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"grant" Definitions
  1. a sum of money that is given by the government or by another organization to be used for a particular purpose
"grant" Synonyms
endowment subsidy allowance award donation subvention allocation allotment benefaction gift handout stipend annuity contribution appropriation bursary concession entitlement funding present portion share part quota slice piece cut percentage proportion measure lot ration apportionment take chunk end whack assignment distribution issuance dispensation issuing granting awarding budgeting consignment giving giving out dealing out sharing out handing out doling out parcelling out dividing up dividing out cession relinquishment surrender submission yielding handover renunciation submitting rendition resignation ceding transfer transference surrendering waiving abdication forsaking abandonment forgoing conceding privilege advantage benefit right bonus liberty freedom perk prerogative sanction apanage appanage asset authorisation(UK) authorization(US) boon claim due licence permission consent leave warrant approval clearance authority assent permit blessing concurrence fund trust foundation charity organisation(UK) organization(US) movement cause voluntary organization not-for-profit organization non-profit-making organization charitable organization charitable trust aid agency charitable institution non-profit organization aid organization charitable foundation demise conveyance transmission alienation handing down passing on devise attornment making over transferal conferral transferral compromise settlement accommodation adjustment negotiation deal agreement indulgence modification exception forfeit sop consideration giveback reduction discount rebate decrease deduction saving markdown depletion allowance tax break refund repayment slash pullback weighting bargain price cut latitude autonomy choice flexibility independence opportunity capability capacity discretion facility leeway possibility scope space ability carte blanche convenience appeasement conciliation pacification placation propitiation soothing acceding allaying blunting easing mollification palliation quieting reconciliation relieving softening acquiescence calming allow authorise(UK) authorize(US) accede accord concede vouchsafe agree to approve of consent to acquiesce to afford with accede to sign off on give in to sign on give the nod give thumbs-up shake on give allocate allot assign bestow confer vest bestow on confer on convey impart transmit stake award to contribute to admit profess acknowledge accept cede agree confess yield appreciate recognise(UK) recognize(US) concur suppose avow own go along with own up to own up relinquish renounce deliver abandon sacrifice render waive resign deed forgo forsake alien alienate bequeath reveal declare disclose divulge confide prove affirm assert confirm make known manifest intromit bless buy enter entertain harbor(US) harbour(UK) house initiate introduce let lodge okay receive shelter sign suffer condescend stoop deign descend unbend accommodate bend submit humble acquiesce comply demean favor(US) favour(UK) lower understand conceive perceive imagine envision observe regard view visualise(UK) visualize(US) appraise embrace hazard assume presume expect believe gather surmise conjecture guess suspect dare say deduce estimate figure hypothesise(UK) hypothesize(US) reason remunerate pay recompense compensate indemnify recoup reimburse requite reward satisfy fee tip guerdon redress repay ante up dish out More
"grant" Antonyms
debt debits debts bills dues liabilities liability indebtedness obligation outstandings charges receipt blockage hindrance hurt injury loss obstruction stop forfeit tax discouragement antagonism harm humility disapproval competition opposition modesty attack detraction penalty punishment fine amercement charge reparation fee mulct sanction levy amends penalization financial penalty denial disadvantage refusal repudiation restriction prohibition limitation interdiction veto ban proscription whole nothing nada naught nil nix nought nowt null zero zilch zip zippo earnings income pay salary wage noncontribution gain handicap disbenefit drawback difficulty downside hardship negative pitfall burden deficiency flaw impediment incommodity obstacle problem detriment hurdle divestment divestiture impedance encumbrance deterrent inhibition hampering holdback interruption setback intervention interference stumbling block dower bride price disavowal nonadmission difference disagreement disputation fighting protest constraint restraint limit embargo regulation cramp curb desertion forsaking negligence refuse decline reject deny repudiate dismiss ignore scorn shun snub spurn rebuff repel repulse negate balk at prohibit turn down disapprove strip deprive relieve dispossess confiscate rob take away from remove divest withdraw take away disinherit fortake take off despoil wrest rid expropriate disavow refute oppose challenge contest counter disaffirm disconfirm disdain dispute constrain enjoin forbid prevent debar banish bar black blackball block criminalise(UK) criminalize(US) disallow disqualify exclude interdict outlaw preclude withhold retain hold hold back preserve unauthorize discard revoke contravene abjure acquire attain earn get land make net obtain procure secure keep take come by seize trouble afflict blight curse destroy doom plague scourge torment vex blame castigate condemn criticise(UK) criticize(US) recall abnegate recant renounce countermand renig nullify refrain annul pull repeal void forswear overlook miss neglect forget omit skip discount slight overpass bypass disregard brush aside brush off deliberately ignore gloss over borrow pawn scrounge appropriate mooch accept loan of have access to have a loan of hit up receive maintain perpetuate continue hang on to hold on to keep hold of continue to have keep possession of continue with persist with misplace mislay place unwisely place wrongly put in wrong place centralise(UK) centralize(US) anathematize imprecate hex jinx maledict accurse agonise(UK) agonize(US) anguish beset beshrew execrate hoodoo bedevil defy resist contradict fight query question undermine contend controvert demur disagree with disapprove of

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The Grant family consisted of Bobby Grant, Sheila Grant, Barry Grant, Karen Grant and Damon Grant. The family moved onto the Middle Class Brookside Close from a rundown council estate.
Other known grandchildren are: Georgina Grant, Margaret Grant, Stella Blay-Kwofie, Christine Blay-Kwofie, Dorothy Blay-Kwofie, Joyce Christian, Letitia Hammond, Rosamond Hammond, James Hemans Hammond, Matilda Hammond, Georgina Hammond, Emmanuel Hammond, George Hammond, Alberta Hammond, Lawrence Hammond, Yvonne Hammond, Samuel Duker-Ako, George Grant, Felix Grant, Sabina Grant, Kweku Robert Grant, Kwesi Brown Grant, Frances Grant, Maame Efua Lartey-Grant, Sefa Gohoho of Songhai Africa, a Panafrican Luxury Consumer Goods Company. Another relative is David Prah-Annan, Accra, Ghana. Paa Grant is also related to the recently deceased Dr Mary Grant.
Grant Medical College, the oldest medical college in Mumbai, India, is named after Robert Grant, as are Grant Road and Grant Road Station in the same city.
"General Grant had no aspirations of becoming President Grant," said Jim Setty, site manager at the Grant Birthplace.
Tunick, Maurice (January 13, 2006). Bob Grant Farewell on WOR. Interview with Bob Grant. Bob Grant Show. WOR.
773; Grant, Memoirs, p. 214. Grant in particular became a national celebrity—"Unconditional Surrender" Grant—for his refusal to allow any other terms of surrender.Smith, Grant, pp. 165–66.
Rudolph Grant, also known as Little Brother Grant, Rudy Grant and The Mexicano, is a reggae deejay and singer.
Since 1966, Grant resided in Palo Alto, California. On July 9, 1996, Grant died at Channing House in Palo Alto, California. Grant was 99.In memory of Eugene L. Grant.
Grant was the fifth and youngest son of Francis Grant of Kilgraston, Perthshire, and brother of Sir Francis Grant, President of the Royal Academy. He was uncle to sculptor Mary Grant.
They include direct grant programs, state-administered formula grant programs, and discretionary grant programs authorized under the Higher Education Act.
Grant was married to Karin with two children Ron Grant and Richard Grant, who were composers and Emmy award recipients.
Grant County students are served by Grant County Middle School and Grant County High School, both located in Dry Ridge.
A grant of 1595 spells it as Kildallon. A grant of 1603 spells it as Kildallon. A grant of 1605 spells it as Killdallane. A grant of 1607 spells it as Killadallan.
South end of Grant High School GHS's mascot is the Grant General, in honor of its namesake General Ulysses S. Grant.
Grant writing doesn't end at acceptance. The post award phase is the last part of the lifecycle of a grant. This is usually handled by the grant writer/s that worked on the grant proposal and is therefore a part of grant writing. There exists an entire list of audit requirements for each grant that must be met.
The baronetcy then passed to Trevor Grant, 4th Baron Strathspey, and remains merged with the title barony of Strathspey (see Earl of Seafield and Baron Strathspey for further history of the title). It is thus that the Colquhoun baronetcy of 1625 may also be known as the Colquhoun, Grant, Grant-Ogilvy, Ogilvy-Grant and Grant of Grant baronetcy.
The AFB has an online grant form and grant policy.
Grant funding is provided by the federal Pell Grant program.
Grant is the father of former Falkirk player Thomas Grant.
1988 Awards In The Visual Arts Grant. 1988 Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant. 1990 Art Matters Inc. Grant. 1991 Virginia Museum Fellowship.
Grant County, Wisconsin Little Grant is a town in Grant County, Wisconsin, United States. The population was 257 at the 2000 census.
Grant was married to a physician, Alexander Grant. Together they had one daughter, Jane Susannah "Hermione" Grant, born in 1930. Her husband died in 1946. Grant lost her vision in 1948 due to Glaucoma.
Olivia Grant and Richard E. Grant also opted for dark colors.
Grant also has two sons, Hunter Jrue and Harper Jrex Grant.
"Academy History" , The Paa Grant Soccer Academy Official Website. Current surviving children are Sarah Esi Grant, Mrs Rosamond Hammond- Grant, William Minneaux Grant, and numerous grand- and great-grandchildren across the globe. Sarah Esi Grant-Acquah, is the mother of lawyer Phyllis Christian.Christian, Phyllis M., "The sacrifices men make - A memorial to George Alfred Grant", Graphic Online, 30 October 2017.
The family of Grant of Grant, on succeeding in 1811 to the Earldom of Seafield, first adopted the surname of Grant-Ogilvie, otherwise Grant-Ogilvy. This order was later reversed, so that Lord Cassillis' history, 'The Rulers of Strathspey' (1911) names the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Earls as Grant-Ogilvie but all their successors from Sir James, 9th Earl, as Ogilvie-Grant.
The family of Grant of Grant, on succeeding in 1811 to the Earldom of Seafield, first adopted the surname of Grant-Ogilvie, otherwise Grant-Ogilvy. This order was later reversed, so that Lord Cassillis' history, 'The Rulers of Strathspey' (1911) names the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Earls as Grant-Ogilvie but all their successors from Sir James, 9th Earl, as Ogilvie-Grant.
The family of Grant of Grant, on succeeding in 1811 to the Earldom of Seafield, first adopted the surname of Grant-Ogilvie, otherwise Grant-Ogilvy. This order was later reversed, so that Lord Cassillis' history, 'The Rulers of Strathspey' (1911) names the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Earls as Grant-Ogilvie but all their successors from Sir James, 9th Earl, as Ogilvie-Grant.
The Grant County Library Grant County has six schools: Crittenden Mt Zion (CMZ), Dry Ridge Elementary (DRE), Sherman Elementary (SES), Mason Corinth Elementary (MCE), Grant County Middle School (GCMS), Grant County High School (GCHS) and Williamstown Independent Schools (WES)- (WMS) – (WHS). Grant County's only library is located in Williamstown.
Ulysses S. Grant High School (commonly Grant High School) is a public high school in the Grant Park neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, United States.
Grant Township is a township in Nodaway County, in the U.S. state of Missouri. Grant Township has the name of General Ulysses S. Grant.
The grant will be the EU's largest ever grant for energy infrastructure.
"If they're a grant writer, say grant writer; that's fine," she says.
The grant conditions were never fulfilled, and the Philadelphia grant was escheated.
Grant Township was founded in 1865, and named for Ulysses S. Grant.
Separated from his wife and family, Grant began to drink. Colonel Buchanan reprimanded Grant for one drinking episode and told Grant to "resign or reform." Grant told Buchanan he would "resign if I don't reform." On Sunday, Grant was found influenced by alcohol, but not incapacitated, at his company's pay table.
1992 Virginia Commission On the Arts Grant. 1992 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. 1994 Virginia Commission on The Arts Grant. 1997 Sirius Project Residency, Cork Ireland.
The Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Services Block Grant (or ADMS Block Grant) was a federal assistance block grant given by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. This block grant has been replaced by two separate block grants which cover essentially the same set of services once combined in the ADMS. These are the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (Substance Abuse Block Grant) ( et seq) and the Community Mental Health Services Block Grant.
The Grant family originally consisted of Bobby Grant, Sheila Grant, Barry Grant, Karen Grant and Damon Grant. The whole family appeared in the first episode and were the first to move into the new houses on Brookside Close, moving into No. 5. Prior to moving onto Brookside Close, the Grant family were from a run-down, inner-city council estate. However through Bobby and Sheila's thrift and hard work, they managed to move to the "middle-class "Brookside Close.
Therefore, if the goal of a grant program is to encourage spending on a particular good, a categorical grant may be more effective in achieving this goal than a block grant, as most block grant critics would argue.
Grant Broadcasting System II (also referred to as Grant Communications and Grant Company) was an owner of various television stations in the United States, Based in Roanoke, Virginia. Grant Broadcasting was founded in 1990 by Milton Grant (May 13, 1923 — April 28, 2007), who, in addition to being President of Grant Broadcasting, also served as President and General Manager for many of his stations.
The other 21625 percent comes from a variety of sources: private and corporate donations, foundations and three block grant programs — the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) and the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG).
"Grant Programs" USDOJ: Office on Violence Against Women: Grant Programs. Retrieved March 23, 2013."FY 2017 OVW Grant Awards by Program". Office on Violence Against Women.
Justin Grant walking at Kokomo Speedway in 2018 Justin Grant is an American racing driver from Ione, California. Grant was the 2020 USAC Silvercrown national champion.
Stephen Grant. Chortle. Retrieved 22 July 2016. In the early 2000s, Grant wrote and hosted several documentaries for BBC2.Hawkins, Si. "Circuit Training 28: Stephen Grant".
"King of the World" — Natalie Grant; Natalie Grant, Becca Mizell & Samuel Mizell, songwriters
The Delaware Wal-Mart plaintiffs are represented by Stuart Grant of Grant & Eisenhofer.
Thus the Northern Neck grant is commonly referred to as the "Fairfax Grant".
Grant Township was organized in 1868. It is named for Ulysses S. Grant.
Public schools in Grant Parish are operated by the Grant Parish School Board.
Grant was married to Avram Grant and they have a son and daughter.
The children of Ulysses and Julia Grant included Dent's namesake, Frederick Dent Grant.
Madison-Grant United School Corporation (MGUSC) is a school district headquartered in unincorporated Grant County, Indiana, near Fairmount. The district serves sections of Grant and Madison counties."SCHOOL DISTRICT REFERENCE MAP (2010 CENSUS): Grant County, IN" (Archive). U.S. Census Bureau.
AAUW Dissertation Grant (1975–76). Fulbright-Hayes Dissertation Grant in Afghanistan (1975). National Science Foundation Supplementary Grant to Improve the Quality of Social Science Research (1974–76).
Frances Spalding (1998) Duncan Grant, A Biography, Random House UK Grant was also the first cousin twice removed of John Grant, 13th Earl of Dysart (b. 1946).
2013 Grant of “Artist” for Setuchi Trienale, Japan. 2009 Artist Residence grant, Pedvale Open Air Art Museum, Latvia. 2002 Artist-in-residence grant. Houston University, Texas, USA.
