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"contract" Definitions
  1. an official written agreement
  2. contract (on somebody) (informal) an agreement to kill somebody for money
"contract" Synonyms
deal agreement settlement covenant understanding arrangement bargain commitment compact pact bond convention treaty concordat engagement commission accord disposition guarantee guaranty job task assignment charge duty mission responsibility work undertaking function exercise errand obligation office project enterprise employment appointment position place career post stint occupation spot gig berth day job niche opening profession employ trade tenancy occupancy habitation residence tenure lease holding inhabitancy rental inhabitance leasehold leasing renting ownership possession period of occupancy period of occupation proprietorship hold memorandum note minute record jotting memo reminder aide-memoire chit communication dispatch epistle letter message missive tickler e-mail announcement diary stipulation condition requirement proviso provision prerequisite qualification requisite specification rider clause precondition demand reservation restriction contingency terms term circumscription service agreement tie-up association partnership cooperation collaboration alliance union connection affiliation confederation relationship liaison coalition linkup relation hookup federation coordination link document report deed paperwork article charter acquittance authorisation(UK) authorization(US) certificate certification documentation archive credentials evidence file instrument language treeware order request booking requisition application purchase call sale goods shipment purchase order date prearrangement play date match marriage pairing betrothal matrimony couple wedlock conjugality espousal combination mating connubiality nuptials wedding mortgage advance debt hypothecation loan pledge remortgage title bank loan bridging loan homeowner's loan second mortgage secured loan home equity loan car loan home loan small business loan bribe backhander incentive inducement kickback pay-off sweetener payola sop bung carrot graft boodle cumshaw dropsy enticement fix allurement douceur drop franchise suffrage vote enfranchisement ballot authority exemption freedom immunity licence license patent right a voice right to vote voting rights one's say voice say liability arrears indebtedness arrearage debit account score dues due tab debts damage balance IOU indebtment thing activity goal action affair exploit feat objective act brief concern interest venture business department establishment market company organisation(UK) organization(US) setup syndicate unit business matter administration engage undertake agree arrange negotiate sign commit consent settle assent dicker ink stipulate come to terms commit oneself hire appoint enroll(US) enrol(UK) recruit enlist pay secure contract for sign on sign up take on take on board take into employment bring on board put on the payroll catch acquire develop get induce sicken incur obtain take afflict cause succumb come down with fall ill with go down with pick up succumb to become infected with be infected with be stricken with shrink compress condense constrict reduce decrease diminish collapse dwindle shrivel curtail shorten squeeze tighten wither capsule capsulize constringe scrimp lessen ebb abate wane subside weaken recede decline evaporate waste deflate fall away fall off grow less lose ground lower abbreviate abridge cut abstract clip epitomise(UK) epitomize(US) truncate crop trim cut down sustain fall into run up become liable to pay become indebted with become liable to become subject to experience suffer encounter gain earn arouse draw invite provoke tense clench flex narrow tauten become tighter make tighter pinch draw in make narrower become narrower straiten restrict knit wrinkle pucker purse corrugate crease crinkle crumple furrow gather rumple draw together screw up scrunch up ruffle cockle pout win attain inherit land achieve bag nab procure receive snag collect net clinch betroth promise vow bind affiance espouse become engaged give one's hand make compact plight faith plight your troth tie oneself to oblige specify designate name state particularise(UK) particularize(US) require detail impose prescribe postulate make specificate broker swing orchestrate organise(UK) organize(US) construct plan run coordinate marshall(US) marshal(UK) work out thrash out bring about hammer out sort out screw contort distort warp deform twist misshape torture squinch crunch crimp crush fold mash rimple flatten puncture void empty let down exhaust go down empty the air out of let the air out drain let out decompress depressurize go flat undergo bear endure face have feel taste witness know go through run into have experience of live through meet with reserve book preengage prearrange schedule bespeak pre-engage arrange for make a reservation prearrange for arrange in advance make a reservation for put your name down for agree to abide by accept acknowledge allow approve be happy with comply with compromise on confirm consent to endorse go along with make do with ratify settle for shake on support sanction plead guilty compromise come to an agreement cop a plea do a deal plea-bargain get off on a technicality assume shoulder tackle handle approach attempt begin commence endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) manage start essay try hazard initiate happen occur transpire befall betide chance hap come pass be do cook come about come off go on come down take place let rent sublease sublet hire out rent out farm out give on loan lease out charge for the use of put on loan lend out make available allow the use of charter out authorise(UK) authorize(US) permit grant licence(US) license(UK) contract out elect nominate ordain select choose constitute empower twitch jerk writhe squirm wiggle quiver wriggle jiggle thrash thresh flutter fidget toss jig tremble squiggle fiddle convulse palpitate force compel drive pressure coerce constrain press impel necessitate dragoon pressurise(UK) pressurize(US) railroad strong-arm browbeat obligate overcome push More
"contract" Antonyms
disagreement misunderstanding disaccord dissention dissensus nonconcurrence contestation difficulty difference of opinion lack of agreement discord dispute disputation dissension dissent remonstrance strangeness break hold conflict breach infringement violation infraction transgression breaking dereliction noncompliance non-observance contravention nonobservance betrayal trespass renege abuse neglect disregard non-compliance denial failure idleness inactivity indolence inertia refusal rejection unemployment beginning confusion indecision introduction receipt start veto disunity incompatibility clash division contention divergence incongruousness disharmony divergency squabble split feud tension incongruity spat deceit perfidy infidelity treachery deception dishonesty treacherousness perfidiousness unfaithfulness disloyalty duplicity broken promise fake promise double-dealing two-timing breach of trust loss prohibition discharge dismissal dismission expulsion firing freehold ownership implication request wish disaffiliation dissociation nonresponsibility irresponsibility speech disavowal abjuration abandonment disclaimer repudiation disowning renunciation disconfirmation eschewal forswearing negation gainsaying rebuttal recantation refutation retraction denegation casting aside terminate conclude end discontinue finish stop abort cancel quit annul drop reject cease dissolve expire ax(US) axe(UK) disapprove dismiss fire release sack eject expel oust boot relinquish defenestrate impeach can retire abolish dispatch liberate outlaw avert avoid escape prevent forestall obviate preclude dodge elude evade deter circumnavigate circumvent resist bypass defend against fend off fight off get around stave off expand grow increase inflate bolster boost extend build increment raise lift multiply elevate open amplify magnify develop enlarge swell augment lengthen elaborate detail explicate spell out elaborate on flesh out pad out relax loosen ease lax untighten unknot slacken relieve unclench abate calm compose become less tense become less rigid become less stiff make less uptight ease off rest slack ease up broaden widen enhance stretch intensify fatten dilate improve distend add to become wider build on fill out decompress outspread disperse separate uncondense unloosen unloose loose divide be immune heal mend rally rebound recoup recover recover from recuperate shake off snap back bounce back get better feel better come back pull through take a turn for the better discourage forfeit lose miss misunderstand pass push abdicate concede squander surrender abandon exhaust forgo relent sacrifice splurge blow deplete dissipate expend forego waive violate infract contravene flout disobey infringe defy ignore calculate confuse decline disagree imply refuse break off mix up rebuff renounce burn repel repudiate shun snub spurn on disagree say no to balk at turn down endure weather withstand brave combat face tolerate stand sustain survive stunt suppress curb restrict hamper impede hinder inhibit retard slow curtail dwarf hold back interfere with slow down slow up ban oppose bar censure disallow deny forbid interdict negate prohibit rule out blackball discountenance

406 Sentences With "contract"

How to use contract in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "contract" and check conjugation/comparative form for "contract". Mastering all the usages of "contract" from sentence examples published by news publications.

