with 10.
On Google's Android operating system, security updates should happen automatically, but you can double-check by opening up Settings > System > Advanced > System Update.
The night of the experiment, the workers disabled the emergency core cooling system, local automatic control system, and the emergency power reduction system.
" The visa system: "[N]obody knows the system better than me.
He has Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), a rare nervous system disorder.
The foundation of Engelbart's system was the NLS (oN-Line System).
It can be ... It's a system that you ... It's a system.
I believe in the system—I just want a reformed system.
If you can build an operating system, build an operating system.
They represent a system of thought and a particular value system.
They need people who understand the system to change the system.
If you don't like that system, then go fight that system.
It is also the largest canyon system in the solar system.
It is a driver-assistance system and not a driverless system.
It is a driver assistance system and not a driverless system.
They're not going to reform the system, they are the system.
California's system differs by completely abandoning their statewide cash bail system.
University of Texas System, $134.4 million of revenue system refinancing bonds.
The whole system is sort of a giant state honor system.
It destroys the education system, it destroys the health-care system.
The Swedish justice system, however, does not have a bail system.
Oh, and it should have a system-level achievement system, too.
System Failure Disruptions and delays have roiled the system this year.
Canada's health care system is very different from the system here.
"The health system and the educational system need to step up."
Such a system would have multiple benefits for our political system.
We must protect the VA system, not privatize the VA system.
Kate successfully navigated the system, and the system has changed her.
It's worth noting that the new system only applies to YouTube's community guidelines, which remains a separate system from the company's copyright strike system.
Galileo, the European Union's Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), is designed to rival the US-controlled Global Positioning System (GPS) and Russia's GLONASS system.
Eero's original system consisted of three identical units, while the new standard $399 system is one main system and two smaller "Eero Beacon" devices.
The new system will render the computer "inoperative" unless a proprietary Apple "system configuration" software is run after parts of the system are replaced.
" He added: "It's a very different system, and I don't happen to like the system, but certainly in that system, he's been a leader.
You cannot change the system unless you work inside the system, because you will not know which obstacles to overcome to repair the system.
The pod's lightness is in part due to the undercarriage, which integrated a levitation system, stabilization system, and safety system into just one part.
"An all-voucher system would be a shock to the educational system, but the shakeout might be just what the system needs," they continued.
There's also full-house humidification, a remote security and intercom system, a water purification system, and a snow-melting system, according to the listing.
System Administrator System administrators keep internal business systems and software running properly.
The Leash system introduced an innovative quick-release system for camera straps.
There was a loophole here in the immigration system, a broken system.
The new Eero system—like the original Eero system—doesn't come cheap.
"The current system of protein production is a broken system," Wardle said.
So, vacuum, propulsion system, control system, levitation, into basically an integrated hyperloop.
Will my home security system be able to control my lighting system?
The system is always intended to be a single payer universal system.
That is what this classification system, this naming system is all about.
There is also no axing of our nation's educational system education system.
The RX5's infotainment system is powered by Alibaba's YunOS operating system.
"The risk-adjustment system, it's essentially an honor system," Poehling told me.
Texas A&M University System, $92.6 million of revenue financing system bonds.
Texas A&M University System, $325.7 million of revenue financing system bonds.
"If you deplete that system, you wear that system down," Giordano adds.
Do I believe that the current Medicare system is a good system?
" Lottery system "We're replacing random migration and we're replacing the lottery system.
Our social welfare system is, in effect, a system of social insurance.
The Night's Watch has a system, the Iron Islands has a system.
And the system is not the laws; the system is ingrained thought.
Proponents also argue the system helps relieve the nation's overburdened court system.
Given current mood, System 1 perceptions could easily trump System 2 facts.
Rather than strengthening this system, the board is ruining the patent system.
But the system needs us, because it's the system that's fucked up.
But what was a tiered system is morphing into a caste system.
Our constitutional system is not well matched with our current party system.
Andy Pollak … You mentioned the (fire alarm) system overrode the other system.
This is only one example of system abuse that impacts system performance.
By the way, great system for other countries, bad system for us.
Racism is endemic in our education system, in our health care system.
