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"affair" Definitions
  1. affairs [plural] events that are of public interest or political importance
  2. [countable, usually singular] an event that people are talking about or describing in a particular way
  3. [countable] a sexual relationship between two people, usually when one or both of them are already in a relationship with somebody else
  4. affairs [plural] matters connected with a person’s private business and financial situation
  5. [singular] a thing that somebody is responsible for (and that other people should not be interested in) synonym business
  6. [countable] (with an adjective) (old-fashioned) an object that is unusual or difficult to describe

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"affair" Synonyms
event happening thing circumstance episode occurrence matter occasion concern experience activity adventure business case eventuality hap incident interlude phenomenon proceeding fling romance relationship amour intrigue flirtation liaison affaire dalliance attachment entanglement involvement relations rendezvous intimacy love affair hanky-panky carry-on romantic entanglement two-timing function reception party bash blowout gathering celebration binge blast do fete powwow rave soiree thrash beanfeast beano bunfight problem dealing responsibility worry headache interest lookout preserve province transaction undertaking venture baby bailiwick issue question situation subject topic point item point at issue consideration point of contention particular product produce production output work handiwork labor(US) labour(UK) yield fruit result creation achievement consequence design outcome upshot crop doing deed exploit enterprise campaign operation feat caper stunt escapade crusade quest effort infidelity adultery cuckoldry cheating unchastity fornication extramarital relations fooling around extramarital sex playing around playing the field a bit on the side unfaithfulness disloyalty occupation job profession employment line trade vocation career position calling pursuit field post craft game racket métier tryst encounter romp whirl assignation hookup date clandestine meeting get-together illicit meeting one-night stand quickie secret meeting romantic rendezvous romantic encounter one night stand blind date double date theme motif gist motive essence focus thesis thread argument content discussion object session meeting conference hearing sitting assembly conclave congress period plenary term caucus diet forum huddle meet sederunt seminar drama dilemma turmoil crisis predicament adversity plight spectacle catastrophe disaster mess quandary trouble bind calamity commotion conundrum debacle difficulty challenge contention subject matter catch cause celebre hot potato talk of the town uproar bone of contention celebrated case controversial case controversial issue controversy debate fuss grist for the gossip mill matter of the moment moot point political football rumour(UK) rumor(US) scandal topic of the day war of words brief romance short romance short-term romance holiday romance offence(UK) offense(US) crime disgrace misconduct outrage wrongdoing impropriety injustice shame sin transgression embarrassment insult affront -gate immoral behaviour outrageous behaviour department establishment market office company organisation(UK) organization(US) setup syndicate unit business matter partnership administration agency opportunity moment condition time window window of opportunity context happenstance juncture right set of circumstances state of affairs coincidence fortuity go More
"affair" Antonyms
avocation entertainment fun hobby irresponsibility surrender pastime recreation unemployment whole retreat yielding giving up dislike hate hatred platonic relationship friendship platonic love insignificance meaninglessness nothing nothingness zero seriousness chore task work non-event diddly naught nix nought zip zippo zilch not anything nonevent feud division separation discord disunion disharmony disjuncture dissection dissension breaking disconnection dissent dissidence dividing parting partition segmentation separating disuniting severance faithfulness fidelity allegiance devotion fealty loyalty constancy devotedness faith staunchness steadfastness honesty chastity denial reality refusal inertia idleness disagreement misunderstanding failure inactivity indolence rejection abstention fact inaction certainty passiveness apathy safety surety passivity laziness method plan system cessation inutility repose rest stoppage uselessness peace indifference assurance protection sure thing leisure amusement cheer enjoyment festivity merriment merrymaking pleasure celebration felicity festiveness frolic gaiety merriness mirth regalement failing misadventure misfortune flop blunder bomb bungle check hindrance management manager obstruction auxiliary extra accessory avoidance dodging evasion refrainment averting elusion eschewal ignorance non-participation refraining steering clear of vegetating torpidity lazing otiosity torpor loafing loitering pottering sedentariness time-wasting trifling dormancy stagnation solitude secludedness seclusion isolation loneliness aloneness lonesomeness solitariness desolation being alone lack of companions lack of company aloofness detachment distance reservation unfriendliness independence remoteness standoffishness unapproachability separateness withdrawnness tranquility(US) tranquillity(UK) calm serenity calmness placidity comfort contentment peacefulness relaxation relief sereneness solution answer key resolution remedy cure-all magic bullet panacea silver bullet way out non-issue nonissue matter of no concern nothingburger old news yesterday's news cause causation origin source reason incitement instigation motivation motive determinant stimulation stimulator occasion achievement accomplishment attainment feat triumph deed success hastening hurrying push rush noninvolvement nonalignment nonparticipation do-nothing policy noninterventionism letdown disappointment anticlimax bummer bust downer dud mind-numbing experience waste of time

893 Sentences With "affair"

How to use affair in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "affair" and check conjugation/comparative form for "affair". Mastering all the usages of "affair" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The Affair "The Affair" takes the work of adulthood seriously.
I mean, I just can&apost believe you have one president comparing his affair with another president&aposs affair or alleged affair.
Let's have a strange affair, a private love affair of our own.
But a fling turns into an affair (and an affair turns into love).
Basically, he wants to keep their affair just that: An affair, nothing more.
"The Cuban Affair" is heavy on affair and light on almost everything else.
But "the worst part of Suzanne's affair with Dennis wasn't even the affair," he writes.
Every affair redefines a relationship, and every relationship determines what the legacy of the affair will be.
A high-tech affair The IDP pushed heavily to make this year's caucus a high-tech affair.
In 1953, Agnes had an affair with Doris Tiedeman, whose daughter, Claudia Tiedeman, later had an affair with Tronte.
It's through the emotional lens of the King affair that many people in Iowa are viewing the Ukraine affair.
"We should stop calling this the Bygmalion affair, and instead [call it] the Nicolas Sarkozy's Campaign Account [affair]," he said.
He led an impeachment crusade against President Bill Clinton for having an affair, while he was having an affair himself.
She's leaving out the technicalities of how Clinton was impeached for lying about his affair, not for actually having an affair.
Newt, you must remember, carried on a six-year extramarital affair with her while impeaching a president for having an affair.
The affair: National Enquirer exposes Bezos&apos affair with Sanchez, and publishes texts it says were from Sanchez&aposs estranged brother.
The Affair Sunday brought us the first Helen-and-Noah episode of "The Affair" this season, and the pattern was familiar.
I heard enough to ascertain that Johnson's long affair with Alice was indeed unlike any affair he had with any other woman.
Read these stories next: The Important Part Of The Stormy Daniels Interview Wasn't The Affair Here's What Stormy Daniels Said In 2011 About Her Alleged Affair With Donald Trump The 7 Most Shocking Claims From The Report On Trump's Alleged Playboy Affair
The Important Part Of The Stormy Daniels Interview Wasn't The Affair Here's What Stormy Daniels Said In 2011 About Her Alleged Affair With Trump
After Claire is revealed to still be having an affair with Yates — is it still an affair if Frank is totally cool with it?
Daniels has said the money was in exchange for her silence about an affair with Trump, an affair that the White House has denied.
Defendant previously denied affair with co-worker, investigators say Investigators said they learned Watts was "actively involved" in an affair with a co-worker.
The White House denied that Trump had an affair with Daniels, but several people have publicly said that Daniels told them about the affair.
The Affair "The Affair" got back to Montauk with an Alison-and-Cole episode Sunday night, after two bleak weeks with Helen and Noah.
It's not a stretch to assume Farrow was angry with Allen for not just having an affair, but having an affair with her daughter.
FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS The Profumo Affair Cliveden House was the setting for the Profumo affair scandal in the &apos60s.
He was a principal author of the Starr Report, which detailed Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky and misrepresentations of that affair in sworn testimony.
"Just because your partner had an affair doesn't mean that you stop loving them," says Carolynn Aristone, LCSW, a sex therapist who specializes in affair recovery.
