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"place" Definitions
  1. [countable] a particular position, point or area
  2. [countable] a particular city, town, building, etc.
  3. [countable] (especially in compounds or phrases) a building or an area of land used for a particular purpose
  4. [countable] a particular area on a surface, especially on a person’s body
  5. [countable] a point in a book, speech, piece of music, etc., especially one that somebody has reached at a particular time
  6. [countable] the natural or correct position for something
  7. [countable] a position, seat, etc., especially one that is available for or being used by a person or vehicle
  8. [countable] an opportunity to take part in something, especially to study at a school or university or on a course
  9. [countable] the position of being a member of a sports team
  10. [countable, usually singular] a position among the winners of a race or competition; a position in the next stage of a competition
  11. [singular] the role or importance of somebody/something in a particular situation, usually in relation to others
  12. [singular] (informal) a house or flat; a person’s home
  13. [countable] (usually with a negative) a suitable or safe area for somebody to be
  14. [countable] the position of a figure after a decimal point
  15. Place [singular] (abbreviation Pl.) used as part of a name for a short street or square

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"place" Synonyms
location site spot scene setting position area point region section part venue zone locus band circuit ground plot sector situation town city village hamlet country state nation locality district metropolis neighbourhood(UK) locale municipality quarter township centre(UK) center(US) republic home accommodation house property abode lodgings residence establishment pad quarters digs dwelling premises domicile household living quarters a roof over your head habitation apartment dwelling place circumstance circumstances condition shoes capacity scenario set of circumstances environment state of affairs surroundings status station standing plight predicament quandary mess hole jam pickle quagmire seat chair space room seating elbow room territory domain turf patch province land job career employment post stint appointment contract occupation engagement gig berth day job niche opening profession work employ trade class level ranking grade stature rank worth estimation order classification rating repute tier division footing gradation purpose role calling groove reason slot raison d'être reason for being ideal position function good goal advantage benefit objective object result outcome responsibility duty concern task right affair mission prerogative charge obligation interest privilege business onus joint meeting place dive hangout haunt retreat stamping ground stomping ground hidey-hole parlour(UK) parlor(US) salon shop stead lieu behalf mental state state of mind frame of mind psychological state mental condition mindset mood disposition vein square plaza piazza courtyard forum parade arcade galleria precinct close marketplace quadrangle quad mall common green core heart hub base nucleus focus axis epicentre(UK) epicenter(US) capital nexus navel cynosure mecca eye omphalos fame reputation renown prestige celebrity eminence glory honour(UK) honor(US) prominence note esteem importance acclaim name greatness illustriousness credit extent latitude margin scope clearance gap headroom leeway play slack spaciousness volume elbowroom expanse expansion place setting cover cutlery glassware tableware utensils table setting street road way avenue roadway thoroughfare route highway boulevard drive expressway freeway artery turnpike pass row drag arterial trace carriageway purlieu resort den hang-out rendezvous backyard habitat local manor reservation booking prearrangement hire arrangement ordering charter engaging registration securing bespeaking prepurchase advance booking charter arrangements hire arrangements prior arrangement prior arrangements exclusive possession reserved ticket stand bay park parking place profit welfare favor(US) favour(UK) help service side account aid assistance cause countenance defence(UK) defense(US) encouragement intensive care unit ward ICU intensive care unit trauma centre(UK) emergency room emergency ward critical care facility triage room trauma center(US) ER department ITU intensive treatment unit emerg emergency clinic emergency department compartment chamber cubicle cell partition alcove booth cabin cavity cube locker nook recess carrel carriage opportunity occasion moment time window window of opportunity context event happenstance juncture occurrence right set of circumstances coincidence episode fortuity put put down set set down lay down deposit plant rest sit settle situate leave stow lean arrange set out array prop support bolster brace prop up buttress shore bear up hold up bear cradle hold maintain sustain truss underprop uphold keep pack put away stash cache lodge pack away posit stock store hoard stockpile stuff pile load cram top off grant invest entrust vest give commit trust consign delegate intrust hand confide repose assign hand over turn over give over group classify categorise(UK) categorize(US) sort rate valuate value brand establish mark peg identify recognise(UK) recognize(US) recall remember put one's finger on recollect call to mind put a name to get a fix on pin down bring to mind pick out determine finger locate pinpoint associate set in context appoint allocate cast designate find employment for engage enrol(UK) enroll(US) find a job for instal(UK) install(US) relegate allot appropriate commission ordain enlist recruit bring on board procure sign on sign up take on secure pay retain assume fee find a home for accommodate find accommodation for raise bring up discuss broach initiate present propose introduce put forward refer submit allude to mention moot promote speak of suggest talk about talk of touch on finish accomplish achieve end up be be placed clinch come in come out finish up reach wind up wrap up come run embed fix implant root ingrain entrench enroot insert intrench engrain bed infix impact bury sink reckon calculate estimate count compute judge figure total tally enumerate appraise gauge(UK) gage(US) guess sum quantify conjecture number suppose levy impose exact lay demand assess fine tax collect gather mulct extort call summon wrest wring tuck slip stick push thrust pop ease put in squeeze in slide fit stick in pop in inject interpose interpolate intersperse insinuate interject intercalate add include force feed shoot pump send impregnate connect join adjoin annexe(UK) annex(US) append attach bond conjoin conjugate link yoke affix encamp board shelter harbor(US) bunk billet harbour(UK) roof bestow camp constitute found create inaugurate authorise(UK) authorize(US) begin start empower form legislate make originate set up bet gamble wager stake risk punt ante back game pledge dice go lay bets have a flutter lay a wager lay odds quote offer tender bid price proffer give an estimate give a figure of give a price of price at rate at valuate at value at make an offer nestle cushion lie protect soften hospitalise(UK) hospitalize(US) admit treat admit to hospital spread extend unfurl unroll sprawl stretch unfold enlarge expand open open out outspread overlay roll out mobilise(UK) mobilize(US) conscript muster draught(UK) draft(US) induct list rally apply smear paint rub anoint massage cover with lay on paint on put on rub in smear on rub on spread on spread over work in bring into contact with plaster More
"place" Antonyms
remove clear clear away clean up take take away carry away carry off take down take off take out unclutter cart off clean declutter extricate put away tidy tidy away tidy up lift lift up raise draw up hoist pick up put up elevate haul up hike up jack up bring up unseat upheave uplift upraise uproot clear out throw out junk unload discard dispose of do away with empty pack away purge bin chuck out ditch dump eject expel get rid of jettison scrap throw away misplace mislay place unwisely place wrongly put in wrong place fire dismiss sack discharge terminate can ax(US) axe(UK) drop furlough give a pink slip give marching orders give someone the boot give someone their cards lay off retire release let go evict kick out oust toss out boot cast out force out send packing show the door bounce suppress hold back repress silence bottle up bury censor conceal contain cover up hold in hush up keep in sit on curb keep inside put the lid on lose displace move extract shift transfer relocate withdraw disarrange unsettle change reposition dislocate disorder dislodge pull out rip out strip tear out draw evacuate expunge free liberate separate shed strip off grab seize grab hold of grasp snatch confiscate secure snag gain possession of gather up get hold of haul in lay hold of pull in take hold of take in collect combine declassify disallow disintegrate disorganize estimate exclude gather guess hold join keep maintain scatter unite mix up disperse forget disremember