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"achieve" Definitions
  1. [transitive] achieve something to succeed in reaching a particular goal, status or standard, especially by making an effort for a long time synonym attain
  2. [transitive] achieve something to succeed in doing something or causing something to happen synonym accomplish
  3. [intransitive] to be successful
"achieve" Antonyms
abandon fail forfeit surrender neglect yield halt ignore stop forget hold lose leave pass question depart give up miss unsettle skimp begin commence start open initiate introduce create launch trigger make prepare set up get the ball rolling kick off set in motion tear into put in motion instigate establish organize(US) abolish end abort annul abrogate cancel conclude discontinue invalidate nullify overturn revoke terminate eliminate eradicate negate nix quash hamper harm hinder hurt ruin setback weaken worsen cripple curb curtail delay destroy handicap hold up impede inhibit shackle abdicate desert disown ditch drop dump forsake quit reject relinquish give accord cede hand over bequeath dispense grant hand offer part with proffer forgo fork over give away flop flunk founder underperform blunder crash fall flounder fold languish underachieve collapse crater fade fizzle flag flatline misfire tank remain stay misplace mislay displace release misfile bin can chuck discard junk renounce scrap conceive inaugurate originate continue get under way not finish hide conceal cover withhold blanket bury camouflage dissemble obscure secrete cover up trail be left behind drop behind fall behind lag behind lose ground to not keep pace with not keep up with trail behind challenge oppose contradict controvert refute argue contend debate dispute contest gainsay quarrel argue against be against be in defiance of demur against disagree with disapprove of frown at go against disappoint fail to fulfil fail to meet shift shirk avoid dodge assign disregard pretermit skip transfer bypass contemn dismiss eschew overlook procrastinate deprioritize defer adjourn postpone shelve suspend table prorogue stall hold back overshoot undershoot be wide of fail to hit fall short of go wide of beat better smash exceed surpass top best eclipse outstrip overtake conquer crush defeat outclass outdo outmatch outpace outperform outshine repudiate confuse derange disagree disarrange disorder disorganize disprove hesitate mismanage leave alone misconceive misunderstand

958 Sentences With "achieve"

How to use achieve in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "achieve" and check conjugation/comparative form for "achieve". Mastering all the usages of "achieve" from sentence examples published by news publications.

If Alibaba cannot achieve it, somebody has to achieve it.
We can communicate and achieve cooperation-- to achieve win, win.
We did not achieve, we did not achieve these negotiations.
Then you achieve it the way you want to achieve it.
Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve with the film?
That's basically what we do to achieve what we want to achieve.
How we achieve it, it doesn't matter, as long as we achieve it.
I'm using teams to achieve what it is that I want to achieve.
"To help him achieve all the wonderful things that he wants to achieve."
"Meghan told me that I can achieve whatever I want to achieve," Sophia said.
I don't want to depend on anyone to achieve what I want to achieve.
If you're struggling to achieve what you want to achieve, take a step back.
And through her ambition and drive, she's allowed to achieve what she's wanted to achieve.
It may never achieve its original vision, but it may very well help achieve Microsoft's.
Girls start to believe they can achieve more, and they start wanting to achieve more.
What it can't achieve through emissions reductions, it is attempting to achieve through creative accounting.
Alexandra's mom: I wished that you'd be happy and achieve whatever you wanted to achieve.
There needs to be new revenue to achieve what progressives, myself included, want to achieve.
"It's almost like the more I achieve, the more capacity I have to achieve," Elba says.
The point of organisations is that people can achieve things collectively that they cannot achieve individually.
Your job is to remove obstacles and help them achieve what you want them to achieve.
Er, sorry, before they achieve the proper net thrust to compensate for gravity and achieve vertical climb.
FA: They're very sure about what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it.
"We're all awake to the fact that we really can achieve what we set out to achieve."
After all, a normal North Korea can achieve CVID, but CVID cannot achieve a normal North Korea.
Assess your list to see if it helps you achieve the goals you set out to achieve.
"It may be that defendants can't achieve global peace – but they can achieve some peace," he said.
Focus on why you want to achieve a specific goal, not just what you want to achieve.
To achieve this, you need to achieve a net worth that's 23 times your annual living expenses.
"Meghan told me that I can achieve whatever I want to achieve," Richards told People about their conversation.
Moreover, he said, what Tesla will achieve in the premium market, VW will achieve in the volume market.
Perhaps what you guys are hoping to achieve is different than what others might be hoping to achieve?
There's too much emphasis on helping those that don't achieve at the detriment of those that do achieve.
Tim: Setting habits around things that you want to achieve is the only way that you'll achieve anything.
"Trump will under-achieve, Rubio will under-achieve, Cruz will under-achieve," Kaufman predicted as he spoke to The Hill by telephone Monday while knocking on doors in the state to drum up support.
On average, high-intensity statins achieve about a 224% reduction and moderate-intensity statins achieve about a 22019% reduction.
President Trump did not achieve that last year, he may not achieve it this year; 22018% is almost 22018%.
We can achieve peace by sending the disenfranchised to war, and we can achieve security by punishing disenfranchised recidivists.
And that's what I've focused on is how do we achieve the objectives that the President wants to achieve?
Yet, he is about to achieve what Republican icon Ronald Reagan could never achieve: a solidly conservative Supreme Court.
"They understand what we're trying to achieve and they put enormous effort into helping us achieve it, " he said.
We still have a chance to achieve our first goal — to achieve the finalisation of the first phase of negotiations.
According to those methods, the tax plan will not achieve what the tax plan's political advocates say it will achieve.
Others, including Biden, said that busing forced schools to achieve racial quotas and did not achieve equal opportunity for students.
We still have a chance to achieve our first goal — to achieve the finalization of the first phase of negotiations.
"No individual member state could ever hope to achieve what the EU can achieve together," Hogan said in a statement.
"All the things I didn't achieve in soccer, I can try to achieve in virtual soccer," Lira told VICE Sports.
I think it's necessary because I think it's going to help me achieve what I want to achieve this season.
"Think of everything we can achieve and remember who we must achieve it for," Trump told Republican lawmakers Thursday in Philadelphia.
We want to make sure people come back to it often and can achieve what they want to achieve on
Trump offers the best, and only, chance to achieve legislative goals that have been impossible to achieve for nearly a decade.
While Apple and other manufacturers rely on dual camera to achieve the depth effect, Google instead used software to achieve it.
To know ahead of time what you're trying to achieve and to place things very deliberately in order to achieve it.
"What they hope to achieve in the Senate trial is what they couldn't achieve through their scheme," Schiff said Friday night.
He was able to achieve with hard work, tenacity and perseverance what they were unable to achieve with far more talent.
To all the voters out there: The only limits to what we can achieve is what we believe we can achieve.
While airstrikes can help achieve short-term military objectives, he told reporters, "they do not, on their own, achieve long-term stability."
"If you want to be a leader serve, because what you can achieve by goodwill, you cannot achieve by power," he said.
"As we mourn her memory, we'll work in her memory to achieve that better world she spent her life trying to achieve."
As we mourn her memory, we'll work in her memory to achieve that better world she spent her life trying to achieve.
With a mindset like this, his people have no choice but to be inspired to achieve the great things they continue to achieve.
I think Trump honestly wants to achieve the things he said he wanted to achieve—the infrastructure plan, the wall, the economic growth.
Simkin truly believes she can help you achieve a state of zenned-out bliss — whether you want to achieve it yourself or not.
It goes so fast, and what amazes me is it's what we all want to achieve, and they can achieve that on ice.
"That was 12 years of really hard work," he said, "to achieve what a lot of people don't achieve in their whole lives."
The rich achieve their dreams and the poor often don't, many lacking the educational ammunition to achieve and the moral standards to succeed.
Those arrows go both ways, and to achieve results, of course, to achieve results collaboratively because telling people what to do doesn't work.
To achieve the American dream, you have to try to achieve what you want in life and want to achieve it, you can't sit around and wait for things to happen to you, you have to make those things happen to you.
