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"include" Definitions
  1. (not used in the progressive tenses) if one thing includes another, it has the second thing as one of its parts
  2. to make somebody/something part of something
"include" Synonyms
incorporate comprise encompass cover embrace involve constitute contain consist of be made up of carry entail number subsume be composed of comprehend enclose insert build in take in consider count impute regard remember allow for factor in take into account take into consideration take account of provide for factor into note reckon with bear in mind pay regard to be mindful of make allowances for have regard to add put in append input enter introduce work in interpose interpolate fit in intersperse inject insinuate interject implant edge in fit into invite bring admit let in ask encourage welcome receive accept allow enrol(UK) enlist take register entertain let okay greet bless pen confine immure corral impound encase hedge house inclose encircle envelop closet surround encage coop ring keep trap connect join adjoin annexe(UK) annex(US) attach bond conjoin conjugate fit instal(UK) install(US) link put yoke affix couple reckon regard as consider to be deem to be look on as take to be deem look on necessitate need demand require concern warrant command want impose postulate call for mean stipulate blend combine fuse integrate mix amalgamate merge mingle unite meld coalesce compound homogenise(UK) homogenize(US) interfuse absorb assimilate commingle commix let someone in on something allow to share in count in inform about let participate in tell about bring up to date about affect apply to impact on pertain to bear on interest have to do with impact implicate deal with have a bearing on relate to embroil enmesh entangle have an impact on feature showcase display show present bring forward bring out exhibit unveil brandish flaunt expose reveal parade show off air demonstrate advertize be on both sides of span overlap bestride straddle extend across range over cross arch across traverse lie on both sides of be situated on both sides of bridge vault enshrine preserve cherish treasure consecrate protect embalm embody express manifest realise(UK) realize(US) represent immortalise(UK) immortalize(US) set down set out lay down broadcast publish print release communicate disseminate distribute transmit give propagate relay screen spread stage stream telecast cap select choose pick give the nod name elect adopt nominate specify handpick prefer decide favour(UK) set favor(US) appoint tag throw in mention contribute drop in refer to give away tack on add on remark say chip in have a say weigh in observe comment reflect rank categorise(UK) categorize(US) class classify order grade group pigeonhole type assort bracket catalog(US) catalogue(UK) compartmentalise(UK) compartmentalize(US) designate list peg sort record log inscribe index schedule slate enroll(US) document put down chronicle file tabulate More

390 Sentences With "include"

How to use include in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "include" and check conjugation/comparative form for "include". Mastering all the usages of "include" from sentence examples published by news publications.

That will include the debt ceiling, that will include the CRs, and it will include Harvey.
And I include Jasper Johns, I include Picasso, I include all of these people in that art world as well.
To include, or not include, that's the question for now.
But they don't include lumber and they don't include oil.
One is called Startup Include; one is called VC Include.
He said that include include more food and beverage concessions.
On headphones that include a microphone, manufacturers simply include another ring.
Goal: Update on the Include program and organizations collaborating with Include.
He takes into consult the words of everyone around him, that would include Alex Azar, that would include Dr. Fauci, that would include others.
Did you include, you didn't include a venture capitalist in this list.
According to Mathematica, 34 percent of the affected households include a senior, 23 percent include children, and 11 percent include a person with a disability.
National security is defined to include "the economy, to include the impact on employment, to include a very big variety of things," Ross told CNBC.
I think that's what people don't realize, and the people who are being denied a way to legalize include veterans, include parents, include beloved community members.
For example, some didn't include phone numbers, and others didn't include email addresses.
Countries barred might well include Sweden or Finland, and would definitely include Ukraine.
Some of the VR resumés include animations, while others include static visual puzzles.
Symptoms of Zika can include include fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes.
These include include "heat not burn" technologies, lower-tar cigarettes and better filters.
Plantings include azaleas and rhododendrons; mature trees include oak, maple, dogwood and holly.
The meeting will include leaders from countries that border or include the Amazon.
Feminism needs to include male feminists, it needs to include people of color.
Additional speakers include: Sponsors for the event include Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs and NetJets.
"Your portfolio will include funds that include different parts of the market," he says.
The main vegetable exports include onions and artichokes, and fruits include oranges and strawberries.
Those Fixes will include 8 to 12 items that include market and exclusive brands.
"They include children, they include women, they include a range of conditions from people that have had direct trauma (injuries) related to the conflict in eastern Ghouta," he said.
He takes into consult the words of everyone around him, that would include [Health and Human Services Secretary] Alex Azar, that would include Dr. Fauci, that would include others.
Herbicide-resistant varieties include maize, soybean and cotton; insect-resistant crops include eggplant and poplar.
Other B2B properties include Officite, Sesame Communications, and Baystone Media, while consumer portals include DentalPlans.
He said potential suitors include large national operators, and could include deals for individual facilities.
This year's "Healthy Returns" speakers include: Sponsors for the event include Hospital for Special Surgery.
These prices include a 2099 percent buyer's premium (the auctioneer's cut) but don't include shipping.
Those who are standing by Richards' during this difficult time include include sister Kyle Richards.
Opponents of the citizenship question include advocates of having the census include an LGBT question.
It's partners include AirWatch and MobileIron, while its competitors include companies like CheckPoint and FireEye.
That would include Saudi Arabia, but it would include many other countries, as you know.
Do you think a lot about which details to include and which not to include?
What do you think about the choices the artist made to include, or not include?
Direct costs include a contractor's salary; indirect costs include office space, equipment and marketing expenses.
He takes into consult the words of everyone around him, that would include [Health and Human Services Secretary] Alex Azar, that would include Dr. [Anthony] Fauci, that would include others.
Clearly someone had to have made a conscious decision to include (or not include) certain categories.
The pilot should include a control group and should not include a trade-at rule. 6.
These words and phrases also include hashtags and you can include emoji as blocked characters too.
These include holiday pictures for Facebook, in which you'd like to include a friend or two.
These do not include specific names or individual information, but they do include the data altogether.
