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"ditch" Definitions
  1. a long channel dug at the side of a field or road, to hold or take away water
"ditch" Synonyms
channel trench trough gutter conduit drain furrow waterway watercourse duct canal cut fosse gully dike foss sheugh moat dyke excavation hole hollow pit cavity depression indentation dent concavity crater dint recess cave indenture shaft pothole cavern pocket well ravine gorge canyon pass defile gulf gulch gap couloir flume gill notch kloof chasm saddle linn fissure clough col evasion avoidance dodging elusion shunning circumvention ducking eluding escape shirking cop-out cunning deception fudging pretext shuffling artifice bypassing equivocation eschewal mine wellspring argosy cornucopia fund supply store source reserve bonanza repository stock treasury wealth hoard vein mint reservoir storehouse creek brook rivulet stream beck bourn bourne brooklet burn rill river run runlet runnel streamlet tributary backwater arroyo bayou dam embankment barrier wall barrage levee hindrance obstruction head barricade blockage bank block boom gate grade milldam millpond weir crash accident wreck derailment crunch pileup sideswipe splashdown total washout smash-up pile-up fender bender road accident car accident car crash crack-up road traffic accident traffic accident air accident dig excavate burrow shovel dig out dig a ditch in provide with ditches groove scrape gouge tunnel scoop indent rut discard dump scrap junk jettison chuck shed unload reject cashier lose toss exorcise(UK) exorcize(US) pitch drop abandon trash ax(US) axe(UK) leave jilt desert forsake throw over run out on cast aside walk out on finish with bin off leave high and dry break up with leave in the lurch give the elbow blow off kiss off abolish cancel quash annul rescind eradicate repeal nullify destroy invalidate eliminate annihilate obliterate terminate void abrogate kill end extinguish revoke fail betray disregard neglect depart relinquish discount ignore forget renounce abdicate cut out forgo eschew waive forego shun avoid refrain from give up do without go without deny oneself pass on leave out keep off dispense with not touch get off shy from play truant be absent mitch skive truant bunk bunk off goof off mitch off mooch play hookey skive off wag bag it bump off cut class hook Jack not go to school play hooky play the wag crashland collide come down fall land smash give the slip evade elude dodge bilk shake off leave behind get away from escape from throw off break away from get clear of get free from get rid of throw off the scent get shot of slip through your fingers roll lurch sway rock reel wobble seesaw careen wabble list plunge undulate keel flounder heave jounce labor(US) labour(UK) eject dismiss depose remove unseat defenestrate discharge dethrone topple overthrow fire oust sack supplant expel uncrown retire snub rebuff repudiate decline disdain ostracise(UK) ostracize(US) refuse scorn spurn snout stay clear of ensconce settle instal(UK) install(US) lodge establish nestle entrench shelter plant screen seat cover hide park perch position protect roost shut stop thwart foil forestall circumvent counter cramp curb derail oppose prevent stymie defeat get out of beat bypass frustrate prohibit stash conceal obscure mask occult shroud cache secrete veil bury camouflage cloak curtain disguise dissemble hurtle tumble plummet descend dip dive sink skid sprawl precipitate overbalance overturn bolt flee abscond retreat fly split break decamp scarper scram skip disappear hightail skedaddle spring bail out More
"ditch" Antonyms
keep continue hold retain save pick up load restore hoard maintain love acquire start begin stick by hold on to conceal fill stay hide adopt catch collect gather receive refrain take withhold create authorise(UK) authorize(US) establish found institute introduce legalise(UK) legalize(US) promote reinstate reintroduce revive sustain aid allow approve support assist back encourage advocate guide help champion embrace endorse aid and abet campaign for root for vouch for rally around side with get behind give help to stand behind buy get obtain attain gain purchase access procure secure appropriate amass hook nab bag have net score reclaim recover regain retrieve rescue reacquire guard protect safeguard care for keep together look after provide for stand by take care of acknowledge avow own admit claim concede confirm recognise(UK) recognize(US) accept store stow reposit reserve heap cache shelve stash accumulate retain possession of stash away hang onto hold onto remain persevere perdure persist stick endure last survive carry forward carry on go on keep on press on push on with persist with defend foster cherish parent raise nurse rear take in rediscover return revert return to stay with go back associate befriend affiliate connect unite be friends link up take up enter open commence undertake launch initiate start to enter upon set about jump into start off tear into enter into go into enter on embark on embark upon calm laze quiet soothe stabilise(UK) stabilize(US) steady be still leave alone lie still uphold preserve prolong keep up keep intact confront brave encounter face meet disclose divulge enlighten explain expose order organise(UK) organize(US) release reveal admire court like sanction seek welcome take on convene with join meet face to face meet up rendezvous rendezvous with run into bump into collide with come across contact crash into cross the path run across run smack into enact pass legislate form generate instigate make occasion originate trigger constitute close stopper block cork seal stuff caulk choke clog plug fill up top up stay put stick around wait linger sit tight dwell hang about hang around hang out loiter put up squat sweat it out closure denial refusal veto mound bulge protrusion protuberance camber jut projection bump lump intumescence prominence hump distention excess gibbosity convexity tuberosity hill rise dune filling solid break closing difference

772 Sentences With "ditch"

How to use ditch in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "ditch" and check conjugation/comparative form for "ditch". Mastering all the usages of "ditch" from sentence examples published by news publications.

He reveals the tractor has plunged into ditch and Mosher was thrown into the ditch.
Ditch carbon subsidies The problem: 1.53 countries have agreed we must ditch fossil fuels this century.
If I were going to truly ditch Google, I was going to have to ditch Android as well.
We're in the ditch -- how do we get it out of the ditch and then back on the road?
Making a living doing wizard rock would mean we ditch our day jobs, ditch our kids, and go on tour.
The group uses the slogan "Ditch the ditch," a reference to the canyon into which the highway will be dropped.
" — Rory Evans "In life there are two types of workers: ditch diggers, and those who tell them how to dig the ditch.
Its stanzas begin to read like telegraphs from a freshly broken world: Every runnel was a Rubiconwhere every ditch was a last ditch.
Ditch diggers who unearthed the lot were working to install a water line to a nearby park when they noticed "irregular terrain" inside a ditch, CNN reported.
They would fall into the ditch, some wounded and not dead, and if you were lying on the ledge, an individual would throw you into the ditch.
In a doorbell ditch, also commonly known as a ding-dong-ditch, a person rings a doorbell and tries to run away before anyone opens the door.
One theory trying to reconcile the two, quantum gravity, says that if you ditch a spatial dimension, you can also ditch gravity in your calculations to make things easier.
Most of Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode "Kim's Last Ditch Effort," is about, well, Kim Kardashian's emotional last ditch effort to be able to conceive and carry a third baby.
"There is incredible grassroots energy for Amy McGrath to run against Mitch McConnell," said Ryan Aquilina, the Executive Director of the Ditch Fund and its Ditch Mitch project in an email.
Go deeper ... Trending: Politicians ditch government for cable news
Would you ditch hummus for a dip made from garlic?
He plummeted over a snow bank, and into a ditch.
One landed meters away, throwing Zeller into a neighboring ditch.
So you know they saw you ditch the thong, Anastasia.
So don't ditch your favorite pair just because they break.
This white stork fell into a ditch and nearly drowned.
They scrap so hard they end up in the ditch.
I guess I was too quick to ditch the parka.
OnePlus smartly isn't ready to ditch the headphone jack yet.
If she's home alone, it's likely she'll ditch her wardrobe.
Don't ditch Ryan for Dandy Mott from American Horror Story!