fail to recall overlook misrecollect obliviate not remember not recall not recollect let slip clean forget consign to oblivion dismiss from mind draw a blank fail to remember lose sight of be unable to picture be unable to recall be unable to remember fail to think of confuse destroy disestablish halt stop upset disarray disturb mess up shuffle jumble ascend rise root out dig up concentrate conclude end finish hide withhold not use uninstall detach disengage undo unfasten disconnect unhitch unyoke unfix unclick bring out cancel deny disapprove ignore refuse reject retract be ambiguous unpack unlade offload rid vacate void off-load misdiagnose miss mistake confound misidentify misperceive muddle up fail to see the difference between misinterpret misunderstand misapprehend misconstrue misconceive miscalculate misread misknow miscount abandon disbelieve disregard neglect receive subtract set put lay position settle prop rest sit seat set down lay down put down remit exonerate give veto close gloss over lump retain leave accept cease refrain use waste throw overboard reveal squander spend dissipate divide uncover disburse get snare pull pluck retrieve pick dig out haul out contrast fall descend dip unsay recall recant disclaim take back backtrack renege revoke backpedal back down renege on assume address admit bear brave carry confront endure handle manage negotiate shoulder suffer take on fetch come for go for come and get come to get go and get go to get annexe(UK) annex(US) office unemployment exteriority outside exterior periphery benefit surface spoke offshoot disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) mercilessness whole avocation hobby pastime recreation amusement side interest insignificance lowliness unimportance obscurity inferiority ignorance ill repute unknown oblivion anonymity obscureness disgrace shame ignominy infamy dishonour(UK) disrepute department center(US) centre(UK) agency shop store studio bureau facility factory foundry suite division warehouse there here uselessness inadequacy futility frivolity incompetence hopelessness ineptness pointlessness ineffectiveness ineffectuality ineffectualness inefficacy failing failure impracticality inoperability unserviceableness unusableness capacity full house full occupancy full capacity maximum capacity max capacity entertainment fun nowhere business industry occupied position filled position occupied role filled role occupied job filled job filled vacancy filled opening idleness joblessness job loss redundancy worklessness metropolis sky crowdedness cramp constraint limitation restriction crowding denseness density tightness

644 Sentences With "place"

How to use place in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "place" and check conjugation/comparative form for "place". Mastering all the usages of "place" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Third place is the new first place, but second place is the new fourth place.
First place: $43,000; second place: $5,000; and third place: $2,500.
There is nothing in second place, or third place, or any other place.
It's my happy place, it's my safe haven, it's also a place of confusion, a place of darkness, a place of happiness.
A place for fun, a place for practice, or a place to just hangout.
This place is really elegant, and there's no place in this place for you.
First place takes home $3,000; second place gets $1,500; and the third place team gets $500.
She's spending all this time going from place to place to place with all the cameras.
"Our kastom teaches us that people moved from place to place to place," he told me.
That same gap separates the second-place Cavaliers from the ninth-place Los Angeles Clippers, and the ninth-place Clippers from the 26th-place Indiana Pacers.
And that place was our place of safety and our place of comfort in these rough times.
He is running in third place in Iowa, second place in New Hampshire and third place nationally.
In place of conquest, they summoned catastrophe; in place of science, the uncanny; in place of heroism, horror.
Politics is a place that women enter, a place where women count, and a place where women belong.
We were talking about how we want the country to be safe, a good place, a wholesome place, a happy place, a place where people can prosper and thrive.
The men of this world rush desperately from place to place, but one place is necessarily safer than another.
And with the whole downtown area, it's more of a local's place and arts place and an artistic place.
"We have a Thai place, a Mexican place, and a pizza place that we kind of rotate," she said.
Ramirez, who got one second-place vote, 21958 third-place votes and 21946 third-place votes, had 249 points.
At the time, I thought about a special place, a private place, a place where you can be safe.
Quartet Voices of Service (fifth place), dance troupe V. Unbeatable (fourth place), comedian Ryan Niemiller (third place), and the Detroit Youth Choir (second place) made it into the top 5.
The top five entries will receive a total of $7,000: first place receives $3,000, second place receives $2,000, third place receives $1,000, fourth receives $750 and fifth place will get $250.
And it was sort of different versions of the same software that would just hit place after place after place.
The world would be a better place, a safer place and a more united place if this could be done.
That place was just destroyed ... that place was flattened.
In a place without sunlight, seating, character or sense of place, the huge sign is a gathering place and focal point.
It's a good place to live, it's also a cheap place to live, and it's a cheap place to do business.
We wanted it to be an indefinable place, a dangerous place, a dark place, yet within it there's all this life.
And if it goes another place, the money that would have gone in the other place will go to this place.
The greatest place to live, the greatest place to bring up a family, the greatest place to send your kids to school The greatest place to set up a business or to invest.
Here are the best places you can buy women's jeans:Best place to buy women's jeans overall: EverlaneBest place to buy comfortable jeans: Mott & BowBest place to buy plus-size jeans: Warp + WeftBest place to buy petite jeans: MadewellBest place to buy high-end jeans: Rag & BoneBest place to buy skinny jeans: LiverpoolBest place to buy performance jeans: DUERUpdated on 11/13/2019 by Remi Rosmarin: Updated prices, formatting, and links.
There's no place to bail out, no place to miss.
I created my own curriculum, jumping from place to place.
This place is the worst place I have ever seen.
It varies from place to place, but is substantial everywhere.
Artists might create future versions of a place, in place.
VICE needs to place new, stronger preventative measures in place.
Special elections take place in a given time and place.
And so they sent you around from place to place.
"That place, Mr. President, is not your place," he said.
The flame of dance inspiration passes from place to place.
He gets from place to place in a Gulfstream G650.
Action will take place place in your partnerships this evening.
Back when it was that other place, the good place?
Place eggs in a place where they won't be disturbed.
And his childhood was spent shuttling from place to place.
"I was jumping from place to place," Mr. Rodriguez said.
I was in fifth place, then second place, then first.
It's a place I have really — I love this place.
A place to be adventurous or a place to relax?
So we're in a different place and a healthier place.
"When you get a Google in place, a Facebook in place, a Twitter in place, they never seem to leave," he said.
I feel like everything's fallen into place, and it's fallen into place because I've given it the time to fall into place.
The group has a name, inspired by the French culinary term mise en place : Remise en Place—to put back in place.
" Lizzie Plaugic: 2nd place, 374 points Loren Grush: 3rd place, 355 points We asked Loren Grush, our third place finisher, who slipped from first place just two weeks ago, "Did you predict the winner?
It's a communal watering hole, a meeting place, a place for rest, a place of learning, and a place for social gathering, complete with a library, bookstore, museum, teaching rooms, and a food hall.
It's a place for jeans and flannel, a place for cowboys, and still traditionally a place for raising children in straight-marriage families.
The score determines whether you end up in the Good Place, the Bad Place, or (for a very select few), the Medium Place.
But the premise of the Good Place (the place) and the premise of The Good Place (the show) are both, ultimately, red herrings.
Recent internal polling from Morrisey and Jenkins place him in second place  — with first place varying based on the candidate releasing the polling.
"A place of serenity, a place to relax, a place to have some fun," explains McGuinness, a former Navy explosive ordnance disposal technician.
I specifically acquire works that I feel like hold people from a place of pride, a place of reverence, a place of beauty.
