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"engagement" Definitions
  1. [countable] an agreement to marry somebody; the period during which two people are engaged
  2. [countable] an arrangement to do something at a particular time, especially something official or something connected with your job
  3. [uncountable] (formal) being involved with somebody/something in an attempt to understand them/it
  4. [countable, uncountable] (specialist) fighting between two armies, etc.
  5. [uncountable, countable] (British English) an arrangement to employ somebody; the process of employing somebody

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"engagement" Synonyms
betrothal espousal betrothment betrothing troth affiance affiancing handfast sponsalia subarrhation marriage contract agreement to marry plighting of one's troth fiançailles plight hand in marriage appointment date meeting rendezvous arrangement commitment assignation tryst consultation interview session commission errand gig invitation meet tweetup get-together call reception employment job post position work stint employ hiring apprenticing enlisting enrolling enrollment(US) enrolment(UK) hire situation day job enlistment participation involvement participating association joining partaking sharing contribution input joining in taking part sharing in embroilment affiliation connection collusion entanglement complicity inculpation attachment contract bond promise compact obligation pact pledge undertaking word agreement vow assurance covenant oath stipulation guarantee warrant warranty clash conflict confrontation encounter action combat hostilities struggle attack battle contest fight offensive skirmish warfare affray assault dogfight face-off scrap profession occupation trade vocation calling business career line pursuit field craft racket role thing métier duty task mission assignment charge responsibility onus burden devoir chore exercise imperative incumbency brief requirement reservation booking prearrangement ordering charter engaging registration securing bespeaking place prepurchase advance booking charter arrangements hire arrangements prior arrangement prior arrangements exclusive possession reserved ticket operation activity affair campaign endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) process venture procedure proceeding project act drill effort absorption engrossment concentration immersion preoccupation enthrallment intentness raptness captivation fascination interest enthralment attention monopolisation(UK) monopolization(US) hang-up obsession prepossession bargain deal settlement understanding accord treaty convention concordat negotiation entente protocol designation choice selection choosing election nomination naming commissioning delegation allotment deputation installation designating authorisation(UK) authorization(US) adoption ordination condition proviso provision prerequisite qualification requisite specification rider clause precondition demand restriction contingency terms term circumscription assembly gathering conference convocation congress conclave rally summit confab council forum ingathering powwow caucus reunion order request requisition application purchase sale goods shipment purchase order activism advocacy boycotting championing crusading do-gooding exertion force logrolling militancy picketing politicking striking direct action effecting change influence peddling political action social action wooing courtship dating romance keeping company going steady going out love affair suit courting lovemaking addresses attentions advances blandishments love gamification show performance concert recital appearance presentation production musical performance live performance live music solo public performance solo performance musicale prom musical festival intervention intercession interference interposition mediation arbitration interceding intrusion conciliation interposing mediatorship agency arbitrament intermediation meddling peacemaking reconciliation interruption stake investment claim piece share capital concern equity special interest vested interest outlay stock title right co-ownership holding More
"engagement" Antonyms
disengagement separation uncoupling break detachment break-up divorce division free time spare time time off unemployment nonemployment joblessness redundancy worklessness job loss avocation idleness keeping uninvolvement disengagedness disinterest disinterestedness indifference neutrality distance nonpartisanship disagreement dispute disaccord contestation disputation dissension dissensus dissention discord dissent remonstrance difference of opinion lack of agreement misunderstanding nonconcurrence difficulty conflict clash contention debate truce peace armistice ceasefire calm respite accord moratorium agreement cessation reconciliation cease-fire de-escalation detente détente cessation of hostilities peaceful solution suspension of hostilities harmony surrender dismissal axing discharge firing layoff ousting release removal sacking banishment cashiering chop expulsion entertainment fun hobby pastime quiet recreation silence good health pleasure inactivity health benefit help irresponsibility happiness aid openness inaction indolence inertia inutility laziness passivity repose rest stoppage uselessness dormancy stagnation inertness shiftlessness slothfulness torpidity torpor inattention boredom distraction conciliation concord pacification amity cordiality goodwill pacifism placation propitiation rapprochement reconcilement unity amicability appeasement denial refusal rejection dismission nonparticipation noninvolvement absence abstention abstaining holding back dereliction abandonment desertion forsaking neglect relinquishment negligence neglectfulness remissness misprision nonfeasance sloppiness disregard nonperformance non-performance nonresponsibility assurance certainty fact protection reality safety sure thing surety passiveness whole apathy failure puzzle activity brainteaser riddle mystery puzzler jigsaw brain-teaser head-scratcher breach infringement violation breaking nonobservance renege infraction noncompliance abuse betrayal non-observance transgression trespass non-compliance contravention disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) implication request wish aloofness reservation unfriendliness independence remoteness standoffishness unapproachability separateness withdrawnness noncommitment carelessness flippancy unreliability frivolity recklessness imprudence lay off segregation severance nonaction indecision acedia indecisiveness non-intervention failure to act irrelevance inconsequence pointlessness insignificance unimportance inconsequentiality irrelevancy immateriality triviality inactive participation nonengagement impassiveness blackballing conclusion exit resignation

910 Sentences With "engagement"

How to use engagement in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "engagement" and check conjugation/comparative form for "engagement". Mastering all the usages of "engagement" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Yeah, so they have to do engagement, engagement, engagement no matter what.
Engagement — even it's driven by bot armies — is still engagement.
Finally, don't confuse patient engagement tactics with patient engagement strategy.
Alexander Goldschmidt's engagement party was better than everyone else's engagement party.
Her massive engagement ring (35-carat engagement ring, to be exact).
It's not surprising that hiding engagement metrics results in less engagement.
"The concept of paid engagement or unequal engagement doesn't realize that vision."
"It's my mother's engagement ring," William said in a post-engagement interview.
Alaska ranked first in military engagement, but thirty-fourth in civic engagement.
"People might say, 'I'll buy this engagement ring, and maybe it's not the engagement ring forever, but it's the engagement ring for right now,'" she said.
Time is the best measure of engagement, and engagement correlates with advertising effectiveness.
You know, that shareholder engagement, director engagement didn't really exist 2400 years ago.
So, if our math is correct ... ring + PDA + engagement rumors = actual engagement (probably).
It's the architecture that prioritizes engagement, even if that engagement is making us miserable.
Engagement China has been pressing for the US to adopt yet another approach: engagement.
Engagement with Lenses in this quarter beat out engagement from all of last year.
Having said that, we have maintained a constant engagement with Russia, very active engagement.
Thomson's engagement with Cahun's work is slight, and his engagement with Moore's nearly nonexistent.
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Similarly, Onavo usage engagement charts from Facebook showed WhatsApp surpassing Facebook Messenger in engagement time.
After their engagement, Redditor Kartarsh and her fiancé weren't interested in just typical engagement photos.
The man who could bring us into military engagement is woefully deficient in intellectual engagement.
" Despite that, Tillerson said, "we have maintained a constant engagement with Russia, very active engagement.
Selfies with low engagement will likely have less of an impact than those with higher engagement.
It's one that's going to be direct, direct engagement with the brand versus a mass engagement.
The only thing more heartwarming than celebrating an engagement is seeing other people celebrate that engagement.
The others will be a business and trade union engagement group and a parliamentary engagement group.
PEOPLE confirms the engagement by also sharing photos from the engagement party via Perry's moms' Facebook.
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Queen Mother's Engagement Ring The Queen Mother's engagement ring featured a large sapphire stone with diamond accents.
Ryan wore her engagement ring to multiple events since the couple announced their engagement in November 2018.
" Tebow admits that "a lot of planning went into the engagement — and this was just the engagement!
Engagement with a price U.S. engagement with its long-time foe also has come at a price.
In this way, for Gibi, the most valuable engagement is actually a near-total lack of engagement.
We are focusing on the engagement from consumers and the engagement from our sellers on our platform.
Companies with higher rates of employee engagement have been shown to meaningfully outperform those with low engagement.
In the engagement ring sample, the population of interest is all people who have bought engagement rings.
In the engagement ring sample, the population of interest is all people who have bought engagement rings.
They announced their engagement earlier in May with Duff&aposs engagement ring estimated to have cost $100,000.
"The United States seeks engagement with China and China's engagement with the wider world, but engagement in a manner consistent with fairness, mutual respect and the international rules of commerce," Mr. Pence said.
Social media platforms are designed to advance voices that drive engagement, regardless of the impact of that engagement.
"Dereliction of Duty" is not critical of U.S. engagement in Vietnam per se—but of incremental U.S. engagement.
They studied "military engagement" and "civic engagement" with metrics like average military enlistees and percentage of voting adults.
Meanwhile, our engagement with the E3 (Britain, France, Germany) is on-going, including during this worldwide diplomatic engagement.
"What they won't stop despite engagement, or with engagement, is the march towards nuclear option," said AEI's Eberstadt.
The Obamas' engagement with their blackness mirrored the culture's engagement with the variety of blackness teeming within it.
After Chopra flashed her engagement ring on social media, the actress and her pop star fiancé confirmed their whirlwind engagement to the world Saturday by each posting the same romantic engagement photo to Instagram.
As we've learned through research, reporting, and individual experience, there are quite a few negative externalities associated with solving for engagement and engagement alone: It's calculating what is the thing it can show you that gets the most engagement, and it turns out that outrage, moral outrage, gets the most engagement.