Section titles include Fashion; Health and Hygiene; Volume; and Performance Underwear — and include some unexpected revelations.
"It is likely to include communications, and is likely to include data and strategy," she said.
The recall expansion does not include additional inflators that include a chemical desiccant that absorbs moisture.
I'm going to include a chapter on internet memes, which is something I didn't include before.
Some versions include as few as three tiny plastic toys while others include more than 95.
And if we're going to include them, we might as well include Leachman's one daytime Emmy.
Birth certificates issued in Texas currently include a persons sex -- but do not include a gender marker.
That might include many of the items on the list above, or it might include other steps.
TechCrunch Include is partnering with Salesforce Ventures to host this month's Include Office Hours on April 30th.
Stories often include visual or shocking elements, and include videos, photos, and audio clips captured by bystanders.
The second bill would include homeland security while the first would include departments such as the IRS.
Mavs World will include games and activities — some focused on basketball, but others will include building competitions.
Those sources might include insects like grasshoppers or worms, but they could also include corpses, Söderlund said.
While this does include some intangible assets like your investment accounts, it does not include your salary.
Top customers include Twilio and Salesforce, and top investors include Accel, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Sway Ventures.
Those protocols include establishing parentage and could include the use of DNA testing "if necessary," Sabraw wrote.
He said the agreement failed to include restrictions on missile testing, not that it does include them.
The clinical trials did not include any children, though Banyan plans to include them in future studies.
All cost about $3,23 or less and include accommodations and some meals and activities; most include airfare.
Some polls, like Reuters/Ipsos, try to include only likely voters, while others include all registered voters.
Nor does it include all of Trump's itemized deductions, which would include things like his charitable donations.
Other proposals include disclosure requirements that would include publication of the aggregate remuneration paid to in-house scholars.
How do you think the government will include or attempt to include victims as this prosecution moves forward?
But the $10 version for cord cutters won't include live linear channels and won't include same-season shows.
While they can include locations such as a university, landmark or city, they cannot include a brand logo.
"The law doesn't categorize data, which may include online content, and does not include protection measures," he said.
"The law doesn't categorise data, which may include online content, and does not include protection measures," he said.
These ads will also include new customizable stickers that can include rate or discount information about the products.
Other companies in the spotlight this week include Akamai Technologies Inc, whose customers include Audi and MTV Networks.
"This package does not include everything that I would have wanted, it does not include everything that Sen.
Those include healthcare workers like doctors and nurses, but they also include service workers like grocery store employees.
It does not include the things Trump said the site would include, like information about local testing sites.
The first will include domestic priorities, while the second will include a mammoth defense bill (The Hill) … Rep.
Examples of liberal picks would include Elizabeth Warren, Tom Perez, and Debo Adegbile; centrists would include Sri Srinivasan, Patricia Ann Millett, and Merrick Garland; moderate conservatives would include Jeffrey Sutton, Paul Clement, and Sen.
TechCrunch Include is partnering with Intel Capital for Include Office Hours on March 28th from 11:30am-12:30pm.
Source: FacebookNote: Total engagements include all shares, comments, and reactions (reactions include likes, loves, wows, hahas, sads, and angrys).
Right now, those plans have to include a measurement of proficiency and can also include a measurement of growth.
That could include new rules on production levels for some countries and possibly include now exempt countries, like Nigeria.
Include every study ever done, and you're bound to include trials that were incompetently designed or only marginally relevant.
Wednesday's data does not include North Sea oil revenue, but does include Scottish companies onshore that service the sector.
Some products that claim to include vitamin C might only include a vitamin C derivative, for instance, ascorbyl palmitate.
That doesn't include individual companies' contributions, nor does it include any of the industry's campaign contributions, which are substantial.
Please include your full name, age, where you now live and include the word "family" in the subject line.
The measure's supporters include LeBron James and its opponents include the N.C.A.A., which sees it as an existential threat.
Symptoms include runny nose, pneumonia, and feverThe symptoms for coronavirus include pneumonia, runny nose, sore throat, headache, and fever.
Those include include Regeneron's Eylea at $2.2 billion, Roche's Rituxan at $1.7 billion and Amgen's Neulasta at $1.4 billion.
They didn't include O'Rourke, but they did include South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who does worse than Harris.
The statistics, which do not include deaths from natural causes, include deaths from drownings, homicide, suicide, vehicle or other accidents.
Considerations for venue selection include the size of the trial, which will likely include dozens of investigators and other witnesses.
As a result the objects they include and don't include in their games are often colored exclusively by male experiences.
The X380 Yoga doesn't include this webcam cover, but it does include an IR camera for Windows Hello face recognition.
The new company's activities would include R&D, manufacturing, sales and "mobility services" (which could include EV taxi fleet operation).
The most minor include wearing the wrong kit; the most serious include physically assaulting other players, the umpires or fans.
So while that would include addressing issues like plumbing or the HVAC system, it definitely doesn't include changing a lightbulb.
It did not include vested stock after CEOs retired, nor did it include the value of stock CEOs still hold.
You always have to invite all the devil's advocates into discussion; you have to include the world, include the other.
Other investors include existing funds like Bessemer Venture Partners, Canaan Broadhaven Ventures, and new ones include Vulcan and Stripes Group.
For picks that don't include these, be sure to include them if the lunch needs to stay hot or cold.
Wednesday night, does include a range of other health measures...   What the omnibus doesn't include: new money for gun research.
Always include a dial-in number or video conferencing link in calendar invitations to include people who are working remotely.
The Democrats include Young Turks cofounder Cenk Uygur and state assemblymember Christy Smith, while the Republicans include former district Rep.
These items include: Instructions in case of death: Be sure to include details such as burial or living-will wishes.
But the spending bill won't include other priorities that Democrats and Republicans were hoping to include in year-end legislation.
The audit did not include names of consulting companies, nor did it include the names of schools who hired them.
He envisages eventually expanding to include other markets, which could include sea level rises, extreme weather events and pollution levels.
