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"like" Definitions
  1. having similar qualities to another person or thing
"like" Synonyms
enjoy love adore appreciate fancy relish savor(US) be fond of embrace admire cherish delight in derive pleasure from dig hold dear revel in savour(UK) take to approve of be gratified by prefer desire want choose crave favor(US) favour(UK) care for could do with covet elect feel like have a preference for incline toward lean toward lean towards long for need feel about regard consider view look at relate to see think about look upon treat think of decide decide on please see fit wish will wish for demand designate feel disposed to favorite(US) fave save bookmark subscribe get along gel relate get on hit it off be compatible be compatible with be friendly be in harmony be in accord be in sympathy be on friendly terms gel with feel a rapport work well with be of the same opinion as sympathise(UK) see eye to eye be of the same opinion be of the same mind as hold with accept agree with countenance endorse support subscribe to approbate stand for be in favour of give support to go along with take kindly to be doing with give the okay to give the thumbs up to sanction approve allow believe trust buy swallow accredit affirm acknowledge depend on rely on fall for have faith in count on congruent congruous identical similar alike analogous approximative commensurate comparable compatible consistent correspondent equal equivalent homogeneous matching parallel reciprocal same twin akin to comparable to consistent with on par with alike to analogous to close to congruent with congruous with indistinguishable from in the nature of much the same as near to the same as almost identical to commensurate with cut from the same cloth as equal to equivalent to living authentic faithful genuine close exact lifelike near natural realistic speaking naturalistic naturalist true to life photo-realistic three-dimensional convincing representational clannish cliquish cliquey exclusive insular narrow unfriendly close-knit parochial sectarian select akin aloof associative clanny exclusionary provincial related reminiscent evocative suggestive redolent remindful implicative mnemonic nostalgic recollective resonant comparable with similar to bearing comparison with evocative of inviting comparison with redolent of remindful of suggestive of bringing to mind peculiar characteristic of distinctive of endemic to exclusive to indicative of particular to representative of restricted to specific to unique to special to symptomatic of typical of belonging to in character with appropriate to common popular universal general generic prevalent shared standard accepted conventional customary familiar mainstream mutual prevailing ubiquitous usual well-known widespread across the board reminiscent of resembling identical to in the vein of just like approximating to much like not unlike same as approaching bordering on a la in imitation of in the manner of in the style of as as good as in a similar way to in the role of in the same manner as habitual of predictable of common of expected of natural of in keeping of for example for instance such as in particular namely e.g. viz say including exempli gratia f'rinstance as an example for to be as being as if one is in the same way as just as essentially no less than to the same degree comparatively equally functioning as in the manner that in the same manner with similarly to such an extent as in as with the way as if as though just as if just as though in such a way that as it were as it would be as might be so to speak as an illustration by way of illustration to give an example to give an instance essence match peer coequal compeer counterpart mate opposite number rival coordinate fellow double complement contemporary colleague analogue(UK) kind repute character ilk lot quality type class kin manner nature persuasion spirit variety brand description feather fiber(US) fibre(UK) form thumbs up upvote vote up endorsement yes acceptance agreement approval go-ahead green light okay ratification rubber stamp liking fondness partiality bent enthusiasm inclination interest leaning love affair passion preference propensity thirst taste cup of tea tenderness affection devotion warmth feeling attachment sentiment emotion devotedness crush intimacy adoration amour adulation sentimentality lovingness romance emotionalism approximately about around more or less roughly almost some circa plus or minus generally give or take in the neighborhood of in the region of in the vicinity of loosely nearly not far from fairly somewhat quite moderately rather relatively pretty reasonably enough passably kinda ish tolerably something adequately kindly satisfactorily sufficiently specifically scilicet videlicet to wit id est that is in other words that is to say to be specific to put it another way sc. let us assume I mean well you know you know what I mean you know what I'm saying so look y'know shall we say erm um er esque among others amongst others and more and so forth and so on especially etc. notably particularly to mention a few to name a few case in point to illustrate viz. i.e. take for example More
"like" Antonyms
dislike hate despise scorn abominate abhor be averse to be disgusted with be hostile to be loath to be repelled by be sick of be turned off to can't stand deplore deride detest disapprove disapprove of disdain refuse reject avoid discount disregard ignore decline deny neglect overlook shun snub not care for spurn unheed unmind brush off dispense with pass over disgust offend repulse revolt outrage repel sicken bother irk upset dissatisfy displease affront appal(UK) appall(US) anger pique disturb disenchant nauseate unfavorite unlike unfave disprefer different dissimilar contrary contrasting antithetical conflicting contradictory contrastive disparate disproportionate distinguishable incompatible incongruent incongruous independent opposite clashing contradistinct contradistinctive accurate away clear definite exact far precise same unalike different to dissimilar to not the same as distinct from incomparable to inconsistent with unique to differentiable to disparate from distant from distinctive from distinguishable from incompatible with incongruent with mismatched from mismatched to nonequivalent to non-identical to unakin balky contumacious defiant disobedient diverse froward incompliant insubordinate intractable noncompliant obstreperous rebel rebellious recalcitrant refractory different from anything but far from poles apart from not resembling not like not similar to nowhere near uncharacteristic of uncommon of unexpected of atypical of unnatural of inhabitual of not in character with not in keeping of except for apart from aside from bar barring besides except excluding outside of save beside but excepting exclusive of other than not including without minus not counting leaving out antithesis contradiction counterpart direct opposite exact opposite polar opposite reverse contradistinction contrast converse flip side inverse antilogy antipode counter foil inversion opposition thumbs down downvote no vote down disapproval rejection turndown rebuff red light veto aversion disliking hatred dread abhorrence animosity detestation distaste indisposition loathing objection animus antagonism antipathy disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) disinclination difference inferior superior standout resentment malevolence malignity repugnance repulsion revulsion anathema apathy bugbear grievance gripe ill will irritant nuisance odium mismatch incongruity oddity discord discrepancy incongruousness unlikeness conflict distinction inconsistency dissimilarity incompatibility disparity dissemblance individual one whole departure change deviation shift digression divergence straying detour divagation divergency branching off misrepresentation exactly precisely literally just specifically strictly totally smack-dab squarely accurately absolutely correctly bang on spot on dead on extremely insufficiently unjustly very inadequately badly unsatisfactorily incompetently ineffectively ineffectually deficiently inefficiently ineptly meagerly lousily incompletely partially perfunctorily scantily meagrely sparsely poorly unacceptably exempting with the exception of

980 Sentences With "like"

How to use like in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "like" and check conjugation/comparative form for "like". Mastering all the usages of "like" from sentence examples published by news publications.

What does it sound like, look like, smell like, feel like and possibly even taste like?
Like their natural counterparts, they can be organized by taxon (cervid, like the white stag; caprid, like the faun; bovine, like the Minotaur; feline, like the sphinx), or by habitat (alpine, like yetis; woodland, like satyrs; cave-dwelling, like dragons; aquatic, like mermaids).
I like Delta, I like American, I like Spirit, and I like Southwest.
I like Mastercard, I like Visa, I like American Express, I like PayPal.
She looked like us, talked like us, acted like us, suffered like us.
We try to find work we like, entertainment we like, people we like, shoes we like, political candidates we like.
I also like Analog Devices, I like Micron, I like AMD, I like Intel.
Nobody walks like him, just like nobody swings like him or stands like him.
I feel like when we first started working together she was like, 'I like this, I like this, I like that.
" But then, "things got wild because it was more of like her being like the aggressor, which was like sexy because you have like a very attractive girl who's like telling you like what she wants, it's like a very like, 'Wow, okay.
February: 'Like' In the second month of the year, I, like, abstained from saying, like, the word "like" as, like, filler language.
I like Clorox, I like PepsiCo, I like Procter & Gamble [and] I like the utilities.
I like my curls, I like my lashes, I like my party dresses, I like my blonde hair, I like my long hair.
"We like technology, we like industrials, we like financials and we like consumer discretionary," he said.
Like music, like poetry, like baseball, like grandmaster chess, it's something gloriously imperfect that people do.
"I like my sister because I kind of like that we love each other and, like, and I like that and it's, like, we fight and, like, we make up, and I really, like, love her," Ferrara said.
With all of my rights, like an American, like an Israeli, like a Spaniard, like the French.
I'm not like, oooh Casualties maaan, like most of that shit like sounds like trash to me.
I like surprise, I like mystery, I like challenge, I like to be kept on my toes.
I like Costco, I like Kohl's and I like Walmart.
What does the place look like, sound like, smell like?
Everything looked like them, smelled like them, sounded like them.
And also like this, and like this, and like this.
I just like to dress like the bands I like.
Like Hillary Clinton, like Humphrey, like Nixon, like McGovern, Ford ruminated, if briefly, on what had gone wrong.
There are libertarians like Thomas Massie, moderates like Charlie Dent, family-values conservatives like Vicki Hartzler, defense hawks like Mac Thornberry, and fiscal hardliners like Dave Brat.
I know what I like and don't like, though, and I didn't like feeling like the lone novelty queer.
So to use tools like Snapchat, like Twitter, like Instagram, like Facebook and Facebook Live is very second nature.
"If I like something, I'll click Like, and if other producers like something, they'll click Like," Berry told me.
The plants look like river deltas, like plumes of smoke, like controlled detonations, like lightning bolts scything through darkness.
I like flair; I like color; I like shapes and patterns; I like getting weird with earrings and shoes.
I don't like this because I don't like men like that.
I like Kmart and I like Costco, and I like Target.
It's like, completely ambitious but like, imagine if we like, tried?
It's like, completely ambitious but like, imagine if we like, tried ?
Like, it&aposs not like -- it&aposs not like the &apos60s.
" "You can see what it feels like, smells like, tastes like.
And I like my porn like I like my games: surprising.
" Brooks Automation: "I like it, I like it, I like it.
"I like appetizers, I like courses, I like desserts," he says.
TAVERNISE: Like, is that, likelike, how do you understand that?
Like-- like, the size of a mailbox or like a toaster.
Like, guys like to watch sledgehammers and, like, taking out walls.
