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"point" Definitions
  1. [countable] a thing that somebody says or writes giving their opinion or stating a fact
  2. [countable] (usually the point) the main or most important idea in something that is said or done
  3. [uncountable, singular] the purpose or aim of something
  4. [countable] a particular detail or fact
  5. [countable] a particular quality or feature that somebody/something has
  6. [countable] a particular time or stage of development
  7. [countable] a particular place or area
  8. [countable] a mark or unit on a scale of measurement
  9. [countable] a unit of credit towards an award or benefit
  10. [countable] the sharp, thin end of something
  11. [countable] (also Point) a narrow piece of land that stretches into the sea
  12. [countable] a small round mark used in writing, especially the mark that separates a whole number from the part that comes after it
  13. [countable] a very small dot of light or colour
  14. [countable] (British English) a place in a wall, etc. where a piece of equipment can be connected to electricity
  15. points (also pointes) [plural] (also pointe [uncountable]) the hard tops of the toes of a kind of shoe that a ballet dancer balances on
  16. points [plural] (British English) (North American English switch [countable]) a piece of track at a place where a railway line divides that can be moved to allow a train to change tracksTopics Transport by bus and trainc2
  17. [uncountable] a unit of measurement for the size of letters in printing or on a computer screen, etc.
  18. [countable] one of the marks of direction around a compass
  19. [countable] (abbreviation pt) an individual unit that adds to a score in a game or sports competition

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"point" Synonyms
dot fleck speck mark pinpoint spot blotch dapple eyespot mottle patch pip speckle splotch period bit flyspeck iota minim mite place position site location locality locale locus area emplacement station venue where situation specific location whereabouts scene setting region bearings juncture stage phase time moment instant chapter date duration step point in time moment in time occasion hour emergency crisis conjuncture exigency crunch verge brink edge threshold cusp dawn very minute border margin boundary fringe limit rim skirt periphery perimeter start circumference brim extremity aim object purpose design end goal intention objective use idea reason ideal intent motive plan sense utility advantage ambition appeal essence core crux meaning nub pith gist import marrow meat theme burden drift heart keynote thrust subject matter question text detail particular topic fact issue item argument consideration thing particularity aspect datum element factor nicety regard feature property quality attribute characteristic trait peculiarity side facet stamp character hallmark marker note respect specific headland promontory cape foreland ness head bill peninsula arm spit bluff horn mull cliff naze projection tongue chersonese neck hook tip spike spur nib prong tine apex barb peak pike snag spire jag nose prick prickler sticker level degree extent grade notch peg pitch height inch rung cut tier rank critical moment decisive moment zero hour moment of truth point of no return score tally count full stop stop full point decimal point full-point punctuation mark plain point middot tittle outlet plug socket contact power point jack port electric socket hookup wall socket wall plug wall outlet connector input electrical connector input/output cogency persuasiveness effectiveness persuasion force authority forcefulness efficacy power weight strength conclusiveness convincingness influence potency validity soundness punch suasiveness plausibility clause condition stipulation requirement proviso provision rider specification passage part section paragraph limitation subsection article kicker division catch quarter district zone sector territory neighbourhood(UK) community precinct tract belt province neighborhood(US) domain concern content discussion field thesis case concept focus motif incident occurrence affair event circumstance episode instance happening experience hap remark comment statement utterance declaration pronouncement observation opinion assertion explanation commentary reflection word aside annotation thought expression elucidation crack angle corner crook bend nook arc arch bow curvature curve elbow inflexion(UK) inflection(US) knee turn wind crotch usefulness benefit value service practicality profit avail help helpfulness convenience mileage worth productiveness serviceability advantageousness touchdown six points try points finish age era interval days epoch generation span term bout course address home house dwelling residence abode domicile apartment flat lodging pad vector flight path heading path bearing direction line route track trajectory way compass reading point of compass tack run orientation color(US) life liveliness animation spirit energy excitement interest pep vigor(US) vitality vivacity vividness effervescence fascination richness verve vibrancy dash dynamism view belief feeling notion conviction sentiment attitude reckoning thinking impression judgement(UK) viewpoint conception judgment(US) verdict confluence convergence meeting conflux junction sangam watersmeet meeting point link connection coupling join bond joining tie seam intersection jointure knot sharpness acidity bite pungency sting acerbity asperity tartness acuteness bitterness keenness pointedness severity acidness acridity acridness acrimoniousness harshness poignance point guard playmaker point man point player leader pathfinder trailbreaker explorer trailblazer scout guide player punch line gag line tag line joint node vertex branching fork interchange crossing criss-crossing coming together circumstances state standing status lot outlook plight predicament prospect surroundings scenario lifestyle destination target terminus harbour(UK) haven harbor(US) layover stopover terminal depot landing-place point of disembarkation stop-off port of call resting-place landing place journey's end leading edge forefront vanguard van lead fore front spearhead cutting edge front line sharp end avant-garde state-of-the-art front edge advance guard leading position driving force front rank pioneer nail pin staple stud rivet thumbtack tintack brad clip fastener pushpin screw tin tack drawing pin thumb tack bolt skewer protrusion overhang protuberance bulge jut ledge ridge shelf outcrop prominence bunch convexity outgrowth swell eaves eminence flange knife blade cutter carver shank shiv bayonet bolo cutlass dagger lance lancet machete ripper sabre(UK) saber(US) scalpel scimitar scythe indicate signal suggest denote signify bespeak designate evidence betoken hint imply make manifest reveal finger name offer tab direct train cast face beam steer tend slant lay look zero in bring to bear draw a bead on get a bead on sharpen taper whet file forge grind strop stone acuminate hone put an edge on make sharper put a point on make sharp dress stroke sharp refer delegate pass relegate assign send commit leave transfer consign entrust recommend remit submit deliver show allude insinuate intimate infer mention cite introduce advert hint at refer to touch on bring up talk about advert to post present set forward get mail reach communicate convey show the way give directions point in the right direction put on the right track conduct pilot marshal(UK) marshall(US) channel drive maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) control manage supervise govern poke protrude project extrude protuberate distend extend obtrude pop loom pout balloon beetle billow jut out bulge out wave gesture gesticulate motion sign beckon nod bid flag point in the direction make a sign give a sign make a gesture wigwag pantomime make gestures fix centre(UK) center(US) focalise focalize draw hold centralise(UK) centralize(US) converge engage funnel settle punctuate accentuate apostrophize hyphenate add punctuation to put punctuation marks in slope tilt lean incline cant list heel dip bank veer decline bevel skew shelve raise erect upend upraise stand lift up prick up put up stick up perk up set upright elevate mount pop up heighten hoist rear straighten up confirm demonstrate establish determine illustrate affirm assert attest corroborate prove verify argue back up bear witness point out ratify substantiate support intensify boost increase strengthen concentrate escalate deepen magnify reinforce amplify augment enhance step up widen compound fester emit radiate shed diffuse deposit discharge distribute emanate expel irradiate More