Working within the system is anathema, because the system itself is sick.
That's the operating system Ford's Sync 3 infotainment system runs on, as well as General Motors' new OnStar system and the Audi TT virtual cockpit.
Boeing's safety analysis of the flight control system called MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) understated the power of this system, the Seattle Times said bit.
We build a broken system and then ask people to try to fit into the system instead of tailoring a system around people's actual needs.
The big story was confirmation that at least one voting system (voting machine, vote tallying system, or voter registration system) was compromised by external actors.
Maybe to bring the party somewhat together, but in the end, our system is more geared towards the American system than to the Chinese system.
"ISRO has developed some critical technologies like re-entry mission capability, crew escape system, crew module configuration, thermal protection system, deceleration and floatation system, sub-systems of life support system etc required for this programme," the statement said.
The ELO system was invented as an improved chess rating system over the previously used Harkness system, but was eventually used as a rating system for multiplayer competition in a number of video games, sports and board games.
An institution that has established an AI system has an affirmative obligation to terminate the system if human control of the system is no longer possible.
The FSOC is a crucial and indispensable early warning system for America's financial system, providing regulators with the broadest and deepest view of the entire system.
This begs the question: If lawyers run our legal system and bankers run our banking system, why aren't health care professionals running our health care system?
This basically means that you feed a system data, the system makes an action which outputs data, and the system acts again based on its output.
There are four essential keys to economic growth — a reliable legal system (property rights), a stable currency, a developed financial system and a rational tax system.
China's so-called corporate social credit system will use an algorithmic system to collect data that will grade a company's contributions toward supporting China's economic system.
The larger system is a follow-up to a five-qubit system IBM offered for researchers to run quantum computing simulations on a cloud-based system.
The current system –and we do have a current system—is the cause.
And I think our system today is very much a supply-side system.
For instance, there is a circadian lighting system and in-duct aromatherapy system.
If the whole system doesn't work, we're a part of the whole system.
We shouldn&apost be running our immigration system based on a lottery system.
No system is perfect, but this is still the best system there is.
It's not a class system or a caste system, it's just a hierarchy.
Think of it like the nervous system or circulatory system of the computer.
You can download it now by going to Settings —> System —> Advanced —> System update.
Instead, the system is more interested in minimizing system requirements as gamers game.
" His ideal immigration system: "We're going to a much more merit-based system.
"It's an augmentation system that's provided to augment computer system development," he says.
That's why our health care system is called a "fee for service" system.
I'm coming from a different system to a system that is way different.
Ensure your system has the most recent recommended system and security patches. 23.
It is making a statement about the fashion system and the political system.
I said, 'Good people in a bad system is still a bad system.
This system is known as NEST, the National Evaluation System for health Technology.
But I will say this, it's a rigged system, it's a crooked system.
It needs to be an alert system and a regular messaging system somehow.
It would also move the corporate tax system toward a consumption-based system.
The system has since then been formalized under its Surveillance System for Attacks.
Technically, a single-payer system is a system with, well, a single payer.
The robots already are small enough for our digestive system and urinary system.
It's a change of China's political system – of the foundation of that system.
Libraries have the Library of Congress classification system or the Dewey decimal system.
CARB designed the system of emission reductions, including the cap-and-trade system.
Odyssey's mercenary system is like Shadow of War's Nemesis System without any nemeses.
The air traffic system is a resilient system with multiple backups in place.
The system has since then been formalized under its Surveillance System for Attacks.
How about if this binary star system is orbiting another binary star system?
Because it's also a system of power and it's a system of culture.
We see the banking system and the financial system generally being fairly resilient.
"The IRS has this system that's basically like a point system," she said.
You can check for it by going to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> System Update.
The most common organ system with queries from patients was the reproductive system.
A system of partisan accountability often means no system of accountability at all.
We have a justice system, and no one is above that justice system.
"We want to change the system by working with the system," he said.
By applying neural networking to Kepler data, scientists have found, for the first time, an eighth planet in the Kepler-2003 system – this ties the Kepler-90 system with our own system for the most planets in any known system.