It's the last place she saw him alive, the place his body was first found, and the place she nearly died by suicide.
Then they finished in third place, fourth place, fifth place and, in 2650, with the worst record in the majors, at 2700-218.
Place Holders As characters shift from place to place in the four stories of "The Emigrants," Sebald sketches each location with poetic precision.
President Trump called Austin "a great place, tremendous place" on Tuesday.
There's a time and place for everything & conventions are that place.
Normally, protesters could walk a couple blocks from place to place.
To place your bid, visit the My Friend's Place Charitybuzz page.
The rights enshrined in these partnerships vary from place to place.
So, right now, last question: Silicon Valley, bad place, good place?
Originally from North Carolina, he reinvented himself in place after place.
It's hard to place him in a specific time or place.
"The web of causality differs from place to place," he says.
The Oasis slides into place and stays in place with magnets.
American Fugitive gives me a place that feels like a place.
It is a diverse place - a place of compassion and acceptance.
Details vary from place to place, but there are common features.
Roma stayed in third place, 4 points behind second-place Napoli.
It needs to be of its place and for its place.
"This place, that place — it doesn't matter to me," he says.
The Good Place, it turns out, is actually The Bad Place.
When you pacified one place, it just moved to another place.
People bike from place to place on the dusty, uneven ground.
Home is the first place, and work is the second place.
Moreover, the ability to adapt varies dramatically from place to place.
She just seemed of that place, a certain place in time.
First place takes home $103,000; second place $3,000 and third $1,000.
I'm running from meeting to meeting — driving from place to place.
"This is his place, and it's my place," Ms. Miller said.
The incident took place weeks before Yang's alleged assault took place.
It's a place to start; it's not the place to end.
Here's how these wars took place and why they took place.
Third place was place San Jose, California, coming in at $22000,73.
Procedures once in place are more likely to remain in place.
What counts as moral varies so much from place to place.
"Other people have controlled this negative narrative that it's a low-income place, this place in the ghetto, this place for abortions, this place where drug users go, this place where 'slutty' girls go—I say 'slutty' in quotes because I'm rolling my eyes at it," she said.
But a category called "unintentional injuries", which includes drug overdoses, climbed to third place—from fourth place in 2015 and fifth place in 2012.
The DPL 2020 prize pool distribution: —1st place: $45,000 —2nd place: $33,000 —3rd place: $12,500 DSPL (Dota2 secondary professional league) will include Blaze, EHOME.
Yes, instead of cycling in place, I'm going to row in place.
Results are coming in of what took place, how it took place.
Today's entry: The Good Place The Show: The Good Place (Mondays, NBC)
Futurefarmers: Out of Place, in Place surveys the group's practice to date.
They move from place to place, bringing some bad but more good.
But the precise contours of those rights vary from place to place.
Clearly there's a place for screens, and there's a place for paper.
Lozen's tribe often had to move from place to place for survival.
Because transportation doesn't just impact how we get from place to place.
She would end up at his place or her place with him.
That is not necessarily illegal, for laws vary from place to place.
"For four days we hid, moving from place to place," she recalls.
They&aposll try McRiblets in one place but not in another place.
Although it's different from place to place, the risks generally win out.
But homes are not the only place where ICE raids take place.
MORE has put into place remain in place for the foreseeable future.
Luck will take place, failures will take place, and you will learn.
"This place has always been a special place to play," he said.
And sometime's it's a wonderful place and sometimes it's a depressing place.
Congress would be the place where actual policy-making would take place.
Still, he hesitates to call this place—or any place—his home.
There was no place to put him upstairs, no place for hours.
If a "shelter in place" order comes down, June's place is TBD.
The place is tiny, so the only place to wait is outside.
Crucial game: The third-place Colts must play second-place Tennessee twice.
Callimachi: So Souhayla says that she was moved from place to place.
"Now people can move from place to place without worrying," he said.
She's in third place in national polls and fourth place in Iowa.
And second-place Georgia outscores third-place Minnesota by a single point.
San Jose comes in third place, and Los Angeles in sixth place.
He made this a place of remembrance, a place of pride again.
For engineers, a flat place is a safer, easier place to land.
This is a place that works, and a place where everybody belongs.
And they still vary from place to place, depending on cultural perspectives.
And if Saudi money doesn't go one place, it'll go another place.
It cannot think outside its own box of solutions, and it will have to find another place, and another place, and another place to exploit.
Every place does, more and more; or every place feels increasingly like every other place, a globe of placelessness, the world as duty-free lounge.
We firmly believe the Museum can serve as a place for courageous conversations—a place of learning, a place that contributes to a better society.
Madison: Until we have absolute equality and peace for everybody [gay clubs are] a place of safety, a place of freedom, a place of expression.
"It's meaningful to give people a place to call their homes, a place where their memories are founded, a place where they live," Dwivedi said.
"The world is a bad place, a bad place, a terrible place to live," sang Mr. Ford, who wrote "Reflections" with his bandmate Junior Campbell.
"Hatred has no place in our backyard, no place in our city, and no place in our country," New York State Senator Daniel Squadron said.
LUNCH There's a pizza place the kids like called Pizza Mercato, and then there's a place my wife likes on University Place called Roast Kitchen.
" Haley added that "there is a place for that flag," but that place is "not in a place that represents all people in South Carolina.
And when they want a burger, they will go to a place that's best known for burgers—McDonalds, Burger King, or the local burger place—not to a pancake place that is pretending to be a burger place.
The second and third place jockeys get 5% of their owner's take, meaning the second place jockey earned $30,000, while the third place jockey earned $15,000.
All teams that place in the regional finals will get prize money scaling from $24,000 for second place down to $6,000 for fifth through eighth place.
"I remembered that dark place that I felt, that place of hopelessness, that place of 'should I end my life?' which I never would," she said.
February 2019 was in 20th place, February 2016 was in 12th place, and February 2015 was in 8th place for the least amount of snowfall accumulation.
The place is called Erv's and it's a bar by night and a coffee place by day, on a little dead end street, funky little place.
The first-place cash prize is rising to $40,000, from $30,000, while the second-place winner will now get $30,000 and the third place one $20,000.
Oilers close Rexall Place in style EDMONTON, Alberta — Rexall Place will forever be remembered as the place where Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and Paul Coffey skated.
It was an audaciously dull piece of work with banjos in place of horns, whispers in place of choruses, and limp wistfulness in place of joy.
"I'm not in a bad place, I'm in a good place," she said.
It's not a bad place but not an overwhelmingly comfortable place to be.
The music stays in place while the singer jitters all over the place.
Little Joe is obviously a geeky place, but it's also a friendly place.
What's going on in Austin — a great place, tremendous place — is absolutely disgraceful.
Germany has risen from third place in 2015's rankings to second place.
LIKE birds, people tend to move from place to place along established routes.
It's a Wizards of Waverly Place reunion at the happiest place on Earth!
First place gets $25,000, while second and third place get $15,000 and $7,500.
"The library was still that safe place, that place for opportunity," Hayden said.
DeGrom got seven second-place votes and took fifth place with 141 points.
"Just the wrong place, the wrong place," he told the Register about Boucher.
The two teams took second place and third place in their respective groups.
She belongs neither to the place she leaves nor the place she goes.
Horses have always been that peaceful place — that place that feels like home.
This was a place of beautiful intimacy, a place to be at peace.