"point" Antonyms
lot whole entirety fullness collection assemblage set whole thing foreign land overview wholeness entireness aggregate composite aggregation total generality ensemble sum integral middle center(US) centre(UK) midpoint midsection centrality halfway point mid point middle point central point inside interior bottom nadir base foot floor root exterior exteriority insignificance meaninglessness outside surface periphery nothing nothingness unemployment zero unimportance result end top abstract trivia origin cause sidenote afterthought addendum addition postscript extra agreement similarity accord sameness inconclusiveness ineffectiveness ineffectuality ineffectualness weakness illogicality vagueness disability impotence incompetence invalidity lethargy inability enervation idleness inactivity apathy laziness purposelessness emptiness worthlessness pointlessness irrelevance aimlessness triviality inconsequence inanity uselessness senselessness needlessness futility impertinence stupidity inconsequentiality hopelessness disapproval fruitlessness impracticality unnecessariness unnecessity gratuitousness avoidance dislike hate hatred neglect thoughtlessness usualness normality abnormality deterrent disincentive determent discouragement hindrance impediment limitation restraint shackle compulsion impulse whim extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) impulsion vagary whimsy stigma shame humiliation scar stain odium reproach besmirchment black mark disgrace dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) lost face mark onus slur taint disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) mercilessness subject confusion disorder chaos confoundment disorientation disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) disorderliness mayhem disarray messiness mess lack of focus face facade façade externality superficies nonfeature missing element kindness praise bulk brunt majority most preponderance weight body core mass best part better part greater number greater part larger number larger part main body main part advantage blessing calm certainty peace solution good fortune carelessness disregard disrespect dullness failure heedlessness ignorance negligence question silence coarseness impreciseness imprecision inaccuracy inexactitude inexactness roughness non-issue nonissue nonnews old news yesterday's news no big deal matter of no concern nothingburger nonsense foolishness irrationality absurdity unreasonableness illogicalness preposterousness craziness ludicrousness insanity ridiculousness unreason unsoundness lack of judgment auxiliary accessory peripheral disadvantage disutility handicap inappropriateness inefficiency inutility loss unsuitability aftereffect aftermath consequence corollary development effect fate fruit issue outcome outgrowth product resultant sequel sequence upshot by-product conclusion denouement back rear border edge fringe verge bounds nowhere clarity cleanliness plainness pull blank cleanness concrete model physicality thing commonality parallel resemblance commonalty similitude there here groove distance country mile mildness softness gentleness tenderness blandness mellowness smoothness balminess digression aside deflection deviation diversion deviation from the subject getting sidetracked going off at a tangent straying from the point straying from the topic constant given absolute truth invariable fundamental established fact unchanging factor unchanging situation deny ignore lose mislead refuse take forget insert remove be idle look away hold back dissuade hold keep receive retain misdirect misguide misaim misroute point away pass avoid bypass dismiss exclude omit discard preclude skip unheed unmind cut draw back divert redirect shift turn switch deviate distract swing draw deflect detract sidetrack follow trail abandon obey

545 Sentences With "point"

How to use point in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "point" and check conjugation/comparative form for "point". Mastering all the usages of "point" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"Point after point after point in that speech, I agreed with," King said.
Biden, Warren and Sanders saw 28500-point, 6900-point and 2628-point drops, respectively.
How did you find that arc anyway, even if it was from point A to point C, instead of point A to point Z?
It's basically a movie about a car chase from Point A to Point B and from Point B back to Point A. It's ridiculous fun.
I drive you from point A to point B, maybe stopping at point C along the way.
That's the only detail I catch, but it's among paragraphs and paragraphs of point after point after point.
First, choose a base point, then draw a loop from that point to any other point and back again.
A point-to-point model without hubsWith Breeze, Neeleman is launching point-to-point flights in markets that bigger airlines have either overlooked, or didn't consider to be worth the effort.
He did even better in Ohio, where he turned a two-point poll lead into an 8.5-point romp, and Iowa, where a three-point edge became a 9.5-point blowout.
You have to focus your attention point by point by point by point regardless of score, regardless of crowd, regardless of where you are in your pool at a given time.
Trump: I mean, you go point after point, each point is a major event, but you just take a look.
On photos with one point perspective, all the lines converge at a single point – a vanishing point – on the horizon.
To recap, we've discussed: - [Insert Talking Point 1]- [Insert Talking Point 2]- [Insert Talking Point 3] Would it be possible to get together at some point to discuss and finalize the details?
He has a 22019-point lead over Trump, a 12-point lead over Cruz and a five-point lead over Kasich.
In these cases, British Airways calculates the number of miles from point A to point B, then point B to point C, rather than directly from point A to point C. As a result, the number of miles is higher, and it can be hard to pay for a round-trip ticket with only 260,103 points.
Mark -- HAHN: And one other point, one other point, Laura.
The more interesting point is, what is the stop point?
Of starting at one point and ending at another point.
The attack doesn't make the point, it is the point.
Click here to view original GIFThermal sensing point by point.
But to point that out is to point out nothing.
Point the finger there before you point it at Hall.
There's a basic dignity point and a moral point there.
Point Fighting in General First a bit about point fighting.
The point from the victims' perspective is an equality point.
Their point of difference can be a point of vulnerability.
But when is a turning point really a turning point?
Far Point is an affiliate of Dan Loeb's Third Point.
Here, that turning point feels also like a breaking point.
Eagle Point Credit Company Inc: * EAGLE POINT CREDIT COMPANY INC.
Being right is never the point; retaliation is the point.
It's a good ... KS: Finish your point, finish your point.
"To get from point A to point B," she said.
The point is that there's no point at all, really.
We are going to go direct from point to point.
Going point by point, Andre's heel turn is working beautifully.
A point is a point and we will take it.
Local organizers point to 2008 as a key turning point.
Abrams leads among African American voters by a 6900-point margin, younger voters by a 2628-point margin, women by a 28503-point margin and voters with a college degree by a seven-point margin.
The more likely the meandering point is to hit a point on the Julia set, the higher the MME is at that point.
Here's why, point by point: One of the first things e-reader advocates point to is the fact that book sales are dropping.
The point is that just because Econ 101 makes a smart, counterintuitive point doesn't make that point of central importance, here or elsewhere.
Over a six-minute span in the third quarter, a 553-point lead shrank to 1 point after an 18-point Sacramento run.