Turkey had passed over the Patriot system twice in its selection process, first choosing a Chinese system, then turning to the Russian S-400 system in 2017.
If adding a surround sound system to your television set at home gives you a home entertainment system, the Razer is the home entertainment system of smartphones.
But twice in Turkey's selection process, Ankara passed over the Patriot system, first choosing a Chinese system before turning to the Russian S-400 system in 2017.
Having a system that helps cut through additional light noise should make the system better for users — important, because the system certainly isn't going away anytime soon.
I'll take at least two full days to do the tuning on a system that's a joint venture between my portable system and the in-house system.
We can simply freeze the existing system, pay off all benefits owed under the existing system as they come due and run the PSA system in parallel.
As strange as it seems, people who are well established in a system tend to be loyal to a system, no matter how incompetent that system is.
"It's in the hands of the justice system and one cannot judge before the justice system ... After the justice system speaks, I will speak," the pontiff said.
Coravin Black Screw Caps, 6-count, $29.95 Coravin One Wine System, $199.95 Coravin Model Two Wine System, $299.95 Coravin Model Two Elite Wine Pouring System, from $315.63
But twice in Turkey's selection process, Ankara passed over the Patriot system, first choosing a Chinese system before turning to the Russian S-400 system in 2017.
"We're stuck with the system we have, which is incredibly frustrating, because everyone knows the system is bad and no one likes the system," Ms. Campbell said.
Some talk of the tyranny of the two-party system, but much of what is happening is the interplay of our party system and our presidential system.
He believes "a hypersonic defense system will require at least two parts: "a space-based warning system" and a "system for intercepting hypersonic missiles within the atmosphere.
Does that mean the system assists the driver, or the driver assists the system?
Turkey voted last year to transition from a parliamentary system to a Presidential system.
Medisave: When conservatives praise Singapore's health system, they are typically praising the Medisave system.
The Spark's gesture control system has been updated here with the Smart Capture system.
The false report triggered an automated system known as Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS).
"The system held, the system worked as it was designed to do," he said.
Now, it's a very different system, and I don't happen to like the system.
China has been constantly improving its market regulatory system and legal system, it said.
The challenges of establishing a payment system that avoids the U.S. financial system altogether.
Google WiFi system The Google WiFi system eliminates your grad's need for a router.
In theory, therefore, activation of the habit memory system suppressed their prospective memory system.
ACCORDING TO José Piñera, its mastermind, Chile's pension system is a "Mercedes-Benz" system.
The US's water system is the most frequently tested water system in the world.
The system learns every time a Tesla driver intervenes with the car's Autopilot system.
You need safety system on top of safety system, redundancy on top of redundancy.
In system after system, planets are much larger than the universe's biggest star-skirts.
It goes to the very heart of our electoral system and our governmental system.
The system is universal so game makers can embed the system into upcoming racers.
"I hear the government contracted for a system that's the wrong system," Trump said.
The police system is 26 percent funded and the fire system 23 percent funded.
Similar to the Roomba, the system utilizes a beacon system (it ships with two).
APFS replaces an older file system, known as the HFS, or Hierarchical File System.
It's the same basic operating system—just small differences in functionality and system scale.
Does the Donald Trump campaign reject the system, or want to work the system?
If your work doesn't fit in any system, you have to invent [the] system.
Worse, it can permanently damage the storage system, and the system could shut down.
This system of isolation as a correctional practice became known as the Pennsylvania System.
Migrants aren't coming in and overwhelming our health care system or exploiting the system.
Without an integrated, layered system there inevitably will be vulnerable gaps in the system.
Cable System The exposed electrical system at the mill is called knob and tube.
There are strengths to our system because we have a more market-based system.
University of Texas System Board of Regents, $300 million of revenue financing system bonds.
And they are, in fact, invested in this system; they participate in the system.
A. In Washington they were upgrading their Amtrak system to a higher-speed system.
The church has a closed-circuit camera system as well as an alarm system.
The system is fixed; you can just buy your way to fixing the system.
We replaced a system based on birth with a fairer system based on talent.
The system in the Chinese mainland and the system in Hong Kong are different.
It had a rail system, a solar panel system and ways to pump water.