But yeah, it seems like a good kind of picture of Dirty Projection as well, in that like a bubble like that, like a cloud is like a dream, but then it also, like… it obscures.
Avoid "like" all the, like, time If your kids often say "like" when they are, like, talking, and they sound, like, wishy-washy and unsure of, like, what they mean, they probably learned it from you.
They charge like hotels, they tax like hotels, their restaurants feed you like hotels, their bars serve drinks like hotels; their beaches are exactly like those of hotels.
Virginia Beach would now bear the stigma of mass violence, like Parkland, like Las Vegas, like Orlando, like Thousand Oaks.
There's like really tricky rhythmic things that happen like weird slap sounds like dsssht… dsssht like on beat and stuff.
"I love a top knot, like honestly, like with like some like piecey strands coming down the middle," she says.
It looks like snow, like sugar, like death's embrace; solid tears, like a white surrender to fire and water combined.
It was so cute because they were like — it's that moment like I like you, I think you like me.
Should it be radical, like Momofuku Ko; grand, like Eleven Madison Park; wacky, like Gabriel Kreuther; haughty, like Jean-Georges?
I like it here, just like I like some of the techs.
Like it's been like positive on the show or like complicated it.
"I like my girls just like I like my honey...." Lovato wrote.
I like the dirt, I like the aches, I like the freedom.
I like Wal-Mart, I like Dollar Tree, I like Dollar General.
So what does music feel like, or taste like, or smell like?
Looking at "Personnage" makes us feel like children, like foreigners, like jokers.
Mills: Like, a high-up, like, a general or something like that?
Like if they were like, 'come to dinner,' I'd be like, 'Cool!
It&aposs, like, soft and, like, clearly soft in, like, weird places.
You know, I mean, it's like — it's not like they like you.
Sure, I like cheese, you like cheese, lots of people like cheese.
I like music, I like people who make music, I like artists.
Competing with the firefighters, police officers and gym owners are accountants like Steven Green, high school math teachers like Heidi Cordner, psychotherapists like Ron Klemba, musicians like Henry Bliley, organic farmers like Barbara Schlegel, programmers like Greg Arnold and stay-at-home mothers like Kristen Kent.
Streaming video like Netflix, streaming music like Spotify, streaming TV like YouTube TV, subscription boxes like Ipsy, Prime memberships, grocery delivery like Instacart, smart home subscriptions like Ring or Nest, newspapers and magazines and newsletters, and so on.
In fact, I think … No, you like certain people you like and you don't like certain people you don't like. Yeah.
I feel like, I don't know what a face-lift feels like, but I feel like it would feel like that.
There were always intellectuals like W.E.B. Du Bois, journalists like Ida B. Wells, playwrights like Lorraine Hansberry, artists like Alma Thomas.
The analysts looked at media conglomerates like Disney, cable companies like Comcast, telecoms like AT&T, and infrastructure firms like Equinix.
A: Maybe like a hug or, you know, like in a greeting type of way, like nothing like that, nothing sexual.
"We like secular growth stories like technology and healthcare, and we like cyclical value stories like banks and energy," he said.
You know, their heyday was in the '90s when like, you know, kids had like Furby&aposs and like parents -- you had like soccer moms like two vans and stuff.
You get a like, you get a like, big booty like for you.
He didn't look like them, didn't act like them, didn't sound like them.
You know like like every like every every place every home every business.
I like what I like and I defend it, because I like it.
That's like a music question isn't it; like 'What music do you like?
I like Russian pianists, like Tchaikovsky and Scriabin, and I like weird impressionists.
And she is like, I feel like this girl is like the Phoenix.
Some like it with sugar, some like it strong, some like it green.
I like that dividend, and I like I like the slow, nice projection.
Songs like "All Night," I feel like that doesn't sound like anybody else.
I like the balance sheet, I like the dividend, I like the management.
I like trivia generally, because I like puzzles and I like to win.
So I like the category, I like the partner, I like the solution.
"They may not like you, but they like people like you," she said.
Annalise: I like Kacey, and I like disco, but I don't like this.
We like our cocktails like we like our coffee: with coffee in it.
It's like collecting art, it's like collecting baseball cards, it's like collecting shoes.
Sydney: Yeah, it's, like, super tender, nice and flaky, almost, like, tempura-like.
I like that nobody sounded like me and I didn't sound like them.
People like Kelly, people like Wendy, they're like the Michael Jordans of daytime.
They like watching it, they like playing it, they like betting on it.
I like coffee tables, I like toasters, I like shelves filled with knickknacks.
Makes it look like you&aposre, like, skimming the floor and, like, floating.
" Like, "I don't like him more, but I definitely don't like you either.
In Taiwan it's like that, in Vietnam it's like that, in Thailand it's like that and emerging markets, mainly, are like that.
Like, it would be awesome if that was the case, but I think like it's like, you know, it's like applied universally.
"Jennifer said, like, 'Do, like, if a bee stings you, or if you're running like a dog,' stuff like that," said Nélisse.
Working with drones it's not like people are gonna be like, "That didn't sound like the record…" or are people like that?
It's kind of I feel like it's like going down this, like, crazy slide, and then you're, like, 'I wanna go again.
Musk, like the president, may not like the way reporting makes him feel exposed or like a victim or like a failure.
He didn't just float like a butterfly and sting like a bee; he sang like a bird and roared like a lion.
The blue tastes like lavender, the green like basil, the red like tomato, and the yellow just tastes like plain old cheese.
Hudson Yards was crawling with superheroes and villains and oddballs: people dressed like Storm Troopers, like Batman, like Godzilla, like Care Bears.
Like Dr. Manhattan, like Lady Trieu, like Adrian Veidt, and like all the costumed adventurers, Abar believes that she can do better.
It seems like they're all over the map, from everyday things like bananas to delicacies like oysters to things like Spanish fly.
It's used by financial institutions like Bloomberg and Fidelity, cloud service providers like Rackspace and Linode, telcos like Deutsche Telekom, car manufacturers like BMW and software firms like SAP and Salesforce.
Alana: I have to say, like, first bite reminds me more of, like, a steak or, like, a dinner than, like, what I think of, like, you know, thinly sliced pastrami.
He isn't an ideologue like Ted Cruz, an opportunist like Marco Rubio, a movement builder like Bernie Sanders, a political legatee like Jeb Bush or a policy wonk like Hillary Clinton.
Like, if I'm so upset and I feel like I'm in like a movie or a TV show, I feel like I like there's this type of song that should be playing.
Like Pitchfork, like a Metal Hammer, like a Q, like The 405—nothing like that in the Arab world, and therefore there isn't a reference for music writing in the Arab world.
I mean, it's like if you went out with like a weirdo for three months, like 12 years ago, and someone's like, Did you hear what Trevor did in, like, another country?
Do you feel like this is all like really off, like some sort of discorded violin, like, whoa, what are you guys doing?
SK: And I was like--well like, I was like "ugh maybe I'll go," and then someone compares me to like vaginal itching.
People want to soar like Superman, solve crimes like Batman, crush tanks like Wonder Woman, be rich and smart like Tony Stark a.k.a.
I think I express myself like pretty well with like other things like, I don't know, social issues or music that I like.
There were visionaries like Ataturk, desert warriors like Arabia's Ibn Saud, revolutionaries like Egypt's Nasser, and state-builders like Ben-Gurion of Israel.
I'm going to give you a threefer: I like PRU, I like Chubb – I really like Chubb a lot – and I like Travelers.
Like, OK, I didn't think I didn't think guys like Frank Ocean like that.
Most guys that like John Carpenter and stuff like that also like Cannibal Corpse.
It's almost like fencing, like swordplay, this thing, like souls playing with each other.
I don't like to focus too much on what I like or don't like.
I know what it's like to feel like that... I still am [like that]!
Dems don't like it, some Republicans don't like it -- c'mon, AARP doesn't like it!
Like we saw ... Meaning, like you go to see it, like Christmases, or something.
I like the way men dance, and I like women who dance like men.
But, like, if he comes through in, like, these...homeboy's gonna, like, get it.
I don't like the teachers, I don't like the kids, I don't like anything.
I like project-based work, I like deadlines, I like the adrenaline of news.
It sounds like music, tastes like soul food, and feels like a familiar place.
If you don't have access to natural resources, like water, like electricity, like borders?
I combine everything I like, I like history but I also like action movies.
She treated him like a servant, not like an equal—not like a friend.
If you like fingers, and you like animation, you still probably won't like this.
Some of the pieces read like poems; some like parables, some like punch lines.
"Some people like technology, some people like baking, some people like sports," he said.
We like Baidu, we like Alibaba and we like Baozun and that is it.
"We like schools, we like parking, we like municipalities that are strong," she said.
From a techno perspective, I'd like to hope it's like what it's like now.
I don't like you, I don't like China, I don't like any of it.
I like the product, I like the travel, I like the guys in AXS.
We like good TV shows, we like good food, we should like good baseball.
But I like my women like I like my coffee: not from chain restaurants.
"I like clothes, I like makeup, I like looking at pretty dresses," she said.
But, you know, it's like liberating, like a war, like there's a foreign invasion.
Men like Logan Roy — like Roger Ailes, like Rupert Murdoch — see themselves as lions.
It's like, 'Alexa, play Aladdin, "Friend Like Me" ' … Then it's like, 'Go to sleep.
Like with cars or whatever, like self-driving cars and things like that. Precisely.
It doesn't sound like a departure like Yeezus did; it sounds like an evolution.
LG: Would you like it to look like an older one, like the 238s?
Like it seems to me less about like, yeah a focused end-goal really and more about, just like, we can gather around this idea and this is like... It just signals that you're a like-minded sort of like MAGA human.
It's the new year, like New Year's Eve, and we give gifts like Christmas, we paint eggs like Easter, we go door to door for treats like Halloween, we set off fireworks like the Fourth of July and we picnic like Labor Day.
"I like to change my hair, I like to take risks with how I dress, I like girls, & I like guys (yes)," he wrote.
Like a Bird, like an Uber, like a FanDuel, like a Lemonade, whatever it is, then we are the only ones to do that.
"I like to act like a strong woman, like a superhero, which is the girl I'd like to be all the time," she says.