Bush refused, struck Grant a blow on his nose with a fist, and knocked Grant to the ground. Bush continued to attack Grant while the marshall was on the ground. Another marshall, Blattener, pulled Bush off Grant. Grant then subdued Bush with three blows of the billy club to Grant’s head, lacerating him severely.
The William T. Grant Foundation was established in 1936, originally as the Grant Foundation, by American businessman and philanthropist William Thomas Grant. In 1938, the Foundation funded its first major research project, the Grant Study at Harvard University, in which some of the subjects were followed for over 75 years. In 1977, it was renamed the William T. Grant Foundation, two years after Grant's W. T. Grant store franchise went bankrupt.
The Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862 created land-grant universities across the country.
I luckily landed the Pell Grant and Oregon Opportunity Grant, which helped a lot.
Of course, the only difference between "Christian" Grant and "secular" Grant was the lyrics.
Grant won the Golden Globe for best actor for his role as Charles Grant.
The $85033 million Port Security Grant is an example of a DHS-administered grant.
"Kate Jennings Grant Broadway", accessed December 31, 2015"Kate Jennings Grant Profile" Broadway.
Each FOA includes instructions – a Grant Application Guide, and forms – a Grant Application Package.
Grant H. Palmer, "Timeline of Events for Grant Palmer and the LDS Church",
Grant Johannesen Grant Johannesen (July 30, 1921 - March 27, 2005) was an American pianist.
Grant Township was organized in 1872. It was named for President Ulysses S. Grant.
Langley married at St. Mary′s church, Montrose, on 10 September 1902 Vera Kathleen Forsythe-Grant (d.1932), third daughter of Frederick Grant Forsyth-Grant, of Ecclesgreig, Kincardineshire.
Grant County Schools is the operating school district within Grant County, in the U.S. state of West Virginia. It is governed by the Grant County Board of Education.
Grant Lake is a lake in Douglas County, in the U.S. state of Minnesota. Grant Lake was named for Noah Grant, a pioneer who settled nearby in 1858.
One night Orville and Grant went out on a trip and Orville died under very mysterious circumstances while Grant returned unharmed. Grant quickly seized the role of prophet of Juniper Creek shortly afterward. The older residents of Juniper Creek have implied Grant was responsible for his predecessor's death. Grant has always been involved in Bill's life.
Later on, other colleges such as the University of the District of Columbia and the "1994 land-grant colleges" for Native Americans were also awarded cash by Congress in lieu of land to achieve "land-grant" status. In imitation of the land-grant colleges' focus on agricultural and mechanical research, Congress later established programs of sea grant colleges (aquatic research, in 1966), urban grant colleges (urban research, in 1985), space grant colleges (space research, in 1988), and sun grant colleges (sustainable energy research, in 2003).
Grant is remembered at the University of Edinburgh to this day with two buildings named after him: Grant House in Pollock Halls of Residence, and the Grant Institute (Geology).
She has been awarded several grants, including the Individual Artist Projects Grant from 4Culture, the Humble Arts Foundation Grant, and the Artist Projects Grant from Artist Trust in 2008.
Grant Township is an inactive township in Clark County, in the U.S. state of Missouri. Grant Township was established in 1868, taking its name from President Ulysses S. Grant.
"This is an unconditional surrender," shareholder attorney Stuart Grant of Grant & Eisenhofer told BuzzFeed News.
There was a job training grant, and a grant to set up a community center.
Mr. Grant's brother, Travis Paul Grant, is listed on records for Kyle Grant 1 LLC.
The city is served by Grant Public School District and the Grant Area District Library.
File:Ulysses S Grant by Gutekunst, Frederick, spring 1865.jpg File:GrantsCouncilofWar1864.jpg File:USGrantVignette.jpg File:Ulysses Grant 3.
The land-grant institution of WVSU is named the Gus R. Douglass Land-Grant Institution.
Grant Mudford in Galveston, Texas. Grant Mudford (born 1944 in Sydney), is an Australian photographer.
This production was awarded a $40,000 grant from the Australia Council production grant in 2014.
The A. C. Houen Grant () was a grant that awarded funds to Norwegian artists. The grant was established by the Norwegian businessman and philanthropist Anton Christian Houen (1823–1894). There is some uncertainty about some of the awards that were associated with this fund, including whether the painter Astri Welhaven Heiberg received the grant in the 1920s. The grant was created in 1885 under the name A. C. Houen Grant for Norwegian Artists and Scientists ().
2017 – Cultural Grant 2017 (Arts Council,CL) Regional Circulation,Tarapacá,Chile. 2017 – Second prize CCU grant, Santiago. Chile. 2016 – Cultural Grant 2017(Arts Council, CL) FONDART National, Santiago de Chile 2016 – Cultural Grant 2017 (Arts Council, CL) FONDART Regional, Tarapacá, Chile. 2015 – First Prize Cha.
Remains of the old bridge. Podul Grant, as seen from Crângași toward Ion Mihalache Blvd. Podul Grant (Grant Bridge) is a bridge for motorway and lightrail in Bucharest, Romania. It is named after Effingham Grant, the British consul in Bucharest in the mid-19th century.
Grant arrives in the Bay, horrifying Charlie. She angrily confronts Grant and later kidnaps him and tries to force him into confessing that he raped her. Grant later dies and Charlie becomes the prime suspect. She is arrested, but Ross later confesses to killing Grant.
Alnæs received the grant, and he used the funds to travel to Leipzig for further study. The grant was merged with the Conrad Mohr Grant toward the end of the 20th century, and it is now known as the Houen and Mohr Grant for Artists ().
Grant has two children; he has a daughter, Brea Grant, who is a film a TV actress, and a son, Zane Grant, who is involved in film and TV production.
The college auditorium was renovated and made echo proof. Got grant for Basketball Court and volleyball court. Got grant for Generator. College got UGC-FIST grant of rupees 1 Crore.
Cynthia Grant is a Canadian theatre director. Grant was a founding member of Nightwood Theatre and served as the company's first artistic director. Grant later co-founded Company of Sirens.
Grant Township is a township in DeKalb County, in the U.S. state of Missouri. Grant Township has the name of General Ulysses S. Grant, afterward President of the United States.
In turn, Grant imitated much of McCarey's own mannerisms and personality, becoming a "clone" of McCarey. Grant biographer Graham McCann says it would be an "overstatement" to say that McCarey gave Grant an on-screen personality. Grant had been working on this acting persona for some time; McCarey merely made Grant think more precisely about what he was trying to accomplish on camera. Additionally, McCarey worked to give Grant comic dialogue and physical comedy (like pratfalls) as well as sophisticated dialogue and urbane moments, efforts which Grant also deeply appreciated.
There are 33 university-based programs in every coastal and Great Lakes state, Puerto Rico, and Guam, called Sea Grant colleges. The program was instituted in 1966 when Congress passed the National Sea Grant College Program Act. Sea Grant colleges are not to be confused with land-grant colleges (a program instituted in 1862), space-grant colleges (instituted in 1988), or sun-grant colleges (instituted in 2003), although an institution may also be in one or more of the other programs concurrently with being a Sea Grant institution.
O' Allah grant the injured a speedy recovery and grant the families of the victims patience.
Look for Tom Cavanagh's short film "Tom & Grant" starring his "Flash" costar Grant Gustin this summer.
Samantha Grant, half-sister Samantha Grant is Markle&aposs half-sister and her father's eldest daughter.
"She was going to get the grant," he said, "but that same grant killed her." video
He is the son of Carol A. Grant and Lester E. Grant Sr. of Guilford, Conn.
Melanie Grant, 47, first dated Mr. Grant when she was an undergraduate at Louisiana State University.
I think that's very minimal, because there are obviously licenses they can grant or not grant.
But let's say it's Cary Grant, because I'd love to imagine hooking up with Cary Grant.
Grant Aleksander Kunkowski (born August 6, 1960), better known as Grant Aleksander, is an American actor.
All songs written by Grant Hart, except "Out of Chaos" by Grant Hart and John Milton.
This ranges from a $3.6 million grant to Minnesota to a $177 million grant to California.
Grant Aviation was established in 1971 as Delta Air Services in Emmonak. The name was changed to Grant Aviation in 1993. Throughout the company's early years, before organizations like LifeMed Alaska, Grant provided medevac services for many of the villages of the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta. Villages would call Grant for medevac services and Grant would then transport patients to receive emergency medical care.
Grant and the cotton trade took on a more personal tone when his father Jesse Grant, and the Mack brothers, Jewish clothing contractors, visited Grant at his Southern base of Oxford. Jesse and Grant got along well with each other for a couple of days. Grant also treated his Jewish guests respectfully. The Mack brothers needed cotton to make Union army uniforms.
They begin a "no strings attached" relationship but it hits a hurdle when her ex Grant shows up. Stella shares with Severide that Grant is using again and that she is worried about him. During the last episode Grant shows up at Molly's, Stella and Severide walk in together causing Grant to fight with Kidd once again. A while later, Grant texts Kidd.
Jesse and Hannah Grant Photo 1870 Hiram Ulysses Grant was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio on April 27, 1822. Point Pleasant was located in the southwestern corner of Ohio near Cincinnati. His father Jesse Root Grant (1794–1873) was a self-reliant tanner and businessman, and his mother was Hannah (Simpson) Grant (1798–1883). Grant was Jesse's and Hannah's first child.
Grant Township is a township in Harrison County, in the U.S. state of Missouri. Grant Township was established in 1845, taking its name from the local Grant family of pioneer citizens.
GRANT: "Personal Memoirs," by Ulysses S. Grant There are several great biographies of Grant, including one coming from Ron Chernow this fall, but it's quite possible that no one wrote about our 18th president and former commanding general of the United States Army better than Grant himself.
Grant soon rejoined his forces, eventually known as the Army of the Tennessee, at Savannah, Tennessee. After the fall of Donelson, Grant became popularly known for smoking cigars, as many as 18–20 a day.McFeely (1981), Grant: A Biography, pp. 107–109; Smith (2001), Grant, pp.
The team was founded in 2009 by Kim Grant a former Ghana Black stars member and professional player.FC Takoradi – Club History Kim Grant is also the grandson of George Alfred Grant also popularly called Paa Grant, was born at Beyin in Western Nzema, on August 15, 1878.
He has additionally collaborated on several public art projects with Elizabeth Sisco and David Avalos. His most notable grants and awards include an American Film Institute Independent Film Maker Grant, a National Endowment for the Arts Grant, a Rockefeller Foundation Grant, and a California Arts Council Grant.
Colonel William Thomas Markham), whose portrait, by her father, hangs in the National Gallery of Scotland, and has been noted for its depiction of Victorian womanhood.Francis Grant (entry in of Daisy Grant (Christie's)Lecture at National Gallery of Scotland Engraving of Lady Elizabeth Isabella Norman, mother of his second wife, after a portrait by Francis Grant Grant was the brother of General Sir James Hope Grant. Mary Grant, the eminent Victorian sculptress, was his niece.
ORCA Grant FAQs Each ORCA Grant provides $1,500 to the student recipient and $300 to the mentor.ORCA Grant In the 2011–2012 academic year, BYU awarded $427,500 to 285 undergraduates whose research proposals merited grants.ORCA Grant Facts All ORCA Grant recipients are required to submit a report at the project's conclusion, which is published in the Journal of Undergraduate Research.Journal of Undergraduate Research Additionally, most students go on to publish ORCA Grant-related research in professional academic journals.
It was built as am L-shaped adobe building. The house quartered General and former President U.S. Grant, Mrs. Grant, and Mrs. Fred Grant during their visit to the area in 1880.
Proceedings in which a third party opposes the grant of a patent in an attempt to prevent that grant, or have the patent revoked. Opposition proceedings may be pre- or post-grant.
Grant was born in Hammersmith, West London, on 14 April 1932, the son of Albert George Grant (1909-1985) and Florence Grant (née Burston) (1909-2001), and was educated at Aldenham School.
Grant signed with United Soccer League side Richmond Kickers on 20 August 2015. Grant signed with the Silver Knights in October 2015. Grant currently plays for the Kansas City Comets (MASL), 2018.
Grant also released an LP record in 1977 titled, "Let's Be Heard", which was a recording of a speech Grant gave before a synagogue in New York. Grant left WMCA in 1977.
Grant Is it just us or does Grant kind of look like that "Hot Convict" Jeremy Meeks?
"They can give you a grant but the grant only lasts for so long," Ms. Membreno said.
He is a son of Candace T. Grant of Utica, N.Y., and Kenneth A. Grant of Toronto.
Mobile County Public School System. Retrieved on November 29, 2018. Grant Elementary School,Home. Grant Elementary School.
Banker David B. Grant took control of the company and changed its name to Grant Locomotive Works.
Grant's cousin was Major General Ulysses S. Grant III, the son of Major General Frederick Dent Grant.
Sir Robert Grant. Sir Robert Grant GCH (1779 – 9 July 1836) was a British lawyer and politician.
Macedonia's grant for FETÖ-linked daily slammed., 31.01.2019Macedonia’s grant for FETO-linked daily slammed., 29.01.
He persuaded Grant that if the two of them didn't stick together, Grant would end up back in prison. He promised Grant that he'd do anything for him and as Grant began to weep Phil promised that from now on, it will be just the two of them.
Grant Schoolhouse The Grant Schoolhouse in Georgetown, Ohio, was the school where Ulysses S. Grant attended from 1829 to 1835. Some of the furnishings in the school are from the period when Grant went to school there. The school is located at 508 S. Water St., Georgetown, Ohio 45121.
Grant Township is a township in Dade County, in the U.S. state of Missouri. Grant Township has the name of Ulysses Grant, a Civil War officer, and afterward President of the United States.
The patents act provides for the grant of compulsory licenses in the public interest if the patent owner refuses to grant a licence, and grant of compulsory licenses to the Kingdom in wartime.
Alessandra Casella has received several research grants throughout her career. Casella received her first grant with her colleague James Rauch for research on "Anonymous Market and Coethnic Ties in International Trade." The National Science Foundation gave the grant from 1997 - 2001 (Grant No. SBR-9709237). From 2002 - 2005, the National Science Foundation gave her another grant for research in "Storable Votes" (Grant No. SES-0214013).
Shane later sends Grant some money, and Grant comes to Erinsborough. He apologises to Mackenzie for not attending the school dance and for missing her 18th birthday, which Mackenzie accepts when Grant says he wants to get to know her. Grant meets with Shane's brother Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) to discuss a WorkSafe claim. Toadie tells Grant that he will take on his case pro bono.
He told Grant of the impending failure, but suggested that it was a temporary shortfall. Grant approached businessman William Henry Vanderbilt, who gave Grant a personal loan of $150,000. Grant invested the money in the firm, but it was not enough to save the firm from failure. Essentially penniless, but compelled by a sense of personal honor, Grant repaid Vanderbilt with his Civil War mementos.
Grant with husband Vince Gill in 2004 On March 10, 2000, Grant married country singer-songwriter Vince Gill, who had been previously married to country singer Janis Oliver of Sweethearts of the Rodeo. Grant and Gill have one daughter together, Corrina Grant Gill, born March 12, 2001. In the November 1999 CCM Magazine, Grant explained why she left Chapman and married Gill: In June 2020, Grant had heart surgery to repair partial anomalous pulmonary venous return (PAPVR), a congenital heart condition.