Colorado State University System Board of Governors, $50.33 million of system enterprise revenue bonds.
University of Texas System Board of Regents, $250 million of revenue financing system bonds.
That's the system the president wants but it isn't, thankfully, the system we have.
Nintendo entertainment system Remind your boyfriend of his childhood with this classic gaming system.
Colorado State University System Board of Governors, $68.8 million of system enterprise revenue bonds.
The first description uses "System 1 Thinking," while the second requires "System 2 Thinking".
Go to "Settings," then select "System," and then "System restart" to reboot your Roku.
We have a justice system and no one is based on that justice system.
Geisinger Authority, Pa., $240 million of Geisinger Health System Pennsylvania Health System revenue bonds.
Forced arbitration rigs the system and helps bad actors evade our system of justice.
A VMT system like this would have huge advantages over the current taxing system.
To do that, go to System Settings > System > Console Battery % and toggle it on.
"I think I'm advocating a system, a barrier system, in some places," he said.
You won't see such incidents when the governmental system shifts to a presidential system.
Is it a western democracy system or is it a Chinese technology-dominated system?
The other system is RES' visual eagle detection system called IdentiFlight, a system of cameras that can detect birds at up to 0.62 miles from a wind turbine.
This type of memory failure is the result of a competition between the brain's "habit memory" system and its "prospective memory" system -- and the habit memory system prevails.
The complement system is a system of proteins that fights bacteria, but in macular degeneration, this part of the immune system becomes overactive and wrongly attacks retinal cells.
Instead, the system will project AR images through the combination of an optical tracking system mounted to studio cameras that communicate with the real-time 3D graphics system.
COOGLER What I'll say is, this is my second time working in the studio system, and they say it's the studio system, but it's really the people system.
It's not about backstopping the system – we backstopped the system over the course of the last ten years, the system is backstopping itself, that's why it has resilience.
We need to make this system competitive, and that's what we're trying to do, and as I mentioned, turning it from a worldwide system to a territorial system.
Solarius is a solar overview system manifesting as a solar civilization with a presence throughout the solar system, and based on awareness of the solar system as a whole.
A big part of this will be Apple's File System replacing the Hierarchical File System, which the company claims its own file system will be more safe and stable.
If any new system must demonstrate in advance that it is fully prepared to substitute for today's system, it's going to be difficult to change the system at all.
One group holds that ketamine reduces the power of inhibition system in the brain and results in enhanced excitatory system, while another group thinks ketamine directly enhances excitatory system.
The MODEL 1 comes with a dual cue system and mixer linking system, Input pre-amplifier drive control, hybrid filter/swept bell EQ, and a Tascam DB25 connector system.
The TRAPPIST system is now the most studied planetary system outside of our own and has some of the most important hallmarks for finding life outside our solar system.
The high-tech system is considered the most effective surface-to-air system in its class, surpassing the capabilities of the aging US Patriot missile system, according to experts.
Boeing's fix for this was an automated system called Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS.
" (March 2016.) The U.S. government system: "[N]obody knows the system better than I do.
Symmetries are properties of a system that remain unchanged when that system undergoes a transformation.
Inmates can use the JPay system to purchase music and games using a credit system.
The system is, however, governed by a number that measures how large the system is.
The TV and radio system has been tested three times before; the texting system hasn't.
It's a solid, compact business system with a login system that saves time and trouble.
For all of his railing on the system, he's actually a cuck of the system.
We built our own warehouse management system, inventory management system and even our own hardware.
The FBI's primary system is called the Next Generation Identification-Interstate Photo System (NGI-IPS).
It should be a system that creates self-sufficiency and is a closed-loop system.
Our system, with its elaborate system of checks and balances, requires more compromise than most.
The default file system on macOS is now the Apple File System (APFS), for example.
Why pack a proof-of-concept solar power system onto an active solar system explorer?
It's not just this or that piece of the system changing, it's the system itself.
Even with Origin's review system, abusers of the system may be able to continue operating.
It's a "closed cycle" combustion system, which Haot said is "the most powerful" engine system.
Conservatives view the criminal justice system as an inefficient system in dire need of reform.