"At some point we will see the breaking point," Franke said.
There's no point to men making a point about celebrating themselves.
The point is that these were, at this point, foreseeable consequences.
Japan's Kei Nishikori drops racket mid-point, wins point anyway. NBD.
KS: It's a good point MB: It's a really good point!
Sex is a point in time, but just a brief point.
So tell us what the sticking point is at this point.
LARRY KUDLOW: Look, well, that last point is an important point.
"At this point, all signs point to a run," Hermann said.
In Wednesday's ruling, Alito rejected the Abood's reasoning point by point.
It was at least a half-point, not a full point.
UberRUSH is a fantastic example of a Point to Point system.
Some historians point to the 0003th century as a turning point.
The point is simple: At some point, the politics may shift.
People often say, "To your point…" O.K., what about my point?
You keep playing week in and week out, point after point.
She was warned, then penalized a point — it was match point.
No one knows at this point and that IS my point.
On point after point, America's nonimmigrants are failing our country. Crime?
Second point, second point, Jimmy, you were asking me about China.
Here, we'll get point by point rebuttals of the Democratic charges.
The persona represented a point of view, not a selling point.
And to be clear, "this point" is not the end point.
And that's an important point from an astronomical point of view.
Philadelphia Energy Solutions owns two refineries, Girard Point and Point Breeze.
Systemic failures point in one direction: They point to the leader.
And that, at this point, is the point of the wall.
The United States Coast Guard maintains its beacon, along with those at five lighthouses on Long Island: Orient Point, Old Field Point, Montauk Point, Horton Point and Huntington Harbor, according to Chief Warrant Officer Manny Zambrana.
I think ultimately the guys that are going to win this are the ones that can deliver these solutions point by point by point.
Atlanta had a 10-point lead in the first quarter, but Indiana went on an 11-point run and took a four-point lead.
What do you like about technology when you think about it from any point of view, the intelligence point, your personal point of view?
When you combine Biden's 24-point lead among women and Trump's 10 point lead among men, this makes for a 23-point gender gap.
Defenses once had four players in three-point or four-point stances.
Do you understand how to get from Point A to Point B?
In China, cloning is just the starting point, not the end point.
Also to your point, you made a really good point about Grassley.
You can use any point on the torus as your base point.
He started at one point and returned to the same exact point.
First, Facebook responded to the Times in a point-by-point rebuttal.
The point, the important point here, you have to separate the elements.
Twenty-nine percent point to OPEC, while 11.8 percent point to geopolitics.
But many historians point to November 2nd 20173 as the starting point.
The responses are heavily detailed, denying the Bloomberg report point-by-point.
Point A to Point B. Email and Spotify and browsing the web.
There are multiple ways to create a point-to-point VPN tunnel.
Parenthood. After each point, he did his routine: gaze, point, smile, teeth.
Our record range, point to point from a UAV, is 69 miles.
Fighting out of the pit wouldn't be a point-to-point venture.
Evan Battey's three-point play gave the Buffaloes a two-point lead.
"At some point, there will be an attractive entry point," Jessop said.
Personal, point-to-point transportation does not solve the problem of geometry.
My point and our whole point in this campaign is, be responsible.
For Clinton, it was about hitting point-by-point challenges confronting minorities.
The effect isn't a point-by-point refutation of Bannon's ideas themselves.
"At this point, we're all talk," point guard Isaiah Thomas told reporters.
No, but, at one point, I was put in four-point restraints.
Watson, Nebraska's starting point guard, scored one point in the first half.
I'll have the right focus and mindset, that point-by-point mentality.
Black America is beyond the breaking point, a point of no return.
"Everybody wants to get that Point A to Point B," Frazier said.
" Turning Point Therapeutics: "Turning Point Therapeutics is a very big speculative situation.
At some point during its past, the planet reached a tipping point.
"Post your point of view and collect one point," the app prompted.
Playing point guard is not the same as being a point guard.
So if you want to make that point, you make that point.
He delivered a point-by-point rebuttal of the Pentagon brass's claims.
"The Point" refers to the point of the thumbtack in the logo.
That high point in the judiciary followed a low point in Congress.
Trump advisers often point to unemployment data as his main selling point.
At that point, unreasonably high deductibles make having insurance a moot point.
At that point, at this point at least, it's a coin flip.
The benchmark hit its lowest point since lowest point since May 6.
"Let's be clear about one point, one very important point," Kildee said.
Barclays sees a 75 basis point reduction before year end, with the Fed cutting a half point in September and a quarter point in December.
For context, regular butter's smoke point is around 300 degrees, coconut oil's smoke point is 350 degrees, while olive oil's smoke point is 410 degrees.
The 9-point difference contrasts with a 26-point edge for optimism in October and a 17-point edge during most of the Trump administration.
Clinton held a 19-point lead among women, a 16-point lead among young voters and a whopping 62-point lead among non-white voters.
Mitoglou answered with a three-point play and 219-point basket, sending Wake Forest up 23-67 on the way to a 10-point lead.
Some point to the Kremlin and Putin, some point to overzealous local prosecutors and some point to vigilante groups working with police and outraged parents.
At this point, Ms. Zellner's arguments for Mr. Avery's innocence are absent any point-by-point rebuttal from prosecutors, as would happen in a trial.
Clinton holds a one percentage point lead in Florida, a four-point lead in Ohio and a 10-point lead in Pennsylvania over Mr. Trump.
"He gave a 10-point veterans administration reform plan, five-point plan to defeat Islam, four-point plan for middle-class tax relief," she said.
You can also buy fractions of a point, like a half point or a quarter point, for a lesser impact on your monthly interest rate.
It's easier than ever to connect Point A to Point B even when Point B is 250 miles up, speeding at 17,000 miles per hour.
I believe it's crucial from any point of view from humanitarian point of view, from the point of view of helping people, helping the refugees.
The president holds 2628-point leads among men against Biden and Buttigieg, a 28500-point lead against Warren and an 6900-point lead over Sanders.
That 22018 point margin is mostly in line with the 22016 percentage point and 19943 percentage point lead Democrats held in January and December, respectively.
Wherever the ball is in its elliptical path, Fr will point toward that center point, which is right below the pivot point of the string.
They had one point of view, it seemed, and that was that their point of view was the only point of view that was worthwhile.
I believe it's crucial from any point of view, from humanitarian point of view, from the point of view of helping people, helping the refugees.
The latest survey from Quinnipiac University Poll found Biden with an 220006-point lead in Pennsylvania, boosted by a 2202-point advantage among independents, a 2628-point lead among women and a 28500-point advantage among nonwhite voters.