Update: This piece has been updated to include FSF's announcement and to include additional context to Stallman's comments and affiliations.
The legislation would include language requiring the repeal of water jurisdiction regulations and include funding for buyouts at the agency.
Storms include winter storms, tropical cyclones, and other severe storms; other disasters include wildfires, droughts, freezing weather, and river flooding.
Don't be so concerned that your relationships include men; that they include women; that they see varying degrees of success.
McCants's teammates include Martin, Harrington, James White, and Dion Glover, while Jackson's teammates include Billups, Hughes, Reggie Evans, and Brian Cook.
These signals include stories that people post but later delete, and stories that include lots of comments about them being fake.
Product classes in which prices rose include processed food, electricity and furniture, while those that fell include fresh food and gasoline.
It also does not include Purdue Pharma, which is working separately through its bankruptcy process, nor does it include other defendants.
Plans include a memorial for the victims and a second construction phase, which will include multi-purpose community and activity center.
The newest crop of iPhones (which include the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X family) include fast charging.
The prices do not include value-added tax, but they do include service, maintenance, insurance (through Allianz), roadside assistance, and delivery.
Figures from 2002 to 2005 include only non-financial outward foreign direct investment, while numbers from 2006 onward include all industries.
These include other parts of China—which, as far as the governments in Hong Kong and Beijing are concerned, include Taiwan.
Retailers reporting next week include Macy's Inc, Walmart Inc and Tapestry Inc, whose brands include Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman.
If you include tweets on his feed that are clearly by aides (include video, pics, hashtags, etc.), it's 14 for 195.
The Trump proposal would include exemptions to this policy, but none appear to include hotels like the Sheraton or future projects.
These include safety and health rules, but they also include requirements for businesses that host the public for events or entertainment.
Base frames, which include hand-polished acetate frames and anti-reflective, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, cost $125 and include one top frame.
Blocks 8 and 10 both include waters also claimed by Israel, while blocks 1 and 2 include waters claimed by Syria.
But it does not include all goods (car exports are subject to tariffs, for example), nor does it include financial services.
Confirmed speakers for Disruptor 50 Roadshow in Los Angeles include: Sponsors for the event include Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs and NetJets.
Graphic artists will include Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana and Jim Dine, while painters include Thomas Hart Benton and Kerry James Marshall.
Three -- Washington, D.C., North Carolina and Rhode Island -- include consent or sexual assault, and two -- Maine and Maryland -- include healthy relationships.
Read on for Glassdoor's list of the places to apply if you want long-term growth without the job-hopping: Hiring locations include: Chicago, IL; Rolling Meadows, IL Hiring locations include: Washington, D.C.; Raleigh, NC; New York, NY; Berlin, Germany; London, England Hiring locations include: Madison, WI; Indianapolis, IN; Boston, MA; Calabasas, CA; Portland, OR and many more Hiring locations include: San Diego, CA; Gresham, OR; Livermore, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; Mesa, AZ and more Hiring locations include: McLean, VA; San Francisco, CA; Melville, NY; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL Hiring locations include: Chicago, IL; Seattle, WA; Bensenville, IL; Hamburg, Germany Hiring locations include: Center Valley, PA; Denver, CO; Hartford, CT; San Diego, CA; Phoenix, AZ Hiring locations include: Saint Louis, MO; Maui Meadows, HI; Cedar Rapids, IA; Seattle, WA; Charleston, SC Hiring locations include: New York, NY; Houston, TX; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA; Zurich, MT
"It didn't include all of our studies nor did it include a breakdown of every single skincare product you received," he said.
So a tight, thoughtful approach to what to include/not to include, features-wise, probably always has a place in app design.
That'll presumably include the basics, like custom images and icons, but he also says it'll include features like a native calendar widget.
These services today include image recognition, translation and natural language processing and will ultimately include more advanced forms of interpretation and reasoning.
Such records include include generating the most Accumulated Cyclone Energy, or ACE, by a tropical storm or hurricane in the tropical Atlantic.
This version does not include IT administrative and monitoring features and does not include integration with other applications like Google's G Suite.
This may include resisting intervention while Assad murders his citizens or it could include U.S. military action, occupancy and/or mass airstrikes.
This does not include messages sent through Facebook Messenger, but does include literally everything else (from your profile information to wall posts).
Other NBA-related investors include Baron Davis, Andre Iguodala and Victor Oladipo, and other non-NBA backers include Andreessen Horowitz and Greycroft.
Housewares include measuring spoons, can openers, corkscrews and a selection of knives, while cleaning supplies include all-purpose cleaner and dish soap.
The IPOs include ReWalk; and the acquisitions include Crosswise (bought by Oracle), Replay Technologies (bought by Intel), and NextPeer (bought by Viber).
The promises include the creation of an independent committee, which could include members of Facebook's board of directors, to oversee privacy policy.
The Democrats include Young Turks co-founder Cenk Uygur and state Assembly member Christy Smith, while the Republicans include former district Rep.
Are there things you definitely want your first time having sex to include, or things you definitely don't want it to include?
The new options include: All three of the new options include Bluetooth, so you won't need a Hue hub to use them.
Ads can now include videos, can include scrolling carousels of images, and can even cover the entire screen of a mobile device.
Rooms include free minibar items and jetted tubs, and activities at the resort include zip-lining through tree canopies to whale watching.
Blume also didn't rule out expanding the Mission E range to include other styles, which may include a coupe or wagon or SUV.
KEY ASSUMPTIONS Fitch's key assumptions within our rating case for the issuer include: --Revenue and EBITDA include the EarthLink merger as of Feb.
And, by the way, they include Strzok, they include Page and an FBI lawyer which was outed by Chairman Meadows named Kevin Clinesmith.
Kehagiaras' iteration of the tiki may not include cutie umbrellas or flowery garnishes, but it does include plenty of rum and tropical flavors.
Society can engineer the concept "woman" to include "trans woman", and "trans woman" to include anyone who sincerely self-declares as a woman.
