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"area" Definitions
  1. [countable] part of a place, town, etc., or a region of a country or the world
  2. [countable] a part of a room, building or particular space that is used for a special purpose
  3. [countable] a particular place on an object
  4. [countable] a particular subject or activity, or an aspect of it
  5. [countable, uncountable] the amount of space covered by a flat surface or piece of land, described as a measurement
  6. the area [singular] (also penalty box (both British English), penalty area British and North American English) (in football (soccer)) the area in front of the goal. If the defending team breaks the rules within this area, the other team is given a penalty.

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"area" Synonyms
region zone district quarter sector stretch territory domain locality neighbourhood(UK) patch realm sphere land locale tract turf community division plot section part portion space spot block corner enclosure field footprint open space side special area assigned area department province arena circle discipline line capacity compartment firmament front walk breadth business demesne element extent scope size compass expanse range reach sweep latitude parameters width acreage ambit dimensions measurements proportions subject theme matter topic question speciality(UK) jurisdiction yard sunken space quadrangle court quad plaza close piazza patio square cloister inclosure precinct lawn arcade peristyle courtyard lapa estate grounds property landholding lands freehold garden parkland gardens park finca quinta piece of land parcel of land large farm piece bit segment aspect component constituent fragment installment(US) instalment(UK) sample slice subdivision tier bite chunk authority rule administration command control dominion power influence say sway sovereignty bounds circuit governance government hegemony penalty area box goal goal line goalmouth 18-yard box penalty box suburb suburbia neighborhood(US) fringes outskirts purlieu banlieue barrio boomburb burb conurbation environs exurb exurbia faubourg faubourgs fringe interval gap opening hole break breach rift rent void interstice hiatus discontinuity distance separation gulf interspace span cleft issue point argument concern content discussion text thesis case concept essence focus gist motif sight feature landmark attraction curiosity view wonder marvel monument rarity beauty landscape splendor(US) splendour(UK) distinctive feature prominent feature place of interest point of interest something to write home about thing worth seeing part of building chamber apartment room alcove cave cubicle closet cabin office cell den bedroom niche small compartment vault cubbyhole spare room ward unit intensive care intensive care unit critical care facility emergency room emergency ward trauma centre(UK) trauma center(US) triage room ER ICU emerg emergency clinic emergency department medical crisis unit divisional regional local central domestic provincial parochial town internal city village home municipal civic parish geographical zonal territorial region-specific zone-specific county localized(US) cantonal sectoral devolved state vernacular native sectional localised(UK) More

165 Sentences With "area"

How to use area in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "area" and check conjugation/comparative form for "area". Mastering all the usages of "area" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Initial price thoughts were 100.20 area cash price (Euribor plus 20bp area), mid-swaps plus 30bp area, plus 40bp area, and plus 50bp area.
IPT: 5-year 6.5% area, 10-year 7.5% area GUIDANCE: 5-year 103% area, 10-year 7.50% area.
IPTs: 5-year 9.00% area, 10-year 9.25% area PRICE GUIDANCE: 5-yr 8.75% area, 20173-yr 9.125% area LAUNCH: US$6.75bn 2-part.
There's the icy area, the forest-y area, the alien-poison-and-giant-mushrooms area, the floating stone islands area... you get the idea.
Laptops & TabletsGaming LaptopsLaptops & TabletsGaming LaptopsAlienware Area-51mLaptops & TabletsGaming LaptopsAlienware Area-51mAlienware Area-51mWhat is it?
IPTs: 10yr T+185bp area, 30yr tap T+235bp area GUIDANCE: 10yr: T+13bp area (+/- 5bps), Tap 2045s: T+220bp area (+/- 5bps) LAUNCH: US$2.5bn 2-part.
Initial price thoughts were mid-swaps plus 100bp area, plus 140bp area, and plus 165bp area, respectively.
Industrial area Beijing Yancheng CHINA Guanhe River Residential area Industrial area Residential area Schools near the explosion Site of explosion Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical Company YANCHENG Residential area Many windows were broken within 22015 km of the explosion site.
Industrial area Beijing Yancheng CHINA Guanhe River Residential area Industrial area Residential area Schools near the explosion Site of explosion Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical Company YANCHENG Residential area Many windows were broken within 2000 km of the explosion site.
The show is split into themed areas: a creepy area, a textile area, a ceramics area, and a pastel area — comprising a dizzying maze of clown-themed rooms.
Niflheim has a snowy tundra area, an area that looks like a savannah, and a desert-like area.