She claimed Watkins wanted to invite a woman he allegedly once had an affair with, leading Souza to believe the affair was ongoing, the outlet reported.
When we first meet Kelly (Gugu Mbatha Raw) in San Junipero, she's skipping from love affair to love affair in an effort to quell the boredom.
She also begins a love affair with Napoleon III's masculine-presenting niece, Matilde de Morny (Denise Gough) — known as Missy —while Willy has his own affair.
The one from Ken Tindall, he wrote in 210 and he was remembering his first great love affair affair he had in 1958 in the bookshop.
She said that she would tell people they'd had an affair, that she was known as the stalker among her peers, and that she hated it and if she had an affair or said she had an affair then she wouldn't be the stalker any more.
It is an image of a woman resembling the woman with whom Bezos is having an affair, months before the Bezos affair was known publicly That certainly hints that the Saudi government may have some private information about Bezos, months before the affair was made public.
Daphne Greenslay remembers her childhood affair with her older family friend, Ralph, fondly — until her old friend, Jane, reframes the affair as what it was: sexual abuse.
Bentley refused to publicly admit affair Ripples from the scandal surrounding the governor's affair had spread during a turbulent 12 months before Bentley's decision to walk away.
She claims she had a consensual affair with Donald Trump in 2006, as detailed in her original 2011 interview with In Touch (Trump has denied this affair).
While one might expect "Little Reunions" to chart Julie and Chih-yung's affair and subsequent marriage, and then her later affair with Yen Shan, it does not.
And it is now the inspiration for "The Town Hall Affair," a new piece by the Wooster Group at the Performing Garage, starring Maura Tierney ("The Affair").
And that's how their affair starts: the affair everyone wrote about with a frisson of pop culture glee when The Princess Diarist came out a few weeks ago.
It was a society riddled with anti-Semitism, yet it witnessed no upheaval on the scale of the Dreyfus Affair or the Tiszaeszlár blood-libel affair in Hungary.
Daniels, who spoke publicly about the affair before signing a $130,000 nondisclosure agreement with Trump's personal attorney, has said her affair took place during an overlapping time period.
Do you know how many news stories I did on Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky and the influence that affair had on the sexual morality of Generation X?
The Affair Through two seasons, "The Affair" charted a course between melodrama and comedy of manners, with a ticky-tacky mystery thrown in to keep the plot percolating.
A decent person who had an affair would, when faced with the prospect of that affair going public, tell their spouse what happened, apologize, and accept the consequences.
But she stumbled on questions about whether taxpayer money might have been misused to conduct of her affair and she refused to say when the affair had ended.
The White House has denied that Trump had an affair with Daniels and Daniels herself, in the immediate aftermath of the Journal story, denied the affair as well.
On the occasion of this exhibition, Printed Matter republished one of Alatalo's titles that was also done in this collage style, A Rearranged Affair, as An Arranged Affair.
Fox News reporter Diana Falzone filed a story about Daniels and Trump's affair in October 20153, with an on-the-record comment from Daniels's then-manager confirming the affair.
Left the first wife, had an affair, left the second wife, had an affair, had kids both times, but he's the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America.
" - Nissa, 33 "Affair with my first love's sister.
" As for Donna's claims that Shannon had pushed David to an affair, he quickly denied that, telling Shannon in front of everyone, "You didn't push me to have an affair.
With the spotlight on her, Keeler confirmed that she had had an affair with Profumo — and an affair with Captain Yevgeny Ivanov, a Soviet naval attache, during the same period.
Lewinsky, for whom questions from media and press about her erstwhile affair with Clinton are typically considered off-limits, is uncharacteristically participating in a new docuseries called The Clinton Affair.
Also on Tuesday, the porn star Stormy Daniels, who Trump reportedly paid $130,000 to keep quiet about an affair she had with him in 2006, claimed the affair never happened.
The agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations made by her about an affair despite already having signed a detailed letter admitting that there was no affair.
The agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations made by her about an affair... despite already having signed a detailed letter admitting that there was no affair.
Police say Watts was having an affair According to the unsealed Weld County arrest affidavit, investigators say they discovered Watts was "actively involved" in an affair with a co-worker.
The agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations made by her about an affair,...... ...despite already having signed a detailed letter admitting that there was no affair.
Daniels, who alleges a 2006 affair with the president, is suing Trump over his and Cohen's denials of the affair, which Daniels says constitutes defamation that has harmed her reputation.
Doris has an affair with Agnes Nielson in the '50s, and Egon seems to be on the precipice of an affair with the newly arrived Hannah Kahnwald around the same time.
It was fine for her brother to be sexually active, fine for him to be having an affair with an older married woman, but no for her to have an affair.
Another former Playboy model, Karen McDougal, alleges that she had an affair with Trump between 2006 and 2007, around the same time as Daniels, who alleges her affair occurred in 2006.
Daniels has alleged that had an affair with Trump in 85033 and that she took a $130,000 payment in 2016 from Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, not to discuss the affair.
Greitens has admitted to the affair but denied claims from the woman's ex-husband that he tried to use a compromising photo to blackmail the woman into keeping the affair quiet.
A scripted affair This impeachment trial will be both a more scripted affair for Roberts -- he will work closely with the Senate parliamentarian -- yet one controlled by the predilections of others.
" Arts in Monaco, says Frere, "are a family affair.
No doubt about it ... it was an elegant affair.
PARIS — In fashion, business is often a family affair.
The Mysterious Affair at Olivetti , by Meryle Secrest (Knopf) .
Life & Livin' It is also a full band affair.
"We were talking about a love affair, or at least the beginning of a love affair between these two guys," Mr. Castillo recalled, walking around Hell's Kitchen on a recent Friday afternoon.
Though the White House has denied the president carried on such an affair, Daniels is suing to void a nondisclosure agreement that she claims prevents her from speaking publicly about the affair.
In August 2016, AMI paid Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who alleged an affair with Trump a decade ago, $150,000 to buy the rights to her story about the alleged affair.
Gennifer Flowers, a former TV reporter, said she had a twelve-year affair with Clinton and that he told her to lie about the affair on his behalf when others grew suspicious.
But Simon Derrick at BNY Mellon says the dollar fell during the Watergate affair, the Iran contra scandal of 1986-87 and the impeachment of Bill Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinsky.
Not only did Bentley have an affair with a staffer, Mason, he also allegedly took advantage of his position as governor to both cover up the affair and offer unearned benefits to Mason.
But Bill Clinton will have a very tough time getting the public to believe any tender or humanizing stories about a woman he has so regularly been caught betraying in affair after affair.
If traditional disco is a hot and sweaty affair, all silk shirts and unbridled sexuality, it's cosmic cousin was, due in part to it's popularity in Europe's most northern reaches, a chillier affair.
The alleged votes-for-cash affair was triggered by an ongoing French investigation with former international athletics chief Lamine Diack and his son Papa Massata Diack seen as leading figures in the affair.
Daniels alleges that she had an affair with Trump years ago, and is fighting a legal battle to void a nondisclosure agreement that she says prevents her from speaking publicly about the affair.
In bits and pieces, it emerges that Evert's private Sparsholt affair has been supplanted by a very public Sparsholt Affair, a sex scandal involving David, Clifford Haxby, and a Tory member of Parliament.
Despite the weaponry and arson, it's a well mannered affair.
In "Watergate," he invented a love affair for Pat Nixon.
Philpott had also criticized the government's handling of the affair.
More info on the, uh, softly sensual affair to follow.
After Thanksgiving, hitting the cinema is predictably a busy affair.
In fact, they recently made the occasion a family affair!
At the Kardashian's, the holidays are always a family affair.
But now the carefree affair is tainted with bad blood.
Back then, violence against women was considered a 'family affair.
Claudia had an affair with Tronte Nielson in the '80s.
He was briefly married to The Affair star Jennifer Esposito.
But that's why the Machado affair has been so enlightening.
Giuliani had earlier denied Trump had an affair with McDougal.