There are three contracts: A parent contract, a grandparent contract and a general contract.
I do not have a contract, they never asked me for a contract and I have not sought a contract.
With the expiration of the Brent November futures contract later on Friday, the front-month contract will become the December contract.
WHA teams started handing out exorbitant contract after exorbitant contract.
ROBERT BAKISH: Yeah, his contract is what his contract is.
The electronic contract could be signed just like any contract.
Each company funded by NASA has its own contract with the agency, and the provisions of those agreements differ from contract to contract.
I was able to empty the test contract using my exploit contract.
While a contract is a contract, I'll get back to you soon!
The Shanghai Futures Exchange's (ShFE) copper contract saw volumes contract by 24%.
I work contract to contract, and don't have time to get pregnant.
TW), the world's top contract electronics assembler, and contract chipmaker TSMC (2330.
Founded in 2012, ContractPodAi offers an "end-to-end" solution spanning the three main aspects of contract management: contract generation, contract repository and third-party review.
The monthly contract touched a new contract low of 94.35 cents per pound.
Euronext's UAN contract will be the first physically delivered nitrogen fertilisers futures contract.
Either Amazon is breaking that contract, or the contract wasn't written carefully enough.
It was the naming rights and ticket sales contract, not the concessions contract.
League: NFLAge: 34Biggest contract this decade: Five year, $150 million contract in 2018
In addition, all the marketing materials referred to an actual home, and the purchase contract was a residential contract—not a vacant lot contract with no residence.
As well as the contract with AC Marine & Composites, a platform manufacturing contract and anchors contract have previously been awarded to TEXO Group and FAUN Trackway, respectively.
But if you sign the contract, then you should be bound to that contract.
Second, marriage is evolving from a contract between families into a contract between individuals.
In the last year of his four-year contract, Thomas wants a contract extension.
Caribbean Produce Exchange won a $97,21625 contract and TraFon Group won a $2900,220006 contract.
Now, in addition to a $10,000 contract for APCO Worldwide, the firm has also engaged Steptoe & Johnson with a $100,000 contract and Jones Day, with a $20,85033 contract.
Now, in addition to a $2628,28503 contract for APCO Worldwide, the firm has also engaged Steptoe & Johnson with a $22019,000 contract and Jones Day, with a $20,000 contract.
"You want to contract and relax, not have [your muscles] contract continually," Dr. Gunter says.
"You want to contract and relax, not have [your muscles] contract continually," Dr. Gunter says.
The contract touched $228-28/230, the highest for a nearby contract since July 19.
Licht is now under contract through 2023, which coincides with Arians' contract with the team.
It was largely a verbal contract, but a contract nonetheless and on two different occasions.
Foley & Lardner's contract is $12.5 million, and Stryk's contract is for $2 million of that.
Clerhp signs construction contract for 843,105 euros and technical assistance contract for 295,222 euros in Bolivia.
And that was a better contract than you had with your second contract with ESPN, right?
The premium of the December 2018 contract versus the December 2017 contract has widened since February.
It came in the midst of ongoing contract negotiations, three days after the union's contract expired.
To close a position, the trader sells the contract or buys an offsetting contract to profit on the difference between the current market price and the one the original contract specifies.
He is currently employed as chief executive without a contract; therefore, there is no contract "expiring soon."
The Shanghai Futures Exchange (ShFE) launched its rebar contract in 2009 and its HRC contract in 2014.
The current contract expires in 2019 and there will not be a follow-up contract, Greene said.
"Ibrahimovic's contract isn't expiring, he still has a year on his contract with us," Kirovski told reporters.
The most actively traded June hogs contract has retreated since reaching a contract high on April 5.
Full disclosure, David has negotiated every single radio and TV contract and book contract of my career.
We not talking about no contract for no 4 years, or no contract for no 5 years.
Had the Union followed provisions outlined in their contract, pilots would have a new contract by now.
"I don't think the contract—that formal contract—is likely to stand up," Quinn told MMA Fighting.
All corn contracts except spot March and the July 2021 contract posted fresh life-of-contract lows.
He will likely earn more from his endorsement contract than he does from his N.B.A. rookie contract.
"The federal investigation swirling around the contract makes getting that contract ratified much more difficult," Dziczek said.
Dr. Bard, for example, was paid $300,000 annually over her five-year contract, according to her contract.
Taiwan's Foxconn, the world's top contract electronics assembler, and contract chipmaker TSMC rose 3% and 4% respectively.
But I'm really good at looking at a contract and finding things within a contract that, even if they're bad, I would police that contract so tough that they don't have a chance.
A three-year contract was voted down by union members earlier this month, and operations have continued under a 24-hour rolling contract that has been in place since the previous contract expired.
In the United States CME unveiled an HRC contract in 2010 and a steel scrap contract in 20093.
Students will not be allowed to accept compensation if her or his contract conflicts with a team contract.
The contract is a front end engineering design (FEED) contract, the Qatari firm said in an emailed statement.
"I stopped my contract at Glory Kickboxing and have signed my retirement contract," Saki told his Facebook followers.
The contract rode a month-long surge to peak at a contract high on Friday of 99.825 cents.
The time between the request for proposals on the contract and the contract being awarded was three months.
The contract beat out David Price's 2015 previous record-holding contract of $19.75 million by a healthy margin.
The contract runs to May, and both sides have the option of ending the contract after one month.
The contract called for disputes arising under the contract, with a few exceptions, to be sent to arbitration.
Multiple media outlets reported that Stefanski's contract will be for five years, with full contract terms still unknown.
The September contract expires later on Tuesday and the more-active October contract was down $1.33 at $74.22.
The contract rolled to September Thursday, and the September contract settled down 0.85 percent at $46.92 a barrel.
