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"rest" Definitions
  1. the rest [singular] the part of something that remains
  2. the rest [plural] the people or things that remain; the others
  3. [countable, uncountable] a period of relaxing, sleeping or doing nothing after a period of activity
  4. [countable] (often in compounds) an object that is used to support or hold something
  5. [countable, uncountable] a period of silence between notes; a sign that shows a rest between notesTopics Musicc2

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"rest" Synonyms
relaxation ease leisure respite repose tranquillity(UK) downtime idleness serenity inactivity placidity refreshment relief unwinding calmness lull recreation relaxing restfulness restoration sleep slumber nap slumbering resting snoozing napping catnapping dozing bed zizz z's zs forty winks shut-eye lie-down snooze siesta doze remainder residue balance remains remnant others remnants excess leftover residual residuum rump superfluity surplus vestiges difference extra leavings leftovers overflow motionlessness immobility inertia standstill stasis still stop halt immovability inertness stagnancy stationary stillness fixity a halt a standstill a stop absence of movement break pause breather intermission recess hiatus interlude interval leave remission adjournment cessation discontinuance discontinuation disruption abatement comfort release alleviation assuagement mitigation reprieve solace allayment balm cure deliverance easement remedy mollification palliation base stand support holder prop shelf stay trestle frame rack brace bracket foundation hook pedestal plinth tripod foot substructure death deadness lifelessness doom mortality oblivion demise end fate fatality nothingness grave afterlife dying passing darkness eternal rest final exit cushion bolster pillow headrest seat beanbag hassock squab mat kneeler pillion zabuton sham woolsack floor cushion booster cushion scatter cushion pad padding pit stop restroom break servicing stop brief stop call of nature refueling stop rest stop service stop fun rest and recreation beer and skittles gratification R and R holiday activity binge carousing delight escape frolicking gayety lark truce armistice ceasefire moratorium peace treaty détente let-up cease-fire accord agreement amnesty lie-in late rise late sleep long sleep coaster beermat bar cloth arm armrest superfluousness extravagance exorbitance lavishness profusion overabundance superabundance surfeit wastefulness nimiety plethora waste fat overkill overmuch oversupply impasse box corner dilemma fix jam mire pickle predicament bind hole jackpot quagmire rattrap spot swamp catch-22 rabbit hole sticky wicket bottleneck railing rail balustrade banister(US) bannister(UK) guardrail handrail handle bar shaft pole post rails guide rail balusters barrier banisters(US) bannisters(UK) crash barrier baluster basis beginning essence heart premise mainstay root thrust core cornerstone fundamental fundamentals ground key principle underpinning authority groundwork delay dawdling lingering hesitation loitering procrastination stalling wavering dallying dithering pausing tarrying vacillation waiting cunctation deferment faltering hesitance hesitancy postponement relax idle laze lounge unbend drowse unwind flop luxuriate slump chill loll bask cease discontinue adjourn desist finish ease off ease up finish off have a break have a breather let up wind up break off knock off take a break take a breather come to a standstill lay place lean put set sit steady stow deposit drop park plant plop position station hang depend hinge lie predicate rely reside ride count turn build found depend on hinge on rely on be based on be contingent on be dependent on recline be be laid be placed be supported rest upon be positioned be propped up be situated be on top of be set be propped up by remain keep continue to be carry on being continue being go on being persist in being keep up being keep yourself not cease to be abide linger wait dwell tarry lodge live sojourn stick around hang around bide inhabit perch continue hover cradle hold protect nestle prop up buttress hold up shore bear up maintain truss inhere exist subsist be contained in be expressed by be found in be inherent be present have its being consist be contained have its existence be defined by alight land settle light roost descend arrive touch down come down come to rest set down dock fall fly down await hold back stall hold on stand by hang on hold everything hold your horses kill time mark time be patient bide your time cool it cool your heels hang fire play frolic sport caper romp trifle frisk gambol toy cavort have fun revel amuse oneself dally rollick skylark carouse entertain oneself be buried be interred be entombed be inhumed be sepulchred be laid to rest spell relieve give a rest give a break give a breather give a spell allow one to catch their breath float poise levitate be buoyant be suspended stay afloat be buoyed up stay on the surface rest on water be poised suspend defy gravity overhang stay up hang over be in mid-air lay off quit can kick desist from cut out leave off give up break up coach instruct train prepare teach tutor educate drill initiate prime school acquaint indoctrinate upskill discipline familiarise(UK) familiarize(US) inform convalesce recover recuperate heal rehabilitate improve mend rejuvenate rally recoup restore revive gain pull round get better get well be on the mend come back snap back get back to normal More
"rest" Antonyms
activity exertion labor(US) work action exercise sport job labour(UK) movement toil employment engagement flexibility maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) motion occupation operation recreation alertness wakefulness attention attentiveness consciousness awareness restlessness vigilance watchfulness insomnia sleeplessness wake awakening energy liveliness perception observation restiveness tossing and turning core base requisite essential essentiality mains prerequisite authority axis backbone basics basis bedrock capital carrier centre(UK) center(US) central chief constituent cynosure progress mobility course flow moving ambulation passing transit travel advance locomotion continuity continuation perpetuation uninterruptedness progression ceaselessness continuance continuousness persistence prolongation protraction assiduity perpetuating persisting protracting sustenance start go beginning stress pressure worry anxiety hassle strain tension trouble affliction burden difficulty distress pain apprehensiveness disquiet grief hardship suffering tenseness birth arrival bearing nativity birthing childbirth genesis delivery inception nascence incipience emergence creation conception nascency geniture parturition incipiency producing childbearing commotion agitation turmoil alarm alarum anguish anxiousness apprehension bustle hubbub hurly-burly pandemonium tumult uneasiness unquietness unrest uproar vexation lack necessity need want whole main meal term time working time top apex peak crown head mountaintop summit pinnacle crest tip vertex zenith acme apogee fastigium roof height spire ceiling highest part chore drudgery slog task backbreaker commitment daily grind duty elbow grease exertions grind gruntwork hard labor manual labor menial labor moil asperity discomfort misfortune adversity deprivation tribulation austerity grievance poverty privation sorrow total sum summation amount result quantity full amount grand total sum total branch subsidiary extension offshoot subdivision adjunct annex(US) annexe(UK) division section subsection supplement addition derivative part sector arm attachment department discipline term exert push energise(UK) energize(US) apply break move struggle walk slave drudge continue resume recommence persist persevere proceed begin again carry forward crack on get on go on keep on keep up pick up pick up where one left off pick up where you left off press on remove take lift clear pull withdraw displace shift transfer relocate take out take away reposition dislocate extract carry away carry off cart off unload be independent of be autonomous of be detached from be free of be impartial to be neutral to be nonaligned to be self-determining be selfstanding be self-supporting be separated from be separate from be unconnected to be unconstrained by be uncontrolled by hang dangle drop suspend droop sling swing drift flop sag wilt hover tense up be tense psych up fret fuss panic obsess tense dwell excite be active be alarmed be concerned get stressed be anxious be alert agonise(UK) agonize(US) awake arise awaken rouse arouse waken stir bestir wake up get up waken up get going bestir oneself knock up get out of bed rouse from sleep be awake stand up appear do stand straighten be busy ascend achieve increase rise sit up straight depart leave quit bail exit vamoose despise dispute forge hurry migrate refuse reject resist shun agitate prepare ready tangle twist wind work up get grab seize snag snare extricate pluck retrieve pick dig out haul out pull out take off get hold of raise confuse destroy disarrange disestablish disorder disorganize disturb neglect rough unsettle restart renew reopen reassume press on with return to carry on with keep going with collect fetch come for go for come and get come to get go and get go to get climb mount scale soar blast off float up fly off fly up go up lift off move up abandon desert discontinue ditch dump forsake relinquish vacate abdicate resign retire conclude desist finish terminate give up step down begin commence tackle undertake initiate produce effectuate precipitate trigger create inaugurate instigate institute kickoff embark on get going with get on with get stuck into disappear vanish fade perish fall be nonexistent cease to exist vanish from sight lift up draw up hoist put up elevate haul up hike up jack up bring up unseat upheave uplift upraise uproot cover hide oppose defy assail contradict fight be against challenge confront contest controvert counter dissent check combat disapprove repel thwart hinder

874 Sentences With "rest"

How to use rest in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "rest" and check conjugation/comparative form for "rest". Mastering all the usages of "rest" from sentence examples published by news publications.

When appearances come every five games, there is an established routine: pitch, rest, rest, bullpen, rest, repeat.
NOTES: Milwaukee F Giannis Antetokounmpo (rest), F Khris Middleton (rest), G Matthew Dellavedova (rest) and G/F Tony Snell (rest) did not travel for Wednesday's regular-season finale.