"The courts have routinely recognized that the government can put conditions on spending to achieve things that they couldn't otherwise directly achieve," he said.
Many/most of today's unicorns have deployed massive capital to achieve the former while not demonstrating the patience or skill to achieve the latter.
The E.P.P. has used Fidesz to achieve legitimacy with increasingly anti-establishment voters in Germany; Fidesz has used the E.P.P. to achieve mainstream credibility.
We can achieve so much, and we can achieve so much when we tackle poverty eye to eye, soul to soul, person to person.
What types of partnerships could you develop, that would allow you to more quickly achieve your goals and help them more quickly achieve theirs?
Deutz expects to achieve its medium-term targets for 2022, and hoped to achieve a revenue target of approximately 400 million euros by 2021.
We aim to achieve 100 percent renewable power in Singapore by 2030 and we're currently on track to achieve more than 60 percent by 2020.
Their brains were kind of going in circles a little bit, how they would achieve all of these things, if they're even possible to achieve.
Often, he notes, the best way to achieve a given goal is to obtain influence over other people who can help you achieve that goal.
So, I'm not one to challenge President Trump in the hyperbole that he uses to achieve the goals he's trying to achieve for our country.
My oldest, Kholud, who is 15, wrote: We, the children of Yemen, want to achieve our hopes: to study and play and achieve our goals.
"Mainly it helps you identify and focus on what you want to achieve, and the things you can when you achieve that goal," Beck said.
"If they are not able to achieve reductions in their own business ecosystem fast enough they may need to purchase offsets to achieve their goals."
To achieve this, we are engaging all sectors of the economy to prepare a comprehensive long-term 2050 decarbonization strategy to achieve net-zero emissions.
Is the era of austerity finally over, and did austerity policies — essentially, those encompassing spending cuts and tax increases — achieve what they were supposed to achieve?
That goes counter to my belief, as a Labour Party activist, that "by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone".
"We can achieve arrangements and agreements with the European Union, and I am confident that we will be able to achieve a good deal," May said.
If you can achieve that effect with the iPhone in your pocket and some level of lighting, then you can achieve that professional effect more effectively.
"I'm not one to challenge President Trump in the hyperbole that he uses to achieve the goals he's trying to achieve for our country," Brooks said.
It certainly makes sense, given the view of some that judges manipulate the standing inquiry to achieve goals they would like to achieve on the merits.
In order to achieve retirement readiness, you need to have a vision of your retirement, the means to achieve that vision and confidence in your plan.
"It creates opportunities for those kinds of mutual surveillance, which achieve the same action as the Singapore government might achieve through a different route," he said.
Nowhere else do the classic ballets of the 19th century achieve the psychological depth to be found here; nowhere else do they achieve such tragic heights.
"It's a real opportunity for Netanyahu to achieve things he couldn't achieve in the Obama years," said Daniel B. Shapiro, a former American ambassador to Israel.
C.E.O.s and their bankers and lawyers pursued big, risky transactions to achieve the kind of growth that they were largely unable to achieve on their own.
"It's all about, no matter where you come from, that you can be who you want to be and achieve what you want to achieve," she said.
"They are extremely resilient, because their need to achieve what they envision is stronger than the pain they experience as they struggle to achieve it," Dalio writes.
"What they don't see is how she puts one foot in front of the other and keeps going to achieve what she's trying to achieve," King said.
"A lot of these measures tend to sound great on paper, but they don't necessarily achieve what you expect them to achieve in practice," Professor Neil said.
The Fed's repeated failure to achieve its stated goals may be training people to expect lower inflation, making it harder for the Fed to achieve those goals.
What we needed to hear from the president was more about what he and his national security team want to achieve and how they will achieve it.
I think this is a fairly narrow view where there is an agenda that they want to achieve and Trump said he would help them achieve that.
"If they, at the moment, lose all the tools they have in order to achieve those targets, it's pretty clear they will not achieve those targets," he said.
"The President's expressed a desire to achieve peace in Syria ... and we're looking at all ways in order to achieve that," deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.
If humanity can achieve the truest form of love, which is total selflessness, then we will achieve a breakthrough of similarly transformative power to the harnessing of fire.
"Most of the time, according to my experience, they don't achieve huge results, but if they achieve 10, 15, 20% improvement, that's of value," Sessions told GOP Rep.
Given these events, Kennedy said it's apparent the board has initiated the rulemaking in an attempt to achieve a predetermined outcome it previously attempted, but failed to achieve.
BMW affirmed its 2018 targets to achieve slightly higher deliveries and revenues in the automotive segment and achieve a group profit before taxes at the previous year's level.
"We're going to share what works and what doesn't work, and not just to help us achieve the outcomes we're setting out to achieve here," Ms. Westin said.
You have to figure that stuff out, because if I didn't have an Hakeem Olajuwon, would I have been able to achieve the heights that I did achieve?
But that is the point of white supremacy—to ensure that that which all others achieve with maximal effort, white people (particularly white men) achieve with minimal qualification.
It has been calculated that it would take at least 360 satellites to achieve the minimum broadband coverage of the earth, and 720 satellites to achieve the moderate coverage.
One of the proposed solutions to achieve immortality comes from Ray Kurzweil, who believes that we can transfer our consciousness to machines to achieve digital immortality within three decades.
"For us, it is not a matter of trying to achieve [long-term hydrogen use] — we believe we must achieve this," said Hisashi Nakai of Toyota's Corporate & Technology Group.
At the heart of West asking for millions of dollars to achieve his artistic dreams is that West believes he deserves millions of dollars to achieve his artistic dreams.
I've just been such a control freak, and I knew that I had to let go of my control this time, in order to achieve what I wanted to achieve.
When you're setting an ambitious goal for yourself, you're essentially identifying something you want to achieve and tacitly pledging that you're going to do the work necessary to achieve it.
Most Hindus believe that in order to achieve liberation, one must perform one's duty and cultivate the right action, wisdom, and devotion so as to achieve a higher-caste rebirth.
Not only am I going to serve for six years, I've been honest with people, the things I want to achieve, some may take longer than six years to achieve.
Trump should demand to know what goals the United States is trying to achieve, how elements of national power are being used to achieve them, and how to measure results.
"The one thing we do is to make sure that our business model and mission really help our customers achieve what they are trying to achieve with technology," said Crozier.
Ours is a history largely defined by an unspoken mandate to achieve and to achieve now, at all costs, consequences be damned—even when it makes us feel like shit.
Under these conditions, if the American government fails to achieve its goals of deposing Maduro and imposing democratic elections in Venezuela, then it might never achieve them in the end.
"All efforts in the past have failed and have simply bought North Korea time to achieve what they want to achieve," Coats told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.
If you can't achieve everything you want to achieve this year, at least build a little hidden capital so that you can make a bigger, more successful change next year.
It's about how they pursue their plans, the compromises they make along the way, and, above all, the results they achieve (or at least, can be reasonably expected to achieve).
And so taking these measures, so that hopefully I can have a bright future and achieve the things that I want to achieve by doing the ovarian reserve is really important.
I want to be out here catching balls from Dak, because I think it's necessary, and I think it's going to help me achieve what I want to achieve this season.
SMITH: -- that were -- that the protesters wanted to achieve.
" More: How could Harry and Meghan achieve "financial independence?
If Telfer or other researchers can achieve that, it could destroy the biological clock concept and open the door for women to achieve reliable, viable pregnancies at much later stages of life.
News Corp Australia concedes that the Australian authority is unlikely to achieve this breakup on its own, but it calls upon it to coordinate globally with other governments to achieve this aim.
Bottom line: Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or achieve a new PR in your sport, you want to see proof that a trainer knows how to achieve that.
The fight over how best to achieve those goals was fierce, but everyone was clear about what they were trying to achieve, and so it was clear how to evaluate different policies.
Nonetheless, new service features, while desirable, are not needed for Twitter to achieve far higher profitability: A radical shift in its revenue model will enable Twitter to achieve the profitability it merits.