Other improved features include 10″ tires and improved suspension (variants include double or single suspension), plus an increased range of 35-40 kilometres.
Nintendo didn't include any details about the game other than it will include Inklings from Splatoon and two classic characters Mario and Link.
Those endeavors include include a New York flagship set to open in October, which it reportedly spent north of $500 million to build.
And all of the sudden, March 22016, you&aposve got five people on the list that include Carter Page, that include George Papadopoulos.
PEOPLE: Using what you learned throughout your own pregnancy, what did you figure out you wanted to include and didn't want to include?
OTOY's investors include Autodesk and advisers include Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet (formerly Google) and Ariel Emanuel, co-CEO of WME|IMG.
The service will also include a revival of The Clone Wars animated show and it might also include a reboot of The Muppets.
Service providers being targeted include those involved in financial analysis, financial trading and financial decision-making, but do not include foreign wire services.
Project Include is also accepting as many as 18 startups, who can apply to receive recommendations through a program called Start-Up Include.
Those not held harmless include anyone delaying their filing for Social Security benefits, but others affected include some federal and state government retirees.
Such legislation could include increasing information sharing among private sector entities, and an expanded role for the (CFIUS) process to include purchasing agreements.
"You could include a financial component to make the situation more comfortable and it doesn't have to include just paying rent," Lathrop said.
While the mid-year reports are not required to include their top 50 holdings, some funds will include it (or a partial list).
While pharmaceutical companies have to include warnings and side effects for drugs in television advertisements, they currently do not have to include prices.
It doesn't ban cars or cows or planes, it doesn't prohibit (or include) nuclear power, it doesn't exclude (or include) a carbon tax.
Socially responsible investments include a wide range of initiatives that include everything from increasing the use of alternative energy to promoting equal pay.
This might include regulating where the controversial speaker is allowed to be present and, likely, it will include more of a police presence.
The filing appeared to include debt issued by Abengoa SA, whose global businesses include energy, telecommunications, transportation, and the environment, the documents showed.
Those factors include things like past sales and estimated demand, but do not include such factors as diversion, abuse rates, or overdose deaths.
It should include funding for the cost-sharing reductions, but it also should include greater flexibility for states in approving health insurance policies.
AARP travel benefits include 5 to 15 percent off rates at more than 523 hotel brands from companies that include Hilton and Wyndham.
" Scalise said that any bill that passed the House would need to include funding for a border wall and could not include "amnesty.
The campaign will not include ads that emphasize food safety, according to Buzzfeed, but could include coupons for "buy one, get one free" entrees.
" This won't include "certain types of artistic, educational, newsworthy, or political content featuring nudity," but it does include any content "that depicts sex acts.
They include candy corn, pecan pie and Harvest, which will include all four seasonal flavors as well as the classic peanut and peanut butter.
But this tree doesn't include every single kink and fetish subreddit on Reddit—notable omissions include r/blueberry or any type of fart porn.
All three of Lenovo's new ThinkPad T series include the ThinkShutter webcam cover, and the T480 and T580 also include a Windows Hello camera.
Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and confusion, and in babies, meningitis symptoms include irritability, vomiting, inactivity and being unable to feed efficiently.
The lineup has expanded to include an ottoman and a chaise sectional couch, and Burrow also recently added the option to include wooden legs.
Every suite will include include a jacuzzi, a glass-bottom floor, direct ladder access to the ocean, 24-hour room service and a butler.
The response could include communication with secondary systems such as a ticketing system, or it could include creating a ticket or collecting additional data.
Context: While pharmaceutical companies have to include warnings and side effects for drugs in television advertisements, they currently do not have to include prices.
The critical top four spots did not include Clemson, which is at No. 215 in The Associated Press poll, but did include Penn State.
Clients for its "ultimate human performance" training (which doesn't include weed, at least on paper) include Google, Nike, and the U.S. Naval War College.
The Yale economist has extended standard growth models to include an additional set of variables, trying to include human interactions with their physical environment.
The report must include any regulations they possibly violated and include statements from the company's CEO, chief privacy officer and chief information security officer.
I think a number of other companies, I would include Atlassian with what they do for developer tools, but I would also include Zoom.
The boxes include a variety of items to make bedtime a positive experience and include tools to assist in easing children into sleepy time.
Over time the organization expanded to include new countries; more importantly, it also expanded to include authority over more and more areas of policy.
The line is believed to include both a standard and "pro" version, the latter of which will include a fully revamped triple-camera system.
Update: This story has been updated to include a link to the Department of Justice press release, and to include information from the release.
Solid colors include black, baby blue, midnight purple, and rouge, while jacquards (dots and checkers) include black, baby blue, lime green, rouge, and pink.
Then, when a shipper goes to Emerge to book a shipment, options are provided that might include previous truckers, but might also include others.
The trial visit, which will not include the traditional pomp and circumstance of an official visit, will include talks with Prime Minister Theresa May.
Cuberg joins Boeing HorizonX Ventures' stable of investments that include Zunum Aero, an electric-and-hybrid plane startup whose investors also include airline JetBlue.
While it can include a white jacket in some regions, the more common attire would include a black tailcoat over a white starched shirt.
The Iranian response, experts told Fifth Domain, will likely include cyberattacks, but almost certainly will include lethal attacks on US personnel or regional allies.
I know full well that certain sympathies and inclinations, and why we include something and why we don't include something, of course reveal biases.
Those to set up factories this year include U.S. fashion giant PVH, whose brands include Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger; Dubai-based Velocity Apparelz Companies, which supplies Levi's, Zara and Under Armour; and China's Jiangsu Sunshine Group, whose customers include Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss.
The more recent ones include a negative interest rate on commercial banks' deposits and an asset-purchasing program that from June will include corporate bonds.
The BSA said its historic decision to include girls came after years of receiving requests from families and girls to include them in the program.
It will include a provision allowing people to buy insurance through association health plans, although it's a fair guess that it'll include other things too.
Safe spaces include religious institutions but could also include gang-free schools where at-risk youth get emotional as well as practical and financial support.