Halleck was angry that Grant had acted without his authorization and complained to McClellan, accusing Grant of "neglect and inefficiency". On March 3, Halleck sent a telegram to Washington complaining that he had no communication with Grant for a week. Three days later, Halleck followed up with a postscript claiming "word has just reached me that ... Grant has resumed his bad habits (of drinking)." Lincoln, regardless, promoted Grant to major general of volunteers and the Northern press treated Grant as a hero.
General Sir Lewis Grant, KCH (26 March 1776 – 26 January 1852) was a British Army officer and colonial administrator in the Caribbean. Grant was born as Ludovick in Forres, Moray, one of eight sons born to Duncan Grant, of Mulochaird in Strathspey, Scotland, and Jean Grant, daughter of Robert Grant of Keithmore, Banff, by Elizabeth Gordon. He was a younger brother of the physician Sir James Robert Grant, who was chief medical officer at Waterloo. Grant entered the army in 1794 as an ensign in the 95th Regiment, from which he was promoted to lieutenant in the 97th Regiment.
She denied asking Ms. Grant to lift her shirt over her head, suggesting Ms. Grant had misinterpreted her.
"The difference between a good block grant and a dangerous block grant is in the detail," Kasich wrote.
" COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT "The Budget proposes to eliminate funding for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.
"We're thrilled that Facebook has dropped the reclassification," said an email statement from Stuart Grant of Grant & Eisenhofer.
In the Atlantic, Adam Grant and Allison Sweet Grant wrote about how to teach kids to be kind.
"The difference between a good block grant and a dangerous block grant is in the detail," Ohio Gov.
The program fully financed congressional internships for 13 Pell Grant recipients or Pell Grant-eligible students this summer.
Entering Grant, Idaho on Lewisville Highway, northbound Grant is an unincorporated community in Jefferson County, Idaho, United States.
Grant performing in 2007 Terry Grant is a multiple world-record holding stunt driver from the United Kingdom.
Grant captained the team. Grant is the sister of former Zimbabwe cricketer and India cricket coach Duncan Fletcher.
Travis Grant (born January 1, 1950)Travis Grant Statistics - Basketball- is a retired American professional basketball player.
Grant Stewart at Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018 Grant Stewart (born June 4, 1971) is a Canadian jazz saxophonist.
Grant-John is married to Edward John and has four children from her previous marriage to Howard Grant.
In 1943, the destroyer was named in honor of Grant, sponsored by his granddaughter, Miss Nell Preston Grant.
Grant is also honored by the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial at the base of Capitol Hill in Washington.
Grant, "The Energy Supergrid". He is a popular science writerP. Grant, "Do-it-yourself superconductors", New Scientist, pp. 36-38 30 July 1987 P. Grant, "Hydrogen lifts off — with a heavy load", Nature Vol.
Grant Township is an inactive township in Webster County, in the U.S. state of Missouri. Grant Township was erected in 1871, taking its name from Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President of the United States.
Davie Grant was born 16 July 1860 in Wilson Court, Elbe Street, Leith, Scotland. He was the illegitimate son of Jane Grant, daughter of Daniel Grant, a blacksmith. David was raised by his aunt, Cecilia Grant, in Lochend Road, Leith. His mother Jane married Lawrence Hay and they lived in Earlston.
It is a part of the Madison-Grant United School Corporation. Madison-Grant High School is located at 11700 S. State Road 9., about one half mile from the Madison County/Grant County line. In Grant County it serves Fairmount, Fowlerton, and Point Isabel, and in Madison County it serves Summitville.
Concho tries to shoot Grant unexpectedly, but Grant is faster to the draw. Afterwards, he tells the Kid where the money is, in an attempt to reform his brother. It doesn't work. The Kid gives Grant ten minutes to leave before he tells the gang, but Grant calls his bluff.
Francis Chapman Grant Francis Chapman Grant (1823 – 1889 or 1894) was a merchant in the Gold Coast. His nephew was the football player Arthur Wharton, and his grandson was the merchant and politician Paa Grant.
Madison-Grant High School is a public high school located in unincorporated Grant County, Indiana, near Fairmount."SCHOOL DISTRICT REFERENCE MAP (2010 CENSUS): Grant County, IN" (Archive). U.S. Census Bureau. Retrieved on July 10, 2015.
Lyubomirsky has been honored with a John Templeton Foundation grant, a Science of Generosity grant, a Templeton Positive Psychology Prize, and a million- dollar grant (with Ken Sheldon) from the National Institute of Mental Health.
The additional cost of making an international grant, for instance, averages around $1,500 per grant, according to the Trust.
Grant and Whishaw play their parts heartbreakingly well, especially Grant, who manages to make Thorpe both tragic and loathsome.
That triangle — I mean, 'twas ever thus, from Randolph Scott and Cary Grant, to Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant.
His infamous "Opportunity Grant" proposal in 2014 was to consolidate 11 programs, including SNAP, into a single block grant.
States like Idaho could grant health plans licensed by territories the same exemption they grant health care sharing ministries.
This photograph, known as "General Grant at City Point," depicts Union General Ulysses S. Grant at his most heroic.
Grant Park Conservancy, a group formed to protect Atlanta's Grant Park, posted photos of the rare sighting on Facebook.
Grant Township residents are eligible to obtain a library card at the Waterloo-Grant Township Public Library in Waterloo.
In order to receive funding under the formula grant program, the grant applicant must meet certain standards and qualifications.
Bridge and gatehouse Castle Grant platform railway station was a railway station serving Castle Grant, in Strathspey in Scotland.
Grant Township is a township in Neosho County, Kansas, in the United States. Grant Township was organized in 1871.
Grant retired from coaching in 1991. Grant died on August 17, 2020 after suffering a stroke two days before.
Jesse Grant had been promised by Mack brothers to receive a quarter of the profits, after Jesse had gotten his son Grant to bestow permits to buy cotton, and then be shipped to New York. When Grant found out about the business agreement between Jesse and the Mack brothers, Grant was livid. Grant abruptly sent Jesse and the Mack brothers packing north on the next train. Grant may have felt betrayed to find out his own father was involved in the cotton trade that he despised.
The Tierra Amarilla Grant was created in 1832 by the Mexican government for Manuel Martinez and settlers from Abiquiu. The land grant encompassed a more general area than the contemporary community known as Tierra Amarilla. The grant holders were unable to maintain a permanent settlement due to "raids by Utes, Navajos and Jicarilla Apaches" until early in the 1860s. In 1860 the United States Congress confirmed the land grant as a private grant, rather than a community grant, due to mistranslated and concealed documents.
Grant married Laura Loomis Williams, daughter of prominent DeKalb County businessman Ammi Williams, in 1843. They had four children: John Armstrong Grant, Myra B. Grant, Lemuel Pratt Grant, Jr., and Letitia "Lettie" H. Grant. He is survived by several descendants who currently reside in the Atlanta area and elsewhere. Of note, Bryan M. "Bitsy" Grant, Jr. is his great grandson, and achieved many remarkable feats as a world-renowned tennis athlete, honored in several Halls of Fame, including the International Tennis Hall of Fame.
One grant that can be given out is the Emergency Management Performance Grant. This grant provides fund that can better assist local and state governments with sustaining and enhancing their emergency management capabilities by taking an all-hazards approach to preparedness. Comprehensive planning, training, and exercises are a great start to consistent response to any disaster, regardless of the cause. Another grant you can receive is the Hazard Mitigation Grant.
The performance earned Grant Knockout of the Night honors. Grant faced future UFC Welterweight Champion Johny Hendricks on May 8, 2010, at UFC 113. Grant lost via majority decision after having a point deducted due to groin strikes. Grant defeated Julio Paulino on September 25, 2010, at UFC 119 via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). Grant next faced Brazilian Ricardo Almeida on December 11, 2010, at UFC 124.
The Grant party visit Amber Palace in Rajasthan, India. On January 2, 1879, Grant concluded his European tour in Ireland visiting Dublin, Belfast, and Derry. For the first time during the tour, Grant encountered protests, as Irish newspapers criticized Grant for not accepting a Fenian delegation advocating Irish independence, while Grant was president in 1876. Up to this point, the tour was not intended as a world tour.
Hardscrabble Nellie Grant lived in a log cabin, built by her father Ulysses S. Grant the first two years of her life. Nellie Grant was born on July 4, 1855, in Wistonwisch, Missouri, near St. Louis, on the estate slave plantation of Col. Frederick Dent, known as White Haven. Her father was Mexican–American War veteran Ulysses S. Grant and her mother was Julia Dent Grant, the daughter of Col. Dent.
Grant had initially opposed Sartoris's courtship and engagement to his daughter, having learned from his parents that he was a "drinker". Grant, himself, had an unfair reputation of drinking and had battled false rumors of alcoholism throughout his life. Grant also did not want his daughter to live in England. When Grant invited Sartoris to the White House to play billiards, Sartoris told Grant he wanted to marry Nellie.
She was born in New York City on 9 December 1866. She was a daughter of Rebecca Douglas (née Stewart) Grant (1835–1917) and David Beach Grant (1839–1888) of the Grant Locomotive Her sister was Edythe Scott Grant, who married Viscount Gaston Charles de Breteuil in 1904. Along with her sister, Adele was the co-heiress to her uncle R. Suydam Grant, who gave her away at her wedding.
Robert J. Grant (1862 - November 24, 1950) was Director of the United States Mint from 1923 to 1933. Grant was born in Nova Scotia. Before becoming Director of the U.S. Mint, Grant was the Superintendent of the Denver Mint. In 1923, President of the United States Calvin Coolidge nominated Grant to be Director of the United States Mint and Grant subsequently held this office from November 1923 to May 1933.
President Grant Mathew Brady 1870 President Grant declared in his March 4, 1869, Inaugural Address: Grant believed that the Native practice of free roam hunting and gathering was over. During Grant's presidency the "civilization" of Indians was a controversial issue. Grant was the first President to advocate the cause of Native Americans in an Inaugural Address. Grant was well aware that Americans were generally hostile to Native peoples.
After the war, Grant returned to the United States and was the district engineer of the 2nd Engineer District in San Francisco. While in California, Grant also served on the California Debris Commission. On August 28, 1923, Grant made his first visit to the Sierra Nevada. The superintendent of General Grant National Park (now Kings Canyon National Park) invited Grant to see the park named after Grant's grandfather.
After the death of his wife, General Grant remained at his home on the outskirts of Clinton, New York near Hamilton College. In 1961, Grant received an honorary LL.D. degree from Hamilton College. Grant died August 29, 1968 in Clinton, New York and was buried at the Hamilton College Cemetery near his father-in-law. His cousin was Ulysses S. Grant IV, the son of Ulysses S. Grant, Jr.
On May 14, 1892, a post office was opened here as Grant Station. Grant Center was incorporated in 1893 as the village of Grant. The post office name was shortened to Grant in 1899. At the sawmills' peak production in the lumber-era, a million feet of lumber was shipped per year.
Living with Grant proves difficult for Tiffany. Grant refuses to allow Tiffany to socialise or drink alcohol, fearing that it may harm his unborn child. After Grant witnesses Tiffany having a cocktail, he is incensed. Tiffany threatens to leave him and Grant almost attacks her but is stopped by Lorraine Wicks (Jacqueline Leonard).
Peter Grant. Peter Grant (1783 – 1867) was a Scottish pastor, poet and songwriter. He was known as Pàdraig Grannd nan Oran ("Peter Grant of the Songs"), which became a household name in the Highlands of Scotland for nearly fifty years.Wilder, Terry, The Lost Sermons of Scottish Baptist Peter Grant, BorderStone Press, LLC (2010).
On June 22, Jackie Bryson, a friend of Grant "who was kneeling and handcuffed just inches from Grant when Johannes Mehserle shot him", testified for the prosecution. Bryson said that Grant's hands were under Grant's body and Grant said: "I quit. I surrender." He claimed that Mehserle said "Fuck this" before shooting Grant.
Grant Coordinator ( – he is responsible for searching for grants for EPSA, under the guidance of the Vice President of European Affairs. The Grant Coordinator leads the grant application processes and liaises with all the departments when it comes to funding their projects and activities. Policy Affairs Coordinator ([email protected]
Retired on April 6, 1920, Grant died in Philadelphia on September 30, 1930. Grant and his wife Florence Southall (Sharp) Grant (1857–1947) are buried at Elmwood Cemetery in Norfolk, Virginia. His great-great-grandson, Richard Weston Grant III, is a graduate of the class of 2009 from the United States Naval Academy.
When Grant's behaviour does not improve, Michelle calls the police, but when they arrive Grant loses his temper and begins attacking them. He badly injures one policeman and Michelle gets punched by Grant. Grant is arrested and sent to prison on remand. With Grant out of the way, Sharon's affair with Phil resumes.
Grant made two English Football League appearances for the club, scoring once. After a spell at Carlisle, Grant dropped into non-league, playing for Chelmsford City and Cheltenham Town. In 1965, Grant signed for Gloucester City, taking up a player-manager role. Grant made 100 appearances in all competitions, scoring 36 times.
John retired due to ill health in 1913 and George became sole proprietor. In 1947 Glenfarclas became a private limited company, owned by George's sons, George S. Grant and John P. Grant. John L.S. Grant, who joined Glenfarclas in 1973, is the current Chairman. His son George S. Grant is Director of Sales.
They include the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), the State Homeland Security Grant Program, the Port Security Grant Program and the Transit Security Grant Program, all of which provide significant funding to greater New York City.
Grant defeated Prater via unanimous decision. Grant faced Evan Dunham on September 22, 2012, at UFC 152. Grant won the fight via unanimous decision and won a $65,000 Fight of the Night bonus along with Dunham.
In January 1845 he married Margaret Mackintosh Grant (1825-1913) daughter of Rev James Grant of Nairn. Her brother was the explorer James Augustus Grant. His brother Rev Dr Kenneth MacKenzie LLD was minister of Kingussie.
NHMRC’s new grant program commenced in December 2018 with the opening of the Investigator Grant scheme. The development and implementation of the new grant program involved extensive stakeholder consultation on its objectives and peer review processes.
Jesse Grant with his parents, 1872 Grant died in Los Altos, California in 1934 and was buried at the cemetery at the Presidio of San Francisco. He was the last surviving child of Ulysses S. Grant.
They also argued that under EPA's grant regulations, there are only specific circumstances in which a grant can be terminated.
Grant gives Chad a hard time for dating both Grant and Robby's ex-girlfriends since the show has started airing.
Grant said the group went so far as to obtain an ethics opinion that Grant & Eisenhofer could represent the fund.
They had traded him for Jerian Grant and then sent Grant to Chicago as part of the deal for Rose.
Grant also served as a justice of the peace and a government roads superintendent. Grant died at Victoria in 1919.
Grant was born in Abbotsford, British Columbia to parents Debi and Dean Grant. Both of Grant's sisters played collegiate hockey.
Theodoratus, Dorothea, PhD. and McBride, Kathleen. 2009. "California Tribal Environmental Justice Collaborative Grant Project." Tribal Environmental Justice Collaborative Grant Project.
Southern, Eileen, and William Grant Still. “William Grant Still.” The Black Perspective in Music, vol. 3, no. 2, 1975, pp.
Grant married marine engineer Gordon Grant in Victoria in 1874. She had nine children, of which seven survived to adulthood.