Those levels are tight to guidance of plus 125bp area, plus 155bp area and plus 215bp area respectively.
"It's like a self-contained area within a self-contained area within a self-contained area," Levine said.
Yancheng Industrial area CHINA Guanhe River Residential area Industrial area Residential area Schools near the explosion Site of explosion Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical Company YANCHENG Residential area 1 km 1 mile Many windows were broken within 5 km of the explosion site.
"It's like a self-contained area within a self-contained area within a self-contained area," Levine told Reuters.
The bonds began marketing earlier on Thursday at plus 140bp area, plus 170bp area and plus 230bp area respectively.
Guidance has been set at 8.75% area on the five-year and 9.125% area on the 10-year - tighter than the respective 9% area and 9.25% area initial price thoughts.
Pricing indications for 3-year, 5-year, 7-year and 10-year US dollar notes are Treasuries plus 200bp area, 220bp area, 235bp area and 250bp area, respectively, and a long 4-year euro bond is indicated at mid-swaps plus 165bp area.
Initial price thoughts have been announced at T+80bp area for the two-year, T+95bp area for the three-year, T+115bp area for the five-year, T+140bp area for the seven-year and T+155bp area for the 10-year.
This is the tight end of initial levels of plus 140bp area, plus 170bp area and plus 230bp area respectively.
In any area of any ... In any area. Sure.
Your area is not the only area under ISIS .
It was situated in a risky area in my brain, the Broca's area [the area of the brain that controls speech].
"DC area?" is not the area surrounding Washington, D.C. It's an area mentioned in DC Comics, which includes the Superman series.
ChemChina put out respective price indications for US dollar notes of three, five, seven and 2106.5 years of Treasuries plus 4.43bp area, 24.4bp area, 22028bp area and 299.8bp area, as well as a long four-year euro bond at mid-swaps plus 165bp area.
And, by the way, the area was a public area.
The most important area, the Rio Grande area and others.
The Bay Area is blessed; the Bay Area is cursed.
Initial price thoughts are 5% area and 29% area, respectively.
Both the breakfast area and the living area have fireplaces.
The spacious suite includes a living area, a dining area ...
"It's a birthing area for women, it's a men's area, it's an area where many clans congregated for corroborees, it's an area where ceremonial gatherings have occurred over thousands of years," Abraham explains emphatically.
This area, the area of the mall, the area of Bestgate Road, is going to be closed for an indefinite amount of time.
LONDON, Feb 28 (IFR) - * IPTs 1.75% area or MS+176bp area or G+218bp area for 1.75% Mar 6 2023 Swiss franc bond.
A small office area, my fish aquarium, storage loft, seating area, and art library are to the right of the main work area
For software, the hot spots are Baltimore; Pittsburgh; the greater Portland, Oregon area; the greater Washington, D.C., area; and the greater Boston area.
Past the living area is a dining area with a white sculptural chandelier resembling abstract birds; past the dining area is a kitchen.
This is a wide area to play in in this area.
There's an area down there called the visual word form area.
That compares with initial levels of 4.5% area and 5.625% area.
He's from the Bay Area and I'm from the Bay Area.
Is that an area of interest, or an area to avoid?
It will be in the Columbia area, not the Charleston area.
"The risks involved differ somewhat from area to area," said Meiburg.
Marketing began at plus 250bp area and plus 335bp area respectively.
For technology, high opportunity indexes are found in Pittsburgh; the greater Washington, D.C., area; Denver; the greater Boston area; and the greater Detroit area.
Residents of the rural area near Area 2375 are attempting to prepare for the "Storm Area 2184" event that has gone viral on Facebook.
I had a whole setup at the Factory, with all these different areas—like the painting area, the filming area, and the music area.
Compare that to the LA metro area (16 percent), the New York metro area (27 percent), and with the Seattle metro area (72 percent).
You were in the area that's in the hottest area right now.
PRICE GUIDANCE: 10yr tap T+22047bp area, long 299.735yr T+24.35bp area.
That compares with initial thoughts of 4.5% area and 5.625% area respectively.
Initial price thoughts are low 7% area and low 9% area, respectively.
From the sitting area, a door leads outside to the pool area.
San Diego's almost completed the whole area -- their whole area of California.
The area that was struck is the most poor area in Hamurriya.
Every area of your life affects every other area of your life.
To calculate the Gini coefficient, we divide the Area A by the sum of Area A and Area B. So basically, Gini = A / (A+B).