So the Dos Ojos system is no more, subsumed by the larger Sac Actun system.
The changes to the pension system are aimed at shoring up Nicaragua's social security system.
" His father "had tried to fit into the system, but the system had crushed him.
The Veterans health system will remain a public system, because it is a public trust.
Apple File System is also coming to macOS as the new default file management system.
A system that does these things must be engineered very differently from our current system.
"I enjoy our justice system more than our political system," Gowdy said in a statement.
In theory, this system makes bank failures less contagious and the financial system more resilient.
Like much of the criminal justice system, the bail system disproportionately harms communities of color.
It's this ecosystem that makes it easier in the system than outside of the system.
Beth: But it is a different shelter system than the Department of Homeless Services system.
An indoor growing system Eat fresh and elevate your decor with the Miracle-Gro system.
Patrick Mahomes isn't a system quarterback, but Andy Reid has a heck of a system.
The predominantly two-party system had degenerated into a "one strong, many weak" party system.
Texas State Technical College System, $60.8 million of revenue financing system improvement and refinancing bonds.
The iPhone's iOS system is seen by many analysts as the most secure operating system.
This is a clash between a state-dominated economic system and a free-market system.
People who work in the system, or have been through the system, they know this.
Fallout 276 still uses the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system—an attribute system that tracks, strength, perception, etc.
The console relied on a patented system Sega called TMSS, or the trademark security system.
Cystic fibrosis also affects the sinuses, some of the reproductive system, and the digestive system.
Emergency planners should plan for a backup system to activate should a main system fail.
And if our current system can't address them, then that system will be swept away.
For all of his railing on the system he's actually a cuck of the system.
America's electoral system strongly favors a two-party system, more so than any European country.
"We have a healthcare system which too often is a disease-care system," he said.
The infection triggers the immune system response that inadvertently wreaks havoc on the nervous system.
We often talk about the US criminal justice system as if it's just one system.
Budget estimates of Medicare for All show the system would save the system money. Yes.
And if the system does not serve us, the system must change for the better.
The flight control system causing the dive was MCAS, or the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System.
System Shock 2 uses a complicated upgrade system with draconian cutoffs for equipping important items.
I know the system is set up much like the vice president and presidential system.
You've got this great surveillance system out there — make sure the surveillance system is primed.
Grand Forks, N.D., $58 million of Altru Health System Obligated Group health system revenue bonds.
Mr. Steyer's dominance extends to an old-fashioned messaging system as well: the postal system.
To use my own terminology, Earth System Disruption (ESD) is driving Human System Destabilization (HSD).
Start with the Automated City Register Information System, an online system commonly known as Acris.
So the system is broken, and I'm determined that we're going to fix that system.
The U.K. system has shown us that a nationalized health system is not the answer.
If the system keeps elevating white men, then maybe there's something wrong with the system.
Unlike the XF system, the XT is fully manual, and there is no autofocus system.
Texas A&M University System Board of Regents, $389 million of revenue financing system bonds.
That full-stack technology system to support this transportation system is what we're focused on.
Emergency planners should plan for a backup system to activate should a main system fail.
They're not putting their finest in that system, you would not be in that system.
So much of our system was designed to be the opposite of the British system.
When the system feels like it has failed you, upending the system sounds pretty appealing.
The Catholic Church school system in this country is the largest private school system here.
The change would convert the country's tax system to a "territorial" system rather than a worldwide tax system, making it similar to what all of America's major trading partners do.
We know what it means to be routinely threatened and humiliated by a criminal justice system, an education system and an economic system that does not value us as human.
Penile erections occur in response to complex effects of the nervous system and endocrine system (the glands that secrete hormones into our system) on the blood vessels of the penis.
Thayer said China's underwater monitoring system could serve the same purpose as the US sound surveillance system (SOSUS), the Cold War-era system used to detect and monitor submarine activity.
"I want this [abortion services] to be provided as part of our health care system, our public health care system and part of our primary health care system," he said.
Many Democratic lawmakers and candidates are endorsing a "Medicare-for-all" system that would replace the current system of multiple health insurance sources with one cradle-to-grave Medicare system.