I focus on things like that instead of what they look like because I'll never look like them, I'll only ever look like me.
Just like Sonny Rollins was honest, just like Pharaoh Sanders is honest, just like Kenny Garrett was honest, just like John Coltrane was honest.
Sometimes seafood looks like punctuation and sometimes it looks like aliens and sometimes it looks like flowers and sometimes it looks like military hardware.
What do dating apps like Hinge, delivery apps like Postmates, social media platforms like Instagram, and sharing services like Lyft all have in common?
Julien: So, we need to have a bangs who&aposs like a, a little bit more like a, like almost like a curtain bangs.
I like babies, but I like them like, 'Hi baby, okay, now go over there.
They're going to have to, like, put her in, in like a computer-like way!
I bleached my hair, and everybody is like, 'You look like Twiggy, like Edie Sedgwick.
"It's not like a team sport like basketball and hockey and the like," Burton said.
"Like if you Google 'Corey Feldman Today performance' like every media is, like –," Anne said.
I like one mild hot sauce (like Cholula), and one spicier hot sauce (like Sriracha).
Beauty is like fast food, music is like fast food, fashion is like fast food.
What's, like, you know, like life is like starting to feel worthless in a way.
We like our sex toys like we like everything else: Highly quality, feminist, and orgasmic.
They're like, 'Yeah, I may not like what she's doing, but I like her food.
Advertisers like Mr. Neil also like that Snapchat is beefing up its television-like lineup.
" Once I started thinking like that, it was like, "Oh duh, it's like a fight.
I like ended up singing, I love you like a brother, just like I oughta.
Like most people are just like jammed into what looked like they were linen closets.
Like, every time I look, I'm just like, my mind is like, ribs right there.
I saw black people who looked like me, dressed like me and spoke like me.
And I like Milo, I like hanging out with him, I like being around him.
I like Norfolk Southern and I like Union Pacific right here, and I like CSX.
I like driving, I like talking to people, I like the silence you get sometimes.
It didn't taste like chicken, it didn't taste like steak, it didn't taste like pork.
Or like, people don't like me, and I don't care that they don't like me.
KS: The second part is, again, I really like ... You like Mark, I like Mark.
SO: Well like... So now like, only bad people could play bad people and good people... like, it's like, Actually no, she's not from California.
It's sort of like asking why do people like Hendrix or why do people like the Rolling Stones or why do people like Joy Division?
So like, at first that was just like, you know, poop and pee, but then somehow that like migrated into like very racist Pepe drawings.
INGRAHAM: I don&apost care what party you like or if you don&apost like Trump, you like Trump, you have to like this economy.
It's almost, like, 2019, like, vintage sounds, which is just, like, pitch-shifting something to death, and then it sounds, like, warbly and [expletive] up.
But more voters like Gillum as a person than like DeSantis, with 49% who said they like Gillum and 40% who said they like DeSantis.
Some people like the Super Bowl, some people like Christmas, but I like the Met Gala.
Cities, even handsome, cultured ones, "like families, like nations, like lovers are never only solid surfaces".
I like that you get to see animals and I like the nature sounds, like chirping.
I like Mario and I like dinosaurs, so I would like you to explain this dinosaur.
There they stood, like statues; there they posed, like models; and there they walked, like legends.
Because the culture like we talked about: like Confucian culture, like the culture here in Singapore.
In the end, what looked like tea and smelled like tea also tasted like sweetened tea.
"I don't like bonds; I don't like most stocks; I don't like private equity, " he wrote.
And I took a screenshot of it like, 'God, I would really like something like this.
Just like the feeling, things I experience throughout, like going into like any relationship I guess.
KIMMEL: We were dating like we&aposve-- (CROSSTALK) ACOSTA: Dating like-- KIMMEL: --like, we aversely dislike.
One is I think venture capitalists, like they don't fund, like they just look like themselves.
I mean, you like who you like and you slam who you don't like obviously. Right.
Like, Ooh, I don't like that I was like that, I'll never be that way again.
I think I like people that look like they haven't bathed, but smell like they have.
They like what they like today but they may not like it a week from now.
Monday feels like Friday, January feels like June, weeks feel like decades which pass within seconds.
Like if some dude is like, my sister, and I'm like, oh, you have a sister!
Almost like a bread pudding or like a tres leches or like that kind of texture.
Nico: They kinda do look like noodles, like, they make your hair look like Betty Spaghetty's.
Celia: I feel like it's, like, ideal if you can, like, go looking and then check.
" She was like, "you know, like a G-string; a thong," and I was like "ow!
They'll say things like 'I really like Medicare, why can't we all have something like that?
" And like six people were like mortified by my ... I was like, "What do you do?
It's not like KD said something back to me or felt like it was like, 'Hey!
I feel like if you like billy woods, you probably like this album to some extent.
A.I. can now diagnose skin cancer like dermatologists, seizures like neurologists, and diabetic retinopathy like ophthalmologists.
Liverpool can press like City, can counterattack like City, and can sweep teams aside like City.
" They like that he is unfiltered, she said, like that he "tells it like it is.
"People like certainty, travelers like certainty, companies like certainty," said Greeley Koch, the group's executive director.
Montauk feels like home — it looks like California, and it feels like it, but it's different.
Like Vonnegut, like Atwood, Wilson is up to serious business — like them, he's also very funny.
" When Rhea tells her, "I like your dad," it sounds to me like "I like you.
People increasingly watch like-minded shows, read like-minded websites, and associate with like-minded people.
"Some people like to chop wood, others like walking, others like peeling vegetables," Dr. Lenhard said.
It will be like an awards show like an MTV Music Awards, or something like that.
"There has been almost like a state, like a country, like an official country," Veillon says.
Animals&apos amazing abilities have inspired designs for robots that  swim like manta rays ,  hover like jellyfish ,  jump like bush babies  and even  jog like humans .
Their heyday was in the 90s when like, you know, kids had like furbish and like, parents they had soccer moms like two vans and stuff.
Take the time to eat your food and pay attention to what it is you're eating — what it tastes like, feels like, smells like, looks like.
So, like, you know, if it's something like her snapping: ♪ I like it when you take control ♪ Or just, like, a really simple beat.
Even people that like our band will put in some caveat like, 'Oh I like this band a lot but…' and it's like man, you coward.
Here they're like I have a margerita in a styrofoam cup and I'm like, no, it's not really like that…It's more like, where's the tinny!?
"I'd say I like a lot more stuff than I don't like, and some of the stuff I don't like I really don't like," Blankfein said.
"I like Massachusetts, I like Maryland, I like New York, I like California, but I don't like them that much to give them a bunch of money that the rest of us won't get," Graham said.
He uses that to discuss something he doesn't like, although I like books like that and I like movies like that and this is certainly an "around-the-house-and-in-the-yard" kind of movie.
It sounds like jazz, it sounds like silky-smooth hip-hop, it sounds like funk, it sounds like the beads of sweat that once fell from Prince's forehead and onto his guitar, it sounds like poetry.
So I think with them, when that was around, it was like they was trying to like be like rebellious against that and that was like our culture and they wanted it to be like New York.
They don't like Donald Trump, they don't like the low wages, they don't like spending 20073 percent of their income on housing, they don't like student debt, they don't like the fact they can't go to college.
I was feeding her nonsexual cues, like act like a bee stung you, act like you're running, act like you're being chased by a dog or something.
Channels like Crash Course by creators Hank and John Green will teach topics like chemistry, and channels like the Coding Train will teach professional skills like JavaScript.
"Ivanka came in and said, 'I don't like this, I don't like that, I don't like this, I don't like that,'" Zakarian said, according to the Washingtonian.
Their guests include entrepreneurs like Sam Lessin, journalists like Kara Swisher and politicians like Mayor Libby Schaaf and local business owners like David White of Flour + Water.
McFarlane toys now makes highly collectible figures for horror films like Hellraiser, pop culture icons like Kiss, sports stars like Lebron James, and video games like Fortnite.
It's the end of the world as we know it, and everything does feel fine—not fine like chill, but fine like china, like glass, like thread.
" Dr. Kahleova says the take-home message is like the old proverb, to eat "breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
That we stand ready to help countries like Ukraine, like Jordan, like Egypt, or like any country that is a member of the IMF and needs help.
If you like it enough to put it online, then I like it because I like you.
This champion curses like a sailor, manipulates her words like a poet, and yells like a banshee.
This includes memes like "bad baby," educational themes like learning colors, and viral trends like unwrapping candy.
Nick: I'll agree with, like, one candidate's perspective but, like, then the other's perspective, like...Sebastian: Honestly?
"I like Johnny Depp, I like him, as an actor I like him very much," Wilder said.
He seems like the kind of guy that Trump would like personally, like he would get along.
Like hanging onto something … like how many records, like, 'What do you mean that's not sold out?
It&aposs like, she&aposs, like, cute and little, and like the M&M&aposs are little.
I wonder how many people think they know what consent really looks like, sounds like, feels like.
So if it looks like It and floats like It, why doesn't this trailer feel like It?
Some look like virtual corals, others like spiky death stars, others like models for trendy high-rises.
Even so, millions do not like the law and, like Trump, would like to see it repealed.
They always like to tout, like, their MIT engineers and stuff, like many companies do these days.
We wear what we like, wear our hair how we like, do our makeup how we like.
I'm not, like, dialing up the phone number like, 'Hey we'd like to talk to these three.
Warren is "just so smart and like, organized -- like, her thoughts are, like, organized," she told Jones.
He was like, 'We gotta go,' and I'm just like half asleep, like, 'What do you mean?
"I love him like a brother, like a dad, like a mentor," Rizzo said after Game 5.
They include restaurants like Outback Steakhouse, grocers like The Fresh Market and entertainment options like Dave & Buster's.
" Adds Chloe: "We can be honest, we can be like, 'I like that, I don't like that!
It's much like competing services like Calendly but I particularly like the ease of use and design.
So, drink what you like, sing what you like, wear what you like—we're all friends here.
I like the buyback, I like the course of business, I like the troika that's running it.
It also reinforces the concept of the "other" — like we are like this, they are like that.