The price of an F-35A has come down 60 percent from the first lot contract to the recent ninth contract, and we fully expect the next contract will show another significant price decrease.
Iguodala reached agreement on a three-year, $48 million contract, Pachulia agreed to a one-year, $3.5 million contract, Livingston signed a three-year $24 million deal, and West signed a one-year contract.
The Brent April contract now commands a premium of $1.50 over the December 2018 contract LCOZ0003 and is within a few cents of trading above the second-position May contract LCOc2, something which has not happened in nearly a year, aside from contract-expiry days when these price gaps can fluctuate.
The Astrobotic contract marked the second time in a week that ULA beat SpaceX on a high-profile contract.
The problem today is sourcing is so transactional, you hire sourcers who are on contract or not on contract.
"Basically, if you can change a contract at any time, it's not really a contract, is it?" she said.
The contract hit its highest level in a week after notching contract lows in four straight sessions last week.
The two-year contract includes a ratification bonus and annual wage rate increases over the life of the contract.
But the most-active contract stayed below contract highs of last month on individual September and December delivery positions.
Fund managers held a significant, 77,740-contract, net long position on the CME copper contract as recently as June.
The 10-year contract rose 7.5 ticks to 97.3150, while the 20-year contract gained 6.5 ticks to 96.8200.
The February contract settled 6.7 percent lower Wednesday amid volatility around the expiration of the contract at the close.
The homeowner has up to 10 years to end the contract and pay off the contract to the investor.
One year later, Gordon Hayward might already be in his contract year while Jaylen Brown seeks a contract extension.
We've had a contract go through in a week and then we've had a contract take around six weeks.
The fixed-price contract is the military's first competitively sourced launch services in contract in more than a decade.
The CBOT May soybean contract settled Friday at a discount of 11-1/4 cents to the July contract.
The nine-month contract fell as low as 337 per dollar while the six-month contract traded at 327.
The 2015 Rafale contract - the first export contract for the jet - included the option of selling another twelve aircrafts.
The Purdue contract, the sample contract, also says it can withhold tax refunds if you don't make your payments.
The most expensive contract Motherboard saw was for $120,000 for a three-year contract for the city of Tacoma.
New York's front month sugar contract was trading at a contract low of 10.82 cents per pound on Wednesday.
Plus, a contract between two established states is preferable to a contract with a state that doesn't yet exist.
With respect to any contract, we must always consider one's capacity to contract – but we do not presume incompetence.
The contract to build nine boats is worth $22.2 billion, the largest-ever shipbuilding contract awarded by the Navy.
If so, should we consider a higher level of capacity to execute a smart contract than a traditional contract?
"FEMA is presently engaged with PREPA and its legal counsel to obtain information about the contract and contracting process, including how the contract was procured and how PREPA determined the contract prices were reasonable," it said.
They contract and grab the body, and as they contract, they're contracting with your hip muscles to provide extra strength.
The June contract, the previous front-month contract which expired on Tuesday, settled at $62.99 a barrel, down 11 cents.
Speedo dropped Lochte's contract on Monday and Ralph Lauren also declined to renew its contract with the swimmer, as well.
Several other large companies also contract with security guard firms whose employees are now covered by the ratified union contract.
The contract is a modification to a previously awarded low-rate initial production contract, the Pentagon said in a statement.
The August feeder cattle contract was up more than 1%, and the August live cattle contract also was slightly higher.
The third is smart contract development with a concentration around Solidity, a smart-contract programming language for Ethereum Virtual Machine.
In the contract between Facebook and Eutelsat, Facebook can terminate the contract if the satellite isn't operational by January 1st.
"That is a contract that, if you're performance oriented, it's the best performance-oriented contract I've ever seen," CNBC's added.
The contract ended down 1.5 percent for the month, the fifth monthly drop in six months for a spot contract.
Le'Veon Bell says he's reconsidered and would DEFINITELY sign a contract with the NY Jets ... FOR A 9-FIGURE CONTRACT!!!
The LME's physically deliverable cobalt contract was launched in 2010, and it will add a cash-settled contract in 2019.
ONE-SIDED CONTRACT It's not clear to what extent Bombardier is responsible for the design flaws on the Queensland contract.
The ministry did sign a contract for five new corvettes, but faced criticism for awarding the contract without a competition.
The agency would not tell the town the cost of terminating its contract until the contract was ended, she said.
The July contract finished at a discount of 0.39 cent per lb against the most-active October contract on Friday.
ICE renewed its contract with Palantir in August, a contract that will run through 2020, Motherboard reported at the time.
The remaining counterclaim is that when Kesha was sued for breach of contract, it represented a termination of the contract.
The very front part of the ShFE contract structure is trading in contango, in stark contrast with the LME contract.
Hess signed a production-sharing contract with Petronas in 2012 and has a contract with the oil major till 2029.
In addition to securing Colbert's contract, CBS also extended "The Late Late Show" host James Cordon's contract through August 2022.
Long a distant poor cousin to the LME's flagship contract, the CME copper contract has grown exponentially in recent years.
CME implemented VSR after the soft red winter wheat contract failed to converge for nine contract expirations beginning in 43.
The last contract negotiations in 2011 also led to a strike and a new contract was reached after two weeks.
" The contract specifies, "Payment under the contract is performed by means of bank transfer to the account of the seller.
It is suing Google and the University for a violation of the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act, breach of express contract, breach of implied contract, tortious interference with contract, intrusion upon seclusion, and unjust enrichment.
CME had first-mover status in the ferrous space but its hot-rolled coil contract saw volumes slide 8 percent last year, while its scrap contract saw only minimal activity and its billet contract none at all.
It is the most basic principle of contract law: Once a contract is signed, judges have ruled, it is legally binding.
A key clause in the contract stipulates that the companies agreed "not to disclose [the contract] by any means," BuzzFeed reports.
The March contract traded as low as $216-0003/2000, the lowest price for a front-month contract since Dec. 24.
The CME-listed contract will be the world's first listed delivered bunker fuel derivatives contract, the company said in a statement.
Hard red winter (HRW) wheat posted contract lows while soft red winter (SRW) wheat hovered just above life-of-contract lows.
The front-month U.S. crude contract traded at $4.67 above the sixth-month contract CLc1-CLc6, the most since July 2014.
Howard signed a five-year, $75.25 million contract with the Dolphins in May and is under contract through the 2024 season.
Marketers often contract with treatment centers that pay them to bring in clients, whether per head or through a monthly contract.
The contract was last at $23,220, some way off the $21,2000 reference price set by the exchange for the January contract.
The contango between the first listed futures contract and the seventh listed contract has narrowed from $3.80 per barrel on Nov.