"Firstly, jurisdictions that set themselves ambitious climate targets tend to achieve them or, if not, the failure to achieve interim targets at least creates strong political pressure to correct course," they write.
"If you can stand up and deliver a well-thought out speech that resonates," he says, "you achieve instant recognition and add momentum to further your purpose and help others achieve theirs."
You don't achieve the efficiencies, you don't achieve sort of the speed of transition unless you're willing to push those things out and really have everything come to one point of contact.
They may achieve a lot of their substantive policy agenda — Paul Ryan has a single-minded focus on taking income and in-kind support from poor people, and he'll achieve some of that.
Aside from being able to say they repealed and replaced Obamacare, Republicans don't know what they want their bill to achieve, and so at this point, it doesn't achieve anything, save cutting taxes.
The Obama administration knew exactly what it was trying to achieve, was filled with health care experts who had spent decades thinking about how to achieve it, and it still got the Healthcare.
"There's absolutely no change to our stance of aiming to achieve 2 percent inflation at the earliest date possible, and to do whatever it takes to achieve this," he told a news conference.
"There's absolutely no change to our stance of aiming to achieve 2 percent inflation at the earliest date possible, and to do whatever it takes to achieve this," Kuroda told a news conference.
"The key to [artistic] success is to be independent—having the freedom to achieve what you want to achieve," Briand began, highlighting the fact he doesn't think that a big income constitutes success.
To achieve this, she noted that total emissions would have to fall by almost double what would be required to achieve a 2.0°C limit, a goal that some already say is unrealistic.
I didn't know what I hoped to achieve from this.
Yet there are limits to what such reforms can achieve.
How she would achieve that, though, is not altogether clear.
I need simple goals, or else I can't achieve them.
Things you can only achieve by making a baby together.
But some achieve this result so much better than others.
At the LHC we achieve these temperatures with liquid helium.
Small family farmers in Iowa didn't achieve prosperity or stability.
It probably wouldn't really achieve what we're trying to do.
To dream big, do more, and actually achieve your resolutions?
But you could also achieve kind of broader public benefit.
Who layers three lip products to achieve the perfect look?
He offered no specifics for how to achieve that goal.
Here are three tips on how to achieve Inbox Zero.
"You can achieve anything you want in life," she said.
Here are three big ways they've tried to achieve that.
Motion capture is a great way to achieve certain effects.
Cannabis growers may never achieve Alibaba's $400 billion market value.
The reason she's able to achieve that balance in life?
But I doubt he really believes he can achieve that.
A part of that is to achieve better representation overall.
We have to be realistic about what we can achieve.
You cannot achieve new things by maintaining the same habits.
Most people give up before they achieve even basic understanding.
Every model builder uses techniques to achieve certain visual attributes.
Modcloth Led to Achieve Long Sleeve Knit Dress, $64.99; jet.
Tourism is important to our efforts to achieve sustainable development.
Unfortunately, he might achieve a lot less than he could.
To achieve real and lasting success on Amazon, it's vital.
It is not the first firm to achieve the feat.
And we hope our actions help achieve that vital goal.
It is hard to see how he will achieve that.
She asked me what I hoped to achieve at SOP.
Maybe someday you can achieve the ultimate goal: giraffe Parkour.
And you only achieve dominance through Muay Thai, not swinging.
Stop pouring after you achieve about a two inch layer.
Thanks to everyone there who helped us achieve the Impossible.
Suppliers have said the goal would be difficult to achieve.
But there, you were trying to achieve a 1980s look.
So I hope our movies can achieve a similar result.
We have already been taking multiple measures to achieve this.
What do you want to achieve with this documentary project?
"It's just a little bit harder to achieve," he says.
He was ultimately unable to achieve any of those things.
It was a campaign that aimed to achieve political objectives.
A massive, expensive, dysfunctional border wall will not achieve this.
Only a handful will achieve what Cruz and Dillashaw have.
In this case, the more complicated approach did achieve something.
He credits his wife for helping him achieve his dreams.
What are you aiming to achieve with your new music?
Q. What were you trying to achieve with this episode?
I don't know if I'll be able to achieve it.
But what does it really take to achieve that goal?
Everyone wants to achieve their goals as quickly as possible.
"Not everyone believes we can achieve this vision," he said.
It may prove hard to achieve true interoperability between firms.
We're not sure what the government is trying to achieve.
That may be more difficult to achieve these days, though.
But technology companies can and do help us achieve that.
Below are some of the best ways to achieve this.
Focusing screening on smokers will certainly achieve the best outcomes.
Scroll on to achieve next week's packing and prepping goals.
PEOPLE: What did you hope to achieve with the line?
The easiest way to achieve this is ​to hire diversely.
You can achieve greatness, no matter what background you have.
Those are the only ones I can achieve penetration from.
What do I need to do to achieve my goals?
Not every team was able to achieve their desired speeds.
It can, however, be used to achieve the opposite effect.
"That's something we will be trying to achieve for him."
Who are the right leaders to help achieve these goals?
What do you hope this day of action will achieve?
To achieve true scale, NZE strategies must be broadly replicable.
To achieve his purpose, Erdogan is running campaigns outside Turkey.
They just need to act better to achieve that goal.
They're creating impossible standards for candidates that they can't achieve!
And they do not need to fast to achieve this.
"These regulations will work to achieve that goal," he said.
Do you have any goals that seem difficult to achieve?
Attempts to achieve justice in older cases have been patchy.
Something notable is what the tests are trying to achieve.
"We're able to achieve everything we need," Mr. Wardropper said.
To achieve a fair settlement, the West needs greater leverage.
To achieve that, hard political decisions have to be made.
The idea, says Kindred Capital, is to achieve two things.
We're not talking about things that are impossible to achieve.
Today, you will achieve a deeper understanding of your value.
Here's the reality: consumers achieve savings when markets are competitive.
But both of those things would be difficult to achieve.
You'll achieve this by boiling it at a low temperature.
She's really just there to help Derek achieve his means.
And if we work together, there's nothing we can't achieve.
VICE: What were you trying to achieve with this film?
With little more left to achieve, the chef has mellowed.
I can only hope to ever achieve that height again.
It just takes learning some skills to achieve those goals.
It then manipulates those relationships in order to achieve dominance.
Did Tillerson achieve anything on this tour of the Gulf?
Keeping the emotional connection active is necessary to achieve contentment.
In the end, we found a way to achieve it.
What were you and the album's producers looking to achieve?
More issues arose including trying to achieve Laser Classification Certification.
Whatever happens, Jupiter will help you achieve your fullest potential.
To achieve this, procurement rules overtly favour stuff made locally.
But it will be difficult to achieve without more stimulus.
Pinterest, it would seem, could be able to achieve both.
The hope is that predictive maintenance could achieve this quickly.
Why do I feel like I need to achieve more?
Explanations of how, exactly, he'll achieve those solutions come later.
What do you hope to achieve with the Facebook group?
If anything, it's pushing me more to achieve my goals.
Few Americans think the movement will help blacks achieve equality.
Of these only 216 percent will achieve permanent weight loss.
To achieve the effect with a smartphone is more difficult.
The videos also used slow motion to achieve this feeling.
The Horseracing Integrity Act, H.R. 2651, can achieve this goal.
It also does not help us achieve peace in Yemen.
We will persist until we achieve the peace we deserve.
"This is something we in Europe need to achieve together."
But they can create substantial opportunities to achieve partisan advantage.
All they can achieve is the business remedying its inaccessibility.
Washington has the opportunity to achieve the same progress today.
"This is the only way to achieve it," McConnell said.
To a degree, also, business is changing to achieve that.
Mr. Obama's missteps have made his goal harder to achieve.
Essentially, they are individuals who, through their actions, achieve greatness.
It still hurts me today that I couldn't achieve that.
Make sure that we are able to achieve this goal.
" It was the ability to achieve reform "now or never.
Therefore, I felt being hard on myself helped me achieve.
There's no shortage of imaginative proposals to achieve this goal.