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Rest in Peace L.D. Rest in Peace Donte and Chris.
That's when an object at rest tends to stay at rest.
You don&apost get any rest -- no rest for the wary tonight.
But the rest of the star-studded Oscars crowd can rest easy.
The rest of the world, the rest of America, were distant news.
But, the rest of it ... I'm done with the rest of it.
Also rest––I legally must get eight hours of rest a night, but our rest starts as soon as we pull up to the gate.
Also out were Eric Bledsoe (knee), George Hill (groin), Khris Middleton (rest), Brook Lopez (rest) and Donte DiVincenzo (rest), leaving them without their top six scorers.
Enjoy the rest of your day ,and enjoy the rest of the festival.
There's no rest for the wicked, but also no rest for Apple news.
"Before it was cognitive rest, physical rest and that was the treatment," Cardone said.
It beat expectations across the rest of the board the rest of the way.
The carbon fiber palm rest distributes heat differently than a metal palm rest does.
This is it for the rest of humanity, for the rest of human history.
The rest of it however… well the rest of it is something else entirely.
You can't rest on your laurels if there are no laurels to rest on.
And then the rest of you -- the rest of you just started repeating it.
Abusers look like the rest of us, because they are the rest of us.
Smart TV deals for the week are here to make Monday (and the rest of the week, and the rest of the summer, and the rest of life) better.
The rest of life is off doing what the rest of life is good at.
Objects at rest, Newton told us, remain at rest until acted on by outside forces.
"If you want to rest or think you need rest, I understand," Green recalled typing.
The Sabbath its day of rest (with non-Jews having their own days of rest).
Being a philosopher on brain rest is like being a point guard on hand rest.
Kensington ErgoSoft Wrist Rest To limit wrist fatigue, I've been using Kensington's ErgoSoft Wrist Rest.
The Jews bought a tiny bit of land, but the rest, the rest was STOLEN!
For when "Rest!" is a callI'm instructed to heed,You're turning rest into a chore.
Manufacturers can't rest on their laurels and skimp on the rest of the hardware and software.
" Trump: "Peas, and Carrots will both live out the rest of their day at Gobblers Rest.
They rank 21st with one day of rest and also 21st with two days of rest.
The rest of the academies, Long Island and the rest, are schools, where after school time.
"God rest his sole in peace, John Glenn," she said as the rest of the cast applauded.
With no palm rest, you're either practicing your piano form or using the included rubber palm rest.
Here's to keeping this momentum going for the rest of the night, and the rest of forever.
At rest, these markets will tend to stay at rest until acted upon by outside market forces.
Short rest, normal rest, extra day, two extra days, you have to go out there and produce.
It colors the rest of your interactions—either consciously or not—for the rest of your life.
Jews have their day of rest by law on Saturday; non-Jews can rest on other days.
Jansen and the rest of the pitchers on both teams got some much-needed rest on Monday.
Only then can you spend the rest of your time sifting through the rest for the real gems.
I rest my hands by watching the rest of Afflicted, and the production just gets cringier and cringier.
"We won't tire those guys out, when they need rest, they'll get rest," Scioscia said of the relievers.
In fact, for the rest of 2016, let the spare change bills come and then invest the rest.
"I just told the guys in the chat that if you need rest, take the rest," Green said.
And yes, Kane should want rest, but part of the problem is that Kane does not want rest.
We've got to let it rest — fully rest — and see how the knee reacts to (the time off).
They have to then pay the money like the rest of us do, the rest of the media.
There is a slight romantic plot, but rest assured it's just as dark as the rest of the book.
It's a spoon rest with a suction cup base, so you can rest your utensils wherever you need to.
We can't compete with the rest of the world unless we open ourselves to the rest of the world.
They're now prepared to cross the rest of the Pacific and then continue around the rest of the world.
Unlike the rest of the federal government, the draft legislation includes Pentagon spending for the rest of fiscal 21625.
After lots of travel, it's time to rest in Portugal… but can a group like this ever really rest?
"Bumble will get scale throughout the rest of the country and the rest of the world eventually," said Ross.
" The song is not a suggestion to "merry gentlemen" to rest but an imperative to gentlemen to "rest merry.
All the rest stops in Pennsylvania were closed to the public but open for truckers to park and rest.
The power and the license rest, and will continue to rest, in how Congress acts on substantive governmental programs.
Rest assured that we felt you and rest assured that your legacy will live on long after your presidency.
It is, however, definitely Porvoo's gift to the rest of Finland, and Finland's gift to the rest of the world.
However, before we plot out the rest of the revolution, let us first plot out the rest of this race.
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With this new tool, Microsoft argues, malware can't touch the rest of the machine or the rest of the network.
Three of them are forward cameras, for redundancy, and the rest provide "360 coverage" for the rest of the car.
On Saturday, the rest of the Liberty players and coaches joined arms, as did the rest of the Mercury players.
He had a five-day rest again before Tuesday, lowering his E.R.A. to 1.05 in seven games with extra rest.
On five days of rest, Tanaka is 17-7, but he is only 7-6 on four days of rest.
I use the rest of the cash I had in my wallet ($15) and put the rest on my card.
All you can think about is a glorious 20-minute rest to embolden you for the rest of your day.
It will determine the shape of the rest of the contest — if there even is a rest of the contest.
The result is that the rest of the state, and therefore the rest of its districts, tend to favor Republicans.
The rest of the heavy lifting will rest in the lap of consumers who chose to sue over privacy violations.
They rely on police and firefighters who protect the rest of us and are supported by the rest of us.
For now, though, I know that I must learn to rest and stop feeling guilty about the necessity of rest.
Unfortunately, like most of the rest of his life, the true reason may remain a mystery to the rest of us.
If you're not good at staying at home, one kid's going to get it, and then the rest and the rest.
Just go back to your Donald Trump rallies while the rest of us wait in line for the rest of time.
However, Rest+ is just $80 (slightly more than the original $60 price tag for the Rest device), for all five features.
James and the rest of the starters sat on the bench the rest of the game as Denver closed it out.
"We see this as setting a precedent for the rest of the country, the rest of the world," an official said.
But from there, the Wizards dominated the rest of the third, outscoring the Thunder 220-217 the rest of the way.
So I was able to make pitches the rest of the night and pitch pretty well the rest of the evening.
The humanoid space robot is destined to spend the rest of its days on terra firma with the rest of us.
Bread, the alternate turkey, will also get to spend the rest of its life at "Gobblers Rest" at Virginia Tech University.
"We're trying to set an example for the rest of the state and the rest of the country," Mr. Blumenfield said.
In humans and other day-dwelling creatures, it prepares the body for rest and helps maintain that rest throughout the night.
For the rest of us, for the rest of America, that's what we call at home all foam and no beer.
The rest of the suites aren't like that at all; the rest of them are slightly more civilized, slightly more conservative.
But, thyroid experts say, that is not the norm in the rest of the country and the rest of the world.
"Joaquin Oliver may you Rest In Peace and i dedicate my return and the rest of this Miami Heat season to you."
Thanos then kills Loki and destroys the rest of the ship, setting the rest of the events of Infinity War into motion.
I use the rest of the money I have on my Dunkin' app and pay for the rest of it in pennies.
"These days I'm thinking about rest... about peace... about safety... about feeling reassured..." She was never to find that rest and peace.
When the U.S. coughs the rest of the world catches cold, when the U.S. smiles, the rest of the world becomes euphoric.
Joaquin Oliver may you Rest In Peace and i dedicate my return and the rest of this Miami Heat season to you.
Seeing that pervade out from those spaces and spread over the rest of the internet or just the rest of the world.
Because Carr was early, Lamey asked if he'd like to rest upstairs in her house until the rest of the movers arrived.
While the rest of their family lies at rest in St. Petersburg, the last Romanov children wait, locked up in cold storage.
The rest of the song shows the band harmonizing up a nice melody, adding a contrast to the rest of the music.
"This is a very erratic regime that's very ... paranoid about the rest of the world, distrustful of the rest of the world."
Time to meet up with the parents and the rest of the family for the rest of our trip to Europe trip.
I aim to have no rest at all, but if you're a beginner, you can take 30 seconds to a minute of rest.
Williams took the rest of the season off to rest niggling injuries and deal with the disappointment of missing the grand slam achievement.
This false accusation won't follow him for the rest of his life — it will barely follow him for the rest of this year.
Mr Hertz adds that among domestic, American migrants, Chicago traditionally draws from the rest of the Midwest, not the rest of the country.
REST OF THE WORLD - MORE OF THE SAME Production in the rest of the world can be expected to continue trending gently upwards.