The contract expired Wednesday afternoon, and the new front-month contract for February was also up sharply, at $3.89 per mmBtus.
Monday's rally pushed Brent's December 4.63 contract LCOZ7 to a premium of $2.60 a barrel over the December 2018 contract LCOZ8.
Other recommendations included cutting professional service contract spending of up to 50 percent and significant reductions in all government contract expenditures.
A smart contract is a computer program that can automatically execute the terms of a contract when certain conditions are met.
"I suppose they could take legal steps against (the contract termination) or they could offer a new contract," Quinn told ESPN.
Some deliveries for the Swiss Federal Railways contract could risk slipping into 22, despite progress on the contract, the CFO said.
I couldn't play for the national team because I have contract with Adidas, and they have a contract with Jordan brand.
On Monday, December live cattle futures reached a contract high and the highest price for a front-month contract since April.
In 2011, a work stoppage over a contract dispute lasted for two weeks, and ended without a contract being agreed upon.
Physicians' groups, it turns out, can opt out of a contract with insurers even if the hospital has such a contract.
Using the bot, you can undertake activities such as starting a contract, and copying content from another contract as the basis.
The size of the contract has been determined based on Rosneft's current contract liabilities and its production plans, the company added.
"They each have a contract that has different conditions and nobody can say which is the right contract," Ms. Samkova said.
The December spring wheat contract ended down 2440% at $21-2000/2666 and set a contract low of $29-3.693/23.69.
The contract at the heart of the dispute is the Nifty 50 index futures contract currently traded on the Singapore Exchange.
The company has argued the contract was valid and that the strike is illegal because it started before the contract expired.
Howard signed a five-year, $75.25 million contract with the Dolphins in May and is under contract through the 2024 season.
Here's the coup de grace, courtesy of Football Scoop: In Ferentz' existing contract, if the University were to terminate his contract without cause they would pay him 75% of the remaining base due over the life of his contract.
The Pentagon's Defense Logistics Agency awarded a maximum $6900 million, one-year contract to Intercell USA for an unstated number of doses of the Japanese encephalitis vaccine — though the "realistic contract estimate" is $2628 million, according to contract disclosures.
The Canadian rapper turned down a contract with Jay Z's streaming platform Tidal in favor of a $19 million contract with Apple.
The September 10-year JGB futures contract finished up 0.04 point at 151.26, while the December contract added 0.05 point to 151.07.
In March this year the COMEX contract for December 2018 was trading at a 2 percent premium to the equivalent LME contract.
These included a $330 million contract from the U.S. Census Bureau and a $210 million contract from the Centers Medicare & Medicaid Services.
As Trump's contract rose and was trading at 26 cents, the Democratic presidential nominee's Predict It contract traded lower at 77 cents.
However, HuffPost reported Friday that it obtained Chalamet's contract and no such contractual obligations exist, assuming the contract HuffPost received was legitimate.
The company also is introducing a new contract model that makes it easier for partners and their customers to contract with AWS.
The existing contract will expire in December 2023 and the ministry has agreed to extend the contract by 20 years to 2043.
Our contract with GSR stated that all data must be obtained legally, and this contract is now a matter of public record.
The deal averages $675,000 and is a two-way contract in the first season and a one-way contract in the second.
There's more ... an authentic contract Ruth signed with the Yankees in 1934 (his final contract with the Yankees) also sold for $282,325!
He is in the final season of a two-year contract and could have become a free agent once the contract expires.
" He said the volume of the contract is 999 multilevel cars, but he said the "agency has not awarded the contract yet.
After a contract buyout freed Chandler from the final year of his contract with the Phoenix Suns, he targeted his hometown team.
Not all experts watching the high-profile contract say it would necessarily be bad for one company to win the entire contract.
On Tuesday, these can be purchased for 40 cents per share, or $40 per options contract (since each contract controls 100 shares).
Although Thornton's contract expires at the end of the season, Nicholson has a guaranteed contract that runs through the 2018-19 season.
On Thursday, the December 2017 U.S. crude futures contract traded at a premium to the December 2018 contract briefly, known as backwardation.
On losing the $10 billion JEDI contract to MicrosoftQ: Microsoft apparently won the joint enterprise defense infrastructure contract, JEDI, for cloud services.
WTI's November contract CLV6, the market's new spot month from Wednesday after the October contract expired at Tuesday's settlement, rose 73 cents.
The history of the signature as a means of validating a contract, though — and what is a receipt but a miniature contract?
The terms of our contract are clear and our post-termination rights under our contract with Yahoo should continue to be enforced.
Four Winds Capital Management, an investment firm that is setting up a waste-industry fund, reckons that the average length of a collection contract is seven years; of a disposal contract, nine years; and of an integrated contract, 17 years.
Dileep Srivastava, a spokesman for Bumi Resources, Indonesia's biggest coal miner by output, confirmed the contract amendments by the firm's two subsidiaries, noting that Arutmin's contract would expire in almost two years, while KPC's contract is due to end in 2021.
"By executing this contract, PREPA hereby represents and warrants that FEMA has reviewed and approved of this contract, and confirmed that this contract is in an acceptable form to qualify for funding from FEMA or other U.S. governmental agencies," it reads.
Because these doctors do not contract with patients, their right to receive payment from patients is based on a legal doctrine called quasi contract; an obligation imposed by law in the absence of a real contract to prevent an unjust enrichment.
Parle, founded in 1929, employs about 100,06203 people, including direct and contract workers across 10 company-owned facilities and 125 contract manufacturing plants.
The buyers sign on to an installment plan with a high-interest, long-term loan called a contract for deed, or land contract.
General Dynamics has a multiyear contract with Saudi Arabia for the delivery of 100 Abrams tanks as well as a Canadian vehicle contract.
Last year activity on its core iron ore futures contract exceeded 1.28 billion tonnes and that on its options contract 295 million tonnes.
The Pentagon awarded the contract to Microsoft last year, in a stunning defeat for Amazon, which was widely expected to win the contract.
The July Brent crude contract was trading at nearly $1 a barrel above the August contract in a market structure known as backwardation.
It and other established producers believe that lithium is a specialty chemicals market and should be priced on a contract-by-contract basis.
There are no contract award notices on the Hong Kong government's website related to these companies, although not all contract awards are listed.
A. The two lower floors are in contract for a gallery, and the two floors above are in contract for an art foundation.
"Proposals to negotiate contract terms will attract new companies and investment, though we expect bilateral negotiations to delay contract awards," the report said.
Corn led the way up, with technical buying accelerating as the new-crop December contract pushed above its previous contract high of $4.54.
The DME launched the Oman contract in 2007 and it is the most liquid physically deliverable futures contract for Middle East crude oil.
Typically, when a union contract expires, workers continue to work under the terms of that contract until a new one can be negotiated.