For instance, in January, on-time performance was 215 percent for Washington's Metro system, 220 percent for Chicago's L-train system and 96.7 percent for Atlanta's Marta rail system. Gov.
When the intercom system was starting to have issues, we debated replacing it with a digital system that was voice-only or a video intercom system, which was more expensive.
Austin: One of the things that came in Atlas Rises was the whole new mission system—the mission board—gaining faction reputation, jumping from system to system and solving problems.
Reform's Chelsea system is dramatic and glamorous, while their Degree system is understated, architectural, and cool.
Working within the accepted rules of the system might empower a threat to the system itself.
UConnect, Fiat Chrysler's corporate infotainment system, is a serious contender for the "best infotainment system" moniker.
Sometimes if women aren't harmed by the criminal system, the civil system (Child Protective Services) will.
What they don't try to show is that the resultant system is the optimal system, i.e.
To change the system we have now, you have to really understand how that system works.
The government is pushing for a communications system called FirstNet, an interconnected system for first responders.
The system is actually recessed directly into the system, giving the drone an even smaller footprint.
The system-wide enforcement of a Captcha system would likely put an end to bulk submissions.
Called Terragraph, the system is an antenna-based Wi-Fi delivery system designed for urban connectivity.
The operating system on this is as sophisticated as the operating system on any modern computer.
To answer that, you have to look at another system of the body: The endocannabinoid system.
Amazon, in fact, denied it was a facial recognition system, calling it a "classification" system instead.
The latest victim is DCH Health System, a regional health care system located in West Alabama.
The false report triggered an automated system known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS.
The system utilizes TrackMan, a radar system that's already installed in all 30 major league parks.
So this system is being implemented now and this is the first system in the world.
Darktrace says its technology, called the Enterprise Immune System, acts similarly to a human immune system.
"I think, again, we have a system, a strong system, of checks and balances," Ayotte said.
He's trying to get access to housing through a system there called the Coordinated Entry System.
The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System Modernization Act of 2015 specifically says: Use of System.
The states are all part of the same system: the Integrated Public Alert [and] Warning System.
"It's going to be tough, because our healthcare system is really a sickcare system," Green says.
They lob numbers to media organizations about how much money the system—our system—is losing.
Overturning Citizens United won't fix our immigration policy, criminal justice system, or the detention system overnight.
So we need to start asking a question about the system -- why is the system violent?
The Rites themselves serve as the game's combat system, but it's a system unlike any other.
It also has an anti-lock braking system and traction control system, which will come standard.
The only way to restore their faith in the system is to fundamentally change the system.
"This isn't a system that Trump created—the system didn't work from the beginning," Avestaei says.
This system, among other things, requires taxpayers to: President Trump's budget, unfortunately, would maintain this system.
The best mesh Wi-Fi system you can buy is the Eero Home WiFi System.3.
It also builds its own Kinetic Energy Recovery System, a battery-charging system for F1 cars.
Sanders called the American healthcare system the "most dysfunctional and cruel healthcare system in the world."
Fix the system first then adjust the numbers based on whether the system is actually working.
Board of Regents of the University of Texas System, $125 million of revenue financing system bonds.
America's political system is superior to the crony, corrupt capitalist system in Russia in every way.
"We're turning the users that were renting the power system into owners of the power system."
So Cleveland is exploring a system whereby people could use library cards to access the system.
I had no idea how the fashion system worked, no idea what the press system was.
There are more mentally ill people in our prison system than in our health care system.
And it's how you go from a closed system to an open system that encourages innovation.
And reviews of this system have found numerous cases of facilities attempting to "game" the system.
Putting more patches on the dysfunctional system we have, still leaves us with a dysfunctional system.
That shows that it came from outside the solar system and will leave the solar system.
This is about a political system uninterested in reform, a system unconcerned with fixing what's broken.
No system is perfect, we're not claiming this is perfect, but we stand behind the system.
Warren also proposed the nationwide Missing Indigenous Woman Alert System, modeled after the Amber Alert System.
Even better than a fairer case-by-case system, though, would be a fairer system, period.