Last month, Nick and Chopra confirmed their engagement by posting a photo from their engagement party in Mumbai, India.
The active engagement rate on Kiip rewards is now at 19%, up from the average engagement rate of 12%.
This right here is my alleged engagement ring, which is obviously not an engagement ring so just an FYI.
Last month, Nick and Chopra confirmed their engagement by posting a photo from their engagement party in Mumbai, India.
This right here is my alleged engagement ring, which is obviously not an engagement ring, so just an FYI.
Karlie Kloss' engagement to Joshua Kushner marked the third major celebrity engagement of the summer, following Pariana and Justailey.
Anger creates "engagement" and engagement is simply more time spent on a platform like Facebook to potentially see ads.
Facebook was built to foster engagement, and sensationalism (just one of the many forms of Fake News) encourages engagement.
Making websites safer for disenfranchised and targeted communities will increase their engagement and the profits derived from that engagement.
Breakdown of expenses: I sent flowers when she announced her engagement (because I couldn't travel for the engagement party).
After all, engagement is an emotion and not something that can be achieved through "engagement strategies" and spreadsheets alone.
He created a new digital customer engagement team, led by the company's first-ever chief digital customer engagement officer.
On the second floor, in what Tiffany calls the "love and engagement" department — where it sells engagement rings and wedding bands — Leslee Nugent, an employee, was packing a 10.64-carat engagement ring priced at $2.475 million.
The pic, titled "Engagement shoe game," shows the couple with Williams sporting a massive rock on her engagement ring finger.
When Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins called off their engagement, Bushnell had to send back her 4.2 karat engagement ring.
Things like VR and AR that open up new formats that drive higher levels of engagement, higher levels of engagement.
The brand even has more engagement than Beyoncé's own personal Instagram account, which has a little over 1% user engagement.
Engagement photoshoots are usually heartwarming, but engagement photshoots involving armor, crowns, and the citizens of Westeros are on another level.
An afternoon stroll, a little gardening (a perfect engagement for the royal family's resident green thumb) and a royal engagement.
Her now-husband paid for the engagement ring, engagement trip to Canada, his tuxedo, groomsman-related items, and bachelor party.
But the Office of the US Trade Representative's engagement score fell 3 percentage points, to employee engagement of only 58%.
Kardashian West's 20-carat diamond engagement ring, worth an estimated $4.5 million, is among the most expensive celebrity engagement rings.
Almost three years after breaking off his engagement with Lauren Bushnell, The Bachelor's Ben Higgins has announced a new engagement.
"We look forward to continuing our engagement with Eni on the implementation of these plans," Engagement Professional Andy Jones said.
Skeptics of engagement with Taliban Yet there are still plenty of skeptics of the Trump administration's engagement with the Taliban.
They could easily have stuck to the path of middle-class establishmentarianism, more interested in civic engagement than political engagement.
Campaign group Transparency International's 2018 Corporate Political Engagement Index assessed 104 international businesses on their openness with political engagement in Britain.
Let's just chill and enjoy the engagement process and the fun of it,' she said of her engagement to Brooks Laich.
Henceforth time shall be divided as Before Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Engagement and After Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Engagement.
After their engagement this year, the NFL star captioned a set of engagement photos, "I'm the luckiest man in the world."
Between the lines: Virginia, the top overall most patriotic state, was tenth overall for military engagement and fifth for civic engagement.
"Our engagement in Afghanistan will continue, we shall expand our engagement," Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said, following talks with Mattis.
North99 trails Ontario Proud and almost all national media for total engagement over the past 18 months, but it still manages to generate impressive engagement per post, at times approaching the same amount of weekly engagement as Ontario Proud.
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"I've never been one that draws a line in the sand without proper engagement, and we're committing again to engagement," Bristow said.
Modern social media algorithms drive engagement, because engagement drives advertising, and advertising drives profits, which are then used to hone the algorithms.
William, too, honored his mother with his engagement ring to Kate in 2010, giving his bride Diana's 12-carat sapphire engagement ring.
But here's the fun part: Shayk's maybe-engagement ring looks a whole lot like Middleton's famous 18-carat engagement ring from 2010.
Well, the couple has posed for their official engagement photos at Kensington Palace — giving us a closer look at Markle's engagement ring.
Once in Mexico, Horna's overt engagement with national politics diminished and was replaced by an engagement with feminism and her personal experience.
But Yee noted that engagement with corporations is much harder when the companies are headquartered abroad, so CalSTRS engagement with non-U.
Pete Davidson confirms engagement to Ariana Grande Once their engagement went public, they spoke openly about their fast affection for one another.
And we're very much on track to deliver on those targets with an engagement and a workforce engagement which I'm so proud of.
Less than a week after announcing her engagement to her boyfriend of 18 months, Casper Jopling, the star debuted her sparkling engagement ring.
The Bravo stars announced their engagement in June, with Cartwright showing off her 3-carat cushion-cut halo diamond engagement ring on Instagram.
"Member engagement is at an all-time high, driven by record levels of engagement in the feed and content being shared," says Davies.
The DNCE singer, 28, and Sophie Turner, 21, announced their engagement in October with corresponding Instagram posts showing off her stunning engagement ring.
Micro influencers are a kind of engagement sweet-spot, because engagement is really a wonkish sort of word for emotional attachment and trust.
"Engagement is very different than a courtship because engagement actually says, 'Okay, I'm committed to this person to marriage for life,' " explained Duggar.
The objective: Encouraging "ethical engagement" as well as "intellectual engagement," and rewarding future leaders who've demonstrated character and traits associated with good citizenship.
But I had no information whatsoever that either of these individuals had any contact, let alone engagement or regular engagement, with an adversary.
Well, both engagement of the health system, but also engagement of you in managing your health conditions, as well as keeping yourself well.
The blended family recently celebrated the former New York Yankees player and the Hustler star's engagement, with an elegant engagement party last month.
This month, inspired by Marianne Rohrlich's article about unusual engagement rings, we asked readers to submit images of their own special engagement rings.
The above auction analysis is even more true for News Feed, which is only based on engagement, with every user mired in a self-reinforcing loop of engagement, followed by optimized content, followed by more revealing engagement, then more content, ad infinitum.
There, the engagement buttons were also hidden away completely in conversations, and they only appeared when you tapped on a Tweet to begin engagement.
Hilariously Photobombing a Couple's Engagement Photo Last week, Schumer and Fischer hilariously photobombed another couple's engagement photos while on a walk in Central Park.
But despite D'Agostino kissing another woman the night before the couple's engagement party, the reality star is choosing to move forward with her engagement.
But Kate Upton totally stole the show, taking the occasion to officially announce her engagement to Justin Verlander and debut her massive engagement ring.
Ciara took her post-engagement show to Las Vegas on Saturday, with fiancé Russell Wilson, their friends and her huge engagement ring in tow.
Nelson says she's keeping a keen eye on user engagement and numbers are healthy for now — there's undoubtedly a connection between accuracy and engagement.
News of their engagement surfaced in January when Dunst was spotted with what appeared to be an engagement ring at the Golden Globe Awards.
The engagement party was breathlessly covered by the Indian Express, followed by an official engagement announcement: a dreamy, hazily lit photo of the couple.
Tests of the product tweet yielded an increase in engagement for brands' organic tweets and an increase in engagement for tweets about live events.
There are even rumors that the engagement is back on, fueled by images of Cyrus wearing her familiar engagement ring publicly and on Instagram.
"Should recent negative engagement trends in North America and Europe persist, we believe forward engagement estimates could prove optimistic," Stifel analysts wrote on Monday.
Preparations for the engagement were in place, and the couple expected to go to Daikundi in a few weeks and make the engagement official.
But for this new wave of civic engagement to be sustainable, our understanding of what political engagement looks like ought take into account people's limitations.
While a bride-to-be gets an engagement ring — and Markle's engagement ring is certainly something to behold — baptism bracelets are also a common keepsake.
On Facebook, fake-news engagement has fallen dramatically from 2016, when it hovered around 200 million — roughly the same as engagement on legitimate news stories.
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle reveal proposal details Prince Harry and Meghan Markle discuss their engagement and reveal details on where and how their engagement happened.
Margaret delivers news of her engagement curtly to the Queen, wanting to announce the engagement as soon as possible in order to beat Peter Townsend's.
They confirmed their engagement a year later at the same event, when Casiraghi debuted a large pink diamond engagement ring with Rassam at her side.
Once Outland posted about the star's look on Instagram, Dash Hudson reported the photo received 77.85% engagement, up significantly from its average of 63% engagement.
News of their engagement surfaced in January 2017, when Dunst was spotted with what appeared to be an engagement ring at the Golden Globe Awards.
Democrats had an 279% increase in millennial political engagement since 25, while young Republican engagement dropped 463%, according to Harvard's newest Institute for Politics poll.
Nearly two months after announcing her engagement to "Saturday Night Live" star Colin Jost, Scarlett Johansson finally showed off her engagement ring over the weekend.
Many of those critical of the Trump administration's engagement initiatives possess little knowledge or background on North Korea, or they simply are opposed to engagement.
The company compared Facebook users' engagement in the 2012 election between March and September with engagement numbers for the same period of time in 2016.
Whether 2016 represents a high mark for Latino voter engagement or part of a continuing climb in engagement during presidential races remains to be seen.
Influencer marketers say engagement on sponsored posts has soared the last few weeksBut even as campaigns get canceled, the ones that remain get more engagement.
