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"impediment" Definitions
  1. impediment (to something) (formal) something that delays or stops the progress of something synonym obstacle
  2. (becoming old-fashioned) a problem, for example a stammer, that makes it more difficult for somebody to speak, hear, etc. It is becoming more common to say that somebody has a speech disorder or speech impairment rather than a speech impediment.

941 Sentences With "impediment"

How to use impediment in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "impediment" and check conjugation/comparative form for "impediment". Mastering all the usages of "impediment" from sentence examples published by news publications.

" He added that the law was "poorly written" and said "it was much more of an imagined impediment than a real impediment.
Without work, there was no impediment to Saeed and Nadia meeting during the day except for the fighting, but that impediment was a serious one.
While it's unlikely that I could have become a math whiz, it wasn't my aptitude for math that was an impediment; it was my belief that I had the impediment to begin with.
The only impediment to peace is Palestinian violence and incitement.
Miller was born with a speech impediment and did therapy.
These are topics where creativity is, if anything, an impediment.
The country's single biggest impediment to progress was Gadhafi himself.
Puerto Rico's relative isolation is a huge impediment as well.
The biggest impediment to voting is not registering to vote.
And it's a big impediment to being able to save.
Often the main impediment to digital efforts is the culture.
Maternal mortality is obviously also an impediment to future fertility.
Mr. Corker stands as a possible impediment to that plan.
The Trump administration's move is a serious impediment to that goal.
Riyadh and Abu Dhabi said it was an impediment to peace.
Simple enough in theory, there was one major impediment: self-control.
" He said they faced "a logistical impediment, not a legal one.
But an acute shortage of general practitioners is a huge impediment.
Soon after, he aided the CIA in circumventing another congressional impediment.
He is the single biggest impediment to the Trump agenda, period.
" He said his scheduling order was intended to "address this impediment.
But again, the House was the impediment to its final passage.
Growing up, he was shy and had a severe speech impediment.
Steel tariffs already are an impediment to energy production in Texas.
Settlements are generally considered to be a major impediment to peace.
But a major impediment had nothing to do with the technology.
I grew up a shy introvert with a severe speech impediment.
Is there any impediment to the government deporting California's unauthorized immigrants?
That North Korea is holding two Americans hostage was another impediment.
"That remains the impediment for acceptance into other facilities," he said.
Choosing to choose later is really an impediment to their success.
Language, for him, would be a conduit rather than an impediment.
One area where Udacity seemed to excel had also created an impediment.
But Jellen says cost isn't an impediment for a self-driving market.
"The firm U.S. dollar remains a big impediment (for gold)," Melek added.
Mr. Redstone has suffered minor strokes and has a severe speech impediment.
Voting rules The biggest impediment to voting is not registering to vote.
Reducing federal regulatory red tape may no longer be the largest impediment.
There were just two problems: First, I had a severe speech impediment.
But the biggest impediment is Assad's refusal to negotiate his own downfall.
But the most important impediment to anti-abortion legislation has been removed.
However, cultural restrictions are still a major impediment to achieve women equality.
One major impediment: It didn't have a test to measure sunroof safety.
Encryption has posed a "significant impediment" to criminal investigations, the report says.
The biggest impediment to developing the V.A. campus has been government bureaucracy.
One impediment to using troops on the border could be American law.
Instead, the real impediment turned out to be gathering their medical records.
" A major impediment was what Dolnick calls "the vexed matter of eggs.
Ties between the men have been seen as an impediment to reform.
Some companies see legal constraints as an impediment to their competitive edge.
Stuttering varies widely among people with the speech impediment, according to the NSA.
Yet the biggest impediment to their success may end up being, well, Facebook.
It is such an impediment to our ability to respond to multiple challenges.
Go deeper: Lack of security is "significant impediment" to U.S. help on Ebola
The man in the White House will be a major impediment to that.
The dealmaker in chief has proven a singular impediment to making a deal.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Schumer has sometimes been seen as an impediment.
Instead of an impediment, walls and mountains are now just another potential pathway.
I really respected the actors and their subtlety within that sort of impediment.
If investors are one impediment to big deals, antitrust regulators are the other.
But where, specifically, do you see the impediment in Congress to getting legislation?
If you cannot provide a "reasonable impediment," you must use a provisional ballot.
That he had long since forgotten his scant musical instruction was no impediment.
I don't have any plainly visible tremors, physical anomalies, or a speech impediment.
There's also no legal impediment to him returning to Uruguay, the ministry said.
Finding advisers clever enough to overcome that impediment will be a tougher call.
Mr Xi's style of rule, though, has proved an impediment to his ambitions.
The federal judiciary could continue to be an impediment to the Trump agenda.
He views Trump as the main impediment to getting things done in Washington.
This impediment in mathematics reaching its full and real value is its practicality.
In theory they should not be a major impediment to American investment there.
Another major impediment to graduation is too much choice and too little guidance.
The high-jump bar is viewed as an opponent, not merely an impediment.
The state argues that the law places no "substantial impediment" on potential buyers.
But changing social attitudes mean marijuana isn't the impediment it used to be.
"It has become something of an impediment to moving forward," Mr. Robins said.
She can afford to wear acrylics that would otherwise be an impractical impediment.
With a speech impediment I was always looking for ways to express myself.
Penalties for early withdrawals are another impediment to plan participants making timing calls.
He has given no indication that the Huawei issue is a potential impediment.
An old order had crumbled and, with it, an impediment to Putin's ambitions.
The inability to easily communicate was becoming a real impediment to scientific progress.
Rather, Trump's unwillingness to give Republicans needed breathing room is another serious impediment.
Mr. Patel said his lack of knowledge about coal was not an impediment.
Historically, the US has often been an impediment to improving global breastfeeding standards.
He has dismissed reservations as an impediment to agribusiness, one of his top supporters.
Investors see a more dovish Fed as less of an impediment to economic growth.
What, beyond the NRA, is the biggest impediment to any gun control legislation happening?
Encryption has proven an impediment to WhatsApp preventing the spread of child exploitation imagery.
And it's worth asking whether Uber's reputation for lawlessness could be a considerable impediment.
The agency said the boat's canopy was a major impediment to the passengers' survival.
Having struggled with writing words, she decided that they would be an impediment anyway.
Those not working say there's a major impediment to doing so, according to KFF.
The Senate is also a potential impediment to a new military branch for space.
"It's clear from your record that you've been an impediment to that," said McCain.
It's also, by the way, a direct impediment to the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Republicans in the Senate have also been an impediment to Democrats' attempts at reform.
"That is the biggest impediment now," Chris Rupkey, chief financial economist at MUFG, said.
Mr. Zuckerberg also recognizes that his company is a major impediment to that vision.
"So let's not allow that to be an impediment and let's do what's right."
Most don't have new scripts ready, a huge impediment, said the producer Anne Carey.
But on its own, it can only be an impediment to democratic decision-making.
In PBS's To Walk Invisible, Branwell is both inspiration and impediment to his sisters.
Building capacity Experts say this step is the true impediment to diversifying the supply chain.
But an even greater impediment to his power is an age-old one: local authority.
These factors didn't seem like much of an impediment to DeepMind's AI system, dubbed AlphaStar.
The US will not provide leadership — it will be an active, and very powerful, impediment.
"Information is the number one impediment" that keeps leaders from making the change, he says.
Make approvals a process, not an impediment Approval without careful consideration and authority is worthless.
Pruitt isn't the only cabinet member seen as an impediment to Trump's anti-environmental policy.
The condor remains endangered, with the biggest impediment to its continued recovery being lead poisoning.
Opposition in the House has always been the major impediment to those measures moving forward.
Most legal experts say Cruz's Canadian birthplace isn't an impediment to occupying the Oval Office.
Ultimately, they said, they hoped the reform would remove an impediment to higher economic growth.
The agency said that the boat's canopy was a major impediment to the passengers' survival.
Our corporate tax policy is an impediment to creating American jobs and growing our economy.
The name One River refers to the Hudson, the river that denotes said creative impediment.
I grew up a shy introvert with a severe speech impediment, bombarded by such suggestions.
"The only major impediment to local buybacks in the past has been funding," he said.
The tiny size of the student body is one impediment to ideal outcomes, students say.
Indeed, being bad is by no means an impediment to success in a capitalist economy.
You ask me if the Republican-controlled Senate is an impediment to the administration's agenda.
The biggest impediment to addressing this public health issue is dark money in our politics.
We still need to address shareholder primacy as a mind-set and a legal impediment.
NH: So what is the biggest what is biggest impediment then to making business decisions?
Firstly, the structure of our economy has been recognised as an impediment by the IMF.
This wasn't the first time that a conservative figure has seemingly mocked Biden's speech impediment.
Mr. Redstone, who has suffered a series of small strokes, has a severe speech impediment.
This impediment to Mr. Trump's deportation vision was too much for the administration to bear.
The second potential impediment to another easy electoral triumph for the PAP is the economy.
We talked about Elmer Fudd's speech impediment recently, and how it mimics very young speakers.
The horror in Parkland should finally identify the impediment and obstacle for change and reform.
Settlements are certainly not the only impediment, or even the principal one, to negotiations today.
He says not being a member should not be an impediment to obtaining a handicap.
For many would-be parents the main impediment to conception is now not science but finance.
If an app doesn't scan, freezes, or dies, it becomes an impediment to the museum experience.
A Starbucks customer with a speech impediment is calling out the barista for mocking his stutter.
However, the highly fragmented nature of opioid lawsuits creates an impediment for a global master settlement.
A chief impediment to sleeping together is different preferences for what time to go to bed.
But perhaps the biggest impediment to fighting harassment in the fields is America's immigration policy itself.
Should things continue to get serious, though, Markle's divorce has been raised as a possible impediment.
If one offers a self-handicap and succeeds in spite of the impediment, heroes are born.
Cost is a big impediment for the small satellite industry, but it's not the only one.
A GE spokesman said there was no contractual impediment to using a larger engine for Boeing.
P and Havoc had a friend with a speech impediment and made it a new language.
It's a futuristic therapy for a speech impediment that goes all the way back to Moses.
"Transformation of the role of women is the last great impediment to universal progress," she declared.
Another impediment is land: few owners have firm title to theirs, and so cannot sell it.
The main impediment in passing a budget was the argument over which spending level was appropriate.
Our greatest impediment is a President who has proudly harassed and allegedly sexually assaulted numerous women.
Major corporations have decried the law, calling it an impediment to recruiting and retaining top talent.
There is only one major impediment that stands in the way: the United States' Seventh Fleet.
That deal took years to close and had become a major impediment to Freeport's growth options.
It's important to stress here that Israeli settlements are far from the only impediment to peace.
The WHO has warned that security issues could present a significant impediment to addressing the outbreak.
In one recent interview with Hum news, Khan denounced Western feminism as an impediment to motherhood.
Experts say any impediment to voting can be enough to dissuade someone from casting a ballot.
None of this solves what may be the biggest impediment to good American public transit: costs.
Legal differences among countries are often cited as a potential impediment to creating a global standard.
In fact the "who"— the idea of oneself — is probably an impediment to growth and honesty.
Mr. Trump wants to loosen financial regulations, which he regards as an impediment to economic growth.
However, he expects the problems to be contained and not become a major impediment to growth.
There's a reason that just about every religion regards material belongings as an impediment to peace.
Another impediment to effective circadian lighting is that few people spend their days in confined environments.
They have focused on regulations, which are often a more serious impediment to trade than tariffs.
But even that amount is optimistic; cost constraints have been an impediment to development for years.
To some, any impediment to emissions reduction is unconscionable in a period of declared climate emergency.
But the court eventually decided that this was an impediment to the free movement of goods.
Kuwait has a unique political impediment compared to other Gulf states as it attempts to diversify.
But the anti-Trump climate alliance may have overlooked a crucial impediment — it may be unconstitutional.
The fossil-fuel industry's decades-long opposition to big policy has also been an essential impediment.
Mr. Troyer, the son of Amish parents, said he never regarded his size as an impediment.
The new law makes permanent the "reasonable impediment" declaration procedure and imposes stiff penalties for violations.
"There was no legal impediment to keeping Maguire and just making a permanent nomination," he said.
But one potential impediment to progress is a demand that China buy more U.S. farm products.
Over the lifespan of the RFS, the only impediment to the program's success has been uncertainty.
Outdated training mandates are more than an impediment; they hinder the aviation maintenance industry's economic growth.
As if our hair, not systemic racism and hate, is the only impediment to our success.
The lack of trust between the two sides is perhaps the most difficult impediment to mitigate.
Evangelical Christians opposed removal as a betrayal of Native Americans, and an impediment to missionary work.
One might assume the greatest impediment to Congress revoking or replacing the AUMF is presidential pushback.
The main impediment to repealing Obamacare is a substantial bloc of GOP lawmakers who won't vote to repeal the law without a replacement in hand, and the main impediment to replacing Obamacare is a lack of consensus among Republicans about what they should enact in its place.
The cost of college can be a major financial impediment, especially for students from low-income backgrounds.
Stagnant or declining wages would be a major impediment to China's shift to a consumption-driven economy.
Voters who cite a "reasonable impediment" to obtaining such identification are allowed to cast a provisional ballot.
But the allegation of sexual assault is the most severe impediment so far to Kavanaugh being confirmed.
President George W. Bush harshly criticized the settlements routinely while in office as an impediment to peace.
One obvious impediment to sleep the apps pose that both Augelli and Kennedy pointed out: screen time.
The escalation in tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia are another impediment to tackling ISIS, he added.
The good news is there doesn't appear to be any sort of unnerving impediment holding him back.
On the face of it, Oldman is an unlikely candidate—the face, indeed, being the main impediment.