"I didn't like the dates, I didn't like the sex, I didn't like anything," he told VICE.
Like, I do love girls, and I love, like, their sensitivity and all that stuff like that.
You can see, like, the slightest tinge of blue, like, right here and here, like, very slightly.
People always ask me, 'What was that like?' and I'm like, 'It was like any other Tuesday.
Ahhhh, the Roussillon: dry like a warm tundra, wind-swept like a goddess, seaside like my dreams.
I know it's only rock 'n' roll but I like/ Like it, like it, yes I do.
I like to encourage positive strategies like these for feeding toddlers, instead of negative strategies like pressuring.
I like a Sunday grid like this once in a while; it worked like a giant Saturday.
I mean, like I said, I didn't like eggs and I sure as shit didn't like ketchup.
JL: It's why I like Pence doing like an anti-gay EO, be like bittersweet. Yes. Exactly.
Doctors like their income, insurance workers like their jobs and (most) Americans like their insurance, after all.
When you read something like that, it's like, well shit, we're going to need something like that.
So much swirling begins to feel, paradoxically, like stasis: less like "flowing" and more like being stuck.
They like it in Japan, they like in China, they like it in New York — it's everywhere.
Emily: I feel like I could see, like, Miley or, like, Kim K. wearing some of these.
"They treat sellers like Monsanto/Bayer treats farmers; workers like Walmart, and politicians like Foxconn," Teachout said.
"Like, some days I feel like a man, but then other days I feel like a woman."
Like the others it has a playful quality: one looks like a tree, another like a surfboard.
It's not with charm like Shiv, or his word like Kendall, or his mere existence, like Roman.
He sounds like himself, only different — like he's been on a bender, like he's never coming back.
Like clockwork, IT comes out every 27 years smelling like a sewer and smiling like a maniac.
Even lauded progressive comedies like Big Mouth treat fat characters less like people and more like tropes.
I like going places alone, I like going out to eat alone, I like making music alone.
Someone like Kyrie Irving is, like, a little bit bigger than average, but someone like Chris Copeland, or, like, Karl-Anthony Towns that we made a jacket for, they&aposre like monsters, you know, these guys are, like, 6-9, 7 feet, and it&aposs really weird because their torsos will not always be super abnormal, like, they might have, like, a regular-sized torso, but the length of, like, their arms, is, like, huge, you know, and their height is huge, and then their hips are bigger than normal, you know.
There's some logic to it, where if you like NPR, if you like This American Life, you're predisposed to like Serial, and if you like Serial, you're going to like these other shows that are made for you.
"So many of them say, 'We want to like country music but we're afraid to like it because we feel like country music doesn't like us,'" Herndon says.
The overall sales at the company grew 210 percent from a year earlier on a like-for-like basis, beating expectations for 2300 percent like-for-like growth.
I like the Cure, I like Death Cab, I like Fiona Apple, I like things chock full of emotion that make me want to cry because they're cathartic.
JF: Yeah, I mean it's sort of like that Instagram aesthetic lifestyle where it's like, the whole thing, you're like... Guys, that's not what your house looks like.
Lincoln looked like a baritone but talked like a schoolboy, just as Jackie looked like a movie star but talked like an Upper East Sider chain-smoking cigarettes.
But, here's the thing: your sex drive is going to come back like a juggernaut; like a bullet train; like an avalanche; like a fire in your loins.
A. Like a reindeer B. Like a sleigh C. Like Santa Claus D. Like a snowman Play "Total Recall: The CNN news quiz" to see if you're right.
I think it's a little short-sighted to view it like it's a trendy thing, like it went out of style, like jogger pants or something like that.
" He added, "People are going to say if I like Kaepernick I can't like Malcolm, and if I like Malcolm I can't like Kaepernick, and that's not right.
For 2017, Danone also reiterated it expected a "moderate" like-for-like sales growth and a "sustained" improvement on recurring operating margins on a like-for-like basis.
The "if you like this, you might also like this" approach is comforting to those of us who are risk averse, like publishing executives and people like me.
"I'd say I like a lot more stuff than I don't like, and some of the stuff I don't like I really don't like," he said on CNBC.
What do you with the past stuff, like that behavior around the drivers or the ... You don't like reverence, you don't like honor, what word would you like?
" As we walked, he explained his anxiety: "I feel alienated and it's like, it's like this competing -- It's like an inferiority complex that comes out as like arrogance.
This plant-based beef substitute is designed to look like meat, grill like meat, and taste like meat.
"A lot of them like thrills and the rush and like sex and like the power," says Keough.
I like certain types of ice: like the little small pellets, or I like the really flaky ice.
The political pressures are real, when you look at cases like Trayvon Martin, like Michael Brown, like others.
Subscription boxes and geeks go together like Kirk and Spock, like Harry and Ron, like Eleven and Eggos.
It's campy like Obsessed, a slow-burn like The Descent, and features dynamic female performances like Panic Room.
Entire streets roll up on themselves like yoga mats — sort of like Inception, sort of like M.C. Escher.
"It's like asking who's happier -- people who like pizza or people who like Chinese?" she said on Facebook.
My mom was like, 'Yeah?' and they were like, 'The bulls don't like people messing with their horns.
Alison is... But it's like, so sometimes it's like... I'm like, What do I know, to an extent.
Um, like how do you feel like... Insecure is like also been a lot shaped by Black Twitter.
""I feel like with nail art specifically, like there's a design choice there, there's like a story there.
Like, I never thought that people like D Wade and Gabrielle Union would be like, on my side.
If you don't like those lines, you probably won't like these poems, and I probably won't like you.
It makes Amy Schumer look like Ellen DeGeneres, Judd Apatow like Garry Marshall, and Superbad like Modern Family.
I was just like, yeah, you're right, don't talk to her like that, don't treat her like that.
Like are there any of these that you're excited about, or would definitely use, or like really like?
I like faggots; I like fairy queers, and I like anyone who is a supporter of these communities.
Instead it's like Future, or even like Kehlani, and you rap over them to like a hyped crowd.
I felt like I was worthy of an amazing shoot like this, like my body should be seen.
Like cigarettes or McDonald's, they were designed for me to like them, so of course I like them.
You're a voice, like an actor or actress; choosing words like a writer; projecting images like an artist.
But that's OK. I like performers to look like performers, and I like a little bit of pizzaz.
"Environmental features like lights, like tap cards, features like sound; making the bar do interesting things," he says.
But it was probably created to save players like Ben – players like David Wright, and like Kelley Wentworth.
But he's just like, 'Well, I like what I like and I just don't know which one more.
I like a bit of camp, I like a bit of humor, I like a bit of animation.
It felt like a bigger thing, like a feature film, and not so much like a graphic novel.
"I hope that they feel like, Oh, I've never had a friend like that, but I'd like to."
But it's not like I'm choking, it's more like I'm passionately, like, look at me type of thing.
I like to have a game, like game night, and then I like to go to bed early.
I think we was in like, down the ramp, like 9—probably like 912 with some other kids.
It feels like a zombie, or evil, or like there's something going on that we just don't like.
People want to date people they like, elect people they like and do business with people they like.
Rather than WhatsApp becoming more like Facebook, it sounded like Facebook was going to become more like WhatsApp.
Perhaps it's because I am humbled by what real faith looks like, and smells like, and feels like.
A lot of people like bigger phones — some like even bigger phones, and some still like small ones.
He's not like you, he's not like me, and he's not like many of his peers in boxing.
Like-- like good governance has changed corporate behavior already-- and which I feel like we're a part of.
I saw, like, some colorful ones, like some Froot Loops, I think, or some kind of, like, cereal.
Feloni: What would something like that be like — is it just coming around like a big market change?
"So they get used to what things feel like and look like and smell like first," Bagnall said.
I went from looking like a little boy to looking like a kindergarten teacher, but I like that.
Live sports drives TV, and digital platforms like Twitter want TV-like audiences and TV-like ad dollars.
Like when I think of Apple I think of companies like Google and other huge companies like that.
"I would like to shop just like everyone else at Walmart, not like my time is not valuable."
On "The Affair," people do adulthood like nine-to-fivers, like tipped workers, like freelancers with unstable incomes.
Like, it's basically like they was holding me hostage, like I was actually kidnapped, being held at gunpoint.
And it's almost like, like his, like his ghost, or his spirit, is just still laying right there.
In short: if you like a video and want to see more like it, literally like the video.
I feel like I would, like, try to flirt with him and, like, see if he was interested.
Appropriators don't like it, the White House doesn't like it, Republican leadership in the House doesn't like it.
But this is like the only thing, because I was like, So, I'm cool, and he's like, 'No.
If you've ever felt like your cat is more like family than like a pet, you're not alone.
They've tested meetups with organizations like Startup Grind alongside events like AMAs with venture capitalists like Tim Draper.
"Stereotypes still continue about what authority looks like, what power looks like, what credibility looks like," she said.
Like whenever Donald Trump tweets something, then it breaks into like an enormous roundelay every issue like that.
We like that action, we like to get on base, we like to create havoc on the basepaths.
But like I said, it could be just like, okay, I weirdly like it and other people don't.
Marriage is like a garden, marriage is like a business merger, marriage is like a cup of tea.
And I think like even a chief innovation officer, like people like that are good to seed in.
"  "I'm sorry, but like, it's a virus, I get it, like, I respect it, but at the same time I'm like, even if everybody gets it, like yeah, people are going to die, which is terrible but like, inevitable?
As to why designers like these boys, my guess is the answer would be much like the one given to anyone asking why they like the girls they like: The models look like hangers and help showcase the outfits.
So ... he might write: I do not like Trump here or thereI do not like Trump with his hairI do not like Trump and his wallI do not like Trump at allI do not like Trump with Billy BushBut I do think Trump likes a big fat tushI do not like Trump in a carBut I do like smashing Trump's Hollywood star
It includes loanwords like camera (written as "카메라," pronounced like "camera"), curtain ("커튼," said like "curtain"), and ice cream (once again, written as "아이스크림," but said like, "ice cream").
"I said, 'Mike, I look like him, I'm speaking like him, I'm walking like him, I'm behaving like him, we're taking the direct dialogue from his speeches," says Travolta.