Its forecast of the contribution of inventory investment to third-quarter growth fell from 0.60 percentage point to 0.26 percentage point, while its forecast of the contribution from net exports increased from -0.13 percentage point to 0.13 percentage point.
The 9-point difference contrasts with a 26-percentage point edge for optimism in October and a 17-point edge during most of the Trump administration.
Lillard also had three 210-point hoops and three free throws, the result of being fouled on a 21-point attempt, in his 23-point flurry.
And I believe it's crucial from any point of view -- from humanitarian point of view, from the point of view of helping people, helping the refugees.
Clinton up by only 1 point, the trend line — an eight-point shift from Mr. Trump's seven-point lead after the convention — is still very telling.
Some oversimplified arithmetic would suggest a 22019-point to 3-point movement to Democrats where incumbents are running, and the 6-point shift in open seats.
So, regarding the market, right now I would probably make the same point-- Secretary Mnuchin has made at this point, other people have made this point.
Bane hit half of his 10 3-point attempts TCU was 15 of 33 from 3-point range, its second-most 3-point makes this season.
Hempstead Bay 1 mile Castle Gould Hempstead House Falaise Museum sands point preserve Community Synagogue Village Club of Sands Point Sands Point NASSAU COUNTY shore rd.
The countersuit attempts to refute each claim against Hyperloop One point-by-point.
Is there a faster way to get from point A to point B?
My point is that you&aposre right, it&aposs a very important point.
Ten players registered at least one point and seven recorded multi-point games.
At a certain point, the value of the dollar is beside the point.
Now, I can't prove my point without proving my point, so here goes.
RUBIO: But on this point, if I may add something on this point.
I may be there to point and click and shoot and point again.
The point where it reached its rim was named Spirit Point, in memoriam.
The point where it reached the rim was named Spirit Point, in memoriam.
At that point, we may rightly ask, what is the point of preservation?
Griffin hit the 50-point mark to give Detroit the one-point lead.
Their pain improved an average of one point on a 10-point scale.
Isn't getting from Point A to Point B difficult enough in the city?
This report feels like a starting point and a stopping point at the
We may at some point in the growth equity phase at some point.
His point ... at no point did HipHopDX have rights to publish the pic.
The point is that dude likes to dress up, and the point stands.
The second point urged Zuckerberg to make the point that Facebook is free.
His data point is the left data point on the House member timeline.
The memo appears to describe the scope of the investigation point by point.
At one point, a protester stood up to point and shout at Rep.
The Wildcats maintained at least a five-point lead from that point forward.
"Nothing's ever linear; there's no point A to point B," says Giovannini-Torelli.
These 1-point to 2 point differences may not seem like they matter.
From a man's point of view, a young man's point of view. Okay?
Seamless travel for everyone from Point A to Point B is the goal.
I couldn't identify a point to getting clean or a point to anything.
Here, touch is the point; there, the point is keeping close without touching.
The Dow's nearly 1,200-point plunge Thursday was its worst point-loss ever.
Don't make me point out flaws in people, because that isn't the point.
And Biden's 31-point margin in Virginia edged Clinton's 29-point win there.
The Dow's nearly 1,200 point plunge Thursday was its worst point-loss ever.
Sanders holds a 10+ point advantage in the national polls at this point.
I've seen data suggesting 2900-point to 220006-point differences for several candidates.
But a paltry price point could prove Elliot's point about the company's mismanagement.
At one point, futures had implied a more than 33-point opening decline.
Let Sanders go point by point through the virtues of Medicare for all.
Which words or phrases did they use when moving from point to point?
Rondo's 3-point shot gave the Pelicans a three-point edge at halftime.
Or, he can tweet out a point-by-point dismissal of Wolff's attacks.
But the memo "rebuts the Nunes memo point-by-point," according to Rep.
Ellenson's 3-point shot a minute later made it a 20-point game.
Kansas blocked the extra point to hold on to a one-point lead.
The 50 basis point cut should be priced out completely at this point.
I mean, you could point to racism, you can point to fear-mongering.
Kemp leads among white voters by a 220006-point margin, rural voters by a 2202-point margin, men by an 2628-point margin and voters without a college degree by an 28500-point margin, according to the NBC News/Marist poll.
"Unless Virgin is able to offer a similarly compelling point-to-point solution, the arrival of point-to-point by competitors could damage the overall [total addressable market] for space tourism and, therefore, the long-term demand profile," Spingarn said.
"Unless Virgin is able to offer a similarly compelling point-to-point solution, the arrival of point-to-point by competitors could damage the overall [total addressable market] for space tourism and, therefore, the long-term demand profile," Credit Suisse said.
Robert Bredahl appointed as ceo of Third Point Reinsurance (Usa) Ltd​ - SEC Filing * Third Point Reinsurance Ltd- ‍Bredahl to continue to serve as president, ceo of company but will no longer be ceo of Third Point Reinsurance Company Ltd​ * Third Point Reinsurance Ltd - ‍effective as of Aug 3, John Berger stepped down as ceo of third point re usa * Third Point Reinsurance Ltd-‍effective as of Aug 3, Daniel Malloy promoted to ceo of Third Point Reinsurance Company Ltd​ Source text: (bit.
" Gibson said, "You get a point, you get a point, but if you're going to be satisfied with one point, you're not going to get very far.
Philadelphia used a 222-28.2 spurt — featuring a four-point play by backup point guard Isaiah Canaan — late in the quarter to take a seven-point lead.
That was good enough to close the 10-point gap and yield a 30-point margin of victory — an incredible 40-point swing in just three weeks.
Initially 214.7-point underdogs in Saturday's FIBA Under-1003 World Cup semifinal, Canada held a 2100-point lead over the juggernaut USA Basketball program at that point.
TURO TURO's name means "point point"—a colloquial Tagalog term for food bought in carinderias (street canteens), where customers point to the dishes they want to buy.
It's the most beautiful thing in the world to me, because it's always about a breaking point—a breaking point of joy, a breaking point of sadness.
In that eight-point victory, Butler was 15 of 22 from 3-point territory.
At any point, payments can be stopped and picked up at a later point.
At point point, Willis raised Heming's hand up and gave it a sweet kiss.
So the point is, at what point do you say your theory is dead?
HANNITY: They don&apost have a point or no universal point or nothing specific.
Accusations Of Sexual Misconduct Charles addressed these allegations directly, refuting them point by point.
When I watched Vice, I wasn't looking for point-by-point accuracy or verisimilitude.
"We've never had a point to leverage this point into the system," Lessig said.
Obama had a 13-point edge over Trump, and Winfrey a 12-point advantage.