Grant was born in Cincinnati, the son of an African American horse trainer, Charles Grant, and mother, Mary.Riley, p. 330.
Sitting Bull's pleads with Grant to spare his life. Grant then commutes his sentence to being discharged from the service.
Grant County High School is a public high school serving the ninth through twelfth grades in Grant County, Kentucky, USA. It is one of seven schools and the only high school in the Grant County Schools district.
Grant was dismissed by the Cavaliers on February 6, 2014.Grant fired On October 14, 2016 it was confirmed that Grant had taken a position with the San Antonio Spurs for a role as a team scout.
Lindy M. Grant (born 1952) is professor of medieval history at the University of Reading. Grant is a specialist in Capetian France and its neighbours in the 11th to 13th centuries.Staff Profile:Professor Lindy Grant. University of Reading.
Grant Life is the debut solo album by Tony Grant, the former member of Az Yet and current member of Blayse. The album was released on October 22, 2007, on Tra'Face Music - a label owned by Grant.
The Stage. 2 September 2004. Grant has released two live comedy DVDs: Stephen Grant: Live at the Theatre Royal Brighton and Stephen Grant: Taken for Granted.Shop. Retrieved 22 July 2016.100 best comedy movies – contributors F-G.
Grant Park is a village in northeastern Kankakee County, Illinois, United States. Grant Park was incorporated in 1883. In 2010, Grant Park had a population of 1,331. It is part of the Kankakee-Bradley Metropolitan Statistical Area.
When Lowell took Grant to an opera, Grant could not endure the high pitched music, and exclaimed, "[h]aven't we had enough of this?" Lowell said Grant was "perfectly natural, naively puzzled to find himself a personage, and going through the ceremonies to which he is condemned with a dogged imperturbability". Grant and his party visited the Royal Palace of Madrid, a mixture of Doric and Ionic architecture, however, Grant was uninterested. Grant witnessed an attempted assassination of King Alfonso II from his Hôtel de París balcony, saying he saw the flash of the assassin's pistol while Grant viewed the progress of the Royal Calvacade.
Sue Grant had owned and operated the Plains Motel in Wheatland, obtained a college degree later in life, and died of cancer in 1987. Grant was survived by a daughter, Susan Grant Juschka of Glendo in Platte County; two sons, Mike (Becky) Grant of Wheatland and Matt (Susie) Grant of Casper, Wyoming; three stepchildren, David Conrad of Las Vegas, Nevada, Tommie Anne Benigni of Fort Collins, Colorado, and Mary Conrad McPhillips of Sheridan, Wyoming; ten grandchildren, and three great- grandchildren. The Robert Grant Reservoir near Ferguson Corner in Platte County is named in his honor. The Grant Ranch remains a pasture for grazing leaseholders.
He moved to Adelaide at the age of 1 with his Mother (Alison Grant) and Father (Travis Grant). His brother (William Grant) was born in 2001 followed by his youngest brother (Jay Grant) born in 2003. He later moved back to Queensland living in Gold Coast were he found his passion for rugby union.
Present-day Colusa County was included as part of three Mexican land grants: John Bidwell's smaller 1845 Rancho Colus grant, which included the modern city of Colusa; the larger 1844 Rancho Jimeno grant, which surrounded the Colus grant; and the 1844 Larkin's Children grant, located upriver from Colusa near the present town of Princeton, California.
Rolling countryside in southern Grant County Grant County Bank, Petersburg Grant County is a county in the U.S. state of West Virginia. As of the 2010 census, the population was 11,937. Its county seat is Petersburg. The county was created from Hardy County in 1866 and named for Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant.
The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Grant in the fourth round (121st overall) of the 2015 NFL draft. The Steelers signed Grant on May 11, 2015, but released him on September 6. On September 7, 2015, Grant was signed to the Steelers practice squad. On November 4, 2015, Grant was signed to the Steelers active roster.
Grant and Brown were surrounded and forced to stop. Grant killed a Mexican soldier who drove a lance through Brown's arm. Between ten and twelve Mexican soldiers then surrounded Grant, and he died after being pierced multiple times. Historian Stuart Reid theorizes that Mexican soldiers were eager to ensure Grant did not survive the battle.
His letters to his future wife attest that he fought out of a foxhole for several months, and saw heavy and repeated firefights. Grant was a member of the Piedmont Driving Club. Grant died at the age of 76 at his home he shared with his sister, Harriet Keyes Grant behind Lovett School in Townsend Place. He was survived by his sister, Harriet, his son Bryan M. Grant III, his daughter, Mary (Grant) McDonald, and his three grandchildren, Bryan M. "Beau" Grant IV, Jeffrey Bryan McDonald, and Christopher McDonald.
Grant to Baron Delvin Grant of Granard region to Baron Delvin King James I also granted to Lord Baron Delvin the Island and monastery of Inchemore in what is now County Longford, otherwise Inismore, in the Annalie. Grant of Inchemore Island to Baron Delvin by King James King James did grant Lord Baron Delvin about 1/2 of the County Longford in a massive grant of lands and castles including Castles Newton, Lisnovoa, and Monilagan. The grant was mostly surrendered in 1607 for compensation of 100 pounds per year and other lands.
The Austin Film Society Grant (AFS Grant) is a grant program for emerging Texas-based filmmakers. The program was created in 1996 in response to the lack of public grant funding for filmmakers. As of 2009, the film society has given out over $1,600,000 worth of grants to over 420 projects since its inception, providing the seed money for several projects that went on to screen at festivals like Sundance, Cannes, and SXSW. The Texas Filmmakers' Production Fund changed its name to the Austin Film Society Grant (AFS Grant) in the spring of 2013.
History of the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium, Designated in 1991, the additional grant program made Oregon State one of only 13 schools in the United States to serve as a combined Land Grant, Sea Grant and Space Grant university. Most recently, OSU was designated as a federal Sun Grant institution. The designation, made in 2003, now makes Oregon State one of only three such universities (the others being Cornell University and Penn State) and the first of two public institutions with all four designations (the other being Penn State).
Land-grant universities are not to be confused with sea grant colleges (a program instituted in 1966), space grant colleges (instituted in 1988), or sun grant colleges (instituted in 2003). In some states, the land- grant missions for agricultural research and extension have been relegated to a statewide agency of the university system rather than the original land- grant campus; an example is the Texas A&M; University System, whose agricultural missions, including the agricultural college at the system's main campus, are now under the umbrella of Texas A&M; AgriLife.
The articles were well received by critics, and Johnson suggested Grant write a book of memoirs, as Sherman and others had successfully done. Grant took up the project and asked an old friend and fellow writer, Adam Badeau, to review and critique his work. Century offered Grant a book contract, including a 10% royalty. When Grant shared this information with his friend Mark Twain, Twain suggested that Grant counter with a request for double the royalty; at the same time, he made his own offer to Grant for his memoirs, talking of a 75% royalty.
In July 2003 and 2004, Greater Johnstown School District received a federal grant called 21st Century Learning grant, which is run by the PDE. The grant calls for the establishment and sustainability of community learning centers that provide additional educational services to students in high-poverty and low-performing schools. The grant was competitive. Applications for the grants were reviewed and scored by a panel of representatives from the educational field and professional grant writers.
In 1906 the first "W. T. Grant Co. 25 Cent Store" opened in Lynn, Massachusetts. Modest profit, coupled with a fast turnover of inventory, caused the stores to grow to almost $100 million annual sales by 1936, the same year that William Thomas Grant started the W. T. Grant Foundation. By the time Grant died in 1972 at age 96, his chain of W. T. Grant Stores had grown to almost 1,200.
Mark gets in Grant's car to help him, and they find Ben and Grant scares off the men. Grant reconciles with Phil, admitting he no longer wants the money Phil borrowed from him, and Phil tells Grant that Mark is his son. Courtney is angry with Grant when he stops her kissing Mark. Grant confronts Ian about keeping the secret for so long and punches him after Ian insults his parenting skills.
Grant tells Courtney he got arrested for being drunk and rude to a police officer and takes an instant dislike to Belinda Peacock (Carli Norris) when Grant flirts with her. When they talk about the past, Grant tells Courtney that his brother Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) killed Peggy. Courtney storms off when Grant gets angry about her meeting Sharon. Annoyed with the lack of attention from Grant, Courtney refuses to let him stay with her.
Grant died of a brief illness at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Memorial services were held at the Wheatland 4-H Building. Grant was cremated; he is listed in the burials at Wheatland Cemetery. He was preceded in death by his wives, Betty Grant and Sue Anna McLean Conrad Grant, grandson Quent Juschka, and two sisters, Helen Wilson (1924-2011) and Verda Mae Dey (1919-1997), with whom he was reared on the Grant Ranch.
Fannie Chaffee Grant purchased the Horton House in 1895 and decided to tear it down in 1905. Her husband Ulysses S. Grant, Jr., (also the son of president Ulysses S. Grant), oversaw the building of the Grant Hotel, opened in 1910 and named after his father. Architect Harrison Albright designed the hotel. San Diego voters helped finance $700,000 for the $1.5 million needed to construct the hotel after Grant lacked the funds to do so.
Caperdonich, originally known as "Glen Grant #2", was built in 1898 by the founders of the Glen Grant distillery, J. & J. Grant. Glen Grant #2 closed after four years, and was dormant until 1965, when it was rebuilt by Glenlivet Distilleries Ltd. By that time, British law prohibited simultaneously operating distilleries from using the same name, and Glen Grant #2 was reopened as "Caperdonich". In 1967, two steam-heated pot stills were added.
Grant was born on March 16, 1899 in Halifax, Nova Scotia to Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia MacCallum Grant and Laura MacNeill Parker Grant. He had one sister and five brothers, one of whom was John Moreau Grant. He studied at the Royal Naval College of Canada at Halifax from 1914 to 1917. As a cadet, Grant was often ill but considered of good character and graduated with a first-class certificate.
In 1884 the firm Grant & Ward went bankrupt and ruined the investments of both Ulysses S. Grant and Vanderbilt, whom Grant had convinced to invest $150,000. Ferdinand Ward, known as the Napoleon of Wall Street, had, unknowingly to both Grant and Vanderbilt, operated the company as a Ponzi scheme that resulted in financial ruin for many. The other associate, Buck Grant, apparently was unaware of Ward's Ponzi scheme swindle. Ward was later prosecuted.
St. Paul is a main stop on tours of the Grant Park neighborhood given by the Atlanta Preservation Center. St. Paul is also home to the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool. St. Paul, the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool and the Grant Park Parent Network host the annual Grant Park Candlelight Tour of Homes, which also includes an artist marketplace and a Winter Wonderland for children. The Candlelight Tour of Homes begins at St. Paul.
Historians agree that Grant was likely unaware of Ward's intentions, but it is unclear how much Buck Grant knew. In May 1884, enough investments went bad to convince Ward that the firm would soon be bankrupt. Ward, who assumed Grant was "a child in business matters," told him of the impending failure, but assured Grant that this was a temporary shortfall. Grant approached businessman William Henry Vanderbilt, who gave him a personal loan of $150,000.
Grant told the officers at his headquarters that he had ordered a general assault along the lines.Greene, 2008, p. 189. Meade asked Grant for clarification because Grant had ordered a 4:00 a.m. attack all along the line.
There is a Scottdale-Tobie Grant Homework Center and a Tobie Grant Manor, a low income housing development built in 1966 on 55 acres. It was slated for demolition in 2013. There is also a Tobie Grant Lane.
She was the daughter of Henry Tyler Grant Jr. and Annie M. (Manton) Grant. They had three children: Katherine (1908-1986) Mary (1910-1927) and Henry Grant Fernald (1913-1982). The botanical artist Minna Fernald was a relative.
Christine Margaret Grant (born 1962) now Christine Kelly is an alpine skier from New Zealand. In the 1984 Winter Olympics at Sarajevo, Grant came 26th in the downhill event. Her brother Bruce Grant competed at the same Olympics.
Hess, 2009, p. 264. Grant told the officers at his headquarters that he had ordered a general assault along the lines.Greene, 2008, p. 189. Meade asked Grant for clarification because Grant previously had ordered a 4:00 a.m.
In 2018 the Turnbull Government announced an unprecedented AUD$443 million grant to the foundation. The grant was met with backlash and questions of corruption, as the grant was not properly tendered and failed to follow transparency rules.
Britt Grant Grant, a 260-year-old justice in the Georgia Supreme Court, is the youngest female candidate in Trump's shortlist.
City officials have requested a grant from the province and are currently awaiting a decision; their previous grant application was denied.
He is a recipient of the Headlands Center for the Arts' Artist-in-Residence Grant and the SFAC Individual Artists Grant.
The Constitution vests the president with the power "to grant reprieves and pardons"; "to grant" means to give someone else something.
Why is a grant to a scientist considered a conflict of interest, but a grant to a government agency employee isn't?
After Grant Thornton conducted the survey, Performance Sports wrote to Grant Thornton asking to "cease this survey immediately," the lawsuit says.
Grant & Eisenhofer's first big reinvention, Grant said, was a move from federal-court securities class actions to shareholder litigation in Delaware.
A show in which David Grant and Carrie Grant, with support from resident lawyer Stefano Lucatello, answered questions relating to relocation.
Donald Grant (30 December 1892 – 8 December 1962) is a former Scotland international rugby union player. Grant played as a Wing.
A match at Grant Park Lossiemouth play at Grant Park in Lossiemouth. It has a capacity of 3,250, including 250 seats.
Macpherson Grant also gave instructions that her inheritor should become the bearer of the name and arms of Grant of Aberlour.
Grant Park and the statue of Ramona Quimby. Grant Park is a park in Portland, Oregon's neighborhood of the same name.
Grant, I.L.D. (1954). Some Considerations and Recommendations in the Education of Blind Children. CCB Committee on Educational Policy. Grant, I.L.D. (1956).
Grant took on additional responsibilities as a club manager between 1964 and 1966. Max Winter, the Minnesota Vikings founder, contacted Grant in 1961 and asked him to coach the new NFL expansion team. Grant declined the offer and remained in Winnipeg until 1967 when Winter and General Manager Jim Finks were successful in luring Grant to Minnesota.
The history of Grant started in 1882 when Andrew J. Squier built the first saw mill. Soon, a railroad station was built on the Chicago and Western Michigan Railroad. Squier named the station, Grant Station, after President and Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant. The community was also called Grant Center due to its location in the township.
PSGMA applied for an emergency grant from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, but the agency argued that block-grant support for city-owned buildings operated by nonprofits did not qualify for the block-grant (which was intended to support public agencies only)."City Block Grant Vote Slated for Tuesday." Great Falls Tribune. December 26, 2012.
Grant must also rescue Lex and Tim, the grandchildren of the park's owner, John Hammond. After locating Hammond's grandchildren, Grant must reactivate the park's computers and destroy Velociraptor nests using time bombs. Grant then reaches the park's dock and uses a radio to contact help. Grant then reaches a helipad and is rescued from the island.
Devgen Press release, January 9, 2003. Press release: Devgen Receives Grant For Ion Channel Researchin-Pharma Technologist. 21 Nov, 2003 Grant helps Devgen explore drug mechanismsDevgen Press Release. November 25, 2004 Press release: Devgen Receives IWT Grant to Develop Novel Nematicidesgate2biotech 7 Feb 2006 Devgen receives IWT grant to support crop protection R and DDevgen Press release.