The affair is also under investigation by accounting firm PwC.
Olivier Rousteing and Beyoncé are continuing their fashion love affair.
And regulatory probes are by their nature a lengthy affair.
Curtis cites the affair as an example of perception management.
Hong Kong matters are purely an internal affair for China.
It was a sober affair until Patrick took the mic.
They have a love affair with luxury products and brands.
Frizzo soon learned of the affair and questioned the Cochrans.
"That was definitely a deep love affair," Chermayeff tells ABC.
Is it an affair if you haven't physically touched anyone?
It also became a family affair for the Schumer clan.
"The Cuban Affair" 4 Nelson DeMille (Simon & Schuster, $28.99) 8.
Telegrams founder, Pavel Durov, has remained vocal throughout the affair.
Dismissal will not be the end of the Flynn affair.
We're still family, so this is a wonderful family affair.
He also said he considered the affair "bigger than Watergate".
Delphine and Carole soon tumble into a rapturous love affair.
Hong Kong matters are purely an internal affair to China.
My long and guilty love affair with an astrology book.
Halloween was always a family affair for Jenna Bush Hager!
Time to start planning your next love affair ... er, vacation.
His wife had an affair with his barber — HIS BARBER.
Boxing can too often be a life and death affair.
The Khashoggi affair is a critical moment to reverse course.
Jim Cramer sees an intense love affair with value stocks.
True to form, it was a tawdry and bitter affair.
Yet our love affair with stuff smarter than us continues.
Just one piece turns schlubby lounging into a lavish affair.
WWDC is a pretty pricey affair at $212,22016 per ticket.
Kramer, An Affair to Remember — they've all got women, right?
Just how deep is America's love affair with fried chicken?
"Hemingway destroyed every friendship, every love affair," concludes Mr Morris.
Meanwhile, Troy is having an affair with a married professor.
Thiam's departure does not draw a line under the affair.
An incestual love affair may yet be in our future.
A Royal Affair director Nikolaj Arcel is helming the project.
During that time, Hayworth got pregnant, which complicated their affair.
DiLaurentis had an affair, resulting in the oldest DiLaurentis child.
Knight has an affair with gender nonconforming Marquise de Belbeuf.
America is engaged in a love affair with fried chicken.
She reawakens herself through an affair with a younger man.
What if you're cheating on your affair with your spouse?
The affair has become Mr Macron's first serious leadership test.
In many ways, the Dallas march was a family affair.
Ulrich isn't the only one in Winden having an affair.
But his reputation has been tarnished by the BHS affair.
"I had an affair while you were traveling," he said.
Whatever the reason, last night's showdown was a lacklustre affair.
LONDON — Britain is having a passionate love affair with prosecco.
" Trump then promised her: "We're going to have an affair.
Together we'd watch Oprah, Hard Copy, and A Current Affair.
It also conditions how Republican voters view the Russia affair.
The Khashoggi affair has receded and technology stocks have recovered.
It was a family affair for Jerry Seinfeld on Wednesday.
The glamorous royal affair was held on April 18, 1956.
Meghan Markle is continuing her love affair with wearing Givenchy.
How is this connected with our love affair with weapons?
Wilson will be staying plenty busy, even without The Affair.
Jamie Chung has a new love affair — with Austin, Texas.
The 22th anniversary, on May 2000th, was a politicised affair.
Was Caro Quintero's affair with Sofia Conesa (Tessa Ia) real?
The two sides continued to exchange accusations over the affair.
Inside the ceremony: The night was a Cyrus family affair.
The 2016 Emmys were, by all accounts, a lovely affair.
It was their parents' affair that then kept them apart.
What does this have to do with the Profumo Affair?
The Profumo Affair had major reverberations in the political sphere.
Therefore, The Crown never associates Philip with the Profumo Affair.
Indeed, corporate travel might be becoming a more independent affair.
Paul's story is that of his love affair with Susan.
The affair between the sex industry and cryptocurrency isn't new.
Meghan's love affair with Sarah Flint shoes isn't exactly new.
He had not engaged in an extramarital affair, he promised.
Historically, the transition to parenthood was a very private affair.
Mourning Aretha Franklin is a long, messy, raw, cleansing affair.
The offshore entities are interconnected, their use a family affair.
"An affair of more than passing affection," Brokaw told her.
Johnson's PUBG session last Saturday was an otherwise ordinary affair.
Recently, funding for the NIH has been a bipartisan affair.
It is, as appropriate for this column, a bleak affair.
Germans' love affair with the car is also a hurdle.
At the time, Clinton's affair with Lewinsky wasn't publicly known.
"The whole affair is influenced by military culture," Bouchard says.
Like everything Black Tusk does, this album's a family affair.
Jenner's fans have uploaded the entire dramatic affair onto Instagram.
The two have been having an affair for two years.
This boost in China's overall image is a bipartisan affair.
The 2017 Oscars have turned into quite a delicious affair.
Still, he maintained that he had no affair with Levy.
Obviously, scoring weed in Thailand is a highly dangerous affair.
This whole affair is so blatantly cringeworthy for all parties.
Sensible design adds a sophisticated note to the whole affair.
Last weekend's Star Trek Mission was a much smaller affair.
I'll even admit I find the whole affair rather relaxing.
For others, exiting the industry is a messy, protracted affair.
In the affair site's case, the passwords were similarly dumb.
Evgenhiya admits her affair to Elizabeth, unraveling before her eyes.
I can say from experience that it's a lively affair.
The White House has said that Trump denies the affair.
The White House has repeatedly said Trump denies the affair.
Greitens admitted to the affair but denied the blackmail allegations.
For most stars, though, the day was a family affair.
The White House has consistently said Trump denies the affair.
The White House says he has denied each alleged affair.
"Bouvier Affair," a legal dispute between the Russian oligarch Dmitry
Strzok and Page were having an affair at the time.
Hormones. The stunning efficacy of new love affair crash diets?
The President has denied having an affair with Stormy Daniels.
Voting for Clinton is not a partisan or ideological affair.
No evidence of the affair has ever been publicly released.
The White House has said Trump denies the affair allegation.
The White House has said Trump denies the alleged affair.
An affair, once started, is not fully under your control.
In fact, a lot of "The Affair" is hilariously awful.
The White House has said Trump denies an affair happened.
But the brothers' political reach wasn't just a federal affair.
Belvaux's movie, by contrast, is a sparse and solemn affair.
China's growing love affair with helicopters looks set to continue.
If you disregard security costs, it's still a pricey affair.
At the time, the two were having an extramarital affair.
In the Dempsey household, good hair is a family affair.
Attending an NFL game in person is an expensive affair.
Why does she want to talk about the affair now?
Photographer Jill Freedman's love affair with Ireland started with music.
The contest is Philadelphia's first Christmas Day affair since 2001.
Trump has denied any affair with either Daniels or McDougal.
In 1992, Katrina, then still Scott, confessed to an affair.
It's a closed affair, the screenings aren't announced in advance.
Trump has denied he engaged in any affair with McDougal.
The affair was subject to intense investigation and public scrutiny.
But after about a decade, our love affair is over.
The main opposition Democratic Party has seized on the affair.
"How did Ike handle the Kay Summersby affair?" he asked.
He was having an affair with the great patron's wife.
Gregory CowlesSenior Editor, Books THE SPARSHOLT AFFAIR, by Alan Hollinghurst.
Trump has denied he had an affair with either woman.
The second half is a more lively and raucous affair.
Trump has said he never had an affair with Daniels.
A video of the affair went viral on social media.
Sylvie Kauffmann MOSCOW — Presidential elections are normally a major affair.
Our nation has always had a love affair with innovation.
The whole affair comes together in less than 30 minutes.
Sandberg has made major donations like this an annual affair.
She was his student, and they were having an affair.
The eclipse was a much smaller affair over on Twitter.
Lots of people couldn't believe he would have an affair.
Last weekend's visit with Bolsonaro was a more casual affair.