It was probably underappreciated at the time how much of an impediment tough regulations were to growth.
In his statement announcing retirement, LoBiondo cited increasing polarization in Congress as an impediment to his work.
But before all of that, he was shy and introverted, growing up with a severe speech impediment.
It is the major impediment to consolidating this would-be movement around an agenda worth fighting for.
The biggest impediment to adopting negative rates could be the strain they inflict on financial institutions' margins.
Do you have a message from Mitch McConnell who seems to be largest impediment to impeachment proceeding.
They are just four lonely votes, out in the wilderness, an annoyance, not an impediment to legislation.
But federal restrictions remain a major impediment to both shale production specifically, and energy production in general.
If we want to ensure the sanctity of our democracy, the Mueller investigation must proceed without impediment.
United Nations and bilateral sanctions are, of course, the main impediment to full-blown inter-Korean relations.
But it comes across as boys who can't stand any sort of impediment to their sexual satisfaction.
Its big impediment is a legacy of the crisis: tax breaks from all the losses Citi suffered.
He and others said that the protective glass encasing the bust would have been a further impediment.
What the case doesn't decide: The CFAA is not the only impediment to this kind of research.
Now, the main impediment to further research is overcoming psychedelics' significant social stigma and overturning their illegality.
The Defense Department is "the sole impediment" to the ACLU's access to the detainee, the judge said.
One impediment for planning is that there can be too many options and not enough information available.
Being gay, Buttigieg said, hasn't been any impediment to his bid for the White House so far.
Some engineers and executives, they said, considered the privacy reviews an impediment to quick innovation and growth.
She told the students there that they should not regard their deafness as an impediment to success.
Boots get sucked off by the mud, and thorny bushes are a natural impediment to moving faster.
Given that Europe is the customer for nearly half of Britain's exports, any impediment would threaten jobs.
The German chancellor said the building in settlements posed "an impediment to the resolution of the conflict".
" Arguing that he was not to blame for the stalemate, he said, "I was never the impediment.
But that was no impediment as he dug into his meal with a plastic turquoise spoon recently.
Most of the world views the expansion of Israeli settlements as an impediment to a peace agreement.
One impediment to long-term thinking is the pull of near-term goals and short-term pressures.
Ultimately, the only impediment to the total dissemination of robots may be our appetite for human interaction.
U.S.A. Hockey's executive director, Dave Ogrean, cited the economics of hockey as the primary impediment to expansion.
Disagreement over the city's status has been a central impediment to peace in the region ever since.
They've all opposed Israeli settlement construction, seeing it as a serious impediment to a two-state deal.
This kind of innovation could save companies big money but it also may remove an impediment to innovation.
One impediment to their ability to find homes is the adoption fee, which can range from $35-300.
"For the life of me I can't see what the impediment was," Fraser wrote me in an email.
But the biggest impediment to multilateral cooperation, most think-tank experts agree, is President Trump's "America First" agenda.
It has faded back into utter insignificance, little other than an annoying impediment to the flow of traffic.
Which, I suppose, makes Speaking Simulator the most accurate simulation of having a speech impediment I've ever played.
But it was an "impediment for the singers and the audience, both visually and acoustically," Mr. Gelb said.
Such a lapse would undermine economic confidence and add another impediment to growth and job creation at home.
With that impediment in mind, I would focus on the most important and unambiguous of Mueller's own conclusions.
The dismissal of Priebus removes the last major impediment to letting Trump follow those instincts at all times.
By locking in established ways of doing things, licensing requirements are a major impediment to innovation as well.
"That's why they're opposing Scott Pruitt, because they know he's an impediment to their extreme agenda," he said.
Well, the car does start at around $2000,19903, so a lack of towering wealth might be an impediment.
"Federal restrictions remain a major impediment to both shale production specifically, and energy production in general," he said.
The biggest impediment to gender equality I see in 2017 is a universal lack of trust toward women.
"Dual taxation is an impediment to development," MHA Nation Chairman Mark Fox said in an interview with Reuters.
Between the lines: Another GOP impediment in suburbs is racial diversity, as the country grows more non-white.
It remains to be seen whether the ridicule facing Cybertruck's design will be an impediment to its sales.
Even so, the nascency of the derivatives market could be an impediment, at least in the early stages.
Some economists see evidence that the uneven distribution of income and wealth is an impediment to economic growth.
Mr. Fischer was not the only impediment to an even more successful chess career for Mr. Lombardy, however.
Today's corporate tax rates, Mr. Buffett seemed to suggest, are a distraction, not a true impediment to growth.
A childhood operation left Franz Rogowski with a speech impediment, and his clown school asked him to leave.
"Paper currency has become a major impediment to the smooth functioning of the global financial system," he writes.
And is that something that has put a new impediment of reaching a deal in the near-term?
But Shelby said the wall remains a huge impediment, and neither side shows any indication of backing down.
There is a significant impediment, however, and that is President Trump and the congressional leaders who enable him.
Barnett discovered that logistical hurdles were a much bigger impediment to the program's success than the public's attitude.
"We definitely observed that issues with the portal were an impediment to finalizing release and referrals," said Austin.
This violence and insecurity — would you still say that's the major impediment to getting this outbreak under control?
In the late 1970s Deng Xiaoping decreed that family ties should no longer be an impediment to university entry.
"The sole impediment of getting anything done on immigration has been the Republican leadership in the House," said Rep.
Communist revolutionaries saw these religious traditions as an impediment to progress and a reason why the country remained poor.
" She said the Trump administration wanted to ensure it "is a catalyst for safe, efficient technologies, not an impediment.
Today a wall is not an impediment for terrorists, and certainly does nothing against the pressing threat of cyberterrorism.
Meanwhile, the Supreme Court, with its new conservative majority, has probably become a further impediment to gun-law reform.
Connie Mack, who had been the bedrock of the junior circuit, was now just an impediment to be cleared.
Another potential impediment to a long-term impact is that the raised price will encourage greater U.S. shale production.
That proposal was turned down by UTX last October, which cited concern about antitrust risk as the key impediment.
If the federal government can channel private investment and innovation into key corridors, it could help remove that impediment.
"Energy is probably the biggest impediment to the development of the continent," said Tarik Senhaji, Ithmar's chief executive, said.
A major impediment, however, is also price, particularly given the immense amount of projects Walmart already has in production.
These players view FICO scores as an impediment to approving more mortgages, likely due to the limitations outlined above.
Earlier this year, Christie suggested that Trump's family working in the White House was an impediment to his presidency.
The "banned in New York" stigma was long an impediment to the kind of respectability the sport has craved.
Since the executive order was halted on February 3, refugee admissions have continued, in theory with no legal impediment.
The only impediment to her blowing up the dam, she would say, was that she did not know how.
But it felt like an impediment to a wider conversation about the gulf between L.G.B.T. fans and professional football.
The paper cites Sanders&apos and Biden&aposs ages (78 and 77, respectively) as an impediment to their electability.
"The sole impediment to getting anything done on immigration has been the Republican leadership in the House," she said.
Democrats expressed concern that his past views, so at odds with established mainstream science, could be a serious impediment.
Another impediment was the Taliban's caution in moving forward, as they have little experience negotiating texts of such magnitude.
For some stutterers, nervousness may influence the severity of the impediment, but it is not a cause of the condition.
Though, positive attitude or not, Melendez has an impressive impediment in the way of his path back to title contention.
Italian prosecutors say the lack of such a law outside Italy is a serious impediment in tackling mafiosi operating internationally.
The match scenes lack style, and the efficiency that works well in the rest of "Soorma" is an impediment here.
"This Congress absolutely has the power to clear away any impediment that the deadline imposed in the 1970s," Sullivan said.
The second political impediment is the potential backlash to the cost of single-payer, and how it will be financed.
Go deeper: Congo now has second largest Ebola outbreak Lack of security is "significant impediment" to U.S. help on Ebola
Kigali aspires to be a manicured hub for finance and technology; its mayor has called vendors "an impediment to cleanliness".
For example, former CIA Director John Brennan was publicly against encryption and secure communications as an impediment to combatting terrorism.
I wouldn't want to argue about whether meritocracy or racism, for example, is the greatest impediment to equality of opportunity.
Difficult to explain for a region of 1.4 million people, and also an obvious impediment to coordinated anti-terror operations.
And for a professional like a campaign manager, even an arrest and an open case can be a real impediment.
Rosenfeld says the district attorney is claiming the woman has a speech impediment -- which they are considering a mental disability.
But for Yagoda, in particular, that has not been the case, and hyperfocus does not stand out as an impediment.
Johnson, PeerStreet's chief executive, said the company did not see any large impediment to its business in the short term.
But greater use of natural gas isn't an impediment to renewables, it's actually helping integrate them onto the electrical grid.
Over the past few years, he has suffered a series of strokes that left him with a prohibitive speech impediment.
"Following consultation with the commission ... trading in Oando's shares will resume without any impediment in price movement," the exchange said.
"Rock bottom is no impediment for a new president who can always find room for a new low," they wrote.
But women who have succeeded in Washington also point to deeply ingrained male chauvinism as a powerful impediment to success.
So we cannot let their further obstruction of Congress be an impediment to our honoring of our oath of office.
Every liberal impediment to producing America's near limitless shale oil and gas supplies will make driving for millions more expensive.
These assertions, and the assertions of others who are ill-informed, are an impediment to understanding and practicing safe sex.
When pressed at the forum, Ellison insisted that his role in Congress wouldn't be an impediment to him being chair.
Well, ruling by fear is not necessarily an impediment to the Iron Throne, whereas the White Walkers most certainly are.
Traffic: LA's notorious traffic could be an impediment for the millions expected to flock to the city for the Games.
Most court proceedings -- and all Supreme Court proceedings -- can be held by video conference, without legal impediment or practical downside.
But for Clinton Body Count conspiracy theorists, the incoherence of the theory in the Rich case was never an impediment.
The weekly subscription-series programming format — "the grid," as Mr. Salonen called it — increasingly seems an impediment to artistic vitality.
A key impediment to the deal was removed last November when the government repealed a cap on commercial lending rates.
Three weeks ago we replaced her knee so that would stop being an impediment to standing, bearing weight and walking.
Besides blue slips, the other remaining impediment to a flurry of judicial confirmations is time – Senate floor time that is.
Although surgical masks are not tightly sealed like N95s, the filters they contain are still a major impediment to microbes.
On Washington WASHINGTON — President Trump is eager to put his conservative imprint on the federal judiciary, but an impediment remains.
Grenell has also sparked concern as a possible impediment to the exchange of information between intelligence community officials and lawmakers.
A serious speech impediment limits Redstone's ability to testify orally, but he could present testimony "in another form," they said.
But the bill could be another impediment to a so-called Phase 1 trade deal whose fate is increasingly unclear.
Cleary they believe that the heroes at ICE are an impediment to their misguided dream of an open borders utopia.
Another unintended impact of sanctions has been the impediment they pose for humanitarian assistance, which requires a functioning payment system.
Our accents are comparable to having a lisp or some kind of speech impediment, they aren't used for authoritative voices.
These laws are a far more significant impediment to local regulation, and to gun regulation more generally, than the Second Amendment.
"There&aposs no legal impediment to that," said Bryan Broyles, the former deputy chief defense counsel for the Guantanamo military commissions.
"She's an impediment to every House Democrat in the country except for a few coastal enclaves," Ball said in an interview.
Yemen's public skepticism and the unclear status of what a "reassessment" actually is present a major impediment to our counterterrorism efforts.
Hate speech is the antithesis of community and an impediment to the type of intellectual discussion that we strive to facilitate.
So I don't see that as an impediment for us to continue to serve our customers as effectively as we can.
The Rockies never saw Tapia's unorthodox approach as an impediment to signing him out of San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic.
On the latest episode, a school administrator offers to be a student's mentor after he gets bullied for a speech impediment.
This might be approaching Zen koan territory, but isn't wanting the lightning bolt the main impediment to experiencing the lightning bolt?
But in a departure from the Obama administration, the statement does not call settlements an impediment to a two-state solution.
Court decisions have backed up the governments ability to use such studies, which constitutes a potential impediment to this new proposal.
To cast doubt on the motives of someone you perceive as an impediment to your ambitions is part of the game.
"DOD's over-reliance on the classified information system for both classified and unclassified information is a frequent impediment," the document says.
Old - Two-stroke penalty for grounding club, moving loose impediment or testing the condition in a water hazard (now penalty areas).
Moreover, Kavanaugh noted, South Carolina made it even easier to vote by providing a "reasonable impediment" exception to its ID requirement.
But the biggest impediment is that trust telecom companies have been promising large investments in infrastructure for years, without following through.
Contrary to what some have argued, there is no constitutional impediment for the recognition of different nations existing within the nation.
In the case of Centene, the biggest impediment to a deal is that the company is not likely ready to sell.
Regulators, who have been hesitant in the past to approve cross-border exchange acquisitions, seem likely to be the biggest impediment.
Mr. Redstone had a series of minor strokes in the last two years that left him with a severe speech impediment.
Thus, government will not be an impediment to the commercial development of space, but a crucial part of ensuring it happens.
"GST has been an added impediment," explained Aashna Singh, co-founder of New Delhi-based indie fashion label The OLIO Stories.
I still think the biggest impediment is market access and the ability for the biosimilars to actually get on the market.
Not necessarily deliberately, but they would think they were being funny for some reason, as if my impediment was a joke.
Cuban President Raul Castro listed the issue just behind the US embargo on Cuba as the primary impediment to diplomatic progress.
She believes that discrimination—and certainly targeted harassment by school-sponsored speakers—can be an impediment to education for transgender students.