The Warriors convinced Draymond Green to rest for the next two games, and they'll also try to get Andre Iguodala to rest soon.
"He was in misery for the rest of the voyage, and he was lame for the rest of his life," Mr. Dyer said.
We can either resent the rest of the world or we can lead the rest of the world, but we can't do both.
Now, the rest of the competition could fall into place, and all the rest of the work — travel schedules, advertising, ticketing — could begin.
Trump, alas, seems happy to do coal's bidding — at the expense of the rest of the country and the rest of the world.
Like the rest of this film, Metropoliz insists that art is worth most when it is least separate from the rest of life.
"It's not easy to finish best of the rest and qualify best of the rest as much as I've been doing," he said.
For similar reasons, Alaska runs a seafood trade surplus with the rest of the United States and with the rest of the world.
"The truth is what happens in tech reverberates through the rest of the market and, really, the rest of the world," he said.
The other centers of events exist only to give us a rest from it, and the rest had better not be too long.
Wanting his beloved wife to rest in peace with God as soon as possible, Shmuel won't rest well until she can fully decompose.
How does the rest of the staff of OG feel about the series (you can see the rest of the agents on the website)?
Happ will pitch Thursday in New York on four days' rest and RHP Aaron Sanchez will go Friday in Boston on six days' rest.
I was aspiring to be in love with someone for the rest of my life and the rest of theirs, as we all do.
" On foreign policy: "Even if you want to isolate yourselves from the rest of the world, the rest of the world won't let you.
So just in case, I plan leg day, cardio, or rest (let's be real — it's usually rest) for the days I get blood drawn.
Do I just grin and bear it for the rest of my life, and be an old ox for the rest of my life?
He is 2-3 with a 4.01 ERA on five days' rest and is 3-0 with a 2.05 ERA on four days' rest.
"My body feels fine; mentally I feel fine going into the game, whether it's four days' rest or five days' rest," Tanaka said Saturday.
"(South) Korea, historically, has been a very cheap market, relative both to the rest of Asia and the rest of the world," Swan explained.
Finally at rest It took almost seven decades, but a US soldier, missing since the Korean War, was properly laid to rest in Hawaii.
Trump ended up pardoning Butter, and Bread will also live the rest of its short life at "Gobblers Rest" on the Virginia Tech campus.
He looked as if he was taking care of himself and getting enough rest, but also as if there could never be enough rest.
Brooklyn, which will play without leading scorers Brook Lopez (rest) and Thaddeus Young (rest) for the remainder of the season, has lost six straight.
Under EU rules, drivers must have a daily rest period of at least 11 hours and a regular weekly rest period of 45 hours.
Like Miranda herself, the haircut was serious where the rest of the show was dreamy, practical where the rest of the show was romantic.
Set a positive example for the rest of the rich, if not for the sake of your own conscience then for the rest of us.
Good luck getting any rest ever again for fear she'll drop another music video-laden megaalbum while the rest of the world is fast asleep.
Having a president who doesn't control the rest of the country, a government that doesn't control the rest of the country, is a good thing.
I am fairly certain that Mr. Merrell is looking forward to the rest of the presidential campaign just as much as the rest of us.
"Kids will be in classes for tomorrow, the rest of the week, the rest of the year, and for the next two years," Emanuel said.
This downtime can give your mind a much-needed rest and poise you to be more productive with the rest of your time, Flores said.
The show focuses on Lilo and Stitch and the rest of their "ohana" as they attempt to round up the rest of the alien experiments.
Like the rest of Hain, the brand can no longer rest on the fact that it is organic as its stand-alone draw to shoppers.
She was rushed into emergency surgery and told she would have to spend the rest of her pregnancy confined to bed rest in the hospital.
After the game, Cora made the unusual announcement that David Price would start Game 5 on short rest, not Sale on regular rest, as planned.
Mass closings, he said, could shut schools down not just for the rest of the current academic year but potentially through the rest of 2020.
But now the U.S. is struggling to keep up with the rest of the world and the rest doesn't want its own unvarnished leadership anymore.
There have been periods where workers have one rest day for every 13 days worked or even have only one rest day for a month.
On one ride I did, the trainer shared sage advice about the importance of rest in between workouts, explaining that stress plus rest equals growth.
That means that there's no natural place to rest your palms except for the optional, magnetic palm rest, which becomes yet another thing to carry around.
Rasmus had been held out for several days, but the hope is the extended rest will keep the injury from impacting the rest of the season.
I'm not going to date anybody else for the rest of my life, I'm not going to love anybody else for the rest of my life.
Your ligaments can only heal through rest, and you have to rest if you want to see the results of all your hard work, she said.
I plan to keep working on their behalf, not just for the rest of my time as first lady, but for the rest of my life.
People who said they had experienced awe during the show, Lotto says, felt closer to the rest of the world than the rest of the group.
For most people, active rest like exercise, meditation or hanging out with friends is better than passive rest to regenerate the body and mind, said Edlund.
The collision happened north of the Mopani Rest Camp in the park, and the bus was traveling south on its way to the Letaba Rest Camp.
Maddon had planned to rest Rizzo Tuesday or Wednesday but opted to keep him on the field and use a scheduled off-day Thursday for rest.
I figure I have the rest of my life to find love, but I didn't have the rest of my life to have a biological child.
Likable leaders are human just like the rest of us, and when they acknowledge their mistakes it makes their humanity tangible for the rest of us.
Yes, Brady fell all the way to the sixth round, making the rest of the league look silly, but what about the rest of the draft?
If American fishing operators want to harvest shark fins, they need to bring the rest of the shark ashore to sell the rest of the meat.
I couldn't sleep for the rest of the flight, instead spending the rest of the flight staring into space and wishing I had packed dry shampoo.
Forest Service crews typically work 16-hour shifts, followed by eight hours of rest, with two days of rest after 14 days on assignment, officials said.
The Tribe were a problem for the rest of the AL Central before the season started, a bigger problem for the rest of the AL Central once the season began, and they've mostly been a disaster for the rest of the AL Central since taking first place.
Communities of love promote rest, and by that I don't mean rest as in sleep, but rest as in relief, relief from fear, relief from poverty, relief from pain, relief from loneliness, relief from inequality, relief from having to be anything or anyone else but you.
While the rest of the packs offer one or two free tricks, you'll still need to make a purchase to unlock the rest of each pack's tricks.
When it's done, I eat a bowl of the stir fry for dinner before packing the rest of it in Tupperware for the rest of the week.
That, and no other reason, is why a great young team will be watching the rest of this season's playoffs on TV like the rest of us.
"When you have to take the life of another, that is most likely going to rest with him most of the rest of his life," Nehls says.
And was it important that it came out of San Francisco instead of New York where the rest of the media companies, the rest of business was?
"Come See About Me" is a much softer and contemplative song compared to the rest of the album, and arguably the rest of all of Minaj's albums.
Senior officials from Saudi Arabia and the rest of OPEC are hoping U.S. stocks will continue to decline rapidly through the rest of the summer driving season.
The rest is history: The next day, transition chairman Chris Christie was ousted, his voluminous plans scrapped, and the rest of his team was gone shortly thereafter.
Check out the rest of Holland's appearance, where he talks about helping a sick woman on a plane because a superhero, and supersized studio movies, never rest.
If the rest of Volvo's new lineup is any indication, the 40-series will definitely give the rest of the automotive industry something else to chase after.
Inertia can take on a life of its own; a body at rest tends to stay at rest, after all, which leads to feeling that much droopier.
The new policy also states that a team should not rest multiple healthy players in the same game or rest healthy players when competing on the road.
His businesses rely on workers the rest of us paid to educate and the great police force and brave firefighters the rest of us paid to support.
The math kids don't learn math by studying math, the way the rest of us do; they learn math the way the rest of us learn language.
Make time to be alone and catch up on rest—the new moon in Gemini is activating the sector of your chart that rules rest and solitude.
At about 12 percent of the index, it provides clues as to how the rest of the financials sector might swing through the rest of the year.
" Concerns about voyeurism, he argued, were misplaced: "I used the women's rest room for twenty-three years, and I used the men's rest room for ten years.
Richard and Catherine's graves feature markers — his says "At rest," while hers says "Gone home to rest," according to The State, a newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina.
Rest/Fatiguing the Indefatigable In each of the last two meetings, James was coming off a series sweep (or two) with a significant rest advantage coming in.
Could the league perhaps work with teams before the season to craft a schedule of designated rest days—games in which coaches can rest player without repercussions?
" The informant suggested killing Mr. Khattala himself, "so I can be at rest finally and my city would be at rest, because this person is a murderer.