"That's our objective and we will achieve it," he said.
Whether Iran will help him achieve this win is doubtful.
We realize exactly what we did to achieve our success.
The Associated Press: What Trump and Putin hope to achieve.
But there may be limits to what science can achieve.
"We are doing everything to achieve an agreement," Scholz said.
And we can achieve progress if we overcome our divisions.
Power, though, is useless unless used to achieve desired results.
And not just that, but victory that others couldn't achieve.
A needle and thread are also used to achieve detail.
It's to achieve the enduring defeat of the Islamic State.
You can achieve an agenda, you can drive a message.
To achieve the vision, more still needs to be done.
It's the objective of our administration to achieve the outcome.
I get it, Tesla's Model S can achieve similar oomph.
No, you didn't achieve your dream of becoming an astronaut.
He also asked what Mr. Thiel ultimately hoped to achieve.
The economy is maintaining momentum to achieve our price target.
John Harwood: What do you hope to achieve with that?
What is the new cycle that you want to achieve?
Such mandatory disclosure sounds tough, but might not achieve much.
One reason your phone's pictures never quite achieve DSLR quality?
Guarantees could achieve much more in the right regulatory environment.
To achieve this realignment, Democrats must act smartly and wisely.
Whether James Murdoch would ultimately achieve that is another question.
The institutional left must destroy these to achieve their goals.
Or, Lamrani cautioned, it may not achieve anything at all.
That's always the big question: can music achieve very much?
"They must work hard to achieve it," the source said.
What do you hope to achieve as a living statue?
They can achieve things and be happy for somebody else.
Working large muscles helps you achieve many solid fitness goals.
Yet, it is not clear what exactly succeeding will achieve.
But the Hollywood heavyweight didn't achieve all that exploration alone.
Thing is, we can't achieve our dreams if we're dead.
Why is it so hard to achieve parity in pay?
On a daily basis the funds often achieve this objective.
But what would that entail and what would it achieve?
There'll be some give and take to achieve those objectives.
These are laudable goals, but how do we achieve them?
The scientists noted the maximum height each runner could achieve.
Twelve would require changes to achieve any hope of passage.
" He added, "Whenever possible, we seek to achieve that goal.
There is no model for what he wishes to achieve.
What "potential diplomatic victory" did Mr. Moon achieve on Sunday?
You could achieve this in a bunch of different ways.
But do the bottle reviews help to achieve this goal?
What such action would achieve, however, is hard to say.
The most solid method for kids to achieve their goals?
Marriott members need 75 nights to achieve the same status.
That's much easier to achieve once Siri has swallowed Shazam.
EU officials have dampened expectations about what Juncker can achieve.
Even Csíkszentmihályi admits, however, that it's not easy to achieve.
Even Csíkszentmihályi admits, however, that it's not easy to achieve.
Expect her intense presence and unparalleled sensibility to achieve liftoff.
You've done what we all strive for but rarely achieve.
This, I'm told, is easier to achieve when you're young.
Show your leadership that you support efforts to achieve peace.
If you want to achieve that, you go for it.
Sun Myung Moon, believe marriage can help achieve world peace.
But the Affordable Care Act really did achieve a lot.
This ethereal look is both easy to achieve and maintain!
My mom would want me to achieve greatness in life.
They disagree, however, on the best path to achieve it.
Probably. But how much will these expected cuts actually achieve?
"We are achieving everything we hoped to achieve," Bass said.
A functional single market helps firms achieve economies of scale.
What is the best way to achieve it — and fast?
This deceivingly simple legal standard is often difficult to achieve.
It goes on just long enough to achieve actual comedy.
We are ready to do our best to achieve peace.
And communities have goals that they try and achieve together.
Realistically we may not be able to achieve it now.
The more that join, the more reforms we can achieve.
You're here in Singapore what do you aim to achieve?
Someone, somewhere, is getting the results we struggle to achieve.
So what will they actually do to achieve this goal?
And the O'Connell family lost the chance to achieve closure.
They strive to be American and expect Rez to achieve.
"It could be used to achieve anything," Mr. Barak said.
He urged the leveraging of state power to achieve this.
To achieve this effort, work with Germany will be decisive.
" (d.) "How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance.
Mr. Zelensky, a neophyte in politics, cannot achieve progress alone.
Imagine what they could achieve with some help from lawmakers.
Whether he can achieve his grand vision is unclear, however.
But not everyone believes the gift will achieve this goal.
What is the Trump administration trying to achieve in Korea?
You should be more confident that you can achieve this!
Suppliers have said the goal will be difficult to achieve.
Those designations have value, but they take time to achieve.
Yet Democratic candidates disagree on how to achieve these goals.
We need new laws and mandates to achieve that goal.
Now, is this the right tool to achieve that job?
Most cars achieve this by pulsing the inner rear brake.
The Surface Pro X doesn't achieve that dream quite yet.
But this rule only makes that goal harder to achieve.
He adds that structured products can achieve a similar effect.
The question of how to achieve that is unclear, however.
Genuine democracy is difficult to achieve and once achieved, fragile.
Do a person's goals determine the means to achieve them?
Here are five things the president will try to achieve.
Haude: So this is what we're really trying to achieve.
What did she want to achieve in the eighth grade?
Republicans now have an unusual opportunity to achieve their goals.
But whether protesters will achieve their demands also remains uncertain.
Closing the door will not achieve lasting development, he added.
Compassion & Choices has federal policy solutions to achieve this transformation.
"I've done everything the #MeToo movement would love to achieve."
To achieve purity, then and now, purebred dogs are inbred.
Confidence can also help any worker achieve success in business.
We can jointly achieve a breakthrough in storage and batteries.
When they achieve their goals, what they want in life.
Colorado provides one example of how we can achieve this.
It would be capitalized to achieve a high credit rating.
At present, the way to achieve this balance isn't clear.
We can achieve that in key areas and we will.
The structure, with the put option, helped achieve that aim.
This will achieve information and insight that inevitably improves leadership.
All that a "movement" could responsibly achieve, has been achieved.
He always pledges outcomes, never the policies to achieve them.
Alibaba's ability to achieve its ambitions should not be underestimated.
There is more than one way to achieve cleaner air.
What do you want this health care plan to achieve?
It's about what it takes to achieve that. Courage. Discipline.
And we retire before we ever get to achieve it.
And surprise would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.
But how much can Mulvaney achieve by revisiting the rule?
There are quest objectives, not goals I want to achieve.
This is what we have tried to achieve in Dust.
Presidents have plenty of means to achieve what they want.
Whatever you can do to achieve that end, do it.
So he did achieve what his father expected of him.
The quest is now how to achieve all of this.
They're actually in that community and achieve things within it.
But AmeriCare is an affordable way to achieve universal coverage.
That's always going to be a challenge, and it's up to the company to ensure that it from running into some kind of endless loop that doesn't actually achieve what it wants to achieve.
This shift is a product of the view that it is appropriate for administration officials to use the regulatory tools at their disposal to achieve policies that they cannot achieve through normal democratic channels.
You know, I think it was important for him also to know how I felt, what I wanted, what my goal was so that he could help me achieve what I wanted to achieve.
"With every leader, sometimes you try to do too much because they want to win so badly and they want to help their teammates achieve the goal that they want to achieve," Capuano said.
I then firm up my goals and what I want to achieve next week (I do this every Saturday to make sure I'm on track with everything I want to achieve for the year).
Even if he fails to achieve either of those milestones this week, a buoyant Woods reckons time is still on his side with 10 years and 40 majors left to achieve his Holy Grail.
President Obama sought to pull out of Afghanistan but instead sent a surge of more troops to try to achieve enough stability to ease a withdrawal — a gambit that failed to achieve that goal.
We became a country in which people were able to achieve great success and live out their dreams because we stayed focused on that mission and had a good strategic plan to achieve it.
"All efforts in the past have failed and have simply bought North Korea time to achieve what they want to achieve," Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.
And I figure, how could you possibly achieve what you need to achieve, and spend time thinking about the story, the sentence — he didn't like the sentence, or the cover image or whatever it was.