Point-to-point flying is a go-to model for discount carriers including Allegiant.
So, all just a moot point, dead in the water entirely at this point.
"It's a historical point in our country, and now a historical point for us."
Aldrick Rosas missed the extra point, leaving the Lions with a one-point lead.
Pick a point—any point—on the canvas, and try to hold your focus.
At one point, Illuzzi-Orbon used a Powerpoint slide to make her point clear.
At this point, ESPN's institutional biases probably put it past the point of salvage.
The point is, everyone is wrong on the internet at some point or another.
State Grid plans to have 23 point-to-point UHVDC links operating by 2030.
It seemed to rebut the Times story point by point — a reader's guide, perhaps.
It has compiled a point-by-point rebuttal on these points of disagreement here.
No. They're just moving it from point A to point B. Right. Right. Yeah.
Detroit's starting point guard didn't reach the 20-point mark the previous nine games.
Ask a 5-year-old to point at a window and they'll point sideways.
Clinton's 3-point edge is right on the poll's 3-point margin of error.
I didn't build a system that gets you from point a to point b.
R&F's 96.93% 2022s rebounded 0.3 point to 99.1 after dropping 2 point yesterday.
At some point, one of your matches is bound to point out any errors.
Medical School, efficiently took apart Thorpe's numbers in two point-by-point by critiques.
"We specifically don't collect data, even from point A to point B," notes Cue.
Both from a cognitive thinking point of view and a physical point of view.
My point of view as a writer, but also the characters' point of view.
To take it from point A to point B, with B being another country?
Inventory investment contributed 0.13 percentage point to GDP growth instead of 0.43 percentage point.
From our point of view, from the charter point of view, it was illegal.
That means 1 Chase point equals 1 point or mile with all these programs.
It will get you Point A to Point B. No shame in driving it.
His 28-point edge is well within the survey's 211-point margin of error.
"I was just trying to hang in there, just point by point," said Karlovic.
Sanders framed his Madison rally as a lengthy, point-by-point attack on Walker.
From that point forward, all purchases qualified for the Reserve's higher rewards point earnings.
Sanders holds an 21625-point lead, while Trump's is a mammoth 2900-point lead.
The letter amounts to a point-by-point rebuttal of Trump's foreign policy outlook.
Gonzaga's 59-point victory fell just short of the school-record 61-point margin.
At this point, the macro data has not deteriorated to the point people feared.
At some point, and that point should come quickly, you have to move on.
Less than 10 minutes remained when Mitrovic proved the point, and saved a point.
And on that point, the last final point, where did that title come from?
If the point is made better by saying that, let the point be made.
No, there's really no point in squishing gummy bears to a point beyond recognition.
The match started and Beggs scored point after point, steadily building a commanding lead.
It's one vehicle from point-to-point, operating on any schedule and any route.
It tends to serve mostly point-to-point domestic flights and often gets crowded.
The point is, when it comes to technology, Clinton has a point of view.
In this way, almost point by point, Bannos refutes how Maier has been marketed.
The Washington Post has a nice point-by-point breakdown of the segment here.
At that point, her private polling showed she had a seven-percentage-point lead.
Rode a train that got from point A to point B without pausing once?
Missing a Basic Point The "experts" missed a basic point about the Australian system.
A 220-point deficit became a three-point lead in less than four minutes.
At that point, tensions between the F.C.C. and Sinclair were at a high point.
Eventually I would have to win the point three times to win a point.
" Harkin: "It may seem a small point, but I think a very important point.
Clinton was tweeting point-by-point policy plans and rigorously preparing for the debates.
It pulled apart the lower court's decision to vacate the conviction point by point.
Clinton with a 6-point lead and a margin of error of 1 point.
And at that point in time, it was a pivotal point in the game.
A 10-point deficit became a three-point lead in less than four minutes.
TRUMP: The point, the point is that infrastructure is in my opinion very popular.
So how does this well-educated group get from point A to point B?
A point-by-point look at how much it will increase the federal deficit.
"I don't see [small businesses] get from point A to point B," said Rep.
That beats out Apple's 14-point positive impact and Microsoft's 12-point positive impact.
Exports contributed 1.2 percentage point and, overall, trade added 0.83 percentage point to growth.
Warren has experienced a 6 percentage-point drop since her highest point from Sept.
Car2Go was an experiment in what car-sharing professionals call "point-to-point" sharing.
Just, every time you finish a point, think about fighting for the next point.
"Repentant Magdalene" looks, at times, like a point-by-point rebuttal of such comments.
A one-point improvement in Glassdoor's rating (on a five-point scale) translated into a statistically significant 1.3-point increase in customer satisfaction (rated from zero to 100).
So there's a point where-, there's always a point of diminishing returns, and that's the question on the regulatory cycle, have we passed the point of diminishing returns?
And I do think that is a very good point in terms of using people's words to make a point that is not the point they were making.
The 4½-point line looks more than realistic given that the Buckeyes are coming off a 21-point win over Northwestern and a 23-point win over Michigan.
In the same way that the velocity varies from point to point in the churning sink, the concentration of black paint will vary from point to point within the mixing paint: more concentrated in some places (the thicker sinews) and less in others.
The forecast of the contribution of inventory investment to fourth-quarter growth rose to 0.94 percentage point from 0.74 point, while the forecast of the drag of net exports on GDP increased to 0.64 point from 0.55 point, the Atlanta Fed said.
The Eagles failed on a 2-point conversion attempt, which could indicate a lack of confidence in Jake Elliott's ability to make an extra-point, but could also just be them wanting a 73-point lead rather than a 13-point lead.
Her 9-point lead in New Hampshire, 85033-point leads in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, 6-point lead in Wisconsin, and even slight lead in North Carolina steadily evaporated to a tie in New Hampshire, only a 3-point lead in Pennsylvania, virtual ties in Wisconsin and Michigan, and a 2-point deficit in North Carolina.
And the Republican nominee's 2402-point edge among whites without college degrees evaporates into a 24.9-point deficit among those with a college education -- a full 35-point swing.
It&aposs irrefutable -- it&aposs indisputable at this point, it&aposs incontrovertible at this point.
Others just want to get from point A to point B without an unsolicited lecture.
"A rocket-powered ballistic point-to-point is fast, I'll give you that," Olds says.
Because this is -- Patrik has a point of view, I have a point of view.
So, in order to slow people down, he made you draw from point to point.
This is now, Allen is making a good point, trying to make a legal point.
The airline has downsized its growth ambitions and is focusing on point-to-point traffic.
And what we saw was 'three-point shots are worth more than two-point shots.
In either case, I want to break down, point by point, the argument's many flaws.