A spokesperson for Grab told TechCrunch that the $6.5 billion will include additional money into that Series H deal, and it may include debt funding.
One source said the December package could also include a modification of the ECB's forward guidance to include a reference to the bank's balance sheet.
The Senate already approved the bill with amendments that include language to require an ultrasound and clarified that abortion did not include medically necessary terminations.
And we're very open to partnerships with transportation entities, cities, regulators, to include public buses and include trains and subways ultimately in the Uber app.
Some of the objectives include optimizing Tencent games — which include megahit PUBG and Fortnite — for Razer's smartphones, mobile controllers and its Cortex Android launcher app.
The larger two S93 models will include in-display fingerprint sensors, Kuo says, while the smaller model will include a fingerprint sensor on the side.
The payrolls number does not include 400,000 federal workers because they were furloughed with pay, but it could include some government contractors who went unpaid.
The new mandate for the EU mission will include 503 staff members, down from the current 800, and will no longer include judges and prosecutors.
Responsibilities include posting about adventures in Scotland on social media and being involved in Scotland's tourism campaigns, which could potentially include interviews and TV appearances.
Their training will include understanding laws on social justice and fundamental rights, and will include women and child rights as well as labor-related legislation.
The bill was redrafted to include language that specified prosecutors have to prove that non-consensual images circulated with malicious intent and include identifiable persons.
White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Thursday G20 talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping could include trade discussions and will include a formal dinner.
Conservatives say that accompanying gay men and women should include a correction of their lifestyle; progressives say Francis' accompaniment should include a change in doctrine.
K. FTA include deeper integration of financial services, especially when the two nations include the world's two most important financial centers, New York and London.
Details of what the upcoming tax package would include are still murky, but some components may include lower income tax and capital gains tax rates.
Marriott's breach did not include critically sensitive information — like Social Security numbers — as Equifax's did, but did include the passport data of 5 million customers.
Amazon's developer policies say that skills are not allowed to include false or misleading claims about medicine, and health-related skills must include a disclaimer.
Pardon files include background information and details on criminal charges, and in many cases include letters describing how the person in question has made amends.
Four pools include those devoted to adults and to lap swimming, and five culinary concepts include a fine dining restaurant and a craft cocktail bar.
Under the initial agreement, the United States agreed to only include individual adults, but Hernandez said it was later extended to include families with children.
Uber Transit expanded in January to include Las Vegas and Denver, where users can book public-transit tickets and plan trips that include public transportation.
This is likely to include revising Obama's five-year offshore lease schedule for 2017 to 2022 to include sales in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.
"It will include the criteria that the panel weighs, and it will also include the participants," Joyce said last month at a Washington Post event.
Measures could include using well-located public land for affordable housing, and changing the zoning on existing redevelopment sites to include such accommodation, she said.
Service providers being targeted include those involved in financial analysis, financial trading and financial decision-making, but do not include foreign wire services, according to CAC.
No conversation about the great directors of today would fail to include Barry Jenkins, who wrote and directed "Moonlight," or would fail to include Ava DuVernay.
Its non-core businesses include its so-called Other Bets companies, which include self-driving unit Waymo, life sciences subsidiary Verily and drone delivery service Wing.
Indonesia had earlier maintained that the stake should not include the value of unmined reserves while Freeport has said "fair market value" should include the reserves.
ABC has given a series order to a spinoff of "Roseanne" that will not include Barr, but will include the rest of her on-screen family.
Mobileye systems will include Lateral Turn Across Path (LTAP) detection capabilities beginning in 2018, and the Euro NCAP safety ratings will include this beginning in 2020.
Its condominium developments in Manhattan include the Charles and the Lumiere, and its current projects include 20103 Fifth Avenue and the Getty, at 239 10th Avenue.
I find it absolutely shocking when papers are published that don't include women at all and don't include any sort of apology for not including women.
They'll include unique camera angles optimized for mobile viewing, and may include ad tests, like putting ad breaks in the middle of streams, says The WSJ.
IoT products include the same front-end and back-end systems as web and mobile apps, but they also include hardware, which is usually custom-built.
Some robos offer basic investment management, which could include automatic portfolio rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting, while others include extras like financial-planning software for investors.
These elaborate planners aren't just to-do lists (though they do include them!), but they can also include long term goals, habit trackers, and journal entries.
Those strategies will include persistent engagement, deterrence (which will include increasing resiliency), and the development of diplomatic norms — global rules of the road for cyber operations.
Updated on November 23, 6003: The Sabra recall has expanded to include vegetable snack trays from Taylor Farms and Schnucks that include Sabra hummus snack packs.
The producers can include text or a symbol identifying GMO ingredients, or can include a QR code that links out to more information on those ingredients.
Marriott's breach did not include as much sensitive information as Equifax's did, but it did include a limited number of customers' passport and credit card data.
Both branches offer an apparel design track; the German location will include a footwear specialty, while the Portland outpost will include a focus on brand graphics.
Update: This piece has been updated to include that the attackers' email address is also linked to a ransomware campaign and to include comment from them.
The next level would include tissue-sparing surgery, radiation and basic chemotherapy; a third would include reconstruction with implants and chemotherapy with monoclonal antibodies like Herceptin.
All include a 100-year lease on the urn as well as management fees; the higher tiers include add-ons like a ceremony at the cemetery.
These include include a recession that hurts the top 1% who still dominate the market, and a popular artist today who loses their market appeal tomorrow. 
The differences are partly due to the fact that some polls, like Reuters/Ipsos, try to include only likely voters, while others include all registered voters.
It should always include high-fiber carbohydrates, which are more slowly digested than refined carbs, and it should include protein, which helps keep hunger in check.
The nominees include Showtime's Kidding, Netflix's The Kominsky Method, and HBO's Barry in comedy, and include Netflix's Bodyguard, Amazon's Homecoming, BBC America's Killing Eve in drama.
Viacom will include content from its nine core media networks, which include Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon, in fuboTV's base package, "fubo," which costs $44.99 per month.