But then, if I Super Like someone, like your friend you mentioned earlier, they Super Like models, well from the model's experience, they would like to see other models.
There were distinguished alumni like Batista and Bret Hart, musicians like ZZ Top and actors like Freddie Prinze Jr., and even mainstream athletes like Ben Roethlisberger and Pete Rose.
"I am praying that the baby will look like, act like, talk like, be like Jinger, and so I've asked everyone else to pray as well," said Jeremy, 30.
The company, which has previously made two-legged, human-like robots like Atlas and four-legged, dog-like robots like Spot, is now experimenting with a robot on wheels.
I do like the data center business but if you take a look at what I like about the data center business, I like growth and I like yield.
"I am praying that the baby will look like, act like, talk like, be like Jinger, and so I've asked everyone else to pray as well," Vuolo told TLC .
When we've got high-quality situations like a Bristol-Myers, like a Merck, like a Pfizer or like an Eli Lilly, we're going to go for those right now.
Executives scheduled to testify come from makers of sporting goods like New Balance, tech devices like Roku or household appliances like Carrier, as well as book publishers like HarperCollins.
There will be people who just like being in the level-zero world, just like people who like living in cities or people who like living in the country.
"I wish it was just like a video game where you just, like, hit 'save' and then like, alright, now I look like this every day," he told Kimmel.
So I sort of feel like there's been more and more of this like Republican senators like Senator Kennedy the other day, like they're saying this stuff openly now.
But also, a world without like Twitter and Instagram, but like lots of Solitaire also sounds like a Grandma's life... So it's kind of funny that like a ten-year-old probably also lives like a senior citizen on their phone.
For instance, you like this show, so you might like this podcast; you like this movie, so you might like this web series; or even, your photos in your media collection are from Hawaii, so you might like this travel documentary.
" What biology and computation have in common: "As human beings we might not like to think of ourselves this way but we, like other mammals, like other vertebrates, like other multicellular organisms, like other organisms are largely vehicles for replicating DNA.
I was super annoyed just based on like the fact like, dude, you got like how many hit records?
" He added "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck.
"I like my state like I like my men: broken and disregarding of all my civil liberties," she quips.
Like when you walked in and you're like, "Uber now has a self-driving car," like, here we are.
"I didn't even know I looked like a monster — like I look like a freaking horrible monster," she said.
People like going to the thing, they like watching ... They like being there in the seat for two hours.
Like Popper, I think there are limits in ascribing clock-like properties to phenomena that are more cloud-like.
If people like a thing, like they think it's like high quality, then they might not care as much.
There are first-person shooters like Counter-Strike, MOBAs like Dota 2, fighting games like Street Fighter and more.
KN: Yeah like there's other scammers who we don't like, like Theranos, it's sort of a bad scam, right?
"I would like my relationship with Meghan to be like father and daughter like we've always been," he said.
They dress like Kim and Kylie, contour like Kim and Kylie, and rack up Likes like Kim and Kylie.
White nationalists like Steve Bannon would like to see an America without people like me, outspoken Mexican-American women.
Like with clothing, I liked to dress like no one else would — I just like the individuality of it.
The frozen Nutella pop tasted like cold Nutella, the affogato like hot Nutella, and the pudding like soft Nutella.
They like our kids, they like the way we behave, and they like the values that we stand for.
"Like, some days I feel like a man, but then other days I feel like a woman," he explained.
It looks like a Pixel, it feels like a Pixel, and it damn sure snaps pics like a Pixel.
Donald Trump has targeted Muslim immigrants like Khan; Mexican immigrants like Becerra and Zarate; even "the Chinese," like Chai.
The moment felt like the edge, like performing a full split, like having the perfect arc in my foot.
Future war robots might walk like cheetahs, see the world like a fly, and have arms like a human.
It's become very commoditized making the people feel like maybe more like cattle than like customers coming through here.
What I like here is that even the most affected people are treated like humans and never like freaks.
Maybe because a commercial object, like a button, isn't modifiable like a digital object, like a tweet or JPG.
Like Pfeiffer's Elvira Hancock, Broughton uses her bangs like a shield and her unsmiling mouth like a razor blade.
I really like how I look, I like who I am, I like everyone that I surround myself with.
Chaganty: On my left side, he was like kicking me, like, "What are you doing?" and everything like that.
He played the guitar like Stephen Curry shoots threes, like Chef Morimoto uses knives, like Donald Trump deploys lies.
It's like the teenage older sister to Horlicks—dressed like a beer, tasting like the inside of a Malteser.
This is like day two, two to three, and, like, I randomly just, like, scratched a little chunk off.
The people of Alabama, who I like very much and they like me very much, but they like Roy.
I like lights, and I like shiny things and elves, and they just live for like a whole summer.
He acts like he won, like he knew this was happening all along, like he meant it to happen.
AND FINALLY Sounds like kids What does Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" sound like when performed with kid instruments?
That's why countries that have jealously guarded their sovereignty -- like China, like India, like Russia -- have all signed on.
Sure, we like to keep certain things in mind, you know, like avoiding some decor trends like the plague.
I think my message was something like, 'Listen, I like my forehead, I like the way I look, thanks.
If it's in film, I'd like to direct, but if it's not, I'd like to do something like that.
LG: That's so funny to think like, so we're like from the pre ... like we grew up pre internet.
Some music, therefore, just sounds like summer; like warmth, like beer in the afternoon with a squeeze of lime.
I like aggressive like My Bloody Valentine aggressive, like sad aggressive, rather than aggressive to knock people's socks off.
LIKE synonyms camouflaged in phrases felt like a simple enough idea ... and wouldn't LIKE MINDED make a great revealer!
" Rudin told me, "Hnath's theatrical language looks like naturalism, walks like naturalism, talks like naturalism, but it's not naturalism.
"I've been so lucky that I've had friends like Zendaya, friends like RDJ, friends like [Chri] Hemsworth," he said.
It felt like what I imagine it was like before the referendum, like you're doing something underground and illegal.
"Because I don't like vodka, and I don't like diet soda, and I don't like them together," I said.
Mills: And when you say that, like, they carried out the Paris attacks, like, what does that look like?
I know what it feels like to feel like you don't have a voice or like nobody really cares.
She was like, 'It already feels like it's been replaced'… She's like, 'Oh my god I can move it.
That included traditional payment processors like Visa and Mastercard, online processors like Stripe and PayPal and marketplaces like eBay.
Brian: The fact that, like, tomato sauce is called ketchup and I was, like...Medha: Like, what is this?
A lot of artists are like that: Kanye is like that; Donald Glover is like that; Tyler, the Creator.
Like everyone else, I loved Like, Crazy, and then I also like his recent movie with Nicholas Hoult, Equals.
It featured an obscene drawing and read I Like My Hair Like I Like My Junk, Raw and Uncut .
"Like, some days I feel like a man, but then other days I feel like a woman," he said.
Like, I like being able to include my fiancée in stuff because she wants to and people like her.
You'll understand why we like , you'll understand why we like service stream and you'll understand why we like Zuora.
Much like competitors like Nordstrom Rack, shelves near the register are lined with impulse buys, like these hair products.
This guy looks like Lyle Lovett, this one like Matt Damon and this one like he'd be singing opera.
You can add toppings like jalapeños and avocado to your burgers, hence the "just like you like it" moniker.
" I'm like, "I'd like to get to the ... I'd like to get to how you got to the problem.
With each accumulating Like, you feel like you've accomplished something, like you've awoken the masses from this great national nightmare, and like maybe, just maybe, you've even changed some minds.
The firm invests in buzzy companies across sports (like the Drone Racing League), entertainment (like NextVR), media (like Gary Vaynerchuk's VaynerMedia) and food and lifestyle (like Momofuku and Bluestone Lane).
Like, I think everyone's gonna look super cute and they're gonna have put together, like, really nice looks and then it's just gonna be me, like, looking like a potato.
This includes on-the-fly methods like female condoms, planned ones like the Pill, long-acting reversible kinds like intrauterine devices (IUDs), and permanent methods like getting your tubes tied.
The fan-made argument that, actually, like, that's just PC Music being like totally on brand and like playing around with like post-irony doesn't hold up to much scrutiny.
It's why countries like China had such low rates of chronic diseases despite individual genetic variations until they started to eat like us, live like us and die like us.
The bottom line: Climate change is like diabetes for the planet, which when left unchecked (like the path we're on) can worsen emergencies like flooding and crises like heat waves.
Some like him because of his anti-Muslim rhetoric, some like him because of his business savvy, and all of them like him because his skin looks like tikka masala.
I don&apost really like that mushy thing, so I&aposm actually kind of glad that it has, like, a bite like you&aposre eating, like, razor clam or something.
This year saw the passing of many figures who helped shape the world: political leaders, like Fidel Castro; trailblazers, like Gwen Ifill; athletes, like Muhammad Ali; and musicians, like Prince.
EJ: No, I like ... LS: I think what they could do is like the movies, like they have these certain games, have new games every month, or something like that.
"There's still a lot of education to be done that state-level races are really responsible for most of the big issues that you care about, like gun control, like education, like health care, like LGBT rights, like women's rights," she said.
I never really felt like there was anybody who looked like me, who correctly represented me, and so I just feel like I want to be that for little kids that look like me, talk like me, or are from my hometown.
Pernod's first quarter sales came in at 2.387 billion euros ($2.74 billion), a like-for-like rise of 10.4 percent that beat analysts' estimates for 7.4 percent like-for-like growth.
We have financial services clients like Charles Schwab and manufacturing companies like GE. We have sports teams, like the Portland Trail Blazers, or health and lifestyle apps, like Under Armour's MyFitnessPal.
"I am praying that the baby will look like, act like, talk like, be like Jinger, and so I've asked everyone else to pray as well," he said with a smile.
You can be fit in different ways -- you can be strong like a weightlifter, run fast like a sprinter, be flexible like a gymnast or be skillful like a tennis player.
I was like let's promote some bands that I like, books that I like and you know showcase those because we have this amazing platform like Netflix to show it on.