Hugh Gladney Grant (September 2, 1888 – August 1972)Guide to the Hugh Gladney Grant Papers, 1847-1939United States Social Security Death Index: Hugh Grant was an American diplomat from the state of Alabama. Grant was educated at Samford University (previously Howard College) in Homewood, Alabama. He later taught at Auburn University, (previously Alabama Polytechnic Institute), before entering government service.
Grant had not been caught unaware of Van Dorn's raid. Grant had placed his Union cavalry on 24-hour watch to protect his supply line. Union cavalry commander T. Lyle Dickie had warned Grant that Van Dorn had left Grenada and was headed northeast. Grant had warned by telegraph post commanders of Van Dorn's raid, but to no avail.
Bruce Lindsay Grant (1963-1995) was an alpine skier from New Zealand. In the 1984 Winter Olympics at Sarajevo, Grant came 31st in the downhill event. His sister Christine Grant competed at the same Olympics. On 13 August 1995, Grant died while descending after an ascent of K2 in Pakistan, see List of deaths on eight-thousanders.
Michigan Supreme Court Justice Claudius Buchanan Grant. Claudius Buchanan Grant (October 25, 1835 - February 28, 1921) was an American jurist, legislator, and lawyer. Grant was born in Lebanon, Maine, on October 25, 1835, to Joseph Grant and Mary Merrill. He attended the University of Michigan from 1855 to 1859 and graduated with a bachelor of arts degree.
109 built. ;M3A5 (Grant II) :Twin GM 6-71 diesel variant of riveted hull M3. Although it had the original Lee turret, it was referred by the British as Grant II. 591 built, some with UK Grant turret. ;M31 Tank Recovery Vehicle (Grant ARV I) :Based on M3 chassis, with dummy turret and dummy 75 gun.
Eldorado at Santa Fe Community (ECIA) Offices, the old Simpson Ranch headquarters. Eldorado lies entirely within the Canada de los Alamos Grant, a Spanish land grant which dates back to 1785. In 1883, the entire grant was sold for US$2,000. As recorded in 1894, and patented by the US government, the size of the grant was about .
During the Jacobite rising of 1715 the main part of the Clan Grant supported the British Government. In 1715 the Laird of Grant withdrew his forces which led to the defeat of government forces at the Skirmish of Alness. However soon after the Clan Grant helped retake Inverness from the Jacobites during Siege of Inverness (1715).Grant, Calum. (1997).
Grant was the third, but second surviving son of Ludovick Grant of Freuchie and Grant. He was educated at Elgin. He married on 29 January 1702, Anne Colquhoun, daughter. of Sir Humphrey Colquhoun, 5th Baronet, of Luss, Dunbarton. Grant became heir of entail to his father-in- law’s estate and baronetcy by a patent executed in 1704.
Grant was born at Edinburgh 1 August 1822. He was eldest son of John Grant and grandson of James Grant of Corrimony (1743?–1835) advocate. From his grandfather, James Grant, the novelist inherited strong Jacobite proclivities, and he was connected by descent with the Veitches of Dawyck, Peeblesshire, and thus possessed a strain of border blood.
Ulysses Simpson Grant III (July 4, 1881August 29, 1968) was a United States Army officer and planner. He was the son of Frederick Dent Grant, and the grandson of General of the Army and U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant.
Around this time Denis O'Brien bought Patrick Pendergast's grant, adjoining Connor Bryan's grant on the west (portion 79). Pendergast had sold his grant to Sydney merchant Daniel Cooper in July 1822.NSW LPI: Old Systems Book 8 no.536.
Grant was born in Adelaide to a Dutch father and an Aboriginal mother. She is a descendant of the Western Arrernte people. Grant was married for 16 years to television presenter Stan Grant until 2000. They have three children.
Grant was born on 14 August 1922 in Sydney. His parents were Chesborough Grant Falconar Grant and Henrietaa Thelma Leary. In 1945, he married Enid Llewlyn at St John's Church Ashfield. They had three children: Stuart, Mandy and Catherine.
Grant comes from a footballing family with his father, Peter Grant, a former Scotland international who played for Celtic and Norwich, and also managed the latter. His older brother, Peter Grant Jr. plays professionally in Scotland for Queen's Park.
Expanded block grant option to allow states to also add expansion population under the block grant if they opt to do so.
There is no memorial devoted to Grant anywhere along the parkway; nor are there any public monuments to Grant at the zoo.
They were dragged from the Grant County Jail by a mob and hanged from a tree on the Grant County Courthouse lawn.
So here's an unconventional idea: What if we gave up on the whole grant application process and distributed grant money by lottery?
Officers Anthony Pirone and Johannes Mehserle struggled with Grant as they attempted to handcuff him, forcing Grant face-first on the ground.
Most notably, a simple block grant does not respond when a recession causes enrollments to increase, as the current matching grant does.
Grant told media outlets last month that he started "chucking bottles" at the shooter until he aimed at Grant and opened fire.
The project is funded by a $1 million grant from the United States Interior Department's Hurricane Sandy Coastal Resiliency Competitive Grant Program.
Democrats took issue with the Education Department's desire to consolidate different forms of grant programs into one block grant to the states.
We still live in this unfinished revolution — one that changed Grant, took hold in part because of Grant and yet ultimately failed.
The budget would consolidate 28500 elementary and secondary education grant programs into one Elementary and Secondary Education for the Disadvantaged Block Grant.
The authors Adam Grant and Allison Sweet Grant say the book should be used to teach kids about healthy behavior and relationships.
I was lucky to get a grant from the National Institute of Drug Abuse and that grant continued for about 29 years.
Notable students currently attending Grant Union High school include Max Bailey, Tucker Carpenter, Brady Dole, George Ashley, Grant Hall, and Cole Ashley.
The Judges were David Grant and Carrie Grant. The show was won on 16 February 2008 by Katy Setterfield as Dusty Springfield.
Location of Grant Township in Tama County Grant Township is one of the twenty- one townships of Tama County, Iowa, United States.
The river passes through the townships of Dixville and Dix's Grant before joining the Dead Diamond River in the Dartmouth College Grant.
Securities offered through Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Polaris Financial Partners, LLC and Cadaret, Grant & Co. Inc. are separate entities.
Fynvola married James Murray Grant in 1957; their children included Hugh Grant (b. 1960), the actor. ' Charles Nepean died unmarried in 1903.
Grant, I.L.D. Quotes from My African Letters. Grant, I.L.D. (2016). Crooked Paths Made Straight: A Blind Teachers Adventures Traveling Around the World.
Grant Creek is a stream in Beltrami County, Minnesota, in the United States. Grant Creek was likely named for a pioneer lumberman.
In the 2016 Budget, the Ontario government announced an overhaul of student financial assistance in Ontario. This included eliminating tuition and post-secondary education tax credits and multiple OSAP grants (Ontario Access Grant, Ontario Student Opportunity Grant, Ontario Distance Grant, 30% Off Ontario Tuition grant, Child Care Bursary) and pooling the associated funding into a single new Ontario Student Grant. The new grant was designed to cover average tuition costs for all those under $50,000 of family income (or $30,000 for independent students) regardless of assessed need, with a sliding scale above that up to $160,000 receiving 30% of tuition costs. The result was that the proportion of Ontario aid provided in the form of non-repayable grants increased from 60% grant/40% loan in 2016-17 to 98% grant/2% loan in 2017-18.
We are also grateful to L'Oreal/AAAS For Women in Science award for STEM Education, Voya Financial Unsung Heroes Grant, Florida Association of International Baccalaureate World Schools Grant, and Toshiba Foundation of America Grades 6-12 STEM Grant for their support.
To date, all the grant recipients in the H.H.S. grant program except two — Boston I.V.F., which received a one-year grant in 2011, and Resolve, which received funding from 2007 to 2009 — are affiliated with anti-abortion or Christian organizations.
Sir Alfred Hamilton Grant, 12th Baronet (12 June 1872 – 23 January 1937), known as Hamilton Grant, and from 1918 as Sir Hamilton Grant, was a British diplomat who served primarily in India. He was also briefly a Liberal Party politician.
He served from 1953 to 1955 in the U.S. Coast Guard. Grant left CBS in 1987 and founded his own production company, Bud Grant Productions. He would later form Grant/Tribune Prods., which produced for Tribune Broadcasting and Walt Disney Studios.
Grant Valley Township is a township in Beltrami County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 2,029 at the 2010 census, up from 1,450 at the 2000 census. Grant Valley Township was named from its location in the valley of Grant Creek.
Pack and her husband were the parents of four children. Pack died in Salt Lake City, Utah. Saide Grant Pack was a granddaughter of prominent church leader Jedediah M. Grant and was a niece to LDS Church president Heber J. Grant.
Sherman's operations were supposed to be coordinated with an advance on Vicksburg by Grant from another direction. Unbeknownst to Sherman, Grant abandoned his advance. "As a result, [Sherman's] river expedition ran into more than they bargained for." Smith, Grant, p. 224.
Grant agreed. Days later, Lincoln visited Grant at his siege headquarters (the Siege of Petersburg was still ongoing). Once Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan had rejoined his army from the Shenandoah Valley, Grant prepared to make his final push into Richmond.
After numerous years of poor sports facilities a lottery grant enabled the school to build a new gymnasium and an all-weather pitch for both school and community use. This grant followed a similar grant for Chew Valley Rugby Club.
Grant was born in Tupelo, MississippiALLIE GRANT Lisa Shay on ABC's "Suburgatory" ABC Medianet. Retrieved December 20, 2001. to Bob and Angie Grant. When she was three years old, she went to the Model and Talent Expo in Dallas, Texas.
During 1972, Bloom attended Johannesburg College of Art and later attended Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1976. She has receive Queen Ingrid's Great Roman Grant, Villiam H. Michaelsen's Grant, and The State Art Council's Grant . Doris Bloom is Jewish.
Grant Township is an inactive township in Stone County, in the U.S. state of Missouri. Grant Township was erected in 1870, taking its name from Ulysses S. Grant, a general in the Civil War and afterward President of the United States.
Grant Township is an inactive township in Dallas County, in the U.S. state of Missouri. Grant Township was established in 1868, taking the name of Ulysses S. Grant, a general in the Civil War, and afterward President of the United States.
The school was merged with the nearby black elementary school and the entire school was named Walker–Grant. When the Fredericksburg school system was integrated in 1968, Walker–Grant became the city's middle school, serving white and black students. In 1988, Walker–Grant Middle School moved to a new building, retaining the Walker–Grant name. The original Walker–Grant building is still used by the Fredericksburg school system for administrative offices and the Head Start Program.
The Grant Public School District is a K–12 public school district located in Grant, Michigan. The district operates in the City of Grant, and the townships of Ashland, Bridgeton, Ensley, Grant, and portions of Casnovia, Garfield, Solon, Tyrone, and Moorland. It is a constituent of the Newaygo County Regional Educational Service Agency, (NCRESA) which is Newaygo County's Intermediate School District. Grant Public Schools student enrollment is 1,983 (2013–14), which is the second-largest in Newaygo County.
UPLB has three major land grants: the Laguna-Quezon Land Grant, La Carlota Land Grant, and Laguna Land Grant. The Laguna-Quezon Land Grant is located in the towns of Real, Quezon, and Siniloan, Laguna, and was acquired in February 1930. It covers some portions of the Sierra Madre mountain range, and currently hosts the university's Citronella and lemongrass plantations. The La Carlota Land Grant is situated in Negros Occidental, a province in the Western Visayas region.
Lorraine consoles a distraught Tiffany, who breaks down and admits that Grant may not be her baby's father. Lorraine tries to convince Tiffany to tell Grant the truth, but Tiffany decides against it and continues to keep up the pretence. Meanwhile, Lorraine begins to make her real intentions towards Grant clear. On Christmas Eve 1996 she and Grant kiss and on New Year's Eve, Lorraine informs Grant there is a possibility Tiffany's baby is not his.
He is married to Jacci Grant and has three sons: Trey, Eyzaiah, and Elonzo. Grant began his coaching career as an assistant at The Citadel under Pat Dennis from 2002 to 2004. Gregg Marshall hired Grant as an assistant at Winthrop University in 2004, and when Marshall left to take the head coaching gig at Wichita State in 2007, he brought Grant along with him. Grant was hired as an assistant at Clemson in 2010, serving under Brad Brownell.
The tract is noted in Yellow as #2 on the Great Grant Map below. should be compensated for their efforts and with some portion of the grant lands that were nullified. A grant was made for 190,000 acres in the Powell Valley Curiously, this land grant by North Carolina to Henderson & Co was mostly in what is now Virginia. The grant made in two tracts did include acreage further west in what is now Anderson County Tennessee.
Grant was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire. The Grant Building which is the main academic building, laboratories, cafeteria, and offices at the Royal Roads Military College (later Royal Roads University) was named for Captain Grant. The building, which is on the Registry of Historic Places of Canada, was recently renovated.Registry of Historic Places of Canada – Grant Building The National Portrait Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario holds a portrait of Captain John Moreau Grant.
Clan Grant tartan. Duthil Old Parish Church and Churchyard, which lies just outside the village of Duthil, Inverness-shire, now serves as a Clan Grant Centre. The site includes many memorials to clan members, such as Field Marshal Sir Patrick Grant, (1804–1895), as well as a mausoleum of the Earls of Seafield. During a visit to Winnipeg, Canada in July 2012, the chief of Clan Grant declared that Métis leader Cuthbert Grant was a member of the clan.
In 1977, Grant raised the lap record to 112.77 mph, again on a 750 cc Kawasaki. Grant racing in the North West 200 in Portrush, 1975 Grant raced in the Grand Prix motorcycle racing circuit in 1977 for the Kawasaki factory team alongside teammate Barry Ditchburn and the following year with Kork Ballington and Gregg Hansford.Mick Grant career statistics at In 1979, Honda chose Grant to help develop their exotic oval-cylindered NR500, unfortunately with disappointing results.
Warners Grant, Vermont Warner's Grant (alternatively Warners Grant or Warner's Gore) is a gore located in Essex County, Vermont, United States. At the 2010 Census, the grant had a total population of 0. In Vermont, gores and grants are unincorporated portions of a county which are not part of any town and have limited self-government (if any, as many are uninhabited). Warner's Grant is named after Seth Warner a leader of the Green Mountain Boys.
On August 22, 1848, after a four-year engagement, Grant and Julia were married. He and Julia would go on to have four children: Frederick Dent Grant; Ulysses S. "Buck" Grant, Jr.; Ellen Wrenshall "Nellie" Grant; and Jesse Root Grant. The couple corresponded during his service in Mexico; in one letter Julia shared with him a very pleasurable dream she had of him in a beard, which he was then sporting upon his return after the war.
" Whishaw went on to thank his costar Hugh Grant, saying, "I have to thank Hugh Grant above all, for such an exquisite performance.
Grant was basically a legend throughout the entire episode — more clips of Grant being funny can be found at Graham Norton's YouTube channel.
One study evaluated this by asking peer reviewers to review high-quality NIH grant applications as if they were making a grant decision.
The proposal calls for eliminating two grant programs, one focused on community-based drug prevention and the other a law enforcement grant program.
First they tell Lace and Grant that they won't make it because Grant said "I love you" and Lace didn't say it back.
Absent compelling evidence to the contrary, I need to grant to them the same good faith I hope others would grant to me.