"There's a huge difference between the U.S. economy and the rest of the world, and between the U.S. market and the rest of the world," he said.
"We do not intend on letting a single member of Congress have a good night's rest until they guarantee our young people can rest easy," he said.
For the Astros, it means potentially having to decide whether to use ace Gerrit Cole for Game 6 on short rest or Game 7 on regular rest.
The rest of the calendar is odd and unbalanced as well, with so many of the delegates locked in early March, and the rest over several months.
She's sleeping when we get there and a little groggy for the rest of the visit, but we stay for about an hour before letting her rest.
Because REST was plentiful in the brains of long-lived people, the researchers wondered if lab animals without REST would have more neural firing and shorter lives.
As part of the deal, Johnny donated $100k to each org in Amber's name and she'd donate the rest when she got the rest of the money.
The rest were The rest of the losses have occurred in the Leilani Estates area, where the toll of destruction has been steadily rising by the day.
Germany's very large trade surplus essentially implies that the rest of the world is boosting the German economy through the purchase of its exports to a much greater degree than Germany is boosting the rest of the world's economy through the purchase of the rest of the world's exports.
Everything we have to do as a company has to rest on three things: It has to rest on transparency, integrity in everything that we do and accountability.
Even my own doctor, who outlined the standard risks — blood clots, muscle loss, depression –– admitted that the "rest" aspect of bed rest would not necessarily prevent preterm labor.
The rest of the morning, all I could hear was the tap of her pinky toes hitting the floor before the rest of her foot with every step.
Why you'll love it: The Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest has a sturdy build, multiple board covers and widths, and a strong iron rest area.
In the end, Jenner decides against being laid to rest in a stunning set of rings, stating that she'd rather be buried alongside the rest of her family.
"My hope is that Michael and the rest of his family can rest easy this evening knowing they can put this tragic situation behind them," the statement read.
Now, the company is introducing an updated version of Rest, with Rest+ as part of an effort to help further establish Hatch Baby in the family sleep space.
Kallstrom also said that FBI Director James Comey and the rest of the FBI's leadership were responsible for holding back the investigation, not the rest of the bureau.
If you don't have Overwatch for the PC, you can enjoy the rest of these photos and rest assured that the map will get a full release soon.
"And then he spent the rest of this lunch telling me how he was going to spend the rest of his life destroying those five people," Branson said.
This whole concept (Scott, Sofia, and Kourtney) may not make sense to the rest of the world, or the rest of the family, but it works for them.
So today we'll take a look at the main event, and then we'll study the delights of the rest of the card through the rest of the week.
What it takes to get Rise of the Rest fundingHall said Rise of the Rest typically invests in companies that have raised over $1 million in total capital.
Rest and Recovery: A Whole New Perspective Rest and recovery actually require energy from your body — just like working out — and we should allocate more time to it.
"Well, guys, going forward, I kind of want to put that to rest," said Irving, who proceeded to do everything he could to avoid putting it to rest.
Make it a priority to be human again — to work hard and to rest hard without buying into the idea that we'll fail at life if we rest.
Five of Kershaw's past 268 playoff starts have been on short rest, and he also saved last year's first-round clincher in Washington with one day of rest.
As Zuckerberg is getting to know the rest of America, it seems the rest of America still needs to get to know the 33-year-old multi-billionaire.
The driver can choose to take their daily rest or a reduced weekly rest period in the vehicle only if it has suitable sleeping facilities and is stationary.
This was the place to just rest all this pain, and rest all of this confusion, but still at the same time trying to be a strong woman.
But I want to be clear: You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for; you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate; you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for.
Abe has said he will not rest until the return of the rest, an issue he pressed U.S. President Donald Trump to raise at this week's summit with Kim.
"I was aspiring to be in love with someone for the rest of my life and the rest of theirs, as we all do," he added about their split.
I've decided I'm done even trying to drive into work, and I'll be joining the rest of my team in working from home for the rest of the week.
The rest of Brigade is looking for a potential buyer or partner in the political space to take on the rest of the team plus its tech and product.
And for the rest of us, we can at least rest easy, knowing that experts now understand how concrete behaves at the micro—as well as the macro—level.
Compared to the rest of Asia and the rest of the world, the regulators in Singapore are well-informed and more transparent about their views on blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Chicago has fairly strict gun laws, at least relative to the rest of the US. But its neighbors — particularly the rest of Illinois and Indiana — aren't nearly as strict.
The data points in LA, Southern California and the rest of the state seem to follow the trend of declining seed rounds seen in the rest of the country.
" In the Seacrest interview, said: "I was aspiring to be in love with someone for the rest of my life and the rest of theirs, as we all do.
Today is rest day from the gym (thank goodness because I'm sore everywhere) but I have that phone interview tomorrow, so I spend the rest of the night preparing.
In recent seasons, coaches have not been passive about their lengthened injured lists and have implemented their own remedy to prevent injury: the Did Not Play-rest (DNP-rest).
This week we look at the trade deadline, what it has done to the rest of the Indians season, and what it will do to the rest of baseball.
Many firefighters have been working for days with little rest -- but supervisors are trying to pull them off duty to get rest as firefighters from out of state arrive.
It is often said that "when China sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold" to describe the economic impact of China on the rest of the world.
"I would like to also remind the rest of the world as well as the rest of the state, Hawaii Island continues to be open for business," he said.
Let's all stare at the picture of those two doggos and then close our laptops for the rest of the day, or possibly for the rest of our lives.
Newton's first law states that an object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.
The Hatch Rest (formerly known as Hatch Baby Rest) combined all my children's needs in one adorable lamp: A sound machine, a night light, and a time-to-rise.
Among Democrats and Democratic-leaners who consider themselves more moderate or conservative, Biden stands well above the rest: 38% Biden, 14% Sanders and all the rest in single digits.
If drones ever reached the singularity and attempted to wipe out the human race, we can rest assured that the rest of the animal kingdom wouldn't go down quietly.
Still, Butterworth can be forgiven for devoting as much time as he does to the rest of the ensemble, because the rest of the ensemble is just so good.
" Kobe Bryant -- "Rest In Peace my brother #RasualButler.
The Babysitter at Rest , by Jen George (Dorothy) .
Although the playroom is more colorful than the rest of the West family's home, there are some elements of it that are in-line with the rest of the mansion.
But for Obama officials, the aim was to get Germany to spend more and boost its imports of goods from the rest of Europe and the rest of the world.
After their official duties are done, the Very Important Turkeys will head to Gobblers Rest, a special facility at Virginia Tech, where they will spend the rest of their lives.
For weeks, the insects rest during the day and take to the skies at night to reach the Alps, where they cram into caves and rest for the hot summer.
But while the rest of the country rebounded, this Rust Belt city and the rest of the county, including Vice President Joe Biden's hometown of Scranton, were slow to recover.
Hong Kong has a separate legal and political system from the rest of China that allows its residents to enjoy freedoms not available in the rest of the country. 4.
Eichner says that about half of SOSV's portfolio companies are in North America, with another quarter in Asia, and the rest split between Europe and the rest of the world.
Kudlow believes that Hillary Clinton and the rest of today's leading Democrats have forgotten JFK's true economic gift to his party and the rest of the country — supply-side economics.
Their allyship took the emotional burden of action off my shoulders and made the rest of the class—as well as the rest of the semester—easier to get through.
Scottish trade with the rest of the UK is around four times the size of its 12 billion pounds ($15.61 billion) of exports to the rest of the European Union.
Foreigners often express wonder that American television news, for instance, spends fewer minutes covering the rest of the world than the rest of the world's news shows spend covering America.
It'd be kind of silly at this point for me to say, "Well, I've worked long enough now," and just sit down and rest for the rest of my life.
For the rest of us, before you make donation decisions, or before you try to do something difficult and altruistically motivated, it might be worth prioritizing a good night's rest.
Thank you Michelle for all the things you did for America and for the rest of the world, for the women in the U.S. and the rest of the world.
Social media is my portal into the rest of the world — my periscope into the communities next to my community, into how the rest of the world thinks and feels.
Products originating from the rest of the European Union and directed to Northern Ireland (or the rest of the United Kingdom), or vice versa, would not benefit from this "passporting".
A jungled mountain range, where leopards and elephants roam, separates Rakhine from the rest of Myanmar, binding it closer to the South Asian subcontinent than the rest of Southeast Asia.
As for the rest of the G8X, Android Central claims it'll feature the same Snapdragon 855 chipset as its predecessor, although the rest of the specs have yet to leak.
This means I can start with the car at rest (at the top of the drop) and end with the car at the bottom of the spring (again at rest).
I'll circle back on this and other questions when I recap the rest of the season, once you've all had a little time to watch the rest of the episodes.