LONDON — Guys, it's time to ditch your elaborate grooming routines.
Archaeologist Lars Krants stands in an excavation ditch at Fensten.
Ditch the flimsy wheel and wield some sturdy scissors instead.
Headlines Boris Johnson increases efforts to ditch Brexit backstop on.ft.
It is time for them to ditch their toxic ally.
The car then flipped and landed in a nearby ditch.
Tess Holliday has a new fan that she'd rather ditch.
I haven't crashed my entire future into a funless ditch.
Microsoft now says it's planning to ditch the pistol, too.
Will people finally ditch their old tablets to go Pro?
The government proposes to ditch these exemptions for trans people.
And I was beyond happy to ditch the gray shadow.
We need to ditch fossil fuels to blunt climate change.
Folsom's car ended up in a ditch along the highway.
In 2014, Foursquare decided to ditch its original legacy app.
He blacked out and later woke up in a ditch.
The lake smells worse than the ditch outside Razafindeamiza's house.
They suggested I ditch him and hang with them instead.
They pull her out of the ditch eventually, of course.
Then, as the year goes on, we ditch all that.
That's the phone that might ditch the home button altogether.
It would also enable Winter to ditch her baby voice.
Bethenny Frankel just wants to ditch her "money pit" apartment.
America Inc has dug a giant defensive ditch around itself.
Neumann's solution, to ditch the grand coalition, has drawn support.
And so airlines are beginning to ditch their poshest cabins.
I found the third passenger face down in a ditch.
Google also opted to ditch the headphone jack this year.
Brie wants to ditch, but Jessie is there to network.
"I told them to go dig a ditch," he said.
A combination of ash and sissoo grew in that ditch.
After Yaz fell, more Taliban came out of the ditch.
Ditch all that, they say, and flush times will follow.
I was so overjoyed to be stuck in a ditch.
But now, they're apparently looking to ditch their majority stake.
The suitcase, found in a roadside ditch, had no identification.
His body was found in a ditch on Feb. 3.
Also, Cooper says to ditch subtly and say it straight.
I really thought my daughter lay dead in a ditch.
Here's my advice: If you aren't traveling, ditch the luggage.
Get on the phone, make a decision, ditch your inbox.
Ditch the knife and try carving the with a waterjet.
He had rolled his car into a ditch on Saturday.
Looking to ditch your stateside job and leave the country?
Spoiler: So far, most say they would ditch Facebook first.
Then the vehicle came to a stop in a ditch.
Ditch the Tunes: You need all your senses while riding.
"Occasionally someone would invariably fall in the ditch," he wrote.
Ultimately, he was pulled out of a ditch and shot.
Dems should ditch them, in climate policy above all else.
Worldwide condemnation forced the administration to quickly ditch the policy.
I bombed the ditch until the mud puddles in the soybean field steamed, until the soybean shoots themselves melted, until it seemed as though I were standing in the ditch and bombing the field.
At the G20 summit in Turkey in November, more than two hundred nations agreed to cut carbon emissions in a last-ditch effort to save the planet — yes, things are at the last-ditch point.
Before he heads to his favorite spot, the Ditch Witch at Ditch Plains Beach, he starts his day at home, a modern glass house overlooking Lake Montauk, about a one-minute electric bike ride away.
One of Mr Trump's first acts was to ditch that deal.
In the end, Roberson's 2012 Chevy Malibu veered into a ditch.
Right now, when smokers ditch Marlboro for Juul, Altria loses out.
It's time to ditch the filibuster and fix our broken government .
Click here to view original GIFKayaking down a flooded mountainside ditch?
Joshua then crashed his vehicle into a ditch near the house.
And apparently, Gomez didn't just ditch the paparazzi and public appearances.
He didn't want to be dead in a ditch, after all.
For some residents, it means a chance to ditch dilapidated housing.
Should Britain ditch Ecodesign, EU manufacturers would not be entirely disappointed.
Agreeing to ditch it is, superficially, a step towards a deal.
If I wanted to disconnect, I'd have to ditch smartphones altogether.
Liam Hackett is the founder and CEO of Ditch the LabeI.
Ditch the city like Thoreau for a cabin in the woods?
A/C broken and need to ditch your hot tools ASAP?
Just ditch the spiders if you want a less festive look.
Hence the pressure on Unilever to ditch the food business entirely.
It took 10 years for Apple to ditch the home button.
Stepping outside shouldn't require you to ditch your nice, powerful speakers.
YC isn't the first accelerator to ditch its Silicon Valley digs.
You may finally be able to ditch your Finstagram for  good.
Ditch Apple News and use the recently revamped Google News instead.
Beijing has given SOEs until 2020 to ditch their "social functions".
A last-ditch visit to a psychic had yielded nothing useful.
Do you understand how deep this ditch we just dug is?
She wants MJ to ditch Geno ... and get herself into rehab.
Last ditch interventions current include heart transplants and temporary artificial hearts.
Ninety per cent of us will probably die in a ditch.
Ditch the thing and begin the dreaded cycle all over again.
Ditch old ideas, like thinking only rich people invest in stocks.
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: A last-ditch effort from Sens.
So why did he ditch the academic life to make software?
As people ditch their landlines, scammers have started targeting mobile phones.
As a last ditch defense, Monica threw Sophia under the bus.
Did the nationalism make it easier to ditch the economic populism?
A last-ditch effort brought her to an Orlando Lowe's store.
The cooly restrained serenity of classicism is dead in a ditch.
And "for the love of God," she counsels, "ditch the car."
DITCH THE GROUP TOURS Group trips aren't ideal for cultural immersion.
In a last-ditch attempt, McGarry wrote to Burgmans on Monday.
Their bodies were thrown into a ditch on a university campus.
How much of a chance does this last-ditch effort have?
Still, this last-ditch attempt came as something of a surprise.
By December 1965, Luna decided to ditch New York for London.
Mr. Weinstein quickly mounted a last-ditch effort to save himself.
This is the podcast bro ethos: Ditch your ideologically charged identity.
We are giving it one more chance before we ditch it.
Running for it, Connors had to ditch his two-handed backhand.
Often they're tossed in the water-filled ditch near my driveway.
In a last-ditch effort, they appealed to the Supreme Court.
It's a last-ditch attempt to prevent his target from escaping.
For the moment I'm staying in this ditch with the wounded.
But Umtiti slides in and clears in a last-ditch move.
It's a last-ditch effort, and supporters say it's gaining traction.
Muammar el-Qaddafi, was overthrown, dragged from a ditch and killed.
We decided to ditch the spiritual world for the natural one.
So I agreed to ditch my other date and meet him.
Nicole will always ditch her shoes wherever when she comes home.
There are some last-ditch options available for visitors to Japan.
Apple's iPhone 8 will ditch the home button, Bloomberg said Wednesday.
"All of my employers would probably just ditch me," Bondy said.
It's time to ditch our need for speed and embrace efficiency.
Management decided to ditch school-age girls and use older women.
It swerves, flips over, and crashes into a ditch upside down.
If your resume still has your snail mail address, ditch it.
Getting European countries to ditch polluting industries will not be cheap.
The Fed appears to have no plans to ditch the dots.
Ditch the multiple ballots and the public cajoling of candidate supporters.
Will the incumbent ditch their running mate for a fresh face?
Wag founders ditch dogs for bikes with $37 million in funding
Beijing has given SOEs until 21 to ditch their "social functions".
But that doesn't mean they're ready to ditch Trump over it.
Read what happened when an advertising agency decided to ditch them.
They scrambled for a ditch that was perhaps a foot deep.