What is not reasonable is Washington acting as an impediment to possible local resolution of the world's most notorious nuclear standoff.
It's also been the biggest impediment to him succeeding as he would have liked in his 1st year in the office.
Yet today, these same judges are increasingly derided as an impediment to democracy by politicians looking to appeal to nationalist sentiment.
Mr. Powell's stance creates some distance from the Trump administration, which has described bank regulations as an ineffective impediment to growth.
Being wrong is no impediment in this administration, though, so Perry pressed onward, ordering a study of grid reliability and resilience.
All too often, however, the real impediment for many middle-class Americans is the third issue: They don't feel confident investing.
Our biggest impediment [in developing walkable cities] was the public works folks and engineers who weren't letting us do things right.
After it became clear that being gay was an impediment to having a life in Calabria, Italy, he moved to Milan.
But once he showed up, interviewers noticed his speech impediment and told him they doubted he could successfully interact with customers.
Ryan Holiday I think ego is an incredible impediment not only to knowledge but also to potential and creativity and insight.
In the absence of an actual indictment, Mr. Netanyahu's legal woes have proved no impediment with his loyal base so far.
Sex is an impediment to any idealism, which is why the post-Weinstein era will be an era of gender pessimism.
Judge, for one, does not think the wild card round will be a serious impediment to a long Yankees playoff run.
I am not just a blind person who developed a severe speech impediment but didn't give up on his career dream.
She also, to her credit, shot back at critics who argued that her big body was an impediment to realistic acting.
Yovanovitch, who&aposs widely respected in the State Department, was seen as an impediment to the investigations Trump and Giuliani desired.
I've come to think that the biggest impediment to strengthening America isn't a shortage of resources but this personal responsibility obsession.
"Much of our rationale is to remove the principal impediment in Congress to a progressive vision," he said, referring to Pelosi.
" She is curious about the nature of the impediment, about how "ignorance is vulnerable to the atmosphere it is exposed to.
Galdámez and Robles realized that the biggest impediment to Salvadorans who wished to work in call centers was attitudinal, not linguistic.
All of this is an impediment to asylum seekers who fall under the program and lawyers who might consider representing them.
The Republican Party's clueless caucus shares the impediment to rational thought that infects the left, a visceral hatred of Donald Trump.
Another impediment is the difficulty of conducting early depression research on animals that could form a basis for trials in people.
What Biden's speech impediment means for his race to the Oval Office Some have been quick to question Biden's mental fitness, hinting at a possible age-related cognitive decline (he just turned 77 years old), but it's important to consider that many of those missteps could have been caused by his lifelong struggle with a speech impediment.
Like all stutterers, my speech impediment is characterized by disruptions in my speech, making it difficult for me to talk at times.
Another impediment to a quick arrest, he said, was Louisiana's self-defense laws, which demand that police "get it right," he said.
In the age of on-demand delivery, service providers have long seen the typical low-tech door as an impediment to expansion.
On the campaign trail, Trump characterized Dodd-Frank, which became law in 2010, as sprawling, bureaucratic and an impediment to economic growth.
The third party doctrine is, in my view, the most significant and wrongheaded impediment to effective 4th Amendment regulation of government surveillance.
Those reached by Reuters said their names represented more of an occasional inconvenience than a serious impediment to their lives or careers.
The biggest impediment to the industry's growth is the one that Bespoke Financial wants to tackle first — and that's access to debt.
Ms. Fischer often sang with a light shudder in her voice that resembled a blend between Baroque ornamentation and a speech impediment.
With two clunky retainers in my mouth that gave me a veritable speech impediment, I explained my sister's condition to the cops.
It will make it more difficult for people to get to the water but is not much of an impediment to gators.
It is also difficult, compared to dogs, for most people to 'read' bears and their emotional expressions, so this is another impediment.
Desi's narcissism is a perennially blooming impediment to Marnie's happiness, and Fran's phone holds secrets that the relentlessly nosy Hannah soon uncovers.
What they're saying: While the move is supported by anti-abortion advocates, scientists say it's an impediment to finding new medical treatments.
And while introverts can have shy tendencies, introversion doesn't mean social ineptitude — and it certainly doesn't need to be a career impediment.
It is a symptom of the insularity of Japanese companies, which has been a serious impediment to making strategic and financial improvements.
The conflict between Jews and Muslims in the Mideast should not be an impediment in making peace in the Midwest, he said.
And, as Trump made clear to the Times, he sees no meaningful impediment to coopting federal law enforcement agencies and their leaders.
In the last two years, Mr. Redstone has had a series of minor strokes that left him with a severe speech impediment.
Here too, the chummy personal dynamic between Trump and Putin could be used to reverse a significant impediment to improved bilateral relations.
Most of the time, a federal prosecution is no impediment to a subsequent state prosecution based on the same conduct or charges.
For many sessions, Texas's union-backed cohort has held conservative reforms hostage, making Republicans the biggest impediment to their own party's agenda.
McConnell's path of least resistance will be seen as weakness and an impediment to the strength that is part of Trump's brand.
"If it becomes an impediment to getting the best tax bill we can, then we're OK with taking it out," he added.
It's not just this is a corrupting influence, this is also a huge impediment to the things we want to get passed.
AMLO notoriously micromanages every aspect of his administration, which makes his own inaction the greatest impediment to a speedy and effective response.
Sister Wendy was small and stooped, with a plain face, buck teeth and a slight speech impediment that rendered R's as W's.
It is its enthusiasm for Trump that is the greatest impediment to a genuine search for truth and an honoring of it.
The idea that technical excellence might prove insufficient — and possibly an impediment — was raised in more extreme form by Ms. Peck's performance.
A surprising third place finish by Klobuchar in New Hampshire was viewed as an impediment to Buttigieg's momentum out of the state.
He doesn't know what state he's in half the time & thinks Thatcher is still British PM. Nothing to do w/speech impediment.
Larry Hogan sees inclusion "too often as an impediment -- something that would be nice to do, but he doesn't need to address."
The only impediment that could derail this outlook is an economic recession and this does not look likely at the present time.
Trump was making his latest move in a successful effort to mitigate perhaps the greatest impediment to his candidacy: the fear factor.
Since then, the counsel's office staff has repeatedly been frustrated by Mr. Mulvaney, seeing him as an impediment to helping the president.
Another problem, many in the industry say, is that the elaborate regulatory structure for legal cannabis has been an impediment to sales.
That can be an impediment for those trying to seek refuge in the United States, given the complicated nature of immigration proceedings.
Mr. Parnas had worked with Mr. Trump's personal lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, to oust Ms. Yovanovitch, whom the president's allies considered an impediment.
Despite this considerable impediment, Skalnik claimed — just a few weeks before jury selection in Dailey's trial began — to have procured Dailey's confession.
Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican and presidential hopeful, serves on the committee and would likely be a vocal impediment to that nomination.
I was an extremely shy kid with a severe speech impediment, and that day, my stutter fired out like a machine gun.
Eventually, after several years of relative peace, South Korea may question the alliance altogether, seeing it as an impediment to Korean reunification.
Indeed, the lack of analysts is a huge impediment not just to recuperating from extreme weather, but also in preparing for it.
"I've been in that setting before, but there was something different about this, because the man had this speech impediment," Stevenson said.
Is the DEA protecting drug addicts or does it mainly serve as an impediment to those who are trying to find relief?
The appellate judges acknowledged this impediment and sent the case to mediation, a clear signal for Ms. Harris to dismiss the case.
With that amendment, state officials decided that residents who could not obtain identification could submit "reasonable impediment declarations" and vote with provisional ballots.
A significant impediment to growth is low business confidence reflecting considerable concerns about the political environment, as reflected in BER manufacturing business surveys.
Friedman has backed Israeli settlements, which are seen as illegal under international law and as an impediment to a peace deal by Palestinians.
He has supported Israeli settlements, which are considered illegal under international law and as an impediment to any future peace deal by Palestinians.
One clear impediment to that kind of shift: Fox, the outlet that polls show most Republicans trust overwhelmingly over any other news source.
Her reputation is in tatters and beyond salvation; her manifest lack of authority is a major impediment to resolution of the current impasse.
"Defendants were incorrect in claiming that there was no longer an impediment to the military's implementation" of the transgender policy, the judge wrote.
A significant impediment to counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations in the south comes from the graft and corruption endemic within the military.
" The pattern is clear: "It's reasonable to worry about monopolies when they happen, because they're an impediment to innovation and fun and creativity.
But the statement speaks to the growing movement against encryption by governments and lawmakers, who see it as an impediment to law enforcement.
"I see no impediment," Rosanna Satler, a space lawyer with the Posternak Blankstein & Lund law firm in Boston, told me in an email.
Jaida, smiley and energetic, has had hyperactivity and therapy for a speech impediment, said her grandmother, who had contractors removing the old paint.
But questions about the rules application linger four months after the regulation went into effect, an impediment to the issuance of new funds.
"This environmental approval removes the only major impediment to Clive Palmer guaranteeing the livelihood of 550 families," Queensland environment minister Steven Miles said.
Iranian officials have complained that nonnuclear American sanctions remain a major impediment, dissuading many foreign companies from investing in and trading with Iran.
I've worked outdoors my life, and if you put an impediment to an animal passage they find a way to cope with that.
"While Fidel Castro was alive, there was an emotional impediment for greater engagement" from the Cuban exile community in Miami, Castor told Reuters.
It serves primarily as an impediment to American businesses, which lose commercial opportunities in Cuba to foreign competitors unconstrained by the U.S. embargo.
Yet, while few have been willing to concede to the fact, Puerto Rico's territorial status has long been an impediment to economic growth.
But in Kansas, the requirement that citizenship be documented has become a grave electoral impediment that is being challenged on two legal fronts.
However, here is the key difference: Ryan does not see protecting his position as Speaker as an impediment to getting tax reform done.
The government should be promoting innovation and new technology coming into the market, but CMS has been a huge impediment to medical innovation.
One citation includes a case that denied three people admission into the U.S. due to their "poor appearance," speech impediment and small stature.
An orientation towards stuff over experiences, moreover, gets cast either as recklessly materialist or, as Tony perceives it, an impediment to enjoying life.
But that will not keep the CBO from becoming a target if Republicans view it as an impediment to a tax reform deal.
We never got to know each other, but that didn't seem to be an impediment to her, at least not on social media.
Scott Hemphill, a professor who teaches antitrust law at New York University, described the lawsuit as a potentially significant impediment to the deal.
"The biggest impediment to the peace process is the two leaders," said Grant Rumley, a scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.
Using various historical figures as case studies, Holiday illustrates the perils of egotism and explains how un-self-awareness is our greatest impediment.
Translators often act as more of an impediment than the Austrian officials because they come from the same community as the asylum seeker.
The hawkish members of the Trump administration would see such a summit as an impediment to their true agenda: regime change in Iran.
Another potential impediment to European markets, Ms. Patterson said, is the imminent start of a monetary tightening cycle by the European Central Bank.
A further impediment to sales is that numerous cities around Europe, including BMW's home of Munich, are considering bans on older diesel cars.
"Lack of sufficient political will is probably the greatest impediment to global measles eradication," the National Center for Biotechnology Information said in 2002.
Leaders of law enforcement have told us that the lack of a federal domestic terrorism statute is a real impediment to their work.
This flurry of state-level innovation might be cause for celebration, except for one major impediment: Congress may kill the nascent plans. Why?
"It is a great impediment to the growth of the nation, a nation that is democratic, socialist and a republic," she told CNN.
In addition to tracing their legal and legislative history, I have come up with a way to limit this impediment to worker mobility.
Jeh Johnson, the general counsel for the Defense Department, reassured them that the certifications wouldn't pose a serious impediment, one of them recalled.
Being called ugly hasn't been an impediment to Crocs' resurgence in recent years, which has been fueled by their popularity among younger consumers.
Sanders supporters felt especially strongly that the high cost of attendance represents yet another impediment to voter participation erected by the political establishment.
He became Clancy when, while working as a stock boy at a department store, a boss with a speech impediment mispronounced his name.
Trump said in a series of tweets that U.S. national security should not be considered an impediment from having countries buy U.S. products.
The long new stretches of a wall, with clear-cut "enforcement zones" to the south, could prove an impediment to many little fliers.
On the other hand, progressives concerned about economic justice must understand that limited access to the ballot is an impediment to economic justice.
And then there is the further impediment of having to argue for an impractical and undeliverable customs arrangement unlike any other in existence.
Greene admitted there was once a sentiment inside Google that the company wasn't "curious" about the enterprise, but argued it wasn't an impediment.
Many legal experts expect Judge Schroeder to uphold the voter identification law, particularly because of last year's amendment that allowed for the impediment declarations.
"If you look at it as a competitive issue, that is a huge impediment to American business over the next 50 years," he said.
There are "people who would prefer to have clinic-based abortion care, but there's some impediment that keeps them from reaching that," Adams explained.
One key impediment on its power was wind shear, which threatened to topple its thunderstorms over as they attempted to encircle the storm center.
Getting comfortable with new deficit-financed programs would help Democrats overcome the single biggest impediment to their agenda: raising taxes to fund their programs.
While the government blames cost for lack of investment in infrastructure, critics suggest the real impediment is fear of losing control of the media.
"Unfortunately I suffer from a pretty debilitating speech impediment, so if you have any questions I would prefer to respond in writing," he wrote.
For the British, a deal is critical to illustrate that leaving a massive trade bloc is not an impediment to pursuing trade liberalization elsewhere.
"The biggest impediment to pro-growth tax reform is the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT)," Club for Growth President David McIntosh said in a statement.
The greatest impediment to creativity is our impatience, the almost inevitable desire to hurry up the process, express something and make a quick splash.