The bombing took place took place outside the concert venue following the show.
Place in a warm place until doubled in size, about 27 ½ hours. 23.
Second-place finishers will each get $75,000, and third-place prizes are $35,000.
So, it takes place about 25 years after the original film took place.
Some advocate for wildlife corridors, allowing elephants to move from place to place.
Ping me if you need a place to stay, close to Grand Place.
The second-place Mets are 1 1/2 games behind first-place Washington.
"It's not a real place, and it's not a true place," Cave says.
Place the softened butter on top of the breast and place in oven.
Those patterns vary a lot from time to time and place to place.
But it is a great place to start — the best place, in fact.
In a rental car, we drove from place to place under continuous rain.
Depending on the instrumentation, the music seemed to move from place to place.
You become part of the place and the place becomes part of you.
The types of image used to degrade women vary from place to place.
Polling place voting hours are available online through the Polling Place Search here.
But finding a place you can afford is an important place to start.
A place where things stay frozen and a place where they are sweet.
He follows that with two third-place finishes, and two fourth-place finishes.
But after the uneven bars, Biles was in an unfamiliar place: second place.
It is a place she feels at home, a place that suits her.
It became this other place, this place outside the violence of the ghetto.
Place in a warm place for 27 days, mixing every 21 hours. 33.
And this year, internet providers fell from last place to last place minus.
I was there, that wasn't a bad place; it wasn't an aggressive place.
And again, the specific restrictions of each lockdown vary from place to place.
The succession place must be put in place, if something happened to them.
On New Year's Eve — though the exact time varies from place to place.
Among them are Humphrey Bogart Place, Miles Davis Way and Joey Ramone Place.
Insects, even in huge numbers, move from place to place without much notice.
It was second place in 2003, not third place in 1991 and 2011.
No place tries like California, a mind-set as much as a place.
" He added, "Dick made the world a safer place and a better place.
My favorite place is Joseph Leonard on Waverly Place in the West Village.
For me, the studio is always a soft place, not a hard place.
A person chanted, "'Find your happy place, find your happy place,'" he said.
Place the list in a visible, and accessible place, perhaps on the refrigerator.
Finland has dropped from third place last year to seventh place in 2020.
Place the rolls close together in the pan and place in refrigerator overnight.
It was second place in 24637, not third place in 1991 and 2011.
It could be played n a quiet place or a really loud place.
Irvine, California, south of Los Angeles in Orange County, came in second place with a 14th place ranking in emotional and physical well-being, 11th place ranking in income and employment and an fifth place ranking in community and environment.
A compassionate heart that is fixed towards love and service for all people will make the world a better place, a warmer place, a more just place.
A place where you could make a connection, no matter how fleeting, a place where you found humanity, a place where you could connect with another person.
The 'C' division competitors are: Lily Geller, winner Brian Kulman, second place Claire Rimkus, third place The 'B' division competitors are: Brian Fodera, winner Matthew Gritzmacher, second place Arnold Reich, third place Finally, the 'A' division competitors are: Dan Feyer, winner Joon Pahk, second place David Plotkin, third place Congratulations to all who competed, and to those who were brave enough to put their posteriors in the tournament seats.
Mary's final resting place will be in Fairfield, CT -- the place she called home.
You are not in a safe place, but I live in a safe place.
Place oven rack in lower third of oven; place a pizza stone on rack.
Jefferies tumbled to 383th place in the first quarter from second place in 238.
And the sanctions that have been on place will continue to be on place.
It's the place for photos, the way Flickr was once the place for photos.
It was a place where people knew them, a place where they felt comfortable.
He literally moves from place to place via a tornado of his own making.
The first place we see is Warrior Falls, where his coronation will take place.
The Wolverine State climbs to seventh place overall, up from 22nd place last year.
Where is the last place you'd expect an edgy fashion show to take place?
In short, there is a place for cheap plastic and a place for mastery.
Place in a warm place until doubled in size, about 1 hour more. 3.
"A big place in North Salem is no place for a widow," she said.
It's a place to turn your brain off, but also a place for brainstorming.
I told her: 'No, you can take first place and I'll take second place'.
"The world outside our borders is a dark place, a scary place," he said.
But then came the finale's revelation: The good place was actually the bad place.
That means some kinds of abuses could take place even with protections in place.
The defeat dropped the Diamondbacks from a tie for first place into third place.
The conversations took place, they just simply didn't take place over a phone call.
En route from place to place, you drive along in a 2017 Ford Escape.
Activated is coming from a place where, I'm in a better place in life.
Place your cooked squid on to the place and top with the chili salad.
So there are microclimates and micro-vibes that go on from place to place.
A harmless ghost named Ryan reportedly harassed Gaga, following her from place to place.
In the global study, Trump came in 17th place compared to Obama's second place.
By diversifying the properties, Katz aims to protect against weather variability place to place.
"Art is a place to escape — it's a place to love something," she said.
John Kasich, who surprised with second place; an unexpected third-place finish by Sen.
It was a place for individualists: You alone determined your place in the world.
It's children we're dealing with, so we created a happy place, a safe place.
When this Christian nation is in place (or back in place), Jesus will return.
It's not necessarily because my family is rich so we moved place to place.
It's a place where people end up, not a place anyone ever dreams of.
And then I started traveling from place to place to record my latest project.
With 27652 goals, he was in a tie for fourth place, not fifth place.
Cole's father, a luckless small-time businessman, moved his family from place to place.
You may place a tile upon it, but you must wait to place another.
"The place you are born," he writes, "is simply the first place you flee."
"To me, it's a place of prayer; it's a place of creation," he says.
Getting third place in Iowa is pretty good, but getting first place is better.
The raid took place at a place called Semuliki, on the border with Uganda.
The level of Obamacare competition, in 2017, will vary hugely from place to place.
Place your cursor right before the place where you want the break to appear.
The forest is an internal place, after all, a place of wild exposed desire.
"The place had to look like a place you could Instagram," Mr. Jawaid said.
The little girl was getting whisked from place to place at her parents' convenience.
Mobile-home movers — These are the people that move homes from place to place.
We settle in like we own the place, and have always owned the place.
Everywhere I went it was the biggest place here or the biggest place there.
This may vary from place to place, but a few simple guidelines will help.
"Plastic has its place, but that place is not in the environment," Jope said.
They both mean "wrong place," but you can't use them in the wrong place.
It was a serious place, and the first place I remember being truly happy.
Heaven is a place on earth, and that place is Howlin&apos Ray&aposs.
A chimeric shimmer of how it felt to be carried from place to place.
Users move place to place using many maps and system menus on their devices.
I remembered it being a huge place, and it was this tiny cramped place.
Every water has a right place to be, but that place is in motion.
The Philippines currently ranks in 133rd place—a fall from 127th place in 2017.
With 15 goals, he was in a tie for fourth place, not fifth place.
And most move from place to place to get what they want and need.
Luis took second place in the riding competition; Bonz took first place for horses.
"The world is a better place and a safer place now," Mr. Fitter said.
It was as if they were in another, familiar place, a very private place.
The book leaps from place to place, not always convincing but consistently thought-provoking.
"That kind of behavior has no place at the Prep School, has no place at USAFA, and has no place in the United States Air Force," he said.
The most successful Westerns and samurai films are incredibly powerful allegories about the time and place that they're made, not the time and place they take place in.