Aside from these exceptions though, we should ditch the audience altogether.
No need to ditch it on the side of the road.
I think that's the critical part, ditch the carbs. Yes. Yes.
So ... does this mean CP will ditch Hollywood for the Octagon??
On Monday, there was a last-ditch vote around those rules.
Last-ditch effort for Mideast peace Kerry still left open the possibility of a last-ditch effort to lay out his vision for Mideast peace and memorialize the progress that had been made during the negotiations.
He's already shown a willingness to ditch his protective pool of journalists.
You had the insane last ditch fight to vote for Ted Cruz.
Authorities say this was mostly likely a last-ditch bid at escape.
Macron made a last-ditch attempt to salvage the agreement on Saturday.
Just don't ditch your responsibilities as the moon clashes with taskmaster Saturn.
Savona has questioned whether Italy should ditch the euro as its currency.
Luckily we went right into a ditch and not over the cliffside.
Rumor has it the iPhone 2820 will ditch the 26mm headphone jack.
We are the person in the ditch, and we see the Samaritan.
He carried out the mission while lying prone in a shallow ditch.
Ditch that set of falsies for this subtle, sultry lash look, instead.
And how many New Yorkers, realistically, will ditch traditional commutes for wheels?
So you decided to finally ditch your cable package this year. Great!
For my unsolicited two cents, ditch the hotcakes and bring it on.
The boys were found unresponsive in an irrigation ditch near a cornfield.
They deployed fire shelters in a last-ditch effort to save themselves.
Would you ditch your skinny jeans in favor of a looser cut?
Should you ditch your S.O. if you're having a crisis of self?
Next time, hopefully, we can ditch the "by a female director" qualifier.
Stand near a window and ditch the flash for the best effect.
A last-ditch effort to retrieve his personal brand from a precipice.
Joe Biden smokes ditch weed in his Camaro with no shirt on.
The first to ditch Libra was Paypal, which withdrew on October 4th.
Ditch the cliché gifts this year in favour of a DNA test.
Or, do you ditch the romance entirely and go with something cheeky?
He forced the three to lie face down in a nearby ditch.
Go deeper: Outgoing state Republicans weigh last-ditch efforts to weaken Democrats
Ditch the objective statement, a dirty term in the resume-writing world.
Hinge decided to ditch its swipe-based user experience back in 2016.
It didn't have to ditch the green felt in the Game Center.
But can Congress really force Trump to ditch the dangerous tweet machine?
The White House hopefuls are making last-ditch pitches to their supporters.
Maui's Sugar Ditch Kids and their quest for Olympic glory in 1937.
Operation Get The Poor Puppy Out Of The Ditch was a success.
So, was my decision to ditch plastic bags bad for the environment?
If you're looking for a great job, forget about Indeed, ditch Monster.
The parting gift is not, however, some last-ditch attempt at goodness.
And if you ditch your Sprint plan, the full balance is due.
So ditch the dad sneakers, and adopt a pair of grandpa loafers.
However, Johansson doesn't plan to ditch Hollywood for Washington any time soon.
Ditch the small talk and try dishing about something you hate instead.
We want to make an impact and enable people to ditch cars.
JavaScript applications are able to ditch the browser thanks to the Node.
The second time, I pulled a serious dick move to ditch him.
One tactic, obviously, is to ditch the jargon when you need to.
Bottom line: Samsung should just ditch Bixby and stick to Google Assistant.
Tell Apple to keep the standard headphone jack and ditch planned obsolescence!
Ditch the banks for crypto; crowdsource justice; blow up Zuck's public square.
That doesn't mean you have to ditch your gym shoes for good.
Life star, was found dead in a ditch with a gunshot wound.
The Brazilian Republican Party's 22 parliamentarians unanimously decided to ditch Ms Rousseff.
Then-President Obama in a last ditch effort renominated her in January.
But you could not have floated a toy rowboat down that ditch.
The latest strike went ahead after last-ditch talks failed on Saturday.
So which one should you ditch your current shampoo and conditioner for?
"I've had women do a ditch [midway into the] night," laughs Swennen.
She'll have to work harder to ditch her in the future, though.
The stocks have been hammered in recent weeks as investors ditch tech.
Anderson pointed out that it's rare to have to ditch an airplane.
Boris Johnson said he would rather die in a ditch than extend.
Harry Litman: Trump's last-ditch effort to discredit Cohen is a joke.
But McConnell has shown no inclination to ditch the filibuster for legislation.
Unfortunately, most pull too much traffic from Facebook to simply ditch it.
They decided to ditch cultural accuracy and instead focus on girl power.
As the speed increases, they can't keep it out of the ditch.
"Ditch the shop-bought crackers and make your own," the statement said.
In some ways it's like figuring out how to ditch your shadow.
You'll feel tempted to ditch your friends today for a booty call.
HKEX's offer had required the London exchange to ditch the Refinitiv acquisition.
I dove into a ditch just as the bombs hit the road.
He also frustrated last-ditch Soviet efforts to dissolve the Atlantic alliance.
And the two leapt into the ditch and slid back to Mexico.
Now's a good time to also ditch the idea of bottled water.
Note to headphone manufacturers: Ditch the BS and follow Marshall's lead here.
Ditch old ideas, such as thinking only rich people invest in stocks.
And don't just ditch them on the sidewalk when you're done either.
"Ditch the shop-bought crackers and make your own," the statement said.
Four more gunshots are heard before the vehicle rolls into a ditch.
But on Friday, Roberto Gualtieri demanded the ECB ditch the plan altogether.
We've definitely seen tweets from angry owners threatening to ditch their Roku.
Ditch all those weird packages and bottles and containers in the fridge.
It's making Shawn wonder: Should he ditch his boring old index fund?
Traveling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch.
Experiencing that horror would make any prince ditch their racist school friends.
The last-ditch offensive benefiting a candidacy favored by a foreign government.
"In the Ditch," a novel based on those columns, appeared in 220.
Some banks have gone further and let customers ditch even their phones.
As president, Mr. Trump will be free to ditch these executive orders.
Others encouraged the singer to ditch her trademark ponytail extensions for good.
Weight Watchers is changing its name as consumers ditch diets for wellness.
The rebels then hunted Gadhafi down and killed him in a ditch.
She's happy to ditch ethics in order to push her career along.
It was a last-ditch effort borne out of desperation, Puddicombe said.
Labour is also unlikely to ditch Jeremy Corbyn, its wildly unpopular leader.
Traveling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch.
"It's a last-ditch effort to secure his base," Mr. Velasco said.
Just as common: our desire to ditch this excess baggage, which has fired up the market for Marie Kondo's best-selling books, blogs and a magazine called Real Simple devoted in part to helping people ditch their clutter.
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If your focus is long-term, you can ditch the trading scrum altogether.
So the enterprising Norwegians had an idea: Don't just ditch the malfunctioning hardware.
Ditch that dust pan and feed all kitchen floor debris right into bruno.
Life, was found dead in a ditch with a gunshot wound on Aug.
If you want to ditch your dreary life-sucking job, go for it!
As a last-ditch effort, it rehired Jobs and named him interim CEO.
Runaway climate change because humanity has taken too long to ditch fossil fuels?
He called the flag a last ditch "far-recognition signal" on the battlefield.
But Turkey failed in this seemingly last-ditch effort to stop the offensive.
The move caves to activist investors who want to ditch the bus line.
The companies' decision to appeal directly to Trump was a last-ditch gamble.
He says the bus was sitting in the ditch, up against some rocks.
Hughes' last-ditch 3-point attempt rimmed out and the Seminoles held on.