Talking about his experience in Congress, Kasich noted that party label was not an obstacle or impediment to members developing genuine and close friendships.
Speaking as someone who's long been afflicted with this cosmetic impediment, shout out to Drummond for overcoming what was once an unscalable obstacle. 27.
That quickly turned into a nightly occurrence because playing first-person shooters while drunk is hilarious, but also quite the impediment to meeting deadlines.
Trump has consistently avoided criticizing the Kremlin for its election meddling and complained that Mueller's investigation is an impediment to better relations with Moscow.
The single greatest impediment to reining in gun violence in America isn't the House of Representatives, President Donald Trump, or even the Supreme Court.
Di Domenico, who started doing impressions to overcome a childhood speech impediment, said the key to mimicking Trump was more than just the voice.
Feeling more bearish, Chad Morganlander, portfolio manager at Washington Crossing Advisors, says Tesla's balance sheet is a major impediment to any long-term gains.
He brings along Berenice, a plucky pickup (Elizabeth Debicki) who proves to be an impediment to the task Cassidy has in store for James.
The cost of that might be the greatest impediment to real change in how assets can be hidden, writes the White Collar Watch columnist.
Another impediment to progress, and one that goes almost entirely unremarked, is the simple horror of trying to get anything built in New York.
Unless the pregnancy is embarrassing and super-inconvenient and an impediment to your political future, in which case it's merely a clump of cells.
Pyongyang argues the moves are impediment to peace efforts and has framed its recent weapons tests as reactions to moves by Seoul and Washington.
"  She then followed it up with a tweet saying, "To be clear was not trying to make fun of anyone with a speech impediment.
"Paul Ryan is the sole impediment to us passing a bipartisan bill that would give the relief that Dreamers need and deserve," said Sánchez.
She said his being kept out of the United States was "a major impediment and is slowing the pace of research in my group."
That order allows those without an accepted ID to vote by signing a sworn declaration stating they have a reasonable impediment to obtaining one.
Braun said his height used to be an impediment to getting roles, so he&aposd tell people on casting calls that he was shorter.
Half of all respondents say high taxes and overregulation are one of their business' biggest hurdles -- significantly more than any other impediment they face.
The biggest impediment to Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonLewandowski on potential NH Senate run: If I run, 'I'm going to win' Fighter pilot vs.
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told reporters earlier in the week, "the wall, I think, is the major impediment" to getting funding issues resolved.
According to CBP, the walls system "will serve as a persistent impediment" to transnational criminal organizations, while still allowing river access for property owners.
FDA's track record — it allows virtually all requests to go forward — demonstrates that the agency is not an impediment to access to unapproved products.
That structure is unusual in the business world but popular among big tech companies, and it could prove a huge impediment for Uber's turnaround.
Many stutterers opt to hide their impediment or remain silent in some situations, leading people to think they may simply be shy or an introvert.
The guardianship system is "the most significant impediment to realizing women's rights in the country," Human Rights Watch said in a report released in July.
The White House itself has pointed to the proliferation of occupational licensing laws — for everything for barbers to florists — as an impediment to economic growth.
"I'd say that the new treatment, that lets my own body react to cancer without impediment, it's been the most effective new development," he said.
For District Attorney Dumanis, a plea bargain also removed, in her mind, the only impediment to an otherwise airtight case: proving who actually stabbed Luis.
Last February, the administration issued a statement saying that Israeli settlements were not an impediment to peace — a huge break with decades of US policy.
The greatest impediment to Snap's innovation efforts, however, may be its hefty losses: the company lost $515 million last year on $404 million in sales.
What they didn't know is that a third impediment to exercising their legal right to claim asylum stood in their way: the Mexican government itself.
Liam Fox, former UK defense secretary and Brexit supporter, said that "many in the European project see Nato as an impediment to ever closer union".
He thought that if white Americans could adopt Islam, it could break their socially constructed identities as white people, which were an impediment to equality.
All guidance would be completely voluntary, and anything that could be perceived as a mandate or a requirement was dismissed as an impediment to innovation.
A New Jersey mother is accused of smothering her toddler son because she saw him as an impediment to the extramarital affair she was having.
The border controls between Hungary and its neighbors, for example, or between Austria and Germany are a major and at times perilous impediment to refugees.
" Rhodes said the resolution also condemns the incitement of violence, "which we've seen too often in Palestinian territory, which is also an impediment of peace.
FORNETH MOOR, Scotland (Reuters) - Britain's grouse shooting season officially began on Monday, with misty wet Scottish weather not proving an impediment for those taking part.
ACL injuries, which account for 20 percent of all ski-related injuries, have been identified as a major impediment to the growth of the sport.
Such a horse would be highly sought after for breeding, but there was an impediment: Gem Twist was a gelding — a castrato, in operatic parlance.
The first and the last scenes belong not to Connie but to his brother, Nick (Benny Safdie), who has learning difficulties and a speech impediment.
"Though the metal looks attractive at these levels, limited upside potential remains as a primary impediment," said Benjamin Lu, a commodities analyst at Phillip Futures.
Smugglers can operate with little impediment, even as the Islamic State controls part of the Libyan coastline, barely 300 miles across the sea from Italy.
Congress can step in, is indeed trying to step in to set things right but is for the moment being blocked by a procedural impediment.
Charging the same fees for small cells as for the 200-foot towers that characterize 4G coverage is nonsensical and an unnecessary impediment to deployment.
But she added that the ultimate impact could be larger, because it would remove an impediment for women to work, making the economy more productive.
The strong dollar was an impediment, the global economy was sluggish, and plummeting energy and commodities prices sank the fortunes of companies in those industries.
But price is also an impediment for publicly funded programs, which have limited budgets and are now shelling out more cash for the prevention effort.
Recent protest slogans indicate that many Iranians believe the impediment to a better life is not U.S. foreign policy, but rather their own revolutionary government.
But he said the legality of ayahuasca use is a "major impediment" to determining how ayahuasca in its traditional form, can address mental health disorders.
"The only impediment to this type of behavior is to have a team from outside that understands the impact and sees the patterns," she said.
Exploiting his speech impediment for laughs might not have been politically correct, but Mr. Tillis knew that living with a disability had its serious side.
It misses perhaps the most significant impediment to women's continued engagement in the labor market, one that is getting tougher with each passing year: aging.
This use of the human suffering as a political weapon by both sides is the greatest impediment to improving conditions for Venezuelans, the report said.
The Mediterranean, too, seems less of an impediment from above, with container ships and refugee dinghies crossing what is increasingly a common Euro-African space.
After a pint, they went back to his building to continue their conversation, and found yet another impediment to the smooth unfolding of their romance.
On the one hand it wants to tantalize us with its open questions, but on the other there is no diegetic impediment to immediate answers.
To the extent that Mr. Bannon cares about North Korea, administration officials said, it is because he views it as an impediment to that effort.
President Jair Bolsonaro has long been critical of the policy of setting aside vast territories for Indigenous groups, calling it an impediment to economic growth.
A major impediment to assembling quick family detention space will be a 1997 settlement agreement that outlines standards of care for children in immigration detention.
I dare you to mock me' Lara Trump mocks Biden: 'Let's get the words out Joe' MORE seemingly mocked the former vice president's speech impediment.
Mr. Perriello has yet to prove that he can do the same, and the biggest impediment to his doing so has been Mr. Obama himself.
"To be clear was not trying to make fun of anyone with a speech impediment," she tweeted in an attempt to defend her initial comment.
Neutering appears to be no impediment in "Cats," where an unnervingly erect tail can instead convey themes that fall far outside the film's PG rating.
So the California waiver was a big impediment to the Trump administration's larger goal of rolling back regulations that were implemented to combat climate change.
"The main impediment to enforcing [labor laws] always has been arbitration clauses," says Liss-Riordan, who is running for a US Senate seat in Massachusetts.
And that is going to cost a lot of money, which may be the greatest impediment to real change in how assets can be hidden.
The move was a bid to avoid U.S. national security bureaucracy, which both sides viewed as an impediment to improving relations between the two countries.
" The Inter-American Court of Human Rights went further, calling the law "an impediment to the full exercise of the right to nationality of the victims.
The large file sizes can be an impediment to delivering video quickly in a quality manner at scale, and the videos can appear distorted during playback.
The biggest impediment to date has been the high fees that phone companies impose to handle transactions, when compared to how much credit card companies charge.
"Snapchat's leadership saw Mr. Pompliano as an impediment to their planned IPO because he refused to turn a blind eye to Snapchat's misrepresentations," the suit reads.
And this suggests that the housing shortages in cities like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles are likely a major impediment to nationwide economic growth.
In the morning messages, Trump said "the shackles" had been removed and "disloyal" members of his own party are more of an impediment than Hillary Clinton.
But while NovoBiotic is benefiting from the federal government's efforts to promote drug development, it and other biotech companies are also confronting a new legal impediment.
"When you look at what we've dealt with over the last several years, the greatest impediment to our economic growth has been regulatory uncertainty," he said.
"Sharp increases in U.S. production will be a key impediment in upside potential for oil prices in 2019," said Benjamin Lu, commodities analyst at Phillip Futures.
But he has come to be seen in many capitals as an impediment to progress in Europe because of his focus on rules and fiscal discipline.
The U.N. roadmap highlights that a critical impediment to upgrading informal settlements and sustainable redevelopment is the lack of tenure or ownership of land or property.
"She realized it didn't have to be an impediment and could use that as a catalyst for being a role model for overcoming adversity," Dunn said.
Despite the tough words, Trump soon came up against a familiar impediment: the legal and constitutional constraints that sometimes frustrate his desire for a strongman presidency.
And, regulations are "an even greater impediment" to our competitiveness than taxes: Actually, we're far less regulated than, say, Germany, which runs a gigantic trade surplus.
The Democrats want funding to come through government agencies, but this is a major impediment to integrating child care and schools into our places of business.
But true to form, the geopolitics serves mostly as an impediment to and distraction from the micro-scale dramas of daily life that really interested Bowie.
He has promised to scale back enforcement of environmental laws, calling them an impediment to economic growth, and has made his intentions for the Amazon clear.
Insecurity has become a "major impediment" to controlling the Ebola outbreak, Michael Ryan, the World Health Organization's health emergencies chief, told reporters in Geneva on Friday.
Mainly, it shows how the growing connection between the two helps them find a better balance in their lives where their issues aren't a constant impediment.
He and his advisers view the issue as an impediment to trade and a barrier to warmer relations between the United States and potential strategic partners.
The Justice Department says the issue is creating an increasing impediment to a wide range of investigations, from crimes against children, to terrorism and drug activity.
Many people think that these regulations are an even greater impediment than the fact that we are one of the highest taxed nations in the world.
Linda Sánchez (D-Calif.), vice chairwoman of the House Democratic Caucus, on Wednesday said that the Speaker is the "sole impediment" to an obtainable DACA agreement.
Cohen accused Trump of ignoring Mattis's requests for more time to study the issue of whether transgender soldiers would be an "impediment" to the military's objectives.
Barletta has responded by blasting Casey as an impediment to Trump, accusing Casey of turning to the left and arguing that he can't represent Trump voters.
Surprisingly, baby boomers ages 55 to 64 are more likely than other age groups to say that a low salary is the biggest impediment to saving.
"Insecurity has become a major impediment to ensuring that we can access, engage with and serve the communities we wish to serve in Ebola control," he said.
Carr explains that's not unequivocally dangerous—there's not yet sufficient clarity about whether inundation is an impediment to preserving sites in the same way that erosion is.
"Probably the biggest impediment to just going (to Mars) is the cost," Scott said in September, adding that if that could be overcome, the technology would follow.
"In the Skourides case, there was no impediment, there was no barrier, nothing, there was no problem so we&aposve given that," Erkmen told The Associated Press.
Those types of experiences can help ease concerns around the technology — a key impediment to digital transformations — and instead show what is possible with the advanced applications.
Is the meritocratic system itself the greatest impediment to a fair society, which is to say a society in which equality of opportunity is a real thing?
In this way, he excuses Democrats from the need to actually talk to millions of ordinary Americans and makes them seem like the true impediment to progress.
The comments followed weeks of pressure by judicial conservatives to weaken blue slips, which they view as a central impediment keeping Trump's nominees from reaching the bench.
The presumptive GOP nominee has suggested that his plans to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border are an impediment to Curiel's ability to be impartial.
Until then, calculating the cost of the complex bus system had been such a difficult problem that it presented an impediment to even considering bell time changes.
His inability to move beyond an antiquated notion of justice is an impediment to the freedom of his people, and it's what makes him a tragic figure.
The second source familiar with the discussions added that deep scepticism about growth-linked debt within Germany, the hosts of this year's G20, was also an impediment.
For example, the Medicaid Institutions for Mental Disease (IMD) exclusion — a law as old as the program itself — is the single largest impediment to quality inpatient care.
Its "long history and current practices are at the root of the deep distrust of the police and remain a significant impediment to improved community-police relations".
According to NBC News, the biggest impediment for a Biden presidential bid is his family: "[We] need to decide as a unit whether we're ready," he explained.
And then third, that if we had an all-robot army, even if it were remotely operated by soldiers, is that too little an impediment to war?
In Mr. Trump, many in the alt-right have found an imperfect vessel for their cause, but they have poured their rage into his campaign without impediment.
But when World War II broke out, such an approach became an impediment to enlisting major industrial firms for war production, and FDR sidelined the antitrust advocates.
"We are looking at every option available to us to provide assistance, technical expertise to the region, but the security situation is a significant impediment," he said.
Rahul Srivastava, a founder of Mumbai's Institute of Urbanology, said the biggest impediment to upgrading informal settlements is their "illegitimate" status due to the absence of title.