Of course, America already spends far more money on its military than any other country — more, in fact, than half the rest of the rest of the world spends combined.
The roughly 19483,000 people of Aran, on the border with France, have a language and culture distinct from the rest of Catalonia, which itself differs from the rest of Spain.
Instead, Martinez has been watching from home like the rest of us, but unlike the rest of us, has some insider info that is capital "T" TEA about a certain suitor.
And for the rest of the public -- and the rest of the world who was undoubtedly watching (or will see) -- you have to wonder how Trump's angry demeanor sits with them.
The original idea was that people should enjoy a bit of a rest after a life at work, but nobody imagined that the rest would stretch to almost a quarter-century.
It's my belief that he spent the rest of his life trying to prove to the rest of his family that he wasn't the failure he had initially appeared to be.
While this is certainly a good idea in substance, it came both too late and without any coordination with the rest of NATO — or even the rest of the German government.
"Coming of age" isn't about meeting the person you're supposed to spend the rest of your life with, but deciding what you want to spend the rest of your life as.
The rest seems obvious: By virtue of its size and powerful policy transmission channels, the American economy sets the pace to demand, output and employment in the rest of the world.
"I hope you have a wonderful time at Gobbler's Rest," Obama declared, referring to the University of Virginia site where the turkeys will be spending the rest of their natural lives.
Bettis was starting on seven days of rest against the slumping San Francisco Giants, and Weiss could only wonder if three additional days of rest were going to work against Bettis.
LATAM said it had offered employees seven days of work and four days of rest, improving upon Chilean law which calls for four days of rest per 10 days of work.
So we are now in a situation globally where China plays an important role on the rest of the world and the rest of the world plays a role on China.
Her go-to routine is to do 20 squats, rest for 30 seconds, do 20 squats, rest for 30 seconds and then do 10 full squats followed by 10 squat pulses.
The organizers had furnished a dorm room, so the attendees could get some rest, but the fiercest warriors at the Reality didn't step away from the screen to get some rest.
Because he can largely handle that matchup by his lonesome, it allows the rest of his teammates to focus on stepping Westbrook, and by extension, the rest of the Thunder offense.
O'Connor ruled that the law's individual mandate is unconstitutional, and that because the mandate cannot be separated from the rest of the law, the rest of the law is also invalid.
Not to build walls that keep the rest of the world OUT, but to keep building the industries and universities that the rest of the world wishes they could get into.
The median age of the district is just above the median of the rest of the country, and the district's education levels are on par with the rest of the country.
It's true, I won't buy HTC products for the rest of my life, and I won't donate any money to Taiwan's Christian groups ever again for the rest of my life!
The rest of the journalists, and by extension the rest of the American public who don't know any Gold Star families, were effectively told they had no place in the debate.
Non-essential hospital workers were expected to strike on Monday, with the rest of the workers beginning to strike throughout the rest of next week, the Hong Kong news outlet said.
All in all, Kim Jones, Shawn Stussy, and the rest of the men's team at Dior can rest easy for a while knowing that they successfully pulled the damn thing off.
Bresch drew pharmacy benefit managers and the rest of the drug supply chain into the controversies over pricing, changing the discussion to one embraced by the rest of the pharmaceutical industry.
But in the end, the proposal to recognize elves, Grinches and the rest was narrowly defeated last year along the same partisan divisions that have bedeviled the rest of the country.
Though both LA and San Francisco rank farther left than much of the rest of the country, and even much of the rest of California, San Francisco is the more liberal.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Lucille Ball fans can rest easy.
Kylie's lip kits — just like the rest of us.
The rest ... will probably have to wait 'til summer.
" Screenwriter Brian Lynch tweeted: "Rest in Peace, Kenny Baker.
Eat proper, drink water (pls), cuddle scarbro & rest well.
The rest is ... well, signed and sealed in blood.
The rest of the band & crew are home now.
And it's about death -- let it rest in peace.
You can listen to the rest ... it's a doozy.
It's the rest of the contract — roughly $30 million.
Rest assured, Laker Nation ... you're still in good hands.
Check out the place ... it screams rest and relaxation.
The rest of the FANG group - Facebook Inc, Amazon.
Rest in peace, Kim Kardashian — the chicken, that is.
The rest of the FAANG group - Facebook Inc, Amazon.
We – along with the rest of Omaha – can't wait.
When he has four days' rest, hitters are batting .
Over the rest of the regular season, Toles batted .
The rest of the field — former South Bend, Ind.
" Trump sarcastically added ... "Now I can rest easy tonight.
The rest of his state's congressional delegation -- Democrats Sen.
" — ignoring the rest and accusing Jones of "abetting racism.
She — like the rest of us — has no idea.
" Many people never learned "the rest of the story.
" She ended it with "Rest In Peace Beautiful Josh.
We get it -- it was time for a rest.
Raise a dog with people … you know the rest.
Finally, he put the speculation to rest — for now.
Rest easy, 'AD' fans -- the TV fam's still intact.
"And then the rest of it became about protecting her body," said Ms. Beavan, who bandaged her breasts flat, and used that bandaging as a motif for the rest of her look.
I pay with a $30 and leave the rest in the tip jar, The barista and I catch up for a bit while the rest of the early-bird regulars trickle in.
Like the rest of their generation, rich millennials prefer to spend on experiences — but unlike the rest of their generation, they pay extra to heighten these experiences with VIP treatments and customization.
"It seems clear that Mexico must turn to the rest of the world in its export policy and the rest of the world, today, cannot be seen as excluding China," Natixis said.
I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
I have a list of people I know from all over the world who will help influence what I do for the rest of my career and the rest of my life.
Delgado made four spot starts while RHP Taijuan Walker got through a blister issue, and he made his fifth start Sunday to give the rest of the rotation another day of rest.
PANTHERS REST CAPTAIN Willie Mitchell, Florida's captain, has been placed on injured reserve for the foreseeable future, a move that could give him an extended rest to recover from some nagging injuries.
Ilhan Omar and the rest of her "Squad" of House Democratic freshmen are as American as the rest of us, live under the same Constitution and enjoy the same First Amendment rights.
According to LA-based artist Camella DaEun Kim, once that first scratch is made, the rest of the pack joins in and quickly starts to fill in the rest of the panel.
"Well, you know what, we were hoping to win the rest of the games the rest of the season, but not sure that was going to happen," Blues coach Mike Yeo said.
And they say: tell those people who are advocating integration and all the rest to come and look at where we live, at the jobs we are losing and all the rest.
One of my mentors said to me once that the way that the rest of the country looks at the South is the way the rest of the South looks at Appalachia.
It can only be sustained for hours at a time, after which the shaman must return to the earthly plane and rest, eat, sleep, shit, and cry like the rest of us.
The plane's business-class seats, which fold out into a bed, are comfortable, but there's no question that the crew rest areas offer a more private space to relax and rest up.
Flanagan chooses to open the series with this death, and then spend the rest of the narrative exploring the buildup to it and the resulting fallout among the rest of the family.
Like the rest of Latin America, people here for weeks had been watching at a relatively safe distance as the rest of the world convulsed amid the onslaught of the new coronavirus.
And since I am both a lady and a delicate flower, I huddled selflessly against that window for the rest of my ride and let the poor man get his beauty rest.
But that's not the bad news for the rest of the N.B.A. The real worry for the rest of the league is that Lacob, sounding rather Steinbrenner-esque, does not seem satiated.
" The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star added, "Rest In Peace my beautiful mama, I will honor you for the rest of my days….. Until we meet again, I LOVE YOU.
The rest of the night people just left him alone, which is nuts when you consider that for any of the rest of these candidates to win they have to defeat Biden!
Though Andy went at his own pace the opening week, staying mostly to the rear of the rest of the party as he combined walking steps with periodic "rest steps," he struggled.
TentBuy the MSR Hubba Tour 2 Tent for $649.95 on REISleep systemBuy the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Sleeping Pad from $139.95 at REIBuy the Therm-a-Rest Vesper Down Quilt from $319.95 at REIBuy the Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad from $34.95 at REIBuy the Nemo Forte 20 Sleeping Bag from $189.95 at REI
Uber's first-ever staff numbers are just as bad as the rest of Silicon Valley Uber's first-ever staff numbers are just as bad as the rest of Silicon Valley Uber's first-ever report on the gender and racial composition of its staff shows it's a lot like the rest of Silicon Valley: very male and very white.
The big windfall for "Far From Home" could help turn things around at the box office for the rest of the summer, and maybe even the rest of the year, according to Robbins.
The idea was to build all sorts of new technologies that could more efficiently stretch the Internet to the rest of the world—and thus stretch Facebook to the rest of the world.