This affair was not to be a forever love, though.
The first, "Folly," is the story of a love affair.
In this whole affair, some say, there are no Algerians.
He has previously said that Mr. Trump denies the affair.
An elaborate strategy to hide an affair and a pregnancy.
THE VERDUN AFFAIR By Nick Dybek 294 pp. Scribner. $27.
Which, you'll remember, is the whole point of this affair.
And then, the whole macabre affair ends in abrupt tragedy.
Second, there is something disturbingly meta about this whole affair.
The championship race in London was an old man's affair.
Labour lawmakers have called for an inquiry into the affair.
All "The Affair" is doing now is surveying the damage.
It was the greatest love affair I have ever known.
Multiple people described Mr. Bolton's account of the Ukraine affair.
His wife, Ellen (Mary McCormack, solid), is having an affair.
Christmas in the Nixon White House was a lively affair.
Christmas during the first Bush administration was a family affair.
Facing possible accusations from a porn star about an affair?
There is barely a graceless frame in the whole affair.
In spring 2013, she discovered he had had an affair.
The folding Persols Steve McQueen wore in 'Thomas Crown Affair'
Jordan plays Adonis, Apollo Creed's son from an extramarital affair.
Cohen has said previously that Trump "vehemently denies" any affair.
There were the rumors: The president has had an affair!
I wanted to witness a murder, an affair, a revelation.
Cohen has said Trump "vehemently denies" any affair took place.
Expect this to be a wild affair in Kansas City.
Sanford's lethargic reelection bid was a lightly staffed shoestring affair.
He often accused the press of inflating the Watergate affair.
Trump also denies McDougal's claims of an affair with him.
In the Ukraine affair, Mr. Trump again overrode ordinary processes.
She could not begin an affair because it required imagination.
Cohen previously said Trump has denied an affair with Clifford.
The donor had impregnated the model in an adulterous affair.
What was once a pastoral affair is now a scrum.
Instead, Lover is a modest, intimate affair, realistic and happy.
The paraphrased argument goes like this: The affair was consensual.
MPs, now back in Westminster, are burrowing into the affair.
Trotsky, in turn, would carry on an affair with Rivera's
But the event quickly deteriorated into a partisan political affair.
President Clinton was guilty of trying to conceal his affair.
John Edwards was guilty of trying to conceal his affair.
Greitens had acknowledged the affair but denied the blackmail allegation.
In January Eric Greitens admitted to having an extramarital affair.
Ross's threat, however, transforms the affair into something more serious.
Hultqvist has acknowledged knowing about the affair since early 2016.
Also continued focus on Giuliani's role in the Ukraine affair.
The alleged affair involved Karen McDougal, a former Playboy Playmate.
At Radio City Music Hall, this was a classy affair.
The affair (and the marriage) lasted a few more years.
Whitaker's hearing is probably going to be a contentious affair.
Hacking email accounts doesn't have to be a sophisticated affair.
The Khashoggi affair is a particularly horrendous violation of norms.
Hong Kong matters are purely an internal affair due China.
The Affair is one of those shows I halfheartedly follow.
The Affair airs Sundays at 9 pm Eastern on Showtime.
A low-key affair Cruz's first foray back onto the Senate floor since ending his Republican presidential bid was a low key affair, with only a handful of senators acknowledging their often-controversial colleague.
"The agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations made by her about an affair despite already having signed a detailed letter admitting that there was no affair," Trump wrote on Twitter.
Daniels alleges that she had an affair with Trump in 85033 and was seeking to have the settlement declared illegal so that she could speak up about that affair without fear of financial penalties.
NATIONAL An article on Tuesday about Melania Trump's reaction to reports that her husband had an affair with the adult film star Stormy Daniels misstated the time period in which the affair reportedly occurred.
Some interpreters of Lady Capulets hint, absurdly, that she's having an incestuous affair with her nephew Tybalt; but when he dies, they make her lamentation an affair of mere show rather than tribal grief.
Many thought it was ironic that Gingrich championed the impeachment of the President for lying about a consensual affair with a staffer when Gingrich himself was carrying on a consensual affair with a House staffer.
Alice even admits to her affair with FP and calls out some of the pretty nonsensical reasoning Hal had for killing people such as Fred's affair, which both Alice and Hal are guilty of having.
There, Kennedy and Arvad continued their affair, but when Joe learned of their rendezvous – and the fact that his son was contemplating marriage – the elder Kennedy "went into overdrive to end the affair," Leaming writes.
Politico Florida reported that the affair became known soon after lobbyist Devon West disclosed the affair to Clemens' wife after West came into possession of Clemens' laptop, which contained a list of his personal contacts.
McDougal, a former Playboy model who also said she had an affair with Trump the same year, faces a $260,225 penalty every time she talks about the affair without the permission of American Media Inc.
McDougal, a former Playboy model who also said she had an affair with Trump the same year, faces a $200,000 penalty every time she talks about the affair without the permission of American Media Inc.
The president of the United States had an affair with a young intern — in the Oval Office, no less — and lied about that affair, under oath, in a sexual-harassment deposition in a separate case.
The Daniels affair, which if it happened the way she described it to InTouch Weekly in 2011, was completely consensual, as was the alleged McDougal affair, if it happened as reported in The New Yorker.
But ending the Hanjin shipping crisis could be a protracted affair.
Compared to the other films, Zygote is a comparably straightforward affair.
Go deeper: Lewinsky says she considered suicide during Clinton affair investigation
Cohen and Trump continue to deny that the affair took place.
Cooking the big meal is a family affair for the comedian.
This week on The Affair, every train goes off its tracks.
It's a jolly affair with lots of sweets and Santa hats!
Their affair was initially kept secret as they were both married.
As you can imagine, they've all toned down their love affair
America is in the rosy throes of a tooth-staining affair.
Because Trump, you know, had an affair with a porn star?
LOS ANGELES – Gavin Newsom had an inappropriate affair with his employee.
In that segment, she reportedly makes new claims about their affair.
Ghostbusters always has been and always will be a family affair.
My love affair with Janet began with her 1986 album, Control.
But it looks like even nap time is a family affair.
He allegedly had denied the affair to police, the affidavit shows.
It was a slow love affair that I had with Patreon.
For Julianne Moore, the Sundance Film Festival is a family affair!
Getting in shape doesn't have to be a high-tech affair.
It's a pretty opaque and byzantine affair in the first place.
Who said that brunch had to be a boozy $50 affair?
Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer, has denied there was any affair.
The Royals is turning into a family affair for its star.
"It was a lovely jolly affair," a palace source tells PEOPLE.
The Knicks player allegedly had an affair leading to a separation.
"The Thomas Crown Affair" debuted first, this very week in 1968.
But she denied that the affair was with a staff member.
Like other firms involved in the affair, both companies deny wrongdoing.
Haley was publicly accused of having an affair of her own.
Playing games in Facebook Messenger is no longer a solo affair.
Speaking with Kimmel, however, Daniels sort of denied denying the affair.
Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair That Shaped a First Lady.
I worry that they will find out about the affair someday.
A Brief History Of Kanye West's Love Affair With Phoebe Philo
Politico reports that there's no proof that such an affair occurred.
It's an all animal affair... 🐏😂 #WorldRun #WingsForLife #AppRun pic.twitter.
A highly publicized extramarital affair didn't end Mark Sanford's political career.
She admitted to the aide fling, but denied a staffer affair.
Valentine's Day 2018 was a group affair for the Kardashian family.
Hmmm, this is starting to sound like a pretty grim affair.
But senators are likely to also wade into the Russia affair.
That Brockman has said nothing over this affair is rather bewildering.
Bolsonaro has rejected what he calls foreign interference in Brazil's affair.
DECADES ago travelling by air in America was a glamorous affair.
All in all, it seemed low budget for a celebrity affair.
"I'd like to have an affair with you," Mike tells Caroline.
"It's almost like she's having an affair with herself," she said.
That aid package is at the heart of the Ukraine affair.