"That kind of behavior has no place at the prep school, has no place at USAFA and has no place in the United States Air Force," he said.
You're always moving from place to place, from borough to borough, because different people will be running things in each place, and cutting their stuff their own ways.
The beach is the only place you want to be, the only place that makes sense, the only place you could possibly go on a day like this.
The DSPL prize pool distribution (converted from Chinese yuan to U.S. dollar): —1st place: $3,170 —2nd place: $1,410 —3rd place: $880 The exact schedule has not been released.
"Even atheists come here and appreciate this place, as a spiritual place, a place of peace," she said recently, standing barefoot on the pale carpet of the mosque.
A place that's fun, a place where people are well fed, a place where you could get beer on tap and maybe even jump in a ball pit.
Elsewhere, it's "Place du Commerce in Nantes, Place Fernand Lafargue in Bordeaux, and Place du Capitole in Toulouse," lists off Matthieu Birach, Manager France of Take Eat Easy.
Voters are in search of a place of vision for average Americans, a place of idealism in an age of cynicism, a place of unity in a time of fracture and a place where policy can be embedded in something greater than technocracy.
Mark Zuckerberg Wishes He Could Control People Like CodeAt this stage, we really shouldn't be surprised by Mark Zuckerberg's tendencies to behave like…Read more ReadWhat started as "a place for friends," became a place for family too; then, a place for fake friends; then, a place for news; then, a place for fake news and on and on.
After more than two years -- two years of bouncing from place to place, of hiding his true self -- he has finally arrived in a place he can call home.
It's not only a place for creativity but a place for the exercise of personal branding — a place to highlight your personality or craft one from the ground up.
"It's made our classroom a better place, our school a better place, and I can only hope that it's going to make everywhere that they go a better place."
The combined Lenovo–Motorola fell from third place on IDC's charts in 2014 to fifth place last year; Xiaomi, meanwhile, fluctuated between fourth and fifth place during those years.
In Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed matches, I get second place with a 21/14 K/D ratio, first place with 18/15, and fifth place with 14/11.
Since then, he's come in at fourth place in the Iowa caucuses, eighth place in the New Hampshire primary and last place in the South Carolina contest on Saturday.
Rangers On June 9, the Rangers embarked on a 3333-game road trip that would take them through second-place Seattle, last-place Oakland, and second-place St. Louis.
Pourkay: "And I promise that I'm going to have my own place, my own place, and I want to invite them to my cozy place, because everybody helped me."
But many of the tough tariffs that Trump put in place to pressure China to negotiate a deal in the first place remain in place, raising prices on imports.
"These fitness brands have become a gathering place — both a community gathering place and a social gathering place," Josh Ginsberg, CEO and co-founder of Zignal Labs, told Biron.
"The Good Place" tells the tale of Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) who dies and accidentally arrives in the "good place" instead of the bad place, where she really belongs.
For Mr. Brenner, "This Place" is fundamentally about a place within, each photographer's interior space.
Likewise, you could see Sanders in a rather clear second place or in fourth place.
The historically black college has its place—in the same place that it always had.
But amongst the lower 48, Canada, and Mexico you can place place your bets now.
Can we transport an intact personality from place to place, like a piece of furniture?
"Getting from place to place meant crossing mud and a lot of puddles," he said.
This is a very, very special place and I think it deserves a special place.
That's called time-place learning — they're learning a place and associated it with a time.
Miramax was the place, really the place that was making great stuff in the '90s.
And when we'd be in the same place, we weren't always in the same place.
Anti-immigrationists tend to place the bar high, whereas pro-immigrationists place it much lower.
Place a rack over a rimmed baking sheet and place each pepper on the rack.
Instead, people have to remember to register — and the rules vary from place to place.
Japan fell by ten to 30th place, and South Korea fell seven to 38th place.
And design is all about making the world a better place not a prettier place.
" Smyers says the ceremony will take place in Nashville, their "favorite place in the world.
A Quiet Place: SXSW's film festival will kick off this year with A Quiet Place.
BlueJay has already spent more than half of his life bouncing from place to place.
It was my place to be me and was a place where I could shine.
When you move from place to place throughout the day, your overview will be updated.
The auction will take place 22 November at Summers Place Auctions in Billingshurst, West Sussex.
"There is no place for you here, there is no place for you in America."
Second place gets $100 and that figure decreases all the way down to 10th place.
Sointula ("Place of Harmony"), on Malcolm Island off Canada's west coast, was one such place.
"The place of confession should be a place of salvation, freedom and mercy," she said.
"Τhis place is not definitely a hide and seek place, dear Pink," one person wrote.
I used to post on Facebook, like, 'I'm going this place, I'm going that place.
The future of getting from place to place looks pretty cool… and potentially very unsafe.
At least taking classes in dirty place is better than no place to take classes.
Place the thumb of your nondominant hand on the filling to secure it in place.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads No place for hiding, vandals, no place to run!
So to come from a worst place to first place is definitely a better situation.
If there's a place everyone's at, that's the place I don't want to go to.
France's Republican party is in second place, while the Nationalist Front is in third place.
And personally, I think it's traumatic for cats to be moved from place to place.
Twitter became the place where news broke, and the place where that news was discussed.
We've got the right team in place; we've got the right sales people in place.
So it's hard to tell exactly why this call took place in the first place.
Princess Eugenie has returned to a place that has a special place in her heart.
The answers to those questions will vary from place to place, even person to person.
Drawbridge-up populists vary from place to place, but most share a few key traits.
The Good Place, the Bad Place, and the powers-that-be lack compassion and subjectivity.
Place oysters back into their bottom shells and place a spoonful of butter onto each.
"I had a third-place car but a seventh-place driver out there," he said.
Then, she can place her hand on the baby's butt to keep him in place.
It was a friend's place, so it wasn't me at some random person's place sleeping.
The measuring tape is not always consistent from place to place or period to period.
You have left one place on Friday and successfully arrived in another place on Sunday.
You have left one place on Friday and successfully arrived in another place on Sunday.
It's the driest place on earth — or at least the driest place I've ever been.
You can't take one piece of the puzzle from one place and place it elsewhere.
Whoever wrote it wanted to put me in my place, and that place is silence.
The meeting took place Saturday, after the article's publication; it did not take place Friday.
Emory Douglas: Racial profiling was taking place back then and is taking place now, too.
And he was like, 'I have to stay with my sister from place to place.
"We are part of this place, we're not the beginning of this place," he said.
"The only place and best place to do something like this is here," he said.
Is there a better place to celebrate your birthday than the "happiest place on earth"?
Place the reserved cooking liquid back into the pot and place over medium-low heat.
Unexpected turns take place in your career and conversation that needs to happen takes place.
But those restrictions will remain in place until a free and fair election takes place.
Theater's the one place — the public place — where you can talk about that trauma somehow.
The result: a sixth-place showing in Illinois and seventh place in Arizona and Florida.
Rates can vary widely from place to place based on a home's location and elevation.
He fell in love with this place, and this place fell in love with him.
Winnipeg is such an affordable place to live too, compared to a place like Toronto.
Bridget Jones's Baby, which takes place ten years after Diary, begins in a similar place.
Hanwha Life Esports, in seventh place, posted a 2-1 victory over third-place DragonX.
There was never any place like it before, and never any place like it after.
This path led somewhere, but it led to an emotional place versus a narrative place.