The three-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star announced her engagement at the 2016 Met Gala, arriving the red carpet with her huge diamond engagement ring.
"Across the board for the company, we're moving the trust and safety teams to be going from a reactive engagement to a proactive engagement," Le says.
Although the two dined together over the weekend – nearly four months after they split and ended their engagement – Cox, 51, did not wear her engagement ring.
Mr Pence describes the Trump approach as "not engagement with North Korea, but renewed and more vigorous engagement with North Korea's principal economic partner"—ie, China.
The Bravo stars announced their engagement in June 2018 after a rocky year, with Cartwright showing off her cushion-cut halo diamond engagement ring on Instagram.
And it might de-prioritize posts from new members that don't get much engagement—ensuring they get even less engagement in a form of algorithmic ghosting.
Facebook announced that it will take into account a variety of factors including story engagement, publisher engagement and if other publishers are linking to that article.
A day after announcing their engagement, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have set the date for their first joint appearance at a different kind of engagement.
Tiffany, known for its engagement rings and robin's egg blue boxes, said holiday sales of engagement and designer jewelry fell 3 percent and 8 percent, respectively.
The second step is learning more about the problem, who is affected, how interactions become engagement, and how to distinguish between positive engagement and negative ones.
Shopping at Mejuri for an engagement ring feels more like your usual online shopping experience for clothing or shoes than one specifically for an engagement ring.
"Scarlett Johansson is wearing a massive light-brown diamond in her new engagement ring, while Jenny Slate just debuted her sapphire engagement ring," Dukes pointed out.
The DNCE singer, 28, and the Game of Thrones star, 21, announced their engagement in October with corresponding Instagram posts showing off her stunning engagement ring.
"We see dozens of hours of engagement, actually a level of engagement especially in the first month which rivals Snapchat," Klein told CNBC over the phone.
" All along his route, he lived among the locals, seeking "placefulness: an engagement with place that is united with and strengthened by our engagement with people.
In a lot of ways I'm liberal, but the message of the book is conservative in the sense that it's prioritizing local engagement over national engagement.
Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski also ended the season with an engagement, but when Katie appeared at the reunion, she was not wearing her engagement ring.
Alber also said the company's new personalized emails contributed to higher engagement and margins and set a goal to triple that engagement in the near future.
One woman who knows a thing or two about unconventional engagement rings is Lily Kamper, a London designer whose first line of customizable engagement rings is about to launch, although she's been designing bespoke engagement rings for years, experimenting with colored stones, unusual materials and bold structuring.
If you look at the user base times the level of engagement as evidenced by the percentage of people that like, share, or comment on a piece of content, Instagram has 203 to 15 times the engagement of Facebook and 25 times the engagement of Twitter.
News of the Fargo costars' engagement surfaced in January when Dunst, 35, was spotted with what appeared to be an engagement ring at the Golden Globe Awards.
There's no hard or fast rule on what constitutes low engagement, but the engagement rate on an average Instagram account is 3%, according to Influencer Marketing Hub.
They are employee engagement, actionable insights to prevent employee problems before they arise, and competitor analysis through benchmarking employee engagement data against Peakon's proprietary industry-wide data.
Facebook's engagement is sinking with no end in sight Pretty dumb headline — Facebook engagement is still quite healthy by any measure — but it is on the decline.
Because Facebook removes access to engagement data for sites that it blocks, we used Trendolizer to pull archived engagement data for two stories in the top 50.
News of Carey's engagement comes six years after he ended his nearly five-year relationship with ex-fiancée Nicole Jaracz; they announced their engagement in October 2007.
"Ariana Grande broke off an engagement, so I found a guy to propose to me and I broke off an engagement," says Drummond directly to the camera.
Monthly Engagement Ratio It essentially shows engagement rising sharply midweek, soaring on the weekends, and nose-diving at the beginning of the week over and over again.
When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement in November 2017, all eyes were on the glowing couple, Markle's sparkling engagement ring, and her white coat.
Develop applications to more effectively sense the driver's level of engagement and alert the drive when engagement is lacking while automated vehicle control systems are in use.
Karlie Kloss, a BFF of Beatrice who shared the Princess's reaction to her own engagement to Joshua Kushner last summer, has not yet posted about the engagement.
However, while bilateral engagement can be uniquely effective, we cannot underestimate U.S. leverage in the multilateral system and miss opportunities for low-cost and high-impact engagement.
Because their business plans are about engagement, really a lot of people have been talking about this issue of the addiction of it, the engagement of it.
For instance, we saw little to no change in cause engagement among males from Wave 1 to Wave 2; yet in Wave 3, males show decreased engagement in every single category, aligning them far more closely with female millennial engagement than at any other time during our research.
"The Trump administration policy gives greater emphasis in advancing human rights and democracy in Cuba, while maintaining engagement that serves U.S. national interests, maintains engagement on areas of U.S. national interest, ensures U.S. engagement, benefits the Cuban people and ensures compliance with the statutory ban on tourism," she said.
So my hopes of pursuing a relationship with you beyond this point is with the thought that that would lead to an engagement, and that engagement means marriage.
ADDITIONAL ENGAGEMENT A total of 36 countries were on this year's overall watch list of trade partners warranting additional bilateral engagement over these issues, including Russia and India.
The model first hinted at an engagement in May when she shared an Instagram photo of the two at a red carpet with a telltale engagement ring emoji.
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It's unclear if this change will reduce or increase user engagement with comments, or if engagement will remain flat — something that YouTube likely wants to find out, too.
The model hinted at an engagement in May when she shared an Instagram photo of the two at a red carpet with a tell-tale engagement ring emoji.
And while we wait for more details (including wedding ring photos!) let's all ogle the gorgeous engagement ring Wiley flaunted on Instagram when the two announced their engagement.
"These should create engagement opportunities, but material monetization of this new engagement is not as straightforward," Morgan Stanley analysts wrote of Snap's new offerings in a note Friday.
The ring is yellow gold, which Harry revealed during the couple's engagement interview is her "favorite" while describing her engagement ring, which also has a yellow gold band.
This commitment to continued head of state engagement is a key part of the foundation for the diplomatic engagement on which the Trump administration's Korea policy now relies.
To land a brand deal, an influencer should focus on their engagement rate (or clicks, likes, views, and comments) because engagement is what's valuable to brands, Borthwick said.
Rather than thwarting Moon's engagement initiatives, the United States should work closely with South Korea to shape an engagement process that will serve the allies' long-term interests.
So far, we're seeing a drop-in engagement, that they identified as important to them, across the board – in every type of engagement such as volunteering and donating.
Engagement for non-equipment programs has increased by 50% this week, whereas usually the engagement is the same for both equipment and non-equipment-based workouts, Agarwal said.
Engagement with 'highest levels' of Peruvian government Those tools included engagement with "the highest levels" of the Peruvian government following the delays of two planned repatriation flights Tuesday.
The actress, 37, announced her engagement to Jaime Lincoln Smith on Instagram Saturday, along with a photo of her sapphire engagement ring and her fiancé in the background.
After the news of their engagement was confirmed by a rep to PEOPLE in early February, Lawrence was spotted wearing her massive engagement ring on a few occasions.
"The engagement — and by that, I mean my engagement — is not the same as with a manual," said Daniel Pund, the deputy editor of Car and Driver magazine.
Amazon understands what most still haven't even considered — that direct, non-virtual offline consumer engagement may be the most impactful plank of them all, bringing online engagement into the real world (and then back again to create a virtual cycle of brand engagement and consumer monetization every step of the way).
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We use engagement and the Gallup engagement score to track the trust and the engagement of our associates, so we&aposre constantly looking for how do we engage them, how do we make it a great place to work, and I think the results are there for all to see.
Though they ended their engagement and split in late 2013, they recently reconnected and made headlines when the Dead Petz singer began rocking her engagement ring again in January.
Prior to their engagement, a source told PEOPLE that Kloss converted to Judaism in early June (a step Trump also took before her engagement to the elder Kushner brother).
Its service helps companies map out how their users are engaging across those vectors, and develop "re-engagement" programs to help reactive dormant users or increase engagement among others.
Prior to their engagement, a source tells PEOPLE that Kloss converted to Judaism in early June (a step Trump also took before her engagement to the elder Kushner brother).
Traditionally, engagement rings and wedding bands are worn together on the left ring finger, which is where Baldwin had been sporting her oval-shaped diamond engagement ring from Bieber.
The couple, who started dating last year and announced their engagement on Instagram last month, gathered family and friends in New York City on Saturday for an engagement party.
The problem with the online world today is that to maximize engagement, you need to maximize emotional engagement, and the emotions that are most engaging are the negative ones.
The fund companies counter with what amounts to a catch-22: They can't talk more openly about their engagement, because the nature of engagement precludes them from doing so.
It would mean an engagement with the institution and by proxy many other institutions where you need to ask pertinent questions about the dearth of engagement with this topic.
With this decisive victory for the ruling party, conservative skeptics of North Korean engagement will lose ground, and Moon will garner support for an even more aggressive engagement policy.
Civic engagement This proposal would create a Civic Engagement Commission that would implement citywide participatory budgeting, which allows residents to determine where public funds are spent in their community.
"Comment pods" (or "engagement pods") are groups of influencers who agree to like and comment on each other's posts to artificially drive up engagement and improve their algorithmic performance.
And, to pull off the surprise, Mr. Zimmermann kept the engagement ring discretely hidden in his pocket using Ring Stash, a compact box designed to conceal an engagement ring.