Relive Trump's love affair with the GOP in the video above.
The affair could have caused her a great deal of turmoil.
Istanbul's love affair with cats also predates the Republic of Turkey.
By coincidence, Dr Hurlbut is particularly close to the He affair.
At best, Thiam's professed ignorance of the affair was not reassuring.
Phillip has an affair with a young French local, Anne-Marie.
"It's not going to be some lavish affair," she told E!
Then came the revelations of Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky.
John Edge's work, "The Potlikker Papers", is a far tidier affair.
Americans would have to end their love affair with the car.
And then it became a primary affair, self-sustaining and endless.
It was during this time that I had my first affair.
"This year is expected to be a quieter affair," says Ball.
BRONX Family Affair: New York, I Love You, art activities. Feb.
She installed spyware after suspecting that he was having an affair.
Mr Javid appointed a "gold commander" to deal with the affair.
I heard that Peter was going to be starting another affair.
It's a family affair on the set of Disney's Maleficent 2!
They're a one-handed insertion affair, when many earbuds require two.
The end of India's love affair with gold may be overdue.
Words can't describe the overwhelming love affair that has already begun!
Breakfast in the Reynolds-Lively household is a very serious affair.
Stamping passports at the airport can be a three-person affair.
Arvad didn't put up a fight when he ended the affair.
PT.  As you'd expect, it's going to be a glitzy affair.
"To Don Jr. [the affair] was very exciting," the insider adds.
It's a family affair, and who knows who will survive it.
After connecting with one married TV actor, they began an affair.
A love affair didn't begin, but a long-lasting friendship did.
The Affair airs episode 9 on Sunday, August 12 on Showtime.
Sometimes an affair is a signal that a relationship should end.
The relationship with Facebook continues, but the love affair is over.
Sip the person to your right's drink if The Affair wins.
The White House remained quiet about the alleged affair — until Wednesday.
In The Favourite, Sarah and Anne certainly were having an affair.
Repressive governance could, to a large extent, become an automated affair.
"I'm going to confirm the affair," Smith said Bush told her.
Seeking Mr Trump's personal patronage can be a precarious, humiliating affair.
We had a love affair with a technology that seemed magical.
The Turret mouse itself is a very solid 4-button affair.
The green above, and this more demure black and red affair.
As expected, today's Huawei CES press conference was a strange affair.
Daisy's first birthday party in October was a pretty special affair.
A rep for Doda, however, denies any allegations of an affair.
For Station 19's Boris Kodjoe, fitness is a family affair.
Taylor Swift's love affair with crop tops officially extends into activewear.
Read more: The alt-right's love affair with Trump is over.
A man whose ex-wife had an affair with Missouri Gov.
Flashback Friday was a family affair for Amanda Seyfried this week.
He resigned a few months later, when the affair became public.
But, regardless, Dr. Fleming suggests keeping the affair out of it.
What's remarkable about this whole affair is how unsurprising it is.
Will you be using it before your next black-tie affair?
"To Don Jr. [the affair] was very exciting," the insider added.
And at the same time, this is a great love affair.
It tells of a soldier's steamy affair with a Jewish woman.
Since the Abrams affair it has swelled to more than 100.
A second Korean War would be a bloody and unpredictable affair.
He was having an extramarital affair at the time with Page.
The Daytime Emmys were a family affair for Giada De Laurentiis.
Trump later reimbursed that payment, although he has denied any affair.
Celeste clarifies that it was not an affair; it was rape.
"Stop getting so excited about this affair," he told inquiring journalists.
McKee asked Bentley and Mason to admit to the ongoing affair.
Melville and Morewood had the energetic affair that Shelden everywhere suspects
But January so far has proved a far more uncomfortable affair.
The Khashoggi affair could conceivably become the catalyst for a backlash.
In some ways, his reputation has been enhanced by the affair.
Games, though, haven't always been such a solitary affair for Stephen.
But this was a far more personal and, frankly, emotional affair.
We must do everything to leave this horrible affair behind us.
So, why not give us a juicy affair for season 2?
"There is something disturbingly meta about this whole affair," Brooks wrote.
Sources also say Garner spoke to Shookus' ex about the affair.
And it's already shaping up to be a pretty awkward affair.
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Each artist has had a lifelong love affair with Lynn's music.
I don't know what the love affair is with all that.
Yeah, I really do have a love affair with the toilet.
It's hard to exaggerate North America's love affair with the car.
It was a family affair on Thursday in the KarJenner household.
During filming, Daniels said that she had an affair with Trump.
Sundays are usually a lazy, uneventful affair for many of us.
He was also allegedly having an affair with a porn star.
Cohen and the White House have denied the affair ever happened.
Perhaps a secret ceremony, affair, promise, or getaway is in order?
As far as how I got involved, it's a family affair.
Dierks Bentley is making his latest music video a family affair!
This makes going back to work a much more joyous affair.
It's a multimedia affair whenever Irvin Morazan stages a performance piece.
Cohen and the White House have denied allegations of the affair.
Puig captured the really loud but relatively tame affair on Snapchat.
The actress also adamantly denies having an affair, according to TMZ.
But his next new film is a much more grounded affair.
The company itself has remained unusually quiet about this whole affair.
Yet however strange it was, the entire affair is still revealing.
If it's a no-drama affair, the outcome isn't in doubt.
Sarkozy affair in coming months may find themselves wondering, however, whether
She suspected he was having an affair with a former employee.
In the 1970s, CIA operatives figured deeply in the Watergate affair.
The White House has denied Daniels had an affair with Trump.
His testimony on Thursday is expected to be a contentious affair.
The whole affair might sound goofy, but it was relentlessly sincere.
Some believed that Monroe was also having an affair with him.
McDougal is alleging a yearlong extramarital affair with Trump in 2006.
She says he got away with his affair with Marie-Therese
The Weinstein affair was, she feared, the "peak of the iceberg".
The VW affair drew back the veil on this trade-off.
But True's decorations were far from the typical helium-filled affair.
It's a convivial, well-organized affair with the Krauses in charge.
Trump has denied the affair and knowing anything about the payment.
For many people, the affair will not come as a shock.
Reynolds's husband had been blackmailing Hamilton to keep the affair secret.
De Beauvoir had a charged affair with American novelist Nelson Algren.
And by August, he'd admitted to having an affair with Lewinsky.
Choosing the right tree skirt should be a pretty simple affair.
The room, decorated with Thai motifs, is a glowing, golden affair.
Bangladesh was the fruit of an affair with a black prostitute.
Another woman claimed she had a 13-year affair with Cain.
Key takeaway: The scrutiny on Facebook is a trans-Atlantic affair.
"Porsche and California has always been a love affair," Zellmer said.
He maintained, however, that the allegations of an affair were false.
Trading in the stock market can be a highly primal affair.
Johnson had an extramarital affair that became notorious in the tabloids.
Beyond that, the usually polished and choreographed affair is in flux.
Thus began my complicated, passionate and instructive love affair with basketball.
But his sojourn in Park Slope is hardly a solitary affair.
He was very insistent on calling it that—a love affair.
But who starts a love affair worrying how it might end?
And the therapist won't tell your spouse you're having an affair.
An affair may seem like no big deal to a narcissist.
He said Fennell was angry when he learned about the affair.
Rutte acknowledged he had underestimated the impact the affair would have.
So it was a family affair, too, this Yankee Stadium party.
At the time, Michael Warren and Keen denied having an affair.
But the affair gradually changed from a liquid to a solid.
When did your love affair begin with the game of basketball?
Benjamin Braddock embarks on an affair with his older neighbor Mrs.
After the affair came to light, my wife and I separated.
They shared a high-profile love affair, and then a marriage.
The customer service aspect prompted her love affair with the job.
A cover letter does not need to be an elaborate affair.
It was a short-lived affair, lasting less than a year.
So far, The Town Hall Affair has avoided ruffling any feathers.
"Garden" is an affair that begs for a royal smoke-up.