Had Grant Wood not made the painting "American Gothic" (1930), there would not be a Grant Wood retrospective now at the Whitney Museum.
The grant, from the Rockefeller Foundation, was believed to have been the first for this purpose awarded to a Southern land-grant college.
"Let me urge you and urge the department unequivocally not to grant the nuclear waivers and not to grant the oil waivers," Sen.
The legislature has had a conversation about a Block Grant...[and will be] submitting an application for this grant in the next month.
Any grantee not complying with the rule "must relinquish its grant or face termination of its grant," Heck told CNN in a statement.
The paper said it was backed by a grant from the European Union — and by a grant from China's Ministry of Public Security.
For all its tot-friendly frivolousness, Paddington 2 gently kills Hugh Grant—or the Grant we think we know—and resurrects him anew.
Benjamin Z. Grant (né Benjamin Zane Grant; born 25 October 1939) is a former Texas legislator, state judge, and current author and playwright.
Robertson, Charles Grant (1861). England Under the Hanoverians. London: Methuen & Co, p. 133. The King did not exercise his prerogative to grant clemency.
Orlowsky Freed Foundation Grant Sponsored in part by the Lilian Orlowsky and William Freed Foundation Grant and the Provincetown Art Association and Museum.
After several hours of correspondence between Grant and Lee, a cease-fire was enacted and Grant received Lee's request to discuss surrender terms.
He has also received a European Research Council Advanced Grant, a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award, and a John Templeton Foundation grant.
This was the only time Grant was directly active in reforming a federal department. Grant continued to support Chandler in his reform efforts.
Grade crossing, early 20th century Grant City is a Staten Island Railway station in the neighborhood of Grant City, Staten Island, New York.
When McCarey bowed to the cast's concerns and blocked a scene for Dunne and Grant, Grant refused to perform it. Cary Grant in particular was unnerved by McCarey's behavior and lack of a script. Grant had spent most of his career at Paramount Studios, which had a factory-like approach to motion picture production; actors were expected to learn their lines and be ready every morning, and shooting schedules were strictly enforced. McCarey's improvisational style was deeply unsettling to Grant, and at the end of the first week Grant sent Cohn an eight-page memorandum titled "What's Wrong With This Picture".
William Thomas Markham, husband of Daisy Grant, portrait by Francis Grant Grant married, firstly, Amelia Farquharson (died 1827), the daughter of a Scottish laird, in 1826; she died after giving birth to their son. He married again, in 1829, Isabella Elizabeth Norman, daughter of Richard Norman and his wife Lady Elizabeth Isabella, and a niece of John Manners, 5th Duke of Rutland; they had three sons and four daughters. Among the sons was Ferdinand Hope-Grant, a chaplain to the Prince of Wales. One of the daughters was Anne Emily Sophia Grant (also known as Daisy Grant or Mrs.
SEISMIC, a math grant in association with California State University, San Marcos, had its focus for fifth grade teachers on math content standards and lesson delivery. Butterfield received a five-year Healthy Start grant, a California State Technology Grant to create its BESTv video laboratory, a CTAAP grant, a Teaching American History grant. The school received recognition from a California State legislator, and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Butterfield was honored to be the "treatment" school for the "RAISE (Reading and Arts Integrated for Student Excellence)" federal art grant, of nearly one million dollars.
A Grant School is a special type of secondary school in Hong Kong. According to the current legislation, "Grant Schools" are referred to "any secondary school which receives subsidies in accordance with the Code of Aid for Secondary Schools and which was, before 1 April 1973, in receipt of grants in accordance with the Grant Code". (Cap 279C) They were established by missionaries and churches in nineteenth and early twentieth century, and receive grant-in-aid from the government to operate, thus named Grant Schools. Most of the Grant schools in Hong Kong have good academic achievements.
Being largely the innovator of his own particular talk radio style, Grant previously worked with the likes of Barry Gray (radio) and Joe Pyne. Pyne would often end each broadcast with "Straight Ahead" which is something Grant picked up, leading many to believe that Grant was the first host to frequently use that line. Over the years, national radio talk personality Howard Stern has made differing remarks on his admiration for Grant as an early influence. Upon Stern's arrival in New York, he cited Grant as an influence, but as Stern's stardom rose, Grant became the subject of occasional ridicule on Stern's show.
However, there have been few historical scholarly studies, mostly negative, on his presidency. Analysis of Grant's presidency by some modern scholars, including Grant biographers Jean Edward Smith (2001) and H.W. Brands (2012), have generally been more positive and less critical of Grant. Encyclopedic presidential summary biographies of Grant rely heavily on secondary sources and tend to offer non scholarly negative views of Grant. According to one bibliographical source, to obtain a more complete assessment of Grant and his presidency during Reconstruction both contemporary, primary, and scholarly accounts of Grant, his Inaugural Addresses, including his communications and annual messages to Congress are recommended readings.
In addition to the federal government's Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA), there are programs similar to TAP in other states. Each state has its own grant/scholarship program for college students. The qualifications in each program are the similar to TAP. Some examples of different state grant programs are California's Cal grant program, Cal Dream Act, and Georgia's HOPE grant program.
Arriving in London, Grant was guest of the Prince of Wales at Epsom Downs Racecourse, meeting with the Duke of Wellington. Sunday, Grant attended the "devine service" at Westminster Abbey. On June 18, Grant had breakfast with authors Matthew Arnold, Anthony Trollope, and Robert Browning. Controversy ensued when Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli believed that Grant was officially just a commoner.
However, he took exception to some social issues, especially concerning the rights and dignity of women. Overall, the Grant party showed great aversion to the governance of European powers upon their various colonies. In Calcutta, Grant met with Viceroy Lord Lytton, whom Grant told he had admired Lytton's father's poetry, while Lytton told Grant he had studied and respected Grant's career.
This sequence suggests that Halleck may have decided to restore Grant to field command before receiving Lincoln's inquiry. See Smith, Grant, p. 176: Halleck's "reinstatement of Grant preceded by one day the bombshell that landed on his desk from the adjutant general [on behalf of the President and Secretary of War] in Washington." Grant joined his army in the field on March 17.
Charlie reveals the truth, that Ruby is actually her daughter and that she became pregnant when Grant Bledcoe raped her. Charlie's parents agreed to bring Ruby up as their own. Ruby tracks Grant down and accuses him of ruining everyone's lives. Grant tells Ruby she has convinced herself it was not consented, Charlie then kidnaps Grant to get the truth.
Bernhard Shirley Henniker Grant (19 November 18871939 England and Wales Register – 4 March 1966) was a British philatelist who signed the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in 1940.Background notes on The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists September 2011, Roll of Distinguished Philatelists Trust, London, 2011. Archived here. Grant was born in Boughton Monchelsea, Kent, to William Shirley Petman Grant and Edith Margaretta Catherine Grant.
In June 1870, President Grant sent Hoar a letter that requested his resignation without explanation.McFeely, p. 365 Hoar was initially shocked at the sudden resignation request, and went to see Grant, having previously taken pardon requests to Grant at the White House. President Grant told Hoar that Southern Senators wanted a Southerner in the cabinet and that he needed support from Southern Senators.
Secretary Chao claimed she could not sign the grant without the full grant being budgeted, which was disputed by Caltrain and both California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris. On May 22, the FTA announced its intent to sign the funding grant, restoring the final piece of funding for the electrification project. The official grant was finally signed on May 23.
Grant was badly hurt but seemed to recover toward the end of the first round until a vicious right hand sent him down for the third time. Remarkably Grant beat the count. His trainer Don Turner implored him to use his legs. While Grant tried to rally, Lewis took his time in round two before finishing Grant off with an uppercut.
On October 8, 2016, Grant faced Damian Stasiak at UFC 204. He was submitted via an armbar and lost the fight. Grant and Stasiak felt the cracked of Grant's arm twice during the submission, and Grant said in his post-fight interview: After an 18-month hiatus, Grant was scheduled to meet Manny Bermudez on May 27, 2018 at UFC Fight Night 130.
The Robert Grant Ranch was established in 1891 in Platte County, Wyoming by Scottish immigrant Robert Grant. The ranch represents a complete homestead with a representative collection of buildings and structures associated with a self-sufficient ranching operation in Wyoming. Robert Grant was born in 1847 in Motherwell, Scotland. He married Margaret Grant in Bellish in 1867, where Robert was a coal miner.
Grant was initially reluctant to sign the bill, fearing he would acquire a reputation as a military dictator in the South.Cicarelli, p. 33 However, Secretary Boutwell, while traveling with President Grant to Capitol Hill, encouraged Grant to sign the bill, pointing out the many violent atrocities taking place in the South. Grant promoted passage of the bill, and then signed it into law.
After Grant finished breakfast, Secretary Belknap and Secretary Chandler arrived at the White House. Belknap was extremely anxious, openly wept, and confessed to Grant. Belknap handed Grant a one-sentence resignation letter. Grant personally wrote a letter accepting Belknap's resignation, which he placed on a White House mantel at 10:20 A.M. Clymer's committee was informed at 11:00 A.M. of Belknap's resignation.
Bill Grant was born Billy Joe Grant on May 9, 1930, a Choctaw tribal member, and grew up on a ranch near Hugo, Oklahoma. Inspired by the music of Bill Monroe, he took up mandolin. In 1959, Bell began singing with Bobby's friend Bill Grant. Bell accompanied herself on guitar, and Bill Grant played mandolin, and Bell sang tenor to Grant's lead.
Cash's recurring drug problems eventually led to issues that resulted in Grant being fired by Cash. It was at this time that Grant discovered that Cash had embezzled retirement funds set aside for Grant and Luther Perkins. In 1980, Grant filed suit against Cash for wrongful dismissal and for embezzlement of retirement funds. A lawsuit against Cash for slander was also considered.
This led to racism charges, but Grant denied that the program was only for minorities. On March 8, 1973, Grant had scheduled New York Rep. Benjamin S. Rosenthal, who was leading a boycott of meat. Grant later learned that Rosenthal would not appear on his show, and in a discussion with a caller, Grant referred to Rosenthal as a "coward".
The S&CC; operating grant is given by the Ministry of National Development to support the Town Council with their operating needs. The grant is disbursed annually, and is allocated based on the number and type of HDB flats in the Town. Smaller HDB flats are given a bigger grant than larger ones. No grant is given for 5-room flats.
"Rumble Blues" (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 1:49 :13. "Rumble Blues" (False Start) (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 0:49 :14. "Rumble Blues" (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 3:28 :15. "Rumble Blues" (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 2:32 :16. "Lonesome Town" (Baker Knight) — 4:13 1982 A&M; Studio :17. "Five Years Ahead of My Time" (Rusty Evans, Vicky Pike) — 2:10 :18.
Grant immediately rode west, bypassing Lee's army, to join Sheridan who had captured Appomattox Station, blocking Lee's escape route. On his way, Grant received a letter sent by Lee informing him that he was ready to surrender. On April 9, Grant and Lee met at Appomattox Court House. Upon receiving Lee's dispatch about the proposed meeting Grant had been jubilant.
Grant asked Babcock with Bristow and Pierrepont in attendance at the White House about the evidence. Babcock gave Grant an explanation that the evidence did not concern the Ring, and Grant quietly accepted Babcock's words at face value. During the prosecution of the Whiskey Ring leaders, Grant testified on behalf of his friend Babcock. As a result, Babcock was acquitted.
Presentation College serves a large part of its student body through an extensive financial aid program. Aid available through federal programs includes the PELL Grant, Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant, SMART Grant and Work-Study Program. Other sources of aid include institutional scholarships, student employment, loans and grants. Approximately 99% of Presentation College's students receive financial aid.
Grant Peak, is a 2,094-metre (6,870-feet) mountain in the Murray Range of the Hart Ranges in Northern British Columbia. Grant Peak is named after for Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve Ordinary Seaman George William Grant from Prince George, BC; serving with HMMTB 460 when he died, 2 July 1944. O/S Grant is buried at Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery, Hampshire, UK.
Grant began his career at Ormiston Primrose, before signing for Rangers in 1959. On 27 April 1960, Grant made his only appearance for Rangers, in a 4–1 defeat to away to Clyde. In 1961, Grant signed for St Johnstone, making three Scottish Football League appearances during his time at the club. In 1962, Grant moved to England, signing for Carlisle United.
At age 15 Grant was discovered by Frankie Vaughan and signed by Vaughan's agent Eric Easton who arranged for Grant to audition for Pye Records. Pye signed Grant who was still known as Vivien Foreman: as the label requested she adopt a stage name Grant formed "Julie Grant" from the name of her father's accountant Julian Grant. The debut single by Julie Grant, "Somebody Tell Him", was released in March 1962 and was the first of fifteen singles all produced by Tony Hatch the fourth of which, a cover of The Drifters' US hit, "Up on the Roof", gave Grant her chart debut. Despite being beaten by a rival UK cover by Kenny Lynch, which reached No. 5 compared to the No. 33 peak of Grant's version, Grant was able to use the relative success of "Up on the Roof" to gain a series of television guest spots, plus star billing on a package tour which also featured The Rolling Stones, The Everly Brothers and Bo Diddley.
Later on, other colleges such as the University of the District of Columbia and the "1994 land-grant colleges" for Native Americans were also awarded cash by Congress in lieu of land to achieve "land-grant" status. In imitation of the land-grant colleges' focus on agricultural and mechanical research, Congress later established programs of sea grant colleges (aquatic research, in 1966), space grant colleges (space research, in 1988), and sun grant colleges (sustainable energy research, in 2003). West Virginia State University, a historically black university, is the only current land-grant university to have lost land-grant status (when desegregation cost it its state funding in 1957) and then subsequently regained it, which happened in 2001. The land-grant college system has been seen as a major contributor in the faster growth rate of the US economy that led to its overtaking the United Kingdom as economic superpower, according to research by faculty from the State University of New York.
In addition to the Plant Spirit Grant, she funds a companion grant, Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance, so that women can write or make other projects about their experiences, and additionally funds a grant to help cannabis activists to do educational advocacy.
Grant, Beryl (1921 - ), The Australian Women's Register. A biography of Grant was published in 2002, written by Ian B. Tanner."Welcome to Beryl's world", The West Australian, 11 May 2002. Grant died at a nursing home in Balcatta in November 2017, aged 97.
The funds come from a Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy grant, also referred to as the Keystones to Opportunity grant It is a five-year, competitive federal grant program designed to assist local education agencies in developing and implementing local comprehensive literacy plans.
Grant Peterkin was born on 6 July 1947. He is the son of the late Brigadier James Grant Peterkin, DSO and his wife Dorothea Grant Peterkin. He was educated at Ampleforth College, then an all-boys independent school in Ampleforth, North Yorkshire.
Pinkham's Grant is a township located in Coos County, New Hampshire, United States. The grant lies entirely within the White Mountain National Forest. As of the 2010 census, the grant had a population of nine.United States Census Bureau, American FactFinder, 2010 Census figures.
In 1954, Gordon married Louise Eccles, and they had three sons, Grant Edward Gordon, Grant Glenn Gordon and Lloyd Grant Gordon. After Louise's death, he married Francesca Morales. Gordon died in hospital of pneumonia in New York City on 21 December 2013.