For a year, we talked about the possibility of doing an extensive tour that would include small cities and that would also include shows in small clubs.
The bill does not include exceptions for rape or incest, despite House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels, a Democrat, having offered an amendment Tuesday to include such exceptions.
Online calculators recommended by real estate finance experts for their ability to include a wider range of costs include those at Bankrate, NerdWallet, DinkyTown, Realtor and Zillow.
This time around, it might include 24GB of RAM as compared to last year's 29GB and both the E1503 and E2150 Plus will include 24GB of storage.
The sites all feature stock images of people in distress, sometimes include AcurianHealth's logo, and include promises of up to $22012,000 for participating, depending on the study.
These include the essential health benefits requirements for individual and small-business plans, which include birth control coverage as well as maternity care and prescription drug coverage.
Reports indicate that the Microsoft product will also include "Threaded Conversations," a convenient feature similar to Facebook comments that Slack has yet to include in its app.
Although the trove of messages doesn't include any bombshells near the level of Donald Trump's lewd remarks about women, the hacked emails do include a few surprises.
They also include a charging case with up to five additional charges in the built-in battery, a big perk that the more basic Headphone doesn't include.
The assets include Praxair's industrial gases businesses in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Britain, and include approximately 2,500 employees.
Most of the major streaming plans all include ESPN, and Iger said on a call with investors the company plans to include ESPN on all the services.
Its products include the basics like payment, deposit, lending and investment services, but it has also ventured into crypto with services that include a white-label wallet.
They also said that the announcement will include something significant for the middle class, which could include an expansion of personal exemptions, child-care credits or both.
Google said in comments filed to the F.C.C. this month that the regulations should not include web browsing, because that does not necessarily include sensitive personal information.
One-third of lobbyists' disclosures don't include political contributions and one-fifth don't include previous jobs in government, a new U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report finds.
The APIs include access to the "Hail a Didi Ride" button, but also cover its other services which include registered taxis, private cars and test drive services.
Salesforce will be adding the ability to include IBM weather data in Lightning apps, while IBM will enable customers to easily build apps that include Salesforce data.
These include the Zurich flagship at one of the financial capital's noblest addresses on Paradeplatz where neighbors include Credit Suisse and UBS, the nation's two biggest banks.
But as UChicago's Daniel Hemel explains, it's often assumed to include land taxes, and before the 16th Amendment it was assumed to include income taxes as well.
Warren's plan would not include nonprofits — 6900(c)2628 and 28503(c)22019 entities — but would include trade and professional associations, which are 501(c)6 entities.
It does not include many of the components of a proposal unveiled by the White House -- most notably it does not include any provisions to arm teachers.
The Senate resolution allowed for $1.5 trillion in deficit-financed tax cuts, and did not include $6900 billion in mandatory spending cuts the House labored to include.
It can include "conviction for such an offense as would make the convicted person unfit to hold a public office," but also may include much lesser offenses.
That number doesn't include marine life collected by the county's parks and recreation department, nor does it include counts on the islands of Boca Grande and Captiva.
Delegates can dine from a variety of restaurants including: -- Asiatown ... favorite dishes include thai spiced ramyun noodles and marinated chicken -- Slavic Village ... favorite dishes include handmade pierogis and kielbasa -- Little Italy ... favorite dishes include mozzarella stuffed risotto bites and red pepper romesco -- Ohio City ... essentially a Mexican restaurant.
The steps would include appointing a federally approved privacy official at the highest level of Facebook and creating a privacy oversight committee that may include Facebook board members.
Those services include Google One (which is mostly storage for now, but could grow to include more things), AR / VR, and the upcoming Stadia game streaming service itself.
Although it's obvious, we should point out that this revenue figure doesn't include other sources, like YouTube Music or YouTube Gaming, which both also include in-app purchases.
Microsoft's Android Launcher will include Timeline so you can quickly pick up webpages on the go, and the Microsoft Edge browser on iOS will include access to Timeline.
That will include Attorney General William Barr, who is scheduled to testify next month, and could include Mueller himself, who Democrats are eager to hear from in person.
Some additional growth metric shared by Shopify alongside its results include a geographic breakdown of new user sign-ups in Q2, which include significant increases in multiple markets.
"He's expressed his regret publicly and said, 'If I have caused you personal pain -- that can include me, that can include you' -- that he regrets that," Conway said.
Other open-source projects that use etcd include Cloud Foundry, and companies that use it in production include Alibaba, ING, Pinterest, Uber, The New York Times and Nordstrom.
The data don't include children who die in the emergency room or before they get to the hospital, nor does it include those who are treated and released.
His group's companies include J Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam, and more than 100 others, and clients include two of every three Fortune Global 500 companies.
The work, as Kolomoisky's side sees it, may include helping attempts by the central bank and PrivatBank to make "recovery claims" against third parties that could include himself.
Lastly, the E-Class is not only the first Mercedes to include Car-to-X communication but also the first production car in general to include the feature.
"He's expressed his regret publicly and said if I have caused you personal pain — that can include me, that can include you — that he regrets that," she said.
Further uses of the magic slot could include a VR camera, and the whole set of accessories might also include a remote-controlled robot toy, according to VentureBeat.
Services include design components like soundproofing and storage; technology includes "premium internet," virtual private networks, and cybersecurity; and business services include human resources, insurance, legal, and tax help.
This year, we have an opportunity to expand the Water Infrastructure Financing Act (WIFIA) to include reclamation projects that include water storage in the Central Valley of California.
The posts go on to include a list of various further claims that deny the reality of the virus and include various conspiracy-type arguments about the coronavirus.
Traditional credit reports include your history of paying credit card bills and loans but typically don't include data on these kinds of bills unless the accounts are delinquent.
The stimulus will include direct cash payments of $1983,200 for adults and $500 for children in a move likely to include up to 94% of all tax filers.
This would include eliminating fast food from his diet and initiating an exercise routine that would include cardiovascular exercises and weight training at least three times per week.