There is no real US engagement with Russia on Syrian reconstruction while Assad is in power; nor is there much engagement with the remnants of the moderate Syrian opposition.
For companies, gender diversity in particular has been shown to lead to higher returns on capital, less risk-taking, greater employee engagement, greater customer engagement, and even greater innovation.
Not strengthening the engagement loop Most businesses assume the customer will understand their app and use it correctly, which they then think creates a positive user experience and high engagement.
Smita Satiani is the Director of Engagement for the Presidential Innovation Fellow program, where she leads agency engagement and technology project curation; she previously, spent nearly four years at Ashoka.
A-List Guests from Their Big Engagement Party In April, the couple celebrated their engagement with a party in Los Angeles which was hosted by Falchuk's producing partner Ryan Murphy.
But Facebook is trying desperately to stem the shift of engagement elsewhere by showing it can offer zany creative tools, not just text status updates, baby photos and engagement announcements.
The end of an engagement doesn't have to mean the end of a relationship, especially if said engagement ring is still being worn (just not on the finger you'd expect).
The couple confirmed their engagement to PEOPLE in March 2017 and two months later, Shaffer showed off her engagement ring for the first time on the Met Gala red carpet.
Men were more likely to work in manufacturing and production jobs, which typically have lower worker engagement, whereas women were likely to hold professional jobs that have higher engagement levels.
During his interview with Laverne, the 55-year-old recalled a time while filming "Suits," prior to Meghan's engagement to Prince Harry, when she was wearing a costume engagement ring.
When he went engagement ring shopping, he stopped in at Tiffany's only to reject all of the traditional engagement rings in favor a piece with a yellow, oval-shaped diamond.
"As it relates to policymaker engagement, Boeing has a long history of bipartisan engagement - and that team and its experience is paying dividends for them now," the GOP lobbyist said.
She didn't officially give her blessing for an engagement at first, but she did eventually say that if we promised to have a long engagement she could offer her support.
The news has spawned a rather bizarre hypothesis that's gained increased traction over the past day: that their engagement is, in fact, the result of what's known as 'Engagement Chicken.
The only downside to getting a $2 million engagement ring, is having to protect the engagement ring -- but Paris Hilton's hired some full-time muscle to get the job done.
Even those skeptical of governmental engagement should feel comfortable visiting the island for cultural exchanges, as the hospitality industry is the sector with the largest entrepreneurial engagement and private employment.
When presidents prior to Donald Trump disagreed with Congress over the extent of U.S. political and economic engagement abroad, it was almost always the president that favored more extensive engagement.
But that requires genuine engagement and thought, and it's easy to opt out of genuine engagement and thought when you're laughing, in favor of taking the joke at face value.
Even that wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that there's apparently a whole other perpetual motion machine at work in parallel, too: engagement drives unhappiness which drives engagement which drives unhappiness, because the kind of content which drives the most engagement apparently also drives anxiety and outrage — cf.
Amazon understands what most still haven't even considered – that direct, non-virtual offline consumer engagement may be the most impactful plank of them all, driving online engagement into the real world (and then back again) to create a virtual cycle of daily brand engagement and consumer monetization every step of the way.
A Vogue spokeswoman confirmed their engagement to PEOPLE in March 2017 and two months later, Shaffer showed off her engagement ring for the first time on the Met Gala red carpet.
"They're doing everything possible to increase engagement levels, and live streaming is a big part of that, and as you increase engagement, that's going to lead to more advertisers," Tepper said.
Except for the part where she's wearing a HUGE glittery ring, which closely resembles the diamond engagement ring Blac Chyna posted to Instagram when she and Rob Kardashian announced their engagement.
The actress told PeopleStyle in 2015 that her engagement to the Mr. Robot creator has been focused on sentimental details — like the story behind her classic round-cut diamond engagement ring.
Josh's engagement first made news in March 2016, with Paige sharing a smiling — and possibly flipped — photo of the two (and her massive cushion-cut engagement ring with a diamond halo).
Peck's engagement first made news in March 2016, with Paige sharing a smiling — and possibly flipped — photo of the two (and her massive cushion-cut engagement ring with a diamond halo).
Ever since Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson confirmed that they called off their engagement, fans of the couple's whirlwind romance have been left wondering: What happens to Grande's $93,000 engagement ring?
"This is an opportunity for engagement and a peaceful engagement around the Olympic Games, and we just need to make the best of it," Kang said in the interview on Wednesday.
And, in response to a joke that had been made about Hyland even paying for her own engagement ring, Adams said that he will be paying for Hyland's future engagement ring.
"For us, it is as much a scholarly engagement as an altruistic engagement," said Edwin Price, director of the school's Center on Conflict and Development in the Department of Agricultural Economics.
"We think engagement investment is about promoting companies to be involved with ESG through engagement," said Hiroichi Yagi, an adviser to the pension fund of Japan's Secom, a leading security firm.
Literally every second of engagement is important for the company, as increased engagement means an increased likelihood that users will start moving toward the final point of actually buying a product.
With the new features, the marketplace now looks more like a traditional campaign management system — it includes key metrics like views, engagement, engagement rate, and audience breakdowns for each sponsored posts.
"Secretary Tillerson has worked very hard to make sure that our policy, which as you know is maximum pressure and engagement, that there is a good portion of engagement," Yun said.
They announced their engagement — and her pregnancy — in March.
" - Louis, 32 "Engagement ring I gave my ex-wife.
BTW ... his engagement to Kendra is not without issues.
Tribalism — a universal human tendency — also draws heavy engagement.
Let's get back to this — to this honest engagement.
Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement on Monday morning, and with that announcement came a first look at Markle's new hardware: A three-stone diamond engagement ring that Harry designed himself.
But, Gaga officially ended her engagement with Carino, who is also her acting agent at CAA, One of her reps confirmed to People — and Gaga just officially confirmed their engagement in October!
In the game, the viewer has agency, and as a result there's a certain kind of engagement that happens that isn't the kind of emotional engagement you get from experiencing a story.
The goal is to boost employee engagement — meaning involvement, enthusiasm and commitment — and to fend off competitors looking to woo top talent, said Jody Kohner, vice president of employee engagement at Salesforce.
It will give the company one more service to spur engagement on its platform, and this time the new engagement effort directly relates to how most people tend to use LinkedIn already.
If everything you posted got treated equally in the feed, then I think you wouldn't see such a big discrepancy between butt photos: tons of engagement, non-butt photos: really low engagement.
The star complimented her massive emerald cut diamond engagement ring with an eternity band that had a teardrop concave to create a halo around the large center stone of the engagement ring.
The two announced their engagement in June 2018 by posting photo's of Cartwright's jaw-dropping 3-carat engagement ring (also designed by Chan) with double diamond halo in 14-karat white gold.
The company has built an in-app engagement rewards platform that promises to help developers and businesses retain users and drive engagement on their apps, two sources familiar with the matter said.
Naturally, Twitter lit up with talk of his engagement, with some noting the similarities between it and the recent engagement of singer Ariana Grande to actor Pete Davidson after weeks of dating.
If affiliated content does have higher engagement statistically as this study showed, that poses a dilemma for companies looking to boost revenue while also improving engagement quality at the expense of quantity.
Meanwhile, a large pro-engagement coalition that includes lawmakers from both parties, businesses and young Cuban-Americans, is calling on the White House to build on the foundation of engagement it inherited.
"Ariana Grande broke off an engagement, so I found a guy to propose to me and I broke off an engagement," says original Mean Girls cast member Stefanie Drummond directly to the camera.
"Ariana Grande broke off an engagement, so I found a guy to propose to me and I broke off an engagement," says original Mean Girls cast member Stefanie Drummond directly to the camera.
Officially, the study says that it "explores the connection between habitual music engagement and subjective wellbeing," where 'habitual music engagement' might be anything from attending music festivals to just going to the club.
Engagement as Necessary for Development of 5G Standards by a Duly Recognized Standards Body: BIS authorizes, subject to other provisions of the EAR, engagement with Huawei and/or the sixty-eight non-U.
"So happy for the engagement of our son @nickjonas and we welcome @priyankachopra into our family with love and excitement," wrote Nick's father, alongside the photo the couple used to confirm their engagement.
While the timing has pretty much stayed the same, there's one major aspect of engagement season that has evolved in recent years: Engagement rings no longer have to cost an arm and leg.
While they haven't stepped out together since the engagement, Vogue's accessories director Selby Drummond, a close friend of Shaffer's, provided a glimpse of the bride-to-be's engagement ring on her Instagram story.
To be clear, this isn't a tool for finding those followers (that's something SocialRank is working on separately), but it does help marketers find the real engagement that actually leads to more engagement.
" Game of Thrones co-star and IRL best friend, Maisie Williams congratulated Turner on her announcement by reposting the couple's engagement photo with the caption, "Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend on her engagement.
Just by nature of the engagement, that's a tough job.
For now, I can't wait to see some engagement photos.
Is that sparkler on her finger actually her engagement ring?
"Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend on her engagement," she wrote.
The two announced their engagement in October of last year.
Her engagement ring is big enough to make anyone speechless.
A few even said the engagement announcement rivaled their own.
I am sure that will only further boost our engagement.
In an orthodox versus southpaw engagement that is much tougher.
I think growth was their value or engagement or virality.
Harry, 33, and Meghan, 36, announced their engagement in November.
Olivia Munn doesn't know how those engagement rumors got started.