In some ways, its introduction felt like a point-by-point response to our review.
Hillary Clinton talked about drugs, but it was one point in her 972-point plan.
How can I get from point A to point B, or maybe C or D?
Services, such as point-to-point deliveries and other logistics, are "coming soon," Xia explained.
In the course of a few minutes, the president subverted this case point by point.
He replies to anonymous critiques of the school, bot-written or not, point by point.
Rather, they tend to be point-to-point links, from which fanning out is impossible.
For them, it's about getting from point A to point B efficiently, whatever the cost.
He stopped to cool down with Walsh at one point, and point out the foliage.
Apparently we're at the point where it's assumed all hoverboards will inevitably reach that point.
Today, people who use helicopters for point-to-point travel are almost exclusively pretty wealthy.
They're thinking of a robot that goes from point A to point B by itself.
Says it can be used, if SpaceX wanted to, for suborbital point-to-point flights.
We buy into a company at some point, and we must exit at another point.
From that point on, anyone can literally point and click their way into your computer.
You have figure out a creative way to get from point a to point b.
In other cities, "traditional" UberPOOL is point-to-point, picking riders up wherever they are.
"We're trying to get from point A to point B," Gordon said about his trade.
Democrats held an 210-point lead with women and a 21-point lead among men.
At some point, Spicer will leave the White House, because at some point everyone does.
Enter White -- who we saw in Bev Hills -- who responded to DJ point by point.
But The Inventor does more than just point out her misdeeds to make its point.
You have, at that point, lost the plot or forgotten the entire point of plot.
I like that I was very composed today from first point to the last point.
Dirk Nowitzki's 3-point shot gave the Mavericks a one-point lead at the break.
At one point, they skidded 71 percent, to 76 pence – their lowest point since 2009.
One has Balderson up one point and one has O&aposConnor up at one point.
I've gotten to the point where I'm pretty old for a musician at this point.
I just go out and play point-by-point and try and focus on winning.
I'm the best point guard ... play defense against every point guard on the opposing team.
Branson has long envisioned using Galactic's technology for faster point-to-point travel on Earth.
From the European Central Bank's point of view, low interest rates are the whole point.
Uber, for when I need a car to get from point A to point B
There's a point you almost have to admire; the point at which hype becomes delusion.
Players receive one point for a win and a half-point for a halved match.
Denver turned a six-point halftime deficit into a 13-point lead after three quarters.
You can read the full Point newsletter here; or check out more Point stories here.
But our entry point was very reasonable so right now it's holding our breakeven point.
Trump has also been quick to point out when data point to a stronger economy.
Or did we at some point reach a point of celebrating only players who preen?
It&aposs not just about moving money from point A to point B, Lichtenstein said.
It&aposs not just about moving money from point A to point B, Lichtenstein said.
Clinton holds a 5-point lead in Ohio and an 11-point lead in Pennsylvania.
With Acer's low price point and Alexa, the competition is just unfair at this point.
That's not to say there won't be some low-cost point-to-point autonomous transport.
From point and click to point and shoot, we cover several bases (in conversational butteriness).
I would point to free-to-play games as an excellent corollary to this point.
Snodgrass said Trump was making "a good point" until the president derailed his talking point.
Female voters give Democrats a 20 point lead and independent voters a twelve point lead.
The 28503-percentage point difference falls within the survey's 22019-percentage-point margin of error.
Ramesh Ponnuru made a point-by-point case for her in a column for Bloomberg.
This looks like BuzzFeed at one point, this looks like Maker Studios at one point.
In a damning point-by-point rebuttal, residents proved that the article was a fabrication.
"Cardinal point?" is CLAW, because that is where a cardinal comes to … um … a point.
The point you make about character is a positive point, not just a negative one.
One point does not make a curve, and one curve does not make a point.
At one point, federal prosecutors took him outside to point to sites around San Diego.
One analyst projected a 10-basis-point reduction, another expected a 15-basis-point cut.
KING Well, I go directly from Point A to Point B, and they listen too!
Before there was Indian Point, there was Indian Point Park, a 320-acre amusement park.
As you point out, of course, it's very difficult to know everything at this point.
In that span, they went from a 14-point lead to a 13-point deficit.
He didn't need to point out that he could have killed her at any point.
We've been consistent on that point and I think they've been consistent on that point.
Point by point, close inspection reveals the prevailing arguments on both sides are fundamentally flawed.
The configuration of the 787-9 makes it by definition a point-to-point aircraft.
Protecting conspiracy theorists' feelings isn't the point, though; the point is to protect the environment.
The point-blank police shooting of the protester marks a turning point in the demonstrations.
When you go to GPS air traffic control you can fly from point to point.
" The Quran, he said, was a "point of departure and not a point of arrival.
The 2-percentage point difference falls within the survey's 3.4-percentage-point margin of error.
"At this point, it doesn't seem to point to any type of revenge," he said.
Slight head turns resembled that of a child looking from fascination point to fascination point.
The point at which there's a noticeable switch in narrators is the film's inflection point.
We really are at a point — no, actually we're past the point — of diminishing returns.
That 5-point swing in Democrats' direction should be the starting point for all analysis.
Rather than only directing you from point A to point B, Maps can now bring you from point B to point C, D, E, and so on, making it much easier to plan a trip if you intend to bounce around and make occasional pitstops.
In the sovereign segment, the Philippines' long end was half a point to 0.75 point higher, or 99.503bp tighter on a spread basis, while the Indonesia mid- to long-end was a quarter point to almost a point higher, said a Hong Kong-based trader.
Guided by a measuring tape, geophysicist Ryan Gallagher set the radar down every 25 centimeters (10 inches), saying "point, point, point" to indicate when Ebinger should trigger a radar signal.
The last seven presidents have experienced at least a 20-point swing among independents to this point, but Trump's approval among independents has remained in just a 13-point range.
A one-point improvement in Glassdoor's employee-satisfaction rating (on a five-point scale) translated into a statistically significant 1.3-point increase in customer satisfaction (rated from zero to 100).
And I believe it's crucial from any point of view, from humanitarian point of view, from the point of view of — of helping people, helping the refugees and in general.
Clinton had nearly a six-point lead heading into the Comey letter, but just a three-point lead one week later: an apparent three-percentage-point shift against Mrs. Clinton.
You&aposll normally get 0.5 cents per point to 1 cent per point for gift cards and cash, and up to 0.7 cents per point for merchandise from select retailers.
The Village still serves as a point of culture, it's just no longer the only point.
HEGSETH: That&aposs a good point, I don&apost feel like it is a winning point.
On Wednesday, the Dow logged a 1,086.25-point gain, its biggest single-day point rally ever.