With new wireless charging innovations, we might finally be able to ditch wires.
They also ditch the dual-selfie-camera system and dual front-facing speakers.
They carried sacks of hay to cushion their leap into its defensive ditch.
Netflix has a similar five-star system (although it may ditch it soon).
They decided to ditch the original typeface and design one of their own.
Maui's Sugar Ditch Kids and their quest for Olympic glory in 1937. 7.
Administrators were appointed after Ashley's last-ditch bid to rescue the company failed.
After launch, however, customers can ditch Comcast's equipment, and stick with just Roku.
For the purposes of this challenge, Borges also encourages people to ditch alcohol.
Here are the two main thoughts she had to ditch to become successful.
The English cavalry fell right into the spear-filled ditch the Scots created.
Semi truck being blown over and sliding into the ditch in Amarillo Tx!!!
Conventional pop is so passé — keep the bubbles, but ditch the excess sugar!
But the second half of the game seems to ditch that almost entirely.
Eager to try out Chrome OS, but not ready to ditch Windows entirely?
Too many Nigerians have been let down by politicians to ditch their cynicism.
Ditch that blue-light-shining eye trap and get out into the world!
The company's cigarette shipment volumes have faltered as more smokers ditch the habit.
Here are five times you may want to ditch the credit card. 1.
"He called it Cherry Cherry Knock Knock or Ding Dong Ditch," said Finkley.
So don't expect department stores to ditch their seasonal window extravaganzas anytime soon.
The Ditch Your Car Challenge offered personal driving alternatives, paid for by Lyft.
The couple's Ford Taurus spun off the road and into a nearby ditch.
Apparently Kardashian has only just now been able to ditch her married name.
For now, the authors of the last-ditch repeal-and-replace bill, Sens.
Mikkel is getting bullied at school by Katharina, and decides to ditch class.
The first barbeque we had ended up in a ditch, broke a wheel.
The woman's remains were found in a Townsend drainage ditch in June 1977.
There are conflicting reports saying Samsung will and won't ditch the headphone jack.
Is Corrine's curl MO enough to make you ditch your lived-in look?
Heather Locklear was hospitalized Thursday after she drove her Porsche into a ditch.
We're told Heather crashed into a ditch but was alert after the accident.
Recent crackdowns saw extremists ditch mainstream platforms in favor of encrypted messaging services.
Does she want Taystee to ditch her prison beiges for something more fun?
So, will she ditch her messy bun and opt for a chic chignon?
China should make a last ditch effort to tell him to lay off.
If that's the case, these women need to ditch these insecure dudes ASAP.
His disfigured body was found in a ditch more than a week later.
Considering the cost-per-wear here, should we just ditch the category altogether?
I ditch the faster pop-punk and rock for slower, more contemplative music.
Texans ditch the normal Christmas pine tree and decorate a pecan tree instead.
So it looks like not everyone is ready to ditch the gas pump.
Other experts agree that it's unlikely UPS will ditch Amazon as FedEx did.
On the upcoming season, Supergirl will ditch her classic look for navy pants.
Considering his last-ditch effort to provide the water, I'd bet the latter.
It could be a while before this ditch is in the rearview mirror.
The ditch was unchanged, too, although the trees and the shrubbery were gone.
That could drive America down into a ditch, not make us great again.
The prime minister will head to Brussels on Thursday for last-ditch talks.
Pilots only decide to ditch an aircraft when there is no better alternative.
Maui's Sugar Ditch Kids and their quest for Olympic glory in 1937. 11.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to hear Cosby's last-ditch appeal.
Ditch the presentation tools and limit your communications to the most relevant information.
But if Allo matures, users will probably want to ditch the Hangouts app.
The French favorite Thibaut Pinot ended up in a ditch at one point.
Kelley eventually lost control of his truck and crashed it in a ditch.
It's a drastic move: curtailing the filibuster, the minority party's last-ditch tool.
There are two Democratic presidential candidates besides Hickenlooper who could help ditch Mitch.
PepsiCo is working to improve Mountain Dew sales, as customers ditch sugary sodas.
Four more gunshots can be heard before Ghaisar's vehicle rolls into a ditch.
Although deploying this last-ditch option is rare, the results can be tragic.
Ditch Facebook Trackers Q: I&aposm so very tired of Facebook&aposs shenanigans.
He vows to ditch them for his May 20 graduation, according to Lewis.
If I didn't get a band, I was gonna ditch the drums altogether.
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Will people ditch their iPhones and Android phones overnight for Windows 10 devices?
Illustrators could really use this kind of flexibility and ditch their Wacom tablet.
Spy Woot Snow Goggles, $65It's time they ditch those scratched up old things.
Blumenthal slammed the GOP's last-ditch effort, which comes days before the Sept.
DITCH PLAINS, Marc Murphy's West Village seafood restaurant, has closed after 12 years.
Meanwhile, another deputy successfully forced Dial off the highway and into a ditch.
It's time for policy wonks and technologists alike to ditch these wrongheaded fixations.
Time was that you had to be an experimental weirdo to ditch vowels.
In a last-ditch effort to help him, his mother bought a dog.
This is their last-ditch full-fledged attempt to discredit the Russia investigation.
Really destructive policies, like those driving Venezuela into the ditch, are one thing.
Finally, I left a three-minute voice mail as a last-ditch effort.
Only one thing helped Mr. Steffen ditch smoking for good: an e-cigarette.
A large long ditch ran parallel to it, where ISIS had been fighting.
The vehicle later stopped in a ditch as a SWAT team cautiously approached.
If you don't want to ditch the pen and paper entirely, no problem.
The ditch was covered over with thick vegetation, and they were well hidden.
It's possible candidates' last-ditch debate appearances — and arguments — could make the difference.
Go deeper Scoop: The GOP's ditch-Rudy strategy on impeachment Trump's Rudy problem
Or maybe it was intentional, in case she had to ditch her phone.
Even a minority sale would help the world's biggest brewer ditch debt faster.
In a last-ditch effort, she called a hotline for the city's mayor.
His S.U.V. crossed the centerline, plunged into a ditch and hit a tree.
A better one would ditch our cultural fixation on immigrant struggle porn entirely.
In a last-ditch effort, Democratic senators left Wisconsin, denying Republicans a quorum.
If your resolutions bring some actual pain, you're almost certain to ditch them.
The writ was something of a last-ditch effort to appeal the case.
For five things to know about the last-ditch repeal bill, click here.
The missing driver's phone was subsequently discovered in a ditch in Golden, Colorado.
Why ditch comfortable jobs for an industry that many traditional programmers scoff at?
France, Britain and Norway even want to ditch gas and diesel cars altogether.
After he clipped the animal, it flew into the ditch on the shoulder.
In November 24 she went on a last ditch effort, an immunotherapy drug.
Or ditch the technique for fear of being labeled polemical, or, worse, predictable?
Even then, it's fairly easy to ditch either company once those passes expire.
Go deeper: Trump makes last-ditch North Carolina election push for GOP candidate
Don't be afraid to ditch some projects if they're not working for you!
Ditch the cycling machine at the gym and pick up the real thing.
Make 3 "ditches" in the pasta and crack one egg into each "ditch".
Asked to list certain holes where a ditch or ditches would most likely come into play, Davis last week mentioned the second and ninth holes, where there are ditches alongside the left side of the fairway; the 12th hole, where balls in the drive zone and the layup area may have to skirt a ditch; and the 18th hole, where there is a ditch left of the drive zone.
If you're looking for a sign to ditch your cable provider, this is it.
If the religion don't make you are more loving or better person, ditch it.
Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill made a last ditch appeal against the process last month.
It was her son that pushed Costa to ditch her bad habits for good.
He saw the purple suitcase in a ditch on the side of the road.
It flung their motor home in a ditch far from where it was parked.
The singer has been open about her desire to ditch makeup as of late.
I want the UI to ditch the grid and be show-based and interactive.
The easiest way to have Zuckerberg levels of privacy is to just ditch Facebook.
AK-47 gunfire rang out and a body landed in the ditch alongside him.
On Instagram, Riggs' dad William seemed happy to see his son ditch the walkers.
Of course, you can keep the root entirely and ditch highlights altogether, like Miley.
A passing motorist later saw the teen stumbling near a ditch and called 911.
Back in December Laurita made the decision to ditch silicone altogether for Ideal Implants.
The company likely won&apost ditch LCD screens and go all-OLED until 2020.
U.S. President Donald Trump says he will ditch Canada unless it quickly makes concessions.
" After the election, Fox News published an op-ed headlined, "Want to ditch ObamaCare?
Because brilliance and intelligence can perpetuate gender imbalance, companies should ditch the terms entirely.
No incentive to ditch it But whose responsibility is it to reduce fertilizer use?
But plenty of observers think the M5S would happily ditch that principle if necessary.
The two sides will hold last-ditch talks in Washington on Thursday and Friday.
"You don't invite me places and when you do, you ditch me," Che joked.
Sunday evening, a body later identified as White's was found in a drainage ditch.
Now that Dabiq has failed to deliver, might jihadists ditch their more nihilistic ideas?
So ditch your last-minute hostess gift habit, and buy the bottle on Tuesday.
Or, ditch the harness altogether and go with a strap-on that's, well, strapless.
But if you're concerned about your privacy, you should probably ditch the AccuWeather app.
I ditch cutlery often, regardless of the context and whether or not it's necessary.
And no one wants to ditch their iPhone and go back to a BlackBerry.
Save £30 on a Google Home Hub and ditch the paper diary for good.
It's time to ditch your indigo favorites in favor of something a little fancier.
PG&E couldn't just ditch renewables in California as Singer has counseled utilities elsewhere.
Ditch your blinds for the cordless type, which can cost as little as $12.
But a better solution might to ditch the numbers altogether, or at least mostly.
Ditch your sweaty boat shoes for the more refined look of a blucher moccasin.
If Labour does nothing to appeal to Europhiles, they too could ditch the party.
A person doesn't have to ditch their Pioneer stack to gain access to Alexa.
Therefore, ditch the siren-red pout, and opt for a more youthful look instead.
Four days later her body was found in a drainage ditch several miles away.
Persuading those healthcare workers to ditch WhatsApp at work is Siilo's mission and challenge.
Calling all non-traditional brides: it's now totally ok to ditch the regular veil.
Their last-ditch plan in late July, a very narrow repeal plan, got 49.
John Kasich united against Trump in a last-ditch effort to derail the frontrunner.
Apple could ditch a metal exterior for something more exotic like glass or ceramic.
Front Burner For that hot dog off the grill, ditch the pinky-up Dijon.
He also shot and killed a sheriff's deputy before being arrested in a ditch.
Aetna and UnitedHealth Group were the first big insurers to ditch AHIP in 2015.
It is also unclear where May's last-ditch bid will leave her minority government.
Mr Yatsenyuk gathered his cabinet to push for a last-ditch attempt at unity.
Or if not, he hopes to learn what caused them to ditch the worldview.
In a flurry of last-ditch appeals, Williams' lawyers had been begging Missouri Gov.
Talk about having a wheel in the ditch and a wheel on the track.
But, they added, China won't ditch its industrial development plans vital to its competitiveness.
Isn't the whole point of these wearables that you get to ditch the phone?
He was found in a muddy ditch, still holding a rifle, the paper said.
Last year, consumer pressure led companies like Starbucks and Disney to ditch plastic straws.
When Ronald Reagan proposed tax cuts in 1981 our economy was in the ditch.
On the upside, though, you might be able to finally ditch that finsta account. 
There's also the question of whether people are ready to ditch their bank branch.
But it decided last week to ditch this plan as it needed more revenues.
It's been rumored Apple will move to ditch Qualcomm altogether for its 2018 iPhones.
Bottom line: There's no need to ditch exclamation points completely, but do be judicious.
Video game streaming site Twitch is making good on its promise to ditch Flash.
Given a choice between financial stability and the rule book, ditch the rule book.
Higher courts and the Texas governor had already denied the man's last-ditch appeals.
So, are the North Koreans trying to get Trump to ditch his hardline adviser?
The blue Barracuda crashed about 10 feet off the road and into a ditch.
"If you don't have money or power, you die in a ditch," he said.
Hungary is still yet to sign up despite repeated moves to ditch the forint.
From there, they cross a ditch and a small hill, then walk into Canada.
The company has also faced increased shareholder demand to ditch the Power Grids unit.
So Democrats can take advantage of a party riding rural voters into a ditch.
There are two ways a last-ditch movement to draft Romney could play out.
Johnson has said he would rather "be dead in a ditch" than delay Brexit.
Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 is the first Samsung phone to ditch the headphone jack.
"Oh look, a wren, how cute," he says, before pushing her in a ditch.
Kerry had made a last ditch — and controversial — push to keep the deal alive.
Then again, if I suddenly couldn't afford my rent, I could just ditch everything
Despite that price point, Selby is convinced women will want to ditch traditional products.
Some pro-Brexit campaigners say departure would allow Britain to ditch some EU rules.
He pictured her alone by the river, thinking he had driven into a ditch.
In a last-ditch move to bring down the leading candidate in Ecuador's Feb.
Billy Corgan Earth to Billy: Ditch the Hellraiser costume and get into a pumpkin!
Would I have ascended to the thrones, or died ignored in a plague ditch?
The suspension expired on New Year's Day after unsuccessful last-ditch efforts by Republicans.
You might have to ditch the first draft (the angry draft) and write another.
It was the perfect opportunity to ditch the guitar and dub out my vocals.
Residents and lawmakers in California and Florida are also trying to ditch the switch.
Ditch Taxis and Cars Ms. Hickox's favorite way to explore Paris is on foot.
In December, a last-ditch agreement over the Irish border was reached between Mrs.
Fear of a left poised to ditch Clinton continues to percolate in the press.
Emergency workers found Ms. Martin in the vehicle, which was in the ditch line.
The ditch where officials said the encampment was appeared blackened and empty on Tuesday.
She sifts through items on a case-by-case basis, deciding what to ditch.
This year, it's time to ditch the beach bikini and pack your parka instead.
The Australian couple decided to cross the ditch because it was easy and cheap.
We should ditch the capital gains tax altogether and just treat it like income.
I soon realized I could just ditch all the steps involving grinding and casings.
But while many vapes ditch the tobacco, they often contain just as much nicotine.
It hopes to ditch all its diesel vehicles by the end of the year.
For the past 20 years, campaigners have been lobbying MPs to ditch the tax.
We can either keep moving forward, or we can go back into the ditch.
And, of course, ditch that backpack in favor of a rack, basket or pannier.
Cuban's solution is to simply ditch the plastic, but most Americans have credit cards.
It also makes "Ditch Juul" ads that show teens creatively demolishing their vaping equipment.
Don't be so quick to ditch a rewards program that doesn't seem so rewarding.
Per the terms of the settlement, Google must ditch those restrictions in the country.
Mr. Johnson vowed that he would rather "die in a ditch" than do that.
All was quiet on Roxham Road, except for the babbling water in the ditch.