Beyond voting how can you people participate in civic engagement?
Following their engagement announcement, the two have been spotted together.
These pages are outperforming popular news competitors in overall engagement.
She welcomes that engagement though ... and for good reason too.
Just in case, he brought an engagement ring with him.
Engagement rumors even swirled around the duo during the holidays.
The couple have yet to speak publicly about the engagement.
We must avoid any overt military engagement, but act discreetly.
Today marks Meghan's first official engagement with William and Kate.
She followed through, he didn't ... then called off their engagement.
The office is called VOICE --- Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement.
Some businesses depend on repeat customer engagement more than others.
It's my engagement and it's my man – it's not their's.
It wasn't until his death that their engagement became public.
In January, the "Shape of You" singer announced their engagement.
So I'd love to have their engagement on tax reform.
"A more pressing engagement overcame me," she later explains, icily.
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, at a May 22 royal engagement.
It scores in the 99th percentile in Gallup engagement surveys.
Were you able to tell your family about the engagement?
He had a prior engagement and that invitation is open.
The conversation will focus on civic engagement and community organizing.
What level of engagement can we drive to these races?
But there are also moments of community and civic engagement.
Most encouraging is the U.S. performance on productivity and engagement.
But as Russia's engagement has deepened, the challenges have mounted.
Additionally, cost per engagement decreased 4% during that time frame.
"Neither of us want a long engagement," says Bushnell, 26.
During her engagement photoshoot, Markle broke with tradition, big time.
But all of those garbage videos also kept engagement high.
News. Frazier exclusively confirmed her engagement to PEOPLE last November.
There was also an engagement on stage that shocked everyone.
Interestingly, Brutalist's articles had very little engagement outside of Reddit.
This is good in itself and also increases political engagement.
KS: Full team engagement, but you focused more on cryptocurrency.
Their shareholders would surely balk at anything that lessens engagement.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their engagement on Nov.
But many factors go into pricing a diamond engagement ring.
They've helped BTS break global records for engagement on Twitter.
How does Spencer not recognize Hanna's fake Tiffany engagement ring?
"It's definitely making this whole engagement that much more exciting."
Following the end of the production's limited engagement on Dec.
We decided we're going to do consumer engagement much better.
It's not worth the adrenaline rush — or the engagement ring.
She did not appear to wear her emerald engagement ring.
It was their first joint engagement as a married couple.
When it comes to engagement rings, some say size matters.
We just have incredible engagement around our brand on Twitter.
Unfortunately, some countries stand in the way of constructive engagement.
In this latest version, engagement icons don't appear by default.
We got our engagement portraits done at the Blossoms too!
Algorithms recommend some content based on engagement, and guess what?
One commercial features two women chatting about a recent engagement.
"We need more engagement from the consumer side," he said.
Pete Davidson has finally confirmed his engagement to Ariana Grande.
The office is called VOICE –- Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement.
The government has been stepping up its engagement with business.
"My husband did give me an engagement ring," she said.
"It's so exciting to share our engagement story," said Hart.
Calou is a director of engagement and training for Coworker.
We broke off our engagement and he moved to England.
For one speaking engagement, he recalled going to Orlando, Fla.
Have you fell for any of Kylie's faux engagement announcements?
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are toasting to their engagement!
GOP engagement has been more consistent from election to election.
"That's how you get more engagement from them," he said.
Are they breaking off their engagement, or are their publicists?
Vergara and Loeb ended their engagement in May of 2014.
In November 2017, she announced her engagement to Prince Harry.
It envisions curatorial practice as a form of social engagement.
Others are beginning to question the value of shareholder engagement.
Katharine McPhee and David Foster are basking in engagement bliss.
It shows that he had regular engagement with Russian agents.
The third point of pop culture's engagement triangle is complete!
What's happening with US teen engagement with the News Feed?
The film hits theaters for a limited engagement on Dec.
This is a text that rewards rereading and demands engagement.
By their engagement, Glass confirms that they're totally in sync.
Selena Gomez continues to be nonplussed by Justin Bieber's engagement.
A comment is a bigger level of engagement with something.
One place slow to embrace the engagement is Facebook itself.
The couple is "really enjoying their engagement," says the friend.
I'm struck by the festival's potential for genuine public engagement.
PEOPLE confirmed Grande and Davidson ended their engagement on Oct.
Money for the engagement is your chance to get involved.
But privately, the star is reeling from her broken engagement.
Stephen Baldwin is over the moon about his daughter's engagement!
The money in China is mainly going into digital engagement.
Sheremet announced his engagement to Black on Instagram in March.
Fan engagement dictates if and when new issues will drop.
But soon after their engagement, the truth began to unfold.
Tayne called off her own earlier engagement over money issues.
Bloch noticed that engagement was double in the mobile application.
Sheremet announced his engagement to Black last month on Instagram.
Does he see an engagement at the end of this?
Following their engagement, Adrian announced the exciting news on Instagram.
That would be overall engagement — it's down across the board.
Its user engagement tripled, from 19 percent to 60 percent.
"She is absolutely hoping for an engagement," added the insider.
Here, many feel, is a chance to try some engagement.
Activism and political engagement haven't been this strong for decades.
PEOPLE confirmed The Last Word costars' engagement earlier this month.
Another Bachelor in Paradise engagement might be on the horizon!
However, Grande and Davidson called off their engagement in October.
Brie congratulated her sister on the engagement news on Instagram.
It needs to coax them into engagement with one another.
We pop bottles of fancy beer to celebrate our engagement.
But generally speaking, that's not the way engagement rings work.
The whole point is that it ends in an engagement.
Kufrin celebrated her engagement to Yrigoyen, capping the Monday, Aug.
Last year, the two announced their engagement on, yes, Snapchat.
Your engagement is not being determined by them any more.
For Quinn, one of those "new things" is an engagement.
She still wears her engagement ring and her wedding ring.
That would be another level of engagement for a fan.
Flynn got nearly $34,000 from the engagement, the report said.
Karlie Kloss confirmed her engagement to Josh Kushner on Instagram.
They were completed Thursday after four years of public engagement.
"I see this [exhibition] as a first engagement," explains Barberie.
Paris Hilton has ended her engagement to fiancé Chris Zylka.
They're currently seeing 70% weekly engagement from their existing users.
There is minimal engagement with courts, jail, or the police.
In fact, speakers love this engagement, and so do attendees.
Not because my fiancé didn't give me an engagement ring.
All of Facebook's engagement and ad targeting is paying off.
If the engagement is engaging, they'll increasingly surface your articles.
Nielsen already measures Facebook and Twitter engagement with TV shows.
A rep for Michele confirms the engagement news to PEOPLE.
It's a way of generating productive engagement and real dialogue.
Why it matters: Ratings do not always equal social engagement.
Congratulations to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on their engagement.
Of course, this isn't pop star Lopez's first engagement ring.
The aerial engagement followed overnight artillery fire by both sides.
Concerns over engagement trends have also eased, Nomura Instinet said.
Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle feels like a movie.
The company wanted engagement, and, well, that's what it got.
That brings us to the "public engagement" back in October.
Goth was seen wearing an engagement ring back in March.
The couple confirmed the engagement on Instagram and Twitter Sunday.
Most ignore bulk traffic numbers and obsess about daily engagement.
The industry agrees that exceptional content increases loyalty and engagement.
Engagement even higher than during some of previous debates online.
As with the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, engagement is key.
But their engagement with politics ranges from naive to disdainful.
Their work and engagement was essential to the creative process.
But in the months since, political engagement has been absent.
She also took over to pick out her engagement ring.
Our engagement stats are about 7X the normal doctor's office.
We should strive for high voter turnout, not reduced engagement.
We're pulling for an ethereal engagement photo shoot featuring cowboys.
While engagement rumors persisted, the couple appeared unfazed and happy.
America's engagement abroad will include "strengthening its platform" at home.
The two called off their engagement after a few months.
Nancy Meyers is over the moon about daughter Hallie's engagement!
Super Bowl Halftime: More Huge NamesAriana Grande: Engagement Ring Shopping
Oh, and Brie's engagement ring was designed by Irene Neuwirth.
The problem is, their business is about advertising and engagement.
Christie Brinkley's ready to celebrate daughter Alexa Ray Joel's engagement.
Dialogue and engagement by previous administrations had the opposite result.
The Pitch Perfect costars announced their engagement in early January.
Jacqueline arrives at the engagement party, hot corn in hand.
She shook off the depressing reminder of their fleeting engagement.
We have lost our sense of civic pride, civic engagement.
Their relative absence doesn't represent a lack of engagement, however.
On the bed were the engagement ring and a letter.
Joel and Gleason revealed their engagement on Instagram on Jan.
The rules of engagement in China's markets need to change.
The 2016 Philadelphia convention model of engagement worked relatively well.
The Electoral College map will dictate the terms of engagement.
Worse, it is a means to avoid serious intellectual engagement.
The skit is already boosting Sara Lee Bread's engagement, too.
Such engagement is the only way to help Eritrea reform.
The alternative however is not endless U.S. engagement in Afghanistan.
Picking your engagement ring is something we totally support, FYI.
It is simply not the sort of engagement he implied.
The answer, some say, is promoting "civic engagement" in schools.
That's the biggest driver of so much of this engagement.
And in May of that year, they confirmed the engagement.
He founded the Richardson Center for Global Engagement in 2011.
The uniqueness and cost of original art demands personal engagement.