A three-point play by Morris and a Jackson triple made it a 20-point game.
That means inventories chopped 1.0 percentage point from GDP, rather than the estimated 0.86 percentage point.
It's more than simply getting from Point A to Point B (or enriching the car services).
At its nearest point to Earth, the moon is 14% closer than at its farthest point.
This issue sees the crew learning to work together as they're chased from point to point.
A recent UBS report analyzed the market for what's known as point-to-point space travel.
One point of uncertainty: President-elect Donald Trump One point of uncertainty: President-elect Donald Trump.
This, like eHang's craft, will offer a preprogrammed point-to-point service for avoiding traffic jams.
Ouellet's stinging letter, unusually blunt between churchmen, was a point-by-point rebuttal of Vigano's statements.
Trade contributed 0.94 percentage point to GDP rather than the 0.96 percentage point estimated last month.
At its most elemental, it's about who gets from point A to point B the fastest.
The Democratic nominee's eight-point advantage is virtually unchanged from her nine-point lead last week.
At some point—and perhaps that point will be this year—our model will be wrong.
And those all point to potential areas where there could be a slowdown at some point.
The 18-point drop left employee confidence at its lowest point in at least six years.
I mean, at what point do his tweets actually cross over into ... There is no point.
Of course, SpaceX isn't first with this vision of point-to-point travel via low orbit.
The administration also didn't respond to comments, point by point, in a document titled 'Final Rule.
You can think of the cars in Uber's Point to Point system as smart connected nodes.
Cheatham converted a three-point play to make it a 10-point game with 3:53.
PPP found Clinton swinging from a 22019-point deficit in Florida to a 2-point lead.
He previously held a 12-point lead in August and a 9-point margin in June.
Which brings us to our point: "mud-like" is typically not a selling point in food.
Andre: I think our comedy point of view has always been our comedy point of view.
Apple has no vested interest in you getting from point A to point B more efficiently.
But when it comes to getting from point-A to point-B, there's not much difference.
Andy Stanley, the founding pastor of North Point Community Church and North Point Ministries near Atlanta.
Kemba Walker went 6 of 173 from 3-point range to highlight his 25-point outing.
Poole's four-point play early in the second half gave the Wolverines a 14-point advantage.
Teske gave Michigan a 20-point advantage on a three-point play with 3:03 remaining.
By contrast, on "Lemonade," the clothes support the point, or points; they are not the point.
Beyond that point, you'll get the same 1-point-per dollar you get on standard purchases.
This is the point and always has been the point, from the first travel ban decision.
I was trying to make a point, but something else would have made that point better.
Inventories subtracted 1.11 percentage point from GDP growth instead of the 1.07 percentage point previously reported.
He was able to get from frozen point A to frozen point B without a problem.
There are two new ways to solve this problem: Point to Point and Distributed Delivery Networks.
There is no point to make pieces for the show because... because there is no point.
He appeared confident to the point of cocky at times, claiming at one point that Mrs.
The seven-point mark is important because it's around the break-even point for House control.
I'm trying to sharpen up Andrew's point that you seem to not see the point of.
His article is not thoughtful or intelligent enough to warrant a point-by-point take down.
Even the world's first volume three-point shooting point guard talent is susceptible to conspiratorial thinking.
You go from point A to point B, and all the time the clock is running.
Look, you'll go to Iceland at some point, because everyone goes to Iceland at some point.
"He's not too serious at this point, but there's no point in him trying to play."
Senator John Cornyn of Texas went through it point by point with her to debunk it.
Getting something from Point A (probably a warehouse) to Point B (Christie's) is just the beginning.
High point/Low point: The end, in which a bleeding Gaga hangs listlessly from the ceiling.
When it is released, his lawyers say, he has a point-by-point rebuttal to offer.
Joining in on the poolside festivities are Hotel Garuda, Point Point, and a surprise special guest.
Her economics are [a] fraud and at some point someone is going to point that out.
Then I saw him and said, 'We have the exact same starting point and end point.
The chief demerit of the Marxist program was its point-by-point defiance of human nature.
But our entry point was very reasonable so right now it's holding our break-even point.
Etihad, which has lost $5.6 billion since 2016, is now focused on point-to-point traffic.
One analyst projects a 193-basis-point cut, while another sees a 10-basis-point reduction.
Zoe Lofgren's reply went point by point through several items in the president's three-day defense.
Kare designed The Point cafe's logo with her signature no-nonsense, to-the-point design style.
Above all, she had a point-to-point intensity similar to the men's star Rafael Nadal.
Not with lengthy point by point policy proposals -- there is a time for those as well.
Just get from point A to point B at the right time, and you'll be fine.
MARIAN BULL 1316 Oak Point Avenue (Bryant Avenue), Hunts Point, the Bronx; 718-991-1606;
A nine-point deficit became a 22-point margin by the start of the fourth quarter.
The Bulls stretched a five-point halftime lead to a 15-point advantage after three quarters.
Nyquist faked a shot from the left point before passing to Werenski at the right point.
Johnson's two-point conversion pass to running back Benny Snell gave Kentucky a three-point lead.
Republicans also hold a 9-point advantage on job growth and 6-point edge on immigration.
Republican Fred Keller's 36-point win matched well with Trump's 36-point win in the district.
Tuesday's 363-point skid followed Monday's 145-point drop — a two-day decline of 508 points.
That feature is supposedly coming to YouTube Music at some point, but that point isn't now.
Walking is an excellent way to get from point A to point B, though it's slow.
On average, partisan Senate and House preferences tracked the presidential race percentage point for percentage point.
The point of filing for legal separation ... from this point forward all assets will be separate.
But at some point, I realized that its melange of tropes and ideas was the point.
The airline promises to get you to from point A to point B, but that's it.
India will issue 'point-to-point' rebuttal on the issue in due course, the government said.
"It's very misleading to point to outliers and use them to make a point," Stinson said.
Dow futures fell, with the implied opening signaling a 150-point drop, while S&P 500 futures pointed to a 21-point decline and NASDAQ futures indicated a 43-point drop.
Sales of $14.9 billion were up 1 percent, with 1 point of organic and 1 point of net acquisition growth offset by 1 point of unfavorable foreign exchange, the company said.
It provides a cloud solution for the tracking and management of delivery drones, but the company is also developing drone hardware tailored for point-to-point or point-to-area delivery.
With the Google Assistant, small businesses will lose a customer "touch point" at the point of appointment or reservation making, which will shift that relationship knowledge and touch point to Google.
Thompson, who is in contention for the NBA's 3-point-shooting-percentage title, connected on 6 of 13 from 3-point range to account for a majority of his point total.