The importers' exchange rates would depreciate, facilitating an adjustment: they would buy a bit less from the rest of the world than before, and sell the rest of the world a bit more.
So, is it any surprise that I convinced the rest of the team to spend the rest of the summer playing Shadowrun: Dragonfall, a game that so elegantly creates feelings of place-ness?
To start, it has an Intel i7-7700HQ processor to act as the foundation for the rest of the laptop and clues you in to how good the rest of the specs are.
The first thing Mourinho should probably do is take a break, give himself a rest from a game he no longer seems to enjoy — and also give the game a rest from him.
It is minimally invasive, image-guided, generally has a short recovery time and especially in the kidney preserves the rest of renal function -- does not put the rest of the kidney at risk.
It can be said that we know the rest of the story — how it turned out, so to speak, but frankly, I don't think that we do know the rest of the story.
About two thirds of participants come from Europe and the rest from North America; approximately a quarter from politics and government and the rest from other fields, organizers said in a statement Wednesday.
Performed death, a visual act, makes each person appear vulnerable, but simultaneously creates a sense of freedom as you rest your body with others in spaces where you never normally are at rest.
The defense hawks are demanding that Congress fund the Pentagon at higher levels for the rest of the 2018 fiscal year and pass a short-term CR for the rest of the government.
The continuing resolution (CR), which passed the House 245-6900, would fund the Defense Department for the rest of fiscal 2018 and keep the rest of the government's lights on until March 23.
The rest of the world would clearly deal with a Trump-run America rather differently, but then a Trump White House would also take a different approach to the rest of the world.
Some of this is by design: If Doug's behavior inconveniences the rest of us, the rest of us will exert whatever individual effort we can to bring him into conformity with the group.
A subspecies is a group within a species that looks phenotypically different from the rest of the species and has its own breeding range that doesn't overlap with the rest of the species.
Polls close an hour later in the Panhandle than in the rest of Florida because it is farther to the west and in a different time zone from the rest of the state.
That would give the Yankees' overworked bullpen some extra rest, but it would also allow Houston to give more-than-expected rest to its Big Three starters (Justin Verlander, Zack Greinke and Cole).
Dell sells the XPS 13 in silver with a black palm rest, but even I have to admit the rose-gold aluminum with white palm rest model I tested has grown on me.
She said that racial disparity was higher there than in the rest of the state and the rest of the nation, and that it had increased in South Bend after he took office.
The continuing resolution (CR), which passed the House 245-182, would fund the Defense Department for the rest of fiscal 2018 and keep the rest of the government's lights on until March 23.
After the boulders came to rest, I had the feeling of an eerie presence, something alive in the rough stone spheres that had come to rest in the snow in front of me.
False: All schools in Canada are closed for the rest of the school year As of March 25 there's yet no indication of schools closing nationwide for the rest of the academic year.
Rental cars (33%) and taxis (11%) account for the rest.
Rest assured: Depp is not good in this movie, either.
I love you brother, you & GiGi rest well together #MambaMentalityForever.
Then it's on to alienating the rest of the world.
That's fine, because the rest of the experience is butter.
I snack on the rest of the grapefruit from yesterday.
The rest is either stolen or lost to technical faults.
I do not rest in terms of how I work.
This should be enough for the rest of our trip.
The rest of the phone shouldn't be looked over, either.
Then he spends the rest of his life regretting it.
Neither can the rest of the country, according to Spotify.
Check out the rest of Logic's upgrades on Apple's website.
The Philadelphia 76ers were coming off three days of rest.
But what about the costs to the rest of us?
It's the Cold War desk job of pregnancy: bed rest.
Things remained relatively quiet for the rest of the year.
But justices count votes, just like the rest of us.
The rest of us are much better off for it.
To the rest of southern Europe, this looks rather good.
Transfer to cutting board, and let rest 10 minutes. 5.
By extension the party's legitimacy will rest on this rejuvenation.
The rest of the trial cannot take place without it.
Don't let them ruin it for the rest of us.
"Jared's was really about rest," Panthers Coach Ron Rivera said.
See the rest of the images in NASA's book here.
On Monday, Jackson acknowledged that Anthony probably needed some rest.
The good old RICE method— rest, ice, compression, and elevation.
We got along immediately, and really the rest is history.
The larger problem is what to do with the rest.
And, it will push the rest of the industry forward.
Still, I'm betting Nooyi knows something the rest of don't.
Rest In Peace to them all, they are very missed.
She will remember this for the rest of her life.
That could make filming the rest of the season... difficult.
And that was that for the rest of the series.
Michiko, 84, will rest this month to conserve her strength.
However, the rest of her show was actually very diverse.
Repeat all steps for the rest of your crustacean life.
God rest the souls of our fallen in eternal peace.
Some PR stunts are far more elaborate than the rest.
Click here for the rest of Cramer and Garner's analysis.
They'll stay with me for the rest of my life.
The rest of the world must be laughing at us.
What do you do with the rest of your life?
And yes, it's standard, just like the rest of them.
I'll let said memes do the rest of the talking.
"Man, rest in peace," wrote Parker Cobb of Kenner, Lousiana.
A tubular case design sets it apart from the rest.
It helps that the rest of the SEC has disappointed.
The rest of us put down cash for the tip.
Perhaps, like the rest of us, she protests too much.
It appears you can rest easy — at least for now. 
Simply put, he does not bond with the rest of
For the rest of his life, Tyler would brag about
The moon in Pisces encourages you to rest up today.
The rest of the ingredients were already in our pantry.
The rest of this experience is equally misleading and frustrating.
The rest of us look like gremlins drowning in sweat.
The rest of the MPs all exist somewhere in between.
We expect active issuance for the rest of the year.
He will be missed and may he now rest peacefully!
I spent the rest of the night awake and shivering.
There's a lesson in this for the rest of us.
What's on Ancst's agenda for the rest of the year?
I was like, Wait, what about the rest of it?!
And what's in store for the rest of the Liars?
The rest of it, he said, he's going to invest.
We ended up spending the rest of the day together.
By now, one would have imagined this couple could rest.
I take out the rollers and flat iron the rest.
It seems Jenner never gets a rest from baby talk.
That's what separates these people from the rest of us.
The trip is giving Beador some valuable rest and relaxation.
But the rest of us should know sooner than that.
The Vikings swooped him up and the rest is history.
Kanye West cancels rest of tour: Are fans fed up?
Earning your forgiveness will fuel the rest of my days.
The future of medicine may rest in altering our genes.
Give us the holidays and then a nice long rest.
Like the rest of America, looking for the jobs report.
Ham lived out the rest of his life in zoos.
We can't wait to hear the rest of the soundtrack.
"The rest are in a state of protected arrested decay."
Slow down, you're making the rest of us look bad!
Prince saw that potential years before the rest of us.
AS & G get drinks, the rest of us hang out.
What remains for the rest are networks like Investigation Discovery.
Catch the rest of her answers in the video below!
" Pinkett Smith continued, "May Kate and Anthony Rest In Peace.
The Moon is in lazy Taurus, encouraging you to rest.
Anemic growth is what the rest of the world does.
HENNINGER: Yes, the Republicans cannot rest on their laurels now.
"As for the rest, the information is incorrect," he added.
The rest of the city waited for us to pass.
The rest of the group received just half that amount.
Bryce wanted 234 city for the rest of his career.
The rest, the suit says, is being withheld by PayPal.
For the rest of us, there's also the gadget lust.
Fill the rest of the cube with olive oil. 4.
" She ended the post with, "Rest in peace, my love.
Or live with regret for the rest of your existence.
Catch up on your rest early in the week, Pisces.
You can check out the rest of our interview below.
Would it be terrifying for the rest of the world?
The march shouldn't be a moment to rest and celebrate.
The rest should be required to renew the oath annually.
The happy couple pays for the rest of the cost.
Art does many things, and rest is one of them.
Enjoy this for the rest of your life, ya freaks!
Like the rest of his family, Jun could barely eat.
But the rest of us live in a gray area.
He did a lot for the world, let him rest.
Remove steak from grill pan, and let rest 63 minutes.
Consider what is helpful to you — and drop the rest.
He cancelled that show, then the rest of his tour.
Do the rest of us get to have any say?
I'll never forget that for the rest of my life.
The visitors then went cold the rest of the way.
Remove turkey to carving board to rest a few minutes.
Rest in peace to the greatest women's basketball coach ever!!!
Causes for the rest included venom, medications, and other allergens.
The rest are for an older audience, especially newer shows.
This moment, I'll remember for the rest of my life.
That same vibe applies to the rest of the office.
The rest of their team are mostly engineers, they said.
For the rest of the league, it's business as usual.