These initiatives could include establishing a new fiscal council for the euro area, a euro area macroeconomic stabilisation function, or even a euro area treasury.
For engineering, the hot spots are Grand Rapids, Michigan; the greater Portland, Oregon area; Pittsburgh; the greater Seattle area; and the greater Washington, D.C. area.
Kushner has no diplomatic experience and may not know all about Area A and Area B and Area C, but that's why we have maps.
Residents would point to an area they've never been before, an area in the outer suburbs, and assume it was a white and wealthy area.
The issuer is marketing a March 2027 bond at 6.95% area, a March 2032 bond at 7.125% area and a March 2037 bond at 7.35% area.
Area X defies explanation: nobody knows its origins or what happened to the people who lived in the area of the coast that Area X claimed.
Teva attracted orders in excess of 25bn after announcing initial price thoughts of mid-swaps plus 100bp area, plus 140bp area, and plus 165bp area, respectively.
So that area of Laos was always a strategic area for Vietnam, and they've continued to see Laos as part of their geostrategic area of interest.
Capital Area Food Bank Capital Area Food Bank, the largest anti-hunger organization in the DC area, typically provides about three million meals in January alone.
If he decides to go into the gray area — or cross over into the black area — others may respond by going into the gray area themselves.
The layout is open, with a kitchen, a living area and a dining area downstairs and a bedroom suite upstairs, open to the living area below.
Every time you improve one area, you find fresh opportunity in another area.
Surveying a developed area costs more than surveying an undeveloped area for example.
You can see the sleeping area, kitchen, and dining area when you enter.
The living area and the kitchen area are separated by a stone wall.
The kitchen area is outfitted with a lounge area where employees can work.
If the one male in that area dies, that's it for that area.
That compares with initial thoughts of 7.25% area and guidance of 7.125% area.
He held various posts with the team during that time, including national scout, Southeast area scout, East Coast area scout, Northeast area scout and player personnel assistant.
You can choose between Face/Eye Detection, Tracking, 49-point area, custom focus area, single-area, and pinpoint focus that includes a magnifying option for more control.
North Wildwood and the Cape May County area was the least flooded area during Hurricane Sandy and had almost no damage in that area of the state.
We get a lot of submarines in the area too — it's a military area.
Palm trees surround a construction area near Yujiapu Financial District, Binhai New Area, Tianjin.
Ceres' surface area is approximately equal to the land area of India or Argentina.
Once you leave that area, you're in a safe area, which is our place.
It originally was a sleeping area, but these days it's mostly a communal area.
In the area of global trade, the euro area remains a world class powerhouse.
The entire area is covered by Russian Anti-Access Area Denial (A2/AD) capabilities.
It has a big barn area, a full barn area, yet it's spread out.
A sitting area, a dining area and a kitchen make up the first floor.
In July, the rainforest lost an area more than twice the area of Tokyo.
"This is an area of ​​criminal interest and an area in conflict," said Gen.
That compares with initial marketing levels of plus 115bp area and plus 155bp area.
The Las Vegas area also got $2.8 million from the Urban Area Security Initiative.
After an initial low 5% area proposed pricing was earlier revised to 5% area.
That compares to initial price thoughts of 5% area and guidance at 4.875% area.
Those special zones include the greater Cairo area, Alexandria and the Suez Canal area.
Official guidance was 5.75% area, which compared with initial price thoughts of 5.85% area.
Those located in the Alamo burn area are in a recommended evacuation warning area.
The Dupuyer area got 37 inches, and the Heart Butte area saw 34 inches.
We get a lot of submarines in the area too—it's a military area.
The development means that the area of transmission of Zika has expanded beyond the one area of Miami that had previously been the only area of local Zika transmission.
The sovereign has announced guidance of 85bp area over Treasuries on a five-year, plus 105bp area on a 10-year and 150bp area on a 30-year tranche.
According to Zillow, the median rent in the Boise metro area is $1,495, compared with $2,400 in the Seattle metro area and $3,500 in the San Francisco metro area.
Back then, the area featured a wooded area, fertile land, and waterfalls with fresh water.
The Big Sur River inundated a camping area and closed several parks in the area.
The sovereign is marketing November 2027s at 603% area and November 2047s at 7.875% area.
Our area, the south part of Santa Monica, was a gritty area in the 1970s.
Sensitive area The area in which this incident occurred is particularly sensitive for the Chinese.
That compares to an initial marketing level of 2.3% area and guidance of 2.25% area.
These machines are not tablets; there is a work surface area and a view area.