In the summer, Pitka said, boats are commonly used to travel from place to place.
Its relation to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 varies from place to place.
It would whisk cars from place to place at high-speeds while riding atop platforms.
It's a place famous for celebrity sightings — and a place unashamed to publicize those sightings.
It's a place famous for celebrity sightings — and a place unashamed to publicize those sightings.
So it's a hard place, a dangerous place, for defenders of the president to be.
Everything is relative, and the risk varies from place to place and candidate to candidate.
After that loss, Chelsea was in eighth place, 8 points behind first-place Manchester City.
Certainly its being looked at in terms of what took place, if anything took place.
Just how much is in the water varies quite a bit from place to place.
Minuit took place October 5–8 at BAM Fisher ( 321 Ashland Place, Fort Greene, Brooklyn).
"Without that system in place, none of this fraud could have taken place," he said.
The Project is a place where readings took place by people involved in both parties.
Yeah it's a pretty place I can't really stay in a place for too long.
And then we go to the place, and the actual place pushes against that fantasy.
They change from place to place, time to time, just like our thoughts and ideas.
Photo by Sebastian Matthes Indie rock's place in mainstream music is in a precarious place.
Atlanta, which is in third place in the conference, will be put through its paces in the next couple of weeks, playing two games apiece against the first-place Cleveland Cavaliers and the second-place Toronto Raptors, and hosting the fourth-place Boston Celtics.
This strategy, according to Bezos, leaves Earth an idyllic paradise: a place to go on vacation, a place to go to college—in other words, a place for the elite.
Also making it to the top 5 were Preacher Lawson (fifth place), Cristina Ramos (fourth place), Kseniya Simonova (third place) and Darci Lynne Farmer, who was named the runner-up.
After the show's (excellent) season one finale revealed that The Good Place is, in fact, taking place in "the Bad Place," season two upended it completely, over and over again.
" Stephen buried his head in his hands, and said, under his breath, "Sebha is not a good place, Sebha is not a good place, Sebha is not a good place.
"Paris is the first place for equity exchanges, first place for (the) asset management industry and Paris is the first (place) in intercontinental Europe for the banking industry," he mentioned.
"We have always looked to Bears Ears as a place of refuge, as a place where we can gather herbs and plants and as a place of sacredness," he said.
A place that Google Maps could not find its way to was a place for me.
Most of the time, I take clients to another didi's place because it's a safe place.
In Britain, for example, eligibility rules vary from place to place and waiting-lists are long.
He saw his place in the music industry and it was any place but the stage.
However, Hannah didn't place and Caelynn was the first-runner up, also known as second place.
"Aleppo is an important place for the revolution but it's not the last place," Sabra said.
We need as Americas a place that we can unify, and laughter, comedy was that place.
They may share in one place and be blocked and try to share in another place.
Extreme vetting will be put in place, and it already is in place in many places.
Some of [the solutions] might work from place to place; others might need to be adapted.
Rather than being moved to somewhere safer, public housing residents are shuffled from place to place.
This is a comforting, warm place to visit, and, as usual, a fun place to be.
The first-place Predators lead the second-place Jets by five points in the Central Division.
Is all this attention from clubs making a difference as players move from place to place?
"The women are treated as merchandise, the way they're moved from place to place," he said.
Traditionally, the post-convention briefings take place at a time and place that suits the candidate.
Just place the sticker on the wall, then place the magnet and poster over the sticker.
"If we don't take it we can't travel from place to place," said the community leader.
Love makes a place in your life, it makes a place for itself in your bed.
A public memorial ceremony will take place in Paris' Place de la Republique on Jan. 10.
Pinterest is a great place to find digital art but a terrible place to sell it.
At the end of the meal, you place it to the left of your place setting.
I didn't foresee working at a place like Trader Joe's, as great as that place is.
"A precautionary evacuation is taking place while further investigations take place," Manchester Airport said on Twitter.
Another way of measuring a player's greatness is the discrepancy between first place and second place.
I didn't forsee working at a place like Trader Joe's, as great as that place is.
But for every "New [Insert other place]," there's a place with a more, um, unique name.
But [intimidation] has no place in or around the polling place or in the voting booth.
I'm in a great place, a great mature place where all I do is spread positivity.
"I said to Bernie, you're in a good place, I'm in a good place," he recalled.
It's a place where even a place of worship is no longer safe from gun violence.
One place might have brightly colored buildings and the other place might be like baroque architecture.
Sometimes home is a place where you grew up, or a place you ran away from.
What exactly is in place, remains in place against the North Koreans and how that reverberates.
Place 2 inches of water in a medium saucepan and place a metal bowl on top.
Rubio finished a strong third place with 23% support -- very nearly nipping Trump for second place.
To serve, place the rice on a large serving platter and place the fish on top.
There are several reasons why the policy has gone bad, which vary from place to place.
"This entire thing is just so massive, and it varies across place to place" says Dai.
At a time and at a place where the headquarters deems necessary, it will take place.
It is a different place, being in that locker room, but it is a great place.
Sam, and by extension the player, spends most of his time walking from place to place.
The second-place winner received a check for $5,000 and the third-place contestant received $2,500.
She found her place, the same small and awkward place, and waited with those other presences.
Rosberg dropped from the lead to fourth place, costing Mercedes a first-and-second-place finish.
Place the squash onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and place into the oven.
They needed a place to go, needed a place to be a part of something positive.
Honduras took second place with 57 per 100,000, while 10th place went to Guatemala, with 27.
The Dutch were drawn in second place and the Irish were given a third place ranking.
No place could be found to immigrate to as every place would be mostly the same.
Often in women, [the abdomen] is the hardest place and the last place to lose fat.
The restaurant also has a lovely terrace: 36 Battery Place (First Place), 646-437-4231,
"We have a lot of pieces in place that likely will remain in place," Cashman said.
Don t dwell in one place because if you dwell in one place, you become stagnant.
Economic exchanges can take place even if the current sanctions on North Korea remain in place.
The Trinity women's first-place finish and the men's second-place finish were reasons to celebrate.
Madrid remained in third place, 9 points behind first-place Barcelona, which visits Eibar on Sunday.
Barcelona leads second-place Atlético by 8 points and will visit fourth-place Villarreal on Sunday.
It had to be at the right place and it had to be the best place.
For me, a garden is a place to feed yourself and it's also a safe place.
In terms of popularity, it went from third place last year to second place in 2019.
Olivia Pope returns to the White House, and "The Good Place" continues in the Bad Place.
Powerful introductions take place this evening, and an important shift in your social life takes place.
A place might inspire fiction, but fiction in turn can shade your experience of that place.
The garden said the construction took place around 2004, before the current management was in place.
The third-place teams are allotted 30 points, and the fourth-place teams receive 15 points.
In other action Saturday, third-place DragonX posted a 93-0 win over last-place Griffin.
"There is no distinction between the place I work and the place I live," he said.
Weapons of war have no place in our streets, and absolutely no place in our schools.
The MDC is "more of ... an unpleasant place than it is a dangerous place," he said.
Moreover, they can place visible signage outside of a polling place indicating that it is accessible.
That type of language has no place in our schools and no place amongst elected officials.
His fourth place finish in Iowa and fifth place finish in New Hampshire eviscerated that argument.
Recorded music was precious and carried from place to place; my 20 gigs weighed a lot.