"I am praying that the baby will look like, act like, talk like, be like Jinger, and so I've asked everyone else to pray as well," he says with a smile.
It's just like a huge thing, like a gallon of it, and he's just like, ba-bam, across, like, a whole dozen, and they're drenching the doughnuts in this incredible glaze.
There are those who generally match his profile (like Cox), those who beat candidates who were more like Trump (like Donovan) and those who were once clearly against him (like Roby).
Like I I know like I might I may have like if it weren't for the fact that I kept getting the cycle single like glimpse into slightly more nuanced storytelling.
You go to like Europe or London, like people talk to each other crazy, just say anything crazy to them, you're like, well, bro, you can't talk like that to nobody.
We all know that wine and cheese go together like—well—like birds of a feather, or like yin and yang, or like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.
"Countries like Denmark, countries like Holland, countries like Italy and Spain, countries like Poland can see the big, big benefits in the future deal that we are talking about," he said.
Patrick: It's kinda like a movie that like, if you were to look at the raw footage, like this is trash, but then an editor comes in and like saves it.
For example, you can laugh like Finn, act surprised like Rey, cry like C-3PO, act angry like Kylo or give a BB-8 thumbs up or a Stormtrooper thumbs down.
Although McNamee said the average tech company's price trajectory looks like more like S&P 500's than like Facebook's.
Almost as if they were conducting them; like the robots weren't like living things, but like they were being operated.
You just know that, like I said, it's like we're bringing people together like how the pow wow first started.
But it&aposs not like gas prices, it&aposs not like taking away your healthcare, it&aposs not like jobs.
With this data, astronomers might guess whether an exoplanet is Earth-like, Mars-like, Jupiter-like, or something else entirely.
And they walk out and they're like, 'I've never seen anything like that' or 'I've never heard music like this.
Like here... They'd be like 'Do you want to fly or take the train?' and I'm always like 'The train!
Shows like Stranger Things can still be extraordinary, just like a blockbuster movies like Thor: Ragnarok can reinvent and surprise.
The group included drone manufacturers like DJI, chip makers like Intel and Qualcomm, and telecoms like Verizon and AT&T.
Like Beyoncé, like Justin Timberlake, like George Michael, Hayley Kiyoko is not meant to be part of an ensemble cast.
Lena will like pop down the hall and be like, 'How are you guys doing?' and we'll be like 'Good!
Others, like pufferfish, chomp on coral like it's rock candy, pulverizing it by the mouthful with powerful, beak-like teeth.
How could I not be able to feel better on my own, like her, like her friends, like normal people?
She's treating her like a child, like her child, behavior which the audience, like Camille, knows to be wary of.
Too often, we surround ourselves only by people who look like us and think like us and act like us.
This is so humiliating — I don't like Tsai Ing-wen, but I don't like other countries screwing her like this!
It's like they want you to say he has this incredible power like I've never felt anything like it before.
"Like they were some sort of charity, or like I just gave them $4,500 because I like them," he said.
Because people can say, we don't like a border tax or we don't like this or we don't like that.
"With things like Twitter, we can touch base and see what they like and what they don't like," Mendes said.
I am like Goldilocks—I don't like them too soft, but I don't like them to be too hard either.
I like Battlefield 1's horses precisely because they're not like horses: they're more like fearless, furry, four-legged hoverboards.
Many celebrities like Spike Lee say Trump is "like Hitler" while others like Louis C.K. say that Trump "is Hitler".
Like if I'm just chilling at home, it's not like I'm just chilling at home, like laying on the couch.
Others looked like the work of children, painted garish unwoods-like colors and housing plastic toys like green army men.
"The reason I like Jordans is because I like basketball and I like Michael Jordan," Hana Mandapat told Business Insider.
"Islamization means 'I don't believe in anyone who doesn't look like me, behaves like me, thinks like me,' " he said.
If they like going to museums, what type of art do they like, and why do they like specific artists?
They take symbols like the "fasces" of fascism and cross them like swords and paint them on shields like crusaders.
This song sounds like summer, smells like cookout season and dances like your single auntie on her second Aperol Spritz.
The truth is, we feel like their stories didn't finish — like Rachel and Adam felt like they were not finished.
Even in flyover red states like Michigan, there are historically liberal oases like Detroit full of like-minded, progressive people.
The devil's fingers burst from egg-like sacs, the tentacle-like structures slowly spreading like a malformed, grasping demon hand.
There are things we like the idea of or like to see, but wouldn't like to do with each other.
If you don't like me in makeup, that's O.K. But I would like people to like me as a person.
"I like to be comfortable and feel like myself, so I don't like being in brand-new clothes," she said.
"Pretending it is like India, or like Senegal, or like Botswana is pushing the envelope too far," Mr. Lamy said.
I don't like casting matters of taste as a you-versus-me thing, typically—everyone should like what they like.
Emily, like Nora, like Gloria, like Margo, is a part of her community but also marked by her outsider status.
This makes extremists like the ones profiled in the Times piece seem like curiosities, like people who have weird hobbies.
Some good choices are annuals like impatiens; ground-cover varieties like periwinkle; and small bulbs like crocuses and miniature daffodils.
Possible treatments include blood pressure drugs like beta-blockers; anticonvulsant agents like topirimate (Topamax); and tricyclic antidepressants like imipramine (Tofranil).
This is incomprehensible in a way — determining how I like to read is like determining how I like to breathe!
Whereas, like, I feel like with the Tarte Shape Tape, like, that doe-foot applicator holds a lot of concealer.
" [music] "Just like a reggaeton beat, like, everywhere in the world kind of like understand that is a reggaeton beat.
Like, she's never shy, she's always confident, like who's the guy that can make her be like, 'I don't know.
They also make his followers feel like they belong to a community of like-minded, or perhaps, like-hating souls.
Yeah, she's like a daughter of like a village elder and she's been trained in combat and things like that.
Instead, Jolie spends most of the film looking like Maleficent, walking like Maleficent, and staring off into space like Maleficent.
Maybe you can't look "like that," but you can look like you, in whatever form you would like to take.
He often sounds more like Boethius or Burke than he does like Bill Kristol, but he always sounds like himself.
He just looked like a Hall of Famer, played like a Hall of Famer, acted like a Hall of Famer.
He wasn't a right-wing extremist like Stephen Bannon, a sycophant like Kellyanne Conway, or a clown like Sean Spicer.
You had to, like, look like this to see, and it was, like, useless information, and it was really terrible.
"If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it should be regulated like a duck," he said.
Like when your life don&apost necessarily go the right way, like in sports, like mine did, I chose rapping.
Because people can say, we don't like a border tax or we don't like this or we don't like that.
"You wish you could do style like Dondi, just like you wish you could play guitar like Hendrix," she said.
"They like the things that don't taste much like whale, which seems like a bit of a waste," she added.
Its relation to something like utopia feels less like abstract contemplation, and more like the lived pursuit of visceral yearning.
I like having a physical object with the music in it, and I like stuff to read like a booklet.
I like being liked – who doesn't like being liked?
" I'm like, "You're acting like that's a good thing.
Like mama, like son — in good times and bad.
"I actually like his son ... I like his game."
He had felt like he was invulnerable — like Superman.
" He added, "Like anything like that, it takes time.
I like gingerbread houses, cookies, chocolates … things like that.
Like I lost — like they were part of me.
" And they were like, "Kara," and I'm like, "No.
Like you can — it's like looking at a museum.
Politics has got to feel likelike a movie!
But I don't like fishing — I like catching fish.
" Alexion Pharmaceuticals: "I like Alexion and I like Incyte.
Not like King Arthur — more like a Burger King.
Just the opposite — like I said, I like stocks.
She didn't like air -- she didn't like a lot.
I like watching ... I just like stumbling upon things.
Like Disney or Netflix or ... Like Disney or HBO.
Like, I like that you ... you're a good foil.
Like a Leica camera or you like ... Landscape photography.
" He's like, "I'd like to get to the solutions.
" And this episode seems like "yeah, but what's more interesting is the all that stuff that was happening before that." and like not giving us a sense of, like, it's not like it sits with Shinji to be like "boy, What was it like to be in that Eva when all that shit went down.
He posted a lot of stuff on bulletin boards, including a Japanese anime site where, in April, 21.2, when he was eighteen, he uploaded a short autobiography called "The Book of Ed," illustrated with a cartoon of himself, a bitmoji before they were called bitmojis, wearing a T-shirt that reads "I ♥ Me": I like Japanese, I like food, I like martial arts, I like ponies, I like guns, I like food, I like girls, I like my girlish figure that attracts girls, and I like my lamer friends.
The 'Like-the-Caption' Like In which we like the caption if not exactly the photo If the caption makes me laugh, you get a like before I've even processed the photo.
"I am praying that the baby will look like, act like, talk like, be like Jinger, and so I've asked everyone else to pray as well," he said in a TLC video.
Like it or not, gross behavior like this is what gets the attention, because gross behavior like this is what can make reading things on the internet feel like sifting through garbage.
These take the form of "creatures that are like eels, creatures that are like giant worms, creatures that are like insects, creatures that are like nothing we've ever seen before," Paoli said.
We don't really like to say gender-neutral or androgynous because I feel like that's a very specific, that's just kind of like ... sort of look like a boy a little bit.
Progress was helped by Poundland's return to like-for-like growth and strong like-for-like growth in PEPCO, one of the largest non-food retail chains in central and eastern Europe.
I like that we don't feel pressure, I like that we have taken our time, I like that we still don't have a date set, and I kind of like you 😉.
These neighbors don't always look like us, pray like us, dress like us, talk like us, or even live near us, but each one deserves a chance to flourish in this life.
Their argument essentially was that timeshares act like hotels, look like hotels and are subject by state law to transient taxes like hotels, thus, they should be charged property taxes like hotels.
Because Detroit is kind of like, I guess we done had—I don't know if it was like a cool thing, people talk about like the ruin porn and stuff like that.
It lets you see comparisons such as: Democrats like the Republican Party more than they like Donald Trump (though they dislike both), but Republicans like Trump more than they like the GOP.