The major impediment to more of these projects coming to market is the cost of land, which has not fallen along with the demand for ultraluxurious properties.
Although the Federal Arbitration Act was adopted in 1925, it is only in the last few decades that it has become a major impediment to private enforcement.
The impediment, rather, which the leadership and the president-elect alike have noted, is that as yet there is no agreement on what should replace the ACA.
To the Editor: "Help Teachers Before They Get to Class" correctly identifies the current teacher preparation system as a major impediment to strengthening the nation's teaching profession.
Mr. Redstone has not been seen publicly since his 20153nd birthday last May and has suffered minor strokes that have left him with a severe speech impediment.
On top of this, several senior staff had recently left its trading operations while a heavy group debt burden presented another impediment to further mergers and acquisitions.
Current permitting for the infrastructure necessary for a 5G network is done at a local level, and it is perhaps the single largest impediment to effective deployment.
"This belief in juju has been a strong impediment to our prosecution" of traffickers, Arinze Orakwue, a top official at the Nigerian anti-trafficking agency, told me.
It also turns out to be a consistent impediment to armed bank robbery, as well as an occasional spark for violence that might otherwise have been avoided.
In fact, Iran emerged the big winner from the Iraq War precisely because the Americans ousted Saddam Hussein, thus eliminating the main impediment to Iran's regional ambitions.
He's attacked the rule as an unfair impediment to his agenda, even though his ObamaCare repeal legislation would only have required 51 votes to pass the Senate.
That has reportedly led Mr. Minerd and his supporters to regard Ms. Court's new organization as an impediment to the firm's raising money from and supporting clients.
On Saturday, a nationwide sales tax replaces the current hodgepodge of business taxes that vary from state to state and are seen as an impediment to growth.
We informed ICANN today that based on that review and barring any significant impediment, NTIA intends to allow the functions contract to expire as of October 1.
But the biggest impediment to finding such faraway galaxies are actually other galaxies, as those closer to us block out the more distant ones with their light.
Yet the RBA has consistently argued that rates of 2 percent are already so low that they are no impediment to investment, so cutting further would not help.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called Trump on Monday to tell him the tariffs would be an impediment to talks on updating NAFTA, a Canadian government official said.
"The biggest impediment to the improvement of many of these settlements is the misconception that they are illegitimate, because residents don't own the land they occupy," he said.
Puerto Rico faces a staggering array of long-term economic challenges beyond the hurricane, and the Jones Act serves as a major impediment to addressing any of them.
His diction is terrible, he doesn't exactly have a speech impediment, but it's hard for him to put two sentences together, but I was fascinated and I listened.
The Weather Underground, Black Liberation Army, FALN, and the United Freedom Front existed freely and operated underground for years without any significant infiltration or impediment by the FBI.
"This dynamic in the Colorado Dioceses was a severe impediment to the protection of children, and it is one (they) are not done addressing," the independent report said.
Initial word that John McCain needed surgery to deal with a blood clot was seen primarily as a minor impediment to the timing of a health care vote.
With all the good news on earnings already priced into equities, rising interest rates are now a "major impediment" for the fourth quarter, he told CNBC on Monday.
I had been working on the company for over a year, and to put it simply, college felt like an impediment — rather than a stepping stool — toward success.
But if you're expecting broadband providers to suddenly feast on their customers and institute every now-legal impediment they can on free expression, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.
Some sort of deal ("shared sovereignty" is a phrase bandied about a lot in Tokyo) would fulfil a cherished goal and remove a huge impediment to closer ties.
Clinton wasn't there to atone for benefiting from her work ethic, or for at times being as much of an impediment as an asset to her political career.
The House bill extends the legality of the surveillance program for six years, allowing the NSA and other intelligence agencies to continue their warrantless surveillance practices without impediment.
Gray says that the biggest impediment to growing her business is streamlining the production of the sleeves, since at the moment she's the one doing all the work.
Written by Benjamin Cleary, it tells the tale of a lonely typographer who speaks eloquently in his head, but struggles to overcome his speech impediment when he talks.
Earlier on Tuesday, Moody's downgraded Carige and placed it under review for further downgrade, citing governance tensions which it said were "an impediment to the bank's effective restructuring".
The impact of colonialism, often blamed by Arabs for their woes, should not be an impediment; the world is full of countries with bleak histories and odd borders.
The main impediment in the talks between Irish nationalists Sinn Fein and the pro-British Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is disagreement over the rights of Irish language speakers.
While non-American financial contributions have slowly risen since 2015, burden sharing continues to be a significant impediment to a capable, adaptive, mobile, and fully prepared military alliance.
Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein, an associate scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia, pointed out that international sanctions are a major impediment — but hurdles go beyond that.
A Washington, D.C., woman is seeking an apology from airport officials in Atlanta after she was detained for about an hour because of her speech impediment, she says.
" He said becoming a conductor had allowed him to overcome his own shortcomings as a violinist, which he likened to being "like an actor with a speech impediment.
So when I fall in love, for instance, it is never an impediment that the object of my affections might be, or seem to others to be, odd.
The prisoner release dispute has emerged as a fresh impediment to peace negotiations between the Islamist insurgents and the Afghan government that are to begin on March 10.
That's unfair in the competition for grades, and it's an impediment to pedagogy: Students are less likely to get the guidance they need to develop their writing skills.
UNRWA is a huge impediment to actionable understanding in the Arab world – and particularly among Palestinians – that Israel is a legitimate and permanent part of the Middle East.
She was trying to reach the Gucci flagship store on the corner of 56th Street, but her shopping trip had an unusual impediment: Gucci is inside Trump Tower.
In an interview with Israel HaYom, Trump took yet another position: Q: We heard from Washington this week that settlements are not an impediment to the peace process.
" A very important person in my life said to me, "If you could do anything you wanted and there was no impediment, what would you want to do?
As the administration has made clear: while the existence of settlements is not in itself an impediment to peace, further unrestrained settlement activity does not help advance peace.
" Describing himself as Mr. Rubio's "impediment to the next round," he added, "I think people in New Jersey learned a long time ago: It's tough to come through me.
"As such, the inventory overhang built from the start of 2014 will remain largely in place, and thus continues to represent an impediment to any price rally," BNP said.
He initially struggled in his pre-draft interviews due to a speech impediment, but in April 2016 he was selected with the first overall pick by the L.A. Rams.
As Saint John indicates, if gatekeepers are the impediment to change, not the people knocking to get in, the onus to make a difference should be distributed more realistically.
"Any increase in interest rates will be nominal, as we know, and it's not going to be enough to serve as an impediment to the continued recovery," Huskey said.
The ruling, however, focused on Texas's argument that SB 5's inclusion of a Declaration of Reasonable Impediment (DRI) permanently alleviated the issues the court had with SB 14.
And it's not like they can keep the place open 24/7 without staff, since the barriers are more of a polite suggestion than any serious impediment to entry.
Yildirim on Wednesday raised the prospect that Yucel could soon be freed, something that would remove what Germany considers a major impediment to normalized relations between the two countries.
"Unless there is a structural impediment to a rebound, when a stock declines like this it's offering the ability for someone to purchase it at a discount," he said.
Having accumulated over decades, albeit with occasional tweaks, together they are as costly and as much of an impediment to lending and economic growth as Dodd Frank, bankers say.
One impediment to broad adoption of alternative data is a cultural divide between west-coast techies and buttoned-up east-coast financiers, notes the boss of one data provider.
While others in the skeptical camp didn't explicitly mention the policy, many did point to growing income inequality as a major impediment in the way of a workable solution.
Last month the previous environment minister Nicolas Hulot, who was widely viewed as an impediment to the nuclear industry's drive to remain as France's main power supplier, resigned abruptly.
By appointing Whitaker, a Mueller critic, in place of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the President has already removed an impediment to his desire to control the Justice Department.
She asked for a clarinet, but there was an impediment: She was attending an all-girls' school, and the inherent dearth of boys meant an inherent dearth of bassists.
Previously, the judge declined several requests to order the deposition of Mr. Redstone, stating that taking testimony from him would be unproductive because he has a severe speech impediment.
"A major impediment to the adoption of this plan is that the potential deficit increase may be above what the Senate and House are willing to accept," Snider wrote.
The agreement should bring relief to the federal government, as senior officials see the spat over the Kia plant as a potential impediment to future foreign investment in Mexico.
I was excited to sit next to Helen Mirren at dinner once, even though her portrayal of the Queen has been a huge impediment to progress in this respect.
The proposed purchase has been a major impediment to closer US-Turkish relations amid fears the Russian system could allow Moscow to collect intelligence on American and NATO systems.
His musical hobby eventually turned into a necessary outlet the more difficult it became for him to communicate with his friends, family and peers due to his speech impediment.
Be smart: If vehicle cybersecurity does not receive serious oversight and attention now — from manufacturers, governments and drivers — it will soon become a critical impediment to safety and privacy.
Likewise, the proportion of those who believe that whites have 'too much' political influence and that racial discrimination is the foremost impediment to black mobility also crested in 2016.
"For those who find it appealing, it is a form of radical black self love that is willing to challenge any potential impediment to black freedom," Mr. Curtis said.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority created the position in 218 to be the place where the buck stops for every conceivable impediment to the smooth operation of a subway station.
Even a seemingly small impediment to registration, like a new ID requirement, favors the status quo, and in Kansas, and indeed nationally, the status quo favors the Republican Party.
Miss Manners is aware that most people do not carry personal cards any more, but as you do not want the information anyway, this should not be an impediment.
SHELLY JOHNSON (MÄDCHEN AMICK) So yes, our diner waitress is still married to Leo, though it doesn't seem to be much of an impediment to her relationship with Bobby.
Our statutory rate was the second-highest among developed nations, and a clear impediment to enticing foreign-based firms from shifting part or all of their operations state-side.
The Department of Commerce plans to end its contractual oversight of the internet domain name system in October "barring any significant impediment," a top agency official said on Tuesday.
Another impediment is that Mr. Tillerson has expressed misgivings about having Mr. Bolton as his deputy, according to a person who has spoken with Mr. Trump in recent days.
Mester also has outstanding academic credentials, and though not famous as a monetary economist, this may well not prove an impediment given her thirty years of real world experience.
There's an emotional nakedness here, almost a reversion to childhood that is both completely understandable and often wrenching, but at times an impediment to really falling into these stories.
This proves no impediment to Ms. Brown, however, whose 40-plus years on the stage provide her with an arsenal of theatrical weapons she can deploy at any moment.
But the allegations raised in the past week have motivated Pelosi to support an impeachment inquiry, removing the strongest impediment to Democrats in the House writing articles of impeachment.
I told him I thought they sounded tremendous, better than ever, that I had nearly cried despite the obvious impediment of not knowing most of the material they played.
It was done in mind to call for further reforms, like to end of the male guardianship system, which is the biggest impediment to women's rights in the country.
"Our discovery of a pregnant Dinocephalosaurus demonstrates that ancestrally there was no genetic or developmental impediment to evolve live birth in this diverse group," the team concluded in the paper.
Corruption is considered one of the biggest drains on the Andean country's economy and a major impediment to further economic development and investment in sectors like public heath and education.
" Mr. Dauman said that although Mr. Redstone had a substantial speech impediment, he spoke with him several times a week by telephone, visited him monthly and had "extensive business discussions.
It turns out Edward is a good vampire; he and his family only survive on animal blood, removing the moral impediment of dating a monster who feeds off other humans.
Surveys show, however, that car buyers' worries about charging—where you can do it, and how long it will take—remain a big impediment to going electric (after high prices).
The proposed auction price will be a "serious impediment" to the uptake of 25G in India, said Rajan Mathews, director general of lobby group Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI).
Part of my interest in basic income was the recognition that all other work in my life was now an impediment to the work that truly needed to be done.
Trump has also talked about the burden that Dodd-Frank regulation imposed on small business owners in under serviced areas, ultimately making it impediment to improving residents' quality of life.
To the president and his advisers, human rights concerns can be an impediment to the flow of commerce between countries and a barrier to beneficial partnerships for the United States.
"There was no legal impediment to him taking that trip because no charges were filed," said the defense attorney, who accuses the district attorney's office of creating the flight crisis.
Removing Mullah Mansour from the scene, he said, might actually increase the incentives for the Taliban to go to the bargaining table since he was the major impediment to talks.
Filed in November by a former companion and romantic partner, the lawsuit included embarrassing and salacious claims about Mr. Redstone, who has had minor strokes and has a speech impediment.
Already, the judge has declined several requests to order the deposition of Mr. Redstone, saying that taking the testimony from him would be unproductive because he has a speech impediment.
Despite the threat of US sanctions, Denmark removed the last significant impediment for the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline, scheduled to be commissioned at the end of this year.
The bickering is seen as a potential impediment to the bipartisan effort to shield immigrants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which President Trump rescinded in September.
Many abusers do not recognize their actions as wrong, and by villainizing common-place sexual assault, we are creating an impediment in raising awareness of the breadth of the issue.
The Dodd-Frank Act not only did not provide a regulatory impediment to mega-bank organic growth, but also, it led to unintended consequences that actually accelerated mega-bank growth.
But if the break-up fee does not present a massive impediment, we believe there are other companies that could take a hard look at RHT as a strategic target.
That statement will be available to voters in several languages, including Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese, and elections officials will not be allowed to question the validity of any impediment declaration.
Fear of making a mistake should not be an impediment — Good Samaritan laws in every state and the federal Cardiac Arrest Survival Act help to minimize a lay rescuer's liability.
In this era of the college football coach as chief executive — fund-raiser, spokesman, visionary — staff turnover like this would be an impediment for some coaches, but not for Saban.