High achievers develop internal skills and practices to achieve external results.
It also works with non-member countries to achieve those aims.
Both Clinton & Sanders would prefer single-payer, neither can achieve it.
We achieve this by using mapping software to display each issue.
Bodhisattvas are individuals who carry out compassionate acts to achieve enlightenment.
This ad is almost too short to achieve its full effect.
To achieve any expected return, you have to stick with it.
You can do and achieve anything you put your mind to.
It's one of those inscrutable expressions that only children can achieve.
To achieve this, he'll have to go beyond images and symbols.
He thinks it's probably the way Tesla will actually achieve success.
You will start helping your colleagues achieve their desires and aspirations.
This may help some borrowers achieve a lower monthly interest rate.
Today, restaurants still use loud music to achieve that same dynamism.
If they can achieve that, they should be a successful company.
Michael Phelps knows what it feels like to achieve his goals.
Inspire them to achieve success and experience the joy of accomplishment.
Here's how to achieve two fun and functional pulled-back styles.
We exist to help them achieve that level of professional attainment.
They also need to achieve a targeted level of GDP growth.
To achieve less of one, we get more of the other.
Otherwise, the assassins will achieve their goal: societies living in fear.
And don't be discouraged if you don't achieve your goal overnight.
At present, it doesn't expect to achieve that goal before 2018.
Create small milestones that you will achieve at a quicker pace.
"Choose your allies when you've got goals to achieve," she says.
I was given no tools nor the authority to achieve anything.
In fact, you have several options to achieve this entertainment bliss.
We can achieve the same volume, but with more air inside.
It takes a different way of thinking to achieve something new.
And how you can best [help] her or him achieve them?
Deliver more service, help everyone achieve goals and become their best.
He would get me promoted and help me achieve my goals.
Can Dubai achieve a happiness revolution without addressing its labor issues?
Others dutifully replied that overtime was necessary to achieve satisfactory results.
Now rejoice, because we are about to achieve some incredible things.
To achieve those things in one single season is just incredible.
That's a combination you couldn't achieve before the growth of online.
What is your goal, and how would you best achieve it?
"Almost every boycott fails to achieve its punitive goal," says Glickman.
This means you can achieve all kinds of dramatically different looks.
Cost-effective and innovative solutions can help us achieve these objectives.
And their failure to achieve their purposes hurt everyone else, too.
We do not always agree on how to achieve that objective.
To achieve these things, I'm going to suggest three homework assignments.
The "correctives" Mr Uribe seeks will be fiendishly difficult to achieve.
But it's not something you can achieve here in your life.
To achieve this global mission, we need to cooperate at home.
Wasteful and ineffective measures to achieve it will remain in place.
From the pain, mistakes, and heartache we achieve pride and strength.
As the lamest of ducks, she will struggle to achieve anything.
It's one milestone Jeremiah thought his son would one day achieve.
It's a level of responsibility that took Dawson years to achieve.
Give your partner the freedom and support to achieve their ambitions.
You may even think that means you can't achieve amazing things.
With smart reforms, we can take steps to achieve that system.
Microsoft remains committed to doing our part to achieve its goals.
UBS added this would be "quite manageable" for Walmart to achieve.
All achieve smokiness in different ways, and all with excellent results.
Garment exporters said Bangladesh was on track to achieve the target.
And even he aims to achieve his goal only in steps.
What does she ultimately want to achieve with UK Black Pride?
No country can achieve cybersecruity on its own, Singapore's Koh said.
This legislation requires a straight majority, making it easier to achieve.
To achieve such a goal, he said, his competitive mindset helps.
He spent much time and many resources to achieve that end.
He said the warring parties offered "concrete ideas" to achieve peace.
They failed to achieve their goals, but what are the consequences?
It was a rhetorical dance that needed to achieve several goals.
There's a thing on a loop about what girls can achieve.
We can achieve both great artificial intelligence and great privacy standards.
And intervention is unlikely to achieve its aim of creating champions.
Some people spend their entire lives trying to achieve voluminous hair.
According to CNBC, Samsung's smartphone division also struggled to achieve profitability.
A deal on comprehensive immigration reform will be difficult to achieve.
There are two things we focus on to achieve this goal.
That said, higher growth will be necessary to achieve this target.
But historical trends suggest this improvement will take decades to achieve.
The billion-dollar question is how he'll try to achieve that.
But a skilled colorist can achieve any look using either technique.
As a result, vertical integration can achieve lower prices for consumers.
"We want to achieve the volumes with good profitability," Blandinieres said.
It's much harder to achieve that on a website these days.
But that running elation is also rare and difficult to achieve.
But would the bill achieve its aim of stabilising insurance markets?
And stunted children grow into adults unable to achieve their potential.
For those who achieve it, marriage increasingly looks like a triumph.
To achieve that the euro zone had to integrate more deeply.
"I want us to achieve something that feels more like freedom."
The whole team pushed themselves today to achieve something visually crazy!
The last Royals pitcher to achieve that was Kevin Appier, Sept.
To achieve this, she abandoned the consensual approach of her predecessors.
In reality, heartbeat bills are unlikely to achieve their promised goal.
It's also why comprehensive reform has been so difficult to achieve.
Conservatives then master them to more effectively achieve their political ambitions.
Much depends on what Russian leader Vladimir Putin wants to achieve.
America's Got Talent is the next way to achieve that goal.
They're the first group since The Beatles to achieve that feat.
How far is Dolores willing to go to achieve her goals?
It takes hours of primping to achieve some of these looks.
There is a small chance for Kim to achieve that too.
We believe, that even a small company can achieve great results.
California drivers went out on strike to achieve the same goals.
Emily Estefan is reaching higher and higher to achieve her dreams.
"We will achieve independence for the people we represent," he said.
To achieve this, we must be active; we must be kind.
Every layer in the network helps the organism achieve that goal.
Press and push further and you'll achieve amazing things in life.
Dozens of land-management practices are thought to achieve this feat.
What would they like to accomplish or achieve before they die?
You will need to achieve a pH of 5.3 or less.
A privately-financed health system would never achieve something like this.
The EU is not able to help him achieve these goals.
It's about providing the tools for them to achieve their dreams.
I create smoothly running customer data centers that achieve 100% uptime.
Some of us will do whatever it takes to achieve that.
To achieve that, he promised to reform the country's unwieldy bureaucracy.
Selfies, while seemingly easy to achieve, are a modern art form.
But in a few short months, Google will achieve exactly that.
Recent work suggests simpler forms of learning could achieve similar goals.
Whatever the filmmakers had hoped to achieve here, it fell flat.
Fortunately for me, it was something I was able to achieve.
What do you hope to achieve in the next four years?
It takes sweat, hard work and sacrifice to achieve the goal.
As research shows, when employees wear nicer clothes, they achieve more.
Here are four sacrifices you'll need to make to achieve success.
As for Talbert, she hopes to achieve what Rose's uncle has.
Every time you achieve a Chicken Dream, you'll notice different details.
You'll receive what you need to achieve the vision you have.
Terry McAuliffe has used his executive authority to achieve this objective.
To achieve this goal, however, a lot still needs to happen.
It is our responsibility to take every measure to achieve that.
Emotional intelligence is a hard thing to achieve, even in humans.
That helped it achieve earnings which were ahead of market forecasts.
I say all of that in hopes that we achieve that.
Women who set their mind on something usually achieve great things.
Being held accountable to achieve certain benchmarks is healthy and motivational.
You can, in other words, achieve Nixonian results without Nixonian means.
And I know what I can achieve, even if you don't.
Go deeper: Why an independent Kurdistan is so hard to achieve
A new arms control agreement would be difficult to achieve today.
So I don't think I'm able to achieve this full agenda.
In the end, the moves failed to achieve the desired goal.
Certainly, the acquisition of Cruise Automation will help achieve that goal.
What do those who signed the petition hope it will achieve?
Here are three easy steps to achieve the royal look: 1.