The strange, stylized aesthetic she developed annoyed Becker's artistically conventional husband, painter Otto Modersohn: "Hands like spoons, noses like cobs, mouths like wounds, faces like cretins," he wrote of her later work.
The local police, like the British police who advise them, like the F.A., like Southgate, like the official fan clubs, are generally doing their best, or what they perceive as their best.
I like how fragrance is like treating yourself, this little extra something that makes me feel like I'm making an effort.
When Peter goes through almost unspeakable lengths to get M.J. to like him (as in like like him), you understand why.
They used to rate the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, like Dick Durbin, like Chuck Schumer, all the way to the present.
North Koreans may not have personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger to sell them games, but like I said, they're just like us.
And there are certain figures, like Ai Weiwei, like Kara Walker, like JR or Banksy, people whose audiences are extremely big.
In situations like these, it feels like grime has more in common with a hardcore discipline like classical music or ballet.
"If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and looks like a duck, it's a duck," said Rep.
I like old stuff, I like classic rock, I like really ancient jazz—Louis Armstrong from the late 20s, early 30s.
"I don't like watching horror movies, but I like making things like that, because I know that they're fake," Graceffa said.
"I like the story and I like the stock, although I'd like it even more at a lower level," Cramer said.
"It's like anal; you can't be like I don't like poop, you have to know what you're in for," she says.
But I feel like with this list, well, people who don't like country music still like the people on this list.
A Black man like Marcus — or a Black woman like Liv, or a white woman like Mellie — doesn't have these luxuries.
This one morning at Fashion Police at like five in the morning you were like, no, girl, it's not like that.
Judges include hardware investors like Rob Coneybeer, Highway1 and HAX, top designers like Yves Behar and product experts like Susan Paley.
Often we measure recovery by what is regained, like jobs, or healed, like broken bones and burns, or rebuilt, like houses.
Fivetran helps move data from source repositories like Salesforce and NetSuite to data warehouses like Snowflake or analytics tools like Looker.
And in fact, you were sort of like, yeah, my muscles are hurting, maybe I'd like a job like that eventually.
" Aratana Therapeutics: "I do like the pet group, and you know that I like Zoetis more and I like IDEXX Labs.
Besides feeling like you're on display, you might not like being on top because you don't like being the dominant partner.
"I don't like, like Don Lemon goes on CNN, and he's like, You can fix this, become an ally," Hart said.
They were telling me, 'Write like this, and make your hooks like this, and the chorus needs to be like this.
There are people here just like me, who are suffering just like me, who hurt inside and out, just like me.
Like, I was so scared … I was like, 'Holy s—, he looks just like a lizard,' and I had to go.
They look like and fly like real falcons and we use them to chase away other birds from areas like airports.
Even the ones that we like to think we've fixed, like racism, keep morphing and getting stronger, like drug-resistant pathogens.
You can dress like a droid, you can walk like a droid, and now you can even talk like a droid.
One looks like it's wearing a saddle, another looks like Chewbacca, and others mimic leaves or even other animals, like spiders.
God can&apost look like the kid in the apple commercial, like Mac versus PC. That&aposs like a millennial thing.
"Yeah, yeah, I like it, but I don't like that CEO, but boy do I like the service," kind of thing.
Some people like to fish on their days off, and some people like to play punishing video games like Dark Souls.
"Peel off like a Lamborghin / like a tangerine / Got the engine straight shaking like a tambourine," for the foreign car reference.
We like baking spices, we like apple, so we made something that we liked and hope other people like it too.
We've never seen a detective show like this, nor any characters like quite like Villanelle, Eve, or their ill-fated relationship.
"I'm really tired of hearing words like disappointed, disturbed, like I'm bothered, like I wish he wouldn't do it," she said.
Sometimes I feel like dressing like a boy, sometimes I feel like doing just whatever the fuck I want to do.
It looked like financial issues at first; it looked like marital issues, and they separated; then it looked like just depression.
No, I feel like, if anything, I'm waiting for the even trickier things, like going to Congress and shit like that.
It's like if you try to sing exactly like Bob Dylan you're going to sound like you're making fun of him.
"It's like when you ask a consumer if they like TV advertising, they say they don't like TV advertising," Bell said.
"Michael would take care of things like this, like I take care of things like this for my clients," he said.
If it walks like a duck, if it swims like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck.
I like to think that, in holding her responsible, I was treating her like one of us, like another human being.
They're really empowering filmmakers like Guy Ritchie, like ["Lion King" remake director] Jon Favreau, like [live-action "Mulan" director] Niki Caro.
Some like the President, some like him enough and some like him just because he is not the alternative, Hillary Clinton.
"I noticed she was like, through her teeth, like she kind of talks like she has a sexy secret," she added.
Lupron's History  When drugs like Lupron were discovered in the 1980s, it was like a miracle to pediatric endocrinologists like Rogol.
Consumer packaged goods companies like Proctor and Gamble, transportation companies like Delta and food retailers like Aldi all made the list.
Democrats want their presidents to act like unapologetic Democrats, just like Republicans act like unapologetic Republicans 100 percent of the time.
I feel like I can express myself—like I can walk around and feel like I'm a beautiful dark princess [Laughs].
Now, I feel like zines are more like what magazines used to be because zines seem like a more accessible platform.
And, as I said, what happened is some fast followers came in like Facebook, like Twitter, like ... Oh, it's all AOL.
This thing looked like what I imagine Alan Brazil's heart to look like, and tasted like a fleshy air hockey puck.
I came to her with a bunch of songs and she was like, 'I like that verse, I like the idea.
I don't know, maybe it's, like, a Texas thing, or, like, an Austin thing, but they're, like, tailgating, waiting for barbecue.
"It was just like wow, this is awesome that there are other people out there like me who throw like this."
The research seems to confirm the adage: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
I don't like hating people, I don't like fighting, I don't like name-calling, so I'm not going to do it.
"It was like a purge, it was like a confession, it was like she was alive in it," Law said, laughing.
"I don't like color on me because I don't like to scream, I like to recede in a way," he said.
This is acknowledged by almost every political faction, whether "liberal" (like Social Democrats), "conservative" (like Christian Democrats) or "progressive" (like Greens).
I hope that's a spell where someone reads that and they're like, this is like what my life should be like.
A carrot, like life, can be lots of different things, but I do like a carrot to look like a carrot.
I'd like to present more often as what's traditionally considered as "femme" because I like makeup, skirts, sequins, and the like.
"A lot of younger kids, like my brother and my friends, feel like they're invincible, like nothing will happen to them."
You have a three-pronged approach, which is that Faze is like the Lakers, it's like MTV, and it's like Supreme.
Like, right when Titanic came out [when I was] in like third or fourth grade, he was just like, 'teen milk.
" Ebix Inc: "I like insurance and I like software, so I think I should like a software company dedicated to insurance.
Angela, like her father, like Will, like Bass, hopes to impose her will on the world by joining its power structures.
Virtue has, however, described their relationship as "complicated" — not like dating, not like siblings and not like a husband and wife.
There's some more traditional ones like a Medtronic, but that's OK. I like Mazor [Robotics] and I also like Intuitive [Surgical].
You'll understand why we like Salesforce, you'll understand why we like Apple's service stream and you'll understand why we like Zuora.
" Ebix Inc: "I like insurance and I like software, so I think I should like a software company dedicated to insurance.
"I'm almost childlike, in the way that kids are like, 'You like them,' and you're like, 'No, I don't,'" she explained.
Like, he's a bit of a like a social activist with his music and I really like what he stands for.
His operatives fought adversaries like ISIS, trained insurgents like the Houthis in Yemen, and provided support to terrorist groups like Hezbollah.
I like to feel like what I'm eating looks like food and marries flavors in a thoughtful rather than showy way.
I brought you so you'd know even nice boys like your brother can think things like this, do things like this.
This felt strange because, before transitioning, I had spent my whole life being told I was too feminine for my own good: I walked like a girl, talked like a girl, sat like a girl, read like a girl, played sports like a girl.
Sydney: I mean, it is very good, it's, like, fatty, it's greasy, it's rich, it's delicious, it's filling, but I think as far as, like, what I want to eat, like, regularly, what I want to go get and, like, feel good about eating and maybe have, like, one or two and not feel, like, heavy and sleepy.
The only thing I don't like about modeling is I don't want women to feel like they have to look like the airbrushed version and feel like they can't attain the perfection there.
They include businesses like Uber and Lyft, payments companies like Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, and nonprofits and academic institutions like Kiva and Women's World Banking.
We have got to move beyond who we like and who we don&apost like because there are lives -- SEAWRIGHT: Pastor, it&aposs never about who we don&apost like or do like.
They include chip makers like Intel and Analog Devices; textile and apparel makers like Milliken, Nike and VF Corporation; materials makers like Corning and DuPont; and health and medical device companies like Medtronic.
We have sacred symbols like the flag and the bald eagle, sacred rituals like Fourth of July parades and inaugurations, and even respective saints like George Washington and and martyrs like Abraham Lincoln.
I don't know what it's like to be a woman, but it seems like they have to walk through life feeling like every guy wants to grope them, and that sounds like hell.
I like pretty, I like art, I like movies, I like cinematic stuff so in the future I'd definitely want to make as many cool and well made music videos as I can.
Should they embrace an ambitious 2020 candidate like Sanders and policies like the Green New Deal, or stick with incrementalists like former Vice President Joe Biden and more market-oriented ideas like Obamacare?
So bringing like all of this very attractive very like funky mainstream looking feminist aesthetics, but also theory, to young people is like a really useful method to kind of get them to see it not as this like stodgy old man thing but as like this attractive fun young like pro-woman feminist new way of thinking like, not your not your mom's pro-life movement type thing.
I'd like to be remembered like this too, one day.
They have seaweed, like the ocean, and ducks, like lakes.
A little like McKinsey, but not that much like McKinsey.
How did people like me come to seem like kooks?
I like feeling like I have a reason to exist.
WATTERS: Okay, so you like engineering and you like business.
It's just like, you can't look like shit too much.
Like I'll be like, 'Hey, I'm gonna be weird today.
Like, 12 years ago, I was like, 'Oh my god!
"Doesn't like Tom Ford, doesn't like his designs," he continued.