"The Kim-Trump relationship has become not a lubricant of diplomacy but an impediment to it because Kim refuses to deal with U.S. officials below Trump's level," Ms. Terry said.
The international community has long considered the building of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land both illegal under international law and an impediment to the eventual creation of a Palestinian state.
Conservative President Jair Bolsonaro has made no secret of his disdain for the public body, known as Ibama, which he has publicly rebuked as an impediment to the nation's development.
From the beginning, Mr. Gillum has insisted that a corruption inquiry in which he said he played no direct role should not be an impediment to his campaign for governor.
Trump and his associates are known to have viewed Yovanovitch, who was a career official at the State Department and an anti-corruption crusader, as an impediment to their efforts.
The biggest impediment to a substantial deal between Britain and the United States is the similarity of the two economies, and especially the importance of financial services on both shores.
But the occasional WIRED contributor was, most significantly, accused of being a formidable impediment to the careers of women interested in the free-software movement and computer science more generally.
Even so, there's another impediment to securing a real peace deal: Members of the Taliban's Qatar-based negotiating team are largely disconnected from and disrespected by the Taliban's senior leadership.
To the president and his advisers, human rights concerns can be an impediment to the flow of commerce between countries and a barrier to beneficial partnerships for the United States.
The charges could prove a major impediment for Diess, who joined the world's largest carmaker as head of its Volkswagen brand only months before the diesel scandal burst into view.
Gray Davis stopped short of saying firm support for Medicare for All would be an impediment for Democrats in the primary, but suggested the risk for the nominee is significant.
The prosecutor was widely viewed by the Western world as corrupt, and the State Department's view was that Shokin became an impediment to efforts to root out corruption in Ukraine.
" Israeli journalist Gershom Gorenberg told me that if the Trump administration thinks settlements are "not an impediment to peace," then that "couldn't be a more explicit change to US policy.
Those laws, Mendez said, did not rise to the level of being an active impediment to federal officials, even if they indicated the state&aposs unwillingness to voluntarily cooperate with them.
"Tight monetary policy is an impediment to growth in the short-term but benefits outweigh the costs," said Ilya Gofshteyn, New York-based senior emerging markets strategist at Standard Chartered Bank.
During his meetings with the newspaper's undercover reporters, Allardyce also criticized his predecessor Hodgson's speech impediment, referring to him as "Woy" and saying he "hasn't got the personality" for public speaking.
When the GSMA, an industry group, last year asked 750 telecoms bosses about the most salient impediment to delivering 5G, more than half cited the lack of a clear business case.
Nicaragua's Constitution bars candidates who are relatives of the current President from running, however the Supreme Court of Nicaragua has said there was no legal impediment for the Ortega-Murillo ticket.
Avoiding a "Buy American" provision championed by Trump removes a major impediment to proceeding with the $8 billion project that was rejected by the Obama administration amid opposition by environmentalists. tgam.
All Access costs subscribers $6 a month for live and on-demand content, though the lack of pro football has been cited by analysts as an impediment to expanding the platform.
"I think we have to remember that stigma is probably the most vicious impediment for people knowing their status," said Jesse Milan, the president and CEO of the nonprofit AIDS United.
Rather than being seen as an impediment or equalizer, it should be seen as an opportunity for industry pioneers, incumbents and innovators alike, to offer products and services responsibly and competitively.
"Political scientists think of parties as the fundamental building blocks of democracy, and people think of them as the impediment to democracy," says Hans Noel, a political scientist at Georgetown University.
Some law school deans, grappling with an overall drop in enrollment, view the standardized test as an impediment to their reaching new groups of potential applicants who could become law students.
When it comes to punishing society's scapegoats, reaching across the aisle doesn't seem to be as large an impediment as it is made out to be in other areas of governance.
But Trump now sees him as an impediment to ending the Russia investigation—it's quite possible that he has already pushed Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to dump Mueller.
Japan and South Korea reached a landmark agreement last month to resolve the issue of "comfort women" forced to work in Japan's wartime military brothels, the emotive impediment to better ties.
By attacking the news media, Mr. Trump appears to be seeking to delegitimize an industry he views as an impediment to his presidential ambitions, while riling up his base of supporters.
In so doing, the post-inversion company can avail itself of the same inbound earning stripping opportunities as its foreign-based competitors without the impediment of the U.S. subpart F regime.
Mr. Tillis found a way to turn his speech impediment into an asset by using his ready smile and innate comedic timing to get his audiences to laugh along with him.
For a player who has likely been a star at every level, being assigned to the task of screen-setter, corner-stander, ball-mover, and perimeter impediment could be psychologically disruptive.
But when the report was released, it showed that Mr. Mueller had very much considered the Justice Department's position to be a complication if not an impediment to any charging decision.
From the start, his French-Catholic background was an impediment in dealing with a Canadian business community dominated by English-speaking Protestants, he told The New York Times Magazine in 1988.
Rose, the 2013 United States Open champion, mentioned the great expectations as a boulder-size impediment to victory, and he is hardly the first to venture down that booby-trapped path.
In the interview, he defended the decision to recall Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch, who was viewed by his associates as an impediment to their effort to get Ukraine to investigate Democrats.
Jarndyce, in which Stanton, for about seven years, with intermittent success and ultimate failure, fought the construction of a suspension bridge over the Ohio River as an impediment to steamboat traffic.
So is the requirement that insurers offer plans at the same prices to healthy and sick customers alike, a major impediment to creating high-risk pools that would cover sick customers.
And he skipped the AIPAC convention, instead laying out his Middle East agenda in Salt Lake City, where he decried Israel's "occupation" of the West Bank as an impediment to peace.
The Open Cannabis ProjectSome in the sector are attempting to turn the novelty requirement into an impediment for big business, or anyone else, to seek patents for existing strains of marijuana.
The House of Commons would still need to vote to stop Article 50 but those against Brexit can highlight that, beyond Westminster, there is now no legal impediment to stopping the divorce.
In a 2014 survey conducted by PWC's Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, global financial leaders cited regulatory pressure as the No. 403 impediment to financial growth, followed by political interference.
"The legacy technology that operates in most banks is a major impediment to serving customers better, and increased challenges from regulation and more capital requirements make it hard to fix," said Jenkins.
Not only is internet access critical to upward mobility in developing countries, but its lack of availability is also an impediment to the future success of a Silicon Valley giant like Google.
But only about 52% of those shoppers have actually changed their purchase decisions to buy into more sustainable brands, citing typically higher costs of those items as an impediment, the study found.
In the long run, the exaggerated respect the monarchy commands is an impediment to the proper functioning of democracy in Thailand, even when it is not being used to legitimise military coups.
Speaking out in a Monday interview on Dr. Phil, Roxanne Randall says Dr. Bert Franklin, her ex and a married father of four, saw her child as an impediment to their relationship.
"Amy Compton-Phillips, the chief clinical officer at the Providence network of hospitals and clinics, told Business Insider that they have "not noticed any impediment to getting the supplies that we need.
The belief that the law will never "catch up" to technology is borne in part of tech exceptionalism, a libertarian elitism that derides any kind of legal or regulatory impediment as Luddism.
After all, consumer trust — like the reliability and legislative approval of the technology — can either be the ultimate impediment to the deployment of self-driving or it can be what expedites it.
This is not just because there is no legal impediment to Trump's releasing his tax returns while under audit, as the IRS has said and as Richard Nixon, of all people, did.
He talked about how he used to be "embarrassed" of his speech impediment growing up, and how he eventually came to accept that it wasn't his fault that he couldn't control it.
That normally isn't an impediment to throwing a good ass party, but there are a number of troubling signs emerging from The Peninsula Hotel, where Trump is hanging out on election night.
And it isn't simply that finance hasn't become any more efficient, it has become much larger to the point where it is arguably an impediment to overall growth rather than a spur.
Human rights remained an impediment to strengthening ties with Cuba, Obama said, adding that a "full flowering" of the relationship between the two nations could happen only with progress on the issue.
It's a feminism that believes patriarchy's gravest sin is being an impediment to personal success, and cares more about the women breaking glass ceilings than those left to clean up the shards.
While he continues to control Viacom and CBS, much about his condition has been shrouded in mystery beyond the fact that he has suffered minor strokes and has a severe speech impediment.
He stumbles over the beginnings of a couple words, and, in the final phrase of his text, we learn that the gradual loss in quality is actually intended to fix his impediment.
Another impediment is that many senior rabbis have forbidden their followers from having internet in their homes or owning smartphones because of the temptations to sin that they may be exposed to.
Only a quarter-century later in that second book, "Admit Impediment" (1981), did the rabid hectoring, schoolmarmish decorum and jumbled syntax (sometimes Ponsot seemed to be rewiring Donne) start to fade away.
"The important thing is that there is nothing in the announcements that appears to be an impediment to the proposed transaction with Sibanye going through," said BMO Capital Markets analyst Edward Sterck.
The underlying impediment to addressing the real problems of Puerto Rico's political – economy is the legal limbo in which Congress, both under Republican and Democratic leadership, have insisted in keeping Puerto Rico.
NEW YORK, Oct 29 (Reuters) - The U.S.-China trade war persists as an impediment to the growth of U.S. companies, even as the two countries appear close to clinching a limited agreement.
Austerity has been the biggest impediment to the advancement of education on all levels in the United States, according to the latest data in a report from the American Federation of Teachers.
Why it matters: The Taliban has repeatedly refused to hold direct talks with the Afghan government, a long-standing impediment to the U.S. strategy of an "Afghan-led, Afghan-owned" peace process.
This "Caroline Unplugged" — as Harmony France, Firebrand's artistic director, called it in a preshow announcement — came across with full force, in part because of the scale that at first seemed an impediment.
The idea of pedestrians as "impediments" is of course perverse, especially given the word's original meaning: An impediment was something that functioned as a shackle for the feet — unlimited vehicle traffic, say.
The big impediment doing this type of testing was to find some way to get dogs into an M.R.I. and get them to hold still for long enough to obtain useful images.
Rhys initially spoke English with a strong West Indian accent, for which she was much mocked at her English school and which was regarded as a major impediment to her acting career.
Weinbaum said an inability to relocate troops during the coronavirus crisis "might obviously affect the drawdown," but added the bigger impediment continues to be whether the Taliban lives up to its commitments.
This group of voters may hate Trump, but they are unmoved by Sanders's call for radical realignment or "revolution," believing it to be impractical, too extreme, or an impediment to defeating Trump.
By the time of the dinner with Mr. Trump, Mr. Parnas and Mr. Fruman already saw Ms. Yovanovitch as an impediment to their efforts to get into the energy business in Ukraine.
Just weeks after closing all its company-owned stores to conduct anti-bias training, a Philadelphia Starbucks is in hot water after a barista allegedly mistreated a customer with a speech impediment.
NEW YORK, Oct 16.83 (Reuters) - The U.S.-China trade war persists as an impediment to the growth of U.S. companies, even as the two countries appear close to clinching a limited agreement.
The president did not clarify which Middle Eastern nations he would want to invite into NATO, the mutual-defense alliance created during the Cold War chiefly as an impediment to Russian aggression.
The movie business is definitely becoming more international, but as Bong referenced in his acceptance speech, subtitles still appear to remain an impediment to U.S. audiences, if perhaps a gradually shrinking one.
Since tax loss selling should not be an issue this year (that's what killed December 2018), there should be no impediment to stocks ending the year on a very high note indeed.
He described the travel schedules as an impediment to the meeting, and said officials had hoped to raise it at the end of a discussion with Trump about Afghanistan, but did not.
But the question-and-answer session displayed their profound differences on human rights and press freedom, which Obama suggested could serve as an impediment to lifting the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba.
Biden spokesman Andrew Bates told CNN that Shokin's removal was a "focus" for Biden "during numerous trips and phone conversations," since the prosecutor was such a major impediment to anti-corruption efforts.
Africa needs its own #MeToo moment, a reckoning that misogyny and sexism, however manifested, however disguised, must be defeated, as it remains a fundamental impediment to women's participation in politics in Africa.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who Stewart regarded as an "impediment" in the process, appeared on Fox News to wonder why the comedian "is all bent out of shape" over the debacle.
The challenges that confront some senior citizens are familiar to most Americans, and a failing memory, in particular, could become a real impediment to presidential decision-making, especially in times of crisis.
The prosecutor, in fact, had been viewed by the international community as an impediment to investigating corruption and Biden's efforts to have him removed were done in coordination with other Western governments.
While the alliance has been critical to both companies' success in an industry that increasingly rewards scale, some executives have seen the sometimes cumbersome relationship as an impediment to more efficient management.
The man, a University of Pennsylvania graduate student who only wants to be identified as Sam, told The Philadelphia Inquirer the Starbucks employee teased his speech impediment after he ordered at the counter.
Existing federal legal doctrine already gives states enormous scope to restrict abortion rights, and the practical impediment to making abortion unavailable is that severe restrictions are popular in some states but not others.
Go deeper: Lack of security is "significant impediment" to U.S. help on Ebola Read the tale of an Ebola survivor who now helps infected children, from the NGO Alliance for International Medical Action.
I've heard people argue that Marion comes off as too stern, too unloving — that she's uncharitably framed as an impediment to Lady Bird's liberation, instead of a facilitator, like her jokey, understanding father.
We anticipate that AMD will continue to gain market share over the next three years and see no structural impediment to it regaining the equal share it commanded when last competitive against Intel.
In rural areas not only is the sex ratio an impediment to finding a bride, so too is the migration of women to the cities in search of work and higher-status males.
However, for the reasons stated above, Fitch no longer believes that this represents a sufficient impediment to the banks accessing foreign currency to warrant a differentiation in their local- and foreign-currency ratings.