Although the firm argues that this may be difficult to achieve.
What do you think needs to be done to achieve it?
Cut your eyelashes with scissors to achieve a more manageable length.
The best a human can achieve is about 1.5 body lengths.
We should all aspire to achieve G Perico's level of productivity.
The plan aims to achieve a balanced budget within a decade.
How do we motivate our youth to achieve what they want?
Customer 360 is focused on helping companies achieve that expectation level.
Using hyperbolic language about their power helps them achieve this aim.
What we're trying to achieve with this campaign is very difficult.
We hope to achieve scientific breakeven in the next five years.
THERE is more than one way to achieve dreadful public policies.
With these agreements, we are going to achieve it in practice.
Check in with yourself about how well you achieve your goals.
Because you could achieve less from a position of power. Yes.
Not everyone believes Bangladesh and Pakistan will achieve their LNG ambitions.
What would you like to achieve in the years to come?
You could achieve immortality, too—just like the good Bishop Bicherod.
They cannot achieve global subjugation without first destroying the United States.
Plus, each blogger shares their tips to achieve a flawless foodstagram.
We think we have the players that can achieve that goal.
Like you'd need a machine to achieve that kind of quiet.
Few retailers have been able to achieve this entirely — even Amazon.
Finally, Brussels must create the institutional mechanisms to achieve all this.
To achieve their "blue wave," the (d)emocrats must embrace it.
Komodo dragons, an exception among reptiles, can achieve near-mammalian metabolism.
That means, choose people you trust to help you achieve victory.
What does enlightenment feel like and how does one achieve it?
Equity isn't always easy to achieve, but Splitwise makes it simple.
The bank's ambition is to achieve a yearly increase in dividend.
Yet this will be difficult to achieve unless public opinion shifts.
How else can you achieve that mix of salty and sweet?
"If you don't measure it, you won't achieve it," he said.
We look to ITU support to achieve success on these priorities.
Many previous attempts relied on weakly bonded coatings to achieve roughness.
I believe Donald Trump will achieve the same results for America.
"Alternative treatments do not achieve these types of results," they wrote.
Branson's bid to achieve human spaceflight hasn't been without setbacks, however.
It uses a series of plasmonic displays to achieve the feat.
"Whatever I achieve athletically right now, it's a bonus," Sarah said.
A bug bounty program is a proven way to achieve that.
As president, Trump is helping Putin achieve a top strategic goal.
So, you can flip the bed to achieve your optimal feel.
Look for experienced mentors who can help you achieve your goals.
But he could not achieve his goal of universal health care.
As one study points out, it did not achieve its objective.
I had to work overtime in order to achieve this goal.
Instead, just focus on what you can achieve on your own.
How, I asked, can we make it easier to achieve decarbonization?
She had several means at her disposal to achieve these ends.
They both had the strength and character I hope to achieve.
Three strategies have been adopted by Iran to achieve this goal.
But maybe a merger isn't necessary to achieve the larger goals.
Apart from sleep or rest, you can achieve peace through meditation.
Mr. Wiesel lived long enough to achieve a particular satisfying redemption.
Efforts to achieve this consensus around racial justice have happened before.
That's more challenging to achieve when catching life on the fly.
And when we emphasize that commonality ... we will achieve greater unity.
To achieve the American Dream, we believed, one must work hard.
Is the government adopting policies and plans to achieve the SDGs?
To achieve success, one must identify these habits and replace them.
Oh, and don't forget to formulate a plan to achieve them.
The irony is that, doing so would achieve the exact opposite.
We should support the efforts of citizens trying to achieve that.
Even with political will, the target would be hard to achieve.
If both qualities are practiced correctly you can achieve great things.
" If you want to see a woman achieve things, try "Supergirl.
This plan will help it to achieve its cost savings target.
Such collaboration may be hard to achieve in the current environment.
That decision didn't achieve the desired policy changes in North Korea.
It will take some more time to achieve our price target.
Those quads are what helped him achieve the higher base value.
Then to achieve the same look, doctors will inject more product.
While the challenge to achieve reform remains, the dynamics have evolved.
Bryant encouraged Curry to strive to get better, to achieve more.
Speeding up trials is a major way to achieve this goal.
It's the highest standard we can achieve while keeping vehicles affordable.
And it is crucial to achieve balanced and flexible trade relations.
This enables the fund to achieve a NFMRSR of 'S1(zaf)'.
But they couldn't achieve the racing D-beat sound they wanted.
"Affirmative fractions" are implemented to achieve this particular interpretation of fairness.
And what do you want to achieve with your day today?
And that is another massive thing that we have to achieve.
If you try hard enough at something you'll always achieve it?
Here is how to achieve this look and offer brand detail.
Finally, what are you hoping to achieve with this new record?
How many more he might achieve remained an open question, however.
Was I not doing enough to help him achieve these skills?
In addition, she's failed to achieve, really, any of her goals.
My mother's push for us to achieve her vision was unrelenting.
Related: Has the First Person to Achieve Immortality Already Been Born?
What did you hope going back in 2016 would really achieve?
One contributor buys vibrators in an attempt to achieve self-love.
Undercutting his argument or cherry-picking his words doesn't achieve anything.
"You can really achieve the same full volume look," Paredes said.
Together we achieve what is impossible to those who stand alone.
This is what could achieve that which surface-level regulation can't.
Upping the dosage to achieve the same effect increases the risk.
Bieber isn't the only recent pop star to achieve critical acclaim.
He uses religion as an instrument to achieve what he wants.
And then there are performance objectives, requiring meticulous play to achieve.
And more work needs to be done to achieve more progress.
Now she wants to achieve more than Rousey in MMA, too.
Genetic engineering is just one method to achieve this same objective.
How mining companies are going to achieve this remains the challenge.
They would require major investments and take many years to achieve.
This enabled them to achieve, work and enter the middle class.
Why is it to hard to achieve financial success in life?
The achiote seed is used to achieve a yellow-orange hue.
To achieve this, a fully baked, not-soggy crust is essential.
"Health and happiness, without yoga you cannot achieve," he went on.
"To achieve zero tolerance with injuries is very difficult," Skaardal said.
But exposure to alpha-gal alone probably doesn't achieve this feat.
You can experiment with these to achieve your optimal comfort level.
Most companies never achieve greatness because they're satisfied with good enough.
This might be easiest to achieve by inviting only like minds.
It took over two more decades to achieve successful school desegregation.
But working in silos will not achieve the change we need.
Some investors use exchange-traded funds to achieve easy portfolio diversification.
It identifies the programs and mechanisms required to achieve its goals.
They saw no way to achieve individual salvation through community effort.
In the meantime, these companies are using IPOs to achieve profitability.
What would any changes to admissions criteria be trying to achieve?
You can't achieve that kind of kaleidoscope effect in a newspaper.
Analysts said the output cuts seemed likely to achieve their purpose.
The happenings aimed to achieve a dazzling ontological restructuring of consciousness.
That allows him to achieve his second, unlawful, term after all.
One of the key ways to achieve that is social distancing.
And for myself, you make these goals you want to achieve.
But they're entirely opposite in what they set out to achieve.
This time, the protesters are determined to achieve a different outcome.
Sommeliers can achieve this goal by giving guests what they want.
Within that framework, they were able to achieve important liberal victories.
His advice to achieve this isn't anything you haven't heard before.
Such divisions only serve to make good outcomes harder to achieve.
"We must be willing to do battle to achieve it." video
Why on earth wouldn't Mill want to achieve his life goals?
He suggested that an open-source model could help achieve this.
The merger aims to achieve annual savings of 3.7 billion euros.
All of these outcomes help women achieve in the business world.
Alone together onstage, they often achieve a raw and dangerous intimacy.
Play around with the tools to achieve the effect you want. 
This is what Gareth Casey wants to achieve with his clothes.
Good, let's see if we can achieve a personal best today.
Our job is now to achieve results on behalf of America.
They achieve it by suffering, but they don't talk about that.
I think there are savings that hospitals can achieve through efficiencies.