She trails behind me for the rest of the night.
" McDermott International: "I think you hold on to the rest.
" Rest of U.S. will go, "OMG, this guy's a scumbag.
The rest of its crude supplies came through the FPS.
The rest of us had to FaceTime the first dance.
However, the rest of the Nets were able to persevere.
"He has had plenty of rest," Maddon said of Rondon.
I pay the rest of my balance and head home.
And check out the rest of Vox's videos on YouTube.
For those interested in how the rest played out pic.twitter.
For the rest of us: There's an app for that.
She faded the rest of the way, but went unscathed.
I spend the rest of the afternoon breaking the rules.
There, invisible to the rest of us, they observe the
I can be a little more relaxed about the rest.
The rest came from sectors including agriculture and waste management.
Make time to rest and catch up on time alone.
The rest of the candidates often seemed like background noise.
Fill in the rest of your lid as you go.
It doesn't give me rest, but it gives me purpose.
See the rest of our favorite's from the festival ahead.
We play video games for the rest of the night.
He remained in prison for the rest of the charges.
The Moon in Scorpio wants you to rest and recharge.
You can watch the rest of Trump's press conference here.
Their beds rest on gravel and flies circle their faces.
The rest of the GT's interior feels like an afterthought.
The rest of the changes, however, are less straightforward upgrades.
If it's #SherinMathews happy recovered so properly laid to rest.
He's banking on the rest of us feeling the same.
Within two generations, the rest of the dragons died out.
And some of the humor works better than the rest.
For the rest of us, that number is about 2,200.
We'll get the rest of Texas during this hour, too.
For that, the rest of America may face holy hell.
Ahead, updates on the rest of the Queer Eye contestants.
Which means that the rest of the industry collectively shrank.
Because the rest of my makeup was pretty pared back.
But did that put Riverdale's serial killer saga to rest?
The rest could quickly disappear if spent helping 29,000 clubs.
A rest timer will count down your time between sets.
Sanders, along with the rest of the field, signed on.
Productivity and a good night's rest go hand in hand.
Rest in peace, funny, sweet, talented and beautiful Qinni. pic.twitter.
How does it compare to the rest of the lineup?
I waited, while the rest of Edwards played musical beds.
The rest of us live on in (perhaps blissful) ignorance.
So I hope that myth will be laid to rest.
Putting to rest what defined me in my formative years.
My body tingled, and a deep rest overtook my body.
Read the rest of Bakich's guide to the eclipse here.
Was I okay living the rest of my life arguing?
The rest of the contenders wouldn't normally be very consequential.
The rest of her daughter's conditions, she said, were legitimate.
Supportive care, like fluids and rest, can help ease symptoms.
The rest of the passengers thanked us for taking charge.
Memes. The rest of the Trump boys put on tuxedos?
Dodge has all the rest, including the Music Box Key.
She acquired the rest of her $198,000 budget through sponsors.
Then, the rest will have no other options but follow.
Alex: Some you will find we will find the rest.
Check out the rest of its features on Arturia's website.
Ginger, an orangey brown, follows the rest on July 22.
Our climbing partner below is left to manage the rest.
But this post was even cuter than the rest. Why?
Brown can sit down for the rest of this conversation.
He had a good point and I let it rest.
PA) plans to buy the rest of Poland's Orbis (ORBP.
The rest of the minutes didn't contain a lot surprises.
As for the rest, we'll find out on September 14.
But the rest of the vast country was linguistically fractured.
"We just want him to rest," manager Bryan Price said.
A firefighter breaks down during a brief moment of rest.
And what becomes of the rest of the Murdoch empire?
Northern Ireland might gain, relative to the rest of Britain.
She was on the trend before the rest of us.
Final Fantasy was a hit and the rest is history.
After a night's rest, she began her next project — Santaland.
This left me confused for the rest of the day.
If I'm shrugging, are the rest of the country shrugging?
The rest are filled by the winners of local elections.
"For the rest of us, it's just grand, wise fun."
The rest of it reads as image control, or contradiction.
He needed this extra time to fully rest and recuperate.
But the rest of his remarks deserve some scrutiny, too.
It's possible he will miss the rest of the season.
If only the rest of us could be so lucky.
The same is true of the rest of us, too.
And I could spend the rest of my time playing.
It's just good to rest them once in a while.
Then the rest of the family set out for Haiti.
ET. The rest of the matches are at 6 p.m.
Curious about how the rest of the video holds up?
It sprints from rest to 60 in under seven seconds.
Here's what to cook for the rest of the week.
This is our family for the rest of our lives!
And the rest of the economy is not falling apart.
Nor ignore the rest of the people in the room.
We laugh about it for the rest of the day.
The rest would separate from service with no retirement benefits.
Louis C.K. just put the rumors to rest — sort of.
He packs his car with the rest of his things.
"They tell me to rest all the time," Lynn says.
Here are 12 moments that stuck out above the rest.
Kashmiris had been warned, as had the rest of India.
Rest assured, however, that her book is far from over.
Then it's easier for you to fill out the rest.
What would the rest of the comedy even be about?
A doctor said she needed to stop working and rest.
Sony, would reap the rest of the box office haul.
The rest of the lot was near full with cars.
And Brown gave the rest of his speech backstage, too.
Kohl's will handle the rest, like customer service and promotions.
The rest was history, Mayhew would go on to say.
The new Powerbeats Pro put any such worries to rest.
I would feed it for the rest of my life.
Celebration certainly feels different from the rest of American suburbia.
So what does this mean for the rest of us?
So what hope is there for the rest of us?
He then stayed there for the rest of the interview.
It's really good and cures the rest of my hangover.
The rest of us they want to starve to death.
He used a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
For the rest, we'll have to wait until it's released.
The rest goes towards green investments, such as renewable power.
And then IAD will sort out the rest of it.
Bernstein said McDonald's shouldn't rest on its laurels just yet.
Still, the ECB cannot afford to rest on its laurels.
The rest of the world made the best of it.
Tap the button to see the rest of the replies.
"The rest is effortless if it's something you really love."
Are you positive going through the rest of this year?
The company has put those worries to rest, Cramer said.
She's got a big day ahead of her ... rest up.
They begin with: What will the rest of America think?
The bottom line: Enjoy the holidays and get some rest.
And that's a lot like the rest of the country.
The rest of No Time to Die arrives April 10.
They look like the rest of Yale: old and wooden.
It sits flush with the rest of the city block.
Orwig's team took the research the rest of the way.
Rest in peace Gilbert Baker – creator of the rainbow flag.
You have to get your beauty rest where you can!
The rest of the lineup is also seeing price hikes.
The rest — roughly 52 percent — play in both configurations equally.
One victim was a teenager and the rest were adults.
Much of the rest of the material is more familiar.
Reserve ¾ cup of the pasta water and drain the rest.
It will rest on the views of Republicans in Congress.
I stay in bed for the rest of the night.
They maintained a comfortable lead the rest of the way.
Check out the rest of Noisey's Weed Week coverage here.
If this country loses its identity the rest is meaningless.
It's a good indication of the rest of the album.
It's that Iowa looks nothing like the rest of America.
Is this really it for the rest of my life?
The rest of the subjects will still exist on
The rest, I'll have to tell you over a drink.
I pray [to] God, may his soul rest in peace.
Just like you need to rest, they need as well!
So rest assured — I will NEVER GIVE UP the fight!
I promise that we will not rest until justice prevails.
"Rest is going to be important for us," he said.
The "E" is smaller than the rest of the icon.
That's two down, the rest of the cast to go.
Check out the rest of Newegg's Cyber Monday deals here.
Check out the rest of Target's Cyber Monday deals here.
Check out the rest of Walmart's Cyber Monday deals here.
However, the rest of this category was troublesome for Trump.
It blandly says the rest comes from elsewhere in Africa.
Check out the rest of our Apple event coverage here:
Carry it with you for the rest of the journey.
For the rest of us, it's not always as fun.
Let us pray for the rest in the Sambisa now.
Isn't that what the rest of season 1 is for?
This disgrace will follow her the rest of her life.
Another renders the environment and the rest of the experience.
Lucky for you weed and rest go pretty well together.
Glorious. The rest of "The Obliged" isn't nearly as perfect.
The rest of the world will get HomePod next year.
It carries with you for the rest of your life.
We were not going to be able to rest easy.
School has been canceled for the rest of the week.
Will TerraVia make it through the rest of the year?
So, incidentally, would the rest of the cast of Friends.
Without the rest of the poem, the line exudes camp.
And, rest assured, it won't hit close to your bone.
But they're counting on the humans to do the rest.
Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.
But the rest of Windsor was surrounded by muddy water.
It's the rest of the year that is hard work.