In June 1993, the couple announced their engagement was off.
There's also the (perhaps unintentional) comedic timing of retroactive engagement.
This is particularly true of his engagement with women's suffrage.
Consequently, the federal government can no longer simply expect engagement.
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have reportedly ended their engagement.
One couple's hyperactive puppy kept bounding into their engagement photos.
Save on pictures — have a friend take the engagement photos
"  One of the objectives was to "enhance engagement with communities.
"It's the engagement that is so rewarding," Mr. Werronen said.
The French people believe authentic friendship requires engagement and feedback.
Weddings, engagement parties and family picnics constitute our safe spaces.
Track user activity and develop campaigns to drive client engagement.
Flannery described another benefit to their approach to customer engagement.
She broke off her engagement with Pete Davidson shortly after.
What does it mean for U.S. engagement with the continent?
Four other service members were wounded during the combat engagement.
Rumors of a coming engagement have been swirling ever since.
A source close to Bieber confirmed the engagement to CNN.
Mozzi has a son named Wolfie from a previous engagement.
But this time, their exercise in political engagement was thwarted.
"I have this political engagement as an editor," she says.
That's not a ton of engagement amongst a wide audience.
This is meant to encourage regular engagement with the app.
However, Grande and Davidson called off their engagement that October.
Leap into this critical work with vision, imagination, and engagement.
Syria's grinding civil war will continue without greater U.S. engagement.
Are you a fan of political engagement and righteous jams?
"We are looking forward to a constructive engagement," Kumar said.
I think we're starting to; it's all about attention engagement.
An engagement ring photo that is now sparking marriage rumors.
What's emerging now is a philosophy on more enterprising engagement.
Fake engagement is not a new issue for the app.
Obviously, incorporate some engagement with the clitoris, but be delicate.
The onboarding material could be crucial to increasing users' engagement.
That requires engagement and sacrifice and participation in the democracy.
But these have already shown promise for instigating civic engagement.
TC: You're not alone in trying to measure student engagement.
Their engagement ended before Steele took part in the effort.
Like too much of this show, their engagement feels prefab.
The princess' engagement could to accelerate calls for that deliberation.
Nadal and Perelló, 31, first announced their engagement in May.
The show's Twitter accounts and its actors supplement fans' engagement.
"You took away from me my first engagement," Sluss responded.
"We want to end the engagement in Afghanistan," Butler said.
The most engagement happens when reporters ask readers a question.
Within one, they can get consistent adult attention and engagement.
After I broke our engagement, we had no further contact.
"You cannot dictate the rules of engagement," Mr. Maple said.
She is a community engagement and events manager at Reflex.
"Ending the backlog requires engagement at all levels," Knecht said.
Unlike most live performance, emotional engagement wasn't the goal here.
Page Six was first to report news of their engagement.
Why are we talking about engagement and return on investment?
One thing missing from the romantic shots -- an engagement ring.
So Ghani's outreach and engagement with Pakistan is extremely unpopular.
The video is a master class in online civic engagement.
There's still time for really important community engagement to happen.
Didn't appear in public, didn't have any kind of engagement.
Your first place of engagement has to be your medium.
The key to this engagement is openness and mutual respect.
Ms. Laffont was energized by the teenagers' engagement and interest.
Engagement parties are where gifting gets a little more complicated.
Do you even need to get them an engagement gift?
New Year's Reality: Stare at your best friend's engagement ring.
Our warriors in Afghanistan also have new rules of engagement.
Engagement needs to be thought of as opportunities for growth.
Twitter: "Given Twitter user data, how would you measure engagement?"
Mr. Trump's engagement with North Korea has yielded some benefits.
He plans to use the space to encourage civic engagement.
She recently returned from a European speaking engagement in London.
Political engagement could not come at a more critical time.
"Our getting back together was our engagement," Ms. Grey said.
Digital engagement includes how new graduates engage on social platforms.
Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner announced their engagement over Instagram.
Don't go congratulating Kelly Dodd on her engagement just yet.
"Right now, we're just enjoying the engagement phase," he said.
She did not appear to be wearing her engagement ring.
Engagement with Brexit has coincided with disengagement from established politics.
I loved the great adventure and mystery and full engagement.
Hudson they've shown "tremendous" level of engagement with the tool.
I once had a speaking engagement at an industry event.
An enduring literary response requires an engagement with multiple perspectives.
Actually, it's Ragnorak's engagement with its setting that's most interesting.
Horner: The rules of engagement don't prevent mistakes from happening.
But the rules of engagement intend to control the violence.
And Brown admitted that she didn't see the engagement coming.
Often I barely made it to my engagement on time.
This makes "Westworld" especially dependent on its mysteries for engagement.
Werman: Remind us why rules of engagement are so important.
These villages also emphasize personalized care and more engagement, too.
Pega provides software for customer engagement and digital process automation.
"It's sandwiching our engagement for something more powerful and meaningful."
Here, political engagement slips easily into the habits of consumption.
I look at engagement photos, scanning the faces for clues.
There is a reason engagement rings and diamonds are synonymous.
We see it as a way of increasing fan engagement.
Chatbots' high engagement rates may be helped by their novelty.
Engagement with the hotline will not be linked to points.
"We're seeing a tremendous amount of engagement," Ms. Kirschbaum said.
But she said the engagement efforts remain difficult to judge.
"It's an engagement equation that you are solving," Lee said.
Bigotry is not a perspective that deserves engagement beyond condemnation.
And with more engagement and trade would come more influence.
It felt like a scientific experiment, not a human engagement.
Yanez said he expects "engagement" between the countries to continue.
"Autopilot requires full driver engagement at all times," he said.
The office is called Voice, Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement.
Why haven't we looked harder at employee motivation and engagement?
People will see "community policing" and "community engagement," Tomba said.
It proceeds, instead, from a deep engagement with the present.
Such engagement, however, must deliver results and hold institutions accountable.
Lisa Edwards, EVP strategic & business operations and customer & partner engagement
Still, other forms of engagement do not have to end.
Engagement parties abroad have been scrapped, a wedding dress returned.
Politics, as reaction to the Trump administration spurs civic engagement.
In 2008, the focus was social media engagement and email.
I received my engagement ring after 11 years of marriage.
Who says engagement rings have to have diamonds or gemstones?
It's about math, averages, the measure of engagement and standards.
Evans awoke Wednesday morning to find her engagement ring missing.
That engagement ended, but they reunited in 2015 before marrying.
Because, Dr. Dunbar says, human contact and simultaneous engagement matter.
The broader goal for Amazon may be increased user engagement.
But some of the engagement also goes back to funding.
I offered bonuses and other incentives to ensure maximum engagement.
If you don't want to go, claim a previous engagement.
If you don't want to go, claim a previous engagement.
This engagement, though, will be its first in New York.
A month later, her engagement to Davidson was called off.
The engagement ring popped out and fell into the lake!
This is historic global political engagement, and really good news.
The problem again is the engagement advertising side of it.
Today, there are close binds between art and sociopolitical engagement.
All three have seen growth in average engagement since then.
I got some superb engagement on my Instagram stories too.
"Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend on her engagement," Williams wrote.
I measure policy engagement as organizational appearances before congressional hearings.
Art comes from engagement and wanting to convey a message.
The engagement, the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelorette weekend, the actual wedding weekend including a rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, some kind of group event like kickball, the goodbye brunch, and the gifts.
SU-CASA is a community arts engagement program that places artists in residence at senior centers across Brooklyn to positively impact the well-being of elderly adults through direct engagement with arts-based activities.
The wax figure wears a green dress like the one Markle wore on the day her engagement was announced, as well as a replica of her diamond engagement ring, designed for her by Harry.
Eugenie will wear the gold band in addition to her sparkling engagement ring, which features a blush-colored padparadscha sapphire surrounded by diamonds, and bears resemblance to her mom Sarah Ferguson's own engagement ring.
"This is an opportunity for engagement and a peaceful engagement around the Olympic Games, and we just need to make the best of it," Kang said in the interview, which took place on Wednesday.
"It's been a year, year and a half of learning what the market demand was going to be and what the market engagement, customer engagement with the product was going to be," he said.
Read more: I spent 3 months creating the perfect engagement ring, and it was overwhelming — but thrilling But ultimately, I just don't value engagement rings in the same way I value those other things.
Unlike most enterprise wellness programs that charge per person per year (regardless of utilization or engagement), Quit Genius only charges by engagement (employees who use the program) and offers a 25% quit rate guarantee.
The couple announced their engagement earlier this month after two years of dating, with McCary, 34, sharing a shot to Instagram of the couple smiling wide as Stone, 31, shows off her engagement ring.
"I do think that engagement as a whole will go down, but it will be everyone's engagement, not just a few," said lifestyle blogger Grace Atwood, aka the Stripe, whose Instagram has 127,000 followers.
Eugenie showed off the gorgeous accessory in the couple's engagement portraits — and many noticed the similarities to the engagement ring given to her mother, Sarah Ferguson, popularly known as "Fergie," from her father, Prince Andrew.
CORRECTION: This story has been updated to reflect that the Global Engagement Center was refocused to combat Russian disinformation after the 2016 election and that Brett Bruen was Director of Global Engagement under President Obama.
So advertisers love to see engagement and I think that we're likely not seeing the engagement with the ads that the advertisers want to see," Graham said in an interview Tuesday on CNBC's "Closing Bell.