The September 10-year JGB futures contract was down 0.13 point at 151.38, while the December contract was 0.11 point lower at 151.23.
That report is part of a process to reach a new contract with the teachers' union after the prior contract expired last year.
The HRC contract was only launched in March 2014 and is therefore something of a little sister to the more mature rebar contract.
Wilson offered workers a two-year contract with much-improved salaries and benefits, followed by a five-year contract with even better terms.
No specialists In most Western companies, employees are hired with a detailed work contract, and only do what's agreed on in the contract.
Judges have also cited one of the most fundamental principles of contract law to uphold the clauses: A contract, once signed, is binding.
CAVALIERS EXTEND LUE'S CONTRACT Cleveland Coach Tyronn Lue was rewarded with a multiyear contract extension after leading the Cavaliers to an N.B.A. title.
The July futures contract was set to expire Tuesday afternoon, and that created more volatility and downward pressure, as traders exited the contract.
T.C.U. EXTENDS COACH'S CONTRACT Texas Christian's football coach, Gary Patterson, signed a one-year extension that takes his contract through the 2021 season.
Apple's contract manufacturers such as Foxconn stopped paying Qualcomm as that case proceeds, which in turn prompted Qualcomm to sue the contract manufacturers.
" To a question on how the contract came about, she said: "The contract award was handled through the EPA Office of Acquisition Management.
Racial breakdown: African Americans were five times more likely than whites to contract chlamydia and gonorrhea and twice as likely to contract syphilis.
The front-month contract was down 0.7 percent on Monday, below the $19,500 reference price set by the exchange for the January contract.
Stadler's VW contract was due to run to the end of next year and his Audo CEO contract to the end of 2023.
Clemson awarded Dabo Swinney with a 10-year contract worth $93 million on Friday, the richest contract ever for a college football coach.
Yeah. Getting a contract takes a long time, and it takes a long time to build the tech that would enable that contract.
He opted out of his contract with the 49ers in 2017 and became a free agent, but no team offered him a contract.
However, customers should be willing to stay in this contract for at least a year, as a 12-month minimum contract is required.
The March 2017 contract will remain available for trading and any open interest in that contract will be unaffected, according to the notice.
When Bernard expressed disbelief and asked more generally for any contract, Hoory sent over a copy of the main section of the contract.
News of the contract extension for the 46-year-old Vinatieri spread late last week, but the contract wasn't executed until Monday morning.
The US Navy&aposs $22.2 billion contract for 9 Virginia-class attack submarines is the largest shipbuilding contract in the service&aposs history.
He also noted that the launch support contract was solely associated with launches already awarded to ULA under an earlier block buy contract.
Healthy Orders for Contract Manufacturing: The contract manufacturing order book stood at USD534m as of 30 June 2016, or 731x of FY16 revenue in this segment, following the successful resolution of violations of USFDA standards at its contract manufacturing plants in 2014-2015.
I've had a lot of excitement but there are some that are tied up where they have a contract with, as an example, they might have a contract with Fox, they may have a contract with CNN and they can't do it.
The idea is that once a new contract is sent to a business, it is uploaded to LawGeex where a "first-pass review" of the contract is undertaken using the startup's AI. This checks the contract against a company's predefined legal policies.
They signed a $2100 million contract on October 19 —the largest contract awarded yet in the aftermath of the Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
Precision Drilling said its contract backlog rose by one rig in 2016 and that it added four rigs on average under contract for 2017.
"As bad as the contract is, I will be so tough on that contract," he says: You know, I've taken over some bad contracts.
The contract has been controversial throughout the bidding process, and Oracle lost a legal challenge after it claimed the contract has conflicts of interest.
Neymar, 25, joined on a five-year contract from Barcelona on Thursday after PSG met the cost of the buyout clause in his contract.
Another example is in contract management, where the terms are pulled automatically from the contract, saving the legal team from having to do this.
If a company like Raytheon had a government contract for a laser test bed, Hall would bid on the contract to manufacture the prototype.
The union's last contract expired in July 2015 and its bargaining unit unanimously rejected a contract offer from the financially struggling district in February.
It's pretty apparent the contract is written to screw them over, and while Sam ignores Ruth's concerns, Debbie secrets the contract into her purse.
The 28 year old competed with and streamed under the organization Toronto Esports until his contract was terminated Sunday for a breach of contract.
A contract with Hadid's management company and a potential contract with IMG Models — the agency that manages supermodel Gigi, as well Bella, and Anwar.
The players were looking to obtain "more guaranteed contracts, fewer unilateral contract options, and some form of free agency for out-of-contract players".
Under the contract, Gogo must create a new, competing proposal or allow American to terminate the contract, which Gogo says represents about 200 planes.
The contract, worth $96.5 million, is the second GPS satellite launch contract awarded by the Air Force to Musk's rocket company, known as SpaceX.
But the contract could only be terminated for cause, Novartis said, so payments continued to be made until the contract expired in February 2018.
The contract begins with the 2018-19 season, running through the 2022-23 campaign, and gives Westbrook the biggest guaranteed contract in the NBA.
A contract was made with the people of this nation, and the Trumpublicans are not only breaking that contract, they are enjoying the moment.
Forward Chris Kreider agreed to a four-year contract worth $22 million, and center Kevin Hayes to a two-year contract for $23 million.
If the FBI's preliminary inquiry develops into a full investigation of the contract, it would join several other reviews of the contract already underway.
A key difference between the Cboe and CME futures is that the Cboe contract represents one bitcoin, while a CME contract represents five bitcoins.
Scott Nations is buying the August monthly 70-strike calls in the crude oil futures July contract for $1.05, or $105 per options contract.
As we continue to bargain in good faith, we are confident that we'll resolve contract issues and negotiate a contract that works for everyone.
He worked on that firm's N.S.A. contract until 2015, when he was moved to a different Pentagon contract in the area of offensive cyberwarfare.
"  In response to Mother Jones' questions about the Definers contract, EPA spokesperson Nancy Grantham said, "The Definers contract is for media monitoring/newsclip compilation.
" FEMA further stated that it "has significant concerns with how PREPA procured this contract and has not confirmed whether the contract prices are reasonable.
Upton Sinclair referred to contract sales in "The Jungle," when the immigrant Rudkus family "buys" a home on contract and promptly loses it again.
If a signatory tries to hack the contract, that is considered a contract violation under law, and the user will be subject to punishment.
In CRS-1, SpaceX received a $1.6 billion contract for twelve Dragon missions, while Orbital received a $1.9 billion contract for eight Cygnus missions.
The IRS awarded Equifax a $7.2 million no-bid contract to verify taxpayer identities, Politico first reported, but suspended the contract after public backlash.