Zelenskiy has said his first task is to achieve a ceasefire.
They have more room to grow and achieve what they want.
China is an autocratic country so they cannot achieve real innovation.
As a result, the administration may yet achieve the same goals.
The route to achieve that lightness can be work-intensive, though.
How can we design institutions and performance metrics to achieve them?
Maybe that's something A.I.G. can achieve in 2019, its centennial year.
Perhaps with more aggressive testing, we could achieve a better balance.
What do you hope to achieve by canvassing neighborhoods this summer?
These, too, are choices made to achieve access and socioeconomic diversity.
What does the regime hope to achieve by holding Americans hostage?
Balance is tricky to achieve, but it's there for a reason.
Ask yourself what you want and how you can achieve it.
Why do some people risk their lives to achieve a goal?
To achieve success, you must work on your skills every day.
Today, Iran resorts to global terrorism to achieve an international objective.
Australia has tried to achieve both universal access and personal choice.
We look forward to working together with Rambler to achieve this.
BlackRock itself is evidence of what such a change can achieve.
There is no outcome to 'achieve' and no 'goal' to reach.
"Misinformation is increasingly used to achieve political ends," Mr. Sarts said.
What could I have done different to achieve the same results?
Don't just talk about your goals, take actions to achieve them.
Yet, the U.S. might not even achieve its current 26 pledges.
Do you think he will be able to achieve his goal?
But how can manufacturers leverage new technology to achieve these goals?
Experts say private sector financing is key to achieve these investments.
We're not trying to win arguments but to achieve the mission.
Can you say more about how we achieve a peaceful mind?
What do you think he hopes its publication will help achieve?
They need greater investments in order to achieve their full potential.
NASA's commercial crew program could finally achieve its goal in 22024.
Weaker demand would typically make it harder to achieve that goal.
This enables the fund to achieve a NFVR of 'V1(zaf)'.
Even a dusting will be hard to achieve through Thursday evening.
But to achieve one thing generally means letting go of another.
And any compromise in the Senate will be difficult to achieve.
I felt like it was something I could never achieve properly.
Our potential is not limited by what we can achieve alone.
We set up goals and look for ways to achieve them.
They are also more likely to achieve higher levels of education.
We're hopeful that we can help him execute and achieve that.
Buser intends to achieve 30,000 daily travelers from 3,000 people currently.
Note: all benchmarks are given as what Lamb needs to achieve.
I have introduced and supported other legislation to achieve that goal.
Buser intends to achieve 30,000 daily travelers from 3,000 people currently.
BTS took slightly less than 11 months to achieve that distinction.
To achieve that, it&aposs important to manage your expectations accordingly.
Garland, if confirmed, may help him achieve his "long ball" goals.
In order to achieve this, though, he needed increased powers. Why?
So how could and would a racist achieve all these things?
I said, isn't that counterproductive to what you're trying to achieve?
Most of those countries achieve lower health costs with universal coverage.
Of course, this sounds too idealistic and almost impossible to achieve.
He said he hoped to achieve that goal within two weeks.
Kushner's efforts behind the scenes will hopefully also help achieve this.
To achieve pay equity, women in Hollywood need to band together.
But there are limits to what slowing down ships can achieve.
To achieve this goal, a conflict with the U.S. is inevitable.
"Racial categorizations are necessary to achieve those goals," the judge stated.
The current version requires an accessory purchased separately to achieve this.
She then sands the paintings to achieve a smooth, flat effect.
Republican leadership should pursue two easy steps to achieve that reform.
To achieve that ambition, Prayut appears to have every corner covered.
To achieve the compact size, HP didn't use a flatbed scanner.
But Whitney didn't achieve as much success during the bull market.
"I am loath to gurm acquaintances who achieve celebrity," he said.
She ruled out running again for office to achieve her aims.
It is a feeling that is easy to achieve in Gascony.
Talks on the issue this week failed to achieve a deal.
You're in the peak physical shape that a person can achieve.
FNC has rhetorical objectives to achieve with these high profile appointments.
Critics could say that such an agreement is impossible to achieve.
And Washington managed to achieve this through principled, hard-nosed diplomacy.
Burch hopes to help other women entrepreneurs achieve their goals, too.
Walmart is a shining example of how to achieve this synergy.
And, of course, both promise to achieve national grandeur in perpetuity.
Or did the policy achieve its real goal, namely reinforcing inequality?
The answer depends on what the Democrats are trying to achieve.
Emma's Kitchen is her way of helping new refugees achieve theirs.
I announced that I want to achieve that target by 2021.
I won't be complaining if he manages to achieve this, though.
To achieve the compact size, HP didn't use a flatbed scanner.
How does one achieve this apotheosis of the asset-light strategy?
Another plan calls for China to achieve dominance in artificial intelligence.
But to achieve it, Judge Polster needs cooperation from state courts.
Some large deals to achieve the goal have been sketched out.
Mr. Muilenburg is under immense pressure to achieve two distinct goals.
What do you hope to achieve in the Swedish art scene?
It is conducted to achieve sustainable economic growth with price stability.
And always, how can one best achieve this with poetic integrity?
Adding another punishment to drugs is not going to achieve that.
A skateboarder can achieve local status in a matter of days.
That's why we must achieve a diplomatic outcome, but the North Koreans have to understand that, and they have to understand that the penalties to them will continue and will only grow more severe in terms of sanctions actions and other actions until they do get on a pathway to achieve that objective that the entire world hopes to achieve.
Trump's transparency of what he wants to achieve in the negotiation makes it easier for the person he is negotiating with to make sure they can give him what he wants, and achieve what you need.
"The cabinet shows that his political pendulum is in the direction of efforts to achieve something without caring much for how to achieve it," said Hamid, describing the inclusion of Prabowo as the "politics of accommodation".
"The hurdle rates that we'll be looking to achieve in the business are now I think going to be more competitive and will give us more competitive pricing than we could achieve as NAB," he said.
And while there are many different ways to achieve lower costs and better care for all Americans, Democrats are doing our due diligence and working together to find the best solution to achieve these important goals.
It will not win every battle, but it may achieve more through obstruction, and making life miserable for the new president by increasing the cost of his anti-Mexican policies, than it will achieve by appeasement.
"I'd rather wake up in the morning and get on with my day and achieve what I want to achieve than wake up with a massive hangover," said Ms. Clegg Littler, an actress from West London.
Even if, through some miracle, the Democrats achieve a senatorial majority in the November midterms, no reliable political analysts are predicting they will achieve the two-thirds majority required for a Trump conviction on impeachment charges.
You can go back thousands of years and watch nation states interact in this very way, trying to achieve outcomes, working together, coming-- forming compacts, treaties, agreements, handshakes, working together to achieve each nation's best interests.
Doerr's new book, "Measure What Matters," is a guidebook to using a leadership strategy called Objectives and Key Results — or, in other words, communicating what you want to achieve and measuring how well you achieve it.
But policy-makers want to achieve gross domestic product of 3-4 percent, and to achieve that, many economists say, Russia must make structural changes to its economy, in particular by reducing the role of the state.
He then explains the limits (4,000 euros for one type of donation, and 7,500 for another type of pledge) and then goes on to explain how the donor can achieve achieve his maximum amount under the law.
The investment will help scientists "achieve breakthroughs" faster "We live in an era of unprecedented challenges and opportunities," Allen said today in an announcement at the NationalThe investment will help scientists "achieve breakthroughs" faster Academy of Sciences.
Bakke outlawed quotas but permitted the consideration of race to achieve a diverse student body; in doing so, it stifled deeper conversations in courtrooms and classrooms about why we need affirmative action and what it can achieve.
"We had such a great year last year and reached all of the goals we set out to achieve, and so this was a question of re-evaluating what we wanted to achieve this year," he said.
Sporting Whether or not Colin Kaepernick plays another down in the N.F.L., I'm going to say that he can achieve more off a football field than he — or anyone else in the sport — can achieve on one.