Dix's Grant was originally part of adjacent Dixville, which was granted by the legislature to Timothy Dix Jr. in 1805 and contained about ; the price was $4,500. The eastern portion of the original grant (north of Wentworth's Location) became present-day Dix's Grant.
James Grant Anderson (20 April 1897 - ?) was a Scottish actor, writer, and theatre director, usually credited as J. Grant Anderson or Grant Anderson. He served in both World War I and World War II. He founded the Indian National Theatre in 1932.
The MPSDC was established in May 2010 with $22.5 million in funding over a 5-year period (grant number GM087519). Pending project success and assessment of the Glue Grant funding mechanism, the grant may be renewed for an additional 5 years in 2015.
Grant, pp. 437–453, 458–460. Immediately upon inauguration in 1869, Grant bolstered Reconstruction by prodding Congress to readmit Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas into the Union, while ensuring their state constitutions protected every citizen's voting rights.Simon (1967), Papers of Ulysses S. Grant, Vol.
As of January 2013 Michael Grant has joined LA Guns, replacing Frank Wilsey who left a month after joining. As of March 2018 Michael Grant has departed from LA Guns to pursue other interests including his solo project "Michael Grant and the Assassins".
When Whitey crawls up close and shoots at Grant, the Kid steps in, taking the bullet. Grant then kills Whitey. Grant buries his brother before they ride to the camp. With Grant's urging, Joey gets to work on his "promised" job, hauling water.
This grant is designed to assist students who due to family issues (separation, divorce or death) cannot count on parental support. The grant ranges from 4000 euros annually to 5000 euros annually. Approximately 7000 students received this type of grant in 2013.
The Bean Foundation is located at 40 Stark Street in Manchester, NH 03101. The Grant Manager can be reached by phone at 603-493-7257, or by email at [email protected] Grant criteria and the grant application can be found at
Grant writing is highly specialized and can be time consuming, so people who specialize in it can be real value-adds to grant seekers.
Until very recently Schaffner and Stefanov were working on this under a grant from the ETH Pioneer Fellowship and a Swiss national innovation grant.
Firth and Grant almost switched roles After Grant pushed back on playing the prime minister, director Richard Curtis considered swapping Firth into the role.
"Genius grant" is the popular term for the MacArthur fellowship, a no-strings-attached $625,000 grant awarded to 24 "exceptionally creative people" each year.
The installation was made possible by a $10,000 grant from the NYC Parks Department and an Art in the Parks UNIQLO Park Expressions Grant.
Among grant proposals that are already pretty good, ratings are highly subjective — two scientists will arrive at profoundly different evaluations of the same grant.
But when he had a chance encounter with Grant, he realized that he envied the things he couldn't do well that Grant excelled at.
The acquisition was achieved through a £36,000 (~$46,000) grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) and a £15,163 (~$19,000) grant from Art Fund.
The caseworker applied for a grant from FPWA, and Ms. Parker was approved for a grant for $1,000 in August to buy new furniture.
"The difference between a good block grant and a dangerous block grant is in the detail," Mr. Kasich wrote to congressional leaders recently. Gov.
Paul King's film also knowingly addresses the lingering notion that Grant is a one-trick pony, and gives Grant the room to dispel it.
Ronald Grant was the president and chief operating officer of AOL LLC. Grant worked with AOL and its parent company Time Warner since 1997.
She was a former fellow at Eyebeam and recipient of an Open Society Foundations grant, a NYSCA Individual Artist grant, among several other awards.
Grant Morrison said this alternate universe is not the Pre- Crisis Earth-Two.Brady M (May 8, 2007). "The 52 Exit Interviews: Grant Morrison." Newsarama.
Grant was born in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia and educated at St. Brendan's College, Yeppoon. Grant played his junior rugby league for the Yeppoon Seagulls.
The high school received a $2000 grant to be used for antibullying education initiatives. The grant was awarded by The Marcus L Ruscitto Foundation.
Charles Grant Davidson (30 July 1824 – 19 April 1902)Charles Grant Davidson Cornwall Artists Index, accessed 29 August 2017. was a British watercolour painter.
Grant-Acquah, Sarah Esi, "In the beginning was…PAA GRANT - And the UGCC" . From Daily Graphic, 14 February 2007, via National Commission on Culture.
Nickel Creek also opened for Vince Gill and Amy Grant in that winter.Martens, Todd. "Grant, Gill Take Christmas On Tour". Billboard. September 21, 2001.
Grant in 1967. Earl Grant (January 20, 1931 – June 10, 1970) was an American pianist, organist, and vocalist popular in the 1950s and 1960s.
Charles Grant Gordon (21 August 1927 – 21 December 2013), was a Scottish whisky distiller, chairman and president of his family firm, William Grant & Sons.
Lindell's work on secure computation was recognized by the award of : an ERC starting grant in 2009 and an ERC consolidators grant in 2014.
In 1754 he married Henrietta Grant, a daughter of the Colonel William Grant of Ballindalloch, with whom he had two sons and three daughters.
The firm that became DGS was founded in Denver in 1915 by attorneys Mason Lewis and James Grant to provide tax advice after the passing of the 16th Amendment.Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP, The firm of Lewis & Grant merged with another Denver firm in 1947, forming Lewis, Grant, Newton, Davis & Henry, which later became Lewis, Grant & Davis. It was one of the four leading firms in Denver by 1964, when the firm changed its name from Lewis, Grant & Davis to Davis Graham & Stubbs.
Terry Grant (born October 25, 1963) United Kingdom, married to Carol Grant, father of Perry Grant, Scott Grant and Laura Grant is a stunt driver who performs at live events around the world. He is the holder of multiple world-records, including having executed the highest loop-the-loop in a car, the fastest two-wheel mile, the furthest barrel roll jump, the most doughnuts standing on the roof of a car, and the highest number of doughnuts in 100 seconds.
The estate was purchased in about 1847 by William Charles Grant (1817–77), a Lieutenant of the First (Kings) Dragoon Guards. He was a nephew of Sir William Grant (1752-1832), Member of Parliament, Solicitor General and Master of the Rolls, who had retired to Barton House, Dawlish, Devon.Colvin & Moggridge, section 4.1 William Charles Grant was lord of the manor of Cullompton. He was descended from a younger son of Alexander Grant of Hillochhead in Scotland, a branch of Grant of Elchies.
Big Beaver Falls Area School District was not awarded a competitive literacy grant. The funding is for improving reading skills birth through 12th grade. The grant required the district to develop a lengthy literacy plan, which included outreach into the community. The funds come from a Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy grant, also referred to as the Keystones to Opportunity grant It is a five-year, competitive federal grant program designed to assist local education agencies in developing and implementing local comprehensive literacy plans.
UPLB has three major land grants provided by the government of the Philippines: the Laguna-Quezon Land Grant, the La Carlota Land Grant, and the Laguna Land Grant. The Laguna-Quezon Land Grant, acquired in February 1930, is located in the towns of Real, Quezon, and Siniloan, Laguna. It covers some portions of the Sierra Madre mountain range, and hosts the university’s Citronella and lemongrass plantations. The La Carlota Land Grant is situated in Negros Occidental, a province in the Western Visayas region.
At one point, Beppe confronts Grant in The Queen Vic over his cruelty towards Tiffany and the pair brawl. When Tiffany learns that Grant has slept with her mother Louise (Carol Harrison), she plans to leave Grant and take their daughter Courtney with him. Just as Tiffany prepares to leave after packing her bags, however, ends up falling down the stairs - making everyone suspect that Grant pushed her. When Beppe discovers this, he becomes furious and proceeds to arrest Grant for attempted murder.
Needing Grant's popularity, Johnson took Grant on his "Swing Around the Circle" tour, speaking out against Congressional Reconstruction. Enthusiastic cheering for Grant interrupting Johnson's speeches caused the relationship between Johnson and Grant to cool. Grant believed that Johnson was purposefully agitating conservative opinion to defy Congressional Reconstruction, privately calling Johnson's speeches a "national disgrace". Concerned that Johnson's differences with Congress would cause renewed insurrection, Grant ordered Southern arsenals to ship arms north to prevent their capture by Southern state governments.
Julie Grant was born Vivien Foreman in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. When Grant was aged 16 months her family – besides her parents she had an older brother and sister – relocated to Cape Town where at age four Grant won a local talent contest: her prize was the opportunity to perform a concert with a local orchestra who invited Grant to sing with them regularly over a period of some two years. Grant subsequently lived with her family for brief periods in Johannesburg and Victoria Falls, then returning with her family to England, first living in London where Grant attended the Italia Conte music conservatory and at age 9 appeared onstage at the Drury Lane Theatre in The King and I. Grant then moved with her family to Leeds, where Grant trained in dance and opera, vocalising with a local orchestra on weekends.
District 1 covers all of Coös County and northern Grafton County in the northernmost tip of the state. The district includes the towns of Atkinson & Gilmanton Academy Grant, Bean's Grant, Bean's Purchase, Berlin, Cambridge, Carroll, Chandler's Purchase, Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Crawford's Purchase, Cutt's Grant, Dalton, Dix's Grant, Dixville, Dummer, Errol, Erving's Location, Gorham, Green's Grant, Hadley's Purchase, Jefferson, Kilkenny, Lancaster, Low & Burbank's Grant, Martin's Location, Milan, Millsfield, Northumberland, Odell, Pinkham's Grant, Pittsburg, Randolph, Sargent's Purchase, Second College Grant, Shelburne, Stark, Stewartstown, Stratford, Success, Thompson & Meserve's Purchase, Wentworth's Location, and Whitefield in Coös County, and Bath, Benton, Bethlehem, Easton, Franconia, Landaff, Lincoln, Lisbon, Littleton, Livermore, Lyman, Monroe, Sugar Hill, Thornton, and Woodstock in Grafton County. The district is located entirely within New Hampshire's 2nd congressional district. It borders the states of Maine and Vermont, as well as Canada.
This is a list of land-grant colleges and universities in the United States of America and its associated territories.Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (Listed mostly in historical order, by state) Land-grant institutions are often categorized as 1862, 1890, and 1994 institutions, based on the date of the legislation that designated most of them with land-grant status. For a map and list of all 76 land-grant institutions, see the State Partners page hosted by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (formerly the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service).State Partners Of the 106 land-grant institutions, all but two (the Community College of Micronesia and Northern Marianas College) are members of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (formerly the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges).
Brigadier General Grant and staff, Cairo, October 1861 In September 1861, Brig. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, then subordinate to Maj. Gen. John Fremont in the Union's Western Department, assumed command of the District of Southeast Missouri; Grant established his headquarters at Cairo, Illinois.Eicher, Commands, p.
Robert John Grant (born 28 July 1965) is a former English cricketer. Grant was a right-handed batsman who bowled right-arm medium pace. He was born in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Grant made his debut for Staffordshire in the 1989 MCCA Knockout Trophy against Cheshire.
By this time, Grant said his critics were using Babcock to go after his own presidency. After cabinet members objected to Grant testifying in St. Louis as unseemly for a President, it was settled that Grant would give a deposition at the White House.
Linda Grant was born in New York City, in 1940. She is the daughter of Phillip Grant and Ruth (Marks) Grant. She received her bachelor's degree in history education at Swarthmore College in 1961. In 1964, she graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Ph.D.
Incumbent Democrat Bob Graham won re-election to a second term, beating Republican former U.S. Representative Bill Grant. Graham defeated Grant in a landslide, as Grant won just one county in the state (Okaloosa County, Florida). There were no third party or independent candidates.
Vanity Fair caricature of Grant by Ape (published 21 February 1874) Albert Grant (18 November 1831 – 30 August 1899) (born Abraham Gottheimer); Baron Grant in the nobility of Italy, was an Irish-born British company promoter and Conservative politician, unseated in 1874 for election offences.
The Consumer & Prescriber Grant Program (also going by other names, including Attorney General Prescriber Grant Program) was a grant program established with fines paid by Pfizer in the Franklin v. Parke-Davis trial for False Claims Act violations relating to off-label use of gabapentin.
Charles Grant Gordon was born in Glasgow on 21 August 1927, the eldest son of William Grant, and the great-grandson of the original William Grant. He was educated at Glasgow Academy and Rugby School, followed by a bachelor's degree in accounting at Glasgow University.
Low and Burbank's Grant is a township located in Coos County, New Hampshire, United States. The grant lies entirely within the White Mountain National Forest. As of the 2010 census, the grant had a population of zero.United States Census Bureau, American FactFinder, 2010 Census figures.
Protective of his family, Grant was furious that Custer testified against the President's brother Orvil at the Clymer committee hearings. Sherman advised Custer to see Grant at the White House to talk over the situation; however, Grant refused on several occasions to see Custer.
Grant's identical twin brother, Harvey Grant, also played in the NBA, mainly for the Washington Bullets. Three of Grant's nephews are also basketball players. Jerai Grant played college basketball for Clemson University"Senior forward Jerai Grant emerging as pleasant inside surprise",, January 11, 2011.
Missoula shoots Grant in the arm and Grant returns fire, killing him. Grant once again sees Witherspoon and the Native American warriors, now accompanied by Milo, who ride off into the distance and disappear in a cloud of dust just before Biscuit and Jessie arrive.
He received the ERC Starting Grant in 2010 and the ERC Consolidator Grant in 2018. A year later, he received the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the highest endowed research award in Germany with a grant of five million euros.
Hewlett was married to the Northern Rhodesian-born Geraldine Ann Thomas. Together, they had two children, Grant and Mireille. Grant is a Kwekwe-based businessman, while Mireille is a competitive rower. Geraldine, Grant, and Mireille Hewlett were among the Zimbabweans named in the Panama Papers.
New York. In 1979, Grant had gotten into trouble for some comments he had made and was fired from WOR. Grant was assisted by colleague Barry Farber who fought with WMCA station manager Ellen Straus to rehire Grant. Farber broadcast during the 4–7 p.m.
She was the principal investigator of the Early Reading First Grant, a two million-dollar grant that aids under-privileged children in high poverty areas. In 1994 McGee also received the Elva Knight Research Grant, an International Reading Association, for First Grader’s Response to Literature.
Ioana Pârvulescu, În intimitatea secolului 19, pag. 102 Mary Grant was the sister of the English consul in Bucharest, Effingham Grant, who was married to a Romanian, Zoia Racoviță, the daughter of Alexandru Racoviță.Podul Grant, lângă Gara de Nord în București îi poartă numele.
Grant Park is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. Set aside in the late 19th century, it was originally known as "Lake Park" but was renamed for Civil War general and U.S. President Ulysses Grant. Buckingham Fountain was constructed in 1927 in Grant Park.
The grant program was expanded to $14.5 million in the 2008-09 budget. The grant was discontinued in the state's 2011 budget by Governor Edward G. Rendell. Central Elementary School was the only elementary school in Fayette County to participate in the grant program.
One of the families that took part was British singer David Grant; his wife, TV presenter Carrie Grant: and their 9-year-old son Nathan.
Grant Thornton said the FRC report showed that the entire profession must improve the quality of its work and that Grant Thornton is no exception.
Grant first went public on the subject of evolution in 1826.Grant R.E. 1826. Observations on the Nature and Importance of Geology. Edinburgh New Philos.
Natalie Grant is the eponymous debut studio album by Contemporary Christian music singer Natalie Grant. It was released on April 14, 1999, through Benson Records.