The government withdrew the 40-year-operating contract on May 22 after the comptroller released an official report pointing to irregularities in the contract.
In effect, they could threaten: Pay us $7,200 per day to sign a contract or $19,500 per day for emergency admissions without a contract.
It's unclear whether Becker's contract was amended during his 12 years at the company, or whether his leave is related to the contract renewal. 
As it turned out, all the major issues with Goodell's contract were resolved, and the contract was actually signed, before anyone got to Texas.
Democrats on the House Oversight Committee say Tribute's contract history should have given FEMA serious pause about awarding the company a huge food contract.
Kelly had a signed contract with a legitimate promoter, and any information that was included in the motion to travel was from that contract.
Currently on a two-way contract that the Rockets plan to convert into a full-fledged N.B.A. contract, Clark has moved into D'Antoni's rotation.
The WTI futures contract for September 2017 is currently trading at a discount of 77 cents per barrel to the contract for March 2018.
FUNDAMENTALS * SPREAD: The LME cash nickel contract was last at a $215 a tonne discount to the three-month contract, suggesting sufficient nearby supplies.
ICE has used its contract to clear London's gold price benchmark auction, which it administers, but outside that process the contract has barely traded.
On the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, the cotton contract tumbled 3.6% to a three-week low and the apple contract plunged as much as 6%.
"Ultimately, you've exchanged a service contract for a devised financing contract," Entner said, "so your hand shackles come now in gold instead of steel."
FedEx announced plans in August to end its ground-delivery contract with Amazon, It halted its express U.S. shipping contract with Amazon in June.
Last month, the Pentagon announced a $2131 billion F-1653 contract with Lockheed, the largest contract yet for the defense company's costly fighter program.
Last month, the Pentagon announced a $34 billion F-35 contract with Lockheed, the largest contract yet for the defense company's costly fighter program.
Their union, United Automobile Workers, had been negotiating another four-year contract when talks broke down last week, right as the previous contract expired.
Because we make a purchase contract with Russian major, we make sale contract to Italian buyer, major, and this is going to be a back-to-back contract so clearly shown to everybody, maybe without the price but it's clearly the contracts are linked.
"With Cheniere behind the CME futures contract...the odds would favor the CME contract especially if Cheniere immediately starts to sell its LNG on a Sabine Pass contract basis," said Dominick Chirichella, director risk management, trading and advisory services at EMI DTN in New York.
The contract sizes will be 1 kilogram, with the U.S. dollar contract priced in troy ounces and the CNH contract priced in grams, and both contracts will be listed on and subject to the rules and regulations of the COMEX, CME said in a statement.
The proposed contract for foreign oil companies, known as the "Iran Petroleum Contract," is meant to replace older contracts that industry officials regard as obsolete.
They sign a contract in which they make their expectations toward one another clear, and they make honesty and transparency a requirement of the contract.
By convention, calendar spreads are normally expressed as the price of the nearer futures contract minus the price of the contract with longer until expiry.
The bulk of the contract is fairly standard and is a modified version of a basic contract of this type posted online by the FAA.
"It wasn't mandated in the contract, and I probably — if I ever said the word contract, I didn't mean it in that way," she said.
Microsoft secured a $10 billion cloud computing contract from the Pentagon on Friday, CNBC reports, beating competitors like Amazon to a lucrative 10-year contract.
Still if the ultra 10-year contract were to eventually siphon demand in the regular 10-year contract, it would hurt the bond market overall.
The amount of the contract was $240,000, a USDA spokesman said, adding that the company's request to terminate the contract was received on Nov. 13.
In July, ECLAC head Alicia Barcena predicted Argentina would contract 1.5 percent in 2016, Brazil would contract 3.5 percent, and Mexico would grow 2.3 percent.
According to the contract, Apple may continue conducting audits, which can involve interviewing the repair shop's employees, for five years following termination of the contract.
That is a problem for VXX, which essentially is constantly selling the relatively cheaper first-month contract and buying the more expensive second-month contract.
The IRS awarded Equifax a $7.2 million no-bid contract to verify taxpayer identities, Politico first reported, but later suspended the contract after public backlash.
Humans contract the disease by consuming infected snails—either accidentally or deliberately—or by eating infected frogs or crustaceans, which can also contract the parasite.
"There is a correlation with the value of the contract and the terribleness of the government on the other end of that contract," Freeman said.
This is part of the social contract that protects your child — and you have an obligation to continue to the social contract in your future.
ET: Lochte's Olympic contract with Ralph Lauren won't be renewed and his contract with Gentle Hair Removal has been canceled on Monday, according to ESPN.
For those with sought-after skills, it can be far more lucrative to flit from contract to contract than to work for a single firm.
The most-active cotton contract on ICE Futures U.S., the second-month December contract , fell as much as over 3 percent earlier in the session.
The attorney, Patrick Baker, said that the contract framework did not allow for the city to leave the contract, unless one party breaches the terms.
She is the Director of the organization's upcoming documentary, Under Contract, which chronicles the struggles contract farmers face trying to earn a decent living wage.
David Mikkelson attempted to kill the contract in spring of 2017 (wouldn't you?), but Proper resisted, saying the terms of said contract were not fulfilled.
As a result, SpaceX pretty much won the $87.2-million contract by default, marking the first time the company was granted a military launch contract.
It's still early days and the memory of the failed billet contract lingers, but the scrap contract in particular is showing healthy signs of traction.
Gasol is also eyeing free agency, with an opt-out clause in his contract and a chance to get one big contract before he retires.
The Department of Defense has the option to renew the contract three times and has said it will "rigorously review contract performance" before doing so.
But apprehension stole over the Lordstown line as another round of contract negotiations looms after the current UAW contract with the automaker expires this fall.
Trimble Navigation won a $3 million contract from the Interior Department's U.S. Geological Survey for "Earthquake and Volcano Monitoring Systems," according to contract award documents.
While the Council voted to phase the contract out over years, Ms. Martinez was the only Council member who voted to end the contract immediately.
Mr. Cutler, who paid Harbour $16,000 for the contract, said he now believed he was misled by Harbour and an independent broker peddling the contract.
The steep price per contract —normally the broker charges 25 cents to 80 cents a contract — is to pay Interactive for the risk, Peterffy said.
Last month, the Pentagon announced a $34 billion F-35 contract with Lockheed Martin, the largest contract yet for the defense company's costly fighter program.
"The size and terms of the contract, as well as the circumstances surrounding the contract's formation, raise questions regarding PREPA's standard contract awarding procedures," Reps.
The contract includes a termination clause of 150 million euros which is valid from the third year of the contract, the broadcaster reported on Wednesday.