It became apparent that there is a growing consensus in the administration that we must act soon to advance tax reform and BAT [the border adjustment tax] is seen as a major impediment.
The system of make guardianship, which requires women to obtain permission from a guardian - father, husband, or son - to travel, study or marry is an impediment to realizing women's rights, say rights groups.
Why it matters: "The single largest impediment to journalists using drones for breaking news is access to airspace," Matt Waite, founder of the Drone Journalism Lab at the University of Nebraska, told Poynter.
" Isakson, meanwhile, is "hopeful that the VA will continue to consult with Congress on ways to accomplish this goal while ensuring there is no impediment to veterans' care or services in the process.
Reactionary immigration policy was the key factor that allowed Trump to hack the Republican Party, but it is now a major impediment to his ability to reassure moderate Republicans he isn't unacceptably racist.
I will say that the biggest impediment to my own hair styling is usually my inability to effectively wield a curling iron and see the back of my head at the same time.
As Kennedy tried to infuse American foreign policy with more vigor by supporting regime change in Cuba and an American military build-up in Vietnam, he found that Diefenbaker was a persistent impediment.
Any voter with a "reasonable impediment" to obtaining photo identification could cast a ballot simply by signing an affidavit that lists the reason why he or she could not obtain a photo identification.
Similarly, many long-term care providers—their employers—cite low, unappealing wages as the primary impediment to recruiting direct care workers, pointing to a general lack of Medicaid funding to cover these costs.
Yovanovitch, an Obama appointee, recalled that her firing came as Trump and his allies found her to be an impediment to their desire to have the Ukrainians open investigations into his political rivals.
But an often overlooked impediment to the continent's democratic emergence is the fate of leaders who do play by the rules, who do respect their constitutions, and take on corruption while in office.
But Lord Pannick QC, representing Gina Miller, said the "exceptional length" of the prorogation was evidence that Johnson had acted to "silence parliament" because it could be an impediment to his political aims.
Asked if age matters among the candidates, Biden said he understands any questions on behalf of voters but he reaffirmed that his own health is robust and his age is not an impediment.
Arts ____ Ms. Jeannette is believed to be the first woman to drive a taxi in New York City, she also overcame a speech impediment to work on Broadway, in film and on television.
They argue that the lack of disclosure creates another impediment toward understanding the church's handling of the sex abuse epidemic across the nation and makes it more difficult to hold its leaders accountable.
But Canadian and Mexican officials — as well as many in Congress — say the levies are actually an impediment because all three legislatures will refuse to finalize the deal while they are in place.
Even if we're much more optimistic about the technology work being done within the cars, there are yet other external factors that will continue to act as an impediment to near-term deployment.
But with the party's turnout expected to sharply exceed 2014 levels, Democrats like him are increasingly convinced that the chief impediment to megasuccess is President Trump's singular ability to fire up his base.
Democrats presented extensive evidence during the Senate trial that the Ukrainian prosecutor Biden and the Obama administration helped remove was an impediment to anti-corruption investigations — and in fact wasn't actively investigating Burisma.
During his final term as Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan noted an impediment stifling economies in the former Soviet Union: "legal chaos, rampant criminality, and widespread corruption" reminiscent of the American Wild West.
"The risk-off moves clearly reflect a concern this could be an impediment to the 'Phase One' trade deal which is now widely expected," said Adam Cole, a strategist at RBC Capital Markets.
But Mr. Trump's administration has yet to extend the new steel frames, ranging from 18 to 30 feet, to any part of the border that did not previously have some sort of impediment.
The settlement removes a major impediment to Australia ending its controversial offshore detention scheme, under which would-be asylum seekers who arrive by boat are held indefinitely in the two Pacific detention centers.
Director Chris Weitz and writer Matthew Orton face a certain structural impediment in crafting the story, inasmuch as agent Peter Malkin (Isaac) and his colleagues snatch Eichmann (Kingsley) relatively early in the film.
Roughly 1,000 more families were separated after the administration announced the supposed end of the family separation policy, which was enforced for reasons as trivial as having a parent with a speech impediment.
"A quantitatively significant retreat from lower trade tariffs and barriers has the potential to be a significant impediment to growth," Lacker, who will retire from the U.S. central bank in September, told reporters.
In December, the United Nations — with the tacit support of the outgoing Obama administration — condemned Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem as an impediment to a two-state solution.
Of course, being a signatory to such treaties hasn't been an impediment to licensed marijuana production and drug development elsewhere, and such concerns should not be interpreted as legitimate barriers to reform here.
What a wealthy and powerful person faced with a legal impediment to moneymaking is supposed to do is work with a lawyer to devise clever means of subverting the purpose of the law.
"We expect to recommence mining, and we hope for adequate regulations to be in place to suppress any further impediment to the environment, especially from illegal mining," said Keith Vaz, Malaysian Mining Club president.
"I think the real stumbling block, the real impediment, the obstacle here is (the U.S.) Congress," Earnest said, noting there was "every indication" that Vietnam would proceed as long as Congress approved the TPP.
Apple's hardline stance on protecting its customers' privacy by not storing or using large volumes of data for features such as personalisation has also been seen as a potential impediment to developing machine learning.
For them, the key impediment to embracing Trump more unreservedly is his wild unpredictability—which, by no coincidence, is the thing about Trump that makes his candidacy an ongoing liability for other Republican politicians.
While the high price of direct air capture has long been viewed as an impediment to scaling up the technologies, SKH's costs is less than $100 per metric ton for pure CO2, it said.
In speech after speech, the Vermont senator has gone after the party's donor class — and its hold on politicians — as the central impediment to both a more populist Democratic Party and its electoral success.
"We think a stronger euro would not be an impediment for regional equities and, in fact, believe the euro will turn positively correlated to euro zone equities, no matter the election outcome," it said.
CALGARY, March 3 (Reuters) - Canadian Natural Resources played down the prospects of a ramp up in takeover activity in the sector this year, saying the gap between buyers and sellers' expectations remains an impediment.
However, some industry watchers said the main impediment to migrants buying homes and settling in other cities is a lack of access to local services, such as free schooling for their children and healthcare.
Japan and South Korea reached a landmark agreement last month to resolve the issue of "comfort women" forced to work in Japan's wartime military brothels, which had been an emotive impediment to better ties.
Both the congressional leadership and the president-elect face a formidable impediment to achieving their stated aim, however — and I do not mean simply the vows of congressional Democrats to fight to preserve ObamaCare.
The Force Awakens certainly proved that a December release date is no impediment to success, but nostalgic fans will bemoan the fact that the first six episodes of the series came out in May.
Either the purpose of an autobiography is to make sense of the writer's life, in which case absurdity would be a severe impediment — or else life itself is absurd, and all autobiographies are too.
Weisman confesses he isn't "much into davening" and reckons that even efforts to introduce more Hebrew into the Reform liturgy is a matter of simply "going through the motions," ultimately more impediment than inspiration.
Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg moved overnight from a potential impediment to endorsing Biden and — far more importantly — saying he might spend up to hundreds of millions to help Biden beat Trump.
The stringency and power of those rules will be limited only by the executive branch's collective imagination and ambition (and the courts, which will be no small impediment after McConnell is done with them).
For farms big and small, a lack of rural infrastructure remains a "key impediment" to boosting adoption of agrivoltaics, said Chad Higgins, an associate professor of biological and ecological engineering at Oregon State University.
A quarter-century ago, it was House Democrats who were an impediment to imposing a ban on military-style weapons that had been used in mass shootings, notably a 1989 event in Stockton, Calif.
"The review should make clear that the Committee will actively employ its full toolkit so that the ELB is not an impediment to providing accommodation in the face of significant economic disruptions," Brainard said.
Now the no-trade clause he was foolishly granted by the team president, Phil Jackson, is as much an impediment to a divorce as it is a protection from a destination Anthony won't approve.
The UK RICS Construction and Infrastructure Market survey showed that financial constraints, due to economic uncertainty driven largely by Brexit and the subsequent election, was noted as the most significant impediment to building activity.
The key impediment is House Republicans' determination to pair such funding with ACA-related cuts, especially the Prevention and Public Health Fund that, among its health services, vaccinates children and fights the opioid epidemic.
"We're seeing progress, but it's not happening as quickly as we'd like," Mr. Guaidó said, adding that fear remains a strong impediment, particularly among low-level troops who support what the opposition is doing.
"If experts believed current law was an impediment to gathering vital intelligence to protect the country, I would want to understand such impediments and whether any recommendations were appropriate for changing current law," he said.
But the Education Department concluded that "it does not see any impediment to EDMC's request for approval of the change in ownership or its request for approval of nonprofit institution status," according to the emails.
Of the many ways the New York City subway unravels on a near daily basis, it has one Achilles' heel that remains an impediment to any significant turnaround — the balky signals that control the trains.
Separately from from the story line, it was really fun as an actor to find this character and find a different Justin: one with an impediment, and one with something to play physically and emotionally.
The clash is a political distraction at best, and at worst, an impediment to governance in a city in which the state government plays a significant role in public transportation and education, among other areas.
That was especially true during Season 1 — as Frank rose to the Oval Office by eliminating one impediment after another — but has persisted even after he had the levers of presidential power at his disposal.
His invitation so early in the Trump administration is a sign that from now on, the US government will not make Sisi's political behavior an impediment to its relationship with the most populous Arab nation.
Jason Chaffetz's decision Wednesday not to run for re-election in 2018 is the clearest signal yet that ambitious, young politicians view time served in Washington as an impediment to seeking -- and winning -- higher office.
" He also cited the differences in monetizing as a key impediment for Western access: "Here in the U.S. and in the West, more than 95 percent of the majority of revenue comes from video advertisements.
That was especially true during Season 1 -- as Frank rose to the Oval Office by eliminating one impediment after another -- but has persisted even after he had the levers of presidential power at his disposal.
Condemn us to a slow death of non drinkable water, lack of food, lack of medicine while you keep others eager to help from reaching us since they face the impediment of the Jones Act.
What became immediately clear to me was that -- although not impossible to overcome -- the lack of consistency and shared best practices across all federal agencies in accepting and reviewing public comments was a serious impediment.
Florida might not prove much of an impediment to the hurricane's speed: the state is basically sea level, it's warm, and it's humid, Those are hurricane-friendly conditions, and are unlikely to slow it much.
I had leered at him, I had touched him, I had been a caricature of myself, I thought, but that isn't true; I had been myself without impediment, maybe that's the way to say it.
Making this link between disability-benefits policy and access to effective treatments will help remove the impediment created by our large companies competing for the same small number of big-ticket markets in regenerative medicine.
That insistence, which he has clung to for years even as his forces hit civilians with gas attacks and barrel bombs, is a major impediment to sustaining a cease-fire, let alone ending the war.
But the biggest impediment to Pruitt's plan is his dependence on a complacent scientific advisory process that will automatically kowtow to his desire to relax well-justified air pollution standards on behalf of his supporters.
NAR's buyers and sellers survey found that student debt was listed as an important factor by the majority of buyers who say saving for a down payment is their biggest impediment to purchasing a home.
It follows, although contrary to the current U.S. president's expressed preferences for global nuclear disarmament ( for a "world free of nuclear weapons"), that Israel's nuclear arsenal actually represents a valuable impediment to regional nuclear war.
Most observers would assume that the biggest impediment to creating a comfort zone for the GOP on energy and climate policy would be the climate skeptic or denier, as many far left environmentalists would say.
There is a deliberate and comprehensive anti-Christian plan being promoted by Hillary Clinton and funded by George Soros because they believe that Christian principles are an impediment to the implementation of their progressive policies.
"Skyhigh Networks had the foresight five years ago to realize that cybersecurity for cloud environments could not be an impediment to, or afterthought of, cloud adoption," Chris Young, CEO of McAfee, said in a statement.
Africa's most developed economy slipped into its second recession in two years in 2019 as agriculture, transport and construction activity contracted, with severe power cuts by struggling state utility Eskom a key impediment to growth.
His coalition partner, the party Most-Hid, had demanded the resignation of the interior minister, Robert Kalinak, who oversees the police and was widely seen as an impediment to a thorough investigation into the killing.
In her essay "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?" art historian Linda Nochlin explains how academies that forbade women from studying the nude figure were a major impediment to those women's artistic aspirations.
And on Wednesday, she stood by her decision to reveal that she had lied to the government to make ends meet but said that she would be an impediment to the Greens' forming a government.
More from Thomas Oppong:The impediment to action advances actionThe only time you are actually growing is when you're uncomfortable 12 must-read books (released this year) every ambitious person should read Confused, lost and uncertain?
She has testified that she thought she was seen as an impediment in Giuliani and President Donald Trump&aposs quest for Ukraine to announce investigations in what Democrats have called an impeachable abuse of power.
Beyond the fact that the bodies seemed to have fallen separately, the official said, a "high railing" — perhaps somewhat of an impediment to a young boy acting alone — had to be surmounted before the fall.
Past U.S. administrations have viewed Israeli settlements in the West Bank as an impediment to a possible peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, and much of the world considers the settlements to be illegal.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders apologized late Thursday after she mocked comments by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. during the Democratic presidential debate in which he recounted mentoring a boy who had a speech impediment.
Then one night, as we sat in her car, I learned that the biggest impediment to our relationship wasn't that I was a boy with two X chromosomes, but something much more commonplace: my heritage.
It's an inspiring tale not only shows the strong bonds of male friendship, but thrusts a different kind of leader into the spotlight, showing that a speech impediment doesn't mean you can't lead a nation.
Mr. Cohn's departure from the top ranks of the Wall Street firm removes a crucial impediment for the next generation of Goldman leaders because he was seen as the natural heir to the top spot.