The rash of public dissent won't make the ECB ditch its policy anytime soon.
DITCH THE IN-ROOM SAFE You're not the only one with access to it.
Both vehicles caught fire and fell into a 10-foot ditch after the collision.
A last-ditch, desperate attempt not to "repeal and replace" but just to win.
Outdoor space: A footbridge extends from the side of the house over a ditch.
But the only real solution was to ditch the design completely and start over.
The owner said his dogs attacked another woman who was lying in a ditch.
But there was never any question that he'd keep us out of the ditch.
The other vehicle sat nearby, upright but nosed into a ditch beside the road.
Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill made a last ditch appeal this week against the process.
A last-ditch attempt to attach a provision defunding Planned Parenthood was ultimately defeated.
For six months(!), she makes a concerted effort to ditch her old selfish ways.
The Reddit group iPhone had threads urging fans to ditch the "crappy plastic" wrapper.
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's Bild newspaper promised on Thursday that Germans would not hog hotel sunloungers and would ditch their goalkeeper for the next penalty shootout, playing on friendly stereotypes in a last-ditch plea to Britons to stay in the European Union.
It's a last-ditch strategy to deny Trump the delegates he needs to win the nomination on the first ballot at the Republican convention, and like most last-ditch strategies, like Bob screaming at his frightened daughter, it seems destined to fail.
So, ditch the potentially dangerous glittery case and treat your iPhone to a new look.
It's time to ditch the playoff beard, or at the very least, clean it up.
A trip to Tennyson country in Lincolnshire ended with whiskey being swilled in a ditch.
Even in the chillier autumn months, George is not about to ditch his beloved shorts.
According to later police testimony, officers found Locane in a ditch, giggling, after the crash.
Kathryn—"robotically," the court said—jerked the wheel left, flipping the jeep into a ditch.
Economic momentum looks worse elsewhere, forcing policymakers to ditch, postpone or soften policy tightening plans.
Boris Johnson, the favourite, would also probably ditch it, though he has not said so.
Ditch the wires completely with this pair of wireless headphones, which are on sale today.
EU. It aims to ditch May, empower the grassroots and shift the party's political stance.
So the firefighters relied on what they called "a last ditch effort" -- a rope rescue.
In this iteration, you'll ditch the single-player campaign in favor of focusing on multiplayer.
I will beat Joe Manchin and ditch Cocaine Mitch for the sake of the kids.
If there's a cup or a wrapper sitting in a ditch somewhere, it's from Subway.
It is tracked by many passive-investment funds, which would have to ditch Deutsche's shares.
And the world is far from ready for America to ditch its global financial role.
The two sides are pursuing last-ditch talks to try to salvage a trade deal.
Everyone shopping in their price bracket in 2017 will be hoping to ditch the wire.
Kelley's vehicle crashed into a ditch as Langendorff and Willeford closed in on his SUV.
"It is believed the car rode off the road and into a ditch," Duhon said.
Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens says it's time we ditch the Second Amendment.
Designer brand Rag & Bone decided to ditch its Fashion Week slot in the Shed's mainspace.
That slow circumnavigation past highway and ditch, the mountain of gravel and the porta-john.
So if you're ready to ditch your old school full-coverage shoes, step on ahead.
Deng's pragmatism helped rescue China from the dogmatic ditch into which Mao had forced it.
Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal recommends that every entrepreneur ditch friends who hold them back.
If that means standing proudly by your decision to ditch the razor, so be it.
Rising tension between Madrid and Barcelona has prompted some investors to ditch Spanish sovereign debt.
In fact a lot of PCs like to go completely wireless and ditch ports entirely.
Some signs suggest that Mr Trump's administration is not planning to ditch the WTO entirely.
The country had to ditch its currency after a bout of hyperinflation that hit 500bn%.
Our mission is to help people ditch single-use plastic items for beautiful, sustainable alternatives.
Tamme, however, overhears Sam and Bash's plan to ditch, and arrives on Debbie's doorstep instead.
When police visited the location, they found the body of A.J. buried in a ditch.
But that doesn't mean they're just going to ditch their candidate as November nears. Why?
Upgrade your workout game and ditch the cord with the Samsung IconX wireless ear buds.
Fowler and Deese were found shot in a ditch next to their broken down van.
UK: Russia should ditch 'toxic' Assad Syria overshadowed the two-day G7 meeting in Italy.
Stereo speakers would be a good, but not great reason to ditch the headphone jack.
They are increasingly willing to ditch institutions and norms that have been central to democracy.
Now users can use their preferred app while driving without having to ditch the iPhone.
Beyond the ditch is a desiccated stretch of desert now mostly cleared of booby traps.
Attention is now focused on last-ditch efforts to salvage the government-Western Digital bid.
The car then collided with a ditch bank and concrete culvert, according to court papers.
On Tuesday, however, the president laid out a last-ditch plan to make that happen.
If Apple does ditch the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8, what will replace it?
Your first step after deciding to ditch importance markers should be to disable the feature.
They chose a place in a large overgrown ditch where the fence is slightly lower.
The chain is not the first to offer incentives for customers to ditch their devices.
Just six years after it started, many were ready to ditch it and almost did.
Plus: investors drive car stocks into a ditch  - and Daimler's and Ford's dividends look vulnerable.
As recounted by Fortune, the game represented a last-ditch effort by developer Hey, Inc.
Or ditch Trump, and pray that he and his supporters don't raise up in revolt?
Administrators were appointed on Tuesday after Ashley's last-ditch bid to rescue the company failed.
It also plans to ditch its 62.5-percent stake in oilfield services company Baker Hughes.
Take a look at the video and get ready to ditch those ugly wires. Finally.
Then it was time to ditch the artificial intelligence and bring in the human kind.
But short of a last-ditch low-power light, you can't check its battery level.
The current budget process has too many holes and often leads Congress into the ditch.
When you're the Don Quixote of extreme conservatism (Cruz), you can never ditch your armor.
He has previously said he would rather "be dead in a ditch" than delay Brexit.
So ditch the grumpy meeting mug, and use these tips to make meetings more worthwhile.
I think of my aunt and baby cousin, found burnt in a ditch in Hiroshima.
Marie has also been feeding the devil, in a ditch behind the Windy Grove apartments.
President Trump's $1 trillion infrastructure package could be headed for a ditch on Capitol Hill.
That the dismissals are not all for last-ditch tackles gone awry is telling, too.
Marriott's move makes it the latest company to make the decision to ditch plastic straws.
He wants to ditch the so-called backstop; the EU says it has to stay.
He had gone to Conn as a last-ditch effort, according to his wife, Emma.
In a last-ditch effort, administration officials are seeking ways to keep the vision alive.
The taste test commences, though both ditch the fries and the Goop after one bite.
It may be heating up, but that doesn't mean you have to ditch denim altogether.
Was it a last ditch effort that he needed in order to make the play?
Thus, voters filed a last-ditch effort Monday night to challenge the closed primary concept.
If they hit it off with the first, then they have to ditch multiple people.
We're told police want to make a last-ditch effort to get Chris in line.
The alcohol factor also allows them to ditch a cover charge, like many cafes have.
"It just seems like a very desperate, last-ditch effort at fear-mongering," she said.
Here's something everyone knows: Social media is driving American politics into a ditch of partisanship.
Johnson on Thursday said he would rather be "dead in a ditch" than delay Brexit.
Authorities discovered the wreckage at the bottom of the 15-foot-deep ditch hours later.
And the couple are now back to assessing a last-ditch list of possible candidates.
Just because you're ready to ditch a device doesn't mean it's ready to forget you.