Michael Grant is not so skeptically disposed to the report of Josephus.Michael Grant, Kleopatra, p. 271. Nothing is recorded about the further fate of Athenion.
Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest Airport to Kotdwar situated at a distance of 110 km. Taxis are available from Jolly Grant Airport to Kotdwar.
Whitman has received many awards: Guggenheim Fellowship (1976); Creative Artists Public Service Grant; Citation of Fine Arts, Brandeis University; Creative Arts Award Xerox Company Grant.
Singers in the Shadows, Donald M. Grant. Echoes from an Iron Harp (1972),Howard, Robert E. (1972). Echoes from an Iron Harp, Donald M. Grant.
This grant helped GFAC establish and launch programs and activities within the organization. In 2014, GFAC also received a generous grant from the Allianz Foundation.
The two met while teaching French at Riverdale High School. Grant was particularly instrumental in founding WIC Calgary after Grant joined WIC Montreal in 1975.
The District did not participate in: Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy grant, 21st Century Community Learning Challenge Grant, or the annual PA DEP Environmental Education grants.
Grant Amman is the Trainer. Dean Samson is CEO. 2017 Grant Amman was named PJHL Trainer of the Year. Tanner Versluis Rookie of the Year.
Grant, p. 162. U-12s entire complement of 17 men was lost when she went down.Sieche (1980), p. 23.Grant (p. 162) and Kemp (p.
The project has been funded by a Rosenthal Fund grant from Smith College and a Helen Gurley Brown Magic Grant awarded to Ada Comstock Scholars.
A post office called Grant was established in 1901, and remained in operation until 1920. Mary Grant, an early postmaster, gave the community her name.
The 1918 Camp Grant football team represented Camp Grant near Rockford, Illinois, during the 1918 college football season. The team compiled a 3–3 record.
Grant Llewellyn Grant Llewellyn (born 29 December 1960) is a Welsh conductor and Music Director of the North Carolina Symphony and Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne.
Chester Upland School District received a federal grant which is run by the PDE. The grant calls for the establishment and sustainability of community learning centers that provide additional educational services to students in high-poverty and low-performing schools. The grant was competitive. Applications for the grants were reviewed and scored by a panel of representatives from the educational field and professional grant writers.
In 1968, the Arizona State Legislature passed a bill making the Fort Grant State Industrial School a part of the State's Department of Corrections. In 1973, Fort Grant became an adult male prison. In December 1997, the Arizona State Prison at Fort Grant became the Fort Grant Unit of ASPC-Safford. Designated as a prison complex, Safford had its beginnings as a Department facility in 1970.
Grant goes to The Queen Vic where he flirts with Belinda Peacock (Carli Norris). Grant tells Courtney that Phil killed Peggy. When Courtney tells Grant that Sharon wanted to meet him, he goes to see Sharon and declares his love to her, but she is not interested. Grant accuses Phil of killing Peggy and asks for his money back, but Phil does not have it.
As a result, the government decided to abandon the Grant system in 1921 except for a few competent schools. For the newly founded schools after 1921, only the qualified ones were allowed to join the Grant system. They were mostly schools giving Western education in European languages. The remaining schools of the Grant system later formed the Grant Schools Council (see below) and operated till today.
During the Vicksburg Campaign, on December 17, 1862, Grant issued General Order No. 11 expelling Jews, as a class, from Grant's military district. Grant was upset over an illegal cotton trade that Grant believed funded the Confederate Army. Grant blamed Jewish traders for breaking Treasury Department regulations. Jewish persons who did not obey the order were to be arrested and forcibly removed as prisoners.
Grant was descended from Clan Grant, which arrived in Speyside after being rewarded with land for "services to the king".In 1745, three brothers fought in the Jacobite rebellion against Hanover. Alexander Grant survived the Battle of Culloden but had to flee to Banffshire where he was hidden by a clan chief. Alexander Grant's great- grandson, William Grant, was born in 1839 in Dufftown, Scotland.
In July 2003, Philadelphia School District received a federal grant which is run by the PDE. The grant calls for the establishment and sustainability of community learning centers that provide additional educational services to students in high-poverty and low-performing schools. The grant was competitive. Applications for the grants were reviewed and scored by a panel of representatives from the educational field and professional grant writers.
Vicky gave birth to a son named Kirkland Grant Harrison. Grant immediately became possessive of the child and Vicky decided to flee with him. Months later, Vicky returned to town and passed off another baby as Kirkland so she could hide the real Kirkland from Grant. Grant discovered this and decided to get revenge on Vicky by shooting himself and framing her for it.
Vicky tearfully buried her soulmate and tried to find a way to get on with her life. Grant had made everybody believe that it was Justine who had shot Ryan. Vicky grew close with Grant again and it soon became apparent Grant was hoping for a second chance. However, Vicky found out the truth about Grant shooting Ryan and decided to manipulate a confession out of him.
In July 2010, Keystone Central School received a federal grant which is run by the PDE. The grant calls for the establishment and sustainability of community learning centers that provide additional educational services to students in high-poverty and low-performing schools. The grant was competitive. Applications for the grants were reviewed and scored by a panel of representatives from the educational field and professional grant writers.
Mehserle said he feared that Grant was "going for his waistband" and a gun. The day after the shooting, BART spokesman Jim Allison said that Grant was not restrained when he was shot, and multiple witnesses testified that Grant refused to give up his hands for handcuffing prior to the shooting. The family's claim against BART stated that Grant was handcuffed only after he was shot.
In July 2012, Reading School District received a federal grant which is run by the PDE. The grant calls for the establishment and sustainability of community learning centers that provide additional educational services to students in high-poverty and low-performing schools. The grant was competitive. Applications for the grants were reviewed and scored by a panel of representatives from the educational field and professional grant writers.
On June 7, 1842, Fisher and Miller received a colonization land grant to settle 1,000 immigrant families of German, Dutch, Swiss, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian ancestry. The grant was issued as the Fisher–Miller Land Grant. Fisher and Miller were also unsuccessful in colonization efforts, but they were able to get their deadline extended. On June 26, 1844, they sold the grant to the Adelsverein.
The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico, Fellowship and Writer’s Residency, Taos, New Mexico, summer 2012 NEA Big Read Grant, 2009-2010 NEA Big Read Grant, 2008-2009 Humanities Texas Grant, 2005 Humanities Texas Community Project grant, 2004 Nebraska Arts Council Fellowship in Poetry. Spring, 1997. Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award for Poems on the Jewish Experience. Awarded by Judah L. Magnes Museum, Berkeley, CA. October, 1994.
To pay Vanderbilt back, Grant mortgaged his Civil War memorabilia, including his sword. Although this did not fully cover the $150,000 debt, Vanderbilt accepted the memorabilia as payment and wiped out the $150,000 debt owed by Grant. Vanderbilt later recouped Grant's other mortgaged war memorabilia, including the memorabilia given by Grant, and returned them to Ulysses S. Grant's wife, Julia Grant, after Grant's death in 1885.
Reredos in St Marys Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh Grant was born in 1831 in Kilgraston House in Perthshire, into a very well-connected family. Her grandfather was Lord Elgin of Elgin Marbles fame. Her aunt and uncle were Mary Anne Grant and Sir Francis Grant, both artists, the latter being President of the Royal Academy. Another uncle was General James Hope Grant, a British military hero.
Rachel Louise Grant de Longueuil (born 25 September 1977), known professionally as Rachel Grant, is an English actress, writer and social entrepreneur. Born on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, Grant was raised in Nottingham, England. Grant is of Scottish, French-Canadian, Filipino and Spanish descent through her parents, and is a second cousin twice removed of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.
Young Carer Grant is a grant for young carers, aged 16 to 18 years old, who care for someone for at least 16 hours a week but do not qualify for Carer's Allowance. The grant provides a payment of £300 every year to young carers up until the age of 19. From 1 April 2020, Young Carer Grant will increase from £300.00 to £305.10.
In July 2012, Allentown School District received a federal grant which is run by the PDE. The grant calls for the establishment and sustainability of community learning centers that provide additional educational services to students in high-poverty and low- performing schools. The grant was competitive. Applications for the grants were reviewed and scored by a panel of representatives from the educational field and professional grant writers.
Bristow lobbied Grant to appoint John Bigelow, head of the Treasury Department's Loan Division. Grant accepted Bristow's choice of Bigelow, but he warned Bristow that Bigelow had a previous episode of drunkness. Bristow went further to undercut Robeson's influence in the Grant cabinet. Bristow told Grant that Robeson's Navy Department was financially mismanaged, and was under the control of former treasury secretary Hugh McCulloch's banking house.
Grant planned to move south along the Mississippi Central Railroad with 40,000 troops. As he awaited approval from Union General-in- chief Henry Halleck, Grant began concentrating five divisions at Grand Junction, Tennessee. When Halleck endorsed the plan and told Grant that 20,000 additional reinforcements were forthcoming, Grant decided to wait for the new troops. However, he sent James B. McPherson ahead with two divisions.
Bristow lobbied Grant to appoint John Bigelow, head of the Treasury Department's Loan Division. Grant accepted Bristow's choice of Bigelow, but he warned Bristow that Bigelow had a previous episode of drunkness. Bristow went further to undercut Robeson's influence in the Grant cabinet. Bristow told Grant that Robeson's Navy Department was financially mismanaged, and was under the control of former treasury secretary Hugh McCulloch's banking house.
However, later on, Miss Emma realizes that Grant lied to her because when she visited Jefferson, the picture Grant painted of him did not match reality. Therefore, in retrospective, the constructive lie created more pain than the truth. Grant uses constructive lying to present himself better and thus meet the expectations of others. Finally, Reverend Ambrose appeals to Grant that constructive lying is necessary.
Grant's family lacked money, clothes, and furniture, but always had enough food. During the Panic of 1857, which devastated Grant as it did many farmers, Grant had to pawn his gold watch in order to buy Christmas gifts for his family. In 1858, Grant rented out Hardscrabble and moved his family to Julia's father's 850-acre plantation. That fall, after suffering from malaria, Grant gave up farming.
The original US land grant for a large portion of Daleville was granted to John A. McKellar on February 27, 1841. US Land Grant Certificate 29376. This grant included Lots 2, 7, 8, 9, and 10, of Section 5, Township 8 North, Range 16 East in the District of Sands. John A. McKellar lived in Perry County, Alabama, USA at the time of the grant.
In 2004, Upper Adams School District received a federal grant which is run by the PDE. The grant calls for the establishment and sustainability of community learning centers that provide additional educational services to students in high-poverty and low-performing schools. The grant was competitive. Applications for the grants were reviewed and scored by a panel of representatives from the educational field and professional grant writers.
The main branch of the John Day River rises in the Strawberry Mountains in eastern Grant County. The North Fork heads on the western slope of the Elkhorn Mountains in northeastern Grant County. The Middle Fork rises near the crest of the Blue Mountains on the eastern edge of Grant County. The South Fork's source is in northern Harney County, about south of the Grant County line.
A first-time home buyer grant (or first home owners grant) is a grant specifically for/targeted at those buying their first home — perhaps a starter home. Like other grants, the first-time buyer does not hold an obligation to repay the grant. In this respect, it differs from a loan and does not incur debt or interest. Grants can be given out by foundations and governments.
The "communities" within the grant were Los Trigos itself, Pajarito and Las Ruedas. Of the three, only Pajarito remains with a few buildings visible from I-25 a couple of miles south of Rowe, New Mexico. The grant never had any other communities and itself was sandwiched between the Pecos Pueblo Indian Grant on the north and The San Miguel del Bado Land Grant on the South.
The Grant Magazine was launched in 2011, replacing the Grantonian, which had previously been Grant High School's newspaper. It was founded by the principal at the time, Vivian Orlen. The Grant Magazine's previous adviser was Dave Austin, who had worked for The Oregonian for 22 years and is now the Communications Director of Multnomah County. The current adviser of Grant Magazine is Chris Hawking.
The original land was part of a grant by Governor William Paterson to James Waine from Northampton who was a convict on the Second Fleet (the "Scarborough"). Waine was convicted on 4 April 1788 for the theft of five turkeys and was transported for seven years. The Grant was consequential to his ticket of leave. The grant in 1795 was seemingly a relatively early emancipist grant.
Spencer Grant is a man with a tainted, yet shadowy past with a lovable dog, Rocky, who together embark on a quest to find a life in a woman named Valerie Keene, whom he meets in a nightclub. Grant and his dog come back to the club later to find out that the woman is late for work. When Grant attempts to find her at her home, a SWAT-like team bombards the place, sending Grant into confusion. Grant is now determined to find Valerie.
Grant Island is an ice-covered island, long and wide, lying east of the smaller Shepard Island off the coast of Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. Like Shepard Island, Grant Island is surrounded by the Getz Ice Shelf on all but the north side. Grant Island was discovered and charted by personnel aboard on February 4, 1962. Grant Island was named by the United States Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (US-ACAN) for Commander E. G. Grant, Commanding Officer of USS Glacier at the time of discovery.
Grant is the daughter of Jack Grant and Ann Grant. Her father is the son of Connecticut historian Marion Hepburn, sister of actress Katharine Hepburn, and Ellsworth Strong Grant, a historian and former mayor of West Hartford, Connecticut, who is a direct descendant of Puritan minister Thomas Hooker. She has one brother, Jason Grant. Her great-grandmother is the suffragist Katharine Martha Houghton Hepburn, who played a prominent role in the American Birth Control League with Margaret Sanger that would evolve into Planned Parenthood.
Fred Grant was the oldest of 10 children of Thomas Geddes Grant (born in Canada in 1866), who founded a trading company, T. Geddes Grant, in Trinidad in 1901. He was born in 1891 in Port of Spain, where he went to school at Queen's Royal College, and later had his university education in Canada.Jack Grant, Jack Grant's Story, Lutterworth, Guildford and London, 1980, pp. 1–10. A middle-order batsman and change bowler, Grant played six first-class matches for Trinidad between 1925 and 1927.
Cyril Ewart Lionel Grant (8 November 1919 - 13 February 2010"Cy Grant" (obituary), Daily Telegraph (London), 15 February 2010.) was a Guyanese actor, musician, writer and poet. In the 1950s, he became the first black person to be featured regularly on television in the United Kingdom,"Cy Grant: Actor, Singer and Writer", The Times (London), 16 February 2010.Gus John, "Cy Grant obituary", The Guardian (London), 18 February 2010.Kurt Barling, "Cy Grant: Pioneer for black British actors" (obituary), The Independent (London), 27 February 2010.
Young Heber J. Grant with his mother Rachel Ivins Grant Grant was born in Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, the son of Rachel Ridgeway Ivins and Jedediah Morgan Grant. His father was a counselor in the First Presidency to Brigham Young. Rachel Grant was a native of New Jersey, where she had converted to the LDS Church at about 20. Her cousin and later brother-in-law (he married her older sister Anna), Israel Ivins, was the first person baptized a Latter-day Saint in New Jersey.
Tiffany is forced to get a paternity test, which reveals Grant is Courtney's father. Tiffany is allowed to stay at The Queen Vic so Grant can keep his daughter close. Still in love with Grant, Tiffany begs Grant to rethink their separation; he initially responds by threatening to sue her for sole custody of Courtney but changes his mind following Lorraine's departure from Walford. Not long after their reconciliation in August 1997, Grant and Tiffany renew their wedding vows and bond on a romantic trip to Paris.

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