The White House's major impediment, said the former senior administration officials, is further revelations that officials cannot anticipate like other calls the president had with foreign leaders, or the path the Democrats' own inquiry takes.
Human trafficking survivors often have the will for independence, but they need the roadway to get there, and a criminal conviction is a huge impediment that needs to be overcome for this already marginalized population.
It's important for young women to see that you can be a scientist and a woman, and still have your feminine life and enjoy it, without your career being an impediment to being a woman.
Trump's unpopularity in Europe and his disregard for its leaders and priorities -- including the nuclear deal and the Paris climate accord -- are also an impediment to his subordinates as he seeks to sell his Iran policy.
"Cyber is the rare kind of all-encompassing challenge for which the Congress's jurisdictional boundaries are an impediment to sufficient oversight and legislative action," McCain wrote to McConnell in a letter, cosigned by fellow GOP Sen.
But as Grimes noted on Twitter, she had considered her given name Claire "the bane of [her] existence since [she] became sentient," in part because of a speech impediment, and had long wanted to change it.
"Of course, if someone tells me that what we do is an impediment to cross-border business, well then I would say we should get our act together and try to remove those impediments," Enria said.
Concern about the dysgenic impact of immigrants and assistance to low-income families, in short, has in fact become an impediment to both overall national prosperity and specifically to poor kids' brain development and life prospects.
The electorate is now so sorted—with Republicans the party of less well-educated and socially conservative whites and Democrats for everyone else—as to provide little impediment to a deliciously self-affirming intertribal dust-up.
Go deeper: Lack of security is "significant impediment" to U.S. help on Ebola There are tools to fight Ebola — but first people need to trust them Ebola outbreak in the Congo gets worse as cases spike
"If experts believed the current law was an impediment to gathering vital intelligence to protect the country, I would want to understand such impediments and whether any recommendations were appropriate for changing current law," Pompeo wrote.
"I'm a one-man band, so the time requirement to issue fixes, deal with support emails, and test on devices is a serious impediment to getting my own work done," says Sage Solitaire developer Zach Gage.
China, for its part, has criticized American interference in other countries' internal affairs and has denounced the U.S. for militarizing the South China Sea, which it sees as an impediment to its own rise to power.
Although they drew raves for their New York-themed marathon of plates at Torrisi Italian Specialties, they have decided that tasting menus, often considered a necessity for projecting a chef's ambition, are an impediment to pleasure.
The highly educated tend to work longer, and higher-income workers are more likely to be in occupations in which physical decline is less of an impediment to working into one's late 2628s or early 28500s.
This revolving door is a severe impediment to enacting meaningful financial regulations and reining in Wall Street's greed and excess because those placed in charge of leading these reforms are deeply imbedded in Goldman Sachs' World.
One impediment to visibility in style circles, players said, was the perception that basketball is a game of sharp elbows and sweat, unlike the more genteel women's tennis, which has proved to be more fashion friendly.
In choosing Mr. Moore and Mr. Cain, Mr. Trump turned to men he considered friends and whom he saw as potential allies at the central bank, which he has criticized as an impediment to economic growth.
But the effect of Ms. Mitchell's careful, granular questions was limited by her five-minute blocks of time, and Senate Republicans expressed frustration at the impediment, though they defended their choice to retain an outside questioner.
There was also the possibility that the Giants' current and longstanding management structure — in which the coach reports to a general manager, in this case Dave Gettleman — had become an impediment to attracting a new coach.
That month, she had criticized Ukraine's record on corruption, alluding to reports of vote-buying by Mr. Poroshenko and a rival candidate, and she was seen as an impediment to the investigations sought by Mr. Giuliani.
He and his associates mounted a smear campaign to remove former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch from her post in Kiev, viewing her as an impediment to obtain information about Biden from his Ukrainian sources.
I also supremely believe that the same Republicans who swore that they had a replacement for ObamaCare and peddled in "PizzaGate" conspiracies would have done everything possible to act as an impediment to a Clinton presidency.
"Forgiveness of the loans removes a great impediment to innovation and the delivery of superlative education to talented women and men who build and sustain our communities, cities and nations," Verret said in the department release.
While a few Twitter users initially thought Biden had attempted an ill-advised, ableist imitation of a person with a speech impediment, many more quickly shared a profile of Biden from The Atlantic, published in November.
U.S. officials had called Mansour a major impediment to peace talks, and some had expressed hope his death would eliminate an obstacle to peace negotiations between the Taliban and the government of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.
While he had been retired as an active leader, his death removed any impediment on his brother to pursue deeper relations with Washington if U.S. President-elect Donald Trump warms to the idea of improved ties.
They contend that officials proved that disenfranchisement was not the law's aim last year, when the state allowed voters to cast a provisional ballot if they submitted a "reasonable impediment declaration" that explained why they lacked identification.
"The impediment isn't the lack of the gray matter genius [of cancer researchers] and the ingenuity in terms of new drugs and new treatments, et cetera; it's all this stuff that gets in the way," Biden said.
Like most Democrats, the talk show host understands that the booming economy is the single biggest impediment to his party unseating President Trump in 2020 and to winning majority control of the House of Representatives in November.
Yet the main impediment to The Revenant winning many awards beyond one for DiCaprio at the Oscars is that Iñárritu just won a bunch of Oscars last year for Birdman, a movie the Globes didn't really recognize.
Talking about the lessons from the global financial crisis, Debelle said it was important to keep credit flowing to the economy and, right now, the similar business models of Australia's banks could be an impediment to that.
But as BuzzFeed News reported Wednesday, many advocates on both sides of the abortion debate saw Kennedy as the major impediment to a reversal of Roe, and are preparing to pour resources into the upcoming confirmation fight.
They have a great game going, which is: government sucks and can't get the job done, and then they can sit as an impediment to that government and point to their destruction as evidence of their thesis.
We were once told we had wrongly named the emperor of Japan (apparently we said "Agahito", not Akihito), and one team nominated a man with a speech impediment as question-master, because only they could understand him.
It was shallow but harmless to reward Romney for being more engaging than usual at the first debate four years ago, because at bottom his awkward manner wouldn't have been an impediment to running the country effectively.
Now, instead of supplying key government support for the technological developments that have dazzled the world as American individuals and businesses have reached toward the future, under Trump, the government will act as an impediment to progress.
With the possibility of last season, when Posey and the entire infield combined to have big years, the offense has teetered between "Meh" and, as in 2011, 2013, and the second half this year, being an impediment.
Melanie Hart, the director of China policy at the liberal Center for American Progress, said that the confusion over "One China" could prove an impediment for Trump as he seeks to pressure the Chinese over North Korea.
The memos are variously described by current and former administration officials as a necessity for the free flow of information and knowledge, and an impediment to quick action on decisions formerly handled by agencies or deputy mayors.
He is known for investing for the long term, avoiding fads and investing broadly across healthcare, from biotech to health IT. Roberts says that one impediment to digitizing the sector is the enormous amounts of capital required.
Slack is arguably the most crucial tool more than 3 million of us use to get work done on a daily basis—and yet, at the same time, it is the most crippling impediment to that work.
Economists and strategists say that the deal is a better outcome for Canada than tariffs on its auto exports, that were threatened by U.S. President Donald Trump, and could remove an impediment to investment in the country.
Simply put, the single market is the zone of free movement that the European Union created, where goods, services, capital and people can flow from place to place and nation to nation without impediment at internal borders.
And there is a more fundamental cleavage between what Democrats think can be done considering that those things would have to make their way through Congress, and what should be done, if there were no congressional impediment.
The primary impediment to our cyborg future is developing the materials that can both adapt to the body's unique environmental conditions without doing further bodily harm or sacrificing an immense amount of efficiency in the materials used.
Moreover, none of these efforts focuses squarely on a key impediment to America's digital engagement with the developing world: China's information technology companies, which receive financial and political support from Beijing, benefit from an uneven playing field.
For Mr. Netanyahu, the settlement spree reflects a sense of liberation after years of constraints from Washington, especially under Mr. Obama, who, like other presidents, viewed settlement construction as an impediment to negotiating a final peace settlement.
Trump has promised to deport millions of immigrants with criminal records, and labor leaders are worried that the new administration will be an impediment to efforts to boost the minimum wage and implement paid family leave policies.
"Bottom line, for now I'll continue to say the difficulty in filling job openings remains the biggest impediment to faster job growth in the service sector," said Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at the Bleakley Advisory Group.
On Thursday, investors seemed to have shrugged off concerns that mounting tensions over Hong Kong would prove to be an impediment to the trade deal, with the benchmark 22.5-year JGB futures falling 20.190 point to 153.29.
Kent, who has served for more than 27 years under five presidents, also said it was the "consensus view" that the Ukrainian prosecutor Joe Biden pushed to have fired was an impediment to reforming Ukraine's justice system.
Hutchinson and some other U.S. officials want U.S. lithium projects to stand alone without financial support from the government, a potential impediment as financiers often look for even tacit government support before investing in new, unproven technologies.
"The way the rules are set up is a big structural impediment to the DNC being fully in touch with this moment or any other moment," Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, told CNN.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union is unable to conclude a free trade agreement with Canada, the Canadian trade minister told reporters after talks on Friday with the Belgian region of Wallonia, the last remaining impediment to a deal.
Despite the good work that these and other committees have done on their own, cyber is the rare kind of all-encompassing challenge for which the Congress's jurisdictional boundaries are an impediment to sufficient oversight and legislative action.
The administration released a memo last week saying that it planned to enact the ban next month after the Justice Department said in a court filing "there is no longer any impediment" that stopped them from doing so.
"I would emphasize that this problem often goes away when a guy ends up in a stable relationship, because the couple figures out what they do that works, and penis size is usually not an impediment," Morgentaler says.
ANKARA/BERLIN (Reuters) - Turkey's prime minister raised the prospect on Wednesday that a German-Turkish journalist could soon be freed from a jail, something that would remove what Berlin considers a major impediment to normalized relations with Ankara.
In addition, as the new administration in Washington delineates its policies in areas such as taxation, trade and infrastructure investment, this will reduce some of the uncertainty that has been an impediment to capital investment by U.S. corporations.
"More than just being a barrier which [a wall] can usefully be, it is a message to a government south of us that does not recognize that border as a legitimate impediment to free passage," Lundgren told me.
ZURICH, Nov 7 (Reuters) - The Swiss National Bank's ultra-loose monetary policy remains the right path to follow, SNB Vice Chairman Fritz Zurbruegg said, with the central bank's huge balance sheet no impediment to further currency market interventions.
Feuds over funding are a major impediment to creating the startup mentality in corporations Companies naturally want to keep top employees and have tried a number of solutions to tackle that goal, including launching in-house incubator programs.
China has long operated the world's most sophisticated online censorship mechanism, widely known outside the country as the Great Firewall, though USTR had not listed it as a trade impediment since 2013, when Xi Jinping became China's president.
" Asked whether his being Asian-American was an impediment to breaking out as a star in the '80s, he responded, "Oh yeah, definitely," adding that the art world seemed to be asking the question, "Is this American work?
In much of "Practical Magic," the Owens sisters' power is either dismissed as an impediment to being accepted in suburbia or wasted on the small things, like petty love spells and trifling with a dead, no-good boyfriend.
House Republicans were a major impediment to passing the stabilization bills in December, when Collins secured a commitment from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellTrump faces crucial decisions on economy, guns Are Democrats turning Trump-like?
Mr. Grenell's appointment also makes brazenly obvious what was already quite clear: that the president sees impartial intelligence an impediment to the implementation of his policies unless it caters to his own political biases and often counterfactual contentions.
Administration officials have said that they have some reservations about striking a trade deal with China at a time when violence in Hong Kong could worsen, but that it is not the main impediment to reaching an agreement.
"Before any of these elections took place — the Iowa caucus, or [the] New Hampshire primary, my sense was, there was a structural impediment to people going out and being 'rah rah' and voting for Joe Biden," Myers said.
That impediment to compromise has now been joined by a similar dynamic in the Democratic Party, where a visceral hatred of Mr. Trump on the left has empowered Democratic lawmakers to refuse to deal with the Republican president.
The nuclear lobby has for decades had a powerful influence on French energy policy and Nicolas Hulot, who quit on Tuesday, was widely viewed as an impediment to the industry's drive to maintain nuclear as France's main power source.
"This is a logical time to address the many US infrastructure deficiencies that have become an impediment to a variety of economic activities in the US, most notably transportation," Darby, the bank's chief global equity strategist, wrote on Monday.
"A clean and swift solution to Monte dei Paschi, even involving state aid, could help remove an impediment to Italian bank valuations, which have cheapened in anticipation of a 'No' outcome from the referendum," Barclays said in a note.
Maybe I was telling all these stories about the key role it plays in my life, and why I always have to be looking at it, but once I added just a slight impediment, I stopped using it altogether.
After two years of particularly robust M&A activity - 2016 and 2015 saw the biggest and third biggest M&A volumes on record, respectively - and historically high corporate valuations, the main impediment to deals is price concerns, dealmakers said.
Take Back the Court and the People's Parity Project released report cards on Friday after evaluating the candidates' proposals to deal with an increasingly conservative judiciary, which many advocates warn will be an impediment to any progressive policy plan.
Fernando Ben tez, Couch's lawyer, tells PEOPLE his client's "stay was lifted yesterday," meaning "there is no legal impediment for him to be deported from Mexico back to the U.S." • Want to keep up with the latest crime coverage?
If the SPD's resistance to another identity- and vote-sapping turn with the chancellor forces the country back to the urns, she may conclude that she has become an impediment to Germany's dearly-cherished stability, and make her exit.

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