The Jason contract is managed by the MITRE Corporation, which allowed the group's contract with the Department of Defense to expire on March 31, 2019.
"The absence of active negotiations weeks before a contract expires is highly unusual and often a sign that a contract won't be renewed," it continues.
Harper agreed to sign a 13-year, $330 million contract with the Nats division rival, giving him the largest contract in Major League Baseball history.
But traders said the contract could face some resistance attempting to retrace Friday's intraday gains that swept the contract to its highest since March 2013.
The details: To date, Salesforce has held on to the contract despite 650 employees signing a petition, per USA Today, requesting to terminate the contract.
Is the tightness that is becoming hard-wired into the London contract more about the state of the LME tin contract than the wider world?
It didn't matter if the contract had been broken between her dads; we honored the contract we had made as parents to safeguard her life.
The current Brent front month contract recently traded at more than $5 below the six-month contract , the biggest discount since January 2016.
In October, the Pentagon announced a $34 billion F-35 contract with Lockheed Martin, the largest contract yet for the defense company's costly fighter program.
In an extremely Elizabeth Warren move, the former professor of contract law actually created a release-contract template for the women bound by his NDAs.
After requests by lawmakers to review the contract, the Defense Department inspector general said it would initiate an audit of the solicitation and contract award.
This five-year contract, work on which will begin in 2021, will be a continuation of an existing multi-year contract with the Defense Ministry.
In contract law, a valid agreement requires what is known as a "meeting of the minds," or an agreement to the terms of the contract.
Microsoft won the contract in October, but Amazon claims it was unfairly excluded from winning the JEDI contract due to political interference from President Trump.
"The size and terms of the contract, as well as the circumstances surrounding the contract's formation, raise questions regarding PREPA's standard contract awarding procedures," Rep.
People familiar with the contract negotiations who spoke under condition of anonymity said the tenth production contract, a 103-plane deal, was still under negotiation.
Mr. Cutler, who paid Harbour $16,000 for the contract, said he now believed he was misled by Harbour and an independent broker peddling the contract.
But the next class, Warren gave Conwell a book: "The Death of Contract," a controversial 2000 publication that questioned the basis of modern contract law.
Not like price matters (LeBron just signed a $154 million contract, Tristan is in an $82 mil contract and Khloe is rich as hell too).
Maybe the court would find that the abuse put the victim under duress when the contract was originally signed, which would make the contract invalid.
A bell rings when the contract is considered complete, and another performer translates the promise from the contract onto the billboard in big, blocky sign letters.
Citing three sources with knowledge of the matter, Gizmodo reports that Google will not seek another contract when the current Project Maven contract expires in 2019.
The U.S. crude futures contract slipped 0.3 percent to $46.08 per barrel while the Brent crude futures contract also shed 0.18 percent to $96.7703 per barrel.
According to ESPN, Lochte's Olympic contract with Ralph Lauren will not be be renewed and his contract with Gentle Hair Removal was also canceled on Monday.
They noted that deferred cattle futures, including the most-active October contract, trailed the gains in the thinly traded front contract, which expires on Aug. 30.
The federal agency said it had "significant concerns" with how PREPA procured the contract, adding that it had not confirmed whether the contract prices were reasonable.
Team Liquid extended the contract of support player Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in until 2022, Dot Esports reported Sunday, citing the League of Legends global contract database.
The ShFE launched its tin contract in April last year and, unlike the nickel contract which immediately went super nova, tin has been a slow burner.
As a result, this new contract is the first agency-wide contract ICE has completed with the company, a fact that is reflected in accompanying documents.
The contract, which covers 2,579 pilots, includes immediate pay hike of 14.65 percent and 3 percent increase in annual wages through the span of the contract.
Companies like IBM and Oracle had also bid for the contract, but were ruled out as they did not fit the requirements necessary for the contract.
She played no role, and exercised no influence, in connection with any government contract, including -- as the Department of Defense has confirmed repeatedly -- the JEDI contract.
In order to comply with the new regulations, miners in Indonesia must now obtain a special contract — a rule that Freeport says violates its existing contract.
Launching an options contract will also help ShFE garner more traction with international players as it prepares to open its copper futures contract to foreign investors.
Federal funds futures for December delivery fell to a one-month low, while the fed funds contract for January 2019 set a contract low on Friday.
CME expects market participants to trade its new Houston contract largely as a spread and as a result, boost liquidity in its Cushing contract as well.
Contract documents said that Mer would divvy up the large contract among U.S. firms, which would plan meetings with lawmakers and members of the Trump administration.
The most-active January contract rose 3 percent to 614.8 yuan ($90.79) per ton, the highest since the launch of the contract in May last year.
In Shanghai the step-change in activity is clearest to see on the hot rolled coil (HRC) contract, which now complements the longer-established rebar contract.
PredictIt, for example, is constrained to 5,000 traders in any given contract, and no trader is able to wager more than $850 on any given contract.
As the contract unfortunately could only be terminated for cause, payments continued to be made until the contract expired by its own terms in February 2018.
For the Navy, a big ticket contract is a future guided missile frigate, or FFG(X) contract that could get awarded for design sometime next year.
In the memo, Imcopa said its decision this month to rescind the contract is due to Petrópolis' "breach of contract" regarding a stipulated profit-sharing payment.
The treatment of contract workers for tech companies has gained an additional level of urgency after reports of Facebook contract workers&apos exposure to traumatic content.
The exchange's North America and China contracts will compete with the U.S.-based CME Group's Nymex steel contract and with Shanghai Futures Exchange's Chinese steel contract.
The tech company has made it clear that when a contract with the United States Department of Defense expires in 2019, said contract won't be renewed.
Volvo awarded TomTom a contract in 2016 to provide location and navigation services from next year, but TomTom said on Tuesday that contract has been canceled.
WASHINGTON — The Pentagon on Tuesday announced a $34 billion F-35 contract with Lockheed Martin, the largest contract yet for the defense company's costly fighter program.
He signed what was then the team's largest contract ever that season, too, a contract that is set to expire at the end of this year.
The government services administrator he appoints has the power to name judges to the administrative court that oversees contract disputes, the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals.
But this year, her contract came with an addendum: She was asked to affirm that she would not boycott Israel during the term of the contract.
Novartis said it discovered soon after signing the contract that Mr. Cohen could not provide the services he had promised and allowed the contract to expire.
On Pro Basketball In today's N.B.A. the players are the stars and the team executives, and they basically decide whether a contract is actually a contract.
But, there are substantial differences between the cash flows for a concession contract that combines design, construction and long-term costs into a single contract obligation.
It has said it plans to launch cash-settled regional aluminium premiums, an alumina contract and a European alloy contract late this year to early 2019.