I ditch my jeans and graphic T-shirts for a button-up shirt and khakis.
For particularly sensitive conversations, I ditch all of that and try to meet in person.
How can I get my kids to my parents' house as a last-ditch option?
His opponents called it "Clinton's Folly" and "Clinton's Ditch," and predicted all manner of doom.
He saw it as a last-ditch effort to get drivers to pressure California Gov.
And it isn't trying to ditch breakfast as it expands its lunch and dinner options.
But the last-ditch repeal pitch received a jolt of energy on Monday when Gov.
More companies will look to sell on Amazon, but large brands may ditch the site.
Most support Mr. Bercow's decision to ditch the more antiquarian trimmings of the speaker's uniform.
Having promised that he would rather be "dead in a ditch" than postpone Britain's Oct.
He'd rather be "dead in a ditch" than fail to deliver Brexit by Oct. 31.
When SWAT officers approached his SUV, Conditt blew himself up in a ditch outside Austin.
And this is about trade wars now and I think it's stuck in a ditch.
LET'S DO THIS AGAIN SOMETIME: Republicans' last-ditch ObamaCare repeal effort is pretty much dead.
This is a last-ditch effort to get information on what took Susan from us.
"We will cut off our own hands to wage the last-ditch battle," he said.
We didn't see that we were going to be leaving little boys in the ditch.
I plodded on in the gravel ditch, through disposable diapers, bottle caps, and used condoms.
Reuters reported the meeting was part of a last-ditch attempt to get Britain onside.
Her most immediate task, though, is navigating the fallout over her decision to ditch Trump.
The cloud hasn't just saved the company money by allowing Thomas to ditch legacy software.
Still, I wouldn't ditch a year-old phone just to get that smooth screen experience.
Another would be to ditch the free credits airlines get for Europe's carbon-trading regime.
The plan is seen as a last-ditch attempt to arrest a decade of decline.
A 37-year-old passenger died after the truck slid into a ditch and rolled.
But even that last-ditch effort wasn't enough — a sign that Trump's influence isn't omnipotent.
"You want to avoid the ditch, as opposed to dig out of it," she said.
Last year, Lyft rolled out a "ditch you car" promotional challenge in dozens of cities.
Meanwhile, four GOP senators are pushing a last-ditch effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare.
Below are 10 ways to cut emissions and waste at Christmas: ** Ditch the Christmas jumper.
Quavo joked about selling sandwiches for $1,000 each, so people could ditch the long lines.
Pay attention to what you may miss about the city life you're looking to ditch.
In the early days, Case's parents were not thrilled to see their daughter ditch architecture.
They want to see companies ditch brands that aren't working and grab ones that are.
But by Wednesday, their last-ditch efforts had failed to produce any outpouring of enthusiasm.
Republican strategist Scott Reed said he doubted the last-ditch tactical voting suggestion would work.
Polytron and Kokoromi's SuperHyperCube appears to be the most high-profile game to ditch Oculus.
The Health Care Freedom Act is the Senate Republicans' last-ditch attempt to repeal Obamacare.
"It's difficult, because you campaigned on how these guys drove the car into the ditch," said Peter D. Feaver, who served on the Bush N.S.C. "Now, here are memos from the guys who were driving the car, and they drove the car into a ditch."
Digital TV streaming has exploded as more households ditch expensive cable packages for cheaper streaming packages.
Was there any way to trust that he wasn't going to leave us in a ditch?
If you can ditch the bun and eat it naked, then that is your best bet.
His tortured body surfaced more than a week later in a ditch just outside of Cairo.
You might even find you can ditch a few redundant or duplicate cables along the way.
Ditch the turnstiles and gates altogether, along with the idea of physical barriers that demand payment.
But it could later "sign established artists who want to ditch their label deals," TechCrunch wrote.
Her body was discovered three days later, in a ditch 20 miles away from the town.
It happened again: a report that Apple will soon ditch Intel chips for its Mac lineup.
Anti-Trump ESPN star Jemele Hill plans to eventually ditch sports network  for race, gender content.
Most of us ditch the Halloween costume the minute we come home from the night's festivities.
Ditch rats, and the crimson traces of their last moments alive, are easy to spot inside.
Dashboards like the A-Class's make me uneasy, though, since they ditch most hard buttons altogether.
Jeb Bush, in South Carolina in a last-ditch effort to boost his flagging presidential campaign.
Obamacare The GOP will ditch Obamacare and then worry about what to replace it with later.
If you have a beloved set of 4003mm headphones, you don't have to ditch them altogether.
She had already urged May to ditch the 'backstop', which negotiators had grappled with for months.
Others, like Miri, who was found lying in a ditch with a broken leg, were abandoned.
As a result, wildlife officials are making a last-ditch effort to save the imperiled species.
Cheryl agreed to go to Las Vegas in a last-ditch effort to save her marriage.
Fuggetta landed in a drainage ditch, her leg bent behind her, almost torn from the socket.
The bacteria has genetic changes that make it resistant to a last-ditch antibiotic called colistin.
U.S. President Donald Trump says he will ditch the pact unless major changes in are made.
"The first path is feeding on people's fears and driving us into a ditch," Kasich said.
In a last-ditch effort, the mouse squashes itself up against the rock and waits, panting.
But Cohn apparently decided to abandon that last-ditch effort and go ahead and resign today.
In the last months of the administration, Senate Republicans could ditch the extremism and start governing.
Officials said Lawson crashed the vehicle into a ditch and fled on foot into the woods.
TMZ broke the story ... Locklear drove her Porsche into a ditch in Thousand Oaks Thursday night.
Adrenaline, also called epinephrine, is only used when those steps fail as a last-ditch effort.
Even Germany might ditch its cherished balanced budget policy and take on more debt, Reuters reported.
Johnson has said he'd rather be "dead in a ditch" than delay Brexit beyond October 31.
In a sad twist, a last-ditch effort to create happiness is what finally breaks Frances.
Ditch your cynicism and believe that everyone wants the best for the company and for you.
That changed Monday when she made a last-ditch attempt and emailed Adele's team once more.
Sounds unlikely now, but watch the video above and ditch your skepticism before it's too late.
Three little boys are found naked, murdered and apparently sexually mutilated in a ditch in Arkansas.
Would you ditch your living room and potluck-style fantasy draft party for a restaurant booth?
Months later, Hatch would hold one hearing on Graham-Cassidy, the last-ditch Obamacare repeal effort.
If you're still getting tangled up in your vacuum's cord, it's time to finally ditch it.
The last-ditch drive began at the Giants' 230 with 30 seconds left in the game.
So, why not ditch luxury altogether and buy gifts that are guaranteed to make a difference?
The blackout is a last-ditch negotiating ploy that a programmer can use to seal terms.
A plan to amend or ditch term limits entirely is expected to be announced this autumn.
Any last-ditch revival would complicate those talks, which a number of top Republicans have endorsed.
It raises an inconvenient question: is it time for platforms to ditch third-party apps altogether?
Up at 5 in the morning looking for her in every field, every ditch, every creek.
Her body was found three days later in a ditch about 20 miles (32 kilometers) away.
But on Tuesday, only voters in Nevada decided to ditch fossil fuels faster than currently planned.
The meeting Monday was seen as a last-ditch effort to get talks back on track.
The unidentified man reportedly returned fire at the car chasing him before driving into the ditch.
Scott Walker (R) called on Republicans immediately after Trump won the presidency to ditch the filibuster.
The grocery chain has been trying to ditch its expensive "whole paycheck" reputation for a while.
Last month, Soules' truck rear-ended a tractor, causing both vehicles to fall into a ditch.