Co-opted or not, the show is a playful, animated affair.
The White House has said Trump denies the affair took place.
Ten years ago, hailing a cab was a very different affair.
The previous summer, the two boys had a passionate, exploratory affair.
"The podcast has turned into a family affair," Grace Lin said.
The first section — "Folly" — is the story of a love affair.
He has denied Mr. Trump had an affair with Ms. Clifford.
"The Sparsholt Affair" may be his most harrowing damage report yet.
Family Affair: Color Me Abstract, from 269 to 21948:21950 p.m.
The man believed she was having an affair with Mr. Killen.
Here are some key questions about where the affair stands now.
It was the Iran hostage crisis, not the Iran-contra affair.
We talked to him about his long love affair with theater.
My love affair with sex in the sea started with corals.
In it, Gilot describes a decade-long love affair with Picasso.
Because, as far as he's concerned, it's a domestic Chinese affair.
In such small towns, campaigning is often a low-key affair.
The affair appears to have taken its toll on Goldman's stock.
The girl was his student, and they were having an affair.
The White House has denied Trump had an affair with Daniels.
Yes, there's an affair, but what's going on with Grandma's wigs?
There, she had an affair with a married colleague, Mark Cross.
He's kept his affair, and my existence, a secret from them.
The two begin an exhilarating affair and marry within a year.
This isn't the first time Bill's spoken out about the affair.
His sixth solo album, "Love Affair," features a collaboration with Fabolous.
It was not then the tame, corporate affair it is now.
O.K., that and her affair with the INXS singer Michael Hutchence.
Tim Murphy resigned last October after reports of an affair surfaced.
Ms. Clifford has not publicly denied an affair with Mr. Trump.
They spend two years falling into a long-distance emotional affair.
"Now I'm very regretful about this whole affair," Mr. Gui said.
Her love affair with Antony was real, and lasted until death.
Fury over the Bergdahl affair began well before the presidential campaign.
He said he did not think the affair hurt him politically.
She denied this, and an investigation found no affair had occurred.
"Gypsy" is like "The Affair," but without the dueling unreliable narratives.
For many, a DNA kit might be a one-time affair.
And that was the beginning of a lifelong love affair. 3.
"Prior to 2016, giving wasn't really a family affair," he said.
"China's Love Affair With Irresistible Korean TV." The New York Times.
Greitens has admitted to the affair but denied breaking the law.
Could justice be coming to the final episodes of The Affair?
She considered an affair, but it seemed like too much work.
The trip to the beach was always a drawn-out affair.
Greitens denied he resorted to blackmail but admitted to an affair.
The second, in 1987, was tied to the Iran-Contra Affair.
Daniels claims to have had an affair with Trump in 2006.
The White House has denied that such an affair took place.
Even opening and closing the door is an almost silent affair.
Daniels reportedly spoken openly about the consensual affair in past years.
Maisel, Master Of None, Nurse Jackie, The Affair, and Chicago Med.
The tool ShapeMeasure built makes it literally a push-button affair.
Humanity has had a long love affair with the Red Planet.
Can I just have the occasional fling or a casual affair?
I didn't have a full-on affair with the tattooed husband.
The affair had none of the glamour of his earlier exploits.
In that case, at least, stereotyping is an equal opportunities affair.
The service was an intimate affair, with only four people present.
The whole affair has been in the works for a while.
Mr. Drury is already looking to make LookSee an annual affair.
Initially, The Affair wants us to wonder if Cole is dead.
For several members of Hype House, TikTok is a family affair.
The first half of the debate was a more blurred affair.
The recording apparently came from Igor Fruman, Parnas's partner in affair.
Through spokespeople, Trump denies that he had an affair with Daniels.
But Frédéric Thiébaud found out about the affair and told Twain.
Trump also denies having McDougal's claims of an affair with him.
Europe's love affair with Facebook may be coming to an end.
Submitting to Washington's pressure is no minor affair in Latin America.
Submitting to Washington's diktat is no minor affair in Latin America.
"True Detective" pioneered the technique; "The Affair" has used it, too.
However, the American love affair with atomic power proved short-lived.
Oliver North, who blew the lid off the Iran-Contra affair.
Democrats are planning to restrict their case to the Ukraine affair.
James located his trunk, a scuffed brown affair, on the deck.
So where are we going, buddies in the "Affair" writers' room?
As immersive theater goes, this is a high-end, boutique affair.
It made clear it wants this to be a global affair.
"The whole affair is Kafkaesque," Mr. Bukovsky said in an interview.
But the surprise election of Donald J. Trump energized the affair.
Mr. Fisher's comforting, however, turned into a very public extramarital affair.
Not for nothing has the whole affair earned the hashtag #Wakeyleaks.
But we'll see how long the Soros-Trump love affair lasts.
Like many Disney flicks, Moana was very much a musical affair.
James admits the affair started before Payton and Alice's feigned split.
The dark romance "The Affair" is told from multiple, unreliable perspectives.
What Trump may not realize is this is a baroque affair.
Edwards conducted the affair while his wife Elizabeth fought breast cancer.
McDougal claims she had an affair with Trump beginning in 2006.
Nelson is the most prominent loser coming out of the affair.
However, he withdrew after reports of the affair with Delgado emerged.
The charge against the governor apparently stems from a 2015 affair.
Cooking is now a family affair that has brought them closer.
Op-Ed Contributor Religion in Germany is not a private affair.
It was a reminder that coffee here is a family affair.
This love affair with inexperienced candidates is a relatively new phenomenon.
And some believe the whole affair should have been kept private.
During a debate in Obihiro, the moderator referred to the affair.
" She said Ms. McDougal's claim of an affair was "totally untrue.
We both knew this was the beginning of a love affair.
Like the "Pretty Nicely Girls," whose mother's affair liquidated the family.
Lagarde was convicted of negligence over the affair in December, 2016.
Biting into one can be a greasy, daunting, and messy affair.
Clinton also admitted in 1998 to an affair with Monica Lewinsky.
Cook says that users' "love affair" with apps clearly isn't over.
I said to myself: this affair never will go so well.
An affair while he was married broke up his first marriage.
For most of us, a coffee run is a simple affair.
What Really Happened: So, remember the whole Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels affair, where the press found out that the actress had been paid $2964285630539759616,9642862041779855363 and everyone around the president said it was definitely not hush money to cover up an affair because they definitely hadn't had an affair despite previous on-the-record confirmation from Daniels that, in fact, they had?
Sanford, who faced his own scandal over an extramarital affair in 85033, was the first Republican to publicly comment on the alleged affair since Daniels filed a lawsuit alleging a nondisclosure agreement with Trump is void.
Alabama governor resigns before he can be impeached over messy affair and misdemeanor crimes Alabama governor resigns before he can be impeached over messy affair and misdemeanor crimes Alabama's "Love Gov" is governor no more. Gov.
Clinton did say that the allegations of an affair between her husband and Lewinsky were part of a "vast right-wing conspiracy" — but, as PolitiFact notes, at that time Lewinsky was still publicly denying the affair.
One of the most well researched methods of helping a couple mend these issues involves addressing the initial impact of the affair, developing a shared understanding of the context of the affair, forgiveness, and moving on.
He is a faithful husband, declining to have an affair with Isabella Bautista (Teresa Ruiz), except when he isn't: Apparently, he has an off-camera affair with a woman we know little about, a distracting development.
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"The agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations made by her about an affair, despite already having signed a detailed letter admitting that there was no affair," Trump wrote in a pair of tweets.
My love affair with the Pixel starts and ends with its photography.
For his part, the Vermont senator remained largely silent about the affair.
The film, however, does not touch on Mercury's affair with David Minns.
I had an affair because there was something wrong with the relationship.
Popov had been nursing grievances of his own in the EMC affair.
Like many teenage boys, I had a brief love affair with cars.
He and Cohen have repeatedly denied any affair between Daniels and Trump.
Neither O'Day nor Trump Jr. ever commented on reports of the affair.