"A proposal is on the horizon," a source told Us. Though reps for Tesfaye and Hadid did not immediately reply to Refinery29's request for comment, this engagement does follow the Hollywood young engagement archetype.
When Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson announced their engagement in June (after only a few weeks of dating...publicly, at least), the couple shocked lots of people because no one expected such a quick engagement.
These photo posts would sometime generate engagement from page fans, but we decided to exclude them since they were not the same as photo posts published to the page with the intent of generating engagement.
Food and Wine reports that bakeries such as Alliance Bakery in Chicago are designing these cookies to the specifications of their customer&aposs wedding and engagement rings for weddings, engagement parties, and bachelorette parties galore.
If this didn't take place at the engagement ceremony months prior — Chopra and Jonas held an engagement party in Mumbai in August — the couple will hold it about 2-3 days before their wedding day.
"I think it is clear that better engagement is necessary, that we have to have that engagement with landowners in order to address the deficiencies many of us feel are within the ESA," said Sen.
Under the rules, beneficiaries ages 19 through 85033 will have to engage in "qualifying community engagement activities" for at least 80 hours per month, and report monthly that they are meeting the community engagement requirements.
When I think about it in this way — and consider how our relationship has deepened during our engagement — the engagement (for us, a year and a half) starts to feel like a useful, necessary step.
Because I loved Princess Diana, I was very happy to read that the engagement ring on Kate's finger was the exact same engagement ring that Prince Charles had given to Princess Diana when he proposed.
" Buttigieg also hinted that his campaign is making changes to its black outreach strategy, telling reporters, "Well, you're certainly going to see increased engagement and new forms of engagement, and a lot more to come.
As Moss and Baden demonstrate, these other Bible-related ventures — an Israel tour for students, a Bible curriculum, and more — reflect not just a Christian engagement with the Bible, but specifically an evangelical Protestant engagement.
This group has been leading the engagement effort over many decades.
This is how Microsoft envisions our engagement with AI. #Build2016 pic.twitter.
For Instagram, the feature could dramatically boost engagement with live video.
Conversations are important to driving traffic and engagement, Mr. Khalaf said.
"William and I have called off our engagement," Wayne, 35, tweeted.
News was the first to report the news of the engagement.
Not sharing these engagement ploys makes me feel like a spoilsport.
Sailor commemorated their engagement with a touching tribute to the couple.
The two ended their engagement and broke up a year later.
The theme of his message was two-fold: investment and engagement.
But it will probably change some of the rules of engagement.
Following her speaking engagement, she Snapchatted herself boarding a private plane.
"I'm madly in love," Staub told PEOPLE of her 21st engagement.
While one mystery — who bought Hannah a seemingly premature engagement ring?
Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham bought herself an engagement ring.
She showed it off too with her own engagement shot. Mazel!
Did Kate's engagement ring also have a connection to Princess Diana?
And when it comes to ads, engagement is what Facebook rewards.
You can limit the engagement that they can have in Congress.
A whirlwind engagement would not be complete without a fairytale ring.
We're just learning the rules of engagement with a new technology.
The couple announced their engagement in 2017 following a whirlwind romance.
While Instagram is climbing, Facebook's engagement among teens is getting crushed.
Week 1 and 2: 700% higher revenue/minute through higher engagement.
The couple celebrated the engagement on Instagram after the episode aired.
Previously, Christian worked as an Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Co. Inc.
This is an opportunity for constructive and cooperative engagement with Russia.
Duperreault said that engagement with shareholders is normal for the company.
CultureAmp is doing the same thing, but for measuring employee engagement.
Military officials have insisted that the rules of engagement remain unchanged.
Bieber also revealed the significance behind their engagement date, July 7.
"It's that active engagement that seems to be critical," she says.
"Cheers to the longest engagement ever," Bistowe captioned a sweet slideshow.
The engagement ring is reportedly 8 carats and worth $1.5 million.
Carlton will star for a limited engagement run ending Sept. 1.
Bieber and Baldwin have not commented on reports about their engagement.
The Bringing Up Bates episode featuring Tori's engagement airs this Thursday.  
The investor and startup founder has a history of political engagement.
We will update this post should the couple's engagement become confirmed.
Neil Lane has been creating women's dream engagement rings for years.
Engagement rumors surfaced last year, but were slapped down by Munn.
It has been celebrity engagement extravaganza over the past two weeks.
He says that's a strategy that doesn't get attention and engagement.
"I said yes," Sophie captioned the snap of her engagement ring.
He posted a picture of Mehner and her new engagement ring.
Grande and Davidson, 24, ended their engagement after four months together.
Called Workjam, it sells an employee-engagement platform for hourly workforces.
She had called off their engagement in September, according to reports.
Nothing is going to happen because Crowder is good for engagement.
Not everyone believes Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul's engagement is real.
At the time, the writer was seen without an engagement ring.
Usually a celebrity engagement is greeted with congratulations and ring-gazing.
All signs also point to that being the same engagement ring.
This isn't the first lawsuit regarding fake accounts and online engagement.
However, that is probably the exception for Chinese engagement in politics.
What do you think of Anne V.'s sweet engagement announcement?!
Of course, she wore her sapphire engagement ring, courtesy of Falchuk.
Bieber, 24, and Baldwin, 21, announced their engagement two months ago.
"For me the most interesting thing is fan engagement," Anthony said.
Engagement rings are the most commonly bought items during the weekend.
A word of caution: Optimizing for engagement is not always good.
Early government engagement apps gave users straightforward tools for contacting Congress.
Plus tweets with images tend to get more retweets and engagement.
For the biggest Snapchat fans, this uncaps their potential engagement time.
It's about the active engagement and where their profits are going.
Unfortunately, this time, it may have been to announce an engagement.
The rules of Hollywood engagement brainwashed into us were truly vile.
In September, Avery announced his engagement to legal secretary Lynn Hartman.
"[Their engagement] is rather new and she's very happy," Macelli says.
Whatever the logic here, it works as far as engagement goes.
A comparison of weekly Facebook engagement between Ontario Proud and North99.
The limited pre-Broadway engagement will go on through Dec. 1.
While wedding season is just getting underway, engagement season never ends.
Tweet impressions received double-digit growth in engagement over the year.
It was all about that engagement, and these women understood that.
Since then, we've been in friendly transactions and conversation and engagement.
In other words, Fuelgram creates fake engagement from real Instagram accounts.
Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother's engagement ring.
In 1939, 10% of American brides received a diamond engagement ring.
The coupled announced their engagement with a newspaper notice last October.
" The hitmaker confirmed his engagement on Twitter writing, "She said yes .
He said he has never had calls for tattooed engagement rings.
And, of course, political engagement is crucial during this fight. FightForBirthControl.
They married on November 1, 2014 after a three-month engagement.
Source: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat Another day, another Kylie Jenner engagement rumor!
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have reportedly broken off their engagement.
Nikolai Makarov, about five years ago, said such engagement is valuable.
How might longer campaigns affect political engagement, and even voting behavior?
Haynes' rep shared some engagement details in a statement to PEOPLE.
Feels like they're adding to people's stress to drive engagement. pic.twitter.
The closest some of us have come to an engagement ring.
Engagement piercings are essentially the same as the microdermal piercings, a.k.a.
There are of course many reasons for this lack of engagement.
Amplifying content which leads to more engagement leads to more revenue.
In truth, brokenhearted advocates of engagement with China will have failed.
Morris simply captioned the images, "Yes." with an engagement ring emoji.
The constant engagement has significantly raised awareness of the property, BoxOffice.
The Hunger Games star announced her engagement on Instagram last night.
"It's [now] about continued public engagement and public pressure," Harrington says.
The outing marked Meghan's last public engagement before the Christmas break.
Anderson and Lucier announced their engagement news days before Independence Day.
If you've got it, flaunt it – an engagement ring, of course.
Kylie Minogue has called off her engagement to fiancé Joshua Sasse.
He called her on her birthday, and she announced her engagement.
At least this one doesn't monetize my engagement through targeted advertising.
Princess Kate embarked on her first solo overseas engagement in October.
And judging by their recent engagement, they're all here to stay.
"Happy engagement to my FAVE couple @randallemmettfilms and @lalakent!!!" she wrote.
Stripe's investment follows the unicorn's expanding engagement with the publishing industry.
Reps for the pair have not commented on a possible engagement.
That was until Kim, 35, brought up the engagement over lunch.
Now that they've confirmed their engagement, however, it's all systems go.
Engagement rings have never been more diverse than they are now.
The Super Bowl ring didn't happen ... but the engagement ring did!!
So is this a sign that there's an engagement announcement coming?
Who put that sparkly engagement-like ring on Katie Holmes' finger?
"I'm madly in love," Staub told PEOPLE about her 21st engagement.
Meghan Trainor got a fantastic birthday present Friday ... an engagement ring!
Sure, algorithmic feeds can lead to more engagement and improved productivity.
A separate engagement radar then guides the missile to the target.
Then, head here for tips on growing your engagement on Instagram.
Counterfeit engagement rings from Costco: Sounds like a cruel joke, right?
And it sounds like they nailed the engagement press conference, too.
"She's been wonderful," Meghan said of Kate after the couple's engagement.
Job Pal builds chatbots that automate candidate engagement and pre-screening.
" Laurita also added that her daughter's new engagement bling is "beautiful.
The wedding came after the couple announced their engagement in November.
"News feed optimizes for engagement," Goodlatte wrote, according to Bloomberg News.