Then it was time for the rest of the awards.
With the Mariners idle Monday, Valencia got an extended rest.
" Ford finished his statement, writing, "Rest easy, my dear friend….
Luckily the rest of the gamepad is far more functional.
I eat the rest of my salad from this morning.
I was silent for the rest of the drive home.
The rest of Hisense's lineup is a little more pedestrian.
He provided for me for the rest of my life.
I work from home for the rest of the afternoon.
The constraint on the Move goal is my rest days.
About feeling worthless, separated from the rest of the world.
But rest assured we are taking this very, very seriously.
They are trying to tell the Rest of Us something.
We had Guinness and grits, and the rest is history.
One finger, in particular, is noticeably larger than the rest.
The rest of the year is tough on pocketbooks too.
You can read the rest of the bill here (PDF).
Can I do this for the rest of my life?
The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness.
"Our logo just needs to keep up with the rest."
Fluids and rest: The universal cure for being too drunk.
Rest in power, beloved, you are forever in our hearts.
The rest of the spec sheet is just as impressive.
"She showed it to Steve," and the rest is history.
Meeting the rest of Chase's family was so much fun!
And that would then unravel of the rest of it.
Just like the rest of us, Barbie loves to travel.
Read the rest of this post on the original site.
It's bonkers, but it's safer for the rest of us.
Here's what the rest of the team had to say:
The rest of your fingers remain tucked into you palm.
Much less gross than the rest of the week's lunches!
I think the rest of us were all over 50.
Is Hulu Live TV Worth It Versus All the Rest?
Phelps will spend the rest of his life in jail.
The singer hasn't stopped impressing the rest of America, either.
Those are now banned for the rest of the hour.
The rest of the social gaming segment quickly shook out.
It's a good logline for the rest of this series.
I will miss him for the rest of my life.
That goes for much of the rest of the country.
"Rest in paradise, my sweet dad," she captioned her post.
Maybe some bed rest is the cure to pitch problems?
You have to rest, which is always a great thing.
He is likely out through the rest of the month.
" She's as bummed as the rest of us: "I'm disappointed.
The rest of the world, too, is using less cash.
The response from the rest of Europe was still cautious.
In the rest of Spain, Catalan complaints get short shrift.
Rest In peace and thank you for the music. pic.twitter.
Praying for their families and may they rest in peace.
Kings F Zach Randolph (rest) also did not play Sunday.
It could haunt you for the rest of your life.
We can eat focaccia for the rest of our lives.
The rest of the photos are in Dudley's Flickr stream.
Do it because you love it — the rest will come.
It doesn't follow the rules the rest of us obey.
I want the rest of my life to be fun.
Let the pizza rest for a few minutes before slicing.
Then, you think about the rest of the world. Maybe.
The rest of Europe and Canada have seen similar trends.
Both Israelis and the rest of the world loved Peres.
Mr Trump's own confidence appears to rest on several pillars.
Then, the rest of the car gets built on top.
The rest of the executive order, however, could still apply.
You can read the rest of the red flags here.
He gained a resounding yes and the rest is history.
The rest involved both Tasers and other forms of force.
What's on the horizon for the rest of the country?
Listen to the rest of the lovable host's thoughts above.
It was close most of the rest of the way.
The question is, what about the rest of the market?
You can read the rest of the letter here (PDF).
Hopefully the rest of us will learn the same lesson.
Northern Europe, Canada, and most of Russia can rest easy.
Her farts for the rest of the night are toxic.
The rest of the world seems to agree with Democrats.
Take some time to yourself and catch up on rest.
Doctors are working to save the rest of the leg.
He throws fits when he's told to get some rest.
So who could the rest of the masked celebrities be?
Meanwhile, the rest of society isn't perhaps quite so fortunate.
The lead actors and the rest of the cast too.
Soon enough, that will happen to the rest of them.
Turns out he's as dumb as the rest of us.
You'll serve the rest of your hundred and twenty years.
Here are all the rest you'll end up going to.
But it also starves the rest of government of money.
The rest is concentrated in a small range of goods.
The rest are scattered around the other cities and states.
But the rest of Asia may be harder to crack.
Custom Rest Original Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow — $47.97 See Details
But we all want to get the rest on too.
The rest of the field tested at 22020% or less.
Sends the wrong message to the rest of the team.
Meanwhile, the rest of the ladies are focused on business.
They are the fulcrum on which future social attitudes rest.
But this time, rest assured that it will be back.
I spend the rest of the day focusing on paperwork.
They remain without news of the rest of the family.
You can read the rest of The Economist's study here.
The rest would be paid through local revenues it said.
The rest of the internet can still see your junk.
Read the rest of the report about the panel here.
Fortunately, the rest of the laptop experience is very good.
Now the rest of us just have to see it.
I listen to music as I walk the rest of.
International orders rest on more than historical memory, of course.
In doing so, it also puts several ghosts to rest.
The government spends the rest on cultural sites in Rome.
But the rest of the table was cracking up laughing.
The rest I left to the traditions of that place.
Holtby shut out the Canadiens the rest of the way.
"George can rest in peace now," Fawaz told the Mirror.
Gina Rodriguez suffered through braces like the rest of us.
Read the rest of The New York Times story here.
The rest of the Rainbow Warriors were 4 of 20.
As for the rest... we'll have to wait and see.
It's Netflix and chill for the rest of the night.
As for the rest of the people named, it's unclear.
The key to getting over pneumonia is treatment and rest.
The health ministry wants the rest to phase them out.
The Serbian government will secure the rest of the funds.
"Rest in peace my angel," the rapper and singer wrote.
Allowing them to translate the rest of the key presses.
The rest of the wedding was kind of a blur!
It's in stark contrast to the rest of the films.
Let's also consider the rest of the marketing automation landscape.
The rest of its production goes to the local market.
The singer postponed the rest of her tour in response.
The rest of Derwood's weapon exists in a gray area.
The rest of the United States is at your disposal.
But rest assured, the two sites have several key differences.
What price would you put on a good night's rest?
The rest said it would come in 2020 or beyond.
It'll even find you nearby gas stations and rest stops.
Regarding the rest of the list, I have no idea.
Rest assured, however, they are on the Prime Day list.
You can check out the rest of our finalists here!
Remove from oven; let rest 10 to 20 minutes. 4.
For the rest of the continent the share was 20%.
Here's to you dancing happily through the rest of it!
It will be with me the rest of my life.
You can read the rest of Fortnite's patch notes here.
The rest was to be paid in November this year.
The newness fades away with the rest of your stuff.
We waste the rest of the afternoon watching Pool Kings.
We're going to need him the rest of the way.
The rest come from Yelp, as do all the pictures.
Hopefully I can get some rest and prepare for it.
And you know what they say, the rest is history.
The decision by Boeing puts the trade challenge to rest.
But rest assured, plenty can go wrong along the way.
He fought in silence and now he can rest peacefully .
With REST, you can only download predefined bundles of information.
He's that much better than the rest of the field.
Why would they not have you pose like the rest?!
I pay for the rest and we walk back home.
But rest assured, Jay's prank didn't cost him his girlfriend.
The rest of the cases opt for a glossy finish.
The rest of the world doesn't look so perfect, either.
Rest assured — this is the good combination of VPN protocols.
Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest, sweet princess.
It's also a departure from the rest of Kiarostami's canon.
ER: My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh.
He simply won't eat cake, unlike the rest of us.
Simply keep what you like and send the rest back.
If he is taking his ease, give him no rest.
I'm going to go get the rest of the equipment.
The rest were DC employees or in the comic business.
GRAPHIC: Russia, Saudi & rest of OPEC crude oil production - tmsnrt.
The rest of the time I ate normally, without restrictions.
I'll be on medication for the rest of my life.
You are spending the rest of your life in prison.
America that pitted New York against rest of the country.
The rest of the party should come along with her.
The rest of the weekend's top five favors newer releases.
The rest of the world doesn't see it that way.
Photo: GettyHospitals, like the rest of us, are extremely online.
Read the rest of CNN's exclusive report on this here.
You can listen to the rest of the interview here.
The rest of us were taking care of other patients.
"Rest In Peace, the unforgettable Matthew Taylor Mellon," she wrote.
That's where she met Sweetpea, and the rest is history.
If so, let the rest of us have a chance.
Having said that, the rest of Whiskey gets things right.
"And the rest is history about what happened," Ellis says.
It will take a few years to determine the rest.
But the rest of the world, he doesn't care about.
She did not speak for the rest of the segment.
I just wish the rest of iTunes was more manageable.
There was no — how many nights' rest have you gotten?
I will regret it for the rest of my life.
And you know the rest of that quote, you know.

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