But the team found some extra spending money after restructuring outfielder Yoenis Cespedes's contract because of his ankle injury suffered in apparent violation of his contract.
That $85033 million, no-bid contract went to a company called Whitefish Energy in Montana – a company with exactly two employees when they won the contract.
The contract is to "verify taxpayer identity and to assist in ongoing identity verification and validations needs of the Service," according to a federal contract filing.
Here are the other top-paying skill sets for freelance workers: Unsurprisingly, annual pay for contract tech workers is highest in the Bay Area, where contract engineers make $224,000 a year on average, and contract designers make $183,000 (if they work 40-hour weeks all year).
The arrangement is something like buying a home on an installment plan, with a high-interest, long-term loan called a contract for deed, or land contract.
The contract offer would be the second made to Bolt, after Maltese club Valletta FC approached the Jamaican with a two-year contract that he turned down.
The global benchmark Brent crude futures contract decreased 0.38 percent to $80.47 per barrel, while the U.S. crude futures contract fell 0.47 percent to $71.44 per barrel.
The Athletic's Shams Charania was the first to report on the deal, which is the richest contract ever landed by a player on a two-way contract.
If the members reject the contract and approve a strike, the walkout would begin Wednesday, Holden said, noting the three-year contract expires at midnight on Tuesday.
Eni's 15-year supply contract was priced below 12 percent of a barrel of Brent crude oil, while Gunvor won a 5-year contract at 11.62 percent.
The risk to the LME is that its high-grade aluminium contract becomes a de-facto "Rusal-grade" contract, opening a yawning gap with the physical market.
In other related oils, the Chicago May soybean oil contract fell 0.1 percent, and the May soyoil contract on the Dalian Commodity Exchange was down 103 percent.
The funds are to enable what NASA calls undefinitized contract actions, in which partners get to work before negotiations on the rest of the contract have concluded.
But the rally stalled as the July contract reached $3.80 and the new-crop December contract approached $4 a bushel, high enough to entice farmers to sell.
The asset-backed token is burned once the contract is filled and the tokens are converted into whatever fiat currency was agreed upon in the initial contract.
From the leaked documents, it's unclear who won the contract to build this system, as the contract hadn't been awarded by early 2010, according to Privacy International.
At that point, the fund's managers must sell its massive holding of the nearer-dated contract and buy about the same amount of the further-dated contract.
The contract for the small Montana company has come under intense scrutiny, and audits of the Whitefish contract at a local and federal level are under way.
When the cash contract is higher than near-term futures contract, it means investors are anticipating a near-term event that will move the markets, then subside.
Luke, in turn, countersued for breach of contract and defamation, denying the allegations and claiming her accusations are an extortion plot to get released from her contract.
The Singapore Exchange front-month contract closed at $121.24 a tonne on Wednesday, while the six-month contract was at $100.52 and the 12-month at $89.52.
While the Hohlt Group contract simply mentions "general communications and government relations counsel," the Flywheel Government Solutions contract involves reaching out to governors and lieutenant governors nationwide.
Harry Styles is the second member of UK boy band One Direction to land a solo recording contract, following Zayn Malik's contract with RCA Records last July.
CME launched its WTI Houston crude futures contract, deliverable at Enterprise's Houston system, in November, just after the ICE Permian WTI crude futures contract launched in October.
The most actively traded October live cattle futures contract at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has tumbled 8% since the fire and set a contract low on Friday.
Feel the Force The CIA contract is peanuts, though, in comparison to the prize Amazon is vying for now: The $10 billion Defense Department JEDI cloud contract.
ABOUT THE JETS (5-7-1): Defenseman Jacob Trouba and Winnipeg broke their contract stalemate Monday, coming to terms on a two-year contract worth $6 million.
The front-month live cattle contract settled at its lowest since October 2016 while the front-month feeder cattle contract dropped to its lowest since March 2017.
The award is a modification to a previous Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) contract and comes after negotiations on the ninth contract for F-35 jets concluded.
Just October, Microsoft scored a major upset over AWS when it won the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract, a $10 billion cloud computing contract with the Pentagon.
Unlike a contract for deed — which typically lasts 260 years, at the end of a Vision contract, tenants still need to find financing to complete the deal.
The Marlins also announced a three-year, $40 million contract for third baseman Martin Prado and exercised a club option on the contract of outfielder Ichiro Suzuki.
Anyone can see that a particular contract has been created and can verify that it is a real contract, but cannot read it without the user's permission.
I am directing that, as each contract reaches the end of its term, the Bureau should either decline to renew that contract or substantially reduce its scope.
This would be done through the "open access" rule, which stops any requirement to clear a derivative contract within the same exchange group that traded the contract.
Rather than wait 'til after next season to negotiate a new contract, Mr. October understandably would prefer to have his new contract settled during the coming offseason.
Though that was less than the QTA contract had envisaged, it was still far more than the market value put on the contract by UEFA's independent experts.
"If a contract that includes a lifetime cap on coverage goes to court, the state courts are likely to invalidate the terms of the contract," Bagley said.
"The president believes that the wall represents his contract with America, certainly his contract with his supporters," said Mr. Galston, who is now at the Brookings Institution.
On the one hand: Yes, to avoid going out, where you might contract coronavirus, you are paying someone else to be out, where they might contract coronavirus.
If the company's contract were terminated early, the state would need to pay Autostrade the remaining value of the contract, a sum that could exceed $17 billion.
"I am sure my contract is on the verge of being rescinded," he added, because enlistees must report to training within two years of signing a contract.
CDT (1731 GMT), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange April lean hogs contract was down its expanded limit of 4.5 cents at 56.375 cents per pound, a contract low.
Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper, who's also represented by Boras, has a $330 million contract and Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout's contract is worth $426.5 million.
It's a massive new contract -- reportedly worth nearly $30 million MORE than the record-setting, $217 mil contract the Red Sox gave David Price back in 2015.
Mr. Esper had recused himself from the contract award decision in October, citing his son's employment at IBM, one of the early bidders on the JEDI contract.
"I used to teach contract law," Warren told a roomful of voters at a CNN town hall in Nevada Thursday night, holding a copy of the contract.
Microsoft ended up signing the same contract, which resulted in Amazon suing the Pentagon, saying that politics got in the way of fair competition for the contract.
A grain trader who discussed contract specifications with CME and requested anonymity said soybeans failed to come together with cash prices in the last two contract expirations.
Google is no longer competing for the $10 billion contract, and it decided not to renew an AI contract with the Pentagon after employees signed a petition.
GM employees with the United Auto Workers union had been negotiating another four-year contract when talks broke down this weekend, right as the previous contract expired.
The $24 million contract will cover the costs of engineering support services for the new chillers -- including prototype design, manufacturing and installation, according to the DOD contract.

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