The White House has denied Trump had an affair with either woman.
Peter Doppler had an affair with Benni, and Torben works with Charlotte.
Henry had already had an affair with her older sister, Mary Boleyn.
If the answer is yes, then you should probably watch The Affair.
Those charged with investigating the affair say they feared for their lives.
She admits that it was she who had the affair, not Robert.
Russia denies involvement in the affair, which has deepened its international isolation.
Just as often, Trump has slammed Strzok for his affair with Page.
President Vladimir Putin has said the affair could split the Olympic movement.
Calgary's Mikael Backlund opened the scoring exactly five minutes into the affair.
The season 3 finale of The Affair is a trip to Paris.
The event, as you can imagine, was a pretty star-studded affair.
MMC has set up an external committee to look into the affair.
The actress shared a photo from the star-studded affair to Instagram.
Greitens and his wife, Sheena, confirmed the affair in a joint statement.
LONDON — Renting in London has long been an arduous and expensive affair.
LONDON — It was supposed to be a very peaceful and civilised affair.
Sasha's trip to Marcus's house becomes a regular affair over the years.
Flowers had an extramarital affair with Bill Clinton in the late 1980s.
Bill has acknowledged he had an affair with Thompson according to NBC.
Helping Puerto Rico has now become a family affair for Ricky Martin.
Joshua Jackson may be bowing out of The Affair sooner than expected.
It was, in short, a ruckus, an affair filled with gleeful destruction.
One such woman is Sarah Treem, the showrunner of Showtime's The Affair.
Sounds harmless, but this rare interaction is an unmistakably one-sided affair.
Giuliani denied that Trump had an affair with the model, Karen McDougal.
An investigation over the affair revealed Petraeus shared sensitive information with her.
When it comes to barbecue, the Morales' make it a family affair.
It was a family affair for Idris Elba at his Coachella debut!
Uber may settle for a large sum, but the affair adds uncertainty.
Running through the episode are June's flashbacks of her affair with Luke.
Or that she wouldn't help a couple who had had an affair?
Lewinsky, now 44, was 22 when she began her affair with Clinton.
His latest Fox News interview was a typical affair in many ways.
The report said that the affair was consensual and lasted nine months.
However, Lady Gabriella's ceremony and reception will be a more intimate affair.
Singer Billy Paul's song about an adulterous affair earned him a Grammy.
And one way or another, Europe's love affair with diesel is souring.
A very Californian affair, it birthed the career of Sonny Moore, a.k.a.
The first time we made love was a shy and awkward affair.
Nunes, for his part, has been largely silent on the "spygate" affair.
Wedding guest Jennifer Hudson also shared a snap from the elegant affair.
He also released a new song titled "Love Affair" on March 9.
For the rest of the industry, the Wells affair has three lessons.
Susan was reportedly furious and began an affair with a tennis instructor.
Theodor Herzl saw this with the Dreyfus Affair and founded modern Zionism.
At the wedding, the show flashes through Callie and Brandon's love affair.
The whole affair will be streamed live on the Post's Facebook page.
The civil service has not come out of the affair well, either.
It's a family affair, punctuated with in-depth glimpses into Ferg's psyche.
Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor's wedding will be a very Bravo affair.
"The matter is China's internal affair," said a foreign-ministry spokesman, huffily.
CLIMATE POLICY in America has always been an up-and-down affair.
At Yahoo's annual holiday party, a Roaring Twenties-themed affair held Dec.
Headphones at the Consumer Electronics Show this year were a subdued affair.
Both he and Hillary denied that he had an affair with Flowers.
When Luke's dad was pastor, he had an affair with his secretary.
We're in the golden age of asking what happens after an affair.
The Giants (77-67) will enter the afternoon affair in desperation mode.
She correctly infers that Jamie is having an affair and demands answers.
In 2014, Wilde revealed that Sudeikis has a love affair with footwear.
And will Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) reveal her affair to Ed (Adam Scott)?
"Lindsay refused to back down or quit the affair," said a source.
Dozens of gangsters could walk free now the affair has become public.
The affair continued for nine months, ending in April 2007, McDougal claimed.
Accusations of graft had swirled around him long before the 1MDB affair.
Cohen and the White House have denied the allegation of an affair.
The unfair treatment of Anita Hill was very much a bipartisan affair.
It was a family and friends affair for Princess Kate's birthday weekend.
By contrast,  Life and Livin' It, is a sprawling and expansive affair.
"It was a high-scoring affair in the first half," Joerger said.
It was a festive, family affair with giant puppets and human castles.
And on the couple's wedding plans, Sadoski wants a small, intimate affair.
Dietrich would begin an open affair with Rosemary's father, Joe, that summer.
My love affair, both with my apartment and my boyfriend, was over.
The evening reception is a more intimate affair, and is also private.
We stalked Swift's social media pages for clues about her love affair.
Why did you open up about the affair in the first place?
If only every moviegoing experience turned into such a star-studded affair.
In 1958, Midge finds out her husband, Joel, is having an affair.
But for Ariya, the love of the sport is a family affair.
"If people want to believe it, that's entirely their affair," Marcus said.
The White House and Cohen have denied the allegation of an affair.
It wasn't a particularly formal affair, but it wasn't super casual either.
The entire affair makes the Vikings stadium deal seem honest by comparison.
In contrast, the K83 Wireless is a much more stripped down affair.
Throwing a wedding is an expensive affair, but so is attending one.
Fortunately, charging it is still just a once every few weeks affair.
Ross's wife Carol is having an affair with Susan from the gym.
But lately, it seems like Mossberg's love affair with tech is dead.
Victoria Beckham's show at New York Fashion Week was a family affair.
The number was a continuation of Gigi's love affair with Atelier Versace.
Trump has denied he's had an affair with Daniels and with McDougal.
GPS drawings have been a relatively uh, genital-heavy affair so far.
In the Instagram era, this has turned posting into a guarded affair.
Eventually, their torrid affair is outed to the public during season 29.
Typically, a playdate between two tots is a casual, low-key affair.
How he managed to get them into space was an ingenious affair.
Hartley Goldstein Jr.'s love affair with clothes comes from his mother.
But a love affair with any team in the city takes time.
Later that day, the Enquirer broke news about Bezos' affair with Sanchez.
Perhaps a doomed, ill-advised love affair would blossom with her, too.
Who knows how the whole affair could have affected his draft stock?
The affair with Joseph was just a symptom of that underlying suspicion.
The Pennsylvania Senate race was even more of an insider-outsider affair.
It was a personal affair, from the hater's hand to the author's.
" Puigdemont insisted that the matter "is no longer a Spanish domestic affair.
According to Lambert, the murder happened after an argument about the affair.
The Pentagon has said this will be a winner-take-all affair.
It was a family affair for the Affleck-Garner brood this weekend.
Maybe this mural might just rejuvenate the Trump-Putin media love affair.
But the 2016 National Book Awards were mostly a very serious affair.
" A life in politics, says Nolte, is "a wide-open public affair.
It was a family affair on Saturday afternoon for Sean "Diddy" Combs.
"Lindsay refused to back down or quit the affair," an insider revealed.
Capturing the wandering creature turned out to be a mulitple-agency affair.
Robert Bentley resigned over an extramarital affair he had with a staffer.
Strzok and Page were engaged in an extramarital affair at the time.
The affair became public after Petraeus resigned as CIA director in 2012.
"In his mind, this had been a consensual affair," the source said.
And it may be more than just America's love affair with shopping.
"Lindsay refused to back down or quit the affair," says a source.
And for many, getting connected remains a Kafkaesque and comically-expensive affair.
The affair is also more intense than we were led to believe.
And that is the affair that Mordred eventually uses to destroy Arthur.
The missile affair is yet another Russia-related scandal on Salvini's plate.
Awards show speeches can often be a bit of an unpredictable affair.
So it looks like I'm having an affair, almost with a guy.
The discussion was a much punchier affair than the Democrats' previous debates.