But that's only a short-term solution, and something of a last-ditch attempt at that.
Cops found his abandoned car in a ditch after what appeared to have been an accident.
We need to ditch this baggage that says 'men go to work, women stay at home'.
His body was discovered in a ditch on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital on Feb.
Scientists don't endorse negative emissions technologies, but they are researching them as a last-ditch solution.
Two women out searching for her found Turner lying in the ditch, according to court testimony.
If they don't, they could wind up in the same ditch they fell into on Friday.
The ditch China has been digging for itself is actually deeper than it appears, not shallower.
One of the coaches porting their guests to the outdoor affair ... ended up in a ditch.
The two men chased after Kelley in Langendorff's car until the suspect ran into a ditch.
At first, she thought her dog was in the ditch below, stuck in a drain pipe.
More than 204,000 people have signed a petition begging Apple not to ditch the 3.5mm jack.
Virgin Atlantic has decided to ditch two of its outdated uniform policies for female flight attendants.
Could an updated Apple Pencil that works with the iPhone finally make us ditch our Moleskines?
"It's positive if everything else wasn't skidding into the ditch," he said in a phone interview.
The perfect place, in other words, for Trump to make a last-ditch appeal for support.
In a last-ditch appeal, he's asking the Supreme Court to save him from death row.
Users also hate using strong passwords — is Amazon going to encourage users to ditch those too?
But now it looks like they're embracing compatibility by just letting you ditch the proprietary format.
Managers used the methodology of shareholder value to break up conglomerates and ditch weak business lines.
In the mid-1990s, Mobutu used mercenaries in a last-ditch effort to stay in power.
If you're rich enough, you can ditch your van or your tiny house at any time.
Ostrum, 61, decided to ditch the acting business after "Willy Wonka" — it just wasn't for him.
He once devoted a 10-tweet thread to reasons customers should ditch Sprint for T-Mobile.
But last month's bone-headed last-ditch effort to repeal and replace the ACA derailed it.
Before Rdio went bankrupt, one of its last-ditch efforts was the $3.99 Rdio Select service.
We spread ourselves the length of the field for mop-up, then walked toward the ditch.
I had them toss everything they had—five-hundred-, thousand-, two-thousand-pounders—into the ditch.
The move is part of Democrats' last-ditch effort to preserve New Jersey's struggling ObamaCare exchange.
With a last-ditch gimmick to get a "quick win" on repealing and replacing ObamaCare, Sen.
Presidential candidates are making last-ditch appeals on Tuesday as voters cast ballots in four states.
Microsoft didn't ditch the headphone jack on Surface Pro X without giving you some wireless alternatives.
Stewart, by all accounts, is the first woman to ditch pro tennis in favor of enlistment.
A rowdy, last-ditch effort by insurgent "Stop Trump" delegates failed, but set a sour tone.
Even as his emissaries reassured Mr. Pence, Mr. Trump fielded a last-ditch appeal from Gov.
A last-ditch asylum appeal filed by a new attorney didn't seem to be going anywhere.
"What I do is somewhere between ditch digging and galley slaving," she told Life in 1966.
"It was the last-ditch efforts of the rabid dog expediting his death," the commentary said.
Google might ditch the rear fingerprint sensor and go for an in-display front-facing sensor.
The prime minister has said he would rather "be dead in a ditch" than delay Brexit.
It's time we ditch the notion that being self-employed is a less-secure career choice.
Mr. Trump's position there explains the last-ditch effort of his rivals to coordinate their opposition.
Blankenship wanted to wear a "Ditch Mitch" hat during the debate, but Fox wouldn't let him.
Davis was told he was walking home from a bar, tripped into a ditch, and drowned.
The Russians trolls were just vultures: The carcass of truth was already dead in a ditch.
At that point, I'll decide whether or not to ditch my normal office chair for good.
Voters should ditch him, wrote Jacy Gomez, a former staffer for GOP Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.
All of us sit in the same ditch when something breaks and repairs need to made.
" [Fox News Debate] "One of my goals as U.S. senator will be to ditch cocaine Mitch.
If you're still using that same ol' password, now's a really good time to ditch it.
The same report states Apple is about to ditch its magical and magnetic MagSafe power connection.
He wanted to ditch any P.C. pretenses and consider Singapore-style death for all drug dealers.
Why this matters: Trump will inevitably ditch or scale back some of his less realistic promises.
It makes us want to ditch the kitchen and just head to our local watering hole.
This is not a good day to ditch your friends for your crush—they will remember!
Baseball, once a sport with so many black stars, has fallen into an uncomfortable racial ditch.
The coronavirus breakout has forced tech investors and startups to ditch the all-important pitch meeting.
In March, the grass-roots-funded group Ditch Mitch announced its campaign to draft Ms. McGrath.
In Staten Island, friends routinely ask Ms. Lovello why she doesn't ditch the Glamour Shots title.
There was nowhere to pitch their tent except for a ditch adjacent to the busy freeway.
Mr. Kimmel isn't the first late-show host to ditch the jokes for some earnest advocacy.
The program was created in partnership with a UK anti-bullying nonprofit called Ditch the Label.
Slow down, increase your following distance, ditch distractions, and plan your route before hitting the road.
Veganuary, which asks people to ditch meat this month, has emerged as this year's trendy resolution.
Devin Kelley drove his Ford Expedition into a ditch and called his wife and parents again.
His body, showing signs of torture, was found in a ditch on the outskirts of Cairo.
If they're part of your family and you can't exactly ditch them, set boundaries with them.
So as the weather heats up, ditch the track pants for a smart polo-neck dress.
This ditch extends from a rural road and a highway that runs between Dublin and Belfast.
Musk was among many executives who'd pleaded with the president not to ditch the Paris agreement.
Now as the Albany legislative session ticks down, city officials are making a last-ditch effort.
She can lose her caution, ditch her calculation and go out in a blaze of candor.
It's a last-ditch measure that conservationists had hoped they would never have to resort to.
Food distributors are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives as more and more companies ditch plastic straws.
She lay in a ditch as her husband stood above her, holding the bag of fluid.
Korey also added that the move was a last-ditch effort to save a struggling team.
There's sledding, too -- only here, you can ditch the snow gear for short sleeves and sunscreen.
For some ascetics, my translator added, it involved climbing into a ditch and burying oneself alive.
Trump even made a last-ditch appeal on Twitter for Rispone just before Louisiana polls closed.
I'm still mad that Apple's "courageous" decision to ditch the headphone jack essentially forced my hand.
Senate Republicans next week, though, are aiming to vote on their last-ditch ObamaCare repeal bill.
Moore has denied the allegations, calling them a "last-ditch Hail Mary" by those supporting Jones.
Thankfully, cutting out the cable company doesn&apost necessarily mean having to ditch live TV altogether.
Ditch Plains Beach is considered one of the best places to surf on the East Coast.
The move comes as business and cities across the world make efforts to ditch plastic products.
Asking people to ditch their gas-guzzler for an electric vehicle is tough on its own.
A last-ditch ObamaCare repeal effort by Republicans was all but dead on Monday after Sen.
Both players could be making a last-ditch effort to be considered for Washington's postseason plans.
He wants to ditch the Trump name and end a management contract with the President's company.
The last-ditch effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is dead for now.
Is the Jaguar XF Sportbrake good enough to make you ditch the crossover for a wagon?
Then you find yourself — and the rest of your herd — at the bottom of a ditch.
That doesn't mean cat types like me should ditch our little murder beasts for dopey dogs.
As we went down the street, there was this ditch and I had a vision there.

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