Please look no further than their engagement party photos for proof.
As such, the company is focusing on growing users and engagement.
Activity indicators include a customer's engagement in the product or service.
But the excesses and downsides of international engagement are also real.
It's a lot of volunteering and it's a lot of engagement.
What engagement party is complete without crowns, ribbon and goofy games?
At least she had the decency to call the engagement off.
"What we want to hear from Facebook… is engagement," Blackledge said.
Last week, Davidson revealed he's gotten death threats over his engagement.
They called it quits after four years (and a rumored engagement).
Morris simply captioned the images, "Yes" with an engagement ring emoji.
The caption, "She said yes," was written over the engagement video.
The actress also deleted her engagement announcement from Instagram and Twitter.
He also said that Singapore welcomed US engagement in the region.
This is a core feature enhancement designed to increase customer engagement.
That's another area fertile for engagement and lots to do there.
Update: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have reportedly ended their engagement.
That is, you post on a regular basis and have engagement.
It doesn't have that level of direct engagement with every lender.
Sheeran is yet another member of the engagement-experienced singer club.
On social networks, these algorithms are optimized primarily to drive engagement.
Openness and engagement are critical for building legitimacy and social license.
Her engagement ring, reportedly 25-carats, is also on full display.
It's official: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's engagement is back on.
But it effects ... Peter Kafka: What about your behavior or engagement?
His engagement score was the highest, ranked at 22/23. 24.
The agency continues to expand engagement with stakeholders and community members.
It improves with human engagement, and engages more humans as it
Engagement of other companies, other brands, all are invited to participate.
Sarah Hyland is showing off her engagement ring — and romantic bliss!
That's the content they discovered generated the most engagement on Facebook.
"It's very minimal engagement," said Alexander Forbes, a senior from California.
Canada has a "limited policy of controlled engagement" with North Korea.
Now the U.S. government appears to have declared engagement has failed.
Facebook's bookmarking system is a bountiful harvest of low-hanging engagement.
Trump ultimately skipped Kavanaugh's swearing-in ceremony, citing a prior engagement.
"We want a short engagement — we're ready," Robertson, 22, tells PEOPLE.
Seventy percent of respondents said they preferred Instagram for brand engagement.
The engagement came after Leno secured his first-ever playoff appearance.
Other firms have struggled to profit as much from users' engagement.
Patton Oswalt and Meredith Salenger are speaking out about their engagement.
But these are the elections where civic engagement counts the most.
They announced the engagement a few days later on the 14th.
By comparison, Facebook has seen a decline in page engagement. p.
An MSNBC spokesperson confirmed news of the engagement to The Hill.
An MSNBC spokesman confirmed news of the engagement to The Hill.
The actress, 47, ended up announcing her engagement on Instagram Monday.
He also emphasized in his speech Thursday the importance of engagement.
To increase engagement, it wanted to help patrons discover more creators.
The role is expected to focus on public engagement, CNN reported.
The lesson here: local partnerships and engagement can bring big results.
He confirmed this news and that short-lived engagement went kaput.
In August, Manzo announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend David Cantin.
Instead, Ginsburg will be in Rhode Island for a speaking engagement.
DoD is about warfighting, rules of engagement and applying lethal force.
He added that the rules of engagement had not been altered.
Tech companies become profitable or lose their shirts on engagement rates.
Their primary goal is not a profit-proxy like engagement rates.
The dialogue is genuine, and an enhanced level of engagement results.
Hezbollah also managed to impose changes to Israel's rules of engagement.
In fact, she announced their engagement with a photo on Instagram.
In addition to Joe's engagement, the Jonases have plenty to celebrate.
But Foxx's rep tells TMZ they're not engagement or wedding rings.
The couple tied the knot after a whirlwind, five-week engagement.
Serious engagement by senior officials can drive action by lagging governments.
This is Matt's third engagement, including one to Kate Hudson. Congrats!
They first met him during the week of their engagement announcement.
Before announcing their engagement, the pair had been dating since 2015.
They confirmed their engagement about nine months later, in January 2012.
It looked like an engagement could have been on the horizon.
Then we're going to Miami and we're having an engagement party.
The ongoing crackdown on fake accounts has lowered Twitter's engagement metrics.
Yet even these works command embodied as well as intellectual engagement.
It's even more stunning than her engagement ring if that's possible.
She was also Obama's assistant for intergovernmental affairs and public engagement.
But not before discussing his recently ended engagement with Clare Crawley.
And he pulled out all the stops for the romantic engagement.
Voting is one of the most meaningful forms of civic engagement.
The NGA pledged not to waiver in its own stakeholder engagement.
She also wore a thin diamond band with her engagement ring.
But they're also tweaking the brand based on what garners engagement.
He popped the question with a mega-carat oval engagement ring.
Plus, is there anything as fun as fawning over engagement rings?
For some family members, the engagement couldn't have come soon enough.
That lack of engagement turns the politeness argument on its head.
Most disturbing, this initiative has a chilling effect on civic engagement.
Killmonger's desire for a militaristic engagement with the world on African
Teams like the technology because it can help with fan engagement.
Mr. McDonnell emailed Mr. Bernhardt that ethics rules forbade the engagement.
The rules of engagement and compensation will be clear and followed.
President Trump's racist attacks on Democratic congresswomen dominated news and engagement.
And those ads are the reason women wear diamond engagement rings.
Sheeran announced his engagement to Seaborn via Instagram in January 2018.
As far as an engagement, it's something that we've talked about.
Or, feel the pressure to get an engagement ring at all.
Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer are reliving their engagement — sort of.
Online reports that her engagement ring is a whopping 35 carats.
But the civic engagement of those under our supervision was palpable.
Also importantly, the series helped boost female engagement in the app.
Jeet's point about "emotional engagement" is a really good one, though.
Congress and the law require real engagement on this important subject.
This first engagement with the Secretary was a very good start.
Dr. Stephanie Rodriguez is vice president of policy & engagement at
B Because everyone would want to get their engagement count up.
Delight, engagement, and emotional response are the functions of his artworks.
They will perform substantive engagement, to the extent circumstances demand it.
This led to some Pages receiving 4X less engagement than before.
A whirlwind romance followed, which led to their engagement in 2016.
Re-engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan could just be the start.
Bieber and Baldwin announced their engagement in July that same year.
Effective international engagement must be multilateral, preferably working through existing institutions.
In 2018, Hart announced her engagement to her girlfriend Ella Mielniczenko.
We see huge engagement every time we send out an update.
Mattis was also called out for his limited engagement with reporters.
Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer called off their engagement in 2007.
Companies with a higher ratio of employee engagement reported higher earnings.
It requires the engagement of a multilateral effort on American initiative.
They emphasize critical issues of director engagement, independence, accountability and refreshment.
The friendly deer has photobombed several engagement photoshoots in Saugatuck, Michigan.
Aaron Anthony Damron and Tony DiPasqua took engagement photos at Target.
But, she later told media it was NOT an engagement ring.
Second, Ginsburg engaged in quite a public display of political engagement.
Google has its sights on more than just increased engagement, though.
For businesses, building community often means higher employee engagement and participation.
But maintaining that level of energy and engagement is never easy.
At least engagement has better odds of working than more isolation.
"Russia's constructive engagement is essential in resolving global challenges," Abe said.
It's linked to better health, social engagement and higher property values.
Robert Stammers is director of investor engagement at the CFA Institute.
Moon has been an outspoken advocate for engagement with North Korea.
Remember ... the couple had a roka ceremony at their engagement party.
"It's a recent engagement," a source told PEOPLE at the time.
Kylie Jenner didn't let the potential for engagement pass her by.
For more information, including tickets to the Denver engagement, visit
On SNL, McKinnon's Conway pleaded for a return engagement on television.
The time for national engagement on this issue is long overdue.
Grisham said the moment of that engagement is almost at hand.
Nor did they get "stakeholder engagement and buy-in" in advance.
Amazon seems to be trying to increase employee engagement with Connections.
Many are proudly incorporating Tinder into their engagement or wedding ceremonies.
The newly engaged ladies now each have their own engagement rings.
Tyga would end his engagement to Chyna in August of 2014.
If you get an engagement ring you don't generally return it.
Trolls see celebrity engagement as a way to boost their notoriety.
The pair decided to take their engagement photos at Costco Wholesale.
Check out Tarshish and Klamet's unique engagement photos below, via Imgur.
We see an incredible connection between community engagement and subscriber retention.
"Premium video is what drives engagement on their platforms," he said.
Celina Villanueva oversees this program as the ICIRR's civic engagement manager.
Any selling or promoting of fake engagement will be prohibited, too.
The app saw some initial engagement, but never reached critical mass.
Among their concerns were tuition costs, student opinions and classroom engagement.
Middleton announced his engagement to French girlfriend Alizee Thevenet on Monday.
Taking engagement and wedding photos in stores is a growing trend.
The first engagement will be fought between now and Nov. 6.
Lewis was convinced that partisan political engagement often undermined that effort.
As their engagement shoot neared, Snodsmith looked for inspiration on Pinterest.
Don't blame your partners for your flawed engagement rings, thank them.
He told us how we would act on our engagement day.
Together, they worked on streamlining, eliminating waste and improving employee engagement.
Not a chance, his publicist said, he had a pressing engagement.
American servicemen play themselves, recreating an engagement in which they participated.
More permissive rules of engagement might have helped prevent some atrocities.

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