The GOP nominee has a hot-and-cold love affair with polls.
The boyfriend eventually revealed the affair to Davis' daughter, according to police.
House and Senate Democrats have called for congressional hearings on the affair.
Yet Apple's latest event, on September 7th, was a less rapturous affair.
The upcoming congress, it seems, will be a North Koreans-only affair.
CO: Which is why our publisher says it's a post-dystopia affair!
But Thomas, though still hoping to save his marriage, accepted the affair.
Ms. Diski wrote frequently about her long-term love affair with smoking.
His lawyers say witnesses have since corroborated the existence of the affair.
The US has also, bizarrely, downplayed Soleimani's role in the Kirkuk affair.
Gates then admitted he had an extramarital affair roughly 10 years ago.
It was a monthlong affair likened in press accounts to a circus.
The affair between New York and Helvetica began with an unsolicited proposal.
Despite the close score, the Coyotes dominated the Canucks in that affair.
Trump has denied the extramarital affair allegations made by Daniels and McDougal.
She nagged him about the drinking, and then he had an affair.
And Mr. Thiam does not emerge better off for the whole affair.
The couple divorced in 1992 following his tabloid affair with Marla Maples.
" Nonetheless, says Foster, "The Clinton Affair" should be "heroin for political junkies.
A mutual attraction This love affair is far from being one-sided.
Page traded messages with Strzok, with whom she was having an affair.
He had an affair with a teen-age daughter of Georges Bataille.
However, Pavelski's empty-net tally with 93 seconds remaining iced the affair.
It's a festive affair in the Rose Garden, with mariachis and margaritas.
Their affair was at the center of Clinton's eventual 1998 impeachment proceedings.
So far, the Democrats don't look like they're coming to this affair.
Trump and Cohen deny Daniels's claims of a 2006 affair with Trump.
The final day of Missouri's session is typically a fast-paced affair.
The affair was complete with pre-nuptial yoga and after-hours karaoke.
The French drugmaker reached a deal with Mannkind Corp in Afrezza affair.
It was a bipartisan affair, with lawmakers from both parties, including Sen.
She added that Trump told her they would have a sexual affair.
It's hard to say, though, what is essential to this rambling affair.
In his tweet, Trump referenced Sanford's 2009 affair with an Argentine woman.
Spokespeople for Trump have said that he denies any affair took place.
New York's love affair with Latin dance music is long and storied.
When my fancy oven broke and my landlord handled the whole affair.
An affair I had entered blithely had turned messy and emotionally wrought.
You can take in the bloody affair in just over four hours.
King George VI's marriage to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was a public affair.
Kuhn understood science as for the most part a conservative affair, with
They began spending time together; Butler accused them of having an affair.
Many entries show Fisher trying to process her feelings over the affair.
"  "Last year I became involved in an affair with a personal friend.
Trump has denied any affair with either woman through White House staff.
Although it's not easy, it is possible to recover from an affair.
The governor admitted to having an affair but denied any criminal wrongdoing.
The White House has denied that Trump had an affair with Daniels.
Broidy acknowledged the affair, and later resigned his post with the RNC.
Loretta Lazar has a continuing love affair with Paris and with Cartier.
There she met editor Harold Evans, and the two began an affair.
The Browns beat their division rival 21-7 in the raucous affair.
For Anne Heche, her career in Hollywood has become a family affair.
Especially when your book launch is, by all appearances, a sad affair?
This isn't the wipe it from memory sort of Black Mirror affair.
The mainstream media said, oh, it was a consensual affair between adults.
In it, the actress detailed her alleged affair with Trump in 85033.
Through spokespeople, Trump has denied that he had an affair with Daniels.
The White House has said Trump denies having an affair with Daniels.
"It's a mudslinging affair at the moment," he said of the controversy.
"This was a love affair, not an act of extremism," he said.
Clinton's affair with Lewinsky during his presidency later led to his impeachment.
But the affair also highlights the flaws of the Turkey deal itself.
What was once a private affair is now a quasi-public event.
I picked up the bright, yellow, 70s dress from A Current Affair.
But still, "raising wages will be a much slower affair," he added.
The affair has cast a shadow over South African politics ever since.
The vice presidential nominations are turning it into a very festive affair.
Did he have an affair with Baker when they met in Paris?
The party is a raucous affair, with plenty of ale and meat.
Interestingly, however, actually flying the test craft is a rather analog affair.
It is as sweet and lovely as a budding affair can be.
Given all the controversy, the movie itself is a relatively quiet affair.
But still, there was something a bit off about the whole affair.
I like to say it's where my love affair with sound began.
The company now has to deal with SEC inquiries into the affair.
"Carol" focuses on a love affair between two women in the 1950s.
Week 7 of the NFL season was largely an ugly, sloppy affair.
ELEANOR AND HICKThe Love Affair That Shaped a First LadyBy Susan QuinnIllustrated.
The grandfather sometimes thinks of the child as his unhappy love affair.
Decades ago, her father had an affair, and a child was conceived.
I began a torrid affair with my therapist, whom I eventually married.
His mother, Laura, endured with the help of alcohol and an affair.
After being seduced at a party, Benjamin has an affair with Mrs.
Katie Hill, who resigned after having an inappropriate affair with a staffer.
America's love affair with the automobile may be reaching dangerous new heights.
North Korea isn't exactly known for its love affair with the press.
A contrite but forthright Ms. Barry admitted the affair on Jan. 31.
Unsurprisingly, Barr's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee was a contentious affair.
The A's out-hit the Orioles 5-3 in the homerless affair.
She didn't confirm — or deny — reports of an affair with the president.
But did they have an affair, as Aerys's wife seemed to suspect?
Why has the economy become more of a winner-take-all affair?
The only thing Trump has continued to deny is the affair itself.
Mr. Irving offered different explanations for the Hughes affair at different times.
While he has since admitted the affair, he denies the blackmail allegations.
Skating is a citywide affair, and has been for a long time.
Watching Brianna struggle at Fraser's Ridge, then, was a cognitive-dissonance affair.
Bentley has denied having a physical affair with Mason, who is married.
The prime minister was forced to respond, of course, to this affair.
The wedding will already be a larger affair than Meghan and Harry's.
It's already not a cheery affair, because she's missing her cat, Church.
Daniels spoke about the alleged affair on multiple occasions after it happened.
There, she and Mr. Dupree, who was also married, began an affair.
An affair is not necessarily evidence of a problem in the relationship.
It was also the steppingstone to a lifelong affair with sports memorabilia.
Which is not to say that it is always a tame affair.
A secret affair may also have a juicy twist at this time!
A sequel, The Heir Affair, is set to be released next spring.
He later admitted he was in Argentina carrying on an extramarital affair.
Unlike the past two debates, it will be a one-night affair.
The White House has denied Trump and Daniels ever had an affair.
The novel dips back through time to track life before the affair.
Those low on these measures appear more likely to have an affair.
Will it be an all-day affair, whipped sideways by the wind?
"His collecting has always been an affair of the heart," he said.
But he is now supportive, and the sport is a family affair.
It's hard to imagine the characters on "The Affair" bantering so casually.
Robert Bentley, who was driven from office over an apparent extramarital affair.
She had a love affair with Max Ernst, who also painted her.
Determining the winner of a horse race is usually a straightforward affair.
The Affair On the surface, Helen Solloway has a perfect life now.
The civilian sealift, by contrast, has been largely a spontaneous, volunteer affair.
McIlroy's love affair with Augusta National hit a rough patch in 2011.
The Black Sox affair was populated by a dizzying array of gamblers.
What are we going to do with your share of "The Affair"?
It's one of the smartest decisions "The Affair" has made all season.
He had begun his affair with the nurse in the late 235s.
In this episode of "The Affair" … well, there's a lot going on.
That being said, measuring online influence is far from a straightforward affair.
Traditional courtship evolved from a family-supervised affair to a personal choice.
The White House has denied Daniels' allegations of an affair with Trump.

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