Given where the generic ballot average is at this point (an 8-point Democratic advantage), there is roughly an 6 to 563 point margin of error in predicting the final vote.
The Tar Heels nearly took more 210-point attempts than 2-point attempts for the second time in three games until a couple of late drives resulted in 2-point attempts.
According to the World Bank, a 1 percentage-point growth in the U.S. could boost other advanced economies by 0.8 percentage point after one year and emerging markets by 0.6 percentage point.
It's only the point at which the Democrats are "favored"; it is not to say that the Democrats would win with a seven-point margin but not with a six-point margin.
Loeb, who runs $21.6 billion Third Point, told investors his Third Point Partners LP fund gained 27.7 percent in May while its more aggressive Third Point Ultra Ltd fund climbed 22.48 percent.
More recently, Villanova achieved an astounding 67-point swing as it traveled from a 23-point loss to Oklahoma in December to a record-setting 113-point victory over Oklahoma on Saturday.
"It's easier to sell a burger at Shake Shack's price point or a burrito at Chipotle's price point than it is to sell a lobster at our price point," Mr. Conniff said.
Rarer events would have yielded five-point, six-point and even higher-point correlations, with their numbers, sizes and interior angles encoding the types and relationships of the particles that produced them.
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Sanders won all three of the states voting this day in 2016, with a 14-point margin in Wyoming, a 40-point margin in Hawaii and a 60-point margin in Alaska.
That makes it easier to get containers from Point A to Point B. Truckers have a single check-in point when they enter and exit, and 9,700 feet of contiguous docking space.
Biden's current 773-point advantage over Trump is better than his average 8-point advantage this year and 8-point advantage in the polls taken this year before he declared his candidacy.
The goal was his 100th point, making him the first Lightning player with multiple 153-point seasons.
You get to see a human at their highest point, their lowest point and everything in between.
"It is in California at this point the single largest source point of global warming," Clegern said.
Each round, the winner earns a point, the loser loses a point, and ties count as zero.
That means having functional footwear that can get you from point A to point B in style.
Libor was up 0.033 percentage point on the week, bringing its six-week rise to 0.169 point.
I then drew dark lines along major streets from point A to point B and set off.
Boston went on a 12-0 to turn a six-point deficit into a six-point lead.
RELATED: West Point has an outsize importance in US history Later on Thursday, West Point spokesperson Ltc.
"At the point of crisis, at the point of annihilation, survival is victory," reads the film's tag.
"At the point of crisis, at the point of annihilation, survival is victory," reads the film's tag.
It could eventually ferry humanity to Mars or be used for point-to-point transportation on Earth.
When Postmates first started, the very first iteration was more like a point to point courier delivery.
The results represented a 3-point and 6-point boosts from the same poll in January, respectively.
At one point in the film, singer-songwriter Tori Amos makes a poetic point about Aucoin's decline.
But at this point they don't, and we don't either, and it is a really important point.
To that point, the six-point advantage matched the largest lead by either team in the game.
From this vantage point, it's nearly impossible to distinguish male from female, which is entirely the point.
Watching a league full of average teams finishing with loser point-aided 95 point seasons isn't fun.
But to Jackson's larger point, the Warriors are far from a total point guard (Stephen Curry) production.
There was a 6-point drop in Democratic support and a 10-point drop in black support.
Except for the point, the still point, there is no dance, and there is only the dance.
In 2009, she was given a point penalty at match point after an altercation with a lineswoman.
Harris won this year's three-point shootout, and led the NBA in three-point field goal percentage.
"It was just a data point, but that data point was like a comfort blanket," he says.
The human mind fills in details of going from point A to point B and so on.
Again, MICROS is a vey popular point of sale system, with over 330,000 point of sale terminals.
My weight gain is on point and baby's size is on point, so that's all that matters!
These statements weren't the one-lined, vague sentiments they normally push out, but point-by-point refutations.
All these lawsuits over a fun fad meant to take us from point A to point B!
Taken together, domestic demand contributed 0.4 percentage point to growth, versus the initial 0.3 percentage point registered.
That point could yet come, should Clinton's seven-point convention bounce solidify into a sustained polling lead.
The Point: The Mueller report release is a pivot point in Trump's presidency -- and re-election effort.
If yes, the team is expected to pin point a correct answer together, and score a point.
"He is a faker," she told CNN, going point by point, as if presenting a legal brief.
Part of the company's 'Next Mobility' Group, the exoskeleton will help people move from point to point.
At that particular point -- yes, in that particular point in time that&aposs where it becomes illegal.
But an 8-0 run by Georgia turned a two-point deficit into a six-point lead.
Inventories subtracted 1.07 percentage point from GDP growth instead of the 0.93 percentage point estimated last month.
Another Jackson three-point play with 3:13 left made it a 14-point spread, 102-88.
Instead, my point here is to simply point out what I see to be the trade-offs.
Apple also made a point to plug its privacy settings — a recent selling point for the company.
Let's take the Trump trade point by point and see where it stands in the market's eyes.
Brunson's spinning three-point play in the lane gave the Wildcats a six-point cushion at halftime.
With short distances from point to point, concerns about long delivery runs and food spoilage are minimal.
Clinton's 5-point lead over Trump is down one point from last week's version of the poll.
And it got to a point of an ultimatum and that's where I hit my breaking point.
Wentz then converted the two-point conversion with a pass to Tate for the nine-point lead.
Andy Stanley Founding pastor of North Point Community Church and North Point Ministries near Atlanta The Rev.
At this point, the mainstream media have reached the point where their talk shows are almost unwatchable.
The West posted a three-point decline to 69 while the Northeast fell one point to 46.
Cibulkova had five break-point opportunities at 5-5, but Radwanska held in an 18-point game.
High Point University is a private university in High Point, North Carolina, near Greensboro and Winston-Salem.
Interest rates typically run half a percentage point to 1 point higher than the prevailing market rate.
A variant of the rocket would take paying passengers from point to point anywhere on the planet.
Trice, who leads the Big Ten in 241-point shooting, made both of his 17.43-point shots.
I was going to make a point and was going to make a make a point well.
For the historians, their credentials are the whole point; for Justice Ginsburg they are beside the point.
The 21-point effort against the Suns was only the second 50-point game of his career.
I see your point, but I can also see Issa's point of there possibly being a compromise.
It gives you the language to a point, and then there's a point where I take over.
It's not trying to get any point across; any point it makes is purely random and accidental.
But the point of the story is that Maria Halpin never became the point of the story.
Sometimes, to get from point A to point B, you must build a tree containing 16,000 people.
Pulock surpassed his point total from his rookie year, registering his 33rd point of his sophomore season.

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