You've chosen to join the system, to work against a system that they feel oppresses them.
Critics also say the lottery system benefits outsourcing firms that flood the system with mass applications.
The low-pressure system rotated counterclockwise and the high-pressure system arrived behind it, rotating clockwise.
The Robot Operating System, better known as ROS, is an open-source operating system for robots.
More people have smartphones that run on Google's Android system, rather than on Apple's operating system.
What is needed, Dr. Hill said, is "somebody that thinks about the system as a system."
The patent system for financing pharmaceutical research is an archaic relic of the medieval guild system.
The system also includes a large battery as backup in case the system reaches its limits.
Pressure on health system The novel coronavirus outbreak is putting pressure on the Korean health system.
He was a man created by its system, but constantly forcing the system to do better.
Let's take this opportunity to reform that system and look towards a more sustainable agriculture system.
Uotani: In order to get there, you need a new system, I would say, marketing system.
"Our storm sewer system was overwhelmed, but our sanitary system did not get breached," he said.
"  "It's not a system of trust, or really, I don't think it's a system that works.
Such a system generates additional savings because system problems would be easier to detect and correct.
Plus, you get the superb Bowers & Wilkins stereo system and Volvo's Pilot Assist semi-autonomous system.
It's how do you change the system from a dictatorship into a democratic system in Syria.
"We can have a robust immigration enforcement system and a robust trafficking enforcement system," Richmond said.
It was fully self-propagating and moved quickly without any human intervention from system to system.
An anti-stall system known as MCAS, or Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, has come under scrutiny.
If the parts the immune system recognizes change slightly, the immune system won't see the virus.
But it does know the southern caste system and the premium that system placed on propriety.
Authentic expressions of outrage involve only the first system, whereas virtue signaling involves the second system.
We are the biggest actor in our political system, so if we change, the system changes.
They want a fair system for all, a system that recognizes the humanity of our neighbors.
I realized that there are so many innocent people in the system; the system is broken.
The longer-range system will replace the U.S.-made Hawk missile system that Sweden currently uses.
The computer system, called the Special Education Student Information System, was developed in 2009 as a way to keep track of them, a replacement for a system that relied on paper.
Interestingly, the nerve system that controls this autopilot power is very similar to the system that makes squid iridescent, so the scientists think they might have evolved from the same system.
" The Blonde artist previously told the New York Times he abstained from this year's Grammys because "the infrastructure of the awarding system and the nomination system and screening system is dated.
"It's an unfair system, it's a dumb system, and it's a system we will change," Sanders said in California, rallying supporters through comments that have fueled deep skepticism about party rules.
It's a very different system and I don't happen to like the system, but certainly, in that system, he's been a leader, far more than our president has been a leader.
The Seattle Times said the company's safety analysis of a new flight control system known as MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) had crucial flaws, including understating the power of the system.
For one, the system that deals with the most scrutiny from lawmakers, the media, and the public — the federal system — is actually a small fraction of the overall US justice system.
In a post below originally published on Budgets Are Sexy, find 14 of the most interesting, from the "taxes system" to the "salary system" to the "40/25/25/10" system.
Whether you're looking for a basic cabled home theater system, or a full wireless speaker system with all the bells and whistles, this list should have the right system for you.
Today, the Irish system blends public and private: There's an (allegedly) expansive public system for the poor, alongside an additional, partially subsidized private system for those who can (allegedly) afford it.
Open System Preferences by navigating to the Apple icon in the top left menu, selecting the System Preferences icon in your Dock, or by typing "System Preferences" into Spotlight search.2.
Google is taking over Twitter's mobile app developer platform Fabric, as well as its Crashlytics crash reporting system, Answers mobile app analytics, Digits SMS login system and FastLane development automation system.
The sympathetic nervous system revs up the body, including the heart, in response to danger; the parasympathetic system calms things back down; and the limbic system generates and controls emotional responses.
In engineering design, a system may be designed to "fail-safe," meaning that if the system experiences an anomaly or failure, by default, the system reverts to an inert, safe status.
In the American political system, they were suppressed by a two-party system collapsing into a four-party system in a way that made it unable to surface disagreement over race.

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