The area where us activists and punks lived in Brixton was a very black area.
Best of all ... there's a standard VIP area, and also a completely secluded VVIP area.
Except for one area, and that is the area that we really need to discuss.
"Pain in one area of the nerve may refer to another area," says Dr. Derebery.
More than 100 are being treated in Napa-area and Sonoma-area hospitals, per CNN.
We moved all over the Northside from the Homestead area to the Acres Homes area.
Away from the Haunted Hayride staging area, the picnic area was serene and spook-free.
That compared with initial guidance of 5.625% area and initial price thoughts of 5.75% area.
The final spreads are in line with guidance of 242bp area and 324bp area respectively.
There will be a storage area, galley and entertainment area on the spaceship, says Musk.
The floor plan is open, leading from living area to dining area and the kitchen.
The living area has a kiva fireplace and the dining area has a gas stove.
This fatter area housed the battery, but also gave the Kindle a defined grip area.
The New York City area also got $178 million from the Urban Area Security Initiative.
"Area 51 of Area 51," Musk said of this image taken by a nearby resident.
That compares to an initial marketing level of 3.65% area, and guidance at 3.60% area.
Guidance on the NC10 is 325bp area over swaps, tighter than the 340bp area IPTs.
This tranche was originally marketed at 6% area, before pricing was revised to 5.875% area.
So I moved into the equities area, the stock market area, and that was great.
Iraq is designated as an Imminent Danger Pay area and a Hostile Fire Pay area.
Everyone in the focus area gets the same freshman classes, including three in their area.
The area behind the painting wall is for photographing works and a sitting/viewing area.
If you are not a resident of this area and don't have family members in the area you are trying to help, you need to stay out of this area.
Teva attracted orders in excess of 25bn after announcing initial price thoughts of mid-swaps plus 100bp area, mid-swaps plus 140bp area, and mid-swaps plus 165bp area, respectively.
Officials have imposed two areas of veterinary sanitary restrictions around the area, a 3-km protection area and a 10-km monitoring area, neither of which include commercial poultry farms.
If you only need a certain area scanned (like, say, the top half of the work area, or the rough area around something you've already cut), fortunately, that's an option.
The sovereign has started marketing five-year notes at Treasuries plus 205bp area, a 10-year bond at plus 325bp area and a 30-year tranche at plus 410bp area.
That area has received a lot of sunshine, and there's been a lack of westerly wind to blow area away the warm area hovering above the sea surface, he said.
My body sort of stiffened to protect the baby and the belly area the uterus area.
So we're talking about moving from somewhere like Camden to an area adjacent to that area.
A lot of people in this area, which is not even an overwhelmingly right wing area.
In the urban area A, 70 people support the regulation; in rural area B, 40 do.
Lena defeats Area X, and stops Area X's boundaries from swallowing up the rest of civilization!
Initial price thoughts on the euro tranches were announced at 5% area and 7% area respectively.
If you're in the area, visit here to find a local blood donation in your area.
The area of Great Exuma that Fyre chose was a deserted area called Rokers Point Settlement.
That compares to initial price thoughts of plus 100bp area and guidance of plus 95bp area.
A geologically porous section of Area 4 covering the Mamba and Prosperidade fields straddles Area 1.
Guidance compares with initial marketing levels of 280bp area and 345bp area over mid-swaps respectively.
The great room includes a spacious living area and dining area with wood and stone elements.
Nexa confirmed it was exploring in the area but Vale denied having rights to the area.
"They didn't want people from the lower-income area zipping through their area," Ms. Elian said.
She basically says she was walking in the Firehole Canyon Swim Area, through a muddy area.
Above the living area is the captain's quarters, which is a loft area with a mattress.
Lithuania began marketing the bond at plus 30bp area before announcing guidance of plus 28bp area.
Officials in the Bay Area, the Los Angeles area and in San Diego took similar steps.
It is the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, not the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area.
Clearly, it's past time we restore our cooperation in the cultural area in the humanitarian area.
Doctors Without Borders ran one clinic in a Shiite area and one in a Sunni area.
But sometimes, because they're real smart in one area, they think it applies to another area.
If you're satisfied with one area, think of ways to apply that success to another area.
The latest level compares with guidance of 5.625% area and initial price thoughts of 5.75% area.
Area 51 is a tiny parcel of land in that area that surrounds this dry lakebed.
The sleeping area was separated from the living area by a desk partition and the kitchenette.
Clearly, it's past time we restore our cooperation in the cultural area, in the humanitarian area.

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