That Mr. Duterte's contribution to international statecraft, the annals of which already include Ping-Pong diplomacy, would include karaoke might come as little surprise to those he leads.
"These measures may include traditional fencing, but may also include video surveillance and monitoring, clear signage, routine security patrols, drones, and other potential future technologies," the draft said.
"These measures may include traditional fencing, but may also include video surveillance and monitoring, clear signage, routine security patrols, drones, and other potential future technologies," the draft said.
You can include anything you want in your prenup Well, you can include anything you want in your prenup, but that doesn't mean it will all be enforced.
The program would include extensive aid so that the poor could afford health care, and would include easier loan terms for families seeking to build or buy homes.
So while we do have gifts that include sculptures [and] costumes, they also include trips, so that you can go home and have a mind full of memories.
"There is now a starting point for the sanctions that can go up and down, and they do include sanctions against RUSADA and options include no events hosted in Russia, and they do include no participation of Russian athletes in world championships and up to the Olympics," he told the BBC. 
The list of names, which include nine new trustees and one trustee who is being reappointed, include a range of backgrounds: Academy Award-winning actor Voight; former Arkansas Gov.
Previous honorees include Jordana Brewster, Mario Lopez, Lance Bass, and Tia and Tamera Mowry, and previous winners of the award include the casts of black-ish and The Fosters.
Since its launch, the initiative has grown to include 52 partner organizations across 33 countries, and Facebook has expanded its scope to include groups where misinformation is frequently shared.
Other Best New Artist nominees include Alessia Cara and Julia Michaels, making it the second top category not to include any white male nominees in a very long time.
DON'T: Include Registry Information"Never ever include registry information on your formal invite or your Save the Dates — it will come off like you're asking for gifts," says Wade.
Bevel Trimmer (runner-up) Doppler Labs Here One June Oven Markforged Mark Two TechCrunch Include Award An organization or individual that has advanced inclusion in tech Project Include (winner)
The administration is circulating a draft proposal that would include freezing requirements after 2020 as the preferred alternative, but will include a series of other alternatives, the sources said.
You can create your own "Custom Log" to include this information but it isn't as easy to include and track compared to other fertility-tracking apps like Fertility Friend.
The brand's primary products include a range of vodkas, rums and gins that include Graham's Texas Tea, a sweet tea vodka; Starlite Vodka; Red-Handed Bourbon; and Waterloo Gin.
Audi will include in each car an event data recorder Additionally, with Level 212020, Audi will include in each car an event data recorder (think an airplane's black box).
The buildings eyed for closure include storage facilities and medical centers, which include warehouses, sheds, garages, greenhouses, dorms, gyms, chapels, research laboratories, libraries, dining halls, nursing homes and offices.
Yes, but: Nielsen said that any DACA-fix must include include additional tools and resources for DHS and close the loopholes allowing immigrants to enter into the U.S. illegally.
The financing proposals for Altice's potential bid for Charter include secured and unsecured high-yield bonds and loans and could also include some euro-denominated paper to maximise liquidity.
Its major activities include developing, financing, operating and managing toll roads, airports and ship locks and its business is diversified to include construction, trading, logistics, shipping, catering and tourism.
The company, whose subsidiaries include cement-maker Cementos Argos and energy company Celsia, did not include figures for the second quarter in its filing to the country's financial regulator.
He says his concerns about the current bill include that it includes restrictions on abortion funding and could negatively affect investor-owned hospitals, which include Catholic hospitals in Massachusetts.
Inflammatory social media posts, for instance, may not include clearly offensive language; they could instead include false statements about a person or group of people that lead to violence.
According to the Times, the calendars include details about other gatherings that he attended, but do not include details about a party similar to the one detailed by Ford.
Eldorado's filing did not include all of its shareholders, which also include private equity fund FIP Florestal, Paper Excellence said in its statement rejecting the cancellation of the sale.
Savings include a $453,750 tax credit currently available to Tesla buyers, but they also include money that you would otherwise spend on gas if you bought a standard car.
But lawmakers did include a separate, bipartisan amendment that would give Cfius more power by expanding its reviews from focusing strictly on mergers and acquisitions to include joint ventures.
The fiscal year 2020 budget proposal for Homeland Security did not include funding for the grants, though it did include terrorism prevention, the retooled term for countering violent extremism.
On the previous occasions that MSCI chose not to include Chinese shares, it was also considering whether to include them as a sizable percentage of its emerging markets index.
Those passing up federal aid include Hillsdale College in Michigan, whose alumni include Ms. DeVos's brother, Erik Prince, and which has benefited from large donations from the DeVos family.
They include deep ties to powerful political players, targeted donations to political parties and their leaders, and cozy relationships with election officials that can include gifts, dining and travel.
"In some countries, it is acceptable to include this information, especially travel, but it is not appropriate to include that in the body of a résumé in the US."
They include only stocks traded in the United States but do not include short positions, or bets a manager might have made that a stock will fall in price.
And I think there's a deal to be made, but in my mind it would not include amnesty and has to include border security and funding of a wall.
The company's three new Facebook pages do not include any mention of their Russian government ties, nor do they include links to external websites where that information might appear.
" She continued to press him on the issue of human rights, asking, "does the interest of the United States include protecting human rights and include protecting people against genocide?
Although it might seem funny to include another Apple product (or two) in this analysis, these two feel emblematic enough of two emerging wearables categories to include them here.
Key partners include cloud infrastructure providers like , and .
These include scientific selection of appeals; planned repetition. . . .
Those companies include , , and , among others, Cramer said.
The policies include so-called advance rulings, which can include arrangements wherein a tax authority approves in advance prices one branch of a company charges another when they do business.
" Tumblr's Community Guidelines does note that this won't include "certain types of artistic, educational, newsworthy, or political content featuring nudity," but it does include any content "that depicts sex acts.
The centerpiece of his new efforts (which will eventually include a website and currently include a fleet of podcasts) is this new TV show, about which we know very little.