Singapore has seen considerable gains, rising from sixth place last year to third place in 2020.
Getting people and their stuff from place to place is a challenge that isn't going away.
JM: In 1984, it was a much more dangerous place but a much more exciting place.
I also think of childhood as the place of trauma, as the place of picture-taking.
"It's not about stopping at one place or a special place, really, for me," he said.
"We moved to Rochester Hills to live in a better place, a safe place," Wright said.
The 200 Riverside Trump Place is hardly the first "Trump Place" to shed the president's name.
It needs to take place on the basis of rules and these rules are in place.
The suffering that took place—and still takes place—is either ignored or has no repercussions.
The exact shape of this curve varies from place to place and season to season, obviously.
Twitter may be a place where rage-fuelled arguments take place on a minute-ly basis, but it's also a place where Ryan Reynolds and Paddington can interact with each other.
She said she and her co-workers had become family over the years, but now the place she hoped would be a place of celebration has become a place of mourning.
The other drivers still in contention for the season-long title are Kurt Busch (sixth place at Martinsville), Chase Elliott (seventh place at Martinsville) and Aric Almirola (11th place at Martinsville).
The Flyers are now in third place in the Metropolitan Division and just three points behind the first-place Washington Capitals and two points back of the second-place Pittsburgh Penguins.
At a time when movement and place are central artistic concerns, we too need to move from place to place to view artworks in the locations for which they were made.
The 1st-place winner of the design contest will get up to $0.33,000, the 2nd-place winner will get up to $10,000, and the 3rd-place winner will get $5,000. Great.
Biden has been polling ahead in South Carolina for weeks, after a fourth place finish in Iowa, a fifth place result in New Hampshire, and second place in the Nevada caucuses.
"You can't be yanked out of this place and that place, and be sent to the worst place in the United States to recover," she told me, sitting in her kitchen.
I don't want to sound like a shitty Neil Young song, but I love this place and people love this place, and I think that when this place ends—and who knows when that'll be—but when this place finally ends, I'd like for it to disappear.
"The market is rallying today because a meeting is taking place that we thought was taking place until we thought it wasn't taking place," said JJ Kinahan, chief strategist at TD Ameritrade.
So I get why the Rubio folks are spinning his third place as victory, but the reality is that he entered the evening in third place and he left in third place.
"If there's any place in the Persian Gulf, this is the place to make a statement, a very blunt statement to say, we didn't pick this place at random," said Lt. Col.
Place decorated popsicles on a tray, and place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. 9.
They entered Thursday in second place in the Metropolitan Division, far behind the first-place Washington Capitals.
Only 23 points separate the third-place Rangers from the ninth-place Devils in the conference standings.
The most magical place on Earth holds a special place in Stamos and his new bride's heart.
Sadly, its become a place where a trip to the pizza place cost one man his life.
Never in the history of our country has something taken place like took place during this election.
And I love The Kingdom, I love the look of that place, the feel of that place.
General elections, which were expected to take place in spring 2017, will now take place this autumn.
Can you imagine that thing getting ridden from place to place, with all the lanterns blowing around?
In some early state polling, he's either barely in second place or in third place (behind Warren).
Wilson: You can only place your faith in devolution, you can only place your faith in balkanization.
The film's characters, like most Los Angelenos, spend a lot of time driving from place to place.
Children's Place — Shares of Children's Place dropped 2.5% after the company cut its full-year earnings forecast.
Recent research shows that the answer is complicated, and how farming spread differs from place to place.
"It would be nice to provide a place of fun and a place of belonging," he says.
So I was lucky to be able to move from place to place and just keep learning.
Time and Place Shootings are most likely to take place on Friday mornings, according to the data.
Virtually any place within 40 miles of your desired hub becomes a perfectly reasonable place to consider.
Huge congratulations to first place winner Arbe Robotics, second place winner 6over6 Vision, and audience choice Fieldin!
The Gwinnett Place Mall opened in 1984, right around the time that Stranger Things takes place. AJC.
"I don't know that the meeting is the right place for that to take place," she says.
We view our campus as an ideal place for important — and sometimes difficult — discussions to take place.
Because I felt like, like why do we have these rules in place in the first place?
"The Beast" is the Cadillac limousine the agency uses to transport the president from place to place.
I do know that it comes from a real place — it's a place where I also sit.
I don't think there's a place in the world that has so many civilisations in one place.
When the second part of a drama takes place it should surely be in the same place.
To be confident enough to get my bunt down, place it where I want to place it.
America has become an angry place, a place where demonizing the other side has become the rule.
A rally also took place on Staten Island where the incident took place, CNN affiliate WABC reported.
As for what else goes into the latte, the recipe seems to vary from place to place.
Your bedroom should be a place of sanctuary and relaxation, a place you feel relaxed and comfortable.
Place one clip at the back of each twisted section of hair to hold it in place.
Ideally, though, there'd be some sort of framework in place to discourage this in the first place.
The world this video takes place in doesn't appear to belong to any specific place or time.
After Philadelphia, the next place would be some place like Boston, which has similar topography and demographics.
The first place team will get 40 percent and the second place team will get 15 percent.
"If you have a place people gather, you're going to have a place with problems," Johnson says.
What a luxury to be in this gilded place, this literally gilded place, and worry about decorum.
In Then She Fell you are on a guided track, taken by actors from place to place.
Even if our girls our happy, this creepy Rosewood place continues to be the creepy Rosewood place.
Like Lost's island, the Westworld park is a singular mysterious place, seemingly divorced of place and time.
The highest-ranking U.S. city was San Francisco, at 28th place, followed by Boston in 34th place.
Absolver takes place in a eerily beautiful world; a mysterious place full of lots of Proper Nouns.
"Instead of a place kicking me out, it's a place asking me to come in," one said.
Comparing a woman's place to a man's place in society, do you think there is any difference?
Creating a safe place in the most unsafe place is at the heart of what we do.
"Art can only exist in a place with security, a place that is relatively stable," he said.
You know, like an animal hungrily scurrying from place to place looking for a bite to eat.
I want to create an impossible place, a place that nobody could actually go in real life.
It has no place at USAFA and it has no place in the United States Air Force.
It has no place here and should go back to the morally corrupt place it came from.
A place I went to later, X-Wife's Place, was a dive in the best possible way.
And I do think that actually that transformation took place privately, long before it took place publicly.
"My country is no place for children -- no place for my son," Patricia Flores, 27, said Wednesday.
Checks in place Rodger said that, in general, there are three main checks in place for passengers.
"In most cases, every place that people think of as scary is just another place," he says.
"The work is always anchored to a place, and my experiences in that place," del Sol explains.
After Brooks finished pounding on second-place Trump, he took the opportunity to laud third-place Rubio.
"I am telling you, you have got to make your place ... the place everybody wants to be."
Shelter in place -- Seven million Californians have been asked to shelter in place in the Bay Area.
But the type of fish and sides in a fish fry can vary from place to place.
"This under-documented place is now occupied by images of a different place and people," she wrote.
The 13th-place finisher, Jackson, will now be awarded $1,800, and the 14th-place finisher, Snelson, $1,700.
For him, school isn't just a place to learn; it's also a place to test the market.
On we go, Luisa and I and the others, to place after place late into the night.
DAMWON Gaming moved into sixth place after recording a 2-0 victory over ninth-place APK Prince.