If he, like Johnson, tapped someone like former GOP Gov.
Like Iowa, it looks like Nevada will be a squeaker.
"Like right now, I'm just feeling like s—," he continued.
It seemed like a perfect treatment for someone like me.
I think Srey Moch would like to direct like Angie.
Does that sound like what we think it sounds like?
Doors that open up (like this), not out (like this).
" People are like, "I can't believe people are like this.
It was like $39 a share or something like that.
For women like Sandra Bland who are treated like monsters.
I feel like we all know a person like Dave.
So instead of saying like, 'I swear,' they're like, 'Bible.
They'd be like, 'This is like a really weird picture.
I'm telling you: I like your show, I like you.
I like everybody -- I even like broadcasters getting higher wages.
Ever wonder what it's like to dine like an Olympian?
I was like, this notorious thing is like a thing.
" Weyerhaeuser: "I like that yield and I like the business.
Seems like they like to catch 'em when they can.
It looked like a laptop, but worked like your phone.
Boxing is like a dance, it's like an art form.
You know what they say: like president, like nepotism beneficiary.
It was just like, it just was like a machine.
Yeah, perceived exactly like a hula hoop, like a fad.
Like, literally knocked my tooth out and I'm like, 'Oh!
It's like a startup, like what you were talking about.
For Tyga, it's a matter of like father like son.
I was like, 'I like it, but what is it?
I just like to do shit I like to do.
Songs like "Memphis & 53rd " definitely feel like that for me.Definitely.
Girls that I like vs Girls that like me pic.twitter.
We are like the David, but we're also like Michaleangelo.
It was like, 'Wow this is like a magic trick.
It seems like Google didn't feel like paying Apple anymore.
"I like experiences more than I like things," Jacoby says.
I came like a king, left like a legend pic.twitter.
Some look like sponges, and others like seaweed, noted Arnold.
Could it have things like triggers a rape scene?
It felt like medicine, like balm for a weary soul.
It's like, 'Yeah, I did that, and you like it.
Don't treat them like children, and you like a god.
I'd like to be like them making these amazing products.
Not like those fucking pricks who treat you like shit.
Like The Fast 8 of the Furi— something like that.
She likes it when people like her, really like her.
That mixture doesn't exactly sound like it tastes like wine.
"Accidents like this, tragedies like this, are ... horrific," he said.
He didn't like that, his campaign didn't like it either.
And it's like he gets confused, like he can't understand.
It's more like a title, like being knighted or something.
I'd also like the younger generation, people like Petra Collins.
I like her in all variations, but I like sexy!
I like shooting games like Call Of Duty and stuff.
It was like a bullet and tasted like washing powder.
Where people like Grace loved and accepted people like Will.
Odom: That's not— I don't like jokes like that, Bill.
Like helvetica, but with like, much shittier kerning for Halloween.
Like the country of Japan is just like funding this.
I like to be clean; I like to be manicured.
Like, I have been playing more, like, longer every day.
Five minutes later, he's like, 'I don't even like you.
Like Tyler said, events like this don't happen very often.
It's like, 'What possesses someone to do something like that?
These beats pound like hearts pound, shiver like spines shiver.
"If you like my stuff, you'll like this," says King.
In that, 'Oh, I like you, please like me back.
Black people like green juice and black people like art.
Like stop, act like an adult, that you should be.
He's like my sibling now... He's like my work husband.
If I can't get Oprah, I'd like someone like her.
Plus pi sounds like pie, and who doesn't like pie?
He's like, 'Let's go paddle boarding,' and I'm like, 'Great!
Friendly bacteria, like lactobacilli, are tolerated as being like oneself.
Edge computing will be more like Chrome, less like Windows.
It feels like we're a startup again — like it's 1999!
I know what hell looks, tastes, like, and smells like.
"She feels like you don't like her," Kim tells Khloé.
Like, what is this going to feel like, you know?
Like presence, like immersion, even just the haptics of touch.
I like DexCom and I like Abbott Labs ... and Medtronic.
Clubbing felt less like recreation and more like an identity.
If you like Phoenix, you will like this Danish quintet.
Shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond!
My grandmother looked like Kim before Kim looked like Kim!
I like walking by a mirror and I'm like, 'Ok!
You're like, 'Ugh, do these people really look like that?
So deep learning is like an artist, something like that.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For example, like, an Indian, like, or something?
Like oh, you don't know what this looks like then.
Every breakup feels like a death, it feels like mourning.
Like Carson, he talks like he thinks "gun nuts" talk.
No new features for games like ARMS, like Splatoon 2.
I looked like them, but I clearly wasn't like them.
I don't like to see Richard or Jack like that.
Seems like this guy's been with us for like, forever.
But I'd like to think that's what space smells like.
I also like nods to Texas like bolos and boots.
I like what I like, it is what it is.
They like it as much as the Republicans like it.
I like confidence but it's like cocky in a way.
She doesn't like me and I don't really like her.
I want to like you, I like you a lot.
" So, like, yeah, no shit, you're like, "That's my thing!
Like the tapes, like the cell phone issues ... that's history.
If someone doesn't like you, then they don't like you.
"It's not like people don't like snowboarding anymore," he said.
I like corsets, but I'd like it to be higher.
Turns out crustaceans, much like stars, are just like us!
I can say what I like, do what I like.
It didn't seem like Rowling would like twitter at first.
Like, I clearly ... No, sometimes I don't like your stuff.
They look like girl things — things that girls would like.
And just like that, living like Gwyneth Paltrow is easy.
Like, 'Hey dude, you shouldn't have touched me like that?
" Austin continues, "And I'm like, 'No, we don't like that!
Seems like everyone's rushing to be more like Kylie Jenner.
So it felt like some kind of like a hybrid.
It's just like eating what I like to eat together.
He was like kind of like my first favorite rapper.
And it's not like it's harmed anyone like alcohol has.
People might like it or they might not like it.
"I like sexy girls, I like sexy guys," she said.
I don't like that, you know, I don't like that.
But like, Ram Dass feels like an elder to me.
He moves like a robot, not like a real dog.
Because he's like Russian Zuckerberg or something like this. Yep.
I was like, 'Yo, that's, like, straight up a lie.
Like does it feel like people aren't taking it seriously?
Like it can fit in with a beat like butter.
I like to be led to like people through example.
I was like, 'Okay, you're not going to like this.
I like to zoom around underground, like a speedy worm.
Not like a now record but like a 70s record.
"Like mother like daughter," Prinsloo, 27, captioned the poolside snap.
I like a laugh — and I like a happy ending.
"They definitely like work and like having jobs," said Strainer.
"It smells like almonds and tastes like cherry", she says.
What's it like being compared to a player like him?
Seriously, like who looks like this in their passport photo?!
But these new songs like feel like classic Justin Vernon.
Everyone was trying to dress like him, look like him.
"I like that the snow looks like sand," Xelot says.
It looks like we'll be seeing phones like these soon.
I like to keep things really simple, like Steve McQueen.
When a tool like Apple Pay works, it's like magic.
It acted like something cool my kids like to use.
You're gonna be looking at markets like Indonesia, like India.
But this is like every day, it's like a circus.
Like many Albertans, the Dusty Tucker boys like to party.
This is like a terrible brand, like a terrible stamp.
I was like, 'God, they're making me look like this?
Like you, and like most Americans, we have had ENOUGH.
I was like, 'That looks like my kind of girl!
Yeah ... and they're like a Koch, or something like that.
It's like starting all over for him, like spring training.
His successes felt like our successes like no other athlete.
It tastes like salt, like the smell of the sea.
I definitely like it I just like the others better.
Colin: This definitely sounds like a band Dan would like.
No not handheld things, like actual tabletop games, like Monopoly.
Mattachine mostly said "people like you," or something like that.
It's almost like a dream, like, 'Did that really happen?
In a sport like boxing, voices like that are needed.
And I was like: 'Hello', and they were like 'Hi(!)'.
So I was like, it sounds like a horrible place.
We like our stories simple, and we like them bloody.
It's like any job, isn't an office job like that?
He didn't like to lose, like every one of us.
It sounded more like a command than like a suggestion.
You look like the world, you act like the world.
He looked like he belonged, it felt like he belonged.
Angela: No I like that bit, I like the top.
Some, like Udacity, charge by the course; others, like Lynda.
I was like, 'This sound like the next shit here.
Why do people look like this and dress like this?
LG: Terrible like not good at it or terrible like …?
"It's like Hare Krishna or something like that," he said.
Somehow this doesn't feel like scorn; it feels like kindness.
"I'm dressed like her, I smell like her," she explained.
Democrats talked like lions but surrendered like lambs for theirs.
And, like, let's be real, like, we're shooting a video.
Looks like both brands were impressed — just like I was.
Because how could someone not like a word like that?
It doesn't look like a mop, nor like a robot.
Girl, you just, like, that was, like, some snake moves!
It's surprising it went like that, like time just vanished.
Trump doesn't like to read but he does like numbers.
I like the business model and I like the management.
Would he look like speed personified — or like a criminal?
Like, it looks like my leg is a mannequin leg.
"It felt like it was like a dream," Syndergaard said.
This is like supporting the holocaust and things like that.
We should inspire more kids like you to like science.
Not like the NES, but like the 3DS ones below.
If you like Far Cry, then you like Far Cry.
You have to be, like, 'I'm doing it like this .
Politics is like the weather; ideas are like the climate.
He treats cops like criminals and criminals like freedom fighters.
It's not like we haven't faced things like this before.
Jordan: It's like playing a real, like a normal guitar.
Sarah: Noooooo, we like a drink and stuff like that.
It's like when we start to become more like cyborgs.
It's like Tickling Giants, but it's not like the movie.
That's like advertising you know what prison meatloaf tastes like.
I was like, Yep, I know what she looks like.
Like imagine me walking in like this fucking teaching shit.
I don't like really sweet things and I like balance.
The minutes just felt like hours that felt like days.
"It's like in bad taste, just like… guache," she explains.
KS: Yeah, just like in the health area, like running.
I would like an embedded thing, like it's just embedded.
He treats her like a nuisance, not like an equal.
Dressed up