Last Thursday, ABC approved a series order to "The Connors" a spinoff of "Roseanne," which will not include Roseanne Barr, but will include the rest of her on-screen family.
The startup's 29-year-old CEO and cofounder Ankur Goyal said Impira's customers now include include Goop, the lifestyle company owned by Gwyneth Paltrow and RealReal, the online luxury store.
The block will also include interviews from the people behind the CW's many superhero series, which, include Arrow, Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and the upcoming Black Lightning.
The new creator shows will include "Glow Up with Loren Gray," which will include advice and beauty tutorials and "Rules of Success with Arnold Schwarzenegger," which will feature motivational advice.
Maven's New York fleet will include over 80 vehicles at launch, all of which include included 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots, CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as OnStar support.
While her tenure as first lady is expected to include fighting cyberbullying and getting involved with women's health issues, it's also going to include a lot of high-fashion moments.
Trump will address Congress in a speech on Tuesday expected to include some details of his infrastructure spending and tax plans, which could include a new border tax on imports.
" After a "furious debate" over what to include in the statement, Trump insisted it say the meeting had been about adoption, and Trump Jr. insisted it include the word "primarily.
A recent independent review of this program, which was expanded to include female subjects, has just been made public, with findings that include the following: • There were many false positives.
Colors to choose from include red, green, yellow, blue, purple, cyan, white and multi-color, and light styles include multi-fade, multi-twinkle, multi-sparkle, blue-sparkle and red-sparkle.
The company did not name the units but said they did not include two European subsidiaries, Pepkor Europe and Poundland, or any of its African units, which include Pepkor Holdings.
Performers include Seaton Smith, Phoebe Robinson, Mike Lawrence, Rob Haze, Amber Nelson and Katie McVay; animators include Bryan Brinkman, Casey Safron, Loryn Brantz, Rachel Gitlevich, Nelson Diaz and Dan Pinto.
It would also include other topic areas, like the economy and foreign policy, that might be hard to include in a speech on the border or in a political venue.
The speech is also expected to include other topic areas, such as the economy and foreign policy, that might be harder to include in a speech in a political venue.
Demands include providing workers with safety items including hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and sprays, hazard pay, and an expansion of its coronavirus pay to include those with underlying health conditions.
Pace-of-play rules for 2019 will not include a pitch clock but will include a reduction in mound visits, from six to five, and in the time between innings.
For example, American Express is particularly good about what their rental car provisions include, but other cards may include as little as liability coverage and leave the rest to you.
They include Russell Dixon (having a high old time in an assortment of wheezy roles that include an amateur theater director), Frances Marshall, Laura Matthews, Laurence Pears and Louise Shuttleworth.
He decided to buy the manuscript "copy" and include it in the planned exhibition at the New-York Historical Society, which was to include many pieces from his Judaica collection.
Just as you wouldn't include the job you had at an ice cream stand when you were 12, you shouldn't include your graduation date once you have substantial work experience.
Other traditional options for non-dilutive financing include grants, loans, SBIR, STTR, vouchers and tax credits, include: You're eligible for the many accelerators, as well as specifically the impact accelerators.
Maybe there aren't good clinical trials; maybe there are trials but they don't include patients like you; maybe they do include patients like you but not while you're fighting pneumonia.
Those homeless students include anyone in a temporary living situation, which could include children living in a car or a hotel or staying on the sofa at a friend's house.
Boeing cost estimates do not include any litigation expense for the families of victims of the crashes, although it does include $100 million set aside for a victims compensation fund.
The top sellers so far in toys include "Frozen 218," L.O.L Surprise Dolls and Paw Patrol, while top video games and consoles include Madden 23, FIFA 272.1 and Nintendo Switch.
However, the company has recently introduced features intended to reduce abuse on the site, which include labeling certain accounts as "sensitive" that may include content some users could find offensive.
A House tax bill did not include the provision, and negotiators will have to decide, starting next week, if they want to include it in a final, compromise tax package.
Last year, we announced  Include 2.0, the next phase of our diversity program, which brought office hours, events like our Women in Tech(Crunch) events surrounding Disrupts and new Include grants.
This week, the bill went to the Alabama state Senate, where debate ensued over whether it should include an exception for rape and incest (the House version did not include one).
More specifically, the Tor Browser has been updated to include the features pushed out in Firefox Quantum, which include a refreshed interface called Photon UI, and a speedier page rendering engine.
Apple didn't include the iPhone on that list, possibly because of the promised immunity for that specific product, but it did include products like AirPods, Apple Watch, Mac Mini, and others.
We wanted to make sure that our pool of upcoming contestants would also include more Canadians, so it was important that the online tests taking place in early October include Canadians.
Foursquare customers include Tinder, AccuWeather, Spotify, Hilton and iHeartMedia, and that doesn't include the long list of brands — Uber, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Twitter — whose platforms are powered by Foursquare location.
The steps would include appointing a federally approved privacy official at the highest level of Facebook and creating a privacy oversight committee that may include Facebook board members, the report said.
The newly reported 28503,22020 confirmed cases of the infection include 2,345 in Hubei province, where the virus originated, and include a 1-month-old baby in southwestern Guizhou province, CNN reports.
This, she says, could put a block on widening the trials to include business owners suspected of illegal enrichment and collaboration with the dictatorship — who she claims include Macri's own father.
Tivity sees an opening to include Nutrisystem in MA plans, as the federal government recently said it will expand MA's supplemental benefits to include things like groceries and home-delivered meals.
Initiatives approved by Princeton include 30 new scholarships that include the cost of tuition and an additional $85033,000 for related expenses, as well as new doctoral fellowships for descendants of slaves.
Steinhoff, whose brands include Conforama, Mattress Firm and Poundland, has already sold assets that include its Polish unit Kika/Leiner, and stakes in investment holding firm PSG and industrial firm KAP.
Alongside billionaire co-founder Dan Gilbert—whose titles include Quicken Loans CEO and Cleveland Cavaliers owner—StockX's other high-profile partners and investors include rapper Eminem and angel investor Ron Conway.

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