Top Esports jumped from 10th place to fifth place with their 2-0 win over JD Gaming.
The season playoff champion will earn $1.5 million, with second place getting $800,20183 and third place $500,000.
First-place Cloud9 (12-0) extended its lead over second-place FlyQuest (8-4) to four games.
Either way, a good place to start is by recording all of your debts in one place.
This was a place I could vanish into, a place to be alone and yet never lonely.
Tariffs put in place in September on a wide range of consumer items will remain in place.
His next hope: "Star Trek"-like transporter technology that can ship products instantaneously from place to place.
Yes. The government can place restrictions on the time, place and manner of a protest or rally.
The world is a broken place, but also a place of great strength, dignity, and personal courage.
This special place, this empty place, is healing, and feels ever more wild with every passing summer.
In recent years, he seemed to have moved from job to job and from place to place.
We moved from place to place, imbibing the nectar of different cultures, much like the opalescent hummingbird.
For a place that calls itself the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico can be a dicey place.
"We know that systematic rapes have taken place, and that they are still taking place," Clooney said.
They start at one place, and we can track them trying to get to this next place.
In the entire city, there were six shots in one place and four shots in another place.
But we'll come out in a better place — a more moral and evenhanded place — in the end.
Voters can find their election day polling place with the state's voter lookup or polling place tools.
In some sense, the art world turned from a place of community to a place of authority.
The colorful interior design of the hotel makes the place a vibrant and lively place to stay.
Place these hot dogs on an oven proof pan and place in broiler quickly to melt cheese.
Yeah, for those who don't know, The Well was [is] a gathering place, an online gathering place.
Waitress at an upmarket restaurant and bar, London The place where I worked was a fancy place.
"The home used to be a private place, but now it's a very public place," she says.
The afterlife is clearly polytheistic — the Bad Place and Good Place operate separately from each other and the Bad Place seems capable of breaking into and manipulating the Good Place — but insofar as there's a top dog, a Zeus-style first among equals, it's her horny, Chidi-thirsty Judgeship.
Three fellow cast members secured top spots, including Johnny Galecki in second place with $24 million, Simon Helberg in third place with $22.5 million and Kunal Nayyar in fourth place with $22 million.
In addition to reviews and photos, you can now directly suggest an edit and add a place from that menu instead of searching for a place and then adding or editing a place.
Here's how it will be divvied up: The second and third place jockeys get 5% of their owner's take, meaning the second place jockey earns $30,000, while the third place jockey earns $15,000.
We will put in place policies that need to be in place to keep the economy which is in a very good place right now and our job is to keep it there.
The third happiest city, Madison, Wisconsin, scored a third place ranking in emotional and physical well-being, 14th place ranking in income and employment and a seventh place ranking in community and environment.
But now Biden was dangling after his fourth-place finish in Iowa and fifth-place finish in New Hampshire, hanging his chances of a comeback on a distant second-place finish in Nevada.
The three-character play takes place in two times and two places — or a time and a non-time, a place and a non-place if you want to be precise about it.
Getting ranked first place is worth 22000 points, second place worth 22000 points, third 22002 points, fourth 22003, fifth 22002, and so forth until reaching 22003th place and below, which get zero points.
I'm still a little worried about all the time the characters are going to be spending on Earth, since Michael and Janet seem more or less trapped here, too, but I think there's something quietly radical about the way The Good Place has twisted itself into pretzels to get to a place where the Good Place, the Bad Place, and even the Medium Place just don't matter.
I know there's a time and place to push hard and a time and place to back off.
P.S.G. remained 24 points ahead of second-place Monaco, which defeated last-place Troyes, 3-1, at home.
It is a place holder being used as part of another number written in the place number system.
Cruz is going to have find some because third place will only be first place for so long. 
These rates changed from place to place, from 2.3% in the District of Columbia to 7.7% in Oklahoma.
The first place we pass is a pizza place with an outdoor wood-fired oven, and it's packed.
It captures the sensation of being in some place you don't know and feeling very out of place.
"If you want to be put in your place, I'll put you in you're f—— place," says Dennis.
Moving from place to place Displacement is a fact of life in the densely populated rebel-held territory.
A fresh start is taking place in your life, but the changes taking place could feel overwhelmingly risky.
Higher estimates place the number of new cell sites needed at roughly 100 times what's currently in place.
Facebook has gone from a hot place to work to a place many employees are itching to leave.
The reasons people join groups like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State vary widely from place to place.
She struggles to pay her medical bills and has moved from place to place, concerned about her safety.
To stay under the radar, Baptiste drifted from place to place, aiding in humanitarian efforts around the globe.
It is not a place for tutus, and it hasn't always been a comfortable place for queer people.
"They mainly sent phone messages to the villagers, they didn't ... move people from place to place," he said.
It is a place where fact and fiction mix because the internet considers the place to be cursed.
Elizabeth Warren appeared to come in third place and former Vice President Joe Biden trailed in fourth place.
While the suburbs are not the right place for all startups, it is the perfect place for some.
This episode takes place in the Bahamas, a place Becca really wants us to know that she loves.
I was just in a dark place — I think a place a lot of woman have been in.
In third place was electric violinist Brian King Joseph and second place was the acrobatic dance group Zurcaroh.
"[The label] came from a personal place, and as a result, from a place of practicality," says Centenera.
LeBron James earned his place as sixth highest-paid athlete, falling from his second place spot in 823.
I think she would be an incredible trophy holder and she has a perfect place to place it.
Users live in one place, the companies "live" in another place, and the data can live practically anywhere.
One is that technology seems to be moving from place to place less easily than it used to.
In third place was NFL player/magician Jon Dorenbos, and second place went to mentalist duo The Clairvoyants.
Subsistence communities are a good place to test it, since no other mental-health services are in place.
He approaches cooking from a place of love and curiosity, not from a place of work or obligation.
"I'm here in her place to sing with all of you in her place," Bro told the audience.
It's a place to buy new gear, a place to connect —"we're a community-driven shop," says Funkhouser.
Around 45% of this listening takes place in the car while an additional 21% takes place at work.
But from the third-place Rangers to the 2.023th-place Philadelphia Flyers, only 22.02 points separate 21 teams.
He tends to be nomadic in the workplace, carrying his phone, laptop, and backpack from place to place.
Its final resting place is at the edge of Perseverance Valley, a fitting place for a tireless robot.
Certain albums can put me into an emotional place that I think is a nice place to be.
First place went to the "Deaths in 2017" page, while second place was held by President Donald Trump.
But, for all that it wouldn't be out of place in a Dickens novel, this place is real.
But Europe is still the place-, the best place to live in history, especially if you're a woman.
They were the last place I expected clever world building, but the place I most often found it.
The Doctor himself was just there to take everybody from place to place and get them into trouble.
I never belonged to a place because very young, my family moved me from one place to another.
CNN gives you an exclusive look into Fidel's place of birth, as well as his final resting place.
"Police-involved deaths are place-based just as policies are place-based," she told Reuters Health by email.
If no candidate receives a majority of votes, second-place or even third-place choices would be counted.
MLS is no longer in a precarious place, having solidified its place among American sports leagues at last.
The place where they should feel most at home is often the place where they feel most excluded.
Samsung is in second place with 16 percent and Lenovo in third place with 9 percent market share.
No place where elections are taking place should be written off, especially in rural and less populated districts.

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