Mr. Trump has claimed that he can achieve what his predecessors, including former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, had tried but failed to achieve: the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear weapons and their production facilities.
"What is most surprising is that ... these two isolated indigenous communities living far apart in distance and time were able to achieve something that the modern-day agricultural management practices could not achieve until now," he said.
Beyond the reality that women still have much to achieve in terms of full equality, there lies the challenge that America has much to achieve in terms of properly memorializing and educating future generations about women's accomplishments.
But a dollar appreciation could by itself achieve the necessary economic adjustment.
There's a whole bunch of different ways you can achieve those goals.
He's practically omnipotent yet constantly frustrated by failing to achieve his goals.
There's still a long way to achieve a consensus on these regulations.
What, though, might companies achieve if they had smaller, cheaper metal printers?
You will never achieve the harmony of even a dysfunctional nuclear family.
He said decades of locking people up to achieve security had failed.
You never know when or where you'll achieve your moment of Zen.
You recognize, more or less, how they're achieving the effects they achieve.
I asked Pinderhughes what it would take to actually achieve that goal.
You can achieve immense complexity by interlocking just a few simple parts.
Sometimes you need hot tools to achieve the exact effect you want.
It really depends on what you want to achieve as a freelancer.
" Boular told Hussain she "wanted to achieve paradise in death so bad.
Even better would be to leverage the crisis to achieve some good.
And many contestants use hair extensions to achieve their stage-worthy volume.
And then do they have a longer term strategy to achieve this?
To achieve this important task, the Congress Party must radically transform itself.
And equality isn't something that as a society we can just achieve.
"Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go to achieve this."
In this way they achieve 99.9999991 percent of the speed of light.
"I want to start helping others to achieve their goals," she said.
We do so when necessary to achieve greater objectives for our country.
Anyone can achieve this same freedom around food with time and effort.
"The government will achieve little from the current ban," Pavin told Reuters.
In John's mind, he's the beleaguered hero trying to achieve his dreams.
Russia might not achieve its goal of launching a prototype by 2025.
Authenticity in the way Mark is trying to achieve it is laughable.
Ivannikov said Gazprom could achieve that payout level within 2-3 years.
There's no reason we can't achieve this in health care as well.
The organization recommends 95% immunization coverage to achieve so-called herd immunity.
What kind of experience are you trying to achieve in this installation?
This incredible bowl helps you achieve the ideal spoonful, bite after bite.
" The FDA could achieve that goal by enacting a "maximum nicotine level.
But haters can hate — her confidence has let her achieve her dreams.
People have built computer models of networks that achieve some critical state.
"They started with a growth rate and asserted they could achieve it."
HR 490 would help King achieve his stated goal of outlawing abortion.
It's not possible to achieve perfect efficiency, or anything close to it.
Copenhagen's officials are confident the city can largely achieve its ambitious goals.
The Air Resources Board has broad authority to achieve those goals. Gov.
Which is not exactly the aesthetic I'm trying to achieve on Instagram.
Experts on asylum are skeptical Salvini can achieve his ambitious expulsions target.
Every single one of them has failed to achieve a fresh rating.
These exams help IT pros achieve cybersecurity mastery, from start to finish.
I tried to show them through my actions what they could achieve.
I'll not be in California, modeling, trying to achieve my biggest dream!
The locations were chosen to achieve a range of geography and size.
Their ideas are probably more ambitious than what Congress can actually achieve.
It's everything that I wanted to achieve creatively... There's all this passion.
Analysts have said Uber needs to reduce costs drastically to achieve profitability.
What's next, and how much time I have left to achieve it.
The main objective is to achieve the particular demands of the strike.
A lot depends on what the common approach is trying to achieve.
To truly achieve their potential, they need much more power and range.
The company had long said it would achieve that goal by 2020.
They will not be easy to achieve and they will cost money.
Mentors often play a crucial role in helping people achieve their goals.
It's impossible to achieve everything your boss wants to do at once.
So they share a goal -- but not a strategy to achieve it.
Every day, another American company announces a pledge to achieve carbon neutrality.
The 28th Amendment to the Constitution is how we will achieve it.
Facebook just changed its News Feed algorithm to achieve the same goal.
But Michaels says healthier diets can help people achieve the same goals.
I was wrong; moving a few steps closer doesn't achieve similar results.
We might achieve what John Young had been working for all along.
"It's finally an opening for us to achieve our dream," Katie says.
"The tax is too blunt an instrument to achieve this," he said.
We believe it has various strategic options to achieve this, including divestments.
Weber said everybody needs to compromise on Brexit to achieve a deal.
Despite politicians' bluster, there is a limit to what legislation can achieve.
You will achieve a lot of amazing things with or without disabilities.
We don't want to rush them out there and achieve fragile victories.
Hong Kong can achieve much-needed reforms to its politics and administration.
With the history stored in Discovery's data banks, Control could achieve sentience.
But they did achieve a kind of social levelling in St James's.
We're going to denuclearize just as quickly as we can achieve that.
What strategies and tactics are (or were) being used to achieve them?
It's really incredible what you can achieve for free from your home.
And that feeling grows alongside your ability to achieve success in life.
Ribeiro, 25, mixes up several different workouts to achieve her sculpted butt.
Having descendants is like a kind of tiny celebrity we can achieve.
This is the main thing Wells Tu, TimeKettle's founder, wanted to achieve.
It's thrilling in a way that few cars can achieve without speed.
"Most immigrants come here looking to achieve their dreams," Ms. Quintero said.
Many expressed their excitement to see what the fact checker will achieve.
That would allow more time for the economy to achieve "self-sufficiency".
But as it turns out, it can also help you achieve success.
It will make his own policy more difficult to achieve and implement.
He broke down his strategy to achieve this goal into three parts.
This sense of immersion can be quite difficult to achieve in practice.
It is up to Google to achieve and implement that equal treatment.
But not even the policy's cancellation on June 20th will achieve that.
We did not achieve anything today and promise to do more tomorrow.
Choose colors that fit with the overall vibe you're trying to achieve.
That would help wood-building specialists achieve greater scale and lower costs.
Most studies on invisibility cloaks use metamaterials and optics to achieve cloaking.
"There's always been this urge to achieve power through publicity," Nash argues.
"He cannot achieve constitutional revision," said veteran political analyst Minoru Morita said.
What chance is there that action by Venezuela's neighbours can achieve results?
This bra managed to achieve both, something I previously deemed totally impossible.
I believe that maybe already next month we could achieve better terms.
But it may prove even harder to achieve than the military advance.
To achieve that, we need to maintain the pressure on North Korea.
Where we sometimes disagree is on the best way to achieve that.
The sale of the German unit will help to achieve that goal.
They offer accuracy that human machine tool operators are unable to achieve.
Could you achieve these goals with credit card debt hanging over you?
To achieve this durability, the researchers used a flexible hair-like microfilament.
Achieve an effortless blend of shades with these three lightweight blue hues.
Aim to achieve agreed NATO capability goals and close gaps in capabilities.
To achieve this, we used a statistical technique called "elastic-net regularisation". has raised $30 million to try to achieve just that. People.
A pact may only become more difficult to achieve if they wait.
Isn't this the guy who's always scheming to achieve some other end?
But a former government transportation official is skeptical Musk can achieve that.
What should a person be willing to sacrifice to achieve their dreams?
And it has the experience, capital and tech chops to achieve it.
"You can achieve whatever you want to no matter what your age."
You should use not one, but two products to achieve great eyebrows.
Carmakers are looking to tech companies to achieve their connected mobility goals.
This is what each phase of the trial was intended to achieve.
So rapid growth in either GDP or profits looks difficult to achieve.
No state can effectively achieve any of these goals on its own.
To achieve the true athleisure look, opt for this classic Adidas pair.
But the government is woolly about how it will achieve its goals.
This agreement paved the way for the twins to achieve their dream.
We can still achieve 1.5 degrees Celsius if we all work together.
Being clear about your goals is the best way to achieve them.
She's just trying to do the right thing and achieve her goals.

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